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Adam Gilad – State Of Dating For Men Download

Adam Gilad - State Of Dating For Men Download

Adam Gilad – State Of Dating For Men Be Transformed Into The Most Confident, Powerful, Sexually-Magnetic Man You Know…Make This Your Summer Of Love!

Let’s face it…

You want to be able to meet beautiful girls everywhere.

Online.  Offline.  In the street.  At shops.  After work.  On the beach.  At bars, lounges and clubs — and everywhere unexpected.

You want to meet her – and make SPARKS FLY!

And the DANGER is that you’ll do something she’s seen 100x before, or say something she’s heard 100x before.

Or worse – you won’t know what to say or do at all – to get her to smile, relax and open up to you.

Today is the day you get to fill in all those gaps – so that you are 100% prepared to meet any woman anytime and spark up a fun, sexy conversation and turn a chance meet into a passionate and profound encounter…

And then what if she’s the most amazing woman you’ve ever met – and you want to see her again and again? Then what?

Would you know what to do to KEEP her and how to not screw it up?

Part of the problem is, the dance of dating is constantly changing – and women have heard all the old stuff before.

And HATE it.

That’s why many guys are looking for tips on “what’s working now.”

Almost every day I get questions from men around the world, asking things like…

  • What works?  What has stopped working?
  • What are the best ways to meet women – now?
  • How assertive should I be as a man?  If I try to kiss her, will I get maced?
  • How “racy” should I be with humor – and when?
  • What are the WORST topics to bring up with women?
  • How does the Internet – and internet transparency – change everything?
  • What should I NEVER do on Facebook – and how do I use it to meet great new girls – so it feels natural?
  • How can I feel powerful with women – and turn any situation around in my favor?
  • How much do I tell her early on about my past?  My experience?  Or does that ruin the intrigue?
  • What about all the new social ways of meeting?
  • Is choice killing romance or does it support it?
  • Why are nearly 20% of marriages now starting online?
  • How are the newest social-dating sites like changing things?
  • How has the economy changed what women expect from me?
  • And most of all — today – tonight – what are the best ways for you to meet and spark something magnificent, happy, wildly sexy and enduring?

What Do You Need To Know About Dating and Relationships as You Dive Into the Summer of 2012?

You’re about to get answers to all of these questions — and a whole lot more.

In fact, you’re about to get more ideas, more techniques, more conversation starters, more escalation tips on how to create the dating and sex life you unabashedly desire than you knew was possible.

– Imagine finally knowing what to say to that gorgeous girl sitting alone in Starbucks…

– Or how to flirt with the beautiful girl that just bumped into you at the supermarket…

– What if you could not only get numbers but easily set up dates with women that just days earlier you would have been too terrified to talk to?

– And then – when sparks fly, and you connect with an amazing woman – what if you could make her desperately want to be in a relationship with you, and work to make you happy in every way?

All this and so much more is possible.

That’s what makes this program one of a kind – because you’ll get so many cutting-edge strategies, techniques, winning-phrases, do’s and don’ts, insights and more…

THERE’S LITERALLY NOTHING YOU won’t be prepared for.

You’ll know what to say and do in literally every situation that could ever arise with ANY woman.

You’ll always be prepared…whether your goal is to have a hot fling with a girl you meet in a bar… or create a lasting relationship with that 10 that most guys simply can’t imagine being with.

Don’t Miss Out On This Once-in-A-Lifetime Chance To Accelerate Your Dating Success…

We’ve made it simple for you to get the edge…

This extraordinary panel of experts is committed to one thing and one thing only – to TRANSFORM you into a man with complete control over his dating life.

You’ll get some of their very best tips, techniques and strategies – things they’ve never shared anywhere else for any amount of money – all right here for as little as 40 cents per day.

It would be a tragedy to miss out on all the fun, love and pleasure waiting for you this summer.

Each and every call you receive as part of this package is a TREASURE HOUSE of ideas and resources for you to find, attract and deeply connect with the women of your dreams this summer.
Best of all, there is no waiting. If YOU WANT EVERY DETAIL NOW, then this is your chance…at the lowest price that will ever be offered.

By clicking on any of the links now and securing your copy – you’ll be able to download all of these breakthrough interview sessions and keep them forever – in both audio and written form – as well as all the bonuses.

Right now you can purchase the Lifetime Premium Access Package for a massively discounted ONE-TIME price of $147. THAT’S JUST 40 cents day if you use what you learn for the next year. And I absolutely know you will…

So I have made it easy for you to get all the recordings – along with written versions of the audios, so you can read and reread at your leisure (you get all the bonuses to download too, right away).

What makes this so powerful?

Well, on their own, each of these interviews would be worth their weight in gold. And that’s because I personally push each and every expert to reveal things they’ve never shared before.

Not even in their private workshops they charge thousands of dollars for!

Still, that’s just beginning…

Because when you combine all these experts and the topics they cover in one place, the synergy is unreal.

Literally every dating challenge…every possible tip, insight and strategy is covered. You get it all.

This is advice you’d normally pay hundreds, even thousands for.

Want a Preview of What You’re Going to Get?

In these trainings, you are going to be shown…

  • The top 3 ways you unintentionally sabotage your success with women (if you’ve ever been with a woman, things were going well, and then everything suddenly got FLAT and the chemistry was gone – I guarantee you did one of these things!)
  • A simple mental “trick” you play on yourself that replaces rejection with instant connection – and surprises the hell out of her!
  • How to use a proven combination of words and body language to excite women naturally – and turn your entire life into a vital magnet to women
  • How to be absolutely unapologetic about your desire – and do it in such a way that her attraction and respect for you doubles! (More than anything, this accelerates your “speed to sex” quotient and gives you the option to sleep with her WAY before she’d hook up with any other guy!)
  • How to wake her up sensually by signaling with proven sensual words and imagery (just one simple change in how you describe things can turn a “boring” conversation into one that turns her on!)
  • The single fastest way to become comfortable with “bedroom dominance” (and then how to use this to make her almost dangerously addicted to you. Please use with caution…)
  • How to make out with a beautiful woman in 30 seconds
  • Why the advice to “just be yourself” is nonsense (and 7 proven ways to become the best possible version of yourself, making any other man she’s ever been with seem like a joke in comparison)
  • How to be the epicenter of joy women flock to and tell their friends about (be careful though, her friends may look at you differently and even start flirting with you once she starts bragging about you)…
  • Masculine Attraction 101: How to quickly ramp up your “manliness” (especially in women’s eyes)…WITHOUT coming across like a macho douchebag.
  • How to apply tested “marketing” principles to your dating, and increase your success rate – taking dating seriously – like a pro.
  • How to meet a woman online at 10pm and be at her place by 11pm (or have her knocking on your door just as quickly!)
  • 3 Specific techniques to avoid the dreaded “interview” date, and make your time with her as fun and sexually-charged as possible
  • The 3 keys to getting the body you want – without wasting time or effort
  • How to “ignite” her romance novel imagination with a few deft words and actions… and seriously, that’s just the beginning of it.




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