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From the desk of Eric Von Sydow (AKA Hypnotica)

The truth can hurt you or set you free… what 20 years in the game has taught me…

You have a choice: you can take what you’re about to read and dismiss it, or man up, face the raw, uncut truth and start succeeding with women. It’s that simple.

So what am I talking about here? I am talking about something that has been worth almost 20 years of my life, something only a few people have the authority to talk about and the skill to put into practice. I am talking about doing something that needs high-level credibility to get off the ground.

I am bringing together a master circle of my influences, guys from the underground who’ve had a massive impact on my success with women. I am talking about guys so effective with women that seeing them in action over the years made me want to up my game to new levels >> guys so adept at female social interaction they make “Online PUA Gurus” look like second string players. These are the key players and personalities that have shaped my 20 years in the game.

Imagine that; twenty years of witnessing hundreds of thousands of men interact with women, and only a handful of men stood out in my mind as having “the game” on lockdown. Only about 20 guys impressed me enough to want to learn from them…just 20 superstars in 20 years.

After seeing these guys out on the circuit regularly I began to learn from them. They became my mentors as I adapted the aspects of their game I admired most into my armory. The good news for you is that you won’t need to wait 20 years to find masters to learn from because I’m offering you mine. I’m offering you unrestricted access to the underground. No PUA bull***, this is real, unrehearsed, uncensored access to the Masters’ Circle.

My bar is set high. You know that. People call me the inner game guru because I use ‘next level strategy’ to increase the amount of intimate interactions my clients have with women. Without wanting to blow my own trumpet, you know I wouldn’t look up to just any old self-professed dating and seduction expert. Hell! Only 1% of PUAs would make my cut, and I assure you that only those at the very top of the pile will make the grade for this revolutionary Masters’ Circle.

The Truth Hurts

Want to know why so many men aren’t being successful with women, even though they’re studying like crazy for hours on end?

Get it? That’s right. Air. If you take advice from guys who really don’t know what the hell they’re talking about you’ll get no results. Nada. Zip. Zero.

Yep. The truth hurts. And it probably hurts pretty badly if you’ve wasted time and money on false promises for a long period of time. But I reckon you’re man enough to handle the truth. So let’s do what real men do and say, “Yea, I messed up. I listened to some bullshit and believed it. But you know what, I’m starting from scratch and I’m gonna succeed.”

And Here’s The Sucker Punch…

You won’t hear any of those so-called PUA superstars being interviewed in my inner circle. Why not? Because 90% of them suck, both socially and intimately with women.

You won’t hear from digital celebrities. No, you’ll hear from men who’ve come up on the underground, learning the trade from their forefathers before the web even existed. These guys are the Real Deal. You’re going to learn from men who’ve mastered the ability to create fast, intimate connections with hundreds of women, men who I’ve personally witnessed command the sex life of their choice.

It Took 20 Years to Make this Possible

That’s right, it took 20 years of searching for the true warriors of seduction to make these interviews possible. You can’t cultivate a list of masters like this by sending out a few emails. These guys don’t just talk to anyone. These guys value their anonymity, and they won’t share their lives with just any guy. You won’t catch these guys spouting nonsense on YouTube or writing blog posts with flimsy tips. No, they only share the hidden secrets with others in the circle…that’s the rules of the underground.

So, rest assured this won’t be unoriginal, rehashed theory delivered by people who’ve never met their mentors. And this won’t be distilled semi-truth to please a broad audience, either. This is the secret knowledge guys with real game don’t want you to know. This is a circle for a privileged few who want the truth, whether it hurts or not.

I digress…

People ask me why I’ve lasted 20 years in the seduction and dating world, yet pickup guru after pickup guru comes and goes from the industry, disappearing from the scene after temporarily fooling their fans they were king of kings. The reason is simple: they were in it for the money, unoriginal in their work, and recycled the same material as their industry counterparts. But guess what? The ideas ran out. The well dried up. There was nothing new to say and the fans stopped believing their game when the techniques and strategies didn’t work.

In short >> when the money stopped they lost interest.

So Why Believe Me And Not Them?

Because first and foremost I don’t want you to believe, I want you to know. If you’ve followed me through the years you’ll know I don’t hold back. I don’t sugar coat, and I don’t say stuff just to get an ego massage. I tell the truth. I stay raw and real. Love or hate it, I tell it like it is.

The advantage I have in this game is experience and knowledge. After 20 years witnessing social interaction in strip clubs, bars, nightclubs, and restaurants, and coaching men and women from all walks of life, I can safely say there aren’t many people out there who can read others like I can. I have pretty much seen it all. I’ve soaked up two decades of knowledge, learning what to do from the best and not what to do from the worst. I come from a long line of masters who’ve shown me the hidden truths, and I’m about to share them with you.

Warning! Read This Before You Enter The Masters’ Circle

Before I give you access to this interview series with some of the most successful underground pioneers, I must warn you that what you hear won’t always be entirely morally or ethically correct. By this I mean things will not always conform to the status quo you’re used to. There will be controversial viewpoints, outside the box techniques, maverick-style thinking, and at times everything you think you know will be tipped on its head and shaken into uncertainty.

Not all these men are walking a spiritual path of goodness, and quite frankly they couldn’t give a damn what society thinks of them. These men aren’t public speakers or polished salesmen. They aren’t marketers spitting regurgitated bulls*** to make bank at your expense. These are everyday guys with a special secret >> they walk around with an armory of skills capable of cultivating an intimate interaction with a woman at any given moment.

These guys will speak their minds on dating, sex, women, and life. You will hear from men with a healthy understanding of women and from others with a somewhat jaded view of “the game.” But always bear in mind this one compelling fact: each master is extremely effective in attracting the company of women.

I won’t apologize for their views, strategies, or techniques for the simple reason that I am not in a position to censor these pros. I am also not in a position to judge from a moral standpoint. All I can do is unleash the truth. I will strategically extract the information you require to become more successful with women. At that point you can pick and choose how you move forward and which bits to implement into your game.

These guys live and breathe female interaction. What they do works, period. They have sex with a lot of what society would consider ‘beautiful women.’ They will save you time, money, and heartache. They will cut through the crap and get to the nuts and bolts of what they do to enjoy the company of hundreds of women. I picked these guys because I’ve personally seen them get results, and because I’ve learned from their mastery over the years. No one makes this list unless I’ve consistently seen them walk the walk.

Here’s How It Will Work

Many of you know I use NLP, neuro semantics, hypnosis, and psychology in my work. I have used these skills to attract intimate encounters, to further my career, and to help men and women become happier and more successful in life. I will be using these same skills to infiltrate the minds of these masters; to breakdown their defenses and extract the gems of knowledge they embody. I will weave around the banter and debate and collect the gold nuggets of information you need to become more successful with women.

Here’s How It Won’t Work

You’re probably here because PUA land hasn’t done you any justice. The industry has lied to you, promoting false prophets based on popularity rather than results. Well, that stops here. If you’re tired of taking lessons from guys who never get real results in the real world then you just landed on your feet. I promise you, YOU WILL NOT HEAR ANY PUA JARGON.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying none of the PUA theory works – of course it has the potential to – but what I’m saying is that it’s exactly that, theory. It’s hit and miss because the people teaching it are simply teaching what they’ve been taught, without ever having manifested the theory on a deep, tangible level.

I don’t know about you but I live by proof. I need evidence. I need to see results. Show me you can do it, not just once, but over and over again, and I’ll say, “Yea, that guy’s the real deal. His game works.”

You have my personal guarantee that any guy in the Masters’ Circle will out perform the current “pickup artist of the year” 10-1, hands down.

So, they’ll be no lingo, no patterns, no gimmicks like painting fingernails or wearing a flashy belt buckle. These guys rely on raw attitude and personality application.

You’re about to start modeling your game on excellence, not rhetoric.

One Final Word Before You Enter The Circle

Truthfully, I had to ask myself before putting this together whether it was worth it. I mean, why give the world access to these masters, the guys I’ve learned from over the past 20 years, guys that have helped keep me ten steps ahead of everyone else in the industry. Not to mention that this is unfiltered, undiluted, raw male mentality. These guys will be talking opinions and viewpoints I don’t necessarily agree with, stuff that just being involved with could affect my career. So why put my reputation on the line and allow these guys to speak to my fan base?

Because you need to know! It’s my job to allow you access to the whole picture, not just mine or anybody else’s interpretation. You need to see the entire spectrum, ugly bits n’ all. You need this experience to go forth and discover who you really are and what you stand for. The more data you collect, the more people you observe, the more masters you hear teach, the more adept your personal game will become. The raw truth will help you hone your own techniques and strategies, carving out your personal pathway on the road to massive success with women.

Take from these interviews what you will: Agree or disagree, criticize or admire, but know that all these guys are masters of their art, each one using different strategies to achieve intimacy with women. These are the lone wolfs. The guys who did things their way to get what they wanted. Take the lessons that suit your personality, beliefs, morals and ethics, and go forth and create the life you want to live.

100% Gimmick Free

There’s no need for me to add token value to this product because it’s priceless. This has never been done before! These men aren’t trying to be dating gurus or get famous. Hell, they’ll most likely have me edit out their names and anything that might link their identity to the recording. That is the depth of what we are dealing with here. Like many great warriors, these guys prefer to stay anonymous and remain on the underground.

So there’s no bonuses; no cuddly toy, no false promises. You get one interview each month, one priceless recording that’s yours forever – one pocket bible of brilliance to help you fine-tune your seduction game. This is 20 years broken down into a monthly education system by the best of the best.

The monthly recording comes in mp3 format for you to download and listen to on your laptop, iPhone, Android phone, or Tablet. No two recordings will be the same because each master will bring his own vibe, and depending on the interview content, I will break down the key principles and highlight particular areas of interest so that you can make notes and fully understand the principles as you listen.

Listen > Learn > Take Action

It really is that simple. Each month you’ll get access to an untapped pool of knowledge as I interview a new master. All you have to do is listen, manifest, and begin taking action from what you learn.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Stop wasting time with rhetoric and hype and start learning from the real underground masters who’ve been successful with women day-in-day-out for more than 20 years. If you want to let this opportunity pass you by, that’s cool, but good luck finding 20 masters in your area when you do decide to get serious about attracting multiple hot women on a daily basis. It might take 20 years, but then again it could take longer…

Stop hindering your progression and step into the Masters’ Circle immediately to receive your first interview right now.

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Jason Capital – GIANT Collection Download

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RSD Tyler – Hotseat at Home DeluxeBundle Collection Download

Real Social Dynamics
    Get a 1-hour coaching session with Tyler’s personal success coach.
    Gain access to a private vault of 100 pages of Tyler’s best writings.
    Learn from RSD Instructors Luke, Sam and Madison via Webinar.
    Meet Tyler in-person at an exclusive seminar and receive a video of it.
    Receive a video of RSD’s newest tactics from Luke, Sam, and Madison.

For The First Time Ever – Get The Hot Seat… @ HOME

We have spent the past decade traveling to every corner of the globe, recording the most insane infield footage to ever exist, and helping thousands of guys get insane results with women that they could only DREAM of before.

We have gone from city to city, and country to country teaching the Hot Seat, and it has become our most raved-about program to date.

Up until now – The The Hot Seat has worked like this:

  • We take the most informative, eye-opening full-length clips of pickups, and we break them down, step-by-step.
  • Then we would take this amazing, beautifully-shot video with crystal-clear audio, we would break it apart… analyze it… and pull out the core principles and techniques.
  • Then we follow it up with these crazy, crazy exercises that reinforce the core concepts you learn in the videos.

We have spent YEARS to build the PERFECT PROGRAM…

We have fine-tuned The Hot Seat to be the most high-impact, life-changing program that exists anywhere in the world – there is nothing else like it – period.

The Hot Seat is an event that has been taken by 10’s of THOUSANDS of people.

But the thing that’s frustrated us over the years, is that we’ve never really succeeded in creating that same experience from home… UNTIL NOW.

The thing was – because The Hot Seat is a live event… not everyone is able to attend, we get messages from guys all over the world:

“I can’t make it… I live a million miles away!”

“Why can’t you come to my city / country more often?”


“I WISH I could make it… it would be so awesome… what do I do?”

We get hundreds and hundreds of emails – BEGGING us to bring this training to them…

The more messages we get… the more we realize that there are THOUSANDS of guys who NEED this, RIGHT NOW, but can’t get it.

Over time…


So for the first time ever, we have decided to take the power of the Hot Seat,
and harness it into an at-home experience.

So, here’s what we’ve done – check it out:

We have created a PARALLEL EXPERIENCE that DOVETAILS into the live experience.



Here is what you will experience inside The Hot Seat at Home:

  • Discover the ROOT BEHAVIORS that trigger all female attraction
  • Unlock the Step-By-Step Blueprint for Approaching, Escalating, Closing, and Everything In-Between.
  • Learn to draw state from within and develop UNBREAKABLE INNER GAME
  • Lay a Solid Foundation, Build Upon It, and TRANSCEND to a NEW LEVEL
  • Get an up-close-and-personal view of what GOOD GAME actually looks like.
  • CRUSH your limiting beliefs, FOREVER.
  • Get the critical keys to keeping conversations INTERESTING and ENGAGING.
  • Develop a genuine approach to game, and joyful sense of humor necessary to make sure you HAVE FUN when you go out.

The Hot Seat at Home is a transformative at-home experience that you can do on your own, at your own pace, from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

We have taken the most critical mind-bending concepts from the Hot Seat Transformational Experience and repackaged them for an at-home environment.

For the first time ever, we are giving you the opportunity to take advantage of The Hot Seat – from the comfort of your own home.

The Hot Seat at Home consists of FIVE parts:

Infield Footage Breakdowns

You are going to see the most INSANE pickup content you have
ever seen in your life, and have us BREAK… IT… DOWN… for you.
Every type of girl, in every situation imaginable, up-close and
personal so you can see EXACTLY what’s going on, and have
every little nuance explained to you in great detail.
You will see the interaction unfolding right there in front of you,
understand exactly WHY things are happening, and see the
powerful underlying patterns behind every action.

Interactive Exercises

The most powerful concepts responsible for massive success aren’t just things you ‘learn’, they are things you ‘become’.

These Interactive Exercises are created SPECIFICALLY to push you, and make you to internalize the techniques right there ON THE SPOT. You won’t have to struggle to try and memorize all of the things that you learn, because they will be INGRAINED into your subconscious permanently.

These exercises are CHALLENGING and TRANSFORMATIONAL, and they will 100% HARD-WIRE your subconscious mind for success.

Individual Challenges

Internalization is the path to mastery, the Interactive Exercises
we show you will implant success patterns into your
subconscious mind, and the Individual Challenges will push you
to take action.

These challenges are based on over a decade of in-field
experimentation and analysis by myself and the other RSD
instructors – they work, and they are guaranteed to push you to
implement the concepts you learn.
Remember – without action, there can be no result.

Boot-camp Footage Breakdowns

For the first time, we are giving you an in-depth breakdown of the SICKEST Bootcamp footage. This is next-level content, delivered through your eyeballs… straight to your brain.
These Bootcamp Breakdowns are EXCLUSIVE to The Hot Seat at Home program – there is such a large wealth of information contained here – it’s not for everybody.

After seeing these interactions broken down, you will realize that there is an entire world out there that you have never noticed before. A whole universe of possibilities that most people never discover… we are giving you the keys to the kingdom, all you have to do is open the door.

The Hot Seat Tribe

Weekly Missions

Test the skill-sets you learn from the Hot Seat in your own city with Weekly Missions designed specifically to get you out there, and to PUSH YOU out of your comfort zone.

Exclusive Facebook Group

Share your results and get feedback in a high-level Exclusive Community of like-minded guys who are SERIOUSLY DEDICATED to making constant improvement.

Unique Phone App

Communicate with everyone else who is doing The Hot Seat at Home and share stories, sticking points, and results in REAL TIME.

Invitation-Only Teleconferences

Get in-depth feedback from instructors via Invitation-Only Teleconferences where you will have a chance to expand and dig deeper on the core concepts learned in The Hot Seat.

With The Hot Seat at Home,
you will…

Learn Powerful, Proven Concepts to PERMANENTLY
Improve Your Results.

  • Visualize the path that you need to take in order to get really good, really fast.
  • See what success looks like, so you know what to aim for.
  • Understand the steps that YOU need to take in order to get to where YOU want to be.

Challenge Your Current State of Awareness
and TRANSCEND To a New Level of Game.

  • Develop an acute sense of AWARENESS that will serve you every moment you need it for the rest of your life
  • Until you are truly aware, you are not truly awake – you cannot live in a new reality without being aware of it! Stop being asleep… WAKE UP!
  • You will be able to communicate in a way you never thought possible – because you are right there, right now, in that moment.

Break Through Limiting Beliefs
and Become an UNSTOPPABLE FORCE with Women.

  • Establish an unshakable sense of BELIEF which will propel you forward through any circumstance. Belief is the key to achieving your goals, it is an anchor that you can hold onto as you guide yourself towards a new reality.
  • Until you establish your own belief, you are living someone else’s life. Break free of external beliefs, find the CORE of your existence. and use it to DRIVE YOURSELF FORWARD!
  • Once established, your belief will act as a catalyst to help you grow, expand, and succeed… every minute of every day, for the rest of your life.

Get The Full Arsenal of Tools and Skills
that You NEED in Order to Get the Results You Want.

  • Develop the “Million Dollar Mouthpiece” – Never run out of things to say, learn how to talk and talk… as long as you want, about whatever you want.
  • Learn how to deal with shit tests, and use them to your advantage… sparking INSANE ATTRACTION.
  • Maintain ICY inner-state regardless of external circumstance… allowing you to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want.
    …and much, much more.

All of this combined with the breakdowns, the exercises, and the challenges that you’ll be getting in this program creates a powerful one – two punch that is guaranteed to make an immediate impact on your life.

The Hot Seat at Home will help you, regardless of where you are right now:

If You’re a Beginner:

The Hot Seat at Home is designed so that you don’t just have a chance to LEARN the techniques, but you actually a chance to IMPLEMENT them. This will give you a glimpse into what your reality SHOULD look like, and you will tell yourself:

“Holy Shit! This is really possible! I can do this!”

You will visualize the results, develop a solid foundation, and lay the groundwork for all future skills to come.

If You’re Intermediate:

You probably already realize that a lot of what you have been doing is already working. You are probably already getting results, but those results are not as consistent as you would like them to be.

As you start to go through The Hot Seat at Home…

You will begin to see the frameworks, systems, and patterns all come together. As you work through it and develop consistency, you will start to see better and better results.

Instead of getting results once a month, or once a week, you will know how to get those same results 5-6 days EVERY WEEK (…if you want to). You will understand that you can be at your very best EVERY time, instead of just sometimes… all it takes is a few small adjustments.

If You’re Advanced:

You will pick up on energies that would otherwise be inconceivable to decypher, you will learn the intricacies and advanced techniques that most people miss.

You will find new angles to explore, discover new perspectives, and establish new frameworks that will allow you to take your game to a whole nother level.

You will be able to revisit the content at different paradigm levels – as you get better and better you will constantly find new discoveries and tools that you can implement.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, you will be able to come back to the content again and again, revisit it with a fresh perspective, and pull out new nuggets of epicness every single time.

The Hot Seat at Home is for you…

If you are TIRED of failing over and over again…

If you are SERIOUS about getting REAL results, FAST…

If you are COMMITTED to actually applying this knowledge…

This is for you if you are PASSIONATE about improving yourself, and are EXCITED to experience an EPIC transformation.

This is for you if you refuse to settle for second-best, and are willing to PUSH yourself to achieve new levels of success.

This is for you if you are DEDICATED to achieving the HIGHEST LEVEL possible in every area of your life.

Full Disclosure: To fully benefit from
The Hot Seat at Home, you MUST
to be willing to GROW.

If you really want to grow, you have to commit – right now, you have to take a stand.

Take a stand against comfort, mediocrity, and ‘average’ results.

Take a stand against that lame version of yourself that doesn’t have to courage to face fear, break through, and reach new horizons.

Take a stand against a lifestyle that doesn’t make you EXCITED to wake up every morning, and doesn’t leave you feeling FULFILLED when you go to sleep at night.

At first, this might sound like wishful thinking, but we’re DEAD SERIOUS.

This is YOUR LIFE…



So, ask yourself:

“What do I want?”

Seriously, stop reading this page for a moment, sit back and ask yourself…

“What do I really want?”

If your answer is:

“I want a nice house… I want a nice car… I want to get laid…”

You need to dig deeper… and as you dig deeper, you being to ask yourself…

“What do I REALLY want?”

As much as you have conditioned yourself to ‘want’ all of the things you’re ‘supposed’ to want… what you really want is MUCH MORE:

You want to feel CONFIDENT as a man.

You want to speak, and act from a position of STRENGTH.

You want to be RESPECTED by those around you.

You want to be at the CAUSE of your life… and not at the effect.

The truth is:

You can’t go to the store and buy confidence… or respect…

You can’t get it delivered to your front door…

You have to EARN IT.

The Hot Seat at Home will teach you how to take control of your life, guide it in the direction that YOU want it to go, and give you the power to stand tall as the creator of your own destiny – that is EXTREMELY POWERFUL.

The Hot Seat at Home is LIFE CHANGING.

That’s not just a buzz-word, it’s a promise.


A man is not defined by his words, or his thoughts – a man is defined by his actions.

What you do in the next hour… the next day… the next month…

What you do will define the rest of your life.

The person you become depends on the choices you make, YOU create your own future.

There is one version of you where you choose to move forward on your own… stumbling along and learning as you go.

There is another version of you where you choose to take The Hot Seat at Home, and take advantage of the ground-breaking knowledge that’s right there in front of you.

The version of you that wakes up tomorrow morning – that version is up to you.

You decide.

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Jeff Allen – Resonator Download

Command Attention With Jaw-Dropping Vocal Tonality, Storytelling Skills, and Side-Splitting Humor


The Closest Thing to Magic Pill Attraction You’ll Ever Find From RSD And In Game

Yo, it’s ya boy Jeffy.

Has this ever happened to you?

You approach a group of women and attempt to strike up a conversation… only to have them COMPLETELY IGNORE YOU.

Maybe they didn’t hear, you think. You repeat your opening line again, this time in what you think is a louder voice.

They continue their conversation as though you weren’t even there. Literally, you have failed to even enter into their consciousness as a being worthy of recognition.

Without skipping a beat the girl you addressed turns her back to you and keeps talking to her friend, leaving you standing there with your dick in your hand.

The girls won’t even LOOK at you… EVEN IF YOU’RE DOING EVERYTHING RIGHT.

Meanwhile, other guys (that maybe aren’t even as good looking) roll up, yell idiotic nonsense and the girls swoon. It’s really not fair, because you’ve actually put in WORK at this whole “picking up girls” thing. You’ve seen other guys apply pick up material and be successful, so you know it’s possible… but for some reason, you can’t even get past the HOOK POINT.

You know the techniques. Hell, you’ve seen every RSD video, but for some reason you just can’t seem to get past the opener with anything resembling consistency.

At this point, even a “fuck off” would be a good reaction, because at least then they’d be acknowledging you as an actual human being. Right now, they’re reacting to you as they would a potted plant or a piece of furniture. At best you’re a fly that they swat away in annoyance. For all intents and purposes, you’re invisible.

After so much rejection, you begin to walk through the club in fear. In a LITERAL state of terror and anxiety.

You shuffle around, intermittently struggling up enough courage to do another half-assed approach that you don’t even expect to work. This time the girl asks you to repeat yourself twice, and it’s all downhill from there. She says “Nice to meet you” and excuses herself to the restroom. And this is the cycle. The downward spiral, stifling you more and more.

It’s not just at the club either. At work, you’re an easy target, someone to be steamrolled and talked over during meetings. Or maybe you find yourself in the room with the right person to help your business and you can’t give your pitcth without cringing at the sound of your own voice. Even at family gatherings or nights out with the boys you just can’t seem to get a word in edgewise, and your opinions are just kind of dismissed.

You might as well be MUTE.

You’re filled with creativity and personality but something is in the way of you being able to share that with the world. Your desire to engage, to connect, to express yourself, all of that is somehow being blocked and shoved down and twisted into a grotesque lump of shame and fear. You’re locked in some kind of abstract prison of your mind, alone in solitary confinement and it’s driving you slowly insane.

I know the pain. It was exactly how I used to feel back when I first started out.


That pill is RESONATOR.

Imagine Multiplying Your Results With Women 10X.

Can you imagine what your life would be if you could get 10X better results than what you are getting right now? Regardless of how “beginner” or ” advanced” you are? How fulfilled you would be? How relaxed you would be? How happy would you be?

It’s simple mathematics: if you get 10X more attention, you get 10X more chances to get better, and 10X more shots on the goal.

Well now imagine if that number went up to 20, or 30!

When I perfected this elusively obvious part of my game, I experienced these massive jumps in progress. A whole new world opened up where all the pickup techniques in my arsenal finally started RESONATING.

Girls were not only looking at me differently, they were only looking at me…

It’s THAT COMMON of a thing to happen.

And with Resonator, you can experience CRAZY leaps in skill rapidly… I see it in my students ALL THE TIME.

I have packaged this program to be turn-key, instant, easy and effortless… all you have to do is engage with a series of exercises, and BOOM, it is fixed.

It is literally, the closest thing to “magic pill attraction” that you are going to find from Real Social Dynamics, EVER!


  • You’re somebody who can’t hook the set when you approach…
  • You routinely get girls turning away from you off the open…
  • You regularly get the crinkled “bitch face” and an accompanying “WHAT?” off your open…
  • You’re having problems with your voice…
  • You want to learn humor…
  • You want to learn storytelling…

If You’re A Beginner Resonator Will…

  • Build a rock-solid pickup foundation for you to grow from.
  • Accelerate your learning curve into WARP DRIVE because more sets will be hooking and engaging with you.
  • Hone your focus in on what MATTERS! (forget about the crazy routines and advanced jargon for now, let’s ingrain the powerful fundamentals that 80% of your results will come from).

If You’re Intermediate Resonator Will…

  • Be a MASTERCLASS in SUB COMMUNICATION, teaching you how to pair your pickup knowledge with potent underlying delivery dynamics.
  • Tighten up your sloppy execution and shine a light on the last few sticking points that are holding you back from becoming ADVANCED.
  • Give you a fighting chance on your “off nights”. By implementing Resonator principles your baseline attractiveness will rise and ensure you always have a chance to turn a crap night into glory IF YOU HANG IN THERE!

If You’re Advanced Resonator Will…

  • Give you the EDGE you need to outshine every other guy with good game at the bar. Own the space with your projection and volume and you will own every girl in it.
  • Put the finishing touches on your near flawless game, giving you the chops to step up to the hottest of the hot and instantly smash through their bitch shields and hot girl blasé.
  • Open doors to new levels of attraction you may have never experienced. Insta-makeouts, bathroom pulls and threesomes are now well within your new reality!

So Why Am I The Man For The Job?

I’ve been public speaking since 2002. When I go on stage, I want to create a powerful experience that gets people engaged in our material so they leave feeling absolutely inspired and motivated.

When I’m speaking, I take you to another state of consciousness with just with my VOICE.

I use the same techniques when I’m picking up women, sometimes I’m loud, other times I speak quietly. When I approach a girl and say “GOOD EVENING,” she immediately looks me in the eyes – she’s locked in. She’s intrigued, waiting to see what I’m going to say next. She can’t get enough of my stories. She’s laughing her ASS OFF, feeling all the good emotions that come with that laughter and associating those feelings with ME.

It’s on… and you know what comes next. (Hint: it’s rated M for “Mature”)

Thing is, I didn’t always have this verbal firepower. When I first started doing pickup, I’d blurt out these meek little openers and the girls would look at me like I was a fucking LOSER.

And frankly, I WAS.

Even when I started getting success, I’d often find myself unable to battle the loud music, the lights and the alcohol for her attention.

Now my energy cuts through that shit like a hot katana through warm butter…

Bottom line: I learned how to project the hard way – in the trenches. And even after I learned to speak confidently and be engaging, it took years to learn the SCIENCE behind the art. I added these professional secrets to my own “vocal street smarts” to take things to the next level, and the results have been insane.

The point is, I GET IT. Through years of picking up hotties and coaching my clients to do the same, I now have a complete understanding of tonality, sub communication and projecting an energy that RESONATES.


Often, my students say the exact same things I say VERBATIM, but it just doesn’t work. That’s because 93% of communication is nonverbal. It’s not just the words you say – your tonality and physiology play MASSIVE parts in your communication. This program gives you full access to that 93%.
Stop focusing on the words. Your RESULTS will come from your tone, energy and vibe!

Now, when I first began talking about Resonator, I noticed guys making comments like, “This is a JOKE, sure Jeffy’s got good vocal projection, but how the hell is he qualified to actually TEACH this stuff?!”

The truth is, I’m NOT.

That’s why I partnered with Susan Nance, a professional, classically trained Vocal Coach with over 40 years of experience, to develop the vocal projection section. I wanted to bring the best of both worlds: the raw pickup game experience as well as the academic knowledge when it came to perfecting vocal projection.

With this dynamic duo, you have IT ALL… the science and the streets. The Protested Pickup Artist and the Polished Pro Vocalist. We come together to deliver these lessons through a unique lens that NO ONE has ever explored.

So, let’s get down to brass fucking tacks. Resonator is divided into three main parts stacked on top of each other like a pyramid:


The foundation of the program centers on how to develop POWERFUL and HEALTHY vocal projection. Getting this area handled will accelerate your progress in every area of the pyramid and your game.

Over the course of this section, Susan runs me through a comprehensive examination of the topic complete with interactive exercises that address every angle and minute detail of what goes into having a powerful voice. In turn, I bring my own experience to the table as we discuss the ramifications each new discovery has for pickup, and share that with a live audience, bringing folks up to run them through each exercise until we’ve addressed their internal issues. You see it all happen live and you’re right there with us.

Everything about your communication starts with POSTURE and ALIGNMENT.

If you’ve followed pickup for a while, you might have heard of the Alexander Technique. Most people think of this as a way to fix their POSTURE, but don’t realize it was developed to fix a VOCAL problem.

Using the Alexander Technique, you’ll learn to achieve a confident neutral posture (both sitting and standing) that projects freedom, strength, awareness and choice, and sets you up PHYSIOLOGICALLY to project your voice.

As we go through this section we pinpoint and learn to avoid low-consciousness states that result in unattractive and unhealthy posture.

You will learn how to systematically release holding patterns of fear and anxiety that cause stiff, locked posture that telegraphs all the wrong things to women.

Once you grasp these keys, your breath will be freer, your voice louder and fuller, you’ll feel open, confident and even taller.

If Posture is the Foundation of Vocal Projection, Your BREATH is the Fuel.

So as we move through section 1, you’ll learn foundational breath management techniques to give you clarity of intent and keep you grounded in the present moment, even after a bad rejection.

Most people have no idea why their voice is hoarse and damaged by the end of the night. In this section you’ll find out why this happens, and learn how to prevent it from ever happening again. No more laryngitis and scratchy voice.

You’ve probably heard the conventional wisdom about vocal projection that says “speak from the diaphragm” – I’m going to show you what this ACTUALLY MEANS, and how to train yourself to do it without even thinking.

Once those are dialed, we get into the nitty gritty of the actual TONE PRODUCTION

Here, Susan and I will teach you the SCIENCE of your vocal anatomy so you know EXACTLY what’s going on when you speak and how to train each part of your vocal apparatus.

I’m going to show you how to find your perfect speaking range that’s both powerful and effortless. The aim here is to expand your toolbox and give you different OPTIONS in your approach. The environments we meet and interact with people in are dynamic so you need those options, and you’ll get them all in SECTION I.

We’re going to identify different voice types and find which one is best for you – which are you currently using and which one you SHOULD BE using.

Uncover how to use melodic tonality to achieve a hypnotic, charismatic effect, as opposed to a FLAT and BORING one that turns girls off and makes them BLOW YOUR ASS OUT.

Next comes the almost magical phenomenon called RESONANCE.

Once we know how to actually PRODUCE the sound, we can start to play with different tools to MODULATE it in order to generate a more compelling, charismatic, and just generally pleasing tone.

You’ll learn secrets of voice amplification that essentially turn your mouth into a BULLHORN and let you GRAB her attention right off the bat.

Here, you will discover how to find your optimal vocal resonance and eliminate nasal tonality that rubs people the wrong way – BOUNCE the sound so it’s not only LOUD, but, again, pleasant to the ear and actually ATTRACTIVE.

Furthermore, I’m gonna show you how different sounds are produced in different parts of the mouth and how to manipulate them for maximum effect. Basically, you’ll learn how to COLOR in the auditory space with your voice.

And finally, at the end of this section I’ll give you several exercises to improve the CLARITY of your speech through articulation.

Then, I reveal the “secret sauce” that allows opera singers to be heard over instruments without using a microphone – it’s called RING.

Mastery of this technique gives you a very distinctive, brilliant, ringing quality to the timbre of your voice.

I’ll show you how to alter the shape and position of the larynx to create this LASER-like effect.

A small voice without ring simply won’t be heard over the music at your average bar or club. A small voice WITH ring will. So even if you don’t have a loud voice naturally, with this you can become loud enough to be heard and actually communicate your intent.

Once you’ve got this down, it adds a brilliance to your voice and opens the door to other important qualities like “spin” and “sparkle.” You’ll learn how to play with different variables to manipulate the sexual energy in your communication

Finally, we’re gonna bring it all together and learn how nonverbals contribute to the perfect communication style. We will be

Gestures, facial expressions, pauses and tempo are all different variables – I’ll show you how use these to shape and create the exact EMOTIONAL nuance you want for your message.

How to get out of your head, stop being so LOGICAL and allow your natural charisma to come out.

I’ll show you the power of FREE FLOWING, and why needing things to “make sense” is incredibly counterproductive to picking up girls.

Beyond all of this, you get a broad suite of vocal exercises on mp3 that you can engage with daily, any time and anywhere, to give your mind, body and voice the power you need to get maximum results with women. You can listen to them on your phone, and these techniques are easy to understand and immediately beneficial.

A top athlete would never run a race without warming up first, it’s the same for your voice – using these exercises as you head to the club will ensure you’re operating at the highest level possible.

These segments alone would be more than enough to solve most guys’ issues almost immediately. However…


When I first came up with the idea for Resonator, it was focused solely on voice. However my good friend Owen came to me and said, “Jeff, why not add even more value and take this thing to the next level? You’ve always been phenomenal at storytelling and using humor in your game, it’s what you’re known for, why not add those topics in as well?”

I realized he was right. I’m known in the pickup community for having solid VERBAL GAME, it’s sort of my “thing.”

Well, that and having sex in an old, dilapidated van… but I digress.

It struck me that I had never really explored those concepts in depth before, and so I got down to business and created some new content specifically for Resonator:


The ability to weave a compelling tale out of seemingly NOTHING is one of the most powerful tools I have in my arsenal when I’m picking up women. You might have heard this described as the “Million Dollar Mouthpiece”; the ability to just talk talk talk and never run out of interesting things to say.

If you struggle with this, it’s because you’re looking at things the WRONG WAY. And in this segment, I’m going to change the way you view this part of the game forever.

Look, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: the number one rule of game is “change their mood not their mind.” When I’m picking a girl up, I move her emotionally, not logically. People make decisions from an emotional space.

I’m a very average guy, in almost every way. There are a million guys that look like me on attractiveness level. Hell, there are a million guys that look FAR BETTER than me. Yet I’m still able to get results that are light years beyond the vast majority. And this is why…

You might have a strong, clear intent, the girl knows that you want her to leave with you, she understands, but if she isn’t emotionally engaged she just WON’T DO IT.

When you get them to share an emotional experience, it makes all the difference in the world.

Most people are in a BOX that constrains them from emoting properly. In this section I give you the key to break out of that box so you never JUDGE YOURSELF again.

Once you know this, your entitlement will come in line and you’ll stop feeling stifled when you approach highly attractive women.

I’ll show you how to become RELATABLE to the girl, regardless of your background or your current situation.

You’ll learn how to trigger an ATTUNEMENT in the listener so she can’t help but engage with the things you’re saying to her.

Powerful stories are always waiting to be born, but they also have to be perfected. After you watch this section, you’ll understand that process, and be able to spin gold out of even the most boring material.

I talk about leveraging the power of vulnerability, and share a very deep and personal story from my past that illustrates this power in a huge way.

Ultimately, you’ll learn how to LET GO and share your emotional truth in a way that is completely irresistible.

And of course, it wouldn’t really be a Jeffy program without a solid dose of the funny funny ha ha. That’s why the next section of Resonator is:


Every woman says it: “I want a man who makes me laugh”

It’s a universal fact.

Humor is at the top of the Resonator pyramid, because it is the SPICE that makes all the vocal training and the storytelling just POP.

They say laughter is the best medicine, but I can tell you from personal experience, it’s also the best aphrodisiac.

You might be thinking, “Well Jeff you’re a funny guy, I’m personally not like that. When I try to crack jokes, people don’t find them funny, or worse, they get OFFENDED.”

Lemme tell you something: I CERTAINLY did not start out with the ability to make women laugh.

Well, they were laughing AT ME, I guess. Lol

This was something I had to cultivate over time. And along the way, I discovered that there are RULES that govern comedy, and with practice, anybody can learn to dramatically improve their sense of humor. Comedy is a CRAFT.

If you’re not skilled at this, even the best joke can be ruined with poor delivery. In this section, I show you all the pitfalls to avoid.

You also get a variety of exercises that will help you to not only train your sense of humor, but also help you to LOOSEN UP AND LET GO in the club when you go out at night.

We’ll also talk about the absolutely crucial element of TIMING and how to master it.

I go through and list all of the different categories and types of humor, so you can find which one resonates most with your own personal style and hone it to a razor’s edge.

You’ll learn how to recover when your jokes BOMB, and how to come out looking like you actually MEANT to do that.

One thing people always ask me is, “Jeffy you’re a bit of an aggressive, caustic fellow… don’t you get in fights?” The truth is, I almost NEVER get into physical confrontations with guys in the field because of my ability to defuse almost any situation with humor… and I’m gonna show you exactly how to do that in this section as well.

Most importantly I give DOZENS AND DOZENS of my personal best jokes and lines that I use in my interactions to move things forward in a fun and cool way, while I lead her back to my place for “the sexy times dot com.”

So there you have it, the main pyramid sections of Resonator. These are going to instill in you the mechanics and know how required to make and POWERFUL first impression on the lady of your choosing.

But I couldn’t stop there… every time I release a product, I feel compelled to dramatically over-deliver for my supporters…

Now, you are probably PUMPED to discover EXACTLY what’s inside Resonator, so without further ado…


In the alignment module, we use Alexander Technique to master you posture. After you have this down, your voice will boom effortlessly with a dominant, commanding tone that engages everyone in earshot.

  • Understand the physical element of vocal technique and how each part of your body contributes to your pleasant (or repulsing) voice.
  • If you have a strong voice, it will help you learn techniques to modulate it in a powerful and healthy way.
  • If you have a weak voice, we are going to unlock your ability to project so you are able to get heard, cut through, and be effective.
  • Discover “the primary control”, and see clear demonstrations of what good vocal technique ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE!
  • Uncover the “Startle Pattern Reflex”, and more importantly – learn how to use it to your advantage.

Breath Management

With Breath Management, we are going to learn to use proper breathing to add a powerful dynamic to our already solid projection. The breath fuels your projection, master it and NEVER run out of steam again.

  • Remove Low Level Anxiety & Release tension (this tension spreads to everything you do… from work… to home… to women…)
  • Permanently eliminate state crashes, and prevent yourself from getting “stuck in your head” when going out.
  • Get to the root of who you are, and what you want… Find alignment between the words, the actions, and the internal self-talk.

Tone Production

Tone Production is where we dive deep into the SCIENCE of the voice mechanics and give you the technical understanding of HOW someone with a crisp, clear, and attractive voice uses their vocal gift to its full potential.

  • Understand the anatomy of how all of the physical elements come together in order to produce sound.
  • The difference between vocal folds and “false vocal folds”, and how they affect our speaking.
  • Learn to produce tonality that is warm, powerful, and will draw women closer to you with every word.


This section is where you will learn how to GET LOUD. We will also lead you through the process of finding YOUR unique resonance that matches YOUR voice. We will tap into your authentic sound so you aren’t straining to copy mine or someone else’s.

  • Play with resonance and use it to your advantage and PENETRATE the environment.
  • Project the sound more accurately to make sure that the girl you are talking to ACTUALLY HEARS YOU.
  • Different sounds take place in different areas, that means if you don’t know what you’re doing – it’s going to sound WEIRD.


Ring is KEY in pickup. This is what will allow you to cut through club music and stand out over every other guy at the bar with an untrained voice. Your new jokes and one-liners are going to hit with crystal clarity and the girl you want will have no choice but to pay attention to your engaging communication style.

  • Ring is the “secret ingredient”, it will help you generate THE POWER YOU NEED to make a lasting impact on the girl you’re talking to.
  • Learn how to use Ring to cut through the noise, carry your voice, and project your voice in a powerful way.
  • This is why certain people in the club are engaging, exciting, and entertaining, and others are sitting around – almost invisible.


Here we explore a host of different tonalities and dissect what each tonality sub communicates about you. Do you want the approach to work? Are you needing and outcome? Are you authentically interested in who she is? Women are super attuned to tonality and once you master it, you will always come across as non-needy and genuine.

  • Tonality is the difference between having an ANNOYING voice… and an ATTRACTIVE voice.
  • Find the “sweet spot” in your voice that is going to allow you to TRIGGER ATTRACTION and BUILD A CONNECTION
  • Dominate when you need to and go with the flow when it is in your best interest. Using tonality will allow you to use the full range of your expressiveness when you need it.

Emotion & Variance

Women don’t get attracted to ordinary and monotone fellows. They love EMOTION. The want to FEEL the full scope of your personality. In this section I dish my tried and true methods for VARYING facial expressions, volume, space, gestures, tempo, tonality, pitch and more.

  • Manipulate volume, pitch, dynamics, and other aspects of your voice and delivery so that she STAYS ENGAGED.
  • Develop a knack for the use of Position, Proximity and Expression to trigger different responses from the women around you.
  • Fine-tune the impression you have on the people around you – including manipulating tonality, tempo, facial expression, gestures, and other advanced techniques.

Conviction & Frame

In this section, we explore BELIEF. In every interaction between two people there are two underlying frames about what is happening and what is going to happen. The stronger of the two frames becomes reality. If you don’t BELIEVE what you are saying is valuable, she won’t.

  • Implant in your brain the mindsets and techniques that you can use to cultivate an unshakable inner belief in what you are saying.
  • Dominate your social scene by directing the group, making decisions, and LEADING the night where you want it to go. LEADERS get laid.
  • Build an “aura of awesomeness” around your character that draws women in like gravity.

Vocal Exercises MP3s

Take these audio exercises with you everywhere you go and develop your voice on the fly. Susan is going to run you through her proven exercises to strengthen your “instrument” and correct any damage that you have created from years of misuse and struggling to push air over the top of whatever Justin Bieber song is blaring at the club.

  • Tighten up your vocal prowess with simple, easy to execute exercises anywhere, anytime and on the go!
  • Get value out of those gaps in time you have each day by training your voice during errands, in the shower, driving, etc.
  • Warm up your voice on the commute to the club. Having these portable trainings will allow you to step into the club ready to wail like Pavarotti.

The Grammar of Storytelling

There is a set of rules that, if followed, will GUARANTEE that your audience will engage with you and want to hear what you are saying. This is is the ART of storytelling. In this section, we are going to dive DEEP down this rabbit hole and arm you with a the tools that professional speakers use to captivate and lead minds where they want them to go.

  • Enchant girls with your engaging tales as you lead them out of the club and into a more intimate location.
  • Use storytelling to highlight needed aspects of your personality. This section will teach you when and which stories to use to build comfort or spark attraction.
  • Storytelling is essential to HOLDING her attention in a stimulant rich environment. Use these techniques to keep her focus on you and stay in set long enough to give her the full sample or your personality.

Mastering Humor

Humor is VITAL to not only pickup but LIFE. Making people laugh is the fastest way to get guys to like you and to get girls to want to have sex with you. Don’t think you are naturally funny? Don’t worry, Mastering Humor will teach you to tap into your unique viewpoints to cultivate something authentic to you.

  • Disarm chodes, white knights, bouncers, bitchy friends, cock blocks, aka ANYONE who is getting in between you and your girl with my hilarious jokes that are sure to diffuse any tense situation.
  • Make her crave your presence with your electric energy and fun vibe. After a couple minutes of laughing her ass off, she will never want to leave your side.
  • Hook her with humor. Opening with something funny and self amusing is crucial to opening sets consistently. Use my field tested openers to blow set after set OPEN!


Come along with me and a student in the field as we weave Resonator tactics and technique into the fiber of his game. You will see precisely what NOT to do and the step-by-step process to conquering your hardwired beta sub communication.

  • See and hear all the subtle nuances of poor vocal tonality so that you are able to identify it in your own game and immediately self correct.
  • Have the underlying Resonator concepts and theory “click” in your head as you see FAILURE along with my “why this went wrong” commentary.
  • Discover precisely how to loosen up and get out of your destructive patterns while you are in the field. I coach with practical steps literally anyone can do at the bar/club to stop their crappy night and kickstart it into an upward spiral.

Watch as I take a student with extremely poor vocal projection and humor, critique his approach, demonstrate the CORRECT way, and then walk him through the exercises until he gets RESULTS and GLORY. Along the way, I give detailed breakdown of exactly what’s going on.

The Power of Misdirection

In this section we take you to the streets to see a professional magician captivate imaginations through misdirection. The lessons here are going to teach you to control your girl’s focus. This is ESSENTIAL if you want to create a “sex just happened” vibe.

  • Add some “spice” to your existing techniques and routines…
  • Teach you HOW THE MIND WORKS. Once you see a master magician basically use mind control to direct focus, it will open your eyes to the pickup possibilities.
  • Make you a pull wizard! Keep your girl focused on taking the next step closer to your place and don’t let her mind wander. If you do, you may be going home alone…

Jeffy Infield

The infamous van returns with an EPIC pull! Witness Resonator techniques in action with me giving the detailed commentary every step of the way. Follow along from open to close and you will learn exactly how to ooze your authentically attractive self.

  • Hear and witness the master in his element so you know what is possible and what to shoot for in your own game.
  • See with crystal clarity how EFFORTLESS game becomes once you get this handled. Seriously, attraction is easy, comfort is easy and escalation is a given.
  • Inspire the hell out of you to get your ass to the club and start talking to hot girls. Once you see an old guy like me pulling this van shit off, you will have ZERO excuses.

In this wonderful clip, I meet a young lady literally half my age, and employing the vocal techniques outlined in Resonator, beguile and enchant her until she enthusiastically agrees to accompany me out of the club and into my vehicle located several blocks away.

As with the previous clip, at key moments, I pop up in the corner of the video to FREEZE FRAME things and explain the underlying nuances at play, so you have a crystal clear idea of what a RESONATOR pickup looks like, why it works, and how you can go out and do the same thing THAT VERY NIGHT.

Karaoke Chronicles

This is a SECRET GEM within Resonator… we’re not going to tell you too much here, because when you see it, you will realize that this section is an ABSOLUTE TREAT.

PS: There is a “hidden gem” inside Jeff’s Epic Karaoke Chronicles… Get Resonator, and see if you can spot it!


Continue to cultivate your new skills by linking up with me and the Resonator crew each month to get your questions answered and learn from the shared experiences of the tribe.

So, given all of this value, and how easy it is to actually integrate this stuff into your game ALMOST IMMEDIATELY, it doesn’t make sense for you to wait another day to get started with Resonator.

LITERALLY, just the vocal projection segments ALONE are worth many times more than the cost of the program.

If you were to actually travel and take the kind of vocal coaching lessons that are included here, it would cost you $1500 at the average hourly rate, and possibly a LOT MORE.

Even then, you’d be dealing with a vocal coach who has NO SPECIALIZATION IN PICKUP, and who might even be actively AGAINST the idea. Haha.

And as if there weren’t already enough reasons and value provided for you to get on board right now, we’re including a LIMITED TIME BONUS PACKAGE for those who sign up within the first two weeks:

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RSD Max – Fearless Download

 This is Max from Real Social Dynamics, and I have a question for you:

Are you someone who suffers from Fear or Approach Anxiety?

When you go out, do you experience feelings of self-doubt, maybe even self-hatred, shyness…

What about other negative thoughts, such as nervousness?

It’s easy because the Fears of your past have a profound effect on your NOW.

They have a profound effect on your self-expression.

They have a profound effect on your ability to let go and have fun.

They have a profound effect on the very girl you’re talking to.

But most importantly… they have an effect on your ability to put into ACTION what you’re learning in our RSD videos.

But the question is:

To what extent?

To what extent is you fear actually keeping you from getting BETTER RESULTS?

That is the Subject of Fearless,The Approach Anxiety Buster

  • “I’m afraid of getting rejected…”
  • “I’m afraid of approaching that attractive girl…”
  • “I’m afraid of running out of things to say…”
  • “I’m afraid of that other guy she’s here with…”
  • “I’m afraid I’m not good enough…”
  • “I’m afraid of the other people that are going to judge me…”
  • “I’m afraid I’m a loser, I’m inexperienced…”

Whatever it is…

Fearless is going to help you CONQUER THAT FEAR

 You know,

This last year has been a really really crazy experience for me.

I had just released The Natural, I had just wrapped up three years of crazy touring and traveling…

And, it was extremely satisfying and humbling, but also extremely draining for me.

I was happy to see all my students, all of the guys watching my videos getting AMAZING RESULTS.

Amping it up, becoming a better version of themselves – I was very proud and very humbled by that.

But at the same time, I knew it’s not time to go “all-out”, and really go pedal to the metal – I had been doing that for years already.

For me – this was not really a time to celebrate, this was not a time push hard or to go all-out.

This was a time to relax… a time to let go, to breathe, to take a little rest.

To nurture the side of me that I haven’t nurtured in a long while.

It was time to just be Max.

The guy that loves to play Playstation, the guy who’s chilling, reading books…

Not expanding… but actually contracting.

I settled down in one place, and for the first time in years – I took my time to process this crazy roller-coaster whirlwind experience of the last couple years.

I had traveled around the world 3 times…

I had been with all these girls… always chasing the next 10, the next 10…

I had taught hundreds of seminars…

And while I was extremely proud of all that success…

Something came back… something that I thought I had already conquered.

I realized…


Fear came back… Shyness came back…

Thought I conquered it, but in reality – I was just covering it up.

With all the traveling, with all the girls, with all the success…

But I realized something… this wasn’t just my fear.

We are ALL sharing this fear.

The guys out there in the clubs doing approaches, the guys at my seminars, even the students at my bootcamps.

We are all carrying around this fear…

This fear of past traumatic experiences, past downfalls, past rejections.

It’s that we don’t know “what to do” when it comes to attracting girls…


We are afraid to put ourselves out there, afraid of sticking out, of being judged, of being rejected…

We are afraid… and that fear HURTS US DEEPLY

So, I made conquering this fear my new mission.

I made alleviating you from approach anxiety my new goal.


I asked myself, “How can I be the catalyst to help you finally BREAK THROUGH…”

So I dove in, head first and started to lay out the program to end Approach Anxiety ONCE AND FOR ALL


IT CRUSHED ME to watch guys just like you struggle time and time again with fear, self-expression, and approach anxiety.

IT PISSED ME OFF that great guys with great potential, smart guys who have the knowledge – still coming home frustrated, angry, and confused.

And honestly…

IT ANGERED ME that there was no other resource out there, no one seemed to care. Guys were suffering, and IT KILLED ME that no one was willing to step up and help.

I wanted to tackle this one important sticking point, which is FEAR & APPROACH ANXIETY.

I wanted to see my students ENJOY GAME AGAIN

I wanted to RE-IGNITE THAT PASSION in them that I used to have…

And, in a way… I wanted to reignite that passion in MYSELF.

I wanted to see my seminar attendees GET EXCITED about approaching, growing improving…

I wanted to see guys on the street and in the club LIGHT UP when they realize that:


We’ve all been there…

You’re walking down the street, minding your own business, and then it happens…

You See HER

That perfect girl, she stands out of the crowd…

She’s pretty, she’s beautiful, she’s amazing…

And for just a tiny little second – your eyes meet.

And you get stuck, you get paralyzed.

There’s this one moment where you think:

“Am I gonna talk to her”


“Am I gonna keep going?”

You can never really grasp the possibilities of that one thought.

What’s gonna happen if you DO talk to her?

You stumble, you stutter… BUT YOU DO IT.

Just imagine that for a moment…

You exchange numbers, you meet her for a second date, and you realize that she’s not just a pretty, beautiful girl, but she’s AWESOME, she’s FUN, she’s AMAZING TO HANG OUT WITH.

You want more of this… you want more of HER…

You crave her, and little do you know… she craves you too…

There’s passion, there’s affection, there’s connection… when you’re with her – time ceases to exist.

There is no fear, there is no job, there is no stress, no worry, no thoughts running through your head…

There is just her, and you… together in that single moment when your lips touch for the first time.

You pull her closer, you rip each other’s clothes off, and you have the most amazing and passionate sex of your life…

Maybe it doesn’t stop there.

Maybe you decide to go deeper… be closer…

Maybe she turns out to be the girl of your dreams.

Maybe you end up in a beautiful, happy, caring relationship.

Maybe you get to live… and die… with her by your side…


You’re still standing there… and you’re still wondering…

“Am I Going to Talk to Her?”

Why haven’t you already?

Why don’t you already have…

  • The girl you want
  • The body you want
  • The job you want
  • The happiness you want
  • The life you want

It all has to do with 1 simple thing:

As you are here, right now reading this, you are probably thinking:


It doesn’t matter where you are right now, your results (or your lack of results), it is directly linked to your ability to deal with fear.

Every set, every approach, every experience that you’ve had has always been affected by fear.

Those fears, the fears we all share – those are called BASE FEARS

The purpose of Fearless, The Approach Anxiety Buster is to CONQUER those base fears.

Some of these fears include:

  • Fear of rejection (fear of failure)
  • Fear of running out of things to say (perfectionism)
  • Fear of what other people think of me (fear of judgement)
  • Fear of other guys
  • Fear of escalation, being polarizing, or being sexual
  • Fear of not being good enough
  • Fear of loud environments / dance floor

These fears are pre-programmed into our mind.

Sure, you can stay in your comfort zone, settle for average women, and drone away at the job you hate for 40 years until you retire.


Now, before we dig further into Fearless and how it’s going to help you (and why it’s 100% CRITICAL for you to get it RIGHT NOW), let’s look at fear, and UNDERSTAND IT.

First off…WHAT IS FEAR?

Fear as the root for negative emotional states…

    • Jealousy
      “I am afraid I’m not good enough…”
    • Envy
      “I am afraid of my own inability to take action..”
    • Hatred
      “I am not able to live with my fear, and am mis-directing that fear at someone else / something else…”
    • Self-Attack
      “I am experiencing self-attack because I am not strong enough to deal with my fear.”
    • Pain
      ”I am in pain because I am too scared to go through the process of facing my fear.”

Fear is a survival mechanism…

  • The primary purpose of fear is to recognize danger. This is why when you see a hot girl, the first thing you want to do is ESCAPE! Your brain recognizes that something important is happening… it’s now or never… it’s DO OR DIE!

Fear is inevitable…

  • Fear is everywhere – even if you lock yourself in a box – there is no way to escape the fear. We can’t completely remove fear, but what we can do is use it to SERVE US.

Fear is an emotional ISOLATOR…

  • Fear makes you ALONE in the world, it puts you in a little black box and it buries you with it… fear makes you feel lost… standing there wondering why you are the only one experiencing it. (Hint: YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE!)

Fear is important…

  • Fear keeps you safe, but not only that, it does something else that is even more important – it wakes us up, it drives us, it motivates us – If it wasn’t for fear, we would accomplish NOTHING!
 What do most people do with fear?


Some people see fear as a reason NOT to do something…

They see an attractive girl, and the first thing they want to do is remove themselves from the situation. They drown their fear in escapism and short-term gratification.


Others try to control fear, they try to hold on to their fear, they try to put their fear in a box and lock it up instead of simply LETTING GO. They UNDER-FUNCTION

Others become so paralyzed by fear that they are unable to take action, unable to move, unable to talk, unable to DO ANYTHING about it.

Now the question is:

What do YOU do with fear?

Are you going to run away?

Fear will come back.

You can try to ignore it… suppress it… drown it…

But it will always be there…

“Fear is the refrigerator hum of life.”

You can try to overcompensate and out-hustle the fear, but it will always come back…

You can try to hide from the fear, you can tuck yourself away in the safety of your comfort zone…

But then, one day, you will look up and you will ask yourself:

“What if…?”

“What if I had overcome that fear?”

“What if I had talked to that girl?”

“What would I have? …Who would I know? …Where would I be?”

“What have I missed out on?”

“What are the experiences of a life FULL OF ADVENTURE that I’m not getting to see?”

But most importantly…


The scariest thing is that…

You will NEVER know the answer.

You won’t even know what you’ve missed.

Is that really the life that you want?

You can keep going down that path that you’ve been on for years already…

That path of waiting… hoping… guessing…

You can keep tapping in the dark, blindly stumbling trying to find a solution on your own…


You can build on top of the YEARS of research, field-testing, and trial-and-error that I have put into this program…

You can trust in the expertise and experience that my top students expect from my training…

You can join the other guys JUST LIKE YOU who are already taking action…

And you can, in fact…




THE #1 PROGRAM to Get Rid of Your Approach Anxiety ONCE AND FOR ALL


Regardless of your level of experience,

You might know to do, you might have watched all the videos, but yet when you come home at night you’re still looking around and you’re wondering where are the results…

Fearless is for YOU if…

    • You are an introvert (like me) – we’re gonna nurture your extrovert side! (…both can be both)
    • You feel you are a shy person who simply “can’t figure it out”, no matter how hard you try.
    • When you see a hot girl you freeze, when you are in a new social group you don’t know what to do – You know you need help but you don’t know where to look.
    • You easily get stuck in your head, you think that you are too logical, and get easily overwhelmed with all of the different concepts in game.
    • You KNOW the material, you’ve watched all the videos, you know all the theory – but you still can’t put it into action.

You “think” or “feel” that you don’t have fear – but in reality it’s just the refrigerator hum in the back of your mind that you are not fully aware of.

You are sick and tired of hooking up girls that are below-average, because the 9s and 10s are intimidating you.

You aren’t sparking attraction quickly enough, and you aren’t making the girls you meet laugh their asses off.

You feel that you have HUGE potential (you know game concepts and theory cold) but you aren’t getting enough reference experiences to truly SHINE.

If you’re a Beginner, FEARLESS will…

  • Flat-out Annihilate your approach anxiety.
  • Set you up to get those reference experiences, and push you to get the results that were the reason you got into game in the first place.
  • Make it so that you do not have to rely on willpower to “grind your way through” learning game, it will remove the feeling crippling anxiety and eliminate all negative thoughts from your head.

If you’re Intermediate FEARLESS will…

  • Reel in those CONSISTENT results. Take you by the hand, slap you in the face, and lead you step-by-step out of the fires of intermediate purgatory, and into the pickup promised land.
  • Do-toxify you from all of the bullshit beliefs, thought loops, and dumpster trash mindsets that you adopted early in your pickup career and are currently chaining you down to mediocre results.
  • Eliminate and prevent those “derp-state” nights out, always HIT STATE, and set you up on a path to get compounding results and make the leap to ADVANCED.

If you’re Advanced FEARLESS will…

  • Show you WHAT IS POSSIBLE. This will will open up brand-new opportunities for you, and re-cement a new reality for you – The infield challenges in this program are on another level.
  • Reignite your passion for game, open your eyes to new possibilities with some INSANE strategies you have never tried, and re-cement the strategies and techniques that you already know on a new level – giving you an entirely new playing field for game.
  • Develop your self-awareness to a point where you can basically become your own instructor, assess your own sticking points, tweak your game as you go, and get you those turbo hotties EVERY TIME.

Before I show you EXACTLY what is inside Fearless, let’s take
a moment and look at YOUR LIFE…

Approach AnxietyNO Approach Anxiety
Taking Action is DIFFICULTTaking Action is EFFORTLESS
Approaching Women is SCARYApproaching Women is EXCITING
Running Away From FearTackling Fear HEAD-ON!
You Are In REACTION To Your EnvironmentYou Are at The CAUSE of Your Environment
You Experience Self-Hate, Self-Attack,and Self-ShamingYou Experience Peace, Presence, Power, and Purpose
The Girls in Your Life are Not Good Enough,and it FRUSTRATES YouThe Girls in Your Life are of the HIGHEST QUALITY
You are Frustrated, Confused, and UnmotivatedYou Are Empowered, Inspired, Motivated
Your Life is a Downward SpiralYour Life in an Upward Spiral
Confused and Overwhelmed with All of the Content Out ThereEasily Connect The Dots Between Strategy, Theory, and Execution
You Are Trying, But NOT GETTING RESULTS.Getting Results will Become AUTOMATIC
Learning Game is a “Grind”Learning Game is Effortless
You Beat Yourself Up Over and Over Again OverYou Find Yourself Celebrating Your Wins
At the EFFECT of Your EnvironmentAt the CAUSE of Your Environment
You Take – Value, Energy, Time, LoveYou Give – Value, Energy, Time, Love


Here is EXACTLY what you will find inside FEARLESS, The Approach Anxiety Buster:


Section #1 = Inner Game

The first section is focused on INNER GAME


Structure that you can customize to every-day life.

Even if you’re busy and want to do it on the weekends – this will help you out.

Or, if you want to go all-out, this will show you the best path forward.

What Fear Does to You

Here we will re-define fear, and get to know it in the deepest possible way.

We will also get to know how Fear operates, and discover The 3 Levels of Fear:

– Psychological

– Emotional

– Physical


Fear is in Your Body

How you can use your body language to overcome fear.

How you can adjust your physiology to minimize the symptoms of fear.

Breathing techniques and bio-energetics work to cleanse you from past fears.

Is Fear Good or Bad?

Learn to distinguish between the positive fear that is beneficial for our game, and the negative fear that is not based on reality and will cleanse you from that fear.

We will deepen our relationship with fear and start to use fear to fuel our motivation and thus, our game.

Initiate and Re-Program

Sharing my personal frames that I’ve adhered to for years to overcome my fears in the moment of opening, and also in social situations.

We are creating an entirely new reality for you from which you can operate with ease and confidence in any given situation.

Base Fears

We will go through all of the basic Base Fears that we are all experiencing when it comes to talking to attractive women, putting ourselves out there, and approaching in social settings.

    • Fear of what other people will think of me
    • Fear of being polarizing
    • Fear of being sexual
    • Fear of showing intent
  • Fear of escalation
    • Fear of running out of things to say
    • Fear of rejection
    • Fear of not being good enough
  • Fear of loud environments

We are playing all of those fears out, dissecting them, gathering proof that they in fact – don’t matter, and we will further continue the work of understanding and turning that very fear around.

These are extremely in-depth videos.

Achieving Fearlessness & Confidence

From there, we will take our steps towards attaining true inner self-confidence. Regardless of the situation, regardless of your own mood.

We will also be working on accepting fear, admitting fear, and in the process – making it completely powerless over us.

The Triggers of Fear

An exact, easy-to-follow Four Step System to turn FEAR into ACTION immediately.

You can use this video over and over again as a simple guide in the very moment when fear is trying to overcome you.

Dare to Fear

We will break down exactly what happens to your brain when you expose yourself to fear, and when you walk through that fear.

We will provide you with tricks to change the neurology of your brain, and increase your willpower like CRAZY.

I’ve actually been doing these tricks myself, and they are at the very core of why I was able to get so good at game so fast.

I’ll be laying out a path to reaching a flow state, and getting “in the zone”, and how you can use that to your advantage in the field so that you can get in state faster than any other guy.

You Are Not Alone

Here, we are going to hold proof right in front of your eyes that you are not alone, that everyone is feeling fear, and teaching you how you can use your own action-taking to inspire yourself, and inspire the people around you.

We will reveal to you the secret of letting go.

We will deeply implant into your brain a mechanism so you can INSTANTLY feel deserving of any 10 you come across.

You’re Missing Out

 We will embark on a Psychological Journey through all of our missed opportunities, and I will make sure that you’ll NEVER BAIL OUT AGAIN.

We will reveal to you the secret of letting go.

We will go on a deep inner journey, and your mind will be blown away with the results you will instantly experience.

Alcohol and Fearlessness

We will lay out the secrets to you on how to get yourself into that “perfect state” without ever needing a drink. From now on, you will never have the need or desire to have a drink ever again in order to game.

Warm Ups & Techniques

Here, we are transitioning into the Outer Game & Action-Taking chapter.

These are hands-on warm up techniques.

I’ve been personally using these techniques, as well as teaching them to my top students over the past couple of years

These are some of the most powerful and most effective techniques, and up until now – I have ONLY taught them in-person.

However, for the first time ever, I am excited to share them with you within Fearless, The Approach Anxiety Buster.

Now… I know you’re pumped… but get this:

All of this isn’t even HALF of the program

There is an entire OUTER GAME CHAPTER complete with Comfort Zone Challenges.

I split Fearless into two parts because people respond differently.

For some, it’s important to UNDERSTAND fear in order to be able to process it and get rid of it.

For others, it’s easier to simply TAKE ACTION and watch the fear dissolve as they take more and more steps in the right direction.

The first section of Fearless lets you UNDERSTAND fear, accept it, and process it, and the second section of Fearless shows you WHAT TO DO with fear.


The Second Main Section of Fearless is Focused on OUTER GAME

This known as The Comfort Zone Challenges Hot Seat.

The Challenges are MISSIONS that are going to PUSH YOU out of your comfort zone, force you to go out but in a fun, sustainable way.

We are going to stretch your comfort zone little step by little step so you don’t even notice that you’re expanding.

On top of that, these Comfort Zone Challenges will show you proof that all your insecurities are based on NOTHING.

Not only will we show you how to do it – I am going to show MYSELF going through EVERY SINGLE CHALLENGE.

Not only will you see exactly what it takes to snap yourself out of fear, but you will also see that it’s not that big of a deal.

We will show you that all of the massive fears you have aren’t really that big.

The Comfort Zone Challenges Hot Seat will humble you, and it will make good game attainable!

The Challenges Hot Seat is going to TACKLE YOUR BIGGEST FEARS:

    • “She’s with another guy…”
    • “I’m afraid of getting rejected…”
    • “I’m afraid that other people will judge me…”
    • “I don’t know what to do on the dancefloor…”
  • “I’m not good enough…”

You will see myself doing the challenges – you will see the reactions, the
mistakes, and the victories.

My hope is that this will INSPIRE YOU to go out there and do the challenges

If I can do it, you can do it…FEARLESS FACEBOOK GROUP

To push it over the top we decided to add something very cool

Many of the students I have coached IN-PERSON would report back that it was so easy for them to take action while on bootcamp because they had me (the instructor) plus a kickass team kicking their asses, and motivating them to take action. We gave them permission to approach and to feel good and feel free.

We took the feeling of a brotherhood, of tackling these fears TOGETHER, we took the very best concepts and we put them into an exclusive, invitation only, private Fearless Crew Facebook Group.

With The Fearless Facebook Group, you can’t possible bitch out, cause you have a community of guys just like you, all sitting in the same boat… and… I AM ON THERE to support you.


On top of that, we added The Excuse-Destruction Bible

This is an opportunity for you to send in your biggest excuses, you biggest roadblocks, your biggest fears, and have them destroy them right in front of your eyes on a live webinar.

You will be left with nothing but a feeling of:



Now, if that’s NOT ENOUGH, we also added something really special:

The Instructor in Your Pocket, Fearless Edition

Imagine you are going out, you are doing some challenges… you are about to go on a date… but you’re nervous – you don’t feel like you can do it.


You pull out your phone and watch specific mobile-designed videos of me helping you with your specific problem.

You can watch them on-the-go, it’s almost like I’m right there with you, in person coaching you. This is the closest you can get to an actual 1-on-1 personal bootcamp experience.

On top of that, you will be able to download the audio and bring it with you wherever you go.

Now, all of that sounds pretty cool, but we’ve added even more…


While Fearless has a strong emphasis on Fear and crushing your approach anxiety, I wanted to add some full-on, hands-on pickup content.

The Advanced Pickup Debriefs

These are exclusive behind-the-scenes videos of the best bootcamps that I have done over the years.

We’re talking about advanced pickup concepts, and re-hammering on the basics.

We are hitting every single sticking point that I see most guys have when we go out on my bootcamps.

Usually – you would have to take a bootcamp with me in order to get access to this type of training, and those run in the thousands of dollars.

But I simply had to give the real action-takers something special, and so I decided to include it inside Fearless, The Approach Anxiety Buster.


Now, on top of that…We decided to add two bonus inner game videos.

These two videos were originally not planned to be in the program, but we decided that it’s a perfect way for you to go above-and-beyond with your training.


Now, on top of that…

We’ll also add the First 6 of The Natural Vault Webinars

I decided to take the First 6 webinars from my top-selling program called The Natural, and I decided to include them inside Fearless, The Approach Anxiety Buster.

These are webinars that people go absolutely nuts over, and since people loved them so much – we decided to keep the recordings and include them here!


Now, we took it even further…

We wanted to add an outside perspective of hot girls.

On my last tour, we interviewed every hot girl we ran across – we would ask them about HER fears… HER insecurities… HER shyness… HER nervousness.

This opens up a new perspective when it comes to game – we wanted to add a unique perspective for you, and we’ve done that and called it The Hot Girl Confessions.


Upon creating Fearless, I stumbled across an ABSOLUTE GEM!


That’s right!

This was recorded YEARS ago.

You will see me in an awesome set, making a ton of mistakes – and that’s what makes this really fun, and a special experience included for you to enjoy inside Fearless, The Approach Anxiety Buster.


Now, we added something else!

I’m sure you’ve heard of RSD’s “secret instructor” RSD Derek…

Well, I met up with him a couple of weeks ago and talked extensively about:

– What it Means to be an Alpha Male

– How to Get What You Want

– How to Create a KICKASS BUSINESS

– How to Attract the Hottest, Highest-Quality Women

All of that is recorded, all of that is included in The Derek Audio Tapes inside Fearless, The Approach Anxiety Buster.


Now, if that doesn’t blow your mind, we added EVEN MORE!

You will get an e-book version of “The Player”, written by Bostjan Belingar

This is over 200 pages of first-hand accounts of the craziest, sickest behind-the-scenes pickup stories.

Pickup madness, utter insanity, and epic lay reports – all inside:

Bastion’s Book “The Player” (200+ pages!) included with Fearless, The Approach Anxiety Buster.

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RSD Luke – Social Circle Blueprint Download

  • BONUS #1:
    Vegas Immersion Inside Scoop
    Find out exactly how you can build massive amounts of comfort with girls by using my simple qualification technique to have her melt in your arms.

  • BONUS #2:
    Luke and Max (Hawaii)
    Take an exclusive sneak peak into our annual instructor retreat with Luke and Max in Hawaii. Get an an inside scoop into Max and Luke’s secrets of how they can self amuse themselves on autopilot. Learn how a simple free association trick can can turn them into the life of party and can generate massive amounts of attraction.

  • BONUS #3:
    Attraction Building Sequence
    In this bonus I am going to reveal the my bulletproof attraction sequence that I have previously only revealed on live programs which can help generate attraction any time any place almost effortlessly

  • BONUS #4:
    Party Invitation
    Get a chance to attend an exclusive event with Luke to put all your Social Circle Blueprint skills into action and party like a VIP with other likeminded brothers who joined the course like you did.

  • BONUS #5:
    This super secret bonus has never been released before and will be a MASSIVE surprise.

This is the story of a man…

A man who grew up on a farm in rural Wisconsin…

A man who suffered from crippling social anxiety, loneliness, and isolation while he drank his life away in cold North American winters…

A man who was lost in darkness of his own insecurities …

This is also the story of a man…

A man who completely turned his life around.

A man who went from broke and depressed to living a baller life in Las Vegas

A man who transformed himself from beer chugging redneck to hanging out with the world’s most famous celebrities, getting invited to the best VIP-only events, and having THREESOMES multiple times per week like clockwork …

This is the story of a man named Luke.

Hi, I’m Luke,

I grew up in a very rural area of Wisconsin

I grew up on a farm where the nearest town was 45 minutes away

I grew up pretty anti-social, it was more about hunting, fishing, and outdoor sports.

I was put in social situations, and I wasn’t equipped with the tools to handle them.

I didn’t know what to do…

It wasn’t really my fault – I didn’t have the history, the experience, or the knowledge base to give me the skillset of how to actually interact with other people.

Then, as I progressed through middle school / high school – I never really focused on social life – I never went to parties, I never went to dances…

I was quite a bit – a LONER.

Then, I got into software design… I started writing computer programs – I started doing things that were very nerdy… very geeky.

And I enjoyed those things, but it just made me even more of a loner.

One of the first moments I realized that I needed to work on my social skills –

I was in high school, and I realized that I didn’t know who to sit with at lunch.

I would go in the library, read books, and code software – none of these things were very social activities.

It took several years later before I took my first bootcamp, did my first approaches, and got any results whatsoever.

I just kind of stuck to myself.

Where I maintained friendships with 1 – 2 people… I got my first kiss at 21 years old.

If you think being overweight and gaming is challenging, if you feel that not having a large social circle and trying to game is challenging…

Imagine being out of shape… in your youth… and constantly being made fun of… constantly being put down… constantly being told by the world around you that you are not enough…

Constantly having fun poked at me…

Struggle, confusion, frustration, hard times…

Reinforced negative conditioning over and over again that you are not good enough…

Imagine the damaged inner game that that created…

The worry, the anxiety, the self-doubt…

But also…

Imagine the MOTIVATION that it instilled in me.



To learn the game concepts that are necessary to achieve the results that you’re after.

The truth is…

Before things got better, they got a LOT worse.

One day, I woke up, and I realized:

I hit rock bottom…

I realized – this was it.

Either I was going to give up, and honestly – every single part of me wanted to.

I just wanted it to stop.

I wanted to stop going out, and getting made fun of.

I wanted to stop coming home, and feeling a deep-rooted sadness at the bottom of my heart.

I wanted to stop being afraid to open up… I wanted to JUST BE ME, and to be accepted for that.

Even though I was beat up mentally, emotionally, and spiritually…

There was a little piece inside…

Something that I could sense at the very back of my mind… deep inside my heart…



I had to make a choice.

I could give up…


I could do something about it.

So, what did I do?

I got myself up…

I made a CHOICE…

No more sitting in a dark room, coding away my best years, stuck in a downward spiral of isolation and depression.

No more walking out of my front door, and not being able to connect to those around me, constantly suppressing the feeling that I just “don’t belong”.

No more coming home, and hoping, praying, begging that maybe, just maybe… there would be some magical way out… some force that would interfere, and get me on the right track.

I stopped trying to “hope my way to success”, and I focused on one thing:

Improving myself, every single minute, of every day.

And sure, I’m not perfect now, but it was that decision to change that ended up being so critical to my progress.

The more choices I made, the more my world started changing…

The more I worked, the better I got… and the more patterns I saw…

And the coolest thing was…

I actually started to see results.

Suddenly, it became completely clear:

As long as I kept putting one foot in front of the other, I would keep making progress, and I would continue moving in a positive direction.

It wasn’t long before I looked around – and I couldn’t even believe it:

I was here, and I was doing things that I never thought I could do before.

In fact, now I’m doing things I could have never even DREAMED OF in the craziest reality, it’s absolutely insane.

Looking back, it was the journey that got me here, without it – I would still be stuck in the same old patterns of failure, still under-achieving, still miserable.

I found myself in a new reality, and I realized something:


I was getting laid a lot more… hanging out with amazing people… and being invited to the top events in town.

At the end of the day, it came down to one very important concept:

Reference Points

Your reference points are your benchmarks, they are your “defaults” which affect your perception of who you are as a human being.

For most of your life, your reference points have been defined for you. Everything you’ve thought, everything you’ve felt, and everything you’ve done has simply been a REACTION to what life has thrown at you.

The Social Circle Blueprint will allow you to finally FLIP THAT DYNAMIC, isolate the reference points, and allow you to DEFINE YOUR OWN REALITY.

The Social Circle Blueprint will empower you to generate your own reference points, manage your own state, and establish your own defaults of perception.

As you change your INTERNAL reference points, your EXTERNAL reference points will change.

As you change your EXTERNAL reference points, your INTERNAL reference points will change.

You will no longer be defined by a reality that has been hyper-imposed on you.

You will discard the fabricated perspective of a DELUSIONAL REALITY, and for the first time ever – You will embrace your TRUE REALITY.

As you define your true reality, you will become STRONGER in your resolve, MORE CONFIDENT in your skills as a man, MORE CONNECTED in your social circle, MORE EMPOWERED to TAKE ACTION, and MORE PASSIONATE about every single area of your life.

Looking back at my life, I couldn’t help but wonder:

What was it that triggered it?

What made me able to do this?

What was it that separated me from other men around me who were:

  • More attractive…
  • More wealthy…
  • Seemingly had every other advantage…
  • And yet… they never quite “got it”?

The biggest difference came down to one very simple concept:


I changed, because I made a CONSCIOUS CHOICE to change, and I TOOK ACTIONS that aligned with that choice.

If I hadn’t made that one choice, what would my life look like?

Would I be…

  • Doing cool shit?
  • Have a social circle with some of the most successful guys in the world?
  • Going to the best events, parties?
  • Hanging out with the hottest women on the planet?
  • Having threesomes, and other wild adventures most guys can only dream of?

Or, would I be…

  • Still doing lame shit…
  • Still surrounded by the same people, doing the same things…
  • Still stuck at home, writing line after line of code…
  • Still getting mediocre-at-best results with women
  • Still looking at women I WISH I could sleep with from a distance…

It sounds so cliche right?

“Yeah you made a choice… oooookay!”

But the reality is, as you are watching this, right now:

You have a choice you KNOW you need to make, or an action you KNOW you need to take, and yet…



Here’s the truth about choice:

A real choice is SCARY!

I’m not talking about what drink you should order at the bar…

I’m talking about the really big, earth-shattering, life-changing choices you need to make that scare the shit out of you because they’re almost “too real”.

Understand this:

Out of all the choices you make in your life, the scariest ones are the ones that make the most impact.

To make a real choice is a scary thing. When done right – it upsets the usual ‘calm’ of everyday life, it shatters your reality, and it turns things upside down.

With every choice I made… it got a little less scary… and a little more exciting…

With every choice I made, my world changed.

My perspective on the world changed, my attitude changed, and the most important thing – my actions changed.

After my actions changed… that was it:

My results changed.

As soon as my results changed, my friends started asking me:

“Dude, that’s insane… how are you doing this?”


“Can you teach me how to do that?”

That’s when I realized that there was a massive opportunity in front of me.

The opportunity to MAKE AN IMPACT, to make a change, to make the lives of the people around me better.

This one change had such a profound impact on my life – I simply HAD TO SHARE IT.

You might not realize it right now watching this…

From this day, moving forward – you have the power in your hands to change things.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not good looking, confident, or crushing it…

It doesn’t matter if you’re down on your luck, shattered, or broken…

It doesn’t matter if you feel completely alone in the world…

Because you have something inside of you that’s waiting to be unleashed.

There is an untapped potential inside of you that’s dying to be discovered.

The thing is:


This is your moment.

This is YOUR TIME to take your life into your own hands.

It is my mission in life to empower you to become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

My life purpose is to get you to a place in your life where you feel successful, capable, and proud of your accomplishments as a man.

I can no longer stand by and watch as you live a life of mediocrity and “average results”.

That’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to solve this puzzle for you once and for all.

I traveled around the entire world training client after client, hitting sticking point after sticking point, eliminating limiting belief after limiting belief.

With each client, each challenge, and each victory…

I got one more piece of the puzzle.

I got one step closer to putting it all together.

With every piece it put together… it became clearer, and clearer, and clearer…

I was building something REALLY EXCITING

I want to give you the power to take your life into your own hands, and get the success that you’re after. I want you to be able to solve your own puzzle… in life… in game… and in your social circle.

That’s why I created The Social Circle Blueprint.

The Social Circle Blueprint is the #1 way for you to learn to sleep with the hottest women, get into the best venues, and guarantee that you are surrounded by people that empower, inspire, and motivate you – every day for the rest of your life.

Social Circle Game and Cold Approach go Hand in Hand, the skills transfer over flawlessly.

The principles, concepts, and techniques you learn inside The Social Circle Blueprint will give you a new perspective on the results that are possible. It will re-invigorate your excitement for cold approach, especially if you’ve previously found it too slow, too difficult, or too exhausting.

After you get The Social Circle Blueprint, every single approach will be MAXIMIZED, no more wasted time having “blank interactions”, or approaches that don’t go anywhere – where others experience failure, YOU WILL SUCCEED.

Yes, you will get laid more, and yes, you will get hotter women than ever before, but not only that:

The Social Circle Blueprint will help you:

Build Your Self-Esteem

  • Eliminate fear of rejection, breakthrough your limiting beliefs, and remove feelings of anxiety, depression, and the illusion of “not being enough”
  • Establish a rock-solid sense of true unshakable confidence, and create a magnetic force field of fun around yourself and your group
  • Elevate and improve your perception of your own potential, and never have a bad night out, because you will be surrounded by people that you enjoy spending time with.

Get Real 10’s

  • Stop banging 6’s and 7’s and calling them 9’s and 10’s. This will allow you to get REAL 9’s and 10’s, instead of settling for below-average results.
  • The Social Circle Blueprint will snap you out of your DELUSIONAL REALITY
  • The Social Circle Blueprint will lock you into a NEW REALITY full of POTENTIAL, POSSIBILITY, and POSITIVITY.

Become the Center

  • Stop being on “the outside” looking in, stop being stuck in this “mode of isolation”, and stop being surrounded by people that are not helping you grow.
  • The Social Circle Blueprint will get you IN THE CIRCLE, get you surrounded by cool people, and make sure that you are always a part of the group, and never miss out.
  • The Social Circle Blueprint will have you BECOME THE CENTER of the circle, have fun in every situation, be the life of the party, and have people gravitate towards you.
 Project Influence and Power
  • Learn the concept of “Social Currency” and maximize every interaction. Every cold approach, every number, every night out will build on itself.
  • Show you how you can build your own skillsets by surrounding yourself with the right people – it’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know.
  • Become influential and powerful by leveraging high-status networks and “connecting the dots” for powerful people.

Save Money

  • Understand “Experiences as Capital”. When mastered, this concept will allow you to save money every single time you go out.
  • The Social Circle Blueprint will show you how to leverage high-status items and lifestyle components for CHEAP.
  • Not only will you SAVE MONEY, but you will actually make MORE money from the high-value connections and opportunities that The Social Circle Blueprint will open for you.

Go Above and Beyond what you thought was possible

  • Show you how to talk your way into the most exclusive venues
  • Show you the foolproof way to get threesomes, and how to use those threesomes to get you foursomes, and more…
  • Demonstrate how to use Status Game to effortlessly “game the location” while sitting back and seemingly “doing nothing”
  • Finally understand the dynamics behind high-status game and table game, and get behind the velvet ropes.
  • And a whole bunch of other game… which we can’t really show you here! 😉

Here is what you will find inside The Social Circle Blueprint:

The Core Product (12+ Hours of Deep-Dive Mastermind Content):

Conquering Fears

Overcoming the Fear of Approaching, the Fear of Rejection, the Fear of Missing Out, and how to Leverage those Fears to YOUR ADVANTAGE.

Inner Game

Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, and Self-Confidence as it relates to Social Circle, Attraction, and Immediate Results Across the Board.

Mastering Logistics

Approaching, Escalating, and the Art of the Pull (Especially in High-Volume, High-Quality Environments).

Principles of Pre-Selection

Pre-Selection, Evolutionary Psychology, and The Social Trigger Points that Make Women Turned on “By Default”.

Social Capital

Social Proof, Social Capital, and How to Use Social Leverage to “Game on Autopilot”, Achieving Effortless, High-Impact Results.

Understanding High-Status Game

Club Game, and Table Game, High-Value and High-Status Game Broken Down to the Finest Details.

How To Game 9’s and 10’s

The way to get the women you thought were “too good for you”, or “out of your league”.

Save Money, Make Money

The Framework for Using The Social Circle Blueprints to Not Only Save You Money – But Actually MAKE YOU MONEY!

  • Exclusive After-Party Access
  • Staying at High-End Hotels and Renting Penthouses
  • Driving Exotic Cars
  • Meeting People in High-Value and High-Status Areas
  • Throwing Your Own Events with Little / No Cost

Secret Final Module

The Secret Final Module includes topics and footage that would be deemed “too real” to put in the rest of the product, you will enjoy this!

Join The Social Circle Blueprint Tribe!

Everyone who is a part of The Social Circle Blueprint Tribe is dedicated to results.

Everyone who is a part of our group is there to provide value to one another, and to maximize each others’ results.

Become a part of the Tribe and take advantage of the social arbitrage of the group.

  • BONUS #1:
    Vegas Immersion Inside Scoop
    Find out exactly how you can build massive amounts of comfort with girls by using my simple qualification technique to have her melt in your arms.

  • BONUS #2:
    Luke and Max (Hawaii)
    Take an exclusive sneak peak into our annual instructor retreat with Luke and Max in Hawaii. Get an an inside scoop into Max and Luke’s secrets of how they can self amuse themselves on autopilot. Learn how a simple free association trick can can turn them into the life of party and can generate massive amounts of attraction.

  • BONUS #3:
    Attraction Building Sequence
    In this bonus I am going to reveal the my bulletproof attraction sequence that I have previously only revealed on live programs which can help generate attraction any time any place almost effortlessly

  • BONUS #4:
    Party Invitation
    Get a chance to attend an exclusive event with Luke to put all your Social Circle Blueprint skills into action and party like a VIP with other likeminded brothers who joined the course like you did.

  • BONUS #5:
    This super secret bonus has never been released before and will be a MASSIVE surprise.

Hot Seat Infield Breakdown #1 “Breaking Rapport”

UNRELEASED INFIELD VIDEO of Luke showing you how breaking rapport can be the most effective shortcut to get her attracted to you

Luke and Papa Networking Super-Module

In this EXCLUSIVE interview Luke and Nick go behind the scenes and talk about their personal networking secrets that will allow to get beyond the red rope into high caliber VIP events

Immersion Bonus Training Session #1

Watch Luke dive deep into the advanced logistics and pulling in this unreleased Vegas Immersion Special

Hot Seat Infield Breakdown #2 “Tandem Game”

Threesome game revealed: Watch this Hot Seat breakdown of how Luke pulls a threesome and get his insight on how you can pull this off almost immediately

Luke and Jeff Talking Tables

In this after hours EXCLUSIVE Luke and Jeff go deep and show you how to game yourself so you can take over any VIP table, become the life of the party and start being the center of attention.

Immersion Bonus Training Session #2

In this behind the scenes video of Vegas Immersion Luke shows you how to escalate effortlessly without being branded a creep.

Live Vegas Immersion Training

Get a chance to be selected for an EXCLUSIVE night of Immersion Training by Luke in Las Vegas, Nevada – along with the Entire Immersion Crew

The Social Circle Blueprint is the most comprehensive program on the market when it comes to building your social circle, elevating your game to the next level, and getting those high-level perks and results that you’re after.

Stop sitting around with your hand down your pants, and start banging hotties.

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RSD Madison – Boss [ DeluxeBundle] Download

Bonus #1: The Way of the Superior BOSS

Bonus #2: Sticking Point Encyclopedia

Bonus #3: Avoid Flake Manifesto

Bonus #4: Exclusive VIP Webinar


The Best Product For Harnessing Your Inner Game, Applying it in the Field, and Expanding it to the Rest of Your Life

Hi, this is Madison,

It all started about 10 years ago with “The Game”. I picked up that book and my whole world changed. It ignited a fire and a passion in me to learn absolutely everything there is to know about GAME. Every night out, every epic pull, every stunner, every hilarious joke, and even every failure made me feel ALIVE.

My first steps along this path were marked with a lot of pain.

I was introverted, reserved, and all-around had issues with socializing and making friends. I moved around a lot, and – I was always picked on. I always felt weird, isolated, and out of the group – The more I tried to make friends, the worse it got.

The first girl I liked slapped me in the face, the first girl I approached gave me a fake number, and the first girlfriend I had wouldn’t even have sex with me.

The friends I was surrounded with started ignoring me, I ended up feeling left out, and getting pushed deeper and deeper inside my own head.

When I finally started going out – I spent my first 2 years of going out… ALONE.

I faced rejection on top of rejection on top of rejection – it was depressing.

I got used to the pain – I started from such a low place – the rejection was better than nothing.

Regardless of the struggle, I kept going. The reason was – I had a big “WHY”… I HAD NO OTHER CHOICE.

I couldn’t turn around, because I had nothing to go back to.

All I wanted was to be accepted, to feel loved, to be able to connect with those around me and to make real friends.

I went out, night after night, pushing harder and harder and harder.

Then, after countless night of going out… I finally got a girlfriend.

The thing was, even though I “had a girlfriend”, she wouldn’t have sex with me!

It was probably the saddest thing you’ve ever seen, but that was my reality.

Here I was, this nice nerdy guy…

And my own girlfriend wouldn’t have sex with me, it was pathetic.

Now, as you’re reading this – you might find yourself asking:

“Why does it matter?”

It matters, because YOU matter.

“The more personal the wound, the more universal the wound.”

The things you are going through right now are the same things I went through.

The same struggles, the same tribulations and challenges you face today – I faced before.

My story is your story.

And through those rejections and those failures, I took away critical lessons which I am privileged to be able to share with you today.

It was my passion for teaching, combined with my personal story, combined with the overwhelming power and ability to change your life that made me realize:


That’s why I created: BOSS

I’ll tell you exactly what BOSS is, and why it’s important for where you are RIGHT NOW in just a moment, but first:

Let me tell you about WHY I created BOSS, so that you can understand how YOU fit into this journey, and why this is such a CRITICAL MOMENT for you.

When you were young, you had it…

The sense of unstoppable power, infinite possibility, that sense of unrestrained exploration.

That feeling that there’s a brand new world laid out in front of you, ready for the taking.

Your dreams used to bounce around your head like ping-pong balls, your imagination would take you to places others could only dream of.

Yet, somewhere along the way – something happened…

You lost it.

That sense of play, that sense of fun, that sense of entitlement…

That sense of possibility, of becoming great, powerful, unstoppable…

That sense of being the best man you can be.

You lost it, because life hit you in the face.

Maybe it was that job that slipped away…

Maybe it was that girl you just couldn’t seem to get…

Maybe it was that opportunity that passed you by…

It shocked you, it traumatized you, it slapped you in the face and shook you out of your reality.

It made you feel like those hopes, those dreams, those desires weren’t real, it made you believe your ambitions were imaginary, it made you believe that you didn’t deserve it.

It knocked you down, it tricked you.

One failure upon another built upon itself… one after the next… every time you tried, you failed… over and over and over again.

Eventually, you just didn’t believe it anymore.

Those dreams, those desires, those hopes – they suddenly became a distant fantasy – something better thought about, and never realized.

It was too dangerous, too risky, it made you too vulnerable to actually “go for it”.

A wound opened up, a psychological trigger that tied “Pursuing Your Dreams” – to – “PAIN”.

The more you looked away, the more you avoided it, the bigger and more painful it got.


It destroyed you as a man.

It destroyed you as a person.

It destroyed you as a human being.

You lost your seat of power as a man…

You lost your will to overcome adversity…

You lost your desire to push through the obstacles in your way…

The pain conquered you, and it sunk deep… so deep that as you sit here, right now, reading this – you don’t even realize it’s there.

It’s a pain that is too difficult to tackle alone, because when you go deep, when you look it straight in the eye, it hurts.

It’s a pain that engulfs you, drowns you, and controls you – whether you are aware of it or not.

It’s a pain that you may not even realize exists, or a pain you have long since forgot about…

It’s like the hum of the refrigerator in the background.

It’s there, deep inside… and it affects EVERYTHING YOU DO.

That’s why I had to create BOSS:

As you know, my journey was filled with pain, with rejection, with adversity, and with constant challenges.

Over time, I moved forward, I grew, I developed, I learned, I evolved… finally to become:


The truth is: this isn’t really about me.

I went through all of that work, all of that effort, all of that hardship, for a reason – it was for you.

I can’t go back in time, but if I could…

BOSS is something I WISH I had when I was young, BOSS would have saved me a lot of hassle, a lot of heartache, a lot of pain.

BOSS was created with YOU in mind, in order to help you overcome the challenges you currently face in your life.

BOSS is here for you to bring you face to face with that fear and that pain that holds you down, and to give you the power and strength to conquer it.


“What does inner game look like?”

…is a question that you will never have to ask yourself again.

When you dial in the expression of your inner game, your outer game is taken care of.

You will know exactly what it is, what it looks like, what it feels like, and exactly what you need to do to perform at the highest level, both internally, and externally – at all times.

BOSS is an all-in-one package – packed with potent pickup principles, inspiring fundamental truths of self-development, and infield that plays out like a full-fledged motion picture right in front of you (complete with crystal-clear, in-depth breakdowns).

BOSS is wrapped into an easily-digestible, instantly implementable format. All of the content is structured with action-taking in mind, and presented to you in a way that you can understand, implement, and benefit from IMMEDIATELY.

BOSS is a tool that you will be able to implement over and over again as you move through life. It’s a hero’s journey in a box, and it will work for you day in and day out as you go on your journey. Getting the women is only the beginning. BOSS will push you above and beyond your original perception game, and bring you closer to your seat of power as a man.

Inside BOSS, we’re not just going to scratch the surface, we are going to dive deep into concepts that affect every area of your life, so you can an in-depth understanding and internalization of the core concepts, the intricacies, and the implementation.


BOSS will install PRIMAL INSTINCTS deep into your subconscious mind, giving you subliminal control over every single aspect of game.

Inner Game is having the RIGHT RESPONSE to EVERY SITUATION. With BOSS, you will do the RIGHT THING, at the RIGHT TIME, EVERY TIME.


BOSS will cover all of the different “angles” of being a man – from Lifestyle & Quality, to Fashion, Health, Networking, and of course – how to get the hottest women around.

Being a man isn’t just about the women, but the women you keep in your life are a reflection of the type of man that you are – with BOSS, you will be able to surround yourself not with just quantity – but with quality.


BOSS will load you with the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

Emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success, and empathy is the key for 9 and 10 game – once you understand her world, she will come into your world instantaneously.

With BOSS…

You will cut years off your learning curve, saving you years upon years of trial-and-error, failure, and frustration.
You will understand how to attain MORE RESULTS with LESS EFFORT, while having a lot of fun in the process!
You will strip away the layers of social conditioning, tearing apart the feeble chains of boyhood and re-seating yourself in your rightful throne of power as king of your own reality.

BOSS will…

BOSS will install Primal Instincts deep into your subconscious mind, which will make your game smooth and effortless.
BOSS will lock in the Lifestyle you want to have, and dial you into the experiences that are going to make your life more enjoyable, more exciting, and more fulfilling.
BOSS will help you evolve the Emotional Intelligence you need in order to keep you ahead of the interaction, and put you on the cutting edge of the dynamics at play.

With BOSS…

With BOSS, your toxic relationships will fade away and dissolve, you will find yourself evolving, and attracting better people towards your reality.
With BOSS, your fundamental core as a man will be re-established, re-centered, and re-grounded – allowing you to be 100% certain with every action you take.
With BOSS, your game will advance to the next level, and push you over the edge of your current limit, and stretch you upwards into a new paradigm of success.

It doesn’t matter where you are right now…

If you’re a beginner…

It means that…

You are on the start of your journey, you are learning, hungry for progress, and excited to learn new concepts. Every step you take is an exciting experience full of new opportunities, challenges, and discoveries.

You are failing a lot. This can seem frustrating, because the more you go out, the more it feels like you are smashing your head against a brick wall.

You are learning quickly, but it often feels as though you don’t quite have the full picture of what “good game” actually looks like.

BOSS will…

Begin your RITE OF PASSAGE as a man, and lay a solid foundation on which all future good game will be built, this will give you the power to push upward with your learning curve, because you will know that you are building on top of a stable base.

Emphasize that FAILING is LEARNING. This seems obvious when you first hear it, but BOSS will establish a new framework for you that will make the process of “failing forward” more natural, and allow you to leverage it to get better and better results.

Accelerate your learning curve and install a blueprint of GOOD GAME. You will know EXACTLY what good game looks like, and how to have the right emotional response to any situation, at any time.

If you’re intermediate…

It means that…

You are going out a lot, and “hammering it out” in the field. Day in and day out you are pushing yourself forward, facing difficulties, rejections, and challenges head-on.

You are “failing forward” successfully, but often getting worn out or tired because you are relying on willpower and effort to push yourself through the resistance.

You are learning at a steady rate, and are developing a sense of how your specific style of game works, and what your strengths and weaknesses are.

BOSS will…

Break you out of the pattern of “spinning your wheels”, BOSS will make going out and gaming enjoyable again, and every obstacle you encounter will become an opportunity to get even better than ever before.

Re-align you with your purpose, and then accelerate your results. BOSS will eliminate burnout and ease the tension of “having to go out” – you will understand your bigger purpose and embrace the resistance as a part of the process – enjoy it even!

Speed up your learning curve, amplify your strengths, and show you how to fill in the gaps in your weaknesses. You will simply “get it” when it comes to critical concepts. Instead of having to go out and repeatedly hammer away at a skillset, you will be able to get it after one or two implementations, saving you tons of time and effort in the long run.

If you’re advanced…

It means that…

You have gone out, you have tried, you have implemented, you have learned, and you have optimized… but you are stuck in a state of “Now what?” – maybe game has become a bit stale, maybe you have lost your passion, or maybe you feel like you have “maxed out”.

Even though game has become something you feel you have mastered, you are still getting inconsistent results. There are small gaps in your game which you haven’t quite been able to fill.

Your learning process has slowed down, mostly because it is difficult to find others who are at your level. It often feels like you are so far on the edge of your skillset, that your friends can’t really help you.

BOSS will…

Reveal to you a new level to your existing game that you didn’t know existed, this will get you EXCITED about gaming again, and will remind you that all of the skills which you have built up over the years are there to serve you, and that you’re actually pretty good at this!

Establish a consistency system that will allow you to take your best nights out, clearly pinpoint what is working, isolate it, and make sure that you are able to replicate it in the future – without having to worry about faults or inconsistencies.

Give you a framework for high-level game, and give you a mentor that is at the highest level – dedicated to constantly pushing the envelope and taking your game to the next level.

When it comes to BOSS, it’s like this:

There is no such thing as “imaginary success”,
or “abstract action-taking”.

You either do it, or you don’t.

You either get results, or you don’t.

You either get the girl, or you don’t.

Stop lying to yourself, stop settling, and stop wasting time.


The BOSS Basic Package is designed to get you all of the
core essentials,

With the BOSS Basic Package, you will get…


7+ Hours of Premium Pickup Content, Downloaded Straight into YOUR BRAIN. Like Yoda, I will use my PUA JEDI Mind-tricks on you to Equip You With all the Tools of the Pickup Force so You Can Get Any Woman YOU Want:

  • How to Blast ThroughObstacles, Develop Obstacle Immunity and Destroy Your Resistance
  • How to Use Awareness & Social Acuity to Turn the Social Table and Position the Interaction in Your Favor
  • How to Maintain Consistent Execution Regardless of Your “State”
  • How to Spark and Build Immediate & Lasting Attraction Automatically
  • How to Leverage Advanced Group Dynamics to Your Advantage and Construct MASSIVE Social Proof


3+ Hours of Premium BOSS Infield will provide you step-by-step examples of how I successfully pickup girls from start to finish. In this section, pickup technique principles are immediately followed by in-field demonstrations and examples. These lessons are jack-hammered home with real-life demonstrations of me in-field. :

  • Opening – If you are going to approach properly, then you need to make a strong impression. That requires knowing what to say and how to say it. It requires you have the right mindsets and know-how to quickly and effortless get a woman attracted to you. No more half-hearted attempts, let’s dive head first into most guy’s #1 sticking point and get that handled.
  • What to Say – Be “Respectfully Bold” Show her that you are a man that likes something about her, and that you are aware of how she is feeling. Making adjustment to her responses is going to add rocket fuel to your game and results.
  • How to Escalate – The Physical Inception: Sounds cool right? This took me seven years to develop. I will give you the sequence required to plant thoughts in your girl’s mind so she physically escalates on YOU.
  • Leading – Come with me into the field and watch as I deconstruct her physical signals. I will train you when to back off, and when to go for it. Do you chase when she pulls away? I will point out the subtle signals to look for so you can proceed and LEAD with confidence.
  • Venue-Switching – When you move from venue to venue with a girl, she feels like she knows you longer. Let’s talk about how you can use this to your advantage as part of the seduction process so that the night goes in the right direction with you and women you want. Pulling – To get women to be comfortable coming home with you requires you to smoothly take her by the hand and LEAD, LEAD, LEAD back to the bedroom and I will teach you exactly how I do this consistently so that you are more assured about how to you can too.
  • Seduction – You will get my secrets about how to physically lead a woman properly. …and MORE!


10+ Hours of Super Sick Self-Development Content, Covering Everything From:

  • Your Rite of Passage as a Man
  • Beliefs
  • Goals
  • Values
  • Standards
  • Truth
  • Honor
  • Ambition
  • Execution


10+ BOSS Missions Designed to Push You Above and Beyond What Any Plain “Content” Would Be Able to Get You.

Physical Missions, Emotional Missions, Spiritual Missions, Game Missions, Self-Development Missions – Each one SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to Advance You Forward Step by Step.


BOSS Experiences, which are Long-Term Quests Structured for High-Impact, Long-Lasting Results.

It isn’t enough to do something once…

To TRULY UNDERSTAND the high-level concepts at play within BOSS, you have to GO DEEP.

You have to dig in, go on the journey, and go through your own personal quest…

That’s what the BRAND NEW BOSS EXPERIENCES are all about. This is a BRAND NEW FORMAT that has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!

It’s revolutionary, it’s ground-breaking, it’s epic, and it’s SCARY EFFECTIVE!

You are absolutely going to love it!


The BOSS Private Community of Like-Minded Individuals, for Support, Advancement, and Evolution:

The BOSS Private Facebook Community

Get access to The BOSS Private Facebook Community for sharing field reports, lay reports, and big take-aways. This is like having your very own band of brothers who are right there with you every step of the way, holding you up and helping you overcome anything that gets in your way.

The BOSS Telegram Live Engagement Group

Get access to The BOSS Live Engagement Telegram Group that allows you to engage with you fellow BOSS members LIVE and IN-PERSON – allowing you to get INSTANT FEEDBACK for sticking points, challenges, obstacles, and get inspiration whenever you need it!

  • BOSS is a detailed map for your self-development journey – it will be a guide along your path to becoming the SUPERHERO in the MOVIE that is your LIFE
  • As your mentor and guide, I lay out the CORE BELIEFS and lessons that you must learn at each stage of your voyage. This will bring to light your specific sticking points and the stage you are currently stuck at.
  • You will learn the Secrets from the MASTER on how to erase self defeating attitudes so that you can rise to any SOCIAL occasion, take the girl home, SAVE THE DAY.
  • BOSS will fill in your “experience-gaps” with lessons and demonstrations allowing you to internalize concepts without having to experience them first hand. This is the “hidden shortcut” that will cut years off your journey.
  • With BOSS you will adopt the HERO�S MINDSET and no longer compare yourself to others
  • All HEROES must learn to overcome fear, BOSS will implant in your brain techniques for CONQUERING your fears and taking risks that in this game, ARE REWARDED
  • BOSS will force a revelation in your life where you will discover the self defeating tendencies the will halt you in your tracks before every major success breakthrough. Are you ready to evolve?
  • All protagonists rise to the occasion during pressure situations. BOSS will prepare you to make quick, decisive decisions in ANY situation… accelerating your development into a powerful and respected MAN
  • In your journey, you will no doubt come across evil rivals that are out to steal your lady fair. Infield breakdowns will show you exactly how to deal with competition out in the field. (Hint: make it awkward for them)
  • With BOSS you will embrace your own “call to adventure” and reverse “approach anxiety” with tools to create your own unshakable inner confidence
  • BOSS contains deep insights into how to change thought patterns, erasing your negative self talk and allowing you to approach with zero baggage.
  • BOSS will etch new social pathways and connections in your brain, promoting your social skills into a complete and comprehensive understanding
  • You will live in a perpetual state of amazement after the BOSS concepts “click” in your head. It will blow you away as you walk through the world and girls DO ANYTHING YOU SAY like your EMPLOYEE
  • Women will crave your presence after you begin to ooze the masculine confidence of a “man in his prime”.
  • See the primary quality of attraction and dive into the mysterious levels of sub communication that will allow you express MASSIVE intent without being overbearing
  • You will learn to summon Casanova levels of sexual presence, once you have channeled this, most of your so-called “sticking points” fall by the wayside.
  • Dive deep into the fascinating differences between male and female attraction triggers and how you can leverage them to get more girls than you ever dreamed.
  • Uncover the deep-rooted female sexual switches that will TURN HER ON. Once you know what they are, you can imbed statements that will turn the switches on, and before you know it she is making excuses to get you back to her apartment
  • Learn to reward the side of her personality that wants sex. The more you can connect with that side of her the more likely it is a romance will begin
  • Grasp the one thing you SHOULD NEVER DO when trying to take a girl home. Once you come to this realization, your pulls will become smooth as silk and you will be drowning in girls of your choosing.
  • Embrace absolutely ANY conversational thread and use absurd topics to build solid attraction. It is amazing how exciting or boring conversations can lead to steamy passion if you ENGAGE properly in the dialogue
  • Embody a calm and collected demeanour even in HOSTILE social situations, this signal to her that you are CENTERED as a MAN and that you can handle life’s trials, then she will see you as “daddy-material”
  • Implant EXTREME self trust into your brain. This is one of the most attractive masculine qualities, it shows that you have a purpose and you know how to fulfill it. This quality will make you irresistible to women and the will want to be the passenger in your EPIC life.
  • Learn the counterintuitive strategies for dropping your guard and being authentically vulnerable with the opposite sex. This builds INSANE amounts of comfort and trust.
  • Become an expert at embracing and diffusing awkward situations. These tools are ESSENTIAL if you are going on Tinder or Bumble dates.
  • Master your micro-expressions by becoming aware of what your body language is signaling to the girl. I will break this down IN-DETAIL with my infield footage so you can learn to project the body language of a bad-ass
  • Finally start to get some success and adopt the abundance mentality. Become THAT GUY who is always pulling, always getting the girl, and who lives a life of his design
  • Discover how to be your own internal coach. You will be able to motivate yourself in a positive way, disrupt your negative thought patterns, and add rocket-fuel to your self-esteem
  • Drop into THE ZONE on COMMAND. We have all experienced it, those nights where you are unstoppable, learn to hack the zone and take so much action that you shut down your thinking mind and slide into a beautiful state of flow
  • Impose your will to get what you want out of life by adopting a fortress-like frame of reality in which women melt into your masculine energy
  • Become the king of “cold approach.” You will get to watch my effortless approaches that provide the initial spark of attraction that can then be fanned into a roaring brushfire of sexual expression.
  • Tap into a deep understanding of CALIBRATION, this is your pickup “sixth-sense” that will lead you to the promised land. Embrace a trust of your faculties and you will always know the right thing to say and how to get her hooked on who you are
  • Unleash that tricky concept called CHARISMA, this is how you get stunners, when you express fully who you are with no filters, and add in a little humour, you have a recipie for sexworthiness.
  • Lead so others will FOLLOW. Adopt the characteristics of a true beloved leader and watch as your female followers BEG to bed down with the top-dog.
  • Discover the secret to lasting relationships – By bringing your polarizing, positive, masculine energy to the relationship it will trigger her feminine energy and will result in an electric bond that will provide abundant support as you tackle goals and aspirations TOGETHER.
  • BOSS goes beyond the “how-to’s of pickup and addresses the root causes of failure by replacing failure patterns with success patterns”
  • BOSS pushes you into a new universe where your frustration, stress, and sadness melt away as you grow and thrive
  • The BOSS infield breakdowns show you the subtleties of game that are nearly impossible to learn. Mastering the details and your micro-expressions will be the thing that takes your game to the next level.
  • BOSS will free your self-expression, and eradicate all the “social masks” that you routinely use, getting you back in touch with your true essence.
  • Your will become the life of the party. When you go out, everyone will look to you to carry the energy of the group and LEAD. Watch as friends you have known for years see smooth game for the first time in their life (coming from YOU)!
  • You will finally take that step into manhood that you have been waiting for. The child paradigms you have been living with will evaporate and you will discover your adult self
  • BOSS provides guidances as you smash through barriers and plateaus, these new lands can be tricky to navigate on your journey to self-actualization, let me be your guide
  • BOSS flips the script of your life and places you in the captain’s chair, ready to steer your ship through rough and calm waters
  • As soon as you start BOSS, you will start to transform and adopt all the qualities from my character that you resonate with
  • Your destiny is right in front of your eyes but you can’t see it…BOSS will dissipate the FOG and give you the crystal clear vision of who you will become, you will never see things the same way again.
  • Finally identify and figure out your sticking points…you will reach new exciting levels with hotter girls and crazier nights out!
  • BOSS will provide the leverage and constant motivation for going out, once you are armed with your new skill set you will grow addicted to using and developing it.
  • BOSS will instill the habits required for you to get CONSISTENT results. You will have a great night out EVERY night, have awesome interactions, and be pulling like a champion!
  • BOSS will show you how to get ANY type of relationship that you want. Use screening and boundary setting to create the perfect girlfriend (or girlfriends)
  • BOSS will teach you how to “not lose” Over my years of coaching I have witnessed the MAJOR errors in guys game that turn the girl off and cause him to lose right then and there. I will show you these errors and how to avoid them.
  • LOGISTICS, LOGISTICS, LOGISTICS, if you want to get to an advanced level of game, you need to master logistics and be an incredible problem-solver, I can teach you how.
  • Boss demonstrates opening and hooking so you know when you have her full attention like an employee getting instructions from her BOSS
  • A true BOSS isn’t afraid to use his body, we will in depth on physical game as I share how to touch a girl in a way that TURNS HER ON
  • Give you the GIFT OF THE REFRAME! Learn how to spin anything into a positive and use negative feedback as another log on the fire of your flaming awesomeness
  • You will learn how to embrace shit tests as signs of attraction and breeze past them with any one of my proven strategies
  • BOSS will teach you how to recognize the common mistakes that KILL ATTRACTION (and how to bounce back if you do)
  • You will learn my techniques for packing in weeks worth of dating into a 3 hour pickup, she needs to EXPERIENCE you fully in different environments, in different emotional states, and in different scenarios. This will get you to sex very quickly.
  • How to “Exist Beside Her.” Most guys are trying too hard and NEED the girl too much. I will show you first hand how sometimes all you need to do is be there at the end of the night at LET the magic happen.
  • You will develop a “closer mentality”, someone who knows what they want and how to make things happen even in crazy scenarios, hectic environments, and with obstacles in the way.
  • Learn my specific psychological strategies for getting the quality girls to see you as the prize and to chase you down like 14 year old at a Justin Bieber concert.

With BOSS, you will learn…

  • How to recognize the signals that a QUALITY woman sends to a high value man. (You may have never noticed these before, it took me YEARS to see them) I will show them to you and break them down in detail.
  • How to be THAT GUY in your social circle that hooks his friends up with girls, parties, and high value connections because he has all three in ABUNDANCE.
  • How to get out of scarcity and structure your life and schedule to maximize your interactions with women.
  • How to embody the core characteristics of a sexworthy man. Learn the qualities that will trigger the girls in your life to chase and want to lock you down.
  • The step by step process to a great night out. This will minimize wasted nights out and going home without the results YOU want.
  • The field tested techniques to progressively deprogram your beta-male thought patterns and replace them with the thoughts of a BOSS.
  • How to dominate any interaction you choose, be it at the club, on the street, in the office, or at home.
  • How to tap into a high-value woman’s blueprint and know exactly what she needs to see to consider you as a boyfriend or lover.
  • The reasons most employee-males dont see the sex opportunities and signals that are thrown at them in the club.
  • How to be a woman’s source of fun, adventure, and her emotional anchor.
  • Tangible exercises that will guide you along your journey from average guy to THAT GUY.
  • How to gain social proof at the venue, and beat out other guys for the girls YOU choose. Gone are the days of random bros messing up your sets and distracting the hotties you want to take home. I have seen it all and I can teach you how to out-game any guy.
  • The specific strategies and techniques for letting go, relaxing, and exuding a cool vibe. A BOSS never takes things too seriously. Shit tests and obstacles merely entertain him.
  • A full explanation of high-status body language. I will train you to project smooth, effortless confidence, ensuring women notice you before your approach.
  • To “JUST PLAY” The legendary Jazz musician Charlie Parker once said, “Master your instrument, master the music, then forget all that, and just play.” I want this for you in your dating life. I want for you to go into a club and ENJOY the process of meeting everyone and playing. Forget the videos, evolve past the techniques, and attract the woman you want by BEING the man you are.
  • How to accelerate your learning and get you the results you need faster. TRUST ME, I have made all the mistakes. I have approached 1000s of girls. I could be an idiot and still see the patterns. Don�t take this journey by yourself. I can guide you.
  • The secret weapons of the mysterious millionaire masters of pickup Derek and Frank. Come with me on a private yacht as we uncover the universal truths about business and pickup. (The groundbreaking insights in these talks alone is worth the cost of the program)
  • How to dress. As by far the best dresser in RSD (Sorry Tyler) I will guide you through what looks good on YOU and your body type.


Specific Pickup Lesson Will Include…

  • Opening, assessing the dynamic, and understanding what is in front of you.
  • NUTS & BOLTS OPENERS Simple and effective, designed to cut through the noise and get her attention on YOU.
  • How to establish dominant eye contact, even before the open
  • How to be “Respectfully Bold” Show her that you are a man that likes something about her, and that you are aware of how she is feeling. Making adjustment to her responses is going to add rocket fuel to your game and results.
  • The “5 Feet Before You Meet Rule” How to open must start before you arrive at your destination.
  • The three laws to sound cool.
  • How to be your own internal adjustment coach.
  • In BOSS pickup technique explanations are immediately followed by in-field demonstrations and examples. I verbally give you the overarching lesson and explanation, then the lesson is hammered home with real-life demonstrations of me in-field.
  • How to avoid “Ninja Approaches” and step to a girl like a GROWN ASS MAN
  • A comprehensive breakdown of how to 100% engage while simultaneously not trying. One of the most confusing topics in pickup is broken down in excruciating detail for you to internalize imbed in your own game.
  • Seduce the Mother, Submit the Father: Tailor-made secrets for “My Favorite Sets” Mother+Daughter / Father+Daughter / Boyfriend / Females
  • Nuanced Game Skills: These are lessons that must be experienced before they are internalized. I can�t have these experiences for you, but I can shine a light on them and prepare you for these lessons before the harsh club environment rubs them in your face.
  • Status Indicators: Convey to the girl that you “GET IT” by embedding tried and true status indicators into your character.
  • The Physical Inception: Sounds cool right? This took me seven years to develop. I will give you the sequence required to plant thoughts in your girl’s mind so she physically escalates on YOU. (No Leonardo Required)
  • Verbal Game: For a joke or story to be effective, you have to fully commit. Decide, and fully give.
  • Screening secrets to find the girl who is right for YOU
  • Statements of Kingdom: This is the thing that takes you from ok results to really good results. This is YOUR Kingdom.
  • How to avoid “banter”
  • Closing: Learn the step by step secrets to my pulling “Trifecta”


Specific Pickup Lesson Will Include…

  • Dancefloor pull – Come with me into the field and watch as I deconstruct her physical signals. I will train you when to back off, and when to go for it. Do you chase when she pulls away? I will point out the subtle signals to look for so you can proceed with confidence.
  • Daygame – When is the last time you number closed during the day? Watch me break down how I got a Zara stunner’s number and prepare you’re your next day time opportunity.
  • How to Handle The Bitchy Friend – She doesn’t want you to win! Here I show how to befriend the bitchy friend and turn her into you cheerleader.
  • End of the Night Pull – Mastering this magical hour after the bar or club closes will drastically increase your results.
  • Miami Mustache – This clip clarifies several key game concepts, self-amusement, how a pull can happen quickly, how to fix logistics, and how to create a deep connection quickly.


Bonus #1: The Way of the Superior BOSS


The Way of the Superior BOSS is kind of like your bible for being a BOSS. The 93-page ebook is PACKED FULL of lay reports, in-depth content, and insights that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Bonus #2: Sticking Point Encyclopedia

An encyclopedia of sticking points, fine-tuned to break you through anything and everything from approach anxiety, fear of rejection, negative self-talk, bad state management, to inability to “seal the deal” and “go all the way”. This piece of content alone is worth a FORTUNE, as it is extremely rare to find a breakdown this clear, thorough, and concise – packaged in an easy-to-reference format.

Bonus #3: Avoid Flake Manifesto

Have you ever had a girl flake on you? If you haven’t… GO OUT MORE! Because if you’ve gone out, gotten numbers, and set up dates, you will realize – girls flake… a LOT. The Avoid Flake Manifesto will break you out of that loop, show you how to avoid flakes, and get you those dates.

Bonus #4: Exclusive VIP Webinar

The BOSS Exclusive VIP Webinar will get you face-to-face with Madison and give you a rare opportunity to get REAL TIME FEEDBACK. Only BOSS members are able to attend, so the content will be fine-tuned for the specific action items inside BOSS – getting you an in-depth look behind the things that really make BOSS tick.


The BOSS ADVANCED PACKAGE is created for those who want to take their level of BOSS to the next level, and go above and beyond the standard. This is also the perfect option for you if you already have a good level of success with women, and want to transfer those concepts into every other area of your life.

With the BOSS Advanced Package, you will get…

Everything in the BOSS CORE PACKAGE, PLUS…


I went from a shitty customer service job to doubling my income, and then doubling it – AGAIN. Inside The BOSS Career Package, I will show you how I increased my income by 300% over two years.

The BOSS Career Package will show you how to leverage your existing skillsets to your advantage, allowing you to generate more income with every future step you take. Every day will be a day of progress, moving you closer and closer towards your goal of CRUSHING IT.

Improve Your Skillset, Increase Your Income, and become a BOSS with The BOSS Career Package.


Set the Foundation for Your Fashion IQ – Develop a Better Style Sense, and TRULY UNDERSTAND What Looks Good on Your Body Type.

This isn’t just about looking good, this is about FEELING GOOD.

Your external sense of fashion and your internal game go hand-in-hand, the more you build one, the more the other will follow.


The 3 BOSS Live Teleconferences will bring you closer than ever to actually BECOMING BOSS. You will get LIVE REAL TIME FEEDBACK. Discover new-found insights, ideas, and concepts that will get you the results you are after, and allow you to tackle your fears, your sticking points, and your limiting beliefs.


The BOSS Millionaire Interviews will give you an INSIDE LOOK into the Success Breakdowns from the Best of the Best. Get a behind-the-scenes inside-scoop of what makes the most successful business minds in the world tick, the success formulas that they use, and what gets them their results – so you can replicate those strategies and tactics in your own life.


The BOSS SUPREME PACKAGE is for the ULTIMATE BOSS… the type of man that never settles, and always aims for the best of the best.

With the BOSS Supreme Package, you will get…



3 ADDITIONAL BOSS Live Teleconferences, during which Madison and the BOSS elite VIPs will dig beneath the surface, and uncover hidden truths that most PUAs simply gloss-over. This is the difference between seeing something done, and doing it yourself.

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RSD Max – The Natural Download

RSD Max – The Natural (DeluxeBundle) (Platinum Package)

Bonus #1: 3 Exclusive Videos from the Vault
Video 1: Learn How to Become The Lover of Her Dreams
Video 2: How to Manage Multiple Relationships and Choose Your Dream Girlfriend
Video 3: Learn How to Live the Man in His Prime Lifestyle to Become a Social Leader

Bonus #2: 50 Shades of Max Lay Reports Ebook
10 Highly detailed, Brutally honest lay reports from each phase of my pickup journey.

Bonus #3: An Exclusive Q & A Accountability Private Teleconference
Ask me anything LIVE and get in-depth answers about your sticking points.

Bonus #4: Become a Part of The Natural Family
Talk to like minded guys like you and get feedback on your progress from me personally. Hang out in The Natural Family Facebook and get help with your sticking points.

Bonus #5: The VIP In-Person Conference (or recording) Global Pass Ticket in London, NY, and LA
Meet me at a live event or receive a recording of it.

Hey guys Max here, today I wanted to share a story with you…

If you’ve seen my last videos you probably saw me taking a girl home without saying a word…

That’s pretty crazy right?

However I didn’t always used to be that guy…

You see five years ago I lived in a small cow town in the Austrian Alps…

I was an extremely shy and insecure gamer …

And I loved nothing more than playing guitar.

This skill proved to be super valuable but more about that later …

If you would have seen at that time of my life I looked like a zombie …

I looked like that because when I used to go to bed at night I tried to fall asleep…

But I couldn’t …

I stared at the ceiling for hours on end.

I had these thoughts going through my mind over and over again…

“Why am I so lonely?”

I constantly asked myself this question…

“Why do I not have these gorgeous girls in my life?”

I hated myself for that…

I was so damn frustrated and felt this burning anger in my stomach.

I desperately wanted to change but I didn’t know how.

I felt was caught in this vicious circle of hell…

Like I was trapped in limbo with no way out.I felt paralyzed…Instead of taking action I loaded up on weed to numb these burning thoughts and tried to drink my pain away.

I was so confused…

Girls say, “Be nice”…

Mens magazines tell you to spend hundreds of dollars on clothes…

Other guys say you need memorized lines and stories to impress the girl…

I always thought only douchebags get the girls…

And those romantic comedies I had to suffer through, oh man…

They always showed guys buying the girl flowers, going on endless dates hoping that she would make a move and lead you to the bedroom.

Little did I know how wrong I was…

One night I was driving by the club and saw all these hot girls in their fitting summer dresses standing outside laughing…

I was so frustrated…

I started googling “how to pickup girls” while I was so depressed…

All of a sudden I saw all this information about techniques and tactics…

But I was overwhelmed…

Who should I believe? Who has the correct and field tested information that would actually help me?

I read every e-book I could get my hands on…

I watched hundreds of hours of videos.

Just doing that did not lead to anything…

ZERO lays …

By now you’re probably asking yourself, “How did I achieve instructor level natural game?”

It all started when I remembered how I learned to play the guitar…but more about that later…

I knew this was POSSIBLE!

That’s why I needed to teach myself how to learn…

I sought out friends and mentors to support me to become that vision I had for myself…

I made becoming amazing with women my priority…

And I felt that burning fire inside me…

I went out testing everything I learned from books and videos.

After going out by myself I connected with people from an underground forum who would end up becoming my wings but also my best friends…

  • Marcus was the social circle game guy. He pulled really hot girls and he would continue to fuck her friends. That totally blew my mind!
  • From him I learned how to pay attention to the girl’s friends, how to built long lasting relationships and how to make sex a mutual win-win for you and the girl.
  • Other women would then recommend me to their friends haha…
  • Dominik was the social butterfly who made a ton of new friends wherever he went out to PIMP it. He was the complete opposite of me.
  • From him I learned that the people out there are not your enemies, they are your allies and can become your friends. It’s a matter of you making the conscious choice to see the positive in other people.
  • Dominik taught me the power of social proof and which I turned into a keystone of my game…
  • Through him I discovered the concept of passive attraction and how the venue can do the work for me.
  • Almin was the king of rock solid inner game. He knew how to reframe every rejection into something positive.
  • Vadet was like the prototypical alpha male who was very confident and had the body language of a rockstar.

I soaked up all of their capabilities and made them mine…

I was presented with a choice…

In the summer of 2014 I got the call from RSD…

I was offered to come to the United States and become Tyler’s assistant.

I could live a comfortable cushy life…

Or I could take the chance…

I dared TO INVEST in my future …

I toured the World for 18 months as an RSD coach, showed my Hot Seat, created over a hundred instructional videos and taught students on bootcamps …

All of these experiences lead me to UNCOVER the laws of natural game…

I realized that in order for me to become instructor level good, I needed to strip off all the “gamey” manipulative techniques.

When students meet me nowadays, the most important thing they notice about me is that I am relatable …

This is one very important aspect that you’ll learn on the journey to becoming a Natural…

By knowing those laws you can make game simple but not always easy…

If you learn to understand them you’ll turn into that guy that women flirt with, want to hang out with and OBSESS OVER…

All change happen has to start on the inside first…

That’s why for the past SIX MONTHS I locked myself into a room in a tiny cow town in the Austrian Alps…

If you follow RSDMax on Snapchat you probably know what I am talking about…

Every morning I woke up with the sound of cowbells and I felt energized…

For twelve hours every day I deconstructed how I became that naturally cool guy that women love…

I couldn’t believe myself how far I’ve come after being a depressed loner for so long…

I analyzed all my lay reports and reviewed hundreds of hours of my own infield footage.

Read all of my past students emails and went over their success stories.

I distilled all of my teachings until I could see the patterns with so much CLARITY.

I developed a deep understanding of the underlying natural core laws of game…

That’s how I was able to reverse engineer my own process of becoming a guy that women can’t help but get drawn to and are dying to meet again and again and again…I boiled all of it down into a Simple system EVERYONE can learn…

I developed this course specifically for you to “take you by the hand” through the ringer of crucial reference experiences that will reshape your reality drastically…

It’s the only way I could make sure you’ll develop yourself into that naturally attractive guy.

This course is built for you to get the insight and the knowledge of what it means to become a Natural with women.

But knowledge is worthless if you do not put it into action.

You see, many teachers of Natural Game tell you to just be cool, lean back and let the girl work for you…. that is GREAT for who already have tons of experience.

Someone who’s newer to the game will immediately FAIL, be confused and frustrated. I was there myself …

And even intermediate and advanced guys struggle to get that edge that puts them on path to mastery…

You’ll need some TRAINING WHEELS to shuttle you through the necessary reference experiences…

That’s why I have specifically designed EXCLUSIVE drills to help you step-by-step improve your game…

I peppered the ACTIONABLE CONCEPTS with infield footage to give you the best learning experience possible…

It’s like football players learning from their mistakes by watching their performances on video together with their coach…

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty, the course is divided into five parts…

1. Your New World:

First we are going to define your new world outside of social conditioning…

It’s a matter of perspective…

And you can change your inner view of the world by installing POWERFUL FRAMES into your mind that will allow you to see the world with different set of eyes…

That’s why this section is going to give you the framework to UNDERSTAND how to become that guy women dream about… because they love to tune into a guy who is at ease with himself.

  • I am also going to reveal why women flock to nerds like me for one specific reason…
  • How you can turn your own life story into chick crack even if you were a shy guy like me…
  • How framing your reality the right away can cut your learning curve in half…
  • Why expressing how you feel on the inside will tickle her inner vixen because women hardwired to respond to powerful emotions
  • I am also going to reveal why not feeling good enough can be the #1 reason for not getting laid and how to CRUSH that belief …

2. Social Dynamics

The second part of this course is all about you learning about the hidden social dynamics…

Hold on tight you’ll learn how to see the matrix…

  • I am going to reveal to you how this new filter of your perception can give you an unfair advantage over every other guy at the club…
  • You will get to know why understanding women’s role in society will help you land more dates…
  • I am going to teach you how to develop a foolproof radar that will allow you to spot which women to approach and which to avoid… This will skyrocket your success massively
  • How understanding a hot girl’s reality will make her feel at ease with you and lead to more sex…
  • I will also show you why the three pillars of game (Attraction, Arousal and Connection) can MASSIVELY improve your results with women even if you are a newbie…
 3. Building a Solid Foundation

The third part of this course will show you how building on a solid foundation will trump every technique you’ll ever learn…

  • I will show you how you can uncover your reason for approach anxiety and then help you eliminate it…
  • Why becoming social can be as easy as brushing your teeth if you make it a habit…
  • How to make knowing what to say effortless – like you would be talking to your best friend…
  • How you can unblock the four barriers that lead to learning the Million-Dollar Mouthpiece..
  • Why learning how to think and move like a natural can help you to develop those sub communications that women tune into subconsciously…
  • You’ll get to absorb my own MINDSET on how to learn faster and smarter to become good with women in months – not years…
  • Why touching women can be as easy as admiring a painting…
  • How to sharpen your focus to see the signs that women are attracted to you almost instantly…
  • Why knowing how to deal with rejection can make you standout against any other guy she’ll ever meet…
  • Make her obsess about you by learning how to leave an everlasting first impression…
  • How to make getting her number as simple as writing a grocery list…
  • How to set up dates like a boss…

4. Sharpen Your Skills

The fourth part is all about sharpening your skills, if you already have the fundamentals down and you lack consistency in your game then this section is specifically for you.

  • Learn my simple and easy formula of how to vibe with any women which can make her want you even more…
  • I’ll also reveal how her not talking to you can be a good sign that she is interested in going home with you…
  • Why her friends can be the key to taking her home…
  • I’ll teach you how to operate from a natural carefree state and make going out super fun and enjoyable…
  • I’ll reveal why dry spells can make you come back even stronger…
  • How knowing how to react to her shit tests can play to your advantage…
  • How to deal with other guys who come into your set and have her dismiss them…
  • Why dates can be your fastest way to getting laid…
  • Why spending time with her throughout the night can be the #1 reason why she is leaving with you at the end of the night …
  • Why your ego can be your own worst enemy and how to tame it…

5. Your Path to Mastery

The fifth part of the Natural is all about your path to mastery…

This final act contains all my lessons from the past years that brought me to instructor level and will massively benefit you if you are at an advanced stage of game…

If you’ve seen my latest videos, these are my latest breakthrough insights for your eyes only…

  • You will learn exactly what to do when pulling to your place is not possible…
  • How pulling during the day can be even faster than during the night…
  • Why understanding the law of passive attraction will get girls to game you…
  • You’ll learn how to become the leader of the group and develop perfect calibration…
  • How your relationship with her friends can make her want you even more…
  • Why figuring out her blueprint will get her to chase you super hard, because nobody understands her like you do
  • How the mindset of a newbie can finally get you consistent results…
  • How not saying anything can make her even more attracted to you…
  • Learn how to develop the mindset that allows you to pull without saying a word…

The whole course is supported by the Natural Family Facebook group…

You’ll get to hang out with me and other like-minded folks who are on the same journey as you are.

You can connect with like-minded Natural Family members, share stories and ultimately get feedback about your sticking points…

More importantly, this group will keep you accountable throughout your own journey…

On top of that you’ll get to ASK ME ANYTHING you want!

But that’s not all folks, I have also recorded SPECIAL bonus videos specifically for you:

Bonus #1: 3 Exclusive Videos from the Vault
Video 1: Learn How to Become The Lover of Her Dreams
Video 2: How to Manage Multiple Relationships and Choose Your Dream Girlfriend
Video 3: Learn How to Live the Man in His Prime Lifestyle to Become a Social Leader

Bonus #2: 50 Shades of Max Lay Reports Ebook
10 Highly detailed, Brutally honest lay reports from each phase of my pickup journey

Bonus #3: An Exclusive Q & A Accountability Private Teleconference
Ask me anything LIVE and get in-depth answers about your sticking points.

Bonus #4: Become a Part of The Natural Family
Talk to like minded guys like you and get feedback about your progress from me personally. Hang out in The Natural Family Facebook and get help with your sticking points.

Bonus #5: The VIP In-Person Conference (or recording) Global Pass Ticket in London, NY, and LA
Meet me at a live event or receive a recording of it.

This is all what you will find inside of The Natural:

I’ll bring you the most successful live program ever created by RSD.

Yep, thats right – you’ll get over ELEVEN hours of PREMIUM infield footage broken down by me personally

And the best part … you don’t need to travel to watch it!

You can watch it over and over and over again…

You can enjoy the entire Hotseat from the comfort of your own home

You’ll see me pick-up girls in:

  • Clubs
  • Lounges
  • Bars
  • On the dance floor
  • Quiet locations
  • Loud venues
  • Parks
  • Bookstores
  • Shopping malls
  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants

You’ll see me talk to:

  • Single sets/ girls by themselves
  • 2 Sets, 3 sets
  • Mixed sets/girls with guys
  • Moving sets/girls on the move
  • Big groups
  • Small groups
  • Shy girls
  • Bitchy girls
  • Perfect 10’s
  • Girls from all different nationalities
  • Girls with boyfriends
  • Girls on the phone
  • And much MUCH more

You’ll see girls telling me I’m not good enough, I’m too short, my dick’s too small, but I still win them over.

You’ll see guys get jealous and try to fight me, but I still get the girl.

You’ll see A LOT of DAYGAME, and you’ll discover exactly how to meet girls successfully during the daytime anywhere, anytime, whether that’s in the coffee shop, on the street, at the shopping mall or anywhere else.

You’ll see me pull 9’s and 10s from bar to bedroom — the FULL interaction.

You’ll see ENTIRE nights out from not just the beginning of an interaction but the BEGINNING of the NIGHT itself. You’ll get to see how my ENTIRE night unfolds from “before I even go out” to “when I pull the girl home to the bedroom”.

You’ll see how I consistently get into a social mood before going out even after a long day’s work.

You’ll see it ALL.

I specifically added the Hotseat to this package so you can see PROOF that all of this is possible and to illustrate the core NATURAL LAWS of game.

The Debrief Chronicles


Debrief Chronicles

Have you ever wanted to have an instructor analyse your sticking points after a night out on bootcamp?

If the answer is “Yes,” you may be thinking about doing an RSD bootcamp.

The problem is, a bootcamp costs $2000.

You may also have to pay for flights to a different city and book an AirBnb for accommodation…

Maybe you are a busy professional who cherishes his limited time for holidays.

That’s why I created a solution to this problem.

The Debrief Chronicles is a SEVEN hour long product based on exclusive behind-the-scenes debrief sessions from New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Vienna and Los Angeles.

You’ll get a sneak peak behind the curtain and watch what happens when I debrief my students in bars and hotel lounges after a long night out.

You’ll get to witness Max breaking down almost every sticking point you can imagine.

I almost didn’t want share these SECRETS and in the future I may even release this product as a standalone version but you will have EXCLUSIVE access to it NOW!

Tinder Game Extension


Tinder Game Extension

If you’ve followed me for a while you probably know my INFAMOUS Tinder video that got me featured in major newspapers and TV shows all around the world.

Besides all the smoke and mirrors, my Tinder Game has gotten me laid so much while I am on tour and knowing the ins-and-outs of Text Game can get you laid really fast without ever meeting her before…

In this special extension I’ll reveal to you

  • Why your profile does not need to be super flashy to have her meet up with you
  • How a few special HACKS can jack up your response rate super high
  • You’ll also learn why passing her tests via text can be the most important factor to make a date happen
  • On top of that, you will get TWELVE text game breakdowns that reveal my MINDSET when I text and how
  • As a special bonus I recorded an INFIELD VIDEO of me picking up a girl at the train station I just texted an hour before … You’ll get to see the ENTIRE PULL!

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Derek Cajun – Gentleman’s Guide to Online Game Review | Derek Cajun – Gentleman’s Guide to Online Game Download

With the explosion of the internet and all things that have come along with it, online dating is now not only commonly accepted by the general public, but a legitimately great way to meet people. Unfortunately, the millions of women who now use Plenty of Fish, OKCupid, eHarmony, or the myriad of other dating websites, get bombarded by hundreds of messages from men on a daily basis – pickup lines, sexually suggestive messages that a vast majority of the men would never have the courage to say in person, the same old boring “hey” or “what’s up” that she gets sent 50 times a day or guys with blatantly false advertising.

So how do you stick out and get her to respond to you out of the hundreds of guys who are messaging her? Derek Cajun, a senior dating instructor and winner of the TV show Keys to the VIP, was tasked by Love Systems President Nick Savoy with experimenting with online dating… and he did so for 2 years. Through much trial and error and many dates later, Cajun has revealed in this book what he found to be most effective:

– how to set up your profile so it’s not boring and serious
– what kind of pictures to choose to portray you in the best light (it might not be what you think)
– how to get her to have an emotional reaction when she looks at your profile
– and most importantly: leading you through the entire online dating process from creating your profile to sending the 1st message, continuing the conversation online, taking it to phone and text, and then meeting up in person.

The Gentlemen’s Guide to Online Dating is a complete system for meeting, attracting and dating women that you meet and find online. Being the #1 dating company in the world with numerous renowned products under its belt, Love Systems decided the next logical step was to take advantage of the internet and meeting women online.


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Russ Harris – The Confidence Gap Download

Editorial Reviews

Too many of us miss out on opportunities in life because we lack self-confidence. Whether it’s public speaking, taking on a leadership role, or asking someone for a date, there are situations in which we just don’t feel equipped to handle the challenges we face. Russ Harris offers a surprising solution to low self-confidence, shyness, and insecurity: Rather than trying to “get over” our fears, he says, the secret is to form a new and wiser relationship with them. Paradoxically, it’s only when we stop struggling against our fearfulness that we begin to find lasting freedom from it. Drawing on the techniques of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a cutting-edge form of cognitive-behavioral therapy, The Confidence Gap explains how to: Free yourself from common misconceptions about what confidence is and how to build it; transform your relationship with fear and anxiety; clarify your core values and use them as your inspiration and motivation; use mindfulness to effectively handle negative thoughts and feelings.



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Maurice Tate – The Art of Dirty Talking Review | Maurice Tate – The Art of Dirty Talking Download

Maurice Tate - The Art of Dirty Talking Download

Maurice Tate – The Art of Dirty Talking Download

“Breakthrough! Discover The Secret script And The Words And Phrases That You Can Use To Make Any Woman Orgasm Without Touching At All!” — And The Best Part is That It is Quick And Easy To Learn. Anybody Can Use This Method Just By Simply Speaking These Words When Lovemaking And Continue What You Are Already Doing!

Dear friend,
If you are ready to make your lover respond to you sexually and have powerful, body shaking orgasms, then listen up.

There are certain words and phrases that really can ramp up the sexual energy.

Now, some men have never used dirty talking. Some men have tried to talk dirty but have not got a great response. The secret is that it’s all about the words and how they are used.

The amazing part about talking dirty is that it allows you to access the more lusty side that every women hides away because she doesn’t want to be called a slut.

But women really love sex, and in my experience, they love it much more than men. Have you ever talked to women about their orgasmic experiences and how they can be orgasmic for hours?

As a qualified sexologist, I get to talk to many women about sex. Women tell me they want to enter into deep, profound orgasms. They want to be with a man that will access their real sensual and sexual side. They want to be with a REAL MAN that is masculine and leads them into their energy and they want to feel really safe to totally let go.

Now, talking dirty is a real easy way for you to get into your real strength as a man and it also allows you to access her real sexual potential.

And Now It’s Your Turn to Learn To Talk Dirty!

Introducing…The Secrets Of Dirty Talkiing!

‘The Secrets Of Dirty Talking’ is a powerful new report where I reveal the exact words and phrases that I use to actually give women orgasms just from words.

I discovered the power of dirty talking when I started exploring online dating. I wanted to make my first phone call sexual and highly erotic. I wanted to do something that NO other man had ever done on a first phone call.

I put together a powerful script that allows any women to become very turned on and sexual, just from my words. When I asked my potential date on the first phone call, could I take her on a journey, she agreed. I then just read my script and I was a little shocked in that in the end she was having intense orgasms just from my words. And I had never met her!

She told me that later that she was having orgasms from no self touching at all. She is having orgasms just from my words.

Lining up a first date is pretty easy after this, I can tell you from personal experience!

This report literally gives the exact, complete script that I have been using when talking to a new date on the phone.

Now that makes me feel powerful that as a man that my words caused her to have orgasms. How would you feel if you learnt this skill?

I have tested and tested for years to come up with this script and I am finally going to reveal it to you!

Inside this new report I am going to tell you not only the exact words and phrases, but how and where I use them in my normal lovemaking.

But The Best Part Is…

You Don’t Need To Change How You Make Love! – These words work to really ramp up the sexual energy. Every women wants great foreplay.
You Don’t Need Much Time To Learn To Talk Dirty! – Just plug these words and phrases into your lovemaking and watch she respond, it really takes no time at all.
You Don’t Need A Supper Large Penis! – Talking dirty allows you to open the door to her lusty passion that she hides away.
You Don’t Need to Last For Ages.! – Following my report, you will have no problems even if you are a newbie. Just talk dirty before intercourse.
…It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are, How New (Or Advanced) You Are At Lovemaking!!

If you are looking for a way of becoming a real sexual stud, these methods will work and your lover will thank you!

When your lover turns to you and says ” honey, you are my best lover ever”, you will feel totally appreciated as a man, and smile inside, again and again.

If you want to date more women, and create sexual tension on the first date, you need this report..

You’re Going To Learn How To Make Your Lover Very Turned On In Any Situation Just by Using Dirty Talking!

You will learn the secret words that I have tested and used for 5 years to make my lovers orgasm, again and again.

I’ll let you in on all of those secrets and more inside ‘The Secret Dirty Taking’ report!

Here Are A Few More Things You Will Learn:

How To Get The Ball Rolling When Dirty Talking To Your Lover

Learn What To Say When Talking Dirty That Will Turn Her On.

2 Great Tricks To Stimulate Your Lovers Erotic Imagination

The Complete Erotic script that I Use to Give Women Orgasms By Words Alone

How To Become More Dominant When Talking Dirty

The Right Way And Time To Use Dirty Talking

How to Command Your Lover to Orgasm and Exactly When YOU Want

And More!
That’s just the tip of the iceberg! If you are struggling to make your lover orgasm, then you need to stop the feelings of being inadequate. Maybe you just want some easy tips for more orgasmic sex.

You need to get a copy of The Secret Dirty Talking Report.- But I’m Not Stopping There.. –

I wanted to give you some killer strategies that’ll help you give even more orgasms…So I am throwing in..Amazing Oral Sex Secrets for Men

This is a huge bonus and worth triple the price of the report itself. Here you will learn My Simple Foolproof Methods for expert Oral Sex. This combined with the Secret Dirty Talking Report will make your lover very orgasmic.

Sadly, 70% women do not orgasm from intercourse, so all men need to master the art of oral sex. Combine this with G Spot massage as taught in this bonus manual and also use dirty talking to ramp up the energy and it is likely she will have many orgasms from intercourse…AND I’m Throwing In..Overcome Premature Ejaculation in 7 Days!

Here is another huge bonus that sells more on it’s own then this whole package is going for. In this report you will learn how to last for ages and come when you want to, with easy-to-learn sex skills!”

Plus 2 More Reports First Time Anal Sex And How To Give An Erotic Massage | Sleep Better At Night Knowing You Now Know How To Make A Woman So Lusty That She Just Wants More Sex!
WARNING: You Might Get More Sex Than You can Handle It is really that simple. There is no need for some guru like knowledge or years of sexual experience to make women have massive orgasms. All you need is the Secret Dirty Talking packag!


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Porn Star Sex Life – Sex Pioner System Review | Porn Star Sex Life – Sex Pioner System Download

Module 1:

How To Talk Dirty Like A Porn Star.”

You’re going to discover everything you need to know about talking dirty to a woman, and bringing her from sexual intrigue; through making her so horny, she cannot concentrate on anything other than ripping your clothes off.
We are also going to show you the EXACT text messages that have worked to get us to drop what we were doing and race to our booty calls!
You are also going to discover:

Our most private tricks for getting women to orgasm with just your words alone! BUT – When you combine this with touching her, then look out! She might just erupt.
15 common words that hear every day, that when used correctly in conversation will make any woman start to subconsciously think of having sex with you, right then and there.
learn how to use text messages to make virtually any woman’s panties dripping wet. It won’t matter if she’s at work, out with her friends or just laying around watching TV.
You’re also going to learn a single phrase that, when you say it to a woman, could make her stop whatever she’s doing and want to have sex with you at that very moment.
Our unique keys for talking dirty in bed, that when done right can give a woman an explosive orgasm without ever even touching her!
That barely scratches the surface of everything you’ll discover in this module, but for now, let’s move on.

Module 2:

“Sex Toy University”

This module Is basically the college level course you wish you could have taken, because it was designed to make you understand everything about sex toys like a pro!
By the time you are through with this module, you will know more about the world of sex toys than you ever imagined.
We are going to show you:

A private tour of our favorite sex shop aisle by aisle, where we reveal to you every variety of sex toy you can imagine.
You’ll discover a tiny little device that costs less than $5, but can double your partner’s orgasms instantly!
Mistakes to avoid when shopping for toys that could save you thousands of dollars, and months of lost time and blown opportunities.
EXACTLY what a Sexual Pioneer MUST keep in their night stand, for maximum results – every time!

Over 100 of absolutely amazing toys you’ve never even known existed until now!

Finally, we’re also going to reveal our secret for purchasing the best possible toys, in the most discreet and inexpensive way that we’ve ever found.

Module 3:

“Sex Toy Mastery”

Now that the massive world of sex toys will no longer be a mystery to you, it’s time to learn how to use them like a porn star! We’re going to bring you inside my bedroom for a very special private lesson.
This is a complete step-by-step, “hands on” demonstration you won’t soon forget.
Here’s a little sample of module 3:

How to give your lover the absolutely most satisfying sexual experiences possible with your new toys..

We’ll cover everything from the right toys to use in which situations,to the best positions to be using them in. And, even which toys you can combine to give her screaming orgasms that are sure to wake the neighbors.
Our secrets to giving your partner a tidal wave of rolling orgasms.

The trick to making your partners smile from ear to ear, days after you’ve slept together.

A move that less than 1% of men know about, but can make virtually any woman scream so loudly, she may loose her voice.
The dirty little secret that most women would never want you to know about their own sex toys.

And much much more!

Module 4:

“Unleashing Her Inner Freak”

This is the hardcore instruction for you’ve been waiting for, if you’ve ever wanted to have total and complete control over your lovers.
Or if you have ever fantasized about giving up control, and letting her have her way with you.
Here’s what we’ve got in store for you:

How to give your lover the absolutely most satisfying sexual experiences possible with your new toys.

The one thing you MUST say to any partner to get them to bring out their wild side in bed – and no longer be just ‘plain and ordinary’ between the sheets.

The secret reasons 99% of women don’t call you and ask you to help fulfill their fantasies in bed… and how to avoid missing out on these opportunities ever again.

How to let her know that she needs to step up her ‘game’ in bed, if she’s going to ever keep up with you. – Most women are completely unprepared for this, since hardly any men can pull this off!

And much much more!

Module 5:

“Never Get Bored In Bed Again”

This module is all about learning how to play a large variety of sex games that were designed to give you the most creative sex life you’ve ever had.
Learning just one or two of these games will help ensure that every single sexual experience is different and more fun than the last… But we didn’t just stop at a few games, We’ve got a whole truck-load.
In this module you will discover:

A secret game you can play with any woman, which will force her to imagine sleeping with you. AND you can even play this game while you’re out in a crowded public place.

5 simple steps that allow you to fool around with any woman – yes, even that secret crush, with ZERO resistance or hesitation.

A super fun game that takes less than 60 seconds to learn and set up, but will give you a completely different sexual experience every time you play it..

A sexy variation on a game you may have played when you were younger, which – in under 5 minutes, could easily result in you receiving oral sex from multiple partners at the same time.

And that’s just the beginning!

Module 6:

“Threesomes Anytime!”

If you’ve ever been curious about learning the secrets to enjoying multiple partners whenever you want – and let’s be honest, who hasn’t – Than you are going to want to pay close attention to this module!.
It doesn’t matter if you’re single, casually dating, or in a long term relationship; if you want to experience sex with multiple partners, we’ve got you covered!
Here’s a little sample of module 6:

The exact steps you need to take to not only bring up the idea of the threesome, but also get your partner super and excited to try it out! .

Our most tightly guarded secrets for making threesomes happen whenever you want.

A series of amazing moves that many people refer to as “The hottest positions they’ve ever tried”.

Critical mistakes that almost all guys make during a threesome that women hate and makes them never want to try it again. (Don’t ANY of these things, if you ever want another threesome.)

Module 7:

“Being Her Sexual Pioneer”

As you can see, we’re going to be covering a ton of stuff that’s probably new to you, and the last thing you want is to feel lost.
In this module you will discover how to combine all of your amazing new skills so you and your lovers will enjoy the mose intense, orgasmic and unforgettable sexual experiences of your life:

Learn to read your lovers queues, so you know exactly how and when to turn up the intensity.

Techniques that should never be combined IF you want her to come back again

How to transform that “nice girl” in to your personal dirty and uninhibited slut in the bedroom.

How to make “late night” internet video seem like child’s compared to the sex you’re experiencing.

And much much more!

Module 8:

“After Care And Beyond”

After Care is what will determine if your partners will continue to get more wild and uninhibited in bed, or if they will become even less open then ever.
When you introduce something new to your partners, such as toys, or threesomes, it will seem exciting at first… But it can take an emotional toll on them. Module 8 will help make every new sexual experience better than the last.
In this module, you will discover:

The 3 questions you MUST ask your partners after every single new experience, that will make her want to keep getting more and more crazy with you.

The secrets to sexual addiction: This will cause her to want to be around you and having sex with you a lot more than you might be able to handle.

An amazingly simple secret that’s almost entirely unknown to men, that will peak her sexual excitement and arousal, AND give her such intense orgasms she’ll feel as like she’s about to explode… (And you can do this, hours before you even touch her.)

Oh yeah, and you’re going to learn all of that in just the first few minutes of this module.


Porn Star Sex Life Module 0 – Sex Pioner System Webinar.mp4

Porn Star Sex Life Module 1 – How to Talk Dirty Like A Porn Star.pdf

Porn Star Sex Life Module 2 – Sex Toy University.mp4

Porn Star Sex Life Module 3 – Sex Toy Mastery.mp4

Porn Star Sex Life Module 4 – Unleash Her Inner Freak.mp4

Porn Star Sex Life Module 5 – Never Bored In Bed.mp4

Porn Star Sex Life Module 6 – Threesomes Anytime.mp4 + Threesome Pioneer Cheat Sheet.pdf

Porn Star Sex Life Module 7 – Her Sexual Pioneer.mp4

Porn Star Sex Life Module 8 – After Care And Beyond.mp4

Porn Star Sex Life Bonus 1 – Funny Adult Industry Stories.mp4

Porn Star Sex Life Bonus 2 – Touch Secrets to Drive Her Wild.mp3

Porn Star Sex Life Bonus 3 – Never Get Cheated On.pdf

Porn Star Sex Life Bonus 4 – Alpha Manifesto.pdf

Porn Star Sex Life Bonus 5 – Bondage In The Bedroom.mp4

Porn Star Sex Life Bonus 6 – Adonis Effect Vol 1.pdf

Premium Bonus 1 – World’s Best Head.mp4 + cheat sheet.pdf + Guide To Riding Face.pdf + lovers coupons.pdf

Premium Bonus 2- Bedding Gorgeous Bisexual Woman.pdf

Premium Bonus 3 – How To Seduce Strippers..Without Going Broke.pdf

Premium Bonus 4 – 101 Awesome Sex Tips That Double Her Pleasure.pdf



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Bobby Rio –  Make Her Beg You to Bang Her 3 step system PDF Download

Bobby Rio Make Her Beg You to Bang Her 3

Bobby Rio Make Her Beg You to Bang Her
This book is going to share you simple 3 step system how to start a conversation from natural mode to sexual mode by Bobby Rio. He will show you how to make your girl feel lust and have her beg to go back to the bedroom.

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60 Years of Challenge – Secret Seduction Triggers Review | 60 Years of Challenge – Secret Seduction Triggers Download

60 Years of Challenge - Secret Seduction Triggers Download

Something BIG is coming…By this time tomorrow the way guys meet and attract women will never be the same The secret isn’t out just yet, so I can’t reveal too much, but I wanted to give you a sneak peak before anyone else…

This morning I just put the finishing touches on a SECRET VIDEO training course called 60 Years of ChallengeSecret Seduction Triggers

This is advanced EVIL stuff ‘specially designed’ for guys who want to BANG girls they already know

Maybe she’s a friend, a co-worker, “an ex” or just that really hot girl you see everyday at the coffee shop

Do you have a picture of her in your mind?


Now picture her completely naked because I’m going to show you a simple TRICK for making her drop her tiny little panties and hop into your bed by the end of this week

You’re going behind the scenes to watch “video examples” of a successful pickup featuring real women (beautiful models)

Simply copy what I do in the videos and getting that girl you want into bed becomes as simple as pushing a button

That’s because unlike reading a book, you finally get to SEE exactly what you should be doing

  • How to escalate the VIBE between you and that one girl you want to the point where she will explode with LUST for you (watch me bring out this models naughty side on video) …
  • Unlock her PRIMAL sexual instincts making her feel like she still has one foot in the jungle and needs to have sex with you to survive
  • The secret stealth escalation pattern that gives you an upper-hand no matter what you look like (a very sneaky but fail-proof way to get the kiss)
  • How to avoid being her BUDDY and getting trapped in the “friend zone”… and HOW to quickly get out of it if you do (even if you’ve known her for years)
  • EXPOSED: How to tap into her sense of nativity she still has in her which allows you to command her to do things at will (please use this one carefully)
  • The 1 critical mistake most guys make that instantly turns a woman off and how to make sure you don’t do the same (If you don’t know this, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle)
  • Why girls like “bad boys” and how to turn it on it’s head so that being a gentlemen and nice guy is actually going to work in your favor (then watch her dump her jerk boyfriend and date you instead)

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…Once you know theseSecret Seduction Triggers, it’s not a matter of getting a girl you want…It will be as simple as you taking the girl you want

 Video #1: Sexual Ignition

 Video #2: Roadblocks to SEX

 Video #3: Secrets of Sexual Tension

 Video #4: Micro-Escalation

 Video #5: Seductive Listening

 Video #6: Secret Seduction Triggers

 Video #7:  Decoding Her Signals

 Video #8: Making Your Move

 Video #9: Bulletproof Confidence

 Video #10: Getting Her Home Fast

 Video  #11: Closing The Deal Tonight


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Christian McQueen – Stripclub Bible Review | Christian McQueen – Stripclub Bible Download

I Guarantee This Is the Simplest Way for ANY Guy To Start Picking Up Strippers the Very Next Time You Go to a Strip Club:

  • Without “making it rain”
  • Without wearing idiotic looking clothes to get attention
  • Without buying lap dances
  • Without spending money in the VIP
  • From the next time you hit the strip club…and for the rest of your life.

Christian McQueen – The Alpha Playboy Review | Christian McQueen – The Alpha Playboy Download

Have you ever wanted a lifestyle so amazing that women hunt for you rather than the other way around? Have you ever wondered if a normal man can ever have more women than he has time for? Can you become an alpha playboy?

  • MYTH 1: You need to be wealthy and famous to be a playboy

  • MYTH 2: A normal man cannot build a harem of beautiful girls.

  • MYTH 3: It takes years to achieve the alpha playboy lifestyle.

I can tell you that this perception that playboys must be famous, wealthy men is patently FALSE. The playboy lifestyle is accessible to ANYONE willing to put in the effort to achieve it. And it doesn’t take a lot of money and it doesn’t take fame. I started out as a nobody and accomplished this enviable lifestyle from years of my own effort. BUT IT WONT TAKE YEARS FOR YOU! I would love to give you the opportunity to learn from my journey that took me from nobody to ALPHA PLAYBOY.

I Guarantee This Is the Simplest Way for ANY Guy To Start LIVING the Dream of the Playboy Lifestyle.

In this Ebook You Will Discover…

  • The Game of an Alpha Playboy

    Practical steps to building the playboy lifestyle. Goals, time management and the one habit that will greatly increase your productivity and how to gear your life for success.

  • How to Dress Like an Alpha Playboy

    An Alpha Playboy must separate himself from the pack. I guide you through suit selection, accessories and even how to be stylish on the cheap.

  • Fitness, Body & Health

    Looking your best and fittest will boost your confidence and boost your effectiveness as a Playboy. I give you workout and dietary secrets for staying in top shape.

  • Lifestyle of an Alpha Playboy

    I give you insights into the sophisticated lifestyle  and culture of the Playboy. Step By Step Goals and The 1 Secret You Can Do Today To Start Being Productive etc.

Christian McQueen – NightclubBible Review | Christian McQueen – NightclubBible Download

 Christian McQueen - NightclubBible Download

Here Are Just Some Of The Things You’re About To Learn:

  • The Art of the Approach: everything you’ve ever wanted to know on how to approach girls.  Includes real life examples and strategies. Pg. 18
  • The one thing to NEVER do when out on a date…if you want to get laid that is. Pg. 34
  • The 5 Steps to Sex: Once she’s inside your spot, how to get inside of her….step-by-step. Pg. 49
  • Personal Style Guide: I break down EXACTLY what to wear no matter what type of nightclub you are into.  This is worth more than the price of the Nightclub Bible itself. Pg. 60
  • Why Knowing Your Niche can make or break you in nightclubs and how to find out your niche even if you have no clue right now. Pg. 54
  • My Exact Mindset when I’m in the club: Including what I say AND WHY I say it. Pg. 92
  • The ONE thing that is life-changing when you prep for your night out. Pg. 68
  • Short Guy Game: How to Pick Up Women if you are shorter than average. Pg. 115
  • Promoter and Hosting Game: How To Get a Free Table + Free Bottles (Step by Step) pg. 112
  • and a TON more…


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Mehow – The One(der) System Download

Mehow-The One(der) System Man's Guide to Getting Your 100% Perfect Girl

Man’s Guide to Getting Your 100% Perfect Girl : Mehow-The One(der) System

The overall strategy and approach for getting a girlfriend in this program is solid. It outlines a mature and effective step by step process that will work if you put the time into it. Don’t expect it to be easy of course – it takes work and so it should.
What makes it stand out is that it integrates concepts like social skills (aka social circle game) and steadily building a solid relationship with the girl you are interested in. Mehow spends quite a bit of time talking about the things you shouldn’t do that could jeopardize having a solid relationship with her – this is just as important as telling you what to do.

Something to keep in mind is also that the system is aimed at getting high quality girls with lots of options. So it emphasizes the need for things like jealousy which are less necessary and can even mess up your chances if used with less challenging or ‘in demand’ women. Using jealousy needs to be calibrated to the girl, but Mehow doesn’t discuss calibrating to the girl sufficiently. It’s the one area of weakness in his approach that could use more information to make it easier to implement.

Tackles the Tricky Situations that May be Involved when You Want that One Girl

On a practical note, the system is set up with the intention of giving you the best chance of getting the one girl you want (rather than getting any girl). So it uses an approach that will avoid rejection and give you a higher probability of getting that one girl. It uses concepts like social circles and approach invitations to engineer this.
Typical dating advice tells you not to focus too much on any one girl – and explains that there is an element of playing the odds with dating as well. This system goes against that trend because it is set up for you to get the one girl you are really interested in no matter the situation. So instead of telling you to avoid the difficult situations and move on to a new girl, it gives you advice to make the best of the situation.

Typically this involves steps to take to minimize the problems (e.g. rejection and social repercussions) and some rules to follow.

Example situations include where your girl has been a long time friend that doesn’t think of you romantically, your ex-girlfriend or someone you work with or the girl has a boyfriend already.

The advice was all spot on for these situations – excellent. See my comment on ‘hidden gems’ below for more on the advice on getting ex-girlfriends back.

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Vince Kelvin – Secrets of Transitioning to Sex Download

Secrets of Transitioning to Sex

Secrets of Transitioning to Sex

Tired of blue balls? Fed up with last minute resistance?

FINALLY… There is an antidote, a remedy, a way out of sexual starvation and frustration!

26 world experts, assembled at the 3rd annual PUA Summit are about to RADICALLY REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR SEXUAL REALITY! Imagine the impact and potency of the combined experience of the bests of the bests on the planet, there to guide and drill you on how to TRANSITION TO SEX….and turn the rocky road to the bedroom into a smooth speedway to the satisfaction and “sucksex” you always wanted!!!

Featuring: Badboy/Marius, Adam Lyons, Hypnotica, Mehow, Vince Kelvin, David Wygant, Speer, Asian Playboy, Brad P., Kosmo, Daxx, Johnny Wolf, DJ Fuji, Nick Rogue, Hydro & Blue, Kino 5000, Artisan, Sexual Chocolate, Erika Awakening, Marni from The Wing Girl Method.

Includes: 7 DVDs and 2 CDs for $109



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Woman Magnet 2.0 Subliminal Download (5G – Type BD Hybrid)

Woman Magnet 2.0 Subliminal Download

Woman Magnet 2.0 Subliminal Download

Woman Magnet 2.0 Subliminal Product Product Description

Alert: This program is specifically designed and intended to be used after you have finished using the entire Alpha Male Subliminal Training Set according to the directions. It requires a strong foundation, which is best developed through using the Alpha Male Set. DO NOT attempt to use this program until you have completed all six stages of the Alpha Male Subliminal Training Set according to the directions.

Woman Magnet 2.0 – formerly known as “Manifest Abundant Beautiful Women” in Version 1.0 – was created in response to a request on the forum, and built to reflect the desires of the forum members who posted on the subject. It is designed to change your thinking, attitude and beliefs regarding beautiful single women, and manifest a steady stream of them into your life. In total, this program is designed to all of the following, and more:

  • Change your self image to a positive one which allows you to become “that guy” who always has lots of beautiful women to socialize with, date and have sex with.
  • Overcome social anxiety concerning beautiful women.
  • Overcome approach anxiety concerning beautiful single women.
  • Manifest a powerful, magnetic aura that both communicates your warmth and approachability to others and makes them want to come talk with you, but also attracts beautiful single women to you.
  • Manifests into your life an abundance of beautiful single women with whom you can socialize, date and have sex.
  • Makes it easy to meet and attract beautiful single women, both actively and passively.
  • Changes your perspective to one of abundance and ease concerning the availability of beautiful single women, and meeting them.
  • Changes your perception so that no single specific woman is of extremely high value because of the perception of scarcity, which makes your actions and attitude based on a lack of desperation, which makes you more attractive to the women you are attracting, and makes you more powerful in dealing with them.
  • The knowledge that no matter what, you have something in common with, and of interest to, the women you are attracted to, and that discovering those commonalities and mutual interests is a great way to have fun with her.
  • Complete lack of concern for whether she is involved, because you have the confidence to know that you are a great catch and a lack of desperation in needing to get involved with any specific woman, while at the same time attracting a steady stream of beautiful SINGLE women into your life with whom you can have a good time.
  • To fill your free time with beautiful, single women with whom to have a good time.
  • Makes your aura irresistibly attractive and sexy to the sort of fun, beautiful, single women you want to attract.
  • Changes self perception to that of a high-value high status man, as a man, as well as sexually and romantically. You will see yourself as being someone who has something to offer women sexually and romantically that makes you worth their interest and pursuit in these areas, and you will be able to deliver on it.
  • Creates and capitalizes on a special sort of manifestation and success momentum concerning attracting and dealing with beautiful single women.
  • Improves self esteem, self respect, self worth, self reliance and self security.
  • And more!

New in Woman Magnet 2.0 Subliminal Version 2.0, taken from suggestion from our customers themselves:

  1. Built in 5th Generation format, making it much more powerful, fast acting and effective than 4G.
  2. Uses HyperSpeed Technology, which ramps up the 5th Gen build format and makes it much more powerful, fast acting and able to overcome resistance.
  3. Uses Self Optimizing Scripting, which allows HyperSpeed Technology to actually become self-configuring for optimal efficiency and effectiveness at all times, actually adjusting to the user on a second by second basis.
  4. Includes the new “naturalizer” scripting, which makes even major transformations happen so naturally that you’ll feel like you’ve always been that way.
  5. Helps you live in the moment, instead of worrying about the past, or “what if”.
  6. Gratitude programming. Everything is better with gratitude!
  7. Helps generate an abundance of good things in your life, naturally focused according to the title.
  8. Success programming, but focused on – women!
  9. Generates a reality in which you become pursued and approached wherever you go.
  10. Allows you to see beyond just a woman’s looks, and discover her inner beauty as well.
  11. Eye seduction! Become capable of communicating with, and seducing, women using just your eyes. I love this part.
  12. Loving life. If you’re having a great time being alive, you’ll naturally attract women who want to feel good. And everyone wants to feel good.
  13. Generating more self trust. Trusting yourself helps a lot with relaxing into the role of, and naturally becoming, a playful social alpha.
  14. Authenticity and congruency programming.
  15. Everything is possible programming.
  16. Deservedness programming – a big one that makes a huge difference.
  17. Intuition enhancement and observational enhancement, designed to allow you to know which women are interested, how, in what, and when, so you can act on it appropriately for the situation.
  18. Limitlessness programming. Life without limits is a life lived fully.
  19. Gets women to express their interest in you both physically and verbally, and in ways that are as obvious as possible.
  20. Focuses on attracting high quality beautiful SINGLE women into your life.
  21. Status booster works to turn you into a high status, high quality, high class and high value playful social alpha male.
  22. Allow yourself to fully express your passions during sex, while being able to shift to deep, intimate lovemaking if you wish.
  23. Be able to handle, and manage, multiple relationships and sexual partners simultaneously, if that is your desire.
  24. Increases openness, and focuses on relaxed honesty. There is no man more attractive than the one who is honest, because such a man can be trusted, and only through trust in the man she is interested in does a woman’s potential truly bloom.
  25. Self image programming strips off negative self imagery and shifts you to acceptance and appreciation of your body and how you look, while still wanting to improve (or at least maintain) it.
  26. Positive attitude, positive thinking.
  27. Ego balancing.
  28. Ability to let go and relax, because you know everything will be okay.
  29. Be genuinely interested in discovering new things, have genuine interest in others, and therefore naturally and automatically enjoy meeting, getting to know and spending time with others.
  30. Working on your body, taking care of yourself, and being interested in self improvement physically.
  31. Self acceptance as a high status, high class, high quality playful social alpha male – a genuine ladies man.
  32. Own your accomplishments with socializing and women, instead of discounting them as luck, accidental, random, or something else.
  33. Sexiness programming that makes you project an aura of sexiness and adjusts your speech, attitude, movement and body language to express your sexiness in a neutral manner that neither says you are desperate nor says to her that you are trying to seduce her. The result is a very sexy, magnetic and attractive man, whom ladies find unique and gravitate to naturally.
  34. Opening yourself up to trust others, but not so much that you are foolish or unreasonably vulnerable.
  35. Kill the creepiness factor, and the fear of coming across as creepy, and replace it with solid confidence instead.
  36. Strong knowledge and confidence in your skills and value as a boyfriend, lover, etc. which gives you the attitude, speech patterns, body language and belief that you are among the very best, if not the absolute best there is in those areas, while manifesting that as an outward reality that is not just a belief in your head.
  37. “Alpha anxiety” destruction. For those of you who worry about “being alpha enough”, or not being “as alpha as you should be”, this will kill the need to be good enough, and allow you to just become the programming and express it naturally.
  38. Understanding that you are not perfect, and allowing yourself to express vulnerabilities, which makes you approachable to others, especially women.
  39. Continues the programming from AM to prevent you from allowing yourself to be manipulated by others, especially women.
  40. For those who choose to be monogamous, it triggers gratitude in being with just the woman you choose, and allows you to be happy with and enjoy being with just her.
  41. Confidently and successfully recognize, and respond to, the tests and drama women give you, remaining calm and in control, and having a calming effect on the situation at the same time, and in the end demonstrating such alpha self mastery that she ends up wanting you even more.
  42. Improves and empowers communication with women, as well as communication skills in general.
  43. The ability to make deep contact with a woman when you want to, in order to get through to her in powerful ways that grab her attention and make her understand what you are communicating.
  44. Communicate with women in powerful, playful and physical ways which pull her to you and bring you closer together.
  45. The ability to lead her to the best possible outcome from the situation, for you both.
  46. The ability to shift yourself between serious, playful, sexual, and heartfelt, at will, smoothly and effectively, and back to any other of those states again.
  47. Maximizes and magnifies social proof.
  48. Let go of negativity, anger or hatred for women, and replace it with love and appreciation for them as a whole – while refusing to allow yourself to be mistreated by them in any way.
  49. Make women feel good and have a good time being around you, and enjoy doing so for yourself.
  50. Sense and naturally express exactly the right level of “sexual threat” that she wants and needs from you for the goal you have concerning her sexually, while otherwise remaining non-threatening.
  51. Destroy beliefs and thoughts that women are or should be uncomfortable around you, and replace this with knowledge that they appreciate and enjoy your company instead.
  52. Understanding and acceptance that attraction, love and sexual interaction are natural, not forced, and allow them to flow and become, naturally.
  53. Make it possible for multiple women to enjoy your company at the same time, regardless of how attracted they may be to you.
  54. Destruction of approach anxiety and agenda.
  55. Enhances flirting skills.
  56. Achieve a natural state in which your expectations are zero and you have only the intent of laughing, having fun with and conversing with people you dont yet know, without neediness or agenda.
  57. Fear destruction programming helps remove and destroy all types of fear.

As you can see, the suggestions made my our forum members more than double the effects and impact this program is now designed to have. You asked for it, and once again, I delivered. Its here, and its in 5G with HyperSpeed Technology and Self Optimizing Scripting. Do you dare step up and discover the awesome power and magnitude of this amazing program for yourself? Perhaps a better question is… can you afford not to?

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