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Erotic Touch Secrets

Erotic Touch Secrets Program Download

Review  Erotic Touch Secrets | Erotic Touch Secrets Download

Unlike The Fantasy Lover Formula, this product is not focused on sexual techniques specifically, but on massage, and erotic massage, which they claim will make  your lover easier and better able to have full body orgasms. I’ve watched it, and it’s a great product specifically if you are in a relationship now and want to  treat your partner to great massages. And the videos are entertaining because both women are really hot and they’re in their underwear so that’s a plus.

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 Jaiya – The Art of Female Self Pleasuring Review | Jaiya – The Art of Female Self Pleasuring Download
 Jaiya - The Art of Female Self Pleasuring Download

Jaiya – The Art of Female Self Pleasuring Download

Review Art of Female Self Pleasuring : Another very good easy to understand training   Not only for girls who wants to give herself pleasure…

But maybe you know THIS TYPE OF VIDEOS IS FOR MEN too… Imagine feel the confidence of a man who knows how a girl can experience waves of pleasure. Don’t you think girls gonna notice you more and more?

This isn’t for the needy, this is a good repertoire for the man who knows that is a Natural’s theme know how to give orgasms to your woman.

Now, this is the marketing desciprtion:

This is the newest video featuring Jaiya teaching unique and inspiring information about Tantric Female Self Pleasuring.

In this 2 disc DVD set you will experience a unique and magical journey deep into the world of women loving themselves through the practice of ancient sacred sexual arts. This video is for women who want to take their pleasure to new peaks. And also for men who can learn how to be better lovers by witnessing how women find full bodied pleasure. Jaiya an expert in sexual wellness will guide you through Tantric Ritual Self Massage Orgasmic Breathing High Erotic Trance States and Deep Orgasm.

Beautifully shot in HD with artistry and elegance the women on this video are captured in all their glory.

You Will Learn:

* Full Body Sensual Awakening

* Full Body Self Erotic Massage

* Orgasmic Breathing/Erotic Trance States

* Tantric Ritual for Self Pleasure

* Secrets to Female Sexuality

* Bonus Features

* Kundalini Ritual

* Dance for Pleasure

* Excellent Teachings By Jaiya

* Topics Explored Include:

* Overcoming Sexual Shame, Female Ejaculation, The G-Spot, Sexual Healing, Self Pleasuring, Sexuality and Spirituality.

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Attraction Institute – Seduction Community Sucks PDF

A must read for everyone. 7 stars out of 5. *******

Self-acceptance i’s about feeling good about regardless of what you can or can’t do.
It’s about fully accepting yourself, as you are, right now, and that in this moment,you could not be anything other than what you are, right now.

The secret to being a true  Alpha Male it’s simply you doing what you want, when you want.

By trying to be high on the value scale, you’re actually ensuring that you’ll always have people above you.

If you don’t try and convince yourself that you’re good at something, you won’t think you’re bad at it.

It wasn’t that there was nothing going on in my brain, it was that I was totally focussed on the anxiety.
It wasn’t till I started accepting that anxiety was just my body’s way of telling me that I liked this girl
that things started to change.

If you’re still stuck in the mindset of trying to ‘fix’ what you’re doing, you’re forever going to be trapped
in the part of your brain that isn’t going to help you get what you want.

Ever wondered why you get things when you stop going after them?
Because you stop relying on them to make you happy.

I have a secret to tell you.

It’s a secret that most dating and relationship coaches out there would hate for you to know, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

That secret is:

You don’t need deceptive lines, tactics, or techniques to attract the women you want.

That’s right, you don’t need to be fake and manipulative, just so that women will talk to you.

It is possible to become the kind of Man who is naturally attractive to women (despite what you’ve been told) so that you can be real, open, and honest with women AND have them naturally attracted to you.

Am I saying that the seduction community methods and techniques don’t work?

No. Of course not.

Strong, confident, and radiant women are definitely more attracted to strong, confident Alpha guys who can push their buttons and play around with them.

What I’m saying is that you don’t have waste months, if not years of your life trying desperately trying to memorise and internalise all these complex tactics and traits in the hope that you’ll be able to fool a woman for long enough to convince her to sleep with you.

There’s a much simpler, much easier, and faster way that will allow you to radiate the confidence, strength, and Masculinity that women are naturally drawn to, all without having to memorise a single tactic, technique, or method.

In my FREE ebook “Seduction Community Sucks”, you’ll discover exactly why the Seduction Community will never give you the results you deserve and the ONLY thing you need to change to eliminate your inner game roadblocks and become naturally attractive to women.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Download your FREE copy now and start the journey of becoming naturally and effortlessly attractive to women.

Attraction Institute – Seduction Community Sucks

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Instant Approaching Secrets Review | Instant Approaching Secrets Download
Instant Approaching Secrets Download

Instant Approaching Secrets Download No More Butterflies! No More Fear!

Imagine… You Having The Sheer Power To Walk Up To Beautiful Women, Start Conversations And Get As Many Dates As You Want, Whenever You Want To… WITHOUT  Rejection

Guaranteed  To Work Every Single Time However “Tricky” Or “Impossible” The Situation…”

With What You’re About To Uncover, You Will Be Able To Approach Women ANYWHERE, Have Them Laughing Within Seconds & Eagerly Wanting To Be With You Again… No Matter Your Looks, Age Or Income.

How To Approach Women Anywhere !
“World Renowned Pickup Guru Reveals A Proven Fail-Proof ‘System’ On How To Smoothly Approach Women Anywhere, Connect With Them Within Minutes & Walk Off With As Many Dates As You Want…WITHOUT Ever Getting Any Rejection!”

Inside, Instant Approaching Secrets you will learn:

* SUREFIRE methods to build and AMPLIFY attraction with women you’ve just met (these radical new tricks are so powerful, she’ll literally be TEARING your clothes off BEFORE you even leave the table)
* Flirting conversation techniques — How to continuously tease women & spin off endless conversational topics to keep groups of women engaged in hours of in pure flirting fun.
* How to quickly come up with riveting ‘killer’, natural, yet highly effective openers on the fly… even if you’ve never approached anyone before in your lifetime!
* Specific Examples of REAL Proven Game openers with ‘word-for-word’ scripts that one can use ANYWHERE, be it in bars, clubs, the local shopping mall, the library, gym, etc…
* What women REALLY want in a man, in how they’d like to be approached, in how they’d like to be talked to, touched, ‘played’ with, etc … but in whatever circumstances will NEVER tell their man!

You’re ready to do it… but as you’re about to move towards her, you just couldn’t. There was just ‘something’ stopping you. And when you’ve finally gathered enough courage to do it, she’s gone.
The only thing you did was stare at her from afar; imagining something ‘magical’ will happen between the both you… and that’s the end of it
You try to act  all uber-cool, hoping she’ll notice and come talk to you, but she never comes…
You saw your target, you’re going to approach her; when it’s crunch time, you suddenly think of reasons NOT to approach her… crazy thoughts like, “my hair’s not right, I’m not looking my best today, she’s probably taken…” or “she probably wouldn’t be interested in me…”
You really want to talk to her, but have absolutely no idea “what to say”  and don’t want to creep her out or make a fool of yourself in public…

“How do I know?”

It’s because I’ve been through them myself, done it all.

The feelings of hopelessness & desperation that came from those embarrassing situations are hard to swallow. And yes, I also know how it makes you cringe with shame every time you even think about it.

And as much as you hate to admit it, there’s still that constant annoying voice within you that’s secretly beating you up with those destructive “What the [email protected]#*… What’s wrong with me?” thoughts whenever you’ve BOMBED on your approach.

I know that feeling well… that antsy, unbearable feeling of needing to change.

You’re getting restless, feeling a little uncomfortable in your own skin because you know you’re not facing up those problems, it’s so easy to just close your eyes… sweep it all under a rug… and let fate “take care of itself” like how you ALWAYS do.

But deep down…

You KNOW You Need Help, You Want Answers & You Want Them Fast!      … and that’s where I come in.

My name is Simon Heong, you may know me as the co-publisher of the dating & attraction best-sellers the “28 SureFire Ways To Dating Success” as well as the “Instant Attraction Program”.

Here’s what’s up: I’m sure you’ve noticed how almost every other guy (and their brother) is proudly broadcasting themselves as a seduction “guru” these days. Armed with big fat SWOLLEN egos, they vainly come online with supreme grandeur, brashly announcing God-awful promises in teaching you their latest so-called ‘secrets’ to approaching beautiful women & getting laid as and when you want, when in real life, they can’t even attract flies for squat!

To be blunt, you’ve been misinformed and misled, force-fed hundreds, even thousands of pages of useless information, the same information that is DIRECTLY blocking you from living the life you want and I’m just sick and tired of all the nonsense that’s going around.

… And That’s When I Said “Enough Is Enough!”

You see, in my personal never-ending quest in helping guys achieve success with women, I simply wanted to provide a solution for the thousands of frustrated men who had problems approaching women – a solution that would enable them to easily, effectively & naturally approach women & get this particular area of their dating lives “fixed”.

      So, I thought to myself, who better to help me out in this than a good friend of mine…

      Carlos Xuma.

      I’ll spare you the details but long story short, I quickly dialed up my buddy Carlos and was giggling with glee as I told him about my sneaky new CSI master-plan…

“And Before I Knew It…”

David and myself were vigorously drilling him on what it takes to become a master at approaching women & building emotional connections — digging out every bit of golden nugget we can from him over the phone… whilst capturing every priceless second of the call on tape.

Nothing scripted, no “canned” 2-hour lectures. Just good, actionable, quality content you can put to use right away!

Suffice to say, proud as I may, only real questions, real issues, real challenges … and real answers were JAM-PACKED into the call that day…

Oh and by the way, if you’re thinking…

“Who The [email protected]##?!!”

      Sweet Jesus! If you’ve never heard of him before – where the hell have you been?

Best-selling author of many of the brilliant “Alpha Male” concepts around, Carlos Xuma is one of the primary dating & attraction authorities that is constantly pioneering new, cutting-edge women-seduction techniques that has helped THOUSANDS of average, frustrated guys all over the world achieve phenomenal success with the most gorgeous looking women around.

As a highly respected and in-demand dating & seduction coach, he has been invited as the main feature in just about every major dating-related media platforms across the globe…

I’m talking about the Big Guns like…

  • ABC-7 Television
  • Double Agent
  • Maxim Radio
  • The Dating Insider Book
  • Cliff’s List 2006 Seminar
  • Sex With Emily Radio Show (106.9 FM)
  • World Talk Radio
  • Don Juan Center
  • Dating Class
  • David DeAngelo’s Interviews with Dating Gurus

Heck… even former Playboy Bunny Miss June 2000, Shannon Stuart loves him!

      Lucky bastard.

So as you can see, I think it’s safe to say this guy has this teaching thing “down”. A proven pro. Fact is, some even call him… the Renaissance Man.

      Bottom line… this “one-on-one” private recording you’re about to unearth here is… 

“An Accelerated Advanced Approaching Women Learning Resource Vastly Superior Than Any Book You’ve Ever Seen Or Read Before…”

When Carlos speaks, the seduction community listens.

       You’ll get to listen directly from the MAN himself and study his latest, most up-to-date “head of the pack” discoveries on how to approach women & start conversations with them the way Pick Up Artists do.

      You can almost ‘feel’ the unwavering belief he has in his strategies. Just thinking about the way he easily brushed aside the intense grilling we had him go through – amazing!

Long story short; he knows this stuff like the back of his hand and is one you simply CANNOT afford NOT listening to.

You’ll learn just exactly what makes him tick, what makes him so successful with women. Even a small throwaway remark could be the very spark that will ignite the flame of your success with approaching women & dating. 

You’ll Learn How To Open Beautiful Women And Groups Anywhere With New Relaxed Confidence & Style…

Here you’ll get ‘trade’ secrets Carlos has held so close to his chest that he himself has almost forgotten their immense value. Here are just a few of the juiciest techniques he revealed in the call:

  • How to effectively approach and open up groups of women who looks “off limits” and have THEM ask YOU to join in and “roll” with them.
  • A smooth way to approach women who are already with other guys without creating any uncomfortable vibes within the group
  • How to ethically “use” your female friends to meet MORE women as you’re out with them with little or no effort on your part
  • Specific word-for-word lines to bust on women and flirt with them the moment you talk to them that works EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  • A step-by-step detailed plan on how to walk up to ANY woman, get her number or email and have her desperately EAGER to contact YOU the following day
  • A sneaky yet crafty way to have women secretly wishing to talk to you BEFORE you even approach them (I’ve tried this and I can proudly say this technique works EVERY time!)
  • You’ll learn about 2 surefire calming exercises you can use during your most crucial moments before opening ‘sets’ to effectively overcome these fears to approach women in a laid-back, relaxed state
  • The single most important rule you MUST follow to ‘get it right’ when approaching women that are SUPER attractive (yes, these women get ‘hit’ on ALL THE TIME, this is the only technique you can use to DIFFERENTIATE yourself from the 100 others that have approached her!)
  • 3 Specific Examples of REAL Proven Game openers with ‘word-for-word’ scripts that one can use ANYWHERE, be it in bars, clubs, the local shopping mall, the library, gym, etc… and how they work WITHOUT ever getting rejected or being blown away
  • This scenario happens all the time – Say you happen to meet a woman you’d like to get to know a bit better. Now, you don’t have the luxury of getting to see her often – it might be someone you see once in a while, and you’re just an average-looking, “everyday/ordinary” guy. How would you be able to STANDOUT from the other more good looking, “alpha” player type guys? (Carlos reveals his ingenious strategy & SHOW you exactly how its done)
  • How to quickly come up with riveting ‘killer’, natural, yet highly effective openers on the fly… even if you’ve never approached anyone before in your lifetime!
  • Exposed! A shocking new discovery on how to INTEGRATE the learned/canned techniques in a way that is completely in line with your own personal characteristics and style (I guarantee you won’t find this piece of information anywhere but here..)
  • A down and dirty look into the true art of using teasing & playful conversation techniques to create sexual chemistry with the woman you’re with… even if you are of a more “uptight” character ie. someone who’s not the “playful”, “fun” sort of guy!
  • We drill deeper and ask Carlos on his insights into how can one can make the conversation ‘interesting’ enough & keep it going in order ignite the inner attraction within her
  • Learn about cool, natural ways to ‘spice up’, turn the conversation to sex and turn her ‘on’ in the course of interaction & instantly amp up HER attraction for you in the process!
  • A lot has been discussed on the topic of flirting with women. Unfortunately no one goes to detail about what it really means. Here, you’ll discover the 7 best ways to ‘seductively’ flirt with a woman (all broken down and explained)…

… and a whole lot more!

Female Attraction Techniques So POWERFUL, Women Can’t Help But Be Magnetically Sucked In…

Here’s a couple more samples of what you’ll be getting:

  • Ever secretly want to have SEVERAL women competing over you… all at the same time? (This is SOCIAL PROOF at it’s best and you’ll be ‘pretty’ surprised when you know how easy it can be…)
  • The best way to use humor & laughter to create instant attraction with ANY woman (this is the same way ‘players’ use to create spot-on deep personal connection with women)
  • How to identify clear-cut “indicators of interests” from women so you’ll NEVER miss out on any opportunity to go all the way and smoothly transition to sex with her!
  • They’ll NEVER tell you this, but women just LOVE a challenge. You’ll learn
    about an ingenious psychological technique to make yourself appear to be the BIGGEST CHALLENGE she has had in her entire life!
  • Discover what women REALLY want in a man, in how they’d like to be
    approached, in how they’d like to be teased, talked to, touched, ‘played’ with,
    etc … but in whatever circumstances will NEVER tell their man!
  • SUREFIRE methods to build up and AMPLIFY attraction with women you’ve just met (these radical new tricks are so powerful, she’ll literally be TEARING your clothes off BEFORE you even leave the table)
  • A pivotal checklist of things you must NEVER do if you want to be successful at approaching women anywhere; be it at bars, clubs or any other possible public place (these irrefutable rules are what separates the true blue PUAs from the PUA wannabees… you’ve got to check it out!)
  • Have you come across women who INITIALLY liked you but seem to LOSE her interest after just a few dates? Here’s why… (It’s an easy fix… ONCE you know the reason)
  • Flirting conversation techniques — How to continuously tease women & spin off endless conversational topics to keep groups of women engaged in hours of in pure flirting fun.
  • How to flirt with women & ignite mental orgasms in their minds for you without learning confusing physical & touching techniques
  • The 3 simple, yet grossly overlooked things you must do differently when talking to a model-like, attractive woman so that she sees you as someone who is “on par” with her self-imposed beauty power status.
  • A FULL-PROOF method on how to quickly & easily manage your innermost fears and anxiety just before making the all-important “approach”
  • The underlying key to CONNECTING the proper use of vocal tonality, body language, and words to playfully grab a woman’s attention and keep it ‘going’
  • The 4 deadly mistakes that prevent frustrated men from EVER succeeding with their interactions women (luckily it can be changed fairly easily… IF you know what it is…)
  • Wanna know exactly WHY men have such a hard time approaching women… why your adrenaline starts pumping when you see an attractive women you want to meet… why your brain is trained to create excuses NOT to approach… and why you can’t ever think of the right thing to say “when it counts?” (here you’ll learn a quick and easy way to ELIMINATE it all at once!)

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Swinggcat – Natural Vibing (How to Sexually Vibe With Women) Review | Swinggcat – Natural Vibing (How to Sexually Vibe With Women) Download

We’ve all known guys who had that remote in the palm of their hand.

We’re talkin’ natural ladies men who can walk into a crowded room, mosey up to an ice queen, and within seconds thaw her into a giggly little girl.
If we surveyed a million people and asked them what’s the driving force behind these guy’s success with women, you know what the most common answers would be?

Naturals Either Have Looks Or An Unattainable X Factor

Get That X Factor HERE

The X Factor Is Possessing Vibability: The Ability To Sexually Vibe With Women

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Ross Jeffries – Mindframe Persuasion Review | Ross Jeffries – Mindframe Persuasion Download

Learn From World-Renowned Persuasion And Influence Master
Ross Jeffries In The Comfort Of Your Own Home…

Claim My “Original” System That Blasts Through “Persuasion Killers” That Block Your Prospect, Reader Or Audience From Doing What You Want, And Enjoy A Fantastic Power To Irresistibly Influence Others!
Getting This “MindFrame Persuasion” Technology On Your Side And In Your Corner Means You Also Get 3 Absolutely Crazy Sick Bonuses, Free!

MindFramePersuasion300Before we get started, I just want to let you know that I’m not sure exactly what will most tickle your imagination as you follow along or how that is going to come most forward into your mind because you really see the value in this.

But I do want to ask, as a favor, that you make sure to ask the questions that let you be certain, a great decision is going to be made.

I share it all with you in this amazing course.

Right now, it’s waiting for you in a jam-packed, value-loaded exclusive section of the Persuasion Mastery Systems members’ website.

You will learn how to:

  • Leverage “Two Track” Persuading/Selling/Influencingeffortlessly blast past any resistance, mistrust, or marketing overload on the part of your prospect, reader, audience or client and have them drooling to follow you through your sales funnel and right to the bank!
  • Use Fractionation – The Machine Language And Operating System Of Persuasion to enjoy influential mastery in every walk of life!
  • Present As An Absolute, Unquestionable and Awesome Authority In The World Of Your Client/Prospect!
  • Use The “3F” Technique to appear as THE prime expert in the mind of your client, prospect, boss, or reader!
  • Energetically “Pre-Seed” A Stage, Theater, Room Or Any Other Venue to create a “Glamour” of unquestionable power, leadership, and authority!
  • Covertly Elicit, Detect, And Hijack The Personal Metaphors Of Your Prospect to speak to the “Heart Of Their Minds”…and win their instant, unswerving loyalty!
  • “Spatially Anchor” A Room, Stage, Or Other Space To Exert Unconscious Control of how your audience responds to your rival, opponent, or competitor
  • And much, much more!
All This … Plus 3, Crazy, Sick Bonuses For The First
25 15 People Who Take Massive Action Now:


Again, ALL of these bonuses will be available online inside the exclusive members-only website (so you can start RIGHT NOW without having to wait even one additional minute) along with your Home Study Course.

Mindframe Persuasion NOT SEDUCTION Now Is Your Chance To Learn From World-Renowned Persuasion, Influence And Speed Seduction Master Ross Jeffries In The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

Now Blast Through The Persuasion Killers That Are Blocking Your Prospect, Reader Or Audience From Doing What You Want, And Enjoy A Fantastic Power To Irresistibly Influence Others!

Take Advantage Of The Best, Most Cutting Edge Persusion Technology In The World.

From The Desk of:Ross Jeffries, Renegade Influence Expert
Dear Friend,
If you are ready to blow your competition out of the water and command near Jedi like powers of persuasion in every walk of life, from corporate presentations, to courtroom arguments, to public speaking, face to face selling, and writing money-sucking, hypnotic copy, then your decision to order your copy of the Mindframe Persuasion Home Study Course
Recorded live in Los Angeles, last year, this home study course contains the concentrated, no holds barred , renegade secrets I ve developed and used to become the Jedi Master of persuasion that the other gurus either turn to for advice or do their best to copy!
I share it all with you in this amazing course, consisting of 5 DVDs and 9 CDS where you will learn:
* Secrets Of Two Track Persuading/Selling/Influencing:
Even the top-copywriters and marketers in the world don t know about or understand this principle.
Use it and effortlessly blast past any resistance, mistrust, or marketing overload on the part of your prospect, reader, audience or client and have them drooling to follow you through your sales funnel and right to the bank!
* How To Present As An Absolute, Unquestionable and Awesome Authority In The World Of Your Client/Prospect.
Learn to use artful vagueness, elicitation questions, and the 3F technique to appear as THE prime expert in the mind of your client, prospect, boss, or reader.
* How To Effortlessly Leverage The Power Of The Willing Suspension Of Disbelief Through Unconscious Process Recognition.
This is an understanding and tool that could make you millions even if you use nothing else from this Home Study Course!
I’ve noticed some of the top persuaders and marketers using this, accidentally.
But they don t really understand what they are doing. You will, and you ll be able to beat them at their game, and then some!
* How To Use Presuppositions And Suggestions To Bind Your Prospect s Mind To Build Action Momentum , So Every Word You Write Or Say Drives Them To Take Action Now Just As You’ve Suggested!
* How To Re-Orient Your Client/Prospect/Listener/Reader s Sense Of Past, Present And Future, To Go Around Any Resistance And Create The Ownership Fantasy Factor
* How To Use Fractionation-The Machine Language And Operating System Of Persuasion-To Enjoy Influential Mastery In Every Walk Of Life
* How To Energetically Pre-Seed A Stage, Theater, Room Or Any Other Venue To Create A Glamour Of Unquestionable Power, Leadership, And Authority
Sound good? I sure hope so.
Because not only do I do lots of instructing in this course.
I also am including the video footage of the one-on-one hotseats I did with some of the VIP members who paid nearly $2000 each to attend!
The principles and practices I teach them as I walk them through their marketing and persuasion challenges will prove of incredible value to you too.
But Of Course, That s Not All. You ll Also Learn:
* How To Covertly Elicit, Detect, And Hijack The Personal metaphors Of Your Prospect To Speak To The Heart Of Their Minds And Win Their Instant, Unswerving Loyalty!
* Secrets Of Non Touch Real World Anchoring Stealing Other People s Self-Anchors To Powerfully Trigger Their Own Most Compelling Internal Flows Of Emotion And Thought
* How To Use Tonal Shifts To Slide Your Prospects/Audience In And Out Of Trance, And Verbally Anchor Them To Absolute Belief In Your Message
* How To Spatially Anchor A Room, Stage, Or Other Space To Exert Unconscious Control Of How Your Audience Responds To Your Rival, Opponent, Or Competitor
This is absolutely deadly for board-meetings, courtroom presentations, auditions or interview situations of any kind!

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Carlos Xuma – The Bad Boy Formula Review | Carlos Xuma – The Bad Boy Formula Download

“Discover The Bad Boy Secrets That Will Turn Women Into Instant Love Junkies – Begging To Possess You…”

Put Your Love Life On Steroids Without Any Shady Tricks Or Manipulation…

CD Marnif you’re a guy who’s sick and tired of letting the Bad Boys steal all the beautiful women and leave you with nothing, what you’re about to read will amaze you…

I’ve also been the unwitting victim of the “Bad Boy” when he stole my girlfriends and fleeced me of women I should have been able to get with.

It SUCKS to watch these guys at work on women, getting the attention and sex you deserve. I always felt like I was a low status man, pushed around by guys who were loud, obnoxious, and inconsiderate.

Sometimes you don’t know who to be more pissed off at – the Bad Boy for his “evil” ways, or the women who seem to ignore you and then jump at the chance to be mistreated by one of those guys…

Have you ever thought something like this: “I’m sick and tired of being alone. Why does this jerk get women when I clearly have so much more to offer to her? Why can’t I attract the women I want when I am obviously a better catch?”

The KEY To Success With Women – And The Success Of Every Guy I’ve Coached – As Easy As These TWO SIMPLE STEPS…

1) Get rid of the “Nice Guy” behaviors that make women run away from you – or push you in the “just friends” bucket.AND…

2) Get a little more of the “edge” that women want (Because a little goes a LONG way…)

That’s a FACT. Whether we want to admit it or not.

What about you? If you’re like a lot of other frustrated guys out there…

  • You see women telling you they want a “nice” sensitive guy, but when you try to be nice, she runs away – right into the arms of some jerk…
  • You see other guys out there that act like complete jerks, but they never have a problem meeting women or getting a girlfriend – and you still feel like you’re pushing a boulder uphill to get a second date with a woman…
  • You don’t want to have to act like a JERK to get a date, but you know they’ve got some game that you wished you could use…
  • You might have a woman in your life that you want to get, who is hopelessly addicted to the jerks and dogs out there…
  • You see these “Bad Boys” out there, not playing by the rules – doing what he wants – but getting to win the game anyway…

Look, it’s okay…It’s not your fault.

You did the best you could with the information you had.

Now I’m going to help you go even further with your game than you ever thought imaginable, all by using some principles that most guys will never understand how to use in an ethical and responsible way.

In fact, I’ve got some insights for you that will clear up a lot of your confusion about this whole “Bad Boy” myth. I’m even going to share something about these “bad boys” that most guys never realize – and as a result you may be handicapping yourself in your dating.

I would go to bars, parties, hang out with friends, and no matter what happened I would always run into a “bad boy” type. You know, the guy that was a little obnoxious, but always seemed to charm the women right out from under me…

I Hated The Bad Boy Because Of What He Could Do, BUT…But the fact is that as much as I hated him (or said I hated him) the truth is that I was JEALOUS as hell of him.

He was getting the women that I should have been getting, and I knew I was a better catch than him. *I* deserved those women! You ever feel like that?

You know what the WORST trait of the “Bad Boy” is, though?

The Bad Boy doesn’t care what you or me – or ANYONE thinks, because he’s out there gaming up all the women for himself…
And he doesn’t give a crap if you don’t like him or his methods, because they WORK for him!

Some guys might think this sucks – and a lot of guys might think it sounds awesome.

The Bad Boy doesn’t even consider “average” guys like us to be a threat to him because he just hustles and games and wins women over.

But he’s not invincible, and you’re going to learn how you can beat him at his own game… You’ll have the best of BOTH worlds!

Look, women won’t admit they bang the Bad Boy all the time to other guys. In fact, she usually won’t even admit it to herself! But we know the truth, and it’s time to start using the truth to set you free…

What’s The Hidden Pattern In Your Nightmare Of Dating Failure?

I think I know what one part of this pattern is: When a Jerk comes along and screws it up for you, but you were too nice to beat him at his own game.

I had one girlfriend that met a guy on the bus on the way home one night. Apparently he “sweet-talked” her into letting him “stay overnight.” She said they “just cuddled,” but I know she was full of it.

I was such a “nice guy” that I didn’t even break up with her when she told me.

She dumped me the next day.

(GET THIS: She called me a month later, crying her eyes out about how this guy hurt her, and how he was a “jerk.” While we’re on the phone talking, she got another call. She clicked over and said she had to go – it was HIM on the other line. Incredible. )

I wanted to blame women for this, but it’s really not their fault. These guys are so good at their game, I had NO chance.

It was because I had no idea how to KICKSTART attraction like they did so that these women would be interested in me for more than just a meal-ticket. (You know, sometimes we teach people how to treat us. I was being TOO much of a nice guy, plain and simple.)

I’ve got a happy ending to this story though.

First off, I want to give you a couple tips.

You probably already know this: Women secretly crave the secret sexual fantasy of the “Bad Boy” who whisks her away or seduces her.

And if you don’t believe me, just go look at the covers of 90% of the romance novels on the bookstore shelves. Actually, I’ll save you the time and effort on this one… They all show a woman being ravished by some “Fabio” looking guy.

You may not like the Bad Boy, but you respect that he’s got something you wished you could use on women.

WARNING: What I’m about to tell you could give you nightmares. I’m not kidding. You may want to skip this next section…

I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s a good chance a woman you’ve desired – maybe even dated – has messed around once – or more – with one of these guys. If she hasn’t actually slept with him, she’s probably fantasized about him – while she probably only thought of you like a brother.

Deep down, that’s a fear I knew that I couldn’t keep feeling over and over, and I knew I had to cure it for good.

This situation will never happen to you if you arm yourself with the secret formula of the Bad Boy.

Here Is Every Guy’s Worst Nightmare…

This is going to be difficult to read, and I almost considered not telling you this. But I want you to know that it’s something that every nice guy fears the most:

EVERY GUY’S WORST NIGHTMARE: Finding out that your girl got gamed by an enchanting rogue of a Bad Boy – that she totally surrendered herself to hot multi-orgasmic sex with him……while you were out buying her a nice diamond bracelet.

Think it doesn’t happen? It happened to ME, my friend, and I vowed that I’d help other recovering nice guys out there get their balls back and never have it happen to them.

You don’t want her thinking about HIM – you want her fantasizing about YOU. And that’s what using the “Bad Boy” techniques will help you to do.

Never EVER Try To Be THIS Guy…

The one thing I know is that I never want to have to change who I am or become a manipulative rat to be a success with women. It just wouldn’t be worth it.

There is a certain kind of guy out there who makes it tough for guys like you and me to get the women we want.

This is the profile of a Dating Criminal. He’s dangerous – and DESIRED by most women he comes into contact with. (Even MARRIED women… shhhh!)

Have you ever run into this guy?

  • Gets drunk and obnoxious wherever he goes…
  • Says the most inappropriate things – totally politically INcorrect…
  • Constantly running out of money and mooching off his girlfriend…
  • Seems to mistreat his girlfriend(s) at every turn, yet they are hopelessly addicted to him…
  • Talks about sex explicitly… almost embarrassingly
  • Quick with a put down – usually for YOU
  • If he has a girlfriend, he mocks her and makes criticizes her…
  • Never makes any promises, and gets away with murder…
  • If he doesn’t have a girlfriend, he’s always dating women all over the place – maybe even using women for sex

The worst part of this is, he seems to get away with it.

And the DOUBLE worst part of this is that women seem to get in line to spend time with him.

Or just to sleep with him!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to figure out what parts worked, and throw all that Jerk behavior in the trash?

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk into a place and know that you can attract any woman you want, even if there are bad boys on the prowl, because you’ve got the heart of the nice guy AND the irresistible charm of the jerk that women can’t stop masturbating over?

This will actually make you MORE appealing than any one-dimensional bad boy that only knows how to look good by making other guys look bad.

So Real, It’s Scary…

Have you ever seen the 1982 movie “The Last American Virgin“? It’s kind of a classic, but at the same time, it’s one of the most painful movies for a guy to watch.


Well, if you haven’t seen it, let me tell you why it’s so agonizing:

The Last American Virgin is a teen coming-of-age film in the same vein as “Better Off Dead” and “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.”

Most of the plot involves a group of kids – including Gary, the protagonist – and their numerous failed attempts to have sex for the first time.

Well, Gary is completely in love with this girl at his school named Karen, who has no idea he’s interested in her. She’s dating a jerk by the name of Rick.

Now, eventually, Rick – the jerk – gets Karen pregnant and dumps her. Gary – being the sweet Nice Guy – decides to help Karen – get this – pay for her abortion by selling most of his possessions and borrowing money from his boss.

After the abortion, Gary and Karen spend the remainder of the weekend alone together in Gary’s grandmother’s house. They seem to hit it off and Karen invites Gary to her birthday party the following week. Gary scrapes up a few more dollars and buys Karen a gold bracelet for her birthday. (And he hasn’t even slept with her yet.)

However, when Gary arrives at the party, his dreams are shattered when he sees Karen making out with Rick in the kitchen. Yes, the same guy that got her pregnant. She’s back together with him again.

The film ends with the credits rolling over a close-up of tears streaming down Gary’s face as he drives home.

Wow, what a downer, huh?

Here’s the thing, though:

I’ll Bet Every Guy Out There Has Had Something Like This Happen To Him…

Maybe not as extreme as that situation, but I’ll bet you’ve had a woman you desired, who you did everything for, and in the end you didn’t get her. Some other “bad boy” or jerk got her instead.

Have you ever been in or heard of a situation like this:

  • You’ve had a sweet, hot girlfriend that you’ve been with for a few months, and she goes to hang out with a group of her friends. You tried to call her on her cell phone, but you keep getting her voicemail. What’s she up to – and who is she with? It’s 3:30 in the morning, and now you can’t sleep – wondering
  • You’re in a bar, talking to an attractive woman. Suddenly a guy comes up, starts chatting both of you up, and then she waves goodbye and walks away with him a few minutes later. The incredible part? You could swear that guy was her boyfriend, but it turns out that was the first time she’d ever met him…
  • You’ve been friends with Gina for over a year now. She calls you to talk about her boyfriend, Dave, who “is such a jerk.” You stay on the phone for hours and hours when she “breaks up” with him for the thirty-fifth time. The next time you see her, they’re back together again – and all you can feel is a boiling jealousy in your gut…
  • You’re hanging out with some guys at a bar, and one of them is telling stories of his sexual adventures – about how he slept with three hot women over the last weekend, and said he only wanted to “bang them and move on.” You feel a mixture of anger – how could this guy treat women like this? – and then jealousy – wishing you could do what he could – and then you feel guilty about that wish…

What Is It That These Guys Have? Is It Some Kind Of Secret Power?

You probably don’t want to actually BE this guy – well, not the jerk parts or the manipulative side or the way they’re so inconsiderate of women – but we would give anything to figure out what it is that they’re doing – and have a strategy for how to NOT be the kid that’s crying while he’s driving home from another lost girlfriend.

  • How to NOT be the guy that gets “played” by a woman who’s under the spell of the “Jerk…”
  • How to NOT be the guy that sits on the phone for 3 hours listening to the woman he wants as she complains and complains about her boyfriend – but she’s back with him in just a few days – or hours!
  • How to NOT be the guy that finally gets in bed with a woman, and all she wants to do is “cuddle…”
  • How to NOT be the guy that hears “I just don’t think of you in that way” when you ask a woman out…
  • How to NOT be the guy that misses the signals and gets dumped because his girlfriend got lured into the clutches of a Bad-Boy-Jerk…
  • How to NOT be the guy that gets cheated on by his girlfriend with some guy she met last night…
  • How to NOT play by the rules – and get away with itand beat the Bad Boy at his own game!

You’re probably asking one thing right now:

“How Do I Get That Kind Of Success With Women Without Turning To The Dark Side?”

It’s actually really easy…

And, like I said, you don’t want to BE a jerk. You just want to use his formula to get his kind of success with women.

If you can’t beat ’em, you don’t have to join ’em. You can learn HOW they’re playing the game, and then have your own counter-tactics that get the same results – but without ever having to hurt women in the process.

What you need is your own Bad-Boy “Central Intelligence Agency” feeding you “intel” and insider information from the other side.

You see, the reality is that women are not turned on by the Bad Boy’s anti-social and selfish behavior. She doesn’t really enjoy being mistreated, either. What the Bad Boy is doing is creating a set of emotional experiences for her that are wild and volatile – and unique.

It’s not the ABUSE that women are seeking from the Bad Boy – but the emotional responses these guys give them that women are so addicted to. It is literally like being a “junkie.”

Do You Know A Woman You’d Like To Win Over…?

There’s a BIG side benefit to everything I’m talking about here, too.

I’d be willing to bet that there’s a woman out there you’re interested in, but you’re intimidated to approach or talk to. OR you may have accidentally fallen into “friends only” territory with her. Maybe you’re just sick and tired of watching a wonderful woman that you have really strong feelings for get mistreated over and over.

You can rescue her and make her yours.

Here’s a secret to winning her over: You have to JUMP START her emotions and attraction for you to get out of the Friends-Only zone. It’s like throwing a lit match in a gas tank.

That’s right – the only thing that’s going to get her interested in you is to show her your “edgy” side so that she thinks “Whoah, there’s more to him than I saw before.”

And guess what?

The Bad Boy behaviors are that match to ignite her interest in you over the rest of the guys out there.

Here’s The Secret To Dominating The Dating Game Like A Bad Boy…

IMPORTANT FACT: Bad Boys have a fatal flaw in their game that you can exploit…

The reality is that most Bad Boys don’t know when to “turn it off” – or HOW. That means that they attract women quickly and powerfully at the start, but they also burn women out just as fast – and he finds it difficult to keep things going with her.

Also, the “natural” bad boy doesn’t even understand what it is he’s doing. And as a result – he eventually loses his powers after a while.

The “Alpha” Bad Boy – which you will be when you learn his formula – NEVER loses his ability. And you learn how and when to turn it down so that you don’t wear out your welcome.

So learning the hidden methods of the Bad Boy Formula will not only help you ignite the passionate fire at the start, but this method will also give you the part he doesn’t have: The ability to keep things hot and heavy for as long as you want to keep her!

Now, here are some tips you can use right away…

3 Reasons Why The Bad Boy Gets Success With Women – And Nice Guys DON’T….

 1. Bad Boys Are Self-Centered…

Let’s be very clear about this: Bad Boys never really seem to care that much about getting women. They’re always absorbed in their own life, focused on their own fun and enjoyment.

They also command respect.

Bad Boys never let anyone “walk all over them.” Ever!

Their self-respect overrides everything else in the world. They will walk away from women that demonstrate any hint that they might disrespect him. (And Bad Boys have special techniques of showing self-respect so that they never have to SAY it, either.)

The fact is that people disrespect us all the time, by wasting our time, energy, and resources – or just injecting DULLNESS into our lives – without even realizing it. The Bad Boy does not let this happen, and is quick to eject out of a boring situation so that he can get his needs met.

This self-centered behavior is a symptom of extreme independence and confidence.

Another trait of the Bad Boy is this…

2. Bad Boys Are Like “Crack”…Bad Boys are concentrated FUN to a woman.

Yes, they’re like a drug, in a lot of ways. And for women, sometimes addicting.

One Bad Boy is enough to ignite a dull party into something much more fun than it was before. And it’s not because the Bad Boy is drunk and enabled with alcohol – it’s just hisway.’ He has fun for himself *first* and then other people enjoy hanging out with him because of that.

The influence this guy has on a woman’s nervous system is just like “crack” cocaine. Here’s how the effects are described:

“Crack-cocaine delivers an intensity of pleasure completely outside the normal range of human experience. It offers the most wonderful state of consciousness, and the most intense sense of being alive, the user will ever enjoy.

“She will access heightened states of being… Groping for adequate words, crack-takers sometimes speak of the rush in terms of a ‘whole-body orgasm.'”

Not only do Bad Boys have this effect on women, but…

3. Bad Boys Are LOOSE CANNONS…

He’s a rebel.

And he’s spontaneous.

It’s this “risky” side to the bad boy that gives him a mystique that other guys just do NOT have.

Slightly un-predictable, but always interesting because you never know what you’re going to get.

The problem is that a true Bad Boy can be erratic and over-the-top, and that can be scary to be around after a while. But again, he’s creating an emotional response in a woman that she cannot control.

The good news is that there are ways to show a woman these qualities and get the same emotional responses from her without the exploiting and mistreatment. Which means that…

A Guy Who Uses These Strategies Correctly Will Demolish The “Bad Boy’s” Game Any Day Of The Week.

Now, if you read those descriptions above and thought to yourself, “But Carlos, that’s just not ME. I mean, I’d like to be able to be that kind of guy, but I’d feel fake and weird doing it. That’s way too uncomfortable.”

I totally agree with you!

When I started hanging out with some of my “jerk” friends, I thought to myself:

“Is THIS what I have to do to attract women? If so, then I’ll pass. Thanks anyways.”

But as time goes by, you start to reconsider that when you realize that your Nice Guy act isn’t getting you squat, and there HAS to be something to the whole Bad Boy thing, right?

I went back and forth on this for MONTHS when I was learning how The Bad Boy Formula worked.

You see, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong – the one big thing that was holding me back…

“This Is Where 90% Of Guys Go Wrong
Get Bitter And Angry At Women…”

You’re probably like me – you get angry at these “bad boys” out there that get women and even STEAL them sometimes.

The unknown truth is that these guys that we call “Bad Boys” are actually right on the money!

That’s right…

“Bad Boys” and “Jerks” are NOT the same type of guy.

The guys that we think of as JERKS are the ones doing all the damage – the BAD stuff…

  • Making her cry and upset
  • Mistreating her
  • Taking her for granted/Disrespectful to her
  • Cheating on her
  • Lying to her

On the other hand, the Bad Boy is the guy that looks like he’s hurting her feelings, but he’s really the guy who knows how to make sure HIS life comes first.

He’s the guy that is being unapologetically MASCULINE. (He’s the guy you probably hear me talk about as the “Alpha Man.”)

Using “The Bad Boy Formula” Actually
Creates A True Win-Win Situation

You see, what most guys have been calling a “Bad Boy” is really the “Jerk.” He’s the guy that’s out of control, and hurts more people than he attracts. The problem is that the Jerk’s strong sense of independence and “take no crap” attitude are attractive to people who are looking for a leader.

  • …the Jerk is arrogant – strutting his stuff – even if he doesn’t have anything to strut about
  • …the Jerk always puts himself first, even when other people need to be considered
  • …the Jerk is completely oblivious and inattentive to a woman’s needs – treating them bad and taking them for granted
  • …the Jerk has no respect for authority
  • …the Jerk doesn’t fall for a woman’s games
  • …the “Good” BAD BOY knows the rules, owns the game, and wins every single time.

The truth is that you can outsmart and outperform the “Jerks” out there just by doing the right thing:

Use the Bad Boy techniques to create a WIN-WIN situation with women.

*SHE* gets a man who knows how to create magnetic and stirring attraction with the right strategy, without any of the emotional pain – and *YOU* get to find, connect with, and KEEP the woman you want.

But The REAL Reason Women Are Attracted To Bad Boys Like Flies To Honey Is Because…

The Bad Boy isn’t even SLIGHTLY giving off the vibe of the “Nice Guy.”

So the point is to unleash the Bad Boy attitude he uses to DEMONSTRATE this UN-Nice vibe.

That’s simply all it takes to be the Bad Boy women love!

The Bad Boy:

  • …is like the kid you used to know that was a little unconventional, and that made him cool…
  • …is not arrogant he’s just playful and cocky…
  • …doesn’t play by the rules, but always comes out a winner…
  • …likes to have fun, but knows where to stop before hurting people’s feelings or turning into a jerk…
  • …knows how to have fun with people without making enemies or having to get into a fist fight…
  • …aggressively goes after what he wants – and takes no prisoners…
  • …has more options with women. He can get one-night-stands, and he can get a woman for as long as he desires…
  • …can sweep a woman off her feet, and then just as quickly move on to the next one. We think he’s mistreating the woman because she comes crying to us, but the truth is that he never promised her he’d stay in the first place…
  • … men want to be him (long enough to get the girl) – women want to sleep with him – and everyone wants to know him…
  • …direct and shameless in their attention to women – the way you wish you could be…
  • …has the clarity and assertiveness and confidence you want to get the women you desire…
  • …doesn’t have to act fake or like an asshole to get what he wants – or to feel good about himself…
  • …cuts through the crap and gets right to the point so that other people feel his authentic, stand-up confidence…
  • …seems to “fall into” being a popular guy because of his attitude…
  • …is the attractive, confident, mysterious, clever bastard you know has the game you want…
  • …takes the risk, makes decisions, even when he feels a little scared…
  • …is able to broadcast his sexuality in a room so that women can just “pick up on it…” and naturally find him…

And the best part of this is that you will be able to ensure that the woman you’re with is loyal to you – and you can TRUST her. Because the one thing that women value most is the guy they know can KEEP her feeling attracted to him day after day after day…

And that’s what a Bad Boy does best!

Here’s The Solution: How To Light Up A Room Without Setting It On Fire…

Look, no guy wants to be a jerk to get women. I tried it once or twice and it doesn’t work. You might have tried this, too, and then:

1) You feel so disgusted with your behavior, you can’t stomach the thought of looking at yourself in the mirror after a while…

2) Even if you can pull it off, you still can’t put your heart into it. And you slip right back into the same old Nice Guy behaviors again. Even if they weren’t getting you success with women, you’d rather be yourself than some dirtbag, right?

If you were playing someone in a game of cards, and you knew what cards they had in their hand, do you think it would be difficult to beat them?

Nope. You’d know exactly how to bet and how to play the game with them, because they’d have nothing on you. You’d own the game.

Well, that’s what The Bad Boy Formula does for you…

1) You will learn all the secret psychological tricks the Bad Boy is using to attract women. I’ll explain all the intricate psychological tactics that these guys use. And how they work in a woman’s mind to create the kind of obsessive attraction that keeps women addicted to him…

2) You’ll learn how to “read the Jerk’s cards” in any situation, so you’ll know just what to do to counter him and get him to “fold” his hand…

3) You’ll learn how to bring out your inner “Bad Boy” – without having to change or turn into the Jerk or be a “dick” to women… EVER!

So for you to make the leap from nice guy to bad boy, you need a blueprint.

A FORMULA for his “secret sauce…”

Using The Bad Boy Formula Is Just Like Learning Self-Defense Techniques…

Would you rather learn from a trophy-winning kick boxing and karate guy who’s never been in a fight, OR some skinny dude who has won over 200 street fights – even against multiple attackers?

The skinny dude who knows real life techniques is the best choice because he does stuff that works in the real world.

But just because you’re learning from him doesn’t mean you want to actually get into 200 street fights to learn what he learned. No way! Too painful.

It’s the same with Bad Boy techniques – Learning how to be a bad boy doesn’t mean you want to learn how to be a jerk or an asshole. It means you want to find out what those sexy elements of the bad boy are so you can make yourself sexier while still being a cool, honorable guy that she can rely on and respect.

Those devastatingly powerful fighting tactics can be used for good as well.

Well, as a martial arts instructor myself, I can tell you that it’s far better to have it and NOT need it than it is to need it and NOT have it.

The Bad Boy Formula is something you absolutely MUST know to rule the roost, get the woman you want, and never be afraid some other guy will come along and steal her away from you.

“Here’s The Secret Method: The Bad Boy Formula…”

whole product

  • The complete breakdown of the “Bad Boy Spectrum” – a concrete explanation of all 8 types of men’s behavior, what women think of them, and where you should be. And how much Bad Boy is too much, so you never go too far…
  • Why it is that guys who try the “friends first” strategy with women always fail, and what women will never tell you about why this happens – and how to never get pegged as the “friends only” guy again…
  • 10 Qualities of the Nice Guy that dooms them to failure with women – and why they trigger a woman’s hidden disgust that makes her push him away. You’ll understand how the bad boy takes advantage of this to swoop in and steal women away…
  • Learn how to embody the Bad Boy traits that work – so that it’s really YOU, and she doesn’t think you’re some actor just half pulling it off and looking weak and “wussy” in the process…
  • 10 Essential Traits of the Bad Boy that skyrockets them to success with women – and how they trigger a woman’s instinctive ATTRACTION psychology that makes her chase after him. You’ll discover how the Bad Boy completely contrasts with the Nice Guy…
  • How to “break all the rules” the way a Bad Boy does, and not just get away with it, but get people more invested and involved in your friendship. Imagine being the guy that your friends call up when they want to go out and have FUN…
  • How to use the healthy and positive parts of the Bad Boy to build intrigue and accelerate a woman’s attraction for you…
  • How to get women to want to be around you – and approach YOU based on your sheer animal magnetism that you give off…
  • How to shut down another would-be jerk so that he runs away with his tail between his legs…
  • How to cut past your own inner “Nice Guy” softness so that you can truly speak your mind and be respected for your openness and “I don’t care what you think of me” attitude…
  • How to leverage the best parts of the Bad Boy to give women intense emotional experiences that addict her to you – and gets women to validate themselves to you – without “negging” her or putting her down in the process…
  • Internalize the “code” of the Bad Boy so that you can possess his attitude and thought process…
  • Eliminate that “harmless” and boring side of you that can’t awaken attraction or interest in a woman and take on the “dangerous” thrilling edge of a Bad Boy…
  • Finally, you will learn how to be able to display your raw masculine sexual essence to women so that she knows you’re a man that will keep her attracted – and satisfy all her desires so her eye will never “wander…”
  • The specific reasons women are attracted to the Bad Boy – even when he’s inappropriate and sometimes obnoxious – and how he gets away with it. When you use these secrets, you’ll be on par with the best of the best…
  • How Bad Boys go too far with their behavior – so you know when to stop and never turn people off…
  • The secret method for how the Bad Boy maintains his calm, unruffled exterior when approaching and meeting women – and how he gets the inner coolness to not care what women – or anyone – really thinks of him…
  • How to handle the guys who try to make a fool out of you – without getting into a confrontation – or ruining the mood of the group and creating a social disaster…
  • How the Bad Boy deals with difficult women so that he’s never beaten down by a snobby, arrogant woman – AND how to handle the tests you’ll get when women think they can bust you…
  • Have you ever heard a woman say they want the “nice guy” when we see her doing the complete OPPOSITE in real life? I’ll explain why this is, and why she seems to be lying to us when she says this. (The truth is VITAL to know, because you could be tricked into blaming women by mistake!)
  • Discover the hidden truth about why it is that men call themselves a “nice guy” and get tricked into damaging their reputation and skills with women…
  • I will show you how to tap into the One Forbidden Key of Psychological Persuasion that women respond to most. I’ll also show you how this ties into your behaviors and habits when you meet and talk with women so you get the most incendiary responses…
  • One of the critical components of how the “Jerk” operates is that he often goes TOO FAR. This is something that’s easy to avoid if you understand “The Dark Triad” of behaviors that he’s using. I’ll explain this triad – and the “Light” Triad – in detail so that you know where the “sweet spot” of Bad Boy attraction lies…
  • Men often mistake the “Bad Boy” for the “Player.” These are actually two different kinds of men – and you absolutely need to know how they’re different. I’ll show you the 5 Player Traits that push women away – AND draw them in…
  • 5 “Player” indicators that women look for that you need to avoid
  • The Core 28 Explosive traits of the Bad-Boy – what they are, how they work, and how you used them to capture the heart and fantasies of women…
  • The 10 steps of the “Vicious Cycle” – a complete breakdown of the exact way that a bad boy spirals out of control – and why women fall for this and end up more deeply addicted to him because of it…
  • The crowning glory of the Bad Boy is that he gets a TON of results for almost no effort. He never seems to work hard at getting what he wants. I’ll show you 10 Behaviors you will NOT find in a Bad Boy – AND how to get rid of them if you have them. And why these are probably MORE important than the things he does…
  • You’ve probably heard women say a thousand times that they want a “nice guy,” but do you know what she’s really talking about when she says this? I’ll give you a breakdown of the 7 habits of successful nice guys – what she’s REALLY thinking when it comes to what women want in a man…
  • So what is the Bad Boy THINKING in that brain of his? Unlocking the secrets of what is going on in his mind will help you to understand and use his confidence, his paradigms, and his beliefs … and his limitations!
  • The 3 C’s of Conversation and the 5 core conversation topics the Bad Boy must master…
  • Have you ever found yourself awestruck by a woman’s beauty? To the point of being paralyzed and acting like a wuss? I’ll explain exactly why this happens to guys, and how you avoid this overwhelming overload when you’re with a beautiful woman…
  • Why “heartache” is healthy – and how Bad Boys deal with it. You’ll find out the “Crush Difference” – how a nice guy handles it and how a Bad Boy rolls with it…
  • The Fatal Error that men make when they see a Bad Boy at work, and how to NOT get confused by a woman’s explanation of the attraction – discover what’s really going on deep down in her emotions…
  • What is it that women see in a Bad Boy when everyone else is telling her not to get involved with him? I’ve researched the psychology of this unique attraction, and I’ll show you the 8 Attraction Buttons that get pushed by him…
  • The two kinds of women that are attracted to the POISONOUS parts of the “jerk,” and how you spot them. If you want to stay happy, you must avoid these two kinds of women…
  • Some women simply don’t respond “normally” to a confident man – and they are drawn into unhealthy relationships. Even their responses to “attraction techniques” will seem inconsistent and confusing. I will teach you the three hidden “issues” of the Low-Quality Woman so that you don’t find yourself in an abusive or twisted relationship…
  • Have heard that women like competition for their affections? This is only true in ONE way. Do you know what it is? I’ll show you…
  • Discover the 2 attraction blueprints all women share, and how they both work to get a woman – but only one of them ensures her loyalty and her sexual desire for you…
  • The “blade” is the edge of balance between being too nice and too much of a jerk. I’ll explain exactly how you walk this sharp edge – and get away with it so you keep women’s interest and attraction…
  • Adopting the “Bad Boy” edge into your life is actually very simple. There are 3 primary traits of the Bad Boy – and I will take each of them and explain, dissect, and break them down into a simple formula for you to understand in just minutes…
  • The 7 Traits of “Bad Boy” Masculinity that skyrocket your attractiveness to women…
  • Six critical components of confidence that Bad Boys master. I’ll expose how this works, and how you can get the benefit from their “natural” skill. (Hint: If you learn it, you’ll be in better shape than any Bad Boy who isn’t prepared for challenges to his confidence…)
  • If you were to pull out the one major characteristic of Bad Boys that’s most important, it’s their “I” factor. Not just how they focus on themselves, but on one major part of their attitude that actually “speaks” to a woman’s programmed desire for the strongest man. Do you know what it is?
  • The 5 Keys To Bad Boy Attitude that communicate your “risky” side…
  • Have you ever found a woman you were interested in that you couldn’t work up the courage to get “cocky” with? You knew that you should act a bit more aloof, but you ended up wussing out – and you know that she lost respect for you as a result. Here’s how to keep that from happening again…
  • The specific part of a man’s behavior that tells a woman that you might be unreliable. Eliminate this from your life so that she feels safe with you – AND sticks around…
  • The 3 Myths of the Bad Boy – and the confusing part of these myths is that if you don’t know about them, they’re probably holding you back, but if you learn them correctly you can use them in your favor…
  • Why it is that “dumb” guys can get success with women – even when they’re doing the wrong things? And you’ll discover the secret of their successful behaviors…
  • Vocal power is one of the biggest subconscious influences on a woman – and I’ll show you 5 ways to instantly create your voice of authority and power with women…
  • One big mistake that “nice guys” make is to hold back on their emotions with women. In this section of the program, I’ll explain how you tap into the good part of your “dark side” so that women respect you and admire you…
  • How to get a nice girl “naughty” with you – the secret method of turning your sweet little “librarian” into your deliciously raunchy seductress…
  • Another important ingredient for women feeling that “naughty” edge to you is how well you flirt with them. Flirting is an essential skill, and I’ll show you the number one rule of flirting that guys break without even realizing it…
  • If you asked a woman what one of the top ways was for her to read your confidence level, it would be eye contact. I’ll show you three compelling ways to generate eye-contact power without even breaking a sweat…
  • The 8 Killer Rules of Confidence – use these eight rules to amplify your level of confidence – with specific methods of how you apply them in YOUR life…
  • 11 ways to up your self-reliance and self-sufficiency – how to show women a sense of confident independence that she’s looking for in you…
  • I’ll give you the “13 Words of Belief” – the Bad Boy Affirmation that every man must use in his life…
  • The one core strategy of the “player” that locks in his success with women. Every Bad Boy on the planet knows this rule more than any other, and it’s also the secret for keeping a woman loyal to you. Do you know what it is?
  • The “Cuddle-Weasel” mistake that every guy makes when he’s too nice with a girl, and virtually guarantees he will wind up frustrated and never get to sleep with a woman. I’ve made this mistake a bunch of times in the past, now I want to make sure you never make it again…
  • One incredibly easy source of “Bad Boy” humor and attitude that nice guys miss…
  • The 12 ways a Nice Guy flushes his attraction down the drain, and the 13 ways the Bad Boy uses the same situation to his advantage. You’ll get a clear cut understanding of EXACTLY how certain things you do can feel completely different to a woman…
  • The 15 Don’ts of the reformed nice guy – these are the essential 15 habits you will learn how to get rid of. (Including one that every guy struggles with: “Being Too Needy.” I’ll show you 4 specific NEEDY GUY things that you’re probably killing her with and you don’t even know it.) How many of these other 14 habits are you doing?
  • The 6 Elements of the Bad Boy Lifestyle – including specific subconscious messages that are communicated to women with each one of them…
  • The “Social Numbing” factors – how these 8 distinctive influences are subtly stealing your passion and your life energy away. And it’s this energy that is most attractive to women. I’ll show you how to stop this social cancer from spreading in your life. (And I’ll bet you have at least 2 or more of them in your home right now…)
  • Do you know what the 3 symptoms of “masculine death” are for guys? If you’re suffering from the loss of your inspiration and energy in life, chances are you’re a victim of one of these. I’ll also show you 5 methods for destroying them…
  • How to overcome social resistance from people in your life that are trying to hold you back and keep you from becoming more “Alpha…”
  • 9 fast and easy ways to transform your house or apartment from a geek palace to a seduction lair…
  • More important than your looks to women is your IMAGE that you give to them. Women are looking for 4 key areas to judge your image ( and one of them you probably would never guess is part of it.) I’ll explain all of them in detail for you, along with how you “upgrade” your image in just 3 minutes a day…
  • I’ll also show you six ways you can maintain a healthy “mental diet” that ensures you have a positive attitude, a confident frame of mind, and a hip ammo belt of conversation with women…
  • Over 30 Lock & Load Bad Boy Formulas: These 30+ techniques and tactics are the specific methods I used in my life to get my “Bad Boy” in gear and stop being such a wuss. If you put even a few of these to work for you, you’ll experience a turbo thrust of Bad Boy attitude…
  • The six steps to “Busting Balls” – Italian style. One of the Lost Arts of being a true bad boy was taught to me by my friends back where I grew up in New York. In this part of the program, I’ll show you how this technique will create an INSTANT level of cocky Bad Boy behavior that women cannot resist…
  • Dozens of specific ways to be more assertive and influential with women – AND men…
  • When I first started learning how to be a good “bad boy,” I got misled and redirected down all the wrong roads before I finally figured out what were the REAL role models I should use. In a special part of this program, I’ll show you how to find the best examples of the Bad Boy that you want to be…
  • Celebrity Bad Boys – who are the best examples you can learn from that are true-to-life – as well as where you’ll meet real Bad Boys in your world…
  • 32 Must-See movies that will give you a “Bad Boy Immersion program” – and some of the best examples of the tough and mischievous kind of man that women desperately want…
  • DANGER: Watch out for the female “players” out there. I’ll give you their 5 qualities and the way to spot one of these lethal women before she demolishes your game, and leaves you in the rubble…

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Dating Skills for Men

Georges Sabongui – Dating Skills for Men Review | Georges Sabongui – Dating Skills for Men Download

1. Dating Skills for Men: Creating a High Impact First Impression

“DOC” tells you exactly how to create a HIGH IMPACT First Impression and gives you the tools you need to transform yourself in order to attract the kind of woman you’ve always wanted.

The way you do ANYTHING is the way you do EVERYTHING. Your potential lover is assuming that the way you walk, dress, move your body, make eye contact, do your job, eat your lunch — in fact ANYTHING at all — is the way you run your life and do EVERYTHING.

In my DVD series, I go into detail about the Psychology of First Impressions and how judgements about you are made. I talk about all the subtle cues that people UNCONSCIOUSLY use to make an instant first impression. Then I teach you exactly what the 5 most attractive qualities are to the opposite sex and how to project them in a High Impact First Impression, creating instant attraction rather than indifference.

In Dating Skills for Men , learn to use:

Body Language
Tone of Voice
Your “Look”
Conversation skills to project your HIGHEST self

2. Dating Skills for Men: Creating the Right Chemistry

“DOC” shares the secrets about the Chemistry of Attraction to make sure you hit it off instantly with the women you choose. Capitalize on his expertise and years of research and experience.

What are the RIGHT ingredients?
What do women want?
What do women REALLY want?
What you should be looking for.

3. Dating Skills for Men: Overcoming Personal Roadblocks

“DOC” goes into detail on how to overcome the Personal Roadblocks that stop you from connecting with that special someone.

Learn to OVERCOME:

Self-Limiting Beliefs.
Negative Self-Talk
False Beliefs
Negative Programming.

For More Details About Georges Sabongui Seduction Materials Click Here : Georges Sabongui – Dating Skills for Men DeluxePackage Bundle

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