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Advanced Dating Strategies – Rob Judge and Zack Bauer Download

Advanced Dating Strategies - Rob Judge and Zack Bauer Download

Advanced Dating Strategies Download

With Your Purchase of The Advnaced Dating Strategies, You Will Also Receive These 3 Bonuses

The only way to make the best course on outer game even better is by offering the best bonuses. Rather than offer cookie-cutter, generic bonus materials that only vaguely relate to the course material, Zack and I put together 3 unique bonuses that perfectly complement The Advanced Dating Strategies.

These 3 bonuses could be their own stand-alone products, but we wanted to make them available to you with your purchase of The Advanced Dating Strategies. With these bonuses you will learn how to improve your fashion, take care of the “little things,” and hear from the industry’s top dating instructors about outer game.

Date Hotter Girls Exclusive Expert Interview Series

In this interview series, we sat down the top instructors in the men’s dating advice industry and had them explain everything they know about outer game. Zack Bauer conducted the 60-minute interviews, which probed these seduction masterminds for their best tips, tactics, and secrets of attractive behavior.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

Disc 1. Jon Sinn (The Seduction Roadmap) (56 minutes)

Why most pickup advice centers caters to a “validation-based” skillset…and how you can develop a “seduction-based skillset”

How to quickly sexually escalate the vibe

How to get women to implicitly agree to sex before ever leaving the nightclub with you

Disc 2. 60 Years of Challenge (The Complete Game System) (46 minutes)

Outer game techniques for “getting physical” in a way that creates attraction

The importance of using silences and pauses to amplify attraction

The secret to picking women up at bars lightening fast

Disc 3. Mark Manson (Pickup Tube) (57 minutes)

The secret to becoming “completely shameless” and how that alone can take your game to the next level

The one thing that guys who are good with women “get” (this alone is worth the price of admission)

How to get the confidence to “seal the deal” with women

Disc 4. Bobby Rio (Make Small Talk Sexy) (58 minutes)

How to tease women in a way that gets them attracted

How to use conversation to escalate the vibe

How to make flirting into a “habit”

Rob and Zack’s The Logistics Handbook

In the long-awaited Logistics Handbook, Rob and Zack reveal all the “little details” of setting up dates and seductive environments–eveything from the music on your iPod to what’s in your drink.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

The exact 28-song playlist Rob has on HIS iPod for romantic evenings (this is his private playlist he’s only shared with his closest friends, like Jon Sinn

Zack Bauer’s ABC’s of closing

The 7 most IMPORTANT accessories for your home or apartment

How to date women on a budget

And much, much more!

J.T. Style’s 45 Fashion & Grooming Tips to Supercharge Your Style

In his debut book 45 Fashion & Grooming Tips to Supercharge Your Style, JT Styles breaks down men’s fashion into 45 easy-to-follow maxims that ensure you’re always dressed for success.


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