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George Torrez – Binaural Beats Digital Drug Review | George Torrez – Binaural Beats Digital Drug Download

George Torrez - Binaural Beats Digital Drug Download

George Torrez – Binaural Beats Digital Drug (2 flac lossless audio, 1 nfo)

George Torrez – Binaural Beats Digital Drug – The World’s First Digital Drug 2 tracks included, introduction and main track.

George Torrez – Binaural Beats Digital Drug – Instructions
Using the Digital Drug CD couldn’t be simpler! Like all our binaural beat recordings, simply slip on your stereo headphones and press the “Play” button on your CD player. The binaural beats will automatically begin affecting your brainwaves, and you’ll soon realize the benefit – an ultra-happy mood and an increased confidence!

Use the Digital Drug CD for:
* Boosting your mood, increased happiness
* alert yet relaxed state of mind
* Inebriated feeling, without the alcohol or headache!
* Rocketing your visualization skills
* Increased confidence, getting rid of inhibitors

Digital Drug CD – Your Experience

You love the rush of a theme park roller coaster, or the true inner happiness experienced during a rare moment of love. Why can’t these moments happen more often, you think? Why can’t the world live like that all the time?

With a “digital drug”, you can touch those parts of your mind usually reserved for the momentary peaks of our existence. This is a totally legal, completely safe, non-addictive binaural beat recording that releases endorphins, the body’s natural “happy pill”, to bring about an elevated mood state.

You simply slip on the headphones and relax. You feel soft and cosy. As the noises swish around inside your head, you gain a total sense of clarity and harmony. Your brain naturally generates and releases endorphins, enkephalins, endogenous opiates, and serotonin… your mood elevates, pain disappears, fears and anxieties are crushed. You steadily begin to realize your sensitivity has increased. Suddenly everything looks brighter and more beautiful. Why don’t people usually see this? You feel like a famous movie director, with a very special lens on life.

You’re totally conscious with amazing clarity of mind. You feel a sense of euphoria. You close your eyes and can suddenly visualize anything you dream of. It’s truly amazing. And it doesn’t just last for your sixty minute session… this is a totally natural “high on life” digital drug, with the effects lasting for hours afterward… no sudden “drop down”, no adverse effects. It’s just a feel-great, total-mind state of happiness, pure and simple.

George Torrez – Binaural Beats Digital Drug CD – Frequencies Used

As part of our dedication to being an open, transparent organization, here are the frequencies utilized in the production of the Digital Drug CD:

0.5 – 1.5 Hz – Endorphin release

0.9 Hz – Euphoric feeling

2.5 Hz – Production of endogenous opiates (pain killers, reduce anxiety)

4.0 Hz – Enkephalin release for reduced stress

10 Hz – Enhanced serotonin release. Mood elevation, arousal, stimulant

14 Hz – Awakeness, alert. Concentration on tasks

20.215 Hz – Brings about safe LSD-25 effects

30 Hz – Used for safe marijuana effects

33 Hz – Hypersensitivity, C. consciousness

38 Hz – Endorphin release

46.98 Hz – Visualization effects, when used with 62.64 & 70.47 Hz

Carriers: 90 – 110 Hz – Pleasure-producing beta-endorphin rise

111 Hz – Constant beta endorphin release

Light panning phaser effect on the 10 Hz chord


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Eben Pagan – Virtual Coach Download

How to start a career as a coach, work from anywhere, and get paid to make a real difference in people’s lives.

Here’s A Breakdown Of The Entire 10 Week Training Curriculum:

The Virtual Coach System

The Virtual Coach gives you a comprehensive system to help you build a coaching practice that you truly LOVE.

If you’re just starting out, the Virtual Coach will give you everything you need to become a coach and launch your coaching practice in 90 days, or less.

If you’re already a coach, the Virtual Coach can exponentially increase your coaching skills and help you build a powerful system for getting all the clients you need online.

The Virtual Coach System has 7 Key Parts. When you link them all together, they work in perfect synergy to create a “Next Level Coaching Practice”… a practice that has the power to transform lives all over the world.

If you’ve always felt a special calling to help others, and you’ve always dreamed about doing the kind of work that makes a REAL difference in people’s lives, join me for the Virtual Coach and turn your calling into a reality.

Live Coaching Classes

In the Virtual Coach, we’ll be helping you learn and install the 7 Key Parts of the Virtual Coach System over the next 10 weeks.

You’ll get 10 weeks of live coaching classes with me and my expert faculty. Participate fully in the classes and you’ll get all 7 parts of the Virtual Coach system up and running in just 10 weeks.

Note: If you miss any of the live classes, they’ll be recorded for you and placed in your members area.

Part 1:Your Personal Transformation

  • Become the best coach you can be, by first learning the most powerful models for personal transformation. This ensures you know how to create transformation and success in yourself, before you help others do it too.
  • You’ll discover the “Success Code” which will help you succeed and feel confident in every area of life, including health, wealth, and relationships.
  • You’ll also learn my blueprint for personal transformation so you can get to the next level in the six key areas of your life: purpose, mind, relationships, emotions, success, and body.

Part 2:Next Level Coaching

  • You’ll get a complete system for supporting your clients in action, transition, and personal transformation, so you help them create major changes and positively impact their life.
  • You’ll get my best tools, scripts, and frameworks so you know what to say and do with your clients and can feel confident in any situation.
  • I’ll train you in my coaching methodology showing you step-by-step how you can coach somebody else and help them get great results they thank you for again and again.

Part 3:Attracting Your Clients

  • You’ll discover how to create your own “client invitation” that automatically attracts your ideal clients to you.
  • You’ll get my proven marketing templates, so all you have to do is fill in the blanks and instantly create education based, ethical marketing that will serve your client and make them want to work with you.
  • You’ll learn the most popular places to find new clients online and how to position yourself so they come to you asking for help and asking how to work with you.

Part 4:Enrolling Your Clients

  • How to ask questions and present your coaching services in a way that feels natural, credible and compelling to your clients.
  • You’ll learn the all important skill of how to offer long-term coaching packages, so you can sign up a client for 3 months, 6 months or more
  • How to serve your clients even during an enrollment call, so they feel empowered, inspired and ready to take action with you

Part 5:Social Media Mastery

  • Building your email list from Facebook: A new marketing technique that gets you connected with HIGHLY-MOTIVATED people who want to work with you
  • A simple “5-minute a day” strategy to create massive engagement and lots of free traffic from social media to your website
  • You’ll learn the same system my friend Bret used to get over 2.4 million likes on his Facebook page (and turn many of them into paying clients!)

Part 6:Growing Your Business

  • I’ve asked the 10 top coaching teachers and coaching entrepreneurs I know in the world to each teach a session in key areas of building confidence, getting clients and growing your coaching business
  • Each of these coaches have personally built a coaching practice to between $100K and $1M+ per year in revenue and will be sharing their shortcuts with you
  • Each of these coaching mentors is diverse in background and expertise, so you’ll be getting the inside scoop from different niches, from health, to relationships, to business

Part 7:Your Coaching Toolkit

  • You get a set of 10 complete coaching tools you can use with your clients to help them get what they want and transform in their life, business or relationships
  • I’ll give you several roadmaps you can use to outline each of your coaching sessions so your client conversations become easy, productive and fun
  • You’ll learn several simple techniques you can use in some of the most common client situations so you handle them with confidence and professionally

Sign Up Now And You Also Get These Bonuses…

Wake Up Productive

Wake Up Productive is a set of tools and habit-creation systems that I guarantee will double your productivity.

This training is easy to consume and highly effective…

If you’re going to build your coaching practice, you need more time to do it. And I’d like to give you that additional time, by making everything you do twice as productive.

Here’s what’s inside…

  • You’re going to learn why most time management systems DON’T WORK long-term…
  • You’re going to learn how to structure your time so you STOP getting interrupted and distracted…
  • You’re going to learn the key reason why most people can’t ever take control of their time, and how to overcome this obstacle for the long-term
  • You’re going to learn how to set up your day so that you AUTOMATICALLY do the important things – and AUTOMATICALLY avoid getting pulled away to do things that get you no results
  • Time Management is KEY to success in business and life, and this training is going to show you how to master it…
  • Even though this program ISN’T ABOUT Information marketing or coaching, you just might wind up making more money from THIS training than any other… because it’s about doubling your PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY… WHATEVER you’re doing.

Marketing Step-By-Step

Master marketing so you can get as many customers as you need for your business.

Everyone intuitively knows that marketing is the key business-building skill for new entrepreneurs.

When you finish this course, you’ll be able to create advertising, marketing, and follow-up systems that work far better than most people and businesses.

Inside of Marketing Step By Step, you’ll learn…

  • How to think like a customer in order to create marketing that attracts a flood of prospects who are already looking for YOUR exact product or service!
  • How to tap into your customers’ emotional “hot buttons” to trigger buying behavior
  • Why customer “avatars” are the secret key to your marketing success and how to create one.
  • Why trying to copy the marketing techniques of successful companies is one of the BIGGEST mistakes you can make
  • How to position your product so you have NO competition…while also making it the #1 product in its category
  • A proven, step-by-step system for getting traffic and leads, capturing prospects, and converting them to customers
  • How to dramatically increase sales by giving away something of real value…plus 4 things you can offer to customers for free that will get them to buy a lot more
  • How to write headlines and copy that really SELL, including all of my favorite headline and copy formulas and fill-in-the-blanks exercises to write great copy instantly
  • How to design simple web pages and marketing materials that boost your conversions

Tech Tool Trainings

The next bonus you are going to receive when you register for Virtual Coach is going to walk you through how to setup your online tools, so you can build a system that actually automates your entire business.

In the Tech Tool Trainings, we will walk you step-by-step, and click-by-click through how to set up and use the 12 most important technology tools online.

Each week, you’ll learn to use one tool, and in the process, you’ll build your complete online business system… even if you’re starting from scratch.

Here’s what you’ll learn how to do in these live classes…

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Simple Pickup – Simple Mixology Review | Simple Pickup – Simple Mixology Download

 Simple Pickup - Simple Mixology Download

Simple Pickup – Simple Mixology Download

Simple Pickup - Simple Mixology Review | Simple Pickup - Simple Mixology Download

Simple Mixology Download

What is Simple Mixology?

It’s exactly that: bartending mixology so easy to learn that zero prior experience is necessary. These recipes will blow people away. Never subject a girl to another one of your terrible concoctions.

Separate Yourself.Separate yourself from every other guy out there. 0.00001% of guys know how to make a good drink. Be that guy.

Be the Life of the Party.Stop being the awkward wallflower and make a drink that everyone loves.
Sex. To put it bluntly. A man who can make a fantastic drink has a 564% higher likelihood of getting laid. Trust us.
Beside Simple Pickup – Simple Mixology Download you can also check :
[oa_social_sharing_icons] Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Magic Leone – Advanced Seduction And Persuasion Tactics Download

These Shocking Secrets Start With What You Get In “Silent Seduction” And Take Them to the NEXT LEVEL!

I Couldn’t Even Believe How Well They Worked Until I Saw Them In Action Myself…

Hey, it’s Manish “Magic” Leone here, the creator of the “Silent Seduction System”…

And I just want to take a second say “hello” and congratulate you on your acceptance into “Silent Seduction.” In just a few minutes you’re going to have access to the most powerful seduction weapon on the planet that will allow you to turn a woman on with untold speed, and blow past all the pickup lines and gimmicky techniques… and just get her horny and in to bed FAST!

And as a new member of my training, I’d also like to give you a special invitation to join my “advanced tactics” team to further accelerate your sexual superpowers over women.

The “Silent Seduction” Advanced Tactics Team…

Now if you’re some guy who’s already a smooth talker who never runs out of interesting things to say and can go on and one while hot women sit eagerly by, hanging on your every word, well then this isn’t for you!

When I first started the “Silent Seduction” training, I organized a follow-up session a year later to track my student’s progress and I was blown away by the results.

Men who were never getting laid were now getting regular sex, men who had previously had “a little” success were now getting double, even triple the hookups and a fair share of men had found really hot girlfriends. One guy was even dating two girls at the same time! And here are a few of my favorite success stories…

  • Awesome Success Story #1: A guy we call “The Don” because he’s a big, overweight Italian guy, was able to bed a “Miss Kentucky” contestant and won my “Hottest Girl” competition for this year.
  • Awesome Success Story #2: A guy named Evan had fucked every single girl in his office except for one, who was his boss’s wife. They all knew about it and they all fought to be the center of his attention!
  • Awesome Success Story #3: A guy, named Jose, who we call the “Latin Stallion” was having so much sex that he practically REFUSED to sleep with a girl unless she brought one of her friends into bed with her.

Unfortunately, I discovered that the system was so powerful that the men who used it were experiencing some “side effects.”

And to be honest, I had dealt with the many issues myself. I’ll tell you something… rich people always say, “the more money you get the more problems you’ll have” and the same thing is true for women. The more pussy you get, the more high quality problems you’ll need to know how to deal with.

I’m specifically talking about problems like…

  • Women becoming totally obsessed with you
  • Women getting insanely jealous of other girls you’re fucking
  • Women calling and texting you too much
  • Keeping your harem of women horny and ready to fuck all the time
  • Fucking and dating multiple women at once
  • Fucking a girl’s hot female friends or co-workers and other “advanced scenarios”

And that’s just a taste.

So to give my clients the ultimate “advanced toolbox” to handle the MONSOON of pussy that had suddenly started flooding into your life, I spent six months developing a program I call “Advanced Seduction And Persuasion Tactics” or A.S.A.P for short.

This advanced training is ONLY available to existing members of my “Silent Seduction” training, which is why I’m telling you about it today. This training is a MUST HAVE for any man who is looking to have sex with a lot of women or a man who eventually wants to settle down in a relationship or man who wants to hookup with those “super hot” women, because the truth is, the hotter the girl, the more drama she’s going to bring.

And let me clarify, when I said this is an “advanced” training, I don’t mean that it’s complicated or confusing. It’s “advanced” because of how powerful it is and how quickly and easily it will give you control over women (even multiple women at the same time).

Let Me Tell You Exactly What You’ll Be Able To Do
With These Advanced Tactics…

You’ll discover how to…

  • Command A Harem Of Women And Keep Your Girls In Check

    “Silent Seduction” will get you so much pussy that there may be a literal hoard of women texting you for sex. These girls will create drama to get your attention, try to make your life hell and even ditch you if you don’t handle the situation correctly. The good news is that keeping these girls under your control is easy. Magic will tell you EXACTLY what to do to these women at EXACTLY the right time to make them do exactly what you want and keep your drama free!

  • Home-Made Porn Movies And Sexy Photos, On Demand!

    Wouldn’t you rather be the guy in those porn movies who’s fucking the hot girls than watching them? Using this trick, you photograph and film all your conquests, so you can even go back and watch them years later or trade them with your friends or other guys who use Magic’s system.

    As an added bonus, many girls get VERY turned on and promiscuous when you bring a camera into the bedroom, so expect her to go ALL OUT, dropping all her inhibitions and doing the most wild things you can think of.

    Magic will give you his simple, step-by-step system to make this happen SMOOTH and without resistance. You’ll be blown away at how even ”good girls” secretly crave this.

  • The Power Reversal Technique To Make Her Your Sex Slave

    While studying for a psychology degree, Magic discovered a shocking technique to turn any girl into your eager sex slave and have her loving you for it.

    This works by activating a deep desire within every woman to become submissive and subservient and its shockingly EASY to do! All it takes is just 3 simple steps you can QUICKLY have total command over her emotions, desires and even her physical responses.

    Magic has used this to make girls bring him lavish gifts in return for sex, let him drive their expensive luxury cars and even give him money. They also give him surprise sexual favors in the most wild times and places imaginable, clean his house floor-to-ceiling in sexy costumes and lingerie and much more!

    One of Magic’s clients even used this trick to get a semi-famous celebrity to literally give him her credit card to use “sugar momma” style, take him out shopping, let him drive her Mercedes C-Class convertible and even pay his rent all while he fucks other girls!

  • Make Two Girls Fuck You At The Same Time: Advanced Secrets To Threesomes, Foursomes and More!

    At one point, Magic got bored with “regular sex” and decided he would ONLY have sex if there were two or more girls were naked on his bed begging him to fuck them. He developed a sneaky trick to get two girls fucking you at the same time FAST and EASY and it works almost every time you use it… even if it’s your very first time!

    He developed three unique ways to make a threesome happen that ANY guy can use. You can use it to…

    • Fuck two girls you just met that night…
    • Fuck two different girls you’re currently dating…
    • Fuck a girl and her roommate…
    • Fuck two strippers from a strip club (yes, without paying a dime for it)

    PLUS: how to find a second or third girl off the internet or at secret, underground sex parties to join you and how to sell it in a way that will turn girls on and get them eager to join your group sex sessions rather than getting “creeped out” or turned off by your invitations.

  • The “Three Way Relationship”

    This shit is SUPER advanced and the stuff LEGENDS are made of. Magic will give you his simple method for dating two hot girls together in the SAME relationship, where you’re having threesome together every night or watching two smoking hot girls go at it while you relax and watch or even COMMAND them what to do with each other.

    Imagine a relationship in which you’d the same stuff you’d normally do with a girlfriend like go to the movies or dinner or go on vacation, but you’ve got TWO hot women on your arms, crawling for your attention.

    This won’t just turn heads everywhere you go… every restaurant… every bar… every party, it will turn you into a literal pussy magnet. You will catch women out with their boyfriends, married women, and teenage girls out with their family all UNCONTROLLABLY staring at you when they see how much pussy you command!

    TRUST ME, women will literally approach you, flirt with you and hand you their number once they see how in-demand you are.

  • Make Her Hot Female Friends Fuck You

    Most men make the mistake of assuming if you ask a girl to “recruit” her female friends to fuck you that she’ll get offended or pissed off. But NOT if you do ask in the right way.

    Using this INGENIOUSLY smart trick, you can convince any girl it’s “totally fine” for you to sleep with her friends and even get her to hook you up with them. It will be like a fun psychological game where she becomes DETERMINED to help you get her friends into bed.

    This will get you an ENDLESS STREAM of easy pussy, because if you’re already sleeping with a girl then you know she’s telling ALL her friends about you. They probably already hear tons about you and think you’re an attractive guy. All you need is for her to open the doors for you and give her friends the “green light” to fuck you and will happen lightning fast.

  • Truth Serum: Make Any Women Tell You The TRUTH…The Ejection Switch: Ditch And Dump Girls Like A PRO

    If you get bored of your girl or just want more free time to fuck hotter girls, you MUST cut things off with her using Magic’s “Ejection” technique to make sure you don’t set off her “crazy switch.”

    By following this simple formula, you can easily AVOID all the obsessive phone calls and insane women waiting outside your house in the dark… full blow stalkers, restraining orders, police… your professional life… your health… things you do NOT want.

    One of Magic’s clients even got fired from his job because his ex was angry he dumped her. Another guy had his house broken into by a stalker. YOU DO NOT WANT THIS. That’s why Magic is going to show you the easy way to keep the crazy chicks out for good, while keeping the “psychological door” open in her mind just in case you decide you want to go back and fuck her again later some time.

  • Truth Serum: Make Any Women Tell You The TRUTH…

    Women lie A LOT. Plain and simple. They lie about fucking other men, how many guys they’ve banged, ex-boyfriends, STDs, pregnancies and more. Using this simple and incredibly sneaky trick, you can get a woman to tell you anything – even things she would normally never tell anyone. This trick is critical because your life and health may depend on it! You DO NOT want STDs, unwanted kids or a girl who lies out of her teeth about everything.

  • Protect Yourself: How To Deal With Jealous Girls, Drama, Crazy Women, Gold Diggers And More…

    Magic reveals his pimp-like technique for taking total control over jealous and crazy women, plus a simple test to reveal if she’s a gold digger, a drama queen or has bad intentions or will try to take your money.

    Magic nearly had his entire life savings wiped out by his ex-wife, only to find out she had secretly been married before and done the SAME THING to another guy. He developed his “Fort Knox” security method to prevent any threat and defend himself from greedy and ill-intentioned women who are out to screw men over.

  • “Cheat Proof” Your Sex Life…

    Put and end to women who cheat or leave you FOR GOOD! This simple 3-step process will allow you to instill a level of loyalty and commitment in a girl that is so strong, it will stop her from talking to and even thinking about other men. If a guy tries to make a move on your girl, he will be met with ice-cold silent and a hand in his face. You can relax and live life with absolutely peace-of-mind and confidence, knowing that you will never have to check another girls’ email, Facebook or text messages again to see if she’s doing anything behind your back.

  • NEW! – Stop Other Men From Using “Silent Seduction” To Steal Or Fuck Your Girls…

    Protect against other men who may try to use “Silent Seduction” on your girl (or other manipulation techniques) and even how ruin other men for her so she can’t even look at another guy without thinking of you…

    If there’s one thing you’ve learned today is how damn powerful “Silent Seduction” is in the hands of a man who wants to control women. No doubt you might be worried other men will try to use this to fuck your girls! Stay one step ahead of them and rest easy at night with this secret technique that will defend against any man who tries to fuck you girls – even if he’s using the “Silent Seduction” himself!

And that’s just a taste of what you’re going to learn in Magic’s “A.S.A.P Advanced Training.”

I knew these secrets would give the men using Magic’s “Silent Seduction” system a huge boost and more power and control over women, so you can get laid when you want with zero effort and zero bullshit.

Because getting tons of pussy should be FUN, not a headache!

But There’s A Catch…

Magic has agreed to share this advance training with just a small group of men. These are his absolute BEST secrets, there for they should be limited to just a few highly ambitious and highly motivated men. Which is why he’s limited access to just 25 men. 




[oa_social_sharing_icons] Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

AMP – Foundations of Inner Game: Power of Presence Download

“How A Clueless, Longing Virgin And His Friend Discovered The Secret To Creating Authentic Attraction And Deep Connection With Women, Without Putting On ‘Social Masks’ To Do It– Develop The Foundation Of Confidence, Power And Authenticity That Men Respect And Women Are Desperately Looking For…And Eliminate Approach Anxiety, Self-Doubt, And That Gnawing Fear Of Being Alone Or Missing Out On The Gorgeous Woman Of Your Dreams…”

Dear Friend,

  • Do you ever feel afraid (or even resigned) that you might not have what it takes to create a deep connection with a woman who is totally beautiful inside and out?
  • Do you ever get concerned that more and more time is passing by and you still haven’t found a woman you really connect with?
  • Have you ever been with a woman you really liked who started to pull back from the connection because she could feel your growing neediness?
  • Have you ever felt absolutely paralyzed at the thought of approaching a woman you’ve never met? Like when you’d get a boner in math class in 6th grade just as the teacher invites you to come up to the black board? (“No thanks, I’ll take an F.”)
  • Have you put time, money and energy into products or courses that promised you a lot, but left you feeling resigned when your hopes for a big breakthrough didn’t come and the same things that always held you back still hold you back?
  • Do you ever try to distract yourself from feeling the hurt, anger or loneliness that comes with desiring women? (As ironic as it seems, this is where most men miss a key to having what they want)
  • Ever met an amazing woman, had a great connection and you felt really excited about her and then she never returned your calls? (Damn, that stings.)
  • Is it just plain hard for you to meet women and have them be attracted to you?
  • Do conversations you have with women ever feel forced, shallow or superficial?
  • Do you have a hard time feeling relaxed, enjoying the moment and just being yourself around women you feel really turned on by? (The irony is that they desperately want you to relax, enjoy the moment and be yourself… and yes, you’ll learn how here.)
  • Do you ever ask yourself, “Why does it have to take so much *#@!# effort to create what I want with women?
  • Is it hard for you to physically escalate with women? In other words to go from talking to touching to kissing to fondling and on, etc?
  • Have you ever felt totally powerless about how to meet a woman that you consider absolutely stunning? (It’s that excruciating moment of “Oh my god, there she is… Here she comes… There she goes.”)
  • Do you have the nagging feeling that your challenges with women aren’t going to be fixed by any “outer-game” technique, strategy or pick-up lines?

If you answered yes to one or more of these examples, don’t worry, you are not alone.

I’ve experienced pretty much all of these examples (multiple times) and if you can relate to any of these as well you probably don’t want to ever deal with them again.


Growing up, I spent most of my early life buried in fantasy novels, Dungeons and Dragons and video games. I was so desperately clueless about women that I didn’t even know enough to complain. During high school, I’d lay in bed at night and pray to God to help me get a girlfriend.

It wasn’t until college that it became painful at a whole new level. The girls I had longed for growing up had now become stunning, beautiful, exciting women who were all around me.

I felt like they were living in a completely different world. I had no idea how to relate to them. I was just some poor, geeky, messy, socially inept kid from the Midwest and they were… radiant, beautiful creatures.

The more I noticed the distance between myself and the women I desired, the more it hurt and hurt and HURT! Can you relate?

For a while I even began to reason that maybe some guys had it and some guys didn’t. Have you been there? You start to wonder if maybe you just got dealt a bad hand or got hit with the “unlucky stick” – and you would never be good looking enough, have the right body or be naturally good at meeting women and this is simply as good as it is ever going to get.

And that’s the part that hurt the most.


In the late 90’s I met a student of psychology named Decker and through a mutual interest in meditation we quickly became good friends. We were a lot alike in terms of our background with women. Decker was a skinny, messy, poor, mumbling, army brat who had been so clueless about women that he didn’t even know he was clueless.

That part seemed comfortably familiar to me. However… even Decker’s lifelong friends reported that by the time Decker and I had met, he’d completely changed in an extremely short period of time.

While most guys were trying to figure out how to “ACT” so women would be interested in them, Decker had naturally discovered how to “BE.”

I would listen to this painfully skinny, mumbling, messy, baby faced simpleton say what seemed like the most obscure and irrelevant thing to a beautiful woman and then watch her completely open up to him the way a flower can’t help but open up to the sun. Women were constantly intrigued and captivated by him from the very moment they’d meet.

“I’d just met a guy who was JUST like me EXCEPT that he had facility with women beyond anything I’d ever imagined was even possible.”

Time after time after time, Decker would create the kind of experiences with women that I’d only dreamt were possible. It was a painful, frustrating contrast. I was in a constant state of frustration. Even when I would approach women with his exact same words I still got zero response!

It took us both years before we would realize that:

  • Women could instantly feel where we were both coming from, loud and clear.
  • I was coming from a place of fear, doubt and insecurity and women would instantly feel it… regardless of what I said.
  • Decker was coming from a place of inner solidness and presence and women would instantly feel it… regardless of what he said.

But That’s Hardly Even The Tip of The Iceberg.

The women I was most attracted, drawn to and inspired by never wanted to be with me. How was I supposed to come from inner solidness and presence when I felt so crappy about the fact that women didn’t dig me?

Listen… if you can relate to what I’m saying so far, you can relax. If you don’t have what you’re looking for yet, it’s ok. In fact, it’s not your fault.

Most guys live in quiet desperation and will never really get what they want with women because no one ever taught them the natural foundations of what really creates attraction and connection.

I refused to believe that I didn’t have what it took to have my own unique version of the “mojo” that Decker had, and so we began a path of constant investigation into what was causing women (and the rest of the world) to respond to Decker with such attraction.

We had no idea that what we were about to discover would impact the lives of so many men. We simply wanted to understand it ourselves… starting with me.

It took us years to figure out exactly what he was doing…

And When We Finally Deconstructed Decker’s Experience Into Small Enough Pieces, We Discovered That It WAS Learnable.

And when those pieces finally started coming together for me…the results were nothing short of miraculous.

Even women who had completely shot me down in the past were now seeking me out. Like Decker, but in my own way, I had a shift that had me showing up totally differently with women and everyone, and the world was responding accordingly. Women started calling me back, and for the first time, women were pursuing ME!

As we continued forward Decker and I realized that everything we had created in our 5-stage model for internal development called the AMP Holarchy, was scientifically backed by somatic therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Buddhist and Zen philosophies, Yoga, Vipassana meditation, Qi Gong, Holotropic breathwork, martial arts as well integrated with the teachings of Ken Wilber, David Deida, The Enneagram and Eckhart Tolle, among others.

Within a few years we had our own building in downtown San Francisco and had created sold-out weekend courses with men regularly flying in from as far as New Zealand and Germany to take our program.

We’ve been interviewed dozens of times on the radio and in magazines, had our own live call-in radio show, and in the last ten years our team of over 20 highly trained P.H.D.s, facilitators, therapists and life coaches has worked with thousands of men collectively.

Stop Slapping Paint on A House With No Plumbing!

Look, if you live in a house where the plumbing and wiring are falling apart, you can paint the outside to look as great as you want (“outer game” tricks, gimmicks and techniques) but you’ll never be able to invite a woman in without her instantly knowing that it’s a mess in there.

We looked around and realized that the “outer game” methods currently being offered to men were a “paint the outside” quick-and-dirty fix that would eventually lead to even more dysfunctional relationships and more disappointed men and women.

The fact is that the Foundations of Attraction and Connection start from the inside out.

We assembled our most skilled female coaches, filled our audience to capacity, and for three solid, jam packed days produced one of the most groundbreaking new approaches to creating the highest quality interactions, experiences and connections with women that has ever been done. (In fact, we received a standing ovation at the very end and you can see why for yourself.)

“Foundations of Inner Game I: The Power of Presence”

3-DVD set with case


90-page eBook Illustrated
Training Manual

(also comes with audio-only MP3 downloads for you ipod users and commuters)

This experiential, interactive 3-DVD set covers what we’ve discovered to be THE FIRST and most important Foundation of Inner Game: Presence.

It’s PACKED with the no-B.S., concrete, real-world training material from our sellout $2,000+ AMP weekend intensives. The insights and breakthroughs you’ll receive from this can directly impact your interactions with women, IMMEDIATELY.

“I’ve only just seen the first 25 minutes of your Power of Presence program and for the very first time, after endless pick-up programs, I’m taking notes. It feels like every thought brings me closer to where I want to be, where I can be me. Thank you very, very much, so many things became clear to me already. Keep up the incredible work!”

Dan S., 31

Here’s a quick sample of some of the great things you’ll learn in these 3 DVDs:

  • If you want to have those instant, “Wow, I just couldn’t keep my eyes off you” reactions from women, see 16:17 on Disc 3. Note: It has nothing to do with what you say or how you look.
  • To “expand” your presence and develop an authentic aura of “sureness” that’s instantly attractive to women, see 34:20 on Disc 2.
  • If you’re sick of being “Just Friends” and have trouble getting women sexually interested to you, see 11:01 on Disc 3 to discover the root cause of your problem, and why it’s easier than you think to turn it all around.
  • When a woman doesn’t respond to your jokes, stories, or attempts at having fun conversation, chances are you’re making this critical mistake. 29:29, Disc 1.
  • Learn to create a powerful, seemingly magical “bubble” of connection with a woman, whether you just met at a bar, it’s your first date, or she’s your long term girlfriend. 10:43, Disc 3.
  • If you can have spontaneous conversations once in a while, but can’t figure out how to have them whenever you want, see 9:18 on Disc 3 for an exercise to instantly bring out your natural inner conversationalist in any situation.
  • How to interrupt any conversation without being rude – she’ll even be grateful that an interesting guy stopped her mundane conversation. 31:45, Disc 2.
  • If women are occasionally attracted to you for reasons you don’t understand, see 1:24 on Disc 3 to learn how you can experience this consistently. (Plus: A detailed description of how attraction really works.)
  • If you want more passion and connection in your relationships, see 23:29 on Disc 1. (Plus: the “correct” attitude for keeping your relationship.)
  • If you’re often “in your shell” and have a hard time initiating conversations, see 35:50 on Disc 2 for a time tested method for learning to fully emerge from your shell with strength, peace and sureness.
  • Learn the hidden criteria most women judge you by BUT will almost never tell you to your face, on Disc 2 at 56:00.
  • If the depth of your connections with women is limited, see Disc 2 to discover what’s stopping them from going deeper with you. (Get just this, and your connections with women will be deeper and richer for the rest of your life.)
  • Learn the surprising truth about how primal, magnetic attraction is created. (Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with how “hot” you are.) 26:58, Disc 1
  • Eliminate the three biggest mistakes men make with women in just a few weeks, with specific guided exercises covered throughout the program that take just a few minutes a day.
  • Ever feel like you’re intruding when you approach a woman? Learn the practice that will have women stop their conversations and turn to welcome you, without you saying a word.
  • When she is feeling radiant and joyful in your presence the sky is the limit. Learn how YOU can turn a woman into a giddy, giggling playmate and enjoy each other more & more. <See it demonstrated>
  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed even before you approach? Learn why men who do specific physical practices are better able to approach radiant, gorgeous women. (We’ll show you these practices, so you can do the same.)
  • Ever felt that sense of deep disappointment when you have a hard time getting a second date with a woman you really liked? Chances are you didn’t take THIS aspect of her experience into account. Discover what has women eager to see you again.
  • It can feel frustrating to interact with “short attention party girls.” Here is how to “gift” a woman with such depth of Presence, even for a moment, that even the girls who don’t even have the attention span for MTV will remember you for the rest of the night.
  • Learn how to focus your Presence into a compelling force that has women feeling exhilarated and alive, just by being around you. First dates will feel like you’re already making love…
  • When you’re not feeling social, you can turn your entire night or day around by using this technique shown on Disc 3, 42:00 to help you get back into your groove.

Plus, bonus footage of AMP facilitators and female AMP coaches working 1-on-1 with participants, where you’ll:

  • See how Jason taps into both his heart AND his raw sexual desire and rocks a woman’s world. Watching this will help you “get it” for yourself.
  • Watch as Victor discovers how quickly women can see right through a smile to the real truth of your emotional state. Women will never, EVER trust you until you get this. (We’ll show you how)
  • Watch Chip engage in the classic AMP exercise to get you “out of your head” and into your body, accessing your masculine core. You’ll be almost as amazed as she is to see his inner shift. <See it demonstrated>
  • Watch Scott learn how to let down his emotional “body armor” – the protection that keeps him away from true connection with women. See how much she opens up to him as a result.

What makes these DVDs so special is that…

Never before have such a team of razor-sharp, compassionate, radiant women been assembled in service of men’s greatness, trained to offer spot-on, in-the-moment feedback and support men in gaining life-changing realizations.

Never before has a path to rock-solid Inner Game been so simply, entertainingly and practically laid out. Without guidance, our inner worlds can just be damn confusing for us guys! So we use high quality video with entertaining stories, examples, visuals, audience participation, a training manual, audio supplements, and personal online feedback to break down our 5-stage training model, and help you really GET and INTEGRATE this stuff.

Never before has such a program been so interactive. Sorry, but we don’t let you just sit on the couch and watch other guys have all the breakthroughs. We ask you questions, have you to write things down and even stand up and practice the embodiment exercises so that women are able to feel you, (yes, YOU) even before they see you.

Never before have men had access to such a high level of follow up support with other students, AMP course graduates, and instructors on our online forum. You can post your insights, breakthroughs, questions and struggles and get direct feedback from other men on the same path. You also have direct access to interact with our female AMP coaches who absolutely love men and want to support you in becoming a more powerful, present and badass authentic man in the world.

Never before has a dating and relationship product gone so far beyond the pursuit of women, dating and relationships. This program, if applied, will actually impact ALL areas of your life. It helps you clean out your emotional pipes so that your internal system can flow in a natural healthy way. This creates more inner harmony in your career, friendships, health, finances and day-to-day life. While you’ll be learning about male/female dynamics, you’ll also be learning a lot about having an exceptional life… one that women will crave to be a part of.

Everything that you’re going to learn here is designed to “wake you up” to the badass, authentic man you really are.

Your entire life you’ve been told who you are by your family, your teachers, your friends, the media, etc.

But who you are at your inner masculine core, the unique you that has never existed before nor will ever exist again, below the layers of identity that have been handed down to you by everything in the world outside of yourself, is a pure, potent and deeply authentic man who is just waiting for you to discover what he can create in this world.

Once you have gone through each of these DVDs, practiced the exercises and read through the illustrated training manual, you are going to start to be able to see the real “you” that has always been there waiting to emerge. The you that women are dying to meet.

And here is the best part. At some point your learning will build up, just like it did with me. It will build up just as the consistent drip of water inevitably builds up and overflows over the lip of a small glass and when that moment happens… it all comes together.

You May Start To Notice That..

  • You can finally relax and be yourself even in the most tense situations.
  • Your gaze becomes clear, present, welcoming and warm – and women melt as you talk to them.
  • Someone you’ve know for years suddenly tells you that they feel so much more connected to you.
  • You realize that you can feel intense turn on and enjoy it and women can actually feel it radiating from you in a way that turns them on.
  • You start to realize that you are making choices through the sensations of your body instead of the thoughts in your head.
  • You suddenly realize you are seeing and thinking clearer than ever before.
  • You feel like a badass masculine warrior and not only do you like the way it feels but you can see and feel how people trust you and relax around you more.
  • You suddenly find yourself enjoying women on all levels even as they go through their moods, phases and emotions.
  • You let go of any need to control social situations but instead experience them as a fun, flowing dance that creates more and more turn on with women the more you let go.

It’s up to you to make this happen. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. There’s only one person in your life stopping you from having this for yourself, right now – you!

The women in your life will thank you for it!


More AMP Seduction Materials (Authentic Man Program)

Authentic Man Program (AMP) Inner Circle Podcasts (2015)

Authentic Man Program – Getting Her World | Authentic Man Program – Getting Her World 2

Power of Appreciation by Authentic Man Program

Navigating Her Emotional World & How To Be Yourself In Bars And Clubs by Authentic Man Program

Getting Her World 2 Authentic Man Program

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Stylelife – Attraction Mastermind Group Review | Stylelife – Attraction Mastermind Group Download

From: Style

If you want to be part of my Mastermind Group but still need to improve your seduction skills to the master level because you have holes in your game OR you want to add a new powerful seduction style, then this is your chance to claim one of the few existing systems that will help you improve fast and easy.

It’s the rare opportunity that I’m giving to you so that you can help building a movement of confident men who help each other to become their best self. It’s a rare opportunity to learn everything about my latest ROUTINE STACK that allows you to get inside a woman’s mind and control her feelings to the point of addiction (even if you’re not good looking, not tall or athletic, not rich or successful and not “naturally good” with women – even if you’re suffering from a hard case of shyness).

And especially … if you have tried something else before and failed! (Here’s a hint: you didn’t flip any of her attraction switches and I’ll give you details about all 5 in just a minute).

To prepare you for we’ll do together in my Mastermind Group, you need to know about the method and system first.

Inside my simple my simple Attraction and Seduction System you’ll learn how to approach women, build instant attraction and irresistible rapport, and finally give a girl the night of her dreams. And you don’t have to change or pretend to be someone you are not!

It gives you step-by-step instructions, word-for-word examples, real world exercises and ready-to-use videos, audio and “field-tested” materials. You learn exactly what to say and how to say it. It’s the first of its kind, because it breaks the science of attraction down into simple, easy-to-follow steps to help you and the woman to feel that “Spark”.

Style’s “Attraction & Seduction” System works for …

  • Guys who want to approach and attract new women without the fear of rejection.
  • Guys looking to date multiple women and need a system to manage expectations.
  • Guys who want to attract a specific girl and make her fall in love with them.
  • Guys looking to get their ex-girlfriend back and avoid ever losing her again.

It will show you how to trigger any woman’s attraction switches to quickly engage, connect with her anywhere and “turn her on”.

How powerful is this system really? How quickly and easily can you learn it?

You see, I’ve taken some of the most skeptical, shy, lonely, clueless and scared students you’ve ever seen and transformed them through the simple, step-by-step Style’s Attraction and Seduction System into clued-in masters of attraction and seduction who suddenly romantically connect with many of the women they meet.


How the Discovery of Female Attraction Switches
Changed My Own Success with Women

Over the last few years my coaches and I perfected the art of attraction and seduction by trial and error, until the error was gone. We invented, modeled, and tested the most effective elements of the game to guarantee maximum success with minimum rejection. But, like tax loopholes closing every year when the government catches on to the tricks, the game needs to be constantly refreshed, innovated, and updated.

That’s why we’ve been working on a flexible, continuous, customized method that can do this.

The very first thing I realized in my own transformation from being frustrated to being able to get inside any woman’s mind and know EXACTLY what to say to her is that women have attraction switches. And making the right move to flip those switches is the key to triggering uncontrollable feelings of attraction.

So, if you are talking to women and making your move without knowing how to trigger her attraction switches …


Because, you are cheating yourself out of the life you could be living.

You will be absolutely floored when you realize how little you have to do, once you know how to trigger her attraction switches. And just how easy it is getting the women you want, how fast you can turn her on, when you understand her mind.

Fact: Within the first 10 minutes of meeting a woman, you can be your own best ally or your own worst enemy. Say the wrong thing and you’ll KILL the attraction. Say the right thing and she starts craving your attention hanging on your every word. So let me reveal a few simple dating secrets:

Simple Dating Secret #1: Never admit: “My last girlfriend was forever ago.”
Because if you do, she thinks: “No other women will touch this guy and neither should I.” Instead you demonstrate that you are pre-selected by showing her that other women want you. (I’ll show you exactly how to do this on DVD #2).

Simple Dating Secret #2: Never complain: “My job sucks but it pays the bills, I guess.”
She will think: “OK, this guy has no ambition, that’s gross.” If you do have a boring job, you don’t need to tell her all about it. Instead tell her about your exciting goals for the future. She doesn’t care if you’re rich but she does want you to be ambitious. We have developed a great way for you to define your life goals and communicate your outlook on life.

Simple Dating Secret #3: Never confess: “I don’t really talk to my family.”
She thinks: “This guy has intimacy issues because he doesn’t love his family!” Don’t reveal negative personal baggage about yourself in the early stages of meeting a woman. Instead show her you love, protect and take care of all of those close to you: family, friends, girlfriends, and even pets. Being a protector of your loved ones is very sexy to a lot of women.

Simple Dating Secret #4: Turn a woman on by triggering all 5 attraction switches at once. With just your words you can either turn a woman ON or turn her completely OFF. Women want a man with an exciting life (The E1 switch), a strong social network and emotional connection (the E2 switch), ambitious life goals (the S1 switch), a man who takes care of his loved ones (the A switch) and a man who turns them on (the S2 switch). Otherwise they run and hide.

Making your move when you have NOT YET triggered all 5 attraction switches can make a woman go ice cold. Even if she was interested before. She liked you before but then realized she didn’t feel “the right chemistry”. Then she’ll stop wanting to hang out with you and start seeing you as “just a friend”.

I’m going to show you what she is thinking, I’ll show you what to say to her and when and how to make your move. All based on triggering her 5 female attraction switches, which I’ll discuss in detail in a little bit.

First … let me answer a few questions you might want to know at this point:

  • “Will this work on the girl I like?”
  • “Is it easy to use this system?”
  • “Is it guaranteed to work for me?”

On DVD #1 “Eternal Attraction Principles and Concepts” you’ll discover the concepts of how to make women chase you by demonstrating high value and triggering her attraction switches. Using this eternal attraction principle you’ll understand how the science of attraction works (and you’ll find yourself with the kind of relationships you desire).

On DVD #2 “Fundamentals of Approaching and Opening” you’ll find out how to approach any woman at any time in any location with maximum attraction effect in a step by step process. You’ll learn how to easily strike up a conversation, help her to feel comfortable with you, get her interested and never run out of things to say. You’ll discover how to instinctively know what to say next to amplify the chemistry she’s feeling. Plus you’ll see actual filmed approaches of trained seducers starting conversations with women in the field.

On DVD #3 “Take Your Game to The Next Level” you will learn my method for building up your inner game so that your own personality ultimately becomes an attraction factor. This works especially, if you are super shy or not naturally extroverted and outgoing. I will show you how to avoid low value mistakes and feel an entirely new level of confidence in any type of social situation. I also will share with you the “secret sauce” of my personally perfected routines.

Now … once they are talking to a woman, many guys are confused about …

  • “How do I flirt and banter with her?”
  • “When and how should I make my move?”
  • “What should I say or do to turn her on?”

This can be frustrating as hell because if you want to take your game to the next level, you have to know how much attraction she feels for you. But how? This drives most guys crazy!

Here’s the good news: Once you trigger her attraction switches you know exactly what to say to get her excited.

On DVD #4 “Complete Guide To Disqualification” you’ll be handed an entire arsenal of “Chick Crack” and learn the art of disqualification (teasing, bantering and flirting) broken down into easily understandable steps. You’ll discover how you magically can change a relationship from a stranger to potential lover. This essential skill will give you the challenging “mental frame” women crave.

On DVD #5 “Generate Your Own Stories, Routines and Build Rapport”
After you started a conversation what do you say next? What are the smooth things to tell a woman to become more attractive to her? In this video tutorial you’ll learn the tools to convey your own personality and stories to a woman and connect with her so that she feels as if she has known you forever and forms a deep attachment to you in her mind.

On DVD #6. “Deep Connections and Employing a Call to Action” you’ll discover how to create an intense and powerful connection that’s been missing with every other guy in her life. She’ll be feeling as though you’re reading her thoughts. You will discover how to give women a reason to WANT YOU NOW. And I’ll show you how to use “Verbal Foreplay” to make a woman feel that she must seduce you now, imagining the two of you naked and you treating her like the bad girl she longs to be.

It’s easy, there are only 5 attraction switches. And I’ll show you how to trigger ALL of them in Style’s Attraction and Seduction System.

Here are the 5 Female Attraction Switches …

  1. The A = LEADER Switch
    She is looking for a guy who is the leader of the pack. From an evolutionary perspective she wants to be with a who matches or shows more smarts or strengths than she has. A man who is smart or strong enough to take care of her and her future family. The questions in her mind are: “Is he confident? Do people follow his lead? Can I look up to him? Is he strong or smart enough to protect me?” In my system you’ll discover the secrets to trigger the LEADER switch.


  1. The E1 = EMOTION Switch
    She needs to feel safe physically and emotionally. She wants a guy who demonstrates emotional and social abilities, loyalty to family and friends. A man who understands her wishes and fears deeply and who she can connect with on an emotional and even spiritual level. The questions in her mind are: “Does he understand me? Is there a strong emotional chemistry between us?” In my system you’ll discover the secrets to trigger the EMOTION switch.
  2. The E2 = EXCITEMENT Switch
    She wants to feel good and excited by you. A sense of humor and adventurism that sweeps her off feet, leads to new experiences, makes her wonder and enjoy it. The questions in her mind are: “Can he make me laugh and feel good? Is he exciting and fun?” In my system you’ll discover the secrets to trigger the EXCITEMENT switch.
  3. The S1 = SUCCESS Switch
    She loves being energized by you and your life goals. When two people energize each other they can reach far more than alone. She wants a guy with drive and a positive outlook on life. The questions in her mind are: “Does he have a passion for life? Will he go places (with me)?” In my system you’ll discover the secrets to trigger the SUCCESS switch.
  4. The S2 = SEX Switch
    She needs to feel chemistry on an emotional, rational before she moves to the physical level. From an evolutionary perspective she requires feeling trust, comfort and connection before she wants to be seduced. The question in her mind is: “Can I connect with him emotionally, sensually and sexually?” In my system you’ll also discover the secrets to trigger the sex switch.

As you can see, Style’s Attraction and Seduction System is a complete system that allows you …

  • Approach the kind of woman you’ve always wanted without fear of rejection.
  • Quickly and nearly instantly create attraction in a woman that she can’t control.
  • Easily know what a woman wants and needs to get intimate with you and give it to her.

But that’s not all! In Style’s Attraction and Seduction System I’ll show you …

  • How you can become exciting and attractive to the women you meet.
  • How you eliminate your fear of rejection once and for all – no matter how shy you are.
  • How you to turn your personality into an irresistible attraction trigger.
  • How to forge both platonic and romantic relationships.
  • How to make subtle comments that ignite her flirtatious behavior.
  • How to recover from those moments when you stall out or your mind goes blank.
  • How you create an unbreakable emotional bond so that she stays hooked on you.

And the best part is, you don’t have to change your personality or act as if you are someone you are not. You will be able to easily identify which attraction switches you need to flip before you make your move. Most of DVD #1 is dedicated to that. (Once you watch this video you will never see women the same again!)

Now you might be wondering about the price and I will get to that in a few seconds. But I’m sure you’ll be surprised just how affordable it is. Let me show you a few more things that you will learn:

  • On DVD #2 you’ll also learn body language secrets and how to use them for attracting women all around you.
  • On DVD #3 you’ll also discover how to create a personal ad and online dating bios that get responses from the type of women you want.
  • On DVD #6 I’ll show you 7 reasons for a woman to act now, and push the relationship to more intimate places.


What is Exactly included in Style’s Attraction and Seduction System?

When you claim your Style’s Attraction and Seduction System and your spot in my Attraction Mastermind Group, here’s what you’re going to get:

  • Style’s “Attraction & Seduction” Core System
    In 6 DVDs you’ll discover the secret key to the female mind that most men never know about. (The guys who went to my original seminar and experienced the amazing results paid more than $1,000 for accessing this material.) In addition you’ll watch hidden camera footage of my coaches picking up women in real life.
  • “The Secret Code of Seduction” instant download –
    You’re also going to get the ultimate strategy guide to attracting and seducing women. It’s designed to be your cheat sheet while learning the Style’s Attraction and Seduction System. It contains concrete examples and exercises of all key techniques, revealing everything in scientific detail, ready for you to emulate and implement step-by-step.

    • Approach any woman without fear (page 21).
    • How to start a conversation (page 27).
    • Get her number today (page 51).
    • Have her instantly chase you (page 35).
    • Escalate to the physical level (page 57).
    • Perfectly hold a groups attention (page 33).
    • Sealing the second date and beyond (page 49).

    The “Secret Code of Seduction” reveals the complete blueprint of the attraction and seduction process and demystifies all of crucial techniques and giving you the “ah-hah” moments making it brain dead simple.

  • “The Complete Cold Reading Handbook” – $42.00 RETAIL VALUE
    You’ll learn the ‘Black Art’ of seduction. Cold reading has been cited in countless field reports as the turning point that sparked deep level emotional connections.
    While simple cold reading lines like “You’re trouble” and “I bet she’s the good one, and you’re the bad one” get girls giggling and excited, if you give more powerful cold
    readings, women will actually go out of their way to get to spend time with you.

    • Learn why cold reading is the ‘Black Art’ of seduction.
    • How to instantly talk like a cold reading expert.
    • Read any woman’s mind anywhere using the simple “Hands of the Gods” routine.
    • Discover the “I Heart” cold reading method and let her tell you how she wants to be seduced.
    • Learn a simple way to use Astrology and Tarot to blow her mind and connect with her deeper than any other guy before you.
  • Here are the coaching resources you’ll get.
    • My personalized lessons and exercises.
      You get to learn my entire personal arsenal of seduction techniques that I personally used to become acclaimed as the best pick-up artist in the world. In video and audio examples and exercises, you’ll learn everything step-by-step from the minute you walk into a public place, to the minute after you’ve experienced the most amazing intimate encounter you could imagine.
    • I will personally coach you and answer your questions
      Every month you’ll be invited to the Attraction Mastermind Group meeting, a private phone call with me and other students to ask your most burning dating questions. I’ll take your questions and personally help you to develop your game routines so that they fit you!
    • Monitoring your progress – Think of this as your personal attraction success gauge. Our Personal Progress Monitoring system will allow you to track and measure your improvements, view your achievements, and help you move closer to your goals, 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
    • Connect with new friends in my mastermind community – You’ll become part of my exclusive ELITE forum where mastermind member meet and filled with new friends who are learning with you.
    • Receive a double booster magazine and DVD: You’ll receive the Wingman a Pickup Magazine and DVDs (either mailed to you or electronically) packed with the latest tested openers and routines that only YOU will have, but it’ll be the only place to get the latest field reports. This stuff is exclusive to SLA members and will not be available anywhere else.



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Most Interesting Guy In The Room Package by StileLife Academy ( Neil Strauss )

The Sneak – Routine Generation

Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead by Neil Strauss


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Mark Cunningham – Renegade Hypnotist’s Guide to Conditioning for Permanent Change Download

“As a woman it is pretty damn HOT to surrender control!”

I had promised to teach something about Awakening Within the Dream — the process of growing a life where Awake and Aware is your default state.

And it got me thinking about what people really need to know in order to help them make those changes turn into attributes – just a part of who we are.

So it’s time to talk about making Change so compellingly real that it’s impossible to resist – Change becomes irresistible!

This seminar is about teaching you the professional’s secrets of hypnotic conditioning that results in permanent powerful and positive change — change that lasts from the peak experience on throughout the rest of your life! Think about it this way — the most common grumble we get from students is that even though they get their peak experiences at our live appearances, even though they’ve done the exercises over and over in the seminar room, the magick fades over time and they slip back into Who They Were. They don’t understand the Laws of Conditioning, so their training never moves from event to process. If you’ve ever tasted what it’s like to stand for that brief moment on The Next Level Up, only to slide back into complacency, you need this seminar. There’s a way to approach your own conditioning process so that all of your hard-won gains become your reflexive responses in your Life! I’ll give you the way to Have The Experience, and Keep The Change. It’s time to Wake Up and Take Control of Your Mind! 13 DVDs.

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Sinclair Institute Better Sex Videos Collection Review | Sinclair Institute Better Sex Videos Collection Download

Sinclair Institute Videos Collection

Sinclair Institute Better Sex Videos Collection Download

Sinclair Institute Better Sex Videos Collection Download

Sinclair Institute – Better Sex Series Bonus Materials The Ultimate Collection Of Adult Sex Education Videos

 Length: Almost 400 minutes of new age adult sex education!

Better Sex knows that making love is an art. And like any artistic endeavor, the better the technique, the better the end result. Each of us, no matter how “experienced”, can benefit from learning new skills. If you are ready to venture into a new world of intimacy, join the millions of people who have already ordered the Better Sex Video Series ® and discover just how great lovers are made.

World’s Best Selling  Videos
The Better Sex Video Series ® six volume set visually demonstrates and explains how anyone can enjoy better sex. Dr. Linda Banner, one of the country’s most respected experts on sexuality, guides you through erotic scenes of explicit sexual practices including techniques for the most enjoyable foreplay using adult sex toys and intercourse.

This Six Volume Set Includes:

Better Sex Video Series Volume 1: Better Sex Adult Sex Education – Advanced Sexual Techniques
Increase your sexual knowledge while heightening pleasure and intimacy. Twelve couples of varying backgrounds and ethnicity explore sexual positions, techniques, and adult .
Better Sex Video Series Volume 2:  Better Sex Adult Sex Education – 22 Sex Secrets, Tips & Turn-ons
Spicing It Up. Learn exciting new ways to turn your sex life into something extraordinary. This  volume features explicit scenes of loving couples demonstrating techniques sure to add heat and inspire passion.
Better Sex Video Series Volume 3: Better Sex Adult Sex Education -Erotic Sex Play & Beyond
Erotic Sex Play & Beyond. Enhancing sex can be as easy as concentrating on sensual touch, with your hands or with adult sex toys and celebrates some of the many ways you can achieve a more rewarding and fulfilling sex life.
Better Sex Video Series Volume 4: Better Sex Adult Sex Education -Sexual Positions for Lovers
How do couples continue the excitement, year after year? Join four couples as they illustrate 32 lovemaking positions in explicit detail. See special variations on the “rear entry” position and positions using props like furniture and adult sex toys.
Better Sex Video Series Volume 5: Better Sex Adult Sex Education – Unlocking the Secrets of the Sexual satisfaction is redefined in this new video that teaches lovers how to push through the boundaries of their sexual practice to reach new levels of pleasure.
Better Sex Video Series Volume 6: Better Sex Adult Sex Education -10 Secrets to Great Sex
Remember when lovemaking left you both bursting with pleasure and delight? 10 Ways to Have Fun with Sex and  can help you restore that sensuous spontaneity to your intimate relationship.

Sinclair Institute – 10 Ways To A Stronger Erection :Sexual insurance for every couple. Did you know that over 50% of men will have erection difficulties in the years to come? Yet most problems are completely avoidable. That’s why this program is a must for couples of all ages! See both partners benefit from a man’s full sexual potency. More pleasure. More staying power. Deeper penetration. More creative lovemaking. Worth ensuring, isn’t it? You’ll quickly gain the lifestyle habits and sexual techniques for maximum erectile performance today – and “potency insurance” for your relationship’s future. You’ll see several couples demonstrate sensual and arousing techniques to create robust, long-lasting erections. Learn why “practice makes perfect.” Discover how a woman’s oral skills can bring her partner to powerful rigidity. The advantages of pleasuring her first. Positions for deeper penetration and greater penile stimulation. And much more.

Sinclair Institute – Making Sex Fun With Games And Adult Sex Toys

The Better Sex Video Series® 15th Anniversary Classic Edition
This groundbreaking adult sex education series, first released to the general public in 1991, was overwhelming received in spite of its controversial explicit content. While the program’s footage may be “classic” in appearance, the information is as accurate and valuable today as it was in the early 1990’s.  The Better Sex Video Series 3 volume set showed millions of couples the path to greater sexual fulfillment.

Sinclair Institute – Sex A Lifelong Pleasure Vol 1 To 3

Watch and Learn! This is a video every couple will want to share. Expert opinions from world-renowned sex therapists Goedele Liekens and Dr. Michael Perry guide you through proven techniques to overcome inhibitions and make sex fun! Watch as a real couple explicitly demonstrates these techniques for achieving sexual satisfaction and shares secrets that can help you invigorate your sexual relationship. What you see will educate. It will motivate. And it will excite.

The Lifelong Pleasure Series Includes:

Vol. 1: Satisfying Her
This is a video every couple will want to share. Watch as a real couple explicitly demonstrates these techniques for achieving sexual satisfaction and shares secrets that can help you invigorate your sexual relationship.

Vol. 2: Satisfying Him
Watch and Learn! What you see will educate. It will motivate. And it will excite. Expert opinions from world-renowned sex therapists Goedele Liekens and Dr. Michael Perry guide you through proven techniques to overcome inhibitions and make sex fun!

Vol. 3: Shared Sexual Pleasures
This Video addresses: Desire, Sexual Arousal, Orgasm and Afterplay, Visual Turn-Ons, Teasing and Playing, Bedroom Etiquette, A Bath of Kisses and Oral Sex, Toys and Lubricants, Condom Use.

Sinclair Institute – Sexplorations Vol 1 To 3

The Better Sex Video Series®

Better Sex Video Series®: Sexplorations teaches couples how to take their lovemaking to a new level. Watch as 12 real-life couples and some of the world’s leading sex experts take you on an erotic, three-volume journey to enhanced intimacy.

Learn about open communication between partners, overcome inhibitions and misconceptions about sex. Learn how to introduce sex toys into your play time, and watch explicit demonstrations of techniques to heighten sexual pleasure and increase intimacy.

This is NOT the sex-ed movie you watched in high school. The Better Sex® videos are designed from the ground up to enhance all of your lovemaking skills. Watching it together can open up discussions that always seemed to touchy or taboo in the past.

Many people mention that they like hearing real couples talking about their feelings and what worked, and didn’t work for them. It’s like sitting with friends and talking about sex without all of the societal hang-ups.

The Better Sex Video Series®: Sexplorations includes:

Vol. 1: Advanced Sexual Techniques & Positions
The Better Sex Video Series Vol. 1: Advanced Sexual Techniques & Positions

   Kama Sutra Sex Positions
   G-Spot explanation
   Erotic Massage
   Advanced Oral Sex Techniques
   Running Time: Approx. 80 minutes

Vol. 2: Adult Sex Education about 22 Sex Secrets, Tips & Turn-ons
The Better Sex Video Series Vol. 2: Adult Sex Education about 22 Sex Secrets, Tips & Turn-ons
   The Art of Seduction
   Sexual Power Plays
   Uninhibited Sexual Fantasies
   Mutual Masturbation Techniques
   Running Time: Approx. 87 minutes

Vol. 3: Adult Sex Education about Erotic Sex Play & Beyond
The Better Sex Video Series Vol. 3: Adult Sex Education about Erotic Sex Play & Beyond

   Role Playing
   Anal Sex – The Last Sexual Taboo
   Sex Toys to Tease & Please
   Quickies for Intense Satisfaction
   Running Time: Approx. 65 minutes

Audio Journeys: Sexplorations for Lovers Music CD   Intimate Background Music

Sinclair Institute – Enjoying Guilty Pleasures

An erotic sampler of “kinky” sex acts that are actually healthy, imaginative and fun, The Better Sex® Guide to Guilty Pleasures addresses myths about S&M, “taboo” subjects and the guilt often associated with “forbidden” fantasies.

Learn firsthand how expanding the limits of lovemaking can be a hot and wholesome way to enhance trust within your relationship. See real couples demonstrate a variety of taboo treats that add spice to their sex lives. Couples experiment with the delicious delicacies of oral sex, establish essential rules for acting out exotic fantasies and role-play a ménage a trios using adult toys. The Better Sex® Guide to Forbidden Pleasures teaches new tricks and techniques adding spice and variety to your lovemaking. Replacing guilt with knowledge is always a good thing. Tambien en espanol. for all DVDs with spanish language feature.
Feature Length: Approximately 60 minutes.
   Smooth Jazz
   World Music

Sinclair Institute – Sexual Imagination: 8 Ways to Spice It up : 

Running out of inspiration in the bedroom? Want to add some spicy variation to your sex life? Let real couples show you how to spark your imagination for super-satisfying sex. Watch as attractive, loving couples rediscover each other all over again. Experiment with new toys and positions, delight in erotic massage, and explore G spot pleasures. Discover techniques to expand your anal, oral and sensory play in and out of the bedroom.  It’s never too late to fill your love life with excitement, intensity and erotic pleasure!  45 minutes.

Sinclair Institute – 32 ways To Please Your Lover

Surprise Your Lover And Improve Your Sex Life!

There’s nothing sexier than watching your lover in the throes of pure orgasmic pleasure, and knowing that it was your sexual skills that produced it! If you love to experiment – or if you always wanted to try something different – you’ll love this video from the Sinclair Institute. In just one hour, you’ll learn new skills to keep your lover satisfied. And your partner will be happy to return the favor! Get inspired as you watch real loving couples demonstrate explicit techniques and tips to keep your sex play exciting.

You’ll learn:
•Mastering the art of oral love
•Five 69 Positions:

   Mutual 69
   Reverse 69
   Bedstand 69
   Flying 69
   Bridge 69

•Using toys – and even food! – for erotic thrills
•Fantasy Role Play for the fun of it!
•Positions that produce intense G spot orgams
•New locations, new sensations

The emphasis in this inspiring, educational video is all about pleasing your partner, and pleasing yourself in the process! Finding out what works for the two of you is the most fun you can have, and leads to an exciting, more satisfying and adventurous relationship.

Sinclair Institute – 101 Sexual Position For Lovers

Filmed in tropical Jamaica – Nothing spices up a sex life more than trying a new position!

THIS FUN & SEXY FILM was shot on location in beautiful Jamaica. Hosted by sexuality educator, Jamye Waxman, M. Ed., known for her energy and irreverent humor— 101 Positions for Lovers will take you on an exploration of sexy variations from the basics of missionary to erotic “sexual gymnastics” for the adventuresome!  You’ll be introduced to positions you’ve never thought of trying, demonstrated by three attractive, real couples.  See positions to help a woman reach orgasm and help a man last longer plus positions that work best for certain body types.  101 Positions for Lovers shows lovemaking as a sharing, fun, sensual, highly erotic experience in beautiful settings!  65 minutes.

Sinclair Institute – Unlocking the Secrets of the G Spot

Achieve The Ultimate Orgasm For Women and Men

Learn how to release your inhibitions and reach new levels of pure pleasure with this exciting video! Unlocking The Secrets Of The G-spot reveals not only the joys of stimulating the G-spot, but also the mystery of multiple orgasms for both women and men. Every step of the way is explained in plain language and explicitly demonstrated by loving couples who show you the techniques for reaching the Ultimate O.

With professional guidance from sex experts Dr. Marty Klein, Dr. Bernie Zilbergeld, Dr. Beverly Whipple and Linda Banner M.S., you’ll cover such topics as:

•           Finding and stimulating the G-spot

•           Multiple orgasms for both sexes

•           Stimulating the prostate

•           Female ejaculation

•           Solo and mutual masturbation

•           Delaying ejaculation

No matter how old you are or how long you’ve been together, you and your lover can learn how to push the boundaries of sexual pleasure to reach new heights of orgasmic intensity. In just 60 minutes, you can learn the secrets to unlocking unlimited erotic experience!

Sinclair Institute – Maximizing G Spot Pleasures

Expand Your Sexual Potential Through G Spot Pleasures!

This enlightening exploration through the fascinating history and ongoing controversy of G spot pleasures shows demonstrations of G spot orgasms and squirting. Dr. Lori Buckley helps guide you through an easy-to-follow diagram of female sexual anatomy including detailed instruction on G spot location. Three real couples explicitly demonstrate G spot arousal techniques including the “come hither” method, best positions to enhance stimulation and the best toys for G spot arousal. Watch and learn as our couples reveal a range of responses to G spot stimulation that are guaranteed to inspire and inform BOTH partners.  45 minutesl]

Sinclair Institute – Advanced Oral Sex Techniques 2 and Great Sex 7 Days a Week

Advanced Oral Sex Techniques II:
This video is a continuation of Advanced Oral Sex Techniques. It describes different methods, positions and locations than in the first part. It stresses communication between partners and comfort regarding positioning.

Great Sex 7 Days a Week:
This all new bonus video shows you how sexual variety and new positions can increase your lovemaking pleasure. Great Sex 7 Days A Week demonstrates the power of sexual imagination. This erotic video journal shows you how to heighten the pleasures of intimacy. Learn how to stimulate multiple orgasms, use different positions to increase satisfaction, practice Tantric sex for more stamina, and incorporate role-playing into your erotic interludes.

Sinclair Institute – 12 Ways To Boost Your Libido

12 Ways to Boost Your Libido

A healthy, happy life includes great sex! However, many women have lost interest in sex due to lack of desire.  Desire is driven not only by chemicals and hormones in the body, but also by ability to focus on overall health and wellbeing. Reinvigorate your libido by exploring and expanding your erotic potential with this female-focused program that highlights mind and body exercises that release endorphins increasing both brain power and sexual desire.

Designed for women, and created by leading sex educators and physicians, Boost Your Libido opens the door to understanding female anatomy, physiology, and how tantalizing techniques can enhance pleasure, thereby increasing sexual desire.  Watch four loving couples demonstrate intoxicating positions, G spot stimulation, fantasy role playing with blindfolds and feathers, great toys for alone time or partner play, cunnilingus lessons for him, anal stimulation, quickies in and out of the shower, sensual massage, plus a vast array of other erotic pleasures.

Experimentation is exciting and a sure way to increase interest, pleasure and desire. Boost Your Libido will help you and your partner rediscover each other and experience the best sex ever. 60 minutes & extras.

Sinclair Institute – Great Sex For A Lifetime Vols 1 to 2

Great Sex For A Lifetime
This two volume adult sex education set includes “Advanced Sex Play & Positions” and “Expanding Sexual Pleasures”. Watch real couples demonstrate their sensual lessons and hear how they enhanced erotic pleasure. Topics include how to ask for what you really want, trying new things, creative positions, exciting toys for men and women and much more! Approximately 2 hours feature set time.
Sinclair Institute – Sex Play Top to Bottom

The Better Sex Video Series’® real couples and sexuality experts take you on an erotic journey to a better sexlife. Learn how to implement open communication between partners, overcome inhibitions and misconceptions about sex. Watch explicit demonstrations of techniques to heighten sexual pleasure and increase intimacy in this all-inclusive guide to better sex!

Sinclair Institute – 23 Creative Sexual Positions and Sex Play

Three attractive couples enthusiastically demonstrate novel lovemaking positions and skills guaranteed to expand your sexual repertoire. Take your sex life to a richer more connected place with limitless variations to enhance intimacy, provide optimum G spot and clitoral stimulation, increase mutual pleasure and acheive deeper penetration. 31 minutes.

Sinclair Institute – Better Sex For A Lifetime Disc 1 and 2

Better Sex For A Lifetime
This two volume adult sex education set includes “Sex And Love: Lasting Pleasures” and “Advanced Sexual Techniques”. See nine real couples demonstrating proven sexual techniques with insightful advice and tips for making your fantasies come true. Topics include imaginative sensual foreplay, sensual massage techniques, art of oral loving, erotic role-playing and much more! Approximately 2 hours feature set time.

Sinclair Institute – Expanding Sexual Boundaries Vol 1 to 3

Erotic and oh, so wicked!  Explore the ultimate turn-ons that will keep your sex life hot!

Three exciting programs show–in explicit detail–how you and your lover can cast aside your inhibitions to make your sex life sizzle. Experience new turn-ons, such as imaginative techniques for oral, anal, and G Spot sex.  Try some erotic power play, use toys to maximize male and female orgasms, and experiment with new positions that will turn your world upside-down and back again. These 3 videos will help both of you reach the ultimate level of sexual arousal, pleasure and satisfaction!  90 minutes.

Sinclair Institute – Advanced Sexual Pleasures

Three attractive couples enthusiastically demonstrate novel lovemaking positions and skills guaranteed to expand your sexual repertoire. Take your sex life to a richer more connected place with limitless variations to enhance intimacy, provide optimum G spot and clitoral stimulation, increase mutual pleasure and acheive deeper penetration. 31 minutes.

Sinclair Institute – Better Sex For A Lifetime Disc 1 and 2

Better Sex For A Lifetime
This two volume adult sex education set includes “Sex And Love: Lasting Pleasures” and “Advanced Sexual Techniques”. See nine real couples demonstrating proven sexual techniques with insightful advice and tips for making your fantasies come true. Topics include imaginative sensual foreplay, sensual massage techniques, art of oral loving, erotic role-playing and much more! Approximately 2 hours feature set time.

Sinclair Institute – Expanding Sexual Boundaries Vol 1 to 3

Erotic and oh, so wicked!  Explore the ultimate turn-ons that will keep your sex life hot!

Three exciting programs show–in explicit detail–how you and your lover can cast aside your inhibitions to make your sex life sizzle. Experience new turn-ons, such as imaginative techniques for oral, anal, and G Spot sex.  Try some erotic power play, use toys to maximize male and female orgasms, and experiment with new positions that will turn your world upside-down and back again. These 3 videos will help both of you reach the ultimate level of sexual arousal, pleasure and satisfaction!  90 minutes.

Sinclair Institute – Advanced Sexual Pleasures

Advanced Sex Techniques DVD Length: 180 minutes total

Take your relationship to a new level with the three volume Advanced Sexual Pleasures Series. In this series you will watch real-life, loving couples demonstrating techniques and methods that are sure to increase your sexual pleasures. The Advanced Sexual Pleasures series will teach you the techniques and secrets that will keep you connected with your lover’s erotic needs and desires for sexual pleasures you’ve only fantasized about!

This sex techniques series includes:

Vol. 1: Incredible Orgasms
In 10 mood-inspiring segments, witness the power of the clitoris, discover sex positions that can send your partner to pleasure paradise, vibrators that quicken climax, tricks to make each other last longer, ways to orgasm together, plus tips on how to read your lover’s climax meter.

Vol. 2: Joy of Erotic Massage
The power to bring your lover to the ultimate heights of sexual satisfaction is now in your hands — literally! This hot, new instructional video features explicit uncensored scenes of loving couples demonstrating not just the basic techniques of erotic massage … but advanced methods of stimulation that are arousing and explosively satisfying!

Vol. 3: Creative Positions for Lovers
Treat yourself and the one you love to a new position, or a variation on one you particularly enjoy. Learn how adjusting an angle here, or the pressure there can make the difference between “OK” and breathtaking intercourse or oral sex.



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Frank Kern – Client Acquisition System Download

Client Acquisition System

The Client Aquisition System is a five week online class specifically for consultants, coaches, and professional service providers.

During this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to determine your ideal number of clients by reverse engineering your income targets and lifestyle goals.
  • Exactly how much to charge per client in order to have the perfect practice.
  • Your most valuable work that produces the most revenue.
  • Which prospects are likely to pay you the most …with the least resistance.
  • How to use Omnipresence to magnetically attract those prospects to you.
  • How to convert your ideal prospects into highly interested leads using the Low Hanging Fruit, Midlevel, and Cold Campaigns.
  • How to convert leads into clients using the collaborative close, interview-takeaway, and discovery day methods.

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Digital Marketer – Analytics & Data Mastery Download

Analytics & Data Specialist Badge

How To Become a Analytics & Data Master…

We call it “The Analyst’s Toolkit”:

According to Google, about 90% of websites have installed Google Analytics…

…yet only 30% of people actually LOG IN to look at their analytics dashboard.

Pretty bad, right?

Hold on—it gets worse.

Of that 30% who log in, most people don’t know what they’re doing or what to look for. They just see a scrambled mass of numbers that don’t actually *say* anything.

Sure, they know their average bounce rate is 54.99%…

But what does that mean?

How can they be sure it’s accurate?

And most importantly…

What are they supposed to DO about it?

That’s where you come in.

As a Certified Data Analyst, you’ll have a rare and valuable skillset.

You’ll have the ability to collect & analyze data as tool to answer TOUGH business questions, such as:

  • “Why has our average order value dropped, and what can we do to fix the problem ASAP?”
  • “Which blog topics are bringing us the most engagement and leads?”
  • “How can we find out what are people saying about us online (without reading through thousands of comments every day)?”
  • “Where should we put our advertising budget to get the best results? And should we be spending more, less, or the same?”
  • “Why did our last email promo perform so well, and how can we recreate that success in our next send?”

So how do you do it?

And how do you do it over & over again, using a consistent and repeatable process?

To answer that question, there’s one thing you have to understand…

FACT: Without Data Analysts, Business Owners Are Flying Blind

Make Smart Business Decisions

Whenever there’s a change in your business, these are the 4 “lenses” you can use to help determine the cause:

Historical: How does this data compare to your baseline in the past?

External: Did something happen outside of your company that could have caused the change?

Internal: Have you made any strategic changes that could explain it?

Contextual: Are you putting this data in the proper context?

If it all seems complicated, it’s really not.

In fact, once you understand the process it makes analyzing data much simpler & easier!

You’ll never find yourself blindly clicking through your analytics dashboard again…

Because you’ll have a step-by-step process to answer ANY question that arises in your business.

Just how valuable is this skill? You be the judge…

(HINT: The process looks something like this…)

There Are 4 “Lenses” Through Which You Can Look At Your Data

At Last, You’ll Have A Powerful Analytics Dashboard That Will Help You…

Analyst's Toolkit
Funnel metrics

Any business owner, CEO, or manager worth their salt (and their salary) should be smart enough to realize…

…that they have no friggin’ clue what’s going on in their business.

Sure, they have hunches… Intuitions… Guesses…

But without data to back up those intuitions, they’re flying blind.

It’s like they’re driving a car at night…

With the headlights turned off.

And as the data expert in your company, you’re the only person with the power to turn on the lights.

Do you realize how valuable that skill is to an employer?

As the resident data expert, you can do much more than earn a hefty salary.

You can be the HERO in your company!

You’ll be the one who recognizes a huge opportunity hidden in the numbers.

You’ll be the one who discovers a big problem and solves it before it has a chance to wreak havoc.

And whenever someone has a question… or a suggestion… or an idea…

Who do you think they’re going to come to for advice?

That’s right.

They’re going to come to YOU.

Because you’ll be the only one with the tools and the expertise to discover what’s really going on in your company and know how to use that information to make intelligent, data-driven decisions.

And you’re going to master those tools right here, in this certification class. You’ll learn things like:

  • The exact same strategies we use here at DigitalMarketer to collect data, analyze it, and make smart data-driven decisions about our business
  • How to build a complete analytics dashboard that reveals the overall health of your company in one glance
  • Why it’s essential to remove outliers to avoid misleading data so you don’t make bad decisions (along with the exact formulas to do it)
  • How to calculate the lifetime value of a customer (this is ESSENTIAL if you want to know how much you can afford to spend to acquire new customers at a profit)
  • An 8-step flowchart that shows you an easy, step-by-step process for turning raw numbers into meaningful actions
  • How to set up full-funnel tracking so that you can immediately plug any leaky buckets in your systems and optimize the steps that will generate the biggest results
  • Why you MUST contextualize your data to make sense of it, and how to use “The Analyst’s Toolkit” to find out what’s REALLY going on in your business
  • How to measure customer satisfaction using metrics like refund rate, churn rate, and our custom-built membership retention report
  • Why you should be tracking the banner click % for each blog post to measure how well it creates interest in your product or service
  • How to keep a finger on the pulse of your audience using Reputation Score and a Qualitative Trend Report
  • How to track visitor recency and use it to gauge the effectiveness of your company’s branding efforts
  • The “Retargeting Naming System” that makes tracking your funnel performance super simple (this is the *key* to diagnosing the health of your entire sales funnel)
  • How to identify the critical 3-5 data points for YOUR business (no matter the size), how to track them, and how to use this data to actually generate more leads and sales
  • How you can use digital analytics to measure the impact of your company’s OFFline marketing (this will really impress your boss)
  • How to accurately track your all-important monetary metrics including sales, average order value, and revenue per visitor
  • How to identify which traffic sources are most valuable to your business (using our custom-made UTM Parameter Builder)
  • Why you can’t rely on averages or aggregates, and how to drill down to meaningful specifics instead
  • How to analyze the performance of each channel in your marketing so you can make intelligent decisions about how to scale your business
  • What “Cohort Analysis” is, and how to use this advanced tool to learn more about the true value of your membership program
  • How to measure your share of search to compare your company’s performance against your competitors

No one can make strategic business-building decisions without the right data.

No you, not me, not your boss, not Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, or even Steve Jobs in his prime…


Is it any wonder, then, why data analysts are SO CRITICAL to the success of every company in the world?

If you’re interested in becoming a “Analytics & Data Master,” then I have one question for you…

Are You A “Doer”…or Just a “Talker?”

(or…Why You Might Want To Get Certified)

Let’s face it: Marketing experts are a dime a dozen.

So how do you separate those who “walk the talk” from the ones who merely…


That’s the problem!

And at DigitalMarketer, it was our problem, too. You see, we don’t just teach marketing best practices, we actually DO MARKETING for businesses that we ACTUALLY OWN. 

We aren’t researchers. We aren’t journalists.

We’re business owners running companies (both online and offline) in B2B and B2C markets selling everything from cosmetics to camping equipment to industrial water filters and everything in-between.


…so we know how hard it is to find truly skilled people who know what they’re talking about.

And that’s why we created the “Analytics & Data Mastery” course and certification.

We built this certification to train our own team members, but in the spirit of “open sourcing” our business (which is what DigitalMarketer is all about) we’re now making this certification and training available to the world.

In short, we’re making it available to YOU…

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