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Hypnosis | Subliminal

Hypnosis | Subliminal Materials Collection

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NSR (Natural Stress Relief Meditation) Review | NSR (Natural Stress Relief Meditation) Download

NSR (Natural Stress Relief Meditation) Download

NSR (Natural Stress Relief Meditation) is supposedly the same (or very similar) as TM (transcendental meditation).

How does it work?

NSR (Natural Stress Relief Meditation) is not a religion, a set of physical exercises, or a philosophy; it is an effortless mental technique that is compatible with any religion or lifestyle.

NSR makes use of the natural functioning of the mind: the mind is always thinking thoughts. In fact, it is almost impossible to stop the mind from thinking.

Instead of opposing this functioning, NSR© actually makes use of it. This is why NSR© is natural and effortless.

We can use a simple model of the mind to explain how thinking works and how NSR© makes use of this process.

The mind can be likened to a lake (see diagram at left). Thoughts, of whatever kind, arise like tiny bubbles from the quiet bottom of the lake. These thoughts become more concrete, like bubbles expanding in size as they ascend towards the surface.

Finally they enter our awareness, and can cause us to act, just as bubbles bursting on the surface of the lake may give rise to the surface activity of waves.

In NSR©, the attention of the mind starts from where it already is: from the surface or concrete level of thinking. From that level we begin the technique, in which our attention gets drawn naturally to more abstract and quieter levels of thinking, which are more charming to the mind (our thinking always aims at greater happiness and satisfaction, for ourselves and others).

This process is called transcending. Transcending is effortless, simple, natural, and innocent. No concentration or contemplation is needed, and anyone who can follow directions can learn how to transcend.

In NSR©, the mind picks up a mantra, or syllable, which is used for its sound value only. Both the mantra and the method of using the mantra are taught in NSR©. No matter what type of meditation, only this unique combination of suitable mantra and the method of using it can give rise to the process of efficient transcending.

This process of transcending is enjoyable and brings quietness to the entire nervous system. Since the body always follows the mind, the body becomes more quiet and rested. As the body quiets down, stress is released. The release of stress purifies the nervous system, leaving it more flexible, alert, and rested.

With repeated practice, this purification process brings self-actualization for the individual and the benefits of a peaceful, loving, and creative influence on his or her environment and society.

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Ultimate MMA Fighter Champion Hypnosis Mp3 Download

Clive Westwood - Ultimate MMA Fighter Champion Hypnosis

Champion Hypnosis  Want to be like the guys in the UFC?
Champion Hypnosis  Do you feel unmotivated to train?
Do you feel you need to change your mind set?
Do you feel like the hardest thing is to feel motivated?
Champion Hypnosis  Do you not yet feel like a champion?
Do you feel now is the time to raise up to your challenges?
Champion Hypnosis  To become a champion?
Champion Hypnosis  want greatest endurance?
Champion Hypnosis  to have motivation to train harder?
Champion Hypnosis  to have more confidence?
to be stronger?
to have the best mind set?
to be in the present moment?

Champion Hypnosis  : For best results listen at least once or twice a day

This is an Extremely Powerful Hypnosis Mp3 and should not be used when driving or doing any activities, should be used when resting alone and undisturbed

About the Hypnotist Specialist Ultimate MMA Fighter Champion Hypnosis by Clive Westwood
Clive Westwood has been in self-development and using Hypnosis for over 10 years he first started it because he was suffering from high social anxiety when he was younger and being scared of everyone and everything which led him on the self-help path to discover how he could make the change, during that time he found hypnosis to be the most powerful method to improve his inner self, so he quickly found the best teachers and learned to become an expert hypnotist, He was born and raised in the south east of England, United Kingdom and moved to Australia when he was 22 and now currently lives in Adelaide, Australia where he is now married and runs and owns the company and practice Australian Hypnotherapy, he has helped thousands of people from all over the world and hypnotised people from all walks of life from celebrities to young children.

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David Snyder & Steve Piccus – Erotic Hypnosis Made Easy 2014 Review | David Snyder & Steve Piccus – Erotic Hypnosis Made Easy 2014 Download

Erotic Hypnosis Made Easy

This course is designed to take even an absolute beginner and guide them through a step by step experience process that allows you the practitioner to both experience and guide a subject or partner through a wide array of erotic, ecstatic and orgasmic experiences easily and consistently, whenever you want to.

The course will cover the fundamental skills all ecstatic trance workers need and provide an intense training and drilling on the hypo-erotic skill sets that work practically anywhere with a willing partner and on virtually any one in any environment (in the bedroom, on the strip, in a bar etc.)

These skills are powerful, fun simple and easy to learn and use

You will come from this training feeling completely confident in your ability to easily and expertly experience and guide others through a vast array of orgasmic, erotic and ecstatic states for the purposes of

  • Fun and Pleasure
  • Health and Healing
  • Intimacy, Trust, Chemistry and Connection
  • Expanding the Love, Dynamism and sense of adventure two human beings can share in trance.
  • Spiritual Growth and Self Knowledge

You Will Go Deep Inside The Key Levels that Form The Building Blocks of Ecstatic and Erotic Experience Allowing You To Create “Any” effect you want to whatever degree you want.

Secrets of Erotic and Sensual State Control:

In order to take a partner where you want them to go, you must be able to go first.  In this all-important first step in the Beyond Orgasm Core Training Process;

You’ll learn the fundamental mind and body drills automatically Let you to ENTER, STIMULATE And AROUSE Any sensual or emotional Body Feeling state you want In Yourself and Your Partner; EASILY allowing you Stay Connected To Your Partner while letting your partner really feel safe, protected accepted and free to explore and express their deepest erotic desires in a fun playful way.

You’ll find your sensual skills, intuition and connection with your partner growing exponentially deeper and deeper throughout the training as you learn to tap deeper and deeper into the latent the latent powers of your own human nervous/energy system Combined With the Undisputable Laws of physics to Create Powerful Heart To Heart Connections that your partners’ mind (and body) simply can’t ignore!

All the while your natural sensual intuitions will Continue Growing More super-charged and Reliable allowing you to “lay the foundation” for any sensual, ecstatic or erotic experience you Desire.

Sensual Vibing: Instant Intimacy Chemistry and Connection

Human relational dynamics are built upon the concepts of “Chemistry” Connection, Sensual Arousal.

In phase two of the BEYOND ORGASM Process you’ll learn how to take your new acquired state control abilities and rapidly generate deep physical and “sensual” connections via both somatic trance work and linguistic trance work.

This unique synergy of multiple trance processes rapidly amplifiers and accelerates the states you playing with. And the best part is… it’s actually easier than regular hypnosis!  It’s actually something your mind and body were just doing anyway only you didn’t know it. But once you do, you are on your way to becoming a powerfully skilled and much sought after master of erotic and ecstatic experiences.

Secrets of Hypnotic Erotic Language:

Learn how to create powerful, world moving sensual and erotic experiences using your words to bring your lovers body And MIND Full Alive… Just By Talking!

Make any fantasy experience you describe or suggestion you give become erotically compelling and somatically stimulating automatically.

You’ll learn the 9 Key Language Patterns that turn everything you say into a hypnotically compelling, arousing and pleasing experience for anyone listening.

You’ll bypass fear, and reduce resistance to pleasure, create powerful and compelling mental imagery that your partner simply “can’t ignore (not that that they would want to)

Direct your partner’s awareness to or cause it to generate any pleasure state you want, to whatever degree you want.

You’ll also learn a special “conversational hypnosis technique” to use when you are actually making love that causes OUTRAGEOUS Sensual, Emotional and Physical Responses.

And so much more… This section alone is worth 5 times the cost of the entire 2 day event.

But we aren’t done yet.

Master Keys To Ecstatic State Management:

Every Human Being carries within them An “Idealized Template” for what constitutes the “Perfect” or Ideal Experience of “ANY KIND” Once you know the inner template of an experience you automatically gain the ability to create that experience at will, to whatever degree you want.

Most people who learn NLP are taught long, complex elicitation strategies that usually negate the experience you are trying to create.

Bottom line, many if not most traditional NLP methods don’t work in an erotic or ecstatic context, they are clunky, clumsy and break up the flow of what you are trying to create.

However, In this exciting section on erotic and ecstatic state management you’ll learn to elicit and gather a person’s unique thought-codes for how to have any ecstatic orgasmic or sensual experience and get them deep into it or even beyond what they thought they could do in as little as two minutes.

Then you’ll learn how to build on that foundation to custom creates a powerful and unique set of experiences for yourself and your partners that will works on practically everyone. Man or woman, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have a willing human being who can follow instructions you can be, have or enjoy any experience you want, to whatever degree you want… very very fast!

Once You’ve mastered the keys to creating any ecstatic state you want. We’ll show you how to really become a master of sensual experience for fun, pleasure and self-exploration.

  • To systematically re-create a person in the image of themselves they’ve always wanted
  • Remove Limiting Beliefs and Limitations To The Life They Want
  • Dramatically change a person’s Self Worth and Self Esteem using The Power of Amplified Pleasure
  • Create deep systemic change using orgasmic processes to amplify and enhance neurological change.
  • Bottom line: Not only will you be able to give and experience an unstoppable flood of orgasmic, ecstatic and Transcendental states.
  • You’ll also gain the ability to use this pleasure generating system to heal and treat your clients with a much higher rate of compliance and success.

Look I know I’ve told you a lot what you’ll be getting in this two day intensive into the power of pleasure. But believe me when I tell you from the bottom of my heart that I have dramatically “understated” what you’ll be able to do once you own these powerful skill sets.

Additional Techniques and Skills Sets In This 2 Day intensive Include:

Introduction To Rapid Hypnos Erotic Responses:

  • Orgasm and Arousal On Demand
  • Beyond Orgasm: Using Orgasm and Ecstasy To Help and Heal
  • Unlocking Sexual Fantasies and Dissolving Inhibitions
  • How to talk so your lover will listen
  • Custom Designing Orgasmic states
  • Master Keys To Trust and Erotic Intimacy
  • Flights of Fancy: Erotic Fantasies On Demand

Introduction To Real World Trance Work: Hypnosis Outside The Treatment Room

  • Somatic Bridging: Master Keys To Full Mind Body Experience
  • Instant Inductions Instantly
  • Conversational Inductions
  • Eye Contact and the Art of Hypnotic Gazing
  • Breath Work


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David Snyder – Rapid Attraction Secrets 2015 Review | David Snyder – Rapid Attraction Secrets 2015 Download

More From David Snyder

David Snyder & Steve Piccus – Erotic Hypnosis Made Easy 2014

Mark Cunningham, Ross Jeffries, David Snyder, Tom Vizzini – 12 Steps to Hypnotic Influence

Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Hypnotic Inductions Revealed

How To “Out Class” Hypnotists That Have 20+ Years More Experience Than You…

How is that even possible? Read On

From: Igor Ledochowski

Dear Reader,

On this page, you’re going to discover how even a complete beginner of hypnosis can “out class” hypnotists that have as much as 20-to-30 years private practice experience over them.

How is that even possible?

I’ll tell you in a moment.

But first let’s look at some facts:

There are no escaping some facts – for example:

If you want to be a great golfer — you HAVE to know how to consistently hit the ball where you want it to go.

If you want to be a great ballroom dancer – you HAVE to know how to move your feet to a rhythm.


If you want to be a great hypnotist…

You HAVE To Be Able To Do Hypnotic Inductions

It’s a FACT. After all:

You cannot be a great (or even moderate) hypnotist if you cannot quickly and consistently put people into a hypnotic trance state.

And you cannot quickly and consistently put people into a hypnotic trance state UNLESS you know how to do hypnotic inductions.

Hypnotic inductions are required for you to lead somebody into an altered hypnotic reality where they focus on and comply more naturally to your other hypnotic suggestions.

In addition to that (and this is important for you to understand):

Hypnotic inductions (when carried out correctly) use the same principles and suggestions you’ll need to use later in a hypnotherapy session to suggest whatever outcome or healing you wish to offer people.

In other words:

If you do NOT understand how to correctly carry out a hypnotic induction then chances are high you’ll not be very effective in the suggestion phase and won’t be able to help people as much as you indeed through your hypnosis.

Worse than that — you won’t even know WHY you’re not being very effective with your hypnosis suggestions. Nor will you know WHY your subjects not responding well enough to your suggestions to get the desired outcome you’re both aiming for. And if you don’t know WHY you’re not getting the hypnosis results you’re aiming for…

You WON’T Know How  To Fix Them

You’ll be at a complete loss over what to do (or what not to do) to remedy the ineffective results you’re getting.

And that is NOT good for your confidence as a hypnotist.

Nor will it be any good for the subject (or client) you’re working with.

So the bottom line is this:

If you want to be an effective (results-consistent) hypnotist…

It is Essential That You’re Not Just Good But Extremely Proficient At Doing Hypnotic Inductions

Being just okay or “good-enough” at hypnotic inductions is NOT ENOUGH!

Thing is:

Even if you’re extremely proficient at doing a hypnotic induction…

Not everyone responds equally well to the same type of hypnotic induction.

One person may respond really well to, say, a hand clasp induction.

And the next person you see may NOT respond well to a hand clasp induction.

So if all you know is, say, the hand clasp induction (or any other type of hypnotic induction for that matter)… as soon as you are faced with a person who DOESN’T respond well (or at all!) to your hypnotic induction…

You Are Left With “Egg On Your Face”!

And that causes a real blow to your confidence as a hypnotist.

I get that.

Because for years I had very “hit-and-miss” results with hypnotic inductions.

One day I could do a hypnotic induction and everything worked perfectly – making me feel invincible as a hypnotist.

Then, on another day, I would go through a series of hypnotic inductions on a different person and NOTHING seemed to work — and it would make me doubt everything I thought I knew about hypnosis.

But it wasn’t that I was a bad hypnotist

Nor was it because I was an inconsistent hypnotist.

In fact, I later found out — the problem wasn’t really to do with me at all.

And let me reassure you:

If you’re having “hit and miss” results with your hypnotic inductions I can almost guarantee the problem is not with you, either.

Or at least not in the way you might expect.

See, I now know where I was going wrong with my hypnotic inductions early on in my hypnosis career. And oddly enough, you wouldn’t expect it to be a major problem (but it is).

Because a common (and major) problem that many hypnotists experience actually comes from following technique instructions “to the letter” on how to do a hypnotic induction… and then actually being successful at performing the hypnotic induction!

I know that sounds like an odd problem to have.

But I should know because it’s the exact unexpected problem I encountered when I first got into hypnosis.

What happened is this:

The first person I ever did a successful hypnotic induction on was when I was still at University.

As part of that hypnotic induction I suggested (as per the instructions I was following) that my friend’s arm could not move.

Well guess what?

Eventually she did move her arm, lifting it up in the air.

And I (as the naive hypnotist) was brought back down to earth with a bump. I thought, there you go, I’ve messed it up.

But now – with far more hypnosis experience — I can look back on that first hypnotic induction and see clearly that I succeeded. It was my continual insistence that my friend keep “testing” her arm that actually installed in her a hypnotic suggestion that she could raiser her arm.

So the reality is that I was successful at the hypnotic induction AND I was successful at installing additional follow-on hypnotic suggestions in my friend.

At the time however, I was convinced I’d messed it up badly.

But here’s the really sad thing…

It was years before I could look back on that first hypnotic induction I did at University and “see” the PRINCIPLES that “underpinned” the technique I’d used.

And ONLY by having a deep understanding of the PRINCIPLES could I see WHY and HOW what I’d done as part of the hypnotic induction and follow-on suggestions had worked.

The point is this:

I’d learnt to do hypnotic inductions the same way almost every hypnotist learns to do hypnotic inductions — by following technique-based instructions.

I’d learnt to do hypnotic inductions the same way almost every hypnotist learns to do hypnotic inductions — by following technique-based instructions.

And because I’d learnt to do hypnotic inductions the “traditional way” (by learning only the techniques of the hypnotic inductions) it made me a very “hit and miss” hypnotist.

It wasn’t until I delved deeper into the PRINCIPLES “underlying” all the different techniques that go into all the different types of hypnotic inductions that everything began to “click” for me.

Once I understood the underlying PRINCIPLES in combination with the different techniques…

  • I was able to do hypnotic inductions FASTER and more elegantly than I could before.
  • I was able to ADAPT any hypnotic induction “on the fly” and tailor it to the individual person in front of me.
  • I became much more successful at getting my hypnotic suggestions accepted by everyone I encountered in my hypnosis work.

…and my confidence in my abilities as a hypnotist SOARED!


When you understand the underlying PRINCIPLES in combination with different hypnotic induction techniques…

Everything In Your Hypnosis Work Will Begin To “Click” For You Too

  • You’ll be able to do hypnotic inductions FASTER and more elegantly than you ever could before.
  • You’ll be able to ADAPT any hypnotic induction “on the fly” and tailor it to the individual person in front of you.
  • You’ll become much more successful at getting your hypnotic suggestions accepted by everyone you encountered in your hypnosis work.
  • And your confidence in your abilities as a hypnotist will SOAR!

Thing is:

It’s still almost impossible to get the required training that teaches you the techniques of LOTS of different hypnotic inductions AS WELL AS the all-important PRINCIPLES that “underlay” all the different techniques of all the different types of hypnotic inductions.

That’s why I recently held an exclusive private live event called “Hypnotic Inductions Revealed”.

At that event, I taught all the techniques (as in SHOWED and DEMONSTRATED) of 17 different types of hypnotic inductions. And, it was at that event that I also…

Explained ALL The Underlying (“Hidden”) PRINCIPLES That Go Into Making Every Type Of Hypnotic Induction Work

It was, quite simply, the best training any hypnotist can get on being able to understand and APPLY (as well as ADAPT) lots of different hypnotic inductions to lots of different types of mindsets.

The additional good news for you is: You can now get (from this page) the full set of DVDs that record and capture the “Hypnotic Inductions Revealed” event. That means that you too can also “sit in” on the very best training there is on becoming highly proficient at getting consistently successful results (and understanding WHY) from your hypnotic inductions and follow-on hypnotic suggestions.

 On the DVDs — you will see me DEMONSTRATE 17 different types of hypnotic inductions (each time with me explaining in “easy-to-understand chunks” all the techniques involved in performing the hypnotic inductions).

And also on the DVDs — you will (through each hypnotic induction demonstration) get repeated INSIGHTS and “ah-ha” moments into the often “hidden” PRINCIPLES that allow for a hypnotic induction to be successful.

All in all, by watching the DVDs and seeing all the different hypnotic inductions DEMONSTRATED and EXPLAINED from both the technique and PRINCIPLE based perspective…

You Will Never Be Phased Or Stumped When Doing Hypnotic Inductions With Anyone You Encounter

You’ll learn how to be highly proficient and consistent at doing:

  • Direct inductions
  • Indirect Inductions
  • Rapid / Instant Inductions – you’ll see how to do 5 unique Instant (Rapid) Inductions you can use anywhere outside an office session.
  • Handshake Inductions – you’ll see how to do 6 different handshake inductions (including the ones made famous by Richard Bandler and Dr. Milton Erickson).
  • And just about every valid and optimal induction there is – including:

My Own Powerful “Referential Index
Switch Induction”!

Which – as you will see on the DVDs – happens to be the EASIEST induction in the world!

How easy is it?

Put it this way: The “Referential Index Switch Induction” will make you look like you’ve been doing hypnosis for 20+ yearseven if it’s your very first week as a hypnotist.

Hypnotic Inductions are not the only thing covered on the “Hypnotic Inductions

Revealed” DVDs – you’ll also be trained in (and see multiple DEMONSTRATIONS of):

  • Suggestion experiments
  • Hypnotic convincers
  • And hypnotic deepeners – including 5 powerful deepening processes (and with the PRINCIPLES I teach you you’ll be able to invent dozens more yourself!)

All in all, the purpose of the “Hypnotic Inductions Revealed” DVD set is to give you demonstrations of the WHOLE hypnotic process from the hypnotic induction… to the deepener… to the suggestion phase… to the convincer phase… and so on.

And get this:

On the DVDs you’ll see me working with what to most hypnotists would be a nightmare subject.

The “nightmare subject” happened to be a lady (who is herself a hypnotherapist) who had NEVER personally been able to experience a hypnotic arm levitation from the subject’s perspective.

Every hypnotist who had attempted to do a hypnotic arm levitation on this lady had failed.

And, as you might expect, this lady (as far as being a candidate for a successful hypnotic arm levitation) thought she was…

An “Impossible Case”!

So I agreed to work with her to see if I could do a hypnotic arm levitation on her.

On the DVDs, you’ll see how I prepare her BEFORE even performing the hypnotic induction itself.

You will also see me using a hypnotic induction you may NEVER have seen performed before. It’s called: “The Ledochowski Irresistible Arm Levitation”.

I designed “The Ledochowski Irresistible Arm Levitation” to be used in cases where for a hypnotist your WORST NIGHTMARE comes true. I’m talking about those situations and people that just don’t seem to respond well to ANY type of hypnotic induction —no matter what you use.

Anyway, when you watch me on the DVDs working with this lady — what you will see…

Is NOT What You Would Expect To See!

Because what you will see is the “master hypnotist” Igor Ledochowski FAIL.


Or, to be more accurate, you will see what looks like two failures at the hypnotic arm levitation.

But it proved to be a great teaching lesson and demonstration for the other attendees (and it will be for you when you watch the DVDs).

The reason being is you will see how I use what looks like a failed hypnotic arm levitation and then — (using subtle responses that even most experienced hypnotists would completely miss, thus forcing them to abort their attempts) – see how I use the apparent failures as the “stepping stones” to giving the lady the experience of her very first hypnotic arm levitation.

Before our session together, the lady had NEVER experienced a hypnotic arm levitation on herself — and was convinced she never could.

In just a few minutes of me using “The Ledochowski Irresistible Arm Levitation” (and using it to elegantly navigate my way through TWO apparent failures) the same lady who was convinced she could never experience a hypnotic arm levitation was sat in the chair next to me…

In A Deep Hypnotic Trance With Her Left
Hand Raised Right Up To Her Face

Needless to say (within a few minutes) that lady went from being convinced she could NEVER experience a hypnotic arm levitation on herself to KNOWING (in a very profound way for her) that it had just happened!

Which brings up another important (and exciting) point:

When you can perform a hypnotic induction on someone who, just a few minutes before, was CONVINCED they cannot be hypnotized (and you can when you have the processes and “hidden” PRINCIPLES that I teach and demonstrate on my “Hypnotic Inductions Revealed” DVDs) — that person who had all the “hallmarks” of being your WORST NIGHTMARE as a subject suddenly becomes the most compliant and easily suggestible person you have ever worked with.

From the subject’s point of view — their confidence in the POWER of hypnosis has gone from zero to off the charts in just a few minutes.

And when that happens to them (through the use of the hypnotic inductions and PRINCIPLES taught on my DVDs) that subject will suddenly believe you are the most experienced and brilliant hypnotist they’ve ever seen.

Here’s something else you’ll probably find rather exciting to think about:

To become really great at hypnotic inductions — and indeed the follow-on hypnotic suggestions — you need TWO things:

Volume and then experience with different types of minds.

That presents a BIG problem for most hypnotists.

Because without having a big “tool box” (volume) of different and dependable hypnotic inductions to rely on — most hypnotists subconsciously hold themselves back from working or practicing with a lot of different types of minds.

And that’s why most hypnotists progress to a certain stage but then seem to hit a plateau in their skill and proficiency development.

But that need NOT be a problem with you.

Because with my “Hypnotic Inductions Revealed” DVDs you will have the very best “tool box” of different and dependable hypnotic inductions to use on all the different types of mind’s you could possibly come across.

You will also understand (on a very deep and practical level) the “hidden” PRINCIPLES that make every hypnotic induction work. So you’ll even be able to adapt hypnotic inductions on the fly to adjust for those “impossible cases”.

What all that also means is you’ll never be “gun shy” about working and practicing on lots of different minds. Why would you be if you know in advance you cannot fail and you can use every apparent failure to springboard you to performing a successful hypnotic induction?

So let’s recap:

You’ll have the “tools” (the hypnotic inductions and the “hidden” PRINCIPLES underlying them) and the CONFIDENCE to practice and do as many different hypnotic inductions with as many different people as possible.

Well, now think about this:

If you did just 3 to 4 hypnotic inductions a day you’d rack up over 100 hypnotic inductions in just ONE MONTH!

What will that do for you as a hypnotist?

And with a little practice and using the shortcut induction secrets I’m going to share with you…

Soon You’ll Be Out-Classing
Hypnotists With 20+
Years Private Practice Experience

I’m not joking.

Because those “experienced” hypnotists probably only have one or two “cookie cutter” type hypnotic inductions that they rely on year after year, with so-so “hit and miss” results to show for it.

That’s why – if you’re serious about being the BEST hypnotist you can be then you need to equip yourself with my “Hypnotic Inductions Revealed” DVDs.

With the “Hypnotic Inductions Revealed” DVDs you’ll put yourself into the unique position where…

You’ll be able to do hypnotic inductions FASTER and more elegantly than you could before…

You’ll be able to ADAPT any hypnotic induction “on the fly” and tailor it to the individual person in front of you…

You’ll become much more successful at getting your hypnotic suggestions accepted by everyone you encounter in your hypnosis work…

And your confidence in your abilities as a hypnotist will SOAR!

To Guarantee You Get Sent The “Hypnotic Inductions Revealed” DVDs You Have To ACT FAST Though

Because just about every hypnotist knows that they HAVE to get really good at doing hypnotic inductions before they can use many of the other hypnosis techniques they know — there is sure to be a HUGE demand for the “Hypnotic Inductions Revealed” DVDs.

And as it stands, only a limited number of DVD sets have been made up.

When they sell out – and that is almost certain to happen very quickly – you will be out of luck on this one!

So if you want to have the training that gives you the MOST ESSENTIAL “bedrock” hypnosis skill you absolutely need if you want to develop into a great hypnotist, I highly recommend you jump on this one today, right now, while limited sets are still available.

Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Jonathan Mcgivern and Adam Hughes – Subliminal Seduction Secret Diary of a Womanizer Download

Ever since the dawn of time, it has been recorded, that some men have had a greater ability over others, to influence thoughts and circumstances to their will. The truth is not that these people are born with special powers, or were given a gift, no; they were just lucky enough to use the techniques of mental influence by accident, and learn to continue using them through positive reinforcement when those cognitive processes worked. They do not know exactly what they think at the time that guarantees them to get the results they achieve, but you will know soon in this blueprint.

My powers of influence became very strong a few years back after accidentally implementing a couple of steps of this formula and my game stepped up a notch or two. I managed to initiate a threesome in a park within 5 minutes of meeting two girls. I turned a game of snap after college into ‘strip snap’ and almost had a threesome in my bathroom, but eventually settled for just the one. I was, of course, impressed with my results but I was unhappy with my failures too. I wanted to know why sometimes I could achieve such phenomenal results and sometimes achieve nothing. I wanted to have an ultimate formula of mental influence over everyone. That’s why I did deep research on the subject.

Now I have incredibly unique and beneficial, first hand information from years of practice, for anybody wanting to create an exact outcome between themselves and another. With these techniques you can create a deep burning desire within someone to do something as soon as you meet them. You can transfer your thoughts via the methods explained throughout this, subliminally, and force your version of the situation’s outcome to become reality.. Is it hard to do? No, it’s just what you think in the present moment.

Simply change your thoughts to the right ones and you will change the outcome of any situation with another to your will.



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Cameron Crawford – Dark Side Hyponsis Review | Cameron Crawford – Dark Side Hyponsis Download

Cameron Crawford - Dark Side Hyponsis Download

Cameron Crawford – Dark Side Hyponsis Download


Dark side Hypnosis REVEALED (27 minutes). If you want to know exactly how these advanced tactics are work and exactly what Dark Side Hypnosis is then this is the section for you.

Dark Side Hyponsis Brief Description : “Who Else Wants To Discover The Most Controversial… And The Most Effective Mind Control Secrets Ever Invented?”

You’re about to get your hands on the EXCLUSIVE training audios that explain Dark Side Hypnosis and Mind Control in BRUTAL detail.

I recorded these audios after my two years of training with the MASTER of persuasion… “The Professor”.

I’ve become publicly known in the Inner Circle as being the Professor’s only protégé, and people are calling me “The most dangerous mind control expert in the world.”

It’s truly insane… and as well as that, this is the first time in history anything like this has ever been available.

And for good reason, Dark Side Hypnosis has been proven to be the most effective and the most powerful collection of hypnosis and mind control techniques to be invented.

Myself and the professor are the only one’s who can teach you this stuff because we are the one’s who developed these devastatingly powerful techniques.

You’re Getting Your Hands On Over 8 Hours Of Insanely Powerful Techniques

▫ Dark side Hypnosis REVEALED (27 minutes). If you want to know exactly how these advanced tactics are work and exactly what Dark Side Hypnosis is then this is the section for you.

▫ The Godfather Method (46 minutes). In this audio we go into intense detail about the EXTREMELY RARE and COVETED Godfather Method that let’s you become someone of value who people naturally want to be controlled by.

▫ The Authority Hijack (50 minutes). Ever wonder how to enter any social situation or any group of people and instantly command attention, and all without setting off alarm bells? In this section I go over Covert tactics that will let you fly in under the radar and control any social dynamic!

▫ The Powerful EMPIRE MAN Technique (55 minutes). In this section I reveal to you the secret “EMPIRE MAN” technique to give you more ROCK SOLID, unshakeable core confidence then you ever thought possible. Your life will be literally transformed by this one powerful, belief altering technique alone.

▫ The Dangerously Effective Dark Shadow Technique (37 minutes). For the first time I’m going to reveal this advanced tactic that will give you a window into anyone’s soul so you can reflect it back to them and demonstrate a powerful understanding of their reality and pull them into your world which will let you persuade anyone to do almost anything!

▫ The Hidden Persuaders: Part 1 (1 hour, 15 minutes). This section will teach you the more advanced techniques of hypnosis that will let you get inside anyone’s mind and literally control their every thought.

▫ The Hidden Persuaders: Part 2 (1 hour, 19 minutes). This section teaches you the skills for covert, conversational hypnosis so that you can bend someone’s mind around to your way of thinking by just having normal conversation.

▫ The Forbidden OCTOBER MAN Sequence (40 minutes). Saying these magic words will instantly get anyone so attracted to you they’ll want to tear your clothes off and take you home right away. This one amazing technique will let you create a powerful “love at first sight” connection with anyone you meet instantly.

▫ The Lie Detector (1 hour, 10 minutes). This section reveals the secrets to detecting deceit so you will never be lied to again so that you can protect yourself from anyone trying to manipulate you.

For a very limited time, here’s what you’ll be getting in the Dark Side Hypnosis course:

▪ Intro To Dark Side Hypnosis
▫ Secret Knowledge of Dark Side Hypnosis
▫ Advanced Hypnosis Transcript

▪ The Godfather Method
▫ Advanced Social Circle Control
▫ Advanced Tactics Guide

▪ The Authority Hijack: Becoming The Alpha
▫ Step By Step Tactical Takeover
▫ Advanced Tactics Guide

▪ The Empire Man Technique
▫ Secrets of Instant Rock-Solid Confidence
▫ Instant Confidence Trigger System

▪ The Dark Shadow Technique
▫ Powerful Knowledge of Advanced Rapport
▫ Advanced Tactics Guide

▪ The Hidden Persuaders: Part 1
▫ Secret Knowledge of Advanced Hypnosis
▫ Advanced Tactics Guide

▪ The Hidden Persuaders: Part 2
▫ Covert Conversational Hypnosis
▫ Advanced Hypnosis Transcript

▪ The October Man Sequence
▫ “Forbidden” 15 Minute Seduction
▫ Step By Step Guide

▪ The Lie Detector
▫ Learn To Detect Lies Instantly
▫ Full Lie Detection Transcript

The Lie Detector (1 hour, 10 minutes). This section reveals the secrets to detecting deceit so you will never be lied to again so that you can protect yourself from anyone trying to manipulate you.


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Lucas West – Demonic Confidence Review | Lucas West – Demonic Confidence Download

Give Me 21 Days, And I’ll Make You PERMANENTLY Self-Confident with Women in Virtually ANY Situation.
Eliminate Your Fear of Approaching Women COMPLETELY in Just 3 Weeks!
Dear Friend,

I want to start off by saying that I have absolutely no interest in insulting your intelligence. You’ve probably seen quite a few salesletters in your day. And this, clearly, is a sales letter. So, I won’t try to hide that fact in any way. I’ll put all my cards on the table right up front.

That being said, I truly feel that, if you have any problems, fears, or hesitations when approaching women, reading this salesletter will be the most important thing you’ve ever done to change your life.

Small and simple little actions can have a large impact on your life. I truly believe that, and I’ve built a remarkable system which takes that principle to heart, and makes it easy to change yourself into the person you’ve always wanted to become.

I want you to see that for yourself. I want you to try it absolutely FREE for the next seven days. You won’t have to spend a dime unless you’re completely certain it’ll work for you.

So, please, read on. I’ll do my very best to help you make a fully informed decision that this course will change your life.


You see, no matter how anyone tries to reframe it, 90% of all problems with the opposite sex stems from ONE missing ingredient; confidence.

Some guys have it by the truckload. They see a girl with a body to die for, one that just LOOKS like you’re in for broken beds (and EVEN THAT won’t stop her from riding you till you’re begging her for more), and they just go for it.

Just the sheer excitement, the possibility is enough to push them forward. Besides, they think, if it doesn’t work out with her (or even if it does), there’s plenty more where that came from.

But, for the rest of us, it’s an unattainable dream to see a beautiful woman and, without hesitation, walk up to her and just start talking. That feeling of nervousness that wells up, of being afraid you don’t know what to do or say, can be overwhelming.

And what if, even if you say exactly the right thing and act the right way, she’s still not interested? That utter fear of rejection keeps most guys from going after what they truly want, from even taking that first step.

It’s called approach anxiety, or a lack of “inner game.” Whatever it is, it can feel like it’s crippling you.

Have you ever been in a public place, seen a beautiful woman and imagined you could just walk up to her and talk? Did you start making excuses about why it would be inappropriate, or it just wasn’t the right time?

Or, is there a particular woman you’re interested in, but she doesn’t see you in “that way,” because you don’t exude the kind of confidence she’s used to?

Have You Tried Any of These Techniques?

Maybe you’ve tried to boost your self-confidence in the past by relying on somebody else’s words or routines (canned patterns or openers), only to fail miserably because they never felt right when YOU said them.

Or perhaps you’ve tried Neuro-Linguistic Programming, modeled someone, changed your time-line, and anchored in some confidence, and a whole bunch of other things. If it worked, I’m willing to bet it was only for a few days before you had to do it all over again. It probably never felt permanent, never a part of your identity.

And good luck with most recorded hypnosis CDs. The suggestions aren’t individualized enough to be effective. Unless it’s a set of 10 or more sessions, a pre-recorded hypnosis track isn’t going to be able to cater to your specific problems (and I’ve never seen a 10 session set for confidence that worked).

Real hypnosis can work wonders, but it requires a well-trained hypnotist. Most of the ones I’ve dealt with are still stuck in the 70’s and barely know how to find the source of your problems. They hardly engage you, as they’re too busy hypnotizing you by reciting a script they’ve memorized.

If none of these techniques works so well, then what option do you have?

Introducing the Demonic Confidence Fear Annihilation and Confidence Installation System

The Demonic Confidence Progressive Conditioning System is a 21 day program that is the only one on the market designed to permanently install a state of fearlessness, confidence and control.
In just three weeks, you can eliminate all approach anxiety, install a state of total self-assurance, and never hesitate when talking to another woman.
You can walk up to any woman, in any situation, at any time.

  • Demonic Confidence is far beyond NLP visualizations.
  • It is far beyond repetitive affirmations that never work.
  • It is beyond parroting somebody else’s conversational openers.

Demonic Confidence is like nothing else on the market. It is a methodology designed to progressively install a new habit of confidence, power and fearlessness when it comes to women, over the course of 21 days.

It is a simple, step-by-step program that is guaranteed to make you confident with women, in any situation.

What makes this work where the others fail is that it’s designed with permanence in mind. Just follow the course for three weeks, and you’ll get rid of all the fear and self-doubt that took a lifetime to build up.It’s like starting over again, as though  you never had any problems with confidence in the first place. Demonic Confidence is like restarting your inner mental computer with a faster, cleaner operating system. You’ll have better access to your subconscious, think clearer, and approach women with the greatest of ease.

After the three weeks, you never have to do anything again. You don’t have to “boost” it, or go through any daily ritual. The installed emotional states will be automatic and permanent, not something you have to pop into place before talking to a girl.

Take a look at this list of behaviors and tell me if any of them sound familiar:

  • Do you need a “perfection of understanding” before you act? Do you need to have all the tools before you do something? Do you use this as an excuse not to approach women, because you haven’t “fully” learned how to approach them?
  • Are you afraid to approach her, even when she seems interested in you?
  • Are you worried about what to say to a girl, even when you’re friends?
  • Do you feel that you need some crutch (like a conversation starter or an “opener”) because you feel you are not enough?
  • Do you believe you don’t have enough to offer, especially when compared to other guys?
  • Have you failed to change your self-esteem and confidence issues, no matter what you’ve tried?
  • Have you succeeded in changing, only to find yourself back at square one months later?
  • Still don’t feel that you’ve finally “made” it?
  • Do you get self-conscious, insecure and uncomfortable interacting with women, even in places where they want to be approached?
  • Do you make excuses not to approach on a daily or weekly basis?
  • Have you ever settled for a girl who was easy to get, instead of going for the one you really wanted?
  • Do you need to be in a certain mood to talk to women? Do you waste time trying to get into that “state,” trying to chase that mindset?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of them, Demonic Confidence can get to the root of the problem and change the behavior forever.

This program was specifically created to mimic the mechanics of behavior formation and install the new behaviors and beliefs through experience. The new beliefs are formed in much the same way the old beliefs were.

That way, once the new beliefs are in place, the subconscious cannot resist them because nothing will feel out of the ordinary.

Your new-found confidence and fearlessness will feel as natural as though you’d be always been that way.

There is no other course on the market that gets to the core structure of behavior modification in such a simple, step-by-step system. In fact, in the five years that this course has been on the market, nobody’s even come close.

Some of the details you’ll find in this system and NOWHERE else:

  • How to RADIATE confidence; you don’t just have it, you RESONATE with it.

  • The only method I’ve ever seen to make affirmations WORK. Make this one simple change, and the subconscious will stop rejecting your suggestions.

  • Why other products that promise confidence can only deliver in short bursts, and how to make confidence PERMANENT with the amazing “BLOW-OUT TECHNIQUE”

  • Easily eliminate that fear of rejection, the fear of looking like a fool to her and the people who are nearby.

  • The only way to train your mind to accept change without falling back to old patterns a few months later.

  • How to truly form an unbreakable bond with your subconscious so that it finally does exactly what you want it to.

  • Easy to use techniques specifically tailored to YOUR subconscious: the only course on the market where each person’s path will be different, because person has his own unique set of needs.

  • How to feel so confident there’s another woman around the bend that you’ll literally be throwing away phone numbers without worry.

Let me take a break and talk to you again with a bit more honesty than you’re used to in a traditional salesletter.

The original Demonic Confidence was first released in 2003. It became very popular, very quickly.

But, still, I wasn’t entirely happy with the product. The sound quality wasn’t that great (it wasn’t terrible, but nothing stellar, either), and the requirement to finish it in exactly 21 days was too rigid for most.

Still, people were getting incredible and permanent results.

This version is a completely re-recorded, revamped and updated version released in 2008. It sounds better, flows better, and is now even easier and more flexible for you to follow.

Over the years, I’ve established a strong reputation for being a hypnotist who’s helped others overcome their fears PERMANENTLY, and Demonic Confidence helped cement that reputation further. And, with this update, I’ve poured my heart and soul into making it far easier to eliminate your fears and become the man you want to be.

But don’t take my word for it. What salesletter would be complete without a bunch of testimonials telling you how awesome Demonic Confidence is? Read for yourself and then try it free for a week.
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Dick Sutphen – Sleep Programming For Success Review | Dick Sutphen – Sleep Programming For Success Download

Dick Sutphen - Sleep Programming For Success Download

Dick Sutphen is a best selling New Age author and seminar trainer who specialises in brain/mind technology. He instructs medical professionals in how to use his life-changing techniques. 165,000 people have attended a Sutphen Seminar.

The Sleep Programming Series truly includes everything you need… to become everything you’re capable of being.

While your body and conscious mind rest, your subconscious is waiting to give you the power and ability to get everything you’ve ever wanted, easily and effortlessly. Each program is structured to accomplish a desired goal.

You can begin by creating the essential foundations for powerhouse achievement: security, self-confidence, self-discipline, assertion. Next, you’re gently but irresistibly programmed with killer techniques for fast learning and fast earning – and all this takes just weeks, or even days. You’re fully reprogrammed with the belief system of the world’s very highest achievers – the unshakable knowledge that anything is possible.

All you have to do is listen as you go to sleep. As you relax and drift into first-stage sleep, the cycle-per-second activity of your brain slows down to alpha. The second level of theta precedes deep delta sleep. Alpha and theta are the levels accessed for hypnosis programming. So suggestions delivered at these mental levels are as effective as hypnotic mind programming. And a US Government Technical Services research report on sleep programming indicates that even in deep delta sleep, the suggestions are very effective.

The programs begin with Dick Sutphen directing a relaxation. Behind his voice and soothing music is a brain/mind ‘follow-response’ sound that helps to put you to sleep. When the relaxation is complete you hear nearly 2,000 words of paced and repeated suggestions, phrased for acceptance by all levels of your mind. The words fade away at the end of each CD, directing you to sleep soundly through the night and to awaken refreshed, at peace with yourself, and inspired to begin a new day.

Dick Sutphen – Sleep Programming For Success Tracks Included:

Anything Is Possible.
You see how and why anything is possible – you draw positive and joyous experiences into your life – your positive thinking creates a positive life – your acceptance makes good things happen – you are persistent, ambitious, determined, and you accept that you are a success.

Dick Sutphen – Sleep Programming For Success Be Assertive.
You always speak in a calm way without challenging – you never respond to guilt, or repress your real emotions – you act assertively because you are a free individual – you always act in ways that protect your self-esteem – you communicate openly, directly and honestly.

Dick Sutphen – Sleep Programming For Success Be Relaxed and Stress-Free.
You are peaceful, balanced and harmonious – with unlimited potential you find it easy to detach from worldly pressures, rising above judgement, blame and negativity – you find inner peace, joy and fulfilment.

Dick Sutphen – Sleep Programming For Success Get Well.
You focus the unlimited power of your mind on healing your body – you can rapidly accelerate your healing – your positive, loving attitude helps you get well – every cell is filled with positive healing energy, the universal light of life energy.

Dick Sutphen – Sleep Programming For Success I Am Fine The Way I Am.
You are faithful to your very best self – you let others love you the way you are – you are a fully self-actualised, highly evolved soul – where you are now is perfect for your growth – you release the past and embrace a peaceful, loving future.

Dick Sutphen – Sleep Programming For Success I am Secure and Confident.
Sleep, then wake up secure and confident – balanced and harmonious – filled with positive thoughts, independence and determination – projecting a positive self-image – you are completely sure of yourself.

Dick Sutphen – Sleep Programming For Success Increase Your Income.
You focus your subconscious mind to create cascading wealth – free of guilt, you are receptive to making large amounts of money – clarity brings great monetary return – you are a self-confident winner who creates unlimited monetary abundance.

Dick Sutphen – Sleep Programming For Success Learning Acceleration.
You use the limitless power of your mind to greatly accelerate the speed at which you learn, and remember what you learn – you think faster and more precisely – triple your learning speed as you accomplish your goals.

Dick Sutphen – Sleep Programming For Success Self Discipline.
Feel better about yourself – accomplish your personal and professional goals – do what you should do, and stop doing what you know won’t work – control your thoughts, and so your actions, to get amazing positive results.

Dick Sutphen – Sleep Programming For Success Sleep Off Pounds.
Positive affirmations to support healthy, intelligent weight-loss – programs you to lose weight now – stick to your decisions and your diet – eat only at meal time – draw upon the regulating power of your mind to assist you in fulfilling your weight loss goals.

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Jevon Dängeli – Mindful Power Review | Jevon Dängeli – Mindful Power Download

Jevon Dängeli - Mindful Power Download

Jevon Dängeli – Mindful Power Download

Jevon Dängeli – Mindful Power enhances your Perspective, Performance, Passion & Purpose in all areas of your life

In this unique 6-part audio programme, you will discover how to get your whole mind working for you, instead of against you. Listen to the Mindful Power introduction:

Mindful Power enables you to respond to all situations with greater awareness and resourcefulness. This is enlightened mind power with practical applications for people on the go, as well as those who want simple and sustainable ways to maximize their potential.

Mindful Power is an Authentic Self Empowerment programme that combines Mindfulness and self hypnosis skills with the art and science of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology. This unique synergy of expansive thought with performance enhancing methodologies has given rise to a powerful and versatile set of techniques that enable people to continue raising their level of personal and professional competence.

This audio programme helps to manage stress and prevent burnout through raising your level of emotional, social and spiritual intelligence. This leads to more fulfilment in all contexts where you apply Mindful Power.

Jevon has presented live Mindful Power events since 2005 in the USA, Europe, Britain, Scandinavia and South Africa. Eight years of research and development has lead to a more refined and integrated programme that was professionally

recorded and edited in 2012. Now the complete Mindful Power methodology and philosophy is available to you in this comprehensive audio programme.

Mindful Power includes 7 psychological skills to empower your life!

Part 1 includes Mindful Power facts and philosophy, which covers how to use your whole mind for more fulfilment in your personal and professional life.

You will learn the anatomy of the mind, and how to best use the various faculties of your mind with greater ease and effectiveness. Part 1 also includes The Basic Mindful Power Technique, a simple but powerful technique to rapidly take control of your state of mind. You will discover how to easily switch your mind from stress mode into a calm and centred mode.

Part 2 includes the Mindful Power Self Talk Elimination Technique.

This recording provides you with an effective way to defuse negative self talk, or the inner critic, or runaway thoughts. You will discover how to put a stop to the thoughts and feelings that you don’t want, and replace them with a a state of inner peace in a matter of seconds. The result is better sleep and more productivity.

Part 3 includes the Mindful Power Successful Goals Technique.

This is a groundbreaking approach to programming your subconscious mind to achieve your goals. It utilizes an effective self hypnosis skill to direct the part of your awareness that has the greatest influence on your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This leads to you being motivated to take intelligent action toward the achievement of you inner most desires.

Part 4 includes two Mindful Power Enlightened Brain Techniques.

These dynamic self-coaching skills help you to overcome mental blocks and get back in the flow. You will learn how to overcome indecision, perceived dilemmas and feelings of being stuck, so that you can enjoy more
productivity, creativity, resourcefulness and trust in yourself.

Part 5 includes the Mindful Power Resourceful Interaction Technique.

This is the key to dealing effectively with confrontation and relationship issues. You will achieve the ability to quickly and easily expand your perspectives and have flexible communication no matter how complicated your interaction with another may be. With a broader view and a multiple perception stand-point you will have greater freedom to consciously choose your responses in any type of interaction with people.

Part 6 includes the Mindful Power Meditation.

The main objective of this recording is to align and strengthen your mind-body-spirit connection. Enjoy being guided through the profound Mindful Power Meditation that provides positive healing benefits while enhancing your emotional and spiritual intelligence. Another benefit of this meditation is that your ability and motivation to use all aspects of the Mindful Power paradigm will be more deeply integrated each time you listen.

The six parts of this audio programme include seven Mindful Power techniques that are explained in simple terms with easy to follow step by step guidelines, so that you can easily learn and apply them in the different areas of your life.

Each technique is supported with relevant information, so that the logic behind each step is clearly understood. You are taught exactly when and how to use these techniques in order to get the most possible value from them. You will also gain much more than only the techniques in this audio programme, as Mindful Power also provides a general outlook and approach toward the challenges in life,so that their inherent opportunities can be more readily identified and harnessed.
“I find the simplicity of Mindful Power really appealing. The concepts are explained clearly and it’s in nice bite-sized pieces.” – Reneé Annison

Defining the three components of Mindful Power:The first component of Mindful Power is Mindfulness –

According to various prominent psychological definitions, in Wikipedia – Mindfulness refers to a psychological quality that involves bringing one’s complete attention to the present experience on a moment-to-moment basis, or involves

paying attention in a particular way – on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.Simply put, Mindfulness is being in the here and now.

Mindfulness in Buddhist meditation; (also translated as Awareness) is a spiritual faculty that is considered to be of great importance in the path to enlightenment.Mindfulness practice improves the immune system and recent research suggests that it is useful in the treatment of pain, stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and addiction, amongst others.

The second component of Mindful Power is Self Hypnosis -Self Hypnosis is a form of selective thinking, where the individual focusses on a particular goal while using skills to relax the body and release irrelevant thoughts from the mind.

This form of selective thinking has a direct influence on the unconscious mind, and can therefore regulate one’s perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, as well as physiological processes of the body. If you don’t affect changes at the level of your unconscious mind, then they won’t be sustainable.

Self Hypnosis is a dynamic set of skills that are commonly used for self healing, improving performance, tapping the wisdom of the unconscious mind, and sharpening intuition, amongst other things.

The third component of Mindful Power is Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology – Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology, or HNLP, is the study of how our Mind creates our reality through language and behaviour. It’s a powerful methodology and philosophy that helps you overcome the obstacles and habits that prevent you from performing optimally, through equipping you with practical strategies to enhance your abilities in any area of your life.

HNLP enables you to identify the triggers that cause you to think, feel and behave unresourcefully. It empowers you to change each trigger’s neurological effect, so that you have more choices available to you.

One of the major premises of HNLP is that you are capable of far more than you think you are, because you are more than you think you are. This idea is based on the knowledge that your current perceptions are limited to how your neurology filters information. It’s your internal representations and states that determine your behaviour much more than the world outside of you.

Mindful Power includes an updated version of the Mind Power for Life technique, plus other recent developments in the field of HNLP, along with the principles of Mindfulness and Self Hypnosis to provide you with a leading approach to

create a fulfilling life in this day and age.

Mindful Power has its roots in modern psychology while utilizing the most up-to-date information on how the “chemical” mind works from psychoneuroimmunology. It draws on science as well as timeless spiritual wisdom and my own direct experience.

You can expect to be surprised at how easy it is to begin using Mindful Power techniques, and delighted at how immediate the results are.

There are many far reaching benefits to using the Mindful Power approach in dealing with a broad range of challenges in your life. However, one doesn’t need a problem in order to use the skills and expanded awareness that you will gain from this audio programme, as Mindful Power enables you to be your best at home, at work and at play.



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