Are You Hoping To Find A Girl You Can Be In A Great Relationship With?

Without Having To Spend A Fortune In Traditional Dating And Without Having To Hear Her “Let´s Just Be Friend”?

Here Is How You Can Realize Your Wish!


Book “Getting The Good Girls” – How To Get A Good Girlfriend In The Day Time, Without Having To “Date”(2nd Edition)

Hey, my name is Franco, and I have put plenty of time and effort into helping men improve the quality of their love life and romantic relationships.
Men have been exploring all kinds of frontiers for centuries and often they have not devoted enough time to exploring their own well-being in matters of sexuality.
An increasing number of men in the Western world are finding it extremely difficult to find a woman who is faithful, loyal, and dedicated in a serious relationship.
Moreover, an increasing number of men are also finding difficult to even find a girlfriend for a relationship or a marriage.
This happens because men in the Western world do not screen women for the qualities they want in a relationship.
Instead, they are chosen by women.
They give women the power in deciding the nature of the relationship.
My book about how to get a girlfriend can give you a great advantage in matters of dating women.
It can give you the skills necessary to meet women on the street, in a bar, or at a restaurant, and to make one of them your girlfriend.
There is absolutely no need to try hard and please women with expensive evenings in restaurants anymore.
You can simply meet her in a library or a bar and make her your girlfriend straight away, without having to resort to dating.
This book will give you the tools to how to get a girlfriend at the library, on the street, or in a department store.
This book will also give you the tools necessary to quickly understand what kind of person she is when you meet her, and to detect in the first or second encounter if she is a good fit for a relationship with you.
A good relationship can be simply defined as a relationship where you are being treated well by her, at least as well as you treat her and one in which she is loyal and devoted to you.
The Book “Getting The Good Girls” Will Benefit You In Many Ways
The book “Getting The Good Girls” can be used as a practical manual for meeting women at any time of the day. It can also be used to learn how to screen women depending on their personality.
If you are thinking about how to get a girlfriend for a long-term relationship or marriage, then this is the book for you.
I am a psychologist by day and a playboy at night, and I have developed these techniques as a result of both my professional and practical experience.
By studying this book you will understand all the steps necessary to elicit a woman´s erotic interest in you.
You will be able to predict female behavior at the deeper level of her instinctual life.
Learn an approach to meeting women that reveals from the first very moment if she is in touch with her feminine nature.
The method I describe in this book is structured with mathematical precision, and can help you detect very early if she is a woman who likes herself as a woman.
At the same time, you will quickly detect if she likes herself as a woman in a relationship with a man, which is a crucial feature for her to be able to function as a woman in a relationship.
You will be able to learn what screening a woman means, her personality type, from the first day you meet her.
While seducing her, you can use the techniques described in my book to quickly detect if she is a Good Girl, an Adventuress, or a Material Girl.
These three types of women have different personalities and react in very different ways in their relationships with men.
By applying the principles written here you can get at least 4 new girlfriends every other month, with minimum effort, and during the daytime while you are going about your business.
No need for clubs and sleepless nights! No need for expensive dates!
When you read this book, you will notice how each one of these women has a different personality ad responds to different things.
The Good Girl is thinking of sex, safety, her own interest and yours, all at the same time.
The Adventuress thinks of her need for validation, an extreme need for attention, sex, and how to have her emotions satisfied.
The Material Girl´s mind is on how to seduce you in order to gain material interest, and also sex, and believe me when I say that she does not have your best interests in mind.
Marriage has become a high-risk investment for men, with women leaving with half your property, and blaming you for everything they themselves did in the relationship.
It is vital for a man to learn how to screen women.
When you want a long-term relationship and think about how to get a girlfriend, and you choose a Good Girl from the beginning, you are making a good investment for the future.
You can share your property with her without fear, and no need to pay for divorce lawyers afterwards.
Chapters of the Book
  • Introduction.
  • Frames, The Dating Frame.
  • The Masculine Frame.
  • Inner State.
  • The Warm-Up Stage.
  • The Approach: How To Make Her Self-Conscious.
  • Leading Her and Her Emotions.
  • Stronger Dominance, Cocky and Funny, Touching Her.
  • Subservient Frame: Detect and avoid Supplication.
  • How To Avoid Subservient Behavior.
  • Day II: Isolating and Escalating To Sex.
  • Penetrating and Male Dominance.
  • Glossary.

In the first chapter of the book you will learn about the basics of getting good girls. In the second chapter there is general knowledge about an important concept called “mind frame” and how that applies to dating women.

You will understand why traditional dating is a very bad idea for your safety, your finances and your personal health. You learn a new way of meeting women which does not include having to “pay” for getting a girlfriend.
You will learn the important concept of “inner frame” and how you can learn to be in touch and control your emotions in a way which brings you towards your goal when meeting women.
In the book you will learn all the stages you need to go through – step-by-step – from the moment you see her till the moment you have her attracted to you and involved into a relationship with you.
The most important part of this book is this: techniques which will help you detect very, very fast – in the course of the first, and at most, the second meeting with her – if she is a “good girl”, fit for a relationship with you.