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Adam Gilad

Adam Gilad Seduction Materials Collection

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Instant Confidence With Women by Adam Gilad Review | Instant Confidence With Women by Adam Gilad Download

Instant Confidence is the handbook for men who want to bring out their confidence quickly and effectively,so that women SPARK in interest.
These short cuts give you conversational starters,conversational framers and methods to lead any woman into deeper,more revealing conversations.
This program also gives you body language secrets and the no-mistake signals to women that you are not some guy next door,but a man with edge, boldness and sexual gravity.
This program is all about practical actions for you to take that will bolster your presence and success with women, wherever you go, whatever you do.

1.Instant Confidence With Women Manual

Confident Mindset
Confident Conversation Skills
Confident Body Language
Confident Social Authority

2.Instant Confidence With Women Audiobook

3.Confidence Masters Interview Series

6 of the leading experts on confidence to give you a free training.

Jon Sinn

For a killer, confident approach strategy –Jon Sinn teaches you his 4 step seduction roadmap –it’s no nonsense, fast, and devastatingly effective…Using this simple strategy you meet, connect,and, to use the biblical term, consummate – all in one night.

David Wygant

Second, there’s no one better at “Confident Phone Game” than my buddy David Wygant – one of the best known dating coaches in the world.
You’ll get our ultra-confident phone blueprint.

You’ll know anytime your phone rings, you’ll take the conversation where you want it to go – to a date, to the bedroom, or by her fireplace.

Dr. Robert Glover
Third, I’m bringing you the well known author of “No More Mr. Nice Guy”,Dr. Robert Glover, who will end any shy or hesitant behavior for you – FOREVER.

If you’ve ever stressed out over being in the “Friend-Zone”, this interview will make it history

Carlos Xuma

Fourth, every woman wants a man to have some “edge.”So I’ve brought you the author of the “Bad Boy Formula”, Carlos Xuma, to give you the low-down on how to turn women on with a dose of bad boy.
Trust me, this is good for anyone –especially if you tend to be too nice, and you’ve seen the best girls go to guys who already know how to do this.

John Romaniello

Fifth, you’re going to meet my friend John Romaniello – New York’s top personal trainer – and learn how to sculpt your body with MINIMAL effort.
This hour of training alone is worth 10x your entire investment in this program!

David Shade
Finally, the stuff guys really want –sex. Confident sex. And for this,I bring you America’s #1 underground teacher of unleashing a woman’s sexual “naughty girl” – David Shade.

In this exclusive interview,
David gives you the secrets of “verbal sexual dominance”that allows women to access their naughty side while feeling safe under your confident touch.



Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Adam Gilad – State Of Dating For Men Download

Adam Gilad - State Of Dating For Men Download

Adam Gilad – State Of Dating For Men Be Transformed Into The Most Confident, Powerful, Sexually-Magnetic Man You Know…Make This Your Summer Of Love!

Let’s face it…

You want to be able to meet beautiful girls everywhere.

Online.  Offline.  In the street.  At shops.  After work.  On the beach.  At bars, lounges and clubs — and everywhere unexpected.

You want to meet her – and make SPARKS FLY!

And the DANGER is that you’ll do something she’s seen 100x before, or say something she’s heard 100x before.

Or worse – you won’t know what to say or do at all – to get her to smile, relax and open up to you.

Today is the day you get to fill in all those gaps – so that you are 100% prepared to meet any woman anytime and spark up a fun, sexy conversation and turn a chance meet into a passionate and profound encounter…

And then what if she’s the most amazing woman you’ve ever met – and you want to see her again and again? Then what?

Would you know what to do to KEEP her and how to not screw it up?

Part of the problem is, the dance of dating is constantly changing – and women have heard all the old stuff before.

And HATE it.

That’s why many guys are looking for tips on “what’s working now.”

Almost every day I get questions from men around the world, asking things like…

  • What works?  What has stopped working?
  • What are the best ways to meet women – now?
  • How assertive should I be as a man?  If I try to kiss her, will I get maced?
  • How “racy” should I be with humor – and when?
  • What are the WORST topics to bring up with women?
  • How does the Internet – and internet transparency – change everything?
  • What should I NEVER do on Facebook – and how do I use it to meet great new girls – so it feels natural?
  • How can I feel powerful with women – and turn any situation around in my favor?
  • How much do I tell her early on about my past?  My experience?  Or does that ruin the intrigue?
  • What about all the new social ways of meeting?
  • Is choice killing romance or does it support it?
  • Why are nearly 20% of marriages now starting online?
  • How are the newest social-dating sites like changing things?
  • How has the economy changed what women expect from me?
  • And most of all — today – tonight – what are the best ways for you to meet and spark something magnificent, happy, wildly sexy and enduring?

What Do You Need To Know About Dating and Relationships as You Dive Into the Summer of 2012?

You’re about to get answers to all of these questions — and a whole lot more.

In fact, you’re about to get more ideas, more techniques, more conversation starters, more escalation tips on how to create the dating and sex life you unabashedly desire than you knew was possible.

– Imagine finally knowing what to say to that gorgeous girl sitting alone in Starbucks…

– Or how to flirt with the beautiful girl that just bumped into you at the supermarket…

– What if you could not only get numbers but easily set up dates with women that just days earlier you would have been too terrified to talk to?

– And then – when sparks fly, and you connect with an amazing woman – what if you could make her desperately want to be in a relationship with you, and work to make you happy in every way?

All this and so much more is possible.

That’s what makes this program one of a kind – because you’ll get so many cutting-edge strategies, techniques, winning-phrases, do’s and don’ts, insights and more…

THERE’S LITERALLY NOTHING YOU won’t be prepared for.

You’ll know what to say and do in literally every situation that could ever arise with ANY woman.

You’ll always be prepared…whether your goal is to have a hot fling with a girl you meet in a bar… or create a lasting relationship with that 10 that most guys simply can’t imagine being with.

Don’t Miss Out On This Once-in-A-Lifetime Chance To Accelerate Your Dating Success…

We’ve made it simple for you to get the edge…

This extraordinary panel of experts is committed to one thing and one thing only – to TRANSFORM you into a man with complete control over his dating life.

You’ll get some of their very best tips, techniques and strategies – things they’ve never shared anywhere else for any amount of money – all right here for as little as 40 cents per day.

It would be a tragedy to miss out on all the fun, love and pleasure waiting for you this summer.

Each and every call you receive as part of this package is a TREASURE HOUSE of ideas and resources for you to find, attract and deeply connect with the women of your dreams this summer.
Best of all, there is no waiting. If YOU WANT EVERY DETAIL NOW, then this is your chance…at the lowest price that will ever be offered.

By clicking on any of the links now and securing your copy – you’ll be able to download all of these breakthrough interview sessions and keep them forever – in both audio and written form – as well as all the bonuses.

Right now you can purchase the Lifetime Premium Access Package for a massively discounted ONE-TIME price of $147. THAT’S JUST 40 cents day if you use what you learn for the next year. And I absolutely know you will…

So I have made it easy for you to get all the recordings – along with written versions of the audios, so you can read and reread at your leisure (you get all the bonuses to download too, right away).

What makes this so powerful?

Well, on their own, each of these interviews would be worth their weight in gold. And that’s because I personally push each and every expert to reveal things they’ve never shared before.

Not even in their private workshops they charge thousands of dollars for!

Still, that’s just beginning…

Because when you combine all these experts and the topics they cover in one place, the synergy is unreal.

Literally every dating challenge…every possible tip, insight and strategy is covered. You get it all.

This is advice you’d normally pay hundreds, even thousands for.

Want a Preview of What You’re Going to Get?

In these trainings, you are going to be shown…

  • The top 3 ways you unintentionally sabotage your success with women (if you’ve ever been with a woman, things were going well, and then everything suddenly got FLAT and the chemistry was gone – I guarantee you did one of these things!)
  • A simple mental “trick” you play on yourself that replaces rejection with instant connection – and surprises the hell out of her!
  • How to use a proven combination of words and body language to excite women naturally – and turn your entire life into a vital magnet to women
  • How to be absolutely unapologetic about your desire – and do it in such a way that her attraction and respect for you doubles! (More than anything, this accelerates your “speed to sex” quotient and gives you the option to sleep with her WAY before she’d hook up with any other guy!)
  • How to wake her up sensually by signaling with proven sensual words and imagery (just one simple change in how you describe things can turn a “boring” conversation into one that turns her on!)
  • The single fastest way to become comfortable with “bedroom dominance” (and then how to use this to make her almost dangerously addicted to you. Please use with caution…)
  • How to make out with a beautiful woman in 30 seconds
  • Why the advice to “just be yourself” is nonsense (and 7 proven ways to become the best possible version of yourself, making any other man she’s ever been with seem like a joke in comparison)
  • How to be the epicenter of joy women flock to and tell their friends about (be careful though, her friends may look at you differently and even start flirting with you once she starts bragging about you)…
  • Masculine Attraction 101: How to quickly ramp up your “manliness” (especially in women’s eyes)…WITHOUT coming across like a macho douchebag.
  • How to apply tested “marketing” principles to your dating, and increase your success rate – taking dating seriously – like a pro.
  • How to meet a woman online at 10pm and be at her place by 11pm (or have her knocking on your door just as quickly!)
  • 3 Specific techniques to avoid the dreaded “interview” date, and make your time with her as fun and sexually-charged as possible
  • The 3 keys to getting the body you want – without wasting time or effort
  • How to “ignite” her romance novel imagination with a few deft words and actions… and seriously, that’s just the beginning of it.



Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Adam Gilad – Masters of Approach Download

How To INSTANTLY CONNECT With Any Woman — Anywhere, Any Time Of Day — In 59 Seconds Or Less… 

Even if you’re shy, get tongue tied, or look like Shrek’s evil twin.

You’ve experienced it…You see that woman.  That beautiful woman. With the lips like plumped pillows. Her legs like two spring saplings. Body carved like a Kardashian. (The hot one.)

Your breath catches. Your throat tightens just a little. Your heart speeds. All you want to do is say hello.

You want to say something clever.  You want her to see you.  Notice you.  Admire you. Like you.

You know that your success with her ENTIRELY HINGES on that this one precious, passing, fragile, life-changing moment…

And you know that you either have the skills to open her up to something amazing and luscious…

…or you end up failing as the frozen, tongue-tied, frustrated invisible guy who is about to vanish out of her life forever.

Which life do you want?

It’s Your Choice…

Alright, let’s paint this picture again, this time with you doing everything right.Because you can.You see that exquisite girl…lips…legs…Kardashian curves…

… you walk up to her…

…she’s the most beautiful, coolest woman in the room – or park, or store, or supermarket, or mall or boardroom — and, this time, approaching her confidently is the easiest, most natural and fun thing in the world for you to do.

Because, this time, you KNOW EXACTLY which words to say.

Because you’ve learned EXACTLY how to open her up with your voice and body language.

You’ve learned EXACTLY how to project confidence and the sexy vibe of “giving” – rather than what you did before –  exuding nervousness, neediness and trying to “get” something.

You know EXACTLY how to get her to laugh easily. To tilt her head in intrigue.  To smile. To express genuine interest in you.

And, reversing years of frustration, you’ve suddenly got her asking questions about YOU.

What If You Could Reliably, Casually, Naturally CONNECT With Any Woman INSTANTLY And AUTHENTICALLY, No Matter Who You Are And No Matter Who She Is?

That sounds better, right?

It does because it is.

You want the skill of being able to walk up to any woman and connect with her instantly.

And I’m giving it to you right here…

I went from being the world’s most reluctant approacher of women to one of the world’s most recognized teachers of “inspired approach” to women. It took me a few years, it took getting over a painful divorce and the fear of seeming undesired – but the rewards of my years of research, practice, teaching, bootcamps have been life-changing. Not only can I teach any man to approach any woman and get the sparks started, I have been able to fill my life with some of the most beautiful, sweet, evolved, stretchy women (I like yoga girls) in the world…

I’m going to show you what I know, but I’m going to give you something even more…

Something you can’t get anywhere else…

I decided to bring together the best known and most accomplished “Masters of Approach” – the kind of gurus that travel the world teaching groups of men THEIR secrets, their “magic words,” their methods and escalation tips — and I grilled them for you on their best ideas, techniques, practices, conversation templates, and proven flirt-escalation chains…

And I gathered these trainings all in one place for you…

Every Guy Wants This Skill-Set of How To Create INSTANT Connection With Women

  • You want to know exactly how to approach any woman, night and day
  • You want to know the first words to say to open her up and lead into a natural, fun, flirtatious conversation.
  • You want to know when to touch her and exactly how
  • You want to know how to “cold read” her signals – so that you have that ironclad ”green light” to escalate.
  • You want to know how to get her laughing
  • You want to know how to QUICKLY move out of any impeding “friend zone”
  • You want to know how to establish social value for yourself without coming off like a dork, or forcing it
  • You want to get her number, her facebook, a firm time for a follow up drink, or to take her home on the spot – every time
  • You want to not only be good at approaching women – you want to be an APPROACH MASTER

Listen, you already know the price of NOT having these skills…

You end up standing there awkwardly again and again, watching the radiant nymphs, beauties, bombshells, sweet girls-next-door and goddesses pass you by.

Like gorgeous ghosts of the life you wish you had.

You watch them swish right by you in the produce aisle, leaving only the faint perfume of their passing – and not their phone number…

You watch them dance right by you at the party – even though they wish some guy would save them from dancing with their same old circle of girlfriends, again!

You watch them walk past you at the gym or  on the subway or out the doors of your building even though you are sure your eyes met and you felt an electric charge!

Want to know the worst part?

The worst part is – she might have felt that charge, too!. And maybe she was even sending you subtle signals so that you would approach her and say hello. But you didn’t know how to read those signals or build on them. 

Or worse, you hesitated so long that now it was too awkward to say anything (you know the three second rule, right? And how to make up for it?) – so you averted your eyes and…

… suddenly she’s gone.

Your moment.

Your golden opportunity.

And in a flash, it’s over.

You watch helplessly as another guy approaches her, touches her gently, but firmly, just above the elbow.

She turns and all you see is the bright, flashing smile on her perfect complexioned face.

Leaving you nothing but seething silence, frustration and self-recrimination.

Why!? Why!? What did that guy know that you didn’t?

Sound familiar? Of course it does.  So will this, because you’ve probably said this to yourself time and time again…


Put and end to this frustration right now.

Women WANT to meet you!!!

You’ve already missed AMAZING opportunities to meet women who cross your path – tantalizing, luscious, breathtaking women who the universe has dropped right in front of you.

And you blew it. You froze. Or shied away.

Because you didn’t have the CERTAINTY of knowing

  • What to say,
  • How to respond,
  • How to follow up
  • How to touch her and when
  • Whether she was giving you the right signals
  • How to lead a conversation forward and build intimacy right then and there

Well, that’s over.  OVER!

I’m Going To Give You The Certainty Of Knowing How To Approach, Open And Guide Women Into Genuine Connection… Within Seconds

I have assembled 10 Masters of the Cold Approach – guys who charge up to $10,000 a weekend for their personal coaching services.

Masters — some of whom — who taught the famous David DeAngelo how to meet women in the first place.

Masters who are world famous for teaching step-by-step instant connection and attraction skills — including the infamous Master of the “same night lay”.

If you are making any of these mistakes…

  • You feel needy – trying to “get” something, anything, beginning with attention
  • You are trying to impress rather than getting her to try to impress you.
  • You are unaware of your voice modulation, your breath, your shoulders, your hips
  • You  are “pursuing” – thereby giving away the power
  • You CARE about the success with every encounter
  • You think short-term

Imagine you could sit around the table with the most highly-paid, highly-sought-out Dating and Approach Gurus in the WORLD – and pick their brains dry.

That’s what you are about to do.

“I read your e-book, but hearing you talk about it really made me remember more. This was a great idea for you to record this great information. I would go as far as to say that you are a god among the dating experts. Truly amazing stuff. If you’re ever in Memphis, give me a call because I’ll buy you the biggest steak just for pointing me in the right direction!”
Dave M.
“I have gained both competence and confidence with using Adam’s material. I believe that he is very knowledgeable in the subject. When you need to get better at something in your life you must look for mentors in that area. I feel that Adam is such a mentor”
Michael Y.
“Time is precious and you only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it a good one, skip all the classic mistakes, and cut your learning curve significantly. This can material can do this for you.”
Paul B.
“I would say that between you and David D, you have shown me the light in that being able to date is not something to just hope for and get lucky with, but is really a skill that we all can nail down with practice, persistence, and the right mindset. Thanks for everything and keep the groundbreaking advice coming.”
Matt L

 Everything You Need To Know To Succeed With Women in Under 59 Seconds is HERE…

In these sessions, you are going to gain PROVEN, TESTED BULLET-PROOF APPROACH SKILLS from this expert Faculty of Exclusive Dating Coaches who will make you – by the end of the series – a Master of Approach, yourself.

I always bring you the best of the best – and if you haven’t heard of these guys yet, I guarantee, you will never forget them.

Top to bottom.  Inside out.  Beginning to end.  Body and Mind.

Without fluff or wasting your time or generalizing or theorizing.

One Rock-solid technique after another.  Openers that work today.  How to LEAD.  How to INSPIRE.

We’re going right into specific techniques. Specific opening lines for specific Locations.  To get the specific results you want.

You want her phone number – we’ll show you multiple ways to GET her number, not ask for it
You want a date – we’ll show you multiple ways of turning a light conversation into a fantasy romantic rendezvous…
You want to take her home tonight – we’ll give you the tried-and-true Seduction Roadmap.

You’d have to pay THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to get these guys’ time and wisdom…

What You Are About To Receive…

The Masters Of Approach Program

Inside of the Masters of Approach Program, you’ll get:

Component 1:

This is your private ENCYCLOPEDIA of APPROACH…
You will get this in-depth 10 part training manual that will show you MULTIPLE ways to

  • How To Make the First “5 Seconds” Count – so that she feels instant attraction to you
  • How To Work A Room – so that you are seen as a natural social leader
  • How To Attain instant Authority – by being the “mayor” of any room
  • How To Spark Day-Time Connection – and open a conversation that is natural, appealing and fun
  • How to End Approach Anxiety – forever.

Introducing The Masters Of Approach Themselves:

Approach Master #1: Dr. Alex Benzer: How To Open Women At Parties…

Have you ever stood at the entrance to a room and wished you could just circulate and meet everyone there – and create an instant connection with everyone you want?Your wish has come true.  Meet the Master of Social Scenes…
Dr. Alex is one of my best personal friends and sounding boards.  The man is a SOCIAL MACHINE – he gets invited to everything and here is why:  he is open, happy, fun and FEARLESS in social situations.  In one second, he brings a smile and a SURPRISE – and women invariably love him for it.  Here, you will learn…

  • How To Immediately Stand Out as the “Spice” in Any Group
  • How to Perform Self-Hypnotic Techniques for Instant Confidence Building
  • How to “Tune Your State – With Quick Meditation Techniques, Anchoring and Drills To Get You Feeling Good and In The Zone
  • How To Carry Off The Essential Two-Hit System In Any Social Situation, From Beach Party to Formal Fund Raiser
  • The Ultimate Handshake Technique – So That You Are Instantly Unforgettable
  • How to Make an Entrance – Where To Stand What To Do To Stand Out From Other Men
  • Foolproof Ways of Remembering Names, Even If You Think You’re Terrible At It  – And How To Tweak That Skill Into a Whole New Level of Fun
  • 5 Secrets of The Art of Instant Conversation – How You Can Get Any Woman to Talk About Herself Even If She’s More Introverted Than You
  • How to Get Contact Info Consistently and Naturally  – Lots of People Watching You?  No Problem – These Techniques Will Allow You to Do What You Thought Was Socially Impossible.
  • The Art of Follow-Up – Exactly When to Get Back in Touch With Women – And What To say When You Do.


Approach Master #2: David Wygant: Mastery Of The First Moment – Everywhere You Go!

David Wygant is another close friend – and one of the most widely quoted Dating Coaches in the media. David has been teaching both men and women secrets of meeting, connecting and succeeding since the early 90′s and his storehouse of wisdom comes from both sides of the aisle. His his rat-a-tat tips will give you DOZENS OF WAYS to meet and spark a flame ANYWHERE, ANYTIME (he, like me, hates loud clubs) – and is the Grand Master of Daytime Approach Coaching. Got several thousand dollars handy?  You can buy his time during a weekend. Or you can his secrets HERE:

  • How to “dial up” your masculine energy – and when to tone it down so she becomes relaxed enough to feel attraction for you…
  • Why it’s never about pick-up lines or what you say – it is about how you say it and how real you are in the moment…
  • The simple, non-technique “intrigue technique” that you can use to approach any woman andget you past the 30 second mark every time. 
  • Why being the soft “nice guy” always gets you put in the friend zone – and how to stop being the needy little “bitchboy” that women secretly hate…
  • How to SPEAK FIRST AND THEN WALK AWAY – so that she chases after you.
  • How to actually treat her like a real person – not as an object – (hint: its about how to ask questions about her, not interview questions but standout questions that separate you from other guys)
  • How to convey “movie star” attitude – by projecting joy, not cockiness.
  • The single fastest way to master the art of flirting…
  • How to master the single most underused place for meeting beautiful women
  • How to instantly tap into the power of “social proof
  • How to lose the pick-up lines – and create spontaneous “movie moments”
    no matter where you are.
  • How to drop that “creepy stalker boy” persona – which almost every guy has at least a little bit of – and how to project the opposite with your eyes, your breath and body language
  • How to naturally display a “bad boy edge” to your look and personality – even if you work a boring day job and seek a long-term, committed relationship
  • The fast track to “social charisma”
  • How to master the art of observation – how to spontaneously start interesting conversations with anyone, anywhere… ANYTIME!
  • The amazing “15 minutes a day” habit that will change your life.
  • The little-known “the 30 second rule” (nothing like the other rules you’ve heard)…
  • The Conversation Lull Recover Technique that will save your butt every time!
  • The 3 most unlikely places to meet beautiful, fun, single women – which not one guy in a thousand thinks about!
  • Two secrets to “owning the room.”
  • How to immediately remove these conversation killers from your vocabulary (you’ll never stop thanking David for this one!)
  • The three common guy mistakes made during the approach – and how to fix ‘em
  • Authentic storytelling that draws women into YOUR REALITY.
  • Advanced “psychological judo” – how to turn her fear of giving you her number into intense excitement about meeting you…
  • How to balance “cocky and funny.” Too much cocky and you’re an a**hole – too much funny and you’re a clown. Here’s the solution…
  • If you choose to compliment her on her looks (which I don’t usually recommend), make sure you do it THIS WAY…
  • How to use props in your environment to give her an unforgettable experience…
  • Don’t kill your momentum! Instead, leave her wanting more. Learn how to walk away so that she can’t stop thinking about you…
  • Why you must adhere to the “The 10 p.m. Rule”…
  • If you do go to bars, here’s the best approach I’ve ever discovered…
  • Over 15 of my favorite venues for meeting women. These are places where there is NO competition and ZERO distractions from her friends…
  • “The Sunday Afternoon” miracle – quite possibly your best window to meet amazing women…

Like I said – it’s a good thing he talks fast, because we covered it ALL!  You can’t get this many tips and techniques anywhere else without paying thousands of dollars


Approach Master #3: Brent Smith:  How To Be The Mayor of the Room

Brent is famous for teaching the even more famous David DeAngelo the ropes when David was a total dork and decided he needed to learn how to master the skills of dating.  I’ve invited Brent because he is so much more than a mere “approach guy.” He is now a full-scale lifestyle coach – which integrates your whole life structure into making you a man comfortable with success, particularly with women.
In our Session, Brent will offer:

  • Quick Social Visualizations to practice before any social occasion.
  • The Magnetic Power of GIVING Not Getting
  • How To Change the Reason You Out – and Thereby Change the RESULTS Every Time You Go Out
  • How to Stop Pursuing Women (overselling, pushing, manipulating, pre-planned routines, old-fashioned number-closing, etc.) And Be the Social Magnet and Hub – With One Simple Tweak To Any Conversation
  • How to End Your Reliance on Traditional Dating – and Increase Your Private Time and Success With Women 20-Fold
  • The Power of Practice of Genuine “Indifference” (The Easy Steps to Giving Up Your Attachment to Outcome) – This One Technique Will Alert Women IMMEDIATELY That You Are Different From All The Beggars For Attention Among Unskilled Men.
  • 3 Easy Ways To Spread Good Energy – Making YOU The Distinct Man Than Women NATURALLY Will Gravitate To (by the way — partly because you simply make them happy, and partly for safety from the predators!)
  • How To Build A Proud Life That Doesn’t Revolve Around Picking Up Women – Yet Attracts Women More Powerfully
  • How To Build a Powerfully Magnetic Social Life Even If You Have a Lousy Job and Are Living With Your Mother – (And Even If You Already Have a Great Social Life Already!)
  • 5 Steps To Greater INNER Confidence, Which is The #1 Attractor


Approach Master #4: Carlos Xuma:  Turn On Her On Switch – Any Time of Day

A Martial Arts Instructor, Carlos brings uncanny knowledge on body language, centering, breathing and personal power. But beyond that, Carlos brings two other things that make him a standout teacher in the Attraction Community: Carlos is a truly fine human being – and his every communication is imbued with respect, authenticity, dignity – which carries over in every detail of what he teaches.Here, he breaks down every interaction with women into minute detailed, step-by-step processes. Carlos has just finished a huge project on “Day Approach” – to help get guys out of the clubs and to the places where women are available, friendly and can HEAR you!   You are getting a HUGE DOSE of ideas on how to meet women gracefully and naturally all day long. In this session, he will cover:

  • The Top 7 Body Language Mistakes – the last discussion you’ll ever need to hear about this (hint: one of them: how to IGNORE her body language!… that’s right and he’ll tell you why…
  • Qualification Mistake and the Big picture – how you can change your posture overnight into a more confident man
  • Inner Confidence – Flip the Switch – how to utterly change your approach psychology
  • Three ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY belief exercise to practice before heading out for the night – and how they move you towards your most desired goals
  • Blitzing your approach anxiety – how to get past this once and for all
  • How to tell if she’s attracted to you – with no risk – and how to screen for time-wasters and flakes…
  • The #1 killer of attraction and connection – and how to jettison it forever!
  • How to Communicate Alpha status – TRUE alpha status, not jerky, fake, domineering Alpha Status
  • How to introduce PASSION immediately, organically and magnetically – and no, it’s not what you think AT ALL!
  • How to identify and release the 5 specific “Nice Guy” behaviors that diffuse sexual interest from women
  • The 4 Secret Ingredients of Attraction for women – and how to live, embody and convey them subtly and effectively – all within the first MINUTE!
  • 5 Essential Techniques of how to read a woman – instantly and correctly – and how to adjust so that you are not too pushy, pushy, pushy but not too wimpy, wimpy, wimpy.
  • Instant Mastery of “How To Read a Woman”
  • 5 Instant Conversation Starters – and the power of open-ended follow up
  • How to convey CHARACTER and not be a character
  • How to directly ask for what you want in life – and get it!
  • Learn how trying to be “liked” makes you look like a loser…
  • Three Ways to overcome common feelings of depression and replace it with purpose…


Approach Master #5: Oliver:  How To Spark Day-Time Connection

Oliver is, to my mind, one of the most interesting of the “New Generation” of In-The-Field Dating Coaches.  Weekend after weekend, he takes men out and has them connect with young ladies in a fun, low-key way. He has absorbed some of the best lessons of the reigning masters, and added his own dash, inventiveness and ideas.   Oliver brings you a great low-key, TRUCKLOAD of tips, techniques and methods of meeting women during the day – in any situation – and turning a chance meeting into the beginning of something beautiful – or even an Instant Date.With him, you’ll learn, for starters…

  • The How To of “The Give And Walk Away” Technique
  • The Keys to Touching and Personal Space
  • Secrets To Create The Elusive “Positive” Vibe
  • How to Avoid Gimmicks With Specific Connection
  • The Surprising #1 Fallback Opening Line That Woks Better Than All Others
  • The 3 Step Technique to Overcome Approach Anxiety – Instantly!
  • How To Turn A Chance Meeting Into an INSTANT DATE!
  • Twelve Ways You Can Start Conversations with Women… Without Using any pick-up lines.
  • Several ways to deal with rude women – specific techniques that always spin the interaction to your favor.
  • 12 Ways to Generating LONG & SHORT TERM Attraction in Women -This will literally blow your competition away. You will not only hear my personally tested Conversation Sparkers, you will also learn the concept behind it so you can tailor based on your personality.
  • The ultimate technique for getting a woman’s number that has never failed… not even once! Often times she will even have to force it down your pocket. It’s that powerful.
  • How to compliment a woman in a way that leaves her thinking about you before she goes to sleep that night.
  • The 2 Step method for getting a date right on the spot. This technique will make you stand out in her eyes as the kind of Confident Man she’s been dreaming of.
  • The Four Powerful Words that get you a sure fire date.
  • The method Oliver Developed to handle any objection that heads your way. This 4 step process gives you ease and effectiveness.
  • How to attract different types of girls according to YOU are and who SHE is – e.g. The perfect beauty, the sporty girl, the intellectual girl, the hardworking girl, etc.


Approach Master #6: Bryan Bayer:  The Key To Instant, Authentic and Deep Connection

If you have done a complete AMP weekend, then you know that Bryan and his crew bring a highly unusual sense of integrity, honesty, inner power and REALNESS to their trainings of both men and women.  Bryan has studied under David Deida as well as a whole number of other outstanding global teachers and brings the collected wisdom of the Authentic Man juggernaut – as well as his own unique, deeply open personality to this session. We will explore…

  • The difference between weakness and the strength of vulnerability. 
  • How to Avoid The “Nice Guy” Trap
  • How to Avoid Getting Into Your Head – and Allowing Her to Feel Your Heart (and not just your carefully chosen words!)
  • Three Steps To Turn Your Shyness into Courage
  • How to Appreciate Without Judgment – Or Fawning
  • The ONLY Technique You Will Ever Need to Prevent Yourself From Becoming Mistakenly “Slimy.”
  • The Essential Tool to Avoid Backpedaling, Apology or Any Form of Neediness
  • How To Turn Ogling into “Soul Vision”
  • The Singular Power of Authenticity

Approach Master #7: Justin Matthews: Conveying Your Core Truth

The mysterious Justin Matthews caused a sensation when he was a guest in my Complete Attractor series. Justin has quietly worked with men for over two decades – from the deepest possible transformational place. Justin is a yacht-builder, a yoga master – and he a master teacher of instantaneous heart-to-heart connection which penetrates the b.s. that nearly all men and women bring to that first 60 seconds. It is an honor to have Justin join us.You will not hear his speak publically anywhere else.  He is a close friend with profound secrets.

A true master of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of Instant Connection, Justin will teach you how to:

  • Ground into your power at any Moment – Secrets from the Ancients
  • How to Relax into “Big Mind” – and become responsive (not reactive) to any situation (this is the spiritual root of both unshakable confidence and powerful presence)
  • How to fearlessly speak from the depth of your Core Truth…and be well heard – which will ALWAYS cause you to stand out as the unusual, powerful man among sheep
  • Body Language, from the Inside Out – Five Keys For Utter Transformation of Your Physical Presence
  • Mastering Your Inner Interpreter: Alchemy and your Internal Dialogue – Reversing The Limitations YOU Have Been Putting On Yourself


Approach Master #8: Shawn Roop – A Tantric Master: Connecting To Women From Every Chakra

Okay, this is a MIND-BLOWER! Shawn is one of the leading Tantra teachers in the US – and after you read this interview, you will understand this: that if you can activate your mind, your communicative power, you heart, your inner strength and your sexuality all at once – and be able to present this balance, this Whole Array of yourself as a powerful man – women will INSTANTLY see that you are entirely different from almost every man they meet. Most men throw around their mind, or their physical strength, even by the way they breathe. Or they put forth their “heart energy” without their “root energy” – and come off wimpy.Whether you have studied kundalini yoga or tantra or have just heard the rumors, I guarantee you will never hold your body the same way again. And you will bring yourself to EVERY encounter with women with a newfound sense of being a Whole Man, rather than just strutting what you think are your best parts.


Approach Master #9: Jae Ellis: Disappear Your Approach Anxiety Forever

I recently heard Jae’s interview with David D and was impressed with his depth and sincerity.. Jae has a multi-angled understanding on how to erase approach/ connect anxiety by getting to the roots of what causes anxiety. If you ever feel anxiety approaching an attractive woman (and who hasn’t?) — then you MUST hear this breakdown with Jae so you never feel it again…In this session we will move through the following training:

  • Understanding Approach Anxiety: What It Is
  • Distinguishing Between Fear and Anxiety
  • Learn How To Be Courageous vs. Being Fearless
  • Learn How To Cut Through The Anxiety of Unfamiliar Territory
  • Learn What To Do/Say After The Initial Hello
  • How To Erase Looking Bad
  • How To Erase Fear Of Rejection: What You Make It Mean About You
  • How To Erase Fear Of Success: Being Attached To Your Struggle
  • How To Erase Fear Of Failure: Trying To Get It Right / Perfect


Approach Master #10: Lance Mason: A Step-by-Step Process for Natural and Authentic Connection – Anytime, Anywhere!

Ah, Lance! My good friend Lance Mason with PickUp 101 has brought hundreds of guys from ‘zero to hero’ during his over twelve years of training and four years of full time instruction. PickUp 101′s philosophy is that every man has attractive qualities that can trigger overwhelming attraction in women. By teaching to the individual and providing huge amounts of qualified personal attention, PickUp 101 gives its clients dramatic results without ‘cookie-cutter’ techniques and dumb tricks.Lance will take you through how to begin with the WOMAN’S reality, and show you how to gauge where she is emotionally and physically… and how to make sure you do the right things to connect with her reality, not impose yours.

During Lance’s session, you’ll learn:

  • Three Simple ways to start conversations with women that are completely natural, fun to use, and easy to begin at a moments notice.
  • How to quickly develop your own ‘custom’ backpocket opener tailored to you that will ALWAYS succeed, is EASY to use at a moment’s notice, and is SIMPLE to learn and master. Don’t settle for anything less.
  • How to build a deep emotional connection with a woman in minutes. (A technique so Powerful, he made an entire room of over 100 macho guys burst into tears at an event earlier this year)
  • The secret to making her feel INSTANT comfort with you during the conversation – and the three-step checklist to make sure this works for you every time.
  • Exactly how to “vibe” with a woman in a way that makes her feel totally comfortable, like she has known you for years…
  • How to tell “Connection Stories” from your own life to create an intense shared emotional state with a women in your own unique, natural, and authentic way– and let her know who you are at CORE.
  • How to choose between direct and indirect when connecting with a woman in the day time… and… how to discover which one works best for you!
  • How to meet women in virtually every scenario: bookstores, libraries, walking down the street, gyms, sidewalk cafes, coffee shops, grocery stores, public transits, restaurants and even how to stop a woman in a rush, with sunglasses on, while talking on the phone or listening to her iPod!
  • The shocking truth about connection and rapport that most guys never understand, and NO ONE is talking about. When you understand this you will be able to have women feel connected to you every time you start a conversation
  • How to use the incredible, “Atomic Bomb”, power of ‘The Movie Moment’ to not only connect with, but to genuinely thrill a woman in seconds flat.
  • A technique so powerful that it forces women to check you out, so that they literally have NO choice about it but to initiate eye contact with YOU (don’t worry, this may seem like a subtle form of manipulation but I can tell you all women will be HAPPY to be exposed to this powerful masculine force).
  • How you can build your intuition and let it guide you to perfectly read and communicate with women consistently. If you’re not able to build this kind of powerful intuition, women will literally be telling you how to seduce them, but you won’t catch it.
  • The practice you must ALWAYS perform before leaving the house. This simple habit will make all the difference when the women of your dreams walks by without warning and you know with absolute certainty that you are ready for her.
  • How to turn the tables on women and use their single most powerful attraction magnet on THEM — they’ll be happy you took the lead!
  • The simple way to determine which women are really worth your time pursuing – and more importantly the simple DAILY practice that will make sure you are ready when they come by. (I call these amazing women the “Girl of the Month”, because it’s a rare opportunity that you’ll get to meet a woman so phenomenal)
  • Why you need to forget about getting phone numbers and forget about getting email addresses. And exactly HOW to set up the date right away that will save yourself a LOT of time, a LOT of embarrassment, and get you the MOST dates with no flakes.
  • How you can avoid that “shrinking” feeling of seeing a rare and stunning woman when you’re NOT in state, NOT ready, and not feeling good. (I’ve been there, and I know how much it sucks… even if you can summon up the guts to approach you end up feeling like you are walking into a train wreck… and even if things DO go well you leave knowing it could have probably gone sooo much better)
  • The secret way women are DYING to be approached by you. It might sound strange, but if you are inspired by a woman and try this out, she has no choice but to physically AND emotionally respond to you. Don’t be surprised if women who are married or in a committed relationship actually APOLOGIZE for not being able to date you when you approach them this way.
  • How to get a busy woman out of her out of her head and in a social mood FAST, so that she immediately forgets about everything else and feels good about having a social conversation with you.
  • How to create a TWO way conversation which no one else can see that goes beyond words, and how to turn that conversation intimate so that she is completely comfortable sharing exactly how she feels with you.

You’ll Also Receive…

Also as a special BONUS, this Program will include 2 in-depth interviews with Beauty Icons – women who stop men dead in their tracks and who have heard all the B.S. before – and who are dying for a genuine man who is not intimidated or made goofy by physical appearance.A PLAYBOY BUNNY who was the object of desire from an early age. This is a woman who celebrates her beauty and rolls well with men who see her as sexual from the get-go. She will also talk about what happens to men’s sense of power when they learn she’s a Bunny. This is instructive regarding all women because hearing from her will give you insight into “power” shifts between men and women at every level – and into how to keep your center, to stay in your own power, no matter what you discover about a woman.A VICTORIA’S SECRET MODEL– who will utterly surprise you, because for a long time she saw her beauty as a curse. She will reveal secrets about how you can “stand on her side of the table” by understanding that beauty isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, that it can be a strong hindrance to being seen in a deeper, more satisfying way, by men. She will also reveal examples of men who stood out from the crowd by not being swayed by her beauty.



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Adam Gilad – The Fearless Lover Download

Fearless Lover: The Spiritual Foundations of Present, Boundless and Enduring Love

Do you believe in “falling in” love? Or “finding” love?

Or have you discovered that love is something you create, that you generate, refresh, nourish and inspire, day by day, minute by minute, breath by breath, choice by choice?

It turns out, that love is like an ember that requires us to ignite continuously with the sweet breath of our devotion, imagination and courage.

If you yearn to create a life full of ever-deepening and ever-expanding love, yet find that you carry fears which hold you back, then you have found an invaluable ally in The Fearless Lover.

Is it possible to continually open your heart and be the source of love that your lover, your family, your friends and all those whom you love yearn for you to be? Is it possible to handle and dissolve those fears that hold you back from being that person for them?

It is possible. But it requires a passion for wisdom, and the willingness to put into action some solid, doable practices.

The Fearless Lover is about your becoming, every day, step-by-stumble-by-leap, a more fearless lover of life and its pleasures, most especially where it is both hardest and most gratifying ndash; as a passionate intimate lover of your beloved partner(s).

Each week, The Fearless Lover will bring you wisdom ndash; and simple practices – from all around the world, from the Toltec to the Tantric, from the Kabbala to the Christian, from the Sufi to the Sikh and beyond, in order to explore daily practices that help you open your heart into being the Fearless Lover you may aspire to be.

Hosted by scholar, writer, producer and teacher, Adam Gilad, The Fearless Lover will bring you interviews on wisdom and practices from all traditions, with spiritual leaders, writers, thinkers, noted psychologists, scholars, ethnologists, noted cultural creatives and visionaries.

The single goal: to bring, week after week, the most potent and grounded tools and wisdom from around the world in service of you growing into bolder love, more playful intimate communion, and a life of creativity, adventure and joy.

Because, honestly, what else is there to do?



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Adam Gilad – The Boldness Bundle Review | Adam Gilad – The Boldness Bundle Download

In this package, I’m going to give you:

  • Everything you need to know about approach…
  • Everything you need to know about how to attract her online…
  • Everything you need to know about how to be the best lover she ever had…

Being successful with women comes with your mastery of very specific skills. This “Boldness Bundle” package gives you these skills…

Here’s what you’re going to get…

Masters of Approach

Get my master class on approaching & connecting with beautiful women anytime, anywhere – and I’ll show you…

  • Exactly how to approach any woman, night and day
  • The first words to say to open her up and lead into a natural, fun, flirtatious conversation.
  • When to touch her and exactly how
  • How to “cold read” her signals – so that you have that ironclad ”green light” to escalate.
  • How to get her laughing
  • How to QUICKLY move out of any impeding “friend zone”
  • How to establish social value for yourself without coming off like a dork, or forcing it
  • How to get her number, her facebook, a firm time for a follow up drink, or to take her home on the spot – every time
  • How to not only be good at approaching women – but to be an APPROACH MASTER

Deep Erotic Mastery

Grab My ultimate guide to mindblowing, multi-orgasmic sex and I’ll show you…

  • Why Women Yearn To Surrender To You In The Bedroom – And How To Be The Trustable Man They’ve Been Waiting For
  • Women Don’t Want “Sex” – They Want To Be Claimed, Led, and Tenderly “Ravished”…And How To Create That Difference
  • What Society Has Told You And Her About What An Orgasm Is – This Is Just The “Gate Opening” – and Exactly How To Take Her Bliss Deeper – Way Deeper
  • The Exact Moment That Foreplay Begins – And How To Navigate It Through Play And “Afterplay” For An Unforgettable, Enduring Experience
  • The Secrets To Helping Her Achieve An Ejaculatory Orgasm
  • Why How You Penetrate The World Is How You Penetrate A Woman – And Bringing Those Two Together In Integrity And Potency

Deep Online Attraction

Grab my complete guide to mastering online dating and I’ll show you…

  • The Perfect Profile… In 30 Minutes Or less. I’ll show you how to create an immediately seductive profile that has your “type” of women flooding your inbox with excited emails…(again, no writing skills required — I will supply you both the structure and the words.)
  • Not Sure What To Say? I’ll show you how to identify and communicate each of your unique, personal strength attractors: emotional, physical, social, intellectual, familial – things that you might not even realize about yourself that trigger deep attraction responses from women.
  • 7 Ways How To Avoid “selling yourself” in your online profile – so you don’t come off like 98% of guys who “beg” for attention – follow these steps and women will come to YOU.
  • How To Create Irresistible “Electric Contrast” in Your Pictures – to assure you keep an “open loop” in her brain, so that she “has to know” more about you…
  • How To Identify Your 6 Essential Masculine Qualities – so women don’t dismiss you at the start!
  • The Art of the Unconscious Invitation: Where you show her “I have an alluring life and you are invited” (this is THE secret to getting her to email you first!)
  • IGNITE HER IMAGINATION…by creating mystery about you – so she doesn’t think she “owns” you — but feels “strangely compelled” to learn more about you…
  • PLUS, dozens of “online attraction skills” that put you LIGHT YEARS AHEAD of every other guy online — including:
  • Creating anticipation – so she “has to” meet you…
  • Cliff-hanging her – so she “has to” get the answers in person…
  • Puzzling her – so she writes you a playful email to get the answer…
  • Intriguing her sensually – so she, and the other real “live wires” seek you out.
  • Teach her – which gives you the instant attractiveness of authority with her, encouraging her to surrender to your lead…
  • How to tease her – getting her into a playful and receptive mode…
  • How to create instant rapport – so she feels mysteriously “close” to you as in “I feel like I’ve known you a long time”
  • How to make her laugh – proven ways to break the ice allowing any conversation you want to proceed naturally…
  • How to play with her tests – which shows that you are solid as a man, light and egoless – the perfect combination
  • I will even give you sample PROVEN DATING PROFILES you can model and adapt
  • And then – how to setup a dazzling first meeting that keeps you in the driver’s seat, and her wanting more of you.

The State of Dating Men’s Lifetime Premium Access Package

I have an EXTRA surprise for you! If you missed my State of Dating Ultimate Telesummit earlier this year and were not able to get the recordings – now is your chance. During this sale only, you can get the entire 19 training session set – audios & transcriptions – so you can go through the in-depth training at your leisure.
This training covers…

  • How to be absolutely unapologetic about your desire – and do it in such a way that her attraction and respect for you doubles! (More than anything, this accelerates your “speed to sex” quotient and gives you the option to sleep with her WAY before she’d hook up with any other guy!)
  • How to wake her up sensually by signaling with proven sensual words and imagery (just one simple change in how you describe things can turn a “boring” conversation into one that turns her on!)
  • The single fastest way to become comfortable with “bedroom dominance” (and then how to use this to make her almost dangerously addicted to you. Please use with caution…)
  • Why the advice to “just be yourself” is nonsense (and 7 proven ways to become the best possible version of yourself, making any other man she’s ever been with seem like a joke in comparison)
  • Masculine Attraction 101: How to quickly ramp up your “manliness” (especially in women’s eyes)…WITHOUT coming across like a macho douchebag.
  • How to meet a woman online at 10pm and be at her place by 11pm (or have her knocking on your door just as quickly!)
  • The 3 keys to getting the body you want – without wasting time or effort
  • How to “ignite” her romance novel imagination with a few deft words and actions


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Adam Gilad – Date Younger Women Download

Date Younger Women

This program consists of a collection of e-books designed to help you attract younger women and make them part of your life. The program is targeted to men 30 years and older.

Date Younger Women  Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Communication skills such as what to say to make her interested in you, controlling the conversation, and being confident in conversation.

Social attraction skills designed to show you how to make a woman interested in you from first sight.

Creating an online profile which will attract younger women.

How to have effective conversations online with women.

Tips to help you appear irresistible to women.

Tips to help you avoid common mistakes made by men when approaching younger women.

What You Get:7 downloadable e-books which include:
-Magnetic Attraction Skills Action Workbook
-Cutting Through The Small Talk
-Communications Wizardry
-Becoming the Irresistible Experienced Man
-21 Confident Conversation Tactics
-Creating A Magnetic Online Profile
-The 10 Biggest Mistakes Men Make With Younger Women

Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !
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