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“3 Simple Mind Tricks That Allow You To Make Any Woman Wet… Horny… and Wanting To Sleep With You Within Just 10 Minutes”

kirsten price
Kirsten Price,
Professional Wing Woman

My name is Kirsten, and in this letter I’m going to show you 3 simple mind tricks that allow you to make any woman wet… horny… and wanting to sleep with you within just 10 minutes of meeting her.

How did I discover them?

Well it’s a little embarrassing… but in a minute, I’m going to tell you the story of how a guy used them on me.

So if there’s a girl you have your eye on now:

A co-worker… a friend… your ex… even a random waitress, or girl at the bar –

You’ll use this to unlock the hidden,
primal part of her brain… the place that holds her innermost sexual desires, channel them towards YOU, and make her uncontrollably WET and craving you inside her.


What I’m going to share with you is… how do I say it? A little bit sneaky.

To her, and anyone else listening, it’ll seem like a normal, innocent conversation. She’ll have NO IDEA what you are up to… only that she can’t get her wild sexual thoughts about you to stop.

It doesn’t matter if you’re her “type”… In fact, this can be even more effective if you are NOT the usual physical type she goes for.

There is a weird biological reason for this, which I’ll explain to you in a minute. Also – it has NOTHING to do with memorizing cheesy lines.

I’ll tell you, as a girl, we HATE that stuff.

What I’m going to show you is much more powerful.

It allows you to go BEYOND conversation, and connect with her on a deep, EMOTIONAL LEVEL. Making her feel that “spark” that tells her YOU are her best possible choice.

A lot of woman are ANGRY with me for sharing this. They think guys will use it to manipulate women or just to have a bunch of one-night-stands.

But only 1000 guys in the entire world will ever have access to this… so in the grand scheme of things, it won’t make that much of a difference.

To the 1000 guys who DO get in… however…their lives are about to change.

If you’re watching this, that means there are still spots available, and that one of them can be yours… so let me congratulate you in advance!

A whole new world of success with hot women is about to open up for you… and by the end of this letter, you’ll see why.

To start… it’s important I tell you who I am, and the slightly embarrassing story how I discovered this.

My name is Kirsten Price.

 look at the big poster behind me!

You may recognize me as a former Wicked Girl… or my role on the TV series, “Weeds”,
but what you might not know about me don’t know about me is for the last 5 years, I’ve been a Dating Coach.

I started out as a professional “wing girl”… where guys would pay me to go out to bars with them, and introduce them to hot women.

But it was when I figured out the Female Mind Mastery system – that allows guys to attract women WITHOUT my help – that’s when my business really took off.

Clients now regularly pay me $250 dollars an hour to show them this system, along with the 3 secrets I’m about to reveal to you right now for free.

Ok, so let’s get started!

First off, I have a confession to make to you about us girls.

When it comes to dating… We Don’t KNOW What We Really Want!

If you ask a girl what she is looking for in a guy, she’ll usually tell you she wants a guy who is confident, nice, and has a sense of humor.

But then, if you look at the guys she actually DATES… they are anything BUT this!

Honestly, I was guilty of this myself. It took an embarrassing moment for me to figure out what REALLY makes a girl chose one guy over another.

The short story I’m about to tell you may astonish you, or even make you think less of me…but I hope it doesn’t.

It’s important I tell you the truth.

Dave and I are flying to Vegas for a party I’m hosting at The Venetian. At the airport gate, I spy a smoking hot little redhead – and she’s got her eye on Dave!

“Hey that’s the girl I told you about!”, Dave says. “The one I’ve been dating!”

Dave goes over to talk to her, and I start to remember…

Her name is Tina, and Dave had taken her on 3 dates but hadn’t even kissed her yet.

Dave was excited to see she was going to Vegas. With the 2 of them in that crazy city at the same time, he figured he would surely close the deal!

He invited her to my party that night, and sure enough, she showed up.

Dave runs over and gets her a drink. They are hanging out at the bar and everything looks good, as far as I can see…

But then another guy shows up.

I can’t really tell what’s going on… but Tina starts paying a LOT more attention to this new guy then she is to Dave.

All I can think is “Uh oh!”.

I knew how much Dave liked her, and I’d seen this type of thing happen to him before. The next thing I know, the new guy and Tina are MAKING OUT!

Right in front of Dave!

Dave doesn’t know WHAT to do. He comes over to me and starts telling me how he got cockblocked… then we see Tina walk out of the party with the other dude!


Dave is devastated. He proceeds to get completely drunk, then goes to his room and passes out.

Not before dropping a bunch of money at the tables!

I guess I couldn’t blame him. The situation sucked.

So the next night I’m sitting at the blackjack table by myself, and a guy comes up and starts gambling next to me.

I look over… and it’s the same guy who left with Tina the night before!

He introduces himself to me and tells me his name is Adam. I laugh, and tell Adam how my assistant had a crush on the redhead he went home with the night before.

I don’t remember exactly what we talked about next…

But here’s what I do remember… and the part I’m kinda embarrassed about…

Dave caught Adam and I walking out of my room the next morning.

Yes, I invited him back to my place. And yes, I slept with him. At the time, I didn’t really even realize why. I was sooooooo embarrassed. I’m NOT normally the type to have a one-night-stand.

But there I was. Caught redhanded with the same guy who had stolen Dave’s girl from the night before.

Dave was FURIOUS.

He kept asking me over and over why I would sleep with a guy like that. Why would the one guy in the whole city of Vegas I chose to bring home be HIM?

Here’s the funny part: I couldn’t answer! I didn’t know why!

I hadn’t planned on sleeping with anyone that night. It had just kind of happened.

This frustrated Dave even more. He’d been reading a lot of pick up artist books and I could tell he was trying to salvage the situation by learning something… but I had nothing to tell him!

Dave kept pestering me. I was starting to get annoyed. Finally, I blurted out…

“I Don’t Know Dave… He Just Made Me Horny!”

And that’s when it hit me.

Why does Dave, who took the girl on 3 dates, get nothing… but a guy like Adam can get EVERYTHING after just a few minutes of conversation?

What did Dave do wrong?

What did Adam do right?

What’s the difference between the guy who gets to sleep with the hot girl… and the dozens of guys who try and fail?

That’s it!

That is BIG THING Dave didn’t do… but Adam did…Dave took the girl on dates.

Adam Made Her Horny!

When it comes to women and dating, most guys do everything BUT this…

They take us to fancy dinners. Buy us gifts. Tell us how beautiful we are.

But do you know the problem with this is?

This stuff is called, “courting”.

And hey, we LOVE when guys do this!

It makes us feel wanted, and beautiful. But…

It Doesn’t Actually TURN US ON!

Guys forget that we are sexual creatures too.

Have you ever seen the cover of a Cosmo magazine?

Pay attention next time you are at the grocery store. Almost every article in it is about SEX!

And look how many women are going CRAZY right now over that book, “50 Shades Of Grey”!

Hey, we girls may even be more into sex than you are!

So if you forget your girl is a SEXUAL CREATURE.. and you don’t DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT by making her horny… it doesn’t matter how much “courting” you do.

No amount of dinners, gifts, or compliments are gonna get you in her pants.

If you don’t make her horny, you are buying yourself a one-way ticket to “The Friend Zone”…even if you do everything else right!

On the other hand…Guys who can get girls into bed the very same night they meet them… without waiting weeks or months… or doing ANY of that “courting” stuff… what’s their secret?

They Know How To Make A Girl Horny!

When a guy knows the steps to take to get us physically turned on… it doesn’t matter how much money he makes, what kind of education he has, whether or not he has a good relationship with his family.

Heck, even if he turns out to be an abusive jerk…

If You Make A Girl Horny, You Can Get Her Into Bed!

Ok, so now let’s talk about HOW to do it!

When it comes to what turns us girls on, you probably already know that women and men are VERY DIFFERENT.

All a man usually needs a hot body.

Put a girl in front of him with a nice rack and a tight ass… and he is ready to go!

But what we women need to get aroused is VERY DIFFERENT.

Have you heard the saying that the way to a woman’s body is through her mind?

That’s because looks aren’t nearly as important to us.

In fact, one of the BIGGEST differences between women and men is we will NEVER sleep with a guy based on his looks alone.

On the other hand… if a man DOES know how to capture a woman’s mind… she will OVERLOOK any physical faults he has.

This is why you will often see a woman with a guy who isn’t nearly as good looking as she is!

After studying relationships for the last 5 years, talking to hundreds of women about this… and interviewing guys like Adam who have slept with far more of their fair share of women… I’ve figured out that getting a woman horny comes down to just 7 things.

If You Know The 7 Things, You Can Get
Her So Horny For You
She Soaks Her Panties On The Spot!

You’ll be able to…

Easily pick girls up from bars
Turn a dinner date into a bedroom fling
Make an ordinary girl like a waitress or a sales girl get embarrassingly wet for you
Get girls to masturbate while thinking about you
Turn a “friend” into a lover… or get a girl who doesn’t notice you to all-of-a-sudden want to get down and dirty in bed with you!

A lot of times she will even make the first move!

Since I discovered these 7 things, I’ve coached dozens of guys on how to do them, and the results they’ve had are extraordinary…

Check out what my student Matt had to say after learning this:

“Before I used to try to win girls over with dinner dates. Sometimes it would take me 2 months of dates to sleep with a girl! Now that I know the Female Mind Mastery trick it’s usually one date then back to my place to fuck! Thank you Kirsten this is great”

– Matt, Boston MA

Why is this stuff so powerful?

A woman has NO CONTROL over whether or not she gets horny when you do it!

Without getting all scientific on you… I’ll just say that our brains are hard-wired to look for a guy who does these things.

It sends a powerful subconscious signal that you have GOOD GENES… and are someone we should mate with.

For example…let me tell you about Arousal Secret # 2:

Arousal Secret #2 )

Make Her Feel Safe & Secure

Arousal Secret #2 – Making Her Feel Safe & Secure – is CRITICAL… because there is no time when a woman feels more VULNERABLE than when she is naked and in bed with you.

So in order to get her there, you gotta first make her feel Safe & Secure OUTSIDE the bedroom.

Here’s a quiz for you (don’t scroll too fast or you’ll see the answer!):

When you are walking down the street with a woman on a first date, what’s most important?

a) Holding her hand
b) What you are talking about
c) Where you are standing
d) Where you are going

Most guys would answer, “What you are talking about”, “Where are you going”, or even “Holding her hand”… but the most important thing is actually…

“C” – Where you are standing!


Because it’s a great opportunity to make her feel SAFE and SECURE!

Here’s how you do it:
When you are walking down the street with a girl, you should always make sure you are walking on the OUTSIDE of the curb.


So she is near the inside, protected.

The theory is that if a car jumps the curb, it will hit you first. Or if water splashes up… you will shield her from it.

In other words, this simple gesture shows her YOU ARE PROTECTING HER.

This is even better if you have to SWITCH PLACES with her to get there. Just lightly grab her by the shoulders and switch so the outside of the curb is closest to you.

If you turn a corner and she ends up on the outside, switch her back to the inside again.

This is just one of the many ways you can make a woman feel Safe & Secure.

You really only have to do 2 or 3 of them to get her to feel this way around you ALL THE TIME… and that’s one of the BIG SECRETS to making her horny!

Kinda crazy how different the male and female brains are, huh?

Arousal Secret #3 is just as interesting…

Arousal Secret #3)

Make Her Feel Emotionally Connected

While a man will fuck a girl he just met JUST because he likes the way she looks, we women need more than that.

We need to feel an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION.

Making her feel an Emotional Connection is Arousal Secret #3.

Sometimes we will feel this “spark” in the first few minutes… it all depends on the guy.

But if we don’t… that’s ok. You can CREATE an Emotional Connection with her…

One of the best ways to do it is through REAL, passionate conversation.

Talking about your jobs, where you are from, and the usual stuff people talk about is fine to start, but here’s the thing:

She talks about that stuff with EVERYBODY!

To create an emotional connection with her, you gotta go DEEPER.

One way is by asking her a 3 simple questions to find out what her passions are…

When she feels you understand and appreciate her passions, she feels you understand and appreciate her as a PERSON… not just as a hot body you want to put your dick in.

Here’s another good one…

When you are in a conversation with a woman on your first date, what’s a better thing to talk about?

a) What you do, or how much money you make
b) How much you like her and how beautiful she is
c) Your families
d) Something embarrassing about yourself

The correct answer?

It’s actually D! Something embarrassing about yourself.

Why? Because when you tell her something embarrassing, it inspires her to let her guard down, and reveal more about herself to YOU!

Revealing stuff you normally don’t talk about is another way strong Emotional Connections are formed between 2 people.

It’s one of the 7 things you MUST do if you want to make a woman horny!

There are several other very EASY ways to make a woman feel Emotionally Connected to you… which we’ll talk more about in a minute.

Before we do, I want to give you one more of the 7 Arousal Secrets…

I’ve chosen to share this one with you to demonstrate how these things work TOGETHER…

You see, most guys will naturally do 1 or 2 of the 7 Arousal Secrets… but it’s when you COMBINE them that the real magic begins to happen…

Let me show you what I mean…

Arousal Secret #5 is to

Make Her Feel Passionately Desired

Think about how long we girls take to get ready before we go out.

Think about how much money we spend on clothing, make-up, even surgery to look good!

The reason we do all of this?

Because we want to be PASSIONATELY DESIRED by a man!

But here’s the kicker – NOT just any man!

We only want to be passionately desired by a guy who has made us feel Arousal Secret #2 – Safe & Secure… and who we also feel EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED to! Which is Arousal Secret #3…

Make sense?

That’s why you can’t just go up and try to kiss a strange woman and expect to get her in your bed. It’s more likely you’ll get slapped.

But once you have made her feel Safe & Secure and Emotionally Connected, she’ll not only be open to your advances… but they will TURN HER ON!

Making her feel Passionately Desired is all about making the physical moves on her that get her turned on… and saying things that get her thinking SEXUAL THOUGHTS.

Ok, ready for another quiz?

This one is a little tricky… let’s see if you can get it 😉

When you are walking down the street with a woman who already feels Safe and Secure around you… and Emotionally Connected to you… NOW what’s most important?

a) Holding her hand
b) What you are talking about
c) Where you are standing
d) Where you are going

The correct answer?

A – Holding her hand!

Yes, it’s still good to walk on the outside of the curb… but now that you’ve already made her feel Safe and Secure… and Emotionally Connected to you… it’s time to GET PHYSICAL!

Holding her hand is a simple way to start… and a great way to lead into kiss… then lead her all the way into your bed!

I think you’re beginning to see how powerful this stuff is.

Listen… we girls WANT to have hot, wild, crazy sexual adventures with you… you just have to know how to bring these feelings out of us!

There are only 4 more Arousal Secrets you need to know to be UNSTOPPABLE with women… Once you master these things… and they aren’t hard… you won’t be able to keep hot girls away from you if you try!

Now, I want to show you  EXACTLY how to get there

I’ve spent the last several months putting together an exclusive, video program revealing EVERYTHING a guy will ever need to know about meeting hot women and getting them wildly turned on for him…

I’ve taken all of the secrets I share with my private coaching clients and wrapped them up, so you learn EVERYTHING in one place… without having to spend hours with with me or invest thousands of dollars to learn them.

The program is called,

“Female Mind Mastery – How To Get Any Girl Horny & Wanting To Sleep With You!”

In it, I share with you the 7 Arousal Secrets to get a woman powerfully turned on for you… and much, much more…

You’ll discover how to spark attraction… what to say to get her in a sexual mood… then exactly how to get her to the bedroom… and have her BEGGING you for sex once you get there…

It’s been so exciting to me to see the type of RESULTS guys get from using this. Here’s an email I got last week from one of my students, Emmons:

“I had a huge crush on my co-worker but never knew how to be more than just a friend…well, after learning Female Mind Mastery, not only did i get her to go out for some drinks with me after work, but i took her home that night! she said i rocked her world like no other guy had before & we’ve been together ever since!”

And check this one out from Rick in San Diego:

“I thought of myself as a guy who had some game – but after watching this, I was shocked at how little I actually knew about women! Now that I know to focus on making them horny, I’ve gone from getting laid once every month or two to fucking 3 girls in just the last week! Thank you for sharing this, Kristen, it’s changed my life”

– Rick, San Diego, CA

Isn’t that amazing?

In “Female Mind Mastery” there are 6 separate sections…

You’ll start off with something I call:

Part 1) “10 Minute Turn-Ons”

part 1

In this section, we’re gonna go very deep into the 7 Arousal Secrets. I’m going to show you how to easily use each one in your interactions with a woman to get her horny, wet, and TURNED ON for you.

I call it 10 Minute Turn-Ons, because once you know these secrets, a woman is often ready to go within just 10 MINUTES of meeting you. You’ll be astonished at just how EASY it becomes to get phone numbers and dates with hot girls just by using 2 or 3 of these secrets… and how many of them are ready to hook up and even have sex with you the very FIRST night you hang out.

These 7 secrets are EASY to learn and use. There’s nothing to memorize and no fancy “lines”. You’re gonna discover how to tap into the PRIMAL part of a woman’s brain that tells her when a guy is her BEST mating choice… grab hold of her desires and channel them towards YOU.

You’ll do it all in what feels like a normal conversation… without her ever knowing what you are up to. All she will know is she REALLY enjoys talking to you… and that she wants to get to know you intimately.

Her breathing speeds up, her heart starts racing… and before either of you know what is going on she is ALL OVER YOU and wanting you inside of her!

It’s taken me a long time to figure out these 7 secrets and I can’t wait to share them with you!

In addition, in this section you’ll also hear from my friend Marcus London… who slept with over 1,000 women BEFORE he became an adult film star!

He’s going to reveal his secrets to making yourself IRRESISTABLE to women… getting girls to come to YOU… how to tell EXACTLY when a girl is ready to go to bed with you… and much much more…

And… that’s just the FIRST SECTION of this exciting program!

Next, you’ll get –

Part 2) “Advanced Sexual Escalations”

advanced sexual escalations

Discover everything from when to start physically touching her… to the exact sequence for undressing her that keeps her comfortable while turning her on. All demonstrated for you so you’ll do it perfectly the first time you’re with a girl.

– Learn the special “seduction sequence” that gets her so turned on she wants to have sex with you THAT NIGHT… even if she had planned on making you wait!

– How to get her dripping wet for you before her clothes even come off

– The 3 Questions to ask that create an instant connection with her

– and the area to kiss on her body that increases blood flow to her naughty areas by 73%!

Next you’ll get…

Part 3) “Orgasmic Chemistry”

orgasmic chemistry

Discover step-by-step email, text, and phone sequences you can use with a girl to get her EXCITED about you and eager to hang out!


– The 7 mistakes you must never make when texting a girl

– 5 sample texts you can send to your girl that get her thinking about sleeping with you… and even masturbating to thoughts of you

The exact words to say to call her up and get the date

– How to eliminate flaking

– The text to send AFTER the date that makes her want to see you again as soon as she can!

Part 4) “Your Perfect Girlfriend”

perfect girl

Learn how to have the type of relationship YOU want… whether it’s just a fun fling… or a special girl you want to make your girlfriend or wife!

– Secrets of Sexual Addiction – How to get your girl thinking about you day and night and craving your cock!

– The “Dangling Carrot” Trick – A secret used by all guys who are “naturals” with women – that turns the tables and gets her chasing you!

– AND… exactly what to say when she asks about your ex… or asks you to be “exclusive”

After going through this part just once, you’ll know exactly how to get a girl hooked on you as long as YOU like!

Oh, and this program it’s not just about getting her into bed…

If you want to keep her around, you gotta know how to rock her world once you get there.

So… I’ve also added in a special program to show you exactly how to give her the BEST SEX HUMANLY POSSIBLE!

The sex technique portion is called:

Part 5) “Fantastic First Night Sex Techniques”

first night sex

If you want to KEEP a great woman, you BETTER be pleasing her in the bedroom! So in this section I’ve gotten a few of my sexy friends from the adult film industry – Kendall, Tiffany, and Logan  – to help me demonstrate my brand new, breakthrough sex techniques you’ve NEVER seen before!

I’ve been a fan of 2 Girls Teach Sex for many years now… and according to Shawna, I’ve taken it to the NEXT LEVEL! In this section I’m going to show you some very ADVANCED sex techniques that are designed to make a girl forget all about her past lovers… and give her such a moving experience in bed that she literally becomes ADDICTED to the type of sex only you can give her

NOTHING is left to the imagination… so this program is for ADULTS ONLY.

You’ll learn:

-How the condition of your home can be your “make-it” or “break-it” for first time sex…and what to do to GUARANTEE you make it to your bedroom

– The “feel 2-inchs bigger” – position… IMPROVED! This little twist makes you feel SO BIG inside of her she’ll feel like she’s getting railed by a tank!

– How to unleash the “inner nympho” inside of her… so she wants sex all the time

– The foreplay trick that makes her twice as likely to cum during penetration!

– 2 unusual ways to stimulate her manually for “eyes-rolling-back-in-her-head orgasms”!

– How to connect with a girl on a deep, emotional level, giving her that “soulmate” feeling

– Pillow talk for expert lovers

– And how to READ her body to determine exactly what TYPE of sex she wants

Part 6) “Secrets to Keeping Sex Hot”

secrets to hot sex

In this section I show you even MORE of my naughty sex tricks… because when it comes to making love… you can never be too good!

I’ll show you…

– How to”stack” her orgasms one after another… with each one being more powerful than the next!

– A psychological trick that TRIPLES the intensity of her orgasms

– Specific signs in her body language to pay attention to while she’s cumming… and how to use them to AMPLIFY her orgasm to make it longer and stronger

– How to mix up the angles and speed of your thrusts to keep her guessing! (Girls LOVE when a guy in unpredictable… and doing this keeps her dripping wet with excitement the ENTIRE time)

You’ll Never Learn this Stuff In A Book, A Magazine, Or Anywhere Else…

Now that you know what Female Mind Mastery is… let me tell you what it’s NOT…

It’s NOT a bunch of “lines” to memorize… or a bunch of outdated “pick up artist routines” that every girl has heard before.

It’s NOT a program that tells you how to dress or to brush your teeth or any of the “basic stuff” that any guy should know on his own.

It’s NOT a bunch of science mumbo jumbo that’s gonna confuse you or make you “overthink” things when you are with a girl.

girls of female mind mastery

Simply put, Female Mind Mastery is a complete guide to how to make a girl horny within minutes of meeting her… then step-by-step, what to do to get her into bed and make her yours!

The techniques are extremely powerful, and very unique.



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