Christian McQueen – Deep Conversion Game

Christian McQueen – Deep Conversion Game Download Deep Conversion Game (Use With Caution) Note: this should be used with caution. Deep Conversion, the Rolls Royce of Game and the true testament to a player’s prowess. Little has been written about Deep Conversion Game, but I did cover much of the framework in The Alpha Playboy Part […]

Introverted Seduction – Introverted Playboy

Introverted Seduction – Introverted Playboy Review | Introverted Seduction – Introverted Playboy Download Download Introverted Seduction – Introverted Playboy PDF If you are… Quiet Independent Don’t follow the crowd Don’t like a lot of chitchat … download INTROVERTED SEDUCTION now to learn how to maximize your attractiveness as an introverted man and get the right […]

Christian McQueen – A Man In Demand Academy

Christian McQueen – A Man In Demand Academy Review | Christian McQueen – A Man In Demand Academy Download Finally! My Secrets on How To Get Girls and Become a Social Powerhouse, Revealed. 3 BENEFITS OF THIS GROUNDBREAKING SOCIAL DYNAMICS TRAINING SYSTEM: Learn how to charm girls and triple your dates Learn all of my […]

Christian McQueen Podcasts

Christian McQueen Podcasts Download A Man In Demand Radio | The show for action takers. Episode #7 How To Build A Harem (Part 3) In episode #7 of A Man In Demand Radio, I wrap up the Harem Series focusing on what the end game is and what a man’s best options are. Show Notes: […]