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Vince Kelvin – Secrets of Transitioning to Sex Download

Secrets of Transitioning to Sex

Secrets of Transitioning to Sex

Tired of blue balls? Fed up with last minute resistance?

FINALLY… There is an antidote, a remedy, a way out of sexual starvation and frustration!

26 world experts, assembled at the 3rd annual PUA Summit are about to RADICALLY REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR SEXUAL REALITY! Imagine the impact and potency of the combined experience of the bests of the bests on the planet, there to guide and drill you on how to TRANSITION TO SEX….and turn the rocky road to the bedroom into a smooth speedway to the satisfaction and “sucksex” you always wanted!!!

Featuring: Badboy/Marius, Adam Lyons, Hypnotica, Mehow, Vince Kelvin, David Wygant, Speer, Asian Playboy, Brad P., Kosmo, Daxx, Johnny Wolf, DJ Fuji, Nick Rogue, Hydro & Blue, Kino 5000, Artisan, Sexual Chocolate, Erika Awakening, Marni from The Wing Girl Method.

Includes: 7 DVDs and 2 CDs for $109



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Jason King – Orgasm On Command & Make Out Mastery Download

Jason King – Orgasm On Command & Make Out Mastery Review | Jason King – Orgasm On Command & Make Out Mastery Download

Jason King - Orgasm On Command & Make Out Mastery Download

Jason King – Orgasm On Command : The Orgasm On Command Technique
You’re about to learn my most prized sexual technique ever. This is the one that my ex-girlfriends remember me by, and it’s the reason they keep coming back and asking to sleep with me again… long after the relationship is over.
What you’re about to learn is something not one man in ten thousand knows about. Once you master this technique, you will no longer be just an average man. You will possess the single ability that escapes most guys in this world… namely, the ability to make a woman orgasm uncontrollably almost every single time you have sex with her.

Jason King – Orgasm On Command Contents:
The “Orgasm On Command” Technique.PDF
How To Get Her Naked In Just Mintues.PDF
How To Have Multiple Sex Partners.PDF

Jason King – Make Out Mastery

Training Manual – How To Make Out on The first Date.PDF
How To Get HER to want to get the clothes off.PDF
How To Get HER to make the first move.PDF

Bonus 3 mp3 : Special Report : The INSTANT pleasure technique mp3: Orgasm On Command Audio course



Jason King- Secrets of a Sex Magnet

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The Irwin Marriage and Sex Library Collection

Now even MORE resources included!!!

Who Else Wants to Make 2015 The Best Year in Their Marriage… and Bedroom?

Date: Tuesday 23rd September 2014 Robert & Susan Irwin

From: Robert & Susan Irwin Dear Irwin Subscriber,

First, and most importantly, we want to thank you for being a subscriber and/or customer.

We sincerely appreciate your loyalty, support and feedback.

As a subscriber, you probably know that…… a few times a year… as a special Thank You… we offer our subscribers the opportunity to upgrade their Irwin Marriage and Sex Library… and get ALL of the new resources we’ve introduced in the past twelve months…

And, because, relative to new resources introduced, 2013 and the beginning of 2014 were very eventful years for us, this upgrade offer is probably the most valuable one we’ve ever offered!

You can get ALL of our most popular new resources of 2014… for 90% LESS than what others paid…PLUS… we’ll also give you access to the rest of our library… for no additional charge!
All told… you’ll have access to 91 of our most popular and powerful marriage and sex advice resources… for less than what most people paid for just two!

If you take advantage of this  Subscribers Only Offer, here’s the new resources we introduced in 2013 and the beginning of 2014 that you’ll get…

Tantric Secrets for Real Couples Program

The Sex Mastery Program

The Male Orgasm Power Program

The Ultimate Video Guide to Giving Your Wife Squirting Orgasms

The Ultimate Video Guide To Giving Your Wife Squirting Orgasms

Yes, Every Woman Can Do It!Learn the PROVEN Technique to Give YOUR Wife Multiple Squirting Orgasms With This Scientifically Proven Method

And, in this video guide, you’ll get the keys to turning your wife into putty in your hands.

How do you do that?

By rocking her world (over and over) in bed!

Most men don’t have a clue how to pleasure women sexually, but if you let me take you by the hand and show you how to become the lover YOUR wife desires, I can guarantee you she will keep coming back over and over begging you for more.

In this unique video guide, you’ll discover…

How to get rid of the 5 myths about the female orgasm that literally DESTROY the sex life of thousands of couples every day. (After you read these 5 myths, your sex life will be TRANSFORMED!)
The hottest and most “uncommon” tips you must try tonight to MAKE HER INVOLUNTARILY SQUIRT and give her a DOZEN orgasms at least. GUARANTEED!
The No. 1 reason why women FAKE an orgasm (if you know this reason, you will always be able to identify a “fake” orgasm from a “genuine screaming orgasm”!
The exact spot you must touch to make your wife squirt. Here is Marcus’s foolproof way to find it on your wife in seconds – the very first time you try.
The thing most men think they should do when trying to give their wife one of these orgasms that almost guarantees she will not have one. This is the big secret that took me from getting about half the women to squirt to getting all of them to squirt so listen up.
The exact amount of fingers to use where and how to use them and how much pressure. He will show you every aspect of the technique and you will be amazed at how easy it actually is.
What happens in a woman’s body when she squirts and how to use this knowledge to give her more intense orgasms. No science mumbo jumbo here – just the straight facts on how to get her off.
The secret sex position that lets your wife have a squirting orgasm during penetration. The mental side of squirting.
Five things that get your wife relaxed enough to squirt without putting pressure on her. The special trick to use on her upper body that triggers an intense reaction downstairs. This gets her super turned on and begging for you to touch her down there. What you must do with your hands before you touch your wife if you want her to feel comfortable with you.
A new way to make your wife feel sexy down there. Use this to get rid of her negative self talk and make her comfortable and relaxed around you. This also makes a woman more open to intercourse with you. How often you should give a woman a squirting orgasm.
The two techniques guys use to make their women squirt and why you should never use them. Not only are they less effective but one of them could actually hurt your wife.
What you must do differently with a woman who is more conservative in the bedroom.
What to do with your fingers that are not inside of her. This is very important. Many guys miss this and when they do it is unlikely she will orgasm.
How to warm her up down there before you touch her secret squirt spot.
And much much more.

No boring books or diagrams… No way! That would be like trying to learn boxing or Karate from a book… it is impossible.

This is a one-of-a-kind “tell all and show-all” video instructional course that would show any guy how to give his wife an intense squirting orgasm… the very FIRST time he tried… regardless of his or her sexual experience… and even if he made a few mistakes that is… in an ANIMATED… NON-PORNOGRAPHIC format that anyone… even the most conservative man or woman… could watch WITHOUT feeling uncomfortable!

3D Animated Sexual Positions

What Is “3D Animated Sex Positions” All About?
Think of it as a modern, 3D and animated Kama Sumtra for the 21st century. This is the complete graphical playbook both you and your wife can refer to… over and over again… each time you make love!

Each one of the positions featured in 3D Animated Orgasmically Proven Sex Positions has been 100% pleasure tested to provide:

Deep, intense stimulation! – Ooooh ahhh… PLEASE DON’T STOP! These positions provide way more stimulation than your ordinary, everyday sex positions you have been taught to use. Put simply, they’re deeply orgasmically proven !
Intimate love-making – Each position allows your bodies to come into close, intimate physical contact with one another… allowing you to savor the intimacy that blissful sex provides!
Hours of endless, love-making fun! – You’ll LOVE the naughty “Climax Cues” included with every sex position to help you get even more out of sex… such as what you can do with your hands, how to tease her with your tongue while you’re inside of her, and what to whisper into her ears at the exact right moment!

Once you try one of these 3D Animated orgasmically proven sex positions… You May Not Want To Go Back To Plain, Vanilla Sex Ever Again!

2500 Sexual Games for Married Couples

2500 Sexual Games for Married Couples

The first (and only) game created specifically for Christian married couples that want to increase the excitement and fun levels in their bedroom.

Relationship experts are praising this game as “the must have” marriage and love life resource that EVERY couple should try!

In five minutes you can have all 2500 of these sexual ideas, positions, games and secrets at you and your spouse’s fingertips… and the amazing Random Game Generator!

Whether your love life needs a bit of a “kick start” and you want to bring back the fun and excitement or you just want to make it even better you’ll find everything you need in this game…

In fact, there are more hot sex games, ideas, positions, tips and tricks here than have EVER been gathered together into one place!

You see, I’ve spent years and thousands of dollars, researching hundreds of games and magazines, to separate the truly hot ideas and games from the boring junk.

So instead of spending weeks of frustration, searching through ideas elsewhere just to find the decent ones, you can save time and money and end frustration (and BOREDOM!) by using our DATABASE OF OVER 2500 GAMES, IDEAS, POSITIONS, TECHNIQUES, TIPS & TRICKS to try… starting tonight!

In this one-of-a-kind sexual resource for Christian married couples, you’ll get…

115 ideas for using “stuff you can find around the house” as fun sexual accessories.
299 foreplay ideas for driving each other “crazy!”
841 sex games that will lead to endless nights of sexual fun.
296 ideas for intensely exciting locations to make love.
271 sexual positions to try.
131 fun sexual uses for things you’ll find in your kitchen.
56 sexy clothing and roleplay ideas.
519 tips, tricks and techniques for giving you and  your spouse ultimate pleasure.
269 sexual questions to ask each other… for learning more about each other’s needs and desires.
And much more…

2528 IDEAS, GAMES, TIPS, TRICKS and TECHNIQUES for you to try with your spouse!

There are “games for married couples” available, but… most are illustrated with soft porn photos.

And…these games make NO distinction between married or unmarried sex. Most importantly…these games certainly aren’t sensitive to a Christian couple’s desire to avoid truly immoral or tasteless activities.

So…Finding any valuable tips in these other games is like looking for spare change in an adult bookstore. You better cover your eyes!

2500 Games For Christian Couples contains none of the “scary stuff” that you are hoping to avoid.

There is no… Soft core porn photos. Questions or suggestions that don’t factor in your Christian beliefs about things that should be “off limits” for Christian couples. Vulgar language or descriptions of body parts or sexual acts.

In less than twenty minutes you could be using any of these 2500 tips to TURBO CHARGE the sexual connections in your sex life… starting tonight!

The Wilder Wife Project

Would you like to learn how to make your wife desire you… sexually… so deeply that she is practically addicted to sex with you?

Picture how great it would be to know that you can, at any time, press your wife’s emotional and psychological hot buttons and make her crave and beg for sex with you.

If you’re (still) struggling to get your wife to clinch the sheets, and lose her mind, BEGGING for more sex… and you want proven secrets, to overcome everything that’s stopping you from having the marriage and sex life you’ve always desired… then……you’re about to discover how you… too… can get all the sex you want… anytime you want. Never again will you have to beg or plead with your wife or go weeks without sex – once you apply these sexual secrets… specifically for husbands… that you won’t find anywhere else!

In this unique and powerful resource, you’ll discover…

8 simple ways to increase your wife’s sex-drive (meaning you’ll get MORE SEX).
7 Oral Sex types and how to get your wife to want to try each and every one!
How to get your wife to let you take SEXY PICTURES of her and make SEX TAPES (if you’ve ever wanted to pull out your camera/video camera and film yourself ‘doing your wife’ – THIS section is for you).
How to get your wife to have sex with you in public.
How to change the sexual dynamics in your marriage relationship so that your wife wants more (and wilder) sex without you ever having to say a word… let alone beg or plead with her.
Learn the difference between the right and wrong ways to kiss.
Learn the “Sex Killing” mistake that most men make over and over again… and how to avoid them.
11 principles of addiction that guarantee she’ll become permanently addicted to you sexually and psychologically.
How to teach your wife to give you a SENSUAL MASSAGE – “YES”… I’ll teach you how to get your wife to give YOU the perfect massage.
The biggest secret to making your wife DEEPLY desire for you to touch her, to enter her, to make love to her.
How to make your wife’s vagina feel TIGHTER during sex.
The 2 SEX POSITIONS that will help you LAST LONGER and have more enjoyable sex.
A cheap and effective SEX TOY that can help you to get a harder erection and last longer.
A powerful DIRTY TALK technique that you can use to make your wife want to do ANYTHING with you in the bedroom (NOTE: this is seriously powerful, so please use it responsibly).
How to get your wife to masturbate in front of you (getting your very own SEX SHOW has never been so easy).
A simple technique for getting her to WANT TO SWALLOW (this even works with the women who claim to ‘hate’ swallowing).
What to do when she’s on her PERIOD – if you still want to have sex with her whilst ‘she’s on’… I’ll show you how to get her to not only agree to it, but actually really want it.
Advanced strategies for taking COMPLETE CONTROL in the bedroom.
4 things you must AVOID doing in the bedroom.
The NUMBER ONE way to increase your wife’s sexual attraction to you-increasing your masculine essence-and the mindsets you’ll need to accomplish this increased masculinity.
How to increase your confidence, in and out of the bedroom, so that you have what it takes to keep your wife sexually attracted – for a lifetime.
The critical female sexuality secrets that you must know if you want to create a wilder wife.
How to CORRECTLY utilize The Law of Sexual Reciprocity to make your wife DEEPLY desire to initiate sex with you more often.
The fastest and easiest (and most direct) route to turning on your wife and making her think that having sex is HER idea.
Discover how you can bring your wife to climax without ever touching her below the neck.
The no-fail seduction techniques that will work no matter how long you’ve been married or how many times she’s rejected your advances in the past.[/red_arrow_list]
EXACTLY how to get her to try all sorts of wilder things in the bedroom.
186 ideas to try with your new found wild wife.
How manipulation in a marriage (and the bedroom) can be a positive thing.
The NUMBER ONE cause of most husband’s lack of confidence – and how to overcome this problem, virtually overnight.
Why real and DEEP sexual attraction is so difficult for many husbands to develop in their wives.
How to overcome issues with jealousy.
Why what your wife SAYS she wants and needs and what she REALLY wants and needs are SELDOM the same thing.
Sexual Frequency Intensifier — makes your wife want sex more often.
Learn how to read your wife’s Signs of Total Arousal.
Sexual shorthand — create sexual experiences whenever you desire.
Why she wants you to TAKE THE LEAD, sexually, and how to convince her to let you.
The virtues of NOT suppressing your deepest and WILDEST lusts and desires.
What women (really) find attractive in men and the quickest, easiest way for you to become attractive to her.
The fastest & easiest way to create sexual desire in your wife.
Why some “bad poetry” on your part can lead to some INTENSE AROUSAL in your wife.
How to “hide” erotic metaphors in your normal conversations so that your wife becomes aroused when you aren’t even talking about sex.
How to make her have intensely positive feelings about you and to think about you ALL DAY.
The step-by-step female sexual arousal plan that will ensure that you never have to beg for sex again.
How to make her feel as if you’re showering her with gifts, without busting your bank account.
Why you must NEVER ask her permission and must LEAD her, sexually.
The secrets to creating INSTANT SEXUAL TENSION between you and your wife.
A cool little trick that will make your wife salivate over the thought of kissing you.
The covert techniques for making your wife remember all the reasons she loves you (and wants you) without ever saying a single word.
How to make her DESPERATELY want you to “own” her body in the bedroom… and how to do it!
How to initiate sex without EVER being rejected again.
The three agreements of initiating sex.
The biggest mistakes most men make that ruin the quality of their intimate relationships, cause their women to lose respect and attraction for them and how YOU can AVOID making these mistakes.
Why most men lose their sex-drives and how to avoid having this happen to you.
Discover how to make your wife sexually addicted to you for life.
Find out the 3 Must Have parts to a great sexual relationship.
Uncover the secrets of exactly what you need to do to achieve her sexual addiction.
Discover a technique that will make a kiss as good as sex.
Learn how to avoid power plays and other negative relationship dynamics.
Uncover the truth about what lies behind your wife’s doors of sexuality.
Find out exactly how you can make the “honeymoon period” of amazing sex last a lifetime.
Discover exactly how to get from “not tonight” to “I can’t get enough of you.”
Learn how to break that Rule of Diminishing Passion.
Find out exactly what you need to do to “unlock her door” of passion every time.
Find out how to get your wife to WANT to attend to your every lust-filled need and pleasure.
Discover exactly how to seduce, stimulate, and sex your wife perfectly every time so she wants sex more often.
Dozens of examples of DIRTY TALK phrases you can use to simultaneously increase your wife’s pleasure AND get her to do exactly what you want her to do during sex.
Uncover the secrets of how to create an aura of sexual desirability around yourself.
The quickest and easiest way to make you the object of her sexual addiction.
And much, much more than I can list here…

How to Become a Sexual Magnet (Audio Book)

In this companion resource to The Wild Wife Project, you’ll discover proven ways to make yourself dramatically more attractive to your wife, sexually.

How to Have a Deeper, Sexier Voice

In this companion resource to The Wild Wife Project, you’ll discover one of the easiest and quickest way to make yourself dramatically more attractive to your wife… a deeper and sexier voice.

Male Orgasmic Power Four Orgasms In an Hour and Ready for More…

How I learned to have the most intense, powerful and multiple male orgasms of my life… by accident…

In this resource, you’re going to discover…

How to experience new and different types of sexual and orgasmic pleasure.
How to have BIGGER and MORE INTENSE orgasms.
How to become a multi-orgasmic man.
How to find and stimulate your male G-Spot (your prostate) and how to have male G-Spot orgasms through male G-Spot massage and male G-Spot milking techniques.
How to last as long as you desire in bed.
How to increase and use your sexual energy to improve your  life and marriage.
How to expand your sexual arousal and orgasms from your genitals… to your entire body.
How to create a bio-electric/sexual circuit with your wife, during sex, so that the two of you truly “become one.”
How to have intense, whole-body orgasms.
Deep, pulsating, male G Spot orgasms.
How to increase your sexual confidence and skills.
How to make sex with your wife more about “play” and less about work.
How to overcome common sexual problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
How to make masturbation a positive, helpful part of your marriage and sexuality.
How to get your wife interested in more adventurous sexual play like multiple orgasms and male G-Spot play.

Have you ever wished there was a way to achieve orgasm without directly stimulating your penis?

Well, there is one PREDICTABLE and RELIABLE way to achieve FULL orgasm with WITHOUT touching your penis… prostate massage.
When you master prostate orgasms, you can regularly achieve deep, whole-body orgasms just by massaging your prostate!
Imagine how great that will feel.

In fact… there are several very high quality male sex toys available… specifically designed to stimulate your prostate and make “hands free orgasms” possible for you…

In Male Orgasm Power, you’ll not only find step-by-step instructions for amazing prostate massage and milking… we also include a section of instructions specifically dedicated to one of the best of these toys… The Aneros.

With these instructions, you’ll know exactly how to achieve your own “hands free orgasms.”

Plus…We also include a complete set of step-by-step instructions for your wife… for when you want to involve her in your male G Spot Play!

It doesn’t matter how old you are… or your current level of sexual skill… prostate massage and prostate milking will give you a chance to experience sensual pleasures you’ve never felt before.

And, you will never again need to waste your time or money on expensive pills or costly vitamins or supplement products to improve your orgasm or deal with improving your erections or premature ejaculation-BECAUSE PROSTATE MASSAGE SOLVES ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS!

What other sexual and orgasmic pleasures await you in Male Orgasm Power?

Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll find in this HUGE collection of male sexual and orgasmic tips, tricks and techniques…

The spiritual benefits of increasing your male sexual power.
How to overcome any sexual performance anxiety by developing your male orgasm powers.
A complete, step-by-step instructional guide to the most popular male sex toy… The Aneros.
The ancient secrets of how you can use breathing tricks and techniques to build incredible levels of sexual arousal.
How to have orgasms so overwhelming that you virtually lose control of your body.
The relationship benefits of increasing your male sexual power.
The differences between prostate massages and prostate milking.
How to have deep, pulsating male G Spot orgasms.
How to use your breathing as a powerful aphrodisiac.
The facts and myths about prostate massage.
How to make sex with your wife more “playful.”
How to increase your pleasure sensitivity so that you experience EVERY touch more intensely.

Male Orgasmic Power Advanced Audio Seminar(Audio Course)
In this companion resource to Male Orgasm Power, you’ll learn the advanced techniques for achieving intense, multiple male orgasms.

Male Orgasmic Power – Hypnosis Sessions(Audio)

In this companion resource to Male Orgasm Power, you’ll learn the hypnotic techniques for achieving intense, multiple male orgasms.

Male Orgasmic Power – Prostate Massage Guide(Audio Book)
In this companion resource to Male Orgasm Power, you’ll learn the advanced prostate massage techniques for achieving intense, multiple male orgasms.

Male Orgasmic Power – Prostate Stimulation Videos
In this companion resource to Male Orgasm Power, you’ll learn the advanced prostate stimulation techniques through these tasteful, yet detailed prostate stimulation video tutorials.

The Ultimate Erotic Massage Guide

In this resource, you’ll learn how to use massage to create an intensely erotic, pleasurable and relaxing experience for you and your spouse.

Tastefully Illustrated Sex Positions – Volume II
This resource is volume 2 of our popular Tastefully Illustrated Positions series. In it, you’ll find almost 200 new, tastefully illustrated sexual positions that you and your spouse will love!

The Coital Alignment Position Revealed
The coital alignment position or “CAT” sex position is the scientifically-designed best position for a couple to achieve simultaneous climaxes.
This special resource provides you with the exact text and illustration descriptions that you need to achieve this position quickly and easily.

Sensational Sex After Sixty!

There’s no reason that a married couple can’t enjoy sensational sex well into their eighties… if they know the secrets.In this resource, you’ll discover exactly what to do and not do to make sex, after age 60 amazing!

Nice Girls Do Oral Sex!
In this resource, Susan Irwin explains why Nice Girls do oral sex… and how they can make it extremely pleasurable for both husbands and wives.

Bacterial Vaginosis Relief
If you are tired of dealing with the negative effects of yeast infections, this resource is what you’ve been praying for!

In it, you’ll discover the natural, safe and proven best ways to quickly and cheaply and painlessly end a case of bacterial vaginosis.

Backdoor Persuasion

This is the Gentleman’s guide to introducing anal sex play to your married sex life.No more begging, nagging or fighting.

This book will bust all of the myths and lies that still persist about anal sex play in marriage… and give you a step-by-step plan for making anal sex play an attractive and fun activity for you and your wife.

Confessions of a Christian Wife That Loves Anal Confessions of a Christian Wife That Loves Anal

In this resource, Susan Irwin dispels the myths and lies that some are still spreading regarding anal sex within marriage.

In this breakthrough book, Susan addresses the Biblical, emotional and health issues to consider, relative to this potentially intense and pleasurable form of sexual activity.

The Orgasm Encyclopedia

The Orgasm Encyclopedia is a comprehensive F.A.Q on every question you have (or could have) about orgasms.

Have you ever had a question about orgasms that you just couldn’t find an answer to?

This resource is guaranteed to have the answer to your question!

The Science of Orgasm

The Science Behind Orgasm is a thorough repository of all of the latest scientific understanding regarding orgasm physiology.


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Gabrielle Moore – Last All Night Review | Gabrielle Moore – Last All Night Download

You will experience the pleasures of sex MUCH LONGER than you ever have before. What used to be a couple of minutes of sexual bliss will become hours of carnal enjoyment.
You will have the stamina to see your sex partner through HER climax. No more leaving her in the dust to fend for her own sexual release!
You will be in control of WHEN you ‘cum’. From now on, pleasure will not be abruptly ended by sudden spurts and spasms of your ‘juice’.
You will experience sex in a whole new light. No more ‘routine moves’ meticulously calculated to extract a few extra minutes of sexual play.
You will gain self-esteem and confidence that can only come from a man who can really pleasure and 100% satisfy a woman in bed.
You will be able to ‘pick up the pieces’ and engage in sex over and over and over again. No ‘one performance per night only’ for you!
You will improve intimacy with your sex partner drastically as you learn and practice Tantric Sex. She will no longer feel that you are ‘selfish’ in bed because not only are you able to last until she reaches an orgasm, but you will be equipped to make love on various levels (not just lovemaking of the body, but also of the heart, mind, and spirit).
Last All Night e-course (4 PDFs, 189 pages total)
Bonus 1: Daring Sexual Positions (1 PDF, 13 MP3s)
Bonus 2: Male G-Spot Mystery (PDF)
Bonus 3: The Female Ejaculation Mastery (PDF)

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Brandon Maxwell – Maxwell Multiple Climax Download



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Allana Pratt – Bad Boy Sex Secrets Download | Allana Pratt – Bad Boy Sex Secrets Review

Bad Boy Sex Secrets by Allana Pratt

An intimate invitation from International Author of Get Her to Say Yes and Scoring a Relationship: Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt

“There is a part of you that may still be hidden, that if you dare stand before me, I will awaken. In just 7 days I’ll show you how to BE that noble Bad Boy that makes her ache to do anything for you, always.”

A little secret about what happened to me as I sat down to create this product for you…I expanded as a lustful hedonistic muse…

“It was as if a barrier of hiding my true kinky naughty bold regal potent nature dissolved away at the thought of you standing before me.. embracing your Bad Boy.

No longer am I concerned that my overt sexuality would be too much for you.
I love men. I love sex. I love intimately connecting with Bad Boys.

I am alive with authentic pleasure at the thought of my gifts, talents and insights awakening your full Bad Boy capacity. I am completely turned on (and your woman will be, too) knowing the full YOU has been unleashed into the world…

I’ve NEVER fit in the box, I never WILL fit inside the box and the reason men trust me and transform their sex, sexual lives and self-confidence is because I’m different: Dorky. Delicious. Divine.

Even though I’ve coached men to be bad ass for over 5 yrs., coached women to open and surrender to you for 15 yrs., even though I’m a smarty pants from Columbia University, even though I have interviewed and coached celebrities, even though I’m a 3 time author and have graced national TV sets, international modeling runways and corporate boardroom presentations… I’ve struggled with revealing my full true sexual nature all my life.

It’s like as I committed to awakening your bad boy, my bad girl has awakened. Since filming and recording this potent program for you, I’ve experienced the breaking down of walls and the returning to my pure luscious hedonistic core. Now more than ever, I KNOW what’s missing in today’s sexual relationships. And I KNOW how to awaken this within you.

  • What if this Bad Boy in you requires a proper Initiation to step forth fully?
  • What if this Bad Boy in you requires all past wounds healed, forgiven and released in totality?
  • What if this Bad Boy in you requires a safe, tender, alluring, inviting, tempting, feminine champion to hold space for you to move forward with success?
  • What if this is exactly what I was designed to provide on this planet?

Let me tell you a story of my first ‘initiate’…

I have two failed marriages under my belt at this point, choosing men who didn’t meet my sexual depth, wildness, caring and intimacy… yet, YES you are correct. I chose them. Why? So that their rejection of me would prove my sexuality was wrong, I was wrong, I was a dirty and bad woman. Not kind. Not fun. What else is possible?

I’ve since been on a path to heal every ounce of shame, guilt, pain and suffering about my deliciously orgasmic, tender, creative, expansive, hedonistic, yummy SELF so that I can inspire others to experience the same joy, freedom, peace and pleasure I do in my body, and in sex, intimacy and communion with lovers.

For it seems when one is fully at peace with pleasure in their body, their sex, their relationship… they tend to create and receive the life they choose, including money, success, joy, sex, adventure.

So, back to my first ‘initiate.

It was close to 8 yrs. ago at a silent mediation retreat where you were only allowed to speak in these 40 minute partner sessions where you’d ask each other, “Tell Me Who You Are”. All you got to say in response was “Thank You”. It was day 3 of 5 and I wanted to get this ‘direct experience’ of who I am like the retreat promised was possible. Yet ‘wanting’ it was getting me nowhere (sound familiar?) so I just let go and chose to be curious, open and surrendered.

Sitting close, knees touching, facing one another, my partner said, “Tell Me Who You Are”. You’re supposed to take in the question and say whatever arises for you, no matter how weird, wondrous or wacky it is. I heard inside my head:Straddle the earth, right now. Get down on the floor. Straddle her.

OMG. How embarrassing.
Better than the woman beside me a moment ago, who reported she wanted ‘sweaty balls’.
Damn. THAT took courage to say.

So I pushed back my chair and reported to my partner that “I am straddling the Earth with and drinking her in…” He gulped, said “Thank You” with a crackle in his voice.

Then something happened, like I became possessed with energy, light, power. I started to orgasm in a way I never had before, not clitoral, but these deep waves within… my voice deepened and I WAS THE EARTH.

I was everything in creation. I told him that.

“I am the wind that blows over wheat fields at sunset.
I am the luscious moss on the north side of every trunk deep in the forest.
I can create the Grand Canyon with a glance.
I can create a tsunami with the tilt of my head.
And I don’t need a man.”

I was soooo full, orgasmic, writhing, moist and alive.
I was everything already… so what did I choose from here?
With smoldering eyes, heavy lashes, I purred to my partner,

“I have no interest, not even the capacity to care about a man who is unable to claim me.
How dare a man even cross my path of fullness unless he can hold the space to take me deeper, wider, more expansive…?”

My partner kept saying, “Thank you”. Shifting from shock, to understanding, to awareness, to beckoning me to tell him more… like the Holy Grail… as he said, Thank you, I could feel how he wanted to learn how to fully claim the Feminine.

I was floating, waves of orgasmic energy pulsing through me, speaking poetically AS the Earth when I shared that:

“There is a chasm between me and the man who dares to claim me. A deep chasm of doubt, mind spinning, thoughts of self-abuse, beliefs picked up by others, points of view of seeking approval, fears of rejection, patterns of hesitancy, disconnection from speaking and living one’s priorities… it is a dark swirling cavern of darkness that he will have to pass over to claim me.

If he focuses on the chasm, it would swallow him whole.

If he focuses on me, let my naughty alluring temptress energy awaken him, let my fierce love of his commanding nobility awaken him, let my caring tender sweet heart awaken him… allow my pure honor of his magnificence… then the chasm would close, he will be by my side, penetrating me deeply so that I can fuel his legacy, pour my liquid light into his Being and together we will soar into the cosmos in Communion with All.”

Weird shit, eh?
(Whoops, the Canadian accent slipped out).

Almost like when Sigourney Weaver got possessed in Ghost Busters… but WAY better.
So as I’m sharing all this, straddling an imaginary Earth on the floor, bowing to my partner who is still seated in his chair, several facilitators gathered around that I hadn’t noticed before… my adoration, honoring and allowing of ME… and my adoration, honoring and allowing of HIM… was the catalyst for HIM to have a ‘direct experience’.

Right there in front of me.Witnessing a brother BE all of HIM!BEING His Bad Ass Noble Hot Humble Heroic Self.

Later that afternoon in another partner sharing for 40 minutes, another gentleman ‘woke up’ in front of me.

For the next two years I enjoyed the best sex in my life (and it has gotten better ever since!) Back in my coaching practice, I was all about awakening this capacity in women and moms.

Yet honestly it wasn’t going that well. It was like I was too much for the women, and I noticed I began to dim this magnificent gift inside me.

A few of the things you will learn are…

How to unblock and open YOUR Sexual Energy – not only helps with erections but can make her orgasm from across the room.

When you laser focus your sexual energy on one woman as the Bad Boy, she can’t stop thinking about you, and will do anything to be with you…

Postures that turn her on and make her trust you – you may be just standing there and actually turning her off.

There is a reason we women go for the James Bond, Indiana Jones, UFC fighter, Cowboy etc… it’s how they move in their body… you CAN learn this and I’ll show you how…

How to stay present & calm with her no matter what happens – scripted sex is boring, so you WILL BE in the unknown – if you spin in your head, you will blow the whole thing.

Rarely have I met a man who could do this without my program. So many men derive their sense of self from her opinion of him, which deflates any chance of you being a Bad Boy. Let’s turn this around. Now.

How to introduce and use adult toys to take her into bliss – sometimes it’s her that’s timid and sometimes it’s you, let’s move through this

Women are super sensitive, can be confident in the boardroom yet when they hit the bedroom, feel completely insecure. Without knowing how to introduce adult toys, you could kill the moment before you ever begun, putting yourself months if not years back in terms of the profound intimacy that’s possible.

The importance of Bad Boy praise, touch, gifts & acknowledgment – bad boys say things in a specific way that elicits her erotic gushing take me now side, not the puppy dog side- you need to know this

Let’s be clear, being a Bad Boy doesn’t start in the bedroom, it starts hours before, which can seem like a lot of work unless I show you the easy authentic natural ways to bring this way of being into your everyday communications with her, so she’s begging for you once you get home!

Here’s what you’ll get in the Bad Boy Sex Secrets Video, Audio & Transcripts training program:

Day 1 Bad Boy Sex Secrets Video One:Inner & Outer Game

How to unblock and open YOUR Sexual Energy not only helps with erections but can make her orgasm from across the room.

Your sexual energy is not a thought in your head, it’s an energy that literally moves in you, as you, through you, you can measure it on Steven Hawkins’s’ Scale of Consciousness. When you have shame, guilt or suppression of your truth in any manner, you cut off this energy and your ability to access your nobility and your Bad Boy. Practice wielding this energy supports longer erections and this energy can literally be sent toward her, like an invitation to open her into surrender. Many clients have been able to claim this Bad Boy sexual confidence to flow energy to turn their partners on to the point of orgasm without any physical touch. Let’s get you started or take your practice to the next dimension.

Postures that turn her on and make her trust you you may be just standing there and actually turning her off.

Think about a man whom you respect. He could be a friend, mentor, actor, or athlete. Now notice his posture. Now think of a man you disrespect, again he could be a family member, coworker, actor or politician. What do you notice about his posture? Pushing forward? Pulled back? Grounded in the center? Wounds from the past, survival strategies to ‘make’ things happen or to protect you from rejection, all play out in your posture and how you walk, sit, approach a woman, make love. On this subconscious energetic level, women might be turned off just by how you stand. Let’s shift you into the most confident Bad Boy posture possible.

How to stay present & calm with her no matter what happens scripted sex is boring, so you WILL BE in the unknown- if you spin in your head, you will blow the whole thing.

One of the biggest complaints about being able to fully own your Bad Boy is how to move past the fear of rejection. Staying present instead of spinning in your head is challenging for many men who look to strategy and doing it right to be safe, look good, be right. And yet the present moment (not the past/future of the mind) is where all you power is, it’s where limitless answers are, it’s where your masculine instinct is, it’s where your authenticity lives. Easier to say than do, let’s dive deep and access what it takes to stay calm, present and grounded as the fuel for your Bad Boy.

Day 2

Bad Boy Sex Secrets Video Two: Advanced Moves & Communication

How to introduce and use adult toys to take her into bliss  Sometimes it’s her that’s timid and sometimes it’s you, let’s move through this

The truth is most women love the idea of a sex toy, being penetrated in more than one place at once, the act of total surrender into their partners guiding moves and leadership. And yet also many women have shame around their sexuality as being a bad girl, that kinky is bad or to be nice, not naughty. I teach you how to speak to women about all of their nature as a whole, so she feels honored, seen, valued and safe to explore area without judgment. When you can do this, being the Bad Boy who stays honoring of her, while expanding her expression, you will be nothing short of her hero.

The importance of Bad Boy praise, touch, gifts & acknowledgment Bad Boys say things in a specific way that elicits her erotic gushing take me now side, not the puppy dog side- you need to know this.

There are comments I know you know how to do, that make her swoon, blush, be all soft and mushy. Even comments that make her stand taller, proud and grateful for your appreciation. Yet there are also comments, ways you can touch her that either make her feel like a piece of meat, a sexual object… yet that VERY SAME ACTION done with Bad Boy energy she will feel like a work of art, a divine temple to be penetrated, like a sacred courtesan ready and aching to please you. You are TOTALLY in control of the space you provide and I can’t wait to teach you how to do this for it makes us women wet!!!

Day 3

Bad Boy Sex Secrets Audio One: Dark with Heart She doesn’t want a jerk; she wants the Bad Boy in YOU

One bad boy sex technique to solve this problem is called DARK WITH HEART… still be the good man she loves, but to become the mysterious bad boy she aches to be claimed by… I’m sure you’ve read A Billion Wicked Thoughts by those MIT guys who studied a billion porn searches of men and women… remember where it says a man needs only one cue to want to have sex with her, yet she needs 17 to let you into her secret garden? Thus it’s not just what you’re doing, but who you’re BEING that triggers her brain to surrender all the way… for you to please her, turn her on, have her begging for more… you have to DO and BE different than you are right now… and I’ll show you how.

Stay present to your caring for her… while simultaneously letting your dark primal sensual wild side free. A true Badass man that makes women swoon and ache to be taken… isn’t a bad boy or jerk… no… it’s the screw the rules anything is possible like James Bond, Indiana Jones, these Vampire movie characters, Christian Grey… the man in 50 Shades of Grey that 40 million women are fantasizing about…. it’s a man who’s heart is present… he LOVES women… and he’s DARK and will dominate her into blissful surrender… Think about it… even in Fight Club there was this sacred reverence for the fight. Dark and light combined. If you lose the heart, you’re just a cocky jerk wanting his way, she aches for her hero to take her….

Day 4


The REAL way most women want to be dominated

The #1 reason my female coaching clients tell me they stray, have affairs, flirt with the tennis pro, or lock themselves in the bathtub reading erotica…is because they tell me their good men are uninspiring lovers and they miss their bad boy lovers or the past… who rocked their world…

Here’s something you’ve got to get about most of today’s women. We have to be masculine all day (doing, leading, directing, putting out fires, creating solutions, acting and getting things done.) And being a mom is one of the most masculine acts out there… it’s all do do do! So by the time they see you at the end of the day, they are aching to be feminine, to open, to surrender, to receive, to be led, to be claimed, taken and out of control.

They chose you because you’re a good man… and no woman can let go, lose control and open to a jerk. Yet on the other side, she misses the darkness, unpredictability, element of surprise of the bad boys she used to date… with whom many times she had the best sex of her life…so she doesn’t want to be betrayed and used- which is what bad boys do- she wants to be honored adored and respected- which is what you do, good man. Yet I know you know that she wants more. And I know you know you’re not providing it.

Day 5

Bad Boy Sex Secrets Audio Three: ERECTION INJECTION

Many men have been emasculated at some point by a woman for his sexual desires… and these deep inner wounds actually effect your capacity to be hard and stay hard

I am going to tell you his story. He was experiencing impotency. The Dr.’s said it wasn’t physical, but mental. He bought my program and realized that he was still emasculated, ashamed and felt guilty for his sexual expressions and desires by his first wife, and even though his new wife adored him, he kept being sabotaged and would lose confidence, focus and go limp. As I said before, my program is about what to DO yet also who to BE and if ANY judgment shame anger guilt or hesitancy exists of who you are as a sexual man in your full potency… you won’t be able to be the Bad Boy she needs.

So here is the process I used to help this man gain his erection back again. Yet before I begin, I want to know where you are ashamed, timid, questioning, doubtful, and judgmental of your own sexuality, your own desires, your kinkiness, your potency… I have honestly never met any man in 15 yrs. of coaching that didn’t have some kind of oppressed sexual expression. While women’s lib had a wonderful initial message of equality for women and honoring of their talents and gifts, I believe it went too far, turning women into ball busters and emasculating men to the point where many have become sensitive new age wusses. Men don’t have a safe place anymore to be men. Your natural attraction to us, our sensuality, our sexuality, our bodies has been made wrong swaying you too far into the feminine energy of feelings, disconnecting you from your balls, your directive, leadership capacity to claim us, penetrate us open into blissful surrender.

So the first stage of healing this is to apologize….

Day 6

Bad Boy Sex Secrets Audio Four: ANAL PLEASURE

The truth about how to introduce, have and explore anal pleasures
I’m sorry, yet there are way more women who love, are curious about or want to try anal sex than you imagine… it’s just that there are two blocks you have to handle with her. The first is that you’ll think she’s weird, gross, a slut or low class for wanting it… or SHE will think she’s weird, gross, a slut or low class for wanting it.

The second is that she’ll make a mess, crap on you, the bed, and be mortified as she stinks up the place. Totally true. And yet most women I talk to ache to be filled with you everywhere… and many have fantasies of it all at once… you can fulfill these fantasies if you can walk her through the fire and over the bridge dissolving fear, shame, concerns, being patient, understanding and making her feel safe and normal…and making her feel courageous, glorious, amazing and the sexiest woman you’ve ever known, no matter what the outcome for being willing to explore with you into uncharted territories.

Day 7


Bad Boys break the rules of society and yet without awareness, consciousness and presence with your lover, all of this can backfire on you- you’ve got to get this right.

Bad boys break the rules of society. They don’t give a shit what people say. A man that sure of himself is a turn on for women. She may want to be confident in herself, but she doesn’t want you to be push over, she doesn’t want to give her power away to you. She puts people in their place all day, she wants YOU to put her in her place, with a twinkle in your bad boy eye. True Bad Boys have heart and while they don’t give a shit what people say either, their actions are never at the expense of another, or done with unkindness, malice or for narcissist shallow pleasure.

I can’t stress enough that true successful Bad Boys (not assholes or jerks that only attract insecure low self-esteem needy gold digging women) TRUE Bad Boys are both kind and turned on by a woman who will honor him… AND are bold, dark and wild… and turned on by a woman who honors his choice to embrace his true sexual nature, unapologetically AND is willing to penetrate the world as his authentic self.

I invite you to really choose right now… are you willing to have a woman adore the true Bad Boy in you? If you doubt him, so will she. If you judge him so will she. If you dishonor him so will she. If you honor, trust value and celebrate him as a component of the totality of who you are as a man… you are kind, honoring, creative, strong, Bad Boy and totally at peace in your sexuality and open to exploring more and more fulfilling sex with your partner… if you own that? She can own that about you too. It all starts with you.


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PUA Training - 43 Texts that Guarantee Sex

PUA Training – 43 Texts that Guarantee Sex

43 Texts that Guarantee Sex was launched for the first time on Tuesday, October 8th. Richard La Ruina announced the release of this new training course on 3rd October 2013. A limited number of 1,000 copies were made available at that time.
The idea behind the course is to make use of template “texts” with your phone to do most of the work for you when attracting and seducing a woman. This fits the courses subtitle “Use these proven text messages to get women into bed”. The course has been designed this way so that it requires less effort to learn it. It’s not teaching a skillset, rather it is a cook book with the exact texts you have to send to a girl to get her interested, chasing and ready to have sex with you.

Richard gives the example of just having to meet a girl briefly and take her number before using this system. So in that way it’s easier for people without having already learned “Game” to execute.

The system was learned from a guy in New York who Ruina says doesn’t have any traditional attraction or seduction game. In fact he looked like he wasn’t very effective with women and only just managed to get their numbers. But then when he follows up with them via his text game, he would get the results.

This is PUA Training’s first text and phone game course.

Table of Contents/ List of Topics Covered: 6 module video training covering the following subjects:
– How to get a girl’s number (step by step sequence)
– How to get girls’ numbers from online dating (if you are unable to approach a girl in real life)
– The “43 Texts” system with example texts, psychology of ‘why they work’ explained and when to send them.
– 43 Texts online “recipe book” (Cheat sheet template with all the texts listed)
– Advanced training videos covering specific applications: using it with girls who already have a guy in their life, using on women in the office, how to outsource the method so someone else can do it for you.

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Runels – Erection Enhancement Download

“Every man [woman] is a builder of a temple, called his body, to the god he worships,…
We are all sculptors and painters, and our material is our own flesh and blood and bones.”—Walden, Henry David Thoreau   

Erection Enhancement

First, let me just set the record straight, yes, it is possible to cause the penis to grow even after a man has reached maturity. 

People with acromegally, will grow a larger jaw bone, larger nose, larger fingers.  People with another rare disorder will grow a larger skull.  The body is constantly renewing.  There’s a new layer of skin about every 6 weeks.   As the body remodels, it can change sizes depending upon what stresses, hormones, and nutrition is available.  A simple example is muscle growth.  Now, even the brain is thought to be fluid and IQ thought not to be set at birth.

With a decrease in testosterone levels, atrophy of muscles and penis is well documented.  But, what about penis enlargement, does it really happen?  If atrophy (shrinkage) occurs, can you drive the process in the other direction and cause growth?

The two hormones that result in penis growth (for children and adults) when supplied in abundance and in shrinkage when in short supply are testosterone and growth hormone.  The confusing part is that people with acromegally (abnormally elevated growth hormone levels) can have a decrease in testicular and penis size.  But, this occurs because the cause of the elevated growth hormone will sometimes cause a drop in testosterone levels (by causing a drop in LH or an increase in Prolactin).

So, it takes an increase in both:  a) Testosterone and b) Growth Hormone to cause the penis to grow.

I learned a method of restarting penile growth in adults from a prominent European endocrinologist (where the use of growth hormone is more accepted and less regulated than here in the US).  To precipitate erection enhancement, a derivative of testosterone is applied as a cream directly to the penis and growth hormone is given as an subcutaneous injection.

Here’s the downside, and it’s a big one:  when you cause a re-start of growth of the penis, you could restart growth of the prostate as well.  I do not advocate treating penis length unless someone has a very abnormally small penis.

I’m going to give dosages and the exact formula for the testosterone derivative for adults as well as the erection workout, supplement, diet, and other techniques that should be used. Why? Because sometimes a smaller penis can be a social handicap for a man.

I do not want you to self treat by buying junk from the internet and hurting yourself.  I describe more of the why’s and how’s of penis length in my book, Anytime…for as Long as You Want:  Strength, Genius, Libido, & Erection by Integrative Sex Transmutation (but this is mostly a course for improving health and sexual function, not about growing a larger penis).

What about the pills being sold on the internet?

Most of these formulas have arginine or glutamine combined with other growth hormone or LH boosters.  Growth hormone (GH) taken by mouth does nothing because the digestive juices of the stomach will digest a protein hormone like GH (that’s why you have to take insulin as an injection…insulin is also a protein).  If there were a way to take GH by mouth, then every diabetic could throw away their insulin needles.   But, if you have a healthy pituitary and you take these amino acids at least two hours after your last meal (so no other amino acids are in the stomach) then you can cause increased release of GH and cause a 50% or sometimes more increase in GH levels.  The problem with this is that the strategy works best for those who need it least.  Those with really low GH from a sluggish pituitary response will respond very little if at all to this therapy.

What about all the stretching exercises?

If done improperly, these can cause impotence (nerve and blood vessel damage).   If you want something that works, then you must know what you’re doing when you do stretching exercises with your penis.

What about surgery?

Here’s excerpts from an article that describes the procedure and the sort of results to expect (for conversion, divide the cm by 2.54 to get the number of inches):


Until 20 years ago, penis size (either nonerected or erected) was not mentioned, discussed, or defined even in serious books of human anatomy. The need of some men to enlarge and elongate their penile size is equivalent to the need of some women to ask for breast augmentation. The same method of transferring autologous fat into other parts of the body can be used in male patients for augmentative phalloplasty. The circumference of the penis increases 2 to 3 cm, and before of a heavier penis, the length increases 1 to 2 cm. If more lengthening is desired, subtotal dissection of the ligament fundiforme penis below the symphysis could be done, pull the corpus cavernosus out, and fix the tunica albuginea at the periost. At the root of the phallus, the skin can be elongated by V-Y-plasty, and the scrotal skin can be released by 1 or 2 Z-plasties. Combining both autologous fat transfer and ligament release allows for penis elongation of 3 to 5 cm. The authors have performed augentative phalloplasty on 88 patients since 1996. They have transplanted 40 to 68 ml of pure fat. Of the 88 patients, 57 underwent autologous fat transfer only, and 31 received additional ligament release. Penis length increased 1.5 to 4.8 cm (average, 2.42 cm), and circumference increased 1.4 to 4.0 cm (average, 2.65 cm). The initial penis lengths were 6.5 to 10.0 cm (average, 8.72 cm), and the circumference were 8.0 to 10.1 cm (average, 9.18 cm) not erected. Patients are advised to obstain from sexual activity for 5 weeks after the surgery. Two patients who disregarded this advice had an unsatisfactory result. In one patient too, much of the grafted fat had to be removed from the preputium. No other serious complications were observed.


Augmentative phalloplasty.
Panfilov DE – Aesthetic Plast Surg – 01-MAR-2006; 30(2): 183-97

And what’s really normal anyway?

Here’s an excerpt from and recent article in the medical literature:  Penile length and circumference: an Indian study. – Promodu K – Int J Impot Res – 01-NOV-2007; 19(6): 558-63 (From NIH/NLM MEDLINE

Aim of the present investigation is to estimate the penile length and circumference of Indian males and to compare the results with the data from other countries. Results will help in counseling the patients worried about the penile size and seeking
penis enlargement surgery. Penile length in flaccid and stretched conditions and circumference were measured in a group of 301 physically normal men. Erected length and circumference were measured for 93 subjects. Mean flaccid length was found to be 8.21 cm (3.2 inches), mean stretched length 10.88 cm (4.3 inches) and circumference 9.14 cm (3.6 inches).

Mean erected length was found to be 13.01 cm (5.1 inches) and erected circumference was 11.46 cm (4.5 inches).

There are significant differences in the mean penile length and circumference of Indian sample compared to the data reported from other countries. Study need to be continued with a large sample to establish a normative data applicable to the general population.

Here’s a table from a recent journal article that reviewed the treatment of men who complained of having a small penis.  This table combines several studies of penis size:

TABLE I   —  Previous data on penile measurements
InvestigatorAge Range (yr)Flaccid Length (cm)Stretched Length (cm)Erect Length (cm)
Wessels et al.,[3] 199621–828.8512.4512.89
Smith et al.,[4] 1998NANANA15.71
Schneider et al.,[2] 200118–198.6NA14.48
Key: NA = not available.

It seems odd to me that millions are being spent by men to try and grow a larger penis and there’s very little being written by physicians to tell the truth of it all.   Hopefully this helps some.

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Kevin Wills – The Desire Protocol – Create Addictive Desire In Any Woman PDF Download

The Desire Protocol
The Ultimate Guide To Create Addictive
Sexual Desire in Any Woman

Hi, my name is Kevin, and this is a boring, bland hotel key.

The kind with the magnetic stip that opens your room door.

This keycard, that doesn’t even work anymore. Is the number one reason
I am able to get literally every girl I want…

I’m talking about the gorgeous perfect 10 women, most automatically men assume are out of their league.

And it allowed me to discover the natural biological programing that is hard-wired in every woman’s brain, and is the key to creating in her, instant, addictive sexual desire and if you stick with me until the end of this presentation…

I Am Going to Show You How You Can Activate That Program, to Make Any Woman You Want, Devastatingly Addicted to You.

On such a deep, emotional level, that she will do anything for you. Cook, clean have sex with you on command, and become your pretty little sex slave while loving every minute of it.

I am talking about even the shyest, innocent and most conservative girls, falling over their piggy tales to become sexually devoted to you.

In fact, if you don’t have at least 3 girls right now sending you text messages, NUDE photos and begging you to come over and screw their brains out tonight, then you need to stay with me. Because in a few short minutes from now…

You Will Learn How to Arouse a Woman’s Primal Instincts, to Make Her Feel an Uncontrollable Sexual Desire For You.

And you’re going to find out why it doesn’t matter if you’re fat, broke, just plain ugly or never had a girlfriend in your life.

The secrets I’m going to share with you in the next few minutes, will show how to activate a woman’s natural biological programing, to fire up her primal desires and make her irresistibly and sexually addicted to you.

These secrets are going to change your life, get you laid like a rock star, and make women fall head over heels to be with you.

How do I know? Because I was one of those guys…

One of those hopeless guys that never had a girlfriend, and it all changed when I got this keycard.

Before I get into that, I just want to warn you about a couple of really important things…

#1– I Have No Idea How Long I’m Going to Be Able to Keep This Site Up.

The astonishing knowledge I am about to reveal to you, is so compelling and powerful, that some women may not be happy to know that any man with the secret knowledge I am about to reveal, can access and manipulate the parts inside the female mind, that control any woman’s primal biological programing.

And set in motion the natural response that makes her seek sexual pleasure, and satisfaction above anything else…

This discovery alone, will definitely make a lot of women uncomfortable, and even angry to realize, how easily a man in possession of the powerful knowledge I will reveal to you, can trigger their most basic instincts and sexual urges to become irresistibly addicted to you.

And this is only the start of what you are about to learn today.

That’s why it’s so important that you watch this video to the end now, and that you don’t leave this page and say you’ll watch it later. If you do, there’s a very good chance that you’ll simply miss out on this powerful knowledge.

#2– The Information I’m About to Give You Is Dangerous…

Once you discover what I’m about to tell you, there is no chance of you ever going back and seeing women the same ever again. You will understand that everything you’ve ever been told about what women want is a complete lie.

You see, we have been told that women are sensitive, delicate creatures, which crave romance, value love, friendship and charm. Yet, a recent study published in the National Institute of Health, discovered that women have deeply hard coded in their brains a sexual biological programming, designed to override physical attraction, friendship, and even love every single time.

This breakthrough discovery about a woman’s sexual desire has been hidden on purpose for decades, and replaced instead by more politically correct theories.

Yet, the shocking information revealed in recent neurological studies revealed that when a certain part of a woman’s brain is stimulated, her primal natural sexual instincts take over, and she becomes so aroused, to the point that from that moment on, she will focus in obtaining sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

And here’s the amazing thing, if you combine the correct series of words, body language, and psychological triggers…

You Will Activate That Exact Part of Her Brain to Make Her Instantly Horny, and Irresistibly Obsessed to Have to Sex With You.

However amazing this may sound, this is not a theory, it’s a fact based on how women naturally respond, based on thousands of years of evolution.

All females are designed by the process of evolution to crave and experience sexual pleasure. This behavior is naturally hard-coded in their brains in order to preserve our species, and in the next few minutes I am going to show you how you can be the object of these sexual cravings and pleasure.


Picture in your mind waking up in the morning and having dozens of texts, from two, three, or even five different women. All of these texts are asking to see you, wondering what you’re doing tonight…

They are sending you nude photos, talking about how badly they want you to f**k them.

This sounds great until it happens to you, so I am warning you, be very, very careful with how you use the powerful knowledge you are about to discover.

To create such deep desire in beautiful women that they will move mountains to be with you, can become a struggle.

Trust me, you think it sounds like heaven, but it’s actually a really difficult thing to do deal with.

This knowledge is dangerous and the women that find themselves desiring you can take over your life if you’re not careful. So, if you like the way your life is right now, and you’re satisfied, then please, let your ignorance be bliss.

If you’re not prepared to deal with the responsibility, and power that this knowledge is going to give you, to the point that nearly every woman you meet feels a deep addictive desire for you, then this isn’ for you.

If that sounds like you and you want to stay in your dream world and you’re satisfied with the way your life is going now, then you should probably leave this website right now.

Okay, If You’re Still Here It Means That You’re Prepared to Deal With the Immense Power, and Responsibility That Comes With Knowing the Key to Decode the Sexual Female Mind…

First, however, I’m going to share an embarrassing story with you and you’ll see why in just a moment.

You see, I wasn’t always the guy who can get almost any woman, from hot waitresses, to cute teachers, or even top models on command.

In fact, far from it. Up until five years ago, I was a 25- year-old college dropout living in a studio apartment in Seattle. I drove a 1998 Honda Accord, and I was a dumpy, nerdy, forever alone freelance programmer, that worked alone, by myself, from my apartment.

The story I’m about to tell you is painful… In fact, I’ve never actually shared it openly before, because it causes me so much heartache.

So, as I said earlier, my name is Kevin and up until five years ago I was basically a loser…I had never had a girlfriend. I was 25-years-old and I had never had sex.

In fact, I didn’t even have friends that were girls.They just wouldn’t talk to me, and I was way too nervous to talk to them.

All throughout high school and my early twenties, instead of going to hang out at my friend’s house after school or after work, I was sitting inside eating cheese puffs and playing World of Warcraft. Sometimes for up to 12 or 14 hours straight.

When I did end up hanging out with friends, it was to play Dungeons and Dragons, or Magic The Gathering at my local comic book store. My favorite movies were Japanese anime movies, and my favorite things were comics.

And you know what? I still love all of these things. I still love comic books, anime, and I still like video games. But back then, I did all these things to fill a void – a void of emptiness.

I Was a Lonely Virgin and The Only Women I Knew Were Ones I Jacked Off To in Porn.

The only relationships I had in real life were with other guys just as desperate as me or, and I’m not kidding about this, World of Warcraft players who had female avatars.

Hell, I didn’t even know if the players were really girls or if their characters were just girls. I had pretend girlfriends in a pretend world.

Eventually I got fed up with it all, I hated my life. I decided that it was time for a change. I decided I was going to hit the gym, get out there in the world, and break out of my shell.

I thought, the only way I can improve my life was to make big positive changes.

I started going to the gym about four days a week. I started losing a bit of weight; I concentrated more on my business, and started making more money.

I cut the video games down; and I also started studying pickup theory. You know what I’m talking about, those guys out there who call themselves pickup artists and gurus.

Well, I read all their books. I mean, I read through everything. I must have read about 20 different books on how to pickup women until. About nine months later… I decided I was finally ready to go out there in the world and get laid.

For the first time in my life I was going to go out, find a girl, talk with her, and take her home.

That was my goal and I failed miserably. I didn’t just fail once – I failed over and over and OVER AGAIN… I tried clubs, I tried bars, I tried the gym… I tried house parties with mutual friends.

I used every technique and every lesson I learned in all those pickup artist books and I didn’t get a single response from any women…

They just looked at me like I always had been looked at by pretty girls – like a weird creep. I immediately fell into a depression…I figured I would just never get laid, that I would never have a girlfriend.

That I would never experience what it’s like hook up with a beautiful woman who didn’t immediately look at me with disgust…

I stopped going to the gym, I stopped eating right, I fell back into my old habits. F**k it, I thought,I’m doomed. After a couple of months of wallowing in self-pity I decided to rally one more time.

I decided I would give it one more shot. Not only that, I decided I was going to go all out this time.

So, I bought a nice suit and I went to this bar at one of Seattle’s downtown hotels. I don’t want to name it, of course, because I could get in trouble for what I’m about to tell you next.

I got into the bar and the music was great, the atmosphere was kind of romantic.I was surrounded by beautiful people,but I instantly started regretting my decision.

This upscale place wasn’t filled with single women – it was all couples drinking expensive wine and scotch. I figured I had failed again with another stupid idea and another idiotic attempt at getting laid.

Then I Saw Her. The Most Beautiful Woman I Had Ever Seen in My Life Up To That Point.

She was sitting at the end of the bar with this slinky, tight-fitting, barely there red dress.

Her hair was raven black, and she had this sexy mediterranean brown skin.

Her lips were full, and subtle, and perfect.

Her legs were long, and shimmered in the dim light like silk.

Everything about her was perfect.

Her proportions were perfect, her skin was perfect, and her eyes were intoxicating.

I instantly wanted her… But how could I have her? Look at me and look at her.

That’s when I noticed something strange. She was staring at me… In fact, not only was she staring at me, she was smiling at me. I felt like all the moisture was sucked out of my mouth.

But, I mustered up my courage, went over, and introduce myself. To my surprise she didn’t look at me like I was a creep or tell me to go away. She didn’t make a face of disgust. Instead, she smiled, shook my hand, and said “My Name’s Lena”.

When she said it my heart almost melted. She had this gorgeous Italian accent. Every time she talked it may as well been like honey dripping from her lips. It was the sweetest thing I had ever heard.

Then another strange thing happened. She started asking things me about me. What I did and such. I thought, here it goes, as soon as I start telling her about my interests, she’s going to think I’m a stupid geek. The surprising thing is, she seemed incredibly interested in me, and everything I said.

In fact, the more I talked to her, the closer she got.

Before I knew it, she was pressing her firm, perky breasts against my shoulder…

She ran her slender fingertips on my thigh, lightly stroking my leg up and down.

At one point she kissed my neck and whispered in my ear… “Why don’t you come up to my room?”.

I was blown away. That’s when she handed me this keycard, and told me what room she was in.

“Come up in Five Minutes” She Said…

“I Don’t Want People Here to Get the Wrong Idea About Me”.


What a classy lady – I thought…

Even though she has a reputation to keep, she’s willing to invite me up to her room. I must be doing something really, really right. All those pickup artists tips, and lines have finally worked. I thought maybe I was just going to all the wrong places before.

So, I do what she says….

I wait five minutes, and then I hurry myself to the elevator. When I get to her room, I slide the card and open the door. There she is, waiting for me, sitting cross-legged on the edge of the bed. Wearing the sexiest lingerie I’ve ever seen.

I couldn’t contain myself; I rushed over to her and began to kiss her. That’s when she pushed me away… “What’s wrong?” I asked, “We have to negotiate first,” She said. I was in shock – what was she talking about “negotiate”?…

Then she says, “It’s $600 for the entire night and you can do whatever you want”.

I didn’t know what to say…

I stood there for a moment, full-on erection, looking at this beautiful woman in front of me.

Finally I sputter out the words, “But… I thought you wanted me. I didn’t know I have to pay”…

She looked at me coldly, all the admiration and desire I had seen in her eyes before was gone.

And she very matter-of-factly said. “I’m an escort”….

“Do you think a woman like me would sleep with a guy like you if money wasn’t involved?”.

My heart sank…

The only time in my life a woman showed any interest in me, and it was a $600 prostitute.

What I did next is not something I’m proud of. To this day I regret it. And, I’m only telling you right now because you need to know and understand the extent of desperation I had.

You see, I paid for lena that night… I went downstairs to the ATM and withdrew $600, which was most of my rent for that month.

In fact, I almost got kicked out of my apartment because I was late on the rent, and had to borrow money from a friend. All because I gave it to an escort for one night of sex that wasn’t even good.

When I woke up the next morning and left the hotel I didn’t feel better. I didn’t feel rejuvenated. I felt dirty, disgusting, and unwanted.

All the attention I had gotten the night before, the talking, the sex, everything was acting – it was a lie… I wanted to feel the way I did when I thought that this beautiful woman was talking to me, for me.

But I wanted to be genuine. When I got home I emptied my pockets and I realized I still had that same hotel keycard. I looked at it again and right then and there I made a vow to myself…

I vowed that I would do whatever it took to never find myself in a position like that as long as I lived. That I would never go weeks, months, or years without the touch of a woman, or without the satisfaction of a relationship.

Things had to change, and they had to change now.

So, I kept that keycard…I still have it, and I look at it everyday as a reminder of that terrible night. That night I sold my soul, and virginity for $600.

What started that day was a journey that’s lasted now for five years…

What started that day was a journey that’s lasted now for five years. A journey that took me from your typical nice-guy pushover, to a confident, strong alpha male who f**ks beautiful women whenever I want.

I Literally Have Women Falling Over Themselves to Be With Me. And They’ll Do Anything for Me. And Here’s the Thing, They Love It That Way…


What I discovered at the end of my journey is that there is a simple way to create intense, addictive sexual desire within any woman, without stupid pickup lines or any of that crap.

The day I left that hotel room, I completely changed my life and my luck with women. In fact, I don’t believe in luck…

I simply learned how to create desire in a woman whenever I want, wherever I go.

You see, I attacked the problem the same way I attack a programming problem or in any one of the strategy games I play. From Dungeons and Dragons to World of Warcraft to Counterstrike and anything in between.

Women, like any game, have hacks and shortcuts; you just have to figure them out…

If you never spend the time to look, you’ll never know, and you’ll always be doing things on “hard mode” and never actually beat the game.

I began to look for people who knew a lot more to me, life hackers if you will. I consulted with evolutionary biologists, psychologists, neurologist and doctors.

For almost 4 years I traveled throughout the country, met in person with these people, consulted with them, and spent thousands of dollars of my own money in order to discover exactly what it is that make women desire men.

Instead of relying on books by a bunch of money-hungry so-called gurus, who probably are as unsuccessful with women as I was, I was figuring out women from a deeper perspective. And after years of research, I discovered the secret biological program inside a woman’s brain, that creates addictive sexual desire.

I virtually had the keycard to a woman’s mind and…

I Am Going to Show You, How You Can Reprogram Any Woman’s Mind, and Make Her Devastatingly Addicted to You.

On such a deep emotional level, that she will do anything for you.

So, Keep Reading…

Remember, despite my success today, I am really no different than you are. I am just a guy who happened to use what I went through, and out of necessity created an exact blueprint to make any woman instantly horny and irresistibly obsessed to have sex with me.

And it’s the same exact system I’ll be sharing with you today, so you can finally experience results like these for yourself!

This is the same exact blueprint I use myself to f**k virtually any woman I want on command.

I’ll share all the specifics with you in just a moment, first… I need to let you in on what the real problem is today, and this is the main reason why you don’t have 3 to 5 girls in your life right now that you can have sex with anytime you want.

The real problem is the fact that you’ve been lied to for years…

And these lies are keeping you from easily having sex with any woman you want, the way it has been for thousands of years.

You see, women, just like men, have a biological sexual programming that has been embedded into a woman’s mind through millions of years of collective evolution.

This biological programing dictates that when approached by a desirable alpha male their body and minds naturally and irresistibly respond by surrendering and opening their pretty legs and butts to receive his manhood.

It’s a natural instinct driven by the strongest and most basic form of human desire…

The desire to mate and obtain sexual pleasure.

And here’s the amazing thing…

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you look like…

If you combine the correct series of verbal cues, body language, and perform the right triggers…

You Can Activate the Part of a Woman’s Brain that Sees You as a Desirable Alpha Male and Unleash the Inevitable Reactions that Will Make Her Irresistibly Obsessed to Have Sex With You.

You may have heard, or perhaps even believed at one point, that in order to get perfect 10 girls, you have to be good looking, have tons of money, a six-pack or a nice car.

Or you might have tried to follow the guru’s advice that tell you that you need to learn ridiculous pick up lines, or so-called player strategies that will only make girls laugh at you. That’s a load of BULL!

If you are one of the millions that have fell victim to these lies, then stick with me until the end, because the days of just admiring and dreaming about the hottest girls, without any real chance of getting them in your bed are over.

That’s not just a guess. That’s a real predictable fact based on biological evolution.

But before we get to that let’s uncover an even bigger problem here. Our entire life we’ve been told by the media, by your teachers, by your mother that women want and yearn for a certain guy.

This guy is nice – He’s sensitive, he’s understanding, he buys her flowers, he sends her emails and text messages telling her how much he likes her, he calls her beautiful every chance he gets.

In summary he adores the very ground she walks on. This is what we’re taught and told since children. This is what we’re shown on TV and romantic comedies and love stories. This is what women tell us they want.

There’s just one problem – one big, huge problem – it’s all a lie.

Once I figured out this lie and discovered the truth, my life changed forever. I’m the guy that feminists warn girls about.

I’m the guy that most modern women in the West would say they never want to be with. And yet will end up face down with, *ss up in my bed screaming out in pleasure anyway.

I’m the guy that girls leave their “ideal” boyfriends for…

I’m the guy that a woman will lustafter and chase after while – at the same time – saying she doesn’t like guys like me.

Look, I’m a geeky, anime loving, dungeons and dragons playing, comic book reading guy who dresses up for comic book conventions. I haven’t changed my interests, and yet I am getting all the p**sy I want by simply understanding these truths.

How am I able to do that?

In my 4-year search to decode the women’s mind, I discovered something absolutely astounding. I found that, the brain, just like any computer software, is programmable.

You see, when you create software using coding, all you have to do is put the right string of commands in order to create your intended outcome.

The brain is no different and neuroscientists have discovered the exact behavior that signals the female mind to identify someone as a desirable alpha male. When this happens, it inevitably activates her primal instincts creating in her an irresistible, deep and addictive sexual desire for that someone.

Once I put in practice my controversial discovery, the change was absolutely amazing.

I Went From Being a Guy That Girls Wouldn’t Touch With a 10-Foot Pole Because They Thought I Was Creepy; to Be Drowning in P**sy, and I Did It Literally Overnight.

By giving off the exact signals that activate the primal sexual desire instincts in a woman’s mind, I don’t have to worry about rejection anymore. I can create a sense of intrigue and sexy sensual chemistry in a woman almost instantly.

This incredible discovery came from one biologist that I consulted with and explained the concept to me.

“Millions of years of evolution have proven that women are more animalistic and less capable of controlling themselves when it comes to sex than men. This is a fact… If you simply activate the mental triggers that arouse her natural instincts, she will inevitably, and naturally respond with uncontrollable sexual desire. Regardless of who you are or what you look like”.

This is not a theory, it’s a fact supported by thousands of years of evolution.

It is the way her mind is naturally designed to respond.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a below-average guy that lives with your mother, if you produce the right signals, then any woman, regardless of how hot she is will respond with uncontrollable, and deep sexual desirefor you.

Imagine Being Able to Take Control of That Primal Part of Her Brain, and Trigger a Sexual Desire So Deep That Will Unleash Her Most Passionate and Kinky Sexual Desires.

Well, brace yourself because I am going to put aside all political correctness and share 3 tips to get a woman aroused and in your bed without investing too much time or too much money.

1) First, you absolutely need to know the one thing you must avoid, if you want to get any women at all.

Actually, this is going to surprise you…

Most people believe that listening to women when they talk about the kind of men they want or even when they speak about their sexual desires is actually a good thing – however, this isn’t true.

Society has conditioned women to behave in such a way, as to present themselves as good candidates to be a men’s wife. Think about it, if a girl would come out and say what she really wants she would be told she has no respect for herself, that she’s a sl*t, and so on…

Women are conditioned by society, to hide their true desires – including sexual desires. In order to protect themselves from such judgments, they will say they want certain things just so they conform to the role our society has taught them to play.

But in reality, they want something completely different.

But here is the thing, if you simply connect with the primal part of her brain, the one that controls her instincts and impulses, she will naturally let you get into her true deepest and kinkiest sexual secrets and desires.

Can you see how this wide opens it up for you?

Imagine how good you’ll feel, having total confidence to approach a perfect 10 woman. And not only that, but knowing in advance that by simply saying a few words, in the right way, and at the right time, you’ll easily gain full control over her sexual cravings.

Perhaps now you’re starting to see why feminists hate me and often take down my videos. Keep reading though, because I’m about to provide some amazing insight on this…

2) The second great truth about the sexual female mind is this:

Women are biologically programmed to seek out sex and pleasure. However, they need an excuse to set aside their social programming, and liberate their sexual instincts.

Your mission, if you want to have sex with a particular woman, is simply to give her that excuse.

This is called biological imperative. A woman’s imperative is to choose the best specimen to mate and lock it down. It is programmed into a woman’s mind to seek a mate to gain sexual pleasure, but only with a suitable best specimen…

And this is the amazing thing, even if you’re driving a crappy car and living in a trailer home, if you combine a simple series of cues, body language and perform the right triggers, a woman’s brain will automatically recognize you as suitable specimen. and that will make her want to have sex with you as soon as possible.

Now, you will also be able to naturally evoke all these feelings before you even start to approach her.

Again this is no BS. This is a scientifically proven fact. And it get’s even better…

A fair warning…

3) This third truth about the female mind is so powerful and mind blowing that I found myself hesitating about even revealing this or not.

This powerful information will allow you to make any woman crave your touch, and feel a deep sexual connection with you, and she might not even understand why. She will just feel it. She will just want to have sex with you.

Here’s how it works…

To unleash any woman’s primal sexual instincts and make her naturally horny for you, you need to create DESIRE. Not just simple attraction.

Desire is the only thing that will get her in your bed, not mere attraction, and this is the critical mistake that most guys, and even pick up artists and gurus make over and over again. They are hell bent on attracting women.

They try to get them by wearing expensive clothes, buying them drinks or using silly pickup lines, and that’s why they never get laid.

Why?… Because attraction is fickle, and it comes and goes.

Desire is powerful… Irresistible

A woman can feel attracted to someone in one instant and be completely turned off in the next. Even a guy with really great looks, who fails to fire up her biological sexual desire triggers, will suddenly become uninteresting and unattractive to her.

I’ve seen this happen over and over.

Desire entitles that she wants something so badly that she can’t stop thinking about it. Women feel attracted to a purse, a new dress, even to a handsome guy.

Desire Generates Addiction.If She Desires You, It Means, She Wants You Badly…Constantly, You’re Never Off Her Mind.And Even If She Wants to Stop Desiring You, She Can’t.

Can a drug addict stop desiring drugs? Probably not…

Maybe after long treatment sessions, he could stop using them, but he will probably desire them for the rest of his life.

A woman who desires you will do anything to get you, and she will do anything for you. In the same way that an addict will do anything to get his fix.

This desire doesn’t go away easily. It’s not like a passing attraction. Desire reaches deep inside her, touching her most intimate side and it lasts for years and years.

And listen to me closely because this Is Important…

By Simply Triggering the Part of Her Brain That Controls Her “Biological Desire Center”, She Will Be Irresistibly Urged to Have Sex With You.

I know this sounds mind-blowing, and I can’t wait for you to try it, but this is nothing superhuman, its just science…

If you would be able to look at the activity in the brain at the moment you perform the series of simple sexual triggers I am going to show you, and compared it to the brain activity of a person inhaling cocaine, could you tell the difference?


A study of the University of Cambridge concluded that sexual desire, triggers the same kind of brain activity as the one generated by drug addiction.

Now, imagine having this entire powerful blueprint given to you in a step-by-step, done-for-you method that will allow you to naturally create irresistible sexual desire in any woman, and discover her most passionate and kinkiest fantasies.

Everything wide open for you to take and use.

Hi, my name is Kevin Wills and I am the creator of “The Desire Protocol”. The first done-for-you system that naturally unlocks the female mind, and allows you to generate a deep and uncontrollable sexual desire in any woman you want.

This is the first and only blueprint that is totally based on “Behavioral Research”, that uses simple, but powerful triggers, that activate a woman’s natural selection mechanism to generate a strong animalistic sexual desire for you.

This radically simple system will work for you, even if you are bald, broke or think you are old, or not good-looking at all. Or even if you believe you’ve tried it all…

The Desire Protocol system activates the “Natural Biological Programing”, that is hard coded in every woman’s brain, and fires up her primal urges to make her hopelessly and sexually addicted to you, and it works with any women, no matter how hot she is.

And the best part is that it’s 100% stealth. Meaning that she will feel an intense sexual connection with you, without noticing at all, what you are doing.

You will just give off the simple signals to access and stimulate the desire center of her brain, and she will want every inch of you inside her, without even knowing why.

Let me tell you what The Desire Protocol is not. So you know exactly what you are about to experience.

  • This is NOT a just collection of silly pickup lines that don’t work and will only make women laugh.
  • This is also NOT about being a jerk and act like ***hole all the time, with the wrong assumption that girls just “fall” for bad guys.
  • And this is definitely NOT one of those feel-good programs full of fluff with no practical results.

“The Desire Protocol” will show you, step by step, how to easily activate her primal response mechanism to make her feel absolutely, and completely free to liberate her sexual instincts and desires with you.

Once you activate her desire protocol, she will feel an uncontrollable, animalistic urge to have sex with you, regardless of your looks, money or social status.

Are you ready to become her sexual obsession?

Are you ready to feel so confident around beautiful women, knowing that from the moment they see you, and briefly interact with you, they will be competing with each other to gain your sexual attention?

If you have read this far I believe The Answer is YES!

The Desire Protocol is the result of almost 4 years of research, testing and digging to reveal the true nature of the female sexual mind, and how by simply arousing a woman’s natural instincts, she will become sexually obsessed with you. And all this is happening in a completely natural way that is simple and effortless.

Because the only thing you are doing is setting in motion her natural “Biological Programming” to seek sexual pleasure.

I started sharing The Desire Protocol, with my friends first, and then with other people from around the world. Every single time, the results were completely mind blowing, and the feedback was absolutely amazing.


Here Are Just a Few Secrets That You Are Going to Learn. And the Amazing Results You Are Going to Get When You Get “The Desire Protocol” Today

1}The “AURAL COMMAND” Technique
Use this and you will make any woman burn with desire and vividly imagine having sex with you. All by simply using seemingly innocent small talk, that contains powerful language that will skyrocket her sexual desire and direct it to you.

This technique will completely shut down the parts of her brain that control her impulses and rational thinking making her 100% focused on your having your c**k now!

2}You will also discover the

That will turn even the most innocent conservative girl, into a raging nympho that will virtually harass you to penetrate her.

3}Do you want to get an old girlfriend back?
You’ll get the “LOVE HACK”technique. Where you’ll be like a computer programmer, manipulating the actual string of code of the love center in her brain, to make her want you more than any other man in the past, present, or future.

4} If you’re not as confident as you would like to be when it comes to approaching women… You will have my simple “PERSONAL LEXICON” technique to create a strong sense of sensual temptation in any woman before you even talk to her. Setting her up to be completely accessible and impatiently waiting for you to approach her.

5}Do you want a woman you really like to be your exclusive?
Use my “DEVIL”S ANCHOR” method And easily link any feelings of pleasure, happiness and satisfaction to you and only you. I have to warn you. This particular method is so powerful that she will literally suffer from “withdrawal symptoms” when you are not inside her p**sy. She might even develop a strong obsession for you. So, be very careful if you decide to use this method

6} How about unleashing her kinkiest and darkest sexual fantasies?The “SENSORY AWAKENING” technique allows you to bypass all her defenses, and bring to life her most uninhibited and passionate fantasies. Don’t be surprised if after using this technique you hear her say things like; Can you put it in my *ss? Or, can you please c*me in my mouth?

Is so simple and so effective, that pretty soon your friends and people in your social circle will be wondering how you get all these hot girls. I’m talking about women desiring you and men desiring to be you.

The Desire Protocol works every single time, and the reason is amazingly powerful yet extremely simple… Because it fires up the natural sexual triggers – that every woman has already hard coded in her mind – to create the strongest and deepest sexual desire…

She Will Become Completely Sexually Responsive to You in the Most Natural and Effortless Way.

Can you picture yourself enjoying tons of women? Imagine Having That Girl You Always Liked, Finally Right Here Right Now Naked in Your Bed. Sounds Great Right?

When you Get “The Desire Protocol” Today.These situations will become part of your daily life.

Imagine how good you will feel knowing that you have the power to instantly fill her mind with thoughts of lust and desire for you… Touching something deep inside her brain that makes her want you more, and more.

With each word you say, a wave of sexual urge is unleashed within her… As she slips from thinking to reacting, and becomes entirely yours.

Imagine how exciting your life will be!

How much is it worth having hot women, right there naked in your bed?

Imagine feeling that tightness, wetness and warmth around your c**k every night. Trust me, it’s absolutely amazing and addicting!


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