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Jesse Charger Seduction Materials Collection

Jesse Charger – Blog Post Collection Download

Jesse Charger - Blog Post Collection Download

Jesse Charger – Blog Post Collection Download

Jesse Charger / Derek Vitalio

Blog post compilation.Over 1200 pages of pure gold info.Took me a week to build this one, and to index it. All done manually.
His work has been an inspiration for some other PUAs. However, he doesnt likes to be called a PUA.
Believe me, this should be in your arsenal. Though some of you may be really advanced, but still, it wont hurt to brush up your basics.Please keep it here. If you want, you may refer your friends to Jesse’s website SEDUCTIONSCIENCE.COM

10 Rules to Getting Mind Blowing Oral Sex From Girls

10 Taboo Dirty Talk Tips For Sexually Possessing Submissive Girls

15 Dominant Sex Moves For Hot Orgasmic Sex With Pretty ‘Good Girls’

Dating Hot Fitness Models Like Amanda Carrier or Jamie Eason

Giving Women Oral Sex – Taking Them Over the Edge

How To Do Hot Dominance and Surrender Sex With Your Girl

How To Dominate Your Wife Or Girlfriend For Freaky, Hot Sex – The Complete Guide!

Negging Women – 10 Awesome Negs That Work

Why Very Successful Guys Should Avoid An Exclusive Girlfriend At All

50 Great Workout Songs For Lifting Weights

Quit Porn For Good! My Easy 4 Step Formula

Seducing Women- Why 95% of Men Get It All Wrong

Mirror Neurons- The Freaky Science To Getting Laid 300% More

Your Girlfriend Is Mad You Looked At Other Chicks- What To Do

Leggy Women.. Pictures and Tips To Dating Long-Legged Models

5 Ways Women Go CRAZY For Stylish Men + Some Style Tips

13 Real Stories of Sheet-Ripping Dominant Sex… From My Readers!

Watching Porn? Three *Urgent* Reasons Why You Must Stop Right Now

How To Sleep With Leggy Pin Up Girls

The Best Cities To Bang And Date Hot Girls, And How To Choose

Sexy Hands and Fingernails for Your Woman: Your Complete Guide

Dress Girls In Tight, Hot Pink, Micro Mini Dresses For Rough Sex – A How-To Guide

A Beginner’s Guide to Dominance and Submission

How to Create Hot Attraction In Cold Girls With Unreactiveness And Happiness

How My Best Friend’s Girl Tried To Fuck Me; And My Dad Got Laid Like Crazy

Chronic Negativity – Break Your Addiction To Negative Thoughts!

Confidence With Women – The 17 Epic Beliefs of Self Trust!

How To Deliver A Direct Compliment And Have Girls Beg For More!

3 Reasons Why I Lift Heavy Weights Regularly

Why A Girlfriend Won’t Make You Ultimately Happy And The Coolidge Effect Explained

Bang Hot Girls Fast By Changing These Four Mindsets

Build Epic Self-Confidence With Girls, The Ultimate Guide!

4 Spiritual Sex Rituals That Build Women To Hot Orgasms

A Fun Way To Pump Your State And Get Wildly Horny For EVERY Girl You See

Why Your Needs Are More Important Than Women’s Needs In Relationships

My 5 Essential Rules For Finding Happiness – The Easy Way!

Why Sex With Girls Can Feel Empty – The Post-Orgasm Hangover

Never Run Out Of Things To Say With The ‘Endless Conversation’ Method

Why Are Some Guys Successful With Girls, And Everyone Else Failures? Your Habits

How Perfectionism leads to Pressure… leads to Performance Anxiety… leads to No Results!

5 Ways To Pump Your State And Make Dating and Pickup Fun Again

Self-Amusement And Making Girls And Dating FUN Again

Advanced Qualifying Girls – A New Way To Get Hot Girls Chasing You

Get Girls To Chase YOU Right Now, In 6 Sneaky Ways!

31 Tips For Nightclub Pickups And Fun Club Girls

An Easy Pick Up Formula To Attract Younger Hotties With Frames, Threads, and Nonverbals

16 Awesome AMOG Destroyer Tactics And Other Mixed-Sets Magic Bullets!

How To Kiss Pretty Girls In A Club The Easy Way – Field Report

Negging Tips And Why ‘Good Girls’ Secretly Masturbate To Bad Boys

Meeting Single Girls At Clubs – 10 Easy Pickup Openers That WORK

10 Night Club Game Tips To Sleep With The Snotty Hotties

Awesome 7 Point Formula To Get Quick Sex With ‘Good Girls’

How To Palm Read Girls To Get Laid – Jesse’s Ultimate Guide!

Advanced Pickup Artist Game – 18 Awesome Tips

How *Self-Accepting* Guys Get More Girls Than Self-Improving Guys… And Why Chasing ‘Perfect Game’ Is A Disease

Not Getting Dates? 10 Ways To Break Through Your Sex Plateaus

Trying To Impress Girls? Stop It! Why Confident Men EXPRESS

My Couch Surfing Threesome Sex Experience… And Threesome With Female Hiker

Bathroom Sex With An Engaged Blonde Norwegian Girl, Same Day I Met Her At The Bookstore!

13 Reasons Why I Go To The Gym And Kill It Every Day

Why Very Successful Guys Should Avoid An Exclusive Girlfriend At All Costs

10 Tips To Meet New Girls For Sex With Your Girlfriend’s Happy Approval

How To Qualify Women – 10 Simple Lines That Girls Always Fall For

My Attraction Formula: Momentum=> Entitlement=> Indifference=> Attraction

10 Dating Mistakes That Sink Your Chances To Get Laid With Cute Girls

The Best Way To Learn A Foreign Language To Get Laid Overseas

Never Give Up! Why Pain, Discomfort, And Grit Makes You Become The Man Girls Go For

Nervous Around Women? How School, Work, And Television Made Us All Into Wusses

The 4 Reasons Why Guys Go Home Alone! (Social Anxiety And Dating Gone Wrong)

Is It Better To Be A Big P.I.M.P. Or Stay Humble? Why Your Ego Can Crush Your Progress

How Reckless Sexual Intent Makes Women Get Horny For You, Even If You’re Damn Ugly!

Seduce Young Women Uncensored: Your Step-By-Step Guide

Why Frat Guys At Frat Parties Get Laid Like Crazy… And How To Copy Their Success

How Social Proof Theory Can RUIN Your Game And Chances With Women

How To Overcome Anxiety By Flipping From Inward Focus To Outward Focus

10 Tips On How To Approach Women The Easy Way

3 Easy Ways To Get Her Clothes Off And Overcome Last Minute Resistance

Success With Girls – Be Your Own Drill Sergeant, Step Up, And Embrace Change

Does Money Buy Happiness And Success With Women? The Surprise Answer

Take The 30 Days Challenge: Quick Success To A Girlfriend Through Baby Steps

4 Surefire Tricks To Make A Girl Chase YOU

Cars That Girls Like – How To Impress Girls With Your Car

How To “Warm Approach” Girls In Bars And Clubs So That You’re Never Rejected Again!

How To Be Funny Around Girls Without ANY Effort – And Laugh Your Way To The Lay

How To Beat Shittests AND Amplify The Attraction Every Time!

Why Muscles Get Girls And How To Cheat Your Way There

My Meeting Ladies Secret – Avoiding The Preparation Trap!

Touch Escalation Ladders: The Definitive Guide

Use Your Sexual Fury To Date The Hottest Girls Around

Asking Yourself “Should I Get Married?” 10 Reasons Men Should Not …

How Well Do Opinion Openers REALLY Work? Where And When To Use Them

How To End Online Addiction Once And For All!

How To Get Horny Faster AND Start Getting Girls With It

19 Ways To Be A Sexy Man!

What To Say To Girls You Like – How To Keep Conversations Flowing With Effortless Ease

How To Attract Younger Women If You’re A Much Older Guy – The #1 Thing You Must Do

3 Wicked Vocal Range Exercises To Speak To Cutie Girls Like A Gangster

How To Woo Girls With Your Voice Alone – 10 Must-Have Tips

How To Increase Your Confidence Level In 2 Minutes To Approach ANY Girl

How To Touch A Woman Friend To Get Her Horny In 3 Minutes Flat – Your Complete Guide

Reduce Cancer Risk With My Awesome Anti-Cancer Diet – What Jesse Eats

My State Pumping Exercise To Feel Incredibly Awesome, Anytime, Anywhere!

The Ultimate Natural Game Methodology Vs. Routines Guide

Being The Top Pickup Artist Or Best PUA – Why To NOT Develop This Self-Identity

How To Get Manly And Good Posture – The Body Language Guide

Some Great Conversation Tips To Use With Girls And Crucial Pickup Advice

The Ultimate Positive State And Positivity Guide… For Getting Fast, Great Reactions From Cute Girls

How To Maintain A Great State For Advanced Macking The Girls

Jesse’s 30 Day Challenge: 20 Pretty Girls Every Night!

Getting Rich + More Money = More Girls … A Counterintuitive Approach

Getting Rich And Getting Girls – The Crazy Money Paradox

The Ultimate Guide To Hypnotizing Girls!

Exercises To Multiply Your Male Sexual Energy And Control Ejaculation

The Ideal Lover Transformation Exercise + Chakra Intensifier For Awesome Sex With Your Girlfriend

Does Your Girlfriend Have Sexual Hang Ups? Here’s A Quick Story To Tell Her

Want To Sleep With More Girls? Here’s A Visualization Exercise To Try

30 Tips To GetPussy On Dates

40 Tips On How To Talk To Girls Effortlessly

52 Confidence Boosting Beliefs For Dating And Laying Young Cuties

50 Mistakes Nice Guys Make To Get A Girl You Want

46 Tips Of What Attracts Women To Men

40 Tips To Develop Confidence And Overcome Hesitation With Pretty Girls

50 Tips To Turn Her On, Undress Her, And Get A Woman’s Clothes Off Once She’s Back At Your Place!

50 Mak Love Sex Tips To Orgasm Pretty Girls

Why Obsessively Crushing On A Girl Is Just Plain Stupid

28 Pickup Tips For Bars And Clubs To Get Laided

A Story Of Seducing And Marrying A Hot Cuban Girl

No More Mister Nice Guy – Why Diamonds and Dinners Always Backfire

A Sexy Word Game To Get A Girl Thinking Dirty Thoughts About You

Get Your Date’s Clothes Off With The Naughty Photography Routine

Playfulness And The Secret To Get Any Girl You Want

38 Quick Tips For Meeting Cute Girls

Jesse’s Giant List of Tips For Hot Body Language, Voice, Eye Contact, And A Sexy Smile – For Men

12 Great Voice Exercises For Developing A Sexy, Seductive Voice

Your Complete Guide to HIV – What Are The REAL Risks From Sleeping With Girls?

How Ugly Guys Get Pretty Girls – The 4 Trust Principles

8 Nonverbal Body Language Cues That Create Instant-Attraction

My Powerful Pointers On Making Intimate Eye Contact

The Physical Intrusion of Intimate Space

The Ultimate Men’s Guide To Smelling Sexy

A Friendly Handshake That Makes Women Feel Instant Attraction

My #1 Rule To Attracting Good Looking Women…

8 Reasons Why I Read Naughty Nomad And You Should Too

How To Smile Your Way Into The Girl’s Pants

3 Drills To Get Laid By Smiling

Smiling For Quick Sex – The Ultimate Guide

How To KEEP Beautiful Girls Who Are “Out of Your League”

My 4 Fast Rules For Touching Girls

9 Reasons Why Dating Younger Girls Is Better!

Getting Far Younger Girls: How To Be Cool And Not “Creepy”

3 Awesome Playfulness Exercises To Make You More Fun With Girls

3 NLP Seduction Patterns To Mindwash Girls Into Attraction

My Tips To Dress Like A Sexy ‘Bad Boy’

How To “Stealth Seduce” Women With Milton Erickson Trance-Talk

How To Use Esoteric Palm Reading To Seduce Girls !

Why Mark Anthony Had Sex Behind Jennifer Lopez’s Back

Advanced Kissing Tips To Make Girls Feel Those Butterflies!

My 8 Online Dating Site Tips To Quickly Meet And Bed Online Girls

Attract Cute Women Instantly With These 3 Visualization Excerises

How To Give The First Kiss – My Rejection Proof Method

How To Seduce Younger Girls 20+ Years Younger

How Oxytocin Hormones Always Seduce ANY Girl, No Matter How Beautiful

Are We Wired To Be One-Woman Providers Or To Be Heart Breaking Bad Boys?

5 Easy Tips To Make Women Spread Their Legs

10 Showcase Skills That Get You Laid With In-Demand Girls

What To Talk About On A Date With A Really Hot Girl

How To Handle Any Situation With A Woman And Pass Congruence Tests

How To Be Funny Around Girls Without Memorizing Any Jokes

How To Be Unpredictable To Attract Models, Perfect 10s, And Beautiful Women

My Best Tips To Playfully Tease Pretty Girls

Why You Never Hooked Up With School Girls And How To Get Them

How To Hook Up With Young Cuties For Older Men: Confidence

The 4 Types Of Hot Lovers – Ravisher, Bad Boy, Director, and Giver

Create Moments of Distress and Anguish To Get The Girl

How To FORCE Girls To Give You Eye Contact!

Choose Wisely For Warm, Upbeat Women

How To Get ‘Good Girls’ To Agree To *Anything* In Bed!

Seducing Women through the Rituals of Libertinage

Unstoppable Confidence Using Narcissistic Incantations

How To Learn Game Fast, Cheap, AND Well! The Magic Triangle

Women Just Want To Be Bent Over And *!^#@!

The #1 Problem With Your Game

The #1 Reason Why Guys Don’t Get Laid

3 Fun Adventure Projections To Triple Whammy Cute Girls!

Does Day Game Actually Suck For Meeting Women?

How to Make The Girl The Aggressor And Chase After YOU

How The “Reckless Disaster Method” Attracts Fly Girls

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A Simple Attraction Trick By “Cutting Off Her Threads”

A Killer Pickup Line That Gives Girls That “Swept Away” Feeling Every Time!

Can A Nice Car Help You Get Laid… Even a Little?

3 Killer Eye Contact Techniques to Melt Her Icy Heart

How To Create ‘Attraction Chaos’ To Get The Hotter Chicks

Narcissistic Incantation Loops For Tripling Your Confidence!

5 Steps To Threesome Sex With 2 Cute Girls

The Rapid-Response Horniness Elixir For Getting ‘Good Girls’

Is It Okay To Desire And Date Far Younger Women?

The Shocking True Story of Celebrity-Seducing Miranda

Is It Okay To Date Far Younger Women, Even ‘Barely Legal’ Girls?

Where To Find The Hottest Girls And Perfect 10s For Threesomes

Why When You Roll In Shit, You Hump The Hotties!

Does Having A Big Pimp EGO Make Getting Laid Easier? The Surprising Answer

How Far Can Good Looks REALLY Take You With Hot Girls?

Imagine a Smokin’ Hot Babe at the Pool… And FEEL The FURY !!!

How Extreme Perversion Will Make You Lay “9s and 10s”… In 4 Steps!

Better To Be “Picky and Choosy” or Wear Your “Beer Goggles” ?

How School SCREWED You With Anxiety And Young Girls… And Getting Your Confidence BACK!

How To Learn Game Fast, Cheap, AND Well! The Magic Triangle

Jesse, I nailed both SISTERS… right under their Mom’s nose…

Jesse’s Guide to the Mister Babilla disco, Cartagena Colombia (with Photos!)

My Amazing Trip to Budapest Hungary and The Girls There!

How to Supercharge Your Motivation For Meeting Girls!

Why You’re Sucking In Bars and Clubs… And The *Instant* Fix

Why I LOVE Feminism As a Pickup Artist… and you should too!

8 Reasons Why The U.S.A. Has The BEST Girls!

How To Get Laid in Colombia… Jesse’s Super Guide!

Jesse, I Hooked Up With the Family’s Mom…

So Which Country Has The Hottest Women?

What To Say In Conversation .. An Easy Trick To Talk Endlessly To A Pretty Girl

How To Build Rapport With Women In Nightclubs And Bars

Fast Attraction “Cheating” 101: Sexy Adventure Projection With Push Pull

Night Time Game Or Day Game For Getting Laid – Which Is Better?

10 Tips To Get One Night Sands With Young Girls In Bars And Clubs

Anxious Around Girls? Here’s An Effective Confidence & Relaxation Exercise

How To Sound Interesting To A Girl With “I Like” Conversation Riffing

Female Ejaculation Orgasms – A Complete Guide

9 Tips To Harden Your Erections And Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

How To Rock Women In Bed And 100 Tips Not To Be A Wuss

Starting A New Relationship Advice – 7 Surprising Rules For Great Relationships!

How To Do Rough Sex And Dirty Talk With “Nice Girls”

The Ultimate Female Sexual Fantasies And Wild Sex Guide

10 Reasons Why ‘Good Girls’ Secretly Want A Threesome With You And Another Woman

How To Mind Control Two Girls Into Threesome Sex With You

Sexually Hypnotize Women Into Doing Anything Using These 3 Easy Elements

How To Train A Mistress Wife For Dirty Married Sex

If Your Mom And Dad Always Get In Your Way With Girls… Then You Must Read THIS!

Being ‘Liked’ By Girls Doesn’t Get You Laid!… And Why Guys Fail In Dating

How Working Out At The Gym Leads to Sexual Abundance!

How To Dominate Your Wife Or Girlfriend For Freaky, Hot Sex – The Complete Guide!

10 Taboo Dirty Talk Tips For Sexually Possessing Submissive Girls

How Do You Talk Dirty To Your Girlfriend – Hot Perverted Examples

Why Push Pull Compliments Grab Girl’s Attention

How To Cleverly Flip “Rejections” From Women To Get The Girl Pawing YOU

Tips To Make Your Woman Striptease, Dance, And Stay Fit For You

The MFM Threesome Fantasy – You And Another Guy Orgasming Your Girlfriend

My Guide To The Girls In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – How Hot Are They Really?

My Giant Guide To Talking Dirty And Filthy In Bed, With Examples!

When Talking Dirty To A Girl, Make Her Affirm “Yes!… Yes!…”

How To Make Your ‘Sex With A Total Stranger’ Fantasy Come True

Is The Swing Lifestyle Right For You? Your One-Stop Guide!

Women Really Want “Sweet” Painful Sex

The Madonna-Whore “Good Girl Gone Naughty” Sexual Fantasy

Watching Your Girlfriend Masturbate

Use Porn To Get a Threesome With Two Chicks

Tight Pussy Gripping With Kegel Exercises

Doing Backdoor Anal Domination On The “Good” Wife

How to Deep Throat Face Fuck Your Angelic Girlfriend

How To Do The Two Girls With One Guy Threesome Fantasy

The Innocent Virgin Lolita Sexual Fantasy

Pimping Out Your Bedroom – Tantra Bed, Mirrors, Music, Tantra Chair

Examples Of Dirty Talk With A High Class Hooker Girlfriend

Is Your Woman A Handful? Here’s How To Pass Her Relationship Tests

A Hot Mistress Wife Means Less Money And More Time

How To Get A Hot Girlfriend, Guaranteed… Build One

3 Female Friendly Adult Films Women Will Love

Want Your Girlfriend To Dress Sexy And Fulfill Your Sex Fantasies? Here’s How…

Why Women Cheat On Men And How To KEEP A Beautiful Girlfriend or Wife!

Having Sex in Public Places With Your Girlfriend or Wife

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Dating Hot Fitness Models Like Amanda Carrier or Jamie Eason

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Good Opinion Openers For Easy Macking and No Rejections

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Relaxed Guys Get The Girl

Increase Sexual Energy by Controlling Ejaculation

Can’t Make Your Girlfriend Orgasm? Reprogram Her Beliefs About Sex

Multiple Girlfriends In Your Harem Requires a Lead Woman

Don’t Lead Girls On (Pretending To Be A Provider When You’re Really A Player!)

Harem Building 101 – Starting Your Own Circle Of Hot Chicks

Opening Girls Indirectly or Directly

How To Ignore Her To Get Her Attention

Being Socially Valuable = Attractive to Women

How A Hypnotic Voice Drives Women Crazy, And How To Develop It

Attraction Is NOT A Choice – Here’s Why

How To Mind Control Cute Girls Into Girl-on-Girl Sex In Your Bed

How to Build a Happy Cult Circle of 2 to 7 Girlfriends in 3 Months

How To Date And Catch Stunning BLONDE Girls!

Fishnets and Heels Make Women Feel Naughty

Why Good Guys Get Dumped By Their Hot Girlfriends And How To Prevent It From Happening To YOU!

Montreal, Canada – Women Are Hot Or Not?

The Ultimate Pickup Technique: Social Proof

Bocas Del Toro, Panama – Meeting Girls In Tropical Paradise

Orlando, Florida – City Review for Getting Girls

Picking Up Women In Madrid – What Are The Girls Like?

South Beach, Miami Florida – How Hot REALLY Are The Girls?

Top 10 Mistakes Men Make In The Bedroom

Medellin, Colombia – How Hot Are The Women Really?

Use ‘The Hands of Fire’ Cherishing Ritual To Make Her Wet!

Seductive Touching On A Girl – How It’s Done

Why Chivalrous Behavior DOES Get You The Girls

Making Conversation With Girls – Use Curiosity Hooks!

How To Make Your Girlfriend Strip For You!

6 Great Pickup Artist Routines That Work

Negging Women – 10 Awesome Negs That Work

Day Game Routines For Great Conversations – The Cube

How Put Her On Her Knees and Make Her Beg For Sex!

How To Best Compliment a Girl – A Super Secret Trick!

3 Effective Ways to Compliment a Girl

A Quick Fix To Overcoming Your Fear of Women

Good Compliments For Getting Girls

The Best Compliment Openers

The Female Magnet Exercise – Magnetically Attract A New Girlfriend

Opening Lines to Meet Women- Making Observation Questions

Get Chicks With These Rejection-Proof Pickup Lines

10 Places Where You Can Find Sexy Single Women To Date

Cure Approach Anxiety With These Playfulness Exercises

A Relaxation Meditation Exercise For Women And Anxiety

How To Remake Yourself – You Are Not Your Past

Yes, Women Want Intense Pleasure

How To Make Her Horny For You In 60 Seconds

Use Freeze Out Game To Get A Girl Naked In Your Bed

How To Look Handsome For Girls And Get More Dates

How To Approach A Girl You Don’t Know And Get Her Digits

How To Move Beyond Approach Anxiety

My Nonverbal Sexual Cues And Alpha-Male Body Language Tips

Alpha Male Body Language Explained

Entertaining Conversation Topics And What to Talk About With Pretty Girls

The 3 Secrets Of Story Telling That Entrance Good Looking Women Into Listening

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15 Dominant Sex Moves For Hot Orgasmic Sex With Pretty ‘Good Girls’

College Campus Pickup Lines

Mall Pickup Lines That Get Girls

Night Club Pickup Lines

How To Overcome Resistance And Unhappiness With Fun, Love, And Gratitude

Gym Pickup Lines

Restaurant Pickup Lines

Seductive Body Language

Coffee Shop Pickup Lines

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How My Rules for Success Almost Drove Me to Total Failure with Women

The Evil Bondage Keeping You From Glorious Destiny of Girls

Meeting Women And The Sinister Truth of What Holds You Back

Field Report: Number Ten in the Face, Slim in the Waist, Fat in the Ass, Do you want a Taste??

Build a Better Girlfriend With The LoveSpace Technique

Girlfriend Circles, Harems, And Threesomes: Jesse Answers Your Questions

How To Pick Up Ladies: Jesse Answers Your 5 Most Burning Questions

Get Girls To Sleep With You Using Attraction Triggers

Why Building a Love Circle of Fantastic Girls is So Freakishly… EASY

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A Bizarre, Yet Wildly Effective Way To Meet Girls – Blossoming, Lovespace, and Blissplosion Explained

An Unorthodox Place To Meet 9s and 10s For Sex

Why Money and Good Looks Sabotage Your Success With Women

Super Confidence With Women Is Like Swimming And Balls Beer

How To Live In The Now And Become More Social

Why Money Doesn’t Work To Get The Girl

Florianopolis, Brazil – “The Best Kept Secret” of South America


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Jesse Charger – How to Build a Happy Cult Circle of 2 to 7 Girlfriends in 3 months Download

This is the politically explosive guide to,

#1. Meet Girls

#2. Sleep With Girls

#3. Mind Control Girls Into Your Cult of Girlfriends

Okay, you’re thinking, “Jesse, ‘mind control’ and ‘cults’ are fucking EVIL!” ..Well, I’m talking about a completely different kind of mind control, LOVE… making girls feel happy and loved and part of a bigger family of love.

And I did warn you already you’d be violating every social norm doing this. And I’m going to spill the beans right now on exactly HOW to do it (this is some LONG shit, but well worth the read).

My name is Jesse and I’ve been teaching pickup and “build a better girlfriend” for nearly 10 years now. I got tired of laying random one night stands pretty fast. Then I discovered that having TWO girls in your bed going down on you was far better than one… and having THREE girls taking turns on you was even better than two!

But I couldn’t keep that shit going either. Girls would inevitably get jealous and catty, and my threesomes and foursomes wouldn’t last. Getting the girls together logistically was a big pain in the ass too.

Rewriting Reality…

That’s when I began studying the harems of ancient Turkey and the Ottoman Empire. First of all, these guys were real bad asses. They were the true alpha males and didn’t take shit from anyone. To hold together a dozen women, they had to be.

What I found too was that the key to happy, bubbly, great girlfriends who got along well with each other was for the man to be just the opposite. Positive yes, but also aggressive, dominant, 100% the leader, the bad boy, and protector of his circle.

And I began to develop dozens of techniques to make the girls laugh, feel happiness, and get along with each other and help out with the chores – and make everyone best of friends.

Why It Works

You’ve probably seen Hugh Hefner and his girls on television. Hefner had media exposure to meet his girls and he paid them monthly salaries. The reality is though, that you DON’T need big media exposure or be rich to create a cult circle of girlfriends.

Here’s why.

Reason #1: Girls nowadays lead boring, unfulfilled lives. They watch television and they buy things, always chasing after the next “pick me up” to feel validated. So it’s not that hard to show them that a far cooler world based on friendship, love, laughter, and loving sex exists.

Reason #2: Women follow the strongest reality. If you present to them a strong reality and you don’t buckle when they initially question it, they will follow you and your reality.

Reason #3: Once a woman sleeps with you, she’ll want to stay by you – the momentum is on your side now. Once you’ve brought a girl into your circle, she’ll want to please and accommodate you to stay in the fold.

Reason #4: Young women are extremely open and malleable. They are experimental. They’re cool with kissing and being with other girls. They are ready to adapt to new situations – IF you present to them a dominate frame with absolute certainty and IF you block out counter, negative social conditioning influences.

Reason #5: Once you create a sexual monopoly, giving a girl fantasies and sex she can’t get anywhere else, she’ll become sexually addicted to the great sex and have no where else to go for it – and she won’t want to. By using these techniques and reality engineering, a woman won’t want to go anywhere else.

Reason #6: Once you’ve got the first girl, you’ll have endless social proof for meeting the next girls, and keep a continuous tension of competition that keeps the girls within your circle.

Reason #7: You can block out competing social conditioning (the brainwashing by society at large) about how a guy can only have one woman or how a woman can only be happy if she gets jealous, and your girls will behave according to YOUR reality.

Reason #8: Women are most fulfilled and happy around other women. Women who move to the suburbs and become isolated live unhappy, unfulfilled lives. Women need female companionship, and once inside your circle they won’t want to give up their newfound love for their girlfriends.

Reason #9: Every woman has two sides to her, the artificial woman she SHOWS on the surface, AND the natural woman she FEELS underneath. Once you understand how to tap into the natural woman, the core woman, the real, sexual woman, a woman will be yours FOREVER. And you can do it again, and again, and again.

Reason #10: You’ll be building an ecosystem that enables the girls’ positive energy to bounce and feed one another, in a synergistic feedback loop… 1 + 1 = 3. Ecosystem provides the right context for transformation from a socially conditioned girl to fun, easygoing, circle girlfriend.

STEP #1: How to meet and seduce them

First you need to learn how to meet and seduce your first girls. It’s not enough to make girls laugh and giggle, they have to become powerfully attracted to you. And for that, you have to present to them something no other guy does (I’ll show you exactly what).

Once you’ve got your first girl, it becomes far easier; now you can use her as social proof to meet the other girls and build up your circle.

It’s not necessary to become some weird “pickup guy” . Girls will see right through that shtick, and you yourself will feel fake and phony. This way to do it is far more powerful.

STEP #2: Mind Control them into your Circle

I don’t mean ‘mind control’ in a negative way, what I mean is mind control them into being happy and fun and sexual in bed – and to fall in love with all of their girlfriends.

Women in society are taught to be insecure, spoiled, bitchy, drama queens. Many are socially inept and uninteresting. Many beautiful women go through wild mood swings, have depressive episodes, or are addicted to drugs or spending sprees.

Even though you might be wishing for a real hottie in your fantasies, in reality they can often drive you completely crazy as girlfriends.

Mind Control is simply allowing her to let go of her stifling social conditioning, and instead radiate fun, joy, and happy, open sexuality so that they’re laughing and singing and dancing and have a beautiful, open, healing energy that reaches out and touches everyone she meets – and your circle girls will love and adore you for it.

STEP #3: Turn them into perfect girlfriends

The next step is to train them to be perfect girlfriends, because you can’t have them being catty and fighting or bitchy – that would destroy your circle.

I’ve got hundreds of techniques to make your girlfriends dress sexy, give great blow jobs, deeply admire you, and be eager to please – to turn “good girls” into anything-goes “bedroom mistresses”. No more juggling women and hiding them from one another. This is about creating a big happy family, a community of sexually enlightened individuals – and do it all with big, happy smiles on their faces.

Jesse, do you use any unethical methods?

I use methods that work. You might consider some of this “Black Magic”, and certainly by its very nature none of it fits in with “traditional family values”… but I guarantee that if you’re an ethical person in how you use your power, everything you do and touch will be for the good and good for your girls. It’s all up to you how you want to use the power.



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Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control by Jesse Charger

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Jesse Charger – Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control Download

Jesse Charger - Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control

Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control by Jesse Charger

Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control How to Make Girls Wet With Your Eyes…
I love having “innocent” conversations laced with sexual tension.

Because, it’s not what you say, it’s HOW you say it. You don’t want a woman to look at you as just a friend; you want her to *feel* a SEXUAL TENSION every time you speak to her.

She has to FEEL your masculine intent, and that she’s in immediate danger of being laid on her back around you.

And that ability to project sexuality to a woman is fundamental – and key to nonverbal sexual mind control.

After all, there’s a big difference between just “he’s an attractive guy” to “I want to f*ck this guy right now!”.

Women often won’t act on simple attraction alone, but when they feel physical, visceral, can’t-explain-it, hot-in-the-pants, SEXUAL attraction, they will go out of their way to seduce YOU. They’ll offer you their number, take your calls, and try to make excuses to talk with you.

Routines, lines, and tips aren’t going to be much help if fundamentally you’re not a sexually masculine MAN.

Jesse: 10 years coaching and still going strong!
Ever feel like a conversation went “just okay” or went nowhere but there was NO sexual attraction?

In fact, I know some guys whose entire game is all about projecting a sexual state and very little else. Often, the ability to project a sexual state alone will get you laid.

After all, women tend to “follow the leader” when it comes to feelings and will automatically FOLLOW YOUR STATE and go into a sexual state themselves.

Of course, you can’t “think” your way into sexual projection or women will instantly notice that trying to be someone you’re not. And me telling you to “just do it” isn’t much help either, because you don’t have the concrete set of beliefs and habits installed deep.

Well, that’s what the Nonverbal Sexual Mind Control program does, it’s like spiking your cologne with pheromones by installing a new set of beliefs and habits directly into your mind.


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Jesse Charger – Soul Mates Formula Review | Jesse Charger – Soul Mates Formula Download

Soul Mates Formula Download

Jesse Charger – Soul Mates Formula Download


How Hundreds Of Guys Like You Have Won The Hearts Of Beautiful Girlfriends

Dear friend,

An instant dream girlfriend.

An instant life partner and companion.

Let’s go all out here… with a young, feminine, sexually fun, and sweet hearted girl to boot!

An angel so perfect that you can’t HELP but to wife her up and have your babies with…

Sounds like hype, right?

I wouldn’t believe it either, if I hadn’t witnessed it hundreds of times over the past ten years.

Of course, I’m talking about the amazing results from my OLD program “Seduction Science”. The technology has moved way ahead since then…

You Only Need To Find The RIGHT Girl

I’ll show you how to meet and date those beautiful, yet top-quality “hidden gem” girls.Most guys just can’t see themselves meeting and bedding new women every week.

But it’s very possible, as my fellow Seduction Science students have proved over and over. If you want it, it’s out there.
But really, would it take a dozens of beautiful women to change your life? No!

You can be living all your dreams with ONE stunningly beautiful “soul mate” girl.
Think about it, you don’t need a lot of women to fulfill your sexual fantasies, make you happy, and complete you.

You just need that ONE special girl that’s your sexual match, that enjoys the same pursuits that you do, and rocks your world in bed.
The kind of girl that makes you FORGET all the other girls, that you makes you want to wife her up, and have your children with.

With THAT kind of woman you don’t need “seduction” or “game” or “dating”, because you just won’t f***ing care!!!

I’ve consulted thousands of guys since 2001 and I can tell you that we men all want the same thing… that Soul Mate girl you’re so crazy hot for that you have sex multiple times a day with her and you don’t have eyes for any other woman!

The Instant Perfect Girlfriend,
Okay, that’s a bit on an exaggeration… it’s not truly instant.
But there is no faster “Perfect 10”-getting method in the world than Soul Mate Formula’s 3 step process (keep reading on, I’ll tell you).  And I will teach you exactly how to pull it off.

In fact, I’ll teach you THREE different ways to pull it off, the “aggressive”, the “passive”, and “the lazy” methods.

All you have to do is identify the girl you’re crushing on.

In short, you’ll have your chosen soul mate girlfriend quickly, with the kind deep connection and mutual attraction that most people take years to develop.

In fact, I’m going to reveal the exact 3 step formula in this letter, RIGHT NOW.

But first, here’s WHY the right girlfriend is SO important.

Why This Is The Most Important Letter You’ll Ever Read
You’ll surprise and shock your friends and family when you enter with a sweet, young girl hanging off your arm.  But this isn’t about ego gratification.

Here’s why the right girlfriend means everything:

Reason #1 :Hot Sex As Much As You Want, Whenever You Want It With a Soul Mates Girl you can cum inside her every day, multiple times a day, and you’ll be hot for her again and again.

Say GOODBYE to the condoms and the fear of catching something, and say HELLO to barebacking her hot wet pussy as much as you want.  NOTHING compares!

In comparison, masturbating alone to the net ultimately feels empty and unsatisfying.

And trying to pick up girls for sexual flings (if you can manage it, and that’s a big IF) is a lot of logistical legwork, anxiety, rejection, and you need to wear condoms.  And afterwards, you feel shitty and empty and you just want the girl OUT the door!

A fling truly cannot compare to deep cumming inside your Soul Girl after some fiery wet sex, and connecting with her more deeply than ever before.

In fact, you won’t even care about other women, because with a sexually compatible woman you get the best wet sex you want, as much as you want, whenever you want it.

Reason #2 : Sharing Life Experiences With A Beautiful Woman!

Maybe you like sports or watching movies.  Or maybe you prefer traveling or hiking in nature.  But whatever you enjoy, sharing your recreational passions with a beautiful woman makes them TEN times better!

What’s better than having a recreational playmate that you can SHARE your world with? Nothing!

Stay in bed. Have her grab a movie. Go outdoors together. Sharing is caring

When you have a woman to share your passions with, it’s just you and her, alone against the world.

When you have a beautiful girl prancing around the apartment in her lingerie nightie, ready to SHARE the day with you, THAT is what makes life worth living!  THAT is what brings a man PEACE and HAPPINESS!  (not to mention as many hot orgasms as you can handle!)

She enjoys your interests.  She would make a fantastic mother to your children.  And she completes you.  With someone to share your recreational passions and the world with, that half that was missing is fulfilled.


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