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Break Through Comfort

Sinn – Break Through Comfort Review | Sinn – Break Through Comfort Download

• SIX 75 Minute Telephone Training Sessions that go over the COMPLETE Breakthrough Comfort System in step-by-step detail
• A Special Group Q and A call where I can ask my most pressing questions about your Breakthrough Comfort System.
• MP3 Recordings of each of the Sessions

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 Sinn – Chase Formula Download

Thanks for joining the Chase Formula!
You are about to turn the tables on women and instead of You chasing them,
they are going to be the ones chasing YOU and begging YOU to go out with them and date them.

Sinn – Chase Formula Bonuses:
What women secretly want
How to get a woman to fall in love with you
The Sinns of Attraction Escalation Ladder
How To Turn A Friend Into A Lover
How to Date Women out of your league

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 Sinn – Destination Girlfriend Coaching Program Review |  Sinn – Destination Girlfriend Coaching Program Download

Destination Girlfriend Coaching Program

Destination Girlfriend Coaching Program which will teach me everything I need to know to land an awesome girlfriend who gives me all the amazing sex, companionship, and connection that I could possibly want!

I understand that this program, beginning on October 4, 2011, consists of the following six online video training sessions:

Destination Girlfriend Training Session #1: The Girlfriend Getting Mindset and Prep Work
Destination Girlfriend Training Session #2: Choose Your Destination: How To FIND YOUR Ultimate Dream Girl
Destination Girlfriend Training Session #3: Girlfriend Game: How To Master The Girlfriend-Getting Skill-set (Part 1)
Destination Girlfriend Training Session #4: Girlfriend Game: How To Master The Girlfriend Getting Skill-set (Part 2)
Destination Girlfriend Training Session #5: In Flight Entertainment: How To KEEP Her Interested
Destination Girlfriend Training Session #6: Destination: Girlfriend: Landing Your Dream Girl and Beyond
Plus, I’ll also get personal coaching from you in the form of two Q and A Calls that will take place throughout the program.

Bonus #1: A 30-day Action Guide that will tell me EXACTLY what I need to do to land my dream girl in 30 days or less. A $97 value.

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Sinn – Text Her Into Bed Download

Text Her Into Bed : The Man's Guide to Sleeping with Hot Women Through Simple Text Messaging by John Sinn
Description Text Her Into Bed

The world’s number one ranked pickup artist, Jon Sinn, is back with a book in which he reveals his most closely guarded texting secrets. This Guide reveals Sinn’s best techniques for increasing attractiong and triggering arousal through simple text messaging alone. These secrets will vault your game to the next level and have you consistantly “closing” seriously hot women.

Bonus: Flake Elimination Toolkit
1. 6 Steps To Eliminating Flakes Report
2. Text Game Confidential
3. Phone Game 2.0 audio
4. Phone game 2.0 transcript

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Sinn – Inner Circle Intro Package : The Art of Speaking “Womanese”

Sinn - Inner Circle Intro Package :  The Art of Speaking “Womanese” The Women Language

My Special Report on The Art of Speaking “Womanese”

This Report is based on a recent conference call I did with members of my exclusive 12 Months to Mastery long-term coaching club. In it, you’ll discover how to decode the different “signals” that women give you.

This juicy report is 28 pages of my latest information that has never before been released to the public. After going through this report, I promise that you will be an expert on female psychology AND on how to read women’s signals.

This knowledge will give you an almost unfair advantage on the competition because once you know, really know, how women think and respond to certain situations, you’ll get to a point when you know what is going to happen before it happens. You will have what my wing Captain Jack calls “ninja calibration skills.”
With ninja calibration skills, you’ll ALWAYS know what the next move should be and you’ll eventually get to the point where you’re always making the right move. The net result? You’re going to end up with a lot more naked women in your bed. I could sell this report all day for $29.95 value but it’s yours FREE.

Audio CD on “Opening 2.0”

This CD is an update on a well-known interview I did on opening a couple of years ago. In it, I basically give you a Masters Degree on everything you could ever want to know about approaching women successfully.

I go through the different types of openers and I literally give you over two dozen of the best openers ever devised. These have all been field tested to the nth degree and most of them I’ve only shared with members of my elite coaching programs. If you’re having any trouble opening now, you won’t be after applying the information in this CD. You also get the transcript of the CD for easy reference.

Sinn and Brad P on How to Learn Game Correctly
Sinn and AFC Adam on the Five Immutable Laws of Pick-Up
Sinn and Cameron Teone on How to Master the Fundamentals of Pick-Up
Sinn’s Inner Circle – Opening 2.0 Transcript that I scanned.
The Lay Reports book PDF
The Art of Speaking Womanese PDF
Sinn – Inner Circle Phone Game 2.0 : Sinn talk’s phone game version 2.0
Sinn – Inner Circle Dating Philosophy : Sinn talk’s about his Dating Philosophy
Sinn – Inner Circle Advanced Qualification : Sinn Talks about advanced qualification
Sinn – Inner Circle Twenty Attraction Skills : Sinn Talks about the Twenty Attraction Skills
Sinn – Inner Circle Advanced Story Telling : Sinn Talks about Advanced Story Telling
Sinn – Inner Circle Frame Control 2.0  : Sinn Talks about frame Control 2.0
Sinn – Inner Circle Teasing : Sinn Talks about Teasing
Sinn – Inner Circle Beliefs: Sinn Talks about Beliefs and Inner Game
Sinn – Inner Circle Female Psychology : Sinn Talks about Female Psychology
Sinn – Inner Circle How To Get Good At Pick Up : Sinn Talks about how to get good at pick-up
Sinn – Inner Circle – Confidence
Sinn – Inner Circle – Running Out Of Things To Say
Sinn – Inner Circle – Dating Younger Women
Sinn – Inner Circle – Turning Women On
Sinn – Inner Circle – What Is Game?
Sinn – Inner Circle – Transitioning
Sinn – Inner Circle – Routines
Sinn – Inner Circle – Rewiring Your Brain For Success With Women
Sinn – Inner Circle – Flaking – February 2011
Sinn – Inner Circle – Calibration – March 2011
Sinn – Inner Circle – Routines
Sinn – Inner Circle – 9s and 10s
Sinn – Inner Circle – Opening Sticking Points
Sinn – Inner Circle – Social Comfort
Sinn – Inner Circle – Sexual Anxiety
Sinn – Inner Circle – Direct Game
Sinn – Inner Circle (August 2012 – Sexualizing Your Game)
Sinn – Inner Circle (June 2012 – Being Sexual)
Sinn – Inner Circle (May 2012 – Female Psychology)
Sinn – Inner Circle (April 2012 – The Art of Flirting)
Sinn – Inner Circle (March 2012 – Getting Girls To Chase You)
Sinn – Inner Circle (February 2012 – Creating an Emotional Connection)
Sinn – Inner Circle (January 2012 – Motivation)
Sinn – Inner Circle – Get A Girlfriend – December 2011
Sinn – Inner Circle – Routines II – November 2011

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Complete Day Game From A to Z Mastery Program by SINN

SINN – Complete Day Game From A to Z Mastery Program Download

Think getting women in bed is hard? You won’t after reading this important message …

Finally Revealed! The Proven, Easy-To-Follow System For Getting ALL Of The Hot, Sexy Women You Could Ever Want … Without Ever Setting Foot Into A Bar or Club!

Could This Be The Greatest Girl-Getting System Ever Devised? You Decide.

From: Sinn

Miami, Florida Thursday, 2:01 p.m.
Dear Friend,

If you want the inside shortcuts for getting ALL the results with women you could possibly desire while gaining the respect (and even envy) of your peers, then this will be the most important message you will read all year. Here’s why…

I’ve just released my Complete Day Game From A To Z Mastery Program. The program is a COMPLETE step-by-step system for getting the EXACT dating and sex life that you want – no matter where you are right now.

You might think that sounds like a lot of hype huh? I understand why you may think that. But as you read this letter, you’ll discover that not only is it possible for you to get the exact results with women that you want, but it’s actually A LOT easier than you think. And I’m actually going to PROVE this to you…

But before I do that, you probably need to know who I am and why you should be listening to me in the first place.

I’m Sinn, I’ve gained some notoriety in the past few years for being one of the top pick-up artists in the world. Right now I’ve reached a point where I have true power and choice with women. It’s a great feeling, but it wasn’t always this way…

In fact, it was not long ago that I totally hit rock bottom when it came to dealing with women. To make a long story short, it started when the only girlfriend I ever had dumped me and had sex with two other guys the following week.

It was crushing.

I felt a combination of anger, frustration, depression, and loneliness that I never felt before. This was the only girlfriend that I ever had and I truly felt that I would never get another one for the rest of my life. Maybe you can relate this.

But luckily, one thing that I always had was persistence. I became determined to do everything I possibly could to get this thing called “dealing with women” handled.

Then for the next FIVE years I did over TEN THOUSAND approaches, traveled the world, studied directly under some of the top pick-up artists in the world, and studied anything and everything I could to improve my success with women.

Eventually, I “cracked the code” and became so good at this that I’ve developed a reputation as a world class pick-up artist. I also have a well-documented track record of successful students who transformed their dating lives as a result of using my material.

You may not know this, but DAY GAME is the one thing that I tribute my success to more than anything.

You see, when I started out, I wasn’t able to go to bars or clubs like most guys because I was underage. So I had to learn my trade by doing approaches in places like the mall, coffee shops, book stores, the street, etc.

It wasn’t easy when I started out, but eventually after years of studying and trial and error, I put together the ultimate system for meeting women in the day time.

I began teaching “Version 1.0” of this system when I was the lead instructor for one of the biggest pick-up companies in the entire world. The system is so simple and straightforward that ANYONE can use it to get incredible results – fast!

Currently, we are on Version 3.0 of the system. It has been refined, tested and is so fool-proof at this time that I firmly believe it is…

The Most Powerful Girl-Getting System Ever Devised!

Don’t believe me? Let me ask you this…

Would you like be able to get a steady stream of amazing women…

bulletWithout having to set foot into a bar or club
bulletWithout having to memorize lots of cheesy “pick-up lines”
bulletWithout spending a lot of time out chasing girls and “doing sets”
bulletWithout having to worry about the stigma of meeting women off the Internet
bulletWithout doing any creepy “patterns”, magic tricks or other lame gimmicks

And would you like to do all of this while stiff having plenty of free time to devote to things like your career, hobbies, and just plain “goofing off”? Well you can have all of this and more when you harness the power of Day Game.

If you want have a life filled with amazing women then Day Game is BY FAR the fastest way to get there. Why? Because when you look around, beautiful women are all around you during the day time and they are much, much easier to attract and seduce in day time environments than they are if you tried to meet them in a bar or club.

In bars and clubs you have to deal with competition from other guys. You have to be able to entertain groups. You have to be able to compete DOZENS of things that could easily distract the girl at any given second, and you have to deal with all sorts of other logistical issues. But in the day time, NONE of these factors are present.

Become A Ladies Man… The Easy Way!

Day Game truly is THE shortcut to having outrageous success with amazing women. I have personally slept with over 150 women that I’ve met in the day time, including everything from professional women like doctors and lawyers to pin-up models, strippers I met in the day time, actresses, and more Hooters girls than I can count. Right now, I’m laying about four new girls a month just from Day Game.

But you may be thinking that my results were a fluke, and that there is something “special” about me. I don’t blame your for thinking this. But in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Let me tell you about a few other people that I’ve taught the Day Game system to…

Case Study #1: From Virgin To Professional Pick-Up Artist Though The Power Of Day Game!

You may have heard me tell the story of Doc Holiday, who attended my Day Game Seminar a couple of years ago while still a virgin. He lost his virginity the day after the seminar, and became so good at day game that he started teaching it for a living!

In the year after he took the seminar, he slept with over 25 women and had multiple threesomes. He did this SOLEY by doing day game. He’s what he had to say about my teachings:

“Overall, learning from Sinn was an eye-opening experience. Sinn is an amazing guy and great teacher who I honestly believes cares a lot about his students. If you have the time and money, I would 100% recommend you learn from him.”

Case Study #2: Former Social Anxiety Sufferer Sleeps With Nine Women In 30 days Using My System!

One of my students, Alex, suffered from massive social anxiety and could not even hold a conversation with a girl before he started using my material.

But recently, he’s used my system to sleep with 9 new girls in the past thirty days! With one of these girls, he went from meet to sex in less than 45 minutes! Here is what he recently told me:

“I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. Prior to studying your material I had only two girlfriends and had slept with only six women in my entire life. Now I have the power and choice with women I’ve always wanted. It’s been truly life-changing. Thanks again.”

I know that not everyone needs to become a professional pick-up artist or sleep with nine girls in a month to feel like a success.

A lot of guys would be happy getting two or three news girls a month like our last case study, Omar:

Case Study #3: Former Loser With Girls Now Sleeps With Two To Three New Girls A Month!

Omar, is another graduate of my Day Game seminar. He slept with two girls in his entire life before attending the seminar. Now he sleeps with an average of two to three new girls A MONTH using my system!

And there’s more. Lots more. In fact, we’ll share what others are saying coming up. But first, there’s something else I need to address…

I know there is a chance that you’re heard about the amazing results others have gotten, but aren’t sure if they’re possible for you. There is a chance that you’ve tried Day Game but haven’t been able to get the results you’re after.

Maybe you don’t know exactly how to approach because the girls always seem busy and you feel like you’re “bothering” them. Or maybe you’ve made some approaches and haven’t been able to quite create that “spark.” Or maybe you’ve gotten a few numbers that they all ended up as flakes.

If this is you, then I have some VERY good news you for you…

If you’re truly serious about getting the success with women that you want and are ready to see your game EXPLODE then you’ll be excited that I’ve distilled every shred of knowledge I have about Day Game into the most effective girl-getting system ever created, It’s called…

The Complete Day Game from A to Z Mastery Program!

I truly believe that this is the best, most comprehensive training course of its kind ever offered in the seduction community. Here’s some of what you’ll discover in this amazing program:

bulletMy complete Day Game Model revealed for the first time! (Now you’ll know exactly what to say and when to say it — from initial approach to sizzling seduction!)
bulletA very simple tactic for quickly sexualizing your conversations (your can do this literally in the first 30 seconds. And when you do, you’ll make sure that the conversation you’ve having will lead to your bedroom and not to the dreaded “friend zone” – or even worse)
bulletHow to easily create massive attraction during the daytime (believe me, creating attraction during the day time is SO much easier than you may think. Once you discover these simple attraction shortcuts your success will literally multiply overnight!)
bulletSpecific, step-by-step strategies for meeting women in ANY daytime situation you can imagine. Want to meet women in coffee shops, gyms, malls, stores, restaurants, on the street or anywhere else? I’ll show you EXACTLY how in painstaking detail!
bulletHow to confidently talk to beautiful women you think are “out of your league.” (You’ll become envy of your friends and peers once you apply these simple tactics.)
bulletThe perfect questions to ask during you initial approach that will DESTROY any possibility of “getting rejected.”
bulletA simple inner game shift that can immediately multiply your success with women (this change in thinking takes no more than 30 seconds, but can unleash a lifetime of success with women for you!)
bulletThe hidden secret to opening during the day time that SO MANY guys miss. (After you get this down you’ll never feel like you’re “interrupting” or “bothering” a women when you approach ever again!)
bullet6 proven ways to “frame” the interaction so sex is almost GUARANEED to happen (I get laid literally EVERYTIME I use these. They’re THAT good!)
bulletDozens of the best “openers” ever devised for day game! (These have all been field-tested to the nth degree through thousands and thousands of approaches. You get the word for word transcripts of everyone one of them.)
bulletA very simple tactic for getting girls to chase you! (EVERY guy that is successful with women uses this tactic, yet it remains unknown to almost everyone else.)
bulletRevealed: The Ultimate Attraction Test (with this, you’ll quickly know whether or not the girl is going to sleep with you. The best part? You can do this test within five minutes of talking to her! Talk about efficiency.)
bulletSecrets of doing “direct” approaches in the day time! (when you do this right, you’ll lay more girls in ONE MONTH than most other guys do in a year. I’ll show you exactly, step-by-step, word-for-word how to do direct approaches the right way!)
bullet5 simple words that will virtually eliminate flakes forever! (This technique ALONE is worth the entire price of admission and then some. After me and my students started using it, girls would ALWAYS show up on dates. It’s that powerful.)
bulletSuccess-multiplying Secrets of Phone Game (everyone who’s met me tells me that I have the best phone game they’ve seen, this section breaks down all my best phone game strategies.)
bulletBreakthrough tactics for making sure you’re always ready to approach. (So the next time you see a beautiful woman, you’ll be naturally compelled to talk to her — without even thinking about it!)
bulletClosely guarded secrets for Accelerated Comfort (I’ll show you how you can make a girl feel like she’s known you for years in less than an hour. The end result is that she’ll CRAVE being around you so much that a successful seduction is virtually guaranteed!)
bulletSecrets of Moving Sets revealed! (Some guys people think moving sets are hard. They’re actually super-easy once you know some basic Secrets of Moving Sets, which you can learn and apply quickly.)

That’s just a small sample of what you’ll find in the Day Game from A to Z Mastery Program. There is not one ounce of fluff or filler. It is all meat.

“I hooked up with some girls I never imagined I could!”

“In the past month since the seminar my confidence has grown and grown. I have stabilized my social circle situation and hooked up with some girls I never imagined that I ever could. I know that I have a long way to go and a lot of learning to do but I know that Sinn will be there when I need him as I journey along. The whole experience has added value to my life and has helped me grow towards that better me I am looking to achieve. I like the way Sinn is always looking to better understand pick up and I would not even hesitate recommending any of his products regardless your level of experience.”


This Is Sounding Pretty Cool
Exactly What’s Included In The Complete Day Game From A to Z Mastery Program

Day Game Mastery Core Materials

All of the core materials are designed to thoroughly explain my entire day game system. They break down everything you could possibly want to know about meeting women in the day time and ending up with them naked in your bed, starting with what to before you approach and then moving on to approaching, creating attraction, get phone numbers, setting up dates and beyond.

The program includes manuals, audios, DVDs and other reference material. Additionally, since all of the materials are hard copies, you’ll be able to easily refer to them time and time again. Be on the lookout for a BIG box. Hopefully the package courier doesn’t throw his back out.

Here is a breakdown of the Day Game Mastery Core Components:

1) DVD and CD Recordings of my legendary Day Game Seminar

The core the program is DVD recordings of my legendary $997 Day Game Seminar. I taught the first ever Day Game seminar over three years ago. After that, I spent A LOT of time and energy tweaking and testing the various Day Game techniques and strategies.

Then, late last year I got the entire thing recorded. These recordings are the first and LAST word on Day Game. Period. Watch my entire Day Game System come to life when you watch these DVDs. You’ll get EVERY strategy of my entire system in painstaking detail.

Audio CDs are also included for listening at home, at the gym, in the car of even on your ipod/iphone. It’s just like sitting in on the $997 per person Day Game Seminar!

2) The Day Game from A to Z Master Manual

This giant Manual will provide all the information you need to apply the material quickly. It breaks down each component of the Day Game system for fast and easy reference.

3) Live Infield Footage!

That’s right. You get an entire DVD of FOUR separate Day Time approaches that I did along with DETAILED breakdowns of everything.

Infield footage truly is one of the best learning tools for game there is and your game will automatically improve just by watching what I do and seeing the breakdowns.

With this DVD, you’ll see me do direct approaches, indirect approaches, breeze through attraction and comfort, set up dates and get solid phone numbers.

It’s very cool because this is where the information in the seminar DVDs really comes to life and you’ll then be able to quickly and easily apply this information the next time YOU go out and talk to girls. This end result is that you’ll get serious results FAST!

Plus, you will receive these 8 Special Bonuses

Special Bonus #1: A Special Module on how to overcome Approach Anxiety. I know that you may have trouble with approach anxiety. If so, don’t worry, we got you covered. I recorded a special online video training session that shows you how to conquer approach anxiety once and for all. A $97 value.

Special Bonus #2: The Inner Game Report: How to Think Like A Ladies Man. This special report goes into details on the exact thought processes that separate people that are successful with women from those that aren’t. This is NEW stuff that I’ve never shared before. A $47.00 value

Special Bonus #3: Trouble Shooting Day Game audio CD. A few weeks ago, I sent out the survey and asked everyone what your biggest questions were regarding Day Game. I went through your answers and recorded a special CD based on your feedback. If there were any questions that were NOT covered on the seminar DVDs, you can be assured that we covered them here. A $127.00 value.

Special Bonus #4: Audio Interview with Vin Dicarlo on Same Day Lays. Would you like to meet a girl and get here in bed that SAME day? You’ll find out how in this interview. It’s packed with very specific step-by-step strategies. A $97.00 value.

Special Bonus #5: Audio interview with Doc Holiday on how to master direct day game. Doc Holiday is a true master of Day Game. He reveals his secrets on direct-style Day Game in this exclusive interview. A $97 value.

Special Bonus #6: How to master the instant date audio CD. Instant dates are one of the keys to day game success. This special CD will show you exactly how to master the instant date. A $97 value.

Special Bonus #7: The Lay Reports Books – Limited Day Game Edition. You also get a special limited edition of my groundbreaking Lay Reports Books which has an updated section on Day Game and THREE brand new Day Game lay reports (they all occurred within the last three months).

Special Bonus #8: TWO Months Free Membership to Sinn’s Inner Circle. In Sinn’s Inner Circle, each month you’re going to gete a monthly audio CD that goes in depth on a particular, crucial topic. You’re not only going to get a CD delivered to you every month, you’re also going to get a transcript of the CD and my award-winning “Skill-set-Inner Game/Lifestyle printed newsletter.

Not only that, but you also get access to the Sinn’s Inner Circle private forum where you can share ideas, post field reports, and get feedback from me and my highly trained instructors on your game.

You’ll get access to me via open call in days. Throughout the year, I’ll set aside significant blocks of time only for Sinn’s Inner Circle Members. You’ll get a private call-in number where you can contact me directly and I’ll personally answer any questions you have.

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John Sinn – The Science of Micro-Expressions Download

“Discover The Hidden Shortcut To Maximum Sex In Minimum Time With The Micro-Expressions Multi-Media Mini Course

December 20, 2015

From: Jon Sinn

If you want lots of fast, EASY sex than I highly suggest you pay very close attention to this letter. Get this…

Everyday you interact with lots of woman who are more than willing to sleep with you.

I’m not going to spend time going into the biological reasons for this, but mountains of research show that most women are really really horny. And they’re looking for some guy… any guy practically… to relieve that horniness.

The problem is that most guys can’t tell when a woman wants them. (And because of societal norms and conditions they’re never going to come out and say to you “Please f*ck my brains out”. However, I recently discovered the next best thing…

Years ago a man named Dr. Paul Ekman founded the science of Micro-Expressions, which are very brief facial expressions, lasting only a fraction of a second. They occur when a person either deliberately or unconsciously reveals what they are feeling.

Micro-Expressions are so powerful that organizations like the United States military, the FBI, and Fortune 500 companies are using them to detect truth and lies and better read people.

As luck would have it, when women are horny and looking for action they also make certain micro-expressions. When you know what to look for, it becomes painfully obvious which girls are “Down To F*ck” right now and which ones are a waste of your time.

Would you like to know what these micro-expressions are? I’ll bet you do. Introducing the brand new multi-media mini-course…

The Science Of Micro-Expressions: How To Detect A Woman’s Subtle Facial Cues To Instantly Tell If She’s Read To Bang You RIGHT NOW!

Inside You’ll Discover:

bulletThe absolute easiest way to tell if a woman is sexually attracted to you (you’ll sleep with an extra 2-3 girls a month easily when you can notice this one)…
bulletThe #1 thing that lets you know a woman wants to be kissed… Never get “shut down” again when making the first move…
bulletHow to turn her Desire Micro-expressions into sex… You don’t just want her desiring you… you want her CHASING you and begging you to do her. I’ll show you exactly how to this…
bulletMicro-Expressions are shown in 3 different places: the eyes, mid-face and mouth. You’ll discover the EXACT things to look for in each of these places to tell if a woman wants you…
bulletWhy micro-expressions are impossible to fake and how this information gives us an unfair advantage on the “competition”…
bulletThe #1 reason why most guys SUCK at reading women’s signals
bulletA powerful exercise that will allow you to master the Science of Micro-Expressions quickly and easily…
bullet3 different “deception cues” that women do when they’re lying to a man and leading him on…
bulletSecrets of the Approach Flash… You’ll know exactly what to look for so you NEVER get rejected again when approaching a woman for the first time…
bulletAnd MUCH more!

Plus Get In Awesome Free Bonuses!


Bonus #1: What Women Secretly Want

In this special audio training, you’ll discover how to truly understand women on a very deep level in a way that no other guy can. This makes you a true “sexual insider” and with this power women will basically tell you exactly how they want to be seduced. This bonus definitely adds “rocket fuel” to the main micro-expressions course.

Bonus #2: Maximum Sex In Minimum Time

This special audio training is all about showing you how to get as much sex as possible in minimum time by focusing on the “critical few” things that really make a difference when it comes to getting laid. The 80/20 Rule says that 80% of your of your success comes from 20% of your efforts. In this audio, we drill down that 20% to turn you into a get laid machine.

Bonus #3: How To Make The First Move

Are you nervous about getting physical with the girls you’re attracted to? You won’t be once you discover my no-fail, “rejection-proof” system for getting the kiss and make the first move. Thousands of men have used this exact system to seduce literally thousands of women. It worked for them and I’m 100% positive it will work for you too.




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  Sinn – Sexual Trigger Program Review  | Sinn – Sexual Trigger Program Download

You’re About to Discover…

How to Use Secret “Mind Control”
Tactics to Get ANY Woman Begging
to Have Sex With You!

Here It Is… The Most CONTROVERSIAL System
in the World That Gives You the Power and Choice
with Women You’ve Always Wanted!

Dear friend,

Today I want to share with you a breakthrough that took me years to discover and perfect. Once mastered, it’s the most powerful tool that you can use, literally coercing women into sex without them even knowing it.

Now I have to warn you though. I’m about to touch on some very advanced and controversial material that may be a turn off for some guys. As a result, I will only be teaching this material for a VERY short time.

You may think you’ve heard it all when it comes to dating and seduction but you haven’t heard what I’m about to tell you today.

It’s not…

  • The latest “inner game” breakthrough
  • Some magical routines that will cause girls to drop their panties at the drop of a hat
  • Some new “system” that promises maximum pussy with no effort involved

In fact, it’s something that’s woven deep into every fabric of our society. What am I talking about? I’m talking about…

Mind Control

Mind control and other devices of social influence have become so prevalent in today’s society that we often don’t even take notice of their influence. Think about how many different commercial messages you see each and every day or the latest politician trying to talk you into his way of thinking.

Going back even further, think about all the different revolutions that occurred throughout history or the various wars that have been started.

All of these things started with an idea being planted in someone’s mind and then that idea grows and grows until that person is compelled to act on that idea.

Believe it or not, we can use these same principles to get beautiful women into bed by the truckloads. In fact, you can use the diabolical tactics that I’m about to share with you to…

Talk Women Straight Into Sex

Now I don’t want you to get the wrong idea here. The mind control we’re talking about isn’t about getting women to do things against their will. It’s simply the process of using our knowledge of the female mind to overcome the defense barriers that a woman might have to sleeping with us.

When this happens, the woman becomes a voluntary and willing participant in the seduction process.

And here’s the really amazing part…

You can initiate this seduction process very easily when you know the secret codes known as “sexual triggers.” These triggers activate certain predispositions in the woman’s mind that cause her to essentially surrender to you without any resistance.

And for the past four months I’ve gone through thousands of pages of scientific research, including the latest studies on sexual psychology, behavioral psychology, neuroscience and even the latest research on evolutionary psychology.

I’ve Uncovered 25 Sexual Triggers That You Can Use to Create More Seduction Success Than You Ever Thought Possible.

I’ve even tested out these triggers in the real world on hundreds of women (because I’m one of the few experts out there that still goes out and talks to women) and they truly do work like magic.

When I say these triggers can create more seduction success than you ever thought possible I’m talking about living a life filled with a variety of beautiful women who are at your beck and call at all times. I’m talking about younger women and 9s and 10s wanting to have wild porn star sex, even threesomes with you. I’m talking about women being so into you that they’ll sleep with you within hours of meeting you and MUCH more.

With these 25 sexual triggers, a life beyond your fantasies is not only possible, but it’s probable.

I’m Jon Sinn, the creator of the brand new program I call “Sexual Triggers: 25 Psychological Tools To Control The Minds of Beautiful Women For Maximum Power, Choice, And Sexual Satisfaction.”

Some people are even calling this program the ultimate “cheat code” to seduction success. Because…

When You Master These Sexual Triggers, The Game Is Literally Rigged In Your Favor.

And since these sexual triggers are derived from sound scientific principles based on how the female mind works, they are literally guaranteed to work. This means they’ll work even if you:

  • Think you’re too old
  • Think you’re not good-looking enough
  • Are overweight
  • Have an accent
  • Are short
  • Or if you think you’re tried everything

The other “experts” and “gurus” are not going to tell you this information because most of them flat out don’t know it. And you’re also not going to find this information anywhere in “mainstream society” which has all these outdated rules and regulations regarding sex and would like nothing more than for you to get married and have 2.5 kids before you’re ready and live in a house with a white picket fence.

These Sexual Triggers Will Work for ANY Guy

That’s a promise. They also work on ultra-hot, high quality women.

They even work great on younger women (they might even work better on younger women for a reason that I’ll tell you about a little later)

And although this program covers a lot of advanced material, it will still work for you if you’re a beginner or if you currently have a lot of anxiety when it comes to talking to women provided you are 100% committed to mastering this area of your life as soon as possible.

I have to tell you that no matter where you are right now in your journey, you have everything inside of you to become a seduction master.

I don’t care if you have serious anxiety and can’t even approach or “make a move” on a woman or if you’re sick and tired because you’re not going after or getting the women you really want

I’ve been there. And I know exactly what it’s like to see a superhot woman walk by and feel powerless. Or worse, that feeling of seeing that hot woman walk hand in hand with some douche bag who is no better than you. I know what those lonely Friday and Saturday nights are like. And I know exactly what those boring conversations with no “spark” or sexual chemistry are like.

If you’ve experienced any of these situations and are beating yourself up about them I’m telling you right now to STOP! Everything is going to be okay. I promise.

Before you know it, beautiful women are going to be throwing themselves at you. Ever wonder what it’s like to have a hot girl try to seduce on you? You’re soon going to find out. That life you want that involves dating a variety of women, unlimited sexual power, and the ability to be in total control of your dating life is just around the corner.

Sexual Triggers is a 24-week training program where you’ll get one online training video per week along with a PDF action guide that contains very simple missions and exercises to make sure you internalize the material quickly and easily.

The lessons build on each other so by the end of the 24-week program (as long as you did all the exercises) you’ll be ready to have a lifetime of sexual options and power and choice with women. You’re also going to have A LOT of fun along the way!

What I’ve Got for You Here is What Most Men Will NEVER
Have the Chance to Discover!

We’re going to cover SIX modules of various triggers that will cover absolutely every facet of the female mind.
In module 1, I cover the triggers that you need to use right away:

bulletHow to effectively use Arousal Triggers to TRIPLE the chances of seduction
bulletHow to get a woman aroused with only your words, even if she doesn’t want to be!
bullet“Approach Triggers” that will win the first 5 seconds of any conversation.
bulletThe basic psychological triggers that will have women wanting you before you even talk to them
bulletMy 5 main tools for increasing arousal levels FAST
bulletWhy using arousal and comfort triggers will have her ready to have sex with you over and over again
bulletThe secret triggers I use that get same-night-lays over and over again.
bulletSeveral arousal triggers that will have girls wet within minutes of you meeting them
bulletWhen and how to use “hard hitting” triggers that will get you laid within 10 minutes of meeting an attractive woman (these are dangerously powerful!)

In Module 2, we drill down further into the minds of the HOTTEST WOMEN. You’ll learn:

bulletThe words and actions you can use to psychologically seduce 9s and 10s
bulletHow effortless progress from psychological seduction to PHYSICAL seduction with the hottest girl in the room
bulletWhich triggers turn off 7s and 8s but turn on 9s and 10s
bulletHow to master frame control with the hottest chicks and bring them into your reality
bulletWhy “negs” are the worst tactic to use with these women and how to prevent from being blown out
bulletHow to switch the confidence trigger and why this will have the hottest women in the room all over you
bulletThe mind-trick that will get those super-hot, high quality women that you’ve always wanted naked in your bed instead of dancing with their girlfriends at the club.
bulletA hypnotic tactic that will have the most gorgeous women in the room chasing you no matter what you look like.

In Modules 3, you’re going to get a true PhD in female psychology. Here I’ll teach you:

bulletThe trick to quickly identifying different female personalities fast and hitting specific personality triggers that make each type of woman go WILD
bulletHow to deal with the “age issue” and turn it around so she becomes wild with attraction
bulletHow to tame “alpha females” when meeting them but unleashing the sexy beast within her in bed
bulletHow to the guy that every Cougar in the room can’t wait to sleep with
bulletThe trick to identifying the women who love control and getting them to act on their sexual desires FAST
bulletHow to switch the “fantasy” trigger such that you are the man fulfilling her sexual fantasies
bulletAdvanced training on how to seduce different types of women including club girls, college girls, and younger women.

In Module 4, I cover how to use female evolution to trigger her wild side. Here we go over:

bulletHow to master the various evolutionary triggers that make women feel biologically compelled to sleep with you
bulletBecoming a master of the female “social sexual cycle” so you know which women are already ready for sex before you’ve even met them
bulletThe five stages of the social sexual cycle and how to take advantage of each
bulletHow to use sexual triggers to eliminate last minute resistance
bulletKnowing the difference between real LMR or “token” LMR and how to deal with each scenario
bulletOne of my favorite “in bed” tactics I call “agree and arouse”
bulletWhen pulling back will actually make her put her foot on the sexual gas pedal
bulletHow to be the guy that she thinks her body is “programmed” to be with

Module 5 is where you become a master of relationship management as we delve into:

bulletA spectrum of relationship triggers that will make that awesome girl you meet want to be your girlfriend
bulletHow to create feelings of emotional intimacy that will leave her wanting to see you everyday
bulletThe triggers that will have your girlfriend wanting it from you EVERY NIGHT
bulletThe keys to making women feel invested in you and invested in having sex with you
bulletHow to set up threesomes the RIGHT WAY
bulletThe keys to maintaining a “friends with benefits” relationship as long as you want
bulletHow to manage dating multiple women at once
bulletThe importance of using qualification to keep multiple women around

And finally, in Module 6, where going to cover all of the various rejection triggers where you’ll discover:

bulletHow to become totally rejection proof once and for all
bulletThe triggers that will have a woman want to be with you even if she’s not sure about you
bulletHow to avoid the “loser” trigger
bulletThe best ways to qualify yourself as a potential suitor
bulletHow to switch the confidence trigger FAST
bulletWhy lying can set you up for disaster!
bulletHow to have no fear of negative consequences allowing you to go after ANY woman you desire
bulletHow to never be the guy that goes home alone

Investing in this product, is not a “one time, money spent” investment. The secrets I teach you in this program are a Lifetime Knowledge. They will work with any girl anytime, now or after 50 years…..

These Are Biological Sexual Triggers That Are Programed Into Women and Will NOT Go Away



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