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Alex Allman was the first dating coach to introduce advice and coaching on ‘sexual skills’, with his original writings and eventual book ‘Revolutionary Sex’ published in 2007.
This program is the culmination of Alex Allman’s most intense and serious research, work, and philosophies on the subject of Sexual Mastery.

Topics covered:

– A modern and grounded way to incorporate the concepts of “Tantra” into your sex life without having to become a new-age weirdo

– How your love-making can be a path to greater trust and understanding in your relationship – you’ll be amazed how much less often you disagree or bicker when you are “sexually in sync”

– Experience Multiple Orgasms as a man… train yourself to have non-ejaculatory, full-body orgasms so that you can come as many times as you want to in a single night

– Discover the spiritual aspects of your love-making together… regardless of your personal religious beliefs or affiliations

– Take sexual intimacy to the “next level” and share synchronized pleasure experiences that will make you feel more bonded than ever. Discover the meaning of the term “soul mates” and make her realize that you are in the only man in the universe that she could be with

– How to give her the most brain-meltingly powerful multiple and “stacked” orgasms… Using these techniques you can give her continuous orgasms for as long as she can stand it.

– How love-making can be the ultimate path to psychological and emotional wellness

– A simple step-by-step method to experience making love with your souls… this out-of-body experience will completely change the way you view sex forever



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