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RSD – Brad’s Lifestyle Academy 2013 Edition (DeluxeBundle) Download

RSD – Brad’s Lifestyle Academy 2013 Edition Review | RSD – Brad’s Lifestyle Academy 2013 Edition Download

RSD – Brad’s Lifestyle Academy  Week 1: Dialing Your Inner Game, and Removing Stress for True Success in Life
– Wheel of Life
– Introduction to Week 1
– What do You Want out of Life
– Live by Your Own Standards
– Why am I Enough

RSD – Brad’s Lifestyle Academy  Week 2: Create Your Daily Ritual and Live a Healthier Life
– Introduction to Week 2
– How to Live Longer, Be Stronger, and Look Amazing
– How to Wake up with More Energy and Double Your Productivity
– Brad’s Morning Ritual

RSD – Brad’s Lifestyle Academy Week 3: Create the Millionaire Mindset
– Introduction to Week 3
– The Path to Financial Abundance – Budgets and Your Wealth Thermometer
– Get Rich Slowly

RSD – Brad’s Lifestyle Academy  Week 4: Higher Level Consciousness and Extreme Self Love
– How to Create Extreme Self Love and Live a Happier Life
– The Director – Take Control of Your Life and Direct Your Destiny
– Questions and Answers

RSD – Brad’s Lifestyle Academy  Week 5: Fundamental Business Practices in the Modern Economy
– Create a Stress-Free Business/Career You Are Passionate about
– How to Increase Your Income in the Modern Society
– What is Lifestyle Business
– A Brief Primer on Internet Marketing

RSD – Brad’s Lifestyle Academy  Week 6: How to Network with Awesome People, Find Mentors, and Get a Hotter Girlfriend (or Two)
– How to Find an Amazing Girlfriend, or Two, Develop Amazing Friendships with High Caliber People and Build a Closer Relationship with Your Family
– How to Get a Girlfriend (or Two) and How to Break up With Her
– How to Build a Social Circle of Cool Dudes
– Pickup Potpourri

RSD – Brad’s Lifestyle Academy  Week 7: Travel the World, Master Your Craft, and Live Like a VIP
– Become the Ultimate Man
– Packing for Your Pilgrimage and Living the Life of a Minimalist
– The Epic World Traveler Level 1 and 2

RSD – Brad’s Lifestyle Academy Week 8: Get Your Roadmap to Long Term Success
– Introduction to Week 8
– Inner Game Extravaganza
– Sleep Cycles and Waking Up With Energy

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Bruce Bryans – What Women Want When They Test Men PDF Download

What Women Want When They Test Men: How To Decode Female Behavior, Pass A Woman’s Tests, And Attract Women Through Authenticity

Discover What Women Want in a Man and How They Secretly Test You For it

If you pay close enough attention to what really attracts women, you’ll find that what women want is a man with a backbone. Women want to be with a man who knows how to take the lead and make decisions; one who has strong personal boundaries and knows how to love her like…a man.

Unfortunately, a lot of men have difficulty accepting the truth that many women prefer to be with a man who isn’t afraid to stand up to them, who challenges them, and who refuses to be pushed around by women (or anything else for that matter). This is especially true of women who seek a more traditional male-female gender role dynamic in their romantic relationships.

Even if a man knows how to attract women, cultivating a mind-blowing relationship with one requires a different set of skills entirely. Women want men who can make them feel secure – men with strong boundaries and unwavering commitment.

Sadly, most dating and relationship books rarely show men how to keep a woman happy without them having to sacrifice their manhood in the process.

How to Understand Women and Pass Their Tests With Unshakeable Confidence

Men around the world have no idea that the women they know and love are testing them. These men go about their lives interacting with the opposite sex in absolute darkness, ignorant to the fact that they’re being judged, appraised, approved, and rejected based on their subconscious reactions to female testing.

If you had no idea that women test men and why they have to, you’re about to take a journey onto a road less traveled – the more mysterious side of female psychology and how women think.

Attract Women Through Authenticity and Be the Strong Man a Woman Wants For a Relationship

It’s important for a man to learn how to walk that thin line between caring, thoughtful lover and firm, assertive leader. The man who masters the art of being the perfect gentleman and a strong alpha male is the ideal specimen to a high-quality woman.

This is what you’re going to learn in this book.

So if you’re dating or in a relationship and women constantly create drama, lose interest in you, or manipulate you, it’s time you finally got some advice from one of the only relationship books for men that won’t turn you into a doormat.

Here’s what you’re going to learn inside:

  • How to be radically honest with a woman and why this makes her MORE attracted to you.
  • The reason why women test men CONSISTENTLY and how to use this knowledge to deepen a woman’s desire. (Hint: This is the key to female psychology and how women think.)
  • How to be confident with difficult women.
  • What women want in a man and how to give it to them.
  • How to make a woman happy without becoming a complete doormat of a man.
  • How to seduce your wife and get her in the mood by responding like a MAN whenever she “pokes the bear.”
  • How to be firm and say “No” to the woman you love without destroying intimacy.
  • How to keep a woman interested in you by doing the ONE thing MOST men are deathly afraid of doing.
  • How to avoid unnecessary arguments, fights, and drama with a woman by using a simple communication technique.
  • The best way to secretly test a woman’s level of romantic interest in you (as well as her emotional maturity) before making a long-term commitment.
  • How to stop living in fear of what a woman might think, say, or do if she disagrees with or disapproves of you in any way.
  • And much, much more…

Note About Extraction : None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones. Enjoy !

Charlie Houpert – Charisma University Download

There’s an important truth in this world that your parents probably didn’t tell you when you were growing up

That your teachers never taught you, and that truthfully you probably don’t want to know.

You’ve been tricked into thinking hard work is what determines success.

That the key to wealth and riches, diamonds and sports cars, is to put in your time and do a good job.

That as long as you’re a good person, your dream partner will just come walking into your life one day, because that’s what you deserve.

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, you’ve been sold a lie.

Hollywood movies, school, even your parents have accidentally tricked you into believing the world rewards those who put their head down, work hard, and deserve to be rewarded.

But it doesn’t.

That’s why you see people who aren’t smarter than you getting the jobs that you want (and the money that goes with it!)

That’s why you see people who aren’t better than you getting the dates that you want.

And that’s why despite doing all the things you’ve been told you should do, you haven’t been able to get the life you want and dream of.

It isn’t just what you know, it’s who you know. And it isn’t just what you do, it’s what others are willing to do FOR you.

If you aren’t charismatic, you’re going to lose out in life to folks that don’t deserve to be beating you. But they will beat you. Again and again.

That’s what we learned when Ben didn’t get that job offer six years ago.

It isn’t fair, but deep down we all know that this is how the world works.

THAT is why I created Charisma University

Because it’s the most important thing in your life. This isn’t just about your social life. This bleeds into everything.

What would life be like if you had the tools to ‘turn it on’ and wow any room at a moment’s notice?

I decided to create Charisma University after it became clear to me that:

  • I wasn’t the only one being held back in their career by a lack of confidence
  • Most people, including myself for most of my life, are situationally confident. They’re great in small familiar groups, but in large groups or high pressure situations they become hesitant and meek (especially with work superiors, gorgeous members of the opposite sex, and the people they most admire)
  • Too many people are worried to take risks.  Whether it’s starting a business, getting a promotion, or talking to the incredibly attractive person at the bar, they miss out on getting what they deserve because they don’t have the confidence to go for it or the charisma to make it happen

Can you think of a time recently yourself when you felt like this?

When you saw someone you wanted to connect with but you didn’t even try…

When you hesitated and you let an opportunity pass you by…

Maybe it’s the beautiful stunner who made your heart beat harder when you saw them walk by.

Maybe it’s a potential mentor, someone you look up to, someone who can guide you and inspire you to achieve the kind of massive success they’ve had in their own lives.

You want to talk to them. But you hesitate, and a tiny voice in your head throws you off. Or worse, you DO try, and after a few minutes of terrible, forced conversation, they excuse themselves to get away.

If you’ve ever been at a conference or a networking event, seen someone successful you wanted to talk to and done nothing about it, you are not alone. If you’ve ever been at a coffee shop or walking down the street, seen someone that made your head turn and done nothing but watch them walk away, you are not alone.

We’ve all been there. Every single person I’ve ever met has been there.

And you know what, we’ve missed out on life-changing opportunities and people that could have massively enhanced our lives.

You know what’s different? What’s special? The person that does something about it.

The person who goes up shoulders back, head held high, and knows exactly what to say to leave that person thinking “holy cow, I need to see them again”. Now THAT is rare.

Are you ready to be that person?

Think it sounds too good to be true? Just read on. Because as you’ll see at the end, I’m GUARANTEEING you it’s very, very real.

I’ve seen my life grow from something I was really dissatisfied with to a living dream. And along the way, I’ve noticed this simple universal truth again and again…

Your Relationships In Life Are Everything

Your success in business, your success with dating, your very happiness comes down to the quality of the relationships in your life and your ability to create amazing new ones on command.

Being able to create amazing relationships with the mentors you admire, the jaw-dropping special someone you want to date, that is the kind of super power that instantly changes your life.

And if you’re tired of feeling like you can do better and you deserve more, then this might be the most important page you ever read, because I’m going to show you how to create the relationships, mentorships, and life you’ve always dreamed of.

Welcome To Charisma University

Growing up, I got top marks in school, played pickup sports, and had a close group of friends. But in front of the right girl or the right room full of people, my palms would start to sweat, my throat would get tight, and I’d start overthinking everything.

You guys have all heard the story before. I even won Most Likely To Break Out Of His Shell in high school. I felt like a normal dude, but apparently I was “the shy guy”.

One day a flip switched in my head and I decided enough was enough.

So I started studying the science of charisma. And like Neo, I started to see the Matrix.

I got to a level of unconscious competence where everything started to come naturally. I got to the point where I could flip a switch and feel “on”, no matter who was around or what the situation was.

It became easy to start conversations with anyone I saw. I finally stopped thinking “I want to talk to that person…but what should I say?? How do I know it’ll go well??”

It felt like a superpower.

Since then, my co-founder Ben and I have spoken at board meetings for billion dollar businesses.

Gone to entrepreneur masterminds with some of the best under 30 entrepreneurs on the planet and left with lifelong connections.

And when I see a beautiful woman I’d like to get to know, whether it’s in the club, on the street, in the store, it doesn’t matter – I know I can make an incredible impression.

Most importantly, you can do it too. Because I’m not special.

All of this is learnable. In fact, once you have it all laid out in front of you in our step-by-step training, it’s simple. It’ll become habit. You’ll be able to turn it on without even thinking about it.

And once you master these fundamental tools, you’ll be able to do things you once thought impossible.

You’re probably asking yourself right now, what exactly IS Charisma University?

Charisma University is a 6 week step-by-step program designed to give you all the tools you need to take your charisma to the next level.

It’s over 10 hours of the best training material available.

This isn’t fluffy theory stuff either like you might get in a book. You’ll get real, ready-to-use tools that you can begin to implement immediately so that each week you’re seeing massive strides.

You’ll also get an actionable, step-by-step guide so that you know how to integrate everything you learn into your daily life. You’ll basically have the exact formula to learn Charisma On Command.

You’ll know exactly where you are and what to do to improve.

Here’s just SOME of the things you’ll be able to do using Charisma University:

  • Consistently make killer first impressions so that whether you talk to someone for 30 seconds or 30 minutes, they’ll remember you over everyone else they met
  • Command attention every time you walk into a room so that eyes are drawn to you even before you even speak
  • Tell stories that get people hanging on your every word and have them asking, “What happened next!?”
  • Have conversations that flow effortlessly, so you won’t have those awkward moments of silence where the other person politely excuses themselves
  • Know how to connect instantly and deeply so you can feel certain they’ll want to see you again
  • Have proven tools to turn on your natural charm in those moments where you normally would draw a blank
  • Be able to connect with older, more successful business mentors and make them eager to help you get where they already are
  • End, once and for all, those frustrating moments where you freeze up, you feel your heart beat quicken, and you can’t think of anything to say
  • Feel confident at parties WITHOUT having to beeline for the bar and hold a drink at your chest all night
  • Never be the person standing alone, pulling out your phone and checking email every 5 minutes. You’ll be the person leading conversation and bringing energy to the whole room

Even if you feel like your life today is so far from your target that you can’t even see it, Charisma University will take you step-by-step each leg of the journey, guiding you along so that as long as you follow the program, you’re guaranteed to see massive gains!

Literally, GUARANTEED.

(There’s more info on the guarantee below. I made it as absurd as possible because I want Charisma University to be a real no-brainer for you)

And Charisma University isn’t just access to 10 hours of the best video content we’ve ever seen on the topic of charisma. It’s a lifetime membership to a constantly growing university where the curriculum is set by YOU.

That means any other video courses we create for Charisma University–the contents of which you’ll decide–you get access to them free. Forever!

What’s Inside Charisma University


Charisma University is broken into 6 video modules that are designed to get you inspiring and impressing everyone you meet. You can go through the modules at the recommended pace of one per week, completing the daily action guide each day of the workweek, or go through the program at your own pace.

The daily action videos take just a few minutes to watch and anywhere from 2 – 20 minutes to implement. It is all about taking small, concrete steps every day so that after 6 weeks, you have made exuding charisma a habit.

Inside the membership site, you’ll have access to a 10+ hour (and growing) video library created to lay out exactly what you need to know and what you need to do to become next level charismatic.

You’ll also get access to the Charisma University forums where you can share triumphs, questions, and get personalized feedback from me and Ben on your daily charisma exercises.

Module 1: First Impressions

  • The four emotions that will guarantee an amazing first impression, regardless of who you’re meeting
  • What questions to ask and more importantly, how to know when you should NOT be asking questions
  • Body language tips to make a great first impression in just a few seconds
  • How to to exude positive energy so people love talking to you
  • How to answer common questions like, “Where are you from?” and “What do you do?” in a way that gets people intrigued by you
  • Video breakdowns of great first impressions for you to model

Module 2: Confidence

  • How to build rock solid confidence that you can tap into it in the situations you need it most, like with superiors
  • Emotional control so you can make sure your nerves never get the best of you
  • Inner Game exercises that help you eliminate self-doubt
  • Psychologically backed practices to go from feeling nervous to feeling confident in less than 2 minutes
  • How to solidify your confidence so you maintain it and don’t clam up in groups of people you don’t know
  • Be able to connect with older, more successful business mentors and make them eager to help you get where they already are
  • Feel confident at parties WITHOUT having to beeline for the bar and hold a drink at your chest all night

Module 3: Expert Conversation

  • How to deal with small talk so that you quickly make people interested in connecting more meaningfully
  • Excerises you can do at home so you never run out of things to say when speaking with someone in real life
  • How to start conversations that keep themselves going
  • How to avoid those awkward moments of silence where the other person politely excuses themselves
  • How to lead conversation in a way that makes people respect you without feeling dominated by you
  • Two modes of conversation that will take you from initial pleasantries to genuine connection (without getting stuck talking about the weather)

Module 4: Storytelling

  • How to tell stories that get people hanging on your every word and have them asking “What happened next!?”
  • How the best storytellers take normal, everyday occurances and turn them into riveting stories
  • The different types of stories and how to handle each one of them so that people stay hooked
  • How to tell YOUR story in a way that intrigues people and gets them wanting to know more about you
  • Tons of video breakdowns from the world’s best storytellers, so you can model the greats

Module 5: Presence and Magnetism

  • How to get noticed so that others go out of their way to introduce themselves to you
  • How to speak so that you command attention (Hint: It’s NOT the words you’re saying)
  • What to do with your eyes, hands, and body positioning so you exude a confident energy and have a commanding presence
  • How we are wired to subconsciously detect nervousness and what you can do so people don’t see it (or mistake it) in you
  • The most important pieces to focus on so you aren’t overwhelmed with trying to manage every little inflection, gesticulation, and gesture

Module 6: Leadership

  • The 6 types of people and the most powerful ways to influence each of them
  • How to motivate others so that they are excited about doing what you persuade them to do
  • How to quickly read anyone and know exactly what triggers will influence them
  • How to build rapport so you can quickly and easily establish trust
  • One of the most important ways top leaders in the world get people to buy into their vision


Bonus #1 Group Interactions

  • How to be as good with groups as individuals
  • How to be a leader without being a bully
  • How to engage the whole group
  • How to immediately be accepted into any group
  • How to find “the seam” in the conversation and jump in without being interrupted

Bonus #2 Mastering The Art Of Comedy

  • The difference between good jokes and bad jokes
  • Learn what type of humor strengthens relationships and what types destroy them
  • 4 ways to be reliably funny even when you aren’t feeling “on”
  • Video breakdowns of the best comedians demonstrating all of the techniques

Bonus #3 Breakdowns

  • The best way to learn – video breakdowns of the world’s most charismatic people telling stories, making people laugh, and lighting up rooms with their charisma
  • Second-by-second explanations of the mindsets and techniques they are using so you can see it all in real time
  • Myth-busting of some of the most common charisma tips, which actually hold people back

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2 Girls Teach Sex [DeluxeBundle] (Sex Instruction)

♂ [] Orgasm Of The Month ♂

♂ [] Sex Positions for Orgasm ♂

♂ [] Superman Stamina ♂

♂ [] Two Girls Teach Sex – Advanced Sex Techniques For Guaranteed Orgasms ♂

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2 Girls Teach Sex

2 Girls Teach Sex – The Book PDF Download | 2 Girls Teach Sex – The Book PDF Review

This eBook from the 2 Girls Teach Sex team summarizes a lot of the advice given in their portfolio of DVD products.

It covers sexual positions, sexual techniques and why they are important to your relationships with women (and attraction).

• The Missing Link Between Emotions and strong Orgasms  – The scientific finding that connects emotions and orgasms.

• The Science of Sex  – Evolutionary findings about how women choose their mates…and how giving her mind-blowing sex can help you win out in the survival of the fittest.

• Being “THE MAN” vs. Being Mean – Become her ultimate fantasy and learn how to be the cool, confident Adonis with authority…beaming with sex appeal…and how different it is from being “just a jerk”

• Her Most Sensitive hot spots  – The super hidden erogenous zones that most women don’t even know about…and how to handle them the right way.

• Cheating The Cheater  – How a woman’s natural biological reactions cause her to cheat…and how to avoid it happening to you.

• OK Sex vs. Amazing Sex  – Spot the difference…and get her from 0 – 60 with these moves.

• Her Tell-Tale Signs of Boredom – The SUPER subtle clues to look for that will help you read her body language like a pro…and get her from ice cold to sizzling hot instantly.

• Shawna’s Fun with Foreplay  – Shawna’s hottest foreplay techniques revealed.

• The Tantalizing Hand Touch – Lexi Belle’s super advanced way to get her soaking wet and wild in seconds…just by touching her hand.

• The Mystery of Multiple Orgasms Revealed!  – Discover the 3 types of multiple orgasms and how to give them to her over and over again.

• The Power Penetrator  – The penetration technique that gives a new twist on thrusting.

• Inside The Mind of a Faker  – Get insider access to spotting a “fake” and make sure it never happens to you from now on.

• The REAL Orgasm Zone  – The secret most elusive pleasure zone on a woman…and why most men never hit it.

• Doggy-See, Doggy-Do  – A super graphic picture tutorial of a highly advanced version of the doggy style…and how to last even longer in it!

• The Roaring Dragon and Intimate Spoon – Shawna and friends reveal their favorite sex positions…and explain in explicit detail how they like to be touched and tortured during sex.

2 Girls Teach Sex – Kirsten Price – Female Mind Mastery Review | 2 Girls Teach Sex – Kirsten Price – Female Mind Mastery Download


“3 Simple Mind Tricks That Allow You To Make Any Woman Wet… Horny… and Wanting To Sleep With You Within Just 10 Minutes”



2 Girls Teach Sex – Attraction Secret Advanced Club Review | 2 Girls Teach Sex – Attraction Secret Advanced Club Download

Attraction Secret Advanced Club cover the MOST important aspects to sparking attraction in a woman.

A special 2-hour video training where Erica and Cody Renee go much deeper into the attraction secret – what it is, why it works, and how to use it in every situation to make a girl want you

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get dates and even sex with girls you’ve just met!

Best of all, once you know what it is, you’ll use it naturally…There is nothing to memorize or “practice”…and you’ll see results with women immediately

2 Girls Teach Sex – Marcus London – Penetration Orgasm Mastery Review | 2 Girls Teach Sex – Marcus London – Penetration Orgasm Mastery Download

“How to Use a Little-Known ‘Caveman’ Secret To Make Her PERMANENTLY Addicted to Your Cock…”



The Attraction Secret by 2 Girls Teach Sex Review | The Attraction Secret by 2 Girls Teach Sex Download

2 Girls Teach Sex - The Attraction Secret Review | 2 Girls Teach Sex - The Attraction Secret Download

The Attraction Secret by 2 Girls Teach Sex (Updated) Links

The “Attraction Secret” Women Don’t Want You To Know…

The Attraction Secret report … the special report containing the secret to getting new, drop-dead gorgeous women
In your bed… Night after night!

The Advanced Attraction Club Download
The Attraction Secret by 2 Girls Teach Sex  The Attraction Secret advanced seminar…

A special 2-hour video training where Erica and I go much deeper into the attraction secret – what it is, why it works, and how to use it in every situation to make a girl want you

After reading the report and watching this seminar just once… Women will treat you totally differently…

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get dates and even sex with girls you’ve just met!

Best of all, once you know what it is, you’ll use it naturally…

There is nothing to memorize or “practice”…and you’ll see results with women immediately

But we didn’t stop there

Since we wanted to be absolutely certain the 100 guys who get The Attraction Secret get more women than they can handle

We decided to add in some other extremely powerful bonuses

Featuring secrets that can’t be found anywhere else in the world…

Inside the private site, you’ll also get:

The Attraction Secret by 2 Girls Teach Sex
Attraction Secret Bonus # 1: One Night Stand Secrets

Have you ever wondered how some guys can go out and get laid whenever they want? In this video you’ll discover the secrets to going out and getting sex with a new, hot girl, every night of the week! Discover the 3 ways to tell if a girl is up for a one-night-stand in the first 5 minutes of conversation… Subtle ways to get her hot, horny, and ready to f#*k… Plus the “works every time” way to get her back to your place for sex! (also includes the ultra-powerful “panty dropper” sequence – a step-by-step method to go from kissing to sex that turns her every “no” into a “no, don’t stop!!”)

The Attraction Secret by 2 Girls Teach Sex
Attraction Secret Bonus # 2: Text Message Mind Control

In this report we give you our collection of word-for-word text messages to use in any situation with a woman! Everything from fun, flirty jokes… To how to ask her out… To how to get her thinking naughty thoughts about you and sending you naked pictures of herself! Over 50 messages, all proven to get you laid. Simply copy and send and watch the women squirm for you!

The Attraction Secret by 2 Girls Teach Sex
Attraction Secret Bonus # 3: Women Approach You

In this report you’ll discover a magical secret that makes women approach you first! Use it at a bar, coffee shop, or even at the mall – your friends will be in shock as one woman after another comes up and starts a conversation with you! Requires no special “props” and works even better if you are average looking.

The Attraction Secret by 2 Girls Teach Sex
Attraction Secret Bonus # 4: Sexual Inception

“inception” is the art of planting a thought inside of someone else’s mind. In this controversial video, we’ll show you the 7 ways to get a girl thinking sexual thoughts about you. Use 1 or 2 to get her to fantasize about being with you… Or all 7 to make her crave you sexually and feel a physical need to sleep with you. Warning: the tactics in this report are extremely powerful and make it so a woman cannot get you out of her mind. Only use them with a woman you are serious about.

The Attraction Secret by 2 Girls Teach Sex
Attraction Secret Bonus # 5: Hypnotic Confidence

This special video takes you through a simple, 5-minute hypnosis exercise that forces nervousness from your body and replaces it with rock-solid confidence women feel and respond to. Listen to it before a date or night out to charge yourself up… Then once daily for 30 days to create lasting, permanent confidence that commands respect from men and women alike.

Attraction Secret Bonus # 6: Magic Mind Reading

Have you ever wished you could read a woman’s mind? In this video you’ll discover secret tricks used by f.b.i. Forensic analysts to know exactly what a woman is thinking without her ever saying a word!

The Attraction Secret by 2 Girls Teach Sex
Attraction Secret Bonus # 7: Friend Into Lover

Have you ever wanted a girl who was only interested in you as a friend? This report details a proven way to not only get her wanting you sexually – but actually make the first move and ask you out! Makes her fall for you in less than 7 days no matter how long you’ve been friends.

The Attraction Secret by 2 Girls Teach Sex
Attraction Secret Bonus # 8: Spartan Stamina

There is nothing that we women hate more than a 2-pump chump, and in this bonus from my friend, famous male adult film star keni styles, you’ll learn the secret adult stars use to last as long as they want! Use this trick to easily last 20 minutes in bed no matter how long you are lasting now. No pills, no creams, no b.s.!

And as a special bonus to guys who take action fast –
Those who join us today are going to get
2 brand new advanced reports!

Fast-action bonus report #1: The 4 Word Phone Number Technique

In this short but powerful report, you’ll get a top secret technique for getting a womans phone number that works every time! It’s as simple as saying 4 words to her… after which she’ll not only give you her number… but text you first!

Fast-action bonus report # 2: Supernatural Lover

In this special report, you’ll discover the secrets bi-sexual women use to give each other the most intense orgasms you can imagine! These tricks work even better when done by a man and require no special skills or “size”. After reading this just once you’ll know your girl’s body better than she does and be able to pleasure her more than any other man!

Fast-action bonus report # 3: Conversational Connections

The one thing women want more than anything else with a man is to feel a connection with him. In this special bonus report, i show you 3 conversational tricks to use in the first 5 minutes of meeting a woman to spark an intense connection that makes her feel like you are the one for her. (also great for first dates – use all 3 together give her that “forever feeling” and erase any other guy from her mind)

For maximum results, I suggest you follow the program in this order:

1. First, watch 100% Rock Solid Confidence.

Confidence is CRUCIAL when it comes to attracting a woman.

In these special videos you’ll listen to two super hot models discuss the importance of confidence and how to really transform yourself into a more confident man. (Don’t worry, these tips work with almost ALL women, not just bikini models).

Watch these videos and you’ll learn the secrets to pump yourself up and stay up. You’ll be guided through easy-to-follow steps to make you more confident than you’ve ever felt before.

Attraction truly starts with CONFIDENCE.

2.  Next, watch 15 Ways To Get Her Chasing You.

Most guys miss chances to meet women because they’re scared of getting rejected.

After you’ve raised your confidence level though, you should be fearless! Now imagine how awesome it would be if you didn’t have to do the work anymore and women approached YOU?

Sounds impossible, right?

But after you watch these videos you’ll see how to turn the tables on women. You’ll learn how to dominate every single situation so that YOU’RE in complete control.

3.  After you’ve covered confidence and ways to get her chasing you, check out the main attraction- The Attraction Secret Parts 1 and 2.

These videos cover the MOST important aspects to sparking attraction in a woman.

The Attraction Secret by 2 Girls Teach Sex
You’ll learn:

* What women are REALLY looking for
* How to flip the “attraction switch”
* How to get a women thinking about hooking up with you before you ever go out with her
* And much MUCH more…

4.  Finally, check out our 8 (yes, I said 8!) killer Bonus Videos!



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Nick Rogue – The Lightning Seduction Formula Download

Nick Rogue - The Lightning Seduction Formula Download

Nick Rogue – The Lightning Seduction Formula Download

Note About Extraction : None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones. Enjoy !

RSD Max – The Natural (DeluxeBundle) (Platinum Package)

Bonus #1: 3 Exclusive Videos from the Vault
Video 1: Learn How to Become The Lover of Her Dreams
Video 2: How to Manage Multiple Relationships and Choose Your Dream Girlfriend
Video 3: Learn How to Live the Man in His Prime Lifestyle to Become a Social Leader

Bonus #2: 50 Shades of Max Lay Reports Ebook
10 Highly detailed, Brutally honest lay reports from each phase of my pickup journey.

Bonus #3: An Exclusive Q & A Accountability Private Teleconference
Ask me anything LIVE and get in-depth answers about your sticking points.

Bonus #4: Become a Part of The Natural Family
Talk to like minded guys like you and get feedback on your progress from me personally. Hang out in The Natural Family Facebook and get help with your sticking points.

Bonus #5: The VIP In-Person Conference (or recording) Global Pass Ticket in London, NY, and LA
Meet me at a live event or receive a recording of it.

Hey guys Max here, today I wanted to share a story with you…

If you’ve seen my last videos you probably saw me taking a girl home without saying a word…

That’s pretty crazy right?

However I didn’t always used to be that guy…

You see five years ago I lived in a small cow town in the Austrian Alps…

I was an extremely shy and insecure gamer …

And I loved nothing more than playing guitar.

This skill proved to be super valuable but more about that later …

If you would have seen at that time of my life I looked like a zombie …

I looked like that because when I used to go to bed at night I tried to fall asleep…

But I couldn’t …

I stared at the ceiling for hours on end.

I had these thoughts going through my mind over and over again…

“Why am I so lonely?”

I constantly asked myself this question…

“Why do I not have these gorgeous girls in my life?”

I hated myself for that…

I was so damn frustrated and felt this burning anger in my stomach.

I desperately wanted to change but I didn’t know how.

I felt was caught in this vicious circle of hell…

Like I was trapped in limbo with no way out.I felt paralyzed…Instead of taking action I loaded up on weed to numb these burning thoughts and tried to drink my pain away.

I was so confused…

Girls say, “Be nice”…

Mens magazines tell you to spend hundreds of dollars on clothes…

Other guys say you need memorized lines and stories to impress the girl…

I always thought only douchebags get the girls…

And those romantic comedies I had to suffer through, oh man…

They always showed guys buying the girl flowers, going on endless dates hoping that she would make a move and lead you to the bedroom.

Little did I know how wrong I was…

One night I was driving by the club and saw all these hot girls in their fitting summer dresses standing outside laughing…

I was so frustrated…

I started googling “how to pickup girls” while I was so depressed…

All of a sudden I saw all this information about techniques and tactics…

But I was overwhelmed…

Who should I believe? Who has the correct and field tested information that would actually help me?

I read every e-book I could get my hands on…

I watched hundreds of hours of videos.

Just doing that did not lead to anything…

ZERO lays …

By now you’re probably asking yourself, “How did I achieve instructor level natural game?”

It all started when I remembered how I learned to play the guitar…but more about that later…

I knew this was POSSIBLE!

That’s why I needed to teach myself how to learn…

I sought out friends and mentors to support me to become that vision I had for myself…

I made becoming amazing with women my priority…

And I felt that burning fire inside me…

I went out testing everything I learned from books and videos.

After going out by myself I connected with people from an underground forum who would end up becoming my wings but also my best friends…

  • Marcus was the social circle game guy. He pulled really hot girls and he would continue to fuck her friends. That totally blew my mind!
  • From him I learned how to pay attention to the girl’s friends, how to built long lasting relationships and how to make sex a mutual win-win for you and the girl.
  • Other women would then recommend me to their friends haha…
  • Dominik was the social butterfly who made a ton of new friends wherever he went out to PIMP it. He was the complete opposite of me.
  • From him I learned that the people out there are not your enemies, they are your allies and can become your friends. It’s a matter of you making the conscious choice to see the positive in other people.
  • Dominik taught me the power of social proof and which I turned into a keystone of my game…
  • Through him I discovered the concept of passive attraction and how the venue can do the work for me.
  • Almin was the king of rock solid inner game. He knew how to reframe every rejection into something positive.
  • Vadet was like the prototypical alpha male who was very confident and had the body language of a rockstar.

I soaked up all of their capabilities and made them mine…

I was presented with a choice…

In the summer of 2014 I got the call from RSD…

I was offered to come to the United States and become Tyler’s assistant.

I could live a comfortable cushy life…

Or I could take the chance…

I dared TO INVEST in my future …

I toured the World for 18 months as an RSD coach, showed my Hot Seat, created over a hundred instructional videos and taught students on bootcamps …

All of these experiences lead me to UNCOVER the laws of natural game…

I realized that in order for me to become instructor level good, I needed to strip off all the “gamey” manipulative techniques.

When students meet me nowadays, the most important thing they notice about me is that I am relatable …

This is one very important aspect that you’ll learn on the journey to becoming a Natural…

By knowing those laws you can make game simple but not always easy…

If you learn to understand them you’ll turn into that guy that women flirt with, want to hang out with and OBSESS OVER…

All change happen has to start on the inside first…

That’s why for the past SIX MONTHS I locked myself into a room in a tiny cow town in the Austrian Alps…

If you follow RSDMax on Snapchat you probably know what I am talking about…

Every morning I woke up with the sound of cowbells and I felt energized…

For twelve hours every day I deconstructed how I became that naturally cool guy that women love…

I couldn’t believe myself how far I’ve come after being a depressed loner for so long…

I analyzed all my lay reports and reviewed hundreds of hours of my own infield footage.

Read all of my past students emails and went over their success stories.

I distilled all of my teachings until I could see the patterns with so much CLARITY.

I developed a deep understanding of the underlying natural core laws of game…

That’s how I was able to reverse engineer my own process of becoming a guy that women can’t help but get drawn to and are dying to meet again and again and again…I boiled all of it down into a Simple system EVERYONE can learn…

I developed this course specifically for you to “take you by the hand” through the ringer of crucial reference experiences that will reshape your reality drastically…

It’s the only way I could make sure you’ll develop yourself into that naturally attractive guy.

This course is built for you to get the insight and the knowledge of what it means to become a Natural with women.

But knowledge is worthless if you do not put it into action.

You see, many teachers of Natural Game tell you to just be cool, lean back and let the girl work for you…. that is GREAT for who already have tons of experience.

Someone who’s newer to the game will immediately FAIL, be confused and frustrated. I was there myself …

And even intermediate and advanced guys struggle to get that edge that puts them on path to mastery…

You’ll need some TRAINING WHEELS to shuttle you through the necessary reference experiences…

That’s why I have specifically designed EXCLUSIVE drills to help you step-by-step improve your game…

I peppered the ACTIONABLE CONCEPTS with infield footage to give you the best learning experience possible…

It’s like football players learning from their mistakes by watching their performances on video together with their coach…

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty, the course is divided into five parts…

1. Your New World:

First we are going to define your new world outside of social conditioning…

It’s a matter of perspective…

And you can change your inner view of the world by installing POWERFUL FRAMES into your mind that will allow you to see the world with different set of eyes…

That’s why this section is going to give you the framework to UNDERSTAND how to become that guy women dream about… because they love to tune into a guy who is at ease with himself.

  • I am also going to reveal why women flock to nerds like me for one specific reason…
  • How you can turn your own life story into chick crack even if you were a shy guy like me…
  • How framing your reality the right away can cut your learning curve in half…
  • Why expressing how you feel on the inside will tickle her inner vixen because women hardwired to respond to powerful emotions
  • I am also going to reveal why not feeling good enough can be the #1 reason for not getting laid and how to CRUSH that belief …

2. Social Dynamics

The second part of this course is all about you learning about the hidden social dynamics…

Hold on tight you’ll learn how to see the matrix…

  • I am going to reveal to you how this new filter of your perception can give you an unfair advantage over every other guy at the club…
  • You will get to know why understanding women’s role in society will help you land more dates…
  • I am going to teach you how to develop a foolproof radar that will allow you to spot which women to approach and which to avoid… This will skyrocket your success massively
  • How understanding a hot girl’s reality will make her feel at ease with you and lead to more sex…
  • I will also show you why the three pillars of game (Attraction, Arousal and Connection) can MASSIVELY improve your results with women even if you are a newbie…
 3. Building a Solid Foundation

The third part of this course will show you how building on a solid foundation will trump every technique you’ll ever learn…

  • I will show you how you can uncover your reason for approach anxiety and then help you eliminate it…
  • Why becoming social can be as easy as brushing your teeth if you make it a habit…
  • How to make knowing what to say effortless – like you would be talking to your best friend…
  • How you can unblock the four barriers that lead to learning the Million-Dollar Mouthpiece..
  • Why learning how to think and move like a natural can help you to develop those sub communications that women tune into subconsciously…
  • You’ll get to absorb my own MINDSET on how to learn faster and smarter to become good with women in months – not years…
  • Why touching women can be as easy as admiring a painting…
  • How to sharpen your focus to see the signs that women are attracted to you almost instantly…
  • Why knowing how to deal with rejection can make you standout against any other guy she’ll ever meet…
  • Make her obsess about you by learning how to leave an everlasting first impression…
  • How to make getting her number as simple as writing a grocery list…
  • How to set up dates like a boss…

4. Sharpen Your Skills

The fourth part is all about sharpening your skills, if you already have the fundamentals down and you lack consistency in your game then this section is specifically for you.

  • Learn my simple and easy formula of how to vibe with any women which can make her want you even more…
  • I’ll also reveal how her not talking to you can be a good sign that she is interested in going home with you…
  • Why her friends can be the key to taking her home…
  • I’ll teach you how to operate from a natural carefree state and make going out super fun and enjoyable…
  • I’ll reveal why dry spells can make you come back even stronger…
  • How knowing how to react to her shit tests can play to your advantage…
  • How to deal with other guys who come into your set and have her dismiss them…
  • Why dates can be your fastest way to getting laid…
  • Why spending time with her throughout the night can be the #1 reason why she is leaving with you at the end of the night …
  • Why your ego can be your own worst enemy and how to tame it…

5. Your Path to Mastery

The fifth part of the Natural is all about your path to mastery…

This final act contains all my lessons from the past years that brought me to instructor level and will massively benefit you if you are at an advanced stage of game…

If you’ve seen my latest videos, these are my latest breakthrough insights for your eyes only…

  • You will learn exactly what to do when pulling to your place is not possible…
  • How pulling during the day can be even faster than during the night…
  • Why understanding the law of passive attraction will get girls to game you…
  • You’ll learn how to become the leader of the group and develop perfect calibration…
  • How your relationship with her friends can make her want you even more…
  • Why figuring out her blueprint will get her to chase you super hard, because nobody understands her like you do
  • How the mindset of a newbie can finally get you consistent results…
  • How not saying anything can make her even more attracted to you…
  • Learn how to develop the mindset that allows you to pull without saying a word…

The whole course is supported by the Natural Family Facebook group…

You’ll get to hang out with me and other like-minded folks who are on the same journey as you are.

You can connect with like-minded Natural Family members, share stories and ultimately get feedback about your sticking points…

More importantly, this group will keep you accountable throughout your own journey…

On top of that you’ll get to ASK ME ANYTHING you want!

But that’s not all folks, I have also recorded SPECIAL bonus videos specifically for you:

Bonus #1: 3 Exclusive Videos from the Vault
Video 1: Learn How to Become The Lover of Her Dreams
Video 2: How to Manage Multiple Relationships and Choose Your Dream Girlfriend
Video 3: Learn How to Live the Man in His Prime Lifestyle to Become a Social Leader

Bonus #2: 50 Shades of Max Lay Reports Ebook
10 Highly detailed, Brutally honest lay reports from each phase of my pickup journey

Bonus #3: An Exclusive Q & A Accountability Private Teleconference
Ask me anything LIVE and get in-depth answers about your sticking points.

Bonus #4: Become a Part of The Natural Family
Talk to like minded guys like you and get feedback about your progress from me personally. Hang out in The Natural Family Facebook and get help with your sticking points.

Bonus #5: The VIP In-Person Conference (or recording) Global Pass Ticket in London, NY, and LA
Meet me at a live event or receive a recording of it.

This is all what you will find inside of The Natural:

I’ll bring you the most successful live program ever created by RSD.

Yep, thats right – you’ll get over ELEVEN hours of PREMIUM infield footage broken down by me personally

And the best part … you don’t need to travel to watch it!

You can watch it over and over and over again…

You can enjoy the entire Hotseat from the comfort of your own home

You’ll see me pick-up girls in:

  • Clubs
  • Lounges
  • Bars
  • On the dance floor
  • Quiet locations
  • Loud venues
  • Parks
  • Bookstores
  • Shopping malls
  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants

You’ll see me talk to:

  • Single sets/ girls by themselves
  • 2 Sets, 3 sets
  • Mixed sets/girls with guys
  • Moving sets/girls on the move
  • Big groups
  • Small groups
  • Shy girls
  • Bitchy girls
  • Perfect 10’s
  • Girls from all different nationalities
  • Girls with boyfriends
  • Girls on the phone
  • And much MUCH more

You’ll see girls telling me I’m not good enough, I’m too short, my dick’s too small, but I still win them over.

You’ll see guys get jealous and try to fight me, but I still get the girl.

You’ll see A LOT of DAYGAME, and you’ll discover exactly how to meet girls successfully during the daytime anywhere, anytime, whether that’s in the coffee shop, on the street, at the shopping mall or anywhere else.

You’ll see me pull 9’s and 10s from bar to bedroom — the FULL interaction.

You’ll see ENTIRE nights out from not just the beginning of an interaction but the BEGINNING of the NIGHT itself. You’ll get to see how my ENTIRE night unfolds from “before I even go out” to “when I pull the girl home to the bedroom”.

You’ll see how I consistently get into a social mood before going out even after a long day’s work.

You’ll see it ALL.

I specifically added the Hotseat to this package so you can see PROOF that all of this is possible and to illustrate the core NATURAL LAWS of game.

The Debrief Chronicles


Debrief Chronicles

Have you ever wanted to have an instructor analyse your sticking points after a night out on bootcamp?

If the answer is “Yes,” you may be thinking about doing an RSD bootcamp.

The problem is, a bootcamp costs $2000.

You may also have to pay for flights to a different city and book an AirBnb for accommodation…

Maybe you are a busy professional who cherishes his limited time for holidays.

That’s why I created a solution to this problem.

The Debrief Chronicles is a SEVEN hour long product based on exclusive behind-the-scenes debrief sessions from New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Vienna and Los Angeles.

You’ll get a sneak peak behind the curtain and watch what happens when I debrief my students in bars and hotel lounges after a long night out.

You’ll get to witness Max breaking down almost every sticking point you can imagine.

I almost didn’t want share these SECRETS and in the future I may even release this product as a standalone version but you will have EXCLUSIVE access to it NOW!

Tinder Game Extension


Tinder Game Extension

If you’ve followed me for a while you probably know my INFAMOUS Tinder video that got me featured in major newspapers and TV shows all around the world.

Besides all the smoke and mirrors, my Tinder Game has gotten me laid so much while I am on tour and knowing the ins-and-outs of Text Game can get you laid really fast without ever meeting her before…

In this special extension I’ll reveal to you

  • Why your profile does not need to be super flashy to have her meet up with you
  • How a few special HACKS can jack up your response rate super high
  • You’ll also learn why passing her tests via text can be the most important factor to make a date happen
  • On top of that, you will get TWELVE text game breakdowns that reveal my MINDSET when I text and how
  • As a special bonus I recorded an INFIELD VIDEO of me picking up a girl at the train station I just texted an hour before … You’ll get to see the ENTIRE PULL!

Note About Extraction : None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones. Enjoy !

RSD Tyler – Hotseat at Home DeluxeBundle Collection Download

Real Social Dynamics
    Get a 1-hour coaching session with Tyler’s personal success coach.
    Gain access to a private vault of 100 pages of Tyler’s best writings.
    Learn from RSD Instructors Luke, Sam and Madison via Webinar.
    Meet Tyler in-person at an exclusive seminar and receive a video of it.
    Receive a video of RSD’s newest tactics from Luke, Sam, and Madison.

For The First Time Ever – Get The Hot Seat… @ HOME

We have spent the past decade traveling to every corner of the globe, recording the most insane infield footage to ever exist, and helping thousands of guys get insane results with women that they could only DREAM of before.

We have gone from city to city, and country to country teaching the Hot Seat, and it has become our most raved-about program to date.

Up until now – The The Hot Seat has worked like this:

  • We take the most informative, eye-opening full-length clips of pickups, and we break them down, step-by-step.
  • Then we would take this amazing, beautifully-shot video with crystal-clear audio, we would break it apart… analyze it… and pull out the core principles and techniques.
  • Then we follow it up with these crazy, crazy exercises that reinforce the core concepts you learn in the videos.

We have spent YEARS to build the PERFECT PROGRAM…

We have fine-tuned The Hot Seat to be the most high-impact, life-changing program that exists anywhere in the world – there is nothing else like it – period.

The Hot Seat is an event that has been taken by 10’s of THOUSANDS of people.

But the thing that’s frustrated us over the years, is that we’ve never really succeeded in creating that same experience from home… UNTIL NOW.

The thing was – because The Hot Seat is a live event… not everyone is able to attend, we get messages from guys all over the world:

“I can’t make it… I live a million miles away!”

“Why can’t you come to my city / country more often?”


“I WISH I could make it… it would be so awesome… what do I do?”

We get hundreds and hundreds of emails – BEGGING us to bring this training to them…

The more messages we get… the more we realize that there are THOUSANDS of guys who NEED this, RIGHT NOW, but can’t get it.

Over time…


So for the first time ever, we have decided to take the power of the Hot Seat,
and harness it into an at-home experience.

So, here’s what we’ve done – check it out:

We have created a PARALLEL EXPERIENCE that DOVETAILS into the live experience.



Here is what you will experience inside The Hot Seat at Home:

  • Discover the ROOT BEHAVIORS that trigger all female attraction
  • Unlock the Step-By-Step Blueprint for Approaching, Escalating, Closing, and Everything In-Between.
  • Learn to draw state from within and develop UNBREAKABLE INNER GAME
  • Lay a Solid Foundation, Build Upon It, and TRANSCEND to a NEW LEVEL
  • Get an up-close-and-personal view of what GOOD GAME actually looks like.
  • CRUSH your limiting beliefs, FOREVER.
  • Get the critical keys to keeping conversations INTERESTING and ENGAGING.
  • Develop a genuine approach to game, and joyful sense of humor necessary to make sure you HAVE FUN when you go out.

The Hot Seat at Home is a transformative at-home experience that you can do on your own, at your own pace, from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

We have taken the most critical mind-bending concepts from the Hot Seat Transformational Experience and repackaged them for an at-home environment.

For the first time ever, we are giving you the opportunity to take advantage of The Hot Seat – from the comfort of your own home.

The Hot Seat at Home consists of FIVE parts:

Infield Footage Breakdowns

You are going to see the most INSANE pickup content you have
ever seen in your life, and have us BREAK… IT… DOWN… for you.
Every type of girl, in every situation imaginable, up-close and
personal so you can see EXACTLY what’s going on, and have
every little nuance explained to you in great detail.
You will see the interaction unfolding right there in front of you,
understand exactly WHY things are happening, and see the
powerful underlying patterns behind every action.

Interactive Exercises

The most powerful concepts responsible for massive success aren’t just things you ‘learn’, they are things you ‘become’.

These Interactive Exercises are created SPECIFICALLY to push you, and make you to internalize the techniques right there ON THE SPOT. You won’t have to struggle to try and memorize all of the things that you learn, because they will be INGRAINED into your subconscious permanently.

These exercises are CHALLENGING and TRANSFORMATIONAL, and they will 100% HARD-WIRE your subconscious mind for success.

Individual Challenges

Internalization is the path to mastery, the Interactive Exercises
we show you will implant success patterns into your
subconscious mind, and the Individual Challenges will push you
to take action.

These challenges are based on over a decade of in-field
experimentation and analysis by myself and the other RSD
instructors – they work, and they are guaranteed to push you to
implement the concepts you learn.
Remember – without action, there can be no result.

Boot-camp Footage Breakdowns

For the first time, we are giving you an in-depth breakdown of the SICKEST Bootcamp footage. This is next-level content, delivered through your eyeballs… straight to your brain.
These Bootcamp Breakdowns are EXCLUSIVE to The Hot Seat at Home program – there is such a large wealth of information contained here – it’s not for everybody.

After seeing these interactions broken down, you will realize that there is an entire world out there that you have never noticed before. A whole universe of possibilities that most people never discover… we are giving you the keys to the kingdom, all you have to do is open the door.

The Hot Seat Tribe

Weekly Missions

Test the skill-sets you learn from the Hot Seat in your own city with Weekly Missions designed specifically to get you out there, and to PUSH YOU out of your comfort zone.

Exclusive Facebook Group

Share your results and get feedback in a high-level Exclusive Community of like-minded guys who are SERIOUSLY DEDICATED to making constant improvement.

Unique Phone App

Communicate with everyone else who is doing The Hot Seat at Home and share stories, sticking points, and results in REAL TIME.

Invitation-Only Teleconferences

Get in-depth feedback from instructors via Invitation-Only Teleconferences where you will have a chance to expand and dig deeper on the core concepts learned in The Hot Seat.

With The Hot Seat at Home,
you will…

Learn Powerful, Proven Concepts to PERMANENTLY
Improve Your Results.

  • Visualize the path that you need to take in order to get really good, really fast.
  • See what success looks like, so you know what to aim for.
  • Understand the steps that YOU need to take in order to get to where YOU want to be.

Challenge Your Current State of Awareness
and TRANSCEND To a New Level of Game.

  • Develop an acute sense of AWARENESS that will serve you every moment you need it for the rest of your life
  • Until you are truly aware, you are not truly awake – you cannot live in a new reality without being aware of it! Stop being asleep… WAKE UP!
  • You will be able to communicate in a way you never thought possible – because you are right there, right now, in that moment.

Break Through Limiting Beliefs
and Become an UNSTOPPABLE FORCE with Women.

  • Establish an unshakable sense of BELIEF which will propel you forward through any circumstance. Belief is the key to achieving your goals, it is an anchor that you can hold onto as you guide yourself towards a new reality.
  • Until you establish your own belief, you are living someone else’s life. Break free of external beliefs, find the CORE of your existence. and use it to DRIVE YOURSELF FORWARD!
  • Once established, your belief will act as a catalyst to help you grow, expand, and succeed… every minute of every day, for the rest of your life.

Get The Full Arsenal of Tools and Skills
that You NEED in Order to Get the Results You Want.

  • Develop the “Million Dollar Mouthpiece” – Never run out of things to say, learn how to talk and talk… as long as you want, about whatever you want.
  • Learn how to deal with shit tests, and use them to your advantage… sparking INSANE ATTRACTION.
  • Maintain ICY inner-state regardless of external circumstance… allowing you to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want.
    …and much, much more.

All of this combined with the breakdowns, the exercises, and the challenges that you’ll be getting in this program creates a powerful one – two punch that is guaranteed to make an immediate impact on your life.

The Hot Seat at Home will help you, regardless of where you are right now:

If You’re a Beginner:

The Hot Seat at Home is designed so that you don’t just have a chance to LEARN the techniques, but you actually a chance to IMPLEMENT them. This will give you a glimpse into what your reality SHOULD look like, and you will tell yourself:

“Holy Shit! This is really possible! I can do this!”

You will visualize the results, develop a solid foundation, and lay the groundwork for all future skills to come.

If You’re Intermediate:

You probably already realize that a lot of what you have been doing is already working. You are probably already getting results, but those results are not as consistent as you would like them to be.

As you start to go through The Hot Seat at Home…

You will begin to see the frameworks, systems, and patterns all come together. As you work through it and develop consistency, you will start to see better and better results.

Instead of getting results once a month, or once a week, you will know how to get those same results 5-6 days EVERY WEEK (…if you want to). You will understand that you can be at your very best EVERY time, instead of just sometimes… all it takes is a few small adjustments.

If You’re Advanced:

You will pick up on energies that would otherwise be inconceivable to decypher, you will learn the intricacies and advanced techniques that most people miss.

You will find new angles to explore, discover new perspectives, and establish new frameworks that will allow you to take your game to a whole nother level.

You will be able to revisit the content at different paradigm levels – as you get better and better you will constantly find new discoveries and tools that you can implement.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, you will be able to come back to the content again and again, revisit it with a fresh perspective, and pull out new nuggets of epicness every single time.

The Hot Seat at Home is for you…

If you are TIRED of failing over and over again…

If you are SERIOUS about getting REAL results, FAST…

If you are COMMITTED to actually applying this knowledge…

This is for you if you are PASSIONATE about improving yourself, and are EXCITED to experience an EPIC transformation.

This is for you if you refuse to settle for second-best, and are willing to PUSH yourself to achieve new levels of success.

This is for you if you are DEDICATED to achieving the HIGHEST LEVEL possible in every area of your life.

Full Disclosure: To fully benefit from
The Hot Seat at Home, you MUST
to be willing to GROW.

If you really want to grow, you have to commit – right now, you have to take a stand.

Take a stand against comfort, mediocrity, and ‘average’ results.

Take a stand against that lame version of yourself that doesn’t have to courage to face fear, break through, and reach new horizons.

Take a stand against a lifestyle that doesn’t make you EXCITED to wake up every morning, and doesn’t leave you feeling FULFILLED when you go to sleep at night.

At first, this might sound like wishful thinking, but we’re DEAD SERIOUS.

This is YOUR LIFE…



So, ask yourself:

“What do I want?”

Seriously, stop reading this page for a moment, sit back and ask yourself…

“What do I really want?”

If your answer is:

“I want a nice house… I want a nice car… I want to get laid…”

You need to dig deeper… and as you dig deeper, you being to ask yourself…

“What do I REALLY want?”

As much as you have conditioned yourself to ‘want’ all of the things you’re ‘supposed’ to want… what you really want is MUCH MORE:

You want to feel CONFIDENT as a man.

You want to speak, and act from a position of STRENGTH.

You want to be RESPECTED by those around you.

You want to be at the CAUSE of your life… and not at the effect.

The truth is:

You can’t go to the store and buy confidence… or respect…

You can’t get it delivered to your front door…

You have to EARN IT.

The Hot Seat at Home will teach you how to take control of your life, guide it in the direction that YOU want it to go, and give you the power to stand tall as the creator of your own destiny – that is EXTREMELY POWERFUL.

The Hot Seat at Home is LIFE CHANGING.

That’s not just a buzz-word, it’s a promise.


A man is not defined by his words, or his thoughts – a man is defined by his actions.

What you do in the next hour… the next day… the next month…

What you do will define the rest of your life.

The person you become depends on the choices you make, YOU create your own future.

There is one version of you where you choose to move forward on your own… stumbling along and learning as you go.

There is another version of you where you choose to take The Hot Seat at Home, and take advantage of the ground-breaking knowledge that’s right there in front of you.

The version of you that wakes up tomorrow morning – that version is up to you.

You decide.


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Mehow – Get the Girl! A Pickup Artist’s Guide to Reclaiming Your Love Life Download

Feel Tension And Anxiety Rush Out Of Your Body, Only To Be Replaced With Massive Amounts Of Confidence, Allowing You To Generate Huge Results In The Field! Generate Self Esteem That Surpasses Anything You Have Experienced Before, Creating An “I Own This Club” Vibe, That Attracts Women Like A Magnet! Dynamically Program Your Mind To Radiate Attraction, Allowing You To Magically Apply Your New Get The Girl! Methods With Explosive, Life Altering, Results! Create A Fearless Mindset Allowing You To Capitalize On Opportunities, And Seize The Success That Your New Get The Girl! Methods Will Bring To You! Plus, a lot more


An Introduction to Mehow’s Method

This is the introduction ebook to Mehow’s methods to meet women.

Mehow is a former student of another famous coach (Mystery), and a lot of what he teaches is inspired by the ideas and techniques of Mystery Method.

Therefore, this is not a book about how to date better or understanding the theory of attraction. It is a very hands-on pick up book that will teach you how to cold approach and talk to women you have never met.

A Genuine Disadvantage In Looks

Mehow is a 35 years old, pale, skinny, balding guy. Yet he still gets results with young, beautiful women. This makes his advice all the more relevant because he is one of the few gurus who can claim to have a genuine disadvantage in terms of looks.

The book starts with a list of attractive qualities a man wants to have: living in your own world, being unreactive, displaying value, being pre-selected, etc etc.

If you have studied attraction for a while, this is nothing new. The good news is, this list is the only “theory” you get in the book. After that, it’s purely practical tips on how to talk to women and attract them.

What Mehow presents here is a system for learning how to display all those attractive qualities easily. You learn to create interest and emotional stimulation in the people you are talking to. Everything you do is a subcommunication technique – including what you do in opening, conversations, etc – to showcase how much of a valuable and interesting person you are.

A Structured Approach: Better For Beginners

When you try to meet people naturally, without a plan, it’s “hit or miss”, says Mehow. It is necessary for beginners to use a more structured approach when they get started.

I can only agree here – a structured, detailed approach is invaluable for newbies who are clueless about social dynamics – just telling them “be natural, “have fun”, “be in the moment” (see The Flawless Natural) is helpful but they’ll miss out on a lot of opportunities if they don’t further their understanding of the basics.

The bottom line is, beginners need to understand the subtleties of what is going on “below the radar”, before they can relax and forget about it.

And they get that here. There are literally hundreds of concrete tips you can use in this book, far too many for me to list here. Basically almost everything you need in terms of cold approaching is covered, from getting over the initial “hi” to creating attraction, from touching women in a comfortable way to vibing with their friends. It is very thorough when it comes to the practicalities of pick up, just like Mystery Method’s ebooks are (see our review of Mystery’s Revelation ebook).

The good thing about Mehow’s system is that it is structured, without being rigid. You get tons of concrete steps, but you can also adapt them to your needs. In a way, Mehow is fine-tuning Mystery Method and making more simple and easy to apply.

For example, Mehow solves the problem of “negging”, which is a technique in Mystery Method that many guys just do wrong. Mehow’s approach, based on push-pull or love-hate teases, is much easier to use and harder to misunderstand. Teasing, Mehow explains, is not about “dropping her value down” (like negging is) but about subcommunicating that you are having fun and don’t care too much about getting her.

Mehow’s break down of the phases of each interaction is also simply labeled – Attraction, Comfort, etc – with none of the over complexity you can encounter in Mystery’s books.

Story-telling & Handling Interrupts

On story-telling, the book particularly shines. In this system, stories are a way to ground yourself, introduce who you are to the women you meet, in a way that is smooth and attractive. Therefore, you learn to build stories with attractive quality embedded.

This allows you to demonstrate your accomplishments, ambitions and inner values through stories. Very useful for the guys who don’t know how to put their best foot forward, or for those who run out of things to say.

Another useful chapter is on how to handle interrupts – what to do when someone interrupts you as you talk to a woman you like.

All of this may sound complicated, but he emphasizes being in the moment and not thinking too much during interactions. With practice, you naturally integrate his tips into what you do.

Not Original, But Well Put Together

A lot of the material here is borrowed from other sources – mostly from Mystery, who is often credited. Mehow has done a great job at presenting it in a logical, linear progression, in a way that makes sense to the reader.

This ebook is very well put together, well illustrated. You can tell it was put together with care, including in the way the teaching is presented.

For example, each of the attractive qualities listed at the beginning is referenced throughout the book, every time it is used in a technique. This is useful and provides clarity for the student.

Another plus is the absence of fluff – the book jumps almost from the start into the details of opening women and seducing them. In fact it’s almost too quick – there is almost no theory here. Complete beginners probably should read this book together with another one more focused on the overall psychology of attraction (such as Double Your Dating).

The Bottom Line

Overall this is a solid introduction to the structured, indirect approach of pick up. It was released together with an excellent “in field” DVD set, presenting live, real pick ups where Mehow uses the techniques outlined in the ebook (see our review of the ”Get The Girl! Infield Exposed” DVD set).


Note About Extraction : None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones. Enjoy !

 Sean Messenger – Art of Fucking – Evolution of Man Program Download

Welcome To The END Of The Game and Sean Messenger’s Final Workshop…

The Seduction Secrets  NO “Pickup Artist” Knows…

  • Become a REAL man and GET women (AND get them off!) effortlessly…
  • KEEP the sexiest, most high-quality, most feminine women happy and fulfilled…
  • Discover your purpose and live it day in and day out…

And enjoy mind-blowing, body-trembling, “she said I’m the best she has ever had” sex… For a night, a life-time, or anything in between… absolutely and totally GUARANTEED.

Dear friend still stuck in “the game”,

The world’s greatest women are ready for you… Are you ready for them?

If you want to quit playing games and start becoming the man you were meant to be… embracing your sexuality as your strength… and start getting the women you’ve always wanted, easily, AUTOMATICALLY, and without effort… Then you need to study every word of this letter.

It’s THAT important.

You were put on this earth to live your purpose… and enjoy amazing relationships with women along the way.

I can teach you how — the secrets your father never taught you about being a great man, who gets (and keeps) great women — in just hours…

A Totally Different Approach To Life…
Women And Relationships That Actually Gets Results!

This new approach will get you the life you want… filled with purpose, passion and women who enjoy it all with you.

But first, what this is NOT:

This is NOT about routines… canned lines… or complicated strategies

This is NOT trying to mold yourself after your favorite “pickup artist”

This is NOT training to improve your “game”

This is the END of the game…

It’s already working for men just like you who have discovered the power of this new approach.

Men from all walks of life… all different backgrounds… and with varying degrees of success with women… (I’ll introduce you to those men in a moment)…

But first, I need you to understand…

You Can NOT “Get This” From A Book, Anyone Else’s CD Set, Or Anyone Else’s DVD Home Study Course…

Meet Sean Messenger…

He’s been teaching men the secrets of dating… relationships… and sex for YEARS… and now he wants to teach YOU!

Praise for Sean from guys like you:

“You Are Truly One Of The Greatest!”
“When I took your workshop, I saw you meet, talk, and make out with a girl you just met off the street. I didn’t get to hear the conversation, but I remember you kissing her in like 8 minutes. I never figured out how you did this. I have a feeling it’s something simple and I’m just thinking too hard. Thanks man, you are truly one of the greatest I have seen and I wish all the luck in the universe.”
— Nick, New York

“You Are Fucking ON It Dude!”
“I’ve been immersed in PUA material for the last year as I was going through my breakup and preparing to be single again. Like you I found DYD and went from there…

The stuff from you guys really helped me come to terms with love and what I really wanted from my life with women. I’m only seeing the girl that makes me happy right now…

After dropping all the other PUA newsletters and websites I still follow your stuff cause you are fucking on it dude and I respect that and like to read what you have to say…”
— Michael

“Sean, I used to think you were a massive dick. I hated you. But I’ve come to respect you. A lot. And I want you to never stop teaching.”
— A, Toronto

Learning how to attract women, connect with them deeply, and have heart-pumping, consciousness-shifting sex is most definitely a physical skill. And you can’t learn a physical skill without actually DOING it.

Think about it…

I can read every book ever written by Bruce Lee, but it’s not going to make me a martial arts master… but… if I had been taught by him personally — that’s a totally different story.

The ONLY thing that ensures you really “get” this… and transform yourself into a man that effortlessly attracts women and can have amazing relationships with them… is to physically and experientially go through the learning process.

How can I be so sure of this?

Because I’ve taught 100s of workshops for YEARS and I’ve seen the amazing changes that happen to guys in just a short period of time when they have hands-on teaching and are put through exercises designed to infuse these skills into your body.

And here’s something else:

The vast majority of these guys would come to a workshop and tell me… “I’ve been studying eBooks, DVD’s, etc for about two years… but I’ve seen the biggest improvement from this course”.

It’s true. You can read about my experience teaching workshops (and comments from guys who have been taught by me) in the sidebar to the right…

But that’s not why I’m writing you today.

This is about you… your life… and your relationships with women now and from each day forward.

Now’s your chance to get the best training from me…

Introducing: The Evolution Of Men Program (aka “Art of Fucking” (Codename: AoF)) Love, Passion and Amazing Sex For A Night… A Lifetime… Or Anything In Between — 100% Guaranteed

This was our second ever presentation of this groundbreaking, workshop.

The first time was at Brooklyn Beach Club in NYC over my birthday weekend. Myself and the whole LOV3 team taught a forward thinking group of guys (that I nicknamed “The Dirty Thirty”) everything there is to know about living life as a man… with a purpose… and having the most fulfilling, passionate, love-filled relationships and sex possible.

I know that sounds like a hell-of-a-claim… like I’m hyping how amazing this event was… and you’re damn-right to be a little skeptical.

That’s why I’ll let some of the attendees from the workshop tell you in their own words how amazing this event was…

Sal Vito, from Chicago said:

“This was the best weekend of my life… so far.. It felt like I arrived as a little boy.. and left as a man Thank you so much!”

Dan in Arizona agreed, saying:

“My world was turned upside down… or perhaps I should say “right-side-up” finally. I’ve taken a handful of other seminars, and I got a lot out of two of them. I see the other seminars as training wheels or stepping stones I had to experience in order to be ready for what AoF gave me. After each of the others, I felt like I had not gotten the whole picture of what I needed to do, and I walked away still having questions on what to do next. After AoF, I found I had gotten all of the answers I was looking for… and I got much more than I expected…”

Jan came all the way from Germany and wasn’t disappointed…

“In AoF I learned how to be in my body, how to feel sexy and how to arouse women. The speakers and the participating women really drove home the concepts…”

I’ve got PAGES of feedback just like this from guys who attended the first AoF (there’s more later in this letter) but what really matters is what this workshop can do for YOU.

What Is Covered?

I’m going to step in and show you exactly what it takes to become an extraordinary lover, sharing rock-solid info like…

  • Why every relationship you’ve ever had has failed. And if you’re in a relationship right now, why it seems so damn HARD—plus, exactly what you can do to stop this destructive pattern.
  • Why being hung-over from three days of binge drinking was the secret to me experiencing the first transformational, mind blowing night of sex in my life… (and how you can get the same results for a night, a lifetime, or anything in between without drinking your liver to death)
  • The surprising connection between the afterglow of sex and being the most extraordinary lover your woman has ever had.
  • Why I no longer care about whether my relationship will work and you shouldn’t either… IF… you want to experience the deepest, most intimate, most loving connections with women possible.
  • Why you can NEVER ask for too much from your woman (NOT asking for enough is probably the reason your relationships failed in the past)
  • What your woman really needs from you more than being great at sex, a strong man or an “alpha” male.
  • Exactly why your woman wants to do the most dirty, demeaning sex acts you can imagine (even dirtier than you can imagine) to you (believe it or not it’s the little-known secret to becoming an extraordinary lover (and even a great father later in life!))
  • The number one thing that turns your woman on more than anything else (most guys think it’s the exact OPPOSITE of this and that’s the reason why their sex life sucks!)
  • Plus much, MUCH MORE!

AoF was as powerful in its own way as a Tony Robbins event”…

“… given the amount of time spent…. I’ve already communicated to a friend that he absolutely must go. I told him about how transformative the experience is, and he told me that he could hear the change in my voice over the phone; that alone made him want to attend.”

— Michael S., NY

I’m not going to go on and on and bore you to death with impressive sounding theories but not give you anything you can actually USE right away.

No, this is something you need to learn with your body so that’s why you’re going to be put through the exercises that I’ve found work best to create an “instant change” in your way of being…

These are the same exercises that I’d estimate cost me at least $10,000 to learn… and that I taught to guys in live workshops for over two years… many of which I improved, modified and adapted so they were deadly effective at getting the results guys NEEDED without wasting a minute of time.

You’ll be getting the best exercises, distilled from expensive seminars and self-help courses I’ve been through that REALLY work… psycho cybernetics… some NLP… exercises to improve your sex organs (and supercharge your orgasms)… and much more.

Throughout the whole workshop you’ll be getting…

  • Guaranteed ways to start attracting the women MOST likely to make you happy (no more crazy, unstable, “I have daddy issues and I’m a cold fish in bed” women EVER again)
  • How to discover what you REALLY want out of a relationship–and the steps to start taking right friggin’ NOW to get it…
  • How to get deeper, more intimate connections with women (whether you’ve been with her for years or you just met her 10 minutes ago)…
  • How to keep the “spark”, the passion red-hot in your relationships and virtually guarantee you never have “routine sex” again…
  • You want “secret” sex techniques right? While it isn’t the focus of this seminar (it’s not the most important part of GREAT sex), I’ll give you my “go-to” moves that get you both off HARD and make you never want to leave the bedroom (or the kitchen counter… or the dining table… or the hood of the car… etc!)…
  • How to own your sexual desires and project your raw masculinity to not only ever woman you ever interact with–but into the world (side effects include: a better career, more joy, more satisfaction with work, and more)
  • My never-fail methods to beat that part of you that’s holding you back from deep connections into submission
  • How to be fully present and handle your woman when she blows up over seemingly nothing in an emotional tornado by giving her what she REALLY needs… without manipulating or controlling her! (Fact: the hotter, sexier and more feminine the woman–the more likely you’ll need this relationship-saving skill)
  • And TONS MORE!

But it’s not just me who’s going to be teaching you…

Men Call Him A “Real Life Don Juan”… A “Natural Seducer”…Women Just Call Him Sexy…

Meet Hristiyan from our LOV3 team…

You may have heard his podcasts… taken a workshop with him in San Francisco… or heard me talk about him on my blog… but in this workshop you’re going to get “the best of the best” in romance and seduction when he teaches.

He’s also going to be sharing stuff he’s learned in just the past year… information so powerful that even he can’t believe the results he has been getting.

Here’s just a sample of what he’ll be covering…

  • The REAL inside scoop on women’s sexuality… no one understands this better and it’s the first thing you have to learn in order to enjoy mind-blowing sex.
  • How to get virtually any girl sopping wet with lust before you even approach her or get close by just using your eyes
  • Not comfortable yet being overtly sexual in public with a woman you just met? This is the safest way to get her thinking about sex with you almost immediately.
  • Knowing just this one technique virtually guarantees you’ll never again hear: “Let’s just be friends” (the friend zone concept doesn’t even EXIST in Hristiyan’s head… and once you know this it won’t exist for you either)
  • Secret, completely over looked places on her body that turn her on WAY more than the places you read about in some $29 eBook.
  • How to turn on the most pleasurable part of a woman’s body—her mind (knowing just this one thing guarantees you’ll make her cum harder than she ever has before… over and over again each time you make love)
  • How to make a woman so wet and crazy with lust she’ll be BEGGING to please you and it works even better if she’s a strong, feminine, high-quality female who doesn’t deal with bullshit. (plus, it won’t stop in the bedroom—she’ll be cooking for you… doing your laundry… and tons more guaranteed)
  • How to get her turned on… no matter where she is (Long-distance foreplay you can use any time, any where to get her primed and ready to go)
  • Hristiyan’s phone-sex secrets he outright STOLE from those 900 number operators that will have your girl begging for more in no-time flat.
  • How to unleash her hidden, “inner-whore”, that she keeps hidden from everyone else and can’t wait to have opened up by a real, loving, sexy man. (mastering just this will turn your ENTIRE sex life and relationship upside down!)
  • Why LMR (“Last Minute Resistance”) is complete and utter bullshit if you just know this simple handful of things…
  • Plus much, MUCH MORE!

This is literally just the tip of the sexy iceberg of Hristiyan’s knowledge, and you’ll be getting it ALL at AoF.

As you can see, we pulled out all the stops to make sure AoF is the best learning experience you’ll ever have.

  1. You can bury your head in the sand… continue ignoring my warnings and my offers of help and still be stuck in the same place, missing out on the deep, fulfilling, love-filled relationships you want (and all the freaky, nasty, mind-blowing sex you need) – FOREVER…
  2. You can try to figure all this out your own, and grumble about the slow progress you’re making… how hard it is to make a relationship work and make women cum so hard it literally SCARES you because you think you “broke” her… and live with knowing you once had the chance to never say, “I wish I had known …” but never took advantage of it …
  3. OR you can TAKE CONTROL of your life and get the guidance and advice I want to give you… that works for me… all of LOV3 team… and the 100’s of guys we’ve helped in the past.

Frankly, only one of these choices makes any sense at all. Please – for your own sake (and the women in your life… and the ones you haven’t met yet… who are just waiting for you to unleash your dirty side) – join me.

Take advantage of our offer today!

I want to help you experience amazing sex and relationships for the rest of your life… a life filled with intimate connections… soaking wet bed sheets… and a life lived with purpose. It’s time to ACCEPT this investment in your (and possibly your family’s) future and join me now.


Note About Extraction : None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones. Enjoy !

DayGame – Geek Get Girl Download

Andy And His Cameraman Head To Manhattan For New York Fashion Week,
Approach The Hottest, Most Intimidating Models You Ever Saw, Fuckup BIG TIME,
Analyse The Wreckage, And Nail It! RESULT: Nine Days Of Girls, Sex, Crazy Adventure… And The “Community’s” ONLY Daygame Education That Shows It Like It Really Is, Without All The Bullshit…

From: Andy “Yosha” Moore
London, Blighty

* * *
Hey Brother,

Do you know what the biggest problem is with most dating products?

(And this includes our own, like Daygame Blueprint and Date Against The Machine.)

What they show you isn’t totally reflective of reality. You’re seeing the end result of several failed attempts to capture the “perfect interaction” on video, cherry picking of the best footage and sometimes even (not in our case) post-editing of the footage to remove the parts you’re not supposed to see. In other words, idealised footage.

Look. Stuff like this better than nothing. I’m not knocking it.

I’d rather guys were studying products like these, and seeing what Daygame done right looks like, rather than reading crap on the Internet, or worse, giving up.


“Trying to learn Daygame by watching the end result of the learning process is like trying to put together a scale model of the Titanic by studying the photo on the box.”

It doesn’t show you the journey you need to go through. And the journey is everything.

Many guys — maybe you too — watch dating products like these, and then head out to the streets or a nightclub and try it out. What they experience usually doesn’t look anything like what they saw their favourite guru do. That’s because they never saw the mistakes and sticking points the guru had to work through, to get to the stage where his techniques finally started working.

Hold that thought.

How To Nail Daygame FAST (Yes, It Absolutely Is Possible)

Since I founded five years ago, I’ve personally coached literally hundreds of men all around the world. I’ve seen young guys, old guys, short guys, tall guys, fat guys, skinny guys, broke guys, minted guys, ugly guys, drop-dead handsome guys and even complete weirdos transform before my eyes. Honestly, in the space of just a few days, they went from being hopeless losers with women to studs whose world is their oyster.

Do you know what made them get good so fast?

Video analysis. Every student who’s ever done one of our bootcamps will tell you, this is by far the most valuable part of the training.

You can practice the Yad Stop twenty times a day for the next six months. There’s no doubting you’ll improve dramatically. Yet, you can make the same process literally overnight. It just takes a trained eye to watch your infields, and point out exactly where you’re going wrong.

When you see a mistake pointed out to you on video, watch with your own eyes how this mistake is turning girls off, correct that same mistake, and then feel for yourself how your game has radically improved, it does something weird to your brain.

It drives something home, something every wannabe Daygamer knows in their head but very few know in their hearts — that the smallest differences in technique change everything.

Instant Date With A Model, Or Internet Porn With Miss Rosie Palm? The Tiniest Details Of Your Technique Decide…

Seriously. The way you hold out your hand, the angle of your chin, the direction your project your voice, where you’re looking, whether you’re smiling like the Joker or smirking like Hans Solo — small details like this are the difference between you landing a girl who “should” be way out your league, or heading home alone for a Pot Noodle and wank.


(And this is key.)

“Most the errors in your technique are invisible to you, because you don’t know what these errors look like. You just know what “perfect” Daygame looks like.”

You need to know how to spot the errors you’re making. That’s why watching videos of your favourite guru’s perfect approaches only gets you so far.

Because you’re cheating yourself of the opportunity to gain an awareness of the mistakes you’re making and then learn how to fix them. (By the way, most of the mistakes you are making — you don’t even know that you don’t know about them.)

That’s why I wanted to create and brand new product — to fix this gap in the Daygame curriculum, and help guys like you achieve mastery much quicker.

Presenting Geek Get Girl:
The World’s Most Realistic And Most Outrageous Daygame Education

Now, before we go any further, let’s get clear about something.

I am not a beginner Daygamer. (That said, when we filmed this product, I hadn’t really been doing much Daygaming for three months. I was too busy working on the business, studying and following other passions.) Therefore, in order to capture as many mistakes as possible, I wanted to make things as difficult as I could.

We did a bit of digging around, and found out that New York Fashion Week was taking place right at the beginning of September in Manhattan. Perfect. Because I’ve found that, generally, New York is one of the toughest cities in the world for approaching women. Even better, the city would be full of models.

“Awww…. Yeahhh!”

I didn’t stop there though.

Like I said, I wanted to capture as many mistakes as possible, so you can learn tonnes from these infields. That is why, for the whole week, I approached only the most intimidatingly attractive, goddess like girls I could find — girls who genuinely made me feel nervous.

This is Daygame on hard mode.

Martin — the camera man, and a solid Daygamer in his own right — and I headed over to New York City towards the end of August, just in time for the run up to New York Fashion Week.

For seven days solid, we pounded the streets searching for the absolute hottest women we could find. I approached, Martin filmed, and at the end of each day we sat down together and analysed every single approach, picking apart all the mistakes and laying them bare.

After seven days in New York, working past the sticking points we dug up from analysing the infields, my Daygame was on steroids. We jumped on a flight to Toronto, and continued the journey to mastery for another two days.

The result?

57 Beautiful, Raw And Outrageous Videos Of Your Favourite Blonde Geek Approaching Models, Stunning Angels And Demonically Hot Girls — ALL UNEDITED

These videos are real and 100% unadulterated. (We’ve only blurred faces and removed personal information.) There’s been no cherry picking. You get to see all the rejections, all the successes and everything in between.

Each one comes complete with infield analysis. Martin and I point out where I fucked up and what I could have done differently to make it a winner. (In subsequent videos, you can see where I implement these improvements and the effect it has on my Daygame.) Where the interaction went well, we point out the subtle “game-changers” that made it a success.

Some of them are shit, and have ZERO educational value. I’m serious about this. Like I said, we didn’t take anything out. You get to see every single approach I made during these nine days. Even the flat out rejections that lasted little more than ten seconds, that you couldn’t possible learn anything from.

This is a real “day in the life” of hardcore Daygame.

Here are all the videos:

Day 1: New York City

Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York Date: Wednesday 21st August 2014 Time: 6:13pm

“We head to Williamsburg in Brooklyn to catch girls as they finish work. This is my first daygame approach in about 3 weeks after nonstop working on a laptop! Very bad approach, no flow at all, but you have to start somewhere. Would have loved to have carried on but the camera battery died so we had to wait till the next day to get started properly!”

Day 2: New York City

Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York Date: Thursday 22nd August 2014 Time: 4:28pm

“First approach of the day. A strikingly beautiful blonde Australian girl that is completely unforgiving towards my bad “state”. Doesn’t go very far, but good to get the day started and my state moved in the right direction.”

Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York Date: Thursday 22nd August 2014 Time: 4:43pm

“I approach a sexy Ukranian girl, who is, again, very unforgiving of my lack of flow. My mind is like thick sludge… that’s what happens when you don’t approach in a long time! A step in the right direction though.”

Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York Date: Thursday 22nd August 2014 Time: 5:22pm

“My first number. A very sexy petite girl working in art restoration. Sexy geeks: my favourite! In this interaction you can start to see me loosening up – and it’s made easier by the fact that this girl is clearly into me early on so she’s allowing me to make the typical mistakes you see when you’re just starting to approach, which is great for moving me into a more conversational, spontaneous state.”

Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York Date: Thursday 22nd August 2014 Time: 5:44pm

“The hottest girl I’ve approached so far on this New York visit, and you can see I’m definitely not ready for this yet, and it doesn’t go very far, even though she’s giving me loads of chances to correct my mistakes and take the interaction forward. Slowly slowly getting back into it.”

Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York Date: Thursday 22nd August 2014 Time: 6:52pm

“It’s painful to watch back…. a super cute girl who welcomes my approach, and gives me chance after chance to move things in the right direction but I’m just not in the right mental state to do what needs to be done. This first day of approaching is looking to be a bit of a flop so far.”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Thursday 22nd August 2014 Time: 7:42pm

“We move to Manhattan and I find a gorgeous girl on the streets of Broadway. The end to an abysmal day of approaching. My mind my enemy. We will meet again and do battle the next day.”

Day 3: New York City

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Friday 23rd August 2014 Time: 2:03pm

“Wow what a way to start a day; kissing a gorgeous geeky girl after only 10 minutes of talking. You can’t ask for a better first warm up interaction! Things are definitely looking up.”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Friday 23rd August 2014 Time: 2:36pm

“My first English girl. The interaction is meh, definitely still warming up, but in the end she (apparently) has a boyfriend and is leaving very soon anyway. Making progress.”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Friday 23rd August 2014 Time: 2:50pm

“A professional model that looks like a young Cameron Diaz. I’m in a much better state to deal with her compared to the last strikingly hot girl I approached, so I do well, but there are still some key elements missing in my interaction. I get the number, which is awesome, but as I explain in the analysis, it is a flake.”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Friday 23rd August 2014 Time: 3:00pm

“A sexy Argentinian lawyer. A much better interaction than most of the ones preceding her, a get the number, but still with some key elements missing. Still, slowly getting back into the flow of things.”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Friday 23rd August 2014 Time: 3:09pm

“Probably the best interaction I’ve had so far (excluding the previous kiss close) with an absolutely gorgeous entrepreneur. I get the number, and it’s 100% solid. Maybe daygame really works? ;)”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Friday 23rd August 2014 Time: 3:33pm

“Freckles, tan, arty, and in a rush. An interesting combination. I get the number, but with some rapport elements missing this is a good example of the kind of interaction that leads to a flake.”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Friday 23rd August 2014 Time: 4:29pm

“A great example of being persistent, and not giving up at the first hurdle, but alas with this sexy girl being in a serious relationship it’s to no avail.”

Location: Soho, Manhattan, New York Date: Friday 23rd August 2014 Time: 5:57pm

“A sexy cup-cake addicted asian girl. This is a really fun interaction, with great examples of challenging and teasing, but ultimately fruitless due to her already having a boyfriend.”

Location: Soho, Manhattan, New York Date: Friday 23rd August 2014 Time: 6:14pm

“The last approach of the day with a fun pair of girls. After some resistance from the girl I like I eventually get a phone number, but it’s from the other girl who promises to coerce her friend into going on a date with me. A solid interaction with an ultimately solid number that led to a double date with me and a friend the following week.”

Day 4: New York City

Location: Soho, Manhattan, New York Date: Saturday 24th August 2014 Time: 1:27pm

“Ack my brain isn’t working yet. An absolutely stunning girl that I’m just not ready for. She says she has a boyfriend, but if you’re missing key elements in the interaction you have to always assume that she’s just saying that to let you down nicely. Onwards and upwards!”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Saturday 24th August 2014 Time: 1:47pm

“I approach a stationary girl, but she’s immediately joined by a big group of her friends who whisk her away. This is a great example of how you need to have equal or higher energy to the group. My low energy just isn’t enough to keep her engaged as soon as her friends show up.”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Saturday 24th August 2014 Time: 2:39pm

“I grab a girl just as she’s opening the door to go into a shop… try to keep her engaged, but again, miss out key elements in what could have been a solid interaction and she makes her excuses to leave.”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Saturday 24th August 2014 Time: 3:57pm

“A sexy geeky girl on the busy streets of Broadway. It’s a solid interaction with some fun teasing and challenging, but ultimately fruitless due to a serious boyfriend throwing a spanner in the works.”

Location: Soho, Manhattan, New York Date: Saturday 24th August 2014 Time: 4:25pm

“A great example of why you shouldn’t always immediately give up when girls say they have a boyfriend. After discovering that she doesn’t consider it to be that serious I push forward and get the number anyway. In hindsight I still left out some really important rapport elements in the interaction which was probably the main reason why the number flaked, if it wasn’t because she really was more serious about her boyfriend and she just caught up with the interaction in the moment.”

Location: Soho, Manhattan, New York Date: Saturday 24th August 2014 Time: 4:39pm

“A great interaction with a sexy yoga girl that leads to a solid number. A great example of leading, dominance and using a seductive voice to add sexual tension.”

Location: Soho, Manhattan, New York Date: Saturday 24th August 2014 Time: 4:54pm

“Ah boyfriends, the bane of my life. But if you don’t approach you’ll never know. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!”

Location: Soho, Manhattan, New York Date: Saturday 24th August 2014 Time: 5:03pm

“A really cute and nerdy girl that is in a desperate dash to get somewhere, but I stop her and push for a pretty quick number. This is the kind of interaction that you would expect a flake, but the number does ultimately turn out to be solid.”

Day 5: New York City

Location: Washington Square, Manhattan, New York Date: Sunday 25th August 2014 Time: 11:03am

“A luck start to the day with a very solid interaction with a gorgeous Emma Watson lookalike that leads to a mini instant date and a solid number.”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Sunday 25th August 2014 Time: 11:49pm

“An absolute train wreck, but a quick one. Probably the quickest blowout so far – this girl was not interested!”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Sunday 25th August 2014 Time: 12:37pm

“A fun little blonde german girl that I couldn’t get to stay and talk nomatter how much I tried. A good demonstration of a persisting in a fun, playful and non-needy way.”

Location: Soho, Manhattan, New York Date: Sunday 25th August 2014 Time: 1:49pm

“Probably the politest rejection you can ever get from a girl… but you have to take responsibility for everything, and with the big missing elements to this approach I can’t blame her for not feeling attracted.”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Sunday 25th August 2014 Time: 2:16pm

“The first time I have ever literally had a tug-of-war match with the friend/sister of a girl. My girl seemed really interested and then out of nowhere she was snatched away from me. I tried to be persistent, but out I was out persisted.”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Sunday 25th August 2014 Time: 2:34pm

“Probably the most dull french girl I have ever met. This interaction went nowhere fast, leading to me just walking off while looking at my phone. Next!”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Sunday 25th August 2014 Time: 3:12pm

“A fun couple of girls from Queens. A great interaction with good exampled of teasing and challenging, a little but too short without some solid rapport, but the number still turned out to be solid.”

Day 6: New York

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Wednesday 28th August 2014 Time: 12:44pm

“A very typical first warmup of the day. One weak and you get a weak response – it’s like playing a computer game on hard mode. A great example of what happens when you open low energy with no enthusiasm.”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Wednesday 28th August 2014 Time: 12:54pm

“Still a sleepy start to the day, but a much better interaction with a hot english girl that leads to a solid phone number.”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Wednesday 28th August 2014 Time: 1:22pm

“I stop a foxy Polish girl just before she is about to disappear into the subway. Not a very deep interaction, but it leads to a solid number nevertheless.”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Wednesday 28th August 2014 Time: 1:12pm

“I stop a gorgeous blond as she’s rushing down Broadway and manage to interest her long enough to get a solid phone number. Short and sweet.”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Wednesday 28th August 2014 Time: 1:52pm

“It takes a bit of persistence to get this girl comfortable to talk, but alas after skipping topic too much and failing to dive deeper the conversation ends short with a standard boyfriend objection.”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Wednesday 28th August 2014 Time: 2:32pm

“An awesome interaction with a super hot russian girl in New York following her passion for acting. When it comes to following the daygame blueprint this interaction is probably the best example of ticking all the boxes, leading to a very solid number. Oh, and you can see her thong.”

Day 7: New York

Location: Union Square, Manhattan, New York Date: Monday 1st September 2014 Time: 2:25pm

“The first approach of the day, I’m a little slow but all in all it’s not terrible. A get her off the phone using my “is it really important or can you call her back? line… some solid challenging and teasing, some fun playful banter… but still skipping topics too much, ending with a boyfriend goodbye.”

Location: Soho, Manhattan, New York Date: Monday 1st September 2014 Time: 2:54pm

“An absolutely gorgeous girl that pushes my persistence to the limit before finally disappearing. So many things I could have done differently so lots of stuff to learn from here.”

Location: Soho, Manhattan, New York Date: Monday 1st September 2014 Time: 3:17pm

“The tallest girl I have approached so far in New York. It was like looking up at a giraffe. Obviously a catwalk model, and I just couldn’t keep her interested for more than a few seconds.”

Location: Soho, Manhattan, New York Date: Monday 1st September 2014 Time: 3:29pm

“Another really bad interaction with me skipping topics all over the place that leads to such an obviously flakey number that I even delete it as soon as I leave. I honestly thought about quitting for the day after this approach.”

Location: Soho, Manhattan, New York Date: Monday 1st September 2014 Time: 4:13pm

“After a coffee break I through myself back onto the streets determined to make something of the day, and this one interaction showed me that there could be light at the end of this tunnel. Although married, this girl set a new tone for the rest of the day.”

Location: Soho, Manhattan, New York Date: Monday 1st September 2014 Time: 4:31pm

“Wow this girl was totally my type. Drop dead gorgeous model but really geeky. After realising that the seeing her again was going to be very tricky due to how busy she was due to fashion week photo shoots, I got the number, but then I decided to go for the kiss, and failed!”

Location: Soho, Manhattan, New York Date: Monday 1st September 2014 Time: 4:48pm

“A gorgeous model in New York for fashion week. A decent interaction with some solid examples of challenging and being authoritative, leading to a number.”

Location: Soho, Manhattan, New York Date: Monday 1st September 2014 Time: 5:01pm

“The longest legs in Manhattan. A great example of being persistent. I got the number, but with her being in such a rush and me not getting any serious connection developed the number ended up flaking.”

Location: Soho, Manhattan, New York Date: Monday 1st September 2014 Time: 5:23pm

“A cool interaction with a really hot writer… but with me changing topics too much it leads to the ultimate boyfriend conclusion which may always be true, or not.”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Monday 1st September 2014 Time: 5:47pm

“I try to get this tall Russian looking girl off the phone, only to find out that she’s engaged and on the way to meet her fiance… but at least I made her day.”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Monday 1st September 2014 Time: 5:59pm

“I try my best with a girl in a mad dash. A good example of persistence, challenging, standing up for my ideas when she challenges me, and ultimately keeping the interaction on track when she tries to take control. I ask her out a bit early though, which leads to a boyfriend objection which may or may not be true.”

Location: Soho, Manhattan, New York Date: Monday 1st September 2014 Time: 6:38pm

“The coolest girl I approached that day. Not only was she smoking hot, but we shared a really cool connection that I was glad to finally find after approaching nothing but catwalk models all day, leading to the most solid number of the day.”

Location: Broadway, Manhattan, New York Date: Monday 1st September 2014 Time: 7:12pm

“A very fun model, a great way to end an epic day of approaching full of highs and lows. She has a boyfriend, but she agreed to let me know if she becomes single using an ingenious communication method.”

Day 8: Toronto

Location: Queen Street, Downtown Toronto Date: Saturday 27th September 2014 Time: 12:46pm

“Starting off the day with a two set (always advised), but instead of ejecting immediately when I found out she had a boyfriend I should have continued in order to loosen up more. Always make the most of what you have available to you.”

Location: Queen Street, Downtown Toronto Date: Saturday 27th September 2014 Time: 1:32pm

“The first “mum/daughter” interaction of the trip so far. Too short of an interaction to really get a solid phone number, but considering she was on 17 I didn’t feel comfortable pushing it too much. A good example of frame control and persistence in the face of some objections from the mother though.”

Location: Queen Street, Downtown Toronto Date: Saturday 27th September 2014 Time: 2:42pm

“A second mum/daughter interaction, this time the mother warms to me alot more… that is until she spots the camera and tells the daughter. But I handle it really well, keep changing topic away from the camera guy and eventually get the number.”

Location: Queen Street, Downtown Toronto Date: Saturday 27th September 2014 Time: 4:19pm

“A Russian girl working at a Hawaiian mini-music festival caught my attention and I ran over to do my thing. It went well, but had to close quite fast due to her being needed on stage.”

Location: Queen Street, Downtown Toronto Date: Saturday 27th September 2014 Time: 5:25pm

“Another short interaction, so not perfect, but after discovering my phone battery had run out I invite her into Starbucks so I can borrow a pen and some paper and write her number down the old fashioned way.”

Day 9: Toronto

Location: Queen Street, Downtown Toronto Date: Sunday 28th September 2014 Time: 2:41pm

“An absolutely disaster of an approach. Hungover daygame is the worst, especially the warmups. She’s giving me absolutely nothing, and I’m making the usual warmup mistake of skipping topics trying to latch on to something I consider worthy of conversation.”

Location: Queen Street, Downtown Toronto Date: Sunday 28th September 2014 Time: 3:18pm

“A do well considering my hungover state, but the number I eventually get is a flake for reasons that me and Martin explain. Good challenging and teasing, but no energy, no enthusiasm, and ultimately not staying on topic for more than a minute or two.”


Note About Extraction : None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones. Enjoy !

Julien Blanc – TenGame Download

Special Bonuses:

  • BONUS #1 – Advanced Infield Footage
    Create a Vacuum Effect of Massive Magnetism That Breaks Every Rule of the Game.
  • BONUS #2 – “Diving Into Your Subconscious” Teleconference
    Get Rare and Remarkable Insights Into Your Subconscious and Re-Define Your Reality As A Man
  • BONUS #3 – JULIEN WORLD TOUR Exclusive Footage
    Gain Access To Exclusive Recordings From The Julien World Tour Events
  • BONUS #4 – Month 1 of Accountability Teleconferences
    Get Personal Support from Julien To Stay on Track and Maintain Massive Improvement
  • BONUS #5 – Un-Announced Super Bonus
    A Super-Secret Stealth INFIELD Bonus That Has NEVER BEEN RELEASED BEFORE (Shhh!)

Now straight off the bat, this is not a JULIEN product…

This is not a “Julien Game” product…

This is not a “Julien Content” product…

This is a YOU product!

I’ve created something that, for the first time, is 100% customized to YOU, to tap into your BEING, which is the only real value you have to offer women!

Most guys are focused on the HAVING…

They identify with what they have.

They want to have looks…

They want to have money…

They want to have status…

And obviously, this doesn’t work!

Now, as you get into the “pickup scene”, you then start identifying with the DOING…

Where it’s now all about the words you say and the things you DO.

And this doesn’t work EITHER!

In order to achieve success with women, you have to get to the BEING.

The BEING is the soul.

The BEING is your uniqueness.

The BEING is what attracts women.

This is what you have to HARNESS.

This is why I created TenGame.

Focus on the Uniqueness

Your soul, your uniqueness, your being isn’t something you can logically understand.

It’s abstract, it comes before words…

It’s something that you have to EMOTIONALLY RECOGNIZE.

It’s something you have to EXPERIENCE.

This is what TenGame is all about.

It’s there to get you back in touch with yourself…

It’s there to reconnect you with who you truly are…

It’s there to get you back into your seat of power.

As long as you stay stuck in the “doing”, the game will always feel empty.

It’s always going to be stressful…

It’s never really going to be you…

It’s never going to be that powerful…

You have to re-connect with YOU.

Not who you THINK you area…

Not what society WANTS you to be…

Not with the FAKE front that you’ve been trained to put on…

But with YOU – the REAL you.

You can’t keep trying to fill the void by looking outside.

You have to look INSIDE.

If you’re a beginner…

If you’re new and you’re watching this, the truth is:

You probably don’t know where to start…

There is so much information out there, that it’s easy to get stuck in the weeds.

This is a big misconception when it comes to learning game:

You think you have to go from having… to doing. … to being…


You don’t have to go through the “having” and “doing” to get to the “being”…


Everything comes from the being…

As soon as you tap into your uniqueness… Into your soul… Into your being – Everything else will flow from there.

You will not have to waste all of this time learning new techniques, tips, tricks that don’t work – Everything you do will be MASSIVELY IMPACTFUL from the start because it will come from the right place.

If you’re intermediate…

If you’re intermediate, you probably already know what to “do” – And that’s EXACTLY THE PROBLEM.

You’ve been “doing”, while focusing on the wrong “being”.

And we’re going to take that “doing”, and move it to the right “being”.

You will realize that all of these little habits, all of these techniques, all of these things you’ve been saying have been coming from the WRONG PLACE, and as soon as you change the place they’re coming from – your results will EXPLODE

TenGame is going to shift your focus back on the things that really matter, and get you back in touch with the things that make game such a beautiful experience in the first place.

This is what will give you that consistency

If you’re intermediate, you’ve had some good nights out, you’ve had those epic experiences that have you hooked on game.

And you want to have more.

With TenGame, you can – and you WILL.

Once you get FOCUSED on the being, you will not have a bad night out again

If you’re advanced…

If you’re advanced, it’s all about the nuances.

The more advanced you are, the more subtle the nuances become:

The nuances in your mindset, the nuances in your progress, and the nuances in your communication…

To add on top of it – You’re the best out of all of your friends, the best out of all your wings – there’s no one to guide you forward, there’s no one to point these nuances out.

It’s a lot harder to go from a 9.5 to a 10 out of 10 than to go from a 6 to a 8 out of ten.

In TenGame, I will point these nuances out to you, I will hone in on them, and I will show you exactly where you can get the maximum leverage to skyrocket your game.

The subtle tweaks, the adjustments, the precision – THAT’S what you will get out of TenGame.

The focus of TenGame
is to get you RESULTS.

That means – TenGame is not about the QUANTITY of content, it’s about the QUALITY.

More and more content…
More and more things to do…

All it’s doing is distracting you from the being, it’s stifling you from bringing that out… from expressing it… from unleashing it…

That’s why TenGame is built on TEN CORE CONCEPTS!

Instead of focusing on all of the little details (the micro concepts), the focus of TenGame is on the MACRO concepts.

This will give you enough flexibility to bring out that uniqueness instead of being paralyzed every time you go out!

And with these concepts at your fingertips, you will no longer have to guess your way through life – you will simply KNOW.

TenGame is made up of FIVE Parts:

The Theory = Know What to Do

At its most foundational level, TenGame is made up of the 10 Laws Of Game

These laws are the foundational concepts that lie at the CORE of all game.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced – these 10 Laws encompass everything that there is when it comes to game.

Approach Anxiety, Confidence, Congruence, Conversation, Escalation – everything in-between is covered in-depth within TenGame.

The Infield – The 10 Laws IN ACTION

The soul isn’t something you can put into words, but when you see it – you recognize it.

That’s why for TenGame,

I literally included ALL of my previously unreleased INFIELD FOOTAGE from YEARS of me going out gaming so you can SEE IT, and emotionally recognize it – “Oh… So THAT’S WHAT GAME LOOKS LIKE!”

The infield gives you a reference experience that is unprecedented to anything else that has been released before.

The infield lets you SEE THE DIFFERENCE

The infield forces you to EMOTIONALLY RECOGNIZE the important concepts


The “being” isn’t something you can put into words – you simply have to see it.

Exercises = Internalizing the core concepts

In addition to the 10 Laws, we have included exercises that will push you to internalize the core concepts.

“Knowing” doesn’t help you when you are terrified to go out in the first place…

“Knowing” won’t save you in the middle of a sticky situation…

“Knowing” isn’t enough to get you to truly UNDERSTAND.

You have to transition from the “knowing” to the “being”

Stop finding comfort in content…

Stop finding comfort in doing…

Start finding comfort in being…

Free yourself from the mindless decision making…

Missions = Implementing

Once you have internalized the core concepts, you need to go out and IMPLEMENT them in the REAL WORLD

Even when you focus on the being, the doing has it’s place.

The TenGame missions will help you get out there, stay engaged, and dialed in.

Accountability = Support System

On top of the Ten Laws, the Infield, the Exercises, and the Missions…

We want to make sure that you not only get results… But that you continuously improve and never lose what you learn.

That’s why we went ABOVE and BEYOND to give you Accountability Teleconferences as part of the TenGame package.

We want to avoid the “get it” and “forget it” mentality – and actually make sure that you are getting MAXIMUM RESULTS from everything you learn.


Note About Extraction : None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones. Enjoy !

 Miss Ivy Young – Secrets of Submission Download

50 Shades of Submission – The Secret Secrets of Submission

Module 1 :: Intro To Soft Submission

       Besides learning about what Soft Submission is NOT, and you need to know, in Module 1, you will begin your journey to unlock a buffet of sexual possibilities.

Including 1 simple secret you can use within the next HOUR to turn you partner into an adoring pile of Jello in your hands. The amazing tricks you will learn in Module 1 is more than enough to ignite your bedroom experiences for years to come.

Module 2 :: “The Kink Compatibility Test”

       You will receive access to the NOW infamous “Kink Compatibility Test.” This is a simple step-by-step checklist that you fill out with your partner and when you find out that you are both interested in trying the same activity it will lead to that infamous “you too?” moment.

As you look in your partners eyes and you realize that you are both ready to experiment with something new and exciting you will throw the checklists aside and dissolve into a deep and pleasurable spontaneous “play” session in which boundaries of desire and sensuality are pushed to new heights.

Module 3 :: Tools of the Trade

       In addition to the wildly popular “Instant Dungeon Cheat Sheet” in which you will learn how to take regular household items that you already own and turn them into your “Pleasure Giving Devices” you will also discover some very practical and essential techniques to increase the bond created during sex.

Including the right and wrong way to whip, pinch and slap your partner so that you respect their physical and emotional boundaries while driving them into a sexual frenzy. The difference between pleasure and “uncomfortable” is a thin line and only in this module will you learn how to push it to the limits while you seduce and captivate your lover, turning them into your helpless love slave.

Module 4 :: Learning the Ropes

       You will get step-by-step instructions for setting up what we like to call a “play scene” in which the old (and totally boring) rules simply no longer apply. The key is in the secret patterns you will learn that have been used by generations of the world’s most powerful Dominatrix’s to increase intimacy and attraction.

You will also finally receive access to the long withheld “Attention Snap” technique to instantly captivate and control your lover (or anyone for that manner) in a manner of seconds. This will all lead to a deeper and more intense level of psychological bonding that that never even knew existed!

Module 5 :: Creating Your “Worship Ritual”

       Who doesn’t like to be worshiped? In Module 5 you will discover how and when to be worshiped (and with what intensity) both in and out of the bedroom. I will also show you how to instantly train your adoring devotee to fulfill your needs in any way that you desire.

In addition, I will reveal the REAL cause of infidelity, and the 3 somewhat odd tricks that you can use to be sure that it NEVER EVER happens in your relationship…this alone will put marriage counselors out of business.

Module 6 :: Safe & Fun Play

       Are you taking this too far? Learn the right way and the wrong way to use these ancient techniques to create deeper levels of pleasure and trust with your partner (or even someone new).

There is a complete section covering safe guidelines for hot wax play, bondage, and whipping. Plus, the ONE TOOL you should never, ever use under any circumstances or you risk injuring your partner…and in not a fun way.

Module 7 :: Communication & Aftercare

       Exploring new boundaries can be exhilarating both emotionally and physically, and just as important as the “play sessions” is learning how to decompress, process and understand these new zones of pleasure that you and your lover have just explored.

You will learn the all-important “Hands of Fate” technique that is crucial to coming back to the real world after intense fantasy sessions. Lastly, you will learn to overcome deeply embedded bits of social programming that are the final obstacle between you and your fullest sexual expression.

BONUS #1 How To Spank Your Partner to Orgasm

Did you know that it’s possible for you to spank your partner to orgasm? It sounds crazy, but it’s true and it’s amazing! Bonus #1 How To Spank Your Partner to Orgasm is the ultimate guide to the elusive, but oh so possible and intense “spanking orgasm” that has never before been made available to the public.

BONUS #2 Aural Sex Seduction

Learn how to seduce your partner and make them shiver by touching them in the most erotic, memorable, sexy ways possible with just sound of your voice.Talking dirty is the fastest way to inject your sex life with that hot lust you have been thirsting for, but many people find it hard to “let loose” and express how they feel with words.In my Aural Sex Seduction course I am going to give you a full helping of sexy tricks that will have your partner begging to hear more of your voice.

BONUS #3 7 Hot Sex Games

Does your sex life need a shot of excitement? You are in luck because I want to give you my 7 Sex Games to Keep Them Cuming Back for More Audio course.These games are going to quickly and easily turn your bedroom into the exciting love nest you have been dreaming of. I have packed 7 of my most tantalizing, passionate, and intense one-on-one games that are completely original so you won’t find the anywhere else.


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Arash Dibazar – Dark Energy Download

Topics covered include:
  • How to get over obstacles (the female cock blocker)
  • What makes a good pickup artist?
  • What makes a woman a real 9 or 10?
  • What should you do if you are with a woman and hotter women are showing you interest?
  • How to deal with her ex-boyfriend being back in the picture
  • How to plant the seed in a woman’s mind that is unhappy in her relationship
  • Your own personal ethics in game
  • Should you pursue a woman in a relationship that is showing you interest?
  • How to continuously display high value (DHV)
  • Will looking at an attractive woman who walks by drop your value?
  • What do you do if you go out with a friend and he starts to hit on the target?
  • Language patterns and how to use them
  • How to remain consistent in your emotional state during times of success and failure in a pickup
  • How to manage multiple relationships
  • How to get out of the friend zone
  • How do relationships change once there is full commitment (Boy/Girlfriend & Marriage)
  • Quantum physics/energy and its application in game
  • Importance of good communication skills
  • How to game women at the mall
  • Passion and seduction in language
  • Having complete certainty/frame control
  • The power of suggestion


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DateMasters – Meet More Women PDF Download

How to Get Beautiful Women Chasing You Without Persuasion, Routines, Money or Game?

Discover the insider secret that men of confidence and self-esteem know about meeting and dating high value women… The shocking part?

When you know what’s really going on, you’ll be able to meet boatloads of beautiful women who want nothing more than to make you feel happy, stress-free and excited about life.

Best of all…… You can completely flip the typical dating script so that:

Beautiful women start to chase you
Beautiful women start trying to impress you
Beautiful women start inviting you out on dates
Beautiful women start asking you to be their boyfriend
Beautiful women start buying you expensive gifts and trips
Beautiful women start jumping you for more physical intimacy
Best of all… Beautiful, high value women start doing everything possible to make sure you are as excited, turned on, stress-free and happy as possible

Common Dating Myths Shattered .Wake up!

Let’s shatter some myths about meeting and dating high quality women:

You don’t need to be the ‘alpha,’ ‘the big man on campus,’ or ‘Mr. Tough Guy.’
You don’t need the biggest house, the shiniest car or a high-status party lifestyle.
You don’t need cool pickup lines or super-secret hypnosis patterns.
You don’t need to pump yourself up just to meet women.
You don’t need to ‘be a natural’ with women.
You don’t need to worry about learning good tricks to get girls to like you.
You don’t need to settle for confusing, unspecific dating advice like – ‘just be yourself’ or ‘looks don’t matter.’
You don’t need to build attraction or worry about making her feel a connection in order to like you.
You don’t need to suffer the humiliation of women resisting your advances or giving you the cold shoulder.
You don’t need to plow through her “bitch shields” or overcome her defenses.
You don’t need to feel confused about what to say first, next last and everywhere in between with beautiful women.


Because after years of research, hundreds of social experiments and relationships and tens of thousands statistically, scientifically quantified approaches of beautiful women, we’ve discovered a secret…A secret hidden in plain sight……The secret to meeting high value women that will transform your dating life forever…Let me ask you… Do you want the freedom to meet really great women who actually without the unnecessary stress and frustration of feeling like you have to convince or persuade every girl to like you?

You, want something better, right?More simple?More straightforward?More honest?

Read 225 pages of the most powerful new ways to meet beautiful, high value women who honestly like you – Without chasing, manipulating, money, pickup lines, or even using game.

Avoid these traps set by Hollywood, the Mass Media and “Seduction Gurus” -Uncover what is killing your chances with high quality women.

Learn from 15 different real life case studies – Understand exactly what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it.

Use these 4 steps to quickly find hot women who are *really* into you.

PLUS, Transform your life with a 5-step 8-week comprehensive roadmap – You get a step-by-step guide to dating mastery.

Learn 4 major mistakes that hurt your sex life – Then get these 4 giant tips so you can build a rockin’ sex life.

6 inexpensive date plans that are tested to work wonders with great women  – Girls love a guy with exciting plans like these.

Discover 30 places to meet women – Plus a short example for each location for you to follow.

Learn how to call women for dates – Finally, no more phone call confusion.

How to step towards women as a strong, confident man – This will separate you from almost all other men out there.


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Jonathan Green – Skip The Date Score The Girl Download

Jonathan Green – Skip The Date Score The Girl Product Information
This product is a 3-email system for men to send out a few emails in order to attract girls and get them into bed. It is designed to find the girls that are willing to have sex with you and eliminate the ones that are not.

Jonathan Green – Skip The Date Score The Girl  Bonuses include:

– My Favorite 10 Methods of Bonding for Under $10
– 3 Step Escalation Formula
– The Lottery Winner Effect: Handling success with women and living the ‘Score The Girl’ lifestyle

User Review:
“Fairly good, with a few major lacks.”

So far, its the most useful product about Online dating that I have read.

The good:
It has a few innovations (for me, at least), it has a few good “tricks” for investigating women’s profiles, and how to make a good profile.

I am not sure it can actually GET YOU LAID, but it sure can help your online profile stand out.



More Seduction Materials From Jonathan Green :

Jonathan Green – Girlfriend In A Week System

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Carlos Xuma – Alpha Sexual Power Download

Single Man: Have you ever been in that moment with a woman where you KNOW you should make a move – like hold her hand or kiss her – and the time is right… but you back down and chicken out at the last second?

Do you:

  • … feel frustrated with how you’re dating women – being stuck on HER sexual timetable?
  • … feel like you’re in a state of sexual “limbo” – unable to connect with women and get them into the bedroom?
  • … feel like you lack the sexual POWER to choose the kind of woman you want for a girlfriend? That all the women you want are “out of your league,” and you’re going to have to settle for less if you want to get any sex?
  • … feel like you’re trapped in a “negative loop” – unable to break out of your anxious thoughts long enough to feel comfortable and sexually confident around women?

Do you want to know how to date girls like this? Keep reading to find out…

Look, let’s cut to the chase… You’re sexually frustrated.

You want to get laid. You probably even want a girlfriend and not just a one night stand. (But hey, either one would do…)

You see all those guys around you either using some kind of fake banter or clever tricks to get women, but you’ve either tried it and couldn’t pull it off, or it’s just not you and you don’t even want to bother with it.

And as pissed off and frustrated as you might be, you don’t want to be a manipulative jerk or deceptive just to attract a woman.

You’ve got some standards, and that’s important.

BUT this situation is getting old, and you really need some results – FAST!

Dating Coach For Guys…Carlos Xuma

But There Are LOTS Of Places You Can Make Mistakes That Scare Women Off…

There are a lot of steps between first meeting a woman and getting physical with her.

hot girl
To get her into bed, you’ll need to know the roadmap of sexual escalation…
  • First you gotta think of something cool to say to walk up and approach her, and you risk getting rejected even IF you manage to work up the balls to do it. (Let’s face it – most of the time it’s more comfortable not to bother and just avoid the risk of getting shot down…)
  • IF you’re not shot down, then you have to try to get her interested in you with some witty conversation and banter…
  • And IF you can get her attracted and interested, that’s still no guarantee you’ll get her phone number
  • And most of the time, it’s either a bad number, or she never answers… (Even when you think you got things started GREAT with her.)
  • And IF you do call her and talk to her, how do you get that first date…?
  • And then how do you make sure she doesn’t flake out on you…?
  • Wait, what about getting the second date…?
  • What do you do to get a kiss?
  • And then what about getting more physically intimate with her…?

But here’s the worst part: If you mess up on any of these small steps – GAME OVER! You gotta go all the way back to the end of the line, and you have to start the whole process all over again.

And what about sex?

Tthe most important thing to know about all these steps from approaching a woman to dating her – to sleeping with her – is this: There is ONE absolutely critical attraction element you must have to get women to go ‘all the way’ with you. Most so-called “modern men” are missing it.And if you’re missing this one CRITICAL piece of the puzzle, THIS will probably happen to you:

  • She’ll flake out early on or just lose her interest. I call this “Failure to launch” syndrome
  • And even IF you get a date or two, it fizzles out just when you should be getting hot and physical…
  • And even IF you beat the odds and make it to the bedroom, there’s no real fireworks there, and the chemistry dies.

And when you’re missing this vital piece of the picture, you usually wind up with her telling you she wants to “just be friends.”

So again, you need this critical ingredient in your back pocket or nothing you do will work right with women. It took me years to identify and find this one critical piece of the puzzle. It’s the “magic bullet” for guys who want to put an end to their sexual frustration once and for all.

I’m going to reveal here what that critical piece is, but first you need to know…

What 99 Out Of 100 Guys Don’t Know About “Escalating” With Women…

Almost none of the guys out there know about this, and it’s why most guys wind up settling for women instead of having a “trophy” on their arm. I’m willing to bet that you’ve experienced the “Flinch.” What is the “Flinch”?

It’s that point where you shy away from showing your sexual interest in a woman. You know you’ve reached a point where you SHOULD do something to “make a move,” but you don’t.

Maybe there’s a pause in the conversation where you should ask for her number… and you don’t. Or you call her up to ask her out, but she seems distracted… so you don’t. Or she seems ready for the kiss, and the moment is right… but you don’t.

You back off or chicken out. You start to lose your sexual confidence.

Do You Recognize These 5 Early Warning Signs? Ask yourself:

  1. Do you ever hide your sexual desires from women? (Trying to sneak in and be indirect with your interest?)
  2. Are you afraid to touch a woman (even on the arm) on the first date?
  3. Are you afraid of being “caught” admiring a woman’s beauty?
  4. Do you think it’s disrespectful to make a sexual advance on a woman without a very clear invitation from her?
  5. Do you find yourself looking away quickly when making eye contact with women?

If you can identify with any of those signs, it’s very likely that what I’m about to tell you will completely transform your sexual success with women. Even if you’ve tried other methods in the past and had limited success – or NO success.

I’ll tell you this: I’ve personally experienced all 5 of those warning signs above at one point or another. And no, it’s not your fault you have trouble getting sexual with women.

The man’s BIG MISTAKE is this:

Most Guys Wind Up HIDING Their Sexual Interest In Women…

This mistake is much much worse than showing too much interest, by the way. Why do guys keep their interest in a woman hidden like this?

At first I thought it was because we were afraid of ruining things with women. After all, most women can be approached and will talk to you. But when you get ten minutes into a conversation, if you’re faced with possibly taking a risk on her saying NO, you probably won’t take that risk.

You’ll back off from taking the next step because you don’t want to ruin what you’ve got, right?

But what I saw underneath it all was a fear. This fear is ruining the ability of most men to get things started with women they’re attracted to. So what I realized was…

The real reason guys hide their sexual interest in a woman is because they feel sexual PANIC around attractive women.

And when you feel sexual panic – and she senses it – this KILLS your sexual confidence. The “ONE critical thing” I’ve been talking about – that you need – is this:

 The Secret Is Sexual Confidence…

hot girl
When you have “sexual confidence,” women will feel naturally attracted to you…

If your sexual confidence gets “turned off” when you’re with a woman, she’ll sense it.

There’s an old bit of sales wisdom that says that bad salesmen are ‘bad’ simply because they don’t believe enough in the product they’re selling.

And the BEST salesmen believe they’ve got something fantastic – and every person alive needs to have this product. They’d never let someone walk away without buying it. They’d actually be hurting their prospect if they didn’t convince them to get it.

You don’t need any clever sales techniques when you REALLY believe in what you’re selling.

Well, with most guys, their core foundation is unstable and shaky. And they don’t feel like the Prize. They don’t feel confident in their “product.” They can’t escalate and “close the deal.”

Not only is this true in sales, it’s TWICE as true with women. Your product is YOU, my friend!

So why don’t you have confidence in your “product”? Why aren’t YOU sexually confident?

Why Guys Aren’t Getting Sex From Women… Especially the NICE guys

Because of something I call “fear of pulling the trigger…”Guys spend way too much time hiding their interest in women – because of sexual panic – and not being sexually assertive enough. They flinch instead of moving the game forward. They think they’ve got to approach a woman with kid gloves and be Mr. Nice Guy. Mr. Super Romantic Guy.

You may have noticed that acting like that doesn’t work, does it? You don’t want to trick her either, so…

Here’s One Simple Technique To  Make A Woman Sexually Desire You…

So the guy is moving forward, hoping the woman doesn’t put on the brakes… and the girl is just watching his every move, getting ready to stop him.

Do you know how to go further – faster – with women?

hot girl

The secret to escalating with women is knowing how to get your sexual power back…

The Secret is this: Put on the brakes FIRST.

The best thing you can do to guarantee that you keep moving forward – keep escalating – is just to know when she’s about to put on the brakes, and then you stop her before she stops you.

This flips a switch in her head – and gets her interested and motivated to KEEP getting more sexually intimate with you – instead of shutting you down.

You probably thought that this was completely opposite to the way you wanted to handle it, right?

The male ego says: “Keep going until she stops you!” But if you do this one too many times, you’re cut off for good. If she puts your brakes on more than a few times, she’s going to make one assumption: “He ONLY wants to have sex with me…” Then she puts an end to the fun.

And even if she was interested in some fun for herself, she’s not going to let the sex happen just because her programming won’t let her sleep with you until you put things back in the right order.



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Masculine Matrix Masculine Sexuality Deep Transformation Download

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John Cooper – Game Over: From Pick-Up Artist to Social Heartist PDF Download

There is a wealth of strength and power within us all, and the way to access it may be surprising. Only the weak and desperate are forced to take without giving, yet so many of us interact with others this way. You want approval. You want the girl to think you’re funny. You want your boss to be impressed. You’re told you need to ‘Game’ them. You feel like you constantly need something from others. But you’re wrong. They need something from you. Game Over is a roadmap out of a self­-made prison. When it comes to the social world, no one is naturally weak and desperate. We can all summon a vast reservoir of strength and value with a simple yet tragically elusive mindset – that of unconditional giving. Reconnect with the immense social intelligence you were born with. Throw out the toxic ideas of ‘Game’. Declare Game Over, and reclaim the life of social freedom and endless joy you’ve always had inside.

Note About Extraction : None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones. Enjoy !

 Todd Valentine – Valentine University 2.0 Download

full up to date Valentine University 2.0 program

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Hypnotica Master’s Circle Download

From the desk of Eric Von Sydow (AKA Hypnotica)

The truth can hurt you or set you free… what 20 years in the game has taught me…

You have a choice: you can take what you’re about to read and dismiss it, or man up, face the raw, uncut truth and start succeeding with women. It’s that simple.

So what am I talking about here? I am talking about something that has been worth almost 20 years of my life, something only a few people have the authority to talk about and the skill to put into practice. I am talking about doing something that needs high-level credibility to get off the ground.

I am bringing together a master circle of my influences, guys from the underground who’ve had a massive impact on my success with women. I am talking about guys so effective with women that seeing them in action over the years made me want to up my game to new levels >> guys so adept at female social interaction they make “Online PUA Gurus” look like second string players. These are the key players and personalities that have shaped my 20 years in the game.

Imagine that; twenty years of witnessing hundreds of thousands of men interact with women, and only a handful of men stood out in my mind as having “the game” on lockdown. Only about 20 guys impressed me enough to want to learn from them…just 20 superstars in 20 years.

After seeing these guys out on the circuit regularly I began to learn from them. They became my mentors as I adapted the aspects of their game I admired most into my armory. The good news for you is that you won’t need to wait 20 years to find masters to learn from because I’m offering you mine. I’m offering you unrestricted access to the underground. No PUA bull***, this is real, unrehearsed, uncensored access to the Masters’ Circle.

My bar is set high. You know that. People call me the inner game guru because I use ‘next level strategy’ to increase the amount of intimate interactions my clients have with women. Without wanting to blow my own trumpet, you know I wouldn’t look up to just any old self-professed dating and seduction expert. Hell! Only 1% of PUAs would make my cut, and I assure you that only those at the very top of the pile will make the grade for this revolutionary Masters’ Circle.

The Truth Hurts

Want to know why so many men aren’t being successful with women, even though they’re studying like crazy for hours on end?

Get it? That’s right. Air. If you take advice from guys who really don’t know what the hell they’re talking about you’ll get no results. Nada. Zip. Zero.

Yep. The truth hurts. And it probably hurts pretty badly if you’ve wasted time and money on false promises for a long period of time. But I reckon you’re man enough to handle the truth. So let’s do what real men do and say, “Yea, I messed up. I listened to some bullshit and believed it. But you know what, I’m starting from scratch and I’m gonna succeed.”

And Here’s The Sucker Punch…

You won’t hear any of those so-called PUA superstars being interviewed in my inner circle. Why not? Because 90% of them suck, both socially and intimately with women.

You won’t hear from digital celebrities. No, you’ll hear from men who’ve come up on the underground, learning the trade from their forefathers before the web even existed. These guys are the Real Deal. You’re going to learn from men who’ve mastered the ability to create fast, intimate connections with hundreds of women, men who I’ve personally witnessed command the sex life of their choice.

It Took 20 Years to Make this Possible

That’s right, it took 20 years of searching for the true warriors of seduction to make these interviews possible. You can’t cultivate a list of masters like this by sending out a few emails. These guys don’t just talk to anyone. These guys value their anonymity, and they won’t share their lives with just any guy. You won’t catch these guys spouting nonsense on YouTube or writing blog posts with flimsy tips. No, they only share the hidden secrets with others in the circle…that’s the rules of the underground.

So, rest assured this won’t be unoriginal, rehashed theory delivered by people who’ve never met their mentors. And this won’t be distilled semi-truth to please a broad audience, either. This is the secret knowledge guys with real game don’t want you to know. This is a circle for a privileged few who want the truth, whether it hurts or not.

I digress…

People ask me why I’ve lasted 20 years in the seduction and dating world, yet pickup guru after pickup guru comes and goes from the industry, disappearing from the scene after temporarily fooling their fans they were king of kings. The reason is simple: they were in it for the money, unoriginal in their work, and recycled the same material as their industry counterparts. But guess what? The ideas ran out. The well dried up. There was nothing new to say and the fans stopped believing their game when the techniques and strategies didn’t work.

In short >> when the money stopped they lost interest.

So Why Believe Me And Not Them?

Because first and foremost I don’t want you to believe, I want you to know. If you’ve followed me through the years you’ll know I don’t hold back. I don’t sugar coat, and I don’t say stuff just to get an ego massage. I tell the truth. I stay raw and real. Love or hate it, I tell it like it is.

The advantage I have in this game is experience and knowledge. After 20 years witnessing social interaction in strip clubs, bars, nightclubs, and restaurants, and coaching men and women from all walks of life, I can safely say there aren’t many people out there who can read others like I can. I have pretty much seen it all. I’ve soaked up two decades of knowledge, learning what to do from the best and not what to do from the worst. I come from a long line of masters who’ve shown me the hidden truths, and I’m about to share them with you.

Warning! Read This Before You Enter The Masters’ Circle

Before I give you access to this interview series with some of the most successful underground pioneers, I must warn you that what you hear won’t always be entirely morally or ethically correct. By this I mean things will not always conform to the status quo you’re used to. There will be controversial viewpoints, outside the box techniques, maverick-style thinking, and at times everything you think you know will be tipped on its head and shaken into uncertainty.

Not all these men are walking a spiritual path of goodness, and quite frankly they couldn’t give a damn what society thinks of them. These men aren’t public speakers or polished salesmen. They aren’t marketers spitting regurgitated bulls*** to make bank at your expense. These are everyday guys with a special secret >> they walk around with an armory of skills capable of cultivating an intimate interaction with a woman at any given moment.

These guys will speak their minds on dating, sex, women, and life. You will hear from men with a healthy understanding of women and from others with a somewhat jaded view of “the game.” But always bear in mind this one compelling fact: each master is extremely effective in attracting the company of women.

I won’t apologize for their views, strategies, or techniques for the simple reason that I am not in a position to censor these pros. I am also not in a position to judge from a moral standpoint. All I can do is unleash the truth. I will strategically extract the information you require to become more successful with women. At that point you can pick and choose how you move forward and which bits to implement into your game.

These guys live and breathe female interaction. What they do works, period. They have sex with a lot of what society would consider ‘beautiful women.’ They will save you time, money, and heartache. They will cut through the crap and get to the nuts and bolts of what they do to enjoy the company of hundreds of women. I picked these guys because I’ve personally seen them get results, and because I’ve learned from their mastery over the years. No one makes this list unless I’ve consistently seen them walk the walk.

Here’s How It Will Work

Many of you know I use NLP, neuro semantics, hypnosis, and psychology in my work. I have used these skills to attract intimate encounters, to further my career, and to help men and women become happier and more successful in life. I will be using these same skills to infiltrate the minds of these masters; to breakdown their defenses and extract the gems of knowledge they embody. I will weave around the banter and debate and collect the gold nuggets of information you need to become more successful with women.

Here’s How It Won’t Work

You’re probably here because PUA land hasn’t done you any justice. The industry has lied to you, promoting false prophets based on popularity rather than results. Well, that stops here. If you’re tired of taking lessons from guys who never get real results in the real world then you just landed on your feet. I promise you, YOU WILL NOT HEAR ANY PUA JARGON.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying none of the PUA theory works – of course it has the potential to – but what I’m saying is that it’s exactly that, theory. It’s hit and miss because the people teaching it are simply teaching what they’ve been taught, without ever having manifested the theory on a deep, tangible level.

I don’t know about you but I live by proof. I need evidence. I need to see results. Show me you can do it, not just once, but over and over again, and I’ll say, “Yea, that guy’s the real deal. His game works.”

You have my personal guarantee that any guy in the Masters’ Circle will out perform the current “pickup artist of the year” 10-1, hands down.

So, they’ll be no lingo, no patterns, no gimmicks like painting fingernails or wearing a flashy belt buckle. These guys rely on raw attitude and personality application.

You’re about to start modeling your game on excellence, not rhetoric.

One Final Word Before You Enter The Circle

Truthfully, I had to ask myself before putting this together whether it was worth it. I mean, why give the world access to these masters, the guys I’ve learned from over the past 20 years, guys that have helped keep me ten steps ahead of everyone else in the industry. Not to mention that this is unfiltered, undiluted, raw male mentality. These guys will be talking opinions and viewpoints I don’t necessarily agree with, stuff that just being involved with could affect my career. So why put my reputation on the line and allow these guys to speak to my fan base?

Because you need to know! It’s my job to allow you access to the whole picture, not just mine or anybody else’s interpretation. You need to see the entire spectrum, ugly bits n’ all. You need this experience to go forth and discover who you really are and what you stand for. The more data you collect, the more people you observe, the more masters you hear teach, the more adept your personal game will become. The raw truth will help you hone your own techniques and strategies, carving out your personal pathway on the road to massive success with women.

Take from these interviews what you will: Agree or disagree, criticize or admire, but know that all these guys are masters of their art, each one using different strategies to achieve intimacy with women. These are the lone wolfs. The guys who did things their way to get what they wanted. Take the lessons that suit your personality, beliefs, morals and ethics, and go forth and create the life you want to live.

100% Gimmick Free

There’s no need for me to add token value to this product because it’s priceless. This has never been done before! These men aren’t trying to be dating gurus or get famous. Hell, they’ll most likely have me edit out their names and anything that might link their identity to the recording. That is the depth of what we are dealing with here. Like many great warriors, these guys prefer to stay anonymous and remain on the underground.

So there’s no bonuses; no cuddly toy, no false promises. You get one interview each month, one priceless recording that’s yours forever – one pocket bible of brilliance to help you fine-tune your seduction game. This is 20 years broken down into a monthly education system by the best of the best.

The monthly recording comes in mp3 format for you to download and listen to on your laptop, iPhone, Android phone, or Tablet. No two recordings will be the same because each master will bring his own vibe, and depending on the interview content, I will break down the key principles and highlight particular areas of interest so that you can make notes and fully understand the principles as you listen.

Listen > Learn > Take Action

It really is that simple. Each month you’ll get access to an untapped pool of knowledge as I interview a new master. All you have to do is listen, manifest, and begin taking action from what you learn.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Stop wasting time with rhetoric and hype and start learning from the real underground masters who’ve been successful with women day-in-day-out for more than 20 years. If you want to let this opportunity pass you by, that’s cool, but good luck finding 20 masters in your area when you do decide to get serious about attracting multiple hot women on a daily basis. It might take 20 years, but then again it could take longer…

Stop hindering your progression and step into the Masters’ Circle immediately to receive your first interview right now.

Note About Extraction : None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones. Enjoy !

Jon Sinn and Carlos Xuma – Beyond Seduction Download

This conference by Carlos Xuma and Jon Sinn was a workshop to specifically teach men how to build the confidence they need and the simple techniques to attract women and take their game to the next level.

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

– Dating tactics and techniques
– How to automatically attract women
– A complete inner game makeover
– Personalized Beyond Seduction Blueprint
– Special breakout sessions covering advanced strategies
– How to develop your ultimate lifestyle filled with beautiful women



Note About Extraction : None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones. Enjoy !

Drew Gerald – Dirty Talk Download

Episode 1: Drew’s Guest Appearance on KUCI 88.9FM Part 1
Episode 2: Drew’s Guest Appearance on KUCI 88.9FM Part 2
Episode 3: Salvaged Conversation With Nicole Part 1
Episode 4: Salvaged Conversation With Nicole Part 2
Episode 5: Conscious Sex with Co-Host Jenny Ferry Part 1
Episode 6: Conscious Sex with Co-Host Jenny Ferry Part 2
Episode 7: Interview With Hot Rawks (Organic Libido Enhancer) Creator Julie Wilson
Episode 8: Conversation With Nicole Abundance
Episode 9: Health, Presence, and Sex with Philip McCluskey
Episode 10: Interview With The Erotic Rockstar Destin Gerek
Episode 11: Interview With Secrets of Longevity’s Govan Kilgour
Episode 12: 1st Guest Appearance on Goddess Imperative
Episode 13: 2nd Guest Appearance on Goddess Imperative
Episode 14: Porn, Measure B, The Adult Industry with Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, PhD
Episode 15: Eros, Dark Sex Mythology, and Kink with Galen
Episode 16: Mia Interviews Drew About Sex, Vulnerability, & Oneness
Episode 17: Indulging In Sexual Arousal
Episode 18: Interview With Shana James of Authentic Woman Experience
Episode 19: Shana Interviews Drew On How To Talk Dirty And Divine
Episode 20: Artificial Constraints, Sex Limitations, And Bondage
Episode 21: Ronnie Landis Health And Peak Sexual Performance Part 1
Episode 22: Ronnie Landis Health And Peak Sexual Performance Part 2
Episode 23: Drew Interviewed For Women On When To Have Sex, Body Insecurity, Sex Filters, Shame
Episode 24: Interview With Vanessa Simpkins On Women’s Empowerment, Sexual Emotions, Addictive Relationships

Episode 1: Drew’s Guest Appearance on KUCI 88.9FM Part 1

Drew was welcomed on as a guest on KUCI 88.9FM’s “The Chat Room” with Marrie Stone in Irvine, California on Friday August 24th 2012 to discuss his business, story, and answer questions about dating and sex. Drew’s story of childhood struggle of being a loser, tiny spark, classic pitfalls of men, work on shortcomings rather than a perfect facade, the best investment you can make, context of strength, women are people too, the importance of confidence, the abundance mindset test, where women’s sexuality is based.

Episode 2: Drew’s Guest Appearance on KUCI 88.9FM Part 2

Part 2 of Drew’s guest appearance and interview on KUCI 88.9FM’s “The Chat Room” in Irvine, California finishing their discussion on his business, story, and questions about dating and sex. All women get into the sexting, 50 Shades of Grey, how to get her to anything, make her come 10 times during sex, webcam or phone sex, awkwardness, the best way to get started with it and introduce it first, talking dirty and sexy, Nancy Friday – My Secret Garden, learn how to do it.

Episode 3: Salvaged Conversation With Nicole Part 1

In this conversation, recovered from some technical difficulties, Nicole and Drew discuss how women shut off their femininity and sexuality, as well as what that means for men’s responses to them. Help to sexually liberate women, the pain of women showing up in the world, surrender vs submission, women protecting themselves of from to being open and feminine, being afraid, masculine searching for feminine light, talk to anybody, going for what you want and treating everyone equally, you can judge a man by the way he treats someone that can do nothing for him.

Episode 4: Salvaged Conversation With Nicole Part 2

In the second part, Nicole and Drew discuss how women shut off their femininity and sexuality, as well as what that means for men’s responses to them. Shining light vs being attracted, attraction isn’t a choice, conscious way to connect, the men women want, what goes wrong in relationships, sexual polarities, man leading and trusting his masculinity.

Episode 5: Conscious Sex with Co-Host Jenny Ferry Part 1

This episode of Dirty Talk, I’m delighted to have Jenny Ferry on as my guest. She’s the author of the forthcoming book Soul Sex: Creating the Conscious Connection You Crave and a Soul Sex Coach. In part 1, we talk about Jenny’s story of her sexual safe haven, Steve Job’s connecting the dots, the simple ways to help people through their sexual disconnect, the illusion of sex in our society, self-pleasuring practices and co-creating, masculine and feminine balances, common quirky aspects of sexuality, college sexuality surveying, relationship configurations, communicating about advanced desires.

Episode 6: Conscious Sex with Co-Host Jenny Ferry Part 2

In part 2 of this episode of Dirty Talk with Jenny Ferry, we talk about sex-shutdown in a classic marriage, how easy it is embracing new sex lives, how women can get in touch with their orgasms, vaginal intimidation, how to come from curiosity and desire to learn, how simple it can be, should you be explicit or passive, be naked in nature sex, Dr Seuss, conscious hooking up, abundance or the fear and scarcity of monogamous committed relationships, talk of Soul Sex book.

Episode 7: Interview With Hot Rawks (Organic Libido Enhancer) Creator Julie Wilson

In this episode of Dirty Talk, I’m delighted to have my friend Julie Wilson on the show to talk about her story of overcoming Crohn’s disease the all natural way, and how she came up with her organic, raw, all-natural libido enhancer – Hot Rawks. Not only that, you get a personal sneak peak inside the mind and sexuality of this high-class rawkstar. Julie shares with us how she decided to take her health into her own hands after being told her intestines would need to be removed, how her journey at 25 lead her to share what she’s learned to improve people’s sex life and health, the insider scoop on her marketing approaches as a “lipstick hippie” on Playboy radio “fucking, sucking, and this and that”, holistic sex health, healthy creates horny, dealing with sexual guilt, curvaceous results, emotional connections with 50 Shades of Grey, whips & bondage, how Julie over came her hesitations about a kinky sexual fantasy, and what makes semen taste delicious or repulsive.

Episode 8: Conversation With Nicole Abundance

Nicole and I try this for a second time, enjoying a technical issue-free show that came out great. In this episode of Dirty Talk with Drew Gerald,  Nicole talks about her marriage and how it ended, her reflection on the skills and ideas she has now compared to then, how getting back into the dating world was absolute hell, subconscious mind’s limiting beliefs, the “dating cycle and stages”, women in their masculine, women’s capacity to be feminine with boundaries, the 2 major things at play with her man’s commitment, 2 major techniques for women to get back into their feminine, the words we use to describe having sex tell everything unconsciously, how to build each other up through pleasure, and if women should give sex for commitment.

Episode 9: Health, Presence, and Sex with Philip McCluskey

This week’s guest is Philip McCluskey, a health expert who has lost over 215lbs by going on a raw food diet. I brought him on the show to talk about how his weight and transformation affected his sex drive and sex life, and he delivered more inspiration in an hour than I’d ever expect. Philip is a shining example how taking charge of your health can not only have profound impacts on your sex, but how that all adds up to creating an amazing life in and out of the bedroom. Philip discusses his breaking point and magic number on the scale that caused him to make a drastic change in his life, the choices behind our actions, if he would do it all over again, the critical point you need to be where the doors of opportunity open, the challenges of being overweight in the bedroom, transitioning from vanity, the attractiveness of healthy women, the feedback from honestly asking to make love on the first night, polyamory, the excuses and stores of our victimhood, the sexiness of a man’s purpose, the power of being present, poor sex education for men from porn, adapting to new women’s preferences and communicating, the language of poor sex, going deep with one partner, sex with the house on fire, and lighting up other people’s lights from your own story.

Episode 10: Interview With The Erotic Rockstar Destin Gerek

This episode of Dirty Talk with Drew Gerald features the Erotic Rockstar, Destin Gerek. Destin is a California State Certified Somatic Sexologist through the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, an Erotic Empowerment Coach, and an Erotic Performer and Artist for over a decade. As a close friend, I invited him on the show to talk about his story and share his solutions for the major problem men and women have around their sex lives. In this show, Destin introduces himself and his path of becoming an erotic rockstar, integrating mind, body, and spirit, his dark period and early influences, creating a more sex-positive culture, how he works with his clients, how one of his clients became a “babe magnet” that evoked women’s sexual desire, the major hangups of both men and women around sex, the disconnect from our bodies, a powerful technique to become present, the magic of being curious, sex in the shower, the pressures of women needing to be perfect, Drew’s “no cellphone” rule, the most powerful way to improve your sex life.

Episode 11: Interview With Secrets of Longevity’s Govan Kilgour

In this episode of Dirty Talk with Drew Gerald, I interview Govan Kilgour of “Secrets of Longevity” about the role of sex in living a longer, sexier, and healthier life for both men and women. Govan and I discuss semen retention, herbs, and all sorts of crazy awesome longevity and health aspects of sex.

Episode 12: 1st Guest Appearance on Goddess Imperative

This episode of Dirty Talk is actually an interview of me, Drew Gerald, on the Australian radio show The Goddess Imperative. Amanda and Juli were kind enough to have me on their show to talk sex and want to share their episode with you. While their show is more geared towards women, there’s plenty of interesting thoughts being discussed for both sexes this episode.

Episode 13: 2nd Guest Appearance on Goddess Imperative

This episode of Dirty Talk is the second guest appearance of me, Drew Gerald, on the Australian radio show The Goddess Imperative. Amanda and Juli inited me on to continue last week’s discussion and really get into the juicy sex topics – and we dive right in. While their show is more geared towards women, there’s plenty of interesting thoughts being discussed for both sexes this episode.

Episode 14: Porn, Measure B, The Adult Industry with Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, PhD

Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, PhD joins me on this episode of Dirty Talk where we discuss the adult industry, porn, the implications of Measure B passing in LA, and all sorts of perspectives of a professional porn reviewer and industry insider. She is a sociologist specializing in gender, sexualities, work and organizations, and media and popular culture. Her research has been published in numerous scholarly journals including Sexualities, Gender Work & Organization, St. Mary’s Law Review on Race and Social Justice, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, and Stanford Law and Policy Review. She has been quoted by numerous mainstream media outlets including CNN, Jezebel, and the HuffingtonPost.

Episode 15: Eros, Dark Sex Mythology, and Kink with Galen

In this value-packed episode of Dirty Talk, I have conscious kinkster Galen (Daka Dom) on the show talking about all sorts of dirty things. We discuss eros, sexual mythology, sexual awakenings, explosion of truth before orgasm, descent into the soul, the outer and inner chambers, the shadow side of sexuality, masculinity, vulnerability and authenticity, trust and breaking-open of the heart, and so much more! This is a MUST-LISTEN show, full of some really powerful conversation between Galen and I.

Episode 16: Mia Interviews Drew About Sex, Vulnerability, & Oneness

In this episode, Mia of the Passion Muse interviews me over Skype about some of my personal blog articles such as The Masculine-Vlunerablity Paradox and Duality In Oneness – A Powerful Conscious Paradox – as well as the sex work that I’m doing.

Episode 17: Indulging In Sexual Arousal

Back from hiatus and with a new show format! Shorter episodes discussing various topics of sexuality with new co-hosts, occasional standard guest interviews will still be happening as they arise. This episode features cohost Nicole as we talk about indulging in arousal. Getting to a place where you enjoy feeling your lovers erotic hotness, wetness, or hardness and are okay to express your own without shame.

Episode 18: Interview With Shana James of Authentic Woman Experience

This episode of Dirty Talk, I interview and chat with Shana James of the Authentic Man Program & the Authentic Woman Experience and discuss all sorts of fun stuff. From fantasies and how they can be used for sexual expansion all the way to sex in space. Topics include the right way to be vulnerable, dealing with your crap so you can be fully present, and the power of taking your lover to her edge and just beyond it. I hope you guys enjoyed listening as much as we enjoyed talking about it, and look forward to more chats with Shana!

Episode 19: Shana Interviews Drew On How To Talk Dirty And Divine

This episode of Dirty Talk, Shana interviews me for the goods on dirty talk. In this show I share not only practical tips you can use now, but the bigger picture of things you might not see when it comes to talking erotic. I share my best tips on dirty talk and you’ll even hear Shana start to share some of her dirty talk near the very end. A very steamy episode you won’t want to miss!

Episode 20: Artificial Constraints, Sex Limitations, And Bondage

This episode of Dirty Talk, Shana and I talk about artificial constraints and how they can be used to spice up your sex life. We dive into placing limitations on sex on purpose and how that can benefit your sex life (counter-intuitively). And finally, we talk about actual bondage – how physical limitations can be super sexy. Be sure to listen to this podcast now, as the insights we both share are going to add a new spin on your bedroom (or as we share, any place BUT the bedroom) fun.

Episode 21: Ronnie Landis Health And Peak Sexual Performance Part 1

This week we have Ronnie Landis on the show, for part one of a two-part series on peak sexual performance. We’ll be talking about hormones, sex, super herbs, libido supplements, and a whole lot of amazing stuff you’ve likely never heard anywhere else. Ronnie Landis is one of the leading authorities of the new generation on raw living foods and super foods, tonic herbalism, blender alchemy, peak performance strategies, and functional nutrition. He is an author, professional speaker, and life style design specialist who conducts live presentations, workshops, raw chocolate parties, private consultations, and retreats regularly. He is the author of the upcoming 2014 released books The Hidden Messages in Chocolate and Eating for Sex.

Episode 22: Ronnie Landis Health And Peak Sexual Performance Part 2

Ronnie Landis is back this week for part 2! In this episode, Ronnie answers the follow questions in-depth: 1. What specific routines, exercises or supplements, help put somebody into peak sexual performance? What practices do you put into place? 2. What nutrients play a part in semen/vaginal lubrication, how to supplement to replenish? 3. What is your take on peak performance on an energetic level? 4. How do hormones play a part in improving arousal and libido, specifically, ways to increase free testosterone naturally? 5. Can you talk about the “3 treasures” in respect to sexual longevity and performance? 6. What are the common mistakes people make when it comes to sexual virility and nutrition?

Episode 23: Drew Interviewed For Women On When To Have Sex, Body Insecurity, Sex Filters, Shame

In this special interview, Sandra Fidelis of Ivy League Love Academy interviews Drew Gerald for her private woman’s group. This is directed towards a conscious and openminded group of women, however I was able to convince her to let me share this interview on this show for free. We were having a bit of technical difficulty with my audio, so please understand my voice may sound a bit distant. That being said, the content was too valuable to throw away. In this episode, you’ll learn: About Drew’s story and how he got started When you should have sex with a man for the first time What’s at the core of body image insecurity and what to do about it What men want instead Drew’s 7 Filters of Sexuality Overcoming shame around sex More insights for women Enjoy!

Episode 24: Interview With Vanessa Simpkins On Women’s Empowerment, Sexual Emotions, Addictive Relationships

In this episode, I’ll be interviewing Vanessa Simpkins – an entrepreneur, holistic coach, and author. She’ll be sharing her story of personal empowerment and how this relates for women (men too!) to become empowered in their relationship. It may seem a little off topic, but stick with it and you’ll see the connection to an empowered sex life as we explore levels of emotions, addictive relationships and what to do about them.



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Sasha Daygame – UNBREAKABLE RULES Download

Attention: Guys Who Are Struggling to Meet Women, Get Dates, and Get Laid

Hundreds Of “Average” Guys Owe Last Night’s Amazing Sex With Their Gorgeous Girlfriend To This One Weird Rule

(…Even Though They Laughed at It at First!)

Are you overwhelmed with “dating advice,” material, eBooks, products or seminars, and just feel pulled in a million directions with no clear idea what you’re doing wrong?

Or are you new to this whole thing, and not sure where to start so you can begin the right way?

You may even be doing ok, but you feel like you have to really push yourself to get anywhere, and every time you go out to approach feels like a lot of stuff to remember, a whole bunch of rejections, and tons of hard work…

Well, what I’m about to tell you just may transform your dating life FOREVER

Without you ever having to read another eBook full of complicated ‘PUA’ theory, routines, lines and manipulative NLP patterns that promise “a rejection-proof opener that gets you laid with 9s and 10s every time” but fail to live up to the hype.

…And without ever having to set foot inside a single nightclub or bar, buy a girl a drink, or go out and get drunk in hopes of “getting lucky.”

I know what you’re thinking “yeah, I’ve heard those kinds of promises before” And you’re right to be sceptical – but here’s the truth

I was actually a total loser with women just a few years ago…

Now, I travel the world teaching guys how to get laid, hooking up with hotties everywhere I go. I literally don’t have to think about when I’m going to have sex next – I actually have to tell my girlfriends to stop bothering me… so I can get some work done! (Yes it’s a hard life…)

And hey, I certainly am not super ripped, a millionaire or have a giant social circle of influential friends. I’m just a regular guy, like you, who got fed up and spent years speaking to thousands of women and trying everything, however crazy and absurd it sounded, until…

I hit upon a system that anyone can copy

As you can see, here’s what my students say after learning my system:

Richard, USA Just wanted to say thank you. It literally changed and improved my quality of life. I know you get these messages a lot so ill try not to bore you with too much detail but lets just say I’m finally seeing the social sickness I’ve been living in my entire life. I’m finally pushing myself to do what I want to do to make myself happy and not be afraid to disappoint people around me. I’m doing my best using the unbreakable rules. Thank you.

Matt, UK I’ve always had girlfriends, (or wives 🙁 ), but they have just sort of happened, and I know I’ve settled on many occasions, which led to unhappiness on both parts. From your stuff I get more than just the how to talk to girls, it really does go so much further. This is what I’ve been looking for.

It’s possible for these guys, just like it’s possible for you, because my system is based on universal laws of psychology and female attraction (laws you can learn and use to your advantage!)

Listen, I’ve totally been there

There’s nothing worse than feeling frustrated, lonely and desperate for sex, facing countless brutal rejections in a nightclub, or trying to meet women online only to be met with another empty inbox…

Hell, even if you’ve got Brad Pitt good looks or tons of money, it seems like the dating game is totally stacked against you these days, and even the smoothest guys get rejected over and over by average girls in nightclubs!

I had exactly the same issues (and worse!) so I went out and spent over eight years talking to thousands of women, until I perfected my system. The system I have used to date the most gorgeous girls, and that I have taught hundreds of men around the world to use, no matter what they look like or what car they drive, to get the same kind of success.

Unless you are already a master seducer (and I guessing if you’re reading this, you’re probably not…yet) then you will have to go through months, if not years, of brutal rejection, anxiety and frustration every time you leave the house or sign up to a new dating site to try to meet women. And that’s not what I want for you.

Instead, all you need to do is follow my simple rules.

You don’t have to self-analyse, spend hours reading more material, learn any complicated “routines,” or spend years getting rejected until you figure this stuff out by yourself. Just commit to following the rules, every day. That’s it!

Imagine taking your phone out of your pocket on your way home from work, and seeing 3 missed calls, and 5 texts from girls you only met a few days earlier. Girls who know you’re a real man and are craving their chance to see you again. Imagine your friends’ jaw drop as you walk up to a smoking hot, 10 out of 10 stunner and instantly have her listening, giggling and blushing, only to walk away with her phone number, while other guys (who probably spend all their time in the gym or saving up to buy expensive clothes) can only watch in awe.

Well listen, you’ve come here today, and you’ve been reading through all this stuff until now, so you’re obviously really serious about taking action and making a huge change in your dating life. And that’s why you’re in the perfect place to take advantage of this offer…

Sasha Daygame’s Unbreakable Direct Dating Rules

For the first time, I’ve collected the most powerful and effective mindsets and techniques that I have developed over 8 years in-field, and teach to my 4-5 figure coaching clients. These rules alone are responsible for the transformation of hundreds of average, timid boys with no dates and no romantic prospects, into men who confidently express their true desires to the most intimidating, high-quality women, and get laid like rockstars while doing it!

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s another student’s report after applying the Unbreakable Rules…

This friday I went to the streets to do Day Game…
I am following all your unbreakable rules, so I am just approaching girls I really like…
This day just this ONE GIRL got my attention… I approached her, talked to her and I did horrible game…Yeah I was very bad in the conversation, I was nervous, I was cold…
Anyway… I got her number… and you know why? BECAUSE SHE LOVED THE COMPLIMENT!
Yes man, I got this date, and then a REAL FUCK (ON THE FIRST DATE!) with this cute girl just because I HAD THE BALLS TO COME OVER!
Thank you Sasha, you are really changing my life…
I am happy…I am living with a smile in my face..I am BEING HONEST WITH PEOPLE, WITH GIRLS…
It isn’t just about the fuck, it’s about knowing a really cool girl, have a great time, good laughs!
…and then ok, a nice orgasm! hahahaha

Rafael Brazil

What’s even more insane is that you don’t even need to apply all the rules to start seeing the kind of improvement Rafael did! Just following ONE of the rules will guarantee you will meet over 350 women in the next year. Even with terrible game, do you think you could get just 1 or 2 girls out of 350 on a date?

You’ve seen first hand the true stories of how this information can transform guys’ lives, you’ve heard my story of loser-to-ladies man, and I want to make sure that guys like you don’t have to struggle for years like I did, so you can start getting serious results immediately.

But wait…

I want to be totally honest here

I want to make sure you know who this product is for, and who it’s probably not for as well, so you can make up your own mind.

If you are looking for a quick-fix, push-button, no-effort solution to your dating problems, or a rejection-proof, under-the-radar opener that works every time, or you just want to pay a bunch of money and have me magically fix you without you doing anything, then this isn’t for you. If you want to learn manipulative techniques that trick women into fucking you against their will, then click away now, because this is definitely the wrong place for you.

However, if you are the kind of guy who understands that personal development, growth and improvement takes time and effort, and you’re making a commitment today to join the elite 3% of guys who will take the steps necessary to achieve their dreams, then you are in exactly the right place. And I want to help you as much as I can.

In fact, because you’re still here reading this, you’ve shown your dedication to bettering yourself no matter what it takes. To recognise and appreciate you for that, I’ve done my best to make this package a total no-brainer by offering as much value as I can, and making it as easily affordable as possible…

So, you get:

Unbreakable Direct Dating Rules eBook

The full 50-page Unbreakable Direct Dating Rules eBook, containing my most powerful mindsets, techniques and beliefs ($97 value)

Unbreakable Rules 15 Video Series

Instant access to 15 Training Videos taught by me, covering the most important rules, the theory behind them, and how to implement them in your life today ($247 value)

Plus BONUS: Unforgettable Dates

And, for taking action and grabbing this offer today, you also get the Unforgettable Dates Report, containing my go-to dates that make sure to excite and arouse her so she’ll want to see you again, and again!



Note About Extraction : None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones. Enjoy !

Sinclair Institute Better Sex Videos Collection Review | Sinclair Institute Better Sex Videos Collection Download

Sinclair Institute Videos Collection

Sinclair Institute Better Sex Videos Collection Download

Sinclair Institute Better Sex Videos Collection Download

Sinclair Institute – Better Sex Series Bonus Materials The Ultimate Collection Of Adult Sex Education Videos

 Length: Almost 400 minutes of new age adult sex education!

Better Sex knows that making love is an art. And like any artistic endeavor, the better the technique, the better the end result. Each of us, no matter how “experienced”, can benefit from learning new skills. If you are ready to venture into a new world of intimacy, join the millions of people who have already ordered the Better Sex Video Series ® and discover just how great lovers are made.

World’s Best Selling  Videos
The Better Sex Video Series ® six volume set visually demonstrates and explains how anyone can enjoy better sex. Dr. Linda Banner, one of the country’s most respected experts on sexuality, guides you through erotic scenes of explicit sexual practices including techniques for the most enjoyable foreplay using adult sex toys and intercourse.

This Six Volume Set Includes:

Better Sex Video Series Volume 1: Better Sex Adult Sex Education – Advanced Sexual Techniques
Increase your sexual knowledge while heightening pleasure and intimacy. Twelve couples of varying backgrounds and ethnicity explore sexual positions, techniques, and adult .
Better Sex Video Series Volume 2:  Better Sex Adult Sex Education – 22 Sex Secrets, Tips & Turn-ons
Spicing It Up. Learn exciting new ways to turn your sex life into something extraordinary. This  volume features explicit scenes of loving couples demonstrating techniques sure to add heat and inspire passion.
Better Sex Video Series Volume 3: Better Sex Adult Sex Education -Erotic Sex Play & Beyond
Erotic Sex Play & Beyond. Enhancing sex can be as easy as concentrating on sensual touch, with your hands or with adult sex toys and celebrates some of the many ways you can achieve a more rewarding and fulfilling sex life.
Better Sex Video Series Volume 4: Better Sex Adult Sex Education -Sexual Positions for Lovers
How do couples continue the excitement, year after year? Join four couples as they illustrate 32 lovemaking positions in explicit detail. See special variations on the “rear entry” position and positions using props like furniture and adult sex toys.
Better Sex Video Series Volume 5: Better Sex Adult Sex Education – Unlocking the Secrets of the Sexual satisfaction is redefined in this new video that teaches lovers how to push through the boundaries of their sexual practice to reach new levels of pleasure.
Better Sex Video Series Volume 6: Better Sex Adult Sex Education -10 Secrets to Great Sex
Remember when lovemaking left you both bursting with pleasure and delight? 10 Ways to Have Fun with Sex and  can help you restore that sensuous spontaneity to your intimate relationship.

Sinclair Institute – 10 Ways To A Stronger Erection :Sexual insurance for every couple. Did you know that over 50% of men will have erection difficulties in the years to come? Yet most problems are completely avoidable. That’s why this program is a must for couples of all ages! See both partners benefit from a man’s full sexual potency. More pleasure. More staying power. Deeper penetration. More creative lovemaking. Worth ensuring, isn’t it? You’ll quickly gain the lifestyle habits and sexual techniques for maximum erectile performance today – and “potency insurance” for your relationship’s future. You’ll see several couples demonstrate sensual and arousing techniques to create robust, long-lasting erections. Learn why “practice makes perfect.” Discover how a woman’s oral skills can bring her partner to powerful rigidity. The advantages of pleasuring her first. Positions for deeper penetration and greater penile stimulation. And much more.

Sinclair Institute – Making Sex Fun With Games And Adult Sex Toys

The Better Sex Video Series® 15th Anniversary Classic Edition
This groundbreaking adult sex education series, first released to the general public in 1991, was overwhelming received in spite of its controversial explicit content. While the program’s footage may be “classic” in appearance, the information is as accurate and valuable today as it was in the early 1990’s.  The Better Sex Video Series 3 volume set showed millions of couples the path to greater sexual fulfillment.

Sinclair Institute – Sex A Lifelong Pleasure Vol 1 To 3

Watch and Learn! This is a video every couple will want to share. Expert opinions from world-renowned sex therapists Goedele Liekens and Dr. Michael Perry guide you through proven techniques to overcome inhibitions and make sex fun! Watch as a real couple explicitly demonstrates these techniques for achieving sexual satisfaction and shares secrets that can help you invigorate your sexual relationship. What you see will educate. It will motivate. And it will excite.

The Lifelong Pleasure Series Includes:

Vol. 1: Satisfying Her
This is a video every couple will want to share. Watch as a real couple explicitly demonstrates these techniques for achieving sexual satisfaction and shares secrets that can help you invigorate your sexual relationship.

Vol. 2: Satisfying Him
Watch and Learn! What you see will educate. It will motivate. And it will excite. Expert opinions from world-renowned sex therapists Goedele Liekens and Dr. Michael Perry guide you through proven techniques to overcome inhibitions and make sex fun!

Vol. 3: Shared Sexual Pleasures
This Video addresses: Desire, Sexual Arousal, Orgasm and Afterplay, Visual Turn-Ons, Teasing and Playing, Bedroom Etiquette, A Bath of Kisses and Oral Sex, Toys and Lubricants, Condom Use.

Sinclair Institute – Sexplorations Vol 1 To 3

The Better Sex Video Series®

Better Sex Video Series®: Sexplorations teaches couples how to take their lovemaking to a new level. Watch as 12 real-life couples and some of the world’s leading sex experts take you on an erotic, three-volume journey to enhanced intimacy.

Learn about open communication between partners, overcome inhibitions and misconceptions about sex. Learn how to introduce sex toys into your play time, and watch explicit demonstrations of techniques to heighten sexual pleasure and increase intimacy.

This is NOT the sex-ed movie you watched in high school. The Better Sex® videos are designed from the ground up to enhance all of your lovemaking skills. Watching it together can open up discussions that always seemed to touchy or taboo in the past.

Many people mention that they like hearing real couples talking about their feelings and what worked, and didn’t work for them. It’s like sitting with friends and talking about sex without all of the societal hang-ups.

The Better Sex Video Series®: Sexplorations includes:

Vol. 1: Advanced Sexual Techniques & Positions
The Better Sex Video Series Vol. 1: Advanced Sexual Techniques & Positions

   Kama Sutra Sex Positions
   G-Spot explanation
   Erotic Massage
   Advanced Oral Sex Techniques
   Running Time: Approx. 80 minutes

Vol. 2: Adult Sex Education about 22 Sex Secrets, Tips & Turn-ons
The Better Sex Video Series Vol. 2: Adult Sex Education about 22 Sex Secrets, Tips & Turn-ons
   The Art of Seduction
   Sexual Power Plays
   Uninhibited Sexual Fantasies
   Mutual Masturbation Techniques
   Running Time: Approx. 87 minutes

Vol. 3: Adult Sex Education about Erotic Sex Play & Beyond
The Better Sex Video Series Vol. 3: Adult Sex Education about Erotic Sex Play & Beyond

   Role Playing
   Anal Sex – The Last Sexual Taboo
   Sex Toys to Tease & Please
   Quickies for Intense Satisfaction
   Running Time: Approx. 65 minutes

Audio Journeys: Sexplorations for Lovers Music CD   Intimate Background Music

Sinclair Institute – Enjoying Guilty Pleasures

An erotic sampler of “kinky” sex acts that are actually healthy, imaginative and fun, The Better Sex® Guide to Guilty Pleasures addresses myths about S&M, “taboo” subjects and the guilt often associated with “forbidden” fantasies.

Learn firsthand how expanding the limits of lovemaking can be a hot and wholesome way to enhance trust within your relationship. See real couples demonstrate a variety of taboo treats that add spice to their sex lives. Couples experiment with the delicious delicacies of oral sex, establish essential rules for acting out exotic fantasies and role-play a ménage a trios using adult toys. The Better Sex® Guide to Forbidden Pleasures teaches new tricks and techniques adding spice and variety to your lovemaking. Replacing guilt with knowledge is always a good thing. Tambien en espanol. for all DVDs with spanish language feature.
Feature Length: Approximately 60 minutes.
   Smooth Jazz
   World Music

Sinclair Institute – Sexual Imagination: 8 Ways to Spice It up : 

Running out of inspiration in the bedroom? Want to add some spicy variation to your sex life? Let real couples show you how to spark your imagination for super-satisfying sex. Watch as attractive, loving couples rediscover each other all over again. Experiment with new toys and positions, delight in erotic massage, and explore G spot pleasures. Discover techniques to expand your anal, oral and sensory play in and out of the bedroom.  It’s never too late to fill your love life with excitement, intensity and erotic pleasure!  45 minutes.

Sinclair Institute – 32 ways To Please Your Lover

Surprise Your Lover And Improve Your Sex Life!

There’s nothing sexier than watching your lover in the throes of pure orgasmic pleasure, and knowing that it was your sexual skills that produced it! If you love to experiment – or if you always wanted to try something different – you’ll love this video from the Sinclair Institute. In just one hour, you’ll learn new skills to keep your lover satisfied. And your partner will be happy to return the favor! Get inspired as you watch real loving couples demonstrate explicit techniques and tips to keep your sex play exciting.

You’ll learn:
•Mastering the art of oral love
•Five 69 Positions:

   Mutual 69
   Reverse 69
   Bedstand 69
   Flying 69
   Bridge 69

•Using toys – and even food! – for erotic thrills
•Fantasy Role Play for the fun of it!
•Positions that produce intense G spot orgams
•New locations, new sensations

The emphasis in this inspiring, educational video is all about pleasing your partner, and pleasing yourself in the process! Finding out what works for the two of you is the most fun you can have, and leads to an exciting, more satisfying and adventurous relationship.

Sinclair Institute – 101 Sexual Position For Lovers

Filmed in tropical Jamaica – Nothing spices up a sex life more than trying a new position!

THIS FUN & SEXY FILM was shot on location in beautiful Jamaica. Hosted by sexuality educator, Jamye Waxman, M. Ed., known for her energy and irreverent humor— 101 Positions for Lovers will take you on an exploration of sexy variations from the basics of missionary to erotic “sexual gymnastics” for the adventuresome!  You’ll be introduced to positions you’ve never thought of trying, demonstrated by three attractive, real couples.  See positions to help a woman reach orgasm and help a man last longer plus positions that work best for certain body types.  101 Positions for Lovers shows lovemaking as a sharing, fun, sensual, highly erotic experience in beautiful settings!  65 minutes.

Sinclair Institute – Unlocking the Secrets of the G Spot

Achieve The Ultimate Orgasm For Women and Men

Learn how to release your inhibitions and reach new levels of pure pleasure with this exciting video! Unlocking The Secrets Of The G-spot reveals not only the joys of stimulating the G-spot, but also the mystery of multiple orgasms for both women and men. Every step of the way is explained in plain language and explicitly demonstrated by loving couples who show you the techniques for reaching the Ultimate O.

With professional guidance from sex experts Dr. Marty Klein, Dr. Bernie Zilbergeld, Dr. Beverly Whipple and Linda Banner M.S., you’ll cover such topics as:

•           Finding and stimulating the G-spot

•           Multiple orgasms for both sexes

•           Stimulating the prostate

•           Female ejaculation

•           Solo and mutual masturbation

•           Delaying ejaculation

No matter how old you are or how long you’ve been together, you and your lover can learn how to push the boundaries of sexual pleasure to reach new heights of orgasmic intensity. In just 60 minutes, you can learn the secrets to unlocking unlimited erotic experience!

Sinclair Institute – Maximizing G Spot Pleasures

Expand Your Sexual Potential Through G Spot Pleasures!

This enlightening exploration through the fascinating history and ongoing controversy of G spot pleasures shows demonstrations of G spot orgasms and squirting. Dr. Lori Buckley helps guide you through an easy-to-follow diagram of female sexual anatomy including detailed instruction on G spot location. Three real couples explicitly demonstrate G spot arousal techniques including the “come hither” method, best positions to enhance stimulation and the best toys for G spot arousal. Watch and learn as our couples reveal a range of responses to G spot stimulation that are guaranteed to inspire and inform BOTH partners.  45 minutesl]

Sinclair Institute – Advanced Oral Sex Techniques 2 and Great Sex 7 Days a Week

Advanced Oral Sex Techniques II:
This video is a continuation of Advanced Oral Sex Techniques. It describes different methods, positions and locations than in the first part. It stresses communication between partners and comfort regarding positioning.

Great Sex 7 Days a Week:
This all new bonus video shows you how sexual variety and new positions can increase your lovemaking pleasure. Great Sex 7 Days A Week demonstrates the power of sexual imagination. This erotic video journal shows you how to heighten the pleasures of intimacy. Learn how to stimulate multiple orgasms, use different positions to increase satisfaction, practice Tantric sex for more stamina, and incorporate role-playing into your erotic interludes.

Sinclair Institute – 12 Ways To Boost Your Libido

12 Ways to Boost Your Libido

A healthy, happy life includes great sex! However, many women have lost interest in sex due to lack of desire.  Desire is driven not only by chemicals and hormones in the body, but also by ability to focus on overall health and wellbeing. Reinvigorate your libido by exploring and expanding your erotic potential with this female-focused program that highlights mind and body exercises that release endorphins increasing both brain power and sexual desire.

Designed for women, and created by leading sex educators and physicians, Boost Your Libido opens the door to understanding female anatomy, physiology, and how tantalizing techniques can enhance pleasure, thereby increasing sexual desire.  Watch four loving couples demonstrate intoxicating positions, G spot stimulation, fantasy role playing with blindfolds and feathers, great toys for alone time or partner play, cunnilingus lessons for him, anal stimulation, quickies in and out of the shower, sensual massage, plus a vast array of other erotic pleasures.

Experimentation is exciting and a sure way to increase interest, pleasure and desire. Boost Your Libido will help you and your partner rediscover each other and experience the best sex ever. 60 minutes & extras.

Sinclair Institute – Great Sex For A Lifetime Vols 1 to 2

Great Sex For A Lifetime
This two volume adult sex education set includes “Advanced Sex Play & Positions” and “Expanding Sexual Pleasures”. Watch real couples demonstrate their sensual lessons and hear how they enhanced erotic pleasure. Topics include how to ask for what you really want, trying new things, creative positions, exciting toys for men and women and much more! Approximately 2 hours feature set time.
Sinclair Institute – Sex Play Top to Bottom

The Better Sex Video Series’® real couples and sexuality experts take you on an erotic journey to a better sexlife. Learn how to implement open communication between partners, overcome inhibitions and misconceptions about sex. Watch explicit demonstrations of techniques to heighten sexual pleasure and increase intimacy in this all-inclusive guide to better sex!

Sinclair Institute – 23 Creative Sexual Positions and Sex Play

Three attractive couples enthusiastically demonstrate novel lovemaking positions and skills guaranteed to expand your sexual repertoire. Take your sex life to a richer more connected place with limitless variations to enhance intimacy, provide optimum G spot and clitoral stimulation, increase mutual pleasure and acheive deeper penetration. 31 minutes.

Sinclair Institute – Better Sex For A Lifetime Disc 1 and 2

Better Sex For A Lifetime
This two volume adult sex education set includes “Sex And Love: Lasting Pleasures” and “Advanced Sexual Techniques”. See nine real couples demonstrating proven sexual techniques with insightful advice and tips for making your fantasies come true. Topics include imaginative sensual foreplay, sensual massage techniques, art of oral loving, erotic role-playing and much more! Approximately 2 hours feature set time.

Sinclair Institute – Expanding Sexual Boundaries Vol 1 to 3

Erotic and oh, so wicked!  Explore the ultimate turn-ons that will keep your sex life hot!

Three exciting programs show–in explicit detail–how you and your lover can cast aside your inhibitions to make your sex life sizzle. Experience new turn-ons, such as imaginative techniques for oral, anal, and G Spot sex.  Try some erotic power play, use toys to maximize male and female orgasms, and experiment with new positions that will turn your world upside-down and back again. These 3 videos will help both of you reach the ultimate level of sexual arousal, pleasure and satisfaction!  90 minutes.

Sinclair Institute – Advanced Sexual Pleasures

Three attractive couples enthusiastically demonstrate novel lovemaking positions and skills guaranteed to expand your sexual repertoire. Take your sex life to a richer more connected place with limitless variations to enhance intimacy, provide optimum G spot and clitoral stimulation, increase mutual pleasure and acheive deeper penetration. 31 minutes.

Sinclair Institute – Better Sex For A Lifetime Disc 1 and 2

Better Sex For A Lifetime
This two volume adult sex education set includes “Sex And Love: Lasting Pleasures” and “Advanced Sexual Techniques”. See nine real couples demonstrating proven sexual techniques with insightful advice and tips for making your fantasies come true. Topics include imaginative sensual foreplay, sensual massage techniques, art of oral loving, erotic role-playing and much more! Approximately 2 hours feature set time.

Sinclair Institute – Expanding Sexual Boundaries Vol 1 to 3

Erotic and oh, so wicked!  Explore the ultimate turn-ons that will keep your sex life hot!

Three exciting programs show–in explicit detail–how you and your lover can cast aside your inhibitions to make your sex life sizzle. Experience new turn-ons, such as imaginative techniques for oral, anal, and G Spot sex.  Try some erotic power play, use toys to maximize male and female orgasms, and experiment with new positions that will turn your world upside-down and back again. These 3 videos will help both of you reach the ultimate level of sexual arousal, pleasure and satisfaction!  90 minutes.

Sinclair Institute – Advanced Sexual Pleasures

Advanced Sex Techniques DVD Length: 180 minutes total

Take your relationship to a new level with the three volume Advanced Sexual Pleasures Series. In this series you will watch real-life, loving couples demonstrating techniques and methods that are sure to increase your sexual pleasures. The Advanced Sexual Pleasures series will teach you the techniques and secrets that will keep you connected with your lover’s erotic needs and desires for sexual pleasures you’ve only fantasized about!

This sex techniques series includes:

Vol. 1: Incredible Orgasms
In 10 mood-inspiring segments, witness the power of the clitoris, discover sex positions that can send your partner to pleasure paradise, vibrators that quicken climax, tricks to make each other last longer, ways to orgasm together, plus tips on how to read your lover’s climax meter.

Vol. 2: Joy of Erotic Massage
The power to bring your lover to the ultimate heights of sexual satisfaction is now in your hands — literally! This hot, new instructional video features explicit uncensored scenes of loving couples demonstrating not just the basic techniques of erotic massage … but advanced methods of stimulation that are arousing and explosively satisfying!

Vol. 3: Creative Positions for Lovers
Treat yourself and the one you love to a new position, or a variation on one you particularly enjoy. Learn how adjusting an angle here, or the pressure there can make the difference between “OK” and breathtaking intercourse or oral sex.



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StyleLife – Most Interesting Guy In The Room Package Review | StyleLife – Most Interesting Guy In The Room Package Download

Most Interesting Guy In The Room Package

Most Interesting Guy In The Room Package by StileLife Academy


This DVD pack gives you everything you need to spark a woman’s interest after the opener. No more getting stuck in awkward silences after you approach.

You see, looks don’t matter to a woman but EVERY WORD you say to her does matter. If your game is BORING you’ll display LOW VALUE and blow your chances. Women aren’t attracted to BORING men.

Women ARE attracted to INTERESTING men who convey HIGH VALUE. In fact it’s hard wired in their brains to be attracted to the highest value, most interesting man they meet.

You can make the choice to be that man!

Style searched through his video vaults, to find the absolute best video tutorials he’s created about how to use HIGH VALUE and INTERESTING PUA routines, stories, and games to create attraction.

When you approach women with these new skills you’ll notice they no longer zone out from your conversations. Now they’ll get mesmerized by your fun interesting vibe.

They won’t wonder if you’ll stop bothering them soon. Now when you try to leave they’ll want you to stay.

Click the link below if you’re absolutely ready to become…


This package is freshly released today. We only made 100 of them. When they’re gone…that’s it.

Most Interesting Guy In The Room Package are as follows:
1.The Sneak – Routine Generation
2.Be the Alpha Male
3.Neil Strauss – Principles of Attraction
4.Evolve – Astrology and the Esoteric Arts
5.Neil Strauss – Emotional Connections and Calls to Action
6.The ways of the Wingman
7.The Strategies of Steve.P and Zan

 “My dating life sucked.

My approach anxiety was paralyzing me.

Until I understood the secrets of
how to turn low value into high value and

The Most Interesting Guy In The Room”

From: Neil Strauss

You’re talking to a woman you just met, but you’re stuck. You want her to find you attractive but don’t know what to say to make her feel like you should be more than friends. After you meet a woman you only have minutes to make her think:

“This guy is interesting. I want to know more about him.”

The female mind works differently from the male mind: looks don’t matter to her. What does matter is your social value. Inside a woman’s mind, her female attraction calculator is keeping track of how many social value points you have based on everything you say and do. When your social value reaches a certain level she’ll know she’s attracted to you.

You need everything you say to her to convey value. Her mind is following the biological rules encoded in the female brain over thousands of years of evolution. Her subconscious evolutionary desire is pushing her to find a man of high value worthy of her level of beauty. She may not even be aware of it, but subconsciously her mind needs to answer the following questions to find you attractive:

“Is he interesting? Is he sociable? Is he strong or smart enough to protect me?  Will other people listen to him? Do other women find him attractive?”

Your job as a Pick Up Artist is to answer these questions. You might have an idea about what you’re supposed to say but…one low value mistake and you’ll lose her attraction. If you ever noticed a woman zoning out from your conversation, it meant you mistakenly demonstrated low social value.

The easiest, quickest path to showing her you’re a man of high value is to use demonstrations of high value routines. These are pre-planned conversational pieces designed to answer all of a woman’s value questions. You are what you say you are to a woman, so show her your value! After you demonstrate high value, she’ll stop treating you like a friend or a stranger and start flirting with you. You’ll find every component you need to answer all of a woman’s social value questions in my package…


Style’s “Most Interesting Guy in the Room Program Pack”

5 DVDs to Become
The Most Interesting Guy in the Room

Everything You Need to Demonstrate to
A Woman You’re a High Value Man

1. “Style on Eternal Attraction Principles and Concepts”: Style’s rules and routines that make a woman chase you. In this video tutorial he will teach you his phases of demonstrating high value. Using his eternal attraction principles you’ll never end up in the friend zone again. And, he reveals some new never before released attraction routines. -$47 value, 30min. run time2. “Esoterica: A Mysterious and Powerful DHV with Evolve”: Astrology and cold reading are two of the most powerful DHVs you can use on a  woman to pump up her attraction levels. In this DVD Stylelife coach Evolve will teach you how to use them all the way to the bedroom. These jaw dropping routines will have her asking herself “Who is this guy?” -$47 value, 39min. run time3. “Style Takes Your Game to The Next Level”: The author of the book on game gives you his method for building your inner game up so that your own personality ultimately becomes a DHV. Plus, he shows you how to avoid low value mistakes and gives you even more PUA routines he personally created, tested, and perfected. As an added BONUS, this DVD contains hidden camera footage of a real pick-up, it’s a MUST SEE. -$47 value, 45min.

4. “Generate Your Own Effective DHV Routines”: After the opener runs its course what do you say next? What are the smooth lines, routines, and attraction games you need to pump up a woman’s attraction levels? In this video tutorial Stylelife coach The Sneak gives you the tools to constantly create new DHVs so you never run out of material for generating female attraction. -$47 value, 44min.

5. “Be the Alpha Male”: Remember the ultimate goal is to turn yourself into a walking, talking, breathing DHV. For ultimate attraction success you need to become “The Man.” In this DVD, master pick-up artist Bravo shows you exactly how to “be the alpha male” so you can always push any woman’s evolutionary female hot-buttons. -$47 value, 36min.

6. Style’s Personal Training Program: Thirty (30) days of Stylelife Academy interactive online training with direct access to the Elite Forum and thousands of missions. You’ll get to talk on the phone with Style himself in his monthly teleseminars. He’ll take your questions and personally help you to develop your DHV routines so that they fit you! And, if you choose, you can continue your training on a month-to-month basis (no long-term commitment) -$135 value


And this package wouldn’t be complete without adding one more thing…

What am I referring to? The coveted e-book: The Secret Code of Seduction, of course.

This is a super rare treat and warrants some explanation.

When you read The Game, you may have wondered in astonishment, “How the hell did Style pull of that stunt?”

Well, the Secret Code of Seduction contains literally all of the techniques from The Game, revealed and laid-out in scientific detail, ready for you to emulate and implement step-by-step.

You see, my best-seller The Game is a narrative. It was always meant to entertain, never to really educate.

But did The Game ever tell you what really went on behind the scenes, when I, Mystery, and the other pick-up gurus from The Game, met hundreds of women between Los Angeles and Eastern Europe?

My personal, never-published internal training manual from those days, the Secret Code of Seduction, completely demystifies all of my techniques from The Game and gives you the “ah-hah” moments you’ve been waiting for, ever since you read my original book.

I also include 30 full days of training: directly from me and all of my coaches through my Stylelife Academy. As you know, with Stylelife Academy you get direct access to me outside of conferences, including direct live telephone training where you can ask me any pick-up question that you like. And if you choose, you can continue your training on a month-to-month basis (no long-term commitment.)

We’re keeping cost of the package below $150 dollars so we can give you the most affordable price.

Get your Most Interesting Guy in the Room Package below – OR – for specifics, scroll down and check out the ridiculously long list of PUA DHV tips, techniques, routines, and strategies you’ll soon be effortlessly absorbing from these discs.


So, here it is for you to grab…
Personalized Training at the Stylelife Academy,
The Most Interesting Guy in the Room DVD set and the
“Secret Code of Seduction.”


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Captain Jack

Captain Jack Collection | Captain Jack Collection Download

Captain Jack – Force 21

Captain Jack‘s Legendary Force 21 program.

I have created a program to help you crack the back of your most persistent sticking points. It is called Force*21 and it has the potential to spring you to the next level in a mere 21 days.
Force*21 Is not a bunch of theory. It is not a bunch of rehashed techniques. It is the application of my newest technology to YOUR Game with me as a guide.
It will crack the back of your most persistent sticking points and spring you to the next level.
I want you to have my new technology. Pick-up for me is so easy now, I seriously doubt very many have reached this level in history.
I don’t say this lightly… or, to brag. I have studied the works of the famed Casanova and others so I know what I am measuring up against.
Again, not bragging here… I just want to get this across to you… there is no reason for you to suffer. The strides I have made in these last few months, starting with the Game Dynamics and the discovery of the true definition of Alpha will turn out a new batch of world-class PUAs.
You have to remember, no one was talking about Same Night Lays and Sexual Framing with any real reproducible tech behind it before me.
Most thought it was impossible and when it did happen they thought it was fool’s mate… until we started teaching men to get them on a regular basis.
The Force21 program is a concentrated 21-day push to get you to the next level.

Captain Jack – Sexual Framing

Romance = Male-Female Sexual Tension
Women are starving.
I’m sitting in the bookstore right now and the Cafe points directly to the Sex, Relationships and Romance Novel section. There is an absolute STREAM of women going over there. Those sections are NEVER empty.
Women are literally starving for the male-female sexual dynamic. Now, that’s not the word they use for it.
They call it ‘Romance.’
But, most men cringe and think of Romance as flowers, expensive candlelight dinners, chocolates and kissing her ass.
It’s not that at all! And, women know that. Have you ever READ a romance novel? They are filled with sexual tension, secret sex liaisons, forbidden pleasures… I made my way through half of one and I swear nearly every character had sex with every other character by the midway point. I stopped reading.. I got it.
Romance = male-female sexual tension.
Not that other shit we’ve been trained to think. Romance can occur anywhere. A bookstore, a sidewalk, an expensive restaurant… wherever. It’s not the environment, it’s the tension. If you make her feel feminine and sexy, she’ll WANT to have sex with you.
And, there’s no better way to create that male-female sexual tension than with Sexual Framing.
Mastering Sexual Framing will give you the absolute power to have sex pretty much whenever you want it.
(It has NOTHING to do with dirty talk or being a creepy horny guy… It’s MUCH MUCH MORE than Strawberry Fields or Rings on Fingers, too.)
Not only can you have a life filled with sex, you could easily use it to get a girlfriend. Or, have a few girlfriends at a time. If you were really perverted you could use it to create a Harem of chicks who basically act as personal assistants. (That’s right, they’ll run your errands and shit and ENJOY IT! Strange, I know but I’ve done it and so have countless others.)
And, you can have these types of relationships without lying or drama. See, YOU set the rules by your frames. The problem is when you go around Gaming you have no friggin’ clue what Frames you are setting.
Even worse, you have no idea of the Frames SHE is setting and you are unwittingly AGREEING to…
Shit man, you could even use it to get married.. and, then, keep the marriage alive and spicy for years to come.
Sexual Framing and understanding the female psychology of sex really decomplicates things… Do you feel pick-up is hard or draining or complicated or takes too much time?
Sexual Framing makes it easy.
While I’ve talked about it on my blog and a little in my eClass it is something that requires a little more delving into. Framing is derived from NLP and relies heavily on Presuppositions.
It’s just as much a mindset and understanding female psychology as it is a framework of techniques. You need ALL 3 to really make it work.
Once you get it you will look so smooth people will watch you and swear you’ve been good with women all your life.
No one understands it better than I do and I can TEACH you how to apply it every day no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Captain Jack – Get a Girlfriend Teleseminar

Dear PUA,

Did you know there is something you should NEVER do within the first 30 minutes of meeting a girl if you have any desire at all to make her your girlfriend, fuck buddy or mLTR? (Or, at the very least, if you want to keep those options on the table.)

Ninety-Five of all guys do this, even in “The Community.”

I’m going to tell you a little more about that and the real reason girls like “bad boys” in this post. I’ll also discuss what I consider one of true “missing ingredients” to success in getting good.

But, first, I want you to do something.

Get out your cell phone and text this to the women you are Gaming:

“Hey sexy, we should hang out soon…
I’m starting to forget what you look like.”

Do it now… I’ll wait…

You may have already seen this on my blog. It got great responses from my readers (maybe you were one of
them). A few of them went on to have dates, make out with girls, have sex with them and so forth.

Do you know why it works so well? It’s based on a marketing psychology principle called “Loss Aversion.”

You see, that text message tells her that she already has a certain favorable status in your mind. Further, it tells her in a very simple, non-needy and non-irritating way, “You’re about to lose something!”

But, not only that, you’ve told her how to keep it! (…”we should hang out soon…”).

Let’s say her desire to go out with you before that little nifty text message was at 12%. The psych guys suppose that this little tactic will probably triple that, maybe even quadruple it.

All that PSYCHOLOGY in a little 15 word text message.

I got the idea for this text while reading a psychology/marketing journal for a client. The authors said that a pile of studies have shown that a person is many times MORE LIKELY to take action to save something they already have than to get something they don’t.

Interesting, huh?

Captain Jack 1.0 [eBook – PDF]
Captain Jack’s Grande Adventures [eBook – PDF]

Continue reading

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Rosebudd Bitterdose – Male Confidence Course Review | Rosebudd Bitterdose – Male Confidence Course Download

Male Confidence Course 1 – 3

Male Confidence 1 is an introduction to the different reasons we doubt our abilities. It relates our problems in life to weeds in a garden and it likens you to a gardener.  It takes you through the steps necessary to learn how to discern what thoughts as weeds, or not.  Once gardening is learned, it goes into the steps necessary to develop an ‘arsenal’ of conversations.  The arsenal is what you will develop based on your perception of yourself, after going through the steps to maintain a weed free garden. Also included in part 1 are ways to see within yourself what is interesting to talk about when socializing.

Male Confidence Course 2

Male Confidence 2 is where the fun begins. After developing an arsenal, it is important to get out in the field and practice.  It even suggests that you speak to 100 women per week . . . which is necessary to build the basic platform you will use to meet and in time, seduce women.  It gives you scenarios to use to develop your style and ways to thicken your skin, in order not to feel rejected when a woman tells you ‘no’.  It shows you how to see each ‘no’ as a step closer the answer you really want, ‘yes’.

Male Confidence Course 3

Male Confidence 3 shows you how to put all of what you have learned into a package that meets your needs and turn it into an aura.  This stage of the course focuses on how to make yourself attractive to any woman, regardless of your income.  We all know, today it is all about the money with women, but with these courses, it won’t be about your money . . . it will be about how much she can get for you to enjoy your life.  Nothing comes easy, but if you conscientiously study the courses you will find them to be invaluable assets for your life.

Male Confidence 1 is an introduction to the different reasons we doubt our abilities. It relates our problems in life to weeds in a garden and it likens you to a gardener.  It takes you through the steps necessary to learn how to discern what thoughts as weeds, or not.  Once gardening is learned, it goes into the steps necessary to develop an ‘arsenal’ of conversations.  The arsenal is what you will develop based on your perception of yourself, after going through the steps to maintain a weed free garden. Also included in part 1 are ways to see within yourself what is interesting to talk about when socializing.

Male Confidence Course 2

Male Confidence 2 is where the fun begins. After developing an arsenal, it is important to get out in the field and practice.  It even suggests that you speak to 100 women per week . . . which is necessary to build the basic platform you will use to meet and in time, seduce women.  It gives you scenarios to use to develop your style and ways to thicken your skin, in order not to feel rejected when a woman tells you ‘no’.  It shows you how to see each ‘no’ as a step closer the answer you really want, ‘yes’.

Male Confidence Course 3

Male Confidence 3 shows you how to put all of what you have learned into a package that meets your needs and turn it into an aura.  This stage of the course focuses on how to make yourself attractive to any woman, regardless of your income.  We all know, today it is all about the money with women, but with these courses, it won’t be about your money . . . it will be about how much she can get for you to enjoy your life.  Nothing comes easy, but if you conscientiously study the courses you will find them to be invaluable assets for your life.


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Matt Ridley DeluxeBundle Collection Download

Matt Ridley – Nature via Nurture PDF Download : Genes, experience and what makes us human 

Acclaimed author Matt Ridley’s thrilling follow-up to his bestseller Genome. Armed with the extraordinary new discoveries about our genes, Ridley turns his attention to the nature versus nurture debate to bring the first popular account of the roots of human behaviour.

What makes us who we are?

In February 2001 it was announced that the genome contains not 100,000 genes as originally expected but only 30,000. This startling revision led some scientists to conclude that there are simply not enough human genes to account for all the different ways people behave: we must be made by nurture, not nature.

Matt Ridley argues that the emerging truth is far more interesting than this myth. Nurture depends on genes, too, and genes need nurture. Genes not only predetermine the broad structure of the brain; they also absorb formative experiences, react to social cues and even run memory. They are consequences as well as causes of the will.

Published fifty years after the discovery of the double helix of DNA, Nature via Nurture chronicles a new revolution in our understanding of genes. Ridley recounts the hundred years’ war between the partisans of nature and nurture to explain how this paradoxical creature, the human being, can be simultaneously free-willed and motivated by instinct and culture. Nature via Nurture is an enthralling, up-to-the-minute account of how genes build brains to absorb experience.

Matt Ridley – The Red Queen AudioBook Download | Matt Ridley – The Red Queen PDF Download

Matt Ridley – The Red Queen PDF Download The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature 

Referring to Lewis Carroll’s Red Queen from Through the Looking-Glass, a character who has to keep running to stay in the same place, Matt Ridley demonstrates why sex is humanity’s best strategy for outwitting its constantly mutating internal predators. The Red Queen answers dozens of other riddles of human nature and culture — including why men propose marriage, the method behind our maddening notions of beauty, and the disquieting fact that a woman is more likely to conceive a child by an adulterous lover than by her husband. Brilliantly written, The Red Queen offers an extraordinary new way of interpreting the human condition and how it has evolved.

Matt Ridley – The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves PDF Download

“Ridley writes with panache, wit, and humor and displays remarkable ingenuity in finding ways to present complicated materials for the lay reader.” — Los Angeles Times

In a bold and provocative interpretation of economic history, Matt Ridley, the New York Times-bestselling author of Genome and The Red Queen, makes the case for an economics of hope, arguing that the benefits of commerce, technology, innovation, and change—what Ridley calls cultural evolution—will inevitably increase human prosperity. Fans of the works of Jared Diamond (Guns, Germs, and Steel), Niall Ferguson (The Ascent of Money), and Thomas Friedman (The World Is Flat) will find much to ponder and enjoy in The Rational Optimist.



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RSD – Brad Branson Syndicate (DeluxeBundle) Download

RSD – Brad Branson Syndicate Download

RSD – Brad Branson‘s Syndicate – Complete

Success Blueprints
After Hours Lounge
Success Toolbox

RSD – Brad Branson‘s Syndicate Content

1. Success Blueprints (Video quality: 360p)


Learn how to develop a top-down overview of your entire life so that you always know what’s the most important thing to do next.

(0) Intro
(1) 1i Time: Your Gut Is Killing Your Productivity… And Your Happiness
(2) 2i Time: Your Morning Ritual
(3) 2i Time: The Strategic Habit Tracker
(4) 3i Time: The GTD Asana System
(5) 3i Time: Strategy vs Tactics
(6) 3i Time: Long Term Fulfillment and Happiness


Supercharge your self esteem and become a “true alpha male” by learning to stop worrying what other people think of you.

(0) Intro
(1) The 6 Paradigms of Consciousness
(2) Emotional Intelligence
(3) Self-Esteem


Discover how to create a stress-free career or business you’re passionate about in the most effective way possible.

(1) The Business Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
(2) Your Business Toolbox
(3) Advanced Business Strategies


Break Free of the mental traps that keep you living paycheck to paycheck, and build the “millionaire mindset” to reach your financial goals.

(1) The Millionaire Mindset
(2) Your Financial Focus
(3) You Inc.


Learn how to create an awesome social circle of successful and cool friends and how to develop a better relationship with your parents.

(0) Intro
(1) Internal Social Value Creation
(2) Developing Virtuoso Social Skills
(3) Creating Long Term Friendships
(4) Healthy Family Relationships

AUTOMATIC ATTRACTION (Already on ThePlace, Brad Branson’s Evolutions)

Develop a nerd-like level of understanding of how women think and act, leading to better relationships and better sex.

(1) What Creates Attraction? (Evolutions, not uploaded here)
(2) The Beginner’s Mindset (Evolutions, not uploaded here)
(3) The Inner Game of Dating (New)
(4) The Beginner’s Approach (Evolutions, not uploaded here)
(5) Outer Game (New)
(6) Beginner’s Mid Game (Evolutions, not uploaded here)
(7) Beginner’s End Game (Evolutions, not uploaded here)
(8) Long Term Relationships (New)

DATING ADVICE: INTERMEDIATE (Already on ThePlace, Brad Branson’s Evolutions)

Define your skills with women and learn how to push forward to an even higher level of abundance with women.

(1) Intermediate’s Mindset (Evolutions, not uploaded here)
(2) Intermediate’s Approach (Evolutions, not uploaded here)
(3) Intermediate’s Mid Game (Evolutions, not uploaded here)
(4) Intermediate’s End Game (Evolutions, not uploaded here)
(5) Your frame of Reality (Evolutions, not uploaded here)

DATING ADVICE: ADVANCED (Already on ThePlace, Brad Branson’s Evolutions)

Own  everything you say and pull multiple girls in the same night by getting away from conveying attraction and start assuming it.

(1) Advanced Mindset (Evolutions, not uploaded here)
(2) Advanced Approach (Evolutions, not uploaded here)
(3) Advanced Mid Game (Evolutions, not uploaded here)
(4) Advanced End Game (Evolutions, not uploaded here)


Become James Bond without the spy shit by traveling the world and developing healthy habits that boost your energy level to the roof.

(1) Living the Lifestyle
(2) The Outer Game of Travel
(3) The Inner Game of Health and Fitness
(4) Long Term Success


Find out what persuasion really is, and how to use it to massively upgrade your social circle, dating life, financial future, and self esteem.

(0) Intro
(1) Your Conscious Mind
(2) Your Other Than Conscious Mind


Use a simple checklist to uncover someone’s “mental blueprint,” so you’ll know the best way to communicate with them.

(0) Intro
(1) What do YOU want?
(2) What do THEY want?
(3) How to Connect the Dots


Stop making women so complex! Learn a simple mindset to automatically build attraction without coming off as a creep.

(0) Intro
(1) How to Build your Situational Confidence
(2) The 2 Most Important Calibration Tools for Any Woman
(3) The Power of Influence in your Long Term Relationships


Follow in the footsteps of Tony Robbins and Richard Branson and get a Kick in the Ass to be more assertive in your career or business.

(0) Intro
(1) What do THEY Want?
(2) Applying Marketing Principles to your Career or Business


Discover how to surround yourself with crazy successful friends that are emotionally invested in your success.

(0) Intro
(1) How to Offer More Value to your Network
(2) The Characteristics of “Cool Guys”
(3) Applying the Persuasion Equation to your Family


Remove the mental clutter and discover what success means SPECIFICALLY for you, leading to a crystal clear path to achieve your goals faster.

(1) Your ManOS
(2) Your Primary Focus
(3) Your Purpose
(4) Goal Achievement

2. After Hours Lounge (Only new content is uploaded)



3. Success Toolbox



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Paul Dobrasky – Quantum Psychology Program for Man Download

The Quantum Psychology Program for Men

Never before revealed: A CLEAR picture of how the mind works and how you can profit from this intimate knowledge

What if You Could Predict – Without Fail – What People Were Going to Do Every Single Time You Dealt With Them?…
Would You Use That Gift for Wealth, Power and Rock-Solid Relationships – or Other Ways to Get More Out of Life?

Now YOU have the power to see into the minds of others and predict their behavior – giving you a tremendous advantage in any interpersonal situation!

Never again will you be left scratching your head while someone else walks away with the spoils.

Imagine having a map into the mind of every human being on the planet. Being able to see where they are – where they’ve been and where they are going. Knowing with absolute certainty what they would do next – and being able to use this skill like a super power to get what you want.

Would that help you get more out of your life?

Whether it’s for a business deal, a hot date, or car repairs, you now have the ability to win any negotiation at will. This is not voodoo or magic; this is based on pure science. Scientific principles which have been working since people first started interacting with each other.

Up until this point, the map has only been hinted at. Only been available to top level practitioners who have jealously kept it for their own use. This map is so hush-hush they’ve even created their own language around it – making it nearly impossible for the average person to find the treasure hidden within.

But recently, one man undertook the near-impossible task of taking that cryptic map and making it available for those who are looking for more insight into how our brains work and how to leverage that information for a more fulfilling life.

This was not easy work. He was challenged at every turn. The psychology community was not (and still isn’t) ready to have this information released to the public. They want to keep this to themselves so THEY hold all the advantages.

This Map of the Mind Leads to Untold Treasures

Imagine being able to walk into a room and within ten minutes know where everyone else is coming from…

Could you find your perfect business partner under those circumstances? Meet the real woman (or man) of your dreams? Build a rock-solid, lifelong friendship with someone you know, like and trust?

Of course you could!

Not only that, but this map leads to an even more important treasure – self mastery.

You see, if you know yourself, you’re more able to set your boundaries. You’ll automatically know if something is right for you or not. And if it’s not, you’re able to say “no” in a way that is healthy for all parties.

You’ll be able to decide – based on scientific principles and your knowledge of self – how you want to run your life. No more being a victim of circumstance. You’re entirely free to make decisions which are in your own best interest based on your intimate knowledge of yourself!

But let me just warn you up front: This is NOT just another self-help program. This is a truly transformative look at your mind – how it functions… why you do what you do… and how you can even make sense of senseless acts.

You use effective, repeatable solutions to solve problems no matter who you are. And they’re so simple even a fifth grader can understand them and put them into action!

Understand… the mind is a mystery to most of us. Without a clear roadmap, we tend to flounder around from pillar to post without ever actually becoming clear about who we are, why we’re here and what we can offer to the world.

Modern psychology has several models which can help us, but until Dr. Paul Dobransky took those various models and unified them into one complete picture, there has always been something lacking.

More Money… More Love… More Power… More LIFE!
Better, More Secure Relationships!

Who doesn’t crave any and all of those things?

If you are serious about getting more of them, then you need a clear picture of the mind. Once you understand how human beings think, you’ll recognize patterns, behaviors and traits which will make it easy for you to understand the person you’re dealing with. Even if that person is yourself.

Let’s face it; life is all about dealing with people. From your significant other to your boss or employees, customers or co-workers, the more you know about how people operate, the better you’ll be able to deal with them.

Now, Dr. Paul does not advocate using this insight for malicious purposes. In fact, he will take away access to his program if he finds out you’re using it for evil. That’s how he operates.

Who is Dr. Paul and Why Should You Listen to Him?

Paul Dobransky, M.D. is a board-certified psychiatrist, public speaker and relationship expert who has treated more than 10,000 patients in 15+ years in clinical psychiatric care. Journalists and clients worldwide seek Dr. Paul’s advice on dating, relationships and all aspects of human psychology.

Over the last ten years, he’s developed a visual model of the mind which leads to deeper – and quicker – understanding of human behavior. His first program on the subject, MindOS synthesizes all schools of therapy into a single, effective system-based approach that uses plain language to help people understand psychology and solve problems using the conscious mind.

His new program, Quantum Psychology takes his studies two steps further – integrating both the conscious and the unconscious minds. This opens up new understanding that transforms conventional thinking on many different levels.

Quantum Psychology? How Does THAT Work?

As I stated earlier, psychology has been largely unknowable by the average person. It’s got this secret language, these strange rituals and this weird vision of itself and psychologists and psychiatrists would prefer to keep it that way.

After all, they spend tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars on their education and don’t want anyone who hasn’t invested that much to be able to run around and diagnose personality issues.

Fair enough, right? But EVERY SINGLE PERSON who deals with other people on a regular basis needs a fundamental understanding of the principles of psychology. And more importantly, how these psychological principles affect our relationships with other people.

Just as energy is invisible, psychological principles are too. Yet we know energy exists – and thanks to Albert Einstein, has been quantified in the formula, E=MC2.

Well, Dr. Paul has done the same thing with psychological principles. He’s created a formula to make the invisible visible. To help you understand the way your mind works (and the minds of every other human on the planet.) You can apply this formula to any problem in your life – from personal to professional – and know with certainty you can find a solution that works.

Dr. Paul’s Quantum Psychology reaches across the gap from academia and theory to real world experience and application. For instance, here are some of the insights you’ll easily learn in Quantum Psychology:

Why “Bad” psychology – or pathological narcissism – is the source of all pain and how you can free yourself from it – forever.
How to make sense of “senseless” or “irrational” behavior.
How you can learn to “read people” like a master psychologist.
How to “see through” people’s real intentions, even if they don’t realize what their own intentions are.
How you can “predict the future” in terms of what people are most probably going to do within a relationship, on a date, business relationship, client relationship, co-worker interaction, or friendship.

Quantum Psychology drills down into every working part of the mind. From there, it divides the mind into its most basic functions to give you a roadmap you can use to solve any of your most pressing problems. If you are struggling with money, using Quantum Psychology will help you overcome your financial challenges. If you are lonely or lack friends, you’ll find new confidence using these skills which will attract the right kinds of friends into your life.

If you’re looking for balance, security or certainty, Quantum Psychology walks you through the process of overcoming your insecurities.

These skills will give you an advantage in all situations where you work with other people.
They’re so powerful it’s almost unfair!

There’s more though…

When you get Quantum Psychology, you ALSO get our follow-up, HOW-TO Program called Life Analysis, entirely FREE. It’s 4+hrs of video instruction on using the tools of the Quantum to change the 18 most common trouble spots in men’s lives, over the three major areas of WOMEN, WORK, and WORTH in being a man. And comes with 36+ hours of audio programming that shows real problems of real men and their solutions.

And that’s just the beginning! You’ll also discover:

How to become more of a leader, even if you always thought of yourself as shy and don’t have any inclination to lead.
And how you can get more harmony at the same time – being a “peacemaker” who also commands respect.
How you can become more of a “Renaissance Thinker” who amazes those who know you and are important to you, almost as if you’ve “transformed overnight” or like a superhero, have been “endowed with magic powers.”
And still be that highly efficient “action-taker” in life.
How you can bring out the male “killer instinct” without actually harming others, and get it to fuel and power your career.
No matter how little or how much material wealth you now have, there is an unknown, hidden, and practically “untapped reserve” of boundless resources inside you that most don’t know are even there – which can be charted on a “map” – to be transformed into NEW financial and social resources from scratch – practically overnight!
How to use aloneness, loneliness, and solitude as a satisfying and creative force of change from which you will never want to return.
How to communicate faster, and crystal clear both in words – text, email, and in person – while also communicating in the language of the unconscious.
How to speak the unconscious language of both masculinity and femininity fluently – perhaps one of the most surprising skills of all – in a way in which there is utterly no more confusion between the sexes in your life. (Think of what that can mean in terms of your love life!)
How to organize your relationships to others according to specific, science-based measures that have you “speaking the right language to them” all while literally “seeing” their psychology – in a way that has you always doing the right things, in the right way and to the right amount to see you both prosper.
You will literally “see” the psychology of your career in a whole new way – a literal “map” of what’s “really happening” in your progress toward what you are really meant to be doing with your work.
Advance in career more solidly than others in very similar circumstances do, and more rapidly and perfectly attuned to your exact life’s story and goals.
If you think these skills are only for business, think again! If you’re in – or want to be in – a relationship, you can use these powerful tools to create your dream relationship!

Understand the opposite sex in a whole new way, how to attract them, have a relationship with them, work with them, partner with them in business or as clients, and “speak their language” while literally “seeing” their psychology.
You will attract the opposite sex faster than others do.
Select only the right partner based on their own evolution and character, more efficiently and completely than others do – avoiding years of conflict and eventual, inevitable divorce.
Make more friends, better friends, and shed those whose negative psychology neither you (nor they) could even see. But you will literally see it, and send them on their way, better for even knowing you.
…And literally Evolve and Transform on this very day.
Look, if you knew just a portion of what you’ll discover in Quantum Psychology, you would be way ahead of almost every one in your circle. You’d gain instant credibility, better relationships, more opportunities which could lead to wealth, power and prestige, safety and security – both personal and financial.

Now, that’s a bold promise, but understand… when this material is understood and applied, you’ll be at your unstoppable best – and able to create the life you want.
It’s available to you today. In one complete, power-packed program.

What is it Worth to You to Change the Course of Your Life?

As you can see, what you’re about to discover can easily alter the course of your life – for the better. Armed with the tools you need to make a difference to yourself and others, you’ll be able to command that larger salary. Or close those bigger deals you’ve been afraid to go after. Or date anyone you choose at any time. With increased confidence, safety and security in your knowledge of how people behave.

This kind of power is priceless.

Now, Quantum Psychology contains over twenty hours of materials – each module building on the last until you have the complete roadmap of the human mind and the ability to drive through it without ever getting lost.
In short, you’re getting 15 years of the same knowledge a psychiatrist knows about psychology distilled into the most comprehensive program available today.

So, the value of this program is easily $10,000. After all, you get Dr. Paul’s most up-to-date thinking and revolutionary concepts which you can put into action immediately.

There’s an App for That?

Once you’ve completed the program, Dr. Paul shows you how to create “apps” for every situation. That’s right. Just like apps for your phone, Dr. Paul gives you the keys to creating your own apps for your mind.

If you’ve ever gone through the experience of creating an app, you know that process will set you back $4,000 or more. Most likely more.

Now you’re looking at a program worth at least $14,000. A healthy investment in yourself and your future, don’t you agree?

Well, you’re certainly worth it.

(By the way, a degree in psychology from a good university will cost over $40,000 for tuition alone. Add living costs and incidentals and you’re over $100k easily!)

And, this is bleeding edge material which gives you an advantage over everyone you know… everyone you meet… and everyone you ever deal with.

Which makes it even more valuable than the money you trade for it.

After all, you’re receiving an incredible boost in confidence in any situation. Use these tools just one time in your daily dealings with people and you’ll soon forget what it cost you to add this to your arsenal.

Speaking of cost…

What does it cost you to NOT take this program?

How much is a lost opportunity worth to you? What if you couldn’t close that big deal… or ask the person of your dreams out on a date? What if you sat meekly by while others claimed what is rightfully yours? Ask yourself again. How much does THAT cost?

At this point, I’m not going to mince words with you. This program is a bargain at $997.

To recap, here is exactly what you’ll get when you order Quantum Psychology today:

“Bad” psychology – “pathological narcissism” – is the source of all pain and what you can do directly to free yourself permanently.
“Senseless” or “irrational” behavior can actually be made sense of – that there’s a “method to peoples’ madness.”
The brain is always working, trying to help you, even if sometimes what it does seems to go against what you think you want at the time.
You can learn to “read people” like a master psychologist.
You can learn to “see through” people’s real intentions, even if they don’t realize what they are.
You can “predict the future” in terms of what people are most probably going to do within a relationship, date, business relationship, client relationship, coworker interaction, or friendship.
You can become more of a leader, even when you always thought of yourself as shy.
You can get more harmony at the same time – being a “peacemaker” who also commands respect.
You can become more of a “Renaissance Thinker” who amazes those who know you and are important to you, almost as if you’ve “transformed overnight” or like a superhero, have been “endowed with powers.”
And yet become highly efficient as an “action-taker” in life.
You can bring out the male “killer instinct” without actually harming others, and get it to fuel and power your career.
No matter how little or how much material wealth you now have, there is an unknown, hidden, and practically “untapped reserve” of boundless resources inside you that most didn’t know were even there – which can be charted on a “map” – to be transformed into NEW financial and social resources from scratch.
You can learn to use aloneness, loneliness, and solitude as a satisfying and creative force of change from which you will never want to return.
You can learn to communicate faster, and crystal clear both in words – text, email, and in person – while also communicating in the language of the unconscious.
You can learn to speak the unconscious language of both masculinity and femininity fluently – perhaps one of the most surprising skills of all – in a way in which there is utterly no more confusion between the sexes in your life.
You can learn to organize your relationships to others according to specific, science-based measures that have you “speaking the right language to them” all while literally “seeing” their psychology – in a way that has you always doing the right things, in the right way and to the right amount to see you both prosper.
You will understand women in a whole new way, how to attract them, have a relationship with them, work with them, partner with them in business or as clients, and “speak their language” while literally “seeing” their psychology. The women will be right there to explain their side..
You will literally “see” the psychology of your career in a whole new way – a literal “map” of what’s “really happening” in your progress toward what you are really meant to be doing with your work.
You will attract women faster than other men do.
Select only the right women based on their own evolution and character, more efficiently and completely than other men do – avoiding years of conflict and eventual, inevitable divorce.
You will advance in career more solidly than other men in very similar circumstances do, and more rapidly and perfectly attuned to your exact life’s story and goals.
You will make more friends, better friends, and shed those whose negative psychology neither you (nor they) could even see. But you will literally see it, and send them on their way, better for even knowing you.
You will literally Evolve and Transform.


Note About Extraction : None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones. Enjoy !

Matt Artisan – The Attractive Man Academy DeluxeBundle Modules (Weekly Conference Calls & Missions)

Matt Artisan – The Attractive Man Academy Complete Modules Download

Imagine Having The Power To See A Woman Anywhere & Make Her Yours

Become A Master Of Seduction – Fast…

We’ve combined two programs: You get over 30 step-by-step videos guiding you through the dating sequence… Plus, weekly training calls, video feedback of your approaches and community support.

The Course: The Academy

Over 30 step-by-step videos to Destroy Approach Anxiety, Multiply Your Confidence & Have the Power to Seduce Nearly Any Girl You See.

The Community:

The Inner Circle

Weekly Conference Calls, Video Breakdowns of your approaches, Private Facebook Group, & Unlimited Email Support so we can help you every step of the way.

The Academy Program is like your own personal Bootcamp

“The Attractive Man Academy” will TRANSFORM you into a Master Seducer

30 step-by-step Video Lessons and Infield Exercises that guide you from the Approach – to the Date –and all the way to the bedroom.

We guide you through these 5 phases:

Phase 1: Hacking Confidence & Destroying Fear

First, we are going to eliminate ANY Anxiety or Nervousness with women and transform that into Rock-Solid Confidence.

You will discover the “Approach Anxiety Cure” so that you never feel nervous approaching women ever again. (This in itself is worth the investment for this program)

Then you’ll discover the truth about confidence and how to SHATTER your limiting beliefs for good.

During phase 1, we’ll give you easy infield exercises to help you start approaching women confidently.

Phase 2: The Perfect Approach – Meet Her Anywere

During this phase, you’ll master the art of approaching women. We’ll start you off with easy approaches so that you get comfortable meeting women. By the end, you’ll easily approach any woman you see and get her number.

You’ll discover the most powerful opener that sparks attraction and works in almost any situation.

You’ll discover exactly what to SAY during the approach…

You’ll discover the ONE question to ask her that will Make Her Chase You… (She will instantly see you as a high status man after doing this)

Phase 3: The Date Sequence

At this point, you’ll be getting dates from all of those numbers. We’ll guide you from the number all the way through the dating sequence.

During this phase, you’ll master the conversation so she feels a strong connection.

You’ll discover the best first-date venues and THREE Techniques to make the date unforgettable.

By the end of this phase, you’ll most likely have your calendar full of hot dates.

Phase 4: The Seduction

During this phase, you’ll harness the power of sex appeal. 

We’ll show you how to turn it sexual from the beginning of the approach so that getting to sex is natural.

You’ll have the exact playbook for creating sexual attraction and getting her ready for sex.

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Phase 5: Advanced Dating Strategies: Become The King of Your Domain

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1. Advanced BAR game and SAME NIGHT SEDUCTION.

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4. How to navigate through all of her tests so you are one step ahead of her.

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6. How to get girls to approach you.

By the end of this phase, you’ll become a “NATURAL.” Confidence will be deeply engrained and you’ll always know what to do.

“My Team Of Instructors and I will Guide You Every Step Of The Way…”

In the “Inner Circle” you’ll never be left on your own

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Jay Julio – Cool Guy With Women Download

A Shocking Revelation Changed the Way I Approach Women

Cool Guy With Women (Cool Guy With Women)

Before I knew anything about the Dating Game or women’s highly sexual natures, I heard the strangest confession of a co-worker which, at the time, shocked me…

Literally, I was speechless. I mean, this story really blew my mind!

It was like nothing I’d ever heard before.

In fact, it did more than that — it completely defied and altered my entire concept of reality… and especially about women.

The world of sexuality was flat no longer.

See, it was my first revelation into how you can use eye contact to signal interest to women.

And I’m not just talking interest here — but much, much more!

I’m talking about how you can use eye contact to communicate your intentions and have a woman read them and respond to what you want just through your eye contact ALONE.

This is all 100% non-verbal.

So let’s rewind…

Twenty-Some Years Earlier

It was broad daylight on a regular week day. The sun was shining and the world was going about it’s regular business.

My co-worker, who we’ll call Mandy, was walking down a sidewalk.

As she approached an intersection, she happened to make eye contact with a man sitting in his car at the stoplight.

When their eyes connected, something was communicated and mutually understood or acknowledged between them.

He didn’t just use eye contact to signal interest. He used it to communicate something only about ten times more powerful.

We’ll call whatever that was a mystery for the moment.

But here’s the result of whatever it was that was communicated…

Mandy turned down the side-street of the intersection and continued walking.

When the light turned green, the man also turned down that same street.

He drove past her, then parked a few yards ahead of her.

Almost as if it was planned ahead of time, when she reached the car she opened the door and got in.

I don’t remember what was said — if anything. Perhaps a simple introduction. But I think they just got down to business as soon as possible…

Boinking each others brains out, that is.

And when they finished, she got out and continued on with her day.

The end.

No Tricks, No Gimmicks, No Pick-Up Lines

Just EYE CONTACT to signal interest!

Does that story sound unbelievable?

Could it be that simple?

I mean, doesn’t a guy have to be really smooth?

Doesn’t he need all the right techniques and all the right lines?

Is it really possible to use just eye contact to signal interest or anything else to women? Or anyone else for that matter?

I assure you, it is.

It’s just that few guys know how to use it. But by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll know exactly HOW TO do it.

Now, I’ve had some interesting similar eye contact experiences with women, though nowhere as “extreme” as the guy in my co-worker’s story.

But things like making eye contact with a woman a block a way, then holding it for about 30 seconds — until moving into earshot to finally say “Hi!”

I’ve found that leaves an infinitely better impression on a woman than any pick-up or seduction technique out there!

Just eye contact to signal interest in getting to know her.

No over-the-top routines or lines to impress her — just being genuinely open to her as another person, who you’re attracted to, and then saying whatever comes to your mind IN THE MOMENT.

So the question, my friend, then is:

How do you learn how to use only eye contact to signal interest?

And in such a way that not only does a woman expect you to talk to her, but would actually be slightly disappointed if you didn’t.

How does it work?

And more importantly, how do you develop this skill-set?

For most, it’s possible to develop it within a matter of weeks… perhaps even within days, if you surround yourself with a lot of people and work at it.

HOW TO: The Eye Contact to Signal Interest ARC

Okay. Here’s the good stuff:

There are 3 major phases when it comes to using eye contact to signal interest.

Together, these phases follow a natural process, which all us humans unconsciously act upon… or in other cases, unconsciously “short-circuit”.

In fact, once you know them, you’ll start seeing it happening everywhere.

And not only that, but it is my suspicion that using this kind of eye contact to signal interest to women is how women KNEW which men to mate with before we developed language.

And just because we have language today HASN’T changed that process.

Now, the ONLY reason I’ve broken them up is because I’ve found that it can be much more effective to concentrate on and master each individual phase one at a time rather than trying to perfect the entire process in one shot.

This allows you to pinpoint where you need the most practice.

And once you’ve mastered each individual phase, it becomes easy to put them altogether in one flowing, seamless “experience”.

So what are these phases to use eye contact to signal interest to women?

Here they are:

1) Spot her Acknowledgement

2) Look for Recognition

3) Establish a Connection

If you’re out on the street, it can make it easy to remind yourself using the acronym: ARC.




Got it?

Good. Now let’s move onto the specifics…

#1: Spot Her Acknowledgement

Unless you’re in a highly populated location, whenever you and a woman come into a proximity where you can visually see each other,there’s going to be a moment when she becomes aware of your presence.


And it can be anywhere from blocks away to a few meters, depending on the setting.

The point of the first phase is to notice the moment she acknowledges or becomes aware of your presence.


Because in that moment, she’s going to respond to you unconsciously. And when you train yourself to become aware of that moment, you can often get a decent gauge on how she’s receiving you by noticing how her body changes.

In that moment, what do you notice?

Watch her eyes.

How does she respond when she looks at you or in your direction?

In the past, have you even paid attention to this?

If you haven’t, here’s what you need to work on:

Start giving more attention to how YOU respond to her presence at the moment you see her!


Do you get nervous? Uncomfortable? Excited?

If you respond in any uncontrollable way, not only is she likely to notice this, it’s actually going to prevent you from being receptive to her.

And that will send her a subtle signal that you’re not a guy she’d be interested talking to.

So the key is to be aware of your attention, what you’re experiencing, and how you’re responding when you notice her. And ideally, you want to be unaffected by her presence.

For as long as you don’t unconsciously react in some strange way — for example, if you don’t quickly avert your eyes, start looking all over the place, or any other weird response to seeing an attractive woman — she’s going to see you as a regular guy, who may be a potential mate.

See, women notice guys who remain completely unaffected by their presence.

And the effect?

She’s going to immediately feel comfortable and safe with you.

In fact, unconsciously, she thinks:

“Most guys get all weird around because I’m a hot chick. But this guy is as cool and calm as a midsummer night. But I wonder… will he keep his cool if I make eye contact with him?”

So what does she do?

She looks directly at you.

#2: Look for Recognition

Now, this is the point where the actual eye contact to signal interest comes into play.

This is the point of RECOGNITION.

It’s that moment where your eyes connect for the first time and you both KNOW without a doubt that the other is aware of your presence.

And something very powerful is communicated here that can and does affect the direction that the REST or your interaction (and perhaps future relationship) will go with her.

This is the 2ND CRITICAL POINT… looking at her and making direct eye contact.

Before we go further, think back for a moment…

Recall the very last time you were in the presence of a smoking hot babe. How did you make eye contact?

Did you make eye contact?

At any rate, HOW did you respond to just the thought of connecting eyes with that hot chick?

Did you feel like avoiding it?

Did you look at her, but felt “shifty”?

Or did you stare?

If you did any of these or just felt uncomfortable with it, in the future and especially when you get to the point where you can remain unaffected by a beautiful woman’s presence, here’s EXACTLY what I want you to do:

FIRST, think about looking directly into HER left eye. Don’t look, just think about it for a brief moment BEFORE you actually do it. Imagine her left eye and picture the pupil.

SECOND, as soon as you’ve got a clear mental visualization of it, look at her and seek that eye like a homing torpedo. Go straight and directly for it, without “looking back”… literally.

Why do you want to visualize it first?

Because if you’ve found it difficult to make direct eye contact with a stranger who’s an attractive woman, guess what you’re unconsciously thinking?

You’re probably making a mental picture in your mind of avoiding eye contact!

And it really can be amazing how just a second of mental preparation can cause you to look her directly into her eye.

But don’t just take my word for it. Try it for yourself.

So there you are, looking a woman directly in her left eye and she’s looking right back at you.

Now what?

#3: Establish a Connection

Just continue looking… and looking… and looking.

It’s okay, she’s not going to bite you. And she’s not going to think you’re weird… unless of course you’re staring right through her.

So do your best to wipe every other thought from your mind and focus on that eye as clearly as you can and then think this thought, almost as if you were asking her directly:

“Well, you have my attention, so how are you going to respond?”

While you’re focusing on her left eye, leave that question in the forefront of your mind… and WAIT for her response.

That’s it for now.

Just remain in the moment and wait.

This is the moment of establishing a CONNECTION.

It also happens to the be 3RD CRITICAL POINT.

For if you look away now, it’s over. You will have just destroyed the beginning of that possible connection.

Now, I know there seems to be a strong tendency in most of us to feel like we HAVE TO say something.

But you don’t.

Instead think of it like a game and she understands the rules, which are simply this: the person who responds first loses and then has to give their chips to other person.

So just keeping looking.

I mean, what do you got to lose, anyway?

For the outcome is where you’ll use your eye contact to signal interest. In fact, by continuing to look her directly in the eye without breaking the silence, you’re saying, “Are you interested?”

And she’s thinking, “Hmmm… this guy’s interesting.”

So assuming you followed the other phases well (you remained unaffected by her presence and you calmly and surely looked her dead in the eye), the only thing you can do “wrong” now is look away.

Now, what she’ll do is one of a few things:

1) She’ll break the eye contact by looking down and away.

If she does that, continue looking at her.

Chances are, she’ll regain her focus and look back up again shortly afterwards. And then it’s time to finally break the silence by saying, “Hi.”

After all, she revealed her interest first by looking away and then back again. She’s probably more of a reserved or “shy girl”.

And her looking back means she’s welcoming you breaking the silence.

Then, once again, WAIT for her to respond.

2) She’ll continue looking at you and she’ll break the silence.

When she does this, she’s throwing her cards on the table by revealing she’s interested in you by volunteering to break the silence first.

After all, if she wasn’t interested, she would just look off to the side or somewhere else without losing her focus.

She doesn’t have to say anything. So if she does, she’s obviously open to a conversation.

And chances are, she’s your “normal”, friendly kind of chick.

3) She’ll continue looking at you expecting you to say something.

When she does this, she’s obviously open to a conversation, but she’s going to let you lead.

What often happens in these situations is that she’ll slow down and orient her body toward. It’s as if she asked you a question and she’s expecting you to reply, but you’re taking your time.

All you gotta do is say, “Hi.”

She says, “Hi.”

And away you go using some of the other conversation tools you can learn about in my other articles.

It really is THAT simple. In fact:

Mastering the Simple “Hi” is All You Really Need

You want to know the truth?

If you’re just focusing on learning how to meet women, you don’t need any techniques or routines.

In fact, you may even find that they distract you from ACTUALLY approaching or talking to women.

You may find they make you even more nervous… after all, now not only do you have to approach a woman, you have to perform for her.

You have to “get it right”.

That’s all nonsense.

As far as I’m concerned, pick-up lines, memorized routines, and other geeky pick-up gimmicks are generally garbage.

You want to meet women, right? And you want them to find you attractive, yes?

Well, listen:



It’s not rocket-science.

It’s more about first using your eye contact to signal interest and making a connection than anything else.

Any quality woman will find that TEN TIMES more attractive than any pre-planned, scripted approach you can find.

Think about it…

Here’s Why It’s So Important to Start by Developing Your Eye Contact to Signal Interest…

The reason may be obvious.

But the problem is that it seems to be SO obvious that some guys have a tendency to completely overlook it…

After all, if you don’t make eye contact and establish a connection, you won’t even get the opportunity to use any of the other stuff you’ve learned about attracting or dating women.

And on the other hand…

If you don’t make eye contact and establish a good connection before you open your mouth and speak one word, it’s been my observation from personal experience and watching other guys that she’ll be something like 75% less likely to reciprocate (with the exception of having a calming, controlled voice).

But with so much information, it can be easy to get ahead of
ourselves, can’t it?

I understand that. I’ve done it.

But now that we’re on the topic of using just eye contact to signal interest and since you’re still reading, I’m guessing you have some trouble in this area or, at least, you could use some work, so here’s what I recommend you do RIGHT NOW:

Drop everything you’ve been learning about attracting and dating women… and concentrate FULLY on getting to that connection phase, where a woman basically, though non-verbally, invites you to talk to her.

Start practicing my ARC phases until it becomes a seamless experience for you.

So whenever you spot a woman anywhere, think ARC.

Then do it!

In fact, practice it on EVERYONE who crosses your path.

And when you’ve mastered it, then — and ONLY THEN — get back to learning more about attracting and dating women.

Yet another way to get ahead even faster is to download yourself a copy of my eBook, Cool Guy with Women.

When you order it, you’ll also receive my bonus eBooklet that’s specifically geared at expanding this topic and breaking it down in more detail.

You know this is an area you want to master, so I strongly recommend you do yourself a favor and download the ebook right now. You can be reading it in just a couple of clicks.

“Cool Guy With Women” teaches you the FIVE key skills you need to take your eye contact to the next level with some simple exercises you can start practicing today.

And as always, you’re more than welcome to discuss this further in the Cool Guy Forums and get my personal input on applying these principles better in your real life situations.


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Not surprisingly, research also shows that as the time spent in a relationship increases… the frequency of sex…

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If you have been together for a while, things certainly don’t seem as hot or playful as they used to. If you’re lucky, your lover may agree to your requests for sex once in a long, long while… But even so, it’s not the same long, passionate romps you had in the early days of your relationship!

For many sex starved couples, sex nowadays is a hurried affair… lasting no more than half an hour to an hour at most… before either party loses interest or gets tired.

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It doesn’t get much better for women either. In this country, the statistics of women getting involved in extramarital affairs are on the rise… and cracks usually start to develop in a relationship once a couple doesn’t have enough sex.

Please don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying that sex is the ONLY important thing in a relationship… but it is indeed the bedrock and foundation of ANY good relationship!

When a couple has quality sex… they’re not just spending intimate time together. The close physical & emotional contact during sex also builds openness and trust in a couple, which is hugely beneficial in any relationship. Couples who have sex regularly are not only happier because their sexual urges are satisfied… they also communicate more freely and are more comfortable with each other.

The reverse is also true! Lack of sex has been found to lead to the following problems in couples:

Health Problems…

Sex not only feels good, it also brings about several important health benefits. Multiple scientific studies worldwide have confirmed the perks of regular love-making – from relieving stress, boosting immunity, improving cardiovascular health, reducing prostate cancer risk to helping one sleep better:

Stress – According to a study published in the journal Biological Psychology, men and women who had sexual intercourse had better responses to stress than those who engaged in other sexual behavior or abstained.

Immunity – Scientists from Wilkes University found that those who have sex frequently have higher levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA) in their blood, an antibody that protects you from getting colds and other infections.

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Sleep – The hormone, oxytocin, released during orgasm promotes sleep.

Think about all the FREE health benefits you’re missing out on by not getting enough sex! Or Emotional Pain…

I can’t tell you how many couples have told me their relationship suffered as a result of the lack of sex.

Let’s start with the obvious. When our sexual needs are not satisfied, they do not just disappear. Instead, these sexual urges recur many times during the day… at some of the most inconvenient times! If you have ever tried to concentrate on work but kept getting distracted by all those sexual thoughts that made it SO HARD for you to continue… you know what I mean!

Or perhaps your lover’s disinterest in sex is making you deeply frustrated. You don’t know what’s wrong with her, and secretly wonder if she finds you unattractive. Worst still, you secretly wonder if she is having an affair outside!

You may also blame her for being so conservative and unadventurous in sex, when she turns down your requests for sex and blames you for being so dirty! Or maybe she doesn’t even allow you to touch her, or get intimate with her anymore…

But trust me… no matter how disinterested in sex your lover appears to be…

It Does NOT Mean Her Sexual Desires Are Totally Gone!

In many cases, she’s still feeling very, very horny deep down inside… and doesn’t know what to do about it!

It’s natural for human beings to have sexual urges… and that includes your lover! Just because you haven’t had sex with your lover for a long time doesn’t mean her sexual feelings are totally gone.

As I’ve said so many times, the reverse is often true. Something that previously happened in your relationship or long periods of non-communication could have caused her to hide her true feelings… for fear of getting hurt once again.

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But things weren’t always this way. It may surprise you, but I once was in a sex-starved relationship. A few years into my marriage, the shine started coming off things and very soon… our love life was down in the dumps.

My husband couldn’t understand why I suddenly lost interest in sex either. It was as if all the energy was sucked out of me, and I felt irritated by his constant demands for sex after a long day. Eventually, we just stopped getting intimate with one another… each withdrawing into our own world.

Apart from sleeping on the same bed each night, there was very little interaction between us. We started talking less, and quarrels became a regular affair as we blamed each other for the sorry state of our relationship.

To cut a long story short, my frustration drove me to look for answers. The changes didn’t just happen overnight, but I realized that in order to save our marriage… one party had to take the initiative to change.

I just couldn’t sit by and watch my marriage come apart!

With that, I started reading every single book about love and relationships I could get my hands on. I started trying out the techniques in these books with my husband… who fortunately was receptive! With much effort on both our parts, we were able to salvage our marriage and make sex a regular affair once again!

If there’s anything I learnt from this unhappy episode in my life, it’s that one party must first take the initiative to change. Things don’t automatically get better if you ignore your problems… or pretend they don’t exist.

I’m almost ashamed to admit that there were so many times I felt like straying… especially when men outside my relationship were constantly dropping me signals! My husband later admitted that the temptation was unbearable for him as well.

Don’t make the same mistake as we did in the early days…

The Lack Of Sex Is A Red Flag That Something Is Wrong With Your Relationship!

Please… don’t make the mistake of pretending that everything is fine, or that things will soon become better. Relationship problems don’t just disappear because you pretend everything is alright. In fact, the lack of sex may point to deeper issues within your relationship that need to be addressed right now.

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As you may know, I’m the author of numerous best-selling books & courses on having better sex. I’ve written about almost every sex topic imaginable… ranging from red-hot oral sex techniques to liquid female orgasms.

Despite writing all these popular courses and receiving glowing testimonials about how I have changed people’s lives… something still bothered me. No matter how simply I explain a particular sex technique or method, there is still a group of men who can’t put it into action.

They would write to me, saying… “Gabrielle, all your methods work if I’m already having sex with my lover. But my lover doesn’t even allow me to touch or get close to her nowadays… What should I do? How can I even get started?

If this sounds like you, then…

  • Have been in a relationship for a while and find things not as hot as they used to be

  • Hardly have sex with their lover any more

  • Want to get intimate with their lover but don’t know how to broach the subject

  • Face constant rejection from their lovers when asking for sex

  • Find it difficult to perform in bed

  • Find their relationship laden with quarrels and other “trust” issues

  • Find their marriage on-the-rocks…

Does this sound like you? If so, keep reading!

In fact, I devote a large part of my new course to restoring the glow in your relationship. If your love life is far from rosy and suffering from years of neglect or trust-based issues… then The Sex Starved Couple can show you how to turn things around faster than you imagined possible!


The 7 best attitudes for a happy, fulfilling relationship, according to sex expert Dr. Susan Perry – Yes, these attitudes can actually be cultivated! (Page 12)

How to handle the disappointments in your relationship… and the problems that can crop up from time to time (Page 13)

The 3 magic ingredients you need to build a strong and healthy, sex-filled relationship! After working with so many couples over the years… these are the 3 crucial things you need. (Page 14)

This 10 question Couple Bliss Quiz on Page 15 can help predict where your relationship is heading… and it’s eerily accurate!

10 pleasure-killing myths about sex that prevent you from enjoying hot, kinky sex with your lover night after night (Unless you overcome these mental barriers you have… you’ll never be able to make the leap in real life!) (Page 18)

Why watching more romantic movies or television programs will NOT make your sex life sizzle. In fact, it can have the opposite effect! (Page 18)

Have you ever fantasized about someone outside of your relationship and felt guilty about it afterwards? Or perhaps your lover did and you feel betrayed or angry. Find out why this can be good for your sex life on Page 19!

What to do the next time you get into a mood-killing argument with your lover – Instead of being reactive or defensive, this is what you should do instead… (Page 20)

The 4 problematic relationship types that you should be aware of – All problematic relationships stem from one or more of these root causes. Find out how you can overcome them on Page 21!

Do you see your own relationship as “special” and “different from others”… and then see your world crumbling down as problems start to emerge? Find out how to deal with this reality shock on Page 20.

What you should do in a relationship where your lover is superior to you in almost every aspect (looks, career, friendships)… and you are constantly living in her shadow (Page 21)

How to cope with the constant cat-and-dog bickering which you have with your lover – If you’re sick & tired of all the quarrels and want to walk away from it once and for all, the steps on Page 21 may help.

How to deal with the endless power struggles in a relationship… (Page 22)

What to do if your spouse does not TRUST you… due to something that happened in the past. Here’s how you can slowly regain her trust and make her open up to you… (Page 22-23)

What to do if your lover does not feel emotionally secure to open up to you sexually… and how to make her do it at will! (Page 23)

How to deal with pesky jealousy issues in a relationship. If your relationship is constantly plagued with jealousy issues… this may just help. (Page 23)

How you can open up and be completely comfortable with your lover – Opening up is often the first step to great, uninhibited sex! (Page 23)

The 7 steps to send the right sexual cues to your lover and to ensure that she responds. If your lover is constantly irritated by your demands for sex, maybe you’re not asking for it the right way! (Page 24)

5 common couple fights and how to quickly defuse them – No matter what you bicker or argue about, it’s likely to be one of these. (Page 25)

The money fight (sounds familiar?) and how to stop it from spoiling your relationship & sex life (Page 25)

What to do if your lover does not manage to have an orgasm during sex… and is feeling irritated about it. (WARNING: If this issue is not properly addressed, your lover may not want to have sex with you in future!) (Page 25)

18 things your lover craves so BADLY from you… but doesn’t dare to ask! – These are things you can start doing… TONIGHT! (Page 26)

The P = H formula every guy must understand to get ahead in any relationship! (Page 26)

One thing you should NEVER do in front of your lover. You may not know it, but this makes ladies scared and unhappy. Sadly, most men in a sex-starved relationship do this on a regular basis! (Page 27)

One non-sexual act you can perform on your lover (even in public!) that sets the stage for hot, rumbling sex in the bedroom later on… (Page 27)

One issue you must resolve before talking about sex in a sex-starved relationship (Page 28)

4 sentences you can use on your wife, girlfriend or lover… that will get her all warm and fuzzy inside even if she does not show it on the outside! (Page 28)

Are you constantly bickering with your lover? Different communication styles may be the problem here. Find out which communication style you belong to on Page 29…

How to create more intimacy through your words alone – This is perfect if you and your lover are at a stage where you hardly even touch each other anymore (Page 31)

The truth about intimacy and why most couples lose it in their relationships (Page 31)

4 ways to instantly build greater intimacy… and set the stage for some wild sex! – If you haven’t had sex with your lover for quite some time… try out one of these 4 intimacy-boosting exercises first! (Page 31)

How to gradually heal a sex-starved relationship by doing this simple exercise (Page 31)

What to do if your lover has a low sex-drive or libido… and wants sex much less than you do! (Page 34)

The shocking truth uncovered by the American Psychological Association about having sex… and how this can affect your marriage (Page 34)

Why you should stop looking at your lover’s sex drive as either HIGH or LOW. Instead, discover the 10 types of libidos an individual can have! (Page 35-36)

The problems caused by mismatched libido levels between couples, and how you can prevent them (Page 36)

What to do if there is a mismatch in sex drives between you and your lover (Page 37)

What to do if you want sex BADLY… but your lover does not seem interested! (Page 37)

5 common reasons why your lover may not crave sex as much as you do. If you can understand and remove any one of these roadblocks, you’ll help get her in the mood! (Page 37)

One common mistake made by guys who have lovers with low sex drive.This mistake often leads to a sex-starved relationship! (Page 37)

What you should do if your lover has a low sex drive (Page 37)

One sneaky way to deal with the problem if your lover does not feel like having sex… You can do this instead! (Page 38)

How to solve the problem of your lover having a higher sex drive than you! Trust me, this can be a problem as well! (Page 38)

What you should do if you have problems getting sexually aroused by your lover (Page 38)

How to move from desire-driven sex to decision-driven sex (Page 38)

6 things you should do when talking about sexual difficulties with your lover (The most important thing is to not make Mistake #1) (Page 38-39)

The 2 types of sex you can choose in your relationship. Most people choose the wrong one, which leads to them feeling unfulfilled and empty afterwards. Instead, here’s what you should choose… (Page 41)

One type of sex that women (including your lover) REALLY crave for… and men hardly give to them (Page 41)

Why being manly or “macho” in bed can actually hurt your sex life! (Page 41)

One universal desire of women when they have sex… that they’re just not getting enough of according to Judith Wallenstein, clinical psychologist and author (Page 42)

How to greatly improve the quality of your sex by having more of this… (Page 42)

How to quickly regain the intimacy that has been lost through years of neglect in your relationship (Page 43)

Is it possible to reach that sexual peak and have awesome, tingling sex? Here’s how to know where you are on the journey and the fastest way to get there… (Page 44)

How to fantasize about sex in a productive (instead of distracting) way! (Page 44)

The 5 things you must engage for great, out-of-this-world sex that keeps her coming back for more. If any of these elements are missing, it won’t be a complete sexual experience! (Page 45)

How to create the right romantic ambience that is conducive for sex! (Page 45)

How to set the stage such that your lover will agree to hot, passionate love-making with you (Page 45)

What to do if your lover is conscious or shy about exposing herself… and what you can do to help her overcome her shyness! (Page 45)

One cheap fix I use that costs merely a few dollars… but has a HUGE impact on turning your lover on to sex! (Page 45)

How to use flavored lubricants to greatly enhance your love-making pleasure! Your lover will be impressed by the extra effort you put in… just for her! (Page 46)

Crave sex but don’t know how to ease into it? Try out my naughty “naked dancing” technique on Page 46…

How to turn your lover on with your fingers and hands! Stop using the same tricks you used as a teenager and try these instead! (Page 46)

Would you rather be George Clooney or a 90 year old Chinese emperor when it comes to sex? This answer will SHOCK and SURPRISE you! (Page 47)

How to use tantric lovemaking secrets to boost your stamina and enhance your sexual prowess (Page 48)

The 4 stages of sex and which stage you should aim to be at (Page 48)

How to give your lover a sinful tantric massage… in the nude! By the time you’re over, she will be all wet and ready for you! (Page 49)

How to alternate between teasing and direct pleasure to slowly milk your lover into a pulsating orgasm – She’ll love it… especially if she has been sex-starved for a long time! (Page 50)

4 exercises you can do that can greatly increase your sexual endurance and flexibility (You can do these anywhere… even while sitting at your desk in the office! – If you’ve not had sex in a while, this can get you back in shape.) (Page 51)

My favorite, Gabrielle Moore approved sex positions for sex-starved couples! These are my favorite positions for sex-deprived couples! (Page 52)

One simple modification you can make to the missionary position that increases her chances of orgasm by almost 56%… according to the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy (Page 52)

What most couples are doing wrong when they attempt the missionary sex position… resulting in the woman being unable to orgasm! (Page 53)

4 steps on how you should be inside of her during sex for her maximum pleasure! (Page 53)

My G-spot trigger position that strikes her G-spot with precision and increases her chances of an intense, toe-curling orgasm! Try this if you’re feeling naughty! (Page 54)

How to give her maximum clitoral stimulation while she’s sitting down… with her breasts pressing against your chest (Page 54)

One sex position that lets your lover be in control… so that she can tease the ultra-sensitive tip of your penis! Here’s the best part – She can even deliver that surprise rush of pleasure when you least expect it! (Page 55)

This sex position is perfect for sex-starved couples… It allows you to kiss and caress each other sinfully while you’re inside her! (Page 55)

One sex position which allows her to touch you all over and turn her on even more (Page 56)

This sex position allows you to mend your relationship by whispering sweet nothings into her ear while you’re doing her! (Page 57)

One incredibly kinky sex position that taps into our primal need to be in control! (Page 59)

Haven’t made love with your lover for a while? Show her you’re still in complete control with this position on Page 59 that will leave her vulnerable and give lots of hard clitoral G-spot stimulation!

How to make love on a couch – This position allows you to DO HER right there in the living room, and play with her breasts at the same time. Please try this… it’s incredibly HOT! (Page 61)

Want to take your sex life to a whole new level? Try this mind-blowing exercise on Page 62 that will have you sweaty and fantasizing like a teenager all over again.

Why the best way to have hotter sex is NOT to have sex! (Page 63)

Ever tried sex with your clothes on? This exercise can be incredibly kinky and therapeutic. (Page 63)

One kinky (and highly arousing) method to ask for sex from your lover… WITHOUT appearing to “dirty” or “threatening”… In fact, this method seems so innocent… you can do it right from the office! (Page 64)

Gabrielle Moore’s favorite porn DVD revealed! – Use this as a warm-up to your lovemaking… not as a replacement for sexual release! (Page 64)

8 Gabrielle Moore ways to make yourself “irresistible” to your lover! (Page 65)

How renovating a room can actually turn your lover on !?!? (Page 65)

Spicy sex recipes to bring some of that oomph back into your relationship (Page 66)

One major fantasy which women have but don’t dare to tell you… Here’s how you can fulfill it for them, starting tonight! (Page 66)

How to take advantage of a routine activity your lover will do every single day… and have that lead to some hot sex! (Page 66)

How to master the art of pleasure denial… and touch your lover everywhere else except where she most wants to be touched! (She’ll be BEGGING for you afterwards…) (Page 66)

How to spice up your sex life by talking dirty to your partner – Mastering the art of dirty talk can be incredibly rewarding for your relationship! (Page 66)

How to tease your lover with nothing but your lips and tongue! She’ll love the new sensations this gives her… especially if you haven’t been intimate in a while! (Page 67)

The art of strip scrabble revealed – Turn this family board game into something kinky… and a surprise may just be waiting for you at the end! (Page 68)

How to pleasure your lover and make her curiously wet before you’re even inside her! Follow my steps on Page 68 and she’ll be letting out those moans and whimpers before you even begin!

How to turn ordinary email into a flirting tool – You can definitely do this from the office! (Page 69)

One type of natural food that contains androsterone and can boost your libido (Page 70)

The 2 types of natural foods you can eat to enhance erectile function (Page 70)

Your diet plays a part in sexual pleasure too! Find out the types of food you should eat to increase nerve sensitivity (Page 70)

How to naturally increase your lover’s lubrication (Page 70)

One type of natural, wholesome snack that is beneficial for the production of sex hormones (Page 70)

How the use of carefully chosen sex toys can give your love life a much needed boost! (Page 71)

What you should take note of when buying a vibrator… especially if you’ve never done so before (Page 71)

How to deal with the embarrassment issues that come with owning a vibrator – I show you an easy way to deal with this! (Page 71)

What to do if a vibrator you previously bought is not suitable for your partner… Here’s how you can do some DIY modification! (Page 72)

The importance of using lubricants… especially for couples who have been in a relationship for a while (Page 72)

How to use some light bondage to perk things up a little! (Page 73)

Why bondage has nothing to do with pain, whips or chains… and what it REALLY is about (Page 73)

The art of naughty bondage for sex-starved couples! Read my specially designed bondage routine consisting of whipped cream, fresh fruit and silk scarves on Page 74! She’ll be begging for more punishment!

And much, much more!

 Gabrielle Moore – Female Orgasm Revealed Download

“Did you know that 71% of women DO NOT reach an orgasm regularly with their partner during sex?”

That is correct. According to the Kinsey Institute, only “29% of women always have orgasms with their partner”.

What about the rest?

You are right. They are deeply frustrated.

Some of them fake orgasms. Some “satisfy themselves”. Some just cheat on their partners.

Sad but true.

But don’t worry… that’s why I’m here.

To help YOU satisfy HER in bed the right way… so keep reading…

“I have published hundreds of articles and books about human sexuality and more than 400,000 subscribers follow my sex tips and advice every day.”

I used to be a “frustrated wife” because I never reached orgasms during sex.

The easiest option would have been to “satisfy myself” or even “cheat” on my husband.

But I decided to take a different path.

And I became obsessed with the topic of the female orgasm.

I read every book and article available on the topic.

And now I’m not only an extremely satisfied wife…

… but I’m also a recognized authority around the world on sex techniques and advice.

I have published hundreds of articles and books about human sexuality and more than 400,000 subscribers follow my sex tips and advice every day.

So… trust me. I know how to help YOU give HER intense orgasms…

“You’re About To Discover My Most Intimate Secrets And Naughty Tricks To  Please Your Woman With Intense Orgasms!”

After years of research and study, I decided to create a program to help men learn techniques and positions to make it easier for them to give their female partner an orgasm.

So I created my “Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed” program.

When I launched “Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed“, it was an instant success!

Actually, thousands of men around the world have already read and used my techniques.

And I couldn’t be happier, to be honest.

Now… you may be asking yourself… what will I learn in Gabrielle’s “Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed” program?

“Now It’s YOUR Turn To Learn The Secrets Most Men Will Never Know About The Female Orgasm…”

Here are just some of the dozens of tips and techniques you will learn today:

Dozens of advanced techniques and positions specially “designed” to make it easier for a woman to reach an orgasm;

The main reason why the vagina was NOT “designed” for having orgasms. And what to do about it;

The 4 stages of female sexual arousal (once you understand them, it will be easier for you to make her orgasm);

The 5 “body signs” of female sexual excitement (Trust me, just because her vagina is lubricated, doesn’t mean that she’s ready for sex. There’s more to it… as you’re about to learn!);

How to build up her “sexual tension” (remember, the longer you hold off from sex the more the sexual tension will build in your body. And the more tension that’s released during your orgasm, the stronger your orgasm will be;

Why size doesn’t matter (actually sometimes “less is more”, as you will discover);

4 techniques to add “anal stimulation” to the mix, so that it’s easier for her to achieve an orgasm. (Because her anus contains a large number of nerve endings, this added and probably unexpected stimulation will send shivers up her spine!);

4 naughty oral sex techniques you can enjoy tonight (Remember, oral sex is one of the easiest ways to make a woman orgasm!);

And much, much more…

Gabrielle Moore – Tantric Sextasy Download

Tantric Sextasy – The Art of Sexual Ecstasy

“Tantric Sextasy – The Art of Sexual Ecstasy” from Gabrielle Moore is a sexually advanced, erotic, 5-day e-course that will teach you the secrets to mastering Tantric Sex.

Tantric Sex is considered the most evolved and most elevated form of lovemaking. During this at-home program, you will learn all the secrets to how Tantrikas (people adept in Tantra) can engage in sex for hours on end… never waning in sexual energy, never weakening in their desire for pleasure, never experiencing orgasms less than dizzyingly intense.

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Section 1 (How to Prepare Your Mind and Body for the Most Intense, Gut-Wrenching Sexual Pleasures of Your Life)
– Find out what the ‘O-Zone’ is in Tantric Sex
– Learn how to detect your internal sexual channels and open them up to the orgasmic energy inside you.
– What are the Sixty-Four Arts contained in the Kama Sutra?
– Discover the single, most important thing that you must master to enable you to reach “multiple full-body orgasms”
– Learn how to ‘worship your body’ with this very powerful sex exercise.
– Discover your very own ‘orgasm profile’.
– The difference between masturbation and Tantric self-pleasuring.
– Learn that Tantric Sex is actually thousands of years older than the Kama Sutra
– Tips on how you can start to heighten your five senses – touch, taste, sight, smell, and sound

Section 2 (How to Achieve Your Orgasm Goals One Body-Wracking SEXERCISE at a Time)
– Discover what women consider to be the biggest turn off during sex.
– Find out the secret to making your erections stronger and firmer
– Learn the Tantric way of busting ‘performance anxiety’.
– What is this one thing that women consider even more important than sex or reaching a climax.
– Learn the exact Tantric steps you need to take to awaken your orgasmic energy
– This powerful sex technique that will enable you and your lover to fully understand each others’ sexual needs and desires.
– Open the path to “new and different orgasmic pathways, including G-Spot orgasms, male AND female ejaculation, and anal play”
– Sex strategies to make you last
– Find out the No. 1 thing that you always do wrong during sex

Section 3 (How to Achieve Tantric Intimacy – Breath-to-Breath, Skin-to-Skin, Body-to-Body, Orgasm-to-Orgasm)
– Learn the most important words you can tell your lover.
– Discover the most erotic way you can make eye contact with your lover.
– Top 3 things you should always discuss in your sexual relationship with your lover.
– Master the art of Tantric Breathing
– What is ‘Tantric Undressing’
– Tantric Hugging
– 3 Tantric sex techniques that will enable you to hold on to your orgasm, ‘bring it back in’, circulate it throughout your body

Section 4 (How to Tap, Unleash and Exploit Your Sexual Orgasmic Energy (The ‘Orgasm From Every Body Pore Module’)
– Discover the sex strategy that is exactly the same technique advocated by proponents of The Secret and The Law of Attraction.
– Easily master the art of Tantric Touching
– Discover what the ‘no-mind condition’ is
– The one thing that you – and your lover – hold back on during sex, yet secretly want to exploit
– Tantric sex secret that will enable you to reach a climax anytime you want
– Discover what ‘RSVP’ means in Tantric sex teachings.
– Tantric sex exercise that will enable you to separate your orgasm from ejaculation
– Here’s an amazing sex technique that helps you ‘cum on command’
– A Tantric sex strategy called “Ride the Tiger”

Section 5 (Tantric Lovemaking – The Highest, Grandest, Most Hard-Core Climax Humanly Possible is Within Your Reach)
– Be the Masterful Lover who knows each and every sex technique
– iscover the many hidden orgasmic triggers inside your body and how a simple ‘tap’ on any one of them can make you ‘climax on command’
– How to reach extended orgasms, which are “self-sustaining climaxes, requiring little or no effort.
– Learn what ‘sexual peaking’ is
– Techniques to stimulate her clitoris.
– Learn what ‘sexual plateauing’ is
– The ONE thing you should never say to your lover after sex and yet it’s what most men do
– Did you know that there is such a thing as an “inner vagina”?
– Discover 8 OTHER ways you – or your lover – can stimulate your manhood.
– Improve your bedroom position library
– Learn how to reach an authentic Tantric Orgasm

Gabrielle Moore – Turn Her On Faster Download

“Give Your Lover The Best Foreplay She Ever Had… By Reaching Deep Into Her Mind & Pleasuring Every Inch Of Her Body To An Intense, Uncontrollable Orgasm … From The Inside Out!”

 You’re About To Learn My Most Intimate SECRETS To Turn On HER BODY Every Time Before Having Sex…

Inside this Report you will learn:

The secret art of nipple play… and how you can maximize your lover’s pleasure using this highly sensitive spot of the body (Once again, there are 3 nipple types that have to be handled accordingly. Most guys just treat them as the same.)

Unlikely, little-known “hot spots” of the female body you should target to give your partner an unforgettable foreplay experience (Most men are not even aware of these areas!)

What most guys do wrongly during foreplay, and the parts of her body you should actually FOCUS on (Hint: It’s NOT her breasts or down there!)

How you should handle your lover’s breasts during foreplay (Warning: Your partner’s breasts may be one of these 4 types… and unless you play with them correctly… they may actually feel painful instead of pleasured!)

The 2 step technique you can use to “turn her on”… based on actual feedback by women!

And much more!

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“Reveals The 3 Innocent Sexual Cues You Can Easily Add To Your Daily Life To Make Your Woman BEG You For Wild Sex

You’re About To Discover:

The top reasons why is she rejecting you every single night (“Not tonight dear, I’m tired….” Sounds familiar???);

Why things are not as hot as they used to be when it comes to sex, and what to do about it;

The 3 things you should NEVER do to “try” to get her sexually aroused again;

Why pornography is destroying your relationship, and it’s actually making the problem even worse;

Why “suffering in silence” your “dead in the water” sex life will not solve the problem (and what to do about it);

What NEVER gets women sexually aroused;

The 9 letters word that will SOLVE the problem, and will get her sexually aroused tonight. (It starts with an “A”!);

What your woman is getting every day from her friends, children, animals, family or even an occasional stuffed animal, and she is not getting it FROM YOU! (Just giving this to your partner, will make her more receptive to sex);

The 3 innocent sexual cues you can easily add to your daily life to get her sexually aroused;

And much, much more!

Gabrielle Moore – Orgasmic Sex Positions Download

“Demonstrates 3 Red-Hot Sex Positions You Can Use To Excite Her G-Spot Head-On… With Every Thrust!”

You’re About To Learn How To Induce An Intense, Throbbing Orgasm In Your Lover… Simply By Adopting One Of These Naturally Orgasmic Sex Positions!

You’re About To Discover:

Why sticking to the same old sex positions can actually harm your sex life! (Your lover not only gets bored… there are other physiological effects as well!)

The link between your lovemaking position in bed… and your lover’s ability to have intense orgasms!

The shocking truth about the missionary position you have been using all along, according to renowned sex researcher Dr. Beverly Whipple!

Why 75%* of women are unable to orgasm through intercourse alone… and the magic ingredient you need to provide added stimulation.

One fast & easy way to improve your sex life… starting tonight (No, it’s not about learning new techniques or buying expensive new toys!)

Why you shouldn’t jump to try out those FREE sex positions that are available on the Internet, no matter how fun or creative they seem.

3 easy-to-master, naturally orgasmic sex positions you can try with your lover in bed tonight!

One sex position that provides sensual rubbing pleasure for your lover’s intimate parts!

One thing bad boys do in bed to keep their lovers on the edge and begging for more (Here’s how you can do it too…)

And much, much more!

Gabrielle Moore – Wet Orgasms Download

Wet Orgasms: Female Ejaculation Secrets and Positions Revealed

In this special audio book (yes, you actually hear my voice as I take you through the process of giving your lover warm, wet orgasms!)… you’ll learn the art of female ejaculation the Gabrielle Moore way!

Female ejaculation is not just a fantasy! According to scientific research by Darling, Davidson and Conway-Welch, 40% of women already routinely experience wet, squirting orgasms!

Why not help your lover be next? It’s all possible once you learn:

Why female ejaculations are so rare, and what really happens during an intense female ejaculation!

What can you expect during a liquid, female ejaculation… If you have been curious about what comes during a female ejaculation, learn all about it here!

How you can actually make your lover ejaculate and squirt in bed tonight! 

And many more!

Let me take you by hand and show you how to extend your G-spot play into giving your lover those intense, squirting orgasms!

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” How to Mercilessly Stimulate Your Lover’s G-Spot In Bed Tonight For Her Repeated Sexual Pleasure Until She BEGS You… To Stop!”

You’re About To Learn How To Locate The Forbidden G-Spot Most Women Don’t Even Know They Have Within Them…

You’re About To Discover:

The hidden (and highly sensitive) spot in your lover’s body most women don’t know about… and how you can stimulate it for intense, throbbing pleasure!

The truth & origins of the legendary female G-spot (If you have always wondered if it exists, here’s scientific proof.)

The science behind G-spot stimulation… and why it feels so good to your lover in bed!

The 2 hard-and-fast rules of G-spot stimulation (Just knowing where her G-spot is isn’t good enough, you have to do these 2 things to get her sexually aroused!)

A 3-step exercise to accurately locate and awaken your lover’s G-spot in bed (No more guessing at where her sweet spot is… This exercises points you to the EXACT spot!)

What to do if your lover is shy or self-conscious and does NOT allow you to “hunt for” her G-spot in bed (Here’s one sneaky tactic you can use to get around this…)

What you should do AFTER you have located your lover’s G-spot? You want to make sure you do this…

The shocking truth about the common, over-used missionary sex position and why it may be hurting your sex life!

One simple object in the bedroom that allows you to turn the ordinary missionary position into some intense G-spot stimulation!

And much, much more!

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Video Reveals The Irresistible, Red-Hot Fingering Techniques You Can Use Tonight To Make Her Dripping Wet!”

You’re About To Learn The Forbidden Secrets I Have Never Previously Shared About Using Your Fingers In Your Lover’s Most Intimate Parts…

You’re About To Discover:

The 4 common “mood-killing” mistakes made by guys that not only make her feel uncomfortable… but also turn her off completely (Most guys make Mistake #3 due to this common misconception.)

3 golden keys to giving your lover immense pleasure using nothing but your fingers… (You’ll be surprised at what your fingers can do… once you’ve trained them properly!)

The shocking truth about female orgasm (and the ONE thing that drives the female orgasm success rate to CLOSE TO 100%*…)

What you do NOT know about the male reproductive organ and how it can dampen your sex life

The red-hot fingering technique that literally opens your lover up… and makes her beg for more (Hint: It’s called the “invitation” technique, and it’s incredibly erotic for BOTH parties. Hear me describe it blow-by-blow in the video!)

What you should do AFTER your fingers are inside your lover… (and what you must not do…)

Why skillful fingering leads to better and more fulfilling sex afterwards! (And what happens if you just RUSH through the whole process…)

The 2 main reasons why women find it so difficult to have an orgasm during sex (The 2nd reason will shock you!)

The one activity that causes a woman to reach her orgasm 75% faster*

And much, much more!

Gabrielle Moore – Forbidden Sex Toys Download

Forbidden Sex Toys

You’re going to fall in LOVE with this ebook and audio program! Forbidden Sex Toys is your definitive guide to adult sex toys… written and read aloud the kinky Gabrielle Moore way! It reveals some of my favorite naughty toys in bed, and how you can choose the right toys for a whole night of kinky joy with your lover!

I teach you how to alternate and keep your lover on her edgeguessing at what’s next!

Join me as I reveal:

How to build your own pleasure chest of kinky sex toys that you’ll enjoy using with your lover… all year round!

Why sex toys are MORE THAN just vibrators or dildos. You’ll be amazed by the wide variety of sex toys… ranging from naughty bed games to lingerie!

How to choose the right vibrator for your lover (Ladies beware! Not all vibrators are made the same!)

Dildos that directly target the G-spot and offer intense stimulation for your lover (Recommended for use together with your fingers!)

Sex toys for guys – Your lover doesn’t have to be the only one getting all the fun!

The best place to shop for sex toys online at the best prices without breaking the bank

The most versatile sex toy for bondage play

10 common sex toy materials and what to take note for each of them (That skin-like sex toy may not be as safe as you think!)

One deadly compound you’ll NEVER want in your sex toys… but is often added to soften the texture of plastic because it’s cheap! (Beware when you buy one of those cheap sex toys!)

And more…

Forbidden Sex Toys (booklet + audio) is not available elsewhere you can download your copy today… Remember – Forbidden Sex Toys is both a written manual AND an audio MP3 file… You’ll LOVE it as I verbally take you through my favorite sex toys!

Gabrielle Moore – G-Spot Ecstasy Download

G-Spot Ecstasy: The Secret “Love Button” For Triggering The Longest, Most Intense Orgasms Of Her Life”

Wondered if the G-Spot was some kind or urban legend? I can assure you it’s not! Now you’ll know exactly how to find, massage, stimulate, and activate this very special “love button” to give her even more intense orgasms!

How to make her say, “I’ve NEVER cum like that before!” A G-Spot orgasm so powerful it can force your finger, hand, or penis out? YES! (It’s truly amazing and you really have to experience it for yourself—I’ll show you how to do it!)

NINE erotic G-Spot strokes you can begin using immediately to multiply her sensations. This is “research” you’ll both love and SO fun too! (Take it from me, the TENSION stroke is out of this world!)

How to effectively stimulate her G-Spot while giving her oral sex. You really cannot comprehend how quickly this will tip her over the edge until you do it – it’s incredibly powerful! (HINT: Darling, you might want to have some music playing if you have close neighbors – because your woman is going to SCREAM when you get this action going!)

Gabrielle Moore – Wet & Wild Download

Wet & Wild: Discovering The Sensual Mysteries of Female Ejaculation

If you like it wet – get ready for a gusher! This little known skill can add an entirely new dimension of excitement, fulfillment, and eroticism to your sexual union.

Put this together with your Hot Licks skills and get ready for a major eruption of her love juices. She will be amazed and so will you!

The truth about female ejaculation, how it happens, and why hardly anyone knows how to do it. YOU will know, because I’ll show you exactly what to do! (This is how you take your lovemaking to the highest level yet—you’ll be one of the few in the world who understand this secret turn-on.)

Vibrating your way to her ejaculation. Exactly what kind of vibrator you should use, how to use it, and why she’ll be thrilled out of her mind when you do! (HINT: This only works with the right kind of vibrator so don’t try this until I show you what do OK?)
The secret “hand job” strategy to make her come manually. You’re going to feel sexy, strong, and powerful when you do THIS to her! (WARNING: This should only be used at certain times, so be sure you follow my instructions to the letter!)

Gabrielle Moore – The Tantric Touch Download

“Demonstrates The Forbidden Tantric Sex Ritual Of Worshipping The Goddess… The Ancient Sex Act That Can Have Her MOAN & BEG With Unbearable Horniness!”

You’re About To Learn How To Tap Into Two Thousand Years Of Long-Lost, Forgotten Sexual Wisdom For Your Lovemaking Pleasure!

You’re About To Discover:

The shocking truth about tantric sex… and why it has NOTHING to do with religion or rituals. Instead, it has everything to do with the forbidden art of sexual pleasure!

Why having a good understanding of tantric sex solves many of our modern sexual problems (such as your lover losing interest in sex, not being able to orgasm in bed…)

Find yourself losing steam halfway during sex? Learn how you can build-up your storehouse of “vital energy” that can satisfy her all night…

How your diet affects your sex life! (Yes, there are certain natural foods you can eat for that much-needed boost!)

The tantric principle of sacred sex – If you always felt that sex is not satisfying or good enough for you… wait till you learn this secret principle from the tantric masters!

How to caress your lover in bed to open her crown chakra… and awaken her deepest sexual desires for you!

The tantric art of “worshipping the Goddess” – Follow along as I teach you a simple series of forbidden moves to prepare her sacral chamber… and get her juices flowing!

My 4-step method to tease & pleasure your lover’s private parts like a tantric master… without having to go through YEARS of training or practice!

HOT: How to open your lover up sexually by using one hand to caress her Heart chakra… and the other to play with her private parts!

And much, much more!

Gabrielle Moore – Kama Sutra Reloaded Download Download

“Kamasutra Reloaded” – An Ancient Guide to the Labors of Love Sacred Sex and Mindful Relationship

A completely new, completely rewritten version of the Kama Sutra! Best of all, this special audio playbook is personally read by me!

Which means you get to learn MORE about ancient lovemaking techniques as I guide you along, step-by-step with my own voice!

Most people think that the Kama Sutra is a book about sex positions… They can’t be more wrong!

The Kama Sutra is an ancient guide to the labors of love, sacred sex and mindful relationships! The original Kama Sutra (which is VERY rare and out of print) not only talks about the sexual act itself… but also about seduction & attraction strategies and how to be a good lover.

For the first time, I’ve completely rewritten and revised this ancient guidebook on sex in a modern way.


Why the Kama Sutra is not just a book about complicated sex positions. Instead, it’s a practical book about the art of sexual pleasure and being an irresistible lover!

The 64 arts and sciences that should be mastered to be a good lover – Find out how they apply in modern life!
The 3 different kinds of “perfect union” according to the Kama Sutra
4 standard types of kisses you should master to please your lover (Kissing isn’t JUST for the lips!)
The kama sutra way to sexy tongue action…
8 types of different love bites you can try on your lover!
What does the kama sutra say about naughty spanking and bondage? You’ll be surprised by the answer!
The 5 types of sexual positions you can try on your lover, ranging from “man on top” to sitting and standing!
And many more!

Let me take you by hand and show you how to extend your tantric play into giving your lover those intense, squirting orgasms!

Gabrielle Moore – Hot Licks Download

100% hotter oral sex—starting tonight…

“Thrill Every Inch Of Her Body
Using Tongue Moves & Finger Tricks
Your Woman Will Beg You For–
THIS Is How You Make Her Orgasm!”

“I’m about to reveal the fiercest, hottest secrets to giving her oral sex orgasms. I’ll even give you graphic color ILLUSTRATIONS showing you super sexy moves to start a bonfire between her legs—and in her heart! You’re going to love it—and so will SHE.”

Hi Sweetheart,

If you’re dying for YOUR lover to say this about YOU—you’re in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

Because there’s simply no question–what I’m about to reveal to you today is guaranteed to rock not only your lover’s world—but yours as well. But first things first…

If we haven’t met yet, permit me to introduce myself.

I’m Gabrielle Moore, your teacher, partner, and friend.

I’m also a happily married bi-sexual woman, which gives me a uniquely personal perspective on BOTH sides of the “great sex” equation, especially when it comes to oral delights.

I’ve helped tens of thousands of good people like you achieve their sexual goals, introducing new levels of love, intimacy and good old fashioned LUST into their unions in the process.

Because of my track record healing relationships, many call me the world’s most straight-talking and experienced educator in mastering the art of intensely pleasurable sex with your partner.

Some have even called me…

The Oral Sex Whisperer!

That’s kind of funny—but it’s actually pretty accurate.

Because once you tap into the psychology of what turns boring sex into HOT sex—and what turns awkward oral sex into HOT-HOT-HOT oral sex orgasms—things turn around so fast you’ll hardly believe you ever used to have any difficulties with orgasmic oral sex.

And while it’s an honor to have people say this about me, the way I identify myself is equally important because…

I Call Myself A Woman With A Mission

I’m dedicated to making sure anyone in the world who wants to can elevate their sex life from “ordinary” to extraordinarily satisfying, seductively sensual, and downright HOT.

Not by laying back and selfishly expecting your partner to serve you—but by understanding and truly desiring to give your partner the exquisite gift of the most incredibly satisfyingly orgasmic oral sex of her life.

Today it’s time to provide you the answer, and more important the SOLUTION—to an issue that has proven to be a source of frustration and anxiety in many, many sexual unions. It’s actually one of the questions I’m asked most frequently…

“How Do I Make Her orgasm With Oral Sex?”

First of all, you’re not alone in this dilemma.

I literally hear from hundreds of men AND women every single day, who have the same confusion over WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and WHEN to do it.

One man was even bold enough to ask me a question a LOT of men secretly would love to ask…

“What Do Lesbians Know About Giving Amazing Oral Sex That I Don’t?”

Being bi-sexual myself, I knew exactly what he meant. Because as I said at the beginning, there are some things only a woman knows.

What it feels like when your clit is teased properly with a velvety tongue and skilled fingers—and HOW to do it–is one of them.

Let me be perfectly clear here—it’s more than just becoming extremely skilled. Sure, that’s part of it. But if you don’t understand the “inner game” of hot sex, you’ll never get there just by manipulating her parts.

It’s much deeper than that—and it’s all part and parcel of how I came to be an international sex expert in the first place.

Because I realized that until men understand exactly how to touch the deepest part of a woman—her heart and soul—you just aren’t going to get her to the highest levels of ecstasy.

It’s crucial to recognize that the most important sex organ of all is between your ears—once you “get” that–you truly open the door to becoming a world-class lover.

And here’s the really fantastic part…

This Can Work For ANYBODY…

The beauty of this is that no matter where you are in your life journey, it works like magic to make you irresistible to your partner.

Whether you are a man or a woman, when you follow the step-by-step guidance I have for you, your woman is going to experience levels of ecstasy, elation, and intimacy like she has never known before.

And It’s Never Too Late!

That’s why it doesn’t matter if you are…

Old, young, or anywhere in between…

Fat or thin…

Short or tall…

Able-bodied or physically challenged…

Handsome or plain…

Extremely well-endowed or “modestly” equipped…

In a relationship that has lost it’s spark…

Conservative or liberal…

Hindered by medication side-effects…

Straight, Gay, or Bi-sexual…

A man or a woman.

All that matters is that you truly desire to give your partner the most fantastic oral sex experience she’s ever had—and you want to be able to do it over and over again for the rest of your lives.

Because more than “put part A on part B and rub really fast”—this is about loving your partner from the inside out.

So you do your part, and I’ll give you a treasure chest of specific strategies, tips, and techniques that will rapidly multiply your oral skills.

Let’s Start With This…

Do you often wonder why your woman doesn’t seem interested in having you spend much time (or any at all!) “down there?”

Here’s Your First Clue…

Let’s say you’ve stormed the beach and now you’re mechanically flicking your tongue on her like some kind of crazed lizard—or rubbing the bejeebers out of her clit to the point she is squirming to get away.

And all the while you’re secretly thinking…

“Why Doesn’t She Hurry Up And orgasm?”

Well guess what?

You are definitely missing key emotional components that will make your woman EAGER to have you nuzzling between her thighs.

That’s why you must have the right “between the ears” intention BEFORE you get between her legs. In other words…

Get YOUR Head In The Right Place…And She’ll Want You To Give HER Head!

My files are literally overflowing with more than 4,000 letters like these. And each one I read brings tears of joy to my eyes.

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

I must be the luckiest woman in the world to have a life calling that feels this GOOD! Think about it—I get to spend my days (and nights!) researching all the crazy, dirty techniques that will teach you how to give your woman the hottest, juiciest oral sex orgasms of her life.

Don’t tell anybody, but it gets ME pretty hot just talking about it with you. But more importantly, it’s such an incredible honor to be an instrument for this kind of life transformation for good people like YOU.

Because this isn’t about me…

It’s All About YOU And YOUR Partner!

At this point you might be wondering if this is something that would be helpful for you, right? So let me ask you a question…

Are you concerned about ANY of these aspects of your relationship?

Your partner seems bored with your sex life…

You’re afraid you can’t satisfy your partner enough…

You worry she will find someone else and wonder why women cheat…

You don’t know what to do with tongue, fingers, or hands to pleasure her with oral sex…

You want to know when to move from oral sex to penetration…

You don’t have a clue how to convince your partner that oral sex is a GREAT idea…

You want to be better than average at giving oral sex—in fact you want to be an oral sex master…

You want to know what kind of foreplay leads up to oral…

You want to be able to give her intense orgasms and multiple orgasms too…

You’re anxious about how to give her the first clitoral kiss…

You’re confused about rhythm, position, and best techniques…

You don’t known how to identify whether or not she is REALLY turned on or faking it—or worse yet TOLERATING it…

You’re not even sure what her “bits and parts” are—WHERE they are, or which ones are the best for giving her incredible pleasure…

You want to know what to do if she says she is too sensitive or it tickles—do you stop? Keep going? Change position?

You want to know whether you suck her clit or lick her clit? Which is best?

What is the best position for giving her oral sex?

How do you find out what she likes?

How do you make sure you are practicing safe oral sex and good hygiene…

You wish somebody would give you a step-by-step guide to show you exactly what to do to give her orgasmic oral sex…

If you could relate to even ONE of these statements, you will find the perfect solution right here.

Here’s What I’ve Got For You

As you will soon see, I’ve created an incredibly valuable resource for you, with everything you need to assure you can send your lover into orbit by “hot licking” her to orgasmic oral sex.

Not only do you need to know exactly what kind of sequences will practically guarantee she’ll soon be having the kind of exquisite release you both want—you also need to understand the “inner game” of being the most tuned-in and exciting partner she’s ever had.

You’re going to be amazed at what a difference this makes to your entire life, and how confident you’ll be in your skills as a tender but passionate lover.

That’s why I’ve created the most all-inclusive and easy-to-understand program you’ll find on this topic. It’s called…

“Hot Licks: The Ultimate 5-Step Program For Mastering The Art Of Giving Her Exquisitely Orgasmic Oral Sex”

The program is designed to give you everything you need to make sure you know WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, and of course HOW to proceed to build the excitement and tension that culminates in explosive orgasms (as many as she and you can handle!) when you go down on your woman.

Once you have access to my inner sanctum of knowledge, you’ll be able to add a new dimension to your lovemaking that will thrill you—and leave your partner begging for your tongue and fingers every time you make love!

As soon as you sign up today, you’ll receive instant access to the entire Hot Licks program as a digital download.

And I’ve got a wonderful surprise for you that will make this even sweeter! I’ve personally recorded every word of this entire program, just for you.

So you’ll also have instant access to MP3 audios of my voice instructing you every step of the way—and sweetheart we are going to have SO much fun!

Gabrielle Moore – Erotic Massage For Better Sex Download

” Reveals How To Knead, Stroke & Tease Every Inch Of Your Lover’s Exposed Naked Body By Giving Her A Full-Body Erotic Massage…”

You’re About To Learn How To Turn Those Innocent Massage Moves Into Some Seriously Kinky, Red-Hot Erotic Massage Action!

You’re About To Discover:

The truth about a woman’s sexual desire as she gets older or spends more time with you… and what you can do to rekindle it!

The real reason why your lover seems to be losing interest in sex (from a female’s viewpoint!)

The shocking statistic revealed by Dr. Al Cooper in his book Understanding The Female Orgasm… that explains why 75% of women who can never reach an orgasm during sex unless you do THIS!

How massage actually makes her HORNY… according to research conducted by the University of California San Francisco.

What you should do if either you or your lover suffers from sexual performance anxiety… and is unable to perform in bed (This quickly & easily solves the problem!)

How to combine regular massage with erotic moves for a red-hot erotic massage session! 

How to let your lover have an extended foreplay by giving her that erotic massage tonight…

The 3 erotic massage strokes you can use TONIGHT to pleasure her neck, shoulders, back, belly… and breasts!

How to set the stage for a kinky, sensual erotic massage session — Be sure to follow my instructions here for an uninterrupted massage experience!

Which parts of her body can you erotically massage to turn her on? Find out in my video…

And much, much more!

 Gabrielle Moore – Forbidden Female Fantasies Download

Forbidden Female Fantasies: Your Lover’s Deepest Sexual Fantasies…Revealed

I wrote this F.F.F.F Manual just for you sweetheart… to reward those who DARE to bring their sex life to a whole new level. It’s for the adventurous animal within you!

This manual takes you inside the innermost chambers of your lover’s mind and reveals her deepest sexual fantasies! How would I know what they are? There are the fantasies which I’ve had myself for the longest time… and these are also the most common sex fantasies that women have!

If you think erotic sexual fantasies are something to be ashamed of… or if you & your lover have never openly spoke about your dirtiest fantasies before… this is going to take you inside her head and then inside her body as you fulfill each of her naughtiest fantasies!

What’s more… besides the written version of this playbook, you also get its accompanying downloadable audio file. Listen in as I reveal the naughtiest, wettest and hottest sexual fantasies that women have… but just don’t dare to tell you!

Learn& listen to:

The actual down and dirty sex fantasies women have… You’ll be surprised at how red-hot some of these fantasies can get!

What prevents most sexual fantasies from happening in real life (Yes, it is an obstacle you can remove easily…)

21 things women secretly fantasize about men in order for sex to be perfect for them!

The 10 most common female erotic fantasies and the surprising truths about them (Read actual accounts of real-life fantasies and what they CRAVE for you to do to them so badly, right now!)

Dirty thoughts going through your lover’s mind right now… ranging from her “educating” an innocent young man in sex, having a wrongful affair with the pizza guy and being punished… by you! (Just reading these sex-charged descriptions can give you so many ideas about what to do to her tonight! You’ll never be at a lost for ideas again…)


Gabrielle Moore – Anal Pleasure For Her Download

Gabrielle Moore’s MOST provocative & daring instructional manual to date…

“Anal Pleasure For Her:
How To Give Your Lover The Tightest And
Most Intense Sexual Experience Of Her Life!”

If Regular Sex Just Doesn’t Cut It Anymore… Discover This Completely New Way To Stimulate & Satisfy Her Wildest Desires For Hot Sex!

From the desk of Gabrielle Moore
#1 best-selling author of “The Female Orgasm Revealed”, “Double Her Desire”,
“Hot Licks” (and way too many sex advice books to list here)

Dear Sweetheart,

This is not an easy letter for me to write.

You see, for the most part of my career as a straight-talking, provocative sexual advisor… I’ve been known to dish out some of the most frank and downright dirty advice about improving your sex life. I’ve pulled the curtain off some of the most taboo and little-known topics in modern day sex, such as liquid squirting female orgasms, tantric sex and even advanced foreplay techniques.

But nothing… nothing has ever come close to this FORBIDDEN topic I’m going to talk about today. In fact, I’m risking my entire professional career by being willing to openly teach this subject… but I decided to do it anyway for a few good reasons.

As you’ll discover in a few moments, anal play is one of the most intense, sexually-charged experience you can give your lover. It’s so special because only you can give it to her. No one puts in better than Dr. Alex Comfort in The Joy of Sex when he writes:

Anal intercourse is something which nearly every couple tries once. A few stay with it usually because the woman finds that it gives her more intense feelings than the normal route and is pleasurably tight for the man.”

– The Joy of Sex

Oh by the way, Dr. Alex Comfort wrote those words… Back In 1972!

What? Wasn’t the 1970s supposed to be a highly conservative age when it came to sexual fun? You mean there were people engaging in regular anal play even back then?

That’s right… As you can see, anal play has come a LONG way. It isn’t some recent, new-age sex act that has just been discovered. In fact, if you trace the origins of anal intercourse, you may be surprised to find that it reaches as far back as ancient Greece!

What do all of these have in common?

  • Greek ceramics

  • East Indian temple sculptures

  • Persian paintings

  • African carvings…

All Portrayed Anal Intercourse In Its Various Forms!

Now that we know anal intercourse goes back a LONG, long way and it’s not something we have “stumbled upon” just recently… it does make it much easier for us to talk about this subject. In fact, anal course has been receiving much attention in recent times because of the readily-available statistics surrounding this practice…

Consider these:

According to the Centers for Disease Control’s National Survey of Family Growth, 38.2% of men (aged 20 to 39) and 32.6% of women (aged 18 to 44) frequently engage in straight anal sex. (That’s right, they engage in anal play on a regular basis.)

In a survey conducted by Redbook magazine on 100,000 readers, 43% of women said they have tried it at least once. (What!?!? That’s 4 out of every 10 women you know in your life!)

Out of this number, 40% said they found it somewhat or very enjoyable!

All of these recent findings confirm the fact that…

Anal Sex Is More Common Than We Think!

As I’m writing this, you may be sitting there with a smile over your face. Because if these statistics are anything to go by… chances are you WOULD have tried (or fantasized about trying) anal sex with your lover.

Maybe you just didn’t know the right way to try it…

Or perhaps you don’t know how to bring it up to your lover, for fear she’ll judge you and reject you…

Or maybe you tried it, but it wasn’t as pleasant as you thought.

Whatever your reasons are, I’m going to teach you how to systematically overcome the objections to HOT anal play with your lover… and the BEST way you can perform it correctly on her.

Because here’s the truth: Anal sex can be…

One Of The MOST Pleasurable Experiences You Can Give To Your Lover!

I don’t claim that lightly. First, consider the scientific fact that the anus is especially rich in nerve endings. Stimulating those nerve endings of your lover contributes to those pleasurable, orgasmic feelings during sex.

Next, The New Good Vibrations Guide To Sex writes that the anus also “engorges” the male sexual organ due to muscular tension and contraction. This means it provides incredible tightness for the male… something which most men crave for but can only dream about!

Scientific evidence aside, there is also the psychological element involved when a straight couple gets involved in anal play. The man is totally in control as he gets deep inside his lover FROM BEHIND… and the woman has to open herself fully and trust her partner is this intimate act!

With all these facts surrounding anal play, no wonder more couples are curious to try it! But there’s often one major hurdle:

They Don’t Know How To Prepare And Ask For It

Usually, the horror stories we hear about anal sex revolve around the guy trying it on his partner even before she is ready. Sometimes, the guy may even spring a surprise on her… causing things to get really messy (in a bad way). The result? Anal sex is given a bad label, shelved and never talked about again in the entire relationship.

Yes, anal pleasure is all about adequate preparation. Not just physical preparation but also mental preparation. In fact, if you can mentally warm your lover up to the idea of hot, lustful anal sex… then most of the work is already done! The key is to take things slowly and give it to her really BAD only after she’s ready.

Did you manage to watch the video? Good! Hopefully it clears up some of your long-standing inhibitions about anal sex. Maybe now you’re convinced and a little more swayed now… but you still have absolutely no idea how to persuade your lover, girlfriend or wife to agree. What should you do?

Relax – Anal play is never about force. It’s always about full consent between two loving parties. Here’s a recap of the facts you need to educate your lover about anal intercourse…

Anal play can make your lover feel good – Since her anus contains a rich number of highly sensitive nerve endings… all of which are intensely stimulated during anal sex.

Anal play can feel pleasurably tight for you as well – The human anus contains a ring of strong sphincter muscles that contract and relax… providing a firm gripping sensation for your penis.

Anal sex is not dirty or messy if done correctly. It’s not painful if you do the usual preparations and ease yourself into it. If it’s painful instead of pleasurable… you’re not doing it right! You do the same preparations for anal intercourse as you would with vaginal penetration… the basics are the same!

Since so many of my readers have been curious about straight anal play with no where to turn to… I couldn’t possibly leave them in the lurch, could I?

Instead of letting everyone be carried away by all the misinformation and half-truths out there… I decided to create my own comprehensive course on this VERY subject!

Introducing Anal Pleasure For Her: An Erotic Guide To Sensual Female Anal Sex!

Gabrielle Moore’s most provocative and intense course… to date!

You’ll LOVE my take on straight anal play in this no-holds barred course! Watch as I reveal each and every step you must take to convince your lover to agree to kinky anal sex with you… then join me as I guide you how to go DEEP inside her!

Make Anal Sex Rejections A Thing Of The Past As You Both Learn How To Truly Enjoy It!


The reason why anal sex feels so irresistibly taboo… as if beckoning you to give in to your curiosity and try it! (Page 13)

The real reason why I decided to author this course about having wild, no-holds barred anal sex… The reason will shock you! (Page 13)

EXPOSED: Gabrielle Moore’s own personal experiences about dirty, taboo anal sex with her husband… and how I reacted to my virgin experience when I first tried it! (Thankfully for you, you don’t have to make the same mistakes as I did…) (Page 14)

How anal intercourse may well be the missing piece in your sexual repertoire (If you have tried everything EXCEPT this… here’s what you’re missing out!) (Page 15)

Why the orgasm that your lover will get from anal intercourse is likely to be WAY MORE intense that anything she has ever experienced before! (Page 15)

What to do if you feel uncomfortable… or resistive to a few of the anal sex techniques I teach (The key is NOT to force yourself!) (Page 15)

12 questions you need to ask yourself or go through with your lover before both of you engage in anal intercourse (This will clear up any of the misconceptions you have about the process and make things easier…) (Page 16 – 17)

The real reason why most people find anal sex to be something taboo… and the TRUTH about its role in your relationship (Page 18)

What religion REALLY says about anal intercourse… this will shock you! (Page 18)

The 7 deadly LIES about anal sex that are preventing you from trying it out and experiencing it with your lover (Please don’t let ANY of these lies stop you!) (Page 19 – 20)

Lie #1 which your lover believes in… which may be her biggest stumbling block towards fulfilling your fantasy of anal play! (Page 19)

The shocking truth about the link between anal sex and homosexuality… You’ll find that there’s NO LINK when you look at these numbers! (Page 20)

What Alfred Kinsey, the father figure of sex says about unnatural sex acts as it relates to anal sex. If you have always been hung up over this point, this clears things up. (Page 20)

What sex advice columnist Susan Bakos says about how much women enjoy anal sex… this revelation might shock you! (Page 20)

If you ever wanted to know “what makes a woman good in bed“… this is what Penthouse magazine founder has to say about it (Page 21)

The truth about whether women REALLY want oral sex… and what is stopping them in bed (Page 22)

The 7 mistakes guys make that prevent their lover from agreeing to anal intercourse… even though deep down inside, she may be craving for it BADLY! (Page 21 – 23)

Why anal sex is NOT as straightforward as what you see in porn movies… and the right way to do it instead (Page 22)

Mistake #3 guys make which cause their lovers to be afraid of anal sex (They fail to do this one thing that can be easily done… in 5 minutes!) (Page 22)

One thing that is KEY… or one condition that has to be MET before you even go near her bottom (Page 23)

Why anal sex did not work out right the first few times you tried it with your lover… If you have experimented with anal sex before and it didn’t feel as good as it should, maybe you’re getting this wrong (Page 24)

The 2-step technique you must use to stimulate her mind & body… and sneakily TURN HER ON to the idea of anal sex… even before she has a chance to reject! (Page 24)

The very first thing you must do tonight to turn your lover onto anal erotism (Note: MOST women are so innocent they have never heard of this before… but they’re going to love the feeling once you’re inside them!) (Page 24)

One major stumbling block women have towards trying out anal sex… They’ll raise all kinds of OTHER objections when you suggest the idea, but DEEP DOWN INSIDE they are actually afraid of this (Page 25)

Why the trust factor is so important in anal sex… more so than any other sex position you have tried! (Page 25)

Is there any truth behind the saying, “Regular sex will make your day, but anal sex will make your whole week”? You’ll find out on Page 25!

3 steps to stimulate your partner’s body and desensitize her fear towards anal sex (You want to make sure you start slow and steady with these steps first…) (Page 25 – 26)

One sneaky technique to get your lover USED to the sensation of having a rear entry (Page 26)

Why understanding the anatomy of her anus is the key to intense, anal pleasure! Be sure you don’t skip this part! (Page 27)

What you need to know about the 2 rings of muscles that can give you that incredible feeling of tightness during rough anal play! (Page 27)

Why anal sex is not just about the anus sphincter muscles but also about this other group of muscles as well that contribute as much to the pleasure! (Page 27)

4 undetectable exercises your lover can do ANYWHERE… as a form of preparation for anal entry! You can do these exercises too for a hidden, added benefit! (Page 28)

Everything you wanted to know about how her backdoor functions but were too shy to ask! I explain everything to you in full, graphical glory! (Page 29)

Your anal sex advanced preparation checklist – As I mentioned, PLEASE do not jump into this straight without being prepared. Here are a list of things you must do to ensure a pleasant experience for both parties! (Page 30)

How to deal with the hygiene issue during anal sex (This is a BIG issue… it might also be the ONLY issue stopping you from trying out anal play. So here’s how to make sure hygiene is never a problem…) (Page 30)

Why you want to take the chance to give her a kinky butt shaving before anal play (Page 31)

The kinds of lubricant you should use for anal play (Page 32)

5 simple rules you MUST obey when using condoms together with anal sex… including the one golden rule you must obey every single time (Page 33)

When you should absolutely, NEVER perform anal sex on your lover (This is so serious, it’s not even funny!) (Page 34)

One thing you should never try on your lover when it comes to anal sex no matter how tempting it feels, or how excited you are (Page 34)

One thing you should never SKIP when having anal sex. Be sure to do this every time! (Page 34)

The one kind of cream you should NOT use when having anal sex… because of its potential health effects (Page 35)

6 telltale signs that you should NOT have anal intercourse with your lover – As I mentioned, anal play is not for everyone… so be sure to see if your lover is fully suitable for it… (Page 36)

How to use foreplay to sexually arouse your lover… and make her receptive to anal penetration later on (Page 37)

The 2 options you have during foreplay that will dissolve her resistance against anal sex… I show you which is the appropriate route you should take (Page 37)

How to be nice and easy when playing with your lover’s butt (Page 38)

How to go from nice and easy to naughty and HARD on your lover’s butt cheeks! PLEASE… try this erotic technique for yourself to see if she’s warmed up to the idea of anal sex! (Page 38)

One mood detector test you can use on your lover, to see if she is ready for butt-play (This test does NOT involve the use of ANY words… just ONE SINGLE action!) (Page 38)

Why it is important to pamper your lover with a luxurious, buttocks massage to loosen her up before moving on to the real thing (Page 38)

5 scent tricks you can do to trigger feelings of sexual arousal in your lover! (Page 39)

The 3 types of strokes you should be applying to your lover’s buttocks… that are bound to relax and melt those sexual barriers fully.. not to mention open her up! (Page 39)

Why you should NOT neglect other parts of her body while you are fully focused on giving her a butt workout! (Page 40)

Should you get your lover to orgasm before engaging in some anal action? Find out on Page 40.

What to do if your lover is tired of the same old butt caressing routine… and you want to try something different that lights those sparks within her (Page 41)

How hard should you slap your lover’s butt during foreplay? (Page 41)

Why anal masturbation is an important form of lead-in to the main act of anal sex (If your lover is not comfortable with the idea of you entering her outright… then get her to do this to herself first!) (Page 42)

How to help your lover discover her own body before you engage in anal play (Page 42)

My step-by-step guide to anal masturbation for your lover… including what you should do at each stage to help her get used to the sensations (Page 43)

How to mutually anal masturbate to bring things to even HOTTER levels in the bedroom (Do this if you’re comfortable!) (Page 44)

5 things that must be present for a comfortable, anal self-play session (Page 45)

One thing you MUST not do when engaging in anal self-play with your lover (Page 45)

The art of analingus or “rimming” revealed! How to stimulate your lover’s ass with nothing but your tongue! (Page 46)

How to ensure that all hygiene requirements are met during “rimming” (Page 46)

The 6-step procedure to stimulate your lover’s anus with your mouth and tongue! (Page 47)

How to use some ice to magically increase the level of hotness when stimulating your lover orally! — It’s NOT that old ice trick! (Page 47)

What to do if your lover is NOT ready for anal sex yet… and you want to get her used to the motion. This is something you can do right away… starting tonight! No advanced preparation needed. (Page 47)

6 steps to fingering your lover’s anus to loosen her up and prepare her for anal penetration (Page 48)

6 game rules both parties must obey when engaging in anal intercourse — If either party cannot commit to them, it’s better that you not try! (Page 49 – 50)

THE JUICY PART: The 3-step method to get inside your lover’s ass, stay there and give her some good, hard thrusting! (Page 50)

Why you should NOT go the full length all at once… Instead, this is what you should do at first (Page 50)

Follow this guideline to know how deep to go… when you’re inside her for the first time (Page 50)

What to do after the tip of your penis is inside her… (Page 50)

The art of double penetration during anal sex revealed (Page 51)

What an anal orgasm really is… and whether it is possible for your lover to achieve one (Page 51)

How to indirectly stimulate your lover’s G-spot when you’re inside her… from the rear! (Note: Most women don’t even know this CAN be done… so you’re really gearing her up for some immense explicit pleasure that can cause her to swear in pleasure!) (Page 51)

The 3 sources of pleasure during anal sex (It’s not just her nerve endings that are being stimulated… It’s ALL 3 OF THESE parts, at once!) (Page 51)

My 10-step method for moving from anal teasing and light play to full blown anal penetration, or even double penetration and beyond! (Page 51 – 52)

How diet contributes to your pleasures during anal sex (Page 52)

Real women reveal their deepest confessions and experiences about anal sex! (Page 53)

Mind-blowing anal sex positions you should try with your lover… once she’s totally warmed up to the idea of anal play! (Page 53)

4 beginner positions for bed-shaking anal sex that can gently ease both of you into the routine and provide maximum pleasure – See as I illustrate each of these sexual positions for maximum penetration! (Page 54)

One sex position that lets your girl be on top during anal sex… and thus lets her be IN CONTROL — This is especially useful if she is still struggling with trust issues during anal sex (Page 54)

What you should do when your lover is ON TOP of you while you are inside her… This is an additional kinky move you can try on her (Page 55)

How to turn a normal chair into a formidable sex toy for anal play! (Page 56)

One highly-charged sex position that literally fuses and bonds both your bodies together as you are right inside of her… This is a GREAT way to end things! (Page 57)

This beastly technique that will unease the sexual animal within her… and you! (Page 58)

How to play to her submissive fantasies in this ultimate, dominating sexual position for the guy! (Page 59)

How to have hot and wet anal sex right in the bathtub… with help from running warm water! (Page 60)

How to easily adopt the familiar missionary sex position so it can be used for anal penetration (Page 62)

One erotic love-making technique that ensures closeness and intimacy… while giving her the full length of you! (Page 64)

What you should do right after anal sex… to ensure your chances of getting to enjoy it the next time round! (Page 68)

4 things to try immediately after her virgin anal sex experience… and what you should not do that can hurt her feelings! (Page 68-69)

What to say to your lover right after sex – I reveal this sexy little joke that can immediately relieve the tension or awkwardness in the bedroom after you’re done (Page 69)

How you can turn one round of pleasurable anal sex into multiple rounds… (Page 69)

3 telltale signs that you’ve blown your lover away during your earlier anal play session (You don’t even have to ask her whether it felt good… you can tell just from observing these!) (Page 70)

For advanced students only – How to use sex toys to double her anal pleasure (Page 71)

10 reasons why you should use sex toys to enhance your anal play experience (Page 71)

The #1 rule that helps you choose a suitable toy for anal play – If you have always been wowed by the range of toys available, this is the question you should ask. (Page 72)

Everything you need to know about butt plugs, anal beads, dildos and vibrators to use on her behind besides your own tool! (Page 73-75)

How to clean and properly store your sex toys after every use (Page 76)

The myth that vibrators disturb the sensitive skin in the anus… Is it true? (Page 76)

How to bring your anal play to a whole new level by throwing in some bondage fun! But wait, you must do it right… (Page 77)

4 myths about bondage that may be preventing you from trying it out (If you ever thought that bondage is too violent or perverse… you’re doing it wrong!) (Page 78)

What you should know about anal fisting… You may never get to try this, but if you’re extra adventurous… (Page 82)

The shocking truth about how anal sex contributes to rectum health, as revealed in The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women (Page 84)

Health tips and pointers to look out for when trying anal sex with your lover (Page 85)

Anal sex & sexual health: Learn the signs to look out for before engaging in anal sex with your lover… to see if she has the following health issues! (Page 86)

And much, much more!

Gabrielle Moore – Squirting Orgasm Secrets Download

Gabrielle Moore – The Full Body Orgasm Download

“The Full Body Orgasm” How to Mercilessly Pleasure your Lover in Bed Tonight

The Full Body Orgasm takes an explicit, tantalizing look into the world of full-body female orgasms.

What’s more, the Full Body Orgasm comes as a downloadable audio book!

Yes, you actually hear my voice as I take you through each step of giving your lover her virgin squirting, throbbing orgasm!

She’ll LOVE the feast after all these years of sex starvation!


The 3 most common reasons that prevent women from reaching an orgasm during sex… and how you can overcome them

How to turn good orgasms into great, mind-blowing orgasms she’ll remember for weeks!
How to stimulate your lover’s G-spot for an intense G-spot orgasm!
The truth about orgasmic threesomes… It’s NOT what you think!
The art of prolonging her sexual pleasure… by prolonging her orgasms! Yes, it’s actually possible to make her orgasms last LONGER!
The 4-second breath trick to hotter, more intense orgasms
How to go from having one orgasm… to having multiple, full-body orgasms in a single session!
The 7 secret steps to help your lover achieve multiple orgasms
The truth about simultaneous orgasms – Achieving an orgasm at the exact same time as your lover. It’s possible if you follow these steps!
Sex positions that can greatly facilitate simultaneous orgasms
What to do if your lover can’t achieve that elusive orgasm, no matter how hard you try
And many more!

Remember – The Full Body Orgasm is your frank, straight-talking guide to female orgasms! There’s nothing like hearing my voice as I personally describe, blow-by-blow, the techniques of pleasuring your lover into that rapturous orgasm… with her in your arms!

Gabrielle Moore – The 7-Day Orgasm Download

A message from Gabrielle Moore, #1 bestselling author of “The Female Orgasm Revealed”, “Double her Desire”, “Mastering Her G Spot”, “Hot Licks”, “The Sex Starved Couple” & more:

Honey, do me a favor will ya?

Imagine writing down every single piece of sex advice you’ve ever read, heard or watched… tearing it all into tiny pieces with your bare hands… and setting those pieces on fire as you gleefully watch the smoke billow into the night sky.

Because let me tell you something – I’m sick and tired of every sex “guru” and fly-by-night relationship expert teasing you with inaccurate or incomplete information about sex… and wasting your time with amateur techniques that work as well as a condom in a needle factory.

Come closer and let me tell you a secret:

There’s just one sneaky obstacle standing between you and the hot, sweaty, orgasm-a-minute pornstar sex you want to enjoy with your partner…

And nope – I’m not talking about your age, or your bedroom skills, or the size of your penis… I’m talking about time!

  • You don’t have months or even years of TIME to sift through thousands of hyped-up online sex articles, books and magazines, just to stumble on half-baked tips that leave your partner more confused than turned on.
  • You don’t have TIME to sit through dozens of boring sessions with an overpriced sex coach, or stock up on gimmicky sex toys that don’t excite you as much as the packaging said they would.
  • And you definitely don’t have TIME to spend the best years of your life enduring lukewarm sex… wondering if she’s faking it… envying your friskier friends… and dreading the thought of turning old one day and looking back at your youth with futile regret.
Our grandmothers had more sex than today’s women!
A study at the Kinsey Institute show that women in the 1950s had more and better sex compared to modern women. The reason? They don’t have enough time to work on improving their sex lives.

I know what you want. You want to be that lucky guy with the amazing sex life and the always-satisfied partner. You want to have that ‘magic touch’ that leaves a woman begging for you to be in her before you even rip her bra off.

And you want that priceless feeling of manliness every time you surprise her with sizzling hot new techniques, positions and tricks no other man has given her.

So let me make you a deal – what if I told you I could give you a shot at all this, and maybe even help you and your partner completely transform your sex life not in years, weeks, or months… but in practically no time at all?

Give me just 7 days, and I’ll help you reach for the sex life you’ve always dreamed of but never thought you could have

Master new exotic  sex positions……whether it’s spiced-up versions of old favorites like missionary or doggy, or unusual Eastern body contortions like the Couching Tiger that give you amazing views of her body and previously unimaginable sensations.

Leave the G-spot obsession to the amateurs… …and instead dominate every inch of her vagina like you’re the Christopher Columbus of sex… so you can penetrate, finger and lick your way to ecstasy.

Discover the strange,tingly, forbidden pleasure zones on her body… …learn raunchy moves like the Tailbone Tickle and the Package Pump… and smile as she melts into a hot mess, moaning your name.

Learn how to give her not just multiple orgasms, but the ultra-rare Trigasm… …through a surprisingly easy step-by-step approach that conditions her mind and body to turn normal orgasms into multi-layered sensations of pure ecstasy.

Unleash her inner Sex Goddess, and get her doing things that would normally leave her blushing… …by simply boosting her confidence with specific psychological statements that positively alter her state of mind before, during and after sex.

Fight premature ejaculation the natural way… …so you may enjoy longer sex and an unbreakable sense of confidence by simply instructing your body to last longer

Uncover the truth about Tantric Sex… …and give Sting a run for his money as you transform shallow, unsatisfying romps into endless hours of mind-blowing physical and emotional lovemaking (trust me, it can be a lot easier than most people think it is!).

* These are real messages from real people, but please note we cannot guarantee you will experience similar results.

I’ll show you exactly how to do this in a few moments, but where are my manners? Let me first introduce myself…

My name is Gabrielle Moore.

I’m a sex advice expert and bestselling author of multiple books and training programs like Turn Her On Faster, Double Her Desire and Hot Licks. Over 500,000 people subscribe to my daily online tips, and I’ve been featured in publications like Men’s Fitness Magazine, with over 8 million readers worldwide.

But it wasn’t always this way for me. In fact my husband and I used to have not exactly bad, but lukewarm sex. We rarely had time for each other. Work and responsibilities left us constantly tired. When just the sight of seeing each other naked used to be enough to get us horny, we were now struggling to find the spark. And the same old fingering, thrusting and foreplay techniques weren’t working anymore.

We knew we had to spice things up, or risk losing our passion forever

And so we started putting in an effort. We cleared our calendars and made time for sex at least 3 times a week. We bought multiple programs and guides by bestselling sex gurus. We tried countless sex toys and lovemaking aids.

Some of this stuff was pretty good, some of it was really bad, but a lot of it was just painfully mediocre. No way was that good enough for me, because I didn’t just want a better sex life – I wanted the best damn sex life a girl – and her man – could possibly have!

That’s when I began exploring subjects no one else would. I studied the human anatomy. I read thousands of long, detailed, eye-opening studies on human sexuality and psychology. I devoured hundreds of books and research papers on the science of sex. And I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours with my husband trying out everything I was learning.

And slowly but surely, my sex life went from lukewarm to sizzling hot!

Frustrating 5-minute quickies turned into passionate, 2-hour-long sweat-a-thons. We began discovering pleasure zones on our bodies that we didn’t even know existed. We indulged in advanced techniques that left both of us moaning in ecstasy.

Both of us swore that a primal, long-dormant sexual energy had been reignited inside us – and we were loving every second of it!

My success gave me an epiphany: I realized I wanted to spend my time helping others enjoy the kind of passionate sex I was having, and get to the CORE of what good sex really is – without having to spend thousands of dollars on books and sex aids… and without wasting hundreds of hours sifting through pseudo-scientific, redundant, sometimes plain ridiculous advice.

 * These are real messages from real people, but please note we cannot guarantee you will experience similar results.

Okay hot stuff – ready to go from Average Joe to Sex God? Here’s the plan…

If you’re unsatisfied with your sex life, you’re not alone
Experts predict that 25% of men and 50% of women in the United States suffer from low sex drive or unsatisfying sex!

I want to share with you every single trick, technique, position and tactic that transformed my sex life – but not through the kind of boring, generic, regurgitated ebook other “gurus” might thrust at you… and definitely not through some sort of exorbitant coaching program that leaves you flat out broke and none the wiser.

Nope, my proposition for you is something a little different. It’s a project you and I are going to work on together for 7 sizzling days. And you’re going to enjoy every second of it.

But before I show it to you, I need you to swear to me something: that you won’t tell your partner about our little game plan. Why? Because that’s the best chance it has at working like a charm. It’ll all make sense in the next few moments, so let me quickly introduce you to…

The 7-Day Orgasm with Gabrielle Moore

Your top-secret game plan for shockingly intense orgasms and mind-blowing sex

Available exclusively on this site, the 7-Day Orgasm is a week-long audio training program designed to take your sex life to the next level. Just spend 30 minutes a day for 7 days listening to my intimate audio training sessions… as I equip you with the naughtiest, dirtiest, most effective techniques and tricks that may lead to amazing sex and bed-rocking orgasms. Keep it as our little secret – and wait till you see the look on her face when you surprise her with your sizzling new skills!

Here’s what you’ll get in the 7-Day Orgasm audio training program:

Day 1: The truth about female orgasms and why you’re not satisfying her

In this introductory session I’ll show you why the flames of your sex life could be flickering instead of roaring, and why Hollywood, porn and locker room chats could have saddled you with a dangerously skewered perspective on sex. Prepare for a major mind-shift as you discover the little-known truths about sex, orgasms and intimacy. Highlights include:

  • The 7 sneaky mistakes you’re making that sabotage her orgasms and your manhood every time you get between the sheets
  • The lazy man’s 6 surprisingly easy steps for giving her consistently deep, satisfying orgasms like clockwork
  • Toe sucking? Jackhammer sex? How to spot and avoid the awkward techniques that work in porn, but turn her off in real life

Day 2: Which of these Pleasure Zones on her body are you neglecting?

Do you know exactly how her vagina works, and how to make her orgasm like clockwork? 60% of men admit to being clueless about their partners’ genitalia, dooming themselves to a lifetime of lukewarm sex, unsatisfied partners and bruised egos. Take my hand on Day 2 as I transform you into an expert on your woman’s intimate bits. Highlights include:

  • What does a healthy vagina smell like? Will too much sex damage it? Discover 11 little-known truths about her nether regions
  • The definitive, head-slappingly simple guide to finding and pleasuring her G-spot – in 60 seconds or less
  • Are you unknowingly screwing your partner over with the world’s biggest lie about vaginal stimulation?

Day 3: 3 orgasmic steps to making her beg you for sex!

When’s the last time you were down to GO, but the only thing she was down for was sleep? Aside from the iconic headache, there are many reasons your partner might not want sex as often as you do – and here you’ll find out what they are and how to overcome them so you can make fun a part of your daily schedule again. Highlights include:

  • The 5 innermost fears sabotaging her libido that she’ll never have the guts to own up to you about
  • How to rock her world with these surprisingly simple yet underused sex moves (no gymnast-like contortions necessary)
  • Going beyond superficial sex: 15 red-hot tips for boosting your emotional connection and going deeper in more ways than one!

Day 4: Erotic sex positions and raunchy moves for a fully climactic experienceg

Missionary is nice in the way vanilla ice cream is nice – but don’t you wish you had the inspiration for something a little more exciting? On Day 4 you’ll get down and dirty with exotic new sex positions, creative ways to spice up your favorite ones, and a few naughty tricks for making her melt at your feet. Highlights include:

  • How a simple repositioning of her leg can give you the tightest, most erotic missionary of your life – and other cool tricks for spicing up classic positions
  • How to use washing machines, doorways, staircases, sofas and good ol’ body contortions to indulge in exotic, unusual, downright ecstasy-inducing positions
  • From doing it in a tight space to defying gravity to using unusual props like mint tea, become a Sex Ninja with these crazy, boundary-pushing experiments

Day 5: Tantric Tricks, the G-Spot roadmap, and other advanced techniques for deeper ecstasy

What separates ordinary sex from extraordinary lovemaking? Advanced techniques that only the ‘pros’ know. Dive even deeper into sex mastery with these expert-only tips – including a simple way to experience Tantric sex, lay permanent claim to her G-spot, discover the art of Orgasmic Meditation and more. Highlights include:

  • The 4 key elements of Tantric sex: just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be enjoying Tantric sex without spending years in an Ashram
  • What if your entire sexual encounter felt like one big, long orgasm? Orgasmic meditation holds the key – and it’s easier to do than you think
  • Beyond oysters: little-known libido-enhancing food that’s on your shelf right now. Just feed her and watch the sparks fly

Day 6: The little-known secret to multiple orgasms and the ultra-rare trigasm

Every woman craves multiple orgasms, but few know what they should really be gunning for: the elusive trigasm. Discover how to deeply understand your partner’s body and libido type, so you can physically and mentally connect with her… and give her what she’s been missing all her life. Highlights include:

  • The 5 Moregasm Secrets: step-by-step instructions for giving her multiple orgasms and finally the trigasm
  • How to combine the two types of orgasms – the clitoral and the G-spot orgasm – into one knee-quivering sensation
  • The truth about female ejaculation: only 1 in 10 women have experienced it, and even fewer know what it really is

Day 7: How to last like a triathlon athlete and finish like a champion

What’s the point of all these advanced techniques if you can’t last long enough to savor them? On the final day of the 7-Day Orgasm I’ll show you how to last like a pornstar, beat premature ejaculation, and keep her moaning your name even after the session ends. Highlights include:

  • 5 easy, natural steps to overcoming premature ejaculation – not through surgery or medication, but by simply telling your body to last longer
  • How to master the one sex position that’s been scientifically proven to help you last longer (and that most men LOVE too)
  • The sexiest things to do after sex – why afterplay is just as important as foreplay, how to do it right, and what to NEVER do after sex

Special Feature: A FREE, gorgeous, full-color PDF sidekick for deeper sexual mastery

Studies show that you remember things easier when you’ve got multiple consumption methods. So go ahead and refer to this stunning PDF document before, during or after listening to the audios.

I’ve hired one of the online publishing industry’s top visual artists to lay out this stunning magazine-style document packed with color images, checklists, tips, reminders and exercises for squeezing the most out of The 7-Day Orgasm. Just print it out or read it on your computer – your call.

Gabrielle Moore – Orgasmic Addiction Download


 Gabrielle Moore – The G-Spot Code Download

Gabrielle Moore – Naked U (Naked University)

Gabrielle Moore – Last All Night Review | Gabrielle Moore – Last All Night Download

You will experience the pleasures of sex MUCH LONGER than you ever have before. What used to be a couple of minutes of sexual bliss will become hours of carnal enjoyment.
You will have the stamina to see your sex partner through HER climax. No more leaving her in the dust to fend for her own sexual release!
You will be in control of WHEN you ‘cum’. From now on, pleasure will not be abruptly ended by sudden spurts and spasms of your ‘juice’.
You will experience sex in a whole new light. No more ‘routine moves’ meticulously calculated to extract a few extra minutes of sexual play.
You will gain self-esteem and confidence that can only come from a man who can really pleasure and 100% satisfy a woman in bed.
You will be able to ‘pick up the pieces’ and engage in sex over and over and over again. No ‘one performance per night only’ for you!
You will improve intimacy with your sex partner drastically as you learn and practice Tantric Sex. She will no longer feel that you are ‘selfish’ in bed because not only are you able to last until she reaches an orgasm, but you will be equipped to make love on various levels (not just lovemaking of the body, but also of the heart, mind, and spirit).
Last All Night e-course (4 PDFs, 189 pages total)
Bonus 1: Daring Sexual Positions (1 PDF, 13 MP3s)
Bonus 2: Male G-Spot Mystery (PDF)
Bonus 3: The Female Ejaculation Mastery (PDF)

Gabrielle Moore – Naked U Review | Gabrielle Moore – Naked U Download

“BREAKING NEWS: This New Way Of Learning Sex Is Sending SHOCKWAVES To The World!”

Bonus To Naked U – Gabrielle Moore – Erotic Encounters

This Week’s Erotic Encounter


Gabrielle Moore – Erotic Encounters Video Version

Gabrielle Moore – Erotic Encounters PDF Version

Gabrielle Moore – Erotic Encounters  Audio / MP3 Version Double Her Desire

Note About Extraction : None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones. Enjoy !

Mehow – The One(der) System Download

Mehow-The One(der) System Man's Guide to Getting Your 100% Perfect Girl

Man’s Guide to Getting Your 100% Perfect Girl : Mehow-The One(der) System

The overall strategy and approach for getting a girlfriend in this program is solid. It outlines a mature and effective step by step process that will work if you put the time into it. Don’t expect it to be easy of course – it takes work and so it should.
What makes it stand out is that it integrates concepts like social skills (aka social circle game) and steadily building a solid relationship with the girl you are interested in. Mehow spends quite a bit of time talking about the things you shouldn’t do that could jeopardize having a solid relationship with her – this is just as important as telling you what to do.

Something to keep in mind is also that the system is aimed at getting high quality girls with lots of options. So it emphasizes the need for things like jealousy which are less necessary and can even mess up your chances if used with less challenging or ‘in demand’ women. Using jealousy needs to be calibrated to the girl, but Mehow doesn’t discuss calibrating to the girl sufficiently. It’s the one area of weakness in his approach that could use more information to make it easier to implement.

Tackles the Tricky Situations that May be Involved when You Want that One Girl

On a practical note, the system is set up with the intention of giving you the best chance of getting the one girl you want (rather than getting any girl). So it uses an approach that will avoid rejection and give you a higher probability of getting that one girl. It uses concepts like social circles and approach invitations to engineer this.
Typical dating advice tells you not to focus too much on any one girl – and explains that there is an element of playing the odds with dating as well. This system goes against that trend because it is set up for you to get the one girl you are really interested in no matter the situation. So instead of telling you to avoid the difficult situations and move on to a new girl, it gives you advice to make the best of the situation.

Typically this involves steps to take to minimize the problems (e.g. rejection and social repercussions) and some rules to follow.

Example situations include where your girl has been a long time friend that doesn’t think of you romantically, your ex-girlfriend or someone you work with or the girl has a boyfriend already.

The advice was all spot on for these situations – excellent. See my comment on ‘hidden gems’ below for more on the advice on getting ex-girlfriends back.

Note About Extraction : None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones. Enjoy !

John P Morgan & Kalpna Manek – The Magnetic Man Authentic Approach Download


Authentic Approach Online Training

A message from The Magnetic Man mentor Kalpna Manek:

How great would it be if you could really express your desire for a woman and instead of her being annoyed or even repelled by you, she smiled and blushed prettily instead?

You know deep inside that communication and connection with a woman shouldn’t be about you trying to impress her, or to convince her to talk to you or even take an interest.

You know that communication should be open, you should be able to talk and flirt with a woman, and make her light up inside, and warm to you.

She should be able to smile and laugh at some comment you made, just naturally and not because you were trying really hard to make her laugh.

You know connection should be about her seeing the real man in you, the confident man who has got it all together.

You shouldn’t be coming across as a nervous, embarrassed man who really needs her attention and validation, to make him feel good about himself.

Interactions between a man and a woman should be real.

You know deep inside that they can be free, open and feel good for the both of you; not something contrived, or manipulative.

You shouldn’t have to play games.

So why isn’t it good right now?

I can pretty much guarantee that most of the time you are so hyper-focused on yourself, your fears and what you want from a woman that you literally ‘overpower’ her energetically and it repels her.

(Basically she can feel what you are feeling and it doesn’t feel good.)

Women do not enjoy men starting a conversation with them in a way that they think is creepy.

They do not enjoy being made to feel that a man needs something from them.

It makes women feel incredibly uncomfortable and they become eager to end the conversation.

Basically when you are being needy, you push her away.

The thing is, a lot of the time, you may not even realise that you are ‘being needy’.

It’s just so easy to slip into this state.

In fact, we do it all the time, especially when we want someone to like us, like in business or at work.

You don’t normally notice when you are doing it, because it doesn’t always cause such problems.

Until your interact this way with a woman you desire that is.

To her, you come across as really weak and this is a huge turn-off.

Hear what men are saying about THE MAGNETIC MAN…

You see, the mistake that a guy most commonly makes is believing ‘making an impression’ means that he has to convince a woman that he is a great guy before she will give him her number.

In our Authentic Approach Online Training we show you how to attract women in a way that is both powerful and masculine.

We go into real depth on this topic and we will show you how to make a great impression authentically.

NOT in a way that is manipulative and disrespectful.

All of the teachings in this program come from a place of real integrity, compassion and contribution.

You will complete the training feeling good and knowing that you are now free from the constraints of trying to make a woman attracted to you.

In fact you will instead be able to show your interest and attraction for her in a way that feels good for both of you, which can leave a powerful impression on her, making her feel attractive and desired and wanting to be in your company.

We do not teach manipulative techniques nor will you have to learn any stupid lines.

The Authentic Approach Online Training is for men who want to be inspired, empowered and free, who want to interact in a way with women that is truly respectful, totally pleasurable and super attractive.

This intensive FIVE HOUR TRAINING PROGRAM is divided into 41 short and easy to understand sections, on how to meet, attract and connect with beautiful and intelligent women in ways that are completely devoid of the creep-factor, weird-techniques and hard to remember systems.

In fact you will develop a whole new paradigm on how to behave around an amazing woman.

After all, an amazing woman who is beautiful both inside and out can enrich your life in a myriad of ways.

She will be worth making the effort for.

The truth is, you can tell a lot about a man by the greatness of the woman beside him.

Men who have happy and fulfilling love lives do so because they have never played it safe and settled for just any woman.

They are bold and they know how to stand out from the crowd.

We don’t want you to settle and nor should you.

If you are tired of playing it safe…

And you are sick of missing out…

And you are inspired to discover how to find the woman of your dreams and connect with her…

…then this program is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

“THIS IS A REVOLUTION!” – James, Entrepreneur, London

You will quickly start to feel good meeting new people and find it incredibly satisfying even talking to strangers, as well as lovely women, not because you have conquered any fear, but because the actual interaction will give you that glow of satisfaction.

You will understand what it means to be in-tune not just with your masculinity, but also with your gift as a man for a woman.

You will no longer need to feel as if you have to control her or convince her but instead feel empowered to light her up the way she wants and draw her to you, out of her own free will and happiness.

Other men have called the Authentic Approach Online Training “revolutionary“, “unique“, “totally different” and have said “I’ve never seen this anywhere else” and “nobody else is doing this!

If you’d like to experience a total shift in your understanding, to destroy your fear and start approaching and attracting beautiful women,

What’s included in the Authentic Approach Online Training

  • 9 ‘Approach’ Demonstrations
    We show you how to  (and how NOT to) talk to woman on the street, in a café, on public transport, at parties, in a bar and more. We break down every detail of what is happening on the outside and also give you a deep understanding as to the internal thoughts and feelings of both the man and the woman.
  • Where to Meet Beautiful Women
    You may be surrounded by women  in your day to day life, but they may not be the kind of women you actually want to date. In this training you will discover an effective and easy method to finding out where to actually meet the kinds of women you would love to spend your time with.
  • How to Never be Rejected
    Nobody likes to be told “NO”. The fear of being rejected can often be a hindrance when it comes to attracting and even starting a conversation with beautiful women.  Discover how to ensure this never happens to you ever again. (We’re serious.)
  • Four Paths to Fearlessness
    If you want to be with a woman you desire then you have to get over anxiety around them. The way commonly taught is to overcome the fear by facing it head on. However we have four different ways which our clients have found to be EASY and therefore have had much more success with. You will learn these four paths to fearlessness.
  • True Confidence Generator
    Men always tell us that they want more confidence BEFORE they feel ready to talk to a beautiful woman.  The problem is you can’t have confidence without experience. So we show you a shortcut into experiences that will naturally develop your confidence both quickly and easily.
  • Forget Limiting Beliefs
    Changing ‘limiting beliefs‘ can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to women.  You discover a radical new method to changing ‘limiting beliefs‘ so powerful that you will begin having success immediately. All this without having to face your fear, change your state, read affirmations or any other out-dated methods.
  • Staying Cool, Calm & Collected
    The thoughts you think, create the feelings you feel. It’s these feelings which either hold you back from talking to a woman altogether or propel you forward to conversing easily.  We show you how to completely shift the way you think so that the prospect of talking to beautiful women turns into something you will seek out and enjoy.
  • Always Know What to Say
    Ever been stuck for something to say? Ever experienced those agonizing silences as you desperately search for something smart or interesting to say?  In this training we show you how to generate authentic and spontaneous conversation so that you always have access to words that warmly welcome a woman into deep conversation with you.
  • The Pre-Approach
    Learn how to make eye contact with a woman in a way that makes her actually WANT you to walk over and talk to her. Basically, we teach you how to use non-verbal communication and create attraction before you’ve even said a word.
  • More Than ‘Just Friends’
    Being comfortable enough to talk and connect with a woman you desire is important. However if you are not able to create that spark of attraction between the two of you, you’re liable to end up ‘just friends’. Learn how you can create instant sexual attraction and greatly increase your ability of becoming more than ‘just friends’.

Who This Training Is For:

  • A man who wants to have real authentic connections with women
  • A man who does not want to settle for just any woman
  • A man who wants to have more choice
  • A man who wants to have the freedom to be able to talk to women he really desires
  • A man who is looking for better relationships with women
  • A man who strives for a better life and richer experiences
  • A man who is looking for that special someone
  • A man who wants to meet more high-quality women
  • A man who is ready to take his life into his own hands
  • A man who wants to have the freedom to express his sexual desire

Who This Training Is NOT For:

  • Any guy who wants to be a ‘pick up artist’
  • Any guy who has little or no respect for women
  • Any guy who wants to learn lines or tricks to get women
  • Any guy not willing to develop his true character to attract the women he wants
  • Any guy who whines or complains about his situation in lif



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Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong Download

Are you looking for a simple yet challenging qigong exercise set for health, energy and chi development? Look no further than Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong.

This qigong exercise set helps to move and get rid of stagnant chi in your body. This qigong exercise set consists of seven movements that trace the acupressure meridians of your body, giving your body a full energetic massage and cleansing.

While studying for 10 years in China and as a Chinese qigong tui na practitioner, I saw hundreds of different qigong sets. However, none had the simplicity and effectiveness of Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong.

While I was in China I looked for a qigong set that would have three qualities:

  • Clear out energy blockages and energetically cleanse the entire body.
  • Be easy enough to be practiced and learned by virtually anyone, regardless of their age or current state of health.
  • Contain as few movements as possible but have at least 80% of the benefits of longer qigong sets

Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong was the answer!

It is my personal opinion that Dragon and Tiger Qigong is one of the most beneficial qigong sets ever developed in China.  It is fun to practice and many people begin to FEEL energy or chi moving in their body.

– Bruce Frantzis

Source of Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong

Dragon and Tiger Qigong Movement 2Dragon and Tiger Qigong Movement 2Dragon and Tiger Qigong was passed down in China from Zhang Jia Hua, a doctor of Chinese medicine. She was extremely proficient in the use of qigong for medical purposes. At one time, she was the vice president of the All China Qigong Association.

Zhang Jia Hua was so taken with Dragon and Tiger Qigong that in 15 years of active teaching, during the 1960-1970s, she taught and qualified more than 20,000 instructors who spread Dragon and Tiger Qigong to over 20 million people in China.

Many qigong sets in China are named for the qualities and purpose for which they are designed. The general purpose analogy in Dragon and Tiger Qigong is that you develop the agility and flexibility of a flying dragon and the relaxed power of a pouncing tiger.

Chinese medicine gives it more specific meanings: the tiger’s immense strength and responsiveness are traits that derive from the liver—hence the tiger is a metaphor for a healthy and strong liver. The dragon’s ability to fly is a trait that resides in the lungs—hence the dragon is a metaphor for healthy and strong lungs.

Why Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong Is So Effective

Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong is a 1,500-year-old self-healing movement system based on acupuncture. It is sometimes called “meridian-line qigong” because it helps free you of energetic (chi) blockages by balancing the chi flow that runs through the acupuncture meridians or energy channels of your body.

This powerful qigong (chi gung) set offers about 80 percent of the benefits of longer, more complex forms, but in just seven simple movements that are relatively easy to learn for astounding health benefits not found in most Western exercise systems.

Dragon and Tiger Qigong’s seven movements literally trace the acupuncture lines of your body to move and disperse stagnant chi. The movements are easy to learn yet challenging enough to keep Dragon and Tiger Qigong interesting for ongoing practice.

Energy Arts students demonstrate Dragon and Tiger Qigong

Give Yourself a Full-body Energetic Healing

Dragon and Tiger Qigong is especially renowned for simultaneously accomplishing three major changes in the body:

  • Releases stagnant chi that cannot move freely. Stagnant chi can be located anywhere there is a physical, emotional or psychic blockage of energy.
  • Increases the speed, strength and evenness of the circulation of chi, blood and other fluids. This balances the body’s energy.
  • Quickly raises the energy levels of the body to boost your natural healing capacities.

Superior Low-impact Qigong Exercise

Dragon and Tiger Qigong’s gentle movements are especially beneficial for the joints, increasing range of movement—especially in the upper body. Even when done imperfectly, by people who have limited energy or range of motion, or who are sick or wheelchair bound, this qigong set is immensely beneficial.

They can improve physical balance, coordination and flexibility and stretch the legs, waist and upper body.

7 Gentle Qigong Movements

Dragon and Tiger Qigong’s seven simple movements are repeated 20 times in a single practice session. Completing a set requires only about 15 minutes. Soft, circular and fluid movements enhance your overall ability to move gracefully.

Not bad for a 15-minute daily practice!

Dragon and Tiger Qigong will teach you how to feel all the parts of your body and wake up your nervous system while you become more relaxed, soften your muscles and improve blood circulation.

There are also many variations and levels of learning within Dragon and Tiger Qigong, so you can continue practicing for many, fostering health and wellness from the inside out.

Dragon and Tiger Qigong DVD and Book

Dragon and Tiger Qigong Book

In the manual, you will receive in-depth instruction on Dragon and Tiger Qigong’s physical movements, energy mechanics and breathing techniques—with more than 650 detailed illustrations.The Dragon and Tiger Qigong Manual is a perfect companion to the DVD.

Dragon and Tiger Qigong DVD

The DVD set breaks down each of the seven movements in great detail. A comprehensive menu system will allow you to refine any specific movement, or practice the entire set.

The first DVD is 88 minutes and the second DVD is 65 minutes for a total play time of 2 hours and 33 minutes.

Disc 1:

  • Introduction to Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong
  • Preliminary Energy Exercises (so you can begin to feel and move the chi/energy in your body)
  • Learning the 7 Movements of Dragon and Tiger Qigong

Disc 2:

  • Movement Transitions
  • Movement Refinements
  • Main Practice Set
  • Modified Practice Set
  • Advanced Set with Bruce Frantzis

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