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MeHow Seduction Materials Collection

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Mehow – No Strings Attached (NSA) System Review | Mehow – No Strings Attached (NSA) System Download

First, let me ask You a few questions… Have you ever had a woman:

Treat you as a friend when you knew that there was something more?

Not notice you for the funny amazing guy that you are?

Leave you for someone that you felt was better looking or more successful than you? Didn’t know how to get her back?

Talk about some jerk… when you know she deserves so much better?

Do You: Frequently find yourself not knowing what to say or do around women?

Have trouble not knowing what to do or where to take things on the first date? Or after that?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above then YOU NEED TO KEEP READING!

What if you had the opportunity TODAY to be with multiple “perfect girls” at the same time… Without any drama, no unwanted attachment… while being fully in control.

Well, this could be your reality sooner than you think.

When you learn our easy to follow methods you WILL have the power and skills to choose your own reality. If it’s to be with your one perfect girl or to be with 3 more just like her at the same time.


If you are reading this you have been selected to be a part of a small test group.

What I am about to reveaI to you is so extremely powerful it would simple be irresponsible for me to share it freely… so I can only allow a small group of guys per region to learn my hard hitting closely guarded secrets… until today these were secrets that I only shared with a handful of guys.

This is SO POWERFUL, I can’t just let anyone get a hold of these methods. I’m not an idiot here. I won’t hand a loaded weapon to a dangerous criminal and I’m certainly not going to allow these secrets pass into the hands of someone who wants to use them to manipulate or mistreat women.

So, if you intend on using what I’m about to teach you in a negative way to mislead women… I ask that you DO NOT read any further.

You see, I’ve uncovered a secret seduction system that allows any guy to be able to talk to any girl in a bar, on the street, at work, ANY girl you DO or DON’T know or even online and get her into bed that same night… sometimes in less than an hour (No this has nothing to do with NLP, Magic Tricks, or any of that other nonsense).

I’m also gonna show you my “TOP SECRET” Technology that Permanently Disables Her “Attachment Mechanism” while keeping her Willingly Repeatedly Coming Over For More (As long as you want to keep her around) once you have her and if you want to make her your girlfriend… how to re-enable it.

So, you are always in full control.


But, Before I Go More Into Why This May Very Be The Most Important Page You Have Ever Stumbled Upon, Allow Me to To Tell You A Little Bit About Myself And Share My Credentials…

Hi… My name is Mehow.

I am known as the “mad scientist” in the dating community, because I have taken the art of attraction or seduction and turned it into a perfected science.

I have been responsible for many of the most controversial, innovative and down right successful shockwaves that have rocketed through the dating community in the last 6 years. I’ve had the satisfaction of seeing our students lives transformed before my very eyes in every major city around the world.

But see… I didn’t always have this knowledge.

I used to be an average guy just like many of you.

I used to drive a school bus and I was definitely not what you would call successful with the ladies.

I’m balding and extremely skinny.

But, fortunately I did eventually find a beautiful ballerina that wanted to marry me… which did end up in divorce after only a couple years.

In fact, this is me, happy, before my divorce…

After my divorce I ended up moved to sunny San Diego… thinking that would solve all my women problems and I still wasn’t satisfied with my social life or any of my female relationships that I had.

That is when I decided things had to change drastically.

And, I went on a life long quest to find the answers…

I traveled through the world – luring beautiful women… for 7 years studying women’s psychology while trying out techniques and methods… perfecting my science, so I could pass my knowledge on and help guys like you.

So, you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did… because it sucks to be rejected and not know how to obtain the relationships that you desire with women.

I Now Have Proprietary Seduction Methodology Based On The Secrets I Discovered After Approaching Over 6,000 Women And Having Sexual Relationships With Many Of Them.

Myself and my team of hand picked coaches quickly got to work observing and experimenting with new behaviors, ideas and attitudes.


We uncovered naturally occurring patterns that occur during male/female interactions and built sequences based upon them, which any man can use… no matter their age, income or looks. It was only a matter of time before we started to see the patterns that would change male – female relationships overnight. We were very excited!

See, most guys are meeting women the hard way, they spend hours meeting women, often in places where they are unlikely to meet the girl of their dreams, not knowing what to say or do.

For many years this was the only way guys knew how to meet a girl…

In fact most guys seem to settle for the first almost perfect girl that they have some sort of relationship with and then get stuck in a relationship that they don’t enjoy and most of the time are miserable in…

Well after all our observations we found that most guys are happiest with 2 – 3 women they’re seeing regularly…

You see Scientists (and even Government Scientists) have known for years That men are hard wired to seek out many partners.


What’s Worse, Is That Divorce Has Been Shown To Decrease Happiness:

“After divorce, happiness levels decrease and may never completely rebound.”
– PsychCentral. Grohl, John M. May 8, 2009

And Guess What The Current Divorce Rate Is:

A Woe Inflicting FIFTY PERCENT

I Know… It’s Staggering.

The divorce rate in America is 50% percent of first marriages. 67% of second and 74% of third marriages also ended in divorce according to Jennifer Baker of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology.

Now there are exceptions to every rule But Until You Find That Someone You Want To Lock Down I Recommend You Don’t Fight 50,000 Years Of Your Brains Hardwired Evolutionary Circuitry

The World Record of casual girlfriends that were obtained by one of my students at once by using my method was TENThat’s Right10 girlfriends at the SAME TIME – without drama while being in full control of each of them.

“I made an experiment to see how many girls I could go out with at once, I got to 10 girls… Kept them all for 3 months, but it was too much work and I had to let 4 of them go recently. They keep trying to come back, some eventually got back, but I found out 6 is a good number to manage. I’m back to 7 now, it’s not an optimum number, but it’s still way easier to keep than 10. It’s always funny to see the face of the security guard on my street, because every night a different girl comes over. Life is good.” – Fernando*

*This is an uncompensated testimonial from Fernando.

But we feel 5 is a more manageable number for most guys…

5 girls that aren’t seeing or sleeping with anyone else… JUST YOU (do the math! – there aren’t that many girls available if everybody is using this system)

This System Allows Men To Date
The Women Of Their Dreams. Consistently.

They Get Attached

Women are evolutionarily programmed to seek out and “lock down” the guys they like. This goes back 50,000 years! Although we live in a modern society, our brains still live tin the caveman era. So while the male brain is telling you to go get more women. The woman’s brain is telling her to deny other women access to you and make you her exclusive man so that…

The Other Girls Don’t Steal You Away

(and consequently steal all the “resources” that she could use to take care of your babies – that’s just how women are wired!)

So whats the one big secret to actually having multiple girls:

So, after scrutinized trial and error we brought these simple secrets to a very small test group and told them simply “Go Get ‘Em!”

There were two doctors and 1 Neuro -Linguistic Master Trainer amongst the testers that have been studying our methods for over 1 year

It was incredible… we had success stories occurring practically overnight.

A phenomenon.

So, we went out to look for even more experts in our field to correlate our results with the norm and to our surprise we found that literally no one else has explored relationships in this way before.

And those experts had the same consistent results.

That’s when I knew we had something extremely special, something that could…

With nearly no effort on YOUR (the guys) part!

The word was out.

We quite possibly have the most revolutionary system known to man,

Simply put; this will get you the girls you have always wanted (or in some cases want back) but it is so powerful, how can we ethically teach it?

I originally decided to start teaching it to our elite private students, the guys we’d coach continuously and in person, so we could monitor how it was used but for every 1 guy that had amazing success there were 10 more hammering at our door wanting to know how they could too achieve happiness with multiple Girls.

That’s when I realized it wasn’t ethical for me not to share my knowledge and to keep guys from being the happiest that they could be, especially when the women were just as happy in these relationships, too!

But, like I said before… I can still only teach a certain number of guys per region to stop chaos from taking hold, so when we’ve hit our quota the doors will close on this for good.

The Controversy

I am considered an Outlaw in my own industry…

You see if you can just meet multiple No Strings Attached women without any fuss or bother then the need for traditional dating services will eventually be obsolete, not to mention you’re taking more women then all the other guys out there and they don’t like that. So, you can see why all the other dating companies are not to happy with me.

As I said before… everyone who purchases this program has to agree to use these techniques only for moral purposes and that you will leave the women better than you found them.

In fact, if I find out that guys are abusing this method and using these skills inappropriately, I will immediately insist that you return the material.

That Said, Here’s Just A Small Taste Of What You’ll Discover Inside The Secret Methods I’m Teaching You Now:

  • “Carrot and Stick” technology – How to disable her attachment mechanism… so she will only be around as long as you want her to be.
  • How real dating works – how to get women hot and horny on a date without having to spend a lot of money… and have her begging for a second and third.
  • How to subtly separate yourself from every other guy out there, and why she’ll become addicted to your attention.
  • How to get her thinking sexually about YOU to the point where she gets wet at just the mention of your name.
  • A little trick you can use when a woman seems distant that will turn it around in just seconds.
  • How to push your interaction from just talking to dating at lightning speed.
  • How to manage multiple women successfully and get through Valentines day and other holidays without a scratch.
  • The fundamental behaviors that will have her to start wanting you more, each and every time you have an interaction with her.
  • How to have her addicted to you, not only because of what you say but the way you say it and the deeper meaning that she will connect with you on.
  • And much, much more !

Now I know your asking… Mehow how do you expect me to get multiple girls when I have trouble getting one?

Don’t worry if you have trouble getting one girl, I find that once you get the first girl it becomes much easier to then start dating the second and third and with that said… we will teach you how to easily get the first one!

And, if you’ve ever lost a woman to another guy, with what I am going to teach you… you will need never to worry about losing a girl to another guy, ever again… even if the other guy is a model, extremely wealthy, and well hung.

Best part: This revolutionary method appears 100% natural and spontaneous, so you’ll be flying under the radar. No one – especially her friends – will have any idea what you’re up to… until it’s too late.

Here is what Nathan… one of the guys that was selected for our test group had to say…

“I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to you. Things in my life are stellar right now. We went out. The one thing I fessed up too was I didn’t have the greatest pay check this week. She told me to not worry about it and that she was gonna play “sugar-mamma” tonight. She wanted the whole night to be about just pampering me. Apparently I did a lot of great things that first night. The kicker of the whole thing is she’s bisexual and already showing me pics of friends she wants to ‘bring in” and have fun with. It amazes me that everything goes on autopilot.” – Nathan*

* Nathan is a real person, and he was not compensated in anyway.

You need to be prepared because you will have more girls than you can handle.

This works even if you are:
Older Or Younger Then Your Ideal Women
Overweight Or Simply Not A Gym Freak
Poor / Living With Your Parents
Or just a normal guy!

In fact you only need to take a look at me to see I’m not the typical type of man that women are attracted to. Yet I consistently get phenomenal results in my dating life

1) Your ex-girlfriend, get her back today.
2) That ‘Friend’ you’ve had your eye on for a while.
3) That hot secretary in your office.
4) That cute girl behind the local checkout.
5) Your crush who has yet to notice you.
6) The girl you’ve been with for years.

And that’s just to name a few of the many women that you can have.

It’s time you make sure you’re prepared when she does come around… Because you rarely get a second chance… like that old saying, you might have heard it?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Can you imagine the Incredible Power you gain knowing the algorithm of exactly what to do and say – second by second – that rewards her sexual interest and compliance in a way that gets her addicted without the attachment and with her always wanting to come back for more? Can you imagine that power with many, many women?

She Will Be Enthralled

Have you ever been around a girl who ties you down when you want so much more? But, you didn’t know what to do? And what if you didn’t have her, could you meet another girl? I’ve experienced this, and I know it really sucks.

Worse… is the feeling of being alone, when you don’t have a girl around that you know is right for you… that feeling of loneliness… Wondering if you she will ever realize that you are right there, and ready for her

Why wait for her at all when you can learn exactly what to say and do to make them all want to be with you!
Knowing this vital information is just like having a $10 Million Dollar “Takes Care Of YOU” Trust Fund!
Because You Will Meet Them It will happen. Period.

So, for those of you who want to Get Your “No Strings Attached” Girls then today is your lucky day!

I’d like to introduce to you:

“The No Strings Attached (NSA) SystemTM

The Man’s Guide To Finding And Keeping Your 100% Perfect Girls

This Is The ONLY System That Shows You  How To “Disable Her Attachment Mechanism”  So You Can Have Multiple “Partners”  Drama FREE
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Mehow – The One(der) System Download

Mehow-The One(der) System Man's Guide to Getting Your 100% Perfect Girl

Man’s Guide to Getting Your 100% Perfect Girl : Mehow-The One(der) System

The overall strategy and approach for getting a girlfriend in this program is solid. It outlines a mature and effective step by step process that will work if you put the time into it. Don’t expect it to be easy of course – it takes work and so it should.
What makes it stand out is that it integrates concepts like social skills (aka social circle game) and steadily building a solid relationship with the girl you are interested in. Mehow spends quite a bit of time talking about the things you shouldn’t do that could jeopardize having a solid relationship with her – this is just as important as telling you what to do.

Something to keep in mind is also that the system is aimed at getting high quality girls with lots of options. So it emphasizes the need for things like jealousy which are less necessary and can even mess up your chances if used with less challenging or ‘in demand’ women. Using jealousy needs to be calibrated to the girl, but Mehow doesn’t discuss calibrating to the girl sufficiently. It’s the one area of weakness in his approach that could use more information to make it easier to implement.

Tackles the Tricky Situations that May be Involved when You Want that One Girl

On a practical note, the system is set up with the intention of giving you the best chance of getting the one girl you want (rather than getting any girl). So it uses an approach that will avoid rejection and give you a higher probability of getting that one girl. It uses concepts like social circles and approach invitations to engineer this.
Typical dating advice tells you not to focus too much on any one girl – and explains that there is an element of playing the odds with dating as well. This system goes against that trend because it is set up for you to get the one girl you are really interested in no matter the situation. So instead of telling you to avoid the difficult situations and move on to a new girl, it gives you advice to make the best of the situation.

Typically this involves steps to take to minimize the problems (e.g. rejection and social repercussions) and some rules to follow.

Example situations include where your girl has been a long time friend that doesn’t think of you romantically, your ex-girlfriend or someone you work with or the girl has a boyfriend already.

The advice was all spot on for these situations – excellent. See my comment on ‘hidden gems’ below for more on the advice on getting ex-girlfriends back.

[oa_social_sharing_icons] Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Mehow´s The One(der) System Review | Mehow´s The One(der) System Download

Mehow´s The One(der) System Download

Mehow´s The One(der) System Download

Mehow´s The One(der) System :  shows you exactly how YOU can “Instantly Attract And Keep Your One(der) Girl” while showing her that you are the perfect guy for her, the guy she’s been dreaming about. No more being trapped in the friend zone. An end to rejection, frustration and a complete guide to never losing her once you’ve got her. And the best part is, you never have to use any “pickup technology” to “approach,” instead your One(der) Girls will be asking you out. We collected years of research on the female psyche to answer those questions that have plagued guys for years; so we could answer that elusive question: “What do women want?” This is especially dedicated to those guys that think that they need money and looks to get their One(der) Girl, when the process is so much simpler then they could have ever imagined.

In fact, once these basic principles were tested by both myself and my team of coaches we found that something incredible was happening (watch the video to hear the whole story!!). As a result we suddenly had that winning romantic lottery ticket to cash in over and over, and we could meet that one perfect girl for us. This presentation contains the information (that literally no one knows) which allowed her to want me for me with absolutely no chance for error.

So if you’re ready to help fate, step up and be with your dream girl… fascinating her, dating her and having her turned on for YOU, because she finally sees you for who YOU are, and if you are with your dream girl and you want to learn how to keep her forever… then this is the system for you. Of course you need to watch the video, there are already guys in your region watching right now and a there are a limited number of spots in each region. This video won’t be up for too long so claim your chance to be happy by watching right now. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn. Watch it now, while you still can. Remember: Watch the entire video! The end of it will really surprise you.



[oa_social_sharing_icons] Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Mehow – Get The Girl Infield Pickup Exposed Download

The Breakthrough Attraction System that Goes Beyond the “Theory” and Methods of Approaching, and Seducing Women… And Demonstrates New Cutting-Edge Tactics, in Real World Venues… Unscripted and Right Before Your Eyes Without Even Leaving Your home!

If you want to discover how to quickly and successfully approach and attract the most alluring and desirable women on the planet… using methods that truly work in real life settings… gaining literally years of pick-up experience, in simply a matter of days… then this will be the most shocking and exciting letter you’ve ever read!

Here’s why:

Hi. My name is Mehow, and I’m a Seduction and Pickup Coach.

You might know me from my appearances on MTV, WealthTV,, Playboy Radio, the many bootcamps and seminars that I have spoke at around the world, or at the recent LA Pick Up Summit, where my Get the Girl system won the award for Best Nightlife Attraction Method.

Right now, I am one of the most sought after pick-up artists in the industry.


Because while I am a bald, pasty, scrawny, nerdy-looking guy, I can approach an absolutely beautiful women with complete ease, and within minutes, have her burning with desire.

More importantly, I have approached thousands of women in nightlife venues, and learned the hard way…developing my own unique and easy to learn system…so you can achieve the same results with women, in a fraction of the time!

Truth be told…not so long ago, I was just like you… frustrated, and tired of the singles scene!

You see… I was hopeless. I thought there was no light at the end of the tunnel. At the age of 33, I could not talk to, let alone approach, any woman that was even remotely attractive.

So I spent over three years of my life dedicated to learning the real secrets to approaching, attracting, and seducing women.

I spent tireless hours reading every book on the subject, attended seminar after seminar, sought out the most respected mentors, and soaked up all of their knowledge!

More importantly, I spent countless nights going out into the nightlife to test, adjust, and develop my skills in the hottest venues, from L.A. to Miami.

After two painstaking years, the results paid off big time, as I had finally developed...

A Massively “Field Tested” Formula, Any Man Can Use to Consistently and Successfully Attract Women… Methods that Will Bring a Lifetime of Results!

I then took this knowledge, including my huge collection of over 512 pages of personal notes, and wrote the Get The Girl! Manual.

As you know, the Get The Girl! manual was a huge success, having been purchased by thousand of guys, from all walks of life, and from all over the globe.

More importantly, the Get The Girl! methods brought amazing results to guys who followed my simple methods.

Here’s a just small sample of what guys have said:

“After reading this book, I am able to go back to every situation and see what I did right, and where I went wrong. I cannot thank my friend enough for turning me on to this. After learning these simple steps, I feel unstoppable. Mehow has covered every angle and it is completely foolproof! This book is now my bible and has changed my life for the better. It is permanently placed on my night stand and it sits there until I place it in the drawer before those 9’s and 10’s come over!”

– T.J., USA

“Mehow, Your book is FANTASTIC! I was at a Car wash yesterday and I was sitting there thinking about all the stuff from what I read in your book and the stuff I learned from Hypnotica CD’s. I was trying to practice just being chill and cool then a 9.5HB sits down next to me and starts to pet my dog and talk to me. At first I could not believe she was really interested in me then she gave me her number. This stuff really works… Thanks!”

– GG, Orange County, CA

“Hi Mehow! I just LOVE your book, it fits more with my personality than every other system out there. Thank you, really.”

– Jasons, Southern France

“I have already read through the book now a couple times… Really solid, exciting and inspirational. As well as brilliant, and beautiful! I have already had a million breakthroughs and revelations!!! Thank you so much for this book, I love it!”

– Ember, West Coast

But, that’s just the beginning of the story!

Let me explain:

After I released Get The Girl! manual, I immediately started working on a new project. A project that would allow you to boost your learning experience, and gain maximum confidence in the shortest time possible… and obtain the mission critical tactics and techniques typically only obtained by spending years gathering real infield exposure!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of the Get The Girl! manual, as I truly believe that it is 171 pages of extremely solid material that can change the life of any man.

But I know firsthand, (and I am sure you will agree with me) there are some things that you simply can’t learn by book training alone. Nothing can replace the experience obtained by going out into the nightlife, and actually seeing my methods used in the field!

Unfortunately, real infield training is expensive, and often the results that can be unpredictable, making it difficult for you to get the most out of your infield experience.

This is why I created...

A Ultra-Effective Breakthrough Program That
Will Revolutionize the Way Men Learn the
Art of Attraction Forever!



Infield Exposed is an 8 DVD Box set that breaks through the typical barriers of learning the art of pick-up, and goes beyond any video product ever produced by anyone in the industry… period!

But, don’t just take my word for it!

Here’s what guys are already saying about Infield Exposed:

So what exactly is Infield Exposed?

Consider this for a moment:

Imagine going out to the hottest L.A. nightclubs… with me as your personal mentor!

That’s right… you and me out sarging women in the hottest L.A. Nightclubs!

And throughout the night, you’re learning everything you need to know to become wildly successful with women.
You’re able to watch and learn, as I share with you all my methods, with explicit clarity, and even demonstrate for you:

  • Precisely How You Can Approach the Hottest, Most Drop Dead Gorgeous Women on this Planet… and Never Have to Worry About Rejection!
  • How You Can Instantly Captivate Any Woman, and with Each Second That Passes… Make Her Develop a Stronger, Solid Attraction for You!
  • How You Can Easily Establish a Warm and Seductive Comfort Level with Any Woman That Will, Within Minutes, Escalate to a Physical Level!
  • The Secrets You Need to Know, to Effortlessly Seduce a Woman in 3 Minutes or Less!
  • How to Use Your Body Language, and Your Voice to Drive Women Crazy with Red Hot Desire!
    • Plus, Much More!

    But, It Doesn’t End There!

    After our wild night on the town… it’s just you and me again.

    This time, however… it’s in the comfort of your own home!

    This is where I break everything down to the finest of details… every interaction, every little detail that we caught on tape!

    I describe each technique I used, and why I used it… I explain every tactic used, and how to use them with surefire results!

    Most importantly, you will discover how you can instantly learn from this experience to take your game to the next level!

    By now you should start to see how this will take your game to the next level, with explosive results!

    But That’s Just The Beginning!

    Imagine having a total of 8 DVDs jammed packed with pure pick-up gold…

    Here’s what the Infield Exposed set includes:

    The first 2 DVDs give you exclusive access, allowing you to see firsthand how I apply the Get The Girl! methods in real world venues… allowing you to gain a complete understanding as to how you can utilize my methods to approach any woman… allowing you to achieve the same results… without having to spend years in field!

    Watch, learn, and take your game to a new height as I demonstrate to you:

    • How to Vibe Attractive Qualities that Practically Make Women Beg for Your Attention!
    • An Easy Way to Sub-Communicate Value, that Makes the Most Beautiful Woman Feel Unworthy of You!
    • The Key Secrets to Delivering Your Opening Material That Make Women Take Notice and Want to Learn More About You!
    • Exactly How to Tease Women… and Drive Them Crazy!
    • How to Effectively Deploy a False Time Constraint Perfectly Every Time!
    • How to Handle I.O.D’s While Maintaining Perfect Composure!
    • Simple Kino Pinging Techniques to Escalate Her Desire!
    • How to Use Advanced Microlooping Techniques Never Revealed Before!
      • And…Much, Much More!

      Plus, on these first 2 DVDs, I will demonstrate how you can apply your Get The Girl! Methods on a wide variety of sets, such as:

          • 2 Girl Sets
          • Girl and Guy Sets
          • 2 Girls and 2 Guys Sets
          • Lone Wolf Sets
          • Seated Sets
          • Party Sets
          • Couple Sets

          That’s just about every combination you will ever see in the field!

          The fact of the matter is these 2 DVDs contain footage that is second to none in the industry!

          In fact, many pick-up veterans would argue that this footage alone is worth the cost of the entire Infield Exposed set!

          But the first 2 DVDs are just the warm-up!

          In DVD’s 3 through 8, your knowledge and confidence will go through the roof, as I take you through each and every set…

          …In Play-By-Play Detail… Taking as Much Time as it Takes… Explaining Each Tactic, Technique, and Strategy Used in Explicit Detail… Holding Absolutely Nothing Back!

          Here’s what you get in addition to the first 2 DVDs:

          For starters…

          Infield Exposed – DVD #3
          The “Party Girl” Set

          On this DVD, we dive head first into a large group set that is part of an even larger party, and win over the party girl!

          On this disc, I will disclose some of my tried and true secrets, and you will quickly discover:

              • How to Open a Set and Gain 3-Minute Instant Attraction!
              • The “Mixed Set” Rules That Add Big Time Success to Your Game… Yet, Most Guys Never Learn!
              • The Secrets to Delivering Effective Microloops… And How This Little Tip Can Bring You Overnight Results!
              • How to Pull in Girls That Interrupt and Disrupt Your Set!
              • The “New Thread” Tactic That Allows You to Maintain Control in Any Set… And How to Use this “Cool as Ice” Technique!
              • A Clever Technique to Win Over Guys and Keep Them Cool!
              • A Smooth Tactic to Discover Who the “Individual Of Importance” is in Party Sets… and Why it is Vitally Important!
              • How to Tell, With Perfect Accuracy, When to Enter the Comfort Stage!
              • Why Girls Fight Over “Positive Chill Guys”… and How to Be One!
              • The Perfect Way to Disqualify a Girl… and Why You Can’t Skip this Step… Ever!
              • The “Take Away” Tactic… that Forces Her to Work Harder for Your Attention!
              • A Fast Crash Course of Kino… that Will Get You Fast Affection!
              • A Fail Proof Number Close… that Gets Her REAL Number Each Time!
              • And, a Whole Lot More!

              And, as if that was not enough there’s…

              Infield Exposed – DVD #4
              The “Same Night Pull”, “Hired Gun Move”, and “Group Move” Sets

              Buckle Up! On this DVD, we move fast and furiously through a sarge that leads to a historical same night pull with a super hottie, a set with a smokin’ hired gun, and a set that involves moving a group set into your own group! This is a power packed disc that is full of pick-up tactics that can only boost your game. Here’s a small dose of what you will discover:

                  • How to Quickly Tame those Feisty Girls… and Win Their Hearts!
                  • The One and Only Time it is Ever Beneficial to Buy a Girl a Drink!
                  • The Key to Perfect Comfort that Will Add Solid Value to Your Game!
                  • How to Approach a Group of Hot Women, Even if They are Surrounded by Men!
                  • How to “Move” a Set… Even if there is an A.M.O.G. in the Group!
                  • A Look at “Multiple Threads” and How to Use Them!
                  • How to Overcome the Difficulties of Holding Two Girls… Even if You Don’t Have a Wing!
                  • How to Go From Cold Approach to a Move in Just 3 Minutes!
                  • What to do When You Discover That Your Target Has a Boyfriend in the Venue!
                  • How to Turn Girls Against Their Own Dates… Without Doing Anything!
                  • And….Much More!

                  And, if you think that is great… wait until you see…

                  Infield Exposed – DVD #5
                  The “Group Move” Continued, “The San Francisco Handshake”,
                  “Wing Set”, And “Seated Set”

                  On this disc, we finish up the play-by-play of the “Group Move”, then cover a lot of ground such as:

                      • How to Know the Difference Between a Shit Test and Her Playful Gaming Just to Get in Your Pants!
                      • The “Right” Way to Enter a Seated Set… and Be Offered a Chair in 90 Seconds!
                      • The Real Reason Why “Opinion” Openers Don’t Work!
                      • What to Do When Your Wing is Late Entering a Set!
                      • How to Eject From a Set… that Guarantees You Re-Opening Later!
                      • The Secrets to Keeping Your Material Fresh, and Why it’s Critical to Your Game!
                      • The 90/10 Rule Every Pick-Up Artist Must Know… that Must Regular Guys Don’t!
                      • How to Nail Down Any Girl with Perfect Future Projections!
                      • How to Hook Darn Near 100% of the Time!
                      • How to Amp Up Your Attraction Using the Simple “Love/Hate” Method!
                      • How to Introduce Your Wing, and Let Your Wing Know Who Your Target is… Without the Girls Knowing!
                      • The Number One Qualifier You MUST Use on Every Single Set… Period!
                      • Just to Name a Few!

                      But, the fun doesn’t stop there…

                      Infield Exposed – DVD #6
                      The “The AMOG” Set, and the notorious “How To Kiss A
                      Girl In Front Of Her Boyfriend” Set

                      On this DVD, the action really starts heating up… as we start covering the topic of A.M.O.G’s and boyfriends. This Disc is full of meaty techniques and tips. Here’s a short list of all the hot pick-up knowledge you’ll uncover:

                          • A Sneaky Little Trick to Properly Scope Out Any Venue, Without Looking Needy… Most Guys Fail this Test Big Time!
                          • What to NEVER Do with Your Hands!
                          • The Unusual Verbal Cues Woman Give… That Scares Off Most Men!
                          • How to Quickly Change Your Approach to Completely Disarm Any Guy in Any Set!
                          • 2 Rules to Live By When it Come to Handling A.M.O.Gs
                          • A Brilliant Way to Turn the Women in a Set Against the Men that Were Already There!
                          • How to Handle Her I.O.I’s to Boost Attraction!
                          • A Sneaky Technique to Turn the Tables on an A.M.O.G
                          • The Secret to Developing Your Own Stories to Achieve Maximum Comfort and Attractive Qualities!
                          • How to Create an “Extremely Compelling Reality” That Every Woman Wants to Be a Part of!
                          • And…Lots More!

                          But your training doesn’t stop there!

                          Then there’s…

                          Infield Exposed – DVD #7
                          The notorious “How to Kiss a Girl in Front of Her Boyfriend” Continued.

                          On this DVD we continue on with the “How To Kiss Girls” set… where you will learn:

                              • How to Use Microloops to Get Women Insanely Wild With Desire… to the Point of Kissing You… Even in Front of Her Own Boyfriend!
                              • Real World Suggestions on How to Work Around he Boyfriend… and Get Her Number!
                              • How to Use a Wing Man to Distract Any Man, Including Boyfriends, to Isolate and Close on Your Target!
                              • What to Do if Your Woman is Ever the Target of a Pick Up Artist!
                              • The Two Rules You Should Consider When Picking-Up Women that are in Relationships!
                              • How to Watch Your Back… and What to Look for Before A.M.O.G’s Get Over-Heated!
                              • How to Have Eyes on the Back of Your Head to Know What’s Happening in Any Venue!
                              • The Real Reason “Why” Any Woman Would Allow Herself to be Kissed in Front of Her Boyfriend!

                              And last, but not least…

                              Infield Exposed – DVD #8
                              The “Comfort & Escalation” Footage

                              On DVD number 7, I will take you through an impressive demonstration of how to effectively run your game in an entourage, as well as tell you the insider secrets how comfort in that environment works! On this disc you will learn more of my coveted secrets like:

                                  • How to Pull Women into Your Seated Set… Putting You in Complete Control!
                                  • The Secrets to Setting up Your Own Entourages!
                                  • Why Your Should Sarge with an Entourage, and How it Will Help You!
                                  • The Rules You Must Follow When Running with an Entourage in Order for it to Work!
                                  • How to Use an Entourage to Make Women You Have Never Met Jealous!
                                  • How to Two Use a Wing to Split a Pair of Friends… Without Creating any Discomfort!
                                  • What to Do When You Create Too Much Value… that Might Scare the Woman Off!
                                  • How to Use Subtle I.O.D’s to Generate Compliance!
                                  • How to Approach, Seduce, and Make Out With a Hot Woman in Less than 20 Minutes!
                                  • And…Much More!

                                  Now, that’s a total of eight, hard-hitting, knowledge packed DVDs that will add years of experience to your game!

                                  In fact…

                                  Infield Exposed Contain Such Hard-Hitting Information… That Even Experienced Pick-Up Artists Are Jealous!

                                  Now, you would be hard pressed to find any other system, or any other product on the market that contains this level of knowledge… at any price!

                                  Which is my favorite part… Infield Exposed is a great value!

                                  To get this level of information, and clarity… you would have to attend at least one of my FULL bootcamps… and be able to take extremely detailed notes!

                                  Consider for a minute: Right now, on the rare occasion that I have time to do a full bootcamp, I charge $2,497.00!

                                  And, that’s not taking into consideration your traveling, lodging, and dining expenses.

                                  So frankly, if this DVD set was priced at $795.00, or just $99.37 a DVD… it would be a huge value!

                                  This is especially true when you consider the fact that you have the ability to go back, watch and learn whenever you want!

                                  In fact, the more you learn and use the skills presented on these DVDs… the more you will get out of this set the next time you watch it!

                                  This makes this set perfect for guys at all levels of pick-up ability… and it will continue to help you to improve your pick-up skills for months to come!

                                  But relax, I want to help out as many guys as I can… so this set of eight DVDs is not priced anywhere near $795!

                                  In fact, this set is not JUST eight DVDs!

                                  The Get The Girl! Infield Exposed Set Also Includes a Complete Set of Matching Audio CDs!

                                  These CDs contain the entire DVD presentation!

                                  This allows you to listen and hone your skills in the car, on your Ipod, or anywhere you choose… which is ideal for reinforcing the material!

                                  These CDs alone are a $200 Value!

                                  Now, that’s a total of 8 DVDs AND 8 CDs… easily a $995 Value!

                                  That’s a total of 16 discs! Never before, has there been a more complete pick-up training course available!

                                  This is why it is easy to understand that the normal price for the 16 Disc Infield Exposed set is priced at $297, plus $9.97 2nd day air in the continental United States and first class mail everywhere else!

                                  And, considering the information contained within this set, it is a bargain!

                                  In fact, the tactic and techniques disclosed to you in set are so powerful… you must agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement swearing never to reveal my methods to anyone, under any circumstance.

                                  That’s how powerful this training system is!

                                  Mehow – Get The Girl Infield Pickup Exposed Review

                                  The Good
                                  Great, real footage of Mehow in action. Great analysis of the interactions. Lots of content.
                                  The Bad
                                  Some of the tricks are not ethical or easily doable for most guys (see “Hollywood vive” below).
                                  The Bottom Line
                                  If you are looking for “in field” footage, this is a good choice.

                                  FULL DETAILED REVIEW

                                  A Companion to the Get The Girl! ebook

                                  This product shows you instructor Mehow in action: in bars and clubs, trying to meet and pick up women. This is called “being in field” – which explains the title.

                                  This DVD set is a companion to Mehow’s “Get The Girl!” ebook. They were released together back in 2007. So first things first – do you need to read the book before you watch this? Mehow advises it, and certainly it is necessary if you are new to all this (and the book is pretty good, too, although pricey).

                                  However if you are an experienced guy just looking for some in field footage, you will be able to understand it just fine without reading “Get The Girl!” beforehand.

                                  Live Videos

                                  The early DVDs are simply live, real interactions and pick ups – Mehow approaching women, introducing himself, and leading them into conversations, then getting their number, and sometimes kissing or taking them home. This is filmed in bars, with hidden cameras.

                                  As a 35 years old, pale, skinny, balding guy, Mehow is one of the few gurus who has a genuine disadvantage in terms of looks. This is obvious in the high definition shots from the commentary sections, and it makes Mehow’s results all the more interesting to witness.

                                  So, how good are the demos? Overall, they are good, although they are a few issues.

                                  One small(ish) issue is that SOME (not all) of the girls he talks to are just, objectively, not that cute. The first girl for example is a 6 at best. While the interactions go well and you can still learn from them, it’s not that impressive to get a girl who is so-so looking to open up and be friendly.

                                  Hollywood vibe & “Celebrity Attraction”

                                  Another, bigger issue is the “Hollywood vibe” that Mehow heavily uses in some of the conversations. It does NOT (luckily) happen every time, but in a few videos Mehow keep saying “I’m in the film industry”, “I’m a producer”, “this guy is in my upcoming TV show”, “you have to meet my publicist”, etc etc. He uses lines and tricks to imply he a big shot Los Angeles star, and this is filmed in a smaller city (San Diego) where the social impact of such statements is compounded.

                                  The result is that some of the interactions are polluted by the “celebrity attraction” going on, with girls constantly asking him about his TV show, what he does for a living, etc etc.

                                  I’m not entirely sure whether Mehow had a TV show in the works at the time – I believe he was stretching the truth and the very DVD Set I’m reviewing here was in fact the “TV show”. But ethics aside, it just makes those interactions less useful. Unless Mehow suggests we all go out and pretend to be TV producers, this particular “social status improvement technique” is out of reach for most guys. While I’m all for conveying a strong, valuable character, I don’t think making things up should be part of it.

                                  Pick Up Is Messy

                                  What IS good in those videos:

                                  1. Excellent sound and image quality, given the circumstances (hidden cameras).

                                  2. The overall positive vibe of Mehow. Some people have criticized him for having a “gay” vibe – I would disagree, and this did not bother me at all. Sure, his approach is more “friendly, fun guy” than “mysterious, James Bond” guy, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This is certainly easier to model, for beginners, than an “alpha male” vibe.

                                  3. The gutsy approaches. Mehow has balls. On a couple of approaches, I would have given up due to the lack of reaction of the girl, or the aggressiveness of her friends. Mehow just keeps pushing – and often, he ends up victorious. It’s a testimony to how far you can get if you are persistent.

                                  4. How simple it is. Mehow sticks to the techniques included in the ebook Get the Girl, so he uses the same ideas over and over again. And you can see it working time and time again.

                                  5. The mistakes. You can see Mehow making them. He explains them to you.

                                  What’s interesting about point 4 & 5 above is that, while watching the live videos, you might have a reaction of “is this IT?”, because it doesn’t always look amazing. He makes mistakes. The conversation is sometimes dull. He misreads the girl. He loses her then gets her back. Etc etc. It doesn’t always look masterful (although it often does).

                                  But that’s actually a good thing, and again, Mehow should be given credit for not cutting out those bits. What this shows you is that, in the words of Ozzie (on Real Social Dynamics’s Transformations): “Pick up is messy”. You can’t predict everything. You can’t get it right all the time. You have to improvise and have fun with it. And that’s fine.

                                  Break Downs & Analysis

                                  In the later DVDs, we are in Mehow’s living room and we watch the live bits again, as he pauses and breaks down the interactions for us, minute by minute, explaining in details what he did and why it worked (or didn’t work).

                                  Among many other things, you get a very clear explanation of how to handle interruptions, get an emotional reaction, and keep the girl’s interest for a long period of time.

                                  Sometimes Mehow breaks it down to such a small level, with jargon and theories, that he kind of loses you. You are like, “come on man, she just batted her eyelash, that doesn’t mean she is radio-pinging-reverse-eyelashing you”. One could say he reads too much into stuff at times, in his desire to explain every little move.

                                  BUT at least you get a lot of meat, a lot of tips, a lot of food for thoughts. A lot of the explanations overlap with the ebook, but some of it is new and only featured here.

                                  The Bottom Line: A Valuable Teaching Tool

                                  Watching good real interactions is one of the best things you can do. It just shows you how it is done, and also gives you the belief it can be done.

                                  Few companies have invested the time and money to do this; so Mehow should be given credit here – this is one of the earliest, and still one of the best produced “in field” products in the market.

                                  If you can’t afford to pay thousands for a bootcamp, this gives you the chance to see a “pro” at work for much less, and you can replay it again and again, too. If you are looking for in field footage, this is a good choice.

                                  One word of advice: as you start watching the live DVDs, you might be tempted to fast-forward to the analysis. Resist the urge. Watch the first 2 or 3 hours of interactions without commentary. Try to understand, by yourself, what is going on.

                                  When you reach the analysis DVDs, you will get to see how much you understood, and that will give you an idea of how much more you have to learn.


                                  [oa_social_sharing_icons] Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

                                  Dear friend,

                                  If you’re ready to discover a systematic, yet “natural” looking, way to blow far beyond all existing attraction models – and ACTUALLY start scoring with women each and every night of the week… then this will be the most important message you’ll ever read!

                                  Here’s Why

                                  As you know, I’m Mehow – one of the most sought after “seduction” coaches in the world.

                                  Just about two years ago today, I released the infamous Get The Girl! manual, and then quickly followed up that manual with my powerful “Infield Exposed” set. This revolutionary training tool astonished the entire seduction community… by going beyond “book theory”, going into the field, and revealing how to actually use my methods in REAL world venues and with REAL women – and get REAL results!

                                  But don’t take my word for it, here’s what guys are saying about Infield Exposed behind my back:

                                  Great product, Candid, and Informative – with no fluff!

                                  “Mehow is the FIRST with the f*ucking guts to show himself in-field. All the others just go bla bla bla. I got more than I bargained for with this product. He shows how he does it, he dissects the interactions with great detail, he’s candid, honest, and looks you in the eye without appearing ‘guruish’ and patronizing. He also gets results. Many sets hook and he also pulled all the way. This product helped me a lot both by giving me methods and demonstrations and also by making me trust the material and the person that teaches it because he’s showing himself in full in the videos. In action, not on the stage lecturing like most other PUA’s. I wish I would get as much results as he did in these videos, and I’m working on myself so to get there. Good luck to all!”

                                  – Mike, USA

                                  Infield Exposed rocks!

                                  “Mehow rocks! Finally someone is showing you how it is done, for real, then only then talks about it. I benefited from this more than any other. I recommend it!”

                                  -Henson, Norway

                                  It Just “Clicks” in Your Head!

                                  “I finished watching it yesterday and didn’t’ have a chance to field test it, but i loved it anyway. The great thing about this product is, that it can replace a life workshop. You finally see everything in action and it just “clicks” in your head. Usually when you just read/hear something you know intellectually what you are supposed to do, but just cant imagine doing it all at once. With this infield footage you can finally get some life action to backup all the talk and put it into your brain once and for all. The material isn’t as advanced as some other stuff out there, but the good thing about is, that you can apply all of it, no matter how far along you are.

                                  -LDome, Germany

                                  Infield Demonstrations with Feedback – Just Made It Sink In!

                                  The theories finally make sense when you see them in the field. One of my biggest problems with PUA material is that I read and read, but once I get in the field it all gets mixed up in my head and I end up just freezing out, or approaching and not implementing anything I read. These field demonstrations with the feedback later just made it click for me. It’s like all the material I learned up until now sunk into the right corner in my head. Finally, I can use it better for real.

                                  -Nightride, Detroit

                                  He Knows Game VERY, Very Well.

                                  “I bought this and just finished watching it all. There are a lot of hidden camera in-field videos and then Mehow reviews them with his DVD player, pauses and explains what’s going on. Mehow is cool in the field. He’s very vibrant and playful. He knows game VERY very well. But he doesn’t appear so mechanical and cold and weird like Mystery. In the explanations section where he explains the in-field videos he shows some good analysis of the details of the interaction. He knows the stages of the game, how to handle each stage, and so on. He addresses his good and bad sets and the same night pull set! Overall I liked it!


                                  You see, up until now, my “Infield Exposed” training set stood alone as the premier training tool to quickly and effortlessly master the art of attraction and seduction.

                                  Today It ALL Changes

                                  Today, I am raising the benchmark… and once again combined the power of the real, uncensored, unscripted, infield video with my new, smooth as silk, extremely powerful “10 Second Attraction” tactics!

                                  That’s right, I’m combining state of the art video technology… AND my latest breakthrough attraction system – and delivering to you a simple, yet powerful, A to Z blueprint – to get the most extreme massive results in the field.

                                  Introducing…”Infield Exposed – 10SSA”

                                  Never Before, In The History Of Seduction Has It Been THIS Simple, Or THIS Easy… To Same Night Pull On Any Night Of The Week Of Your Choice… Without Stacks, Routines, Or Acting Like A “Pick-Up Robot!”

                                  Here’s the story:

                                  After releasing my “10 Second Attraction” system, I decided it was time to take my “ninja-like” camera crew, and capture these new techniques in real-world settings.

                                  Once again the rules were simple…No Scripts, No Models, No Second Chances – and No Excuses.Oh, and I gave myself just 3 nights, to capture as much footage as possible.

                                  Meaning, this isn’t a “highlight reel” comprised of the best sets over the course of weeks, or months. On the contrary, I wanted to deliver this to you as raw as possible. I wanted to demonstrate everything I have learned… and condense it into one simple, easy to follow system – that would allow any guy, at any age or skill level, to achieve the most life altering results. Results that go beyond just scoring the women of your dreams, but results that trickle throughout your entire life.

                                  During this 3-nights of filming, we captured 2 Full DVDs worth of footage – hardcore footage that shocked even me… and will literally blow your mind.

                                  Here’s Just A Small Sample Of What You’ll Discover

                                  • All The “10SSA” Methods Revealed On Video!
                                  • Solo Sarging – The Way To Dominate Any Set Without A Wing!
                                  • High-Octane, Value Velocity Tactics You Can Add To ANY Gaming Style!
                                  • How To Body Language To Create High-Impact Sexual Tension!
                                  • The Easy Way To Get A Hottie In Your Lap In Seconds!
                                  • Techniques That Will Force Women To Think About You… And Even Crave You – In A Deep Sexual Way!
                                  • How To Escalate To A Physical Level, And Pull Women Within Just Moments Of Meeting!
                                  • Tight Mid-Game Tactics That Will Elevate Your Game Overnight!
                                  • Sexual Game Techniques That Will Deliver Results – On The Same Night!
                                  • How To Flawlessly Use Social Proof!
                                  • Plus, Much More!

                                  Including…A Sneaky, Little “Concept” – That Practically Forces You To Get Laid… Tonight!

                                  Inside this downloadable training set, you’ll discover DJ Fuji’s breakthrough “Conversion Threshold” – breakdowns the attraction and seduction process – and explains what it takes to cross the point of no return in the mind of a women… the point where your interaction transitions from innocent flirting – to a guaranteed pull.

                                  In other words… once you fully understand the “Conversion Threshold”, you’ll be able to fearlessly approach any women… and quickly go from the guy she fully expects will blow it – to the guy she secrets hopes will take her home!

                                  Once you master this simple principle…Women Will Literally Chase You Down – Begging For Sex! Just imagine… NEVER Going Home Without A Beautiful Woman In Your Arms… Ever!

                                  Well, that’s just the beginning… READ ON!

                                  After all, “Infield Exposed – 10SSA” is a lot more than just rock-solid pick-up captured on video, as I spend four DVDs explaining each and every detail of every set, and every interaction… blow by blow – so you’ll know EXACTLY what methods, tactics, or strategies I used, why I used it – and how you can too!

                                  More importantly, you’ll see me tear apart my own game – treating myself like a “step-child” student… so you can learn from my mistakes – things most guys would never notice.

                                  I bring your attention to every detail – good and bad – so you can learn from my strengths AND mistakes.

                                  The result is Sizzling DOWNLOADs… where I practically give you the keys to the entire seduction kingdom.

                                  Watch this footage once, and your game will improve – overnight.

                                  Watch them repeatedly, and you’ll consistently wake up each morning with a gorgeous woman laying next to you – AND the confidence and ability to go out and attract the next one.

                                  In fact, the only uncertainty in your life will be which woman you will choose next.

                                  This Is Your Chance To Thrive As A Male

                                  All of this and more can be yours… the girls of your dreams, the thrilling lifestyle, and the ability to turn up the heat in your love life – like turning on a light switch! I Cracked The Game – And Reveal All The Secrets!

                                  All you have to do is get your hands on this material… and follow my step-by-step methods. I’ve made it so simple… a complete virgin could score within just hours of reviewing this material.

                                  Best of all, I’ve removed all the limitation of the past, including stacks, lines, and routine – so there’s nothing to memorize.

                                  You’ll have the ability to conquer any venue – like a true natural player, who has never heard “No” in his lifetime.

                                  I have cracked open the game for you, revealing all the secrets – and delivering them to you on a silver plater.

                                  With this information at your finger tips, you’ll effortless attract women, captivate them – and then watch as they wait, hoping, and praying you’ll make the next move.

                                  Whether you get your number, pull them to the next venue – or take them straight home… that’s up to you, and the choice will be completely yours.This WILL Revolutionize Pick-Up Forever!

                                  The only question is… will you join me in the revolution, and capture the life of your dreams?Look at it this way:

                                  To get this level of information, and clarity… you would have to attend at least one of my FULL boot camps and FULL Infield weekend training… and be able to absorb everything I do and say like a sponge!

                                  And, that’s not taking into consideration your traveling, lodging, and dining expenses.But relax, I’m not about to charge you anything close to that amount – far from it!

                                  The “Infield Exposed – 10SSA” downloadable set also includes all of the narrative portions of this training system… so you can revisit this material in your car, on your Ipod, or anywhere you choose!

                                  It contains the most systematic way to easily and “naturally” approach, attract, seduce… and even same night pull – the most alluring women.

                                  It’s Like Magic!

                                  Forget “book theory” non-sense, long-winded lines, and hard to remember stacks and routines.

                                  This is the simple, yet powerful way to effortlessly generate genuine attraction and allowing you to effortlessly sweep women off their feet – and leave them begging for more.

                                  The Choice Is Yours

                                  And keep in mind, whether you choose to live your life as the lifelong player, or decide to simply hold out for that “perfect” woman – “Infield Exposed – 10SSA” will provide you with the tools, tricks, and tactics to score each step of the way… creating relationships and experiences that will last a lifetime.

                                  And, for that reason alone… this information is worth any price. In fact, the tactics and techniques disclosed to you in this downloadable set are so powerful… you must agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement swearing never to reveal my methods to anyone, under any circumstance.

                                  That’s Just How Powerful This Training System Is!

                                  With that said, allow me to say I want to help as many guys as I can – which is why I’m making this incredible system available for the low price of just $247 $197.

                                  And, considering the information contained within this set, it is a bargain!

                                  IMPORTANT UPDATE: Right now, for a Limited Time you can get…

                                  The Entire “Infield Exposed – 10SSA” Set Downloaded At A Special Introductory Price!


                                  “How to Talk to Hot Women: The 9 Secrets to Getting and Keeping the Woman (Women) of Your Dreams”

                                  When I first learned the secret to getting all the hot, gorgeous women of my dreams, I went a little wild picking up different types of women. Friends of mine who knew me when I was still a computer geek asked me for my help in getting them results with women too. It dawned on me that I could get ANY GUY the RESULTS he wanted By reading my book you will discover:

                                  • The 9 Secrets To Be With Any Woman You Want.
                                  • How To Talk Dirty In Everyday Situations And Have Them Lead You To The Bedroom
                                  • OVER 300 Powerful, Fully-Loaded Word-for-Word Examples That You Can Use in Your Own Sets
                                  • The Secrets of Girls Who Like Assholes and How To Be the Nice Asshole That She Craves

                                  Be sure to SEIZE this FREE bonus offer while it is still around for Today ONLY!

                                  Men from all over the world have flown to Hollywood and paid THOUSANDS of dollars for private instruction with me. Lucky for you, I’ve enclosed some of those valuable and PROVEN secrets in this book to get you results! Whether you’re brand new to the game or a veteran, this book has something for you.

                                  Remember, This is the Fast Track to Success with Women that Allows your to:

                                  • Never Again Run Out Of Things To Say
                                  • Get Her Hot And Horny In The Right Way
                                  • Have Her Addicted To You And The Way You Make Her Feel!
                                  • Have Her Want To Get To Know You And Then Take You Home So You Can Get To Know Here

                                  The Official, “10 Second Sexual Attraction” Companion Guide – FOR FREE!

                                  Inside this guide you’ll get a complete “crash course” on my latest “10 Second Sexual Attraction” system – which will allow you to get the most out of your “Infield Exposed – 10SSA” experience.



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