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David DeAngelo – Love: The Final Chapter Download

love the final chapter

Real Love Is Within YOUR Reach… Here’s Every Life-Changing Technique, Concept, And “Magic Secret” You Need To Find (And Keep) The Relationship Of Your Dreams With A “Total-10” Woman

adtwomanDo you feel like something important is missing from your life?

Something that makes it feel like a dark cloud hangs over everything you do? Something that casts a shadow over everything ELSE in your life, from your self-confidence and motivation to your social life and personal success?

If any of this sounds familiar, here’s my best guess about what that missing “something” is:

It’s a passionate, fulfilling LOVE RELATIONSHIP with an amazing woman.

Am I right?

If so, it’s not because I’m psychic.

It’s because I’ve been there.

There was a time that I was absolutely CONVINCED that I was doomed to live out my life alone.

I had ZERO hope that a great woman would ever find anything attractive about me. I was CERTAIN that no high-quality woman would want to date me, let alone hang around for anything that could remotely be called a “lasting relationship.”

Most painful of all…

I truly believed that NOTHING WAS EVER GOING TO CHANGE FOR ME… that this lonely, unhappy, desperate existence was all that I had to look forward to in life.

Not good.


If you know anything about me, you know that I eventually made a decision that would change my entire life, not to mention the lives of hundreds of thousands of OTHER men…

I decided that I was going to TAKE ACTION in a VERY big way…

Watch This Entire Program Online RIGHT NOW, Risk-Free And Receive:

love the final chapter

25+ hours of PROVEN Methods, Techniques, And Tips!

Watch This Entire Program Online RIGHT NOW, Risk-Free And Receive:

  • 25+ hours of video material – START WATCHING immediately!
  • Accompanying Handouts – full of teaching slides and powerful support material
  • Detailed track listing – for quick access to find & re-watch your favorite chapters
  • Lifetime Access – Access anywhere, anytime in your Member’s Area. Download to iTunes, save to your computer, tablet or phone or burn to a DVD.
  • My Latest, Greatest Tools and advice – Congrats… you now have immediate access to it ALL!

Here’s How I Finally Won The “Big Game” In Love… And How YOU Can Do it, Too

For most of my life, I thought that once I had dating and attraction figured out, I’d finally be happy.

I mean… what could possibly make a guy feel more “fulfilled” than getting more dates than he could handle with smoking-hot women?

So, I started learning in the fastest, most obvious way that I knew how: by watching and learning from OTHER guys who were already “Masters” at succeeding with women.

I observed. I studied. I discovered.

I saw the “magic secrets” they were using to get women… secrets that I couldn’t have figured out for myself in a million years… and then I put those hidden secrets to work for ME.

And, man, did it work. BIG TIME.

Soon, I had more dates than I could handle. Life was good, and I quickly started to “give back” by sharing these dating secrets with every other guy who needed them.

The rest seemed destined to become “Double Your Dating” history…

… until something totally SHOCKING and UNEXPECTED happened:

I Still Didn’t Feel Happy… In Fact, Not Even Close.

Sure, I was having mind-blowing physical relationships with as many women as I wanted. Even with the actresses and models I’d fantasized about being with my whole life.

And, needless to say, I was VERY proud to teach my millions of “students” around the world how to do it, too.

But, in reality, I still wasn’t happy.

And, the toughest part was, I couldn’t really figure out why. I just knew I still had that empty, “something’s missing” feeling…

Of course, they say the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”… and that’s exactly what I was doing.

I went through one woman after another, and (no matter how attractive and nice they were) it never felt like anything was getting better in my life… that is, until something happened that stopped me in my tracks and hit me like a ton of bricks:

I Met The ONE Woman Who Was PERFECT For ME… And Instantly Felt Something That Went FAR Beyond Just “Chemistry” And Physical Attraction

Suddenly, I felt like I couldn’t get enough of being around this woman.

She knew how to support and understand me… including all of my hopes and dreams… like no one else could.

All I wanted to do was be with her, share with her, and learn from her.

Most of all, I only felt HAPPY when I was with her.

Now listen closely… this part is the whole key to changing YOUR life just like I did…

No matter how hopeless you feel about finding love right now, one thing is CERTAIN:
At some point, the woman who’s just right for YOU will come into your life… also known as YOUR own “most amazing woman in the world.”

And when it happens to you (maybe it already has) the only question that will matter is this:

Will YOU Know How To Make Her Fall For You? Or Will You Do Something Wrong And Totally BLOW It?

I can’t sugar-coat this.

The stakes couldn’t be higher.

The answer to this question is the whole ballgame when it comes to YOUR future happiness and what’s missing from your life TODAY.

When YOUR “most amazing woman” finally comes into your life (or if she already has) you must know exactly WHAT TO SAY AND DO NEXT, or you’ll just destroy the single greatest opportunity you ever had to find happiness.

In other words, do everything right, and your dreams will come true.

Mess up, and there’s no greater tragedy in life.

In fact, to get personal for a moment…

When I think back on meeting, marrying, and starting a family with my own “most amazing woman,” I can’t imagine anything more nightmarish than having possibly blown it with her.

It would have been the ultimate disaster… all of the wonderful, passionate, fulfillment in life that would never have happened!

But here’s the thing… I also learned that it takes something totally different to make “the one” fall for you and want a relationship… a whole NEW set of concepts, mindsets, tools, and techniques than it takes to just meet women and get dates.

(Painful and embarrassing note: when I tried using my “Double Your Dating” techniques upon meeting my future wife, she just laughed at me! Ouch.)

That in mind…

Want a sneak peek at what YOUR future holds?

Is it a life-changing relationship with an amazing, Total-10 woman? Or just more misery, loneliness, and heartache? Here’s the quickest way to find out:

3 Questions That Predict EVERYTHING About Your Future Happiness In Life And Love

Buckle up, here they come:

Question #1:
Do you believe that it’s not only “possible” to find and keep your own “most amazing woman” at last… but that it’s actually GUARANTEED and INEVITABLE once you make a few changes in how you think and act?


Question #2:
Do you believe that ANY man can learn how to create a relationship grows more passionate, intimate, and strong over time (instead of falling apart in anger and conflict like MOST relationships do?)


Question #3:
Do you believe that YOU can start learning how to do ALL of this right now… I’m talking TODAY… more quickly and effortlessly than you ever thought possible?

You guessed it…the answer to ALL of these questions is “YES” (even if you aren’t quite convinced about it yet).

To prove it to you beyond a doubt…

I’m about to make an unprecedented RISK-FREE OFFER for you to start watching my NEWEST, MOST POWERFUL PROGRAM on this subject … a program that is 100% GUARANTEED to change your life in ways you can’t even imagine yet.

More on that offer in a moment… stay tuned, you will NOT want to miss out on it. First:

If you do nothing else that’s possibly life-changing e today, I want you to take away one radically NEW IDEA with you.

It’s simply this:

Love is real. And you really CAN change your life by learning how to find and keep it…

… but first you have to decide to TAKE ACTION and make it happen.

As always, I want to be the one to help you do it!

Introducing The Culmination Of EVERYTHING That I’ve Ever Taught About Success With Women And Relationships… My Ground-Breaking, ALL-NEW “Love: The Final Chapter” Video Program

This is huge:

Love: The Final Chapter” is an intense, in-depth collaboration with today’s top relationship experts, my most intimate friends, my valued students, my live audience, and…


… my own “most amazing woman”… my beautiful WIFE, who also happens to be an acclaimed, world-class relationship expert herself.

I have to tell you, as we rolled cameras to film this program, something jaw-dropping happened:

In “Love: The Final Chapter,” we went big.

We brought it all and left nothing on the table.

The program became shockingly honest and raw.

Nothing was left out… all of the hardest-to-talk-about, intensely intimate stuff was exposed.

We dove deep into all the biggest conflicts, challenges and problems we face in love as men.

We went into crystal-clear detail about how to use ALL of the tools, techniques and answers that I’ve used so seriously in developing my own relationship.

Above all, “Love: The Final Chapter” is like nothing I’ve ever done before because it delivers the FINAL WORD on how to find LASTING, FOREVER LOVE at last.

Now, let’s get very specific:

Naturally, “Love: The Final Chapter” kicks off with complete summary of what I’ve taught up to this point… what works for creating ATTRACTION and CHEMISTRY with great women in the first place, including how to meet amazing women, get lots of dates, and close the deal.

And then we launch into it.. the heart-and-soul of this ALL-NEW program, including:

  • The obstacles that stop most men from finding lasting, fulfilling, passionate LOVE with an amazing woman … and how YOU can overcome each and every one of these obstacles effortlessly by doing just ONE thing.
  • Why your choice of a forever mate is the single most important choice you’ll make in life – PLUS a step-by-step guide for making the RIGHT choice and ensuring that she desperately, passionately wants YOU in return.
  • The secret “superpower” most men don’t know they have to get everything you want in life and love. (Tragic fact: 99% of guys have no clue what this superpower is, let alone how to “wield” it to get everything they want)
  • How to harness the most attractive masculine quality we’re ALL born with as men. This quality is the natural “ATTRACTOR” of great women to relationships… all you have to do is learn how to bring it out of yourself. HERE’S HOW
  • A step-by-step guide to becoming a “more evolved” man… the ONLY kind of man who can effortlessly make a great woman PURSUE a relationship with him. (HINT: This quality is “hardwired” to make a woman want to “reproduce” and make more humans with YOU.)
  • Once you’ve created a relationship with your dream woman, here’s how to overcome EVERY PROBLEM you’ll come up against. From first days to old age, here’s how to make sure your relationship grows closer, more passionate, and stronger over time.

Plus so much more…

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Karen Brody – OPEN HER: 7 Masculine Ways to Arouse a Woman’s Love & Desire (PDF EPUB MOBI)

Discover 7 Masculine Ways to turn up a woman’s love & desire, to create the deeply satisfying relationship you most want.

Why this Book?

Hi, I’m Karen Brody, I help men who want a deep and satisfying connection with a woman, master how to turn up a woman’s desire, by leading him through steps and practices that result in a deeply satisfying, passionate relationship.

Having coached thousands of men, I know that men, and the women who love them, physically ache for the information I share –for simple, and yet, profound keys to open the doors to greater passion and love.

The Issue:

Men struggle with what women want romantically and sexually! Most men have a perfunctory understanding. They know that a woman likes tenderness, flowers, or to be lovingly touched, but few know the depth and complexity of a feminine heart – and how to feed a woman in a way that blooms her into her most radiant and joyous self.

Open Her: 7 Masculine Ways to Arouse Your Woman’s Love & Desire is based on 7 masculine archetypes a man can embody to engage his woman in a deeper dance of pleasure and love. A man is inspired to turn up his masculinity and to love being masculine, and to engage his woman in ways that get immediate and satisfying results.

A man is inspired to celebrate his masculine gifts and share them with his woman in new, sexy ways, in Open Her, and is also inspired to be more of the man he wants to be. A man might see himself in “The Artist” type, but feel challenged by the bold resolve of The Warrior and choose to take on that aspect of masculinity for his own growth.

I know how powerful Open Her is when the information gets into the hands of the man (or woman) who is ready for it.  I’ve seen the information transform my clients from frustrated and confused, to boldly passionate and loving.

Finally a man understands that the way into a woman’s heart is not a trick or a compromise, it’s about engaging what is already inside of him— his masculine key – made to unlock what is inside of his woman.

Who Wants/Craves this Book?

What man doesn’t want the keys and secret codes to masterfully unlock his woman’s desire for him? And what woman doesn’t want to be blown open, on all levels of her being, by a man who is masterful at love?

I wrote this book for a specific demographic of smart, evolved men who cherish women and want extraordinary relationships. These men feel excited and empowered by the information, and finally experience the ease and success they’ve always wanted in love with a woman.

I have the utmost confidence in the insights, practices and wisdom of Open Her because it’s been tested over 11 years in my practice with men. In order for men to succeed at inspiring the desire and love they most want from a woman, Open Her needs to be on the breakfast table with the granola and the Peet’s Coffee!

It’s practically impossible for men to find this kind of information. What’s on the market is either heavily about sex, or too relationship focused to hold the attention of men. The reason this book works and that men eat it up, is that it celebrates masculinity! Instead of asking a man to jump through hoops for love, it inspires a man to leverage his masculine gifts, and who he already is, in a positive and empowering way.

A strong secondary audience for Open Her is women in relationships or relationship “recovery” looking for the answers to, “Why didn’t it work?” Or why am I feeling so unhappy and unfulfilled in love? How can I get my man to love me in the way I most crave and need?

Open Her illuminates and gives shape to a woman’s deepest (sometimes unconscious) yearnings. It’s like a mouthwatering menu of everything a woman has ever hoped a man would express to her in love – spelled out in 7 enticing masculine archetypes.

Why Me as the Author?

Confession: I didn’t always love men! I was deeply hurt by a man at a very young age. I’ve walked through every dark corridor you can imagine to find the light, and have (through will and faith), and come out the other side to love and embrace men as few women can.

I’ve given heart and soul in my work to understanding what men most need to succeed at love and to be sexually whole, and I know I’m here on earth to give that gift in any way I can.


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Anne Miller – The Tall Lady With the Iceberg PDF Download

Tall Lady With the Iceberg uses the power of metaphor to break through in a noisy world and sell, persuade, and explain anything to anyone.



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John Alexander – How to Become an Alpha Male: Attract Women and Become Successful at Seduction

“The Lazy Man’s Way To Easy Sex And Romance With 20 Or More Women A Month”

How a Strange Discovery by a Desperate 22 Year-Old Virgin Hypnotically Draws Women To You…Eager For Anything-Goes Sex…Automatically…No Matter If You’re Old, Young, Dead-Broke or Have Physical Features That Now Turn Women Off!

alpha male, dating, attract women, alpha male system, seduction

Dear Friend,

Alone on a Saturday night, watching Friends re-runs and fantasizing about Jennifer Aniston. For years, that’s what I called my love-life.

I was 22 years old. So broke I didn’t have two pennies to rub together. So embarrassed about by my body that I wouldn’t take my shirt off unless I was alone. And after four years at a major party college… I was still a virgin.

Sure, I dated a few women (other guy’s sloppy seconds), but even they never returned my phone calls.

And anytime I’d make a few female friends, it always ended up the same: I’d follow them around like a dog, jumping at the chance to do them a favor or listen to their problems… hoping somehow it would lead to sex, but…

Behind My Back They Just Giggled And Called Me Their Emotional Tampon.

About the only thing I had going for me was my brain. You see, I’d always been fascinated by psychology and ‘silent mind control’ techniques… you know the ‘hypnotic’ stuff big advertisers use to make you happily open your wallet (and earn billions doing, by the way).

My thinking was, if they can use this stuff to figure out what people want to buy, why can’t the same techniques be used to reveal

What Makes Women Go After Certain Men?

I figured it was probably a waste of my time, but I kept on with my research anyway… for 4 years. And what I uncovered changed my love-life in a big, big way.

You see, I went from this depressed, timid guy who always seemed to be wearing ‘invisible underwear’ around women…

To suddenly finding myself in one ‘can’t-miss’ situation after another… where hot, young girls were approaching me… and then literally begging to take me home for X-rated sex!

I’m not kidding.

And It Was So Easy, I’m Genuinely Stumped Why More Guys Haven’t Come Across These Secrets

I mean, it wasn’t like I changed anything about my basic personality. I still had no money, drove around in a rust-bucket and had less experience between the sheets than a 16 year-old.

All I did was apply the “underground” psychological principles I had discovered. It wasn’t hard… and… anyone can do it. That’s because I found out these techniques are based on powerful ‘mind’ principles you are born with – and are available to all of us.

What that means is, it doesn’t matter how old (or young) you are, if you’re dead-broke or even if you have physical features that you think are turning women off

Whatever Your Excuse Is,These Principles Still Work

Just like advertising never fails in getting all sorts of different people to buy.

It’s been nearly two decades since I first discovered these techniques, and it’s been one hell of an emotionally… and… sexually satisfying ride.

These days I sleep every night next to the woman of my dreams (something I never thought would happen). And spend much of my time teaching other men…

The Secrets of ‘Magnetically’ Attracting Women To You…Without Ever Chasing Them Down…And Without Ever Having To Approach Them!

You see, once you have these secrets all the ‘work’ of meeting women will be done for you…automatically! You can just ‘flip on’ your magnetic powers of attraction… so to speak… and instantly bring sex, romance and more roaring into your life!

And this isn’t some New Age theory crap. It’s based on the same hush-hush psychological tactics advertisers have used for centuries to get filthy rich. They work for anyone, anywhere and at any time (no matter how desperate you think your situation is right now).

Not too long ago, I packaged up all these secrets in a guide I called How To Become An Alpha Male.

It’s the no-risk, never-fail blueprint on how to ‘magnetically’ attract an endless flow of horny, ready-for-sex women to you… without ever having to play their games or deal with rejection.

Some guys call it the lazy man’s way to easy sex and romance. And here’s a quick look at just a few of the proven techniques I’ll share with you inside:

  • 3 ‘magic tricks’ you can start using this weekend that will have women begging to have ‘anything goes’ sex with you (even if they’re married or have boyfriends)! Page 51
  • The 7 Step Seduction System that takes you from saying “hello” to a new woman…to sharing orgasms in bed with her… in just one evening! Page 101
  • 9 silent techniques that ‘magnetically’ get a girl to like you (WARNING: you must agree to use these for legal/moral purposes only). Page 40
  • Why… under absolutely no circumstances… should you ever take advice about women… from a woman (here’s what the female “experts” don’t want you to know) Page 44
  • Confused over when you should “make a move” on a woman? Here’s the 8 silent clues she gives that scream “I want you inside me now”! Page 148
  • The amazing psychological technique… proven through scientific research… on how to make any woman ‘dripping wet’ for you… with just your mind! Page 163
  • 2 powerful ‘first date’ secrets that almost spontaneously lead to sex (even if you screw everything else up)! Page 137
  • The hidden ‘mental hot-button’ that can instantly turn a flaming bitch into a horny slut (and how to push it anytime you want)! Page 24
  • 7 simple secrets to changing your “appearance”… as soon as tonight… that will immediately double or even triple your attractiveness to women! Page 54

PLUS… How to get women to breathlessly pant “I’ve never done this with anyone before” while performing extremely intimate sex acts with you that they’d never even admit to their friends!

    • The 3 unbreakable rules of spending money on women (screw these up and not only will you go home broke, but you’ll have blue-balls too)! Page 14
      • My very private “frame” technique that mentally intoxicates women (and can have women who’ve totally ignored you in the past, now shamelessly flirt for your attention)! Page 51
        • 2 magic words you can use … when the moment is right… that almost hypnotically guide a woman into your bedroom! Page 41
          • Avoid these 3 behaviors and you’ll immediately become so seductive that women will actually feel themselves getting “wetter” around you! Page 42
            • 14 specific topics you should never, ever bring up in conversation with a woman you want to have sex with! Page 130
              • 6 behaviors you’re probably doing right now that make women want to treat you like crap and lead you on. Page 30
                • How you accidentally kill the attraction women naturally feel for you (99% of guys do it – here’s how to reverse it in under 7 seconds flat) Page 17
                  • 3 questions to ask that instantly reveal if a woman wants to have sex with you! Page 14
                  • 24 non-verbal clues almost every guy does that immediately repel women (how many are you doing?) Page 25

                  I Always Get Asked…“But Do These Techniques Work For Online Dating Too?” You Betcha – See page 105 for complete details

                    • 5 easy changes you can make to your body language… tonight… that will have the hottest girls embarrassing themselves to get your attention! Page 99
                      • Forget all that crap in relationship books. Here… based on over 2 decades of real-world research… is exactly when you should call a woman after getting her phone number! Page 124
                        • The exact word-for-word script to follow when you do call her! Page 125
                          • The “alpha” method of moving from first-kiss to home plate (and why making even a single mistake here guarantees she’ll say “we shouldn’t be doing this”)! Page 155
                            • What all women live in fear of (and the trick to soothing this anxiety so they’ll do whatever you ask)! Page 8
                              • The powerful psychological tactic you must use when a woman offers to pay for a meal or do you a favor (use it and she’ll be ready for sex, don’t and you’ll never see her again – it’s as simple as that) Page 37
                                • Give a woman a compliment, follow it up with these words, and she’ll believe anything you say from there on out! Page 38
                                • The one and only time you should ever take a woman out on an expensive date! Page 15

                                There Was a Time When I Used To Be So Terrified of Speaking To Women That My Vision Blurred, My Face
                                Turned Beet Red And I’d Stammer Like An Idiot…

                                But that changed forever when I discovered the secret I share with you on page 69. If you have this same problem, it’ll work like magic for you too.

                                Now here’s more of what you’ll find inside this coveted guide:

                                  • What you must do… immediately… when meeting any woman in a bar (unless you really want to go home drunk and alone to masturbate)! Page 109
                                    • The only place you should ever take a woman on a first date! Page 126
                                      • The amazing secret to getting over ‘shyness’ around women… permanently… in one weekend! Page 91
                                        • How to use the ancient technique of “Locus of Control” to draw sexy, young women to you… while you drink beer and totally ignore them! Page 68
                                          • 3 secrets that instantly raise your “value” to women (and they have nothing to do with looks, cars or money)! Page 45
                                            • A stunning new psychological discovery that reveals… finally… what all women want (and how to easily take advantage of this breakthrough to get sex any time you feel like it)! Page 11
                                              • The one emotion you must never make a woman “feel for you” (chances are you’re already guilty of it… and worse yet… it could be the single biggest reason why women now reject you)! Page 42
                                              • 9 hypnotic words to use when meeting a woman for the first time that practically guarantee you’ll end up eating breakfast in your underwear with her! Page 116

                                              And It Only Gets Better…

                                              You see, the techniques I will be revealing to you have become something of legend across college campuses and throughout the singles scene. So much so, that single (and married) guys all across the country now come to me for personal, one-on-one coaching on these powerful techniques.

                                              And I help them out too… at $50 for a single email consultation.

                                              But when you receive your copy of How To Become An Alpha Male today, you’re going to receive all of the information right at your fingertips. It’s so thorough, it’s like having a professional coach right there at your beck and call.

                                              That’s a Value of $600 a Day… But At No Cost To You!

                                              What’s the catch? That I can only extend this offer to an extremely limited number of men. And here’s why.

                                              It’s simple math. Women are only half the world’s population. So if too many men get their hands on this powerful information, it will lose its effectiveness.

                                              So I have to limit this offer to first come, first served. I’m sure you can understand. The very real fact is there’s only so many guys in the world who can learn these powerful secrets… and once the slots are full, the offer I’m making will vanish.

                                              Creating Attraction Through Body Language – The vast majority of communication between men and women happens at the non-verbal level. Or as one world-class woman put it “I can tell if a guy is going to get laid simply by how he acts.” This exclusive report reveals 27 key techniques men must use (and a few to avoid) that attract ‘trophy’ women… without ever even speaking to them!

                                              What If She Has a Boyfriend? – What to do when you’ve found your dream girl – but she’s already someone else’s dream girl. Here you’ll discover how to fly under her radar, plant a special seed, and then watch as she almost unconsciously breaks her relationship… while becoming irresistibly drawn to you. Also included: 5 ultra-powerful words to speak to a woman in this situation to make her instantly obsessed about having sex with you.

                                              Getting Over Your Social Anxiety – You don’t need prescription drugs, alcohol or therapy to get over your fear of social situations. In this report, I’ll reveal to you a single word that will completely eliminate social anxieties in 14 days or less. If America’s drug companies knew what this one powerful word was, they’d try to patent it and sell it in a bottle.

                                              How To Detach Yourself From Desperation – Animals smell fear, women smell desperation. If you’re desperate to get laid, two things will happen: 1. Nothing 2. A woman will bleed you dry while never spreading her legs. In this report I will reveal a method on how to immediately remove “the smell of desperation” from yourself. Owning this simple secret can get you laid more often than a great haircut, a killer body, a fat bank account and a new BMW… combined.

                                              Workplace Romances – Are you dying to hook up with that perfect girl from the Accounting Department… but terrified over office rumors, the humiliation of being rejected or even sexual harassment complaints? In this special report I’ll show you how to put each of these fears to rest, eliminate all of your risk… and finally know what it feels like to move your hand deeply up her skirt, as you share a warm, slippery kiss… on company time!




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                                              Godmode Pickup – Godmode Text Game PDF Download

                                              Texting often gets dismissed within the pickup community and rightly so. If you don’t know what you’re doing it’s far easier to destroy attraction than it is to build it, however it doesn’t have to be. When applied correctly texting bridges the crucial gap between getting her number and getting her to see you.

                                              This goal of this book is to effectively take you from point A (sending your opening text) to point B (getting her eager to see you) with as little resistance and as much compliance as possible. Everything technique in between is designed to help get you there faster and to overcome any obstacles that you may face along the way.

                                              Featuring over 80 field tested, highly effective texts that you can start using today.



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                                              Eric Lercara – Online Dating Bible PDF Download

                                              The Online Dating Bible

                                              Eric Lercara – Online Dating Bible PDF

                                              78% Of All Men Who Create A Dating Profile Never End Up Going On A Single Date”

                                              The vast majority of men end up wasting countless time and money on dating sites.Women skim through dating profiles to find the few attractive men.As a result attractive women end up going out with a small minority of guys.How will you get noticed?Will you be one of the guys she stops and checks out?Or will she pass you by, because she has seen your type before, and she knows she is not attracted to you and never will be?

                                              No matter what you have going for you in life, if you don’t have a killer dating profile, every women who sees you is going to pass over you and never look back.

                                              This is actually amazingly good news. It is EASY to fix your dating profile so you appear attractive. It’s just a matter of changing a few simple things about the way you present yourself. I’ve written profiles for guys that struggled for years who started getting massive interest in only a few hours.

                                              You Don’t Have To Look Like A Model –You CAN Date Any Woman You Want

                                              Hi, Eric L. here.Let me ask you something.

                                              What if you could date as often as you wanted? Just read this article and you will see how you can have a dating profile that gets attraction, gets you noticed, and saves you valuable time and money. Keep reading and I will show you how you can have a dating profile that does all of the above.

                                              Can you imagine going on two, five, or even ten hot dates in one month?

                                              How about meeting the woman of your dreams?

                                              You will find out the secrets that helped me gain incredible success in a short period of time with my dating profile. You will discover how I used my dating profile to attract 32 unsolicited contacts in three months. Online dating is bigger than ever, but there is a reason why 20% of guys are meeting 80% of the women, while the majority of guys waste time and money on dating sites without getting results…

                                              Discover My Method For Yourself

                                              There is a secret, never-before-heard METHOD of communicating in a dating profile. I have studied hundreds of dating profiles to discover this method. Over 5 years of trial and error later, I know conclusively what it takes to write a dating profile that gains attraction CONSISTENTLY and WITHOUT FAIL. My students have given me rave reviews to attest to it.

                                              About 80% of guys FAIL to understand this method of communication and that is why the vast majority make dating profiles and don’t even end up going on ONE DATE, leading to countless lonely nights. It is hard going through life wondering whether you will have what it takes to attract a woman. There is always a pervading sense of unease. That is why I want to show you how simple it is to create a dating profile guaranteed to get you meeting women right away.

                                              Two Forms of Communication

                                              I have found that there are two FUNDAMENTAL forms of communication in a dating profile. The majority of guys use the form of communication that fails to gain attraction. The second form stands out and makes you appear like a date-worthy guy. This second form is so effective, and so rare, that it alone is enough to get you a hot date. Photographs and other areas are not as important as this form of communication (but I also have some amazing strategies for photographs – read on).

                                              This form of communication is counterintuitive. You will see why the ‘About Me’ section is misleading and if you follow the instructions, you are actually killing your chances of getting a date…

                                              The way dating profile services are set up, you are destined to fail unless you strike your own path. Luckily for you, I have already paved the path, and you just have to follow a few simple steps.

                                              The people who created dating sites did not know that they were setting guys up to fail. The question prompts on dating sites actually encourage guys to say the absolute wrong things in their dating profiles… the things that turn women off.

                                              The right way to communicate does the following:

                                              • It sets you apart as a high-value guy
                                              • It gives women the BURNING desire to ‘catch’ you
                                              • It makes you seem funny and interesting
                                              • It gives you a larger-than-life persona that conveys charisma
                                              • It expresses your unique personality

                                              You may be skeptical. That is fine; I encourage a healthy skepticism. You might be thinking: “if it were that easy, I would have been able to figure it out.” Here’s the thing: This form of communication is so obvious to me now, but it wasn’t obvious to me before. Women look at things differently than men, as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now in your life. They respond to things very differently. It is CRITICAL that you try something new:

                                              ”If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you always got.”

                                              If you try it out, and it doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED. That’s how sure I am that the Online Dating Bible will work wonders for your dating life.

                                              If you keep going down the path you’ve taken, where will you be in one, two, or five years?

                                              Will you be surfing the internet, looking for answers, kicking yourself that you didn’t do something about it sooner?

                                              Or will you be congratulating yourself for taking action when you did? Asking myself this question several years ago is what launched me on this path to read everything I could get my hands on, and I am now delighted I did.

                                              The good news is the RIGHT WAY to communicate is easy if you follow a few simple steps. In the Bible I also provide powerful, real-life examples that you can use or emulate to create your own dating profile in minutes. Not only that, I explain the psychology behind why it works, so you can understand the material well enough to repeat it over and over.


                                              Everyone knows that humor is key to attracting women. But it isn’t always easy to show humor on a dating profile. The Online Dating Bible breaks down the SPECIFIC KIND of humor that works in dating profiles, and even provides examples from my own dating profile. I explain why it works, and I explain how you can easily come up with your own HILARIOUS statements to use in a dating profile. Once you know the formula, it is EASY, and you don’t have to be a comedian.

                                              Learn 24 Powerful Tricks…

                                              In the Online Dating Bible you will learn 24 powerful, hidden tricks to use for online dating. I have discovered these tricks from years of trial and error and I want to pass them on to you. These go way, way beyond the cookie-cutter dating advice blurbs found on most internet sites. With these dating profile tricks you will:

                                              • Read examples of actual messages I have sent and find out the reasoning behind it. You will never have to worry about ‘what to say’ in an opening message.-Page 40
                                              • Find out how to ‘leave bait’ in the opening message to increase your response-rate by over 60% -Page 41
                                              • Get the edge and be one of the 20% of men who ends up dating 80% of the women on dating sites. Imagine when your friends call you up and realize you are on another date with another attractive girl
                                              • Cut time and energy from dating sites so you can use it more productively
                                              • Discover the line to get the phone number that has never failed me
                                              • Have strategies and lines to make a hilarious dating profile – Page 19
                                              • Find out how to trick the dating site to maximize the pool of available women. Never run out of available women again– Page 37
                                              • Discover a simple way to make yourself appear successful and put-together with your online photo – Page 31
                                              • Find a simple yet amazing exercise for improving your attractiveness that you can complete in less than 10 minutes – Page 55
                                              • Learn a simple way to know when a girl is ‘primed’ to go on a date, so you can maximize your results– Page 39

                                              Here’s a small taste of the various benefits the Online Dating Bible will give you…

                                              • A remarkable, field-tested method to creating a dating profile that will increase the quantity and quality of your dates, guaranteed. This is the same method that got me 32 contacts in one month.
                                              • 24 Powerful Tricks with bullet-style commentary. One trick shows you how to appear successful, even if you aren’t – without lying… giving you the ability to have that ‘air of success’ that women are looking for.
                                              • How to make the most of your money used on dating sites by breaking down the best and worst dating sites for finding attractive women – and a secret trick to maximize the pool of woman that works on any dating site you choose.
                                              • With the Online Dating Bible you will also experience the following…
                                                • Find out where to take the girl on the first date to give you the best chances of getting a second date, and how to save money on dates
                                                • A free way to have killer, professional photographs
                                                • Exactly what to say if a girl ‘winks’ at your dating profile
                                                • Exactly what to say if a girl looks at your dating profile but doesn’t wink or message
                                                • How to prevent flaking when you are messaging back and forth with a girl – my proven method for getting the phone number and setting up the date
                                                • Real examples of how to tease a girl on dating sites and how it is different than in real life
                                                • How to avoid the ‘curiosity trap’
                                                • Ways to overcome being short
                                                • A breakdown of the best dating sites with explanations

                                                No area of online dating has been left untapped in this monumental eBook. I can say with conviction that this is the LAST BOOK you will ever need to be successful with online dating. It includes…

                                                • The amount of time it takes to prove yourself as a ‘date-worthy guy’ – Page 3
                                                • The Golden Rule of online dating profiles – Page 4
                                                • The shocking truth to how women view men on dating profiles – Page 5
                                                • The danger of bragging – Page 5
                                                • Conversations to have on dates – Page 9
                                                • A powerful exercise you can do to INSTANTLY improve your conversation skills – Page 10
                                                • How you can unleash your ‘conversational bravado’ to create a magnetic masculine frame – Page 11
                                                • Samples of dating profiles with analysis – Pages 16-18
                                                • Examples of hilarious phrases to use – Pages 19-20
                                                • How to avoid conveying neediness – Page 21
                                                • The principles of Scarcity and Rewards – Page 22
                                                • 24 Hidden Tricks of Online Dating – Page 26
                                                • The dating site that has the highest-quality girls – Page 27
                                                • A shocking way to appear put-together and SUCCESSFUL in your profile photo – Page 31
                                                • The exact thing to say if someone looks at your profile but doesn’t wink or send you a message. This line has an UNCANNY effect to get results – Page 33
                                                • A NEVER-FAIL line to get the phone number at almost any point in the interaction – Page 35
                                                • Showing cockiness – Page 36
                                                • A secret to finding very attractive girls, who are DIAMONDS in the ROUGH – Page 36
                                                • Where you should never propose to take a girl on the first date, unless you absolutely never want to meet her – Page 36
                                                • A powerful way to maximize the pool of woman in your area by tricking the dating site – Page 37
                                                • How to keep from losing your NEW CAR SMELL and why that will cripple your ability to get a first date – Page 38
                                                • A simple way to find the girls who are primed to go on more dates, to save you valuable time – page 39
                                                • An example of a hilarious way to connect with a girl without appearing needy or insecure. Instead, this will make her itch to write you back– Page 41
                                                • The amount of time to wait to respond when a girl messages you – Page 44
                                                • Why you need to challenge her on the date – Page 46
                                                • An easy way to keep from conveying neediness that TURNS women OFF –Page 50
                                                • How to handle tests from a woman you are dating – Page 52
                                                • The powerful formula for creating a dating profile – THE SAME formula that I use to create dating profiles for myself and my clients – Page 55



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                                              Swinggcat – Phone Game Audio Course Download | Swinggcat – Phone Game Audio Course Review

                                              “Could It Really Be That Easy To Consistently Turn Phone Numbers Into Dates, Sex, & Even Relationships?”

                                              The Answer Is Yes And If You’re Ready To Learn Secrets That Emotionally Drive Women To Think About, Obsess Over, & Desire You To Ask Them Out Long Before You Suggest Getting Together With Them, Keep Reading…

                                              From: Swinggcat Author of “Real World Seduction

                                              Dear friend,

                                              Has something like this ever happened to you…

                                              You meet a girl…

                                              Spark attraction.

                                              Fuse a connection.

                                              Maybe lock lips with her.

                                              Get her number.

                                              Maybe your friends look at you with awe.

                                              It’s on like Donkey Kong.

                                              Or so you think.

                                              But when you contact her, she doesn’t respond.


                                              Texts you the dreaded “Who is this?”


                                              She texts with you a few times before ignoring you forever.


                                              She becomes your text buddy and has no interest in getting together with you.


                                              Every time you make plans with her, she flakes.

                                              If you answered YES, give yourself a huge pat on the back because…

                                              By admitting to yourself that this is something you need to work on, you’ve taken the first step to fixing it.

                                              If you ask most men if they’ve ever had a number go sour, they’ll puff out their chest and say, “Nah, man. I’ve got mad game. Girls always respond to my texts.”

                                              Their selective memories conveniently remember only the numbers that turned into dates, sex, and relationships. Erased from their memory banks are the dozens of numbers that went sour.

                                              The Cold-Hard Truth:

                                              Every Heterosexual Male On The Planet Has Gotten A Girl’s Number, & Thought It Was A Sure Thing…

                                              But When He Contacted Her, She Never Responded, Rendered Him Her Text Buddy, Or Kept Flaking On Him.

                                              This may have left him languishing in a dark, dark place.

                                              One minute he felt on top of the world; the next, he felt rejected, pathetic, and smaller than a gnat.

                                              Maybe “Bitch,” “whore,” “flake,” and every other dirty word in the book swam through his mind.

                                              Maybe he ran through each of his perceived flaws, shortcomings, and inadequacies.

                                              Maybe the words, ” You idiot. She was never into you. You’re not good enough for her,” echoed inside his head again and again.

                                              Only God Knows How Many Times A Phone Number Went Sour On Me…

                                              A thousand?

                                              Two thousand times?

                                              I shudder thinking about.

                                              Even after honing my skills at picking up women, my phone game stunk.

                                              Night-after-night, I left friends stunned and awed by how quickly I’d make out with the hottest girls at the bar.

                                              All of them envied my dating life.

                                              But here’s the inconvenient truth…

                                              Most of the girls I picked up, I never saw again.

                                              On the plus side, I perfected my skills at getting one-night-stands.

                                              But the reality is this: not every interested girl will go home with you that night. Plus, you can sleep with only one (maybe two) girls at a time.

                                              Because I lacked phone game, I missed out on a lot of quality pootang.

                                              I developed a mature attitude: If a number went sour, it’s okay. It’s just not meant to be.

                                              But it wasn’t okay. I’d grown complacent and was leaving a lot of opportunities on the table.

                                              The Game Is Played Over The Phone…

                                              … And The Longer You Wait To Fix Your Phone Game, The More Opportunities You’ll Miss Out On…

                                              Why Most Men Fail Miserably At Phone Game…

                                              Soon after you part ways with a woman you’ve just met, her feelings for you vanish.

                                              To put it more precisely, her feelings haven’t vanished but lie dormant beneath the surface.

                                              As Long As A Woman’s Feelings For You Lie Dormant, You Will Not Get Her From The Phone To Out In Person.

                                              To get a woman from the phone to out in person you need to do one of two things.

                                              The first is trying to spark attraction and fuse a connection all over again but over texting.

                                              Good luck with that. It’s an uphill battle.

                                              Doing this is no different from calling up a random woman you’ve never met and trying to get her out on a date.

                                              But there’s another option. One very few men know how to do correctly. One that works – big time.

                                              If You Reactivate The Feelings That Made Her Crush On You The Night You Met Her, She’ll Respond To Your Texts, Pick Up The Phone When You Call, & Meet Up With You In Person.

                                              It took around five-hundred text and phone conversations for me to clue on how to go about this.

                                              Add in at least another thousand for me to create, hone, and perfect a system that reactivates the feelings a woman had for you again and again and again.

                                              Inside my Phone Game Course you’ll my entire system for reactivating these feelings.

                                              Just Imagine Sending A Woman A Few Short Texts, Quickly Getting Her On The Phone, And, A Few Days Later, Having Her Naked In Your Bed…

                                              Here’s A Sneak Peek At What You’ll Learn Inside The Phone Game Audio Course….

                                              The Easy-To-Master Reactivation System.

                                              Imagine you meet a girl and send her on an emotional high that makes her crush on you.

                                              How do you reactivate that emotional high through the phone?

                                              Good question.

                                              You need to realize this:

                                              Every Girl Has A Reactivation Roadmap Made Up Of Emotional States & Triggers.

                                              Emotional States: The night you met her, you stirred in her a medley of feelings. They are the building blocks of the emotional high you sent her on. The one that made her crush on you. These feelings are emotional states.

                                              Triggers: Things you said or did, certain moments she had with you, and bits of banter you exchanged with her stirred these emotional states inside her.

                                              These are triggers and they can reactivate the emotional states anchored to them over and over again.

                                              To bring back to life the emotional high over the phone, you need to know what emotional states made her crush on you.

                                              Further, you need to know what triggers stirred these emotional state inside her.

                                              Put simply…

                                              Without Decoding A Woman’s Reactivation Roadmap, You Cannot Bring Back To Life The Emotional High That Made Her Crush On You.

                                              The key to decoding her Reactivation Roadmap is so simple and obvious, that most men cannot see it.

                                              Alas, they focus on the wrong emotional states and triggers.

                                              Instead of reactivating the emotional high, they end up hurling the poor girl into a yawn-induced coma. Or, even worse, they never get a response from her.

                                              Inside Phone Game You’ll Learn The Secrets Behind Decoding A Woman’s Reactivation Roadmap.

                                              But you’re not out of the dark yet…

                                              Just Knowing A Woman’s Reactivation Roadmap, Won’t Give You Access To It.

                                              If you attempt to fire one of her triggers, you won’t reactivate any of the emotional states anchored to it.

                                              Instead, she’ll clam up, retreat, and resist experiencing any of them.

                                              For the trigger to go off and reactivate the emotional states anchored to it, she has to fire it on her own.

                                              How do you persuade her to fire the trigger?

                                              I’ve developed a technology called “Breadcrumbing” that does just this.

                                              Breadcrumbs are little bits of banter that lure a woman towards a trigger and coax her into firing it on her own.

                                              When You Couple Her Reactivation Roadmap With Breadcrumbing, You Can Reactivate The Emotional States That Made Her Crush On You Again And Again And Again.

                                              And it gets better…

                                              Each time you reactivate these emotional states, they intensify.

                                              If Your Texts To Women Kept Reactivating & Intensifying The Emotional States That Made Them Crush On You, How Many Dates Would You Have This Week?

                                              Here’s A Small Peek Of What You’ll Get Inside My Roadmap Reactivation System…

                                              • The secrets behind decoding a woman’s entire Reactivation Roadmap.
                                              • A calibration technique that develops your ability to recognize the emotional states that made her crush on you.
                                              • How to uncover the triggers that stirred these emotion states inside her.
                                              • A little trick that doesn’t make it easy to remember but impossible to forget a woman’s Reactivation Roadmap.
                                              • How to use a hypnotic technique called “response potential” to intensify the emotional states each time you reactivate them.
                                              • The number one mistake men make when trying to reactivate a woman’s emotional states. (If you’re making this mistake, you’re probably not getting any results over the phone.)
                                              • The psychology behind this mistake and how to avoid it like the plague.
                                              • A PhD education on Breadcrumbing (Once you master it, you’ll be able to coax and lure women into fire triggers on their own. That means you can keep reactivating their emotional states without one iota of resistance.
                                              • How to create a breadcrumb from the moment you get her number that keeps reactivating and intensifying emotional states responsible for her crushing you.
                                              • Powerful breadcrumbs to use on your first and second text to her that get her thinking about you.
                                              • How to use breadcrumbs when talking to her on the phone.
                                              • How to incorporate breadcrumbs into stories you share with women.
                                              • How to create a breadcrumb that not only coaxes her into firing a trigger but also stirs a need for your approval and validation.
                                              “Just Think Of The Women You’ll Be Dating, Sleep With, And Maybe Forming A Relationship With Once You Learn My Reactivation Roadmap System.”

                                              Secrets That Build Enough Trust, Create Enough Comfort, & Fuse Enough Of A Connection For Women To Meet Up With You In Person.

                                              We’ve all had it happen…

                                              One night out at a bar, you meet your dream girl in the flesh.

                                              The sexual chemistry is palpable.

                                              You guys bond over sharing the same birthday, hating the same foods, playing with the same toys as kids, and having the same favorite movie – one most people think is awful.

                                              As you’re exchanging numbers, she says, “Where did you come from? You’re my other half. We are so getting together.”

                                              But when you contact her, she doesn’t respond or refuses to meet up with you in person.

                                              What the F***, man?

                                              Why does this happen?

                                              Although you guys shared a connection, you don’t know each other and have zero mutual friends in common.

                                              She may not trust you yet. Her feelings towards you are probably ambivalent and capricious.

                                              It’s A Big Leap For A Woman To Meet Up With A Complete Stranger.

                                              But there’s another reason.

                                              One most men take for granted…

                                              When you met her, you showed interest and got her number.

                                              This left her feeling sexy, awesome, and on her money.

                                              If you met her in a bar, she probably put heaps of time into painting her face, coifing her hair, and picking out her sexiest outfit.

                                              To top it off, the libations she’d ingested likely lowered her inhibitions and left her feeling sexier, flirter, and wittier than her normal self.

                                              When you ask her out over texting, a fit of “I’m not normally that sexy, quick, or charming” may gnaw away at her confidence and leave her thinking: Will he even like the real me? 

                                              Believe it or not…

                                              Women Actually Break Plans With Men For Silly Reasons Like Feeling Bloated Or Getting A Pimple.

                                              Sure, women go out with male strangers all the time.

                                              But think about how many males suitors they shut down.


                                              And women found some of these men plenty charming and attractive.

                                              But because these men failed to build enough trust, create enough comfort, and fuse enough of a connection, women didn’t go out with them.

                                              Inside phone game you’ll learn powerful secrets for building enough trust, creating enough comfort, and fusing enough of a connection for a woman to meet up with you in person.

                                              Not only that.

                                              You’ll learn my two-step process for getting a girl to rehearse in her mind again and again hanging out with you in person.

                                              The more she rehearses it, the more comfortable she becomes with the idea.

                                              Eventually the idea burgeons into a full-fledged desire – a desire for you to ask her out.

                                              When you put a woman through this two-step process, she’ll sit by her phone, hoping and obsessing over you asking her out long before you ever suggest getting together.

                                              What Would Your Dating Life Be Like If You Could Compel Women To Hope & Obsess Over You Asking Them Out Long Before You Suggest Getting Together With Them?

                                              Here’s Just A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Discover For Building Enough Trust, Creating Enough Comfort, & Fusing Enough Of A Connection For Women To Meet Up With You In Person…

                                              • How to create mutually exclusive experiences you can use over the phone that intensify the connection between her and you.
                                              • The number one mistake guys make that destroys all trust and ruins their chances of a woman ever meeting up with them.
                                              • Why only texting with her drastically decreases your chances of getting her out.
                                              • Why calling her on the phone is a crucial step to building enough trust, creating enough comfort, and fusing enough of a connection for her to meet up with you.
                                              • Step-by-step instructions on how to build trust, increase comfort, and fuse a deeper connection over the phone.
                                              • How to fuse a connection with different types of girls (Shy girls require one kind of communication style, outgoing girls require another.)
                                              • The trick to getting women to open up (Getting a woman to open up is a crucial piece to fusing a connection with her.)
                                              • Why pulling back and creating negative space at a crucial juncture not only builds comfort but also makes her want to get together with you.
                                              • A two-step process that gets her to rehearse in her mind hanging out with you (Do this and not only will she be comfortable with the idea, she’ll literally obsess over you asking her out.)

                                              Take A Second To Think About All The Girls Who Liked You When You Met Them…

                                              But Kept Flaking On You

                                              Or Wouldn’t Meet Up With You In Person…

                                              Imagine What Would Have Happened If You Possessed The Skills To Build Enough Trust, Create Enough Comfort, & Fuse Enough Of A Connection.

                                              An A-Z Phone Game System That Takes You Step-By-Step From Getting Her Number To Getting Her Out In Person & Beyond…There’s a lot of crucial steps involved for a number to turn into a date, sex, or a relationship.One misstep or wrong turn can annihilate your chances with a woman.Something as small as the way a guy asks for a woman’s number, a text message he sends her, or the time he calls her may destroy any chances of ever seeing her again.For the number to materialize, you need to complete several steps correctly, such as:

                                              – Getting her number the right way.

                                              – Sending her the right first and second text.

                                              – Texting her at the right time.

                                              – Exchanging the right amount of text messages with a girl before getting her on the phone.

                                              – Getting her on the phone the right way.

                                              – Saying the right things to her on the phone.

                                              – asking her out the right way.

                                              – and many, many more steps.

                                              If You Do Not Complete The Necessary Steps, The Number Usually Won’t Go Anywhere…

                                              She may respond to you for a bit. But after a while things will fizzle out and she’ll stop responding.

                                              Inside Phone Game I take you through each one of these steps in excruciating detail.

                                              If You Follow Each Of These Steps, You’ll Turn Number After Number Into Date After Date…

                                              Here’s An Inside Look At A Few Of The Secrets You’ll Learn Inside My A-Z Phone Game System That Takes You From Getting Her Phone To Getting Her Out Person…

                                              • Why asking for a woman’s number kills attraction and gives her all the power.
                                              • How to get her number in way that puts you in charge of the interaction and builds attraction.
                                              • The first thing you should text her (Hint: you’re going to text her right after you get her number and while you’re still talking to her.)
                                              • When to text her again. (Most men botch this – big time.)
                                              • The second text you should send her (Hint: it’s a single word that instantly piques her interest and gets her responding. To be honest, this secret is so good, I almost don’t want to give it away.)
                                              • The third text you should send her (This simple text lights up her Reactivation Road Map like a Christmas tree and bring back to life all of the emotions she felt for you the night you met her.)
                                              • Why it’s absolutely crucial that you get her on the phone.
                                              • How to know the right time to transition from texting to the phone.
                                              • A sneaky trick that compels women to pick up their phone when you call.
                                              • The underlying purpose of talking to her on the phone (Hint: It’s not to ask her out. Do this and she probably won’t go out with you.)
                                              • A complete education on how to talk to her on the phone. (You’ll discover exactly what to say and how long the phone conversation needs to be.)
                                              • Powerful psychology that gets her hoping and obsessing over you asking her out long before you suggest getting together.
                                              • How to ask her out in a way that not only drives her to say “YES” but also gets her to show up.
                                              • Why promising a woman an interesting, fun, or unusual date increases the odds that she’ll flake.
                                              • Why you shouldn’t reveal the location of the date to her until the day of (This is crucial and will save you a lot of heartache.)
                                              • Where to take her on your first date (Trust me: this won’t cost you much money.)
                                              • How to double the odds that you get some action from her.
                                              • How to handle flakes in a way that insures that they show up the next time.
                                              • How to follow up on old numbers that have gone stale in a way that gets them responding again.

                                                The Next Time You Get A Girl’s Number, You’ll Know Exactly How To Turn That Number Into A Date, Sex, Or Relationship.

                                                Just How Awesome Will That Be?

                                              Who The Phone Game Course Is For?

                                              • If you’re sick and tired of letting number after number take up space in your phone and go absolutely nowhere.
                                              • If you’re someone who gets numbers but when you contact them, they don’t respond as much as you’d like.
                                              • If you’re someone who’s experienced girls flaking on them or refusing to go out with them.
                                              • If you’d like to learn a complete system the teaches you how to work the phone the right way.
                                              • If you already get some results over the phone but want to take your Phone Game to the next level.

                                              Who Isn’t Phone Game For?

                                              • Complacent men who are happy as a lark with the mediocre results they’re currently getting.
                                              • Men set in their ways (Even though what they’re doing isn’t working, they’re determined to keep doing it).
                                              • And men experiencing so much success with women, they couldn’t handle any more.

                                              Why The Phone Game Course Is Different From Other Courses…

                                              Many other Phone Game courses offer cute lines to text women. These lines may get a laugh and a few responses before the number fizzles out.

                                              Phone Game Is Different Because It Gives You The Tools To Reactivate The Emotional High That Made Her Crush On You The Night You Met Her.

                                              Here’s What You Get With The Phone Game Course…

                                              • My A-Z Phone Game System That Takes You From Getting Her Number To Getting Her Out On A Date… And Beyond.
                                              • My Reactivation Roadmap System That Gives You The Skills To Decode A Woman’s Reactivation Roadmap & Bring Back Again & Again The Feelings She Had For You The Night You Met Her.
                                              • My System For Building Enough Trust, Creating Enough Comfort, & Fusing Enough Of A Connection For Her To Meet Up With You In Person.




                                              Sexual Connections by Swinggcat with 40 Swinggcat’s Sexual Frame Seduction Routines

                                              Sexual Connections Course by Swinggcat

                                              Foundations For Generating Attraction by Swinggcat

                                              Natural Vibing by Swinggcat : How to Have Sexually Vibe With Women

                                              Swinggcat – Masculine Polarity

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                                              PickUp 101 – Charismatic Conversations Review | PickUp 101 – Charismatic Conversations Download

                                              Who Else Wants to Know EXACTLY What to Say EVERYTIME with literally ANY women…
                                              Without trying to be Something or Someone you’re not…Without ever feeling even the Slightest Discomfort…and Without any fear of Rejection Whatsoever?Never, EVER have that horrible feeling of…
                                              “I don’t knowwhat to say”…With women ? Ever Again!

                                              Charismatic Conversations Content:
                                              DVD’s 1 & 2 – Laying down the basics and introducing Banter!
                                              DVD 3 & 4 – Making Banter Work for you and getting past your sticking points
                                              DVD 5 & 6 – How to handle groups of women, more banter, and how to not be a douchebag!
                                              DVD’s 7 & 8 – Powerful banter, openers, and testing for attraction
                                              DVD’s 9 & 10 – Improv, comedy, storytelling, and getting dates
                                              DVDs 11 & 12 – Conversational threads and subcommunication



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