007s Guide to a Womans Heart – Elite Training Bundle

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007s Guide to a Womans Heart – Elite Training Bundle Download

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Every woman wants to be with a hero.
Discover how you can be her James Bond and have the love life you desire & deserve.
Product Bundle - 007s Guide to a Womans Heart – Elite Training Bundle

To help you up-level your game, we talked the top experts into contributing their most thought after products & coaching programs into “007’s Elite Training Bundle”

Pre-order the bundle to get premium training at a fraction of the cost… Including:

The Real’s Man Guide to Unreal Freedom $997 Value

How to have more sex, make more money, and experience more fulfillment with Satori Mateu

Your confidence with women affects your interactions, the depth of your intimacy, and how successful you are at having fulfilling relationships.
This Program will Help You:
•    Let go of the emotional charges around relationships that either make you clingy or a jerk, so you can have the freedom to be authentically YOU
•    Get confident you can have more sex than you can handle without being rejected, even if you’ve tried “everything”
•    Learn the step-by-step system to becoming an enlightened and balanced man that thrives through challenges
•    Discover the 5 traits of a successful affluent man who knows he can make any woman extremely happy
•    How to make more money and be more productive without compromising the time with your woman or having her nag you about working too much
Digital Program
Satori Product Unreal Freedom - 007s Guide to a Womans Heart – Elite Training Bundle
Viva La CLEANSE!™ $997 Value

Stunning celebrity secrets to weight loss you weren’t supposed to know! with Evita Ramparte

Get your body back and reawaken your warrior energy.
A unique 90 day detox and weight loss program applied by men across the world reveals the lifestyle secrets of sexual vitality!
Developed by a European journalist, who cured ovarian cancer naturally, lost 83lbs & turned her life around.
The Results You Are Likely to Experience:
•    High Energy & Mental Clarity
•    Instant Weight Loss
•    Cellular Rejuvenation & Strong Immunity
•    Great Libido & Hormonal Balance
•    Athletic Endurance
Online Program
Viva La Cleanse - 007s Guide to a Womans Heart – Elite Training Bundle
Seductive Communication $997 Value

How to be irresistible in the bedroom and the boardroom! with Dr. Sky Blossoms

Seduction is a skill that can be learned and honed. This exquisite audio program will reveal the secrets of attraction and sexual escalation.
You’ll Discover How To:
* Avoid the biggest turn offs in communication
* Enhance your natural magnetism & flirt like a pro
* Evoke a sexual desire in your partner & make her addicted to you
* Master the 7 elements of seductive communication
… never get “friend zoned” again!
LIVE Coaching Program
Sky Product Mockup - 007s Guide to a Womans Heart – Elite Training Bundle
Warrior Clarity Session $600 Value

Get clarity, identify obstacles, and build a plan of attack with Simon Smart

Warrior Protocol was designed for men who want to 10x their sense of mission and develop the Presence, Power and Performance to carry it out – stepping into their power as men and warriors to make a dent in the universe.
No-BS Private 70 min. Coaching Session will Help You:
•    Gain massive clarity on who you want to be in life
•    Be a more powerful man using awareness, honesty, and conviction
•    Get all aspects of your life pushing in the same direction for maximum sustainable results
•    Understand how to move out of anxiety and into  the flow
•    Learn powerful mind focus & breathing techniques for becoming more present
Deep-dive Private Coaching Session
Passion Warrior Ignite $497 Value

Discover the 6 step system to live with more passion and purpose and LOVE your life! with Dallas Michael Cyr

This is a proven system based on over 10 years of research and experience.
This Program Will Help You:
* Let go of painful events
* Get unstuck
* Discover your purpose
You’ll get more than 6 hours of transformational content and results driven exercises.
Digital Program
Passion Warrior Dallas - 007s Guide to a Womans Heart – Elite Training Bundle
The Ultimate Love Summit $194 Value

20+ Leading experts reveal their secrets for building a wildly successful business and finding love

Learn the new rules to earning more money, working fewer hours, and cultivating a better business and personal relationships filled with love, trust and mutual successes.
This is the next evolution of love for life, business and impact. You’ll get access to more than 20 interviews with extraordinary people who have learned to master both career and love!
The Ultimate Love Summit - 007s Guide to a Womans Heart – Elite Training Bundle
007’s Guide to a Woman’s Heart Boot Camp  $197 Value

Elite Re-Play Package to master your skills and fuel your drive

Discover the secrets tactics of world-class leaders to living your fullest potential and building extraordinary meaningful relationships that last.
Get the Best Tools to:
* Master Your Communication
* Live on Purpose
* Understand Women Better
* Be Rejection-proof
* Increase Your Confidence & Charm
So that you can be the most powerful, confident, and unapologetically authentic version of you.
Full Collection of the Recordings


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