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Marco Rossi – Kama Fitness Review | Marco Rossi – Kama Fitness PDF Download

Marco Rossi - Kama Fitness PDF Download

Marco Rossi – Kama Fitness PDF Download

Kamafitness is a revolutionary method for working out: fulfillment and pleasure will accompany your keeping in shape sessions. it is the result of the sensual kamasutra combined with a study on specific exercises to build and increase body muscle mass.Kamafitness is dedicated to couples, offering 60 hot and super-stimulating positions. it is a revolutionary way for feeling good, keeping body, mind, and desire in good shape.Every exercise is well described and explained as your fitness trainers would, to help you work out for the best.
Pleasure, enjoyment and creativity are granted, thanks to different levels of difficulty and effort required.”


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Fitness and Bodybuilding eBooks Download

Fitness and Bodybuilding eBooks Download

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Specific Body Parts
The Periodization Bible – powerlifting article.pdf
US Navy – Peak Performance Through Nutrition and Exercise.pdf

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Jason Hanson – Spy Escape & Evasion Training Download | Jason Hanson – Impenetrable Home Defense Download | Jason Hanson – Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience Download

Jason Hanson – Spy Escape & Evasion Training Download

Ex-CIA Operative and Shark Tank Star reveals and Discover the dirty secrets and mind control Games of A Real Life James Bond

Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Jason Hanson.

I’m a former CIA Officer and a Security Specialist. In fact, here’s one of the awards I received while with the Agency.

As you may know, I was recently on the hit ABC TV show “Shark Tank,” where I pitched my business to the multimillionaire panel.

The Sharks asked me a ton of questions and I shared a good amount of information about my business.

But you know what?

There’s a lot of information I didn’t have time to tell the Sharks… about how to protect yourself and your family in an increasingly dangerous world.

And that’s why I put together this presentation.

Since I left the Agency, I’ve made it my life’s mission to help good, honest Americans learn critical survival tactics that can literally mean the difference between life and death for you or a member of your family.

For Example

I can show you how to escape rope, duct tape, and handcuffs in 30 seconds or less. I can show you a simple trick that lets you know if someone is following you as you’re driving home.

I can show you a small device that can be carried virtually anywhere and helps you avoid becoming the victim of a violent crime. I can even show you how to completely disappear when someone dangerous is after you… even if you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.

Don’t think you need to know these secrets, techniques, and skills?

Well, let me tell you…

Even if you’ve lived like a perfect saint.

Even if you’ve never been involved in a lawsuit, divorce, or even just an argument.

Even if you don’t have any assets or resources that you think others might want to take from you, you can still find yourself in hundreds of situations where my proven techniques can literally save you or someone you love.

You can still find yourself in hundreds of situations where my proven techniques can literally save you or someone you love.

For Instance:

A gentleman I’ve trained is named Gary Prince. Due to his job, Gary travels around the world 11 months a year. Gary’s an executive who minds his own business and has never gone looking for trouble. But guess what? The security measures I showed him have helped him survive two mugging attempts in China.

Amy Lancaster is a young woman who lives in Fairfax, Virginia. Like many people, Amy loves to go running on the trail near her home. One day while she was running, Amy realized a man was following her. Using a trick I showed her, Amy was able to get away from this man and even scare the heck out of him.

Let Me Give You A Real Life Example That Happened To Me…

In short, because of my involvement with a woman, I found out the mafia was after me. They thought I was an FBI Agent who was using this woman to get to them.

Obviously, I tried to get the message through that I wasn’t an
FBI Agent and that as long as I didn’t know any of their illegal activities, all was well.

But they didn’t care.

Word got back to me that I “better be careful” and that they were trying to track down my:


Cell Phone Number

License Plate Number

And Any other information they could get

As soon as I found this out I immediately implemented
the security secrets I’m going to share with you.

  • I ran surveillance detection routes so I could quickly determine if anyone was following me
  • I used a series of inexpensive and simple alarms on my home that would instantly notify me if anyone were coming close to my property
  • I ran “misinformation” so the mafia could never figure out where I actually lived (so they ended up going to the wrong places)
  • I made sure they couldn’t track my digital footprint by using the Internet anonymously

In short, I was able to evade the mafia and stay alive using the skills and knowledge I possess.

What if you too found yourself being hunted by someone and you needed to avoid them at all costs?

Would you know how to evade them?

How to use counter surveillance measures?

Do you know what gear you should carry with you that could save your life?

You might not think it can happen to you…

But perfectly innocent people across the country find themselves in dangerous situations every single day.

For Example:

My Point:


There’s A Good Chance My Safety And Survival Training Could Save Your Life One Day.

After all, are other people jealous of your success, your wife, your children, or anything else in your life?

Have you ever been in a car accident?

Have you ever had a heated argument with a co-worker?

Have you ever had to fire someone or turn someone down after a job interview?

The Bottom Line?

If you’ve ever found yourself in any of these situations or happen to find yourself in them in the future, you’re in luck, because you now have the rare opportunity to learn little-known safety and survival skills, including:

And much, much more
in the special training I’ve created called:

This training reveals safety and survival secrets 99% of Americans will never know about or have access to.

And although you’ll learn fun and exciting skills that will no doubt make you more interesting at the next party you attend.

The information I’m going to reveal is certainly not for everyone. But let me quickly pull back the curtain on what I’m going to share with you.

How To Vanish Without A Trace One of the skills I cover during Spy Escape & Evasion is how to disappear.

After This Training You’ll Know:

  • The two most important items you need when planning to disappear. I’ll show you how to get your hands on these items and I’ll even bring them with me and show you how to use them.
  • How to use a “break phone” to ensure you stay several steps ahead of your pursuers. (The secret of the break phone is one of the highest-level security measures you’ll ever hear about.)
  • The 3-step process that must be followed if you want to remain off the grid for good… Even out of the reach of the government.
  • How to create decoys to throw people off your tracks so they eventually give up trying to locate you.
  • You’ll see how to easily set up a secret email account that vanishes after just one hour.
  • You’ll uncover the simple method of making untraceable phone calls.
  • And how to find a “safe house” to use until it’s time to make your next move. (This won’t cost you any money and will keep you safe, warm, and out of sight).

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting


Your number 1 priority and what you need to do to stay safe. This module will cover everything you need to have just in case something happens.


What you must do to increase your likelihood of survival. Some of these strategies are simple and straight forward but rarely used. If you take these simple steps they may prove to be the difference between life and death.


Be aware of what is going on around you. This module will teach you the easiest and most effective way to be aware of the situations around you. This module may save your life.


If push comes to shove and you must become invisible to survive you must watch this module. Everything you need to know about being in disguise.


Actions to follow when you are concerned about being followed:
1 time is a an accident
2 times is a coincidence
3 times is an enemy action
How to detect a tail and what to do about it.


The easiest cars to hot-wire and how to do it. This is for extreme circumstances. This module is for INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY.


Simple queues that will immediately let you know if someone is lying to you. These tips and tricks will literally make you human lie detector.

Jason Hanson – Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience Download

Ultimate Concealed Carry Experience Online Concealed Carry Training Course

Hi. My name is Jason Hanson. I’m a former CIA Officer and author of The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry. I’m also the creator of what I believe is the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to take your concealed carry permit training.

My online course fulfills the training requirements for the state of Virginia, and as Fox News recently reported, “Virginia’s online classes make it easy for out-of-state gun owners to get permits”… which is why people from all over the nation are taking this course. (You can see what they’ve said about it right here.)

¦ This course consists of a training video that is less than 90 minutes long

¦ The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry: Confessions of a former CIA Officer. You’ll get a copy of my popular book that covers everything you need to know about concealed carry.

¦ 108-Point Home Security Checklist: This checklist is usually reserved for my private clients who pay me $500 for a home security analysis.

¦ Special Report: 30-Day Urban Survival Guide: What you need to know to be self-sufficient for 30 days.  With the world we live in today, I believe it’s important that all Americans have the ability to sustain themselves for 30 days. This report shows you how much water each person needs per day, including my two favorite ways to store water at home. I also show you how I’ve personally set up my food storage, and I also cover a few of my favorite survival guns.

¦ Special Report: Simple Home Defense Secrets That Could Save Your Life. This report reveals the three layers of security you should have on your home. Shows you simple steps to take to make your front door virtually intruder-proof. And gives you step-by-step details on how to build a safe room for your family that won’t break the bank (including the six critical items to have in your safe room.)

¦ Special Report: 7 Ways to Keep Your Family Safer This Year. This report tells the story of how a woman tried to hire me as a bodyguard after she and her son suffered a vicious home invasion. Secrets in this report include a simple $12 gadget, which is one of the easiest ways to deter anintruder.



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Paul Wade – C-Mass Calisthenics Mass Review | Paul Wade – C-Mass Calisthenics Mass Download

Paul Wade - C-Mass Calisthenics Mass Download

Paul Wade – C-Mass Calisthenics Mass Download

Paul Wade – C-Mass Calisthenics Mass

Paul Wade – C-Mass Calisthenics Mass : How To Maximize Muscle Growth Using Bodyweight-Only Training

eBook 136 pages
Is it really possible to add significant extra muscle-bulk to your frame using bodyweight exercise only? The answer, according to calisthenics guru and bestselling Convict Conditioning author Paul Wade, is a resounding Yes. Legendary strongmen and savvy modern bodyweight bodybuilders both, have added stacks of righteous beef to their physiques—using just the secrets Paul Wade reveals in this bible-like guide to getting as strong AND as big as you could possibly want, using nothing but your own body.

Paul Wade’s trenchant, visceral style blazes with hard-won body culture insight, tactics, strategies and tips for the ultimate blueprint for getting huge naturally without free weights, machine supplements or—God forbid—steroids. With C-Mass, Paul Wade further cements his position as the preeminent modern authority on how to build extraordinary power and strength with bodyweight exercise only.

Paul Wade – C-Mass Calisthenics Mass PDF

Get All of This When You Invest in Paul Wade’s C-Mass Today: 1. Bodyweight Muscle? No Problem! 

Build phenomenal amounts of natural muscle mass and discover how to:
  • Add 20-30+ pounds of solid muscle—with perfect proportions
  • Reshape your arms with 2-3 inches of gnarly beef
  • Triple the size of your pecs and lats
  • Thicken and harden your abdominal wall into a classic six-pack
  • Throw a thick, healthy vein onto your biceps
  • Generate hard, sculpted quads and hamstrings that would be the envy of an Olympic sprinter
  • Build true “diamond” calves
  • Stand head and shoulders above the next 99% of natural bodybuilders in looks, strength and power
  • Boost your testosterone naturally to bull-like levels

Understand the radically different advantages you’ll get from the two major types of resistance work, nervous system training and muscular system training.

If you really want to explode your muscle growth—if SIZE is your goal—you should train THIS way…

Paul Wade – C-Mass Calisthenics Mass 2. The Ten Commandments of Calisthenics Mass

Truly effective muscular training boils down into THESE Ten Commandments.

Paul Wade – C-Mass Calisthenics Mass COMMANDMENT I: Embrace reps!

Why reps are key when you want to build massive stacks of jacked up muscle.
Understanding the biochemistry of building bigger muscles through reps…

Paul Wade – C-Mass Calisthenics Mass COMMANDMENT II: Work Hard!

Want to turn from a twig into an ok tree? Why working demonically hard and employing brutal physical effort is essential to getting nasty big…

Paul Wade – C-Mass Calisthenics Mass COMMANDMENT III: Use Simple, Compound Exercises!

Why—if you want to get swole—you need to toss out complex, high-skill exercises.

Why dynamic exercises are generally far better than static holds for massive muscle building.

These are the very best dynamic exercises—for bigger bang for your muscle buck.

How to ratchet up the heat with THIS kick-ass strategy and sprout new muscle at an eye-popping rate.

Paul Wade – C-Mass Calisthenics Mass COMMANDMENT IV: Limit Sets!

What it takes to trigger explosive muscle growth—and why most folk foolishly and wastefully pull their “survival trigger” way too many futile times…

Why you need to void “volume creep” at all costs when size is what you’re all about.

Paul Wade – C-Mass Calisthenics Mass COMMANDMENT V: Focus on Progress—and Utilize a Training Journal!

Why so few wannabe athletes ever achieve a good level of strength and muscle—let alone a great level—and what it really takes to succeed.

Golden tip: how to take advantage of the windows of opportunity your training presents you.

How to transform miniscule, incremental gains into long-range massive outcomes.

Forget those expensive supplements! Why keeping a training log can be the missing key to success or failure in the muscle-gain biz.

Paul Wade – C-Mass Calisthenics Mass COMMANDMENT VI: You Grow When You Rest. So Rest!

If you really wanted to improve on your last workout—add that rep, tighten up your form—how would you want to approach that workout? The answer is right here…

Ignore THIS simple, ancient, muscle-building fact—and be prepared to go on spinning your muscle-building wheels for a VERY long time…

10 secrets to optimizing the magic rest-muscle growth formula…

Why you may never even come close to your full physical potential—but how to change that…

Paul Wade – C-Mass Calisthenics Mass COMMANDMENT VII: Quit Eating “Clean” the Whole Time!

Warning—Politically incorrect statement: Why, if you are trying to pack on more muscle, eating junk now and again is not only okay, it can be positively anabolic.

Paul Wade – C-Mass Calisthenics Mass COMMANDMENT VIII: Sleep More!

How is it that prison athletes seem to gain and maintain so much dense muscle, when guys on the outside—who are taking supplements and working out in super-equipped gyms—can rarely gain muscle at all?

Discover the 3 main reasons why, sleep, the natural alternative to steroids, helps prison athletes grow so big…

Paul Wade – C-Mass Calisthenics Mass COMMANDMENT IX: Train the Mind Along With the Body!

Why your mind is your most powerful supplement…

How 6 major training demons can destroy your bodybuilding dreams—and where to find the antidote…

Paul Wade – C-Mass Calisthenics Mass COMMANDMENT X: Get Strong!

Understanding the relationship between the nervous system and the muscular system—and how to take full advantage of that relationship.

Why, if you wish to gain as much muscle as your genetic potential will allow, just training your muscles won’t cut it—and what more you need to do…

The secret to mixing and matching for both growth AND strength…

Paul Wade – C-Mass Calisthenics Mass 3. “Coach” Wade’s Bodypart Tactics

Get the best bodyweight bodybuilding techniques for 11 major body areas.

1. Quadzilla! (…and Quadzookie.)

Why the Gold Standard quad developer is squatting—and why you absolutely need to master the Big Daddy, the one-legged squat

How to perform the Shrimp Squat, a wonderful quad and glute builder, which is comparable to the one-leg squat in terms of body-challenge.

Why you should employ THESE 7 jumping methods to put your quad gains through the roof…

How to perform the hyper-tough, man-making Sissy Squat—favorite of the Iron Guru, Vince Gironda—great bodybuilding ideologist of the Golden Era, and trainer of a young Mr. Schwarzenegger. He wouldn’t let anyone perform barbell squats in his gym!

2. Hamstrings: Stand Sideways With Pride

Enter Lombard’s Paradox: how and why you can successfully brutalize your hammies with calisthenics.

Why bridging is a perfect exercise for strengthening the hamstrings.

How to correctly work your hamstrings and activate your entire posterior chain.

Why THIS workout of straight bridges and hill sprints could put muscle on a pencil.

How to employ the little-known secret of the bridge curl to develop awesome strength and power in the your hammies.

Why explosive work is essential for fully developed hamstrings—and the best explosive exercise to make your own…

3. Softball Biceps

THIS is the best biceps exercise in the world bar none. But most bodybuilders never use it to build their biceps! Discover what you are missing out on and learn to do it right…

And then you can make dumbbell curls look like a redheaded stepchild with THIS superior bicep blower-upper…

Another great compound move for the biceps (and forearms) is rope climbing. As with all bodyweight, this can be performed progressively. Get the details here on why and how…

Despite what some trainers may ignorantly tell you, you can also perform bodyweight biceps isolation exercises—such as the classic (but-rarely-seen-in-gyms) curl-up. Pure power! If you can build one, THIS old school piece of kit will give you biceps straight from Hades.
4. Titanic Triceps

Paul Wade has never met a gym-trained bodybuilder who understands how the triceps work. Not one. Learn how the triceps REALLY work. This stuff is gold—pay attention. And discover the drills that are going to CRUCIFY those tris!

5. Farmer Forearms

Paul Wade wrote the definitive mini-manual of calisthenics forearm and grip training in Convict Conditioning 2. But HERE’S a reminder on the take-home message that the forearms are best built through THESE exercises, and you can build superhuman grip by utilizing intelligent THESE progressions.

Why crush-style grippers are a mistake and the better, safer alternative for a hand-pulping grip…
6. It’s Not “Abs”, It’s “Midsection”

As a bodybuilder, your method should be to pick a big, tough midsection movement and work at it hard and progressively to thicken your six-pack. This work should be a cornerstone of your training, no different from pullups or squats. It’s a requirement. Which movements to pick? Discover the best drills here…

And the single greatest exercise for scorching your abs in the most effective manner possible is THIS…

How to best train your obliques and lateral chain…

The simplest and most effective way to train your transversus…

7. Maximum Chest

The roll call of classical bodyweight chest exercises is dynamic and impressive. It’s an ancient, effective, tactical buffet of super-moves. Get the list here…

THE best chest routine is THIS one…

If super-sturdy arms and shoulders mean your pecs barely get a look in when you press, then focus on THESE progressions instead—and your pecs will be burning with a welcome new pain…

Why Al Kavadlo has a lean, athletic physique, but his pecs are as thick as a bodybuilder’s…

THIS could be the ultimate bodyweight drill to get thick, imposing pectoral muscles…

And here’s the single finest exercise for enlarging your pec minor—yet hardly anyone has figured it out…

Why you need to master the art of deep breathing, strongman style, to truly develop a massive chest—and where to find unbeatable advice from proven champions…
8. Powerful, Healthy Shoulders

All die-hard bodybuilders need to know is that the deltoids have three heads. Here’s how they work…

If you want to give any of your shoulder heads an enhanced, specialist workout, a great tactic is THIS.

How to make your lateral deltoids scream for mercy—and thank you later when you ignore their pleas…

If you really want to build your rear delts, THIS drill should be your number one exercise…

THESE kinds of drills can result in shoulder injury, rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder and chronic pain—what to stick with instead…

THIS is a fantastic deltoid movement which will swell up those cannonballs fast…

Why old school hand balancing is so great for strength, size and coordination, while surprisingly easy on the shoulders, especially as you get a bit older…

The number one go-to guy in the whole world for hand-balancing is THIS calisthenics master…
9. Ah’ll be Back

THIS exercise is the finest lat-widener in the bodybuilding world and should be the absolute mainstay of your back training. This one’s a no-brainer—if adding maximum torso beef as fast and efficiently as possible appeals to you…

Are you an advanced bodyweight bodybuilder? Then you may wish to add THIS to your upper-back routine. Why? Well—THIS will blitz your rear delts, scapular muscles and the lower heads of the trapezius. These are the “detail” muscles of the back, so loved by bodybuilders when they grow and thicken, resembling serpents swirling around the shoulder-blades.

Paul Wade demands that all his students begin their personal training with a brutal regime of THIS punishing drill. Why? Find out here…

Real strength monsters can try THIS. But you gotta be real powerful to survive the attempt…

Many bodybuilders think only in terms of “low back” when working the spinal muscles, but this is a mistake: find out why…

How bridging fully works all the deep tissues of the spine and bulletproofs the discs.

The single most effective bridge technique for building massive back muscle…

Why back levers performed THIS way are particularly effective in building huge spinal strength and thickness.

Why inverse hyperextensions are a superb lower-back and spine exercise which requires zero equipment.
10. Calving Season

THIS squat method will make your calves larger, way more supple, more powerful, and your ankles/Achilles’ tendon will be bulletproofed like a steel cable…

Whether you are an athlete, a strength trainer or a pure bodyweight bodybuilder, your first mission should be to gradually build to THIS. Until you get there, you don’t need to waste time on any specialist calf exercises.

If you DO want to add specific calf exercises to your program, then THESE are a good choice.

The calves are naturally explosive muscles, and explosive bodyweight work is very good for calf-building. So add THESE six explosive drills into your mix…

Methods like THIS are so brutal (and effective) that they can put an inch or more on stubborn calves in just weeks. If you can train like this just once a week for a few months, you better get ready to outgrow your socks…
11. TNT: Total Neck and Traps

Do bodybuilders even need to do neck work? Here’s the answer…

The best neck exercises for beginners.

HERE is an elite-level technique for developing the upper trapezius muscles between the neck and shoulders..

THIS is another wonderful exercise for the traps, developing them from all angles.

By the time you can perform two sets of twenty deep, slow reps of THIS move, your traps will look like hardcore cans of beans.

If you want more neck, and filling out your collar is something you want to explore, forget those decapitation machines in the gym, or those headache-inducing head straps. The safest, most natural and most productive techniques for building a bull-nape are THESE.

4. Okay. Now Gimme a Program

If you want to pack on muscle using bodyweight, it’s no good training like a gymnast or a martial artist or a dancer or a yoga expert, no matter how impressive those skill-based practitioners might be at performing advanced calisthenics. You need a different mindset. You need to train like a bodybuilder!

Learn the essential C-Mass principles behind programming, so you can master your own programming…

The most important thing to understand about bodybuilding routines…

Simple programs with minimum complexity have THESE features

By contrast, programs with maximum complexity have THESE features

Why Simple Beats Complex, For THESE 3 Very Important Reasons…

When to Move up the Programming Line

If simpler, more basic routines are always the best, why do advanced bodybuilders tend to follow more complex routines? Programs with different sessions for different bodyparts, with dozens of exercises? Several points to consider…

The best reason is to move up the programming line is THIS

Fundamental Program Templates

Total Body 1, Total Body 2
Upper/Lower-Body Split 1, Upper/Lower-Body Split 2
3-Way Split 1, 3-Way Split 2
4-Way Split 1, 4-Way Split 1

5. Troubleshooting Muscle-Growth: The FAQ


Q. Why bodyweight? Why can’t I use weights and machines to build muscle?

Q. I understand that pull-ups and chin-ups are superior exercises for building muscle in the lats and biceps. Unfortunately I cannot yet perform pull-ups. Should I use assistance bands instead?

Q. Looking at gymnasts, I have no doubt that progressive calisthenics methods can build a huge upper body. But what about the legs? Won’t it leave me with stick legs?

Q. Coach, can you name the exercises that belong into an abbreviated routine for a total beginner? Which are the most essential without leaving gaps in my ability?

Q. “Big” bodyweight exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups may target the larger muscles of the body (pecs, lats, biceps, etc.), but what about the smaller muscles which are still so important to the bodybuilder? Things like forearms, the calves, the neck?

Q. I have been told I need to use a weighted vest on my push-ups and pull-ups if I want to get stronger and gain muscle. Is this true?

Q. Is bodyweight training suitable for women? Do you know of any women who achieved the “Master Steps” laid out in Convict Conditioning?

Q. I am very interested in gaining size—not just muscle mass, but also height. Is it possible that calisthenics can increase my height?

Q. You have said that moving exercises are superior to isometrics when it comes to mass gain. I am interested in getting huge shoulders, but Convict Conditioning gives several static (isometric) exercises early on in the handstand pushup chain. Can you give me any moving exercises I can use instead, to work up to handstand pushups?

Q. I have heard that the teenage years are the ideal age for building muscle. Is there any point in trying to build muscle after the age of forty?

Q. I have had some knee problems in the past; any tips for keeping my knee joints healthy so I can build more leg mass?

Q. I‘m pretty skinny and I have always had a huge amount of trouble putting on weight—any weight, even fat. Building muscle is virtually impossible for me. What program should I be on?

Q. I’ve read in several bodybuilding magazines that I need to change my exercises frequently in order to “confuse” my muscles into growth. Is that true?

Q. I read in several bodybuilding magazines that I need to eat protein every 2-3 hours to have a hope in hell of growing. They also say that I need a huge amount of protein, like two grams per pound of bodyweight. Why don’t your Commandments mention the need for protein?

Q. I have heard that whey is the “perfect” food for building muscle. Is this true?

6. The Democratic Alternative…how to get as powerful as possible without gaining a pound

There is a whole bunch of folks who either want (or need) massive strength and power, but without the attendant muscle bulk. Competitive athletes who compete in weight limits are one example; wrestlers, MMA athletes, boxers, etc. Females are another group who, as a rule, want to get stronger when they train, but without adding much (or any) size. Some men desire steely, whip-like power but see the sheer weight of mass as non-functional—many martial artists fall into this category; perhaps Bruce Lee was the archetype.

But bodybuilders should also fall under this banner. All athletes who want to become as huge as possible need to spend some portion of their time focusing on pure strength. Without a high (and increasing) level of strength, it’s impossible to use enough load to stress your muscles into getting bigger. This is even truer once you get past a certain basic point.

So: You want to build power like a Humvee, with the sleek lines of a classic Porsche? The following Ten Commandments have got you covered. Follow them, and we promise you cannot fail, even if you had trouble getting stronger in the past. Your days of weakness are done, my friend…

Enter the “Bullzelle”

There are guys who train for pure mass and want to look like bulls, and guys who only train for athleticism without mass, and are more like gazelles. Al Kavadlo has been described as a “bullzelle”—someone who trains mainly for strength, and has some muscle too, but without looking like a bulked-up bodybuilder. And guess what? It seems like many of the new generation of athletes want to be bullzelles!  With Paul Wade’s C-Mass program, you’ll have what you need to achieve bullzelle looks and functionality should you want it…

COMMANDMENT I: Use low reps while keeping “fresh”!

If you want to generate huge strength without building muscle, here is the precise formula…

COMMANDMENT II: Utilize Hebb’s Law—drill movements as often as possible!

How pure strength training works, in a nutshell…

Why frequency—how often you train—is often so radically different for pure strength trainers and for bodybuilders…

Training recipe for the perfect bodybuilder—and for the perfect strength trainer…

Why training for pure strength and training to master a skill are virtually identical methods.

COMMANDMENT III: Master muscle synergy!

If there is a “trick” to being supremely strong, THIS is it…

As a bodybuilder, are you making this huge mistake? If you want to get super-powerful, unlearn these ideas and employ THIS strategy instead…

Another great way to learn muscular coordination and control is to explore THESE drills…

COMMANDMENT IV: Brace Yourself!

If there is a single tactic that’s guaranteed to maximize your body-power in short order, it’s bracing. Bracing is both an art-form and a science. Here’s how to do it and why it works so well.

COMMANDMENT V:  Learn old-school breath control!

If there is an instant “trick” to increasing your strength, it’s learning the art of the breath. Learn the details here…

Why inhalation is so important for strength and how to make it work most efficiently while lifting…

How the correctly-employed, controlled, forceful exhalation activates the muscles of the trunk, core and ribcage…

COMMANDMENT VI: Train your tendons!

When the old-time strongmen talked about strength, they rarely talked about muscle power—they typically focused on the integrity of the tendons. THIS is why…

The concept of “supple strength” and how to really train the tendons for optimal resilience and steely, real-life strength…

Why focusing on “peak contraction” can be devastating to your long-term strength-health goals…

COMMANDMENT VII: Focus on weak links!

THIS is the essential difference between a mere bodybuilder and a truly powerful human being…

Why focusing all your attention on the biggest, strongest muscle groups is counterproductive for developing your true strength potential…

Pay extra attention to your weakest areas by including THESE 4 sets of drills as a mandatory part of your monster strength program…

COMMANDMENT VIII: Exploit Neural Facilitation!

The nervous system—like most sophisticated biological systems—possesses different sets of gears. Learn how to safely and effectively shift to high gear in a hurry using THESE strategies…

COMMANDMENT IX: Apply Plyometric Patterns to Hack Neural Inhibition

Why it is fatal for a bodyweight master to focus only on tension-generating techniques and what to do instead…

How very fast movements can hugely increase your strength—the light bulb analogy.

The difference between “voluntary” and “involuntary” strength—and how to work on both for greater gains…

COMMANDMENT X: Master the power of the mind!

How to train the mind to make the body achieve incredible levels of strength and ferocity—as if it was tweaking on PCP…

5 fundamental ways to harness mental power and optimize your strength…


7. Supercharging Your Hormonal Profile

Why you should never, ever, ever take steroids to enhance your strength…

Hormones and muscle growth

Your hormones are what build your muscle. All your training is pretty secondary. You can work out hard as possible as often as possible, but if your hormonal levels aren’t good, your gains will be close to nil. Learn what it takes to naturally optimize a cascade of powerful strength-generating hormones and to minimize the strength-sappers from sabotaging your gains…

Studies and simple experience have demonstrated that, far from being some esoteric practice, some men have increased their diminished total testosterone levels by over a thousand percent! How? Just by following a few basic rules.

What rules? Listen up. THIS is the most important bodybuilding advice anyone will ever give you.

The 6 Rules of Testosterone Building

THESE rules are the most powerful and long-lasting, for massive testosterone generation. Follow them if you want to get diesel.

The iron-clad case against steroid use and exogenous testosterone in general…


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Vincent Delmonte – No Nonsense Muscle Building Review | Vincent Delmonte – No Nonsense Muscle Building Download

Vincent Delmonte - No Nonsense Muscle Building DownloadTrainer: Vincent Delmonte
No-Nonsense 6-Pack E-Book

Vincent Delmonte – No Nonsense Muscle Building No-Nonsense 6-Pack DVD

Vincent Delmonte – No Nonsense Muscle Building The “Hard Losers” 84-Day Meal Plans

Vincent Delmonte – No Nonsense Muscle Building 16-Week 3-Day Metabolic Boost Program

Vincent Delmonte – No Nonsense Muscle Building 16-Week 4-Day Metabolic Extreme Program

Vincent Delmonte – No Nonsense Muscle Building 16-Week 5-Day Metabolic Overdrive Program

Vincent Delmonte – No Nonsense Muscle Building 4-Week Body Weight Conditioning Program

Vincent Delmonte – No Nonsense Muscle Building The 16-Week Razor-Sharp Abdominal Cardio Workouts

Vincent Delmonte – No Nonsense Muscle Building The No-Nonsense 6-Pack Fat Loss Virtual Trainer

Vincent Delmonte – No Nonsense Muscle Building The Fat Loss Supplement Watch Files

Vincent Delmonte – No Nonsense Muscle Building The 24/7 Six- Pack Coach
“Everyone has the ability to create a beautiful body; the potential is
already inside of you.”
Your six pack quest could be the toughest challenge you’ll ever face.
Peter would tell you that, and I can tell you that from personal experience. To me, having a six-pack represents more than vanity and being shallow – it represents someone who is TRULY committed to their goals.

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Nicolas – Kinowear Program Review | Nicolas – Kinowear Program Download

The Simple System For Dressing In Style

Thousands of everyday guys have already used this timeless style guide to…

  • Look their best without killing their budgets…
  • Transform their confidence in the way they look…
  • Command attention in formal or non-formal settings…
  • Stand out from other guys at bars and parties…
  • Customize their own unique styles…

fade-leftfade-rightWhy Men Fail To Dress With Style…

Most men fail to dress with style because they have the wrong approach. 

  • Trying to develop your style based on reading a bunch of blogs? WRONG approach
  • Trying to dress like people in magazines? WRONG approach
  • Listening to your mother/girlfriend, or even other guys? WRONG approach

If those methods worked, more guys would dress well.

Unfortunately they don’t. And it’s a shame.

As a man you need to dress well to convey confidence and power. Dressing like a schlub makes you appear weak to both girls, AND other important people in your life (like bosses).

So what should you do instead?

An example of how NOT to look.

fade-leftfade-rightThe 3 Pillars Method That Successful Men Use

Some men just naturally seem to have style. These men are neither superheroes, nor born with an innate sense of fashion. They were simply lucky enough to have good role models and build their style along the years.

The bad thing is that most of us have to learn it from scratch. And until now, it’s been VERY hard to learn because nobody ever told us how to dress with style.

Still, there’s a quick and easy way to reach the same results.

The way to make that happen for you is to follow the formula used over and over by men who meet success with style.

  • You don’t NEED to spend a lot of money (we’ll save you money)…
  • You don’t NEED to take an hour choosing your outfit every morning…
  • You don’t NEED to second guess every decision you make…

Instead – just apply our basic formula that stylish men use.

It’s the formula we use with private clients who are looking to become confident, well-dressed gentlemen who command the respect and attention of every person when they walk into any room.

We put all of our trade secrets inside a simple program you can get access to instantly.

The Kinowear Bible

The Kinowear Bible is a comprehensive style program which shows you exactly how to upgrade your style in a simple, budget-friendly, time-friendly way.

It’s been used by THOUSANDS of men from nearly every country in the world to…

  • Look their best without killing their budgets…
  • Transform their confidence in the way they look…
  • Command attention in formal or non-formal settings…
  • Stand out from other guys at bars and parties…
  • Customize their own unique styles…

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside…
Section #1: Beginners

The first section shows you how to switch your thinking and understand the ever-so-important foundations of style. Don’t take the word “beginner” lightly. By the end of this chapter you’ll already be ahead of 95% of guys out there. Inside you’ll discover..

  • SMASHING limiting beliefs and insecure feelings…
  • How to reduce shopping time with better buys…
  • Quality vs. quantity: The cost of mistakes…
  • 15 common men’s fashion mistakes to avoid…
  • 11 basics you need to own before anything else…
  • The definitive guide to choose a pair of jeans…
  • Simple fitness tips to fill out your clothes perfectly…
  • Our SIMPLE method for organizing your clothes…

Click image for a closer look

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside…
Section #2: Intermediate

The intermediate shows you how to upgrade your style to yet another level. At this point you’ll be getting compliments everywhere you go. People will begin to notice your style and magnetically FEEL your improved confidence in the way you carry yourself. Inside this section you’ll discover…

Click image for a closer look

  • Why “dressing stylish” is something bigger than fashion…
  • Discovering how to dress for various seasons…
  • Congruency secrets that make you stand out…
  • The difference between an “item” and a “brand”…
  • How to match colors with your own complexion…
  • Why shoes are crucial to your overall style…
  • How to cut your budget by 50% or more…

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside…
Section #3: Advanced Style Tips

At this point you’ll be lightyears beyond the average man. We’ll get you into the class of style that girls fall in love with and bosses instantly respect. In this third and final section you’ll discover…

  • How to choose a leather jacket…
  • The RIGHT way to wear high-end clothes…
  • Adding style through detailed accessories…
  • Advanced layering, contrasting, twisting and asymmetry techniques…
  • How to choose and wear suits properly…
  • Our top resources for information and clothes…
  • How to wear glasses and sunglasses PROPERLY…

Click image for a closer look

Free Bonus #1:
100+ Sample Outfits You Can Model

Instant access to all photos in the book. These HD pictures include real life outfits we wear everyday. 100+ ideas for outfits you can replicate easily.

Free Bonus #2: 3 Smartphone “Cheat Sheets”

  • The “Jacket” Cheat Sheet

    This cheat sheet is a quick mindmap you can download to your smartphone or tablet to remember what you need to look for when purchasing a new jacket.

  • The “Jeans” Cheat Sheet

    This downloadable PDF gives you a quick glance at exactly what you need to know and look for in a new pair of jeans. Download it to your phone or tablet to avoid purchasing mistakes!

  • The “Shirts” Cheat Sheet


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Mike Gillette – The Psychology of Strength Review | Mike Gillette – The Psychology of Strength Download


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(Arms  Abs  Buns  Legs) : Coool videos about 8 Minute Workouts for those who are home body builders…

8 Minute Workouts (Arms  Abs  Buns  Legs)

8 Minute Workouts (Arms Abs Buns Legs)

8 Minute Workouts Combine the 8 Minute Abs, 8 Minute Arms, 8 Minute Buns, AND 8 Minute Legs workouts and you got one GREAT package!

This DVD is excellent for people who want a quick workout. The instructors get right down to business from the get-go, without a lot of talking or wasting time. You spend roughly 45 seconds on each exercise, which is perfect – you will feel the burn if you’re working constantly and not taking breaks… This workout is one that is proven to show results!

8 Minute Abs: This program concentrates on the abdominal muscles. No extra equipment is required to complete the workout. Each individual exercise takes approximately 45 seconds and targets the abs specifically. An onscreen timer counts down the seconds to let the viewer know how long to perform each movement and how much time is left.

8 Minute Workouts 8 Minute Arms: This program concentrates on toning and shaping the arms, and like the other videos in the series, promises to give the user good muscle development in the shortest amount of time. No equipment is required other than the space to move about freely. An onscreen timer helps the viewer spend the right amount of time on each movement and counts down until the end of the video.

8 Minute Buns: This program concentrates on firming the buttocks. Included are squats, lunges, and other butt-press movements and exercises. No equipment is needed; everything is done with the individual’s body. There is a timer included on the video to count down the time for each exercise and also to count down the minutes of the whole tape.

8 Minute Legs: This program provides guidance for working the thigh muscles to achieve a toned look. As with all of the 8 Minute workouts, this one doesn’t

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Scott Sonnon – Six Degree Flow Review | Scott Sonnon – Six Degree Flow Download

The revolutionary program that prevents pain and injuries while burning fat and building strong muscle… All in LESS THAN 1 hour per session!

Hey guys,
ARE YOU struggling with nagging weight and size issues?

DO YOU believe you’ve already attempted every method to regain a toned, trim, firm and most importantly fluid suppleness which we seemed to have effortlessly as children?

HAVE YOU completely exhausted your patience and drained your energy with the painful, injury-inducing repetitiveness of the same mundane approaches that leave you frustrated and cynical?

If so, I have an exciting story of hope and triumph to share with you. What I am about to reveal involves a simple, fun, fulfilling, and painless (even *gasp* pleasurable) method for losing unhealthy levels of fat, watching the inches disappear AND eliminating harmful distress to your physical and mental health. It will change the way you fit in your clothes for certain, but more importantly, it will return the way you feel powerful and graceful in your movement; dare I say, more powerful and graceful than you’ve ever been.Let’s talk about the deeper benefits than just those! Expect to have all-day energy without crashes, kiss excess tension and anxiety goodbye, sleep like a baby, and eliminate those old pains and injuries.

You won’t have to go to the club, or attend the latest studio. As a matter of fact, you can stay in the same room you’re in now, or even at the side of your bed. Regardless of your level of flexibility or level of conditioning currently, you don’t need to struggle or aggravate any prior issue. You begin to notice dramatic changes after the first few sessions.

So what is it that I’m discussing? A revolutionary approach to movement, and flow (that’s right – flow) which rewires your body and improves your quality of life (and although highly conjectured – quantity of life)!

All you need to flow is to exhale, down-shift and recover. A natural by product of that will be the delight of a new wardrobe as your body changes to reflect how awesome you feel.

If you’re like many people, you might be surprised to consider flow as “true” exercise. Perhaps you only consider it to be something like flexibility, dance, or some other “lite” type of exercise, especially when you associate flow with conventional movement approaches.

However, you’re going to find there’s an entire science untapped by conventional approaches. Honestly, that’s the real reason I want to share this spectacular news: the transformative benefits to your body, health and life are too tremendous to keep this field a secret.

If you don’t know me from my books or articles, my name is Scott Sonnon. Decades ago, you’d expect that I would have been the last person to be coordinated or perform disciplines like martial art. My joint disease and learning difficulties made exercise an agonizing proposition – mentally and physically. Every time I tried to stretch my limits, I ended up with some type of injury or severe pain, or just frustratingly hopeless that my body wasn’t improving in health and fitness potential.

Then, in a twist of fate that landed me in Russia as the first Westerner to formally intern there to learn their Training System, I discovered flow. Despite the damage conventional exercise did to my body, since it had been my only alternative, and from my traumatic childhood I HAD to get out of my circumstances, I had pushed myself to the breaking edge – many times breaking. So, when I found flow, it was like a healing bath: smooth-moving, concentrated, recuperative and restoring the lost access to my movement potential from aches, pains and injuries.

Following flow, I was finally able to heal my old injuries, recover my lost range of motion, and – quite ironically – finally started to see massive changes in my appearance without even trying anymore. By down-shifting, slowing and focusing, I actually accelerated in my transformation into high-performance health.

Flow revolutionized not merely my physique, but more importantly my mind and mood. How could it not since movement – mind – and mood are inextricably interwoven, like a tapestry. Let one become snagged, and you entangle the rest, limiting their syngeristic integration. Although I had thought becoming a competitive athlete and world champion were the only ways for me to regain health and fitness, I had found quite the opposite: they had left me with even more injuries – a broken back and a snapped neck which riddled me with nerve pinched agony, like the straight jacket of pain in which I had been born. But in flow, I discovered that not only could I be free of pain, but when I did check in and slow down, I looked around and saw my muscle finally starting to grow, my shape beginning to lean out, and my body appear to be what I had originally thought an athlete should look like.

I look like a 25 year old athlete at 45, this year, thanks to flow; but better than this, I have better and stable energy all day long, more so than most people in their 20s. I sleep great every night, no longer deal with the nagging issues I once suffered, and regularly surprise people when they learn that I’m “middle aged.” HA!


Who is Scott Sonnon?

  • Proclaimed by Men’s Health magazine as the creator of the World’s Smartest Workout
  • The Flow Expert, whom Men’s Fitness magazine named “one of the Top 24 Trainers in the World”
  • His methodologies recognized by Men’s Health magazine as “guaranteed to build muscle and burn fat anywhere, anytime”
  • Claimed by Men’s Journal to be “Absolutely Essential!”
  • Ranked “#1 Best!” by Cleo Magazine
  • Named by Black Belt Magazine as “one of the 6 most influential instructors of this century”



Scott Sonnon was forced into a life of seeking alternative exercise options due to early childhood joint disease and motor challenges. Institutionalized for his learning difficulties in a psychiatric hospital, teachers and doctors advised that he set low-bar realistic expectations on his potential.

Through tremendous persistence he rose to become an adjunct professor of physical education at Penn State University, a US National Team Coach and a 5 time world martial arts champion.

Suffering a broken neck, back, leg and arm, he sought out non-surgical options to healing, and became the first Westerner to formally intern with the former Soviet Union science researchers.

Healing his own injuries, he then became renowned among firefighting, military and law enforcement, for ELIMINATING injuries from the government agency who hired him to renovate the health and fitness programs at their academies.

His breakthrough programs help people transform their bodies from painful low performance to painless peak performance using his flow routines.

Though the very down-to-earth authenticity of his presentation, and the heart wrenching stories of triumph he shares from his youth have put him in great demand of nearly a half million miles of flying a year, his heart has always returned to his birthplace, working with families and helping men, women and children prevent pain and injuries and restore job functionality, physical vitality and expand quality of life in 32 countries!!

He’s been featured as a keynote speaker for TED Talks, Mensa, Arnold Classic (the world’s largest athletic event), and as a global master instructor for the Nike Training Center; and featured in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Black Belt and other magazines.

How can flow be so effective at burning off calories?

Why would something simple and smooth like flow be able to make such dramatic transformation to your body? Because when you flow, you may not be sweating like a downpour, but you’re still giving yourself an incredible internal workout. I will give you some of the geek-science behind this, if you’ll let me, because – being beaten up for so many years, and having the responsibility of not repeating that abuse for others – I’ve had to do more than physically practice, I’ve also had to rigorously study and research the scientific methodology which supports it.

Could these exercise lies be PREVENTING YOU from getting into awesome shape?

Lie #1: Only intense, painful exercise can burn fat.

SCIENTIFIC FACT: An equal amount of calories (and more importantly – unhealthy fat levels) are expended by doing flow itself. Exercise science calls the synergistic effect of threading movements together to produce a sum total impact greater than if you performed the identical exercises for the same number of repetitions but independently – the “complex training effect.” Furthermore, since you practice smooth transitional movement in flow, you can do it without laboring your breath, without aggravating old pains, and while exceeding the results of conventional exercise.

Lie #2: Flowing movement won’t help you shed unwanted fat.

SCIENTIFIC FACT: Flow has been proven in evidence-based research to burn more fat. Vinyasa (the Sanskrit work for “flow”) – due to its recuperative benefits – was shown by the American Journal of Managed Care to produce superior fat-burning results. This presumably results from the changes in our cortisol levels which prevent cravings and binging.

Lie #3: “Harder is better”

SCIENTIFIC FACT: Your body cannot tell the difference between types of resistance. It only knows complexity (or lack of it). Though the “no pain – no gain” mentality still infiltrates the fitness world, your nervous system only has room for precision or pain; and pain trumps precision at the gateway to the spine. With flow, you can exercise in a way that challenges your movement complexity using only your own bodyweight, and so gently that only precision enters your nervous system – meaning: you only see positive results, without aches, pains and injuries.

I taught Physical Education as an adjunct Professor for Penn State University, and was awarded a Master of Sport degree, so I have done my homework on biomechanics and kinesiology. I’ve even conducted university level research into the impact of breathing and its impact upon performance published in the Journal of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. You would be stunned to learn what I discovered from that experiment.

In the mid 1990s, I began assisting the senior psychologist at a neurobehavioral clinic in movement therapy for brain damaged and mentally ill children. Taking our early successes with the children to research upon university students, we discovered that flow entrained the subjects to perform better under stress.Our research concluded that you can use flow to both counter-act distress (excessive stress), and to recover to normal, positive levels of challenge. This is the definition of resilience: to recover rapidly from strain. Flow, like no other mechanism in the human existence, provides us with the password to that encrypted server. I’ve refined these concepts over the years, as a national team coach for several different sports, and as a consultant to those who statistically suffer the hardships of distress with an average mortality of age 54: firefighters, police and soldiers. Using flow in agency level academies, I’ve reduced training related injuries to zero while showing superior performance and weight and fat loss over all prior academy classes! (Zero injuries had also never before happened in their academy histories!)

This is due to the fact that flow permits your joints, especially when they’re inflamed and achey, to move painlessly around each other – eliminating “wear and tear.” Since your sense organs for balance, precision, accuracy and power are in your joints, you gain the ability to have superior fat-burning, muscle-building results without pain and injury! Remember these aren’t individual anecdotes. I’ve proven this at a governmental level.
The secret sabotage that retains unhealthy levels of fat… and how to switch it off 

Flow will burn off the fat without pain and injuries, while downshifting and focusing on smooth quality of movement. The most important aspect of flow is how it regulates the sympathetic nervous system to normalize levels of cortisol.

Cortisol is often called the “stress hormone” due to its secretion during physical or psychological stress. Excessive stress can disrupt balanced cortisol secretion and not only promote weight gain, it also affects where you put on the weight. Though you can’t “spot reduce” – you can “target gain” body fat. Studies show excessive stress can cause elevated cortisol and fat deposits on the belly and waist. This is often referred to as “toxic fat” since abdominal fat correlates with cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, strokes, and may contribute to the reality that the world’s number one killer isn’t a bomb, a bullet, a virus or a bacteria, nor even a cancer. It’s stress-related disease.

Our amount of cortisol secreted in response to excessive stress varies between us, with some more reactive than others to stressful events. Normal exercise burns fat, but unfortunately, if the hormonal environment has been imbalanced, the harder you exercise, the more fat your body stores. Thankfully, we CAN train our reactivity to stress to be high and uncontrolled or low and controlled through breath, movement, posture, and mental skills.

Suffering a childhood of obesity, I gravitated into a fighting career, trading one set of excessive stressors for another, and causing me to move from being over-fat to “skinny fat.”

FLOW, I discovered, de-stressed my life and allowed my hormonal balance to be restored, which caused the insulation against my perceived threats to melt away… Not the conventional approach to fat loss, but it was significant enough that I invested myself in researching the phenomenon.

Fat disappears and stays gone!

Obviously you can appreciate how manageable levels of stress are preferable since excessive levels (distress) lift your cortisol, and cause fat retention. Thankfully, positive soothing stress (which we call “eustress” in coaching psychology) can be used to remove distress. And rigorous studies show that flow decreases your levels of cortisol for this very reason!

The Center for Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University verified research that demonstrated one hour of flowing movement can lower blood cortisol levels in both highly stressed men and women with no prior experience required.

However, although your body releases cortisol every time you’re in a physically or mentally stressful situation to help protect your body from the full impact of stress, it also helps your body regulate blood sugar levels and blood pressure, as an anti-inflammatory and an anti-allergy agent, to calm the immune system. In fibromyalgia, cortisol levels are generally low, meaning stress has a far greater effect on those with chronic pain. Studies involving cortisol replacement have had mixed results, however, and it’s generally considered safer and more effective to raise cortisol levels naturally, such as with flow.

Flow normalizes your balanced level of cortisol: increasing and decreasing it when needed. The ability to BALANCE HORMONES means that you can get the positive stress without the negative stress; you get the fat-burning, muscle-building exercise, without the pain and injuries; you look great AND feel great!!

Did I also mention that flow – by definition – is also challenging, interesting and fun!? If you enjoy and feel stimulated by something, you don’t need to remember to do it, or dread doing it. You keep doing it because it is fun! Of course, you’ll just watch the inches melt away while you’re having too much of a good time.

Clinical trial proves 19 pound difference in those who practice flow yoga 30 minutes per week!

In 2005, medical researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle set out to do a medical study on the weight-loss effects of flow yoga, involving 15,500 healthy, middle-aged men and women. Researchers removed all other factors that could influence weight change – such as diet or other forms of exercise. The researchers discovered that flow yoga could indeed help people shed pounds, amounting to a difference of 19 pounds lost and not gained by the yoga practicing group, with as little as one 30-minute session per week. That equates to moving from a size 12 to a size 8, in a half hour of yoga a week.

Imagine how great it would feel to be able to remove your painful aches and limitations while at the same time getting all of these wellness side benefits of fat-loss and muscle-strengthening, without senseless starvation dieting. See, that is the real benefit of flow – you get all of the mental, emotional and energetic quality of life from painless movement, and all of the healthy physique goals as a natural by-product!

Build more strong muscle while you melt away fat.

Since your nervous system can’t tell the difference between your own bodyweight and a barbell or a squat machine, you can feel free to release yourself from any lingering “no pain – no gain” pressure. Strengthen your chest and arms, flatten your belly, power up your seat and legs, back and shoulders without the crushing weight of external resistance.

When you’re in flow, you do more than just remove pain and prevent injuries. You go farther than gaining quality of movement and increased potential. Because you’re lifting, squatting, twisting and resisting your own bodyweight, you challenge and grow the supportive musculature which chisels away unhealthy fat, yet regains your cat-like suppleness in a way conventional strength training just cannot replicate. By developing this lean, strong muscle, you don’t have to do endless hours of calorie burning cardio, because you become a metabolic furnace. You displace unhealthy fat with healthy muscle: the more that you do, the more you stoke the furnace. You burn fat all day long, rather than only when you exercise.

You will love how you feel, and be astonished by how you look as a simple consequence of practicing flow. And as any yoga or tai chi teacher will demonstrate, the positions and transitions of flow will help strengthen your bones and align your posture so you’ll look to others as vibrantly confident as your nervous system makes you feel. Crazily enough, there’s still more to come…

Looking awesome is a natural by-product of feeling awesome! Be prepared to feel like “Everything is Awesome!”

For me, rapid aging began in my childhood. Due to physical limitations, I was forced to seek out alternatives to the conventions (since these orthodox approaches surprisingly accelerated becoming “old.”) Being young is defined by the ability to adapt and remain in flow. Being old is defined by the inability to adapt, and rigid inaccessibility to flow. Aging is the passing of the years where with each year passed comes an increased responsibility to actively choose daily those behaviors which keep us youthful rather than make us old. Because of flow, I’ve actually restored my youth, despite doctors claiming I’d never amount to anything, and should not place my expectations too high.  As a coach for national teams, I had quickly discovered that our training made us stronger and able to expend greater amounts of energy, but we had extreme difficulty in translating that into the performance. We worked harder and used more energy than our opponents. But certain people appeared to use less energy, and less force, and yet achieved more. When competing against these masterful athletes, it was as if kicking at a river, or striking at a briar thicket. How could you hurt what did not accept your force? How could you injure what never resisted your blows?  Instead, we were always playing catch-up, while they seemed to be much more agile; in reality, they were only maneuvering in unconventional ways, fluidity which defied our conditioned expectations. As a result, they were cycling faster through the loop of observing our crude efforts, orienting upon our slow decisions, and deciding to act rapidly. Flow, I learned, improved quality of movement, rather than merely the quantity and allowed me to perform with greater ease, less injury and more precision. I didn’t predict that this would also increase my quality of life and quantity of longevity!

In flow, I discovered a renaissance in age-defying lifestyle evolution.  I learned the difference between exercise which improves the effectiveness of your strength, power, stamina and endurance, with what was called “biomechanical exercise” – which improves the quality of your efficiency of your coordination, agility, flexibility and range of motion. Even from watching the movements, my quality of movement improved, because – I learned – that our nervous systems are limited only by our conditioned expectations.

The first block to my potential was lifted by challenging the belief that I could do these things, and confront my fear of my lost movement.

  • The 2nd obstacle was removed when I stopped trying to force through them, which was the opposite of what I needed to do. Emptying my cup and starting over by practicing the skills, suddenly my movement made huge leaps in development.
  • The last obstacle disappeared when I accepted the reality that I could continue to improve, and that masterful performance was possible for EVERYONE; not just the top 15% of the genetic deep end, but also those of us, like me, who swim upstream from the shallow end.

I can say without reservation, realizing that flow is available to everyone has been the pinnacle of my career discoveries. It allowed me to focus on consolidating the science of flow into concrete, easy to follow, simple to progress building blocks of movement. You won’t become an overnight Musashi. Your won’t be able to levitate, throw fireballs, or teleport either (“I’m still trying”). I’m not going to give you hype because FLOW doesn’t need selling!

With that no BS caveat stated, by practicing flow, you can expect that YOU WILL:

Increase your ability to express power while decreasing how much effort is required to do so. Recover much more rapidly from sudden changes in movement, accidents, collisions, destabilizations, and forced translations. Be smoother in everything that you do, all your exercise, recreation and even job-related activities will be done with greater suppleness and grace. Feel much more energy throughout your body, and throughout your day, and that will have a dramatic impact upon your mood, attitude and perspective. Reduce and eliminate acute and chronic pains that may be riddling you, leading to improved quality of life. Prevent injuries from happening, and lessen those severe injuries which may occur, as your connective tissue strength, joints, and response time improve. Be able to navigate obstacles and challenges with ease and imagination as your body learns to adapt to new physical skills at an accelerated rate. Become keenly sensitive to movement, position and tension, as your bodily awareness improves. Improve your strength, cardio, flexibility, agility, endurance, stamina, as well as your physique. But many things will do that. Very few disciplines also offer the above. I know flow can do all of these incredible things for you like it has for me and thousands of my students.

DANGER: Not ALL movement instruction will restore your flow! Most will continue accelerated aging!

Believe me I learned this the hard way. The consequences of poor coaching for me are disastrous, which is why I’ve suffered a broken back and a snapped neck. Some coaches, themselves already crippled in injury and pain, continued their generational hazing by doing to us what had been done to them, under the misguided belief that they had succeeded because of how hard their training had been. Unfortunately for most of us, we did well in spite of our teachers, not because of them.In other approaches, I learned that working harder didn’t necessarily mean better. Working longer didn’t mean better. Working faster didn’t mean better. Only working better meant better.

I discovered in my travels training with the greats that you can’t just go out there and move around, and find your flow. Our nervous systems are amazing at compensating for hidden problems. We develop avoidance behaviors which quietly conceal limitations and lost potential, so if you don’t use a specific formula for exploring your movement, you’ll just be reinforcing old structural dysfunction: you’ll be strengthening your problems, rather than strengthening your freedom of movement.

You have to have the right movements, with the right steps, using the right mechanics of breath, movement and alignment. Unfortunately, most exercise, movement and even yoga teachers haven’t received sufficient education in how the body healthily flows. So, a lot of instruction out there puts you at risk of injury. One of my friends, who is a local physician, says that he gets 90% of his clientele from the local gyms, not from referrals, but from exercise induced pain and injury. Look, even the Yoga Journal itself – probably the most respected of its kind – reported that yoga in America had a 9% injury rate: Nearly 1 out of every 10 people were getting injured by going to a yoga class… That’s not yoga’s fault. That’s an educational problem!

Unfortunately, most yoga, movement and exercise coaches will advise you to go a little farther than you’re comfortable. They don’t even understand what the “edge” is physiologically. They don’t know how to observe the markers when they’re in person to prevent you from stepping over the edge. They don’t know how to advise you how to safely recover back from it. And they certainly don’t know how to organize programs that you can do on your own without them present so you can safely approach your edge without exceeding it. That’s how I’ve gotten destroyed in the past by bad teaching. Frankly as a university professor, I consider it negligent to even teach without understanding these basics.

Flow shouldn’t EVER hurt, by the very definition of FLOW! Whenever you’re exploring your movement in flow, you must turn your awareness inside to your own experience of the breath, motion and alignment. There are measurable, definable, knowable markers to determining whether you’re in flow, or approaching fear or force. When you try to forcefully or fearfully resist a motion, you strengthen problems.

You can achieve DRAMATIC RESULTS with only changing how you understand how to integrate your breath with your alignment cues and transitional movement through simple motions, in even only 14 minutes a couple times a week. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to the good doctor:
“The wonderful thing about Scott’s flow program is that it really works! I have seen incredible improvements in my agility, range of motion, cardio-respiratory endurance and overall robustness. I haven’t been able to move like this in years! In addition, the incrementally progressive manner in which it is presented makes it  safe for people of all ages and fitness levels, and can be performed almost anywhere, at home or when traveling. I recommend it to all of my patients in my chiropractic practice.”

Dr. Mitch Simon, Michigan

Well, there’s finally a solution… gradual, painless flow instruction for getting better faster!

Motivated by the success that I had with my own health and fitness, and that of the thousands of instructors certified in flow around the world, I consolidated the most graduated approach I had had to develop to give everyone access to flow, not merely with successful physique transformative, fat-burning, muscle-building results (though including them) but also with belly-to-fingers and toes painless peak quality of life! I have been keeping this approach restricted to my international instructor cadre, and my private clients, but it has become such a foundational component to the success of tens of thousands that it has already been aired on Australian, Costa Rica and Swedish television. So, it’s time that I brought it straight to you, rather than waiting for you to have to find one of my staff coaches in your area. So many people have been popping out of the woodwork in the past 5-10 years talking about natural, primal, paleo, primitive movement – and flow, that I knew it was time to share the science I had distilled into an easy to understand algorithm for physical empowerment.

I wanted to offer to you the easiest and safest educational approach ever created for YOU to appreciate all of the amazing transformative results and health benefits that flow has to offer you. Should you have a highly scheduled and hectic lifestyle like mine, you’ve probably been looking for a method that can graft on to your schedule and does not inconvenience your otherwise “full” calendar of daily activities. The total-body, muscle-building, fat-burning, pain-free flow program which inserts effortlessly into your calendar!

You can now access this transformative package anywhere, anytime, with anyone at any level! No parking spaces, no traffic jams, no membership fees, no competitive onlookers, no creepy participants, no uncomfortable environment whatsoever. Save yourself the gas money, too, on those lost transit hours. Just you, your flow, and your fitness results. Restore your vibrant, pain-free range of motion and quality of movement, while rippling new strength and melting old fat. Get all of the physique by-products of FEELING AWESOME!! Prepare yourself to be shocked at the simplicity of the program design. You have to understand, because of my learning and physical challenges, I needed to learn how to make even the most complex movement accessible to someone with my genetic limitations. My mind has been my greatest asset, despite all of the amazing side benefits which flow has given to my body. And despite my scholastic teachers claiming that I shouldn’t have high expectations for either athletic or academic achievement, these flow methods I’ve created have appeared in universities across the world – and are now in gyms in 32 countries. Why? Because they’re easy to replicate.

A method is useless if only the creator can perform it. But despite stepping on the mat with elite athletes at world championships and sometimes winning, I was not really an “elite athlete”. I’m just a former learning disabled kid from rural south-central Pennsylvania who had amazing coaches, and blessed opportunities to learn the sciences behind optimal health and longevity. None of my achievements can ever cloud the fact that I was nothing spectacular; just a less than ordinary individual by the standards of my teachers and therapists. But flow has allowed me to live an extraordinary life of abundant health!

You’re going to get Dashboard Access to Flow!

I lean heavily upon my experience in alternative education programs, so the step-by-step instruction is so simple that it’s designed to be impossible to forget. If you ever felt uncoordinated, be prepared to reverse that within a week of practice, if not the very day you begin watching my videos on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Take flow on the go!!!

And since it’s also organized to be readily grafted into even the busiest schedule, you’ll be shocked at how fast the results start showing!!

What do you want to be fit FOR: For now and in pain,
or forever and free?

Place your highest premium on power, strength, endurance, stamina or physique. But ultimately, these are merely means to an end; an end which, if they fail to fulfill that end, categorically define you as “unfit.” Sorry, but it’s my job as a coach, to not try and seduce you into reading, but to give you an opportunity to shake yourself from the slumber into which the media and marketeers compel us to fall comatose. We need to keep each other awake. We need to ask: for what are we becoming fit?

For many decades of focus, our society has emphasized physical fitness, we have become distracted by only the outward appearance of fitness, and by the quantifiable output of “objective” performance. Fitness doesn’t matter if it decreases your quality of life. No one wants to be the most attractive cadaver in the cemetery, nor have the tombstone epitaph of “heaviest lift but shortest life.” Many experts have taken to explaining that exercise is like a sport (if not actually, a sport). Therefore, they advise you that you should anticipate injuries and expect to eventually no longer be able to perform without agony and decrepitude. These excuses rationalize the belief system which has made means into ends in themselves; they’ve mistaken the process for the product. One virtue defines the ultimate goal of all physical exercise. We use common descriptions for it, because it answers the question “fit for what?” What are you becoming fit FOR? You want to be pain free? You want to be able to do the physical tasks and activities which we encounter without fear? You want all of our range of motion? You would love to have all of the beautiful physique by-products of poise and grace? THEN, YOU WANT FLOW!! When I first began researching it in the late 80s, it was nothing but an unidentifiable bucket term. But as stress physiology and exercise science coalesced with the now concrete field of “flow psychology” (itself a combination of biochemistry, neuro-physiology, positive psychology and coaching psychology), flow became a legitimate field of study. The term now even appears in university courses, some using much of what I’ve published on the subject:

  • Flow-State Performance Spiral
  • The Flow-State 3D Performance Pyramid
  • Body-Flow: Freedom from Fear-Reactivity
  • Body-Flow Biomechanical Exercise
  • FlowFit: Flow Fitness
  • FlowFit: Ground Engagement
  • Intu-Flow: Intuitive Flow
  • Free to Move
  • Flow without Thought: Prasara Yoga

Does your fitness increase your flow in life?

Is your exercise increasing your ability to experience a robust physical life, devoid of pain? Or are you on the death-row of fitness, anticipating the inevitable decline or catastrophic injury which will end your physical vitality? Regardless of what you’ve been taught before, or what has been beaten into you, this ultimate physical experience of flow is not just for the un-aged. It can be as ageless and elegantly simple as increasing a range of lost motion, relishing a 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) wind, or spending an entire day playing soccer with your kids and grandkids with no limitations and dread of tomorrow’s pain.  I can share with you how to make flow immediately accessible to your body, without having to give up on those extrinsic rewards of a toned, powerful physique, whether you’re totally new to exercise, or an old pro, you’re going to unlock greater potential and reap deeper benefits.

Balancing cortisol levels aids in body composition
(And removes and prevents snacking and binging)

When you get stressed out, one of the chemicals dumped into your system is cortisol. When balanced, it’s beneficial. But when stressed out, excess cortisol causes craves for salty and sweet foods. Biologically this was a good thing because it motivated the tribe to bulk up when resources were scarce. However, that works against you when you have virtually unlimited access to food.  The less you move, the more your nervous system gets stressed. The more you move with force or fear, the more your nervous system gets stressed. The more stressed you become, the more your body dumps excess cortisol into your body to try and calm you down. Unfortunately, this results in “ego depletion” – the technical name for draining will power. Since “will” is a chemical state of mind, increase the stress, decrease the ability to withstand impulses to snack and binge from all the excess cortisol in your bloodstream. If you find it difficult to calm down, like most Western people do, if you find yourself in a schedule so hectic that you feel fortunate to have stumbled upon a program which is only 14 minutes because that’s all you could “spare” for exercise, and if you feel like food has become the enemy to your body from all of the ego depletion which stress has wrought upon your will power, then flow is an answer for you. Flow can be performed anywhere, anytime to evaporate the stress, balance your cortisol levels, and remove the craving. Now that would be awesome, wouldn’t it? I’ve included one of many bonuses in the 6°Flow package a video and book called Resilience Breathing which will help you prepare for these cortisol induced episodes when you’re not able to do a flow session using your movement, but only your breath.
Flow breathing, you’ll find in the 6°Flow book and videos is central to your ability to progress gradually in challenge so that you can increase muscle and decrease fat while keeping cortisol at balanced levels. I’ve had to master how to coach breathing, not just for national teams, fire departments, law enforcement agencies and military units, where breathing SAVES lives, but also for all of us who want positive CHANGES in our quality of life. Take a moment to test me. Find a calm space. Locate your heart rate on your neck. Close your eyes. Inhale through the nose by letting your belly move out, not by lifting your chest. Keep your spine upright and tall. Exhale through the mouth slowly, feeling the space between your heart beats grow longer and longer and longer. That exhalation is a key mechanism in the parasympathic nervous system for restoring the “tend and mend” reflex – the polar opposite to the sympathetic nervous system’s “fight or flight” reflex, which is bound to the inhale, bracing and pressurizing. The slower your heart rate, the greater that parasympathetic tone. Just do four more breaths (come on, just do four; it’ll only take a moment, and frankly you probably need it.) Notice how much calmer you are now. That’s really how fast you can start to normalize the hormones in your bloodstream. You’re super responsive! So, imagine how that would impact when you feel stressed out and experience the ego depletion as your hand starts reaching for the chocolate cookie. Normalize the hormones and you suddenly no longer suffer a craving. Okay, you’ve made it this far, so now I’m going to jeopardize losing you. Why? Because I’m going to talk about the more nebulous virtues of flow: how it helps you transform your body image, as much as it transforms your body!

Stronger structure through careful movement burns more fat

Regardless of what others may have to say about my physique, complimenting abs, glutes, shoulders or back, the most common compliment I receive from people is that despite how muscular I appear, I move like a panther on the prowl. Looking great is nice, but not at the expense of freedom of movement. If you’ve ever been in nerve pain, then you know that the best reflection in the mirror is still agonizingly not worth it.  I’d much rather be able to dive roll over my kids bombing me with their sleds down the slopes, and hit them with a mortar round snowball while inverted, than receive compliments on my physique. For me, and probably for you, FUN-ctionality is the most important virtue. But there’s a little scientific fact that goes unexplored here: the stronger your frame becomes, the more any and all movement burns fat off you effortlessly all day long. If you restore your flow, you’ll burn more fat without all of those mind-numbing hours on the recumbent bike or treadmill. I’ve used my experience as a physical education professor, as a national team coach and as a government consultant, to create positions and transitions in the flows which are easiest for you to access while providing you with all of the side benefits you’re looking for!

I’ve done this for classes as large as 800 people like when I taught flow at the Nike Academy as one of their global master trainers. It was accessible to 799 of them; all except one lady who had just gotten out of surgery on a knee replacement 3 days earlier, but didn’t want to miss the class. She still was able to do some of the flow! By training these whole movements, you release the chassis of the body and unlock what experts call “myofascial meridians” – which are basically like long lines of muscles from head to toe and belly to finger tips. The more muscles that you move, the faster you melt unhealthy fat and restore your natural flow. There is NO place in your body which can hide from the strength you’ll be given, and as a result no place which can retain unwanted fat. Tighter, stronger, leaner, more powerful and more poised. Flowing! I’ve meticulously crafted each of the positions and transitions in 6°Flow so that you can access these degrees of freedom and grow stronger in whole movements, rather than as a “bag of parts.” However, there’s another aspect of flow which impacts your health in a surprising way, but it is an under-discussed though thoroughly researched and proven scientific FACT!

You can’t hate your way to being fit! You can only love your way to flow!

What dirty little secret will fitness magazines and marketing companies never admit? If you have struggled with fat loss like I have, and you’ve come through the other side and gained a lean physique, you may have been unprepared for a surprising revelation. If you’ve been told a million times by media and marketeers that the body they want to sell you will make you happy, you’ll be surprised that you’re not any happier. Body changes don’t change body image. ONLY QUALITY OF LIFE – FLOW – CAN CHANGE BODY IMAGE!

Distorted body image means you see your body for your perceived negatives, lacks, flaws and insufficiencies. You look at yourself and see only what you can’t do, don’t have, and aren’t yet. No matter how much more muscular, you feel like you look frail; no matter how thin, you feel big; no matter how tone, you feel flabby; no matter how strong, you feel weak; no matter how far, fast or frequent you can exercise, you feel fatigued. This distortion of body image can be caused by: Perfectionism, or feeling down and frustrated about your physical flaws. Conforming to certain ideals, which are usually found in advertising and other media. Being focused on how our appearance has led to us losing relationships, and opportunities. Believing that we must be a certain weight or size to be happy. Judging aspects of our body instead of paying attention to the whole. When you look in the mirror, with our distorted image, we only see the body parts that we deem unattractive. Here’s the dirty little secret: You will indeed feel BETTER from your body changes, But you probably won’t necessarily be any HAPPIER because of them. You only feel happier when you clear your body image. I’ve trained some of the most outwardly beautiful people in the world: actors, celebrities, billionaires, fashion and physique models. Their appearance didn’t make them any happier. In fact, the pressures of their jobs often led to the opposite: the more their body changed, the more critical and unhappy they became. In all honesty, the same happened to me: from severely weak and overweight to a champion athlete who for all intents and purposes of fitness books and videos, magazines and television, must work as a “model.” The attention I received didn’t make me any happier, and I discovered wasn’t the kind of attention I wanted, as it served to amplify the voice of my own distorted body image: “Your shoulders look great. Your back is huge. I want abs like that.” I am just a coach. I’m no guru. I get angry, sad, frustrated and mad. I feel anxiety and fear. My happiness cannot be found in body changes. My health can begin there, but a distorted self image can make even the most fit body in the world into a toxic environment which eventually corrodes its host. Even your health depends upon your happiness and clearing your body image. Statistics show that 80+% of people who change their bodies retain their distorted self-image. The problem starts too young, as the media and marketeers encourage appearance so dreadfully early: 65% of young people think they are too fat and begin to experiment in “dieting” at an early age which can rapidly lead to eating disorders and the host of distorted self image behaviors. Building confidence in your image of yourself is the foundation to letting go of needless worries. But learning to love yourself for what you are isn’t an easy thing to do; though it is worth it. One of the most important virtues of flow involves its reconnection of you to your body, mind and heart.  You are going to look good NOW because you feel great NOW. And then you can appreciate with detachment all of the fat loss and strength development that comes as a natural by-product of bringing flow into your life.


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50 Accelerated Learning Machines Download

The fifty best applications, apps, services and hardware for learning faster with your phone and computer

Course Description

What is holding you back from learning faster?

Is it you?

Is it your technology?

Is it your overall learning system?

You’ve probably heard it before: “a bad craftsman blames his tools.”

I wouldn’t disagree.

But when is the last time you saw someone building a house with a hammer, a hand saw and some 2x4s?


Now it’s all about technology:

Air guns.

Buzz saws.

Power drills.

When you build a house, you need the right tools and materials to build a house.

When you build a skills, there are a different set of tools and materials.

The basic ingredients for learning are neurons and myelin.

Each time you fire a set of neurons while learning, they get wrapped in another thin layer of myelin, which is like insulation on an electric cord.

The more the neurons get wrapped up, the faster the neurons can send signals.

And that all means faster learning.

So what does that have to do with this course?

The other half of learning is the tools.

The tools you use to get the raw ingredients, which are the books, courses, Youtube videos, coding sites, forum threads, whatever….to turn into real skills that you have mastered.

That’s where these accelerated learning machines come in.

Can you imagine what it was like before Page and Brin invented Google?

Before Gutenberg invented the printing press?

Before Berners-Lee invented the internet (with some help)?

It’s like living in the stone ages.

The problem is, there isn’t a big market right now for tools that help you learn faster.


Because there isn’t demand for it yet.

And what that means for us is that it’s hard to find technology that helps us learn faster beyond the basics of speed reading apps and flash card tools…the ones that have been around in one form or another for decades.

What you get in this course isn’t just a list of tools for you to install on your computer or phone.

You get 50+ programs, apps and online services along with a bonus section on hardware that contain the top machines out there that the fastest learners in the world are using to speed up their learning curve.

Most people using these machines will use a few and get impressive gains. But the magic happens when you are using all of them as part of a larger learning system.

In each video you will learn why the software, app or service is the best in it’s category and how to use it for it’s stage in the learning system.

But, you might be thinking, what makes this different from the other lists or guides for learning out there?

Fair point.

Here’s the thing. Most of the programs in here were never designed for accelerated learning. That was never the intention of the developer.

And that’s what makes these so valuable.

Because you would never find out about them any other way except stumbling upon them while trying to do something else.

There’s two ways of looking at learning faster.

1. Take something you already do and make it a little faster.

2. Do something you were never able to do before because of new technology.

It’s the old story of Ford’s Model T:

“If I’d asked people what they wanted, they would have asked for a faster horse” – Henry Ford

Right now, you may be thinking about the areas of your learning you could do faster…

But don’t forget the other part…the part where you do something you could never dream of before because you have a new technology…

A New. Learning. Machine.

What are the requirements?

  • A computer (Most machines are cross platform, some windows only)
  • A smart phone (iPhone prefered, but most apps are on Android also)
  • Back up your computer or set a restore point before installing any new software

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 78 lectures and 7.5 hours of content!
  • Use software and apps that speed up learning
  • Create a simple learning system that covers every stage of skill acquisition
  • Convert all learning materials into the optimal format for accelerated learning

What is the target audience?

  • Professionals who want to level up their skills
  • Entrepreneurs who want an edge on their competition
  • Non-readers who prefer audio and video learning

What you get with this course?


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