Brent Smith & Jason Treu – The 1% Relationship Solution Review | Brent Smith & Jason Treu – The 1% Relationship Solution Download

Ask yourself these questions:

1) Do I want to have the sexiest 1% of all women want to pursue and be with me?

2) Do I want to have the power to choose any woman or women in the world?

3) Do I want to be the envy of every man?

4) Do I want to have the hottest, intelligent, wealthy, self-developed, and a completely open woman to do whatever she can to be with me?

5) Do I want to avoid the crazy, psycho, and insane women?

6) Do I want to have amazing relationships in my business, personal and social life?

If your answers are YES, then this is the PROVEN SYSTEM to follow. Create the TOP 1% RELATIONSHIPS NOW. Have extraordinary relationships today!

We have spent years of research and spoken to thousands of women in the past year in order to share information on what women WANT AND what they ARE WILLING TO DO for the RIGHT GUY.
This is only program that is based on what THOUSANDS OF WOMEN WANT NOW and we cite research studies to back this up.
You will also gain NEW INSIGHTS from Brent on what going out 5-6 nights a week for several months has taught him.
You can spend TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars and end up with pain, suffering, disappointment and WASTED YEARS of your life.
You can also allow women to have control over of you,OR,
You can take your power back and allow women to see the best version of yourself and want to desperately be with you.
We are so CONFIDENT this is a LIFE CHANGING program, we are going to make a SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER.
The SECRET to have ALL OF THIS is YOU. Yes, it STARTS AND ENDS with YOU.
So, we are giving you our complete inner work system “The Transformation Equation” FOR FREE to ensure you stop the endless cycle of being with the wrong person.
Yes, For FREE, and this will not only help if you want to be in a relationship, but in every area of your life.
So, even if you are a guy, who wants to be single forever, this will help you gain insight into what women want and dramatically increase your results.
Women list the best sex of their life as having an EMOTIONAL connection with a man.
Well, you can do that in minutes with this information.
Be completely limitless in your life with women.
Be the envy of every man out there begging to know your secret!
Join our movement today and get what you deserve today and join all the men worldwide who are currently living this life.

Brent Smith & Zan Perrion – How To Be Dirty & Direct With Women DOWNLOAD

Two and a half hours of PURE GOLD!

Just SOME of what you’ll learn…

-A step-by-step system that’s easy to follow and that anyone can do

-What we mean by dirty and direct

-Why women actually WANT you to take charge and get down to business IMMEDIATELY

-What mindset it takes to achieve this and how to psych yourself up to deliver this info confidently, powerfully and with sex appeal

-Inner game tweaks that will have you being the “Dirty & Direct” guy ALL THE TIME

-Five words you can say that will make you a GOD in bed

-Dirty and Direct openers

-How to leave with her in 5 minutes or less

-Biggest mistakes guys make when initiating sex and how to avoid them


Brent Smith – How To Get A Girlfriend In Ten Days Or Less Download

You will learn:

1. Why doing absolutely no work, while spending no money or time is how to build massive attraction that will be your secret weapon

2. Why traditional dates will never work and why women even hate them

3. Why women go out and use it to your advantage

4. Why women want to pursue you and how to have them do it

5. How to text a girl to get her to come to your place consistently

6. Specific texts to send (and not send) to help you get her coming back for more

7. Why keeping your emotions in check will lead you to success

8. How to eliminate anxiety and panicky feelings when approaching women

9. The critical steps of inner work that need to be done to be successful with women (and how to use to build a sexy, seductive vibe, along with building unbreakable confidence)

10. The most common mistakes guys consistently make and how avoiding them can make you stand out from every other guy (for example: learning why taking a woman’s phone number is paramount to death for your chances for sex).

11. What to say and what to do, along with where to go, to meet women and how to give out your phone number

12. How to banter successfully? (Did you just ask to be my girlfriend?

13. How you can leave with a woman immediately from any location, at any time

14. How to stop her from flaking on her for additional “dates”

15. How to stop getting put in the “friend zone” and make her your girlfriend

16. What to do when you get her home (or back to her place)

17. What to say and do after you hook-up with her

18. What to do to have her coming back for more, and more…including begging to be your girlfriend

Brent Smith & Jason Treu – Attracting Women in Bars and Clubs PODCAST 2015

How to Pick Up Hot Sexy Women at Bars and Clubs & Take Them Home Every Night

Imagine having this life in the next 30 minutes:
You walk into a bar or club and point or look at any woman and know you will take her home. You are in control and powerful with women, and are the man every woman wants to be with and will do whatever she can to be with you. You instantly attract women without saying a word. You have sex 7 days a week with hot, sexy, drop dead gorgeous women. When you want to have three-somes, you have them. You always have 5-7 smoking hot women in your life at all times. You are the guy that every other guy envies and wonders how does he do it!

We will teach you the basics of how to do this in the next 30 minutes and you can walk out your door and do it instantly. No waiting around or practicing. You can bring a woman back that night to your place or her place. It doesn’t matter who you are and anyone can do this regardless of money, physical looks, race, education, background, location,etc. You don’t need to be without this life anymore, you deserve to have it. So take it NOW!

This product is for any guy who answers “yes” to any of these questions:
Are you frustrated that you can’t talk to and approach hot, sexy, highly desirable women? Do you see other guys with hot women and wonder why I can’t do this? Do negative thoughts enter your mind when approaching or talking to women? Are you unsure of how to make the first move powerfully and quickly to ensure that a woman leaves with you at that moment? Do you lack confidence, feel insecure or believe you are not enough to attract model-like women? Are you unsure of how to create a sexy-vibe where women are instantly attracted to you without saying a word? Are you tired of going out night after night with minimal success or settling for women you don’t really want?

This 30+ minute next-level audio product will give you the system to have complete success with women along with step-by-step tactics on:
-How to enter a bar/club with supreme power and confidence and more than any other guy there
-Specific word-for-word conversation starters and talking points
-Full proof exit strategies to take her home
-How to leave a bar or club in under 10 minutes and take a woman home
-How to get her clothes off in 60 seconds after entering her place or yours (Caveat: *no means no)
-And much, much more.

Brent Smith – The Right Guy PODCAST 2015

Dating and lifestyle expert Brent Smith talks about how to be charismatic and confident.

About Brent Smith

Brent Smith is widely recognized as one of the top social dynamic, dating, and lifestyle experts in the world. He was one of the original inspirations for David DeAngelo’s best-selling book “Double Your Dating” and is a sought after speaker.

Brent has worked with thousands of clients over the years, in the art of designing a lifestyle that naturally attracts people and believes in the transformative approach to improving your life. In other words, “Change your relationship with yourself, change your life.”

Brent has spent over 25 years on the worldwide social scene traveling to exclusive charity events, private Hollywood parties, nightclubs, lounges etc. and has had thousands of social interactions with people all over the world and brings his real-life experiences to you in the no-nonsense, direct style that he’s known for.

Brent Smith – The Source PODCAST 2015
Brent Smith & Jason Treu – Meeting Women During The Day TeleSeminar

Meeting Women During The Day TeleSeminar

Authors: Brent Smith & Jason Treu

We are doing our first ever Audio on “Day Game.” The what, where, and how of how to be very successful with women in any day situation.

The summer is the prime time to use day game and we want to get you this information as fast as possible.

If you purchase the audio by Friday at midnight pacific time, we providing a special price of $247. The price goes back to $297 immediately after this.

We will be sending out the MP3 download link to everyone who purchased on Saturday.

What you’ll learn:

• Inner work like building a strong, confident and sexy vibe that women can’t resist.

• The best places to go out, and we’ll cover every place including women walking on the street (and across the street from), train/bus stations, grocery story, dry cleaners, coffee shops, etc.

• What to say to women alone, in groups of women, groups of men and women, women that are seated at tables, etc.. We will tell you exactly what to say, how to respond and use specific banter routines.

• Day parties that you can throw where you are at (instant parties), and parties you could throw at your place and bring women back to.

• How to bring women back and what specifically to do, and how to have them leave as well.

• How men will help you recruit women for you.

• How you can go out one hour or less and bring a woman back, and how to give your number out successful to many women in minimal time.

• And Much, Much More…

Brent Smith – The Matrix Download

Brent Smith talks about living outside the Matrix.  I don’t know the origin of this file, but it appears to be compressed (accelerated) audio, not necessarily by pitch though.  This is where things get weird – the content works!

The Matrix (social programming, fear, attachment to everything) is where you don’t want to be.  Listening to this every night, I believe would reprogram most people to be free to be what ever they want to do.  Just keep listening.  Serious.

Brent Smith – Story Creation Blueprint Program Download

Brent Smith – Social Life Secrets bundle Download

-“Inner Game Secrets”

Whether it’s your past, your limiting beliefs, social anxiety or just plain lack of motivation to get off the couch this program will help you unlock and unblock your true potential,  allowing you to attract money,friends, women and success…

– Social Life Secrets”

Life is full of opportunities to attract everything you want in and navigated correctly, can set the stage for unlimited success in the coming year…Following our “Social Life Blueprint” you’ll have a step-by-step system guiding you through the whole process…

Brent Smith & Jason Treu – Being It

• First purely self development product
• Helps you be a guy who lives outside of the matrix
• Be a guy who is un-attached / carefree / indifferent



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