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CR James – Pirate Seduction Volume 5 PDF Download

How To Get Her  Sexually Aroused Using Pirate Seduction

Title: Pirate Seduction (aka. ‘Get Her Horny: Volume 5′)
Author: CR James

Getting Women Turned On

Hello my friend…

The Pirate Seduction report [Get Her Horny: Volume 5] is finally finished…

I wanted it to be perfect…

I’m going to keep this simple…

Basically, it teaches UNIQUE ways to get women turned on
without her realizing how it happened… (but there’s a cool twist)

It starts with my weird hobby.

  • Some people collect stamps.
  • Some people collect baseball cards.
  • I collect real-life stories where guys have done some AMAZING things to
    get a woman turned on…<< Oh yeah…. and I also collect baseball cards. >>

Then what I like to do is ‘figure out’ the psychological components that explain WHY she got so incredibly horny


(A) This allows me to share “those same components” as a step-by-step recipe…
(B) Once it works for you, you’ll want to make sure you do it again in the future (over and over again).


I personally Learn More Seduction Secrets by analyzing these stories (in addition to the latest discoveries in brain science, cognitive behavior, mind conditioning/training, sexual health, and other stuff) THAN I do from bookstore books on relationship, sex, etc…)

Plus, it allows me to share tricks that are UNIQUE
(In other words, stuff you can’t find anywhere else)

Besides, the world needs to become more “real”… if that makes any sense…

I hate being negative…I really do… but I get sick and tired of seeing ‘so called’ relationship experts teaching the same ‘rehashed’ cuddly garbage over and over and over again…

We need to start getting MORE REAL…

That’s why I (really do) collect stories of cases where a woman got flat out horny as hell. And I reverse engineer what happened in terms of it’s psychological & emotions components…

This allows me to share step by step blueprints of ‘stuff’ that actually works…

This arms you with a more POWERFUL APPROACH…

(And yes, I said ‘cuddly garbage’)

Basically: These stories help me become a better “teacher/instructor” by connecting you (and my other readers) with what is real. (How things really work?)(How women really get horny?)

And I don’t hold anything back! And I definitely don’t censor myself because some people are offended by the idea that there are systematic steps a guy can do to get women horny.

***Remember: Any time a woman ended up becoming visibly horny (you can tell by her eyes) it was because the guy did a systematic process that lead to her becoming hyper sexual.

(…whether he was trying to or not)(…whether he realized it or not)…

It’s not rocket science.

If you’re a customer of mine, you know that I share everything. I don’t hide my “Real Information” behind an overpriced seminar with rehashed material…

I make it my goal to get you results. So I want to make that clear…

You will have fun getting  her turned on…


You have to break things down to its basics.

Any time a woman sexually attacks a guy it’s only because:

  • The guy triggered a certain sequence/combination of EMOTIONS & FEELINGS and…
  • The guy triggered a certain sequence/combination of PERCEPTIONS & BELIEFS…

…whether he realized it or not…
…whether she realized it or not…

So that’s why I love to collect these stories…

They work at the core of what affects all women.

I’ve said it before: The most powerful approach to becoming super skilled at getting women turned on is:

  • Knowing As Much As You Can About What Works On All Women PLUS….
  • Knowing As Much As You Can About What Specifically Works For Your Woman

So typically there is a phase of ‘gathering information’ about her (by asking the right questions)(by paying attention to what makes her unique, etc.)…and ‘gathering information’ about women…

Note: Btw, I do all the massive research for you (in all the key areas that matter). That way you don’t have to spend your valuable time reading ‘complicated neuroscience’ journals and other boring reports. It’s kind of like when people hire lawyers, because they don’t have the time to read thousands of boring law books.

These techniques are based on what works for ALL WOMEN!

For example. I never called my wife a bitch before. But I have talked to a few guys who called their lovers “bitches” and it seems to be something that generates an unfavorable response in the female human…lol.

I have concluded that THIS is something that negatively affects ALL WOMEN…

These techniques work the same way…

And I don’t mean they’ll result in you getting kicked in your balls.

What I mean is they will affect her on a CORE LEVEL…
In other words, you’ll learn stuff that works on ALL WOMEN…(but in a good way)

(In other words, she won’t be KICKING your balls…)

So it’s important that you learn stuff that works on all women…

Otherwise, you would just become a master at seducing “my wife” (or women who fit her profile)…

So I repeat: These techniques are based on what works for ALL WOMEN!

For example, you’re going to read a story that I never shared before about a girl I met in college who told me something that made me fall out of my seat (not literally)…

One day, she casually said to me:

Her: My ex-boyfriend turned me into a nympho… blah blah blah…

Then she started talking about other stuff…And I was like:

Me: Wait a minute! Back up… Don’t change the subject… HOW did he turn you into a nympho? What do you mean by ‘you became a NYMPHO’? WHAT exactly did he do that was so different?

Then she told me. And I never forgot what she said. LOL. (Btw, this conversation took place about 6-7 years ago)

But here’s the good part…

Earlier this year, I read a journal on a particular topic that made me think about ‘what she told me’ as far as what he actually did that ended up making her hyper-sexual for years…

You see that’s the impressive part… she STAYED that way… (he did [what he did] and she remained a “nympho” for 5 years and counting…)

By the way, this is what I mean by the world needs to become “more real”…

Sure, there are relationship authors who get on the Oprah show and talk about their relationship book and they sell milllions of copies. And these are great people. They care about helping which is cool, but at the end of the day, they’re not talking about ‘nympho college girls’. That sounds pornographic to them, yet there are REAL LESSONS to be learned…

So when I read the journal (earlier this year) it all clicked…

  • He wasn’t using magic powers.
  • He wasn’t using voodoo.
  • He was definitely exploiting a little-known fact about the human brain.

And I remember saying this to myself…

“Damn!! If that guy was actually aware  of what he was doing to her……then he is PURE EVIL for turning that poor innocent girl into a Wide-Eyed Sex-Junkie!”

Actually, I didn’t say it in those exact words (lol), but I did connect the lesson in the journal with the extremely clever thing he did to her…

And I have to say, it gives me the chills thinking about it…

I was curious (because I still don’t know) if he realized what he was doing.

In fact, I’m still curious (to this day)…

She ended up telling me that it’s been 4-5 years since she has been with him and she is still hyper-sexual…

<< You see, this is the kind of stories I like to collect… and analyze….I enjoy learning what happens in the ‘real world’.. The stuff that is too raw for most books oand family talk shows… >>

I’m not going to reveal anymore… You’ll read about it… Don’t be offended as you read it, because I’m telling you now, that I like to give the raw hard-truth because I think that’s the BEST WAY to become effective (extremely fast)

But more importantly:

I Will Teach You What He Did!

And you’re probably not going to want to share this kind of stuff with your buddies.
You will have the step-by-step blueprint.
You better not ever let the woman you are using it on discover your copy of Pirate Seduction!
((When she told me what he did I have to admit, I was actually impressed…))
But it gets better…Put on your seat beat!!

Because I’ll teach you how to take ‘what he did so brilliantly’ to a Super Advanced Level.(The MMA Black Belt Version)
But that’s just scratching the surface….

*** Side Note: It’s important because I’m not impressed (at all) by studying/analyzing girls who were “born nymphos”…

Some women are just born nymphos or something happened very early in their sexual development that resulted in them being that way…


… when I hear about a “normal girl” becoming HYPER SEXUAL, then there’s something “unique” and “cool” that can be discovered…

I LOVE studying/analyzing women who went from being a regular normal girl (enjoying sex like the average girl) to “being flat out crack-addicted to love-making”…

Because with these cases — again — you ALWAYS end up uncovering something new and powerful that you can’t find anywhere else…


So I think that’s it.Pirate Seduction is a journey to find a treasure of secrets that no one will ever know about…

Disclaimer: Pirate Seduction is not a real treasure chest!

  • Because instead of gold, you will learn new secrets that explain why women (at times) experience short-term sexual addiction cycles.
  • Because instead of diamonds, you will learn ‘secrets’ to getting women horny that you can use over and over again (even if you lived to be 412 years old)
  • Because instead of pearls, you’ll learn how to train her to become hyper-sexual (this is new stuff)*** Realize that we only currently know 1% of the possible ways to get a woman aroused. So in the year 2013 or 2017 a bunch of people will have discovered new ways that we don’t know about yet.

    That’s the fun part!!!

You see most guys are on the wrong quest…They’re in search for booty (“sex” from a woman – i.e. whether it’s his wife, girlfriend, female co-worker, single female neighbor, etc.)

You need to be on an ongoing quest
for two types of secrets:

Type-1 Secret: Learning new ways to analyze the times when she was hyper-sexual in the past. You want to constantly get better at understanding HOW she got extremely aroused in the past…

Type-2 Secret: Learning new ways of getting women (in general) aroused. This is the stuff that works for most women (99%) and learning new concepts that assist you in getting women aroused.


By the way, the Average Joe driving to work in the morning with his $0.75 cup of coffee in his
cup holder & his left arm dangling out of the driver’s side window WILL NEVER KNOW ABOUT THESE TACTICS and SECRETS…(even though he lives on the same planet as you)

Here’s a why…

<< … And I’ll let you decide if you think the Average Joe (who runs to his car with his coffee in one hand as he attempts to tuck in his shirt with the other hand) knows about these Laser-Brilliant Mind Strategies…>>

Technique #1: Thought Reversing

It’s basically something that I noticed when a guy’s girlfriend did something sexually fun towards him because of something that randomly happened.

Not only did he learn that ‘all sexual explosions’ have a source, but this guy became better at ‘figuring out’ how to find the source.

Specifically, this technique is great because any guy can duplicate what he did to get the same affect. All you have to do is spend less than $10 on ‘something’ to get started.

This ‘something’ has a way of reversing her thoughts so that she temporarily thinks about things in a new way. And it’s the temporary new way of thinking that leads to the URGE to have sex (not just because you purchased the ‘thing’)..

Getting women turned on isn’t magic.
Getting women turned on isn’t voodoo.

Again, it goes back to knowing:

How to trigger a certain sequence/combination of EMOTIONS & FEELINGS
How to trigger a certain sequence/combination of PERCEPTIONS & BELIEFS…

Cool, CR. I can’t wait to learn about this!!
Average Joe: I can’t find my creamers!!

Technique #2: The Poor Nympho Girl

We just talked about this…

You’ll learn the step by step instructions about what a guy did to turn the ‘girl from college’ into her into a nympho. For the most part, he did 3 things. Again, I think the guy is pure evil so I strongly suggest that you use this responsibly.

It’s called the ‘the poor nympho girl’ technique – not because she didn’t have any money, but because she innocently had no intellectual defense against this guy’s brain tactics….

When used responsibly, it could greatly enhance your sex life. It could keep a loving family together forever.

When it’s misused, it’s “psychological strong-arming” times one hundred because 99.5% of women wouldn’t even realize that they’re being trained to become hyper-sexual.

And I would never realized how evil and powerful this was, if it wasn’t for a journal I read earlier this year! (that taught me something new about the human brain)

I’m going to share it with you. All of it.

You: Cool, CR. I can’t wait to learn about this!!
Average Joe: [Spills coffee on his shirt.]

Technique #3: Intense Sexual Mind Scrambling

This technique was inspired by looking at all the feedback that I have received over the years and trying to identify what ‘concept’ was getting the most ‘props’…

It was like a 3 way tie…

So I took one of those concepts and pretty much made it more powerful.

So Intense Sexual Mind Scrambling is like the cooler “big brother” version of one of my most successful seduction concepts (in terms of what has been reported back to me)…

I took a very logical approach…

If the ‘snot-nose little brother’ version was so damn successful, then the “cooler big brother (with bigger muscles, more expensive sun glasses, wearing $800 flip flops) should end up being even more successful.

In non-metaphorical terms: I added a few additional psychological principles in order to allow the “user” to leverage her emotionally driver more efficiently…

In other words, all urges (especially sexual urges) have a corresponding emotional driver.

Technique #4: The Accidental ????

I call it that because this is something most guys do brilliantly to get women turned on – except they’re not aware of what they’re doing.

He doesn’t know how it happened.
She doesn’t know how it happened.

The only thing they are aware of is they both have a strong urge to have sex the other night and then that’s the end of it…

They wake up the next morning. They brush their teeth. They eat breakfast…

Meanwhile, a brilliantly masterful & artful seduction technique took place (the previous night) and no is talking about it…

(( sigh ))

This technique is responsible for boatloads of “accidental seductions” each and every year. And yes, you’ve probably done it before…

You: Cool, CR. I can’t wait to learn about this!!
Average Joe: [At work: looking in the mirror clipping his nose hairs with a pair of over-sized scissors]

Technique #5: “Oh Baby…Please Don’t Stop!”

I had to change the original name because I think it hinted too much about the technique.

This new name (“Oh Baby…Please Don’t Stop!”) is the analogy that was used to explain what the technique is all about…

Basically there’s something “interesting” that happens when a girl is seconds away from having an orgasm…

And if you understand this, it will help you see why this technique works to get her to crave yummy sex in a way that she’ll never undertsand – every single time.

This is another technique that is the evolved version of an originally successful concept.

Basically, there are two elementary ways to build sexual tension that every guy has done at least once… (1) ????? and (2) ?????

If you can do those two things (which is dumb simple to do) you are literally forced to get results by it because of the psychological impact.

If that sounds too bold, you have to remember that there is no magic involved.

Basically: Techniques don’t get women horny.

It’s the psychological & emotional impact of the technique that creates massive amounts of sexual tension [i.e. Pre-converted Horniness]

Then from there, she’s driven to have sex in an attempt to release the tension.

You: Cool, CR. I can’t wait to learn about this!!
Average Joe: Hey guys. Where do they keep the Band-Aids?!!!

Technique #6: ?????

No hints for this one.

Technique #7: ?????

No hints for this one either…

  Pirate Seduction: Uncensored
7 Ways To Get Her Horny (Using Lessons From Real Life Stories)

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Myrna Kirk – The Flirting Field Guide The Simple System for Flirting That Will Make Her Want You PDF Download

Myrna Kirk - The Flirting Field Guide The Simple System for Flirting That Will Make Her Want You PDF Download

The Flirting Field Guide The Simple System for Flirting That Will Make Her Want You PDF Download

The Flirting Field Guide The Simple System for Flirting That Will Make Her Want You Description

How To Flirt and Get Any Woman You Want

I Believe Any Man Can Get The Woman of His Dreams With These Proven Principles

You could be just a one flirty conversation away from meeting the woman of your dreams! In this book you will learn:

How To Overcome Anxiety, Fear and Low Self Esteem

In this life-changing book by Myrna Kirk, you will learn the keys to overcoming anxiety, fear, low self esteem. Did you know that low self-confidence in men is one of the biggest turnoffs for women – especially gorgeous, attractive women who are approached regularly by other guys.

Using some simple, proven strategies, you can conquer fear and anxiety and learn to be self-confident when you’re talking to and flirting with women.

How To Build Attraction and Make Her Beg To See You Again

One of the biggest mistakes men make when flirting is coming on too strong or too directly. Women love mystery and intrigue, and nothing will turn her off faster than saying “I want you!” or anything that directly states your interest in her. Instead, you must learn to indirectly communicate your interest in her and give her mixed signals through teasing and playfulness that make her wonder, “Is this guy really interested in me or not?” Unless she’s wondering, you have no hope!

About The Author
Myrna Kirk has worked in the area of personal empowerment and individual development for the past 12 years. She designs and facilitates workshops and seminars that assist participants to discover their greatest potential as individuals and find ways to better connect with others in their lives. She has a Master’s Degree in counseling psychology and is currently working on a series of books that specifically deals with the challenges people face developing and sustaining personal and romantic relationships. She lives with her partner in the picturesque town of Parys, South Africa.



Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Rosebudd Bitterdose – Male Confidence Course Review | Rosebudd Bitterdose – Male Confidence Course Download

Male Confidence Course 1 – 3

Male Confidence 1 is an introduction to the different reasons we doubt our abilities. It relates our problems in life to weeds in a garden and it likens you to a gardener.  It takes you through the steps necessary to learn how to discern what thoughts as weeds, or not.  Once gardening is learned, it goes into the steps necessary to develop an ‘arsenal’ of conversations.  The arsenal is what you will develop based on your perception of yourself, after going through the steps to maintain a weed free garden. Also included in part 1 are ways to see within yourself what is interesting to talk about when socializing.

Male Confidence Course 2

Male Confidence 2 is where the fun begins. After developing an arsenal, it is important to get out in the field and practice.  It even suggests that you speak to 100 women per week . . . which is necessary to build the basic platform you will use to meet and in time, seduce women.  It gives you scenarios to use to develop your style and ways to thicken your skin, in order not to feel rejected when a woman tells you ‘no’.  It shows you how to see each ‘no’ as a step closer the answer you really want, ‘yes’.

Male Confidence Course 3

Male Confidence 3 shows you how to put all of what you have learned into a package that meets your needs and turn it into an aura.  This stage of the course focuses on how to make yourself attractive to any woman, regardless of your income.  We all know, today it is all about the money with women, but with these courses, it won’t be about your money . . . it will be about how much she can get for you to enjoy your life.  Nothing comes easy, but if you conscientiously study the courses you will find them to be invaluable assets for your life.

Male Confidence 1 is an introduction to the different reasons we doubt our abilities. It relates our problems in life to weeds in a garden and it likens you to a gardener.  It takes you through the steps necessary to learn how to discern what thoughts as weeds, or not.  Once gardening is learned, it goes into the steps necessary to develop an ‘arsenal’ of conversations.  The arsenal is what you will develop based on your perception of yourself, after going through the steps to maintain a weed free garden. Also included in part 1 are ways to see within yourself what is interesting to talk about when socializing.

Male Confidence Course 2

Male Confidence 2 is where the fun begins. After developing an arsenal, it is important to get out in the field and practice.  It even suggests that you speak to 100 women per week . . . which is necessary to build the basic platform you will use to meet and in time, seduce women.  It gives you scenarios to use to develop your style and ways to thicken your skin, in order not to feel rejected when a woman tells you ‘no’.  It shows you how to see each ‘no’ as a step closer the answer you really want, ‘yes’.

Male Confidence Course 3

Male Confidence 3 shows you how to put all of what you have learned into a package that meets your needs and turn it into an aura.  This stage of the course focuses on how to make yourself attractive to any woman, regardless of your income.  We all know, today it is all about the money with women, but with these courses, it won’t be about your money . . . it will be about how much she can get for you to enjoy your life.  Nothing comes easy, but if you conscientiously study the courses you will find them to be invaluable assets for your life.


Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Arden Leigh – The New Rules of Attraction PDF Download

Arden Leigh – The New Rules of Attraction PDF & Mobi


She walks into a room and heads turn.

Conversations stop. Drinks spill. The man you’ve been trying to talk to all night suddenly excuses himself. You hope she’ll break a stiletto.

Don’t hate her. Become her.

What would you rather do-have a strategy to win the guy you want, or sit at the bar all night and wait for him to come to you? Arden Leigh schools women in the art of getting their desires, offering you effective tips for attracting him, mesmerizing him, and convincing him that what he really wants is you, including:

•Why being sexy shouldn’t be your only weapon

•Why waiting for him to approach you is one of the worst things you can do

•Why you should always do more at the party than have fun

•How Facebook, Twitter, and texting can help you-or hurt you.

The New Rules of Attraction gives you the tools to create lasting attraction with the kind of men you want in your life.



Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

131 Sex Games & Erotic Role Plays for Couples: Have Hot, Wild, & Exciting Sex, Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies, & Put the Spark Back in Your Relationship with These Naughty Scenarios Paperback – August 5, 2014

Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Eric Lercara – Online Dating Bible PDF Download

The Online Dating Bible

Eric Lercara – Online Dating Bible PDF

78% Of All Men Who Create A Dating Profile Never End Up Going On A Single Date”

The vast majority of men end up wasting countless time and money on dating sites.Women skim through dating profiles to find the few attractive men.As a result attractive women end up going out with a small minority of guys.How will you get noticed?Will you be one of the guys she stops and checks out?Or will she pass you by, because she has seen your type before, and she knows she is not attracted to you and never will be?

No matter what you have going for you in life, if you don’t have a killer dating profile, every women who sees you is going to pass over you and never look back.

This is actually amazingly good news. It is EASY to fix your dating profile so you appear attractive. It’s just a matter of changing a few simple things about the way you present yourself. I’ve written profiles for guys that struggled for years who started getting massive interest in only a few hours.

You Don’t Have To Look Like A Model –You CAN Date Any Woman You Want

Hi, Eric L. here.Let me ask you something.

What if you could date as often as you wanted? Just read this article and you will see how you can have a dating profile that gets attraction, gets you noticed, and saves you valuable time and money. Keep reading and I will show you how you can have a dating profile that does all of the above.

Can you imagine going on two, five, or even ten hot dates in one month?

How about meeting the woman of your dreams?

You will find out the secrets that helped me gain incredible success in a short period of time with my dating profile. You will discover how I used my dating profile to attract 32 unsolicited contacts in three months. Online dating is bigger than ever, but there is a reason why 20% of guys are meeting 80% of the women, while the majority of guys waste time and money on dating sites without getting results…

Discover My Method For Yourself

There is a secret, never-before-heard METHOD of communicating in a dating profile. I have studied hundreds of dating profiles to discover this method. Over 5 years of trial and error later, I know conclusively what it takes to write a dating profile that gains attraction CONSISTENTLY and WITHOUT FAIL. My students have given me rave reviews to attest to it.

About 80% of guys FAIL to understand this method of communication and that is why the vast majority make dating profiles and don’t even end up going on ONE DATE, leading to countless lonely nights. It is hard going through life wondering whether you will have what it takes to attract a woman. There is always a pervading sense of unease. That is why I want to show you how simple it is to create a dating profile guaranteed to get you meeting women right away.

Two Forms of Communication

I have found that there are two FUNDAMENTAL forms of communication in a dating profile. The majority of guys use the form of communication that fails to gain attraction. The second form stands out and makes you appear like a date-worthy guy. This second form is so effective, and so rare, that it alone is enough to get you a hot date. Photographs and other areas are not as important as this form of communication (but I also have some amazing strategies for photographs – read on).

This form of communication is counterintuitive. You will see why the ‘About Me’ section is misleading and if you follow the instructions, you are actually killing your chances of getting a date…

The way dating profile services are set up, you are destined to fail unless you strike your own path. Luckily for you, I have already paved the path, and you just have to follow a few simple steps.

The people who created dating sites did not know that they were setting guys up to fail. The question prompts on dating sites actually encourage guys to say the absolute wrong things in their dating profiles… the things that turn women off.

The right way to communicate does the following:

  • It sets you apart as a high-value guy
  • It gives women the BURNING desire to ‘catch’ you
  • It makes you seem funny and interesting
  • It gives you a larger-than-life persona that conveys charisma
  • It expresses your unique personality

You may be skeptical. That is fine; I encourage a healthy skepticism. You might be thinking: “if it were that easy, I would have been able to figure it out.” Here’s the thing: This form of communication is so obvious to me now, but it wasn’t obvious to me before. Women look at things differently than men, as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now in your life. They respond to things very differently. It is CRITICAL that you try something new:

”If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep on getting what you always got.”

If you try it out, and it doesn’t work for you, you can get your money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED. That’s how sure I am that the Online Dating Bible will work wonders for your dating life.

If you keep going down the path you’ve taken, where will you be in one, two, or five years?

Will you be surfing the internet, looking for answers, kicking yourself that you didn’t do something about it sooner?

Or will you be congratulating yourself for taking action when you did? Asking myself this question several years ago is what launched me on this path to read everything I could get my hands on, and I am now delighted I did.

The good news is the RIGHT WAY to communicate is easy if you follow a few simple steps. In the Bible I also provide powerful, real-life examples that you can use or emulate to create your own dating profile in minutes. Not only that, I explain the psychology behind why it works, so you can understand the material well enough to repeat it over and over.


Everyone knows that humor is key to attracting women. But it isn’t always easy to show humor on a dating profile. The Online Dating Bible breaks down the SPECIFIC KIND of humor that works in dating profiles, and even provides examples from my own dating profile. I explain why it works, and I explain how you can easily come up with your own HILARIOUS statements to use in a dating profile. Once you know the formula, it is EASY, and you don’t have to be a comedian.

Learn 24 Powerful Tricks…

In the Online Dating Bible you will learn 24 powerful, hidden tricks to use for online dating. I have discovered these tricks from years of trial and error and I want to pass them on to you. These go way, way beyond the cookie-cutter dating advice blurbs found on most internet sites. With these dating profile tricks you will:

  • Read examples of actual messages I have sent and find out the reasoning behind it. You will never have to worry about ‘what to say’ in an opening message.-Page 40
  • Find out how to ‘leave bait’ in the opening message to increase your response-rate by over 60% -Page 41
  • Get the edge and be one of the 20% of men who ends up dating 80% of the women on dating sites. Imagine when your friends call you up and realize you are on another date with another attractive girl
  • Cut time and energy from dating sites so you can use it more productively
  • Discover the line to get the phone number that has never failed me
  • Have strategies and lines to make a hilarious dating profile – Page 19
  • Find out how to trick the dating site to maximize the pool of available women. Never run out of available women again– Page 37
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  • Find a simple yet amazing exercise for improving your attractiveness that you can complete in less than 10 minutes – Page 55
  • Learn a simple way to know when a girl is ‘primed’ to go on a date, so you can maximize your results– Page 39

Here’s a small taste of the various benefits the Online Dating Bible will give you…

  • A remarkable, field-tested method to creating a dating profile that will increase the quantity and quality of your dates, guaranteed. This is the same method that got me 32 contacts in one month.
  • 24 Powerful Tricks with bullet-style commentary. One trick shows you how to appear successful, even if you aren’t – without lying… giving you the ability to have that ‘air of success’ that women are looking for.
  • How to make the most of your money used on dating sites by breaking down the best and worst dating sites for finding attractive women – and a secret trick to maximize the pool of woman that works on any dating site you choose.
  • With the Online Dating Bible you will also experience the following…
    • Find out where to take the girl on the first date to give you the best chances of getting a second date, and how to save money on dates
    • A free way to have killer, professional photographs
    • Exactly what to say if a girl ‘winks’ at your dating profile
    • Exactly what to say if a girl looks at your dating profile but doesn’t wink or message
    • How to prevent flaking when you are messaging back and forth with a girl – my proven method for getting the phone number and setting up the date
    • Real examples of how to tease a girl on dating sites and how it is different than in real life
    • How to avoid the ‘curiosity trap’
    • Ways to overcome being short
    • A breakdown of the best dating sites with explanations

    No area of online dating has been left untapped in this monumental eBook. I can say with conviction that this is the LAST BOOK you will ever need to be successful with online dating. It includes…

    • The amount of time it takes to prove yourself as a ‘date-worthy guy’ – Page 3
    • The Golden Rule of online dating profiles – Page 4
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    • The danger of bragging – Page 5
    • Conversations to have on dates – Page 9
    • A powerful exercise you can do to INSTANTLY improve your conversation skills – Page 10
    • How you can unleash your ‘conversational bravado’ to create a magnetic masculine frame – Page 11
    • Samples of dating profiles with analysis – Pages 16-18
    • Examples of hilarious phrases to use – Pages 19-20
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    • The principles of Scarcity and Rewards – Page 22
    • 24 Hidden Tricks of Online Dating – Page 26
    • The dating site that has the highest-quality girls – Page 27
    • A shocking way to appear put-together and SUCCESSFUL in your profile photo – Page 31
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    • Showing cockiness – Page 36
    • A secret to finding very attractive girls, who are DIAMONDS in the ROUGH – Page 36
    • Where you should never propose to take a girl on the first date, unless you absolutely never want to meet her – Page 36
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    • An easy way to keep from conveying neediness that TURNS women OFF –Page 50
    • How to handle tests from a woman you are dating – Page 52
    • The powerful formula for creating a dating profile – THE SAME formula that I use to create dating profiles for myself and my clients – Page 55


Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Katarina Phang – He’s Really That Into You, He’s Just Not Ready

He’s Really That Into You, He’s Just Not Ready


  Why Is Katarina The Rain Maker With Fifty Three Engagements And Counting Under Her Belt In The Past Two Years?

Update: This Ebook Has Changed So Many Lives It’s A Miracle and I have A Hard Time Putting Daily Testimonials I Receive On This Page So Please Check My Facebook Page For More.  So You Are Going Only To Read A Small Fraction Of Them.  The Key To My And My Clients’ Success In Turning Their Relationships Around (Get Him To Step Up/Commit/Claim Them, Get Their Ex Back, Improve Their Personal Well-Being And In Turn Their Relationship) Is In My Very Personal And Ongoing Support In My Support Group consisting Of 1400 Women You Won’t Find Anywhere Else.

“I read as much of the book as I could on the stairmaster this morning after crying myself to sleep last night. I somehow feel better already..
I got my pitiful butt up out of bed at 5am and headed to the gym for some stair master and Katarina Phang, I read for about 45 mins and had a revelation. Quite simple really but incredible still. For 6 months I’ve invested 100% of me into him and stopped doing anything outside him. NOT his fault- It happened so naturally, because I’ve never had so much fun with another human being. Ever. So I didn’t want to miss one second of it. But in doing so I alienated my friends, stopped doing what I enjoy and stopped being ME. The me that he loved in the first place!! I would plan my family meals around when I thought he could come over.. and would be disappointed when he couldn’t. How stupid- he never even knew I was doing it and yet I was letting it hurt me??! I can have both- life with him AND apart from him. WHY didn’t I figure this out sooner before I pushed him away??  My independence is what he loved… that we weren’t together because we needed to be, but because we wanted to be.  And yet I became codependent.  And needy.  And desperate.  I’ve been an entirely different woman.  One I don’t even recognize.  Now I need to bury my pride and make amends with my friends who all tried to warn me.  And thank all of YOU- my new support system for when I’m not feeling so empowered.
I wish I wouldn’t have been so reluctant to spend the $67 earlier, before we got to the point we are at. The money was well spent. Just wanted to thank you- here’s to getting better and better.” ~Mikah, Florida

Imagine Being So Totally Confident With Him Wooing And Courting You. Imagine A Passionate Relationship In Which You Never Have To Guess About How He Feels About You. And Discover Why The Man You Love Isn’t Fully Committing Or Shy Away From Labeling Your Relationship Even Though He’s Into You Or Said He Loved You… And The One Secret That Reaches Even The Most Distant Man’s Heart!

YES,You Will Learn The Emotional Hot Buttons To A Man’s Heart That Even Himself Might Not Be Aware Of. The Principles In This Unique Ebook Will Make You Such An Irresistible Goddess That You Will Have A Hard Time Choosing One Out Of Many Attractive Guys Who Are Competing For Your Love And Affection.  The Same Principles Make Me The Most Successful Dating/Relationship Coach In The Business With AMAZINGLY CONSISTENT Result Day After Day Whatever Your Situation Is.

Ladies, are you tired being strung along in a label-less relationship because he’s not ready or is not sure if he ever wants to be in relationship? You can’t get out either because you are emotionally hooked on him? Do you miss and crave his presence all the time you end up chasing him…and AWAY? Or are you getting nauseated that every time you meet a new guy he says he doesn’t want a relationship yet he keeps coming back and pursuing you?

Are you left so confused and vulnerable by him blowing hot and cold and giving you all sorts of conflicting messages? Does he display signs of emotional unavailability that drives you absolutely nuts? Do you feel that everything is on his terms and the more you want to be with him, the less and less you hear from him and the farther and farther away he’s pulling away?

Do you know what makes or how to make an emotionally unavailable man fall deeply in love if there is such thing?

If so, you are not alone! Millions of women face the same predicament every day and they are wasting precious time and energy pining for a guy who may never commit to them. It is painful and humiliating.

Every day I deal with women with the same issues, over and over again. They email me privately or ask questions on my Facebook Wall and heated discussions on the subject will start to ensue. Personally, I’m dealing with the same situations myself from time to time.

(UPDATE: It’s been over a year since I first published this ground-breaking ebook. I have talked and helped so many women ever since and I hear RESULTS every single day. The book has been recently updated and expanded with new material so I can share many of the experiences that my clients/readers report back to me. I’m planning to keep updating it and adding new bonuses. With only $107 you will get for the rare kind of CUTTING-EDGE advice AND ongoing support you won’t hear anywhere else. So COMMIT NOW and turn your relationship around. And please don’t tell me the ebook is only 103 pages after you purchase it because the bonuses and the ongoing support in my private groups are parts of the program. If you want 200+ pages of JUNK ADVICE, you can get it anywhere else. It’s not about the number of the pages that can easily be propped with fillers, it’s either the advice works or not. And mine totally works like a charm.)

In fact I was a man chaser many years ago. I was young and naive. I thought I could control a man’s interest by showing him how assertive I was by relentlessly chasing him! I could never attract a masculine man with my aggressiveness, no matter how much initial attraction he had for me in the beginning. I always managed to turn him off.

I even managed to really humiliate myself one day when I was stranded in a foreign country for a week because I was so impatient and wanting to be in control of the courting (instead letting the guy do that) I practically invited myself to go there to visit him.

He made a convenient excuse as soon as I arrived that he couldn’t see me right away because he was engaged in “a very important and emergency matter” somewhere “up north.” I was in limbo for the whole week waiting around and kept checking my emails expecting a word from him. We did meet and two hours later he disappeared again into thin air.

Sounds eerily familiar to you now, doesn’t it?

Truth is men don’t like to be controlled or chased. It’s a total TURN OFF, no matter how gorgeous and sexy you are. They will like it for about five minutes before slowly but surely pulling away. If you have been in that situation more times than you care to remember, you have to keep reading because your life will never be the same again after you listen to what I’m going to tell you!

Then one day -through much soul-searching, trial and tribulation- I just figured out what really works in triggering intense attraction in men. One day I deciphered the one key I need that unlocks the secret to a man’s HEART. This is WHY I could never be with a guy I was truly attracted to: the masculine-energy type.

This book is a culmination of all my reflection, work and personal journey with men that have been brewing for years and years, especially after my extremely excruciating split from my ex husband. It’s time to share all I know with all of you, lovely ladies!

Imagine how much time and heartache you will save by knowing all these things at a very young age if you are still in your 20’s or younger! The title might indicate emotionally unavailable men (EUM) as the main target, but the principles in this book WORK WITH ANY MAN. If you can deal with EUM, you can deal with ANY man.

This is the ultimate guide to dating emotionally unavailable men and how to turn that around to your advantage. Hence, this is in fact the ultimate guide to dating for modern women period.

Image 6In fact, my boyfriend whom I met right after I published this book (it’s surprising how the universe works, right?) is so emotionally available and we have been having the most functional and most fulfilling relationship of our lives. He tells me everyday how much he loves me and how much I mean to him. He’s EVERYTHING I want in a man and vice versa. It takes one to know one.

That’s what the full understanding of key principles to attraction as propagated in this program will prepare and bring you as well. And I call this a PROGRAM because your journey won’t end when you read the last page of the book. I’ll be by your side and personally guide you through emails as well as my exciting private groups. You won’t find the same ongoing after-sale service with any other program out there. I am COMMITTED to your personal growth.

And only when you have truly GROWN as a person, you can truly be happy in a relationship and you will attract the SAME QUALITY of men as well because you will be STRONG, SMART and CONFIDENT enough to walk away from any man and a relationship that doesn’t serve you. No more pining. No more prolonged suffering and heartbreak. Instead he’ll be the one who YEARNS to be with you because you are a HIGH-VALUE WOMAN that any man seeks for commitment.

When I first met my boyfriend I knew early that he would fall for me so deeply. After my emotionally unavailable man (EUM), I just was at the point that I knew any guy who found me attractive would be so hooked on me. That’s why he rushed to claim me because he knew if he didn’t some other guy would. And it’s not because of my looks. It’s my character and personality. It’s because I’m emotionally free and not needing anyone to complete me. I don’t need any man to be other than himself. Intuitively I knew what worked with men thanks to my EUM. As I said, if you can deal with EUM, you can deal with ANY man. Any man after him will be easy. I now have this one-million dollar secret for women everywhere in the world. So again, don’t run away from these men. School yourself…just like I did and stick to the principles I teach in the book. You won’t hear this from any other coach but my method is proven. It works like magic.

I hadn’t even officially launched it when a few women who were my loyal fans were already signing up to read my book. And they all reported something positive just instantly with their men.

Their men began to chase them again.

If you see the pictures below, The women who come to me are mostly very attractive women. If you think about it, how can men shun them, right? It shows that men are very forgiving about looks. It’s not your looks that makes them hooked on you. It’s your feminine essence, inner beauty and the energy that you brings out. Raise your energetic frequency and you will attract any man you like (so long he finds you physically attractive).

This book will reveal the secret how a man connects to you emotionally. Emotional attraction is about triggering a man’s masculinity. And you can only do that when you are strong in your femininity as well.

10460362_862256717142485_510605103553219023_nGot Ex Back and ENGAGED, 10/06/2015

“I’m engaged!  Back in November my EUM and I had a bad break up, things were out of control. We have a 1 yr old daughter. I had been out of work for a year. I was needy, codependent with way too much masculine energy and inevitably drove him away.

My mother Kathy who has been an active client of Katarina Phang for some time now introduced me to Kat and I purchased the her book and my life began to change.

I learned to let things go not to dwell to lure with honey instead of vinegar. I started taking care of myself focusing on myself began accepting things as they are, no expectations.

My EUM noticed changes as I surrendered to the situation and we began dating again. We now have a house together with both our names on it and a brand new relationship.

I can’t express my gratitude enough to Katarina Phang for showing me how to turn my life and my relationship around for the better, my EUM and I don’t need each other we simply want each other.

Because of Kat’s teachings I’ve learned to go with the flow and embrace each day with a clear slate and open mind.

Without Kat I’d be one bitter irresponsible bitch and because of Kat I’m chilled, go with the flow, got my man back and haven’t gotten in one single fight since we’ve been back together and now my family and I are moving into a house with both our names on it.

Thank you Kat for sharing your wisdom and making it possible. My life is so different my relationship is brand new its easy and its because of you sharing your wisdom with women like me.

I got my family back. A new beginning and when I feel myself slipping into old ways I resort to Kat’s book “He’s Really That Into You, He’s Just Not Ready” my second Bible lol This is my story and I couldn’t be more happy!” ~Mary, Pennsylvania 


12106988_151395045209786_3127217907186730466_nENGAGED, as shared on 10/03/2015

“My man proposed to me last night. Thank you, Katarina​, it’s ALL because of you. Will post a detailed one tomorrow! :)  I’ve not said anything because I’m so worried he’ll take the ring back because I’ve been leaning forward so much today! Haha. But will behave myself from tomorrow. :)

It was so unexpected. I kept saying “really?,” “I’ll be really mad if this is a prank,” “why do you want to marry me?”  “Is this like a real diamond?”  I’m *still* totally zapped and haven’t processed it.

THAT’S how amazing you are. I went through a million useless books on how I need to be assertive and value myself and not put up with his shit blah blah and it ONLY pushed him away further and further. Thank god I found you. He put a ring on that finger in exactly 6 weeks of me finding you.

I just read your book and the class on softening boundaries and becoming non reactive. It was really really bad pre-you. :)

He’s from a political dynasty, too, so being alpha the only way he knows to be. He doesn’t hunt or fish, though. He has a super sensitive side to him and is doesn’t eat meat because he doesn’t want to be cruel to animals. Lol. He’s not alpha in that obvious sense. He likes to paint and loves art and is very soft. Just his energy is very, very alpha.

We were constantly fighting before I found Kat. Is it bad to be submissive? Because he kind of likes that in me. He hates it when I’m aggressive. ~ Anya, India


11216832_10207960515876876_4810825490177416468_nENGAGED, as shared on 9/27/2015

If Jennifer is # 27 Katarina, I guess that makes me #28. My guy, David and I, had been making some plans for a trip in October back to my home town. Well, he had made some surprise changes that he hadn’t told me about.

Tonight I told him I was taking care of the things that I needed to do for those trip plans and then he tried to step all around it to tell me not to do that and yet not tell me his plans, but then he finally laughed and said he couldn’t even keep one secret from me.
He told me that he had planned to propose last week but the ring he is having made for me is not done yet, so he wasn’t able to. He has already started making plans for us to get married on the beach in our home town.

I had told him this is what I wanted a month or so ago when he asked, in what I thought was passing. He asked so lightly and off the cuff, so I told him that if I were to ever marry again, that I would like to get married in a small, intimate, very casual, beach, barefoot with traditional vows ceremony in our home town.

I would have never guessed that he was taking notes and planning….with his mother and her best friend no less! He talked to my 17 year old daughter tonight and asked for her permission, which she quickly gave. So we will know Wednesday of this week if the pastor can marry us on the 21st or 22nd of October!

I may not even have pictures of my ring to post prior to the wedding as due to my fathers failing health, he said he wanted to honor me and do everything possible to have both of my parents be able to be there. Thus, the October dates.

He is going to ask my parents permission next week! EEEKKK, that’s 3 weeks from now! Meanwhile, my ring may or may not be done by the date we have chosen and quite honestly ladies, I am not bothered by that at all. This feels so good and right.

David asked me tonight if he could wear his fathers wedding ring (to his mom) as his wedding ring. His dad passed away a little over a year ago from ALS. His dad loved his mom so very much they truly had a great love and he said he feels like our love is like the love they had/have.

His mom is thrilled with the idea of him wearing his dad’s ring and I know with the commitment level that this ring has already stood for, that it is also a representation of the great power of love. While I had hoped if I ever did this again that I would be able to pick a unique ring out, I am now equally thrilled at this prospect and love the idea of being able to honor his dad this way.

This man, David, is not the EUM that brought me to this group. He is the man that the experience with my EUM, led me to find in my life after I found this group. He is the man that has shown me what it is truly like to be and feel completely cherished and loved.

He is the man that has shown me everything that I always wanted to see from my EUM YET he did it all without me trying, without me over-investing myself and without my expectation of anything at all. It was once I stopped looking for my EUM to come back and started focusing on just bringing in my own bliss, bringing the feeling of the love of life back into my own life…..letting go of feeling like I needed a man, effortlessly enjoying the now, focusing only on living my life FULLY and OUT LOUD, with my heart WIDE OPEN to just experience whatever would come my way that this man showed up and he showed up in a BIG way.

It’s truly that simple….give up what you are holding on to, knowing it will only become what it should be on its own or it will make way for something better. Allow the journey to whatever that is to be a gift and it will happen just like a bolt of lightning.

Some of you may also recall my posts about a LDR. I’m here to tell you, with the right man, they can and do work! This is living proof.”” ~Robin, Indianapolis


12045371_625670504202436_1105753479229731389_oENGAGED on 9/27/2015

Well… I came to Kat a year and a half ago full of anxiety. Six months ago my anxiety ruled me and I knew I was the only one who could change it. So kicking and screaming and many classes later, ( and several bitch slaps from some lovely ladies here) I started a rotation. Six months later, leaned back me has had her EUM begging for a second chance and then this weekend… I have been proposed to- not by my EUM but by an EA guy I put into my rotation when I finally stopped undervaluing myself.” ~Jennifer, New York




GET EX BACK in JUST 3 WEEKS, 9/22/2015

“Today my boyfriend picked me up at my office and drove me home as usual. When we were about to arrive at my house he said “It’s hard every time we almost reach your home.” I asked “Why?” He said “Because I’m gonna miss you again. The only solution is that we get married.” I’m just amazed… Ladies, it’s true that what Kat teaches in her book can have such an impact on a man.

Kat he is why I found you. I had pushed him away before due to my reactiveness, expectations and masculine energy. I didn’t give him any chance to be the leader. I broke up with him before I found you. Thanks to you now the tables are turned. So yeah this is my get-ex-back story :p.

I think it’s within a week for him to step up and then about 1 month later he reclaimed me.

I just read your book, and then listened to some of the teleclasses provided along with the book and the Goddess Interview on Kristie. Your book has helped me a lot especially in understanding men as well as the concept of leaning back. I love the goddess interview from which I learned the importance of being less emotionally invested than the guy is. They are really great and totally worth it..!” ~Vera, Indonesia


12006463_10204964792585031_6528356592629102346_oENGAGED on 8/6/2014,  Married on 9/20/2015.

Today my boyfriend picked me up at my office and drove me home as usual. When we were about to arrive at my house he said “It’s hard every time we almost reach your home.” I asked “Why?” He said “Because I’m gonna miss you again. The only solution is that we get married.” I’m just amazed… Ladies, it’s true that what Kat teaches in her book can have such an impact on a man.

Kat he is why I found you. I had pushed him away before due to my reactiveness, expectations and masculine energy. I didn’t give him any chance to be the leader. I broke up with him before I found you. Thanks to you now the tables are turned. So yeah this is my get-ex-back story :p.

I think it’s within a week for him to step up and then about 1 month later he reclaimed me.

I just read your book, and then listened to some of the teleclasses provided along with the book and the Goddess Interview on Kristie. Your book has helped me a lot especially in understanding men as well as the concept of leaning back. I love the goddess interview from which I learned the importance of being less emotionally invested than the guy is. They are really great and totally worth it..!” ~Vera, Indonesia




12033161_10156093875395013_7002754146572125927_nENGAGED On Valentine’s, 2/14/2015, MARRIED on Sept 18, 2015

“He gave me a preserved rose because he never got me flowers before lol. Then mentioned there was something written on the petal. He had them inscribe “will you marry me?” on it. When I turned around he was down on one knee with the ring out. <3 <3

I came here last March after a very long and hard breakup with my ex. My self esteem was basically zero and I reeked of masculine energy. He had cheated on me and yet I wanted him back. I realized that was not healthy and couldn’t allow myself to lose myself one more time. I found you in April, joined the group, got Journey Inward and started the healing process. I did online dating and that’s where I met my fiancé . Since then I have been in the best relationship of my life, but I realize I wouldn’t be this happy if it wasn’t for the inner work I did. I learned to love myself and put my own needs first. I am full and happy and with zero anxiety. My fiancé is such an emotionally available guy! I think back to how it was before when I used to take crumbs from my ex and cannot believe I used to settle for less. A lot has changed in less than a year!

Thank you Kat! I wouldn’t be with such a great guy now if it hadn’t been for your teachings. Most importantly you helped me find myself, and I am so thankful for that.” ~Giselle, Connecticut

Engaged!!, 9/4/2015

12039415_10206319269675431_1662883523543231786_n“Yes, I am engaged! Not to my EUM, but to another man who is exceptional to me. I am so in love and so happy. The key was leaning back and confidence. The ring is perfect and so is the boy.

He is a MMA fighter and brings me flowers WEEKLY. He is so cute and beyond kind. By the way, this engagement just happened a few hours ago. I was going to tell you ladies tonight! :)

We were supposed to meet a year ago, but he and I were not in the right head space. I posted this photo on Instagram when I was sick and he contacted me again. I had pneumonia at the time and I couldn’t get out of bed. He offered to bring me soup and I said no. When I was feeling better, we went for a walk on the pier by my house. (I live at the beach). It was our first “date.”

We spent hours just talking. He kissed me at my car and from that moment on, I knew he was hooked. I kept my rotation going but Daniel made it known he wanted to claim me. I kept being the goddess that I am (well have learned to be thanks to Kat and you ladies).

He has brought me flowers every single week, without fail to my office. He treats me like I am precious. I just went through two major surgeries last week and he waited in the waiting room for 4 hours, and I didn’t know he was. He wanted to stay in my room with me. Long story short, he has been exceptional to me.

Today he told me that we were going on a drive. He took me to Santa Cruz (a Northern California beach town 4 hours away) because he wanted to show me the light house that he and his mother loved to go to. (Today is the anniversary of his father’s suicide, and a really hard day for him.) I thought we were going just to get me out of the house for a bit.

Well, he started saying a bunch of sweet things to me and I totally didn’t understand he was proposing to me. Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I just kept saying “are you serious?! Are you serious?!”

And crying.

I had NO idea there was a cameraman a few feet away filming me. As an actress you think that I would have seen that! LOL. Anyway, he was crying and I was crying and it was wonderful. He is the best man I have ever met. It may be fast, but he is the one I deserve and have waited for.

And he has amazing taste in rings! I can’t get a great picture of the ring, but it is a one carat center stone, in a platinum halo setting. The stone is flawless! It sparkles so very much. I cannot believe this happened! Listen to Kat. She knows her stuff. Also, do the inner work. Trust me.” ~Angela, Los Angeles


Engaged!!, 8/17/2015

12053268_10207958602468532_429297361_nHe asked me to marry him while we were on vacation. smile emoticon Kat, I owe you SO much. I never thought I would marry again at this stage of my life.

He had asked my 14 year old son if he could and planned it while we were on vacation. I’m honored he put the young man in my life as part of it.

I promise the only way I got here us by fully following Kat’s advice. Letting go of my own thinking and just doing what the hell she says. If she says let go then do it. If she says no expectations then have none. It makes a huge difference. Let him lead. And care less than he does.

I used to go through tragedies strong but I had resentment anger and bitterness. Poor little why me syndrome. Truth is we all have shit to deal with and how you go through it shows your character.

Never cling to a man. Let the right man choose you. Even if you’re in love, if it ain’t working it ain’t gonna get better. You can’t do anything about that. Just let go and let the universe be in charge.

Kat, I fully support all you teach. I have been here a while and do think my greatest quality in being here is being receptive… I fully realize whatever I’ve done in the past wasn’t working…. So I needed to do something else. I tend to be a coddler and don’t like the harshness personally but I know women need it. Every time I hear the harsh words it makes me think. I had to hear harshness to get over my own expectations. I thought I didn’t have any but was triggered by the hard words about expectations. Turns out I had a lot of expectations and changing them has made ALL the difference… I thank you for that Katarina. I followed other coach’s advice on using feeling messages and found myself at the same place many were before finding you. It sounded good but didn’t work.

I’ve got to say with my recent engagement, if you follow Kat and trust her ways, it works like nothing else. I’m blessed to be here.
If you’re strong in yourself and believe in positive outcomes…. Live with no fear of anything, even bad situations…… Accept or reject. These are profound life principles.

The other thing is many of us are DEEP into codependency… I was, for one. Supporting dysfunction and coddling those who are doing wrong is the definition of codependency. I am no longer codependent thanks to my time here. And when someone asks me how I stopped being codependent, I tell them about Kat….

I think there are really profound things that are deep in Kat’s teachings that are very zen. More than just the rotation and leaning back stuff. Other coaches do that. But the idea of having NO expectations is genius. It’s the key to being happy in the moment. Not enough talk goes into that cause it’s hard to do. But it IS the key to finding happiness with the moment. Softening boundaries is also genius. Let the man step up who wants you. Fully let go of all control and let life happen as its meant to be…. Profound joy and happiness at the core.” ~Laura, Texas


Engaged!!, 8/3/2015, MARRIED on 10/4/2015

11825776_1685942034960611_5108695612077487838_n“I got engaged today to the man of my dreams. I am so happy. He took me to the wetlands near our house and told me I made his life better than it has ever been. He wants to spend the rest of his life with me! :)  Thank you ladies for all your amazing advice. I let go of the wishy washy ex boyfriend and I finally found real happiness!!!

The best part is that I actually knew him back in 2009. We went to church together.  We even went to a camp together.  His close friends are my close friends.  We just never got to know each other. We never made it to the same parties.  We met on eharmony as a match last November.  When we met for our first meet to talk we figured it all out.  He was ready to claim me that day, but we took it slow.

Thank you Katarina Phang for your teachings.  

I bought your book last February 2014 sometime. We spoke and I let my wishy washy ex go finally last October.” ~Katie, Las Vegas



Married, July 25, 2015!!

“Katarina Phang can add another engagement/wedding to her growing list!

On July 25, I am getting married in Vegas to my boyfriend that I have been with since Christmas 2013. In March 2014, he moved me to Denver from SoCal to live with him.

I pined over a guy for years so will always be EUM to any woman – he even told me once.

After another round of a big fight, I thought this was ridiculous and I needed to walk away from this once and for all for both our sakes.
The VERY next day, a very good mutual friend of both of ours came to town for the holidays (we all went to high school together, now 45 yo).

I was very good friends with Michael for years. We would talk on the phone and share our ups and downs of life. We’ve shared tears, yes he cried to me many a times. When he would come to town for visits, he usually stayed with me or as a home base as we would go about town visiting friends. Often dragging me around with him. Half was into the trip, he pronounced he was falling in love with me. He asked my mom for her help to win me over told he loved me and wanted to take care of me. She adores him.

I could sense some growing interest on my part as well but was very hesitant. Fear of so many thoughts was stopping me. So I let go of the fear and dove in. He left town to return to Denver, we talked everyday, met in Vegas for his birthday weekend in January. The month of February, I stayed with him for most of the month in Denver. Returned home, packed all my stuff and then moved to Denver March 25.

It hasn’t all been easy. There were some serious struggles. Times I thought I wanted to leave him. I learned that is the easy way out. To take a look inside myself and what I needed to learn about me, him, and us. I’ve learned to soften and open my heart wider. In return, so does his.

One night a few months ago, he was agitated at me and nitpicking me. I was about to start returning which could have turned into a fight – albeit, they are quickly forgotten. I just started breathing deeply with loving thoughts and love to him. Next thing, he reached out, took my hand, leaned in and kissed me and said I Love You. Wow! So powerful are our thoughts!!! Course, flashing my boobs always ends a fight too.

Love is a choice. Love is a decision. Decide to love. Grow in love. Love can be work. Both have to be willing participants.”

Shared 1/14/2014, CLAIMED!

“Michael made this comment on Facebook the other day

“That woman, Paula is something I’ve never experienced!! Best girl ever!”

While we have known each other 30 years and growing friendship to be best friends the last 5 or 6, I never considered him romantically. I think he may have considered me for a little fun though. 

I truly believe that is due largely to Katarina Phang and her guidance and teachings along with all the amazing woman (and few men) in this group that guided me to change to the best girl ever!!!

Thank you everyone for your support, advice and guidance, not to mention putting up with and reading all my never-ending posts!!

Much love and peace to you all!

Paula, Newport Beach”


Get Husband Back 2 Weeks After Implementing What I Teach, 6/28/2015

“Thanks Kat!! My hubby is back to me and wants to be with me for the rest of his life… It’s not really easy to lean back all the time but.. We’re at Powell River, BC in vacation at this moment and had “es ee ex..” After so long..

I started my journey with Kat not long ago when I found a sexy pic of a woman in his iPhone, confronted him, he said she supported him while I was not around. He even thought to have a family with her but she said he’s too old for her. For me it’s an “Emotional Affair”, so cheating. We fought last week.

I decided to divorce though still loved him. I leaned back for almost a week when he asked to go out for dinner, I said ” No, Thanks”. We didn’t really talk to each other but were just polite, saying “thanks” or “please” or “Hi” and “bye.” I was wondering if he would ever approach me again or is this really the end?”” ~Rani, Indonesia

Get Husband Back, 6/10/2015

“My husband came back two weeks ago. Dear Katarina Phang, he is back because I was being feminine, because I smiled to him now. Because I stop complaining and actually lived the moment.

This is the very same man who told me he didn’t love me anymore and we were done.

I just stopped being reactive and started being positive, happy and busy. He likes that in me..

When I found you, he was with this other woman. He always said she was special, and I think that woman was doing what you are preaching to us, that’s why I want to learn everything from you because you are exactly like her. He couldn’t resist her.

And true enough when I do what u teach, he is confused. He accepted me back and she’s no longer in the picture.” ~Hailey, Vietnam

Get Husband Back, 5/29/2015

“Kat, my husband came back last night. Said my energy was different and he realized that he wanted to spend his life with me. It was unexpected and I’m still in a state of disbelief. I didn’t think it would happen so fast. I was really unattached when he was telling me all his feelings and truly just enjoyed the moment. I didn’t say a word and just let him talk. So different than me before. Thanks for everything :)

My husband left in February. I was doing all the things that Kat teaches us not to. Bothering him for time and sex. Getting upset when he didn’t give me what I wanted, pushing him further away. Something about marriage had triggered all my insecurities and them when my dad passed away last year I seemed to get more demanding. Even when I was not being demanding or bitchy, my energy was all anxious and I was constantly wondering what was “wrong” with him… Etc. The reality was he was working three jobs, saving for his dream.

He had one day off every other week and I was expecting him to spend it with me. He was exhausted and I was draining every bit he had left. So he left. It blind sided me. I’m a pretty open minded person and intuitively didn’t fight his leaving. It was peaceful. I didn’t help him pack, but I also didn’t try and stop him.

The reality of him leaving woke me up. I choose to use that time to dive into myself and figure out why this was happening again. It was a pattern I had from previous relationships where I would get the man I wanted and then after we got into a secure thing, I shifted and pushed them away. In my head, I thought marriage was a guarantee against that. I was wrong. Men will do what they have to when they are not inspired by the woman they are with. Freedom before love.

I found Kat on April 3rd and started reading and re-reading her book. I listened to various audios over and over. The “Leaning Back Workshop” and “How to be a High Value woman” were particularly helpful. I did the meditation from the leaning back series at least a dozen times. I know that repetition is key to change. I have not yet done Journey Inward, but I still plan on it.

Since, finding this my life has changed in so many ways. I discovered how to make myself happy. I quit my job at the hospital and got an offer at a busy tattoo studio as a full time artist. I removed toxic people from my life with no drama. I started wearing more dresses and my friends keep telling me how “good” I look and how more relaxed I feel. My brother came over and made some comment about how “This was the most feminine he had ever seen me.”

All the feedback kept encouraging me that I was on the right path, for me… It no longer was about getting my husband back. I decided in myself that this was the best thing that ever happened to me and regardless I was going to be really solid in my feminine energy from this point forward. And I just let go… Then I started getting hit on.

That never used to happen to me. Even though I was attractive, my energy was damn scary to people. That has changed. Nurses from my work asked for my number. Guys at bars when I was hanging out with my friends or drawing in the corner by myself. I even had two of my long time male friends try to pursue me in the last month.

One just last week, told me he was going to go to my husband and tell him if he didn’t step up, that he was going to start pursuing his wife. I asked him not to or I’m sure he would have! I told him I was not interested in having a relationship.

So long story short… Saw my husband on Monday. Was totally unattached and relaxed. He ended up coming back to our house and staying the night, which he has done about every other week since moving out. I always let him come and go. Never said anything or questioned him or gave him crap about our relationship. A couple times I slipped up and either texted my feelings or went to the place where he lived twice, this was before I had started to embrace what I learned here. He very quickly pulled back and then I wouldn’t hear from him. So I stopped contacting him unless he contacted me.

Usually he would only contact me if he needed something, but I just was nice and let it happen. Part of me felt “used” but I kept letting it go and being sweet about it. So back to this Monday, in the morning he left and then came back like two hours with a gift. He said it was for my new job. Then he called and asked to come over last night to get something and I was busy with a friend so I made him wait.

When he did come over, he grabbed me and asked me if I felt it on Monday. I just looked at him because honestly I didn’t know what he meant. He said he felt connected to me and that he wanted to come home and spend the rest of his life with me. I couldn’t believe it. I just stood there and looked at him and let him talk. I leaned back the whole time and then gave him and big hug. He asked me to put his wedding ring back on.

Today we woke up and he asked me to go to a movie with him and then we are going to dinner at a mutual friends house this evening. I don’t really know what else to say. Right, now I’m sitting in a hot bath, writing this long ass message. Hope this helps someone. All you ladies have sure helped me:)

I feel like it important to note how hard I dove into Kat’s teaching. I’m married and starting dating anyway, just friends, but male friends. I also put her audios in my ears everyday. I would walk around work and listen with one earphone. I stopped initiating physically, but it wasn’t until I stopped initiating energetically that the change happened. Every time I would start to think about my husband I would tell myself to pull back and think about me. I started a journal. Some days were really hard and I couldn’t post here for some reason so I had to dive into myself. I was plagued with fear and guilt, shame. I had to cry alone, talk myself through it. It sucked, yet a necessary part of the transformation.” ~Miranda, Spain

11157193_10204146093356302_1158246423_oGet Ex Back and ENGAGED On Easter, 4/05/2015

“Hi ladies, on Easter morning my ex boyfriend came to my house with an engagement ring :).  I had met him 3 1/2 years ago.  He had just got divorced after 20 year marriage.  He said he loved me within a first few dates and wanted to be exclusive.  I fell so in love, he was everything I had ever wanted and also what a lot of other women would want too: an alpha male with options who makes good money.

He had grown sons and I was a single mother of one little girl who does not see or know her father.  After three blissful months he pulled back he was confused curious about other women, etc.

Well, I did not take this to well.  It began a long cycle of breaking up making up. He systematically went thru his list of women and then some.  He would get back with me and then be confused 4 days later because he would feel like he was missing out . I was highly reactive and jealous. I went thru his phone if we got back together.  I personalized everything and had a timeline for marriage like crazy.

I was fearful jealous and anxious, yet he was good to me when we would get back together.  He took me and my daughter to Disney helped me get a car fixed things around the house, etc but I wanted more more more and I tried to heavily rely on him for emotional support too.

I ended it in July of this year and swore to really stay away. I actually started dating someone else which is what brought me to Katarina. I ordered the book and read it every morning over coffee.  I make sure I log into the group even when I’m not in the mood reading other stories helps me even when it seems like it wouldn’t pertain to me.

I also joined the Feminine Goddess Enlightened Relationship monthly membership. I want to take Journey Inward but I started getting the point that I am responsible for my happiness and to calm myself and take care of myself with no apologies. I decided to BE the rock of stability I’ve been looking for, for me and my daughter.

I am happier and grateful every day. In the meantime I had a heavy rotation with a few relationships (little ones) thrown in that I’ve posted about. I learned a lot in these months following Katarina and this wonderful group of women and am still learning. And lo and behold on easter morning my ex EUM showed up on one knee with the engagement ring I had wanted:). I said yes and he asked me to not say anything to his family or friends yet which I now am totally fine with. In the past i would have exploded and taken it personal and well you know…now I’m just happy.

And I’m leaning back and letting him work out the knots of telling his family and friends. I am just happy on my pedestal and I don’t have to worry about it.  Me and my daughter will be ok no matter what.  The other night he said that being around me was like a calming mind sanctuary for him. That is the biggest compliment I could ever receive.” ~Priscilla, New York

10458823_10204355999043269_1459414637792890857_nFinally, ENGAGED!! As shared on 4/22/2015! “It was a complete surprise! I knew he wanted to propose between January and June but I thought he might do it in Florida at the end of the month or on our cruise in May but instead it was just a weekend getaway to the mountains while we were snow shoeing! He asked me to record a song he wanted to sing for me. So he started singing thinking of you by Ed Sheerhan and then changed mid stream to she has diamonds on the inside….then he dropped to one knee with the ring! I was speechless and then just started smothering him with kisses! Then the tree above us rained down snow on us like four times! Natures fireworks! It was truly beautiful!.”

Get Back With Ex, 7/14/2014

“My ex reclaimed me again on 7-11-14. Took me out to a fancy ills loan restaurant on Pearl Street in boulder and asked me to be exclusive with him again!

We were together 2 1/2 years then he broke up with me. His son was being influenced by his ex to hate me. We (the kids and I). had always gotten along fine until the ex began pressuring the kids. I had been invited to North Carolina for his family trip to celebrate his parents 50th wedding anniversary. The ex freaked out when she found out I was going and began to work from every angle to sabotage it. She has a personality disorder called BPD. She was unfortunately very successful and we split up prior to the trip.

We had been apart for two months. However after three weeks of being split he began contacting me every day. Randomly showing up out of the blue and calling daily. He told me how much he loved me but didn’t reclaim me. I let myself grieve for three days after our split. Then I began to focus on me. I meditated. I worked out. I spent time with family and friends and above all I never once contacted my ex.

Every time I heard from him I was super sweet and allowed myself to connect with him. I was light and fun and playful energy. I began flirting with him and complementing him. I only mirrored his behavior though. I feel that was very important. I didn’t question him about anything. I didn’t ask him about his single life at all. I wanted him to wonder what I was up to rather than me to be consumed by thoughts of what he was doing. It totally worked!

He asked me on a date. He brought me flowers and took me to dinner in another town. At dinner he began to speak to me very seriously. He said he wants me to be his girlfriend exclusively and he never plans on breaking up with me again. He told me he didn’t know how important I was in his life until I wasn’t there anymore. He said he never wants to feel that way ever again. He missed me and his life is better with me in it. He said even when things get difficult that breaking up with me is no longer the option. We will work thru things together.

He told me he wants to marry me a year or two down the road. We both cried and hugged. I heard someone in the restaurant say did they just get engaged? Lol! Although that hasn’t happened yet I am not worried or focused on marriage. I am focused on creating a solid connection between him and I that is strong enough to survive all of life’s challenges. That is what really matters after all. Marriage will naturally follow as Katarina Phang teaches and I believe it! She has changed my life! I am a soft easy going woman now who knows her own worth. I came to her broken and stuck in self destructive patterns. I am free now. Free to love and free to attract abundance in my life. It’s truly been an amazing experience!” ~Diana, Colorado

…..And Nearly Engaged!!!  Update 12/4/2014:

“OMG Katarina Phang. He just told me over Microsoft communicator that he has been window shopping for an engagement ring! I am crying happy tears right now. I can’t believe it! Kat he was the most EUM I have ever met and here I sit in tears just in shock at the mention of a ring. Wow! I am leaning back. No expectations but wow! This is so life changing Kat! Thank you. I actually love you and haven’t ever met you Kat!”

10991598_10152828199788347_719237979591682480_oENGAGED On Valentine’s I, 2/14/2015

“Hi Kat, I’m engaged. Four months since I’ve come to you! Photo says it all.

When I met my guy (just 5 months a go) he was so anti weddings, anti serious relationships, anti commitment. In fact, he told me a couple times that he was looking to have fun! But I fell hard and decided that come hell or high water I am pursuing this guy. I was way too forceful and made matters worse. I saw he was interested. But then I’d freak out and chase him away.

Then I found Kat. I sent her an email which probably would have taken hours to read. Obsessing over every detail of our conversations, his actions etc. She advised to me to just read the book. I decided to give it a chance. I started applying the book’s tips immediately. I must say, without even doing it to the T, it worked. And I almost thought someone was playing a joke on me. How accurately it worked, I’m still amazed.

Anyway, fast forward 5 months (and I know many will think it’s a bit too soon) and I have a ring. It happened on Valentine’s day. We were having a couple photoshoot for Valentine’s and he just got down on one knee. I will get photos from the photographer in a few days. We have discussed getting engaged but I didn’t think it would be so soon.

I’m still in shock. But it feels right. I don’t feel strange. All I am is happy. I do almost feel like it’s added pressure on me to keep things balanced and good, the way they have been. But I know if I overthink it, it will do nothing but damage. On the positive side… I am so happy. I never thought this wild one could be tamed. And I am so happy to say, he has such a soft heart. Not the guy I thought he was at all.” ~Sasha, South Africa

10996590_10205443541641553_9067019628392866718_nGet Back With Ex And ENGAGED On Valentine’s III, 2/14/2015

“I got engaged!! Yay, I can’t stop being supper excited… I have learned so much from you ladies on here and still have room to grow! I am very excited it happened… After 5 years of wishy washy proposals and signals from him, I finally feel content!

On Valentine’s Day I had his present, a few small things in a gist bag… and he says, I thought you said no Valentine’s Day gifts… I immediately felt sad like did he really not get me anything! I can get super scared about spending a lot of money, I did say don’t spend money I would rather have a house of our own, because we are past due… 5 year relationship here… So, I was coming to terms with not receiving a gift… hours go by… then I come around the corner and a bag was on the bed…. I screamed!!! Of excitement!!! he laughs and says you haven’t even opened it yet… I still get chills… he didn’t even put it on I did, now that I look back he probably though I was crazy, lol. I eventually calmed down and said YES.

After a year we started to have problems with control. I wanted control he wanted control… we started to get off and on more… I became a full time student and he thought that meant I had it easy and he left the whole relationship up to me to maintain. That only worked for like a week then I ended things. Here is where we got dysfunctional! Bad bad habits started to form from the both of us. I struggled with leaving the relationship alone completely… we were that couple was passionately in love and fueling fire. I have had a best friend Dasha for almost 8 years now and I would turn to her for support/feedback/sounding board… She would give me advice from what she learned from Kat and what worked well for her. In August 2014, I started to learn how to lean back and gather my thoughts and control my self instead of controlling the relationship.” ~Valerie, Colorado

10896843_10202382182714746_3698372319546392075_nGet Back With Ex, 1/17/2015

“Just wanna post a follow-up on my date last night with my ex:

Actually he is not my ex anymore. Katarina Phang, you are truly an angel sent from heaven to the ladies who need help like me. We had a heart to heart talk and the night went well. Magically amazing! Two weeks before, 45 days after we broke up, he opened a convo on me. Then he was consistent on texting me, sending me messages morning and night. Even when he went back to his home in UK for the holidays.

I was mirroring him all the time while I still have my rotations too. Last week Sat night was our first meeting since we broke up. It was a bit of an awkward situation. We didn’t talk much. I went home with a lot of questions. He went quite for four days. I still leaned back and didn’t ask him or send any messages.

Yesterday, I broke the silence by asking him over a souvenir from our Sri Lanka holiday, which I have left in his house. I needed the souvenir for I am sending a package back home. I was willing to let him go already and decided to moved on. He continued the convo by sending a pic of what he was doing then ended up with asking me out which I said yes but without expectations, I just wanna have fun.

We talked and danced from 9pm till 2am. He opened the conversation how he felt for me. He said he was done evaluating his feelings and realized how much he loves and adores me and even if I don’t want him back he will still love me forever. He was sorry for being an asshole. He even asked me a ” what if I ask you to marry me” question. Which I answered with, “Don’t give me with a what if question because that type of question should be asked only if you are truly 100% sure. You have to build trust, friendship, love and commitment before you can decide. Then I will give you my answer.”

He said, “fair enough”. He stepped up and claimed me last night. He was so attentive and sweet. More than what he really used to be. We ended up into his flat but we just ate and went to bed hugging each other tight without sex. Morning came, he woke me up with kisses and a breakfast in bed. We already have plans till next weekend. And he even gave me all the details and schedule of his activities for the week. 30 mins after he dropped me home then texted me with a msg of missing me already and asking my plan for the day. I know that relationship will not be always full of roses and it takes hard-work to make it work. I will constantly apply what I have learned from you Kat and the wonderful ladies in this group.

Kat, I know I said it before but I wanna say it over and over again, how much I am thankful to find you and letting me join the group. Thank you , thank you, thank you!

All the patience and leaning back was worthy enough having him back. You don’t have any idea how happy I am. TBH i am still floating with happiness until now. To all the ladies in this group, thank you for the great advices you shared. I may not participate all the time at the convo but I love reading all of them. Different thoughts and perspective, I respect them all.” ~Miriam, The Phillipines

Get Back With Ex, 1/23/2015

“Hey ladies. Good news my Romeo and I are back together. He invited me for lunch today. We talked and he told me he had to be tough in me for me to stop my nagging and appreciate him. He says he missed me as well. He also told me he is in the phase were he do busy and hopes I understand and be patient with him. Wants me to be his support. Thank you all for your support I thought I lost him but he just wanted me to get it together. When we met, he gave me a big hug and right away said anyways its a relief. He will be traveling on the first for 2 weeks. This Sunday would have made it a month since we broke up. I’m glad.

I found Kat about 3 days after we broke up. He days I’m growing up. .lol thank you Kat.

You’re the best Katarina.” ~Bonnie, Texas

10402811_10202529166589886_6584614307554323134_nGet Back With Ex, 2/4/2015

“We all already know this but Katarina Phang your teachings yet again prove their value. A year ago I was at rock bottom with my ex EUM. He had cut off all contact and gone back to his ex. Now just this evening he gave me a key to his apartment and said he trusted me which is major for him. He hasn’t officially claimed me but who really needs a title. No expectations has been the key. The less I expect the more I get. Amazing how simple that is but how difficult it can be to execute. Thank you Katarina and thank you ladies-your wisdom helps me daily.”  ~Yolanda, Long Beach-California

Middle Eastern CoupleENGAGED 10/4/2014…MARRIED 12/13/2014!!!

NO MORE EUMs! Found the person who is completely into me and wants to be with me because I became emotionally available! I was with and EUM in the past because I was an EUW. I complained and complained, but it did not get any results and I was at fault. When I had the strength to start to date others that is when I met my now fiance.

Last week, I told my EUM that I am getting engaged to be married and that I will not be seeing him anymore. He thought I was telling him this so he can step up. I think he is still in shock. Not my problem anymore, he was given a million chances and someone else came along who knew my worth and valued me. For a long time, I thought I was in love with both guys at the same time and it was so confusing. Then, I saw my fiance battle for me. He had to battle his family and mine to have me. He was wiling to go to extreme measures to have me by his side.

At first, his constant attention was annoying, then I realized that this is how it is supposed to be. Not the absentee partnership I was used to. I was too independent and did not need a mad by my side.When a man wants a women, he is willing to fight for her. That alone made me value him more. I was chasing and yes ladies, I was chasing my EUM. At first I was initiating our dates and sometimes that made me very frustrated because everything was on his terms. Then, I joined this group and started to learn about my own frustration. So, to lean back, I would let him go and then we would come back stronger. We built a a very good caring friendship, but I knew down deep he was not into me as much I was in him. At one point and I think it was around June, I got fed up with the roller coaster and his Peter Pan antics.

Then I stopped initiating and leaned back really back and considered dating others. I old him that I was going to see other people and I was not satisfied with our current relationship. He asked me for more time and came back at first with initiating our dates, calling me every day and wanting to talk and so on. Then he fell back to his absent routine that is when I decided to date others for sure and that is when I met Adam.

I resisted Adam so much at first. The attraction was there from the start, but we both wanted different things from a long term relationship and it was discussed on the first coffee date. He wanted more children and I could not and would not have any more even if I can. So I wished him good luck and did not contact him. Two weeks later, he called me and asked me out and I gracefully declined. He did not give up. He convinced me to see him again. I told myself, just go out there and have fun.

At that time, I was still spending time with my EUM and helping him with his career. I refused to see Adam as much as he wanted to see me , but the more I refused the more he wanted me and pursued.

On my birthday, I got a happy birthday text from my EUM and a little crystal figurine two weeks later that he was given by someone else. He re-gifted me the gift. LOL LOL

Adam showed up at my house the day of my birthday with a beautiful gift and before he went to work. Later that evening insisted on taking me out on a romantic evening. From that point on, I started investing more time with Adam and the relationship was getting better. Not that much frustration and no pull and push tug games I had with the EUM. It was actually easy.

There was one time, we got really into it and later we resolve it. He helped me realize my self worth and I was able to help him get closer to his children from his first marriage. He also realized, he really does not want more children, but was missing his children because they lived in a different state.

So, last week he asked me to marry him again for the 5th time and went to my dad again and asked for his blessing. I said yes! Somewhere in between August and now, I have realized, I love this man and truly I want to spend the rest of my life with him. He is proud to be with me, it is like he wants to shout to the world that I am with him. He brags about it to anyone that listens. He says Great! George Clooney has nothing on him because he is truly marrying up.

I look back and think, what was wrong with me to to be with a man that wanted a part time partner vs. a man who wanted a full time partner? There was nothing wrong with me. I was just not emotionally available to be with anyone full time and I always want to fix broken things that is why I was attracted to the EUM. EUM/ Peter Pan is still working on himself and his career. Adam is established in his career, knows what he wants, and is very loving. So Katarina was right about EUW will attract EUM, at least in my case it was so true.

Katarina Phang, no one will outshine you and you are loved believe me. You have brought more out of me than all of the other books and relationships counselors’ materials ever did.  Thank you, even though I probably fought against your teachings most, I am now a true convert to your teachings.

Your teachings and philosophy is not just on how to deal with guys, they are extended to how to deal with life. I am not fearful of fear nor am I scared to face the the unknown anymore. In fact, I am welcoming the change and looking forward to the future and not looking back.

I am stronger because of your teachings.

Again, thank you for everything and I am so sorry I gave you a hard time on some of your teachings. I had to adapt and modify to fit my life style because of the cultural issues. Hey, they still worked. :)” ~Linda, Illinois

PamENGAGED as shared on Christmas, 12/25/2014

“So it’s been a year since I found Katarina and joined the group. I joined hoping to save my relationship after my ex cheated.

Then luck had it I met my current boyfriend on OKCupid.  He was leading each stage of the relationship.  He was always a bit ahead of me.  He would text, call, organize dates. He asked me to be his girlfriend, meet his parents and move in with him…all without me even asking or thinking that!

We went on a holiday to Galapagos Island and when we were watching the sunset he proposed! 

A year ago I wouldn’t believe I would be in this situation now. I feel so lucky and am grateful for the journey and personal growth. I have and continue to learn more from this forum and I’m grateful for people’s comments during a moment of insecurity, doubt, overthinking that kept me grounded and feminine! Xx” ~Petra, Namibia

chelseaENGAGED as shared on 11/8/2014

“We are engaged!  It was absolutely amazing- we’re vacationing in Jamaica right now and before we left, everyone at work and friends were all pretty much betting that he would do it on our holiday. I dunno, it was just a feeling! He just kept telling me “I love you sooooo much” and would kiss me so tenderly, it just felt like he was ready – and then he would be quite distracted by messages etc. There were a few other clues which were quite obvious in hindsight but I just wrote them off in my head so I could drop my expectations as well ;).But when it didn’t happen the first couple of days, I just wrote off the idea and stopped thinking about it. Turns out he had the ring and had planned to do it on the trip, but didn’t really know when or how he was going to do it – hence the delay.

So the night before, our resort was lit by moonlight and I was commenting on how magical it was… We were walking around the moonlight filled beach and he thought it was the perfect time to do it – but he didn’t have the ring on him (back at the villa) so he couldn’t do it. Anyways the next day after lunch, we walked back to the villa, and he just sat on the lounge chair on the deck, and pulled me towards him and held me. He asked me the question, but because I didn’t think it was going to happen, I thought I mis-heard – so I said, “what?” He repeated the question again and I said, “really?”  He nodded and pulled out the ring.

Turns out he’d been thinking about it for two months – he had asked my dad for permission when they were over 2 months ago. After he asked, he spent the next two months researching rings, speaking to friends and dealers, sourcing the stone from Geneva, then taking it for setting etc. He put in so much work and he’s SO proud of it – keeps asking to look at it on my hand etc. Absolutely adorable <3″ ~Chelsea, London


natashaGet Back With Ex, 11/4/2014!!!

“Katarina Phang, you are a relationship genius! I am eternally grateful! It’s been two months since I found you and your book and began applying and studying your teaching. The best money I have ever spent! The more I have leaned back, the more my ex EUM continues to step up! I am amazed! I have totally focused on myself and my life and he continues to pursue me! He lives out of town, but he visits as much as he can. He recently came into town to take my son to a professional football game that was an additional 3 hours away.

He calls and texts multiple times a day. I NEVER initiate calls to him and I initiate texts to him twice a week, before his football games to wish him good luck (he is a high school football coach)! All other contact is initiated by him, not because of anything I have said, he just does it!!

Tonight, while on the phone, he said that he “absolutely adores me!” He said he is so happy that I gave him a second chance because I am the best thing that ever happened to him, and he was an idiot not see it sooner! He shared that being with me is different than anything he ever experienced! He says I motivate him to be a better man and a better person because I am so passionate about the things that I do! He said he is ready to push all his chips in with me. He shared that he was going to tell me this when came to see me next week but could not keep it to himself that long.

My jaw was on the ground because I had let go of any expectations when I found Kat!! This from the man who was confused about his feelings for me earlier in year! Things were great in the beginning. He was a great guy to both myself and my son. I got really attached to him and I was leaning forward too much. I started asking him about a future together, and was constantly seeking reassurance about where the relationship was going. I feel disgusted just thinking about it now. He accepted a job out of town mid relationship and I clung on even more, he continued to pull away and I continued to lean forward to try to bring him back. He eventually told me that he was confused about his feelings and needed space. We were broken up for 6 months.

Ladies, Kat knows what she is doing, read the book, do the inner work. This is amazing! I would have messed it up with out her! I did the work for me, not to get him back, but I ended winning in the end! Screaming Thank-you Kat, you are the Best!” ~Nadya, South Carolina

  • Two weeks unlimited email coaching in which I will guide you step by step on what to do with your current situations so you’ll come out of the coaching a new and empowered woman. (VALUE: $250)

  •  A lifetime membership to my Facebook private groups so you can discuss all your issues safely and privately and let other wonderful ladies help you to become a secure high-value woman that captivates a man’s heart and devotion. Here’s where I share my most private relationship issues. You will also learn from many men or male coaches in the groups who can give you their male perspectives. (VALUE: $50/month)

  • Twenty minutes of Skype session (VALUE: $120), Imagine a few minutes of talk with me will instill some great sense and relief into you so you can tread with much more clarity!!  You can remove this and get the same package for $67.  

  • A new brain. That’s a joke :), but I’m also serious. Your life will never be the same again after learning the principles in this book (VALUE: PRICELESS).

  • FREE LIVE Teleclass/Webinar on most pressing relationship issues possibly with different dating coaches and/or expert guests (VALUED AT $57/webinar). Available now:

    1. What Is Convenience Relationship And How Not To Fall Into This Trap

    2. Why Do Women Hang Onto Relationship Past Its Expiry Date (Kellie’s breakup story, she’s now back with her sweetheart and engaged after signing up for every cycle of Journey Inward and the Leaning Back Workshop)

    3. How To Keep the Attraction Alive After You get Your EUM to Step Up or Your Ex Back

    4. How To Overcome Anxiety And Triggers Without Pushing Him Away

    5. It Takes One Person To Save A Relationship And It Starts With Taking Charge Of Your Mind



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The Popular Life – Make People Like Respect and Befriend You Download

I’m Popular. You’re Not.
Use Manipulative Psychology to Make People Like, Respect, and Befriend You

I’m better than everybody.
Some people find me arrogant. Don’t like that? Leave. I don’t need you anyway. I have enough people desperately seeking my attention. Oh, but my massive popularity is no accident. I studied social psychology and human behavior for years to alter my personality and become a master of social manipulation and human interaction

Now I’m the person everybody tries to impress and wants to be seen with. I have legions of friends wherever I go. People give me practically whatever I please and it’s all so easy for me. Half of the time, I don’t even have anything valuable to say, but people still just can’t get enough of me. And while jealous losers can’t stand me, everyone else thinks I’m the greatest thing in the world and they’re right, I am.

You already know me:

– I’m that slacker at work who gets promoted over your hard working ass

– I’m the loudmouth talking over your best comments with useless crap to cheers of admiration

– I’m the one who’s out having a good time while you sit around thinking about how great your future will be’

And then there’s YOU..

I see you watching me and thinking to yourself: you just wait and see who I become. It’s the only way you can justify your lonely, wasted existence. But deep down you already know what you’ll become: the same sad, disconnected person you are right now.

While you’re living in fantasy land, I’m milking the real world for everything it offers: popularity, admiration, endless friends, sex, and success. But you don’t want that anyway, right? Lie to yourself.

Let me guess: what you’re going through now is just temporary? Once you get that job, that degree, or find that special someone everything will change? Twenty years from now you’ll be looking at everyone and thinking the exact same thing. It’s the same thing that poor, bearded guy on the back of the bus is thinking. Don’t believe me? Go talk to him and see for yourself.

If you don’t change right now, you’ll become just like that guy on the bus. You’ll soon look into the mirror and realize you’re old and your dreams have passed you by. Instead of dreaming about your future, you’ll dream of getting back the youth that you’re wasting away right now.

The only way to prevent this from happening to you is to change who you are and how you naturally interact with other people. I wrote The Popular Life to teach you exactly how to do this by:

1. using psychological conditioning to alter how you naturally think and behave

2. combining these alterations with the controversial techniques of manipulative psychology

Here’s What I Offer

I’m giving you the exact same strategies I used to change my personality and master social manipulation and human interaction. You will not find these techniques anywhere else. I’m going to overhaul your entire way of thinking, behaving, and interacting with other people.

You will learn to exploit social thinking processes that are engrained in us since birth that virtually nobody else is aware of. Such skills can generate tons of friends, popularity, admiration, respect, and the opportunity to live the experiences you desire (emotionally, sexually, professionally, etc.).

My methodology is clear: I avoid giving you bland generalities and instead tell you exactly what to do. There is no room for political correctness, diplomacy, or your personal opinions. I tell you what is right and wrong and I don’t care if you disagree (that’s your loss).

You will get the tools you need, whether you approve of them or not. This isn’t about body language, one liners, motivational stories, visualizations, or any other similarly mass marketed junk. It is a 56 page book filled with straight up, simple strategies that will make you popular and well liked.

This includes:

* how to alter the backbone of your personality, which governs how you think and behave, to automatically act in a socially superior manner
* how to use manipulative psychology to alter the thinking of other people and make them like, respect and admire you
* how to use simple behavioral alterations that will automatically make people interested in you
* how to prevent damaging behavior like self talk which inhibits socially productive responses leaving you behind
* how to psychologically train your mind so you naturally become an extrovert
* how to evoke positive responses from people, no matter what you’re saying to them
* how to remove feelings of doubt, fear and uncertainly in social situations
* how to find and forge friendships with the most important, relevant people in society
* how to detach yourself from caring about the opinions of specific individual people and focus on gaining the admiration of the greater majority
* how to use people to your advantage, as opposed to having them use you
* how to get inside people’s heads and make them think you’re being honest with them, whether you are or not
* how to become popular and successful just like me and reap all that society and life has to offer.



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Jani – G-gasm Method: The Ultimate Guide to the G-spot Orgasm. How to Have a Woman Experience 10, 20 or Even 50 Big O’s Per Night

Jani - G-gasm Method: The Ultimate Guide to the G-spot Orgasm

Jani – G-gasm Method: The Ultimate Guide to the G-spot Orgasm

G-gasm Method PDF Download is dedicated to the 1,767,397,107* ladies that have never experienced an orgasm. *My very rough estimate Guys, finally you have clear, concise instructions on how to properly please your woman. The female body is not a whodunit mystery. You don’t just stick it, jackhammer away as fast and hard as you can. First one smoking a cigarette wins. WRONG! The G-gasm Method will teach you how to really please a lady. You will be strutting around the room like a well-oiled porn star. You will feel like you are ten feet tall because of what you can do to her. You get a tremendous sense of satisfaction knowing you have given your woman THAT much pleasure. The look on her face is priceless. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing her scream with pleasure, teasing her, and knowing that she is getting off because of you. Ladies, tape this book to your ass. You will glow like a hot light bulb in a cold hard steel pot. Your self-confidence will be at an all time high. The G-gasm Method is all about pleasing you. You will be screaming “OH MY GOSH” until your throat is sore and your eyes roll back. There is nothing ladylike about it. Total satisfaction.


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Bruce Bryans – Attract The Right Girl PDF Download | Bruce Bryans – Attract The Right Girl Review

Bruce Bryans - Attract The Right Girl PDF Download

Bruce Bryans – Attract The Right Girl PDF Download

 How to Find Your Dream Girl and Make Her Fall in Love With You

Learning how to make a girl fall in love with you is a challenge that a lot of guys continue to struggle with. Even with all the dating advice for men available, it’s still tough out there for guys who want to find the woman of their dreams, make her fall in love, and build a great relationship with her.

But if that wasn’t enough pressure, it gets worse…

If a man FAILS to find the RIGHT woman to build a fulfilling, drama-free, and passionate relationship with, the consequences of his choices will be BRUTAL. Guys who don’t know what their dream girl wants in a man are doomed to a life of unfulfilling, lifeless relationships with shallow, low-quality, boring, average, and even perhaps emotionally damaged women that will make their lives a LIVING HELL.

Discover How to Get a Girlfriend Who’s Helplessly Attracted to You

Every high-quality woman who knows what she wants in a man is searching, waiting, preparing, and even praying for her perfect DREAM guy to show up. She’s not waiting for a perfect man, but the man who’s perfect for her; the kind of guy that she not only finds irresistibly attractive, but highly compatible with her as well.

Unfortunately, there’s very little dating advice for men out there that actually helps guys to recognize and attract higher quality women.

In reality, any guy can learn how to attract a woman, and with a little effort, you can also learn how to get a girlfriend pretty easily. But if you’re ready to find the RIGHT girl, you’re in luck! In this book you’ll discover more than just how to attract a woman or how to get a girlfriend, but how to find and choose the most amazing girlfriend to start a long-term relationship with.

The secret reason why increasing your standards as a man will get you better results with the kind of woman you REALLY want to date.
Why choosing a ‘Total Package’ girlfriend will save you A LOT of headache and heartache in the long run.
How to be confident with women, and how to avoid wasting huge amounts of time on women who aren’t compatible with you. You’ll learn what to do to ensure that your interaction with a good woman starts off on the right foot.
Learn the ONE rare quality of a phenomenal woman and why you NEED to have this kind woman in your life for keeps.
The key to bringing out a woman’s inner beauty and making her crave for your attention.
The EXACT way a high-quality woman shows her love and appreciation for the man in her life. Decipher if she meets your standards or not by watching the way she behaves in these situations. It’s a DEAD giveaway to how she’ll treat YOU in the future.
Learn how to tell if a woman is girlfriend or even wife material by observing how she handles a certain something that can make or break ANY relationship.
Discover the qualities that reveal whether or not a woman will become a bitter, LIFE-SUCKING shrew later on in life or a reliable source of strength and happiness.
Learn how to be a good boyfriend by embodying the FIVE qualities that a high-quality woman NEEDS in a man. If you can fully make these key traits a part of your character, you’ll naturally begin to be more attractive to your dream girl.
Find out the most powerful turn on for a high-quality woman and how you can use it to make her take notice of YOU.
How to stand out from every other guy she’s met by doing these two counter-intuitive things. Most guys never even show up on a woman’s radar because of these two limiting mindsets.



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