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Women By Todd Download (DeluxeBundle)

After a decade and a half of coaching,I’ve noticed that there’s one simple skill set that unites the best guys in the game.

“Over the years, I’ve seen thousands and thousands of students embark on their journey in game.

Of those thousands, only 2% ever reach truly advanced level game.
Only 2% actually get the 9’s and 10’s that the rest can’t even approach.
And you guessed it, it’s that same 2% that understand the FULL Truth about what women want.
Who are these 2%?
They’re NOT exactly the best looking or the richest or the tallest.
Honestly they’re not even the guys that “go hard” 7 nights a week…… or rearrange their whole lives around women.

In fact, they’re all just smart regular guys who figured out ONE THING.”
Emotions & Thoughts Are Everything Specifically HER emotions and HER thoughts are everything.

The top 2% know that the key to getting any girl is to understand her better than she understands herself.
The more they know WHAT a girl is thinking and feeling……the more they can reach a point of DEEP CALIBRATION where almost everything they do makes the girl
CHASE Harder and Harder.

Calibration at the level of practically reading the girl’s mind before even SHE knows what she’s thinking.
Getting to that level of calibration, in combination with an unstoppable outer-game skill-set,is the simple effortless formula to advanced level game.
It’s the formula I’ve used for over 15 years to have the sex and dating life of a celebrity.

And it’s the formula that will get you there as well no matter if you’ve been in the game for years or just days.

The top 2% don’t believe in taking action.
They believe in taking SMART action.
Highly calibrated action designed to get results with the hottest girls.

Since the beginning of pickup, true female psychology and deep calibration have really only been effectively taught through hundreds of hours of live in-field coaching.

Unfortunately, that level of knowledge and training has been out of reach for the vast majority of guys…until now.
Smart Action = Action rooted in the tenets of real world female psychology- Todd Valentine

Are You In A Game Rut?
Most guys struggle so hard to play mind-games with the girl until she comes home with them.
Although it’s been 15 years since I did my first approach, I remember those first few years very vividly.

Probably because they were an incredibly painful and confusing time for me.

Ok, I’m having flashbacks now.

Flashbacks to all the awkwardness, the rejection, the confusion… and finally the rare victories..
No matter how bad you think you are, keep in mind that I went on nearly 70 dates before losing my virginity.
That’s 70 girls that liked me enough to go out with me… and I couldn’t close a single one of them.
When I tell guys that game is a skillset… THIS is where that comes from. It’s not that I wasn’t taking enough action or there was something wrong with me… …
it’s that I didn’t know what to do. And most importantly: I had zero clue what drove women mentally and emotionally.

I didn’t GET women….so how did I break out?
Well, two things happened.
A. I got way more analytical and methodical.
Instead of just going out and blindly stumbling from set to set, I started doing experiments in field.

I would go out with the express purpose of testing just ONE theory or tactic.
This helped completely clear my mind of all the gunk and doubt and anxiety that most guys feel.

I didn’t have to succeed at everything, didn’t have to do everything right.
I just had to concentrate on that ONE THING that I was working on that day or night.

B. I stopped thinking like a newbie.
Instead of just going out and approaching every girl in sight like an Approach Zombie.
I realized that MORE action did not equal BETTER results.
If anything, constantly running through failed sets would get me more and more in my head.

So I made a major change… I focused on her.

Instead of constantly plotting what pickup tactic I should implement next…
I decided to focus as much on the girl as possible.
What signals was she sending me?
What was she thinking and feeling?
What was she saying or not saying?

Both of these shifts very quickly began to pay off.I began to see results. Insane results. With exactly my type of girls.

Not just the random 6 or 7 that happened to be into me.
Before I knew it, I reached a certain threshold where game wasn’t confusing.
There was very little guesswork involved anymore.From open to close, I had a complete understanding of the girl in front of me.

I knew how she felt about me. What she found valuable, What she thought was weird and creepy.
What her major objections were.
And how I could overcome them smoothly and without seeming try hard.

And finally, let’s talk about the sex.
At this point, I’m sure you understand that women LOVE sex.

But every girl has her own sexual key.
Her secret set of arousal points that she keeps hidden.
Not to mention all the things she perceives as major turn-offs.

And at the end of the day (or night)…how she wants sex to go down.

This point right here is super key.
This never works. Period.
Instead, I’m able to very quickly figure out how SHE wants to be pulled.

The mental movie in her mind of how she wants a guy to seduce her.
And what moves I have to make to make her not only comfortable, but also highly aroused.
And then I do exactly that.
And that right there is what I’m talking about when I talk about deep calibration.
It’s what separates most guys that work so damn hard in-field… …from the few that know that game is a walk in the park.

Or at least it’s a walk in the park when you know what the girl wants.
Game is as easy as breathing when you know what she needs from you.
When you have a deep understanding of female psychology on an intuitive second-nature level… …getting the girls you want becomes as easy as breathing.
Am automatic effortless process.

And that’s what I want for you.Easy game that gets you EXACTLY the type of girl you’ve always dreamed of.PROUDLY PRESENTING
Who is Women For?I consciously made Women specifically for beginners and intermediates that know they’re missing something major in their game.
For both beginners and intermediates, uncalibrated game is the single biggest sticking point for almost every student I see.

It’s also the main reason why you’re just not getting the quality of girl you know you should be getting.
The sooner you can understand how the girl thinks and feels on an intuitive level, the sooner you’ll start to see results that might initially shock you.
So What’s Inside?
Infield Video Breakdowns 7 Different Infield Clips, Broken Down 4 Different ways: Uncut, Classic, Women, & Verbal Game

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RSD Todd – Calibration Manifesto (from Women by Todd)

The Calibration Manifesto from RSD Todd’s latest product called Women. Todd explains how to calibrate in pick up. He covers everything from basic calibration to advance calibration.

Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

AMP – Authentic Community Leadership Review | AMP – Authentic Community Leadership Download

Step Into Your Full Potential As a Community Leader, And Ignite A Transformation In the Lives Of The People You Care About Most
We Want You Training With Us This Fall– An 8-Week Adventure, For Men And Women, Equipping You With The Skills And Tools To Deepen Your Relationships For The Rest Of Your Life

Here’s Some of What You’ll Learn In The Program…

How to blow someone’s world open at a birthday gathering — this tradition in our circle of friends is derived from a Native American ceremony that will create a forever-cherished experience for the birthday person. (One of Decker’s favorites) How to inspire others with your passion, so that they’re moved and excited to support you in co-creating something… (this is HUGE if you’re looking to “make your contribution” to the world, and you need some help) A simple “group game” you can play in any social gathering to instantly make the conversation more REAL and ENGAGING.

3 of our favorite Authentic Relating Tools you can use to deepen connection in any social circle, whether it’s your first time there or you’ve known them for years. When you learn these, you can build community ANYWHERE, FAST – Bryan used them to create a men’s circle while traveling through Thailand…

How to inspire people into your vision – You’ll learn tools to have people really “Get” the vision you have for the world,respect your ideas, and organize a community inspired to support these initiatives, whether it’s throwing a wild party or evolving consciousness on the planet…maybe both!

How to have deeper connection with those who challenge you most…even your PARENTS! – Even those relationships in your life that seem most stuck in old grooves can be awakened and enriched with new depth, and more realness. We’ll support you in doing this artfully and ecologically (translation: without screwing up your life!!)

20 community-building “Intentional Gathering” ideas we’ve cooked up, from “mild” to “spicy” to “way too intense even for OUR social circles”. This will spark ideas for you to foster community in your OWN circle of friends, at the level of depth and intimacy you’re most inspired by.

Discover where your own personal strengths lie…as well as your blind spots. One of the most powerful aspects of Authentic Community is receiving feedback and reflection from others about how you occur. You WILL get this in the program.

How to deliver raw or edgy feedback to others in a way that has them fully receive it and be grateful for your reflection.

Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Carlos Xuma – Lust Response System Review | Carlos Xuma – Lust Response System Download

 Carlos Xuma - Lust Response System Download

Carlos Xuma – Lust Response System Download

“New Video Reveals: How To Quickly & Easily Make Almost Any Woman Feel Uncontrollable Lust For You – Naturally…”

Without Setting Off Her Alarms Or Having Her SLAM On The Brakes!

From: Carlos Xuma

This exclusive, private video presentation will reveal to you how The Lust Response can be triggered in almost any woman – making her feel an almost uncontrollable urge to “get physical” with you as fast as possible.

A lot of guys out there want nothing more than to be able to sleep with the hot women out there just to be able to get the beautiful, smart, sexy women that you know you deserve to have.

If you’ve ever spent minutes (that felt like HOURS) trying to work up the courage to talk to a woman only to have it go nowhere – or worse, you never work up enough courage to do it at all, this could change your life forever. And that’s not an exaggeration in any way!

Creating that sexual spark of desire in a woman seems like the most difficult thing in the world to do, but when you have a roadmap to her Lust Response, it’s easier than turning on your computer…

So what I created was a fast and easy video for you to “plug & play” this Lust Response system in just minutes.

WARNING: This Video Tutorial Is Highly Controversial – And For Men ONLY!

If you have any issues with sleeping with seducing women and having them fall in love with you then please consider closing this page and leaving.

This material is for men who understand that women enjoy sex and sleep with men all the time. They feel this Lust Response with men who make them feel like sexual, attractive women.

I’m going to show you exactly how to make women crave you using 7 simple words. I’m also going to show you how to trigger sexual desire in women that they normally only feel for the “bad boys” out there.

Basically, I will show you how to push secret psychological triggers that make women wet and horny. They’re automatic, and they’re already there – waiting for the guy who knows how to trigger her Lust Response.

Not only am I going to show you these 7 words – that, when spoken to a woman, create instant sexual desire & curiosity (in other words, horny for you), I’m ALSO going to show you…

7 Sneaky Seduction Strategies That You Can Use To Completely Bypass Her Defenses & Shields…

She will drop all that cock-blocking, testing, and resistance she normally gives you so that she will open up to you emotionally, give of herself sexually, and please you physically. The best part is that she will never even suspect you might be controlling her mind.

This is not “pickup artist” material. These are based on recent scientific discoveries about the sexual desire region in women’s minds.

This is also not a skimpy 10 minute video. You and I are going to take a little time to go in DEEP into each topic. When you’re done, you’re going to know more about women than 90% of guys will ever learn. (Especially the married guys!) You’re going to systematically and COMPLETELY eliminate the risk and embarrasment from meeting, dating, and getting laid.

I created a fast and easy video tutorial to walk you through the simplest method for triggering her “Lust Response.”



More Seduction Materials From Carlos Xuma

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Approach Women 2 by Carlos Xuma : Meet Women Anytime – Anywhere, No Fear & No Rejection


Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Sol Sebastian – The Multi-Orgasmic Man Review | Sol Sebastian – The Multi-Orgasmic Man Download

Get Instant Access to The 3 Keys To Becoming a Multi-Orgasmic Man Video Training Series Completely Free Today…

If you want to achieve sexual mastery & be the greatest lover your partner has ever experienced…

If you want to enjoy stronger, consistent, and more enduring sexual potency…

If you bored with living a mundane and mediocre sex life and wonder if there’s more…

… then this is for you!

Discover my key secrets for how I went from being a burnt out and sexually frustrated young man to living as a potent and deeply satisfied Multi-Orgasmic man… without the need for porn, sexual enhancement drugs, or a new woman every night!

Accessing your fullest sexual potential is exciting, empowering, and satiating, especially when you have the skills and means to do this every time you make love.

In this Free Video Training Series, I will reveal:

  • The hormonal building blocks to a highly functional sex-life and how to harness and attune your endocrine system for deep pleasure and long-term potency all by understanding the role your adrenal glands play in sexuality.
  • How to create the ‘Multi-Orgasmic Body’ so that you can vastly increase your sexual fitness, endurance and a powerful expression of male sexuality that every woman craves.
  • The underlying, most essential key in becoming MO and how to expand your range as a lover—not knowing this is the #1 thing that prevents almost every man from enjoying the deep pleasure of becoming Multi-Orgasmic and expressing his full pleasure potential.

Be sure to watch the intro video above and enroll to receive instant access to this new video training series.

Hi! I’m Sol Sebastian, founder of the Alchemy of Man Project, and the best decision I ever made was to let go of the limiting attitudes we have towards sex and to tap into something much more fulfilling.

Most of us leave our sex life purely to fate and quickly give up when things don’t go as expected. Yet if we only understood a few key principles, we’d all have the sex life we truly desire.

This is within your reach and I want you to have it.

Watch the video above and enroll now for instant access to my new Video Training Series.

This is something you definitely do not want to miss out on.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Onwards & upwards,

Are you fully satisfied with the current state of your sex life?
Do you feel like there is more to it than what you are currently experiencing?
Would you like to experience longer, more extended pleasure with your lover?
Would you like to experience more depth & intensity, turning everyday sex into something truly transformational?
Would you like to broaden your range as a lover, opening up a whole new world of experience and sensation?

You have it within you to expand your love life beyond what you’ve settled for in the past.
How do I know this? Because I have done this and have helped thousands of men discover their Multi-Orgasmic potential and shift their lives so that not only do they experience greater pleasure for themselves, but have also successfully translated this into their relationships.

Being Multi-Orgasmic the birthright of all men.

It’s not just a cheap thrill, but part of being alive and to feel fully expressed as a man, both physically and emotionally.

The more inspired, energized, and magnetic you are, the more influential your presence will be in the World.

The world wants you to be as sexually conscious and potent as you can be and this is why I created the Multi-Orgasmic Man online program.

I know how little there is, in terms of real and grounded sexual advise, and that what is out there, is very often half-baked and over-sensationalized, so I have taken it upon myself to ensure that everything you receive in this program is not only tried and true, but also the very best of what it is that I have to offer.
This is modern wisdom for modern guys and real men are taking up the mantle and running with it.
This program is designed to invite you access your natural in-born erotic intelligence.
Join a community of incredible men who are waking up to the potential of their bodies, their hearts, their minds and their sexuality, and are rocking out in the process!

Let me ask you:
Do you find sex to be consistently powerful and expansive or does it leave you feeling a little unfulfilled?
Do you suffer from any sexual anxiety, performance issues, or dullness during sex?
Do you feel deeply nourished or wiped out from the experience of having sex?
Do you find that you are great at taking care of your lovers needs, but for some reason, you are left feeling frustrated or resentful?

Maybe you have tried all sorts of kinky games, porn, fancy sex toys or elaborate techniques with your partner, but are still frustrated with your experience?
If you said yes to any of this questions, then this program is for you.
Imagine discovering new states of arousal that you never thought existed before.
Imagine knowing that you’re consistently able to give your woman the deepest pleasure she’s ever had.
Imagine how amazing it feels to be so confident in your sexuality that you can’t help but attract amazing women into your life—and trust me, they have a nose for this.
Imagine how this confidence would effect the way you show up in the world and the abundance it would bring into your life.
Imagine having a guided step-by-step program that goes deep, allowing you to fully explore and expand your potential as a man.

Who is the Multi-Orgasmic Man Program perfect for?
Its for men who are curious enough to want to explore the depths of their sexual potential.
Its for the guy who wants to take his relationship to the next level.
Its for the guy who is emotionally mature, erotically intelligent and values the gifts that sexuality brings into his life.

Who is the Multi-Orgasmic Man Program not for?
This program is not for the sexual cynic.
It’s not for men who are emotionally stunted and sexually immature.
It’s not for men who aren’t willing to do the work and get in touch with their deeper, more essential masculinity.
This course is for the man who is dedicated to his aliveness, who celebrates his own evolution, and that of the women in his life.

What is the Multi-Orgasmic Man Program exactly?

This program is based on the international best-selling book, the Multi-Orgasmic Man, by Doug Abrams & Mantak Chia.

It is an 6 week program  that has been carefully constructed for you to get the most powerful system in upgrading your sexual potency, performance, and pleasure.

The insights you have just learned from this free video training series are just the beginning of a deep and thorough exploration on the subject.

The six main themes that encapsulate this course are:
1. Breaking the Myths of Multiple Orgasm
2. Tempering the Steel
3. Sexual Reflexology—An Advanced Manual To Your Arousal System
4. Multi-Orgasmic Mastery
5. Release the Beast
6. Multi-Orgasmic Lifestyle Design

The entire curriculum will be listed below, so you can know exactly what it involved and can plan your schedule accordingly.

While you will be getting a new lesson every week, you are welcome to start anytime and go through it at your own pace.

You will also have a life-time access to the course including all upgrades and additions at no extra cost.
I want you to know that you will not be receiving half-baked exercises pulled from random sources on the internet nor a bunch of bits & pieces copied from some sex manual.

What I am giving you a tried and true system based on my own living embodiment as well as on the researched I’ve done with many of the thought-leaders in this particular field.

I will also be available to answer questions through the forum in the course.

The program is held in a password protected website where you can watch the training online or download the program to your own computer, iPad or iPhone.

The lessons will also be in MP3 form, so you can enjoy learning while commuting or at the gym. There will also be full transcript and slides, if reading is more your style.

If you can carve out just 20 – 30 mins/day, you will be able to benefit fully from this program.

So what does it cost?
The Multi-Orgasmic Man Online Course is not a low-end, cheap product. It is a top-of-the-line resource that offers non-hype, proven information and techniques that have been shown to fully activate your Multi-Orgasmic potential.

This information has been taught to and practiced by thousands of men for over almost two decades, and the insights I have gleaned from this makes this product stand in a category of its own.
I stand behind everything that I do and therefore, offer you a 100% money back guarantee within 21 days of starting the program.

The investment for The Multi-Orgasmic Man Program is normally $595USD, but for the next 24hrs it will be available for only $395USD.

Remember, you can test-drive the course for a month, risk-free.

The Multi-Orgasmic Man Online Course is a program that will completely upgrade your sex-life and give you a special sort of wisdom that you will use for the rest of your life.

If you’re willing to go deep and reclaim an essential and powerful part of yourself, then click the button below and say YES to a whole new world of potency, pleasure, and male empowerment.


Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !
Vince Kelvin - Beyond Hypnosis & Learning Loop
Vince Kelvin – Beyond Hypnosis & Learning Loop

Vince Kelvin – Beyond Hypnosis Download

Vince Kelvin – Beyond Hypnosis Download  How to Hypnotize Others!

Learn how to put ANYONE into a deep hypnotic trance!
Even your boss, employees, and loved ones!

The ultimate hypnosis home study course ever created! Ever wonder how those stage hypnotists do it? Wish you could use the same techniques to help yourself, your loved ones, and totally influence others without them even knowing that you are? These 13 information CDs, 3 bonus CDs with hypnotic inductions, plus a 100 page manual and a two hour DVD will assist you to hypnotize anyone for any reason! You’ll master tools of unconscious influence for traditional hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis and for wide-awake everyday communication as well as lots of cool NLP stuff!

Vince Kelvin’s Learning Loop

How to learn anything at the SPEED OF LIGHT!

Why struggle trying hard to study?
When you can have fun mastering new things!

Includes a hypnotic induction CD for super learning!

Whatever new information and skills you want to acquire, learn how to learn faster and better than ever!

(Recorded at Ross Jeffries’ Speedlife yearly one week training!)

Do you ever wish it was easier to learn and apply new material? Have you been under the impression that you were not a fast learner? Whether you are aware or not of your true learning potential, how would you like to discover the secret strategies of flawless, fun, and fast learning?

Whatever information, skills, and tools you are studying and learning, watch in amazement as you witness 3D Mind creators Tom and Kim from Essential Skills pick the mind of Master Hypnotist Vince Kelvin to model his strategies to learn at the speed of light!

How this DVD and CD will help you…

– Learn how to elicit a person’s strategies so you can model them!
– Discover the structure of your own strategies to refine them!
– Borrow Vince’s most effective model of learning that he dedicated years developing to speed up your own learning curve!

The strategies you will learn will assist you to learn anything, including Work/school related material, hobbies, musical instruments, communication skills, athletic skills, life skills, and much more!

When you make progress at making progress and improve how you improve, you can find yourself moving faster into new learning, in a smoother and simpler manner than ever!

Vince Kelvin – Beyond Hypnosis Download | Vince Kelvin’s Learning Loop Download

Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

The Living Matrix Download

The Revolution in Alternative Healing
New insight into our bodies, minds and health
In this full-length film, The Living Matrix – The Science of Healing — you will see breakthroughs that will transform your understanding of how to get well and stay well.
Now you can get an up-close look at the science of information as medicine. Leading researchers and health practitioners share their discoveries on the “miracle cures” traditional medicine can’t explain.

About the Film
The Living Matrix – The Science of Healing, uncovers new ideas about the intricate web of factors that determine our health.

A group of dedicated scientists, psychologists, bioenergetic researchers and holistic practitioners who are finding healing potential in new places are interviewed. And energetic information-based medicine looks particularly powerful.
Tapping into the power of information
Leaders in science are examining the body through the lens of quantum physics. They’ve discovered that we’re far more than biochemical machines.
Instead, our cells are senders and receivers of information, controlling our health in ways we never imagined.

In the film, researchers and others who faced health challenges put the science in perspective when they tell their stories. The family of a young Greek boy with cerebral palsy tries to improve his quality of life through reconnective healing. A British woman, diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, immerses herself in neuro-linguistic programming. An American woman runs out of options to treat her chronic fatigue syndrome, and as a last resort, begins using an information-based therapy. All three make remarkable recoveries.

Science-based healing or “miracle cures?”
How can we account for these cases, and many others like them?
Modern biochemical medicine has no framework for explaining these events, often dismissing them as spontaneous remissions… or the result of some kind of placebo effect.
But what if we had the scientific basis to not only explain
the phenomenon, but the means to deliberately initiate these “miracle cures?”

Experts Featured in the Film

Lynne McTaggart
Science journalist, award-winning author, founded “Living the Field,” produces “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” newsletter and website.

Peter Frasier, chief scientist, NES Professor of acupuncture
Expert in traditional Chinese medicine, bioenergetic scientist and author “Decoding The Human Body Field”

Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, MD
Cell biologist, professor at University of Wisconsin Medical School, Stanford University researcher, and author of “The Biology of Belief”

Dr. Eric Pearl, DC
Healer, teacher, author of the bestselling book, “The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself”

Edgar Mitchell, PhD, Scientist, Apollo 14 astronaut, naval officer, lecturer, author, founder of Institute of Noetic Sciences, cofounder Association of Space Explorers

James L. Oschman, PhD
Biophysicist, cell biologist, researcher, lecturer, widely published in scientific journals, author of “Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis” and “Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance”

Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, PhD
President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, scientist, anthropologist, author of “Living Deeply:  The Art and Science of Transformation in Everyday Life,”
and researcher at Research Institute of California Pacific Medical Center

Rollin McCraty, PhD
Director of Research at Institute of HeartMath, author, speaker and adjunct professor at Claremont Graduate University, author of “The Energetic Heart” and “Heart–Brain Neurodynamics”

Rupert Sheldrake, PhD
Professor and Cambridge biologist, director of the Perrott-Warrick Project, and author of “Presence of the Past: Morphic Resonance and the Habits of Nature”, “Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home: And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals”

Arielle Essex, DO
NLP certified coach with Erickson College, doctor of osteopathy, and international speaker on personal transformation, author of “Compassionate Coaching”

Dean Radin, PhD
Author of “The Conscious Universe,” senior researcher at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, international speaker and cofounder of the Boundary Institute

Dr. Herman Koning, MD
Founder of Dutch Doctors’ Association for Biophysical Medicine, medical director of Medipoint, author and teacher

Dr. Folker Meissner, MD
Teacher of TCM and bioenergetics, holistic practitioner, founder of German Academy for Energy Medicine & Bioenergetics

Dr. Dietmar Cimbal, DVM
Veterinary doctor and biophysics researcher, was among the first to make a wireless transfer of biological data

Howard Martin
Executive Vice President, Strategic Development HeartMath, international speaker, author, and musician

Deborah Rozman, PhD
President and Co-CEO of Quantum Intech, psychologist, business executive, educator, and author of “Transforming Stress,” “Transforming Anger,” “Transforming Anxiety” and “Transforming Depression”

Fritz-Albert Popp, PhD
Biophysicist, professor, researcher, founder of the Institute of International Biophysics, and author of “About the Coherence of Biophotons”

The Living Matrix – The Science of Healing, uncovers new ideas about the intricate web of factors that determine our health.  We talk with a group of dedicated scientists, psychologists, bioenergetic researchers and holistic practitioners who are finding healing potential in a wide variety of new places.

In the film, researchers and others who faced health challenges put the science in perspective when they tell their stories. The family of a young Greek boy with cerebral palsy tries to improve his quality of life through reconnective healing. A British woman, diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, immerses herself in neuro-linguistic programming. An American woman runs out of options to treat her chronic fatigue syndrome, and as a last resort, begins using an information-based therapy. All three make remarkable recoveries.

Science-based healing of “miracle cures?”. Modern biochemical medicine has no framework for explaining these events, often dismissing them as spontaneous remissions… or the result of some kind of placebo effect.

Find out more…watch the film now and bring the most expansive minds in alternative medicine to your screen.

Executive Producer – Harry Massey

In 2002, Massey founded NES Health Limited, a company dedicated to fostering a 21st-century system of healthcare based on the integration of physics and biology. As part of NES Health , Harry invented two health-related clinical technologies: the NES miHealth and NES Provision. These endeavors grew out of his own research into health as he sought to overcome serious illness in his youth.

In 2009, he wrote and executive produced The Living Matrix: The New Science of Healing to educate and inspire the general public about cutting edge bioenergetics and bio-informational approaches to health and well-being.

Harry also Founded and acts as Chairman of The Institute of Bioenergetic and Informational Healthcare which provides first rate courses in Energy Medicine to train health practitioners to their fullest clinical potential and educates about it’s benefits.

In 2011, Harry wrote and directed Choice Point – Align Your Purpose which includes interviews from Richard Branson, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Dr Silia Elworthy, Jean Paul DeJoria, Jack Canfield, Barbara Marx Hubbord and Greg Braden.  The vision behind the Choice Point movie and in depth video self-help course is to helps us to attain a healthy, wise and purpose filled life so that collectively we can change the world for the better.

Harry suffered from severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, an illness that, for seven long years, left him bedridden. Extremely weak, but strongly determined, he tried every kind of conventional and alternative healing approach, but nothing seemed to work. So Harry went to work to find something that did. Not only did Bioenergetic WellNES save Harry’s life, it became his mission in life.

Harry is also the author of a number of books including:

The Unturned Stone
Decoding The Human Bodyfield
Healing Yourself and Others
Choice Point – Align Your Purpose

Director – Greg Becker

Greg Becker was the co-director of The Living Matrix. Greg has been a producer for both national and regional television advertising, working closely with advertising agencies J Walter Thompson, Grey Advertising, McCann Erickson and various smaller San Francisco agencies.

He was involved with a number of feature film productions including The Video Dead (1986, as Director of Photography), as well as numerous local indie productions. In 2007, he co-directed and co-produced the Living Matrix, a feature length documentary focusing upon alternative healing practices. The film premiered in London, Hollywood, Hong Kong and San Francisco



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Road to Rediscovery – Donna Hill Review | Road to Rediscovery – Donna Hill Download


Road to Rediscovery - Donna Hill Download

Learn Amazing Ways to Leave Your Past Behind and Create Your Future

You deserve to find the inner peace and freedom that comes from understanding what’s holding you back and keeping you stuck in life!

Twenty-four AMAZING experts share with you their most powerful techniques, strategies and advice on how to finally let go of the past and begin to consciously create the future.

Let go of your past… Create your future

We are so excited that you have decided to join our virtual event, Road to Rediscovery: Learn Amazing Ways to Let Go of Your Past and Create Your Future! You deserve to find the peace and freedom that comes from understanding what’s holding you back and keeping you stuck. Learn how to heal and release the past once and for all. Listen and absorb all of the information during our event, take action, and watch positive changes occur!

We have an amazing group of experts (24!) who will reveal their most powerful techniques, strategies and advice on how to let go of the past and begin to consciously create the future.

During our week together, you’ll be inspired as our speakers share their own rock bottom, defining moment when they KNEW that change had to occur and how they rose to meet the challenge and went on to create the life of their dreams. You’ll hear about the science behind our physical and mental well-being and learn the importance of learning to truly accept and love ourselves. There are some extremely powerful and touching personal stories of great triumph, courage, strength and determination that I know will encourage and uplift you.

I’m so honored to share this event with you! As a thank you for joining us, please open and peruse your first free gift, a digital copy of 20 Key Tips to Build Your Self Esteem.

Self-esteem is the level of confidence that one has in their own value and abilities. Many of us sell ourselves short every day in this area, believing that we aren’t good enough or are flawed in some way. Having a healthy self-esteem allows us to accurately judge our strengths and weaknesses while maintaining a deep level of acceptance for who we truly are.

Having a strong and healthy level of self-esteem allows you to weather the bumps in life without dramatically and negatively affecting the way you see yourself. It’s the cornerstone on which all lasting self-improvements are built upon. Please ENJOY this gift with my compliments!!!!

We have a week jam packed with messages full of inspiration, hope, re-invention, and information! The best part is…you can listen to the interviews on your own schedule! We know how busy life can get, so we’ve set up the event with pre-recorded interviews that will always be available to you. Fit it in during a time that works best for you each day.

You give so much to those in your life. Now YOU need to take some well-deserved “ME” time. Make time to listen in on the powerful words of our experts as they share ways for you to get reacquainted with that creative, passionate, beautiful, amazing person that has always been there, but whose light was temporarily dimmed by difficult times. This will be a week filled with HOPE and STRATEGY. I cannot wait for your journey with us to begin!

Much love,

Donna Hill
Founder, Road to Rediscovery

Welcome to the Road to Rediscovery Speaker Sessons

How Childhood Abuse Disrupts and Distorts Our Self Image and What We Can Do About It
Today we are kicking things off with Matthew Anderson who is a successful life coach and motivational speaker who helps his clients move past life’s challenges. Dr. Anderson will explain the effects of abuse on the development of self-image and what can be done to rebuild it.

How to Live a Joyful Life
Today I speak with Amy Carroll, author and the founder of Next Step Speaker Services, a coaching service for Christian speakers. Amy exemplifies what a joyful person is and she’ll discuss with us how we can let go of the past and mindfully move into a joyful experience of life.

Express Yourself – Writing as a Healing Tool
Sasha Allenby joins us today and she is an author, as well as a teacher and trainer for aspiring writers. Sasha will discuss how expressing yourself through the act of writing and journaling can be a source of healing and self-discovery.

Triumph over Tragedy: You Are in Charge
Today I interview Sandra Miniere. Sandra is a coach, EFT consultant, trainer, speaker and author. Sandra is a breast cancer survivor and she shares her journey towards physical healing and how we can learn to listen to our intuitive voice and find love and acceptance for ourselves.

Unique Self-Dharma – Waking up and Growing Up
Today I am with Barbara Alexander who will discuss how we can discover our ‘true-self’ and the concept of the Unique Self Dharma. She will lead us into a wonderful meditation at the end – don’t miss it!

Resiliency – The Science Behind Bouncing Back
Do you find it hard to bounce back after a disappointment? Linda Graham, a psychotherapist and author of “Bouncing Back”, will explain how we can develop a strong inner resilience that will help us bounce back from life’s setbacks.

Discover the Freedom of Forgiveness
Suzie Eller will talk about the importance and power of forgiveness in order to heal and become truly free from the past. She shares a powerful testimony about her own personal struggle with forgiveness.

Relationships 101
Do you sometimes feel clueless when it comes to love relationships? Tim Weichman takes us on a journey to uncover what makes a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Self-Care Strategies to Transform Your Life
Today Mary Pritchard and I had discussion about the importance of self-care. If you feel you are always taking care of everyone else and you are last on your list, don’t miss this!

Eat to Live – The Importance of Diet for Vibrant Health and Well Being
Lisa Marie Rosati, author and coach, will share some of her Sugar Free Goddess Lifestyle tips! She’ll discuss how we can begin to feel healthier and more vibrant by making some tweaks to our diet. And healthy doesn’t mean boring when the Sugar Free Goddess is involved!

Change Your Mind and Change Your Life
What if you could learn how to stop listening to those negative, self-destructive thoughts in your mind? Gina Hussar, life and business strategist and author, is a mind mastery expert and she will show us how to challenge and silence those negative thoughts to create positive change in our lives.

The Science Behind Fear, Stress and Anxiety
Has stress become a daily way of life for you? Janet Nestor, professional counselor and author, will explain to us the science behind how fear, stress and anxiety develop in the body/mind and what we can do about it.

Assessing What is TRULY Important in Life
Erica Tucci, author, will share with us her personal journey back from her stroke in 2011. Erica’s story of recovery will inspire you to assess what is truly important in life and release the insignificant things. Erica is a radiant survivor!

Tools for Healing Negative Emotions
Aileen Nobles is an Intuitive EFT energy healer, speaker and author. She will discuss tools for healing negative emotions and take us through an actual EFT session that will leave you feeling peaceful and relaxed. A perfect way to end the day!

Get Back into the Driver’s Seat of Your Life
Natasha Black is a speaker, author, workshop and retreat leader who specializes in helping women on their journey to personal and spiritual growth. Natasha will share her personal moment of transformation and triumph which will inspire us to get back into the driver’s seat of our lives!

Conquering Anxiety with One Better Decisionat a Time
Cassandra Herbert is a holistic nurse, psychotherapist, author and speaker. She will explain the physical changes that occur in our bodies when we experience anxiety, fear and stress. She’ll also offer us some great tips on how to manage this through nutritional wellness. Cassandra’s passion is contagious!

Addicted to Love
Ethlie Ann Vare is an author, award winning historian, rock journalist and she has wrote and produced many popular television shows (CSI and Silk Stalkings to name just two!). Ethlie Ann will talk about sex addiction- explaining what it is and how to move forward from it.

Learn to Fall in Love with YOURSELF
Mia Saenz is a self-love teacher, media host in radio and an inspirational speaker. Mia courageously shares a very personal story from her own life in the hope of helping others. She will help us learn to fall in love with ourselves and to truly appreciate who we authentically are through eyes of love and compassion.

Open Up to the Love YOU Desire and Deserve
Sandra Fidelis is a dating coach and speaker, empowering women to shift how they view themselves, how they view men, and to redefine what they believe they deserve in every area of life. Open up to the love YOU DESERVE!

The Reawakened Woman: Learning to Activate Your Intuition and Remember
Who You Really Are
Today, we welcome Amber Kuileimailani Bonnicci, artist, poet, healer and mentor. Amber courageously shares her own journey towards healing from trauma. You will be touched, inspired, and filled with hope when you listen to Amber’s story of triumph.

Let Go of Those False Beliefs About Yourself
Christine Callahan-Oke is a personal empowerment coach and writer. Her mission is to help other women see the beauty in themselves and in every day moments. Today, she will show us how important it is to let go of the false beliefs that we hold about ourselves.

Keys to Self-Acceptance – Embrace Your Uniqueness
Next up we have Adriana Rizzolo and Taryn Longo (or the dynamic duo as I like to think of them!). Taryn and Adriana have found transformation through the practice of meditation and yoga, and both believe in supporting other women in finding their inner beauty.

How Take 24/7 Responsibility for Your Life
And our telesummit is beautifully and completely rounded out by Cyndi Krupp. Cyndi has struggled in the past with a debilitating panic disorder that brought her life to a standstill. Cyndi shares how she bravely stepped out of a life of panic and anxiety and now uses her life experience and all the tools she has learned to help others.

About your Road to Rediscovery host – Donna Hill
On paper, I’ve been in the corporate world for 30 years. In my heart, I’ve always been right here. I have spent the majority of my life feeling a little out of step with everyone else. I’ve spent way too much time dwelling in fear and depression, and far too little time living in joy. And when the joyous moments came, I couldn’t fully embrace and enjoy them for fear of the other shoe dropping. In an odd way, the thought of lasting joy felt a bit odd and uncomfortable to me.
I grew up in a chaotic home and at various times in my life I’ve experienced emotional, verbal and physical abuse. Through a series of events in my life that literally brought me to my knees, I realized with every fiber of my being that I deserved better. I realized that although the events of my past had long passed, I was still living in a prison of emotions that I had created for myself. I was sitting in a prison cell that was created by my experiences, yet all the while I was holding the key.
Then I woke up. I began the work of self-discovery. I credit my faith in God for opening up my heart and my mind to the possibilities that surround me. I also credit Him for sending me my ‘prince’ of a husband to whom I have been married for 10 amazing years. I never knew love and marriage could be this wonderful and I’m reminded every day when I look at him that it’s never too late to find true love.




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Michael Masters – TextAppeal Review | Michael Masters – TextAppeal Download

Michael Masters - TextAppeal Review | Michael Masters - TextAppeal Download

Michael Masters – TextAppeal  : For Guys! – The Ultimate Texting Guide Wouldn’t you like to know:

Why she text you so much before but now NOTHING??
Why your multiple texts are killing the attraction?
Why she is playing so hard to get?
If she actually is interested in you?
How to have her text you back immediately?
How to safely flirt with the amazing results?
How to have her waiting for your text rather than the opposite???

She were the one texting you all of the time?
You could get her to respond, right now!?
You could get that really hot girl to finally pay attention to you?
You stopped feeling so much anxiety over that one girl because too many girls were paying attention to you??

I promise you this, if you read this book and apply it’s principles, you will have so much more success with women. Imagine, all of the cash you are leaving on the table by not understanding how to get what you want! Imagine, all of those dates, with so many hot girls that you didn’t go on simply because you couldn’t text right!

Seriously, texting incorrectly can crush your chances with women permanently. I can’t tell you how many women have vented to me their frustrations at what you are doing. These women WANT you to understand, they WANT you to say the right things! But like breaking wind mid sex, it is incredibly easy to snuff attraction.

Let me teach you to really understand the opposite sex, and land that date with that really hot/amazing girl.

Michael Masters – TextAppeal  – For Girls! – Text The Guy, Get The Guy!

TextAppeal - For Girls! - Text The Guy, Get The Guy

The world is changing, but are you changing with it? Now that dating has gone digital, is it still the same? Clearly not, the digital world is flooded with entirely new problems which rend many new relationships apart. Texting is one of those key areas that is so little understood in digital dating. Textappeal, has all the answers, not only what to avoid, but how to actually use this new medium to your greatest advantage. Any woman armed with this knowledge will certainly have a TON more SATISFYING dates, with a TON more men. Don’t underestimate this, I did, and I had no idea what I was destroying and completely missing! Communication is KEY and Mike shares all the secrets. – Kim Hess “Divorce Guru”

* Why he isn’t texting you back!?
* Why your multiple texts are killing the attraction?
* Why he is so sexual in his texts?

And Wouldn’t It Be Invaluable To Understand:

* How to have him text you back right away?
* How to have him ask you out with only a couple of texts?
* How to safely flirt with the greatest results?
* How to have him waiting for your text rather than the opposite???

* He were the one texting you all of the time??
* You could get him to respond instantly anytime you wanted??
* You could get that distant guy to pay attention to you??
* You could have him finally take notice!??
* You finally know exactly what to say every time, to get what you want??
* You finally stopped feeling so much anxiety over that one guy because TOO many guys are paying attention to you??

It pains me to see so many girls/women alike making all the same, fully preventable, mistakes via texting. It pains me to hear from women nearly everyday, how they pushed away that one guy that really mattered.

The secret to fixing this is remarkably easy, something that you can master in minutes, and wouldn’t that be worth it?

I unshakably stand behind the concepts in Textappeal, simply because they work, and work fast. You want to fix your problem? Want to fix it NOW? Textappeal has the solution.

Thanks for taking the first step to radically improving your dating life.

Michael Masters - TextAppeal download

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LifeLoaded – Abundance Program Module 6 : Leadership & Dominance Download

Leadership and dominance; the core qualities of a truly abundant man. Depending on how you were raised, you may have struggled with these behaviours in the past, but with Jonny Dupre’s guidance you will quickly discover the natural leader within you. Decide the characteristics of male leadership you want to embody, learn how to make others follow and then put it all into action with simple and complex commands. We won’t lie; this module gets tough. So follow the missions, fail with purpose and take it one success at a time. Soon, people will be bending to your intentions with a smile.

Leadership and Dominance is set into 5 videos along with Cheat Sheet and Installation Guide pdfs.

LifeLoaded – Abundance Program Module 7 : Leadership & Dominance Part 2 Download



LifeLoaded: The Abundance Program (Month 5) – Nightgame Superstar

Module 5 (Month 5) titled Nightgame Superstar. 

A blonde on your right arm, a brunette on your left arm. Sound good? With PUA veteran Beckster ready to teach you Nightgame, this is your new reality. In this module, he teaches it all. Merging sets, Capture-Recapture and bouncing to new venues. Even strip clubs. You will quickly come to understand Beckster’s ethos, ‘always presume a threesome’, because with these dating skills, you will become the Superstar. The man every woman in the club wants to know. Welcome, to Nightgame.

Time to get laid, tonight. Beckster, veteran of the PUA industry, is going to introduce you to his area of expertise; Nightgame. Get ready to put together what you’ve already learnt so far and apply it to clubs and bars. Multiple high quality women, building your own entourage and true Nightgame abundance. Excited?

Nightgame Superstar is set into 7 videos along with Cheat Sheet and Installation Guide pdfs.



LifeLoaded: The Abundance Program Download

The Abundance Programme

LifeLoaded – Abundance Program Module 4 The Art Of Deep Connection

LifeLoaded Abundance Program Module 3 Charisma Coaching

LifeLoaded Abundance Program Module 2 Online Autopilot

LifeLoaded Abundance Program  Module 1 – The Social Circle Matrix

Imagine if every single month, I gave you something like the “Sticky Note” hack — a brand new strategy or tactic you can implement immediately, and use to stuff your phone book full of hot girls’ numbers, schedule more dates that you could ever possibly have time for, and build an abundant dating life in no time flat, from scratch.

That’s the Abundance Programme.

It’s a comprehensive, step-by-step course that I’ve been working on for several months now — with Ross and several other “underground” experts just like him.

We’re now ready to roll it out to a small “test group” of guys.

This programme is not a product. Rather, it’s a journey. At the start of the first month, we’ll assume that you know zero hot girls, have absolutely zero confidence with women, and zero options. We’re going to build you an abundant dating life from the ground up, one step at a time.

You’ll start by laying the foundations. I and my handpicked panel of experts will show you how to reach for the absolute lowest-hanging fruit — the easiest ways to meet and attract women. Then, as we build more and more momentum each month, we’ll supplement your “inflow” of hot girls with new, more advanced methods for attracting higher-quality women.

Here’s what you get every month:

Abundance Extension Module:
This is the “meat” of the programme. Each video module will teach you a brand new method for meeting and attracting women, and all the strategies and tactics you’ll need to see results quickly. Some months we’ll introduce you to “passive” systems, and other months “active” ones.

These monthly video modules are practical in nature. They’re presented by different experts who I have personally chosen, because of their experience, expertise and, most importantly, the success they themselves have experienced using the methods they teach you.

Installation Guide:
Remember, this programme is about results. That’s why every monthly Abundance Extension Module comes with a comprehensive step-by-step installation guide. Each guide contains a sequence of “missions” and homework assignments put together with thought to fully integrate each new method for meeting and attracting women into your dating life as quickly as possible.

Do you know what the real magic of this programme is?

Every monthly module has been carefully designed to compound on the other modules that come before it, and multiply the effectiveness of everything you’ve implemented. Some are even “set and forget” systems that carry on bringing new hot girls into your life months after you set them up.

Now, before I tell you anything else, you need to know something.

WARNING: This Programme Will Probably
Create A Few ‘High Quality’ Problems In Your Life:

First, you need to have some “text game”. Rather quickly, you’re going to have a lot of numbers on the go and, to begin with, you’ll want to make sure you don’t blow any of them. After all, when you’re struggling to get your dating life started, you want to seize every opportunity you get.

That’s why I’m throwing in a free copy of my private Text Game Field Guide.

It’s a comprehensive collection of field-tested openers, routines, “ping” texts, “rescue” messages and accompanying strategies that I usually only give out to my private coaching students. I’ll email a copy over to you when you join, so you’re prepared ahead of time.

Second, you need to know how to lead girls through dates. This is a skill that you will inevitably get extremely good at. After all, you’re going to meet hundreds of girls through this program. If you use the material in my Text Game Field Guide exactly the way I show, you’ll get dozens of dates.

That said, I want you to have a head start. You’re in this program to see results and successfully date women as quickly as possible, not to rack up “learning experiences”. For this reason, I’m also giving you a copy of my Twelve-Step Date Formula.

This 27-page manual is the express version of my tried and tested formula. It’ll arm you with a solid game plan for taking girls on dates, building attraction, rapport, comfort, and bringing them back to your place.

You’re welcome. I’m not finished yet though.

There’s one final issue:

You must take action, work through the Installation Guides, and implement each monthly module the way we show you. There’s no “magic bullet” I can give you to force you to step up.

However, what I can do though is make sure you’re surrounded with other guys who are going through the exact same journey. That way, you have a solid support network, and — when you need it — friends who will encourage you and keep you moving forward towards the life you deserve.

When you join today, I’ll personally invite you to a private Google Group we set up just for this programme. It’s top-secret, has an obscure name and is open only to members.

That’s the Abundance Programme. It’s everything you need to finally get this part of your life sorted out, once and for all. It’s everything I wish I had when I first started.

Are Results Guaranteed?

No, of course not. There are no guarantees in life.

Anyone who tells you that their product, or course or book, or coaching is guaranteed to deliver a particular result is taking the piss out of you.

I cannot ethically guarantee any specific outcome that you’ll experience as a result of taking part in this programme. We will show you many ways — some of them ridiculously easy — to meet lots of new women fast. If you implement, you will meet lots of new women.

We will show you how to get a percentage of these girls on dates. If you follow along, you’ll get dates. We will show you how to bring many of these girls home. If you do what we say, you’ll wake up in the morning next to beautiful women who are very grateful.

The numbers themselves are up to you.

Here’s what I can guarantee though:

The Abundance Programme will be the best investment you’ve ever made — in yourself, in your life and in your right to create the future you’ve always dreamed about.

If, for any reason whatsoever, you do not agree, then all you need to do is send me an email anytime within your first month of membership. You can reply to your welcome email, any of my regular email broadcasts, or you can send a quick email to [email protected]

Just say: “Andy, thanks, but your Abundance Programme wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I appreciate the work you’re doing, but this time I’d like a refund.”

I’ll make sure you get your money back within a couple of days.

There’ll be no hard feelings, you won’t be “blacklisted”, and the “Sticky Note” hack special report is yours to keep forever, just for giving my new programme an honest look.

Does that sound fair to you?

I’ll send you a copy of our special report The “Sticky Note” Hack Revealed — absolutely free, with my compliments — if you accept my invitation and try the Abundance Programme for 30 days. There are no hidden clauses or conditions.

How Much Does This Programme Cost?

That’s the thing. I know there are many guys out there who would happily pay hundreds of dollars per month to be a part of this. After all, this programme will bring so many hot girls into their lives, they won’t be able to keep up with them all. That’s true abundance.

How can you put a price on that?

How can you put a price on knowing, any night of the week, that there’s always at least one girl who’s eager to go out on a date with you? How can you put a price on knowing that any girl you ever meet is always replaceable?

How can you put a price on finally being the chooser?

This programme is brand new. When we have real-life case studies to show, it will command a premium price. Right now though, as I mentioned earlier, we’re rolling it out for a small test group, at a dramatically discounted price.

This means, it’s not going to cost you hundreds of dollars per month. In fact, it’s not even going to cost you one hundred dollars. Not even fifty dollars.

You can join the Abundance Programme, today, for just $29.97 per month.

It gets even better. When we launch this programme for real in a few months’ time and ramp up the price, we’ll lock in your discounted rate forever.

You will never pay more than $29.97 a month.

There’s Just One Catch:

We’re opening this test group to only two hundred men. Nobody else on the planet, other than myself, the guys in this group and the module coaches, will have access to this material.

Let me put that into perspective for you:

This letter, the one you’re reading right now, went out to tens of thousands of guys who read my emails every day. We’re also showing ads on Facebook to dozens of blokes every second.

I want to give every member of our tribe a fair chance to join this test group. That’s why, I’m going to give you until midnight tomorrow to make up your mind. When the clock strikes twelve tomorrow night, if you’ve not jumped on board with this, I’ll pass the opportunity on to someone else.

Remember, when you take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, join our test group and sample everything the Abundance Programme has to offer without any risk or obligation, I’ll send you a copy of our special report, The “Sticky Note” Hack Revealed, absolutely free with my compliments.

What Our Members Say:
“The Abundance program is super awesome.. Within my first week.. I got a date through my social circle.. and things are going great so far.. Thanks to Andy,Daiyyan and team… The social circle approach.. mentioned in this program is a more conventional way.. for whom the idea of random approach is scary.. I learnt the mindset of abundance is the major takeaway from the program.. that you can apply in all aspects of your life.. Its not just a lesson in dating.. its a lesson for the life..”

“More than tricks.. Its about mindset.. that takes you the distance.”

— Akash

“This series is amazing. Makes everything really simple in terms of a step by step program for building a social circle. Going to try to hit up a meet up and a dance class this week, and start networking.”

“So far this program is great. The bar has been set really high for this program with this first module, so I’m really excited to see what’s next.”

— Alex

“I met some interesting girls. Before leaving the party, one girl came to me to say goodby and asked me if I have Facebook. We exchanged contact info and she left.”

“Another girl did the same later. Yes, I feel somehow powerful when I see the way they look at me, the way they validate themselves, they respond to my challenges…”

“The more I do this, the less scared I am. There is still a lot of progress to make though.”

— Manu

One Final Thought:

Do you remember where you were, right this moment, exactly one year ago today?

In all probability, things were pretty much the way they are now. You wanted your life to change. You wanted a breakthrough. But a year has passed, and nothing has happened.

You’re at a crossroad right now.

You could just continue straight ahead. Carry on doing what you’ve always done, and continue to see the same results that you’ve always seen. This time next year, your life will look the same as it does right now, only you’ll be one year older, and ever so more bitter and less hopeful.

Or you could “take a chance”, and secure a place on our Abundance Programme. I’ll send you that “Sticky Note” Hack special report right away, and you can be putting it to work tonight, raking in dates for the rest of this week. Pretty soon, you’ll have more girls than you can handle — that’s before you dive into the programme modules, which is where the real meat is.

This programme is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. It will arm you with all the strategies and tactics you need to build an abundant dating life from scratch. However, once all the 200 places have been taken, this offer will be taken away.



LifeLoaded – Daygame Instructor Tapes Download

Because we’re going to be looking to recruit an army of new instructors over the coming year and beyond, I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I’m making our internal Daygame instructor resources available, to buy, privately to our newsletter subscribers. Specifically, the Daygame Instructor Tapes.

What’s that? A short while back, I sat down with Jon Matrix, and we defined a very specific “gold standard” of what the perfect, text-book Daygame interaction should look like — when you tick all the boxes.

It’s kind of like: Step one, do this… step two, do this… step three, do this… (Obviously, it’s more complex than that. I’m just making an analogy.)

After we defined this standard — and, by the way, we defined it based on our experience of teaching hundreds of bootcamps all around the world during the last five years, with every different type of guy you could possible dream up — I sent Jon out to record an infield video of him demonstrating this “gold standard” approach.

We then went a step further… I had Jon record a comprehensive audio recording of him breaking down the perfect approach, and then explaining how all the different steps work together and follow each other.

The way it’s presented is, it’s designed to be used out on the streets, so you can practice each part in sequence and build up your skills one step at a time (or have a student do it, and know exactly what to look for).

We then went ever further… I wrote a short manual — for instructors — detailing the different parts of our “gold standard” interaction, and how they should deal with all the most common sticking points we’ve seen from guys over the last few years.

Here’s the bottom line: These are the materials we’ll be giving to all our future bootcamp instructors, in order to make sure they’re practicing and teaching the current “version” of Daygame that we know works best.

Because here’s the thing: Since we filmed Daygame Blueprint (and even some of our other Daygame products) our Daygame model has evolved and become even more efficient, and even more easy to learn.

We wanted to created a “one-stop” resource that brings someone up-to-speed with this new version Daygame model ASAP.



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Jeff Allen – Execute The Program – The ShyAwkward Girl Review | Jeff Allen – Execute The Program – The ShyAwkward Girl Download

The Shy/Awkward Girl

You get to your date, she seems awesome over text, you know you’re going to get some that night, and then… SHE’S SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE AND AWKWARD and is CONSTANTLY debating whether she should go home or not

In this Series, I demonstrate LIVE to you HOW TO TURN ANY SHY OR AWKWARD GIRL AROUND so she loosens up quickly and is COMFORTABLE with your ADVANCES. This means she’ll be very happy she stayed with and slept with you. I cover:

  • How she was INCREDIBLY UNRECEPTIVE to me, giving me one-worded answers and contributing NOTHING to the conversation. I show you how I got her to open up
  • How she wasn’t having any of my Sexual Advances, and I could tell in her face. In this one minute alone in the Infield Footage, I show you how we went from 0-60 on the sexual totem pole
  • How I made her super comfortable to going home with me the first night, destroying all shyness, even in the bedroom (NOTE: THIS APPLIES FOR ALL SHY GIRLS)



More Seduction Materials From Jeff Allen : 

Jeff Allen – Execute The Program

Get Laid or Die Trying Jeffy Show 2

RSD – Lost Collection [Deleted videos from YouTube] [ RSD Audio Collection ]

Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !
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