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Robert Anthony – Mastering Your Inner Game An Owner’s Manual For Your Mind Review | Robert Anthony – Mastering Your Inner Game An Owner’s Manual For Your Mind Download

Mastering Your Inner Game An Owner's Manual For Your Mind

Mastering Your Inner Game Lesson 1: The Funnel of Limitation
Learn how to become more Conscious and start ‘thinking for yourself’ to finally climb out of the FUNNEL OF LIMITATION.

Mastering Your Inner Game Lesson 2: One Brain – Two Minds
Discover what is REALLY going on inside your Subconscious and Conscious mind (most people don’t have a clue about this).

Mastering Your Inner Game Lesson 3: The Trojan Horse Within Your Mind
Find exactly how the “Critical Faculty” in your mind blocks you from making changes – and what you can do about it.

Mastering Your Inner Game Lesson 4: Conflicting Mind – Conflicting Life
Resolve the conflict between your Conscious and sub-Conscious mind, once and for all for maximum results.

Mastering Your Inner Game Lesson 5: How And Why We Produce Problems and Symptoms in Our Lives
This is where we will kick it up a notch. Learn how to STOP Unconsciously creating problems and shift your mindset from ‘Victim’ to ‘Reality Shaper’.

Mastering Your Inner Game Lesson 6: How To be Your Own Therapist
Discover how to remove your limitations by simply reversing how you created them.

Mastering Your Inner Game Lesson 7: Removing and Replacing Negative Trances
De-hypnotize yourself and remove the limiting trances that are running your life.

Mastering Your Inner Game Lesson 8: The Neuro-Tap Change Protocol – How To Make Rapid Changes
Learn the exact change work process I use with my one-on-one clients. It is easy to do and can be done anytime, anywhere and it works IMMEDIATELY with MEASURABLE results.

Mastering Your Inner Game Lesson 9: Your Mind and Your Health
Learn how and why we have illness, and how you can heal your mind and your body.

Mastering Your Inner Game Lesson 10: The True Nature of your BEING – A Blueprint of Your Personal Destiny
Discover why you are here and what your journey is REALLY about.

Mastering Your Inner Game Lesson 11: Giving Up A Lifetime Of Struggle – Making Life Easy
Dispel the myth of struggle and completely remove it from your life.

Mastering Your Inner Game Lesson 12: Your Journey Starts Now – Refining Your Reality For Guaranteed Success
Start your journey and SHAPE YOUR REALITY so that you are always on the right path, at the right time with the outcome virtually guaranteed.



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RSD Todd – Calibration Manifesto (from Women by Todd)

The Calibration Manifesto from RSD Todd’s latest product called Women. Todd explains how to calibrate in pick up. He covers everything from basic calibration to advance calibration.

Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Master the Art of Body Language and Boost your Confidence Download

Master The Art of Body Language & Boost Your Confidence!

Enhance business interactions! Increase perceptiveness! Detect non-verbal signals! See through lies and deceitfulness!

Course Description

  • This course is written and presented by a medical doctor with 20 years’ experience in self-improvement training, coaching and counseling.
  • It has been recorded and produced on a studio quality level.
  • By enrolling in this course, you will get a lifetime access to the current content, as well as, BONUS MATERIAL .
  • No risk involved! Watch our PREVIEW VIDEOS
  • Over 3500 happy students enrolled in our courses!
  • Over 150 TOP reviews!

Most people do not realize that the great majority of communication is actually NON-VERBAL. Whenever people speak, their brains send information to different parts of their body to display the message they are trying to convey. By watching these gestures, postures, facial expressions or even eyeball movements, you can easily recognize what exactly is going on in people’s head.

All that is required of you in order to do that effectively is to have KNOWLEDGE of what these signals actually look like. Once you have it, detecting people’s true intentions will be as easy as a walk in the park.

Now, this is where The Art of Body Language is getting interesting. By decoding the signals that your interlocutor is unconsciously transmitting, you can use that intel to direct the conversation in your favor. This is exactly why the greatest and richest entrepreneurs or politicians in the world possess deep knowledge of body language.

The wisdom that comes with the understanding of the non-verbal signals could actually be perceived as a type of MIND READING.

Wouldn’t you like to know what people think even before they speak?

Or perhaps even if they do speak their mind clearly, wouldn’t you like to be able to instantly tell if they were fabricating a lie?

This kind of skill is not only useful in business interactions, but it could also be a LIFE CHANGER in your social communication. Every type of emotion or interest has a powerful yearning to be let out of the brain and into the body. Even the emotion of love and sexual attraction.

What’s more, having that profound knowledge of body language can also be used in reverse. By understanding the meaning of each gesture, position or expression, you will be able to CONTROL YOUR OWN BODY LANGUAGE so as not to give away the secrets of your own mind…

Following this course will help you to:

  • Read people effectively
  • Control your own body language
  • Settle an argument
  • Detect lies and deceitfulness
  • Close a profitable deal
  • Win a job interview
  • Be charismatic
  • Get a promotion
  • Emanate confidence
  • Get a pay raise
  • Conquer the corporate jungle
  • Exceed at business and social interactions

What are the requirements?

  • Relax
  • Open your mind
  • Absorb the knowledge

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 33 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  • Read people effectively
  • Control your own body language
  • Settle an argument
  • Detect lies and deceitfulness
  • Close a profitable deal
  • Win a job interview
  • Be charismatic
  • Get a promotion
  • Emanate confidence
  • Get a pay raise
  • Conquer the corporate jungle
  • Exceed at business and social interactions
  • Control your own body language



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Alpha Blueprint

The Alpha Blueprint Review | The Alpha Blueprint Download

Forget EVERYTHING  You Know About Attracting Women… The Rules Have Just CHANGED!

The Muscle Nerda

Discover The Fresh And Exciting NEW Secret To Having An Extraordinary Life Filled With More Drop Dead Gorgeous Women Than You Can Handle… WITHOUT The Effort And Hard Work!

You’ll Be Shocked At How QUICKLY And EASILY This Extraordinary Blueprint Works To Literally Explode Your Success With Women FAST!

WARNING: Do NOT even approach another woman until you have read this Special Report. In the following page you’re going to discover the secrets to having the same kind of easy “hands-free” success with women that you’ve always dreamed of… And you DON’T have to waste months “learning” to do it!

No waiting MONTHS for results… You’ll discover my PROVEN secrets for naturally attracting ANY woman using nothing but your own seductive and confident alpha personality!… and since your personality is already there, you will master this stuff in under one week  — no more FAKE lines or MONTHS of FORCED approaches fearing rejection ever again.

No spending WEEKS wondering “what might have existed” because you let your emotions “get to you” and let an amazing opportunity slip right through your fingers (You’ll discover how to FEEL totally confident and successful with almost every woman you come in contact with).

No approaching women HOPING they’ll like you… you’ll never be left approaching a woman AFRAID and ‘wondering’ if she’s going to “fall for” your approach, hoping you look confident in her eyes — instead, you’ll have REAL natural ‘gut level’ confidence that draws women to you naturally.

No spending weeks FIGHTING those ‘voices’ in your head that always control of your body every time you THINK about approaching a woman… you’re going to get my PROVEN technique that will make silence those voices FOREVER – like a true natural – so you’ll NEVER be afraid to approach a woman ever again!
If you’ve been struggling to succeed with women, I want you to know that you can transform your personality and create amazing success with women.. practically overnight…  and the best part is you don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of time and effort trying to be successful and then try to hide the fact you’re using “routines” on her.

I want you to know…

You will transform your fear into confidence.

You will transform your struggles into success.

You will have complete confidence with women.

… and while I could sit here and tell you how I effortlessly approach every woman I meet and dominate every situation I’m in with total control of my emotions, my body and my life… I’d rather show you how you can create this same amazing and effortless success with women in your own life — today!

You deserve success quickly and easily — and you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less.

You’re Going To Discover How To…

*Skyrocket your success with women overnight.
*Make attracting women into easy and effortless child’s play.
*Explode your confidence and make yourself bulletproof.
*Be a real alpha male (who can DESTROY a “pick up artist” in seconds)
*Spend less time learning “theory” and more time having fun and succeeding with women.
*Have the power to attract any woman you desire on sight.
*Attract the women when YOU chose on your terms.

Attracting Women Has NEVER Been This SIMPLE And EASY

And Here’s WHY

Have you ever tried using “pick up techniques” or “dating advice”?… I did — for OVER two years.

And during that time I learned something very important…

Sure, you might have had some success using that stuff…  Everyone does!

But no doubt you’ve also noticed the reality of these using “techniques”… they’re painfully slow-going and unnaturally force you to FIGHT the with pain, fear and frustration that constantly tries to hold you back… but at the same time you know you’ll never be happy until you get what you need… so you’re forced like a prisoner to keep approaching women to even if it’s making you completely miserable.

Simply put, you’re STILL scared of women
… which is probably the craziest thing in the world.

… and the worst part is that the so-called “experts” you learned from tell you it’s normal to be scared — it’s not.

And here’s why (and this is something I bet nobody has ever told you)…

It’s not the woman you’re scared of — it’s your own emotions being pumped through your own body.

The Secret To Having Natural Success With Women

Have you ever met a guy who was naturally good with women?

If you have, I guarantee you there’s one thing he has that you don’t… and that’s complete control of his emotions. There’s also a good chance that he doesn’t fight to approach a woman — he just walks right up to her, starts talking and BAM she’s attracted — all that easy.

I mean sure, anyone can be a “pick up artist”… but guy who’s naturally good with women is a totally different animal… a man like this is a man who has complete confidence whenever he approaches any woman.

He doesn’t feel insecure, worried and fearful when he decides to attract a woman… so why do we?

Why are we so deathly afraid to approach women?…  why is it that every time we try to approach a woman.. we have to fight that controlling fear in the pit of our gut and pray we don’t screw up?

Take a moment to think about that…

Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Matt Artisan – The Attractive Man Academy Review | Matt Artisan – The Attractive Man Academy Download

Become a NATURAL with Women: Here’s The Revolutionary Program That Will Get Girls Magnetically Attracted To You, Give You Women To Choose From, and Get You Laid.

Become a NATURAL with Women: Here’s The Revolutionary Program That Will Get Girls Magnetically Attracted To You, Give You Women To Choose From, and Get You Laid.

After helping so many guys, I drilled down and wrote out exactly what a guy needed to do to become a master with women in the shortest amount of time.  It had taken me years of trial and error, but after refining the system and only giving guys exactly what they needed, guys were becoming guru level in only a few weeks.

I understand most guys can’t pay $3000 for a weekend boot camp, so I decided to create something that was just as effective and something they could do at home on their own time.

I didn’t just want to make a good program. I planned to make a badass program, so I collaborated with some of the best experts in the dating market, like David Wygant, Adam Lyons, Badboy, Vince Kelvin and more.  I understand that although I was great, pickup artists have different areas of expertise.  As with all my products, I want them to be the best.

So I spent some time formulating all the progressive lessons, and who was best suited to teach each particular topic.

I ended up creating the ONE AND ONLY program that literally has it all… and it’s called “Pick Up Artist Academy.”

You Too Can Get Hot and Amazing Women

Now… you too you can get the same dramatic results as the thousands of students I have taught.

Basically, this revolutionary program presents a step-by-step method that will guide you all the way from approaching a woman, to sex, relationship and everything in between.  When I say everything, I mean this will be the only dating product you will ever need.  It has lessons on inner-game, online dating, confidence-boosting techniques, sex tips to give her wild orgasms, threesomes, and more.

This is information you won’t be able to find anywhere else. (I’ve spent the last 5 years formulating this method and testing it) This is the real deal.

It works.

So, here’s how it’s going down.

When you enroll in PUA Academy, you get weekly lessons and coaching right on your computer.

That’s right – every single week you will be sent a training lesson and in-field assignments.

The assignments are simple and progressive.  If you get nervous approaching girls, no need to worry because I show you a technique that will eliminate your fear in seconds.

Here’s the best part…  I will be there to guide you each and ever part of the way.  Each week during our live Q&A coaching call, I will personally answer your questions to make sure you succeed.

By the way, I can only allow 50 people to take advantage of this opportunity because of the individual attention I give.

You will come out of this program a new man.  You will be the guy women are obsessing over.  You will be the Man other guys get jealous over because women want you.

The PUA Academy covers all aspects of dating and we break it down into 5 main categories.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find inside this kick-ass program:

5 Key Areas To Becoming A Pick Up Artist

1. Conquer The Approach

This is all about mastering the first encounter with a woman.  This stage will not only eliminate any fear you have of approaching woman, but will make you so confident, your friends are going to wonder where you got those balls of steel.

We reveal the secrets to approaching a girl wherever you may find her… in a coffee shop, on the street, eating dinner with her mom, in a group with her friends, in a bar, etc.

You will know exactly what to say to any girl you want to meet… and you will know exactly how TURN HER ON and create attraction within the first 30 seconds.

Say goodbye to hesitating ever again.

  • A simple “works every time” way to approach a woman anywhere that makes her not only see you as an attractive sexy man she MUST get to know… but actually gets her TURNED ON as she’s talking to you. (The best part is you can learn it right away and start using it immediately)
  • How to stop anxiety and nervousness in seconds – Be calm and confident during the most intense situations. Even if there was a nuclear holocaust in your backyard.
  • How to get even more dates with online dating strategies including how to build a seductive profile that gets women messaging you, and copy and paste emails that will get girls giving you their number.
  • The “almost too easy” way to get the attention of the hottest woman in the bar, meet her, and then get her to buy you a drink right before you take her home.

2. Alpha Mindset for Effortless Attraction

Within these modules, we will shred every ounce of neediness and insecurity in your body.  You will emerge as a leading man.  You will be able to lead beautiful women, your friends, and also your life.

You will be exposed to secrets of female psychology and how to trigger their sexual attraction towards you. After the alpha mindset is instilled within you, you will know what to do in any situation.

  • Why you suck at dating… and how a simple shift in thinking will not only make it easier and more fun, but will also result in a tsunami of dates… fast.
  • A subtle and simple technique that will TURN HER ON more than any other guy in the room, not by anything you say, but just by being in your presence she will want to rip your clothes off.
  • You will learn the ONE thing most guys do that actually repels women away and is the main reason why women cheat (you probably do it without knowing).
  • How to not only pass all of her “shit tests”, but reframe them so she has to qualify herself to you.
  • You will learn what “bad boys” do to give women a rush of adrenaline and keep her craving for more and how you can use it without being an “asshole.”
  • How To Be The Alpha Male wherever you go and have confidence so solid that nothing shakes you, not even other alpha males.
  • The one thing you must NEVER Do when approaching a woman, and by not doing this, she will see you as different from all of the other guys and want you even more.

3. Communicating Persuasively

When you talk, do people listen? These modules will show you how to communicate with Power and Attraction.  After you complete these, your body language will ooze confidence, you will seduce women with your voice, and create an attraction so powerful with your eyes that women will practically fall into a trance.

We can’t talk about communicating without covering “conversations with women”.  “What do you say after hi?” “How do you get her number?” “How do you ask for the date?”  “What do you talk about on the first date?” “What do you do when you run out of things to say?” “How do you take her back to your place?”

Conversations will be second nature to you and you will know what to say in all of these situations. Your friends will start calling you “Gift of Gab.”

  • Exactly what to say after you meet her so that you build instant attraction, keep the conversation flowing, and make her Chase You.
  • Where to take a girl on a date and what to talk about so that she feels deeply attracted to you. (From there you can keep it cool or take her home… its up to you)
  • How to get girls to approach YOU by using the social circle game.
  • Easy to use, powerful conversation techniques so you never run out of things to say and speak with a power that will keep both men and women hanging on your every word, following your every move, and acknowledging you with respect.
  • The definitive Guide to talking on the phone –What to say and how to use the power of your voice so you seduce her before you even get the date.(Don’t be surprised if SHE tries to kiss you FIRST when you do this)
  • 3 Great Ways to Tease women that builds up powerful sexual tension that gives her no choice but to make aggressive advances towards you.

4. Sex & Relationships

Now past dating and onto more intimate connections with women.  Do you want an amazing girlfriend? We guide you through the steps so you don’t screw it up.  Here is where we get you primed for being a sex legend. Giving your girl mind-blowing orgasms… threesomes?  You got it.

  • How to get a hot and amazing girlfriend, and how to create an attraction so deep she wants to give you the utmost sexual pleasure.
  • How to give a woman wild screaming orgasms to the point where she can’t stop thinking about you during the day and craves to have sex with you every single night.
  • How to escalate all the way to the bedroom.

5.  PUA Mastery

Here is where you step up and we let you in on advanced dating strategies.  No more messing around.  Do you want the hottest girl in the room?  Do you want the girl of your dreams?  We show you how.

  • The advanced strategies for meeting women at bars, clubs, and lounges.
  • How to be a High Value Man so that women will become magnetically drawn to you without them consciously knowing why.
  • How to throw away the lines, tricks and gimmicks that only take you so far with women and develop a powerful INNER ENERGY that magnetically attracts women to the REAL YOU
  • The Dating strategies that will get you women who used to be “out of your league” and have all your guy friends begging you to teach them how they can do it too.
  • How to set up a social circle full of hot women and cool guys so that when you go out, other girls naturally want to join in on the fun.
There you have it…  Jam packed lessons that will rock your world.

No other dating program on the market will give you this level of premium training so that you become successful with women.  You are not only learning my Secret methods, but also secret strategies from other top dating gurus.

This program is based off of female psychology and will show you how to bring out the powerful attractive man inside of you so that women desire to be with you on a biological level.

How to know if this program is right for you

  • If you have the women you want already chasing you around and becoming addicted to you, then this is not for you.
  • If you have no anxiety or lack of confidence with women, have never screwed up a situation with a women, you always know what to say and do at the perfect moment, then this program is not for you.
  • If you are LAZY and un-motivated this is NOT for you!
  • If you are FOOLISH and think there is a magic pill that will get you any girl without doing anything… this is NOT for you.

On the other hand, there are some chronic problems men have that don’t just go away.  Read through the list below.  If you feel you have experienced any one of these problems, I highly recommend you grab this program now.

  • If being good with women is not natural for you and you feel like the only way to attract a woman is by using lines and techniques.
  • If you have ever not known what to do in the heat of a moment with a woman and messed things up.
  • If you have ever learned a great technique but for some reason it didn’t work for you or it just didn’t feel natural.
  • If you want to turn your hit and miss success with women into a massive consistent success with the girls you have always wanted.
  • If you have ever been afraid to approach a girl and ended up just waking away because it was easier.

As I said, this program is not for everyone.  I can only accept 50 guys at a time.  So if you see the button down below, there is still room available.  I am here to help you succeed with women so enroll now.

Why This Program Is Different From Everything Else Out There

  • You get all your questions answered by me, Artisan, as you move along and progress.  As your wingman, I will be at your side to help if you are struggling and to help you become successful with women.  Each week we will do a live conference call where you can ask me anything.  I normally charge $295 for just ONE phone session.
  • This is the only program dedicated to take you from where you are now to a Pick Up Artist.  That being said, if you want an Amazing Girlfriend or you want to sleep with lots of women, this program is for you.  You will have the power to attract the women you choose and you get to decide how you use that power.
  • It is a progressive system that guides you from the beginner level to the guru level.  You will have weekly training videos/audios with weekly infield missions to keep you moving and improving.
  • This is an interactive program with weekly missions and assignments.  Not only that, the weekly coaching calls will help answer your questions and help you stay accountable.
  • This program is taught not only by me, Artisan, but with some of the best hand selected Dating Experts in the world.  You will get the world class dating strategies from the guys that know it best.
  • This program is dedicated to bringing you dating success at the core of being a man.  It will not just give you a bunch of techniques and lines, but by the time you graduate, you will naturally exude the qualities of an attractive man.  In other words, by the end of this course, meeting gorgeous women will feel natural to you.
  • Every other dating company wants to sell you tons of different cd’s and programs. They want to keep you a customer for life, but I want to see you succeed.  Once you use this program and graduate, you will never need another dating product ever again.

Here Is What You Are Going To Get

pick up artist academy training bundle

Each Week You’ll Receive:

pick up artist lessonsWeekly Training Lessons
You’ll start from square one and learn everything you need to know about approaching, attracting and seducing women in ANY situation. Whether she’s on her phone walking down the street or at a club with a bunch of guys, you’ll learn EXACTLY how to approach in a confident way and build so much attraction that she’ll literally be CHASING YOU. $900 total value

pick up artist dvdsWeekly “In Class” Training Videos
Each week you’ll receive the most cutting edge pua training videos and seminars on every topic from advanced day game to same night sex and anything and everything in between. Be prepared for the best pua training you’ve ever experienced!$1,200 total value

pick up artist cdsWeekly Audio Training Sessions
Get all the trainings in audio format so you can take them with you on the go. Burn them to CD so you can fill your head with valueable knowledge while your driving, excercising, etc.$700 total value

pick up artist assignmentsWeekly Infield Assignments
You’ll be getting weekly assignments that will take you from square one to complete mastery in just a few months. Assignments are designed to systematically get to approach women no matter what. All missions, drills and assignments are completely obtainable and will only take you between 2 – 10 min. a day. $2,500 total value

pick up artist phone coachingWeekly Live Phone Coaching
Every week you’ll be able to ask ALL your questions and get customizedpersonal advice for any and ALL of your sticking points and unique challenges when it comes to women and dating. NO waiting for email responses. You can ask your questions live and get the answers you need right away. Artisan normally charges $250 for just 1 phone session $4,000 total value

Plus… You Get The Following BONUSES!

texting girls guide

The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls
The #1 source for texting girls. Voted “Best Text Game in the World” at the PUA Summit, Artisan teaches you exactly how to text girls, when and how often to text, what to do if she doesn’t respond, and gives over 160 proven texts for sparking attraction and getting her on a date in as little time as possible. ($97 Total Value)

shit test guide

The Ultimate Guide to Handling Shit Tests
Has a woman ever told you she had a boyfriend or that it’s “ladies night” or that they’re lesbians? Face it, women are going to test you. And if you know how to handle it, you can spark an insane amount of attraction and sexual tension. With this guide you’ll learn everything you need to know about handling shit tests and you’ll get over 50 awesome comebacks for any situation. $47 value


Ultimate Online Dating Secrets for Men
Learn exactly how to make the best online dating profile that gets women message you first. You’ll learn what pictures to use, the best first messages to send, how to follow up, how to get her phone number and set up a date in 3 messages or less, what to do if she doesn’t respond and more!

Personal Skype Session with Artisan
Upon graduating Pick Up Artist Academy you’ll get a 30-minute 1-on-1 Skype session with Artisan to assess your progress, work on any remaining sticking points, and to come up with the best action plan here on out.



Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !
Badboy DNA Techniques

Badboy DNA Techniques

Badboy DNA Techniques Review | Badboy DNA Techniques Download

The Best, Most Effective Way to have enviable power – and choice – over any woman…

Available on DVDs for the First Time Ever…”An inside seat at the most advanced seduction training in the world”

Badboy Lifestyle Techniques of Direct Natural Attraction Home Study Course Badboy DNA Techniques

Sunday December 13, 2009

Dear Friend,

It hasn’t been possible – until now – to share with you in an effective teaching environment, the secrets of seduction available from a Badboy DNA Techniques Lifestyle bootcamp. For reasons you’ll understand in a moment.

But now, the techniques of Direct Natural Attraction (DNA) can be yours to study at home, and put into practce in field.

Learn the Insiders’ Secrets

These DVDs show you exactly how you can reap all the benefits of being the man who, not only knows how to, but can EASILY put into practice the skills of seduction to get an woman you want.

Imagine how it will feel to wake up every day knowing that you can have choice amongst women, by aking them feel so attracted around you that they can’t help themselves.

The new course is designed to re-create the best learning environment for seduction. We had to make sure that we met the high standards of live training with the in-home course. And that is why we had to be creative in the “way” we put this course together.

“The minute we get there Badboy makes us feel like a friend, and not a workshop student. I introduce myself – and he asks me why I came – and what my sticking points are. He says “All of this will be taken care, I promise” and shakes my hand. He says “Your game is my problem, not your problem.””

– DonCorleone, San francisco

“Feel” motivated to put into practice what you learn

The good news is that we achieved our goals so succesfully that you will be easily motivated to go and do what we can teach you in-field. Not only will it be a rewarding endeavor going out to do it, but the women that is the main reason you are here will be out of this world.. and eating out of your hand.

Unique learning

Follow the “student” in the DVDs who is taken though all the techniques and demonstrates them. You’ll see as he improves under Badboy’s teaching.

And, Badboy himself explains all the components that go into demonstrating direct natural attraction.

Not only talking about it but SHOWING you how to do it.

The Amazing experiences of the seducer’s Life…

Badboy Lifestyle students say, again and again, that this sort of training comes with so many rewards!

“What BB does is change your reality. He takes all the garbage that’s been put in your head and takes it out (from parents, society, whatever). Then he turns you back into you, but in a way that kills the average frustrated chump in you. He goes to work on your inner game, and you don’t even realize how he does it. After workshop it’s like there’s a certain sense of calm that’s come over me and I can stop worrying about learning PU. The model BB gives you is so simple”

– Metro

“It was comical seeing all the guys just drooling over her as I lead her round the club. One guy just kept coming up to her and he couldn’t stop telling her how gorgeous she was! It was funny in a pathetic sort of way!”

– Brightside, London

“For me this is the best model of PU I’ve ever seen. It’s easy and fun and it works. I can stop reading other theories, I can stop learning routines, I can stop spending money on seduction products and I can start having fun and get what I want in life”

– Pimpstylez, Germany

“They will clear the bullshit in your mind so that real you starts to shine through. They will install in you how alphas look, walk and behave. And last but not least, you will know how chicks work as sure as you know what 2 X 2 is equals…

The next day I met a girl on the street. We ended up hanging out two days later and made out in the process. I had sex with an 8 that night as well. Next day I woke up walked the streets and realized I’m not afraid of girls anymore. That was what I wanted actually. Women weren’t special anymore. I felt like a LION who could take what he wants and f**k the brains out of her”

– Ayhan Birsel, Turkey

Now there’s a way for you to jump straight into an amazing – and rewarding – life filled with women, armed with all the tools and techniques you need to not just make a go of it…but to really excel.

Learn from the Very Best

Over many years, Badboy has tuned up and gone into the best ‘natural’ minds in seduction – and gathered from each of them their hard-won secrets, and proven techniques. His training is regaredas the best in the world for success with women.

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David Tee Get Your Shit Together PDF Download


Learn what EVERY man must understand BEFORE even ATTEMPTING to attract women.

I travelled a lot in my early 30’s. During that time, I met a small number of guys who didn’t really have any “game” or “pickup skills”, yet still always seemed to have an abundance of the very most beautiful girls in their company.

None of these men were particularly handsome, nor were any of the many women who adored them the “gold digger” type. Naturally, as a hardcore student and (back then) teacher of the “PUA” mindset, I was intrigued as to why these average-looking guys were able to attract so many women with virtually no effort. I came to refer to then as “Naturals”.

What I realised is that these men had something that the vast majority of men lack, and will most likely spend the rest of their lives trying to figure out. I studied the way they carry themselves, the things they said & the actions they took, and the way they felt about women and themselves, and eventually began to understand the core of their mindset, which I have explained in this book.

About the book (continued)…

The most immediately noticeable difference between these “Natural” guys and practically every other man on the planet is the way they react to the presence of attractive women. The average guy (including self-proclaimed “pickup artists”) will immediately switch into “acquisition” mode. Their baseline thought is “I must pick up/acquire this woman, and then I will feel good”. However there is also the accompanying fear, which generally manifests as approach anxiety.

However, to the Natural, a woman is seen as a potential friend or ally. He already feels good about himself, and so therefore doesn’t have any thoughts about picking up or acquiring women in order to “fill the hole” (pardon the metaphor) in his self-esteem. And there is no reason for him to feel any fear, because he has no plan or agenda. He’s quite happy, whatever the outcome, should he and the woman interact.

This puts women massively at ease around him. They are able to open up in a way that they rarely get a chance to around average guys who are generally either only interested in acquiring a sexual experience from them, or too nervous to even speak to them. When the Natural feels attraction for a woman, he doesn’t slip into acquisition mode. Instead he is looking to invite her to co-create mutually enjoyable experiences. In other words: He has her interests at heart as well as his own.

It all boils down to developing a healthy level of self-esteem. And that starts with intentionally and unconditionally giving, as opposed to giving as tool for acquisition. That’s what this book is about.

This is THE shortcut that lets you avoid YEARS of struggling with this area of your life so that you can become the type of guy women NATURALLY want to spend time with.

All but the most superficial women don’t mind if you’re “flawed” in some way. The key is to become a man who is comfortable in his own skin despite what you might think is unattractive about yourself. It’s when a woman can see that you’re good at expressing your authentic self, and that your authentic self is a guy who knows he is enough, that she can decide that she’s into you. You don’t need to buy her drinks and flowers, do her favours, be a “nice guy” or pretend to be a “bad boy” to win her affection. You just need to become a man who is perfectly at ease with himself and knows that any challenges life throws at him won’t throw HIM off his path in life. This book will teach you how to adopt this mindset.

It’s NOT about “How to bang as many girls as possible”. This is not a pickup artist manual!

The contents of this book are far more powerful and life-changing than that.


Inside this book:

  • Delve deeply into the 3 CORE PRINCIPLES a man must internalise in order to become successful in this area of life: Learn how to BECOME A MAN WHO IS COMFORTABLE IN HIS OWN SKIN, able to EXPRESS YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF WITHOUT FEAR OF REJECTION.
  • Trying to attract and create deep connections with women will ALWAYS be a HUGE CHALLENGE without a solid grasp of these principles.
  • The CLEAR AND SOLID ACTION PLAN to guide you through the process of becoming the man who knows in his heart that he DESERVES and can NATURALLY ATTRACT the type of women he desires.
  • This is THE SOLUTION for men who have tried “pickup” methods and still suffer the painful symptoms of APPROACH ANXIETY, FEAR OF REJECTION, and DISAPPOINTMENT at the results of using outdated “PUA” strategies in their efforts to meet and attract women. Your  days of having to memorize “game” routines and strategies are over.


Download File – 549.7 Kb


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Ian Ironwood – The Manosphere – A New Hope for Masculinity PDF Download

The Manosphere is a loose collection of blogs, books, and forums about men, male issues, and masculine interests. Covering areas of this vast “dirty snowball” like Pick Up Artists (PUAs) and Game, Traditional and Christian Conservatives, Wise Old Men, Puerarchs, Alpha Dads, Men’s Rights Activists, (MRAs), Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) and other facets of masculinity in a post-feminist world, Ironwood has designed this book to be a survey and introduction, not an exhaustive study. Find out why men aren’t getting married as much or as early. Find out what your daughter’s chances of finding a “good man” really are . . . and figure out what constitutes a “good man”.

Aimed squarely at feminism’s tropes and misandry, The Manosphere delves deeply into gender relations from the masculine side, and where it takes you may surprise you. Men today are struggling, searching, healing, and fighting . . . but they are more and more coming to the feminism-inspired conclusion that the time has come for them to pursue their interests as men, often independent of women or their interests.

Whether you’re pleased or outraged, this is the first look at a rapidly-developing and soon-to-be widely influential area of the internet blogosphere. Why is 50 Shades of Grey so popular, and what can married men do about it? Why is it so hard to find a good man? Why is it so hard to find a worthy woman? Why is 300 the greatest masculine film ever made, just ahead of Fight Club and Porky’s? And what does the future hold as more men leave the workforce, pursue fatherhood with passion, and look with skepticism on a culture that punishes and denigrates them on the basis of their gender.

The Men of the Manosphere aren’t Right Wing thugs or mindless trolls — they are seeking thoughtful answers to difficult problems. In the process, they are revalorizing masculinity itself, adapting it to a post-modern, post-industrial, post-feminist world. It’s not a world of equality, it’s a world of equilibrium. It’s not a world where men become better at serving women, but where men become better men. And it is not a world of sensitive new age guys talking about their feelings . . . it’s a world where sweat, respect, honor and fidelity are the coins of the realm. As more and more men, married, divorced and single, “take the Red Pill” and apply the knowledge of the Manosphere to their relationships, a wonderful thing is happening: men are growing strong, more secure in their masculinity . . . and less likely to capitulate to feminine whims on the basis of the feminine imperative.

Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Allana Pratt – Bad Boy Sex Secrets Download | Allana Pratt – Bad Boy Sex Secrets Review

Bad Boy Sex Secrets by Allana Pratt

An intimate invitation from International Author of Get Her to Say Yes and Scoring a Relationship: Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt

“There is a part of you that may still be hidden, that if you dare stand before me, I will awaken. In just 7 days I’ll show you how to BE that noble Bad Boy that makes her ache to do anything for you, always.”

A little secret about what happened to me as I sat down to create this product for you…I expanded as a lustful hedonistic muse…

“It was as if a barrier of hiding my true kinky naughty bold regal potent nature dissolved away at the thought of you standing before me.. embracing your Bad Boy.

No longer am I concerned that my overt sexuality would be too much for you.
I love men. I love sex. I love intimately connecting with Bad Boys.

I am alive with authentic pleasure at the thought of my gifts, talents and insights awakening your full Bad Boy capacity. I am completely turned on (and your woman will be, too) knowing the full YOU has been unleashed into the world…

I’ve NEVER fit in the box, I never WILL fit inside the box and the reason men trust me and transform their sex, sexual lives and self-confidence is because I’m different: Dorky. Delicious. Divine.

Even though I’ve coached men to be bad ass for over 5 yrs., coached women to open and surrender to you for 15 yrs., even though I’m a smarty pants from Columbia University, even though I have interviewed and coached celebrities, even though I’m a 3 time author and have graced national TV sets, international modeling runways and corporate boardroom presentations… I’ve struggled with revealing my full true sexual nature all my life.

It’s like as I committed to awakening your bad boy, my bad girl has awakened. Since filming and recording this potent program for you, I’ve experienced the breaking down of walls and the returning to my pure luscious hedonistic core. Now more than ever, I KNOW what’s missing in today’s sexual relationships. And I KNOW how to awaken this within you.

  • What if this Bad Boy in you requires a proper Initiation to step forth fully?
  • What if this Bad Boy in you requires all past wounds healed, forgiven and released in totality?
  • What if this Bad Boy in you requires a safe, tender, alluring, inviting, tempting, feminine champion to hold space for you to move forward with success?
  • What if this is exactly what I was designed to provide on this planet?

Let me tell you a story of my first ‘initiate’…

I have two failed marriages under my belt at this point, choosing men who didn’t meet my sexual depth, wildness, caring and intimacy… yet, YES you are correct. I chose them. Why? So that their rejection of me would prove my sexuality was wrong, I was wrong, I was a dirty and bad woman. Not kind. Not fun. What else is possible?

I’ve since been on a path to heal every ounce of shame, guilt, pain and suffering about my deliciously orgasmic, tender, creative, expansive, hedonistic, yummy SELF so that I can inspire others to experience the same joy, freedom, peace and pleasure I do in my body, and in sex, intimacy and communion with lovers.

For it seems when one is fully at peace with pleasure in their body, their sex, their relationship… they tend to create and receive the life they choose, including money, success, joy, sex, adventure.

So, back to my first ‘initiate.

It was close to 8 yrs. ago at a silent mediation retreat where you were only allowed to speak in these 40 minute partner sessions where you’d ask each other, “Tell Me Who You Are”. All you got to say in response was “Thank You”. It was day 3 of 5 and I wanted to get this ‘direct experience’ of who I am like the retreat promised was possible. Yet ‘wanting’ it was getting me nowhere (sound familiar?) so I just let go and chose to be curious, open and surrendered.

Sitting close, knees touching, facing one another, my partner said, “Tell Me Who You Are”. You’re supposed to take in the question and say whatever arises for you, no matter how weird, wondrous or wacky it is. I heard inside my head:Straddle the earth, right now. Get down on the floor. Straddle her.

OMG. How embarrassing.
Better than the woman beside me a moment ago, who reported she wanted ‘sweaty balls’.
Damn. THAT took courage to say.

So I pushed back my chair and reported to my partner that “I am straddling the Earth with and drinking her in…” He gulped, said “Thank You” with a crackle in his voice.

Then something happened, like I became possessed with energy, light, power. I started to orgasm in a way I never had before, not clitoral, but these deep waves within… my voice deepened and I WAS THE EARTH.

I was everything in creation. I told him that.

“I am the wind that blows over wheat fields at sunset.
I am the luscious moss on the north side of every trunk deep in the forest.
I can create the Grand Canyon with a glance.
I can create a tsunami with the tilt of my head.
And I don’t need a man.”

I was soooo full, orgasmic, writhing, moist and alive.
I was everything already… so what did I choose from here?
With smoldering eyes, heavy lashes, I purred to my partner,

“I have no interest, not even the capacity to care about a man who is unable to claim me.
How dare a man even cross my path of fullness unless he can hold the space to take me deeper, wider, more expansive…?”

My partner kept saying, “Thank you”. Shifting from shock, to understanding, to awareness, to beckoning me to tell him more… like the Holy Grail… as he said, Thank you, I could feel how he wanted to learn how to fully claim the Feminine.

I was floating, waves of orgasmic energy pulsing through me, speaking poetically AS the Earth when I shared that:

“There is a chasm between me and the man who dares to claim me. A deep chasm of doubt, mind spinning, thoughts of self-abuse, beliefs picked up by others, points of view of seeking approval, fears of rejection, patterns of hesitancy, disconnection from speaking and living one’s priorities… it is a dark swirling cavern of darkness that he will have to pass over to claim me.

If he focuses on the chasm, it would swallow him whole.

If he focuses on me, let my naughty alluring temptress energy awaken him, let my fierce love of his commanding nobility awaken him, let my caring tender sweet heart awaken him… allow my pure honor of his magnificence… then the chasm would close, he will be by my side, penetrating me deeply so that I can fuel his legacy, pour my liquid light into his Being and together we will soar into the cosmos in Communion with All.”

Weird shit, eh?
(Whoops, the Canadian accent slipped out).

Almost like when Sigourney Weaver got possessed in Ghost Busters… but WAY better.
So as I’m sharing all this, straddling an imaginary Earth on the floor, bowing to my partner who is still seated in his chair, several facilitators gathered around that I hadn’t noticed before… my adoration, honoring and allowing of ME… and my adoration, honoring and allowing of HIM… was the catalyst for HIM to have a ‘direct experience’.

Right there in front of me.Witnessing a brother BE all of HIM!BEING His Bad Ass Noble Hot Humble Heroic Self.

Later that afternoon in another partner sharing for 40 minutes, another gentleman ‘woke up’ in front of me.

For the next two years I enjoyed the best sex in my life (and it has gotten better ever since!) Back in my coaching practice, I was all about awakening this capacity in women and moms.

Yet honestly it wasn’t going that well. It was like I was too much for the women, and I noticed I began to dim this magnificent gift inside me.

A few of the things you will learn are…

How to unblock and open YOUR Sexual Energy – not only helps with erections but can make her orgasm from across the room.

When you laser focus your sexual energy on one woman as the Bad Boy, she can’t stop thinking about you, and will do anything to be with you…

Postures that turn her on and make her trust you – you may be just standing there and actually turning her off.

There is a reason we women go for the James Bond, Indiana Jones, UFC fighter, Cowboy etc… it’s how they move in their body… you CAN learn this and I’ll show you how…

How to stay present & calm with her no matter what happens – scripted sex is boring, so you WILL BE in the unknown – if you spin in your head, you will blow the whole thing.

Rarely have I met a man who could do this without my program. So many men derive their sense of self from her opinion of him, which deflates any chance of you being a Bad Boy. Let’s turn this around. Now.

How to introduce and use adult toys to take her into bliss – sometimes it’s her that’s timid and sometimes it’s you, let’s move through this

Women are super sensitive, can be confident in the boardroom yet when they hit the bedroom, feel completely insecure. Without knowing how to introduce adult toys, you could kill the moment before you ever begun, putting yourself months if not years back in terms of the profound intimacy that’s possible.

The importance of Bad Boy praise, touch, gifts & acknowledgment – bad boys say things in a specific way that elicits her erotic gushing take me now side, not the puppy dog side- you need to know this

Let’s be clear, being a Bad Boy doesn’t start in the bedroom, it starts hours before, which can seem like a lot of work unless I show you the easy authentic natural ways to bring this way of being into your everyday communications with her, so she’s begging for you once you get home!

Here’s what you’ll get in the Bad Boy Sex Secrets Video, Audio & Transcripts training program:

Day 1 Bad Boy Sex Secrets Video One:Inner & Outer Game

How to unblock and open YOUR Sexual Energy not only helps with erections but can make her orgasm from across the room.

Your sexual energy is not a thought in your head, it’s an energy that literally moves in you, as you, through you, you can measure it on Steven Hawkins’s’ Scale of Consciousness. When you have shame, guilt or suppression of your truth in any manner, you cut off this energy and your ability to access your nobility and your Bad Boy. Practice wielding this energy supports longer erections and this energy can literally be sent toward her, like an invitation to open her into surrender. Many clients have been able to claim this Bad Boy sexual confidence to flow energy to turn their partners on to the point of orgasm without any physical touch. Let’s get you started or take your practice to the next dimension.

Postures that turn her on and make her trust you you may be just standing there and actually turning her off.

Think about a man whom you respect. He could be a friend, mentor, actor, or athlete. Now notice his posture. Now think of a man you disrespect, again he could be a family member, coworker, actor or politician. What do you notice about his posture? Pushing forward? Pulled back? Grounded in the center? Wounds from the past, survival strategies to ‘make’ things happen or to protect you from rejection, all play out in your posture and how you walk, sit, approach a woman, make love. On this subconscious energetic level, women might be turned off just by how you stand. Let’s shift you into the most confident Bad Boy posture possible.

How to stay present & calm with her no matter what happens scripted sex is boring, so you WILL BE in the unknown- if you spin in your head, you will blow the whole thing.

One of the biggest complaints about being able to fully own your Bad Boy is how to move past the fear of rejection. Staying present instead of spinning in your head is challenging for many men who look to strategy and doing it right to be safe, look good, be right. And yet the present moment (not the past/future of the mind) is where all you power is, it’s where limitless answers are, it’s where your masculine instinct is, it’s where your authenticity lives. Easier to say than do, let’s dive deep and access what it takes to stay calm, present and grounded as the fuel for your Bad Boy.

Day 2

Bad Boy Sex Secrets Video Two: Advanced Moves & Communication

How to introduce and use adult toys to take her into bliss  Sometimes it’s her that’s timid and sometimes it’s you, let’s move through this

The truth is most women love the idea of a sex toy, being penetrated in more than one place at once, the act of total surrender into their partners guiding moves and leadership. And yet also many women have shame around their sexuality as being a bad girl, that kinky is bad or to be nice, not naughty. I teach you how to speak to women about all of their nature as a whole, so she feels honored, seen, valued and safe to explore area without judgment. When you can do this, being the Bad Boy who stays honoring of her, while expanding her expression, you will be nothing short of her hero.

The importance of Bad Boy praise, touch, gifts & acknowledgment Bad Boys say things in a specific way that elicits her erotic gushing take me now side, not the puppy dog side- you need to know this.

There are comments I know you know how to do, that make her swoon, blush, be all soft and mushy. Even comments that make her stand taller, proud and grateful for your appreciation. Yet there are also comments, ways you can touch her that either make her feel like a piece of meat, a sexual object… yet that VERY SAME ACTION done with Bad Boy energy she will feel like a work of art, a divine temple to be penetrated, like a sacred courtesan ready and aching to please you. You are TOTALLY in control of the space you provide and I can’t wait to teach you how to do this for it makes us women wet!!!

Day 3

Bad Boy Sex Secrets Audio One: Dark with Heart She doesn’t want a jerk; she wants the Bad Boy in YOU

One bad boy sex technique to solve this problem is called DARK WITH HEART… still be the good man she loves, but to become the mysterious bad boy she aches to be claimed by… I’m sure you’ve read A Billion Wicked Thoughts by those MIT guys who studied a billion porn searches of men and women… remember where it says a man needs only one cue to want to have sex with her, yet she needs 17 to let you into her secret garden? Thus it’s not just what you’re doing, but who you’re BEING that triggers her brain to surrender all the way… for you to please her, turn her on, have her begging for more… you have to DO and BE different than you are right now… and I’ll show you how.

Stay present to your caring for her… while simultaneously letting your dark primal sensual wild side free. A true Badass man that makes women swoon and ache to be taken… isn’t a bad boy or jerk… no… it’s the screw the rules anything is possible like James Bond, Indiana Jones, these Vampire movie characters, Christian Grey… the man in 50 Shades of Grey that 40 million women are fantasizing about…. it’s a man who’s heart is present… he LOVES women… and he’s DARK and will dominate her into blissful surrender… Think about it… even in Fight Club there was this sacred reverence for the fight. Dark and light combined. If you lose the heart, you’re just a cocky jerk wanting his way, she aches for her hero to take her….

Day 4


The REAL way most women want to be dominated

The #1 reason my female coaching clients tell me they stray, have affairs, flirt with the tennis pro, or lock themselves in the bathtub reading erotica…is because they tell me their good men are uninspiring lovers and they miss their bad boy lovers or the past… who rocked their world…

Here’s something you’ve got to get about most of today’s women. We have to be masculine all day (doing, leading, directing, putting out fires, creating solutions, acting and getting things done.) And being a mom is one of the most masculine acts out there… it’s all do do do! So by the time they see you at the end of the day, they are aching to be feminine, to open, to surrender, to receive, to be led, to be claimed, taken and out of control.

They chose you because you’re a good man… and no woman can let go, lose control and open to a jerk. Yet on the other side, she misses the darkness, unpredictability, element of surprise of the bad boys she used to date… with whom many times she had the best sex of her life…so she doesn’t want to be betrayed and used- which is what bad boys do- she wants to be honored adored and respected- which is what you do, good man. Yet I know you know that she wants more. And I know you know you’re not providing it.

Day 5

Bad Boy Sex Secrets Audio Three: ERECTION INJECTION

Many men have been emasculated at some point by a woman for his sexual desires… and these deep inner wounds actually effect your capacity to be hard and stay hard

I am going to tell you his story. He was experiencing impotency. The Dr.’s said it wasn’t physical, but mental. He bought my program and realized that he was still emasculated, ashamed and felt guilty for his sexual expressions and desires by his first wife, and even though his new wife adored him, he kept being sabotaged and would lose confidence, focus and go limp. As I said before, my program is about what to DO yet also who to BE and if ANY judgment shame anger guilt or hesitancy exists of who you are as a sexual man in your full potency… you won’t be able to be the Bad Boy she needs.

So here is the process I used to help this man gain his erection back again. Yet before I begin, I want to know where you are ashamed, timid, questioning, doubtful, and judgmental of your own sexuality, your own desires, your kinkiness, your potency… I have honestly never met any man in 15 yrs. of coaching that didn’t have some kind of oppressed sexual expression. While women’s lib had a wonderful initial message of equality for women and honoring of their talents and gifts, I believe it went too far, turning women into ball busters and emasculating men to the point where many have become sensitive new age wusses. Men don’t have a safe place anymore to be men. Your natural attraction to us, our sensuality, our sexuality, our bodies has been made wrong swaying you too far into the feminine energy of feelings, disconnecting you from your balls, your directive, leadership capacity to claim us, penetrate us open into blissful surrender.

So the first stage of healing this is to apologize….

Day 6

Bad Boy Sex Secrets Audio Four: ANAL PLEASURE

The truth about how to introduce, have and explore anal pleasures
I’m sorry, yet there are way more women who love, are curious about or want to try anal sex than you imagine… it’s just that there are two blocks you have to handle with her. The first is that you’ll think she’s weird, gross, a slut or low class for wanting it… or SHE will think she’s weird, gross, a slut or low class for wanting it.

The second is that she’ll make a mess, crap on you, the bed, and be mortified as she stinks up the place. Totally true. And yet most women I talk to ache to be filled with you everywhere… and many have fantasies of it all at once… you can fulfill these fantasies if you can walk her through the fire and over the bridge dissolving fear, shame, concerns, being patient, understanding and making her feel safe and normal…and making her feel courageous, glorious, amazing and the sexiest woman you’ve ever known, no matter what the outcome for being willing to explore with you into uncharted territories.

Day 7


Bad Boys break the rules of society and yet without awareness, consciousness and presence with your lover, all of this can backfire on you- you’ve got to get this right.

Bad boys break the rules of society. They don’t give a shit what people say. A man that sure of himself is a turn on for women. She may want to be confident in herself, but she doesn’t want you to be push over, she doesn’t want to give her power away to you. She puts people in their place all day, she wants YOU to put her in her place, with a twinkle in your bad boy eye. True Bad Boys have heart and while they don’t give a shit what people say either, their actions are never at the expense of another, or done with unkindness, malice or for narcissist shallow pleasure.

I can’t stress enough that true successful Bad Boys (not assholes or jerks that only attract insecure low self-esteem needy gold digging women) TRUE Bad Boys are both kind and turned on by a woman who will honor him… AND are bold, dark and wild… and turned on by a woman who honors his choice to embrace his true sexual nature, unapologetically AND is willing to penetrate the world as his authentic self.

I invite you to really choose right now… are you willing to have a woman adore the true Bad Boy in you? If you doubt him, so will she. If you judge him so will she. If you dishonor him so will she. If you honor, trust value and celebrate him as a component of the totality of who you are as a man… you are kind, honoring, creative, strong, Bad Boy and totally at peace in your sexuality and open to exploring more and more fulfilling sex with your partner… if you own that? She can own that about you too. It all starts with you.


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Code of Influence by Paul Mascetta

Paul Mascetta – The Code of Influence Review | Paul Mascetta – The Code of Influence Download

“How To Influence The Mind Of Anyone To Your Way Of Thinking….. Guaranteed”

“Million Dollar Copywriter And Master Of Influence Reveals The Same Blueprint He Used To Generate Hundreds Of Thousands For His Clients, Achieve Financial Freedom, Live A Dream Life And Build Lasting Relationships With Others… All Using The Techniques Listed Below…”

Here’s What Your Getting in Paul Mascetta – The Code of Influence

PROOF! “How To Influence The Mind Of Anyone To Your Way Of Thinking….. Guaranteed”

“Million Dollar Copywriter And Master Of Influence Reveals The Same Blueprint He Used To Generate Hundreds Of Thousands For His Clients, Achieve Financial Freedom, Live A Dream Life And Build Lasting Relationships With Others… All Using The Techniques Listed Below…”

“YOU WOULD SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE FOOT if you don’t listen and study everything Paul has to say.  He is up there with the greatest influence masters of all time.”

Mike Litman, #1 best-selling author of “Conversations With Millionaires”

From the desk of Paul Mascetta
Influence Master and “Secret Weapon” to the Gurus

Dear friend,

You’re about to discover the same “power link” that separates the happy and successful from the lonely, miserable and failure-prone people in the world.

Sound too good to be true? Read on and I’ll prove it.

Before I do, I just want to make sure we’re not wasting each other’s time so let me ask you one simple question:

Where is YOUR life headed?

Pretty eye opening question isn’t it?

Tell you what…before you think about that, think about this:

Some people seem to almost stumble onto good luck, wealth, and opportunities, even when they might be less qualified or intelligent than most… while others work hard, pay their dues but can’t seem to catch a break no matter how hard they try.

Some people spend their entire lives trying to get ahead by educating themselves, putting in more time than others or simply just giving as much as they can to others… and still wind up broke, lonely and unfulfilled while another group of people get access to more money, relationships and resources than they even know what to do with.

In fact, some of these even abuse their power simply because they have so much of it that they take it for granted. To them it’s like second nature. Almost like breathing. They don’t take the time to think about how lucky they are, they just accept it as a normal part of life.

The real question is, which group do you want to be a part of?

Well, if you’ve ever wondered (even for a second) how this elite group of people live the kind of dream lives that they do, then this may very well be the most important letter you ever read. Because today I will be sharing the three most powerful secrets you will ever need to know about how a select group of people ALWAYS position themselves for victory.

And just so you understand….

It has nothing to do with education

It has nothing to do with inherited wealth

It has nothing to do with intelligence

It has nothing to do with talent

It has nothing to do with business savvy

It has nothing to do with luck

In fact, you can have none of those things but still join this elite group. Because what you will discover here can be used to transform EVERY single aspect of your life….it’s really that powerful.

These 3 secrets have been used by people like Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Steve Jobs (creator of Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook), Mother Theresa and any other person who has made an immense impact on the world.

Whether you like these people or not doesn’t matter. Whether you agree with what they stand for doesn’t matter. What does matter is what they have been able to accomplish in life and how they did it.

Let me spare you the trouble of trying to figure it out.

Ok… you listening? Good..

Here it is.

These people possess the power of influence.

Influence – as defined by the English dictionary – is the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior or opinions of others.

You see, many people falsely assume that Oprah is as popular and rich as she is because she has had one of the most watched television shows in the world. And that’s true. But what exactly made that show so popular?

There were (and still are) countless talk shows on TV that are just like the Oprah Winfrey show.
But what was it about hers that made it stand out above the rest? It was her.

It was her ability to connect with people. You see, no matter how wealthy or famous Oprah is, her influential ability enables her to have people who may be completely different from her identify with and connect with her.

Mark Zuckerberg, who has created the largest social networking website on the planet and perhaps the most visited website in the world, used the power influence in a completely different way. Rather than connecting personally with people himself, he created something that lets other people connect.

He utilized the power of something called social validation and let it do the work for him.

Simply put, every single one of these people has influenced the minds of other people to get where they are today.

Whether you realize this or not, your ability to influence will ultimately supersede your talent, ability, education, knowledge, experience or any other beneficial trait that you bring to the table. The reason why is simple: to truly capitalize on any of those things, you will – at some point – need the help of someone else.

In his bestselling book The Millionaire Mind, Thomas J. Stanley interviewed 100’s of millionaires (most self-made) to see what success-driving characteristics they shared.

Did you know that when asked what the number factor which contributed to their success was, the majority of millionaires said it was their ability to deal with others?

That’s right. It wasn’t their education, their expertise, their start up capital. It was their ability to deal with others.

And influence is nothing more than dealing with others.

Here’s the deal.

You could graduate from Harvard Law School and be the smartest lawyer on the block; if you can’t convince a judge, a jury, or at the very least your clients that you know what you’re talking about, you will likely lose to the other attorney who can…even if he/she is less educated.

You could have a million-dollar idea or the creativity to change the world we live in by developing something like Windows or the IPod… but if you can’t influence the right people to invest in that vision, it will forever remain a dream leading you right back where you started.

You could have all the great qualities of a life partner… but if you never influence someone to go out on a date with you and give you a chance, you will most likely remain alone a lot longer than you have to.

Perhaps you’re not interested in money, status or “winning” per se. Maybe you just want to positively impact the world and make a difference. The power to influence will enable you to get your message across to more people and help them… because they will trust what you say. And once people trust you, they will listen to you.

Perhaps you have all the money you need and aren’t interested in anything I just mentioned. As a human being, you will still instinctively crave interaction with others. Relationships nurture the soul. Without enough healthy interaction with other human beings, the sane mind begins to go insane.

This is part of the reason why people who commit heinous crimes are put into solitary confinement. It’s basically a form of punishment to restrict human interaction. The legal system is well aware of how this action affects the soul of the person.

It is for this same reason that we see these criminals reading or exercising for extended periods of time. It’s their way of trying to stop themselves from going crazy as a result of not having interaction with other people.

To sum it up simply, relationships magnify the human experience spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, and mentally.

For that reason, your ability to influence others and build relationships is extremely important to your quality of life. Imagine if you had the power to…

Have people pay you more

Listen to you more

Agree with you more

Give you more

And trust you more

This ability would enable you to amplify the results in EVERY area of your life.

You can make more money.

Have healthier, fulfilling relationships.

Have more freedom.

And gain more control.
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