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David DeAngelo – Love: The Final Chapter Download

love the final chapter

Real Love Is Within YOUR Reach… Here’s Every Life-Changing Technique, Concept, And “Magic Secret” You Need To Find (And Keep) The Relationship Of Your Dreams With A “Total-10” Woman

adtwomanDo you feel like something important is missing from your life?

Something that makes it feel like a dark cloud hangs over everything you do? Something that casts a shadow over everything ELSE in your life, from your self-confidence and motivation to your social life and personal success?

If any of this sounds familiar, here’s my best guess about what that missing “something” is:

It’s a passionate, fulfilling LOVE RELATIONSHIP with an amazing woman.

Am I right?

If so, it’s not because I’m psychic.

It’s because I’ve been there.

There was a time that I was absolutely CONVINCED that I was doomed to live out my life alone.

I had ZERO hope that a great woman would ever find anything attractive about me. I was CERTAIN that no high-quality woman would want to date me, let alone hang around for anything that could remotely be called a “lasting relationship.”

Most painful of all…

I truly believed that NOTHING WAS EVER GOING TO CHANGE FOR ME… that this lonely, unhappy, desperate existence was all that I had to look forward to in life.

Not good.


If you know anything about me, you know that I eventually made a decision that would change my entire life, not to mention the lives of hundreds of thousands of OTHER men…

I decided that I was going to TAKE ACTION in a VERY big way…

Watch This Entire Program Online RIGHT NOW, Risk-Free And Receive:

love the final chapter

25+ hours of PROVEN Methods, Techniques, And Tips!

Watch This Entire Program Online RIGHT NOW, Risk-Free And Receive:

  • 25+ hours of video material – START WATCHING immediately!
  • Accompanying Handouts – full of teaching slides and powerful support material
  • Detailed track listing – for quick access to find & re-watch your favorite chapters
  • Lifetime Access – Access anywhere, anytime in your Member’s Area. Download to iTunes, save to your computer, tablet or phone or burn to a DVD.
  • My Latest, Greatest Tools and advice – Congrats… you now have immediate access to it ALL!

Here’s How I Finally Won The “Big Game” In Love… And How YOU Can Do it, Too

For most of my life, I thought that once I had dating and attraction figured out, I’d finally be happy.

I mean… what could possibly make a guy feel more “fulfilled” than getting more dates than he could handle with smoking-hot women?

So, I started learning in the fastest, most obvious way that I knew how: by watching and learning from OTHER guys who were already “Masters” at succeeding with women.

I observed. I studied. I discovered.

I saw the “magic secrets” they were using to get women… secrets that I couldn’t have figured out for myself in a million years… and then I put those hidden secrets to work for ME.

And, man, did it work. BIG TIME.

Soon, I had more dates than I could handle. Life was good, and I quickly started to “give back” by sharing these dating secrets with every other guy who needed them.

The rest seemed destined to become “Double Your Dating” history…

… until something totally SHOCKING and UNEXPECTED happened:

I Still Didn’t Feel Happy… In Fact, Not Even Close.

Sure, I was having mind-blowing physical relationships with as many women as I wanted. Even with the actresses and models I’d fantasized about being with my whole life.

And, needless to say, I was VERY proud to teach my millions of “students” around the world how to do it, too.

But, in reality, I still wasn’t happy.

And, the toughest part was, I couldn’t really figure out why. I just knew I still had that empty, “something’s missing” feeling…

Of course, they say the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”… and that’s exactly what I was doing.

I went through one woman after another, and (no matter how attractive and nice they were) it never felt like anything was getting better in my life… that is, until something happened that stopped me in my tracks and hit me like a ton of bricks:

I Met The ONE Woman Who Was PERFECT For ME… And Instantly Felt Something That Went FAR Beyond Just “Chemistry” And Physical Attraction

Suddenly, I felt like I couldn’t get enough of being around this woman.

She knew how to support and understand me… including all of my hopes and dreams… like no one else could.

All I wanted to do was be with her, share with her, and learn from her.

Most of all, I only felt HAPPY when I was with her.

Now listen closely… this part is the whole key to changing YOUR life just like I did…

No matter how hopeless you feel about finding love right now, one thing is CERTAIN:
At some point, the woman who’s just right for YOU will come into your life… also known as YOUR own “most amazing woman in the world.”

And when it happens to you (maybe it already has) the only question that will matter is this:

Will YOU Know How To Make Her Fall For You? Or Will You Do Something Wrong And Totally BLOW It?

I can’t sugar-coat this.

The stakes couldn’t be higher.

The answer to this question is the whole ballgame when it comes to YOUR future happiness and what’s missing from your life TODAY.

When YOUR “most amazing woman” finally comes into your life (or if she already has) you must know exactly WHAT TO SAY AND DO NEXT, or you’ll just destroy the single greatest opportunity you ever had to find happiness.

In other words, do everything right, and your dreams will come true.

Mess up, and there’s no greater tragedy in life.

In fact, to get personal for a moment…

When I think back on meeting, marrying, and starting a family with my own “most amazing woman,” I can’t imagine anything more nightmarish than having possibly blown it with her.

It would have been the ultimate disaster… all of the wonderful, passionate, fulfillment in life that would never have happened!

But here’s the thing… I also learned that it takes something totally different to make “the one” fall for you and want a relationship… a whole NEW set of concepts, mindsets, tools, and techniques than it takes to just meet women and get dates.

(Painful and embarrassing note: when I tried using my “Double Your Dating” techniques upon meeting my future wife, she just laughed at me! Ouch.)

That in mind…

Want a sneak peek at what YOUR future holds?

Is it a life-changing relationship with an amazing, Total-10 woman? Or just more misery, loneliness, and heartache? Here’s the quickest way to find out:

3 Questions That Predict EVERYTHING About Your Future Happiness In Life And Love

Buckle up, here they come:

Question #1:
Do you believe that it’s not only “possible” to find and keep your own “most amazing woman” at last… but that it’s actually GUARANTEED and INEVITABLE once you make a few changes in how you think and act?


Question #2:
Do you believe that ANY man can learn how to create a relationship grows more passionate, intimate, and strong over time (instead of falling apart in anger and conflict like MOST relationships do?)


Question #3:
Do you believe that YOU can start learning how to do ALL of this right now… I’m talking TODAY… more quickly and effortlessly than you ever thought possible?

You guessed it…the answer to ALL of these questions is “YES” (even if you aren’t quite convinced about it yet).

To prove it to you beyond a doubt…

I’m about to make an unprecedented RISK-FREE OFFER for you to start watching my NEWEST, MOST POWERFUL PROGRAM on this subject … a program that is 100% GUARANTEED to change your life in ways you can’t even imagine yet.

More on that offer in a moment… stay tuned, you will NOT want to miss out on it. First:

If you do nothing else that’s possibly life-changing e today, I want you to take away one radically NEW IDEA with you.

It’s simply this:

Love is real. And you really CAN change your life by learning how to find and keep it…

… but first you have to decide to TAKE ACTION and make it happen.

As always, I want to be the one to help you do it!

Introducing The Culmination Of EVERYTHING That I’ve Ever Taught About Success With Women And Relationships… My Ground-Breaking, ALL-NEW “Love: The Final Chapter” Video Program

This is huge:

Love: The Final Chapter” is an intense, in-depth collaboration with today’s top relationship experts, my most intimate friends, my valued students, my live audience, and…


… my own “most amazing woman”… my beautiful WIFE, who also happens to be an acclaimed, world-class relationship expert herself.

I have to tell you, as we rolled cameras to film this program, something jaw-dropping happened:

In “Love: The Final Chapter,” we went big.

We brought it all and left nothing on the table.

The program became shockingly honest and raw.

Nothing was left out… all of the hardest-to-talk-about, intensely intimate stuff was exposed.

We dove deep into all the biggest conflicts, challenges and problems we face in love as men.

We went into crystal-clear detail about how to use ALL of the tools, techniques and answers that I’ve used so seriously in developing my own relationship.

Above all, “Love: The Final Chapter” is like nothing I’ve ever done before because it delivers the FINAL WORD on how to find LASTING, FOREVER LOVE at last.

Now, let’s get very specific:

Naturally, “Love: The Final Chapter” kicks off with complete summary of what I’ve taught up to this point… what works for creating ATTRACTION and CHEMISTRY with great women in the first place, including how to meet amazing women, get lots of dates, and close the deal.

And then we launch into it.. the heart-and-soul of this ALL-NEW program, including:

  • The obstacles that stop most men from finding lasting, fulfilling, passionate LOVE with an amazing woman … and how YOU can overcome each and every one of these obstacles effortlessly by doing just ONE thing.
  • Why your choice of a forever mate is the single most important choice you’ll make in life – PLUS a step-by-step guide for making the RIGHT choice and ensuring that she desperately, passionately wants YOU in return.
  • The secret “superpower” most men don’t know they have to get everything you want in life and love. (Tragic fact: 99% of guys have no clue what this superpower is, let alone how to “wield” it to get everything they want)
  • How to harness the most attractive masculine quality we’re ALL born with as men. This quality is the natural “ATTRACTOR” of great women to relationships… all you have to do is learn how to bring it out of yourself. HERE’S HOW
  • A step-by-step guide to becoming a “more evolved” man… the ONLY kind of man who can effortlessly make a great woman PURSUE a relationship with him. (HINT: This quality is “hardwired” to make a woman want to “reproduce” and make more humans with YOU.)
  • Once you’ve created a relationship with your dream woman, here’s how to overcome EVERY PROBLEM you’ll come up against. From first days to old age, here’s how to make sure your relationship grows closer, more passionate, and stronger over time.

Plus so much more…

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Bruce Bryans – What Women Want When They Test Men PDF Download

What Women Want When They Test Men: How To Decode Female Behavior, Pass A Woman’s Tests, And Attract Women Through Authenticity

Discover What Women Want in a Man and How They Secretly Test You For it

If you pay close enough attention to what really attracts women, you’ll find that what women want is a man with a backbone. Women want to be with a man who knows how to take the lead and make decisions; one who has strong personal boundaries and knows how to love her like…a man.

Unfortunately, a lot of men have difficulty accepting the truth that many women prefer to be with a man who isn’t afraid to stand up to them, who challenges them, and who refuses to be pushed around by women (or anything else for that matter). This is especially true of women who seek a more traditional male-female gender role dynamic in their romantic relationships.

Even if a man knows how to attract women, cultivating a mind-blowing relationship with one requires a different set of skills entirely. Women want men who can make them feel secure – men with strong boundaries and unwavering commitment.

Sadly, most dating and relationship books rarely show men how to keep a woman happy without them having to sacrifice their manhood in the process.

How to Understand Women and Pass Their Tests With Unshakeable Confidence

Men around the world have no idea that the women they know and love are testing them. These men go about their lives interacting with the opposite sex in absolute darkness, ignorant to the fact that they’re being judged, appraised, approved, and rejected based on their subconscious reactions to female testing.

If you had no idea that women test men and why they have to, you’re about to take a journey onto a road less traveled – the more mysterious side of female psychology and how women think.

Attract Women Through Authenticity and Be the Strong Man a Woman Wants For a Relationship

It’s important for a man to learn how to walk that thin line between caring, thoughtful lover and firm, assertive leader. The man who masters the art of being the perfect gentleman and a strong alpha male is the ideal specimen to a high-quality woman.

This is what you’re going to learn in this book.

So if you’re dating or in a relationship and women constantly create drama, lose interest in you, or manipulate you, it’s time you finally got some advice from one of the only relationship books for men that won’t turn you into a doormat.

Here’s what you’re going to learn inside:

  • How to be radically honest with a woman and why this makes her MORE attracted to you.
  • The reason why women test men CONSISTENTLY and how to use this knowledge to deepen a woman’s desire. (Hint: This is the key to female psychology and how women think.)
  • How to be confident with difficult women.
  • What women want in a man and how to give it to them.
  • How to make a woman happy without becoming a complete doormat of a man.
  • How to seduce your wife and get her in the mood by responding like a MAN whenever she “pokes the bear.”
  • How to be firm and say “No” to the woman you love without destroying intimacy.
  • How to keep a woman interested in you by doing the ONE thing MOST men are deathly afraid of doing.
  • How to avoid unnecessary arguments, fights, and drama with a woman by using a simple communication technique.
  • The best way to secretly test a woman’s level of romantic interest in you (as well as her emotional maturity) before making a long-term commitment.
  • How to stop living in fear of what a woman might think, say, or do if she disagrees with or disapproves of you in any way.
  • And much, much more…

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Aaron Sleazy DeluxeBundle Collection Download

Aaron Sleazy – Flirting Formula PDF Download

Are you sick and tired of women ignoring you?

Michael Anderson

“This is unlike anything you have ever seen. It’s not just another ebook or course… It’s a simple step-by-step formula that helps you talk to women so they feel immediately attracted to you. Take a few minutes to learn how to grab these exact, step-by-step secrets and…

…crawl inside the head of a flirting expert who’s been through the heart ache of dating so you can understand how to attract women without any hassles or frustrations — even if you’re shy around women, and even if you’ve tried everything but failed miserably

“If you want to take control of your dating life then keep reading, it may be the most important letter you’ve ever read…

everal months ago, I started up a conversation with two attractive women outside a local bar. After talking to them for several minutes, my friend and I walked into the bar, and that’s when it happened…

Even though we told these girls we would catch up later, they wouldn’t leave us alone. (Not even for one minute!)

They bought us drinks, gladly drove us around for the night, gave us their numbers and begged us to see them again.

In fact, these are the same typical superior women you see cold-shoulder, laugh and reject men everywhere they go. (At times, even before guys open their mouths!)

So the question is: What did I “say” to make these unapproachable women fall “head over heels” for us? Before I answer this question let me ask you…

It’s 9:15pm and you feel it again…

Your palms sweat, your heart thumps and your mind races at 100 miles an hour. There, standing only a few feet away is a beautiful woman you’d like to meet and

Not only does she have the perfect body, beautiful face and golden tan, but her eyes are so magnetic you can’t help but continue to admire her and notice how see seems to light up the room with her wonderful personality.

…she’s your perfect woman.

But no matter how much you pump yourself up, you can’t build up the courage to walk over and start a conversation with her because you realize you don’t know what to say and want to avoid feeling embarrassed at all costs because she might laugh at you.

The Biggest Mistake Men
Make With Women…

I know exactly how you feel and I promise that your situation is NOT helpless. Like you, I used to never have the courage to walk up to women because I never knew what to say.

You see, the big problem is that men keep doing the same things that never work, over and over again. Eventually they believe that all beautiful women are mean and give up, settling for any woman they can get – or even worse – no woman at all.

So let me ask you this: Do you want to crawl through life without the sort of women you deserve, feeling depressed and lonely? Let’s face it, this is disturbing to even think about. And that’s why you want to end your frustration.

Here’s How To Attract The
Women You’ve Always Wanted

Suppose you could say a few simple phrases and have a woman fall head over heels for you?

Just like the dating masters, imagine you walk into a local bar. With a confident smile, you effortlessly approach a beautiful woman and introduce yourself. Then you make her laugh, smile and enjoy your company to the point that she bites her lip, trying to hold back her obvious attraction for you.

And then, all the jealous men become speechless, as they watch you whisper something into her ear and walk out the door with her in your arm.

Sound too good to be true?

Well it’s not if you know how to flirt with women. Why? Because if you knew exactly what to say and how to act, wouldn’t that give you the total confidence you need to walk up to any woman and increase your chances of attracting her?

As a matter of fact, attracting women is actually easier than you think… when you know how to communicate with them properly.

Think about it. Knowing how to talk to women is the most powerful skill you could ever learn if you want to flood your calendar with dates. You can’t just walk up to a woman and expect to kiss her, can you? You need to learn how to talk to a woman before you can make her your girlfriend.

But why is learning to talk to women so important? Because women need to feel some connection before they decide to want to move deeper in the relationship. And the only way to do this is by… saying the right things.

Simply put, knowing how to talk with women is like having a cupid’s bow and arrow that you can freely “aim and fire” to captivate any woman and make her hypnotically attracted to you… anywhere, anytime.

But Knowing What To Say
Is The Hard Part…

It could take you years of frustration, rejection and heartache to figure out just the right combinations that make some conversations work while others fall flat on their face.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to feel the pain of unnecessary rejections and embarrassing moments in the dating world. It’s a waste of time, money, and bottom line – your dignity.

But instead of making unnecessary humiliating mistakes with women and trying to come up with just the right words to say, you can save time, end frustration, and attract women faster by learning proven, tested strategies that you can apply immediately.

And that’s only the beginning.

This means you’ll understand what women really want and how to be successful yourself, so you can easily repeat the process on your own, in the future.

In fact, now you don’t have to spend money getting drunk in bars, going home empty-handed, or investing in dinners and movies on dates that never call back. Now you can have it all in this proven, tested communication system called:

Attract the women you’ve always wanted

“Flirting Formula”

In less than an hour you can be using real-life examples of proven techniques, tips and strategies to talk to women and charm them.

Listen, whether you want to pick up the hot chicks that until now have never given your a second glance or just win over your dream girl and snuggle up on the couch together, “Flirting Formula – Dating Success System” will help you to reach your goals.

Why? Because this system has been specifically designed for guys who want to attract women in these situations… just like you!

You learn…

    • How to approach women without fear…
    • How to start conversations with ease…
    • How to keep interesting conversations going…
    • How to avoid awkward silences…
    • What topics to talk about on dates…
    • How to talk on the phone…
    • And how to flirt so that women feel attracted to you…

      I Know What You’re Thinking  And The Answer Is…

      … No!

      It’s NOT sleazy pickup lines that get you slapped in the face
      It’s NOT boring 20 page scripts that come off looking rehearsed
      It’s NOThypnotic mumbo jumbo that leaves guys acting like stalkers

      It’s… a simple proven system for having fun conversations with women by using your natural masculine qualities to attract women. Including…

      1. Sample lines that make her laugh…
      2. Exciting conversations that keep her interested…
      3. Fun games that make you stand out…
      4. And proven formulas that ensure you never run out of things to say…

      …And much much more!

    • You’ll project your most attractive personality traits towards women, simply by choosing the right words. Now, I know what you’re thinking…

      Will This Work
      For You?

      Look, whether you’re talking to the trickiest “cold shoulder” women or the sweetest nice girls, the chances are you can utilize my techniques to make women like you.

      Why? Because I’ve personally tested and developed these techniques myself in the real world as a result of my own dating experiences with women.

      In fact, having real world examples means you get word-for-word phrases you can repeat, instead of plain and boring “text book theory” or concepts like “be yourself” or “just smile” that leave you scratching your head.

      And now I’m ready to pass my secrets onto you. Why? Because I want you to become what women call “irresistible.” Let me explain. You see, to be quite honest, most women find football players and bad boys very unfulfilling.

      While women seem to be attracted to these men, over time their attraction wears off and leaves them wanting “a quality man.”

      And that’s where you come in!

      Listen, I’m going to show you how to talk so women find you irresistible, step-by-step. This means you’ll not only attract women but also keep them. And now the question still remains…

      Why Should You
      Listen To Me?

      My name is Michael Anderson and over the past 3 years I’ve approached and flirted with over 213 women in places such as: bars, clubs, house parties, shopping malls, the streets, beaches, parks, festivals just to name a few.

      (And these are just the times I can remember!)

      I’ve flirted with women in large groups and women by themselves, and during these conversations I’ve tested and experimented with more techniques and methods than you can imagine!

    As a result of these conversations, I’ve dated dozens of women that I could only have dreamed about several years ago.

    These women were beautiful, intelligent, kind, and in high demand. However, I have now settled down and found an exceptional woman who I am now happily dating.

      • In addition, I have helped countless men from all over the world reach the level of success they want with women, including countries spreading as far as: USA to Australia, United Kingdom to India and Iceland to Mexico, just to name a few.

        That’s right, this system works in countries all over the world! Why? Because it’s based on human psychology, which is the same everywhere.

        But enough about me…

        Here’s Just A Taste of The Flirting
        ‘Secrets’ Revealed Inside…

        You’re about to learn…

        • 4 ways to start conversations with beautiful women without making a fool of yourself or feeling scared… you’ll approach women without hesitation and never miss another opportunity again (pg. 56 – 57)
        • 4 words that get women you’ve never spoken to before open up to you… avoid the “cold shoulder of death” that most men experience during a pick up, and triple your chances of getting her phone number after using this simple technique (pg. 59)
        • 16 ways to keep an interesting conversation going with any woman… avoid awkward silences with women and give them an amazing first impression which will leave them wanting to see you again (pg. 94)
        • How to ask a woman for her phone number without making a fool out of yourself… never feel scared or nervous to ask a woman for her number ever again (pg. 80)
        • A proven short word-for-word phone conversation you can use to set up dates with women… avoid the “should I call her?” anxiety by knowing exactly what to say (pg. 70)
        • 5 hot topics to talk about during first dates and 4 topics that put women to sleep… follow this and she’ll be hinting at “date 2” before the first one is even over. (pg. 74)
        • 3 ways to make women laugh even if you’re not funny or can’t tell a joke… use just one of these techniques and she’ll be bragging about you to her friends long after your conversation (pg. 54)
        • 2 words that bring intimate ideas into a perfectly normal conversation without looking like a pervert or sleaze… hit the secret psychological triggers that make women see you as a potential lover rather than just a friend (pg. 106)
        • The little-known way of using pickup lines that actually work! (Hint: it’s not when you approach women!)… she’ll be hanging off your every word, wondering how you know so much about women (pg. 113)
        • The hilarious game you can play to make a woman pick you over other guys… other men will be amazed and jealous as they see you walking away with the woman they want on YOUR arm (pg. 112)
        • Why frowning can actually increase a woman’s attraction… learn a flirting technique that will make women smile and laugh (pg. 118)
        • One question that will most likely have a woman playfully grabbing you!… build valuable trust by crossing the critical “touch barrier” in an innocent and playful way (pg. 100)
        • Two dialogues of seductive conversations and how to use them… bringing ideas into a woman’s mind and get her linking you to thoughts of “pleasure” and “intimacy” (pg. 91)
        • And much more…

        Learn Dating Secrets That Most
        Men Will Never Know…

        Make no mistake: Flirting Formula is filled with hundreds of lines, games and fun flirting techniques that you won’t find anywhere else. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

        My experience will show you why knowing how to talk to girls means nothing if you don’t know all the rules of dating and how to handle the main dating situations. So that’s why…

        You’ll also learn…

        • The secret way women want men to behave on dates that they’ll never tell you… this is the single biggest reason most men fail to get a second date with women! (pg. 15)
        • 5 body language tips that by-pass women’s defense shields when you approach them for the first time… you’ll get more numbers, more often, using these five tips (pg. 39- 41)
        • The single most powerful attitude you can cultivate to attract any woman guaranteed… master this and attracting women becomes almost “too easy” (pg. 24)
        • 7 ways that guys make women nervous without even realizing it, and how to avoid them… learn why women reject men even before they open their mouths, and ensure that this never happens to you (pg. 41)
        • The very first place you should touch a women and how to do it without getting weird looks or rejected… get to the point where hugging and kissing her is normal. Often the first physical contact is the hardest to do (pg. 86)
        • 5 magnetic personality traits women wish every man had… use just the first trait and you’ll attract women more than you ever thought possible. (pg. 14 -20)
        • How to tell a woman you like her by using the “popcorn trick”… communicate your interest in a woman without ever getting rejected! (pg. 77)
        • The very best gift you can give a woman (no it’s not pleasure, hugs, kisses or even material possessions)… this one’s guaranteed to surprise you! (pg. 103)
        • 5 techniques to quickly and easily turn women on… don’t be surprised if she’ ready to get a little physical with you right there and then. (pg. 92)
        • The best time of day to find beautiful women in 4 locations… save hours of time as you go straight to where your ideal women is and increase the chance of finding your dream girl (pg. 49)
        • The single most important action you must take at the end of your first date… do this and she’ll be thinking about you all week. Hint: it’s not kissing her! (pg. 78 – Dating Guideline #1)
        • 5 ways to find men who are expert flirters that you can spy on and ethically steal their best ideas … shave years off your learning curve as you watch what successful guys do with your own eyes (pg. 43 – 44)
        • How long you should wait before you call women … wait too long and she’ll forget about you, call too early and you look desperate (pg. 68)
        • How being chivalrous can actually work against you and end your relationship… learn how to do gentlemanly acts properly so women want to see you again, and keep them interested as long as you like (pg. 81)
        • One thing you must do when a woman is over at your house for the first time… failure to do this could mean her walking out on you (pg. 88)
        • The single most important piece of clothing you need to make a great first impression with an attractive woman… triple your chances of scoring a first date with stylish women. First impressions mean everything in dating (pg. 83)
        • 3 online dating tips that help you find beautiful women… increase your chances by 300% of meeting your real life dream girl offline who has everything you’ve been looking for. (pg. 51 – 53)
        • The two best online dating sites that actually get results, and which dating sites you should never use… if you don’t use these sites you’ll waste your time, money and probably never meet anyone online. (pg. 52)
        • And much, much more…
        • You may still be a bit skeptical, but think about this – if you keep doing the same things over and over again – you’ll only succeed in getting the same results. If I keep touching a hot stove and keep getting burned – I’d be silly to think the next time I touch that hot stove I won’t get burnt again.

          That’s why I want to let you try out my proven flirting system – completely and totally risk-free! (I’ll tell you about my unique guarantee in a moment.)

          Okay, So What’s The Cost
          Of This Incredible Dating System?

          Do you want more success with women for the rest of your life?

          Some men would pay hundreds, even thousands for this information. Other guys consider it priceless. And what you probably don’t realize is, it’s costing you more money NOT to buy this book. Let me explain…

          Most guys empty their pockets every single week trying to attract women. They either buy new clothes or get drunk at clubs. And for all this money, most guys come home… empty handed.

          In fact, I know a guy that recently spent $200 in one week going to clubs and bars trying to attract women – but was unsuccessful. This money could have definitely been better spent!

          So here’s the deal: Flirting Formula is available to you as a downloadable ebook, directly accessible from the Internet.

          Yes, this means you don’t have to pay for shipping or even wait for the post man to deliver anything to your door. And don’t worry, downloading the information in Flirting Formula is a real snap. (It works perfectly with both MAC and PC computers.)

          And If That’s Not Enough…

          Needless to say, this information is jam packed with jealously guarded secrets to meet and date the women you’ve always wanted. But just to sweeten the pot a bit, I’m also going to hand you 2 special bonuses to reward you for taking action immediately.

      Bonus 1: The Complete Guide To Overcome Fear, Shyness and Explode Your Confidence Around Women

      You’ll learn…

      • The two best ways to overcome shyness around women so you have the confidence to approach, ask for her number, kiss her and more
      • Learn how to de-code 4 “under-the-radar” signals that women give off to show that they’re interested in you and use this to get an instant surge of “she wants me” confidence so you never miss another opportunity to date a woman
      • The little-known technique that builds up a woman’s attraction and comfortable level so she wants to get intimate with you faster. (Most guys turn women off when they touch them, learn how to be the unique and interesting one)
      • 7 ways to know that a woman is not interested… learn when to cut your loses short so you never waste your valuable time or money talking to these teases
      • The quickest way to get a woman comfortable around you. (Hint: It’s not touching, complimenting or even talking to them.)
      • One phrase that helps you start approaching beautiful women you’ve never met… using this technique and you can almost never get rejected
      • A powerful “reversal” technique that helps get over the fear of calling, kissing and getting intimate with women… do this technique just 3 times and you can double your confidence
      • The single best way to overcome rejection from women … in all my years of learning and teaching this stuff, nothing even comes close to this powerful secret!
      • And much much more…

      Bonus 2: Step-by-Step Guide To Pick Up Women In Bars And Clubs

      You learn…

      • A great line to start conversations with groups of women… become accepted by the entire group (including the woman you want) as you impress them with your ability to keep energetic and fun conversation going for hours.
      • 5 biggest mistakes men make in clubs and bars, and how to avoid them… these mistakes are responsible for men spending over 200 bucks per week at clubs and going home alone
      • The single most important thing you need to do if you want to leave with a woman… the answer is guaranteed to shock you!
      • 2 things you must do the moment you enter a club or bar… almost every single man is guilty of not doing this, which is the cause of his failure to bring a woman home
      • 3 ways to talk to women in groups to attract the hottest woman… gain an unfair advantage over other men in the club, and even get these men away from women you like without lifting a finger yourself!
      • 3 steps to get a woman alone with you without any interruption from her friends… avoid her friends pulling your woman away or trying to ruin your night and set their minds at ease so you can make your woman even more attracted to you
      • The single most important thing you need to do with the woman the second you’re alone together… (Hint: It’s NOT kissing, flirting, groping or even trying to leave the club!)
      • Should you dance in clubs? Learn what works best so you can get women interested in you and take them home
      • How long you need to spend with a woman before she’ll leave with you. she’ll have no objections or excuses after you build strong levels of comfort and trust with the woman for the right amount of time. (Too little time and she’ll reject your invitation, too long and she’ll get bored and go home with her friends. Learn how long you really need.)
      • The best line you can use to get a woman to leave the bar with you without looking like a fool or desperate guy… this works so well her friends won’t even object to your requests
      • And much much more
        • Aaron Sleazy – Club Game The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls in Clubs and Bars PDF Download

      • In Club Game, Aaron Sleazy systematically and thoroughly describes how you can maximize your chances for success with the women you meet in clubs and bars. The knowledge in this book is based on the experience he gained in years spent partying, mainly in the hottest clubs and bars of London and Berlin. Through his life as a Lothario, Aaron Sleazy had innumerable pleasurable encounters with women, but he also gained many invaluable insights. Consequently, Club Game contains Aaron Sleazy’s distilled wisdom on clubs and bars, and serves as an effective crash course to success with women in that environment. For more on Aaron Sleazy, visit his official website at
      • Club Game is the guide to success in clubs and bars. It covers everything you need to know, including the following:·non-traditional fashion advice
        ·finding the right scene for you
        ·dealing with social pressure
        ·the importance of polarization
        ·how to become a much cooler guy
        ·what girls are looking for
        ·how clubs and social circles relate to each other
        ·understanding the doorman (door policy)
        ·going out with friends and on your own
        ·alcohol and drugs: pros and cons
        ·club logistics
        ·female receptivity throughout the night
        ·how to effectively meet women
        ·specific signals
        ·general signals
        ·subtle signals
        ·capitalizing on opportunities
        ·successful approaches
        ·dealing with groups
        ·dance floor approaches
        ·three great game plans: beginner, intermediate, and advanced
        ·dealing with distractions
        ·recovering from semi-successful attempts

      Aaron Sleazy – Overcoming the Seduction Community

      Aaron Sleazy – Debunking The Seduction Community

      Debunking the Seduction Community is a free ebook on the problematic foundations of the seduction industry. It exposes many of the myths purported by the vast majority of businesses active in this field.

      Aaron Sleazy – Debunking the Seduction Community (Cover)

      This book has two goals: First, it aims to expose the mainstream seduction industry, to describe its borderline fraudulent machinations, and to explain why it can’t keep its promises. As a contrast, in the second part I describe how simple seduction really is. The principles are in fact so simple that it is no surprise why the human race has prospered for so long. (Don’t worry, not all of them are completely obvious.) If you have problems attracting women, this book will give you some blunt pointers on what to do.

      However, if you have not been exposed to the seduction industry before, feel free to skip the first part altogether, or read it strictly for entertainment purposes.

      Key points:

         * Commercial foundations of the seduction industry
         * Why game is not the “great equalizer”
         * The disastrous role of Neil Strauss’ book “The Game”
         * Why phone numbers and make outs are red herrings for seduction
         * The unfortunate marriage of new age and the pickup scene
         * A very simple overview of seduction and how it really works.

      Best of Aaron Sleazy Blog & Forum Collection

      This is 200+ pages of great information. From this compilation you will learn why most of community theory is BS, and what are the simple and legit seduction techniques.

      Through writing about his sexual adventures candidly on forums and blogs, Aaron Sleazy gained notoriety but also a dedicated group of followers who were eager to learn from him. After numerous requests, he began sharing his insights in interviews and his books. His position is that seduction is mutual, direct, sexual — and not in the least manipulative. The latter led him to become a fierce critic of the commercial seduction industry.

      Aaron Sleazy has personally helped hundreds of men to improve their love life, in and outside of relationships. If you don’t have much luck with women, you have come to the right place. But even if you are already successful, you will learn how to get similar results in much less time and with much less effort. Getting laid doesn’t have to be difficult.


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      The Complete Photo Guide to Great Sex PDF Download

      The Complete Photo Guide to Great Sex PDF Download

      The Complete Photo Guide to Great Sex PDF Download

      The Complete Photo Guide to Great Sex is an exciting new look at great sex techniques. This revealing guide shows mind-blowing positions, incredible oral techniques, and new exciting things to try in 300 color photos and illustrations. Each technique is broken down in step-by-step photo sequences with instructive captions and text so you can learn—and see—every detail of the move from the angle of their hips to the placement of their hands and mouth. Discover everything you need to know for the most amazingly satisfying sex ever with The Complete Photo Guide to Great Sex.



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      Tantra Sex for the Soul – Somananda Moses Maimon PDF Download

      Tantra Sex for the Soul - Somananda Moses Maimon PDF Download

      Tantra Sex for the Soul – Somananda Moses Maimon EPUB Download

      Tantra: Sex for the Soul!

      In 2013, following prompting by participants in his Bhairava Yoga courses, Somananda wrote the Tantra exposé, Tantra: Sex for the Soul, to act as a guide for students new to Tantra. The book explores a wide variety of subjects essential to a complete understanding of sexual teachings in Tantra:ENG cover

      •    Why energy is key
      •    What is tantric lovemaking?
      •    Beginners’ issues and practice
      •    Individual guidance for women and for men
      •    Women and the healing effects of orgasm
      •    Men and becoming centered in masculine power
      •    Modern sexuality and tantric relationships
      •    Tantric massage
      •    Tantra and spirituality and much more

      Tantra Sex for the Soul – Somananda Moses Maimon PDF Download  is also peppered with students’ testimonials, which give strength to the guidance provided and show the nuances of individual experience in both men and women.

      “Tantra: Sex for the Soul” humbly aims to go where no book of Tantra has gone before. For those who know nothing about Tantra, this book is bound to profoundly change your life. For those who have started down the path, it will deepen and enhance your knowledge. This perfect system – conceived with so much insight and wisdom thousands of years ago – is presented in a practical, step-by-step approach that guides newcomers as well as more experienced practitioners to reach a coherent understanding of sexual Tantra. “Tantra: Sex for the Soul” reveals all the tips and secrets to realize accurate practice, the remarkably multiorgasmic horizons that await, and Tantra’s exceptional potential for health, healing, and higher consciousness.

      While in today’s environment of neo-Tantra, the spiritual aspects of this system have become lost and superseded by the spectacular sexual results of tantric practice, “Tantra: Sex for the Soul” does not waver from its commitment to a sacred approach that honors the revelations of the authentic Indian and Tibetan tantric traditions. This book – supplemented with many personal testimonials – guides the reader through the ins and outs of all aspects of Tantra: fundamental principles, energy and its control, sexology, men’s and women’s issues, individual training and techniques, relationships, lifestyle, tantric massage, and much more.

      Genuine in his commitment to share this lineage with modern seekers, Somananda Moses Maimon provides readers with one of the most comprehensive books available on this subject. You are hereby invited to explore the mysteries of Tantra – an invitation to discover the soul-touching depths of your own being and the beautiful heights of ecstasy accessible to everyone.


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      Gabriel Morris – How to Make Sacred Love to a Woman Download

      “How to Make Sacred Love to a Woman: An Intimate Exploration of Sacred Sexuality” is a collection of thought-provoking essays from both men and women, delving deep into the subjects of sacred sexuality, tantra and what women truly desire from men in the bedroom and beyond. Edited by Gabriel Morris, author of “The Mystery of Woman: A Book for Men” (Soul Rocks Books, 2012) and many other books. It includes essays by Morris, plus a wide range of essays by other authors, men and women, representing an impressive spectrum of knowledge and expertise.

      Elaine Caban is the founder of Sasha Lessin is the founder of the School of Tantra on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Tantrica Maya is a professional tantrika. Martin Hannon is the founder of the Men’s Tantra Circle. And the book features an extended and very revealing interview with Maya Yonika, main character in the documentary movie “Sex Magic: Manifesting Maya”.

      “How to Make Sacred Love to a Woman” is a riveting, informative, practical, balanced and highly sensual guide to sacred sexuality, and understanding the complex realm of the feminine. See the Table of Contents below, and “Look inside the book” for more info by clicking on the book cover image above.

      -How to Make Sacred Love to a Woman by Gabriel Morris
      -I Want Burning: Loving a Woman on the Spiritual Path by Kylie Devi
      -Yin and Yang by Gabriel Morris
      -To Be Loved By A Man, by Asttarte Deva Shakti Bliss
      -Merger by Amanda Lyons
      -Sacred Communion by Elaine Caban
      -When I Get What I NEED Instead of What I WANT by Martin Hannon
      -Using Sex Magic to Manifest Our Heart’s Desires by Barbara Yednak
      -Feel Something, Man! by Gabriel Morris
      -The Erotic Way: Heeding the Call by Tantrica Maya
      -Exploring Tantra an interview with Maya Yonika
      -Pussy Power! By Gabriel Morris
      -On Being Worshipped by e.b. sarver
      -How I Love My Wife by Sasha Lessin


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      Adam Lyons – 20 Ways to Make Her Want You Review | Adam Lyons – 20 Ways to Make Her Want You Download

      Adam Lyons – 20 Ways to Make Her Want You

      Description: 20 fun games you can play just using a ballpoint pen and napkin to spark attraction with a girl.



      Adam Lyons – Building Comfort Download

      Watch and learn how to talk any girl into your bed

      Comfort Building Re-launched

      Now you can effortlessly start a conversation…What next?  learn how to turn an awkward silence into a tool that will enable you to attract women whenever you want.

      What’s on the DVD’s:

      • Do you struggle to think of things to say to a woman?
      • Are women consistently finding a reason to leave your conversations?
      • Are they constantly flaking out on your attempts to hang out?
      • Do you come across as creepy or insincere when talking to a woman?
      • Would you like to be inspiring, desired, and constantly surrounded by women?

      Perfect! You can start a conversation with anyone, at any time in their busy life. Meeting new people is a great opportunity to build connections to enhance yours and their life. All you have to do now is keep the conversation going and make them want to stay in touch!

      • How do you make someone want to stay in touch?
      • What do you say next?
      • Why do women get bored talking to me?

      I get asked these questions all the time. I answer them, but I’ve never gone into the fine details before now. How easy is it to talk to someone who you know already likes you? They are investing into what you are saying and vice versa. Why can’t all conversations be that easy? What makes a person want to talk to you?

      I go into everything you need to know about how to hold deep, influential conversation with women. With anyone really. You can easily make anyone like you with these skills. The power that has is infinite.

      I’ve developed a program designed to enhance your entire life. I give you all the tools you need to dominate your life and influence anyone you contact.

      Using the skills and techniques I will teach you, you will never run out of things to say. You can captivate the attention of any person with your words. You can use these skills to help everyone around you enhance their life with you.

      Anyone you talk to will want you in their life. You will be incredibly rich in value and people will crave your attention. With these skills, you will understand how to talk to people in a way that makes them feel as if they’ve known you for years.

      People will immediately go from total strangers, to best friends. The influence you have on people will make them want to go out of their way to keep you in their life. They will work hard to help you lead your life to success.

      Because of the strength of your words, this program doesn’t only help you close with women and make you desirable, it helps you close with business deals and makes you powerful. This program should make you rich if you follow it carefully. Rich with financial wealth, rich with friends, rich with women, and rich with influence.

      I have never covered this topic so intensely. I want to give you the key to keep people in your life long term. Build long-lasting friendships, attractions, and relationships.

      • You can use these skills to make new friends
      • To network for your business
      • Use it to start a relationship
      • Use it to build powerful friendships and social circles



      Adam Lyons – Hot Girlfriend in 7 Days Download

      Adam Lyons – Hot Girlfriend in 7 Days

      a) 20 Ways to Make Her Want You

      b) Hot Girl in 7 Days

      c) Get More Sex

      Hot Girlfriend in 7 Days

      Description: Want to date a hot girl in 7 days? Then follow these steps. Find out how a girl likes to be attracted, and attract her that way.



      More From Adam Lyons

      Signs of Attraction by Adam Lyons
      Street Seduce by Adam Lyons
      Qualification by Adam Lyons : How to Master The Art of Qualification
      Bootleg Bundle by Adam Lyons
      Real Pick-up Lines by Adam Lyons : 101 Ways to Break the Ice | 101 real pick-up lines that create real results
      Understand Attraction Updated Version by Adam Lyons
      Understand Attraction by Adam Lyons
      Adam Lyons’ Full VIP Archive
      Breaking Rapport by Adam Lyons

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      Mark Wilson – Big Natural Testicles and Penile Muscle Program Review | Mark Wilson – Big Natural Testicles and Penile Muscle Program Download

      Mark Wilson - Big Natural Testicles and Penile Muscle Program Download

      Powerful Cutting Edge Methods To Naturally Increase
      TesticleSize And Performance By Over 30%
      WARNING: Undersized Testicles And Low Testosterone Are Linked To Dangerous Illnesses

      I’m Mark Wilson.

      I’m about to reveal to you the cold hard facts which will help you to understand the exact reasons why:

      • You may have undersized testicles and how this affects your health
      • Why average testicle size and sperm quality in men is decreasing rapidly
      • How low testosterone is extremely dangerous for a man’s health
      • How women are involuntarily attracted to men with big testicles and high testosterone

      I’ll also let you in on my exact step-by-step cutting edge method that men of any age can follow in order to:

      • Develop healthy sizable testes
      • Completely reverse testicular atrophy
      • Increase libido by over 300%
      • Increase ejaculation volume

      If these results seem a little unexpected to you, then don’t worry, that’s perfectly normal.

      Most men are a little skeptical until they start to notice their testicles feeling pleasantly heavier and fuller after just a week or 2.

      For example, this is an extract of an email I got Eddie from Tampa, Florida:

      “Testicles are bigger, my wife loves ‘em and I love the attention…. Ejaculation volume is crazy.”  Eddie

      And I’ll show you more of these just a bit further on.

      So do read this report right until the end, as I’ve never previously shared so much material and I cannot promise you that it will still be here in a few days, or even tomorrow.

      Now that we are clear on that, let’s get down to the facts:

      FACT 1:


      Your testicles are 25% smaller than your great grandfather’s were.

      How do I know this?

      Scientists in France recently discovered that sperm concentrations in men decreased by almost one-third just between 1989 and 2005.

      And the motility of those sperm (which is their ability to swim to the egg) has plummeted by a whopping 50%.

      FACT 2:  

      Small testicles, low testosterone and poor sperm quality is linked to weight gain which can Big-testicles-home-picin turn lead to dangerous diseases and conditions such as:

      • heart disease
      • diabetes
      • high blood pressure
      • man boobs (chest fat)
      • low sex drive
      • depression

      Can you relate to any of these?

      If so, I hate to tell you but your health is at risk.

      FACT 3:

      Get this:

      Studies clearly demonstrate that females are subconsciously much more attracted to men with bigger, healthier packages and higher testosterone levels and less attracted to men with poorly balanced hormones and smaller packages.

      If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Women are hard-wired to seek a mate with healthier fertile sperm for reproductive purposes.

      In fact, I’ll even prove it to you: just try increasing your testosterone and testicle size and see what happens. You’ll notice how women who previously ignored you suddenly find you interesting and attractive. And other men will admire you for it.

      Now, if you’re a rational man, you’re probably feeling a little concerned and uneasy about some of what I just revealed to you.

      But hold on just a second, because there is some good news too.

      You see, this decline is actually reversible..

      You just need to know how.

      If your testicles have shrunk to an embarrassing size, or were never big in the first place, then you absolutely can restore your testosterone and package to back to where they belong; right at the top.

      I’m about tell you exactly what to do to get from where you are now to having a high functioning heavy pair of testicles, healthy sperm and a powerful sex drive.

      Just before we get to that, let me tell you something interesting about me and my own experience:

      Let’s just back up a bit and see how I was back before I became a male health coach.

      I was what you might call an “average American male”, that you see wandering the streets.

      Only, my testicles had shrunk to the size of raisins, my ejaculations were pathetic, and my libido and my general energy levels were at a low point.  Perhaps you can relate to this yourself.

      And I was starting to become very self-conscious about my small package and weak, watery sperm..

      I can tell you, being down in that dark place isn’t pretty.  Let’s remember, having an undersized package and low testosterone is not only harmful to your self-esteem, especially when it comes to sex, but it puts you firmly into the highest risk category for other diseases.

      Not to mention the embarrassment, loss of confidence and psychological damage.

      I remember the lowest point as clear as yesterday – I was  trying on a pair of jeans in the store, coming out of the cubicle to check myself out in the mirror, and to my shock embarrassment, I saw that the store attendant had obviously noticed my package was virtually non-existent.

      The look on her face said it all!

      And after 6 long months of agonizing about my embarrassing shrunken balls I finally bit the bullet.

      It was pretty clear my testicles weren’t coming back on their own.

      That dark moment of realization was what finally motivated me to get to work deploying my extensive research and testing skills to best effect..

      And it took me 3 years to work out how to restore my testes not only to their rightful healthy size, but when I finally did, I noticed that they had become quite a bit bigger than before.

      And this was good!

      Today,  I maintain my testosterone levels to the optimal 800+ range and I keep them there, just by taking some simple yet highly effective and enjoyable actions on a regular basis!

      You’re probably wondering, how did I get from being the loser with a small sack to having a healthy big pair of testes with a high sex drive who teaches other men how to do the same?

      Well, working in the supplements industry meant I had direct access to consult with high level sports coaches, analyzing complex studies, testing advanced treatments, networking with health industry professionals and spending a small fortune testing various supplements to optimize my findings and results.

      That is how I finally turned my situation around; hard work and years of perseverance.

      And I can tell, you’re probably itching by now get your hands on this information and benefit from what I learnt to get your testicles feeling big and heavy.

      So here are the essential steps you can take to boost your testicular performance and experience spectacular hormonal surges starting from today:

      • 1. STOP falling for the latest miracle supplements

      We’ve all seen the ads for T-boosting super supplements that somebody told you would increase the size of your balls and give you huge ejaculations.

      What they don’t tell you is that research and testing proves that some supplements can cause the body’s hormonal function to shut down and produce lower levels of natural hormones than before, resulting in testicular shrinkage and male breasts. Supplements can be great, but only when you know exactly how to use them.

      • 2. ELIMINATE processed and estrogenic foods

      A number of chemical products that are used as food additives, in packaging and processed at dangerously high temperatures have been proven in studies to cause numerous serious sexual dysfunction issues with men and boys such as:

      • Testicular Atrophy
      • Micro-penis
      • Erectile dysfunction
      • Premature ejaculation

      To avoid going through the same pains, stay clear of harmful processed foods at the root of this problem.

      I cannot emphasize how important this is to your health and testosterone.

      • 3. STOP spending hours in the gym, or running aimlessly around the block

      Studies clearly demonstrate then long, slow cardio exercises that last for hours are not only boring and hard to stay motivated for, but that they can actually cause premature aging, ruin your testosterone levels and shrink your testes.

      Ever felt your sack shrivel up after a long run?

      Yup, me too.

      Using these 3 golden nuggets of advice, you can easily improve your free testosterone levels.

      And now that you know what NOT to do, let’s see what you should be doing instead..

      In fact, let’s get straight to the question I get asked more frequently than any other by the thousands of guys I’ve coached over the years.

      “Mark, can you give me a complete system to get my testicles nice and big, my ejaculations  powerful, my libido high and keep it there, for good?”

      In fact what I’m constantly hearing is that men can’t wait to get their testicles big, heavy and performing, and testosterone positively pulsating through their bodies.

      Imagine if in just a few short weeks, you could have naturally powerful libido, healthy fertile ejaculations and a bigger package!

      I drew from my years of research and experience and devised the ultimate complete step-by-step system for significantly increasing testicular size, tripling testosterone levels and improving libido and muscle tone.

      All7With the Big Natural Testicles Programme, you’ll finally unlock your true virile potential in just 4-6 weeks, with the first results being visible in just a few short days from now.

      And what’s great is that using this system is highly pleasurable, enjoyable and fun to use.

      The Big Natural Testicles Programme is NOT a fad diet, a hyped-up supplement or a back breaking exercise routine.

      What it IS is step-by-step 6 week plan consisting of cutting edge new routines and highly effective testosterone-boosting methods based on scientific studies and extensive testing.

      It will be like having me as your personal health coach, only without the personal coaching prices!

      Let me show you what you’ll get when you join.

      I’ll give you unique methods to flush out harmful estrogenic compounds from your body, resulting in:

      • The ability to absorb more essential nutrients
      • Boost your free testosterone
      • Reduce abdominal bloating

      increase testosterone exerciseYou’ll get rapid Testicle -boosting exercises..

      The T-boosting exercise tips and workouts I’ll give you won’t only increase your testicle size but they are extremely short, help you save time and also result in:

      • Better metabolism
      • Lower blood pressure
      • Reduced cholesterol
      • Increased dopamine, (which is the chemical we produce in our brain associated with libido, pleasure and desire)
      • And a naturally lean, hard body that women find attractive

      You’ll get access to the full Testosterone Nutrition Plan..

      eBook2You’ll discover super-foods that send your T levels shooting upwards as well as some clear, frank advice on how to steer away from harmful foods that can cause testicular atrophy, man boobs and even micro-penis.

      With this food plan your metabolism will outperform nearly any other guy’s helping you to burn fat and build lean hard muscle.

      I’ll also give you essential advice on Sexual habits..

      What I’ve discovered is that the right or wrong sexual habits can make or break your performance and package size. How often should you ejaculate? Is masturbation and porn good or bad?

      Most of all, you’ll learn how to avoid habits that drain the testosterone out of you, and instead you’ll be using some little-known techniques to get your T levels higher than imagined.DVD1

      You’ll also learn about Leydig cell stimulation..

      You may not know your leydig cells, but I do. Stimulating these wondercells that form part of the structure of the testicles will do the world of good. Firing them up with these unique 3 techniques will get them increasing the size and weight of your balls within just a few hours.

      You’ll also find out about Supplementation; what really works and what doesn’t..

      As I said earlier, no matter how powerful supplements are, they only work if you use the right ones and applying precise protocols and methodology.  You’ll learn how to experience floods of natural free testosterone thanks to my unique method of programming.

      In addition to this you’ll be using a number of surprising methods of tricking the body by making some simple lifestyle tweaks which most men are amazed by.

      As well as the full 10 step 6 week program, you’ll also get:

      • Your quick start plan for getting going right away, starting your first actions as soon as tonight
      • Access to a complete nutrition plan and an easy to follow schedule for eating your way to big testicles and high testosterone.
      • My enjoyable testicle-enhancing short workout schedule to get your body really pumping T through your veins.

      There is much, much more for you to discover inside.

      Remember, the Big Natural Testicles program is a proven and guaranteed methodology for effectively enhancing testicle size, performance and significantly boosting hormonal production.


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      Your Giant SEX Library 2014 Download

      Your Giant SEX Library 2014 Download

      Your Giant SEX Library 2014 Download

      Contents for Your Giant SEX Library 2014 Download are Split Into 4 Libraries :

      Your Little ORAL Sex Library 2014
      Your Little Random Library of Sex Goodies 2014
      Your Little Sex Library 2014
      Your Little Sex Library Vol.2 2014 – Games, Toys, BDSM, and Positions Galore

      Your Little Sex Library 2014

      Urban Tantra

      The Sexual Martial Art And Sexercise

      The New Naked, The Ultimate Sex Education

      The Multi-Orgasmic Man Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know

      The Men’s Health and Women’s Health Big Book of Sex – Your Authoritative, Red-Hot Guide to the Sex of Your Dreams

      The Happy Hooker’s Guide to Sex – 69 Orgasmic Ways to Pleasure a Woman

      The Field Guide to FCKING – A Hands-on Manual to Getting Great Sex

      The Everything Orgasm Book – The all-you-need guide to the most Satisfying Sex you’ll ever have

      The Enlightened Sex Manual Sexual Skills For The Superior Lover By David Deida

      The Complete Photo Guide to Great Sex

      Tantric Sex for Men Making Love a Meditation

      Tantric Secrets for Men What Every Woman Will Want Her Man to Know about Enhancing Sexual Ecstasy

      Slow Sex

      Sexy Book of Sexy Sex

      Sex Talk How to Tell Your Lover Exactly What You Want, Exactly When


      Sex Made Easy – Your Awkward Questions Answered-For Better, Smarter, Amazing Sex

      Sexercise – The Hottest Way to Burn Calories, Get a Better Body, and Experience Mindblowing Orgasms

      Sex and the Perfect Lover Tao, Tantra, and the Kama Sutra

      Sex and Sexuality – Sexuality Today, Sexual Finction & Sexual Deviation (3 volumes)

      Marathon Sex Incredible Lovemaking Experiences Hotter and Longer Than You’ve Ever Done It Before

      Lesbian Sex Bible – The New Guide to Sexual Love for Same-Sex Couples

      Kama Sutra, A Modern Guide to the Ancient Art of Sex

      Incredible Sex

      Hot Games for Mind-Blowing Sex Erotic Fantasies – You and Your Partner Can Try at Home

      Finding and Revealing Your Sexual Self A Guide to Communicating about Sex

      Electrify Your Sex Life How to Get Rid of Sexual Hangups and Inhibitions and Open Yourself to Pure Pleasure

      Discovering Your Couple Sexual Style – Sharing Desire, Pleasure, and Satisfaction

      Dirty Little Secrets – True Tales and Twisted Trivia About Sex

      Connoisseur’s Sex Guide

      Blow Her Mind – His Illustrated Guide to Orgasmic Oral Sex So Good She’ll Tell her Friends About It! Master Advanced Cunnilingus Tonight

      A Year of Spicy Sex – 52 Recipes to Heat Up Your Sex Life

      Art of Bedchamber

      100 Great Sex Games For Couples

      Your Little Sex Library Vol.2 2014

      Toygasms – The Insider’s Guide To Sex Toys & Techniques

      The Ultimate Guide to Kink BDSM, Role Play and the Erotic Edge

      The Secrets of Great G-Spot Orgasms and Female Ejaculation – The Best Positions and Latest Techniques for Creating Powerful, Long-Lasting, Full-Body Orgasms

      The Position Sex Bible More Positions Than You Could Possibly Imagine Trying

      Sex Positions You Never Thought Possible – The Creators of the Liberator Wedge Show You the Secrets of Angles and Inclinations for the Deepest, Most Orgasmic Sex Ever

      Sex Positions Illustrated 101 Hot Positions You Can Do Right Now by Donna Evans and Sex Positions

      Sex Position Sequences – 2013

      Sex Play Tantalizing Thrills, Passionate Positions 2013

      Sex Games Bible – More Erotic Activities Than You Could Possibly Imagine Trying

      Position Sex 50 Wild Sex Positions You Probably Haven’t Tried

      Kama Sutra, A Modern Guide to the Ancient Art of Sex

      Hot Games for Mind-Blowing Sex Erotic Fantasies – You and Your Partner Can Try at Home

      Fifty Shades of Ecstasy – Fifty Secret Sex Positions for Mind-Blowing Orgasms

      Domination And Submission – The BDSM Relationship Handbook (2013)

      Dirty Little Secrets – True Tales and Twisted Trivia About Sex

      A to Z of BDSM

      Advanced Sex Explicit Positions for Explosive Lovemaking

      Acrobatic Sex Positions – So Crazy We Dare You To Try Them

      50 Shades of Kink – An Introduction to BDSMWD

      50 Shades of Better Sex: Her Guide to Spicing Up the Relationship, Exploring Fantasies & Introducing BDSM to the Bedroom

      365 Sex Thrills

      365 Sex Moves Positions for Having Sex a New Way Every Day

      269 Amazing Sex Games – Ebook

      100 Great Sex Games For Couples

      Your Little ORAL Sex Library 2014

      The Ultimate Guide to Oral Sex

      The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus: How to Go Down on a Woman and Give Her Exquisite Pleasure

      The Low Down on Going Down – How to Give Her Mind-Blowing Oral Sex

      The Good in Bed Guide to Orally Pleasuring a Woman

      The Best Oral Sex Ever – His Guide to Going Down

      Oral sex that’ll blow her mind – An illustrated guide to giving her amazing orgasms

      Oral Sex She’ll Never Forget-50 Positions and Techniques

      Oral Sex for Every Body – Giving and Receiving for Men and Women

      Lick by Lick – How to Go Down on a Woman and Have Her Begging for More

      How To Give A Blow Job – Oral Sex He’ll Never Forget

      Going Down – The Instinct Guide to Oral Sex

      Fifty Shades of Oral Pleasure – A Bedside Guide to Going Down for Him and Her

      Blow Him Away – How to Give Him Mind-Blowing Oral Sex

      Blow Her Mind – His Illustrated Guide to Orgasmic Oral Sex So Good She’ll Tell her Friends About It! Master Advanced Cunnilingus Tonight

      Art of Oral Sex – Bring Your Partner to New Heights of Pleasure

      Your Little Random Library of Sex Goodies 2014

      50 Sex Tips for Him & Her

      50 Sex Tips for Married Couples

      Don’t Put That In There

      Good Sex Illustrated

      Her Brain is out to Screw You!

      How To Give Good Sex

      How To Have Better Sex

      How To Have Sex

      How To Solve Almost Any Sexual Problem The Easy Way

      Man’s 10-Step Lovemaking and Sex Guide

      Mens Sexual Health

      Sex and the Perfect Lover

      Sex & God How Religion Distorts Sexuality

      Sexpertise Secrets Of Total Satisfaction

      Sex Positions Illustrated – 101 Hot Positions You Can Do Right Now

      The 21 Biggest Sex Lies

      The Astrology of Great Sex – Discover Your Lover’s-And Your Own-Deepest Desires

      The Better Sex Cookbook

      The Joy of Sex

      Warning; You May Get Laid

      Why Is Sex Fun

      Yoga for Sex


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