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Jonathan Remington – Male Libido Booster Review | Jonathan Remington – Male Libido Booster Download

10 Unusual Ways To Get Harder Erections That The Pharmaceutical Giants And The Food Industry Would Pay Millions To Stop You From Finding Out

Jonathan Remington – Male Libido Booster Description

If You Would Like To Enjoy:
• Naturally Stiff Erections That Last For Over 60 Minutes
• Surges of Sexual Desire and the Return of that Familiar Tingle to your Trousers
• Amazing Ejaculation Control and Ability to Last for as Long as you Want
• Overflowing Sexual Confidence and a Genuine Alpha Male Swagger

Jonathan Remington – Male Libido Booster  Can Help You To Do It

Boosting your libido and erectile power is a 10 step process:
• Herbal Supplements Guide To Kick-Start Your Hormones And Erections
• Sex Drive Workouts For Sharp Hormonal Surges Of Desire
• Super Food To Power Up Erections Fast
• Penis Booster Techniques To Muscle Up Your Manhood
• Awesome Instant Booster Tricks For The Big Night
• Kill Stress And Double Your Sex Drive
• Eliminate Medication That Destroys Erectile Power
• Testosterone Lifestyle To Be An Alpha Male Lover
• Detox To Streamline And Power Up Libido For Regular Sex
• Mental Visualization Techniques For Frequent Hard Erections

What You’ll Get From The Male Libido Booster Program:
Rock Hard Stiff Erections: Your new hardness will shock your girl but she will be excited about it. You’ll be able to get so hard it’ll feel like you’re bursting with power. And it won’t be your “once a week” erection either. We’re talking regular sessions 5 times a week.
Longer Lasting Sex: Not only do these methods teach you about getting harder, you’ll learn how to outlast your girl so she orgasms before you every single time.
Intense Tidal Wave Orgasms: And when you yourself decide it’s time to let go after one hour of pumping you’ll release the most intense earthquake ever, with sensational orgasmic pleasure waves and more sperm that shoots out further than before.
Extra Thick Penis: Thick does the trick! That expression exists for the very good reason that girth is what makes girls hot and crazy with sexual excitement. You see, a thick penis rubs on their vaginal walls and stimulates them to orgasm faster. Thickness is what girls desire over length. You’ll feel your added girth after just a few days of penile exercises and she’ll feel it even more!
Permanent High Sex Drive: Yep, it’s here to stay and it won’t wear off in a few hours, unlike the effects of those weird chemical pills. It won’t cost you the earth and you won’t need to depend on anything except your maintaining your own high libido lifestyle to keep your virility as high as any guy in their 20s out there.


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White Panda – Tinder for Experts PDF Download

Tinder for Experts PDF Download

Tinder for Experts PDF Download


“Tinder for Experts” is the #1 Tinder book!

Tinder for Experts: How to stop losing hot matches, relying on cheesy lines, wasting time & getting nowhere

“Written by White Panda, the world leading Tinder expert” – GQ Italia

Tinder for Experts is targeted towards men who strive for success in all activities they deem worthy of their time. The advice will save you countless hours of trial and error, heaps of money from unsuccessful dates and the frustration that comes along the learning curve. This is the most complete and comprehensive guide to quickly join the top 1% of Tinder users and take full advantage of this amazing new way to meet women.

The methods and advice will explain:

– Why Tinder is revolutionizing dating and granting regular guys an abundance of women
– Why most guys only get lower quality women with the app
– How to create the most irresistible profile and get girls usually out of your league
– How to optimize your Instagram to create even more value
– When to use openers and how to effortlessly create fun conversations
– Techniques to get even the coldest girls to open up
– Tips and lines to rapidly escalate attraction
– The importance of adding girls on Facebook and how to eliminate the risk of rejection
– How to use Facebook to set up dates with amazing girls
– Fun date ideas with the highest chances of success
– How to turn Tinder awkwardness into sexual tension
– How to use Tinder to hook up, for casual fun, or serious dating

I see Tinder – and dating in general – as a sales process. Most guys fail to get the women they deserve because they do not know how to convey the best of themselves. This book will make you an expert in self-promotion. Your challenge will then be to live up to the expectations of all the new women eager to meet you!

Sincerely, White Panda


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How to Quit Being a Loser With Women Download | How to Quit Being a Loser With Women Review

dating tips and advice ebook

How to Stop Feeling Like a Loser With Women and Become More Confident, Fun, and Attractive

“It Takes Less Than 29 Seconds For Her To Decide If She Wants Your Or Not & Guessing The Right Things To Say And Do Will DESTROY YOUR CHANCES With Her Even Faster. Beat The Odds And Increase Your Chances Of Success With Her By Over 400% With This Easy To Learn Guide To Attracting The Women You Want”

MOST MEN WILL NEVER LEARN How To Have The Success They Actually Want With Women And They’ll Stay Stuck Banging Their Head Against A Wall – Wondering Why The Women They Want Don’t Want Them Back. Here’s How To Finally Overcome The Anxiety, Nervousness, Self-Doubt, And FEAR That’s Been Holding You Back and Learn What Only 1% Of All Men Know About How To Attract and Date Any Woman You Want, Have Intoxicating Confidence, And Be Seen As Different From All Other Men Without Having To Waste Money, Kiss Women’s Asses, Or Be Manipulative and Dishonest In Any Way…


How Many Times Has This Happened To You?

guy begging

How many times have you been sitting face to face with a woman you really liked, but your mind went blank, you couldn’t find the right thing to say, and you started acting weird because you had no control over your nervousness and anxiety?

How many times have you ever had something really great going with a woman you liked a lot… but you somehow messed it up and didn’t know why?

More specifically, how many times have you ever been dating or in a relationship with an amazing woman but she all of a sudden stopped communicating with you and became distant?

How many times have you ever liked a woman so much that you couldn’t hold it in any longer so you decided to tell her… but she told you that she only liked you as a friend?

Or how many times have you ever been in a relationship with a woman who you thought was “the one”… but you unintentionally became insecure, clingy, jealous, and felt like you couldn’t live without her – to the point where it scared her off?

How many times have you ever found yourself saying “yes” to every request from a woman, buying her flowers, taking her to expensive dinners, and doing ANYTHING she wanted… but she still only saw you as a friend?

How many times have you ever thought your life was so boring or you were so uninteresting that you felt the need to lie about yourself to women because you worried they wouldn’t like you for who you are?

How many times have you REALLY wanted to approach a beautiful woman… but you got scared and your brain started telling you that she probably wouldn’t like you, you probably weren’t her type, and/or she was out of your league… so you didn’t approach her out of fear and ended up regretting it and kicking yourself in the ass for it?

How many times has a woman brought up the topic of sex out of nowhere… but you completely froze up, didn’t know what to say or do, and had a miniature freak out?

How many times have you been in a relationship with a woman who was rude, inconsiderate, and acted like a total bitch to you… but you just took it didn’t say anything to her because you were afraid of her getting mad and leaving you?


“Too Many!”

If you’re like I was when I first started learning how to get better with women and dating, then your answer to all of these questions is probably “too many!”

What makes it even worse is there’s always that little voice in the back of your head telling you that you’re the one messing things up!

When you consistently have bad luck, it’s hard to blame it on the women or the circumstances when it’s more than likely YOU… and you’re completely aware of it.

That’s the most aggravating part!

If you meet women and they consistently become less and less interested in you, it’s more than likely because YOU’RE NOT DOING THE RIGHT THINGS TO MAKE HER FEEL ATTRACTION FOR YOU


Think About This…

your dream girl

If you finally had your chance with that PERFECT WOMAN YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED, the one you’ve spent years fantasizing about and imagining yourself with, would you know exactly what to say and do to make her feel a deep and undeniable attraction for you?

Would you know how to make her feel something on the inside that’s so powerful that she literally has no control over herself or how she feels about you REGARDLESS of what her co-workers, best friends, and even family say about you?

It’s OK if your honest answer is “no”.

99% of men wouldn’t know what to do either – or even where to start!

The truth is, most men aren’t prepared to meet this amazing woman they’ve always wanted…

Is it possible that you’re not ready either?

Is it possible that you might completely mess it up if you don’t have all the “tools” necessary to make her feel this intense and rare attraction for you?

Imagine if the woman you’ve waited for YOUR WHOLE LIFE shows up and you’re not ready – she’ll be gone so fast that you won’t even know what happened. Another man will come along, sweep her off her feet, and you’ll be just another random guy who wasn’t able to capture her attention…

I’m positive this isn’t what you want…


I Know How You Feel – I Was There

I spent most of my life not knowing what I was doing around the women I liked. I got rejected, couldn’t figure out why women wouldn’t answer their phone or call me back, and most women wouldn’t go out on a second date with me.

When I WOULD get “lucky” and get a girlfriend, I’d get cheated on or dumped.

I tried to read advice on “love”, watch dating shows on TV, do what I’d see in music videos or hear in songs, and ask a bunch questions to my friends who had girlfriends – but the “help” i got actually didn’t help.

I wasn’t getting the MAGIC PILL I needed to become more attractive and cause women respond DIFFERENTLY to me.

The last straw was when my girlfriend left me on Christmas Day for her ex who just got out of jail 30 minutes before. I was such a loser that I even helped her carry her luggage to the taxi just for a last hit of approval!

I MADE A DECISION THAT NIGHT to figure out how to stop being a loser with women and learn how attraction REALLY WORKS and why some guys make getting women look effortless while others like myself hopelessly struggled.

I made up my mind to THROW OUT everything I “thought” I knew about women and approach it all with a different mindset.

I became friends as well as a student of guys who figured out a lot about “women and dating” and I spent literally hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of hours studying, implementing, practicing, and mastering their teachings.

As I soaked up everything I was learning and applied it with the women I was meeting, the results I got were mind blowing! I was finally attracting and dating women I never thought I’d have a chance with and I was no longer getting dumped and rejected!

In fact… it worked so well that I began sharing what I had learned with other guys I knew and saw it changing their “luck” with women literally OVERNIGHT!


Discover What’s Holding You Back With Women

frustrated guy

If you’ve consistently ruined things with the women in your life and you’re ready to say goodbye to feeling like a loser, doing things that clearly don’t work, and open a new door to the things that ACTUALLY DO WORK, then here’s some great and refreshing news for you:


It’s 100% possible to change your “luck” with women and to stop “messing things up”. The truth is that it’s not your fault if you’ve been programmed with the WRONG INFORMATION about how to attract women and keep them around.

You just were never given the right “tools” that MEN ABSOLUTELY NEED in order to be more successful with women.


What I Learned About Attracting Women Will Solve Your Most Frustrating Dating Problems

dating improvements

If you want to see change in how women respond to you, you must first change how you “internally” respond to women.

This means you must change what’s going on inside your mind when you are around women you like and you will notice them responding to you in a more “favorable” manner.

As I applied this principle to my interactions with women I met, I began experiencing things I NEVER thought were possible…

This “new way” of thinking, behaving, and seeing women opened “new doors” and allowed me attract and date the incredible women that I truly believed would never give me the time of day!

The usual weirdness, excuses, flakiness, rejection, heartbreak, and other negative responses just… VANISHED.

For example:

If I was out with a woman, instead of being nervous and uptight, kissing her ass, and doing the “extra polite” thing like holding a glass door open for her without question, I’d have some fun with it…

I’d walk in front of her, quickly let myself in, and then hold the door shut for about 5 or 10 seconds where she couldn’t get in. Then I’d just look and smile at her calling me names and struggling to pull or push the door open.

Now why would I do something like this?

  • I find things like this funny.
  • I communicates to her that I’m not nervous.
  • I communicates to her that I’m not afraid of her.
  • It communicates to her that I’m not afraid and tease her.
  • It communicates to her that I’m not putting her on a pedestal.
  • It communicates to her that I know how to have fun.
  • It communicates to her that I don’t care “too much” what she thinks of me.

This mindset flips on woman’s attraction “switch”!

So when I’d finally let go of the door, instead of her being angry, annoyed, and wanting to leave, she’d be laughing, smacking me, and holding onto my arm, calling me a jerk, and telling me shes’ having a good time.

Since my “internal response” to her was showing that I wasn’t overly concerned with what she thought of me, I didn’t take her too seriously, and I knew how to have fun, her response in return was unconsciously positive and favorable – which is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

“Unconsciously” positive and favorable means her reaction to the situation was completely natural – she didn’t think about it or have any control over it. She reacted spontaneously and naturally.

Make sense?

The more success I had doing this stuff, the more I realized that I WAS ON THE RIGHT TRACK with women and onto something that would CHANGE MY LIFE FOREVER.

So over the last 10 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet, attract, and date incredible women from literally ALL AROUND THE WORLD including a few models, actresses, and EVEN one woman who ONLY dates male models and professional athletes!

… and I’m definitely NOT a male model or professional athlete.

This knowledge broke down barriers that I believed were completely indestructible.

The truth is, I would have NEVER STOOD A CHANCE with ANY of these women if I didn’t TAKE THE TIME to learn WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS.


I Put What Actually Works In This eBook

dating tips and advice ebook

ALL OF MY KNOWLEDGE on attracting women is in this eBook I wrote called How to Quit Being a Loser With Women – and Become the Man Women Instantly Want.

This powerful information that not many men know on attracting women, that you are now to get your hands on, is what will take you from being a loser, like I was, with women to being able to attract and date practically any woman you want.

EVERYTHING I’ve learned on how to quit being a loser with women to becoming the type of man THAT ALL WOMEN WANT is in this eBook.

The most important stuff is broken down, simplified, and explained in full detail so you can take it, plant it in your mind, and start using it immediately to change your life with women and dating forever.


Every Man NEEDS This Education on Attracting Women

I’ll be honest here – when my friends saw me attracting and dating one beautiful woman after another and asked me to put a book to together to teach what I was doing, I didn’t want to. I wanted to be a selfish bastard and KEEP THIS STUFF FOR MYSELF!

BUT… as time went by, I kept noticing other guys struggling with the same familiar problems I had and I realized that these guys, just like you, REALLY NEED TO KNOW THIS POWERFUL INFORMATION as well.

So I spent three years pulling this information on consistently attracting women out of my brain so I can help you to finally stop FEELING LIKE A LOSER, a FAILURE, WORTHLESS, not good enough, PATHETIC, UNCOOL, unwanted and ignored by women, and LOST and to get out of that fog of fear, self-doubt, helplessness, loneliness, and anxiety.

It’s time to end your vicious cycle of getting rejected, dumped, heartbroken and embarrassed in front of friends, family, and loved ones. To end your cycle of not knowing how to get a girlfriend, and feeling like an outcast, dork, geek, or a nerd compared to other guys.

I’ve taken your BIGGEST fears, frustrations, and problems with women and dating and given you ACTUAL SOLUTIONS to fix them!

Instead of having zero or very few options to fix your problems, fears, and frustrations with women, you now have over 100!

In How to Quit Being a Loser With Women, you’re getting the BEST EDUCATION on women and dating for a fraction of the time and money it would cost you to learn this stuff on your own. An education that will come in handy and be useful on a daily basis.

This isn’t stuff you’ll going to learn from your mom, dad, or grandpa.

And by “the best”, I mean I’m giving you the secrets, techniques, tips, and habits of the only 1% of men who are the very best in the world at meeting, attracting, and dating any woman they want.

You’re going to learn EVERYTHING they know.


You Can Actually Change The Way Women Feel About You and Respond To You

change how she feels

After reading How to Quit Being a Loser With Women, you’re going to notice the way you think, behave, feel, walk, talk, and respond is going to be MUCH different… A GOOD DIFFERENT. But not only will you notice, SO WILL WOMEN.

You will start to understand women and dating on a much higher lever and talking to women, getting their phone numbers, and getting dates will become MUCH EASIER.

Best of all, you’ll have more confidence and your nervousness, shyness, and fear that creeps up and ruins everything for you will no longer be such a problem.


Here’s A Look Inside

In How to Quit Being a Loser With Women, you’ll learn:

  • How to overcome women’s “Bitch Shield” and never let it affect you again in the future – Pg 79
  • How to get women to see you as sexy when you talk to them – what voice tone to use, how loud or soft, fast or slow to speak – Pg 260
  • How constantly improving and bettering yourself keeps women chasing you and makes you way more attractive than the other men she normally meets – Pg 43
  • The ONE THING you need to stop doing that will start getting you IMMEDIATE RESULTS with women, make you into the man women REALLY WANT, and make you feel better than you’ve ever felt in your life – Pg 208
  • How to “flip” a woman’s attraction “switch” on and KEEP IT THAT WAY AS LONG AS YOU WANT
  • Simple tricks and mindsets to overcome shyness, nervousness, and fear and never struggle with them again
  • What things ANNOY WOMEN – and what to do instead to make them think highly of you – Pg 119
  • How to be one of the funniest guys she’s ever met – and keep her in a great mood – Pg 268
  • How to get women to want you and be attracted to you… by just being yourself with no gimmicks, games, fronts, cheats, or being someone you’re not – Pg 89
  • Why buying flowers, gifts, and being extra nice and sweet to women doesn’t work and what you can do instead to have her approval and affection – Pg 200
  • Get inside the minds of men who are superstars with women and see why and how they do what they do – Pg 225
  • How to know exactly where to take her out on a date without even asking her – Pg 306
  • How to deal with rejection and never let it affect stop you from approaching women again – Pg 103
  • How to understand women better and get INSIDE their heads and know what they’re thinking – Pg 48
  • How to turn a woman on and have her get horny every time she sees youPg 278
  • How men and women are like cats and dogs, what you can learn from it, and how it can help you attract women you like with a fraction of the effort as beforePg 46
  • How to prevent women from noticing that you’re nervous and always appear cool and relaxed – Pg 94
  • How attracting women REALLY works and how you can practically ELIMINATE YOUR COMPETITION with this knowledgePg 179
  • How to never get your feelings hurt by women again and carry yourself in a way that commands respect – Pg 125
  • How to impress a woman and keep her impressed without even trying – Pg 243
  • The TRUTH about why some women like tall, handsome, rich, and famous men and how you can make women see you the same way – Pg 82
  • How to get a woman you like to talk about sex with you and be totally comfortable with it – Pg 280
  • Fast and simple ways to earn a woman’s trust, have a deep connection with her, and get her to share things with you that she doesn’t share with anyone – Pg 141
  • Why women love leaders and how you can be seen as one – Pg 146
  • What parts of yourself to work on and improve so that women will automatically know there is something “different” and more attractive about you. Something that separates you from all other men – Pg 88
  • How to be fun, outgoing, and never be seen as boring. Compared to you, other guys will be boring – Pg 248
  • EXACT phrases, lines, and funny things that I PERSONALLY use to have women laughing, instantly attracted, and having more fun than she’s ever had before – Pg 271


How To Make Sure This Is Right For You

You Don’t Need This eBook If:

  • You are one of the best looking men in the world and have to fight off women
  • You have NEVER in your entire life experienced any problems or challenges meeting and dating women
  • You are amazingly rich and you love blowing your money on gold digging women who use you as a tool
  • You feel you have no options on how attract women
  • You feel like you keep running into obstacles and roadblocks with every woman you meet
  • You don’t know where to begin improving your dating life
  • You’re tired of feeling like you’re failing in your dating life
  • You’re tired of being alone and you want to get a girlfriend
  • You see all your friends getting the girls and you’re not
  • The girl you like doesn’t like you back and you want to change it
  • You want to become more popular with women
  • You want women to see you as more attractive
  • You want women to notice you
  • You want women to think you’re sexy
  • You want to prove to yourself that you’re not a failure with women and dating
  • You want to get your ex-girlfriend back
  • You want to fix your problems with your girlfriend
  • You want to learn how to be funnier around women
  • You don’t have a full education on women and dating and feel it can benefit you
  • You want to date more women
  • You want to date hotter women
  • You want to date younger women
  • You feel you’re halfway there with women and dating and you need a boost to get you the rest of the way
  • You HAVE experienced one or more of anything above and want to get your dating life HANDLED NOW

Don’t wait until your problems with women get worse or it’s too late to do something about it!


What Makes This Different From Other Dating “Stuff”?


Easy and To The Point

How to Quit Being a Loser With Women is friendly, amazingly simple, easy to read, and easy to learn.

Everything you’ll learn is REAL WORLD stuff and not the crazy, wishy washy, and highly theoretical stuff that most people have a hard time learning and understanding.

You won’t feel like you’re reading a boring essay or a textbook. Nobody enjoys that stuff at all.

I specifically designed it to feel like me and you are just hanging out, talking, and figuring this women and dating thing out TOGETHER.

Once you begin reading, you will understand that I am right there with you and my only interest is helping you fix your dating problems with women.

So if you’re ready to quit feeling like a loser with women, get on the right track, turn your dating life around, and start getting the lasting results you really want with women, How to Quit Being a Loser With Women is going to take you from where you are RIGHT NOW to attracting and dating women you never thought would give you the time of day!


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James Fleet – Conversation Power Review | James Fleet – Conversation Power Download

James Fleet - Conversation Power Download

James Fleet – Conversation Power Program

You have just taken the first step to learning the “master skills of self-expression.” Renowned communications expert James K. Van Fleet will guide you through the most effective verbal communication strategies available for business, public speaking, employee relations, meetings, family, sales and even romantic encounters. Nine times out of 10, when things go wrong the problem boils down to communication. And the reverse is also true – artful communication can make almost any situation go right! Leaders who can motivate and facilitate with words are needed at all levels in every organization. That’s why your earning power will increase dramatically as you practice the techniques in Conversation Power.

You’ll learn surefire methods for striking up conversations, making lasting friendships from initial meetings, negotiating for services, and enhancing crucial communication lines between employees, colleagues, vendors and supervisors.

You’ll be listening to information that’s been broken down into memorable action steps including:
• 5 guidelines for getting people to reveal their needs.
• 9 favorite conversation topics for men and women.
• 8 golden rules of conversation.
• 10 strategies for making average employees superior.
• a 5-step procedure for getting others to accept your point of view.
• 10 techniques of super salespeople.
• 7 tips on becoming a top public speaker.
• 8 methods for building strong and enduring friendships!

This program is designed to be listened to time and time again! You’ll get instant benefits by listening before specific occasions, and be able to find answers to most communication problems as they arise. You’ll never be at a loss for words again once you’ve mastered Conversation Power.

James Fleet – Conversation Power | About the Author

James Van Fleet is one of the lucky few who has had the experience of several different successful careers. He has held management positions at Sears, US Gypsum, and Springday Tire and Rubber. His career in the US Army took him from Private to Lieutenant Colonel over the span of two wars. Between wars he earned a Doctorate cum laude in Chiropractic medicine, and worked for several years in private practice. His distinguished career as a seminar leader and management consultant along with his writings have had a profound effect on all of his clients. He has written and published 13 books.



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Woman Magnet 2.0 Subliminal Download (5G – Type BD Hybrid)

Woman Magnet 2.0 Subliminal Download

Woman Magnet 2.0 Subliminal Download

Woman Magnet 2.0 Subliminal Product Product Description

Alert: This program is specifically designed and intended to be used after you have finished using the entire Alpha Male Subliminal Training Set according to the directions. It requires a strong foundation, which is best developed through using the Alpha Male Set. DO NOT attempt to use this program until you have completed all six stages of the Alpha Male Subliminal Training Set according to the directions.

Woman Magnet 2.0 – formerly known as “Manifest Abundant Beautiful Women” in Version 1.0 – was created in response to a request on the forum, and built to reflect the desires of the forum members who posted on the subject. It is designed to change your thinking, attitude and beliefs regarding beautiful single women, and manifest a steady stream of them into your life. In total, this program is designed to all of the following, and more:

  • Change your self image to a positive one which allows you to become “that guy” who always has lots of beautiful women to socialize with, date and have sex with.
  • Overcome social anxiety concerning beautiful women.
  • Overcome approach anxiety concerning beautiful single women.
  • Manifest a powerful, magnetic aura that both communicates your warmth and approachability to others and makes them want to come talk with you, but also attracts beautiful single women to you.
  • Manifests into your life an abundance of beautiful single women with whom you can socialize, date and have sex.
  • Makes it easy to meet and attract beautiful single women, both actively and passively.
  • Changes your perspective to one of abundance and ease concerning the availability of beautiful single women, and meeting them.
  • Changes your perception so that no single specific woman is of extremely high value because of the perception of scarcity, which makes your actions and attitude based on a lack of desperation, which makes you more attractive to the women you are attracting, and makes you more powerful in dealing with them.
  • The knowledge that no matter what, you have something in common with, and of interest to, the women you are attracted to, and that discovering those commonalities and mutual interests is a great way to have fun with her.
  • Complete lack of concern for whether she is involved, because you have the confidence to know that you are a great catch and a lack of desperation in needing to get involved with any specific woman, while at the same time attracting a steady stream of beautiful SINGLE women into your life with whom you can have a good time.
  • To fill your free time with beautiful, single women with whom to have a good time.
  • Makes your aura irresistibly attractive and sexy to the sort of fun, beautiful, single women you want to attract.
  • Changes self perception to that of a high-value high status man, as a man, as well as sexually and romantically. You will see yourself as being someone who has something to offer women sexually and romantically that makes you worth their interest and pursuit in these areas, and you will be able to deliver on it.
  • Creates and capitalizes on a special sort of manifestation and success momentum concerning attracting and dealing with beautiful single women.
  • Improves self esteem, self respect, self worth, self reliance and self security.
  • And more!

New in Woman Magnet 2.0 Subliminal Version 2.0, taken from suggestion from our customers themselves:

  1. Built in 5th Generation format, making it much more powerful, fast acting and effective than 4G.
  2. Uses HyperSpeed Technology, which ramps up the 5th Gen build format and makes it much more powerful, fast acting and able to overcome resistance.
  3. Uses Self Optimizing Scripting, which allows HyperSpeed Technology to actually become self-configuring for optimal efficiency and effectiveness at all times, actually adjusting to the user on a second by second basis.
  4. Includes the new “naturalizer” scripting, which makes even major transformations happen so naturally that you’ll feel like you’ve always been that way.
  5. Helps you live in the moment, instead of worrying about the past, or “what if”.
  6. Gratitude programming. Everything is better with gratitude!
  7. Helps generate an abundance of good things in your life, naturally focused according to the title.
  8. Success programming, but focused on – women!
  9. Generates a reality in which you become pursued and approached wherever you go.
  10. Allows you to see beyond just a woman’s looks, and discover her inner beauty as well.
  11. Eye seduction! Become capable of communicating with, and seducing, women using just your eyes. I love this part.
  12. Loving life. If you’re having a great time being alive, you’ll naturally attract women who want to feel good. And everyone wants to feel good.
  13. Generating more self trust. Trusting yourself helps a lot with relaxing into the role of, and naturally becoming, a playful social alpha.
  14. Authenticity and congruency programming.
  15. Everything is possible programming.
  16. Deservedness programming – a big one that makes a huge difference.
  17. Intuition enhancement and observational enhancement, designed to allow you to know which women are interested, how, in what, and when, so you can act on it appropriately for the situation.
  18. Limitlessness programming. Life without limits is a life lived fully.
  19. Gets women to express their interest in you both physically and verbally, and in ways that are as obvious as possible.
  20. Focuses on attracting high quality beautiful SINGLE women into your life.
  21. Status booster works to turn you into a high status, high quality, high class and high value playful social alpha male.
  22. Allow yourself to fully express your passions during sex, while being able to shift to deep, intimate lovemaking if you wish.
  23. Be able to handle, and manage, multiple relationships and sexual partners simultaneously, if that is your desire.
  24. Increases openness, and focuses on relaxed honesty. There is no man more attractive than the one who is honest, because such a man can be trusted, and only through trust in the man she is interested in does a woman’s potential truly bloom.
  25. Self image programming strips off negative self imagery and shifts you to acceptance and appreciation of your body and how you look, while still wanting to improve (or at least maintain) it.
  26. Positive attitude, positive thinking.
  27. Ego balancing.
  28. Ability to let go and relax, because you know everything will be okay.
  29. Be genuinely interested in discovering new things, have genuine interest in others, and therefore naturally and automatically enjoy meeting, getting to know and spending time with others.
  30. Working on your body, taking care of yourself, and being interested in self improvement physically.
  31. Self acceptance as a high status, high class, high quality playful social alpha male – a genuine ladies man.
  32. Own your accomplishments with socializing and women, instead of discounting them as luck, accidental, random, or something else.
  33. Sexiness programming that makes you project an aura of sexiness and adjusts your speech, attitude, movement and body language to express your sexiness in a neutral manner that neither says you are desperate nor says to her that you are trying to seduce her. The result is a very sexy, magnetic and attractive man, whom ladies find unique and gravitate to naturally.
  34. Opening yourself up to trust others, but not so much that you are foolish or unreasonably vulnerable.
  35. Kill the creepiness factor, and the fear of coming across as creepy, and replace it with solid confidence instead.
  36. Strong knowledge and confidence in your skills and value as a boyfriend, lover, etc. which gives you the attitude, speech patterns, body language and belief that you are among the very best, if not the absolute best there is in those areas, while manifesting that as an outward reality that is not just a belief in your head.
  37. “Alpha anxiety” destruction. For those of you who worry about “being alpha enough”, or not being “as alpha as you should be”, this will kill the need to be good enough, and allow you to just become the programming and express it naturally.
  38. Understanding that you are not perfect, and allowing yourself to express vulnerabilities, which makes you approachable to others, especially women.
  39. Continues the programming from AM to prevent you from allowing yourself to be manipulated by others, especially women.
  40. For those who choose to be monogamous, it triggers gratitude in being with just the woman you choose, and allows you to be happy with and enjoy being with just her.
  41. Confidently and successfully recognize, and respond to, the tests and drama women give you, remaining calm and in control, and having a calming effect on the situation at the same time, and in the end demonstrating such alpha self mastery that she ends up wanting you even more.
  42. Improves and empowers communication with women, as well as communication skills in general.
  43. The ability to make deep contact with a woman when you want to, in order to get through to her in powerful ways that grab her attention and make her understand what you are communicating.
  44. Communicate with women in powerful, playful and physical ways which pull her to you and bring you closer together.
  45. The ability to lead her to the best possible outcome from the situation, for you both.
  46. The ability to shift yourself between serious, playful, sexual, and heartfelt, at will, smoothly and effectively, and back to any other of those states again.
  47. Maximizes and magnifies social proof.
  48. Let go of negativity, anger or hatred for women, and replace it with love and appreciation for them as a whole – while refusing to allow yourself to be mistreated by them in any way.
  49. Make women feel good and have a good time being around you, and enjoy doing so for yourself.
  50. Sense and naturally express exactly the right level of “sexual threat” that she wants and needs from you for the goal you have concerning her sexually, while otherwise remaining non-threatening.
  51. Destroy beliefs and thoughts that women are or should be uncomfortable around you, and replace this with knowledge that they appreciate and enjoy your company instead.
  52. Understanding and acceptance that attraction, love and sexual interaction are natural, not forced, and allow them to flow and become, naturally.
  53. Make it possible for multiple women to enjoy your company at the same time, regardless of how attracted they may be to you.
  54. Destruction of approach anxiety and agenda.
  55. Enhances flirting skills.
  56. Achieve a natural state in which your expectations are zero and you have only the intent of laughing, having fun with and conversing with people you dont yet know, without neediness or agenda.
  57. Fear destruction programming helps remove and destroy all types of fear.

As you can see, the suggestions made my our forum members more than double the effects and impact this program is now designed to have. You asked for it, and once again, I delivered. Its here, and its in 5G with HyperSpeed Technology and Self Optimizing Scripting. Do you dare step up and discover the awesome power and magnitude of this amazing program for yourself? Perhaps a better question is… can you afford not to?

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Ross Jeffries – LA99 Seminar Frame Control and Sexual Themes Download

Frame Control and Sexual Themes Product Description:
How about videos that teach you brand new, word for word seduction patterns, INCLUDING the “forbidden” Gemini and Dark Sun patterns that induce permanent behavioral change in the women you desire, allowing you to mold them to the exact erotic specifications you require, demand and dream of?

How about 4 different models of Speed Seduction®, explained NOT just by me, but by the actual students who have taken them out into the world and proven them time and again, by exacting, real world experience?

One of the things that makes these videos so unique, is they have an actual teaching structure. That is, unlike previous seminars, where I sort of tend to wander, I sat down, before this seminar, and thoughtfully outlined a metaphorical frame and structure in which to fit all the learning’s, presented by all the instructors and students, that makes all the material, and each of the parts, easily absorbed and useful as a whole.

This, more than any other presentation we’ve ever made, ties things up in a way that allows you to see how each individual tool can be applied in each situation; how it fits in with the overall attitudes, situations, and concepts presented. It is like a road-map that lets you know WHERE you are, where you want to be, and exactly what aspects you need to master to get there. (For those of you who are NLP junkies, you’ll see a masterful use of loops, metaphor and other techniques on the part of Mark and myself to make the learning process much more easy and rapid.)
What enabled me to do this is an understanding of the concept of “frames’; the overall guidelines through which you present everything else you do.

I truly believe that understanding how to fit all of your thoughts, actions, responses and ideas with women into the right frame…the frame of NEVER supplicating, begging or “asking”, but instead, offering challenges, structuring opportunities and eliciting/evoking processes is the single most important key to making every other tool and “trick” of Speed Seduction® at least three to four times more effective and powerful.

Sure…you can do Speed Seduction® without this understanding. If want to be a perfect “memorizer” of word for word patterns and still have less than fantastic results because you might still be using the patterns in a “supplicating” or “nice guy” structure, that’s no skin off of MY nose.

But wouldn’t you rather understand how to present it all in a way that makes it much more receivable to the feminine psyche and mind…receivable in a way that just lets it slide right in…deep, deep in…deep into the place where her wildest fantasies spring to life and action, with you?

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : The Four Different Models Of Speed Seduction®:
How And When To Use Each One And How To Know Which One Is Most Appropriate. Why tie yourself to the idea that patterns are simply there to be recited while she goes into trance? There are lots of other ways to make patterns work for you, and I spend hours showing you exactly how. Dynamite stuff you must learn for ultimate SS success and power.

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : Trance-Hi-Jacking By Brother Kamal:
over a full hour of Brother Kamal and I, as he presents and I break down, step by step, his amazing “trance hijacking” methods. Word for word, start to finish, from opening line to making love, exactly what he has done with woman after woman (Includes how he got two beautiful, blonde, British tourists in bed at the same time!)

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : How To Get Laid On AOL Using Speed Seduction®:
SS email list enforcer and my pal, Brother Riker, reveals his detailed, step by step system for picking up and seducing women on America’s most popular on-line service America On-Line. I used his methods to pick up an unbelievably, drop-dead bikini model. Don’t waste weeks or months making your own mistakes; AOL can be a mine-field of fatties, crazies as well as your own blunders, boners and bash-ups without this valuable advice!

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : How To Create Your Own Seduction Themes To Intrigue And Seduce Women:
I spend lots of time hammering on THEME creation; the overall ideas that allow you to easily flow, in natural conversation from one pattern to the next, with complete easy and flexibility. Master what I teach here and you’ll be able to bring up any pattern in any situation and flow to any other without a moment wasted. The ultimate in conversational flexibility, freedom and power.

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : Major Mark On The Psychology Of The Romantic Hero:
do you know what the three qualities of the romantic hero are, that drive women absolutely wild? Mark is sizzling in this presentation, as he not only describes in detail what they are, but assists you in manifesting them in your own unique ways in your life, so women view you as their tasty, wild, nasty indulgence…their “naughty” treat to take on an escape into their own private, erotic world…things that her “borefriend” or “husband” will never experience or know. Damn, the Major is really good…why won’t he let me promote him to General?

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : Word For Word Pickup Strategies And Tactics:
including my famous 30 second pick up designed for use when she’s with other women and in too much of a hurry to talk! Yep…this is the latest on how to pick up women even, and especially when they are with other women and they are hurried and do NOT have time! Now you can actually make these situations work better for you than when they are alone or time to talk is available. No generalizations here; word for word, specific, exact things to say.

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : The Phone Machine Intruder:
Getting Her To Call You Back Within An Hour Or Two 90% of The Time. My answering machine intruder is so damn good, I have to brag and say it is the single most reliable thing I’ve ever come up with or described. Here’s how to handle with triumphant success, those annoying situations where all you get is a pager, voice mail or answering machine, and can’t get to speak to her in person! Using the challenge, opportunity and process frames, this word for word pattern WILL get her calling you back, rapidly…swiftly…even apologizing for not getting back to your sooner! I AM PROUD OF THIS ONE!

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : Major Mark’s Resource Generator Induction:
Yet another powerful trance induction by Major Mark that’s so…so…damn good, this guy is getting so good, even I can’t describe or do him justice. Let’s just say he helps create structures deep inside that serve you as you need them, automatically and without conscious thought…so the same-self processes that at one time kept you stuck now keep you running…humming along…in exactly the direction you need to make your seduction dreams a reality. Honestly, if you can stay out of trance for more than 3 minutes when you watch this part, the bad news is: you ain’t human!

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : How To Use The Contrast Principle In New Pattern Creation:
here I am teaching even more advanced techniques in pattern construction and creation. Take a peek inside my brain and my thought processes, so you can learn to think like me and create new stuff that fits your own unique situation, personality and style. Learn my creativity strategy and move forward on your own with new stuff that you can show to me!

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : How To Create DEEP Rapport By Asking Structured, Focused Questions:
perhaps one of my favorite trance techniques; because it allows you to experience the joy and pleasure found only in deeply connecting with another human person. Learn to develop deep level understanding, intuition and insight that will lead to the deepest levels of rapport so you can then be as wild, blatant and UN-Sneaky as you like…because she’ll be prepared AND ready for it! One of my favorite of the 4 seduction models presented!

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : Ross’ “I’m A Hypnotist Model-” For Seduction:
O.k.-I like to use this one, because it is true: I AM a hypnotist. A perfect way to seduce adventurous, excitement-hungry, sizzling hot women who don’t want a delicate or “sneaky” approach. I LOVE THIS MODEL!

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : The Brand New, Super-Powerful, “Boyfriend Ignorer:”
…. Forget the Boyfriend “Destroyer”. What if you want to enjoy sex with her, but don’t WANT to be her “boyfriend”? Here’s how to have her keep him around to pay for dates, do her errands , buy her gifts while she comes to YOU for the deeply satisfying sexual relief she needs! The best of both possible worlds! I deserve a medal for this one!

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : New Exercises For Super-Charging Your State And Building New Feelings:
One of the cardinal rules of SS is, YOU HAVE TO GO FIRST. You can expect her to experience thoughts and feelings if you have never had them yourself. You can’t lead anyone where you first can’t go. These videos reveal different methods and exercises for building new states and feelings that let you lead by example and put the power into your words! Of special note is the famous Kinesthetic Squash, which m any of you have heard on audio but never been able to do, simply because to be duplicated it really has to be seen! You see me take a volunteer and then the entire room through this exercise, which allows you to control sexual excitement so you don’t radiate lust in the presence of a stunningly hot woman, but instead exude an even, calm energy that she just naturally seems to like! Vital, vital skill to have, especially if you are aiming at the “super-model” class of woman!

Frame Control and Sexual Themes My review:
Some old stuff but still very useful to understand the basis of speed seduction.
Interesting presentation by Mark Cunningham about the romance novels hero to get a picture of attractive men.
Other guests: Dave Riker, Kamal.
Illustration of change work on students through hypnosis or NLP.
Best thing on the last disc: the gemini pattern chunked down into pieces.


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Seduction4Life DeluxeBundle Women Manipulation PDF Download

Seduction4Life Offer you a Special DeluxeBundle Package carefully picked about Women’s Tricks , Manipulations or any other kind of tricky stuff used on men so that from now on you can notice how to world of women works and how to play it to win and transform yourself from “the played man” in the player .

Seduction4Life DeluxeBundle Women Manipulation Download Includes

Pandoras Box
Albert J Bernstein – Emotional Vampires_ Dealing With People Who Drain You Dry.doc
Albert J Bernstein – Emotional Vampires_ Dealing With People Who Drain You Dry.epub
Albert J Bernstein – Emotional Vampires_ Dealing With People Who Drain You
Albert J Bernstein – Emotional Vampires_ Dealing With People Who Drain You Dry.pdf
All About Women – The Encyclopedia of Seduction.pdf
Andy Randead – The Great Female Con.pdf
CIA Tactics for Getting Women.pdf
Dan Indante, Karl Marks – The Complete Asshole’s Guide to Handling Chicks.pdf
Eat Sleep Fuck Vol. 2.pdf
Esther Vilar – The Manipulated Man.pdf
Friday, Nancy – My Secret Garden.pdf
Gina Ogden – Women Who Love Sex.pdf
Ho Tactics_ How to MindF__k A Man into Spending, Spoiling, and Sponsoring – G.L. Lambert.azw3
Ho Tactics_ How to MindF__k A Man into Spending, Spoiling, and Sponsoring – G.L. Lambert.epub
Ho Tactics_ How to MindF__k A Man into Spending, Spoiling, and Sponsoring – G.L. Lambert.jpg
Ho Tactics_ How to MindF__k A Man into Spending, Spoiling, and Sponsoring – G.L.
Ho Tactics_ How to MindF__k A Man into Spending, Spoiling, and Sponsoring – G.L. Lambert.opf
Ho Tactics_ How to MindF__k A Man into Spending, Spoiling, and Sponsoring – G.L. Lambert.pdf
How To Dominate Women-Mantesh.pdf
J.D. Fuentes – The Feminine Mask.pdf
Jack Donovan – The Way Of Men.epub
Jack Donovan – The Way Of Men.pdf
Jonah Lehrer- How We Decide.pdf
Joseph W. South – Practical Female Psychology.pdf
Lawrence Shannon – The Predatory Female – A Field Guide To Dating And The Marriage-Divorce Industry.pdf
Let’s Make Mary 1937.pdf
Lieberman, David J – Never Be Lied to Again.pdf
Love Signals.pdf
Make Over Your Sex Life…Tonight!  Hot, Fast, Erotic Fixes…And Sensuous Stories to Get Things Started.pdf
Man Up! – Paul O’Donnell.pdf
Rational Male, The – Tomassi, Rollo.epub
Rational Male, The – Tomassi, Rollo.pdf
Richard Dawkins – The Selfish Gene (30th Anniversary Edition).pdf
Rollo Tomassi – The Rational Male – Preventive Medicine.azw
Rollo Tomassi – The Rational Male – Preventive Medicine.epub
Rollo Tomassi – The Rational Male – Preventive
Secrets of A SuperSexpert.pdf
Sex, Time, and Power How Women’s Sexuality Shaped Human Evolution-Mantesh.pdf
Sex-Ploytation – How Women Use Their Bodies to Extort Money from Men By Matthew Fitzgerald.pdf
Sociology Psychology – (Ebook) Sex Survey Of 100 Women.pdf
Sperm Wars – Infidelity, Sexual Conflict, and Other Bedroom
Sperm Wars – Infidelity, Sexual Conflict, and Other Bedroom Battles.pdf
Tariq Nasheed – Play or Be Played.pdf
The Evolutionary Biology of Human Female Sexuality.pdf
The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine.pdf
The Four Distinct Layers of Female Identity.jpg
the manual_ what women want and how to g – w. anton.pdf
The Possibility of Sex_ How Naive and Lu – Currie, Alan
The Possibility of Sex_ How Naive and Lu – Currie, Alan Roger.pdf
The Sexual Brain.pdf
Tucker Max – I Hope They Server Beer In Hell [ebook – OCR PDF].pdf
What Men Don’t Want Women To Know.pdf
What We Find Attractive – The Mystique Of Seduction.pdf
What Women Want, What Men Want.pdf
Why Men Love Bitches – Sherry Argov.pdf
Womens Infidelity II Breaking Out of Lim – Michelle Langley.pdf
Women’s Infidelity_ Living in Limbo_ Wha – Michelle Langley.pdf



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Sexual Connections by Swingcat

Sexual Connections by Swingcat

Swingcat – Sexual Connections Review | Swingcat – Sexual Connections Download

Imagine a drop dead gorgeous babe shooting down man after man, crippling each one’s ego in her wake.

What would it feel like to walk up to her and quickly fry her critical factor to cinders, pump her groin full of lust… and compel her to take action in the direction you choose – be it sleeping with you right then and there, starting a relationship on your terms, or what ever your heart desires?

Let’s up the ante…

What if you could do all of that without…

* Looks?

* Buying her fancy dinners or jewelry?
* Being a rock star or celebrity?
* Groveling, ass kissing, or deluging her with compliments?
* Acting like an ass hole or a jerk?
* Putting in much effort of your part?
* Having to manipulate her?

What would that be like? Would going through life be a little better? Bet it would.

Not only is it possible… it’s something You, my friend, can realistically achieve.

Who else wanst the power to bypass a womans critical factor, tap into primitive parts of her brain that generates raw sexual arousal, and quicly create the right neurological structures that compel her to act on that arousal in exactly the direction you choose?



Note About Archives Extraction on © seduction4life :None of the archives from seduction4life has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy ! © Seduction4Life
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