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Brad Branson

Brad Branson Seduction Materials Collection

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Brad Branson – Rapid Persuasion Review | Brad Branson – Rapid Persuasion Download


Bonus #1: FREE Lifestyle Academy Business Module – Finally get the financial freedom you’ve been after all these years
Bonus #2: Brad’s 9 Game Videos Banned From Youtube – These videos were too controversial for YouTube and got taken down…

Become The Man Who Women Chase, Men Listen To, and Is Financially Free… With Virtually Zero Work

Would you like to TRANSFORM yourself into the type of guy who can:

  • Be the popular guy everybody wants to be around
  • Build Bullet-Proof Confidence to handle any situation
  • Be able to Tell if people are lying to your face and know exactly how to gain their trust
  • Get your type of woman attracted
  • Make More Money by learning the secrets that your boss doesn’t tell you

Unless You’re Happy Letting Other People Tell You What To Do… You Better Pay Attention to This

Now if you’re anything like me, I spent most of my life doing what OTHER PEOPLE wanted me to do:

  • I “sat on the sidelines” around new people
  • I felt uncomfortable and nervous in most situations
  • I rarely spoke up for myself and pretty much let people push me around
  • And I was way too “nice.” Listen, there’s nothing wrong with being a nice person, but it certainly didn’t get me anywhere

This One Thing… Started Getting Me Laid Like A Rockstar


Then, in my mid 20s, I found some advice online about “picking up chicks”

…and learned that my “niceness” was HORRIBLE for meeting women!

I quickly realized that the only way to get more girls is by learning how to read them with 100% accuracy and act upon those signals!

I learned how to communicate with them effectively…

And “convince them” to want to come home with me.


I Became So Deadly Convincing That Men Around The World Offered Me Thousands of Dollars To Teach Them What I’m About To Teach You

After 2 years straight of chatting up girls, my dating life BLEW UP!

And I spent the next 6 years traveling the world, teaching thousands of guys about “Success With Women”

Now again I realized that the only way to get men to respect you, and women to want you is by doing what I’m about to teach you…

To get them to view you as an authority…

…and effectively persuade them to do what you want.



There Were Two Elements That Were Crucial To Getting People To Do What I Wanted

After 5 years of teaching dating advice, I transitioned into coaching guys in ALL aspects of their lives…Studying the fields of Psychotherapy and Motivation to learn from the best coaches in the world.

And I quickly realized that all of the best coaches had one thing in common:

They understood how people’s minds and emotions worked

By first understanding THEIR view of the world…

And using it to persuade them to do what they want… And make them think it was their idea!


You’re About to Witness The Skills That Turned The Few I Taught It To, Into The Guy That Everybody Wants To Become

(Yep! Women, Money, and Status)

A few simple tweaks turned these guys into:

  • Very popular guys in their social circle
  • Have the ability to attract successful entrepreneurs and high-ups on the corporate ladder
  • Simply kill it in their business, work, getting promotions and job offers left and right, and ultimately wealthier
  • Truly have the woman of their dreams crazy about them and in a fulfilling and exciting relationship

“…I have found it difficult in the past to find a product along these lines that I really connect with…

Brad is forthright and honest, and has both the personal experience as well as top class knowledge to help me grasp the concepts…

I couldn’t recommend this persuasion product more highly, as with any of Brad’s products!”

Kris A
Kris A

“If you’re considering coaching with Brad, DO IT… The value I’ve gotten out of it has been RIDICULOUS.

I was lacking direction in my life, dissatisfied with my relationship, pissed off with my job, and had stagnated in the gym.

Just over a year later, and I have a profitable side business, an awesome new girlfriend, I’m enjoying my job a lot more (and making an extra $50k/year)…”

Adam M
Adam M

I Perfected This Step-by-Step System That Turned Regular Joes Into Heavyweight Champs In Their Prime

(Successful, Fulfilled, Attractive)

And you’re about to learn what took me years to fine-tune teaching, and will get you there in record time (if not instantly)


The Cutting-Edge, Logical System That Will Make You Wealthier, More Attractive, And Highly In-Demand By Effectively (And Barely Ethically) Influencing Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Here’s How I’m Going To Turn You Into The Boss Version Of You

Module 1: Introduction
  • Persuasion Defined – Find out what persuasion REALLY is, and how to use it to massively upgrade your social circle, dating life, financial future, and self esteem

Stay calm and confident in any situation by learning what triggers your bad emotions and how to “self regulate” them
  • AUTOMATIC ASSERTIVENESS – The way you were raised is sabotaging your own success, and once you know why, you’ll automatically be more assertive, dominant, and influential

Get a “crash course” in NLP, find out why it’s NOT weird, and how to use it to manipulate your mind… As well as the minds of others

Discover a powerful way to persuade without using words, and why the most famous psychologist had it all wrong
  • INSTANT UNDERSTANDING – Build trust with others faster and get them to happily agree with you by calibrating to their “modality of thought”
  • POSITIVE PERSUASION – Learn an ethical way to use “the dark arts of influence” like hypnosis and hard negotiation tactics to create WIN-WIN scenarios
  • ‘PUA’ PROBLEMS – Find out why the Success with Women industry teaches you the WRONG way to influence women (And how to LEVEL UP “Your Game” with subtlety)
  • HYPNOTIC HABITS – Learn how a Master Hypnotist influences people’s beliefs without them even realizing it… And how you can use the same technique to be more persuasive
Module 2: Persuasion Equation

 – Use a simple checklist to read someone’s behavior and uncover their “mental blueprint,” so you’ll know the best way to communicate with them

Feel more centered, develop self trust, and CRANK UP your Confidence by looking at your beliefs through “focused value”

 – Match someone’s “Other Than Conscious Communication” to build stronger rapport, get them to drop their guard, and uncover what buttons you need to push to get the reaction you want

Ramp up your self esteem by filtering your experiences through the right set of beliefs, and turn your success into a “self fulfilling prophecy”

Learn multiple strategies to “convey confidence” through your body language, physical state, and emotional mindset… No matter how stressful the situation
  • ALPHA INDICATORS – Find out how to instantly increase your “alphaness” in an interaction, and at any time be able to command the attention of a group
  • QUALITY QUESTIONS – Learn how changing ONE WORD in an interaction can turn a fight into a friendship… And build even more rapport as they divulge their deepest fears and desires to you
  • SOCIAL SEESAW – Use this tool to diagnose how healthy your friendships are… And know exactly how close your friends really are, and who “has the value” in the relationship
Module 3: Social Network
  • INEVITABLE SUCCESS – Discover why most people will NEVER reach their potential… And how to surround yourself with crazy successful friends that are emotionally invested in your success

 – Explode your social circle with a new-found confidence when meeting new people by “reframing your value proposition” and using a boatload of fun conversational techniques

Turn successful acquaintances into your closest friends with a detailed action plan… You’ll literally write down their names and go step-by-step through this process!
  • COOLER CLOSES – Learn how to “go for the close” without looking weird or try-hard… Smoothly set up a time to meet someone, or organize an event with ease!

Never sit on the sidelines in a social situation again by learning how to “break out of spectator mode” and smoothly re-initiate conversations

Develop the 3 personality traits ALL cool guys have and make people feel COMPELLED to help you achieve your goals… Without you even asking!
  • DECODED FAMILY – Find out what drives your family’s behavior and break free of feeling judged or controlled… And learn a unique self growth tool to expand your self esteem through your family
Module 4: Dating Life
  • ATTRACTION ATTITUDE – Stop making women so complex! Learn a simple mindset to automatically build attraction without coming off as a creep

 – Feel confident in almost any situation by applying “modalities of thought” from areas of your life where you ARE confident onto new situations
  • MILLION DOLLAR MOUTHPIECE – Reinforce the right mindsets to never run out of things to say again and become an amazing conversationalist

 – Get 6 mental reframes to feel deserving of ANY women, and FULLY believe she is winning by getting with you

Know exactly how to respond to any behavior from the girl by mastering these 2 important calibration techniques
  • SOCIAL STEREOTYPES – Finally decode how a women thinks with a guide that categorizes her behavior… And use it to know exactly when to flirt, build sexual tension, call her out, or move the relationship forward
  • THE PLAYER PROBLEM – Discover how meeting lots of girls can lead to HORRIBLE long-term relationships… And the simple fix to develop a lasting relationship
  • MIXED MESSAGES – Take your relationship with your girl to the next level by “learning the language of love…” And finally get her to WANT to do all those freaky things in the bedroom! :)
Module 5: Career & Business
  • MARKETING DEFINED – Find out what marketing REALLY is, how it’s not crazy buzzwords, and how to apply it to your business, career, or resume to increase your income

 – Learn how to set yourself up early in life to command a higher paycheck in your 30s and 40s… Without having to hustle hard for the rest of your life!

Market your business more successfully by diving into your client’s “ideal day,” building trust and the type of relationships where they’re HAPPY to pay for your products

 – Develop your “personal brand” to become an asset in your company, create a remarkable identity for your business, or crank up your resume to stand out from the pack

Become a better “networker” by knowing which people you need to meet, when to do it, and how to do it to fast track your way up the corporate ladder

Most people have no idea how to apply for a job… But when you use the “hot girl frame,” you’ll be able to sculpt your resume the right way, and get them excited to hire you!

Follow in the footsteps of Tony Robbins and Richard Branson and get a Kick in the Ass to be more assertive in your business… And get multiple strategies to do it!

Your Members Area

You’ll get immediate access to The Rapid Persuasion Members Area which includes:

  • Life-time access to All 5 video modules
  • Excercises through out the program to learn experientially and hammer home the material
  • And my Director Notes… A detailed outline of each module, so you can relax and enjoy the program without taking copious notes

Each module is broken down into easy to digest videos explaining a key aspect of persuasion…



Free Lifestyle Academy Business Module

From my super popular Lifestyle Academy program, for a limited time, get the most popular module out of the program as a special bonus gift:

  • With over 3 hours of video to level up your business skillset and get you making more money in your career or business
  • The Marketing Mastery Bonus Video with my best “persuasion techniques” to influence and market yourself better
  • And an hour long interview with a multi-millionaire that will BITCH SLAP YOU IN THE FACE with knowledge



Brad’s 9 Game Videos Banned From YouTube


Get special access to my favorite videos that were too risqué for YouTube…

You’ll gain brand new insights into your game including:

  • Advanced text game: The Tight Rope Act of High Value Texting
  • The Top Ten Reasons Why Guys Fail When Getting Physical
  • How to Push Through Plateaus
  • And 5 Tips to Make Her Chase You

Level up your game… From Approaching to Advanced Texting! You’ll have the full gambit!

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RSD Brad Branson – Immersion Membership – Week 01 – 47

RSD Brad Branson - Immersion

RSD Brad Branson – Immersion

“ Speak to Me Personally, Kill your Fears and  Improve your Skills”

Hey congratulations, now you’re a member of the EVO family… But before you enter our membership area for Evolutions, I just want to let you know what goodies you can presently access while they’re still available…

We’ve started offering an immersion membership program to the current Evo family… The Original idea for the immersion program, before we super charged it, was just to give guys the opportunity to speak to me on a monthly call… The reason why, is because: success with women keeps evolving at rapid-fire pace!

…The early stages of pickup in Project Hollywood, were so ground breaking, that a lot of guys thought we had reached an insurmountable peak in those early days… although we respect those times –they are outdated at best…

…Plus, when you go out on a perpetual basis like I do, you involuntarily stack new epiphanies on a weekly basis! (sometimes daily) My game never stops improving, that’s why I’ve been doing this for the past 5 years and I never get bored or tired of improving… you kinda wanna see what next turn the movie is going to take… every time…

…and I wanna share my ever-evolving concepts with you…

Every month I plan to give you my current state in game, and share my latest findings and epiphanies… I also wanna make this interactive, so I wanna talk to guys about their personal issues and sticking points…

You will take part in these calls on your computer and answer through a computer  mic or your speakers –but you also have the option to access these calls through your phone… we made it dead easy with the Go-To-Webinar platform…

We’ve already started these monthly webinars, and guys get to ask me even the questions they would usually be embarrassed about asking…

“ We Had To Jackup
The Immersion Membership
Section of Evolutions”

…As I mentioned before, we had to infuse the immersion program with more than just the monthly calls, because I wanted to get even more personal with you guys…

…sometimes, guys tend to think that pickup instructors have lives that are unattainable because they get blindsided by the crazy nature of our results, without knowing everything we do to stay grounded and live a normal life…

…so I decided to add weekly videos as a bonus to supplement the monthly calls… that way you get to see how I live my lifestyle and how you can implement all these methods in your day to day life in a sober fashion… These videos are very candid in nature, and you will never find stuff like that on Youtube. The content is too personal and too raw to be shared for free…

“Amazing Topics in
Weekly Videos”

Meet my wings Videos: Every month, in the weekly videos, you will meet one of my wingmen, and see how they live their lives as top pickup guys… you also get to learn their personal philosophies and hear wild tales of glory they are presently experiencing… I learn stuff from them every day; see how some of them started from complete chodes, to now slaying more poon than the average man can dare to even visualize…

In the Lifestyle development videos: find out how travel circumstances have improved my game tremendously due to their obscure and sometimes unpredictable nature… (you won’t believe some of the stuff I’ve been through)

…Learn my deep inner game constructs, such as developing mental fortitude with strong emotional intelligence, adopting an identity congruent with your own life etc (Some of the stuff I mention in those videos, I never thought I’d ever share publicly because they are my ultimate favorites!)

Also learn outer game concepts: that have to do with Day Gaming, how to handle social-circle situations, managing multiple relationships…

…I even talk about diet and workout routines that work extremely well for me, because some of the most recurring questions I get are usually on the topic of how I manage everything with my hectic schedule…

…You get to read the books I’ve read, and learn how to game on another level… (you will start connecting the dots in everything you do –you will no longer game, but really improve every other area of your life –and develop your own lifestyle to be what you want it to be…)

“ What I Fear for You…”

My personal consultation fees have risen tremendously to the amount of ($100/ hour…) Because of the success of Evolutions, I barely have any time to myself… so I had to raise my consultation fees to kinda discourage guys from speaking to me individually and stealing my time away from my work…

…Also, right now –the price we are selling the monthly immersion membership is excessively low… 12 months of payments plus the price of Evolutions still doesn’t come close to our flagship product’s price that was released in 2008.

…My personal advisor has warned me that we will raise the price, so we can actually start making some real money with this baby. But don’t worry because you will get to keep your original entry price-point for the rest of your journey within the monthly immersion program of Evo… I just want you to have access to a wealth of knowledge and a bomb lifestyle, at a very low price…

…Unfortunately for you, when we are done testing the different prices, the amount that will prove to be more profitable is the one we will keep…

…Here in the immersion program you get to have personal access to me as I answer questions you might have about YOUR OWN game, without having to pay my exhorbitant personal consultation fees. Another great thing about these calls is that the questions from other guys are usually eye opening also for all the callers…

I hope to talk to you personally on the monthly webinars very soon –we hold a new one every month, and you also have access to the previously recorded ones. Talk soon, Brad

Note About Extraction : None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones. Enjoy !
Brad Branson - Evolutions

Brad Branson – Evolutions

Brad Branson – Evolutions Review

Dangling Boy = No Sex with hot women?

Brad Branson – Evolutions, a simple membership platform that contains step by step videos related 3 different types for each game level. Brad Branson – Evolutions gives you the information to evolve yourself and sleep with hottest women with more consistency. You also will learn how to kill 3 specific mental handicaps that stop you from getting laid consistency with hottest women using Brad Branson – Evolutions
Note About Extraction : None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones. Enjoy !
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