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Title: Pirate Seduction (aka. ‘Get Her Horny: Volume 5′)
Author: CR James

Getting Women Turned On

Hello my friend…

The Pirate Seduction report [Get Her Horny: Volume 5] is finally finished…

I wanted it to be perfect…

I’m going to keep this simple…

Basically, it teaches UNIQUE ways to get women turned on
without her realizing how it happened… (but there’s a cool twist)

It starts with my weird hobby.

  • Some people collect stamps.
  • Some people collect baseball cards.
  • I collect real-life stories where guys have done some AMAZING things to
    get a woman turned on…<< Oh yeah…. and I also collect baseball cards. >>

Then what I like to do is ‘figure out’ the psychological components that explain WHY she got so incredibly horny


(A) This allows me to share “those same components” as a step-by-step recipe…
(B) Once it works for you, you’ll want to make sure you do it again in the future (over and over again).


I personally Learn More Seduction Secrets by analyzing these stories (in addition to the latest discoveries in brain science, cognitive behavior, mind conditioning/training, sexual health, and other stuff) THAN I do from bookstore books on relationship, sex, etc…)

Plus, it allows me to share tricks that are UNIQUE
(In other words, stuff you can’t find anywhere else)

Besides, the world needs to become more “real”… if that makes any sense…

I hate being negative…I really do… but I get sick and tired of seeing ‘so called’ relationship experts teaching the same ‘rehashed’ cuddly garbage over and over and over again…

We need to start getting MORE REAL…

That’s why I (really do) collect stories of cases where a woman got flat out horny as hell. And I reverse engineer what happened in terms of it’s psychological & emotions components…

This allows me to share step by step blueprints of ‘stuff’ that actually works…

This arms you with a more POWERFUL APPROACH…

(And yes, I said ‘cuddly garbage’)

Basically: These stories help me become a better “teacher/instructor” by connecting you (and my other readers) with what is real. (How things really work?)(How women really get horny?)

And I don’t hold anything back! And I definitely don’t censor myself because some people are offended by the idea that there are systematic steps a guy can do to get women horny.

***Remember: Any time a woman ended up becoming visibly horny (you can tell by her eyes) it was because the guy did a systematic process that lead to her becoming hyper sexual.

(…whether he was trying to or not)(…whether he realized it or not)…

It’s not rocket science.

If you’re a customer of mine, you know that I share everything. I don’t hide my “Real Information” behind an overpriced seminar with rehashed material…

I make it my goal to get you results. So I want to make that clear…

You will have fun getting  her turned on…


You have to break things down to its basics.

Any time a woman sexually attacks a guy it’s only because:

  • The guy triggered a certain sequence/combination of EMOTIONS & FEELINGS and…
  • The guy triggered a certain sequence/combination of PERCEPTIONS & BELIEFS…

…whether he realized it or not…
…whether she realized it or not…

So that’s why I love to collect these stories…

They work at the core of what affects all women.

I’ve said it before: The most powerful approach to becoming super skilled at getting women turned on is:

  • Knowing As Much As You Can About What Works On All Women PLUS….
  • Knowing As Much As You Can About What Specifically Works For Your Woman

So typically there is a phase of ‘gathering information’ about her (by asking the right questions)(by paying attention to what makes her unique, etc.)…and ‘gathering information’ about women…

Note: Btw, I do all the massive research for you (in all the key areas that matter). That way you don’t have to spend your valuable time reading ‘complicated neuroscience’ journals and other boring reports. It’s kind of like when people hire lawyers, because they don’t have the time to read thousands of boring law books.

These techniques are based on what works for ALL WOMEN!

For example. I never called my wife a bitch before. But I have talked to a few guys who called their lovers “bitches” and it seems to be something that generates an unfavorable response in the female human…lol.

I have concluded that THIS is something that negatively affects ALL WOMEN…

These techniques work the same way…

And I don’t mean they’ll result in you getting kicked in your balls.

What I mean is they will affect her on a CORE LEVEL…
In other words, you’ll learn stuff that works on ALL WOMEN…(but in a good way)

(In other words, she won’t be KICKING your balls…)

So it’s important that you learn stuff that works on all women…

Otherwise, you would just become a master at seducing “my wife” (or women who fit her profile)…

So I repeat: These techniques are based on what works for ALL WOMEN!

For example, you’re going to read a story that I never shared before about a girl I met in college who told me something that made me fall out of my seat (not literally)…

One day, she casually said to me:

Her: My ex-boyfriend turned me into a nympho… blah blah blah…

Then she started talking about other stuff…And I was like:

Me: Wait a minute! Back up… Don’t change the subject… HOW did he turn you into a nympho? What do you mean by ‘you became a NYMPHO’? WHAT exactly did he do that was so different?

Then she told me. And I never forgot what she said. LOL. (Btw, this conversation took place about 6-7 years ago)

But here’s the good part…

Earlier this year, I read a journal on a particular topic that made me think about ‘what she told me’ as far as what he actually did that ended up making her hyper-sexual for years…

You see that’s the impressive part… she STAYED that way… (he did [what he did] and she remained a “nympho” for 5 years and counting…)

By the way, this is what I mean by the world needs to become “more real”…

Sure, there are relationship authors who get on the Oprah show and talk about their relationship book and they sell milllions of copies. And these are great people. They care about helping which is cool, but at the end of the day, they’re not talking about ‘nympho college girls’. That sounds pornographic to them, yet there are REAL LESSONS to be learned…

So when I read the journal (earlier this year) it all clicked…

  • He wasn’t using magic powers.
  • He wasn’t using voodoo.
  • He was definitely exploiting a little-known fact about the human brain.

And I remember saying this to myself…

“Damn!! If that guy was actually aware  of what he was doing to her……then he is PURE EVIL for turning that poor innocent girl into a Wide-Eyed Sex-Junkie!”

Actually, I didn’t say it in those exact words (lol), but I did connect the lesson in the journal with the extremely clever thing he did to her…

And I have to say, it gives me the chills thinking about it…

I was curious (because I still don’t know) if he realized what he was doing.

In fact, I’m still curious (to this day)…

She ended up telling me that it’s been 4-5 years since she has been with him and she is still hyper-sexual…

<< You see, this is the kind of stories I like to collect… and analyze….I enjoy learning what happens in the ‘real world’.. The stuff that is too raw for most books oand family talk shows… >>

I’m not going to reveal anymore… You’ll read about it… Don’t be offended as you read it, because I’m telling you now, that I like to give the raw hard-truth because I think that’s the BEST WAY to become effective (extremely fast)

But more importantly:

I Will Teach You What He Did!

And you’re probably not going to want to share this kind of stuff with your buddies.
You will have the step-by-step blueprint.
You better not ever let the woman you are using it on discover your copy of Pirate Seduction!
((When she told me what he did I have to admit, I was actually impressed…))
But it gets better…Put on your seat beat!!

Because I’ll teach you how to take ‘what he did so brilliantly’ to a Super Advanced Level.(The MMA Black Belt Version)
But that’s just scratching the surface….

*** Side Note: It’s important because I’m not impressed (at all) by studying/analyzing girls who were “born nymphos”…

Some women are just born nymphos or something happened very early in their sexual development that resulted in them being that way…


… when I hear about a “normal girl” becoming HYPER SEXUAL, then there’s something “unique” and “cool” that can be discovered…

I LOVE studying/analyzing women who went from being a regular normal girl (enjoying sex like the average girl) to “being flat out crack-addicted to love-making”…

Because with these cases — again — you ALWAYS end up uncovering something new and powerful that you can’t find anywhere else…


So I think that’s it.Pirate Seduction is a journey to find a treasure of secrets that no one will ever know about…

Disclaimer: Pirate Seduction is not a real treasure chest!

  • Because instead of gold, you will learn new secrets that explain why women (at times) experience short-term sexual addiction cycles.
  • Because instead of diamonds, you will learn ‘secrets’ to getting women horny that you can use over and over again (even if you lived to be 412 years old)
  • Because instead of pearls, you’ll learn how to train her to become hyper-sexual (this is new stuff)*** Realize that we only currently know 1% of the possible ways to get a woman aroused. So in the year 2013 or 2017 a bunch of people will have discovered new ways that we don’t know about yet.

    That’s the fun part!!!

You see most guys are on the wrong quest…They’re in search for booty (“sex” from a woman – i.e. whether it’s his wife, girlfriend, female co-worker, single female neighbor, etc.)

You need to be on an ongoing quest
for two types of secrets:

Type-1 Secret: Learning new ways to analyze the times when she was hyper-sexual in the past. You want to constantly get better at understanding HOW she got extremely aroused in the past…

Type-2 Secret: Learning new ways of getting women (in general) aroused. This is the stuff that works for most women (99%) and learning new concepts that assist you in getting women aroused.


By the way, the Average Joe driving to work in the morning with his $0.75 cup of coffee in his
cup holder & his left arm dangling out of the driver’s side window WILL NEVER KNOW ABOUT THESE TACTICS and SECRETS…(even though he lives on the same planet as you)

Here’s a why…

<< … And I’ll let you decide if you think the Average Joe (who runs to his car with his coffee in one hand as he attempts to tuck in his shirt with the other hand) knows about these Laser-Brilliant Mind Strategies…>>

Technique #1: Thought Reversing

It’s basically something that I noticed when a guy’s girlfriend did something sexually fun towards him because of something that randomly happened.

Not only did he learn that ‘all sexual explosions’ have a source, but this guy became better at ‘figuring out’ how to find the source.

Specifically, this technique is great because any guy can duplicate what he did to get the same affect. All you have to do is spend less than $10 on ‘something’ to get started.

This ‘something’ has a way of reversing her thoughts so that she temporarily thinks about things in a new way. And it’s the temporary new way of thinking that leads to the URGE to have sex (not just because you purchased the ‘thing’)..

Getting women turned on isn’t magic.
Getting women turned on isn’t voodoo.

Again, it goes back to knowing:

How to trigger a certain sequence/combination of EMOTIONS & FEELINGS
How to trigger a certain sequence/combination of PERCEPTIONS & BELIEFS…

Cool, CR. I can’t wait to learn about this!!
Average Joe: I can’t find my creamers!!

Technique #2: The Poor Nympho Girl

We just talked about this…

You’ll learn the step by step instructions about what a guy did to turn the ‘girl from college’ into her into a nympho. For the most part, he did 3 things. Again, I think the guy is pure evil so I strongly suggest that you use this responsibly.

It’s called the ‘the poor nympho girl’ technique – not because she didn’t have any money, but because she innocently had no intellectual defense against this guy’s brain tactics….

When used responsibly, it could greatly enhance your sex life. It could keep a loving family together forever.

When it’s misused, it’s “psychological strong-arming” times one hundred because 99.5% of women wouldn’t even realize that they’re being trained to become hyper-sexual.

And I would never realized how evil and powerful this was, if it wasn’t for a journal I read earlier this year! (that taught me something new about the human brain)

I’m going to share it with you. All of it.

You: Cool, CR. I can’t wait to learn about this!!
Average Joe: [Spills coffee on his shirt.]

Technique #3: Intense Sexual Mind Scrambling

This technique was inspired by looking at all the feedback that I have received over the years and trying to identify what ‘concept’ was getting the most ‘props’…

It was like a 3 way tie…

So I took one of those concepts and pretty much made it more powerful.

So Intense Sexual Mind Scrambling is like the cooler “big brother” version of one of my most successful seduction concepts (in terms of what has been reported back to me)…

I took a very logical approach…

If the ‘snot-nose little brother’ version was so damn successful, then the “cooler big brother (with bigger muscles, more expensive sun glasses, wearing $800 flip flops) should end up being even more successful.

In non-metaphorical terms: I added a few additional psychological principles in order to allow the “user” to leverage her emotionally driver more efficiently…

In other words, all urges (especially sexual urges) have a corresponding emotional driver.

Technique #4: The Accidental ????

I call it that because this is something most guys do brilliantly to get women turned on – except they’re not aware of what they’re doing.

He doesn’t know how it happened.
She doesn’t know how it happened.

The only thing they are aware of is they both have a strong urge to have sex the other night and then that’s the end of it…

They wake up the next morning. They brush their teeth. They eat breakfast…

Meanwhile, a brilliantly masterful & artful seduction technique took place (the previous night) and no is talking about it…

(( sigh ))

This technique is responsible for boatloads of “accidental seductions” each and every year. And yes, you’ve probably done it before…

You: Cool, CR. I can’t wait to learn about this!!
Average Joe: [At work: looking in the mirror clipping his nose hairs with a pair of over-sized scissors]

Technique #5: “Oh Baby…Please Don’t Stop!”

I had to change the original name because I think it hinted too much about the technique.

This new name (“Oh Baby…Please Don’t Stop!”) is the analogy that was used to explain what the technique is all about…

Basically there’s something “interesting” that happens when a girl is seconds away from having an orgasm…

And if you understand this, it will help you see why this technique works to get her to crave yummy sex in a way that she’ll never undertsand – every single time.

This is another technique that is the evolved version of an originally successful concept.

Basically, there are two elementary ways to build sexual tension that every guy has done at least once… (1) ????? and (2) ?????

If you can do those two things (which is dumb simple to do) you are literally forced to get results by it because of the psychological impact.

If that sounds too bold, you have to remember that there is no magic involved.

Basically: Techniques don’t get women horny.

It’s the psychological & emotional impact of the technique that creates massive amounts of sexual tension [i.e. Pre-converted Horniness]

Then from there, she’s driven to have sex in an attempt to release the tension.

You: Cool, CR. I can’t wait to learn about this!!
Average Joe: Hey guys. Where do they keep the Band-Aids?!!!

Technique #6: ?????

No hints for this one.

Technique #7: ?????

No hints for this one either…

  Pirate Seduction: Uncensored
7 Ways To Get Her Horny (Using Lessons From Real Life Stories)

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CR James Super Seduction Power Review | CR James Super Seduction Power Download

CR James Super Seduction Power Download

CR James Super Seduction Power Download

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// Discover How The SSP Seduction System Gets Women To Crave Sex Because of One Simple Thing  That Any Guy Can Do //

This Works Every Single Time!
(You will not find this information anywhere else on the planet.)

Let me introduce myself…

My name is “Instructor CR James”.

I’m not a psychologist.

I’m not a sexual therapist.

I’m also not claiming to be a guy that knows the magic formula for seducing any woman within 14 seconds.

I’m actually a Signal Processing Electrical Engineer with a passion for Persuasion Psychology (from a motivational standpoint).

I also have a burning passion for coming up with original ideas and thinking outside of the box.

But you probably don’t care about me and my desires.

And I don’t blame you…

You just want to know the truth about getting your wife in the mood more often.

You just want to learn something that actually works!

You just want to learn something new and fresh, instead of the same ole’ rehashed stuff that’s floating around.

Well, you can take a deep breath and relax because I have the solution you’ve been looking for.

I discovered how to increase a woman’s libido by focusing on two simple things…

This is exactly how it happened!

The truth is I’ve never really had a problem attracting women and taking things to the next level.

But there was a major problem that I ran into. And I kept asking myself:

“How come my sex life takes a serious nose-dive when I’m in a relationship?”

I was obsessed with figuring this out.

Because when I would fool around with a woman on an ongoing basis (as a single guy), my sex appeal would seemingly never wear off.

But how could a (sexually healthy) woman who loved me, accepted me, found me attractive and would do anything for me – overwhelmingly not have the same sexual intensity as I do?

If the sex life starts out great, why does it have to ‘wear off’ – just because we’re in a relationship.

Again, I was obsessed with figuring this out.

And it’s because I’ve heard of couples who have great sex decade after decade after decade.

So I started looking at things totally different, and then one day…

…it hit me like a load of bricks !

What I stumbled on was a formula that was so simple and so easy…
… that when I thought about it – it scared me!

I kept thinking: This could actually work! …

PHASE ONE: I had to test it out. In fact, I couldn’t wait to test it out!

So I did.

And it worked – but that wasn’t good enough. I had to test it out again and again and again.

So I did.

And it kept working and working and working. For some reason it couldn’t fail!

In case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, I’m saying that my formula for making a woman truly have the desire to have sex was successful. And I was reaping the benefits!

Here’s the difference:

Before: Sex Quality was 60% (at best) and took place every once in awhile

After: Sex Quality increased to 95% and was very often!

I never expected for the results to be as successful as they were. I was merely looking for some type of an improvement.

PHASE TWO: I researched everywhere assuming that this discovery couldn’t have been original, but to my surprise I couldn’t find it anywhere.


I couldn’t believe it. This is new stuff!

PHASE THREE: Now, it was time to put it to the real test. It just so happened that I had two friends that were going through the same problem with their girlfriends.

I thought to myself, this is perfect. They’ll be my test subjects. LOL.

I explained exactly what they needed to do, while the whole time I’m thinking to myself how great it will feel when they call me up — thanking me — telling me how it worked for them, too.

But it didn’t play out like that.

To make a long story short, both of them had their unique way of telling me they weren’t willing to try it out.

I was shocked!

This baffled me more than my initial confusion with why I couldn’t get the consistent sex I wanted in my loving relationship.

Well, that’s when I decided to put my strategies in a book.

I just wanted “one other guy” to tell me that it worked for him, too.

Well, let’s just say ‘what ended up happening’ was Earth Shattering!

I never expected for it to be this successful.

Note: Although, this is still a new course that a lot of guys don’t know about, today there are many guys who are now experiencing life with more passion by following the SSP System.

[And when I say many – I’m talking about thousands and thousands of guys from all over the world!]

The biggest factor that makes this system unique is that it was created based on trial and error and real testing.

I’m a real guy. A real husband. The information I share on this page is based on my real life experiences.

In this day and age of the internet, a lot of ebooks on multiple subjects are just ghost-written projects or the expert just copied the advice from someone else. My approach is different. My objective is based on providing a new and fresh perspective.

My advice is based on what I have done.

In fact, deep down inside, I don’t consider myself a writer or an author or an expert. I’m just a guy who figured out some things that worked surprisingly well for me – and then from there I just work really hard — to the best of my ability — to teach others how to follow the same steps that I follow (in regards to strategies that get women to crave sex).

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