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Sexual Attraction | Sexual Improvement

The Best Videos About Sexual Attraction and Sexual Improvement To Improve your sex life until you reach the Sex God Level .

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J.D. Fuentes Collection Download

J.D. Fuentes – Gut Impact PDF Download

J.D. Fuentes – Gut Impact PDF  Description
Gut Impact teaches you how to bypass others’ reasons, so that you can speak straight to their needs and desires. In reading Gut Impact, you will learn how to use an easy, efficient, covert, conversational form of hypnotic command. You will also learn to recognize and motivate specific personality types. As a result, your words will have more impact on those around you than ever before. In reading Gut Impact, you’ll learn to recognize others’ motivations, soothe their feelings, leverage their existing beliefs, smoothly impress new ideas, and inspire new desires–your words will smoothly and pleasurably impress on their thoughts, as smoothly as your thumb imprints the warm wax of a melting candle. You will learn to spot their needs. You will learn to open their hearts. You will learn to guide and drive their feelings. You will learn just how easy and powerful and pleasurable hypnotic communication truly is, because you have ordered Gut Impact…and they will love you for it.

J.D. Fuentes – Power Press

PowerPress: How to Instill an Intense Belief within Yourself in Moments
Do you want a massive impact on your moment to moment experience?
One you can choose to change what you are feeling and thinking, no matter what or who is in front of you?
Do you want to really feel yourself back in complete control?
Then use the PowerPress.

See, there are two basic kinds of pick-up products. One of them has to do with things you say and do externally, with women. The other has to do with what you’re doing in your own head, and in your own body. This second category is sometimes called “Inner Game”– there are lots of products designed for this, but bluntly, most are a bit clunkly and time-consuming. In fact, much of what’s been “developed” for ramping up confidence and the like is actually just a matter of experience– “Go approach a hundred women… and then you’ll feel different!”

It’s a tool for radically shifting your own beliefs– not in an abstract, “mental” way… but in a felt, physical, enduring way.

It’s designed to help you change what your body, your instincts, your gut believes is possible.

You can use it to wrench old, unhelpful beliefs out of yourself… or jam new beliefs into your gut, your spine, your shoulders, your brain.

Use it, and you will feel and believe differently… in moments.

And the more often you use it, the faster you’ll get with it.

Imagine walking into a club full of hot women, believing… in your bones… exactly what you want to believe… in ways women can feel. In ways they naturally respond to. Imagine having complete control over your own beliefs.

Now imagine what having fast, firm control over your beliefs will do for your actions. For the choices you make. For the life you choose to have. For the whole realm of possibilities you haven’t let yourself truly consider.

(And imagine showing a girl how to shift her own beliefs– right then and there! Who’s gonna be her guru now?)

Now expand your mind’s eye view for a moment… and really take in the fact that you can apply this tool to *any *part of your life.

How many parts of your life are held back– not by your actual competence, but by your doubts?

How many things do you avoid becoming masterful at– just because you’re not sure you can… so that you never really try?

Imagine how different your life will be, when you can ram in new convictions and new beliefs– in moments!

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

J.D. Fuentes – Sexual Key PDF Download

Sure, Women Can Seem Frustrating.BUT Their Emotions Follow a Specific, UNCONSCIOUS Pattern–a Pattern That You Can Easily Control… Just By Using a Few Simple Words.
Want to SEE
Step-by-Step VISUAL Instructions
for Driving HER Thoughts?

J.D. Fuentes – Speed Seduction On Steroids Download

This is the sexual key complete system on how to take a woman and completely get into her mind and get her to do whatever you want in a good way just by language and emotions. Now anyone who knows about Sexual Key knows its the real secret behind Speed Seduction that Hypnotica and Ross Jeffries, Vince Kelvin dont seem to be able to explain about what is really going on and what they are doing. This guy takes everything they do and it completely helped me understand what all of them were doing and what they were talking about and trying to explain.

With this system I have been able to talk to women and within minutes of meeting them I have been able to make them feel like they have know me forever and they talk to me about things that they say I dont even know why Im telling you this. After about the 3rd time I talk to women using what he teaches and how he teaches it. Im banging them garaunteed. Its been working for me I know it will work for your you. This is the blueprint on how Speed Seduction is really supposed to work.

J.D.Fuentes ( – The Magnetic Grid Download

The Magnetic Grid DVD

***NOTE: This is advanced material; you must already own The Sexual Key and understand The Inward Spiral to apply this information.***

It’s one thing to entertain a woman; it’s another thing entirely to make her feel she needs you in her life.

This kind of need–this kind of intense attraction-is what she feels in the presence of a billionaire: this shall satisfy all desires.

The funny thing is, there’s another type of guy that has the same effect on women. And this guy doesn’t satisfy all their material needs.

He usually doesn ‘t come close.

He usually doesn’t even try.

In fact, if anything, they tend to his material needs. And his emotional needs. And his sexual needs. And, not least, his housecleaning needs.

For such a man, things like looks, achievements, and credentials are irrelevant. Even when he has them to offer, he chooses to give women something else.

He does this, because he has something rarer and better. And the more he uses it–the more he gives it out–the more he shares it-the bigger, better, more potent, and more powerful it becomes… and the more brightly his growing charisma shines on all the women he meets.

What is this man’s gift?

His vision.

What is this man’s self-selected role?

The guru.

Playing guru is an art, and there is a structure to this art. Not understanding the structure usually means winding up like a street-corner preacher: much anger, no sex. (Think there might be a connection?)

When you understand this art, you can ditch the tacky handmade signs. You can stop standing on streetcorners, haranguing passersby. You don’t have to dress in robes or wear suits from Goodwill. You don’t have to wave some holy book around.

When you understand the structure underlying this art, you can take your understanding and your newfound skills into any context. You can use them at work, in the bar, in the bedroom. You can use them at the negotiating table or the dinner table, and with people dressed in suits, in sweats, or in a state of perfect undress, naked and oiled on a hot and shimmering beach, their bikinis crumpled and tossed to the edge of the towel. You can put on a black turtleneck and click your way through a Powerpoint presentation, all the while guiding a hushed throng of thousands through rhythmic raptures of revolution, revelation, redemption, and resolve.

Greater than any machine on a pedestal, greater than any device at your fingertips, you wield the power of the grid. It is this invisible grid that marshals and herds others’ fears, wishes, and efforts. It is this grid that makes you both the center of safety and the summit of power-this, in an uncertain world.

This is the power to encircle, channel, and bind the scattered hungers of a woman’s soul.

This power–the power meant to be yours–we call the Magnetic Grid.

What you’ll learn from the Magnetic Grid:

*HOW to assume the role of GURU
*HOW to create a BELIEF-SYSTEM
*HOW to make anything a woman experiences reinforce the power of your BELIEF-SYSTEM… and her HUNGER for your GUIDANCE.
*THREE DIFFERENT WAYS to make your outlandish suggestions incredibly… compelling! Obvious! True!
*HOW to make your world a VIRUS that infects her speech… her mind… her heart!
*HOW to become the ONLY guy who fully “understands” her… without having to listen to her in the first place… so that her pussy and her money are the only ways she can BEGIN to REPAY YOU!
*HOW to make her MENTALLY DIVIDE the world into pain… and the PLEASURE of DOING what you WANT!
*HOW to catch her within a NET of IRREFUTABLE BELIEFS… so that she YEARNS for the CLARITY you can give her!
*HOW to EASILY weave stories from thin air, so her UNCONSCIOUS always has something sweet to suck on!
*HOW to make all her past choices the PROOF that she should do what you desire… and JUST GO AHEAD and spread ’em!
*HOW to EASILY make her FEEL YOUR POWER… just as quickly as she FEELS the HEAT and TINGLING in her panties!
*HOW to QUICKLY, EASILY, SMOOTHLY move the conversation, and her feelings, into the world of LOVE and PASSION and INTENSE ALL-ENVELOPING NEED!

Advanced and Supplemental Materials

Here you can learn about our advanced Sexual Key videos, as well as some of our other products. The videos assume an understanding of Sexual Key, and the Inward Spiral model of the female psyche; as they will make little sense without them, I suggest that you get them only after you get Sexual Key.

The other products listed you can use even before you understand Sexual Key.

Advanced Sexual Key Video Sets
Build on the power of the Inward Spiral!

The Sexual Key Audio CD set teaches you how to use the Inward Spiral, an incredibly powerful model of how women feel and think, so that you can grab hold of their emotions and make them melt as you talk to them.

Our advanced materials teach you to build on this foundation, so that you get results even more quickly, more deeply, and more easily.

Note: you must already be familiar with Sexual Key, and the Inward Spiral model, for the advanced material on these videos to make sense to you… and make your life even more fun!

J.D.Fuentes ( – The Outward Spike Download

SK Video: the Outward Spike (DVD format)

“Challenge her! Make her excited! Show her you’re the prize!” You’ve heard this before–and hey, it sounds good. But how do you actually do it? What do you look for? How do you act? What do you say?

Now you’re going to find out.

Includes the “Rings of Resistance,” your simple system for moving her in just the right way–based on where her emotions actually are, as she’s standing there in front of you.
Seduce Women with Hypnosis and Sexual Key!
Hot, cold, bored, tranced–whatever she’s feeling, you’ll now know what to do at each stage to nudge her to the next level!

Picture this:
You’ve stopped a hot chick someplace. You’re using SK with her, she’s getting hot, her eyes have got that fuck-me shine to them.

You keep going-you’re grinning, teasing, you’re shifting your shoulders, shifting your hips-your body’s making all kinds of little movements that show her you’re a sexual powerhouse.

Then something changes.

She leans back in her seat. Her eyes go dull, her arms fold beneath her breasts.

Something’s building inside her, and it’s not good.

You successfully outwait her, and at last she talks-but what she says isn’t what you want to hear.

Suddenly her life is full of intricacies and obligations, all of which prevent her from spending time with you.

Not that she’d want to.

Not that she knows you.

Not that she cares to know you.

Etc., etc., etc.

Congratulations– you’ve just felt the sharp end of the Outward Spike.

The Outward Spike is the hidden complement to the Inward Spiral. The Inward Spiral is a woman’s process for exciting herself; the Outward Spike is her process for getting screechy, needy, hostile, and bitchy.

And when you understand this process-when you understand the Outward Spike-you can turn it around. You can turn the tables. You can turn her flashes of resistance and hostility into excitement and arousal.

Or picture this:

You’ve elected to build multiple long-term relationships for yourself. You’re happy, they’re happy. Things are great.

Suddenly something hits a snag. One of your women turns edgy, guarded. She moves on to sulking, and then, before you know it, she’s picking a fight. You’re tempted to call up Girl 2 or Girl 3 or Girl 4, or maybe just go find Girl 5, but then it occurs to you: Hell, they can all get like this once in a while. And it’s not always driven by menstrual cycles–sometimes a girl just gets weird, and whatever explanation she gives for her feelings makes no sense.

This, too, is the Outward Spike.

Wouldn’t you rather avoid this?

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time having fun? Isn’t that better than fighting? Instead of letting her suck your time and energy, wouldn’t it be better for all concerned if she just sucked you off?

Wouldn’t you rather see her edginess become eagerness?

Wouldn’t be fun if every time you see a woman get cool, you know you’ve an opportunity to make her even warmer than she was before, because her attraction is now solid and real?

You already know the answer.

See, I’m sure you’ve heard suggestions to “be aggressive” and “go for what you want” and “don’t settle for her bullshit, be firm about pursuing your desires”… and you may have thought, “Okay, but what now? How do I do this?”

Now you have an answer. Just as the process of exciting and inspiring her has a structure, the process of shaking her out of her defensive reflexes, out of her bitchiness, and into respect and impulsiveness and the desire to do something, now has a structure, too.

Sexual Key II: the Outward Spike is super-concise and super-efficient–it’s all boiled down to an easily-watchable two-VHS set. There’s no filler, no “entertainment,” no weekend-killing, clock-watching, time-wasting blather–it’s pure info, pure technique, pure power.

The whole thing is on two videocassettes, and the total running time is under one hour.

What the hell? A video set that’s less than an hour? Yes! It’s packed with tons of info–and this comes in simple, easily remembered formulas. Don’t settle for watching a video set that will teach you four or five techniques in the space of ten hours–instead, get the Outward Spike, spend an hour and emerge with a dozen new tools in your toolbox! A fast running time plus tons of info means you can practice easily and learn quickly. It’s all step-by-step, so it’s all easy to learn and actually use… so you get real results, as quickly as possible.

No entertainment, no filler; it’s pure info, and pure power!

The Outward Spike gives you back your power, so you can make your own entertainment… and you can fill her yourself!

Here’s what you’ll learn when you get the Outward Spike:

*WHY she loves emotion, and WHAT your use of emotion gives her… so YOU can FEED her this at YOUR LEISURE!
*WHAT she doesn’t know… YEARNS to know… and HOW you can use this to RATCHET her ATTRACTION through the ROOF!
*HOW she makes sense of events, and what you can do to FORCE-FEED your interpretations of the world DEEP into her THROAT!
*WHAT her resistance and hostility really mean… and how to turn these emissions of anger into PORTALS of PLEASURE!
*HOW to turn her over, when she tries to cut you down!
*HOW to pull on the SIMPLE LITTLE HOOK that will make her bite all she can of your BadBoy bait!
*HOW to tear away her social veil, and get to the NEED she tries to hide BEHIND it!
*HOW to INSTANTLY turn the tables, so you’re back on top, and she’s back DOWN on her KNEES, BOWING to PLEASE!
*HOW to EASILY, SPONTANEOUSLY come up with things to push her buttons and yank on her leash!
*HOW to turn her SUBSERVIENCE to the opinions of her friends and family into the INCENTIVE that will make her want to pay you in HONEY-SWEET PLEASURE!
*HOW to make teasing and prodding her and making her giggle as she accepts your power as simple and easy as SWATTING a FLY! No thought, all ACTION!
*HOW to COMBINE the POWER of the most important things you’ve learned into something as INSTINCTIVE as GRABBING at GOLD!
*HOW to penetrate her RINGS of RESISTANCE, so no matter what she does or says, you can connect instantly with what the Little Girl INSIDE her is BEGGING you to GIVE HER! NOW, AT LAST–you have an INSTINCTIVE RESPONSE for every move she makes in the conversation. Her various twists and turns require DIFFERENT KINDS of RESPONSES, and your pick-up is directly related to your ability to shift styles, based on where she’s at! But since you want to counter all her shifts, and since SK II is FINALLY available, you need to do only one thing–get the Outward Spike video set, now!

JD Fuentes – ‘GBSS’ Gender Based Subliminal Selling Download

JD Fuentes – The sexual key – How to use the structure of female emotion to arouse a woman in minutes

JD Fuentes (Sexual Key) – ‘Rousing the Lion’

JD Fuentes – The Energetic Wave – First Third PDF Download



Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Gabrielle Moore Deluxe Bundle Collection Download

Gabrielle Moore – Forbidden Fruits Download

Forbidden Fruits: 5 Naughty Ways To Add Fun, Fantasy & Fetishes To Your Lovemaking

Come on. Admit. Wouldn’t you love to be just a little bit naughty? Or a LOT?

There’s nothing like a heaping helping of some spicy fun, fantasy, and fetishes to keep the spark in your sex life.

Whether it’s a “you’ve been a bad girl” spanking, some “helpless maiden in distress” bondage, or some other sinfully steamy secrets I’ll share with you–you’re going to love biting into this delicious fruit!

FIVE naughty, dirty, sexy and FUN ways to role-play with her. Oh my goodness there’s even a doggy training fantasy for you to act out! Woof! (Shall I tell you my favorite? HINT: I LOVE having my hands tied–you should try it sometime!)

The playful rules of the road for FETISHES. How to use rubber, corsets, lace, leather and more, to drive each other wild. (Can you picture me in black lace? Good. Now picture HER that way too!)
The sexy truth about the ultimate taboo–anal play. Curious about this highly sensitive part of your lover’s body? This will answer all your questions and give you specific steps to introduce some “butt action” into your lovemaking (HINT: Of course this is something you BOTH need to be interested in–and I’ll give you the insider secrets to making her feel so good she WANTS to try this with you.)

Gabrielle Moore – The Sex Starved Couple Download

FREE Video Reveals 3 Quick & Dirty Mind Hacks
To Sexually Reconnect With Your Lover… And Bring Red-Hot Sex Back Into Your Sex Starved Relationship!”

You’re About To Learn The Naughty Secrets That Can Reignite & Revitalize Your Sex Life At Any Age… Even If You Hardly Have Sex With Your Lover Anymore!

You’re About To Discover:

The #1 root cause of a sex starved, love-dead relationship (and how you can reverse the trend… starting tonight!)

One deadly mistake made by men in sex starved relationships… which only leads to MORE problems & regret later on (Be sure NOT to make this mistake yourself, no matter how tempting it is!)

Do you believe in these 10 pleasure-killing lies? Couples who believe in one or more of these untrue LIES about love, sex and relationships often find themselves unable to function in bed…

One naughty (and downright dirty) method you can use tonight to resuscitate your love-dead relationship (Hint: This takes advantage of a simple activity your lover is BOUND to do!)

One thing women often fantasize about sexually… and how you can use this to your advantage!

What to do if your love life is down-in-the-dumps… and your lover doesn’t even allow you to touch her! (Don’t worry, you can still use your mouth… if you know how!)

What you should do the next time you get into an argument with your lover – Instead of reacting how you normally would… try this instant argument defuser instead!

The shocking truth about men (or women) who fantasize about others outside of their relationship! (It’s NOT what you think!)

One important principle that can allow you to make sex a regular affair in your relationship – It doesn’t matter how LONG both of you have been together as long as you follow my instructions and ____ ____ ____!

And much, much more!

Are you sex starved & deprived?

“Bestselling Sex Expert Gabrielle Moore
Discovers Secret Formula For Putting
Shockingly Hot, Dirty Sex Back Into
Love-Dead Relationships…”

And Swears Under Oath That Her Methods Have Nothing
To Do With Illegal Sexual Stimulants Or Drugs!

From the desk of Gabrielle Moore
#1 best-selling author of “The Female Orgasm Revealed”, “Double Her Desire”,
“Hot Licks” (and way too many sex advice books to list here)

Dear Sweetheart,

Excuse me for being blunt, but how often do you still have sex with your lover?

If you have been together for a while and still manage to get intimate at least once a week… Congratulations!

You’re In The Top 15% Of The Population!

If you’re currently getting ALL the red-hot & wild sex you need, then this letter is definitely not for you. But if you’re feeling sex-starved like more than half of the population out there is… then please read on because I have an exciting discovery to share with you.

According to the National Survey of Sexual Health & Behavior conducted by Indiana University, less than HALF of married men have sex with their lover at least once a week.

Not surprisingly, research also shows that as the time spent in a relationship increases… the frequency of sex…

Actually Decreases!

Have you heard of this old saying?

“Put a coin in a bottle each time you make love during the first year of marriage…

And take a coin out each time you make love every subsequent year…

The bottle will never be empty!”

It’s sad but true!

If you have been together for a while, things certainly don’t seem as hot or playful as they used to. If you’re lucky, your lover may agree to your requests for sex once in a long, long while… But even so, it’s not the same long, passionate romps you had in the early days of your relationship!

For many sex starved couples, sex nowadays is a hurried affair… lasting no more than half an hour to an hour at most… before either party loses interest or gets tired.

If you have children at home, then there is the constant fear of being interrupted (and getting embarrassed), which prevents both parties from going all the way (if you know what I mean…)

Add on to that the tremendous stress from work… or physical exhaustion after a hard day of housework, and you get a pretty good idea of what the sex life of a typical couple is like…

It’s Literally Non-Existent!

Let’s face it. Many couples who have been in a relationship for a while are sex-starved and deprived. Deep down inside they’re craving for some hot, wild sex… but they just don’t know how to get it.

That’s why men in such relationships usually seek the easy way out. They turn to pornography, or even have affairs with people they shouldn’t to satisfy their sexual urges.

It doesn’t get much better for women either. In this country, the statistics of women getting involved in extramarital affairs are on the rise… and cracks usually start to develop in a relationship once a couple doesn’t have enough sex.

Please don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying that sex is the ONLY important thing in a relationship… but it is indeed the bedrock and foundation of ANY good relationship!

When a couple has quality sex… they’re not just spending intimate time together. The close physical & emotional contact during sex also builds openness and trust in a couple, which is hugely beneficial in any relationship. Couples who have sex regularly are not only happier because their sexual urges are satisfied… they also communicate more freely and are more comfortable with each other.

The reverse is also true! Lack of sex has been found to lead to the following problems in couples:

Health Problems…

Sex not only feels good, it also brings about several important health benefits. Multiple scientific studies worldwide have confirmed the perks of regular love-making – from relieving stress, boosting immunity, improving cardiovascular health, reducing prostate cancer risk to helping one sleep better:

Stress – According to a study published in the journal Biological Psychology, men and women who had sexual intercourse had better responses to stress than those who engaged in other sexual behavior or abstained.

Immunity – Scientists from Wilkes University found that those who have sex frequently have higher levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA) in their blood, an antibody that protects you from getting colds and other infections.

Heart attack risks – Contrary to popular belief that sex causes stroke in older men, researchers from England found that having sex twice or more a week reduces the risks of fatal heart attack in men by half!

Prostate cancer risk – Australian researchers found that frequent ejaculations reduced the risk of prostate cancer later in life.

Sleep – The hormone, oxytocin, released during orgasm promotes sleep.

Think about all the FREE health benefits you’re missing out on by not getting enough sex! Or Emotional Pain…

I can’t tell you how many couples have told me their relationship suffered as a result of the lack of sex.

Let’s start with the obvious. When our sexual needs are not satisfied, they do not just disappear. Instead, these sexual urges recur many times during the day… at some of the most inconvenient times! If you have ever tried to concentrate on work but kept getting distracted by all those sexual thoughts that made it SO HARD for you to continue… you know what I mean!

Or perhaps your lover’s disinterest in sex is making you deeply frustrated. You don’t know what’s wrong with her, and secretly wonder if she finds you unattractive. Worst still, you secretly wonder if she is having an affair outside!

You may also blame her for being so conservative and unadventurous in sex, when she turns down your requests for sex and blames you for being so dirty! Or maybe she doesn’t even allow you to touch her, or get intimate with her anymore…

But trust me… no matter how disinterested in sex your lover appears to be…

It Does NOT Mean Her Sexual Desires Are Totally Gone!

In many cases, she’s still feeling very, very horny deep down inside… and doesn’t know what to do about it!

It’s natural for human beings to have sexual urges… and that includes your lover! Just because you haven’t had sex with your lover for a long time doesn’t mean her sexual feelings are totally gone.

As I’ve said so many times, the reverse is often true. Something that previously happened in your relationship or long periods of non-communication could have caused her to hide her true feelings… for fear of getting hurt once again.

Or maybe she is feeling insecure about her own body after years of being in a relationship… and feels conscious about exposing herself to you sexually.

Whatever it is, there are many reasons why your lover may not want to talk about sex… But here’s the good news:

You Can Start To Change Things And Make Sex A Regular Affair… At Any Age!

Think back to the early days of your relationship. Chances are, both of you would have pounced at every single chance to be intimate. Even simple dinner outings or a walk in the park became something kinky… as you slipped your hands under her skirt…

But somewhere along the way… things started to change. As the relationship took its toil and the years went by… both of you started becoming less physical and intimate. Eventually, you hardly touch each other anymore! You hardly even spend time locked in a passionate embrace, much less have hot, wild sex with each other!

I’m telling you this to let you realize that things CAN change. Your relationship wasn’t always like this. It wasn’t always sex-starved. If you think back to the beginning of your relationship… there would be a certain point in time when sex was a regular affair… and you enjoyed every single minute of it!

How would you like to bring some of that naughty back?

How would it feel like… if hot and wild sex is once again a regular part of your relationship?

Impossible… you say? Not so, according to the hundreds of thousands of men and women who have benefited from my sex advice. You see, just as your relationship did not deteriorate and reach this stage overnight… you can’t expect things to get better overnight.

But if you make the effort to follow my simple, proven steps to revitalize and reignite your sex life…

Regular, Hot Sex Can Become A Reality For You!

And trust me, when it comes to teaching couples how to go from love-dead relationships to having hot sex… no one knows it better than me.

Here’s a little blurb my publisher wrote about me:

Who Is Gabrielle Moore & How Can She
Help You Have Better Sex?

Gabrielle Moore is the frank, outspoken & trusted sexual advisor to thousands of couples worldwide. More than three hundred and fifty-thousand (that’s 350,000) men have read and benefitted from her books, courses, articles and regular sex advice.

Happily married to a loving husband, Gabrielle is the author of way too many sex advice books and courses to list here, including Turn Her On Faster (on advanced foreplay techniques), The Female Orgasm Revealed, Hot Licks (on female oral sex), Double Her Desire, Erotic Massage For Better Sex and many many more.

A recognized authority on real-world sex techniques (none of that academic theory stuff) from an honest female perspective, Gabrielle™s sex advice has been featured in publications such as Men™s Fitness magazine… read by over 8 million readers worldwide!

Gabrielle continues to delight new readers with her advice and has a growing collection of glowing testimonial letters – over 4,000+ to date!

You may be wondering, “Gabrielle, with a life story that reads like yours… No wonder you can get hot sex!”

But things weren’t always this way. It may surprise you, but I once was in a sex-starved relationship. A few years into my marriage, the shine started coming off things and very soon… our love life was down in the dumps.

My husband couldn’t understand why I suddenly lost interest in sex either. It was as if all the energy was sucked out of me, and I felt irritated by his constant demands for sex after a long day. Eventually, we just stopped getting intimate with one another… each withdrawing into our own world.

Apart from sleeping on the same bed each night, there was very little interaction between us. We started talking less, and quarrels became a regular affair as we blamed each other for the sorry state of our relationship.

To cut a long story short, my frustration drove me to look for answers. The changes didn’t just happen overnight, but I realized that in order to save our marriage… one party had to take the initiative to change.

I just couldn’t sit by and watch my marriage come apart!

With that, I started reading every single book about love and relationships I could get my hands on. I started trying out the techniques in these books with my husband… who fortunately was receptive! With much effort on both our parts, we were able to salvage our marriage and make sex a regular affair once again!

If there’s anything I learnt from this unhappy episode in my life, it’s that one party must first take the initiative to change. Things don’t automatically get better if you ignore your problems… or pretend they don’t exist.

I’m almost ashamed to admit that there were so many times I felt like straying… especially when men outside my relationship were constantly dropping me signals! My husband later admitted that the temptation was unbearable for him as well.

Don’t make the same mistake as we did in the early days…

The Lack Of Sex Is A Red Flag That Something Is Wrong With Your Relationship!

Please… don’t make the mistake of pretending that everything is fine, or that things will soon become better. Relationship problems don’t just disappear because you pretend everything is alright. In fact, the lack of sex may point to deeper issues within your relationship that need to be addressed right now.

Over the years, I’ve met many men who have lost all hope in their relationships. They don’t think it’s possible for them to get intimate with their lovers again. They don’t think hot regular sex can become a reality for them… and they’re half right!

Hot, regular sex cannot be a reality for you if you are not willing to change. But if you’re willing to take a few simple steps to reverse the downward trend of a relationship… things can become better starting tonight!

Let me guide and show you how to make DIRTY sex a reality in your relationship!

Introducing The Sex Starved Couple: Naughty Secrets To Reignite & Revitalize Your Sex Life!

My 1st ever full-blown course for reviving sexless, love-dead relationships… guaranteed!

As you may know, I’m the author of numerous best-selling books & courses on having better sex. I’ve written about almost every sex topic imaginable… ranging from red-hot oral sex techniques to liquid female orgasms.

Despite writing all these popular courses and receiving glowing testimonials about how I have changed people’s lives… something still bothered me. No matter how simply I explain a particular sex technique or method, there is still a group of men who can’t put it into action.

They would write to me, saying… “Gabrielle, all your methods work if I’m already having sex with my lover. But my lover doesn’t even allow me to touch or get close to her nowadays… What should I do? How can I even get started?

If this sounds like you, then…

The Sex Starved Couple Is
Just Right For You!

My latest course, The Sex Starved Couple, is specially written for those who…

  • Have been in a relationship for a while and find things not as hot as they used to be

  • Hardly have sex with their lover any more

  • Want to get intimate with their lover but don’t know how to broach the subject

  • Face constant rejection from their lovers when asking for sex

  • Find it difficult to perform in bed

  • Find their relationship laden with quarrels and other “trust” issues

  • Find their marriage on-the-rocks…

Does this sound like you? If so, keep reading!

In fact, I devote a large part of my new course to restoring the glow in your relationship. If your love life is far from rosy and suffering from years of neglect or trust-based issues… then The Sex Starved Couple can show you how to turn things around faster than you imagined possible!


The 7 best attitudes for a happy, fulfilling relationship, according to sex expert Dr. Susan Perry – Yes, these attitudes can actually be cultivated! (Page 12)

How to handle the disappointments in your relationship… and the problems that can crop up from time to time (Page 13)

The 3 magic ingredients you need to build a strong and healthy, sex-filled relationship! After working with so many couples over the years… these are the 3 crucial things you need. (Page 14)

This 10 question Couple Bliss Quiz on Page 15 can help predict where your relationship is heading… and it’s eerily accurate!

10 pleasure-killing myths about sex that prevent you from enjoying hot, kinky sex with your lover night after night (Unless you overcome these mental barriers you have… you’ll never be able to make the leap in real life!) (Page 18)

Why watching more romantic movies or television programs will NOT make your sex life sizzle. In fact, it can have the opposite effect! (Page 18)

Have you ever fantasized about someone outside of your relationship and felt guilty about it afterwards? Or perhaps your lover did and you feel betrayed or angry. Find out why this can be good for your sex life on Page 19!

What to do the next time you get into a mood-killing argument with your lover – Instead of being reactive or defensive, this is what you should do instead… (Page 20)

The 4 problematic relationship types that you should be aware of – All problematic relationships stem from one or more of these root causes. Find out how you can overcome them on Page 21!

Do you see your own relationship as “special” and “different from others”… and then see your world crumbling down as problems start to emerge? Find out how to deal with this reality shock on Page 20.

What you should do in a relationship where your lover is superior to you in almost every aspect (looks, career, friendships)… and you are constantly living in her shadow (Page 21)

How to cope with the constant cat-and-dog bickering which you have with your lover – If you’re sick & tired of all the quarrels and want to walk away from it once and for all, the steps on Page 21 may help.

How to deal with the endless power struggles in a relationship… (Page 22)

What to do if your spouse does not TRUST you… due to something that happened in the past. Here’s how you can slowly regain her trust and make her open up to you… (Page 22-23)

What to do if your lover does not feel emotionally secure to open up to you sexually… and how to make her do it at will! (Page 23)

How to deal with pesky jealousy issues in a relationship. If your relationship is constantly plagued with jealousy issues… this may just help. (Page 23)

How you can open up and be completely comfortable with your lover – Opening up is often the first step to great, uninhibited sex! (Page 23)

The 7 steps to send the right sexual cues to your lover and to ensure that she responds. If your lover is constantly irritated by your demands for sex, maybe you’re not asking for it the right way! (Page 24)

5 common couple fights and how to quickly defuse them – No matter what you bicker or argue about, it’s likely to be one of these. (Page 25)

The money fight (sounds familiar?) and how to stop it from spoiling your relationship & sex life (Page 25)

What to do if your lover does not manage to have an orgasm during sex… and is feeling irritated about it. (WARNING: If this issue is not properly addressed, your lover may not want to have sex with you in future!) (Page 25)

18 things your lover craves so BADLY from you… but doesn’t dare to ask! – These are things you can start doing… TONIGHT! (Page 26)

The P = H formula every guy must understand to get ahead in any relationship! (Page 26)

One thing you should NEVER do in front of your lover. You may not know it, but this makes ladies scared and unhappy. Sadly, most men in a sex-starved relationship do this on a regular basis! (Page 27)

One non-sexual act you can perform on your lover (even in public!) that sets the stage for hot, rumbling sex in the bedroom later on… (Page 27)

One issue you must resolve before talking about sex in a sex-starved relationship (Page 28)

4 sentences you can use on your wife, girlfriend or lover… that will get her all warm and fuzzy inside even if she does not show it on the outside! (Page 28)

Are you constantly bickering with your lover? Different communication styles may be the problem here. Find out which communication style you belong to on Page 29…

How to create more intimacy through your words alone – This is perfect if you and your lover are at a stage where you hardly even touch each other anymore (Page 31)

The truth about intimacy and why most couples lose it in their relationships (Page 31)

4 ways to instantly build greater intimacy… and set the stage for some wild sex! – If you haven’t had sex with your lover for quite some time… try out one of these 4 intimacy-boosting exercises first! (Page 31)

How to gradually heal a sex-starved relationship by doing this simple exercise (Page 31)

What to do if your lover has a low sex-drive or libido… and wants sex much less than you do! (Page 34)

The shocking truth uncovered by the American Psychological Association about having sex… and how this can affect your marriage (Page 34)

Why you should stop looking at your lover’s sex drive as either HIGH or LOW. Instead, discover the 10 types of libidos an individual can have! (Page 35-36)

The problems caused by mismatched libido levels between couples, and how you can prevent them (Page 36)

What to do if there is a mismatch in sex drives between you and your lover (Page 37)

What to do if you want sex BADLY… but your lover does not seem interested! (Page 37)

5 common reasons why your lover may not crave sex as much as you do. If you can understand and remove any one of these roadblocks, you’ll help get her in the mood! (Page 37)

One common mistake made by guys who have lovers with low sex drive.This mistake often leads to a sex-starved relationship! (Page 37)

What you should do if your lover has a low sex drive (Page 37)

One sneaky way to deal with the problem if your lover does not feel like having sex… You can do this instead! (Page 38)

How to solve the problem of your lover having a higher sex drive than you! Trust me, this can be a problem as well! (Page 38)

What you should do if you have problems getting sexually aroused by your lover (Page 38)

How to move from desire-driven sex to decision-driven sex (Page 38)

6 things you should do when talking about sexual difficulties with your lover (The most important thing is to not make Mistake #1) (Page 38-39)

The 2 types of sex you can choose in your relationship. Most people choose the wrong one, which leads to them feeling unfulfilled and empty afterwards. Instead, here’s what you should choose… (Page 41)

One type of sex that women (including your lover) REALLY crave for… and men hardly give to them (Page 41)

Why being manly or “macho” in bed can actually hurt your sex life! (Page 41)

One universal desire of women when they have sex… that they’re just not getting enough of according to Judith Wallenstein, clinical psychologist and author (Page 42)

How to greatly improve the quality of your sex by having more of this… (Page 42)

How to quickly regain the intimacy that has been lost through years of neglect in your relationship (Page 43)

Is it possible to reach that sexual peak and have awesome, tingling sex? Here’s how to know where you are on the journey and the fastest way to get there… (Page 44)

How to fantasize about sex in a productive (instead of distracting) way! (Page 44)

The 5 things you must engage for great, out-of-this-world sex that keeps her coming back for more. If any of these elements are missing, it won’t be a complete sexual experience! (Page 45)

How to create the right romantic ambience that is conducive for sex! (Page 45)

How to set the stage such that your lover will agree to hot, passionate love-making with you (Page 45)

What to do if your lover is conscious or shy about exposing herself… and what you can do to help her overcome her shyness! (Page 45)

One cheap fix I use that costs merely a few dollars… but has a HUGE impact on turning your lover on to sex! (Page 45)

How to use flavored lubricants to greatly enhance your love-making pleasure! Your lover will be impressed by the extra effort you put in… just for her! (Page 46)

Crave sex but don’t know how to ease into it? Try out my naughty “naked dancing” technique on Page 46…

How to turn your lover on with your fingers and hands! Stop using the same tricks you used as a teenager and try these instead! (Page 46)

Would you rather be George Clooney or a 90 year old Chinese emperor when it comes to sex? This answer will SHOCK and SURPRISE you! (Page 47)

How to use tantric lovemaking secrets to boost your stamina and enhance your sexual prowess (Page 48)

The 4 stages of sex and which stage you should aim to be at (Page 48)

How to give your lover a sinful tantric massage… in the nude! By the time you’re over, she will be all wet and ready for you! (Page 49)

How to alternate between teasing and direct pleasure to slowly milk your lover into a pulsating orgasm – She’ll love it… especially if she has been sex-starved for a long time! (Page 50)

4 exercises you can do that can greatly increase your sexual endurance and flexibility (You can do these anywhere… even while sitting at your desk in the office! – If you’ve not had sex in a while, this can get you back in shape.) (Page 51)

My favorite, Gabrielle Moore approved sex positions for sex-starved couples! These are my favorite positions for sex-deprived couples! (Page 52)

One simple modification you can make to the missionary position that increases her chances of orgasm by almost 56%… according to the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy (Page 52)

What most couples are doing wrong when they attempt the missionary sex position… resulting in the woman being unable to orgasm! (Page 53)

4 steps on how you should be inside of her during sex for her maximum pleasure! (Page 53)

My G-spot trigger position that strikes her G-spot with precision and increases her chances of an intense, toe-curling orgasm! Try this if you’re feeling naughty! (Page 54)

How to give her maximum clitoral stimulation while she’s sitting down… with her breasts pressing against your chest (Page 54)

One sex position that lets your lover be in control… so that she can tease the ultra-sensitive tip of your penis! Here’s the best part – She can even deliver that surprise rush of pleasure when you least expect it! (Page 55)

This sex position is perfect for sex-starved couples… It allows you to kiss and caress each other sinfully while you’re inside her! (Page 55)

One sex position which allows her to touch you all over and turn her on even more (Page 56)

This sex position allows you to mend your relationship by whispering sweet nothings into her ear while you’re doing her! (Page 57)

One incredibly kinky sex position that taps into our primal need to be in control! (Page 59)

Haven’t made love with your lover for a while? Show her you’re still in complete control with this position on Page 59 that will leave her vulnerable and give lots of hard clitoral G-spot stimulation!

How to make love on a couch – This position allows you to DO HER right there in the living room, and play with her breasts at the same time. Please try this… it’s incredibly HOT! (Page 61)

Want to take your sex life to a whole new level? Try this mind-blowing exercise on Page 62 that will have you sweaty and fantasizing like a teenager all over again.

Why the best way to have hotter sex is NOT to have sex! (Page 63)

Ever tried sex with your clothes on? This exercise can be incredibly kinky and therapeutic. (Page 63)

One kinky (and highly arousing) method to ask for sex from your lover… WITHOUT appearing to “dirty” or “threatening”… In fact, this method seems so innocent… you can do it right from the office! (Page 64)

Gabrielle Moore’s favorite porn DVD revealed! – Use this as a warm-up to your lovemaking… not as a replacement for sexual release! (Page 64)

8 Gabrielle Moore ways to make yourself “irresistible” to your lover! (Page 65)

How renovating a room can actually turn your lover on !?!? (Page 65)

Spicy sex recipes to bring some of that oomph back into your relationship (Page 66)

One major fantasy which women have but don’t dare to tell you… Here’s how you can fulfill it for them, starting tonight! (Page 66)

How to take advantage of a routine activity your lover will do every single day… and have that lead to some hot sex! (Page 66)

How to master the art of pleasure denial… and touch your lover everywhere else except where she most wants to be touched! (She’ll be BEGGING for you afterwards…) (Page 66)

How to spice up your sex life by talking dirty to your partner – Mastering the art of dirty talk can be incredibly rewarding for your relationship! (Page 66)

How to tease your lover with nothing but your lips and tongue! She’ll love the new sensations this gives her… especially if you haven’t been intimate in a while! (Page 67)

The art of strip scrabble revealed – Turn this family board game into something kinky… and a surprise may just be waiting for you at the end! (Page 68)

How to pleasure your lover and make her curiously wet before you’re even inside her! Follow my steps on Page 68 and she’ll be letting out those moans and whimpers before you even begin!

How to turn ordinary email into a flirting tool – You can definitely do this from the office! (Page 69)

One type of natural food that contains androsterone and can boost your libido (Page 70)

The 2 types of natural foods you can eat to enhance erectile function (Page 70)

Your diet plays a part in sexual pleasure too! Find out the types of food you should eat to increase nerve sensitivity (Page 70)

How to naturally increase your lover’s lubrication (Page 70)

One type of natural, wholesome snack that is beneficial for the production of sex hormones (Page 70)

How the use of carefully chosen sex toys can give your love life a much needed boost! (Page 71)

What you should take note of when buying a vibrator… especially if you’ve never done so before (Page 71)

How to deal with the embarrassment issues that come with owning a vibrator – I show you an easy way to deal with this! (Page 71)

What to do if a vibrator you previously bought is not suitable for your partner… Here’s how you can do some DIY modification! (Page 72)

The importance of using lubricants… especially for couples who have been in a relationship for a while (Page 72)

How to use some light bondage to perk things up a little! (Page 73)

Why bondage has nothing to do with pain, whips or chains… and what it REALLY is about (Page 73)

The art of naughty bondage for sex-starved couples! Read my specially designed bondage routine consisting of whipped cream, fresh fruit and silk scarves on Page 74! She’ll be begging for more punishment!

And much, much more!

 Gabrielle Moore – Female Orgasm Revealed Download

“Did you know that 71% of women DO NOT reach an orgasm regularly with their partner during sex?”

That is correct. According to the Kinsey Institute, only “29% of women always have orgasms with their partner”.

What about the rest?

You are right. They are deeply frustrated.

Some of them fake orgasms. Some “satisfy themselves”. Some just cheat on their partners.

Sad but true.

But don’t worry… that’s why I’m here.

To help YOU satisfy HER in bed the right way… so keep reading…

“I have published hundreds of articles and books about human sexuality and more than 400,000 subscribers follow my sex tips and advice every day.”

I used to be a “frustrated wife” because I never reached orgasms during sex.

The easiest option would have been to “satisfy myself” or even “cheat” on my husband.

But I decided to take a different path.

And I became obsessed with the topic of the female orgasm.

I read every book and article available on the topic.

And now I’m not only an extremely satisfied wife…

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I have published hundreds of articles and books about human sexuality and more than 400,000 subscribers follow my sex tips and advice every day.

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“You’re About To Discover My Most Intimate Secrets And Naughty Tricks To  Please Your Woman With Intense Orgasms!”

After years of research and study, I decided to create a program to help men learn techniques and positions to make it easier for them to give their female partner an orgasm.

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When I launched “Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed“, it was an instant success!

Actually, thousands of men around the world have already read and used my techniques.

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Now… you may be asking yourself… what will I learn in Gabrielle’s “Female Orgasm Secrets Revealed” program?

“Now It’s YOUR Turn To Learn The Secrets Most Men Will Never Know About The Female Orgasm…”


Here are just some of the dozens of tips and techniques you will learn today:

Dozens of advanced techniques and positions specially “designed” to make it easier for a woman to reach an orgasm;

The main reason why the vagina was NOT “designed” for having orgasms. And what to do about it;

The 4 stages of female sexual arousal (once you understand them, it will be easier for you to make her orgasm);

The 5 “body signs” of female sexual excitement (Trust me, just because her vagina is lubricated, doesn’t mean that she’s ready for sex. There’s more to it… as you’re about to learn!);

How to build up her “sexual tension” (remember, the longer you hold off from sex the more the sexual tension will build in your body. And the more tension that’s released during your orgasm, the stronger your orgasm will be;

Why size doesn’t matter (actually sometimes “less is more”, as you will discover);

4 techniques to add “anal stimulation” to the mix, so that it’s easier for her to achieve an orgasm. (Because her anus contains a large number of nerve endings, this added and probably unexpected stimulation will send shivers up her spine!);

4 naughty oral sex techniques you can enjoy tonight (Remember, oral sex is one of the easiest ways to make a woman orgasm!);

And much, much more…

Gabrielle Moore – Tantric Sextasy Download

Tantric Sextasy – The Art of Sexual Ecstasy

“Tantric Sextasy – The Art of Sexual Ecstasy” from Gabrielle Moore is a sexually advanced, erotic, 5-day e-course that will teach you the secrets to mastering Tantric Sex.

Tantric Sex is considered the most evolved and most elevated form of lovemaking. During this at-home program, you will learn all the secrets to how Tantrikas (people adept in Tantra) can engage in sex for hours on end… never waning in sexual energy, never weakening in their desire for pleasure, never experiencing orgasms less than dizzyingly intense.

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

Section 1 (How to Prepare Your Mind and Body for the Most Intense, Gut-Wrenching Sexual Pleasures of Your Life)
– Find out what the ‘O-Zone’ is in Tantric Sex
– Learn how to detect your internal sexual channels and open them up to the orgasmic energy inside you.
– What are the Sixty-Four Arts contained in the Kama Sutra?
– Discover the single, most important thing that you must master to enable you to reach “multiple full-body orgasms”
– Learn how to ‘worship your body’ with this very powerful sex exercise.
– Discover your very own ‘orgasm profile’.
– The difference between masturbation and Tantric self-pleasuring.
– Learn that Tantric Sex is actually thousands of years older than the Kama Sutra
– Tips on how you can start to heighten your five senses – touch, taste, sight, smell, and sound

Section 2 (How to Achieve Your Orgasm Goals One Body-Wracking SEXERCISE at a Time)
– Discover what women consider to be the biggest turn off during sex.
– Find out the secret to making your erections stronger and firmer
– Learn the Tantric way of busting ‘performance anxiety’.
– What is this one thing that women consider even more important than sex or reaching a climax.
– Learn the exact Tantric steps you need to take to awaken your orgasmic energy
– This powerful sex technique that will enable you and your lover to fully understand each others’ sexual needs and desires.
– Open the path to “new and different orgasmic pathways, including G-Spot orgasms, male AND female ejaculation, and anal play”
– Sex strategies to make you last
– Find out the No. 1 thing that you always do wrong during sex

Section 3 (How to Achieve Tantric Intimacy – Breath-to-Breath, Skin-to-Skin, Body-to-Body, Orgasm-to-Orgasm)
– Learn the most important words you can tell your lover.
– Discover the most erotic way you can make eye contact with your lover.
– Top 3 things you should always discuss in your sexual relationship with your lover.
– Master the art of Tantric Breathing
– What is ‘Tantric Undressing’
– Tantric Hugging
– 3 Tantric sex techniques that will enable you to hold on to your orgasm, ‘bring it back in’, circulate it throughout your body

Section 4 (How to Tap, Unleash and Exploit Your Sexual Orgasmic Energy (The ‘Orgasm From Every Body Pore Module’)
– Discover the sex strategy that is exactly the same technique advocated by proponents of The Secret and The Law of Attraction.
– Easily master the art of Tantric Touching
– Discover what the ‘no-mind condition’ is
– The one thing that you – and your lover – hold back on during sex, yet secretly want to exploit
– Tantric sex secret that will enable you to reach a climax anytime you want
– Discover what ‘RSVP’ means in Tantric sex teachings.
– Tantric sex exercise that will enable you to separate your orgasm from ejaculation
– Here’s an amazing sex technique that helps you ‘cum on command’
– A Tantric sex strategy called “Ride the Tiger”

Section 5 (Tantric Lovemaking – The Highest, Grandest, Most Hard-Core Climax Humanly Possible is Within Your Reach)
– Be the Masterful Lover who knows each and every sex technique
– iscover the many hidden orgasmic triggers inside your body and how a simple ‘tap’ on any one of them can make you ‘climax on command’
– How to reach extended orgasms, which are “self-sustaining climaxes, requiring little or no effort.
– Learn what ‘sexual peaking’ is
– Techniques to stimulate her clitoris.
– Learn what ‘sexual plateauing’ is
– The ONE thing you should never say to your lover after sex and yet it’s what most men do
– Did you know that there is such a thing as an “inner vagina”?
– Discover 8 OTHER ways you – or your lover – can stimulate your manhood.
– Improve your bedroom position library
– Learn how to reach an authentic Tantric Orgasm

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“Give Your Lover The Best Foreplay She Ever Had… By Reaching Deep Into Her Mind & Pleasuring Every Inch Of Her Body To An Intense, Uncontrollable Orgasm … From The Inside Out!”

 You’re About To Learn My Most Intimate SECRETS To Turn On HER BODY Every Time Before Having Sex…

Inside this Report you will learn:

The secret art of nipple play… and how you can maximize your lover’s pleasure using this highly sensitive spot of the body (Once again, there are 3 nipple types that have to be handled accordingly. Most guys just treat them as the same.)

Unlikely, little-known “hot spots” of the female body you should target to give your partner an unforgettable foreplay experience (Most men are not even aware of these areas!)

What most guys do wrongly during foreplay, and the parts of her body you should actually FOCUS on (Hint: It’s NOT her breasts or down there!)

How you should handle your lover’s breasts during foreplay (Warning: Your partner’s breasts may be one of these 4 types… and unless you play with them correctly… they may actually feel painful instead of pleasured!)

The 2 step technique you can use to “turn her on”… based on actual feedback by women!

And much more!

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“Reveals The 3 Innocent Sexual Cues You Can Easily Add To Your Daily Life To Make Your Woman BEG You For Wild Sex

You’re About To Discover:

The top reasons why is she rejecting you every single night (“Not tonight dear, I’m tired….” Sounds familiar???);

Why things are not as hot as they used to be when it comes to sex, and what to do about it;

The 3 things you should NEVER do to “try” to get her sexually aroused again;

Why pornography is destroying your relationship, and it’s actually making the problem even worse;

Why “suffering in silence” your “dead in the water” sex life will not solve the problem (and what to do about it);

What NEVER gets women sexually aroused;

The 9 letters word that will SOLVE the problem, and will get her sexually aroused tonight. (It starts with an “A”!);

What your woman is getting every day from her friends, children, animals, family or even an occasional stuffed animal, and she is not getting it FROM YOU! (Just giving this to your partner, will make her more receptive to sex);

The 3 innocent sexual cues you can easily add to your daily life to get her sexually aroused;

And much, much more!

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“Demonstrates 3 Red-Hot Sex Positions You Can Use To Excite Her G-Spot Head-On… With Every Thrust!”

You’re About To Learn How To Induce An Intense, Throbbing Orgasm In Your Lover… Simply By Adopting One Of These Naturally Orgasmic Sex Positions!

You’re About To Discover:

Why sticking to the same old sex positions can actually harm your sex life! (Your lover not only gets bored… there are other physiological effects as well!)

The link between your lovemaking position in bed… and your lover’s ability to have intense orgasms!

The shocking truth about the missionary position you have been using all along, according to renowned sex researcher Dr. Beverly Whipple!

Why 75%* of women are unable to orgasm through intercourse alone… and the magic ingredient you need to provide added stimulation.

One fast & easy way to improve your sex life… starting tonight (No, it’s not about learning new techniques or buying expensive new toys!)

Why you shouldn’t jump to try out those FREE sex positions that are available on the Internet, no matter how fun or creative they seem.

3 easy-to-master, naturally orgasmic sex positions you can try with your lover in bed tonight!

One sex position that provides sensual rubbing pleasure for your lover’s intimate parts!

One thing bad boys do in bed to keep their lovers on the edge and begging for more (Here’s how you can do it too…)

And much, much more!

Gabrielle Moore – Wet Orgasms Download

Wet Orgasms: Female Ejaculation Secrets and Positions Revealed

In this special audio book (yes, you actually hear my voice as I take you through the process of giving your lover warm, wet orgasms!)… you’ll learn the art of female ejaculation the Gabrielle Moore way!

Female ejaculation is not just a fantasy! According to scientific research by Darling, Davidson and Conway-Welch, 40% of women already routinely experience wet, squirting orgasms!

Why not help your lover be next? It’s all possible once you learn:

Why female ejaculations are so rare, and what really happens during an intense female ejaculation!

What can you expect during a liquid, female ejaculation… If you have been curious about what comes during a female ejaculation, learn all about it here!

How you can actually make your lover ejaculate and squirt in bed tonight! 

And many more!

Let me take you by hand and show you how to extend your G-spot play into giving your lover those intense, squirting orgasms!

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” How to Mercilessly Stimulate Your Lover’s G-Spot In Bed Tonight For Her Repeated Sexual Pleasure Until She BEGS You… To Stop!”

You’re About To Learn How To Locate The Forbidden G-Spot Most Women Don’t Even Know They Have Within Them…

You’re About To Discover:

The hidden (and highly sensitive) spot in your lover’s body most women don’t know about… and how you can stimulate it for intense, throbbing pleasure!

The truth & origins of the legendary female G-spot (If you have always wondered if it exists, here’s scientific proof.)

The science behind G-spot stimulation… and why it feels so good to your lover in bed!

The 2 hard-and-fast rules of G-spot stimulation (Just knowing where her G-spot is isn’t good enough, you have to do these 2 things to get her sexually aroused!)

A 3-step exercise to accurately locate and awaken your lover’s G-spot in bed (No more guessing at where her sweet spot is… This exercises points you to the EXACT spot!)

What to do if your lover is shy or self-conscious and does NOT allow you to “hunt for” her G-spot in bed (Here’s one sneaky tactic you can use to get around this…)

What you should do AFTER you have located your lover’s G-spot? You want to make sure you do this…

The shocking truth about the common, over-used missionary sex position and why it may be hurting your sex life!

One simple object in the bedroom that allows you to turn the ordinary missionary position into some intense G-spot stimulation!

And much, much more!

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Video Reveals The Irresistible, Red-Hot Fingering Techniques You Can Use Tonight To Make Her Dripping Wet!”

You’re About To Learn The Forbidden Secrets I Have Never Previously Shared About Using Your Fingers In Your Lover’s Most Intimate Parts…

You’re About To Discover:

The 4 common “mood-killing” mistakes made by guys that not only make her feel uncomfortable… but also turn her off completely (Most guys make Mistake #3 due to this common misconception.)

3 golden keys to giving your lover immense pleasure using nothing but your fingers… (You’ll be surprised at what your fingers can do… once you’ve trained them properly!)

The shocking truth about female orgasm (and the ONE thing that drives the female orgasm success rate to CLOSE TO 100%*…)

What you do NOT know about the male reproductive organ and how it can dampen your sex life

The red-hot fingering technique that literally opens your lover up… and makes her beg for more (Hint: It’s called the “invitation” technique, and it’s incredibly erotic for BOTH parties. Hear me describe it blow-by-blow in the video!)

What you should do AFTER your fingers are inside your lover… (and what you must not do…)

Why skillful fingering leads to better and more fulfilling sex afterwards! (And what happens if you just RUSH through the whole process…)

The 2 main reasons why women find it so difficult to have an orgasm during sex (The 2nd reason will shock you!)

The one activity that causes a woman to reach her orgasm 75% faster*

And much, much more!

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Forbidden Sex Toys

You’re going to fall in LOVE with this ebook and audio program! Forbidden Sex Toys is your definitive guide to adult sex toys… written and read aloud the kinky Gabrielle Moore way! It reveals some of my favorite naughty toys in bed, and how you can choose the right toys for a whole night of kinky joy with your lover!

I teach you how to alternate and keep your lover on her edgeguessing at what’s next!

Join me as I reveal:

How to build your own pleasure chest of kinky sex toys that you’ll enjoy using with your lover… all year round!

Why sex toys are MORE THAN just vibrators or dildos. You’ll be amazed by the wide variety of sex toys… ranging from naughty bed games to lingerie!

How to choose the right vibrator for your lover (Ladies beware! Not all vibrators are made the same!)

Dildos that directly target the G-spot and offer intense stimulation for your lover (Recommended for use together with your fingers!)

Sex toys for guys – Your lover doesn’t have to be the only one getting all the fun!

The best place to shop for sex toys online at the best prices without breaking the bank

The most versatile sex toy for bondage play

10 common sex toy materials and what to take note for each of them (That skin-like sex toy may not be as safe as you think!)

One deadly compound you’ll NEVER want in your sex toys… but is often added to soften the texture of plastic because it’s cheap! (Beware when you buy one of those cheap sex toys!)

And more…

Forbidden Sex Toys (booklet + audio) is not available elsewhere you can download your copy today… Remember – Forbidden Sex Toys is both a written manual AND an audio MP3 file… You’ll LOVE it as I verbally take you through my favorite sex toys!

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G-Spot Ecstasy: The Secret “Love Button” For Triggering The Longest, Most Intense Orgasms Of Her Life”

Wondered if the G-Spot was some kind or urban legend? I can assure you it’s not! Now you’ll know exactly how to find, massage, stimulate, and activate this very special “love button” to give her even more intense orgasms!

How to make her say, “I’ve NEVER cum like that before!” A G-Spot orgasm so powerful it can force your finger, hand, or penis out? YES! (It’s truly amazing and you really have to experience it for yourself—I’ll show you how to do it!)

NINE erotic G-Spot strokes you can begin using immediately to multiply her sensations. This is “research” you’ll both love and SO fun too! (Take it from me, the TENSION stroke is out of this world!)

How to effectively stimulate her G-Spot while giving her oral sex. You really cannot comprehend how quickly this will tip her over the edge until you do it – it’s incredibly powerful! (HINT: Darling, you might want to have some music playing if you have close neighbors – because your woman is going to SCREAM when you get this action going!)

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Wet & Wild: Discovering The Sensual Mysteries of Female Ejaculation

If you like it wet – get ready for a gusher! This little known skill can add an entirely new dimension of excitement, fulfillment, and eroticism to your sexual union.

Put this together with your Hot Licks skills and get ready for a major eruption of her love juices. She will be amazed and so will you!

The truth about female ejaculation, how it happens, and why hardly anyone knows how to do it. YOU will know, because I’ll show you exactly what to do! (This is how you take your lovemaking to the highest level yet—you’ll be one of the few in the world who understand this secret turn-on.)

Vibrating your way to her ejaculation. Exactly what kind of vibrator you should use, how to use it, and why she’ll be thrilled out of her mind when you do! (HINT: This only works with the right kind of vibrator so don’t try this until I show you what do OK?)
The secret “hand job” strategy to make her come manually. You’re going to feel sexy, strong, and powerful when you do THIS to her! (WARNING: This should only be used at certain times, so be sure you follow my instructions to the letter!)

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“Demonstrates The Forbidden Tantric Sex Ritual Of Worshipping The Goddess… The Ancient Sex Act That Can Have Her MOAN & BEG With Unbearable Horniness!”

You’re About To Learn How To Tap Into Two Thousand Years Of Long-Lost, Forgotten Sexual Wisdom For Your Lovemaking Pleasure!

You’re About To Discover:

The shocking truth about tantric sex… and why it has NOTHING to do with religion or rituals. Instead, it has everything to do with the forbidden art of sexual pleasure!

Why having a good understanding of tantric sex solves many of our modern sexual problems (such as your lover losing interest in sex, not being able to orgasm in bed…)

Find yourself losing steam halfway during sex? Learn how you can build-up your storehouse of “vital energy” that can satisfy her all night…

How your diet affects your sex life! (Yes, there are certain natural foods you can eat for that much-needed boost!)

The tantric principle of sacred sex – If you always felt that sex is not satisfying or good enough for you… wait till you learn this secret principle from the tantric masters!

How to caress your lover in bed to open her crown chakra… and awaken her deepest sexual desires for you!

The tantric art of “worshipping the Goddess” – Follow along as I teach you a simple series of forbidden moves to prepare her sacral chamber… and get her juices flowing!

My 4-step method to tease & pleasure your lover’s private parts like a tantric master… without having to go through YEARS of training or practice!

HOT: How to open your lover up sexually by using one hand to caress her Heart chakra… and the other to play with her private parts!

And much, much more!

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“Kamasutra Reloaded” – An Ancient Guide to the Labors of Love Sacred Sex and Mindful Relationship

A completely new, completely rewritten version of the Kama Sutra! Best of all, this special audio playbook is personally read by me!

Which means you get to learn MORE about ancient lovemaking techniques as I guide you along, step-by-step with my own voice!

Most people think that the Kama Sutra is a book about sex positions… They can’t be more wrong!

The Kama Sutra is an ancient guide to the labors of love, sacred sex and mindful relationships! The original Kama Sutra (which is VERY rare and out of print) not only talks about the sexual act itself… but also about seduction & attraction strategies and how to be a good lover.

For the first time, I’ve completely rewritten and revised this ancient guidebook on sex in a modern way.



Why the Kama Sutra is not just a book about complicated sex positions. Instead, it’s a practical book about the art of sexual pleasure and being an irresistible lover!

The 64 arts and sciences that should be mastered to be a good lover – Find out how they apply in modern life!
The 3 different kinds of “perfect union” according to the Kama Sutra
4 standard types of kisses you should master to please your lover (Kissing isn’t JUST for the lips!)
The kama sutra way to sexy tongue action…
8 types of different love bites you can try on your lover!
What does the kama sutra say about naughty spanking and bondage? You’ll be surprised by the answer!
The 5 types of sexual positions you can try on your lover, ranging from “man on top” to sitting and standing!
And many more!


Let me take you by hand and show you how to extend your tantric play into giving your lover those intense, squirting orgasms!

Gabrielle Moore – Hot Licks Download

100% hotter oral sex—starting tonight…

“Thrill Every Inch Of Her Body
Using Tongue Moves & Finger Tricks
Your Woman Will Beg You For–
THIS Is How You Make Her Orgasm!”

“I’m about to reveal the fiercest, hottest secrets to giving her oral sex orgasms. I’ll even give you graphic color ILLUSTRATIONS showing you super sexy moves to start a bonfire between her legs—and in her heart! You’re going to love it—and so will SHE.”

“My lover man is doing very well with pleasing me with oral sex. I can count on an “O” every time!”

~Katy, St. Louis, MO

Hi Sweetheart,

If you’re dying for YOUR lover to say this about YOU—you’re in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

Because there’s simply no question–what I’m about to reveal to you today is guaranteed to rock not only your lover’s world—but yours as well. But first things first…

If we haven’t met yet, permit me to introduce myself.

I’m Gabrielle Moore, your teacher, partner, and friend.

I’m also a happily married bi-sexual woman, which gives me a uniquely personal perspective on BOTH sides of the “great sex” equation, especially when it comes to oral delights.

I’ve helped tens of thousands of good people like you achieve their sexual goals, introducing new levels of love, intimacy and good old fashioned LUST into their unions in the process.

Because of my track record healing relationships, many call me the world’s most straight-talking and experienced educator in mastering the art of intensely pleasurable sex with your partner.

Some have even called me…

The Oral Sex Whisperer!

That’s kind of funny—but it’s actually pretty accurate.

Because once you tap into the psychology of what turns boring sex into HOT sex—and what turns awkward oral sex into HOT-HOT-HOT oral sex orgasms—things turn around so fast you’ll hardly believe you ever used to have any difficulties with orgasmic oral sex.

And while it’s an honor to have people say this about me, the way I identify myself is equally important because…

I Call Myself A Woman With A Mission

I’m dedicated to making sure anyone in the world who wants to can elevate their sex life from “ordinary” to extraordinarily satisfying, seductively sensual, and downright HOT.

Not by laying back and selfishly expecting your partner to serve you—but by understanding and truly desiring to give your partner the exquisite gift of the most incredibly satisfyingly orgasmic oral sex of her life.

Today it’s time to provide you the answer, and more important the SOLUTION—to an issue that has proven to be a source of frustration and anxiety in many, many sexual unions. It’s actually one of the questions I’m asked most frequently…

“How Do I Make Her orgasm With Oral Sex?”

First of all, you’re not alone in this dilemma.

I literally hear from hundreds of men AND women every single day, who have the same confusion over WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and WHEN to do it.

One man was even bold enough to ask me a question a LOT of men secretly would love to ask…

“What Do Lesbians Know About Giving Amazing Oral Sex That I Don’t?”

Being bi-sexual myself, I knew exactly what he meant. Because as I said at the beginning, there are some things only a woman knows.

What it feels like when your clit is teased properly with a velvety tongue and skilled fingers—and HOW to do it–is one of them.

Let me be perfectly clear here—it’s more than just becoming extremely skilled. Sure, that’s part of it. But if you don’t understand the “inner game” of hot sex, you’ll never get there just by manipulating her parts.

It’s much deeper than that—and it’s all part and parcel of how I came to be an international sex expert in the first place.

Because I realized that until men understand exactly how to touch the deepest part of a woman—her heart and soul—you just aren’t going to get her to the highest levels of ecstasy.

It’s crucial to recognize that the most important sex organ of all is between your ears—once you “get” that–you truly open the door to becoming a world-class lover.

And here’s the really fantastic part…

This Can Work For ANYBODY…

The beauty of this is that no matter where you are in your life journey, it works like magic to make you irresistible to your partner.

Whether you are a man or a woman, when you follow the step-by-step guidance I have for you, your woman is going to experience levels of ecstasy, elation, and intimacy like she has never known before.

And It’s Never Too Late!

That’s why it doesn’t matter if you are…

Old, young, or anywhere in between…

Fat or thin…

Short or tall…

Able-bodied or physically challenged…

Handsome or plain…

Extremely well-endowed or “modestly” equipped…

In a relationship that has lost it’s spark…

Conservative or liberal…

Hindered by medication side-effects…

Straight, Gay, or Bi-sexual…

A man or a woman.

All that matters is that you truly desire to give your partner the most fantastic oral sex experience she’s ever had—and you want to be able to do it over and over again for the rest of your lives.

Because more than “put part A on part B and rub really fast”—this is about loving your partner from the inside out.

So you do your part, and I’ll give you a treasure chest of specific strategies, tips, and techniques that will rapidly multiply your oral skills.

Let’s Start With This…

Do you often wonder why your woman doesn’t seem interested in having you spend much time (or any at all!) “down there?”

Here’s Your First Clue…

Let’s say you’ve stormed the beach and now you’re mechanically flicking your tongue on her like some kind of crazed lizard—or rubbing the bejeebers out of her clit to the point she is squirming to get away.

And all the while you’re secretly thinking…

“Why Doesn’t She Hurry Up And orgasm?”

Well guess what?

You are definitely missing key emotional components that will make your woman EAGER to have you nuzzling between her thighs.

That’s why you must have the right “between the ears” intention BEFORE you get between her legs. In other words…

Get YOUR Head In The Right Place…And She’ll Want You To Give HER Head!

My files are literally overflowing with more than 4,000 letters like these. And each one I read brings tears of joy to my eyes.

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

I must be the luckiest woman in the world to have a life calling that feels this GOOD! Think about it—I get to spend my days (and nights!) researching all the crazy, dirty techniques that will teach you how to give your woman the hottest, juiciest oral sex orgasms of her life.

Don’t tell anybody, but it gets ME pretty hot just talking about it with you. But more importantly, it’s such an incredible honor to be an instrument for this kind of life transformation for good people like YOU.

Because this isn’t about me…

It’s All About YOU And YOUR Partner!

At this point you might be wondering if this is something that would be helpful for you, right? So let me ask you a question…

Are you concerned about ANY of these aspects of your relationship?

Your partner seems bored with your sex life…

You’re afraid you can’t satisfy your partner enough…

You worry she will find someone else and wonder why women cheat…

You don’t know what to do with tongue, fingers, or hands to pleasure her with oral sex…

You want to know when to move from oral sex to penetration…

You don’t have a clue how to convince your partner that oral sex is a GREAT idea…

You want to be better than average at giving oral sex—in fact you want to be an oral sex master…

You want to know what kind of foreplay leads up to oral…

You want to be able to give her intense orgasms and multiple orgasms too…

You’re anxious about how to give her the first clitoral kiss…

You’re confused about rhythm, position, and best techniques…

You don’t known how to identify whether or not she is REALLY turned on or faking it—or worse yet TOLERATING it…

You’re not even sure what her “bits and parts” are—WHERE they are, or which ones are the best for giving her incredible pleasure…

You want to know what to do if she says she is too sensitive or it tickles—do you stop? Keep going? Change position?

You want to know whether you suck her clit or lick her clit? Which is best?

What is the best position for giving her oral sex?

How do you find out what she likes?

How do you make sure you are practicing safe oral sex and good hygiene…

You wish somebody would give you a step-by-step guide to show you exactly what to do to give her orgasmic oral sex…

If you could relate to even ONE of these statements, you will find the perfect solution right here.

Here’s What I’ve Got For You

As you will soon see, I’ve created an incredibly valuable resource for you, with everything you need to assure you can send your lover into orbit by “hot licking” her to orgasmic oral sex.

Not only do you need to know exactly what kind of sequences will practically guarantee she’ll soon be having the kind of exquisite release you both want—you also need to understand the “inner game” of being the most tuned-in and exciting partner she’s ever had.

You’re going to be amazed at what a difference this makes to your entire life, and how confident you’ll be in your skills as a tender but passionate lover.

That’s why I’ve created the most all-inclusive and easy-to-understand program you’ll find on this topic. It’s called…

“Hot Licks: The Ultimate 5-Step Program For Mastering The Art Of Giving Her Exquisitely Orgasmic Oral Sex”

The program is designed to give you everything you need to make sure you know WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, and of course HOW to proceed to build the excitement and tension that culminates in explosive orgasms (as many as she and you can handle!) when you go down on your woman.

Once you have access to my inner sanctum of knowledge, you’ll be able to add a new dimension to your lovemaking that will thrill you—and leave your partner begging for your tongue and fingers every time you make love!

As soon as you sign up today, you’ll receive instant access to the entire Hot Licks program as a digital download.

And I’ve got a wonderful surprise for you that will make this even sweeter! I’ve personally recorded every word of this entire program, just for you.

So you’ll also have instant access to MP3 audios of my voice instructing you every step of the way—and sweetheart we are going to have SO much fun!

Gabrielle Moore – Erotic Massage For Better Sex Download

” Reveals How To Knead, Stroke & Tease Every Inch Of Your Lover’s Exposed Naked Body By Giving Her A Full-Body Erotic Massage…”

You’re About To Learn How To Turn Those Innocent Massage Moves Into Some Seriously Kinky, Red-Hot Erotic Massage Action!

You’re About To Discover:

The truth about a woman’s sexual desire as she gets older or spends more time with you… and what you can do to rekindle it!

The real reason why your lover seems to be losing interest in sex (from a female’s viewpoint!)

The shocking statistic revealed by Dr. Al Cooper in his book Understanding The Female Orgasm… that explains why 75% of women who can never reach an orgasm during sex unless you do THIS!

How massage actually makes her HORNY… according to research conducted by the University of California San Francisco.

What you should do if either you or your lover suffers from sexual performance anxiety… and is unable to perform in bed (This quickly & easily solves the problem!)

How to combine regular massage with erotic moves for a red-hot erotic massage session! 

How to let your lover have an extended foreplay by giving her that erotic massage tonight…

The 3 erotic massage strokes you can use TONIGHT to pleasure her neck, shoulders, back, belly… and breasts!

How to set the stage for a kinky, sensual erotic massage session — Be sure to follow my instructions here for an uninterrupted massage experience!

Which parts of her body can you erotically massage to turn her on? Find out in my video…

And much, much more!

 Gabrielle Moore – Forbidden Female Fantasies Download

Forbidden Female Fantasies: Your Lover’s Deepest Sexual Fantasies…Revealed

I wrote this F.F.F.F Manual just for you sweetheart… to reward those who DARE to bring their sex life to a whole new level. It’s for the adventurous animal within you!

This manual takes you inside the innermost chambers of your lover’s mind and reveals her deepest sexual fantasies! How would I know what they are? There are the fantasies which I’ve had myself for the longest time… and these are also the most common sex fantasies that women have!

If you think erotic sexual fantasies are something to be ashamed of… or if you & your lover have never openly spoke about your dirtiest fantasies before… this is going to take you inside her head and then inside her body as you fulfill each of her naughtiest fantasies!

What’s more… besides the written version of this playbook, you also get its accompanying downloadable audio file. Listen in as I reveal the naughtiest, wettest and hottest sexual fantasies that women have… but just don’t dare to tell you!

Learn& listen to:

The actual down and dirty sex fantasies women have… You’ll be surprised at how red-hot some of these fantasies can get!

What prevents most sexual fantasies from happening in real life (Yes, it is an obstacle you can remove easily…)

21 things women secretly fantasize about men in order for sex to be perfect for them!

The 10 most common female erotic fantasies and the surprising truths about them (Read actual accounts of real-life fantasies and what they CRAVE for you to do to them so badly, right now!)

Dirty thoughts going through your lover’s mind right now… ranging from her “educating” an innocent young man in sex, having a wrongful affair with the pizza guy and being punished… by you! (Just reading these sex-charged descriptions can give you so many ideas about what to do to her tonight! You’ll never be at a lost for ideas again…)

And more!

Gabrielle Moore – Anal Pleasure For Her Download

Gabrielle Moore’s MOST provocative & daring instructional manual to date…

“Anal Pleasure For Her:
How To Give Your Lover The Tightest And
Most Intense Sexual Experience Of Her Life!”

If Regular Sex Just Doesn’t Cut It Anymore… Discover This Completely New Way To Stimulate & Satisfy Her Wildest Desires For Hot Sex!

From the desk of Gabrielle Moore
#1 best-selling author of “The Female Orgasm Revealed”, “Double Her Desire”,
“Hot Licks” (and way too many sex advice books to list here)

Dear Sweetheart,

This is not an easy letter for me to write.

You see, for the most part of my career as a straight-talking, provocative sexual advisor… I’ve been known to dish out some of the most frank and downright dirty advice about improving your sex life. I’ve pulled the curtain off some of the most taboo and little-known topics in modern day sex, such as liquid squirting female orgasms, tantric sex and even advanced foreplay techniques.

But nothing… nothing has ever come close to this FORBIDDEN topic I’m going to talk about today. In fact, I’m risking my entire professional career by being willing to openly teach this subject… but I decided to do it anyway for a few good reasons.

As you’ll discover in a few moments, anal play is one of the most intense, sexually-charged experience you can give your lover. It’s so special because only you can give it to her. No one puts in better than Dr. Alex Comfort in The Joy of Sex when he writes:

Anal intercourse is something which nearly every couple tries once. A few stay with it usually because the woman finds that it gives her more intense feelings than the normal route and is pleasurably tight for the man.”

– The Joy of Sex

Oh by the way, Dr. Alex Comfort wrote those words… Back In 1972!

What? Wasn’t the 1970s supposed to be a highly conservative age when it came to sexual fun? You mean there were people engaging in regular anal play even back then?

That’s right… As you can see, anal play has come a LONG way. It isn’t some recent, new-age sex act that has just been discovered. In fact, if you trace the origins of anal intercourse, you may be surprised to find that it reaches as far back as ancient Greece!

What do all of these have in common?

  • Greek ceramics

  • East Indian temple sculptures

  • Persian paintings

  • African carvings…

All Portrayed Anal Intercourse In Its Various Forms!

Now that we know anal intercourse goes back a LONG, long way and it’s not something we have “stumbled upon” just recently… it does make it much easier for us to talk about this subject. In fact, anal course has been receiving much attention in recent times because of the readily-available statistics surrounding this practice…

Consider these:

According to the Centers for Disease Control’s National Survey of Family Growth, 38.2% of men (aged 20 to 39) and 32.6% of women (aged 18 to 44) frequently engage in straight anal sex. (That’s right, they engage in anal play on a regular basis.)

In a survey conducted by Redbook magazine on 100,000 readers, 43% of women said they have tried it at least once. (What!?!? That’s 4 out of every 10 women you know in your life!)

Out of this number, 40% said they found it somewhat or very enjoyable!

All of these recent findings confirm the fact that…

Anal Sex Is More Common Than We Think!

As I’m writing this, you may be sitting there with a smile over your face. Because if these statistics are anything to go by… chances are you WOULD have tried (or fantasized about trying) anal sex with your lover.

Maybe you just didn’t know the right way to try it…

Or perhaps you don’t know how to bring it up to your lover, for fear she’ll judge you and reject you…

Or maybe you tried it, but it wasn’t as pleasant as you thought.

Whatever your reasons are, I’m going to teach you how to systematically overcome the objections to HOT anal play with your lover… and the BEST way you can perform it correctly on her.

Because here’s the truth: Anal sex can be…

One Of The MOST Pleasurable Experiences You Can Give To Your Lover!

I don’t claim that lightly. First, consider the scientific fact that the anus is especially rich in nerve endings. Stimulating those nerve endings of your lover contributes to those pleasurable, orgasmic feelings during sex.

Next, The New Good Vibrations Guide To Sex writes that the anus also “engorges” the male sexual organ due to muscular tension and contraction. This means it provides incredible tightness for the male… something which most men crave for but can only dream about!

Scientific evidence aside, there is also the psychological element involved when a straight couple gets involved in anal play. The man is totally in control as he gets deep inside his lover FROM BEHIND… and the woman has to open herself fully and trust her partner is this intimate act!

With all these facts surrounding anal play, no wonder more couples are curious to try it! But there’s often one major hurdle:

They Don’t Know How To Prepare And Ask For It

Usually, the horror stories we hear about anal sex revolve around the guy trying it on his partner even before she is ready. Sometimes, the guy may even spring a surprise on her… causing things to get really messy (in a bad way). The result? Anal sex is given a bad label, shelved and never talked about again in the entire relationship.

Yes, anal pleasure is all about adequate preparation. Not just physical preparation but also mental preparation. In fact, if you can mentally warm your lover up to the idea of hot, lustful anal sex… then most of the work is already done! The key is to take things slowly and give it to her really BAD only after she’s ready.

Did you manage to watch the video? Good! Hopefully it clears up some of your long-standing inhibitions about anal sex. Maybe now you’re convinced and a little more swayed now… but you still have absolutely no idea how to persuade your lover, girlfriend or wife to agree. What should you do?

Relax – Anal play is never about force. It’s always about full consent between two loving parties. Here’s a recap of the facts you need to educate your lover about anal intercourse…

Anal play can make your lover feel good – Since her anus contains a rich number of highly sensitive nerve endings… all of which are intensely stimulated during anal sex.

Anal play can feel pleasurably tight for you as well – The human anus contains a ring of strong sphincter muscles that contract and relax… providing a firm gripping sensation for your penis.

Anal sex is not dirty or messy if done correctly. It’s not painful if you do the usual preparations and ease yourself into it. If it’s painful instead of pleasurable… you’re not doing it right! You do the same preparations for anal intercourse as you would with vaginal penetration… the basics are the same!

Since so many of my readers have been curious about straight anal play with no where to turn to… I couldn’t possibly leave them in the lurch, could I?

Instead of letting everyone be carried away by all the misinformation and half-truths out there… I decided to create my own comprehensive course on this VERY subject!

Introducing Anal Pleasure For Her: An Erotic Guide
To Sensual Female Anal Sex!

Gabrielle Moore’s most provocative and intense course… to date!

You’ll LOVE my take on straight anal play in this no-holds barred course! Watch as I reveal each and every step you must take to convince your lover to agree to kinky anal sex with you… then join me as I guide you how to go DEEP inside her!

Make Anal Sex Rejections A Thing Of The Past As You Both Learn How To Truly Enjoy It!


The reason why anal sex feels so irresistibly taboo… as if beckoning you to give in to your curiosity and try it! (Page 13)

The real reason why I decided to author this course about having wild, no-holds barred anal sex… The reason will shock you! (Page 13)

EXPOSED: Gabrielle Moore’s own personal experiences about dirty, taboo anal sex with her husband… and how I reacted to my virgin experience when I first tried it! (Thankfully for you, you don’t have to make the same mistakes as I did…) (Page 14)

How anal intercourse may well be the missing piece in your sexual repertoire (If you have tried everything EXCEPT this… here’s what you’re missing out!) (Page 15)

Why the orgasm that your lover will get from anal intercourse is likely to be WAY MORE intense that anything she has ever experienced before! (Page 15)

What to do if you feel uncomfortable… or resistive to a few of the anal sex techniques I teach (The key is NOT to force yourself!) (Page 15)

12 questions you need to ask yourself or go through with your lover before both of you engage in anal intercourse (This will clear up any of the misconceptions you have about the process and make things easier…) (Page 16 – 17)

The real reason why most people find anal sex to be something taboo… and the TRUTH about its role in your relationship (Page 18)

What religion REALLY says about anal intercourse… this will shock you! (Page 18)

The 7 deadly LIES about anal sex that are preventing you from trying it out and experiencing it with your lover (Please don’t let ANY of these lies stop you!) (Page 19 – 20)

Lie #1 which your lover believes in… which may be her biggest stumbling block towards fulfilling your fantasy of anal play! (Page 19)

The shocking truth about the link between anal sex and homosexuality… You’ll find that there’s NO LINK when you look at these numbers! (Page 20)

What Alfred Kinsey, the father figure of sex says about unnatural sex acts as it relates to anal sex. If you have always been hung up over this point, this clears things up. (Page 20)

What sex advice columnist Susan Bakos says about how much women enjoy anal sex… this revelation might shock you! (Page 20)

If you ever wanted to know “what makes a woman good in bed“… this is what Penthouse magazine founder has to say about it (Page 21)

The truth about whether women REALLY want oral sex… and what is stopping them in bed (Page 22)

The 7 mistakes guys make that prevent their lover from agreeing to anal intercourse… even though deep down inside, she may be craving for it BADLY! (Page 21 – 23)

Why anal sex is NOT as straightforward as what you see in porn movies… and the right way to do it instead (Page 22)

Mistake #3 guys make which cause their lovers to be afraid of anal sex (They fail to do this one thing that can be easily done… in 5 minutes!) (Page 22)

One thing that is KEY… or one condition that has to be MET before you even go near her bottom (Page 23)

Why anal sex did not work out right the first few times you tried it with your lover… If you have experimented with anal sex before and it didn’t feel as good as it should, maybe you’re getting this wrong (Page 24)

The 2-step technique you must use to stimulate her mind & body… and sneakily TURN HER ON to the idea of anal sex… even before she has a chance to reject! (Page 24)

The very first thing you must do tonight to turn your lover onto anal erotism (Note: MOST women are so innocent they have never heard of this before… but they’re going to love the feeling once you’re inside them!) (Page 24)

One major stumbling block women have towards trying out anal sex… They’ll raise all kinds of OTHER objections when you suggest the idea, but DEEP DOWN INSIDE they are actually afraid of this (Page 25)

Why the trust factor is so important in anal sex… more so than any other sex position you have tried! (Page 25)

Is there any truth behind the saying, “Regular sex will make your day, but anal sex will make your whole week”? You’ll find out on Page 25!

3 steps to stimulate your partner’s body and desensitize her fear towards anal sex (You want to make sure you start slow and steady with these steps first…) (Page 25 – 26)

One sneaky technique to get your lover USED to the sensation of having a rear entry (Page 26)

Why understanding the anatomy of her anus is the key to intense, anal pleasure! Be sure you don’t skip this part! (Page 27)

What you need to know about the 2 rings of muscles that can give you that incredible feeling of tightness during rough anal play! (Page 27)

Why anal sex is not just about the anus sphincter muscles but also about this other group of muscles as well that contribute as much to the pleasure! (Page 27)

4 undetectable exercises your lover can do ANYWHERE… as a form of preparation for anal entry! You can do these exercises too for a hidden, added benefit! (Page 28)

Everything you wanted to know about how her backdoor functions but were too shy to ask! I explain everything to you in full, graphical glory! (Page 29)

Your anal sex advanced preparation checklist – As I mentioned, PLEASE do not jump into this straight without being prepared. Here are a list of things you must do to ensure a pleasant experience for both parties! (Page 30)

How to deal with the hygiene issue during anal sex (This is a BIG issue… it might also be the ONLY issue stopping you from trying out anal play. So here’s how to make sure hygiene is never a problem…) (Page 30)

Why you want to take the chance to give her a kinky butt shaving before anal play (Page 31)

The kinds of lubricant you should use for anal play (Page 32)

5 simple rules you MUST obey when using condoms together with anal sex… including the one golden rule you must obey every single time (Page 33)

When you should absolutely, NEVER perform anal sex on your lover (This is so serious, it’s not even funny!) (Page 34)

One thing you should never try on your lover when it comes to anal sex no matter how tempting it feels, or how excited you are (Page 34)

One thing you should never SKIP when having anal sex. Be sure to do this every time! (Page 34)

The one kind of cream you should NOT use when having anal sex… because of its potential health effects (Page 35)

6 telltale signs that you should NOT have anal intercourse with your lover – As I mentioned, anal play is not for everyone… so be sure to see if your lover is fully suitable for it… (Page 36)

How to use foreplay to sexually arouse your lover… and make her receptive to anal penetration later on (Page 37)

The 2 options you have during foreplay that will dissolve her resistance against anal sex… I show you which is the appropriate route you should take (Page 37)

How to be nice and easy when playing with your lover’s butt (Page 38)

How to go from nice and easy to naughty and HARD on your lover’s butt cheeks! PLEASE… try this erotic technique for yourself to see if she’s warmed up to the idea of anal sex! (Page 38)

One mood detector test you can use on your lover, to see if she is ready for butt-play (This test does NOT involve the use of ANY words… just ONE SINGLE action!) (Page 38)

Why it is important to pamper your lover with a luxurious, buttocks massage to loosen her up before moving on to the real thing (Page 38)

5 scent tricks you can do to trigger feelings of sexual arousal in your lover! (Page 39)

The 3 types of strokes you should be applying to your lover’s buttocks… that are bound to relax and melt those sexual barriers fully.. not to mention open her up! (Page 39)

Why you should NOT neglect other parts of her body while you are fully focused on giving her a butt workout! (Page 40)

Should you get your lover to orgasm before engaging in some anal action? Find out on Page 40.

What to do if your lover is tired of the same old butt caressing routine… and you want to try something different that lights those sparks within her (Page 41)

How hard should you slap your lover’s butt during foreplay? (Page 41)

Why anal masturbation is an important form of lead-in to the main act of anal sex (If your lover is not comfortable with the idea of you entering her outright… then get her to do this to herself first!) (Page 42)

How to help your lover discover her own body before you engage in anal play (Page 42)

My step-by-step guide to anal masturbation for your lover… including what you should do at each stage to help her get used to the sensations (Page 43)

How to mutually anal masturbate to bring things to even HOTTER levels in the bedroom (Do this if you’re comfortable!) (Page 44)

5 things that must be present for a comfortable, anal self-play session (Page 45)

One thing you MUST not do when engaging in anal self-play with your lover (Page 45)

The art of analingus or “rimming” revealed! How to stimulate your lover’s ass with nothing but your tongue! (Page 46)

How to ensure that all hygiene requirements are met during “rimming” (Page 46)

The 6-step procedure to stimulate your lover’s anus with your mouth and tongue! (Page 47)

How to use some ice to magically increase the level of hotness when stimulating your lover orally! — It’s NOT that old ice trick! (Page 47)

What to do if your lover is NOT ready for anal sex yet… and you want to get her used to the motion. This is something you can do right away… starting tonight! No advanced preparation needed. (Page 47)

6 steps to fingering your lover’s anus to loosen her up and prepare her for anal penetration (Page 48)

6 game rules both parties must obey when engaging in anal intercourse — If either party cannot commit to them, it’s better that you not try! (Page 49 – 50)

THE JUICY PART: The 3-step method to get inside your lover’s ass, stay there and give her some good, hard thrusting! (Page 50)

Why you should NOT go the full length all at once… Instead, this is what you should do at first (Page 50)

Follow this guideline to know how deep to go… when you’re inside her for the first time (Page 50)

What to do after the tip of your penis is inside her… (Page 50)

The art of double penetration during anal sex revealed (Page 51)

What an anal orgasm really is… and whether it is possible for your lover to achieve one (Page 51)

How to indirectly stimulate your lover’s G-spot when you’re inside her… from the rear! (Note: Most women don’t even know this CAN be done… so you’re really gearing her up for some immense explicit pleasure that can cause her to swear in pleasure!) (Page 51)

The 3 sources of pleasure during anal sex (It’s not just her nerve endings that are being stimulated… It’s ALL 3 OF THESE parts, at once!) (Page 51)

My 10-step method for moving from anal teasing and light play to full blown anal penetration, or even double penetration and beyond! (Page 51 – 52)

How diet contributes to your pleasures during anal sex (Page 52)

Real women reveal their deepest confessions and experiences about anal sex! (Page 53)

Mind-blowing anal sex positions you should try with your lover… once she’s totally warmed up to the idea of anal play! (Page 53)

4 beginner positions for bed-shaking anal sex that can gently ease both of you into the routine and provide maximum pleasure – See as I illustrate each of these sexual positions for maximum penetration! (Page 54)

One sex position that lets your girl be on top during anal sex… and thus lets her be IN CONTROL — This is especially useful if she is still struggling with trust issues during anal sex (Page 54)

What you should do when your lover is ON TOP of you while you are inside her… This is an additional kinky move you can try on her (Page 55)

How to turn a normal chair into a formidable sex toy for anal play! (Page 56)

One highly-charged sex position that literally fuses and bonds both your bodies together as you are right inside of her… This is a GREAT way to end things! (Page 57)

This beastly technique that will unease the sexual animal within her… and you! (Page 58)

How to play to her submissive fantasies in this ultimate, dominating sexual position for the guy! (Page 59)

How to have hot and wet anal sex right in the bathtub… with help from running warm water! (Page 60)

How to easily adopt the familiar missionary sex position so it can be used for anal penetration (Page 62)

One erotic love-making technique that ensures closeness and intimacy… while giving her the full length of you! (Page 64)

What you should do right after anal sex… to ensure your chances of getting to enjoy it the next time round! (Page 68)

4 things to try immediately after her virgin anal sex experience… and what you should not do that can hurt her feelings! (Page 68-69)

What to say to your lover right after sex – I reveal this sexy little joke that can immediately relieve the tension or awkwardness in the bedroom after you’re done (Page 69)

How you can turn one round of pleasurable anal sex into multiple rounds… (Page 69)

3 telltale signs that you’ve blown your lover away during your earlier anal play session (You don’t even have to ask her whether it felt good… you can tell just from observing these!) (Page 70)

For advanced students only – How to use sex toys to double her anal pleasure (Page 71)

10 reasons why you should use sex toys to enhance your anal play experience (Page 71)

The #1 rule that helps you choose a suitable toy for anal play – If you have always been wowed by the range of toys available, this is the question you should ask. (Page 72)

Everything you need to know about butt plugs, anal beads, dildos and vibrators to use on her behind besides your own tool! (Page 73-75)

How to clean and properly store your sex toys after every use (Page 76)

The myth that vibrators disturb the sensitive skin in the anus… Is it true? (Page 76)

How to bring your anal play to a whole new level by throwing in some bondage fun! But wait, you must do it right… (Page 77)

4 myths about bondage that may be preventing you from trying it out (If you ever thought that bondage is too violent or perverse… you’re doing it wrong!) (Page 78)

What you should know about anal fisting… You may never get to try this, but if you’re extra adventurous… (Page 82)

The shocking truth about how anal sex contributes to rectum health, as revealed in The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women (Page 84)

Health tips and pointers to look out for when trying anal sex with your lover (Page 85)

Anal sex & sexual health: Learn the signs to look out for before engaging in anal sex with your lover… to see if she has the following health issues! (Page 86)

And much, much more!

Gabrielle Moore – Squirting Orgasm Secrets Download

Gabrielle Moore – The Full Body Orgasm Download

“The Full Body Orgasm” How to Mercilessly Pleasure your Lover in Bed Tonight

The Full Body Orgasm takes an explicit, tantalizing look into the world of full-body female orgasms.

What’s more, the Full Body Orgasm comes as a downloadable audio book!

Yes, you actually hear my voice as I take you through each step of giving your lover her virgin squirting, throbbing orgasm!

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The 3 most common reasons that prevent women from reaching an orgasm during sex… and how you can overcome them

How to turn good orgasms into great, mind-blowing orgasms she’ll remember for weeks!
How to stimulate your lover’s G-spot for an intense G-spot orgasm!
The truth about orgasmic threesomes… It’s NOT what you think!
The art of prolonging her sexual pleasure… by prolonging her orgasms! Yes, it’s actually possible to make her orgasms last LONGER!
The 4-second breath trick to hotter, more intense orgasms
How to go from having one orgasm… to having multiple, full-body orgasms in a single session!
The 7 secret steps to help your lover achieve multiple orgasms
The truth about simultaneous orgasms – Achieving an orgasm at the exact same time as your lover. It’s possible if you follow these steps!
Sex positions that can greatly facilitate simultaneous orgasms
What to do if your lover can’t achieve that elusive orgasm, no matter how hard you try
And many more!


Remember – The Full Body Orgasm is your frank, straight-talking guide to female orgasms! There’s nothing like hearing my voice as I personally describe, blow-by-blow, the techniques of pleasuring your lover into that rapturous orgasm… with her in your arms!

Gabrielle Moore – The 7-Day Orgasm Download


A message from Gabrielle Moore, #1 bestselling author of “The Female Orgasm Revealed”, “Double her Desire”, “Mastering Her G Spot”, “Hot Licks”, “The Sex Starved Couple” & more:

Honey, do me a favor will ya?

Imagine writing down every single piece of sex advice you’ve ever read, heard or watched… tearing it all into tiny pieces with your bare hands… and setting those pieces on fire as you gleefully watch the smoke billow into the night sky.

Because let me tell you something – I’m sick and tired of every sex “guru” and fly-by-night relationship expert teasing you with inaccurate or incomplete information about sex… and wasting your time with amateur techniques that work as well as a condom in a needle factory.

Come closer and let me tell you a secret:

There’s just one sneaky obstacle standing between you and the hot, sweaty, orgasm-a-minute pornstar sex you want to enjoy with your partner…

And nope – I’m not talking about your age, or your bedroom skills, or the size
of your penis… I’m talking about time!

  • You don’t have months or even years of TIME to sift through thousands of hyped-up online sex articles, books and magazines, just to stumble on half-baked tips that leave your partner more confused than turned on.
  • You don’t have TIME to sit through dozens of boring sessions with an overpriced sex coach, or stock up on gimmicky sex toys that don’t excite you as much as the packaging said they would.
  • And you definitely don’t have TIME to spend the best years of your life enduring lukewarm sex… wondering if she’s faking it… envying your friskier friends… and dreading the thought of turning old one day and looking back at your youth with futile regret.
Our grandmothers had more sex than today’s women!
A study at the Kinsey Institute show that women in the 1950s had more and better sex compared to modern women. The reason? They don’t have enough time to work on improving their sex lives.

I know what you want. You want to be that lucky guy with the amazing sex life and the always-satisfied partner. You want to have that ‘magic touch’ that leaves a woman begging for you to be in her before you even rip her bra off.

And you want that priceless feeling of manliness every time you surprise her with sizzling hot new techniques, positions and tricks no other man has given her.

So let me make you a deal – what if I told you I could give you a shot at all this, and maybe even help you and your partner completely transform your sex life not in years, weeks, or months… but in practically no time at all?

Give me just 7 days, and I’ll help you reach for the sex life you’ve always dreamed of but never thought you could have

Master new exotic  sex positions……whether it’s spiced-up versions of old favorites like missionary or doggy, or unusual Eastern body contortions like the Couching Tiger that give you amazing views of her body and previously unimaginable sensations.

Leave the G-spot obsession to the amateurs… …and instead dominate every inch of her vagina like you’re the Christopher Columbus of sex… so you can penetrate, finger and lick your way to ecstasy.

Discover the strange,tingly, forbidden pleasure zones on her body… …learn raunchy moves like the Tailbone Tickle and the Package Pump… and smile as she melts into a hot mess, moaning your name.

Learn how to give her not just multiple orgasms, but the ultra-rare Trigasm… …through a surprisingly easy step-by-step approach that conditions her mind and body to turn normal orgasms into multi-layered sensations of pure ecstasy.

Unleash her inner Sex Goddess, and get her doing things that would normally leave her blushing… …by simply boosting her confidence with specific psychological statements that positively alter her state of mind before, during and after sex.

Fight premature ejaculation the natural way… …so you may enjoy longer sex and an unbreakable sense of confidence by simply instructing your body to last longer

Uncover the truth about Tantric Sex… …and give Sting a run for his money as you transform shallow, unsatisfying romps into endless hours of mind-blowing physical and emotional lovemaking (trust me, it can be a lot easier than most people think it is!).

“Ms Moore is the real deal”

“As an expert on the subjects of sex and physical love, Ms. Moore is the real deal, and I’m speaking as a student with over 12 years of self and official study in both areas. If more people were to get this kind of information from young adulthood, the benefits to sex lives and emotional health across the country would be astronomical! While critical as an academic, I am a fan of her work, and can testify to it’s effectiveness on a personal level.”

– Russ, New York
“She loves every second of our sex life now”

“Your advice has helped me so much. I have tried most of your tips with my partner and she loves every second of our sex life now. Thank you so much!”

– Steve, Maidstone, United Kingdom
“Wow! I’ve never been pleasured like that before!”

“I’ve taken some of Gabrielle’s advice, and let me say, I’ve gotten so many compliments! One was, “Wow! I’ve never been pleasured like that before!” Awesome experiences. Thanks Gabby!”

– Ray, Rapid City

* These are real messages from real people, but please note we cannot guarantee you will experience similar results.

I’ll show you exactly how to do this in a few moments, but where are my manners? Let me first introduce myself…


My name is Gabrielle Moore.

I’m a sex advice expert and bestselling author of multiple books and training programs like Turn Her On Faster, Double Her Desire and Hot Licks. Over 500,000 people subscribe to my daily online tips, and I’ve been featured in publications like Men’s Fitness Magazine, with over 8 million readers worldwide.

But it wasn’t always this way for me. In fact my husband and I used to have not exactly bad, but lukewarm sex. We rarely had time for each other. Work and responsibilities left us constantly tired. When just the sight of seeing each other naked used to be enough to get us horny, we were now struggling to find the spark. And the same old fingering, thrusting and foreplay techniques weren’t working anymore.

We knew we had to spice things up, or risk losing our passion forever

And so we started putting in an effort. We cleared our calendars and made time for sex at least 3 times a week. We bought multiple programs and guides by bestselling sex gurus. We tried countless sex toys and lovemaking aids.

Some of this stuff was pretty good, some of it was really bad, but a lot of it was just painfully mediocre. No way was that good enough for me, because I didn’t just want a better sex life – I wanted the best damn sex life a girl – and her man – could possibly have!

That’s when I began exploring subjects no one else would. I studied the human anatomy. I read thousands of long, detailed, eye-opening studies on human sexuality and psychology. I devoured hundreds of books and research papers on the science of sex. And I spent hundreds and hundreds of hours with my husband trying out everything I was learning.

And slowly but surely, my sex life went from lukewarm to sizzling hot!

Frustrating 5-minute quickies turned into passionate, 2-hour-long sweat-a-thons. We began discovering pleasure zones on our bodies that we didn’t even know existed. We indulged in advanced techniques that left both of us moaning in ecstasy.

Both of us swore that a primal, long-dormant sexual energy had been reignited inside us – and we were loving every second of it!

My success gave me an epiphany: I realized I wanted to spend my time helping others enjoy the kind of passionate sex I was having, and get to the CORE of what good sex really is – without having to spend thousands of dollars on books and sex aids… and without wasting hundreds of hours sifting through pseudo-scientific, redundant, sometimes plain ridiculous advice.

So I quit my job as a lawyer, started writing my very first book… and the rest is history.

“A great service to men, women and couples everywhere”

“Miss Moore does a great job of presenting topics of a sexual nature that are hard to find elsewhere. She is to the point. Gabbie does a great service to men, women and couples everywhere.”

– Robert Lewis, Callicoon, New York
“I feel like The Man again”

“Back in the day, my girl complained about my “size” that wasn’t long enough. Doing my research and visiting several sites I found yours… and I realized that size isn’t important once the female becomes highly aroused. If after all, when I get her literally begging to penetrate her, the very tip of my manhood does the job in approximately 10 or 15 seconds. Thanks to YOU , I feel like The Man again, and now she asks me to forward your sex tips so she can read them too!”

– Steve, Maidstone, United Kingdom
“She has been able to reach orgasm solely through my penetration”

“Until I began reading Gabrielle’s tips, I had always needed to assist my partner to orgasm with outside stimulation. But in the past three months, she has been able to reach orgasm solely through my penetration, something she had never done with any partners before me!”

– Charles B., Tulsa, Oklahoma
 * These are real messages from real people, but please note we cannot guarantee you will experience similar results.

Okay hot stuff – ready to go from Average Joe to Sex God? Here’s the plan…

If you’re unsatisfied with your sex life, you’re not alone
Experts predict that 25% of men and 50% of women in the United States suffer from low sex drive or unsatisfying sex!

I want to share with you every single trick, technique, position and tactic that transformed my sex life – but not through the kind of boring, generic, regurgitated ebook other “gurus” might thrust at you… and definitely not through some sort of exorbitant coaching program that leaves you flat out broke and none the wiser.

Nope, my proposition for you is something a little different. It’s a project you and I are going to work on together for 7 sizzling days. And you’re going to enjoy every second of it.

But before I show it to you, I need you to swear to me something: that you won’t tell your partner about our little game plan. Why? Because that’s the best chance it has at working like a charm. It’ll all make sense in the next few moments, so let me quickly introduce you to…

The 7-Day Orgasm with Gabrielle Moore

Your top-secret game plan for shockingly intense orgasms and mind-blowing sex

Available exclusively on this site, the 7-Day Orgasm is a week-long audio training program designed to take your sex life to the next level. Just spend 30 minutes a day for 7 days listening to my intimate audio training sessions… as I equip you with the naughtiest, dirtiest, most effective techniques and tricks that may lead to amazing sex and bed-rocking orgasms. Keep it as our little secret – and wait till you see the look on her face when you surprise her with your sizzling new skills!

Here’s what you’ll get in the 7-Day Orgasm audio training program:

Day 1: The truth about female orgasms and why you’re not satisfying her

In this introductory session I’ll show you why the flames of your sex life could be flickering instead of roaring, and why Hollywood, porn and locker room chats could have saddled you with a dangerously skewered perspective on sex. Prepare for a major mind-shift as you discover the little-known truths about sex, orgasms and intimacy. Highlights include:

  • The 7 sneaky mistakes you’re making that sabotage her orgasms and your manhood every time you get between the sheets
  • The lazy man’s 6 surprisingly easy steps for giving her consistently deep, satisfying orgasms like clockwork
  • Toe sucking? Jackhammer sex? How to spot and avoid the awkward techniques that work in porn, but turn her off in real life

Day 2: Which of these Pleasure Zones on her body are you neglecting?

Do you know exactly how her vagina works, and how to make her orgasm like clockwork? 60% of men admit to being clueless about their partners’ genitalia, dooming themselves to a lifetime of lukewarm sex, unsatisfied partners and bruised egos. Take my hand on Day 2 as I transform you into an expert on your woman’s intimate bits. Highlights include:

  • What does a healthy vagina smell like? Will too much sex damage it? Discover 11 little-known truths about her nether regions
  • The definitive, head-slappingly simple guide to finding and pleasuring her G-spot – in 60 seconds or less
  • Are you unknowingly screwing your partner over with the world’s biggest lie about vaginal stimulation?

Day 3: 3 orgasmic steps to making her beg you for sex!

When’s the last time you were down to GO, but the only thing she was down for was sleep? Aside from the iconic headache, there are many reasons your partner might not want sex as often as you do – and here you’ll find out what they are and how to overcome them so you can make fun a part of your daily schedule again. Highlights include:

  • The 5 innermost fears sabotaging her libido that she’ll never have the guts to own up to you about
  • How to rock her world with these surprisingly simple yet underused sex moves (no gymnast-like contortions necessary)
  • Going beyond superficial sex: 15 red-hot tips for boosting your emotional connection and going deeper in more ways than one!

Day 4: Erotic sex positions and raunchy moves for a fully climactic experienceg

Missionary is nice in the way vanilla ice cream is nice – but don’t you wish you had the inspiration for something a little more exciting? On Day 4 you’ll get down and dirty with exotic new sex positions, creative ways to spice up your favorite ones, and a few naughty tricks for making her melt at your feet. Highlights include:

  • How a simple repositioning of her leg can give you the tightest, most erotic missionary of your life – and other cool tricks for spicing up classic positions
  • How to use washing machines, doorways, staircases, sofas and good ol’ body contortions to indulge in exotic, unusual, downright ecstasy-inducing positions
  • From doing it in a tight space to defying gravity to using unusual props like mint tea, become a Sex Ninja with these crazy, boundary-pushing experiments

Day 5: Tantric Tricks, the G-Spot roadmap, and other advanced techniques for deeper ecstasy

What separates ordinary sex from extraordinary lovemaking? Advanced techniques that only the ‘pros’ know. Dive even deeper into sex mastery with these expert-only tips – including a simple way to experience Tantric sex, lay permanent claim to her G-spot, discover the art of Orgasmic Meditation and more. Highlights include:

  • The 4 key elements of Tantric sex: just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be enjoying Tantric sex without spending years in an Ashram
  • What if your entire sexual encounter felt like one big, long orgasm? Orgasmic meditation holds the key – and it’s easier to do than you think
  • Beyond oysters: little-known libido-enhancing food that’s on your shelf right now. Just feed her and watch the sparks fly

Day 6: The little-known secret to multiple orgasms and the ultra-rare trigasm

Every woman craves multiple orgasms, but few know what they should really be gunning for: the elusive trigasm. Discover how to deeply understand your partner’s body and libido type, so you can physically and mentally connect with her… and give her what she’s been missing all her life. Highlights include:

  • The 5 Moregasm Secrets: step-by-step instructions for giving her multiple orgasms and finally the trigasm
  • How to combine the two types of orgasms – the clitoral and the G-spot orgasm – into one knee-quivering sensation
  • The truth about female ejaculation: only 1 in 10 women have experienced it, and even fewer know what it really is

Day 7: How to last like a triathlon athlete and finish like a champion

What’s the point of all these advanced techniques if you can’t last long enough to savor them? On the final day of the 7-Day Orgasm I’ll show you how to last like a pornstar, beat premature ejaculation, and keep her moaning your name even after the session ends. Highlights include:

  • 5 easy, natural steps to overcoming premature ejaculation – not through surgery or medication, but by simply telling your body to last longer
  • How to master the one sex position that’s been scientifically proven to help you last longer (and that most men LOVE too)
  • The sexiest things to do after sex – why afterplay is just as important as foreplay, how to do it right, and what to NEVER do after sex

Special Feature: A FREE, gorgeous, full-color PDF sidekick for deeper sexual mastery

Studies show that you remember things easier when you’ve got multiple consumption methods. So go ahead and refer to this stunning PDF document before, during or after listening to the audios.

I’ve hired one of the online publishing industry’s top visual artists to lay out this stunning magazine-style document packed with color images, checklists, tips, reminders and exercises for squeezing the most out of The 7-Day Orgasm. Just print it out or read it on your computer – your call.

Gabrielle Moore – Orgasmic Addiction Download

 Gabrielle Moore – The G-Spot Code Download

Gabrielle Moore – Naked U (Naked University)



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131 Sex Games & Erotic Role Plays for Couples: Have Hot, Wild, & Exciting Sex, Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies, & Put the Spark Back in Your Relationship with These Naughty Scenarios Paperback – August 5, 2014

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Jani – G-gasm Method: The Ultimate Guide to the G-spot Orgasm. How to Have a Woman Experience 10, 20 or Even 50 Big O’s Per Night

Jani - G-gasm Method: The Ultimate Guide to the G-spot Orgasm

Jani – G-gasm Method: The Ultimate Guide to the G-spot Orgasm

G-gasm Method PDF Download is dedicated to the 1,767,397,107* ladies that have never experienced an orgasm. *My very rough estimate Guys, finally you have clear, concise instructions on how to properly please your woman. The female body is not a whodunit mystery. You don’t just stick it, jackhammer away as fast and hard as you can. First one smoking a cigarette wins. WRONG! The G-gasm Method will teach you how to really please a lady. You will be strutting around the room like a well-oiled porn star. You will feel like you are ten feet tall because of what you can do to her. You get a tremendous sense of satisfaction knowing you have given your woman THAT much pleasure. The look on her face is priceless. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing her scream with pleasure, teasing her, and knowing that she is getting off because of you. Ladies, tape this book to your ass. You will glow like a hot light bulb in a cold hard steel pot. Your self-confidence will be at an all time high. The G-gasm Method is all about pleasing you. You will be screaming “OH MY GOSH” until your throat is sore and your eyes roll back. There is nothing ladylike about it. Total satisfaction.


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Sinn – Secrets of Sexual Attraction Review | Sinn – Secrets of Sexual Download

For a lot of guys talking to a woman isn’t the hard part. The hard part is talking to her in a way that makes her want to rip your clothes off and do nasty things with you.

Many guys are clueless as to how to turn thing sexual with the women.

This is a tragedy.


Because women are sexual creatures with sexual cravings that you can’t even imagine. And when you push her buttons in just the right way, that sexual side will unleash itself… on you!
Many women are sexually starving and are just waiting for a guy who can unleash that sexual side of her.

One of the best ways to do this is get her sexually attracted to you.

Sexual attraction is the defined as “the desire to be physically intimate with another person.”

In order words, when a woman is sexually attracted to you, it means she wants to sleep with you. Plain and simple.

Learning how to get women sexually attracted to you is a true shortcut to the sex life you want.
There will be no more “nice guy” conversations that don’t go anywhere. You’ll also no longer get stuck in the friend zone.

Instead, you’ll walk through the world as the confident, sexual man that you know you can be.

Of course, sexual attraction isn’t something that’s talked about a lot. This is because most of the other “experts” out there just don’t know about it or understand it.

That’s okay, because sexual attraction is one of my areas of expertise and I’m ready to show you…

The Easiest And Most Effective Way To Create Sexual Attraction!

I’ve been doing this for a looong time. By now I’ve approached thousands of women and slept with hundreds of them. In fact, I’ve just entered my 8th full-year as a seduction teacher.

And I’ve condensed EVERYTHING I know about how to create sexual attraction easily into a special 18-page report and accompanying 42 minute video, both of which are online right now, waiting for you to check out.

You don’t need to approach thousands of women or spend years of trial and error figuring out the best way to create sexual fireworks with women.

All you need to do is spend about an hour going through my closely guarded secrets for creating sexual attraction that are in this report and video.

There’s no filler or fluff here. Just the rock-solid information you need to start getting women sexually attracted to you fast. You can start using this information TONIGHT.



Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

The Irwin Marriage and Sex Library Collection

Now even MORE resources included!!!

Who Else Wants to Make 2015 The Best Year in Their Marriage… and Bedroom?

Date: Tuesday 23rd September 2014 Robert & Susan Irwin

From: Robert & Susan Irwin Dear Irwin Subscriber,

First, and most importantly, we want to thank you for being a subscriber and/or customer.

We sincerely appreciate your loyalty, support and feedback.

As a subscriber, you probably know that…… a few times a year… as a special Thank You… we offer our subscribers the opportunity to upgrade their Irwin Marriage and Sex Library… and get ALL of the new resources we’ve introduced in the past twelve months…

And, because, relative to new resources introduced, 2013 and the beginning of 2014 were very eventful years for us, this upgrade offer is probably the most valuable one we’ve ever offered!

You can get ALL of our most popular new resources of 2014… for 90% LESS than what others paid…PLUS… we’ll also give you access to the rest of our library… for no additional charge!
All told… you’ll have access to 91 of our most popular and powerful marriage and sex advice resources… for less than what most people paid for just two!

If you take advantage of this  Subscribers Only Offer, here’s the new resources we introduced in 2013 and the beginning of 2014 that you’ll get…

Tantric Secrets for Real Couples Program

The Sex Mastery Program

The Male Orgasm Power Program

The Ultimate Video Guide to Giving Your Wife Squirting Orgasms

The Ultimate Video Guide To Giving Your Wife Squirting Orgasms

Yes, Every Woman Can Do It!Learn the PROVEN Technique to Give YOUR Wife Multiple Squirting Orgasms With This Scientifically Proven Method

And, in this video guide, you’ll get the keys to turning your wife into putty in your hands.

How do you do that?

By rocking her world (over and over) in bed!

Most men don’t have a clue how to pleasure women sexually, but if you let me take you by the hand and show you how to become the lover YOUR wife desires, I can guarantee you she will keep coming back over and over begging you for more.

In this unique video guide, you’ll discover…

How to get rid of the 5 myths about the female orgasm that literally DESTROY the sex life of thousands of couples every day. (After you read these 5 myths, your sex life will be TRANSFORMED!)
The hottest and most “uncommon” tips you must try tonight to MAKE HER INVOLUNTARILY SQUIRT and give her a DOZEN orgasms at least. GUARANTEED!
The No. 1 reason why women FAKE an orgasm (if you know this reason, you will always be able to identify a “fake” orgasm from a “genuine screaming orgasm”!
The exact spot you must touch to make your wife squirt. Here is Marcus’s foolproof way to find it on your wife in seconds – the very first time you try.
The thing most men think they should do when trying to give their wife one of these orgasms that almost guarantees she will not have one. This is the big secret that took me from getting about half the women to squirt to getting all of them to squirt so listen up.
The exact amount of fingers to use where and how to use them and how much pressure. He will show you every aspect of the technique and you will be amazed at how easy it actually is.
What happens in a woman’s body when she squirts and how to use this knowledge to give her more intense orgasms. No science mumbo jumbo here – just the straight facts on how to get her off.
The secret sex position that lets your wife have a squirting orgasm during penetration. The mental side of squirting.
Five things that get your wife relaxed enough to squirt without putting pressure on her. The special trick to use on her upper body that triggers an intense reaction downstairs. This gets her super turned on and begging for you to touch her down there. What you must do with your hands before you touch your wife if you want her to feel comfortable with you.
A new way to make your wife feel sexy down there. Use this to get rid of her negative self talk and make her comfortable and relaxed around you. This also makes a woman more open to intercourse with you. How often you should give a woman a squirting orgasm.
The two techniques guys use to make their women squirt and why you should never use them. Not only are they less effective but one of them could actually hurt your wife.
What you must do differently with a woman who is more conservative in the bedroom.
What to do with your fingers that are not inside of her. This is very important. Many guys miss this and when they do it is unlikely she will orgasm.
How to warm her up down there before you touch her secret squirt spot.
And much much more.

No boring books or diagrams… No way! That would be like trying to learn boxing or Karate from a book… it is impossible.

This is a one-of-a-kind “tell all and show-all” video instructional course that would show any guy how to give his wife an intense squirting orgasm… the very FIRST time he tried… regardless of his or her sexual experience… and even if he made a few mistakes that is… in an ANIMATED… NON-PORNOGRAPHIC format that anyone… even the most conservative man or woman… could watch WITHOUT feeling uncomfortable!

3D Animated Sexual Positions

What Is “3D Animated Sex Positions” All About?
Think of it as a modern, 3D and animated Kama Sumtra for the 21st century. This is the complete graphical playbook both you and your wife can refer to… over and over again… each time you make love!

Each one of the positions featured in 3D Animated Orgasmically Proven Sex Positions has been 100% pleasure tested to provide:

Deep, intense stimulation! – Ooooh ahhh… PLEASE DON’T STOP! These positions provide way more stimulation than your ordinary, everyday sex positions you have been taught to use. Put simply, they’re deeply orgasmically proven !
Intimate love-making – Each position allows your bodies to come into close, intimate physical contact with one another… allowing you to savor the intimacy that blissful sex provides!
Hours of endless, love-making fun! – You’ll LOVE the naughty “Climax Cues” included with every sex position to help you get even more out of sex… such as what you can do with your hands, how to tease her with your tongue while you’re inside of her, and what to whisper into her ears at the exact right moment!

Once you try one of these 3D Animated orgasmically proven sex positions… You May Not Want To Go Back To Plain, Vanilla Sex Ever Again!

2500 Sexual Games for Married Couples

2500 Sexual Games for Married Couples

The first (and only) game created specifically for Christian married couples that want to increase the excitement and fun levels in their bedroom.

Relationship experts are praising this game as “the must have” marriage and love life resource that EVERY couple should try!

In five minutes you can have all 2500 of these sexual ideas, positions, games and secrets at you and your spouse’s fingertips… and the amazing Random Game Generator!

Whether your love life needs a bit of a “kick start” and you want to bring back the fun and excitement or you just want to make it even better you’ll find everything you need in this game…

In fact, there are more hot sex games, ideas, positions, tips and tricks here than have EVER been gathered together into one place!

You see, I’ve spent years and thousands of dollars, researching hundreds of games and magazines, to separate the truly hot ideas and games from the boring junk.

So instead of spending weeks of frustration, searching through ideas elsewhere just to find the decent ones, you can save time and money and end frustration (and BOREDOM!) by using our DATABASE OF OVER 2500 GAMES, IDEAS, POSITIONS, TECHNIQUES, TIPS & TRICKS to try… starting tonight!

In this one-of-a-kind sexual resource for Christian married couples, you’ll get…

115 ideas for using “stuff you can find around the house” as fun sexual accessories.
299 foreplay ideas for driving each other “crazy!”
841 sex games that will lead to endless nights of sexual fun.
296 ideas for intensely exciting locations to make love.
271 sexual positions to try.
131 fun sexual uses for things you’ll find in your kitchen.
56 sexy clothing and roleplay ideas.
519 tips, tricks and techniques for giving you and  your spouse ultimate pleasure.
269 sexual questions to ask each other… for learning more about each other’s needs and desires.
And much more…

2528 IDEAS, GAMES, TIPS, TRICKS and TECHNIQUES for you to try with your spouse!

There are “games for married couples” available, but… most are illustrated with soft porn photos.

And…these games make NO distinction between married or unmarried sex. Most importantly…these games certainly aren’t sensitive to a Christian couple’s desire to avoid truly immoral or tasteless activities.

So…Finding any valuable tips in these other games is like looking for spare change in an adult bookstore. You better cover your eyes!

2500 Games For Christian Couples contains none of the “scary stuff” that you are hoping to avoid.

There is no… Soft core porn photos. Questions or suggestions that don’t factor in your Christian beliefs about things that should be “off limits” for Christian couples. Vulgar language or descriptions of body parts or sexual acts.

In less than twenty minutes you could be using any of these 2500 tips to TURBO CHARGE the sexual connections in your sex life… starting tonight!

The Wilder Wife Project

Would you like to learn how to make your wife desire you… sexually… so deeply that she is practically addicted to sex with you?

Picture how great it would be to know that you can, at any time, press your wife’s emotional and psychological hot buttons and make her crave and beg for sex with you.

If you’re (still) struggling to get your wife to clinch the sheets, and lose her mind, BEGGING for more sex… and you want proven secrets, to overcome everything that’s stopping you from having the marriage and sex life you’ve always desired… then……you’re about to discover how you… too… can get all the sex you want… anytime you want. Never again will you have to beg or plead with your wife or go weeks without sex – once you apply these sexual secrets… specifically for husbands… that you won’t find anywhere else!

In this unique and powerful resource, you’ll discover…

8 simple ways to increase your wife’s sex-drive (meaning you’ll get MORE SEX).
7 Oral Sex types and how to get your wife to want to try each and every one!
How to get your wife to let you take SEXY PICTURES of her and make SEX TAPES (if you’ve ever wanted to pull out your camera/video camera and film yourself ‘doing your wife’ – THIS section is for you).
How to get your wife to have sex with you in public.
How to change the sexual dynamics in your marriage relationship so that your wife wants more (and wilder) sex without you ever having to say a word… let alone beg or plead with her.
Learn the difference between the right and wrong ways to kiss.
Learn the “Sex Killing” mistake that most men make over and over again… and how to avoid them.
11 principles of addiction that guarantee she’ll become permanently addicted to you sexually and psychologically.
How to teach your wife to give you a SENSUAL MASSAGE – “YES”… I’ll teach you how to get your wife to give YOU the perfect massage.
The biggest secret to making your wife DEEPLY desire for you to touch her, to enter her, to make love to her.
How to make your wife’s vagina feel TIGHTER during sex.
The 2 SEX POSITIONS that will help you LAST LONGER and have more enjoyable sex.
A cheap and effective SEX TOY that can help you to get a harder erection and last longer.
A powerful DIRTY TALK technique that you can use to make your wife want to do ANYTHING with you in the bedroom (NOTE: this is seriously powerful, so please use it responsibly).
How to get your wife to masturbate in front of you (getting your very own SEX SHOW has never been so easy).
A simple technique for getting her to WANT TO SWALLOW (this even works with the women who claim to ‘hate’ swallowing).
What to do when she’s on her PERIOD – if you still want to have sex with her whilst ‘she’s on’… I’ll show you how to get her to not only agree to it, but actually really want it.
Advanced strategies for taking COMPLETE CONTROL in the bedroom.
4 things you must AVOID doing in the bedroom.
The NUMBER ONE way to increase your wife’s sexual attraction to you-increasing your masculine essence-and the mindsets you’ll need to accomplish this increased masculinity.
How to increase your confidence, in and out of the bedroom, so that you have what it takes to keep your wife sexually attracted – for a lifetime.
The critical female sexuality secrets that you must know if you want to create a wilder wife.
How to CORRECTLY utilize The Law of Sexual Reciprocity to make your wife DEEPLY desire to initiate sex with you more often.
The fastest and easiest (and most direct) route to turning on your wife and making her think that having sex is HER idea.
Discover how you can bring your wife to climax without ever touching her below the neck.
The no-fail seduction techniques that will work no matter how long you’ve been married or how many times she’s rejected your advances in the past.[/red_arrow_list]
EXACTLY how to get her to try all sorts of wilder things in the bedroom.
186 ideas to try with your new found wild wife.
How manipulation in a marriage (and the bedroom) can be a positive thing.
The NUMBER ONE cause of most husband’s lack of confidence – and how to overcome this problem, virtually overnight.
Why real and DEEP sexual attraction is so difficult for many husbands to develop in their wives.
How to overcome issues with jealousy.
Why what your wife SAYS she wants and needs and what she REALLY wants and needs are SELDOM the same thing.
Sexual Frequency Intensifier — makes your wife want sex more often.
Learn how to read your wife’s Signs of Total Arousal.
Sexual shorthand — create sexual experiences whenever you desire.
Why she wants you to TAKE THE LEAD, sexually, and how to convince her to let you.
The virtues of NOT suppressing your deepest and WILDEST lusts and desires.
What women (really) find attractive in men and the quickest, easiest way for you to become attractive to her.
The fastest & easiest way to create sexual desire in your wife.
Why some “bad poetry” on your part can lead to some INTENSE AROUSAL in your wife.
How to “hide” erotic metaphors in your normal conversations so that your wife becomes aroused when you aren’t even talking about sex.
How to make her have intensely positive feelings about you and to think about you ALL DAY.
The step-by-step female sexual arousal plan that will ensure that you never have to beg for sex again.
How to make her feel as if you’re showering her with gifts, without busting your bank account.
Why you must NEVER ask her permission and must LEAD her, sexually.
The secrets to creating INSTANT SEXUAL TENSION between you and your wife.
A cool little trick that will make your wife salivate over the thought of kissing you.
The covert techniques for making your wife remember all the reasons she loves you (and wants you) without ever saying a single word.
How to make her DESPERATELY want you to “own” her body in the bedroom… and how to do it!
How to initiate sex without EVER being rejected again.
The three agreements of initiating sex.
The biggest mistakes most men make that ruin the quality of their intimate relationships, cause their women to lose respect and attraction for them and how YOU can AVOID making these mistakes.
Why most men lose their sex-drives and how to avoid having this happen to you.
Discover how to make your wife sexually addicted to you for life.
Find out the 3 Must Have parts to a great sexual relationship.
Uncover the secrets of exactly what you need to do to achieve her sexual addiction.
Discover a technique that will make a kiss as good as sex.
Learn how to avoid power plays and other negative relationship dynamics.
Uncover the truth about what lies behind your wife’s doors of sexuality.
Find out exactly how you can make the “honeymoon period” of amazing sex last a lifetime.
Discover exactly how to get from “not tonight” to “I can’t get enough of you.”
Learn how to break that Rule of Diminishing Passion.
Find out exactly what you need to do to “unlock her door” of passion every time.
Find out how to get your wife to WANT to attend to your every lust-filled need and pleasure.
Discover exactly how to seduce, stimulate, and sex your wife perfectly every time so she wants sex more often.
Dozens of examples of DIRTY TALK phrases you can use to simultaneously increase your wife’s pleasure AND get her to do exactly what you want her to do during sex.
Uncover the secrets of how to create an aura of sexual desirability around yourself.
The quickest and easiest way to make you the object of her sexual addiction.
And much, much more than I can list here…

How to Become a Sexual Magnet (Audio Book)

In this companion resource to The Wild Wife Project, you’ll discover proven ways to make yourself dramatically more attractive to your wife, sexually.

How to Have a Deeper, Sexier Voice

In this companion resource to The Wild Wife Project, you’ll discover one of the easiest and quickest way to make yourself dramatically more attractive to your wife… a deeper and sexier voice.

Male Orgasmic Power Four Orgasms In an Hour and Ready for More…

How I learned to have the most intense, powerful and multiple male orgasms of my life… by accident…

In this resource, you’re going to discover…

How to experience new and different types of sexual and orgasmic pleasure.
How to have BIGGER and MORE INTENSE orgasms.
How to become a multi-orgasmic man.
How to find and stimulate your male G-Spot (your prostate) and how to have male G-Spot orgasms through male G-Spot massage and male G-Spot milking techniques.
How to last as long as you desire in bed.
How to increase and use your sexual energy to improve your  life and marriage.
How to expand your sexual arousal and orgasms from your genitals… to your entire body.
How to create a bio-electric/sexual circuit with your wife, during sex, so that the two of you truly “become one.”
How to have intense, whole-body orgasms.
Deep, pulsating, male G Spot orgasms.
How to increase your sexual confidence and skills.
How to make sex with your wife more about “play” and less about work.
How to overcome common sexual problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
How to make masturbation a positive, helpful part of your marriage and sexuality.
How to get your wife interested in more adventurous sexual play like multiple orgasms and male G-Spot play.

Have you ever wished there was a way to achieve orgasm without directly stimulating your penis?

Well, there is one PREDICTABLE and RELIABLE way to achieve FULL orgasm with WITHOUT touching your penis… prostate massage.
When you master prostate orgasms, you can regularly achieve deep, whole-body orgasms just by massaging your prostate!
Imagine how great that will feel.

In fact… there are several very high quality male sex toys available… specifically designed to stimulate your prostate and make “hands free orgasms” possible for you…

In Male Orgasm Power, you’ll not only find step-by-step instructions for amazing prostate massage and milking… we also include a section of instructions specifically dedicated to one of the best of these toys… The Aneros.

With these instructions, you’ll know exactly how to achieve your own “hands free orgasms.”

Plus…We also include a complete set of step-by-step instructions for your wife… for when you want to involve her in your male G Spot Play!

It doesn’t matter how old you are… or your current level of sexual skill… prostate massage and prostate milking will give you a chance to experience sensual pleasures you’ve never felt before.

And, you will never again need to waste your time or money on expensive pills or costly vitamins or supplement products to improve your orgasm or deal with improving your erections or premature ejaculation-BECAUSE PROSTATE MASSAGE SOLVES ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS!

What other sexual and orgasmic pleasures await you in Male Orgasm Power?

Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll find in this HUGE collection of male sexual and orgasmic tips, tricks and techniques…

The spiritual benefits of increasing your male sexual power.
How to overcome any sexual performance anxiety by developing your male orgasm powers.
A complete, step-by-step instructional guide to the most popular male sex toy… The Aneros.
The ancient secrets of how you can use breathing tricks and techniques to build incredible levels of sexual arousal.
How to have orgasms so overwhelming that you virtually lose control of your body.
The relationship benefits of increasing your male sexual power.
The differences between prostate massages and prostate milking.
How to have deep, pulsating male G Spot orgasms.
How to use your breathing as a powerful aphrodisiac.
The facts and myths about prostate massage.
How to make sex with your wife more “playful.”
How to increase your pleasure sensitivity so that you experience EVERY touch more intensely.

Male Orgasmic Power Advanced Audio Seminar(Audio Course)
In this companion resource to Male Orgasm Power, you’ll learn the advanced techniques for achieving intense, multiple male orgasms.

Male Orgasmic Power – Hypnosis Sessions(Audio)

In this companion resource to Male Orgasm Power, you’ll learn the hypnotic techniques for achieving intense, multiple male orgasms.

Male Orgasmic Power – Prostate Massage Guide(Audio Book)
In this companion resource to Male Orgasm Power, you’ll learn the advanced prostate massage techniques for achieving intense, multiple male orgasms.

Male Orgasmic Power – Prostate Stimulation Videos
In this companion resource to Male Orgasm Power, you’ll learn the advanced prostate stimulation techniques through these tasteful, yet detailed prostate stimulation video tutorials.

The Ultimate Erotic Massage Guide

In this resource, you’ll learn how to use massage to create an intensely erotic, pleasurable and relaxing experience for you and your spouse.

Tastefully Illustrated Sex Positions – Volume II
This resource is volume 2 of our popular Tastefully Illustrated Positions series. In it, you’ll find almost 200 new, tastefully illustrated sexual positions that you and your spouse will love!

The Coital Alignment Position Revealed
The coital alignment position or “CAT” sex position is the scientifically-designed best position for a couple to achieve simultaneous climaxes.
This special resource provides you with the exact text and illustration descriptions that you need to achieve this position quickly and easily.

Sensational Sex After Sixty!

There’s no reason that a married couple can’t enjoy sensational sex well into their eighties… if they know the secrets.In this resource, you’ll discover exactly what to do and not do to make sex, after age 60 amazing!

Nice Girls Do Oral Sex!
In this resource, Susan Irwin explains why Nice Girls do oral sex… and how they can make it extremely pleasurable for both husbands and wives.

Bacterial Vaginosis Relief
If you are tired of dealing with the negative effects of yeast infections, this resource is what you’ve been praying for!

In it, you’ll discover the natural, safe and proven best ways to quickly and cheaply and painlessly end a case of bacterial vaginosis.

Backdoor Persuasion

This is the Gentleman’s guide to introducing anal sex play to your married sex life.No more begging, nagging or fighting.

This book will bust all of the myths and lies that still persist about anal sex play in marriage… and give you a step-by-step plan for making anal sex play an attractive and fun activity for you and your wife.

Confessions of a Christian Wife That Loves Anal Confessions of a Christian Wife That Loves Anal

In this resource, Susan Irwin dispels the myths and lies that some are still spreading regarding anal sex within marriage.

In this breakthrough book, Susan addresses the Biblical, emotional and health issues to consider, relative to this potentially intense and pleasurable form of sexual activity.

The Orgasm Encyclopedia

The Orgasm Encyclopedia is a comprehensive F.A.Q on every question you have (or could have) about orgasms.

Have you ever had a question about orgasms that you just couldn’t find an answer to?

This resource is guaranteed to have the answer to your question!

The Science of Orgasm

The Science Behind Orgasm is a thorough repository of all of the latest scientific understanding regarding orgasm physiology.


Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Review The Fantasy Lover Formula 1: Fantasy Seduction | The Fantasy Lover Formula 1: Fantasy Seduction Download

You’re about to take the combined sexual knowledge and techniques of some of the greatest living lovers, and download their skills directly to your brain. Whether you’re single or in a long term relationship, we are going to share with you our secrets for making virtually any womans panties dripping wet for you in just a matter of seconds.


bullet2bullet2bullet2Right away we’re going reverse engineer just about every single one night stand that’s ever happened…This will let us walk you through a dead simple step-by-step system for brining virtually any woman home with you faster than you ever thought possible…When we first uncovered this secret equation, we ended up sharing it with a few dozen of our adult industry friends… and they each agreed 100% that this is exactly what’s lead to all the one night stands they’ve had…
bullet2We’re also going to show you a special massage technique that you should use when you see her wearing a particular article of clothing… Knowing this short cut alone will turn her entire body into putty in your hands…
bullet2Next, You’re going to discover how to use 20 seemingly innocent words you probably say all the time in a specific way, that when done correctly, will make her panties dripping wet for you, and send her libido in to over drive…
bullet2You’re then going to learn how to use the power of her imagination to stop her from being able to concentrate on anything else other than having wild, uninhibited sex with you right then and there… This may also cause her to masturbate to the though of what she’s going to do to you, the next time you’re around…


Module 2: Fantasy ForeplayNow that you’re going to have no problem getting her sex drive higher than yours, it’s time to master some of the most amazing foreplay techniques she’ll ever experience…
Right away you’re going to discover a special kissing technique makes her clothes practically melt off her body…
As well as the trick to removing her bra with only three fingers… And what your other hand should be doing, to further build her anticipation to the point where she will be happy to get naughtier with you than she has with anyone else before…
We’re also going to show you several fingering techniques that will each give her completely different and unique kinds of orgasms.
Next, you’re going to discover over a dozen incredible oral sex techniques that were given to us directly from the top bi-sexual and lesbian performers working in the adult industry today…And no, these aren’t the techniques you see them use on film when they have a director telling them what to do…These are the techniques they use at home when they really want to give their lovers an experience they’ll never forget.
We’re also going to give you our “Candy Store” trick, to make her taste like a different piece of delicious candy every time you go down on her… f you and you lover have been together for a long time, you’re both going to love how this simple trick spices up your sex life.
Then, we’re going to reveal to you the absolute best sex toys you can bring in to the bedroom to not only take the foreplay up to the next level… But also give her a special kind of orgasm that will actually trick her brain in to wanting to get more wild and crazy with you then she’s probably prepared for…
Module 3: Fantasy SexModule 3 is all about transforming yourself in to one of those rare, world-class lovers all women desperately crave…Since every penis in the world is a different size and shape. and when used correctly, any man alive can make his lover feel as though his penis is the absolute most perfect one for her body. By simply knowing the positions and variations that work best for your body, you will never again have any doubt that you are the best lover she’s ever been with.In addition to over 50 positions and their variations, you’re also going to discover:.
bullet2A simple alternative to the traditional Missionary Position, that will make you feel so large inside of her, that she’ll still be feeling you up to 4 days later.
bullet2A standing position that will show her you are in complete control of her sexual pleasure, right from the very first thrust…
bullet2Tiny changes to a number of the most common positions, that will leave you both shaking with pleasure, every time…
bullet2You’re also going to discover how to trigger her “orgasm button”… This is a simple technique that can easily double the intensity and pleasure of each of her orgasms.
bullet2And our patented Tease-Please-Tease technique, which will awaken both of your bodies, and allow you to feel much more anticipation and pleasure from your favorite positions than ever before…
bullet2We’re even going to tell you three things to say to her while she’s orgasming, which will intensify her pleasure by 250%…
bullet2As well as a number of very specific thrusting rhythms, which can each give her completely different kinds of orgasms… Most men just thump away awkwardly, which will at best, give a woman just one predictable, and barely satisfying kind of orgasm….But after today, you will always keep her on her toes as to what kind of incredible release you choose to let her enjoy…
bullet2Finally, we’re going to give you a very special bonus for you as part of Module 3. We’re going to share with you the absolute best sex toys you could bring to your bedroom…Teach you how to use them in ways that will give her the absolute most intense orgasms possible…
Module 4: Fantasy Role PlayThis module is all about bringing your hottest sexual fantasies into reality.If you’ve never indulged in sexual role-play or fantasy, you don’t know what you’re missing. The idea is to escape your everyday routines by stepping in to the role of someone new.The more you let yourself go, the more real it becomes… and before you know it, you’re going to find yourself experiencing all the sexy situations you and your lover only just fantasize about…


Imagine how it’s going to feel when you’re the rich and powerful CEO of a large corporation, and your secretary messes up a very important report you’ve been working on for weeks… Now she’s going to have to make it up to you, any way you instruct her to…

Or what about when the girl you’re supposed to be tutoring in anatomy, just simply isn’t getting it… And you decide to come up with some creative new ways for her to learn all about how the body works…

And what’s going to happen when the new neighbor who just moved in down the block, needs some help around the house… Only she doesn’t have any money to pay you… So it’s up to you to figure out how she can compensate you for all the work you’ve done for her.

As much fun as scenario’s like these can be, they involve a ton of tiny nuances you’ll need to be aware of if you ever expect them to be as hot as you and your lover imagine…

But don’t worry, because we’re going to walk you through them all step-by-step… And to make it even more enjoyable, we’ve designed this module in such a way that you and your lover can watch it together and act it out along side us…

Or learn everything on your own, and play the role of naughty teacher later that night when you surprise her…

You’re also going to discover over a dozen hot and steamy fantasy games to enjoy…

This way, you’ll know that the sex will always be new and exciting, each and every time…



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Moses Hungar – Average Penis Cure Review | Moses Hungar – Average Penis Cure Download

Once she lands a guy with a dick that pleases, satisfies and hits her spot in a way other guys fail to do… she’s NEVER going to leave him. She can’t. She’s hooked, addicted, a slave to his trouser snake.And if that YouTube video isn’t proof enough, in just a second, I’ll reveal the latest science that PROVES having a big dick makes you irresistibly attractive.Not blessed with a lengthy pecker? Don’t worry…Read every word on this page because I’m going to reveal how YOU too can have the longest, thickest, most attractive penis possible… even if right now your nickname is ‘tiny’.

  • So if you’re hung like a HORSE…
  • If women GASP every time you drop your pants.
  • And if your girlfriend SCREAMS with pleasure every single time you make love…

Moses Hungar – Average Penis Cure   is NOT for you…

But… if you’re like 99% of guys who feel a little unsure, anxious or frustrated about the size of your Johnson…

If you know that having a bigger penis would skyrocket your confidence, attractiveness AND ability in bed.

And if you’d just like to hear that sharp intake of breath whenever a hot girl lays eyes on that bulge in your pants…

Shut the door, turn off your cell phone and close that PornHub window…

And pay close attention…You’re about to find out..

How to GROW your penis safely and naturally in the comfort of your own home…

It’s a secret the billion dollar porn industry have kept to themselves and I’m about to reveal it right here in this FREE presentation – the ONLY place you can find this information online.… and maybe you’ve ALREADY been let-down by all types of pills and devices, internet scams and uncomfortable contraptions.You see, despite being known all over the internet as a renegade sex expert, it wasn’t too long ago I felt totally inadequate. Ashamed even.And right now, you may be at the exact point I was just before I tripped over the answer that gave me the size, the stamina and the confidence I always wanted.I’m going to show you how to rapidly increase the size of your penis by 2-4”… enjoy much longer, more powerful erections… and… get the sexual performance of a top pornstar so you can satisfy your girl long and HARD.And in order for me to do that…

Allow me to share a somewhat  embarrassing and definitely  ‘X-Rated’ story with you…

Not just average size like a lot of guys, I was LESS than average.

And it’s amazing how something so tiny can become so big of a burden.

It all began one summer’s day in the bedroom of my teenage sweetheart.

Her name was Jaycee and let me tell you… she had breasts so round and full they gave me an instant boner on sight.

Now, I don’t know if you remember what it was like at high school, but in my case? Girls generally didn’t “put out” right away.

You had to have a little build-up to the event. You had to let her warm up, get comfortable around you…and… when the time was right… you had to take your chance.

And on this sunny August afternoon in her bedroom that time was right NOW…Jaycee’s father was outside mowing the lawn. Now this was great for us because it was the PERFECT warning sign.

So Jaycee sits on the bed and begins to unbutton her blouse.My heart starts to pound and I begin to feel… y’know… a little excited.I look down and she’s spilling out of this lacy pink bra. She bites her lip and says…

“Show me what you’ve got”

My teenage hormones are doing backflips! So I unbuckle my belt… check for the mower sound, yep we’re all good… and drop my Levis. She leans over. Grabs my boxer shorts with her hand. Pulls them down. And … I see her face change. She looks… disappointed.

My heart sinks. My excitement turns to embarrassment.

And then it gets worse. She starts to giggle.I couldn’t believe it.And I couldn’t get out of her bedroom fast enough.Spinning around too quickly I trip on my jeans… and fall FLAT on my face.Which is the EXACT moment I realize the sound from the mower has stopped. Shit!I look up…And her father is standing right there, frowning, looking down at me.I’m lying there on the floor, my pants around my ankles. Wishing to hell the ground would just open up and swallow me whole when he says…“Time for you to go home, little guy.”Now… that’s just one of MANY horror stories I could tell you. Stories revolving around my… (cough)… unfortunately sized penis…

  • I could tell you about the time I was christened “baby carrot”…
  • The time I was pounding away doggie style on a chick only for the girl to ask if I was “in” yet…
  • And the time I overheard an ex-girlfriend telling HER girlfriends how her new guy was an “upgrade” on “tiny-dick”.

You see, I had little problem getting a girlfriend.

It was what came AFTER that everything started to go wrong.

I lied to myself for the longest time. FROZEN in denial. But the fact is… women want SIZE.

Moses Hungar – Average Penis Cure Review

Hey Moses, love your cure. I had a very normal-sized penis my whole life, into my 30’s. But I could always tell, she was never fully satisfied. Since using your cure daily, I’m a full inch-and-a-half longer, almost an inch thicker and erections are rock-hard every time. Now she can barely walk after we have sex. What a transformation.”
– Gary T. from USA

“Moses my savior. My penis is WAY bigger now, but you’ve given me confidence sir. Knowing that when I walk into a room, I have a bigger johnson than almost every guy gives me a kind of confidence I’ve never had before.”
– Riley H. from United Kingdom

“Moses, mate… I was super-skeptical. Honestly, I’ve tried some of those gadgets you mentioned to me. And I was beginning to think I was cursed with “average”. Your technique has opened up a new world for me and the missus. I’m more confident in the bedroom and she’s more satisfied. Doesn’t get much better than that.”
– Mick D. from Australia

“Stayed patient, stuck to the plan just like you said, and am now over an inch longer, and with way more girth. I look down and can’t even believe that penis belongs to me now. Plus your plan made me smarter. How can I send you more money?”
– Jackie U. from Canada

Moses Hungar – Average Penis Cure Download Recommended by Jason Capital.

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Vin Dicarlo – Dominant Sexual Power Review | Vin Dicarlo – Dominant Sexual Power Download

Dominant Sexual Power

I know just how PAINFUL it is by not getting the girls you want and seeing other guys get those beautiful girls RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.


So, let me help you out by giving you some of the ACTUAL techniques that comes STRAIGHT from the Dominant Sexual Power Program. You’ll know EXACTLY what you will be getting when you buy and how it’ll help you in attraction gorgeous women into your life.

I’m just going to let it ALL OUT and tell you what you are buying. Remember that this is an UNBIASED dominant sexual power review, so I’m going to cover both the GOOD things AND the bad things about the program. So if that’s something you don’t want to hear, you can hit your browser’s back button.

So let me share with you my experience with the program…

My Dominant Sexual Power System Story

Let me first share with you my story of how I stumbled upon dominant sexual power. If you want to skip the story and go straight to the review, you can always scroll down.

So my story began when I was a sophomore in college. I had a girlfriend to die for. She was beautiful, intelligent and a very down to earth girl. Until one day…

One day, my girlfriend and I had a serious talk and she told me she cheated on me while she was at a party. I couldn’t believe it!

I was in shock! At first I was so angry and frustrated that I went into a state of denial. It just wouldn’t register in my brain that a girl so loyal and devoted would cheat on me. I couldn’t believe that an intelligent girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly, would do such a thing as to cheat on me.

Well a week later, after I calmed down my angered emotions, I called her up and we had another serious talk. So, I asked her about the incident.

She started to explain that she didn’t know why, but she just couldn’t control her emotions, when this guys was talking to her. She said she didn’t even find his looks that attractive, but what he said and how he behaved just made her lose sense of her emotions and she couldn’t think logically. She said that she didn’t even drink.

Well, that was the end between me and her.

BUT, it had sparked something in me. It made me want to research exactly WHAT made her act the way she did and WHY she cheated on me. So I started gathering all the information on female psychology, attraction mechanisms, pick-up artistry, social dynamics, and even biology to understand why women act this way.

I wanted to know, why even the most intelligent women and girls with boyfriends become attracted to guys in a matter of minutes, no matter what they looked like.

I wanted to know why even the most logical girls and the most well-controlled women lose their ability to control their emotions and just give into becoming attracted and seduced by certain men.


I did what most guys would never do…

I met with the guy that my girlfriend cheated on. Not to beat him up, but to ask him some questions.

I wanted to know what he said and what he did that made my girlfriend cheat on me.Vin Dicarlo

And because I was so accepting, he let all of his secrets out. His secret attraction words, lines, routines, and behaviors, he poured out everything over the next couple of hours.

He said one course that really helped him to get any girl he wanted was the Vin Dicarlo dominant sexual power program.

He said there are some SECRET WORDS that will subconsciously turn women on! And that was how he was able to seduce my girlfriend. I will be going over some of these words in the later part of this review.

So I’ve picked up a new hobby. Or I would say, a new obsession. I studied and applied everything I could on seducing girls. And I soon started to get really good at attracting women, and the one course which I give a lot of credit to is the Dominant Sexual Power program by Vin DiCarlo and also the Pandora’s Box System.

Although I can’t give it all the credit, because I have read dozens of other books and have taken several other courses, it does deserve a lot of it.

Now, let me show you what you get with the DSP Program and give you some actual content from the course itself.

The Secrets of The Innocent Words

One of the courses inside the DSP program is the “innocent words” you can use to create attraction.

These are brilliant little phrases and words you can use that will escalate the attraction in a girl. It is VERY SNEAKY!

The science behind it can actually be quite confusing, but let me try to explain it as simply as possible.

So do you remember the movie Inception?

There is a part in there where one of the guy says “Don’t think about pink elephants.”

DSP Word Hypnosis

But what do you think about when he says that? Right, pink elephants.

Let me give you another example:

“You are such a dick.” In this context, the word “dick” is used to describe someone that’s a jerk or someone with bad behavior. BUT, the great thing about this word is that SUBCONSCIOUSLY it is sexually connected to the part of the male body we all know about.

So you are basically making her think about the private part, without actually telling her to think about it. Crazy stuff right? You are basically “incepting” her mind with these phrases and words that I’m about to reveal to you. This is an introductory NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) course for you beginners out there. As well as a

beginners course in hypnosis or hypnotic language.

You can essentially SLIP these words in to your conversation without sounding creepy or awkward, and you can actually blame HER for thinking about naught thoughts!

SNEAK PEAK of the Innocent Words inside DSP:

So I’ll give you one example of similar strategies that the DSP outlines in the program.

One example is the phrase: The sky is great.

It sounds like: THE SKY IS GREAT. BUT, what you’re really implying subconsciously and what it CAN sound like is:


Now, add this into one of your sentences and she’ll subconsciously feel like you are a GREAT GUY.


These words are extremely POWERFUL so make sure you use these powers for good and not for evil.

Remember that there is a WHOLE strategy to use these words inside the DSP program.

The Dominant Sexual Power Review

The main components of the DSP course are audio and video.

The information contained are not just from Vin DiCarlo, but from a few other great instructors as well.

You will learn A LOT of information on attraction and how to develop it from the core so that you NATURALLY attract women.

In my HONEST opinion, it is THE BEST COURSE that Vin DiCarlo has created. And it is one of the best courses, in the whole seduction community as well.

It just has a TON of great info and a step by step approach method that is easy to follow and easy to implement.

Inside the course:

The core program is divided into four sections: Vision, Compliance, Shaping, and Sexual Tension.

Vision: This is basically inner confidence and inner game and just becoming the person that girls are attracted to. This area goes on to emphasis the importance of your goals, your “vision” and how to create it so that it becomes an attractive quality to girls.

Compliance: Compliance can be anything from compliance tests, to framing (an NLP concept). A certain compliance test could be having her hold your drink for you, and then you can reward her by complimenting her. One that I really like is the “Us” frame, which emphasizes pair bonding and teamwork. This concept of the “Us” frame will be further elaborated in the dominant sexual power system.

You are basically making her invest more and more into you and as a result she can’t help but become more and more attracted to you.

Shaping: This area is basically making her into the girl that you want to have in your life. An example would be to encourage her to bring out her best self and to shape her into doing things that you like and stop her from doing things that you don’t like.

Sexual Tension: This is where the real fun begins. The instructors discuss ways in creating tension and pressure so that she becomes attracted sexually AND being able to arouse her without being needy.

I especially liked the part where one of the instructors encourages you to not look her “up and down” (her body), but to wander your eyes around her face and check out her face. This has a very sexual intent that creates massive attraction in women and it isn’t creepy such as checking out her body.

Dominant Sexual Power Review – Course Structure

The core concepts of the program are delivered to you in audio format, which can be accessed in the members area and which can also be downloaded so that you can listen to them in your car, or when you are walking somewhere.

The videos of the “coaching series” will be given to you over a 12 week period, in which you will get practical tips on how to implement what you have learned in the audio. You will also be given homework assignments so that you can go out and implement the things that you have learned.

And along with the CORE system, there is a mastery section. The mastery section is divided into Levels 1, 2 and 3 and is supplementary to the core system. These are more of the advanced stuff.

There is also a bonus week 13 and Dominant Sexual Mastery section for the graduates of the core course. It is a real complete course on attracting women.


Of course no course is complete without bonuses and I can honestly say that the bonuses themselves should be a separate course. There are some really great bonuses in here. Such as the INNOCENT WORDS and PHRASES as I have gone over before. The dominant sexual power program comes with about 6-7 bonuses along with some other hidden bonuses as well.

Pros and Cons of DSP

So like I’ve said I’m going to talk about some negatives about the program as well.


  • A very complete course on attracting women and it places a strong emphasis on relationships
  • TONS of info about not just attraction but A LOT of psychology, inner game, and the like.
  • TONS of bonuses as well!
  • Audio and VIDEO! It’s great if you don’t like reading.
  • Very in depth guide on and goes DEEPLY into the science of attraction.
  • Get insights and advice from MULTIPLE instructors, including Vin Dicarlo!


  • Some of the concepts are very advanced and may not be suitable for the absolutely beginner.
  • A LOT of information can be overwhelming, but it is very organized and divided up so you can take it a little at a time.
  • May take a while to complete (aka 12 week course), so you need some patience. But you will be rewarded greatly.

Dominant Sexual Power Review Conclusion

Like with every program on attraction and how to get girls out there, knowledge is nothing without ACTION. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION! and actually go out and try this stuff out, or else it is useless. So in my honest opinion, this program is ABSOLUTE GOLD, and if you are thinking about buying it or not, I would recommend that you JUST GO FOR IT! It is an amazing program and I have learned so much from it. I actually plan to go over the entire course a second time, because it is just that good. But remember, you still need to go out there and practice, practice, practice! If you do go through the course, and if you do take action, then you will have the ability to attract almost any girl you want. I promise :). Thank you so much for reading my review on the Vin Dicarlo Dominant Sexual Power Program and I wish you the best of success, not just in success with women, but with success in life.




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Jo Hemmings – Sex Play: Tantalizing Thrills, Passionate Positions PDF Download

Jo Hemmings - Sex Play PDF Download

Jo Hemmings – Sex Play PDF Download

Sex Play – Tantalizing Thrills, Passionate Positions and Mind-Blowing Moves for Crazy, Sexy Fun in Bed

Unpredictable, uncontrollable and unbelievably hot! Expanding your sexual playbook is a surefire way to turn up the heat between the sheets. Sex Play is packed with steamy tips and tricks for the most erotic sex you’ve ever had. With this alluring book and a lust for adventure, you’ll discover exhilarating new ways to have a blast in bed. Get into a crazy position that will turn your world upside down (literally!). Don a sexy, creative costume and live out your ultimate fantasies. Play with an exciting toy for electrifying orgasms. The ultimate guide for modern couples, Sex Play will take your sex life from lovemaking to earth-shaking.

YOU’LL NEVER KNOW UNTIL YOU TRY! Do you want better sex? Then you need more sex–more ideas, more variety, more of everything.

Illustrated collection of steamy tips and new tricks for the most erotic sex ever Even the hottest couples can have their sex lives fall into a routine. Now, this alluring guide illustrates all-new ways to bring the passion and fun back into your bedroom! Written with humor and warmth and featuring stunningly erotic photos, Sex Play is the ultimate recipe book to taking sex to a whole new level of deliciousness. Intimate and explicit, amusing and arousing, this book is the definitive guide through a sexual menu from the very essence of libido and chemistry to tricks, tips and techniques for mind-blowing orgasms and simple-to-sexpert positions, as well as a feast of fantasy and role-play. Crammed full of do’s and don’ts for setting the mood, teasing, pleasing, playing naughty and much more, Sex Play is the perfect guide to taking your sexual appetite from lukewarm to roasting hot!


Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !
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