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Female Body Mastery by Lexi Belle Review | Female Body Mastery – Lexi Belle Download

 Female Body Mastery.Do You Know These 16 Hidden Pleasure Spots On The Female Body?
Lexi Belle 2011 AVN Best Supporting Actress


Do You Know These 16 Hidden Pleasure Spots On The Female Body?

Lexi Belle
Lexi Belle 2011 AVN Best Supporting Actress

Hey there

My name is Lexi Belle… and in this letter, I’m going to share with you some secrets about the female body known to less than 1% of all men…

For example, did you know there are 16 unique pleasure spots on the female body? And that if you touch them in a certain order… your girl will experience an orgasm so intense and powerful it can last up to an hour??

If not, you are not alone. This information is so advanced, even most women don’t know these secrets!

So if you learn them, you’ll know a woman’s body better than she does… you can actually teach her secrets about her body! You’ll give her sensations she’s never experienced before… and take her to levels of pleasure she never even thought possible…

Best of all, you’ll do it without any special “toys” or without taking any kind of mood-enhancing drugs. Once you know these secrets you’ll give a woman feelings more intense than she could get from any vibrator… or even ANY EXTASY PILL! She’ll think you’re a WIZARD as you touch her in ways that no other man has before…

But before we go on – BE WARNED…

Since the feelings you give her are more powerful than drugs… they are also JUST AS ADDICTING.

Once you use these secrets with a woman, she wants more and more and more. She wants to be with you ALL THE TIME… and can actually become SEXUALLY ADDICTED to you. So it’s important you only use the information I’m about to share with you with a woman you really like…

ALSO – some of the things I’m going to share with you are a little… how do I say… “taboo?”

If you’re not comfortable learning and using advanced and explicit sexual techniques that are unlike anything you’ve ever heard about anywhere before… then this is NOT for you…

Lastly – The information I’m about to share with you not only blow’s your woman’s mind in the bedroom… but when you first meet a woman… and in every conversation you have with her!

You’re going to discover some ways to get a woman thinking naughty thoughts about you and wanting to fuck you… even if you’re not her physical “type”… and even if she considers you just a “friend” now! But these tricks are a little “sneaky”… so if you’re not comfortable with that, please stop reading.

Still with me? Ok good! Let’s go on. And as we do, if there is a special woman you’d want to use these secrets on, picture her in your mind now.

If there isn’t one in particular, just picture a really hot girl you want to hook up with…

Got her?

Ok, I have a couple important question for you… think carefully as you answer… and BE HONEST…

Question #1:

If you were to see this beautiful woman tonight… would you know how to make a move with her, and kiss her in a way that gets her horny and wanting to sleep with you?

Question # 2:

If were to get this woman into your bed… do you know how to touch her and fuck her in a way that makes her cum… guaranteed?

Question # 3:

After you slept with this amazing girl… would she brag to her girlfriends about you… and tell them how you rocked her world in bed? Would she say you are the BEST she’s ever had?

If you answered, “No,” to any of these questions, that’s totally ok.

I can tell you, as a girl, that when it comes to turning a girl on and making a move… most men have NO CLUE!

And when it comes to sex?

Forget about it.

That’s where most men are even WORSE.

What’s sad about this is it often causes a girl to leave a guy, or worse, cheat on him… no matter how great his personality is…

If a guy can’t satisfy us in the bedroom, there is really nothing he can do to make up for it. No amount of flowers or compliments or even money will keep us around for very long.

What’s really sad is most women won’t even TELL a guy the reason why she left him! So he never knows he needs to improve.

But the upside to this is that if you are a guy who is GREAT in bed… you have a HUGE advantage over all other men!

A woman knows a guy who is great in bed is RARE… so she’ll do anything to keep him!

Oh, and if you know the little tricks to turn a woman on BEFORE you get to the bedroom… well… let’s just say the guys who know those things never have to worry about sleeping alone 😉

So why are most guys so bad in bed then?

Well after interviewing dozens of men and women on the subject… then doing some research on my own… I’ve discovered it’s because…

Most Men Don’t Know The 3 Big Differences Between  A Man And A Woman’s Body!

And I’m not talking about the obvious stuff here. All guys know women like more foreplay and have different “equipment”… but there are 3 other not-so-obvious differences most guys miss completely… that I’m going to share with you now.

Pay close attention… because knowing just these 3 things can be the difference between being the best or WORST a woman has ever had…

Difference # 1
A Woman’s Body Is Capable Of Experiencing
Up To 10x As Much Pleasure As A Man!

Yep, you heard me. You guys might have the world as your urinal… but when it comes to experiencing sexual pleasure… we girls have all the fun 😉

Think about this – Have you ever SCREAMED during sex because something felt so good?

Those aren’t screams of pain you know =)

Also – did you know that our skin is only 1/3 the thickness of yours?

It’s why we are always cold!

But that also means it’s 3 times as sensitive!

And get this – a mans penis only has 3,500 nerve endings.

A woman’s clitoris has over 8,000!

A girl’s nipples are the same way… and so is every other part of her body!

Which is why (and this is also Difference # 2)…

Difference # 2 A Woman Is Capable Of Experiencing Pleasure In MANY Different Ways!

When it comes to sexual pleasure, you boys really have only one way to get there – and that’s by way of your penis.

But for a woman… when someone knows how to touch her in the right ways… her ENTIRE BODY becomes one big sexual organ!

For example, you know how great it feels when a girl is giving you a hand job?

Did you know a GIRL can get a feeling just as powerful and exciting by you are

Yep, it’s true. And later I’ll show you how to do this during a casual conversation with a woman to make her horny for you 😉

There are DOZENS of secret spots on a woman’s body that can bring about INTENSE sexual pleasure. And when you knows what they are, and how to touch them… WATCH OUT!!

Girls not only want to sleep with you… they actually become ADDICTED to your touch! Because she knows no other guy can touch her like you can!

Difference # 3
Stimulating A Woman’s MIND Is Just As Important As Her Body… But A Master Does Both!

You may have heard the saying that a woman’s most powerful sexual organ is her MIND.

Well, that’s only partially true…

What is true is that a woman’s mind is EQUALLY as powerful…

That’s why we girls get more turned on by things like saucy romance novels and dirty talk than we do by looking at naked pictures or videos.

But like I said before, we LOVE physical stimulation also…
and we are capable of experiencing a lot of it 😉

So what’s the key to giving a woman out-of-this-world pleasure?

Combining BOTH.

When you know how to stimulate a woman’s mind… and her body… you can take her to levels of pleasure even she never thought possible…

I call it, “Multi-Sensory Stimulation”… and it’s the techniques that do this and hit a woman from ALL SENSES that work like magic…

That’s when you can start do things like touching her on special “secret” places to make a her horny for you… within minutes of meeting you…

And after you touch her once… she wants you to touch her more and more… until you are inside of her! These are the types of things that make women become sexually addicted to you and want to fuck you all the time! And… do whatever you want in bed.

It’s not all that hard to turn a “good girl” into a your own personal nymphomaniac when you know how…

And that’s what my new DVD program “Female Body Mastery” is all about.

Who Am I, And Why Should
You Listen To Me?

My name is Lexi Belle, and I’m a 24 year old bi-sexual adult film star.

I’ve been very fortunate to star in over 50 adult films… and have won 8 awards for them as well 😉

I’ve been fascinated with sex for as far back as I can remember… I think I started masturbating around age 5 – true story!

And ever since then I’ve been a student of sexual pleasure and new ways to give and receive it.

I guess you could call me a “sex nerd”… as I’ve read over 100 books on sexuality and sex techniques!

But where I REALLY got my “sex education”… so to speak… hehe… is through a LOT of hands-on experimentation with both myself and other girls…

I’ve discovered some powerful secrets about the female body NO ONE else seems to know – even other bi-sexual girls…

I never thought I’d be sharing them… I have too much fun using them in my private life! It’s kinda fun being the only one who knows this stuff 😉

… but my friend Shawna convinced me that if I did, I’d be helping give a lot of girls out there some SERIOUS pleasure… and the thought of a girl cumming because of something I discovered with me not even being in the room put a huge smile on my face =)

So in Female Body Master you’re gonna get ALL of my secrets to making a girl scream and squirt in extasy!

It’s the only program on the planet to show the secret ways to stimulate a woman’s body for maximum pleasure, every time. All demonstrated for you in explicit “show-all” videos by my hot bi-sexual girlfriends and I… and we leave NOTHING to the imagination 😉

The Female Body Mastery DVD program breaks down into 5 unique sections:

Neuro Orgasmic
Neuro-Orgasmic Connections

In this DVD you’ll discover how to use a woman’s MIND to make everything you do physically feel 10 TIMES as good! You learn not only how to intensify her orgasms… but psychological “tricks” to make your every touch feel ORGASMIC… even when you’re touching her NON-sexual parts!

There is no better way to get a woman HOT and HORNY for you than seducing her MIND and body… and after you watch this DVD you’ll see just how easy it is to make her cum like CRAZY by doing it!

You’ll learn:

  • The sexiest spot to touch a woman when you’re making out (touch her here just ONCE to get her wet automatically!)
  • A strange spot to kiss her that sends CHILLS down her body!
  • How to know when a woman likes her ear kissed… and if so… a way to do it that makes her SQUIRM with pleasure!
  • A new place to kiss her ABOVE the waist that gets her imagining your mouth in other places
  • The one place you need to kiss BEFORE you go down if you want her to cum faster once you do!
  • The simple 5-word sentence to say when she’s about to cum that makes her orgasm TWICE as hard!
  • How to find out if a girl likes dirty talk without offending her! (and if she does… here’s EXACTLY what to say to get her mind *racing*)
  • 7 ways to create a CONNECTION during penetration sex (this might not sound important to you as a man… but to a woman, a strong connection almost GUARANTEES she orgasms!)

Supercharged Seduction

In this DVD I’m going to show you how to get a woman WET for you in the first few MINUTES of conversation! I’ll also show you smooth ways to get physical with her without rejection that work every time! Including some special tricks that get HER seducing YOU! (You just sit back, do this little trick, then watch her work 😉 )

Forget about “Pick Up Lines”… the REAL way to get a woman into bed is by MAKING HER HORNY… and after you finish watching this program you’ll know 7 “sneaky” little ways to get her DRIPPING WET and WANTING YOU even if you’re not her usual “type” 😉

You’ll learn:

  • Step-by-step seduction sequences… from fully clothed to getting her naked to secret foreplay tricks that get her BEGGING you to fuck her!
  • How to get the first kiss without rejection – every time
  • The “Guaranteed” Foreplay Orgasm – My surefire way to make a girl cum BEFORE you fuck her so she starts getting sexually addicted to you before you ever even have sex!
  • Special massage techniques – too taboo for any book – that prime her for full-body orgasms
  • An eye contact trick that makes her heart RACE… pumping blood to her sexual areas to get her EXTRA HOT for you! (minute 5:07)

  • The order you should take off her clothes and YOUR clothes for the smoothest seduction
  • A little secret 99% of men miss that allows you to BLOCK all other men from her mind! (13:23)
  • A special move that gives her goosebumps WITHOUT you even touching her! (ALL women looooove this one and you can use it during kissing AND during sex to drive her NUTS (minute 15:18)
  • 5 powerful ways to tease her pussy BEFORE you go down on her that prime her for an INTENSE, body-shaking orgasm!
  • A way to tease her with her panties still on that will have her BEGGING YOU to rip them off! (16:55)
  • A simple way to make going down on her feel TWICE AS HOT! (minute 18:25)
  • A trick to tease her WITH her panties after you already have them off! (She’ll think you’re a sexual WIZARD when you pull this one out!) (minute 19:20)
  • The HUGE THING most guys miss during seduction that can RUIN IT for a woman (minute 22:10)


erogenous zones
Advanced Erogenous Zones

In this DVD you’ll see 2 sexy bi-sexual women give you a COMPLETE pleasure map to the female body… by showing you the spots on each other’s bodies to touch for MAXIMUM PLEASURE!

Nothing is left to the imagination in this one so I hope you’re up for some
X-Rated fun 😉

You’ll Learn:

  • A special spot on her thigh that has a CRAZY amount of nerve endings! (touch this spot with your lips and she’ll want them ALL OVER her (minute 6:00
  • 5 ways to drive her WILD by playing with her feet (minute 8:31)
  • A new place to massage a woman that relaxes the muscles that cause her to orgasm… DOUBLING the chances she cums from penetration! (17:30)
  • A little trick that tells you EXACTLY where her clit is! (You’d be AMAZED at how many guys miss this… but now YOU’LL know where it is and how to stimulate her there every time =) (minute 26:15)
  • A special fingering technique that practically GUARANTEES she cums all over you! (minute 29:00)
  • Reverse fingering! My special technique for stimulating your girl that most guys don’t know about… but we bi-sexual girls LOVE. (minute 31:30)


The Science of Orgasmic Pleasure

In this DVD we show you the TABOO stuff your sex ed teacher wasn’t allowed to show you about what REALLY makes a woman orgasm… and the different KINDS of orgasms!

Once you understand the simple science behind each one, you’ll be able to give them to women at your command =)

In this DVD we also talk about the science of SEXUAL ADDICTION… and how to “Program” a woman’s mind and body
so she craves YOU day and night!


Penetration Pleasure
Advanced Penetration Pleasure

In this DVD you’ll get my special penetration sex techniques that will your girl clawing up your back and cumming all over your cock! I’ll show you special “sexual rhythms” I’ve discovered that practically FORCE a woman to have MULTIPLE ORGASMS… plus 3 wild new positions that hit spots inside of her she never knew she had! (The best part about these 3 is no matter how “big” you are you feel MASSIVE inside of her!)

You’ll discover

  • Different fucking rhythms… and how to give her DIFFERENT kinds of orgasms every time you have sex!
  • Different positions for longer, more intense orgasms (these orgasms can last up to 20 minutes!!)
  • Advanced stroke techniques for multiple orgasms
  • little tricks to spice up normal positions (she’ll know you’re a PRO when you use these)
  • And a whole lot more…

To sweeten up this package even further, I’ve decided to include some powerful free bonuses!

Rubs Herself
Bonus Video #1
How She Rubs Herself

In this bonus you’ll learn – by watching a beautiful women pleasure herself – new ways to touch a woman with your fingers that give her wilder orgasms than most guys can give her with penetration sex! She’ll prefer your fingers over any toy when you know these secrets 😉


Sex Drive Science
Bonus Video #2
Sex Drive Science

Here’s how to make sure your girl is ALWAYS raring to go and increase her sex drive to ANIMALISTIC levels! I’ll also show you a FOOD that gets your girl horny! (You’re gonna have to test this one out to believe it… but it works…)

You’ll also learn from one of my male friends who suffered from a low sex drive and has managed to increase it 10X! You can do the same and have the drive and stamina of a teenager using the simple formula he figured out


You’ll also get these 2 exciting bonus reports!

Bonus Report #1
Sexting To Get Her Dripping Wet

Use this technique to get her hot and horny BEFORE you meet up with her… so you can skip the “date” and go straight to the bedroom 😉


seductive touching
Bonus Report #2
Seductive Touching

The special ways to touch a woman during casual conversation that get her thinking naughty thoughts about you


Sex God Club
In my Ultimate Sex God Club my hot girlfriends and I are gonna be sharing our latest naughty techniques as we develop them! Each month you’ll get advanced pleasure techniques never seen anywhere else. I’ll also be bringing in guest experts on topics like Conversation Mastery, Ejaculation and Erection Control, Body Language, Sexual Confidence, and how to get your girl to do WHATEVER you want in the sack 😉

Your first 30 days are totally free for you to check it out! If you decide you like it and want to stay in, you’ll be billed just $67 a month. If at any time you decide it’s not for you just let me know and I’ll immediately cancel your membership with no hassles. You can keep the first month’s DVD as my way of saying thanks for giving it a try.


Ok, Let’s Wrap This Up! You’re Going To Get….

The Complete
Female Body Mastery Program On 5 DVDs
Neuro-Orgasmic Connections
ss dvd
aez dvd
Erogenous Zones
dvd op
The Science Of
Orgasmic Pleasure
pp dvd
Penetration Pleasure


The 2 Bonus Videos
rubs herself
How She
Rubs Herself
sex drive
Sex Drive Science
The 2 Bonus Reports
Sexting To Get
Her Dripping Wet
report 2
Seductive Touching
Sex God Club
A 30-Day Free Trial To My
Ultimate Sex God Club


Entire FBM Set
The Total Retail Value Of
The Female Body Mastery
DVD Package

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Nikki Fatale - Erotic Hypnosis

Nikki Fatale – Erotic Hypnosis

Nikki Fatale – Erotic Hypnosis Review |Nikki Fatale – Erotic Hypnosis Download

Erotic Hypnosis by Nikki Fatale, Bob Brown, Liv Wilde, Sydney Chalmers, Rhyder Knightley  and Ava Longhard

Welcome to the Erotic Hypnosis home of Hypnofantasydownloads

Have you ever been aroused by the thought of being erotically hypnotized.  You know put in a trance for your erotic pleasure?   Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have some of the most beautiful female sex voices hypnotize you through erotic hypnosis into complete playful hypnotic submission.  Have you ever wanted to awaken your bedroom love life with playful erotic hypnosis suggestions that encouraged masturbation, arousal, erections, submission and orgasm denial?  Have you ever wanted to explore a secret sex fetish in the privacy of your own home whether it be brainwashing, domination, slut training, voyeurism or submission?   Well with Hypnofantasy’s erotic hypnosis you can do all of the above.

HYPNOFANTASY is the erotic hypnosis place for you so let Bob, Nikki, Liv, Ava, Sydney and others cast a sexy erotic hypnosis spell on your hypnotized mind that teases you and tempts you and well how do we say “wildly arouses you”

Hypnofantasy has been a leader in erotic hypnosis, sex hypnosis and Femdom hypnosis for over ten years enhancing the sexy deviant minds of over 50,000 members.  If you like sex or want to like sex more.. then hypnofantasy has some amazing erotic hypnosis surprises in store for you!  Welcome to your orgasm and masturbation fantasy cum true.

 Over 120 Erotic MP3 Sessions Available to You

Whatever your erotic interests are we offer plenty of erotic hypnosis choices for you to try.  Whether you enjoy FemDom, masturbation, bisexual, kinky, erotic hypnosis for couples, straight, we definitely have something in mind for you.

If you are looking for erotic hypnosis for ladies you can find plenty of choice Hypnofantasy offers a large selection of erotic hypnosis for women, ladies, wives, playtoys, slut training, girlfriends and dirty girls.

All sex hypnosis sessions are available for instant erotic hypnosis download via MP3.

To ensure you get the most out of your experience her read this article on Finding Success With Erotic Hypnosis.



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Learn 2 Lick : The Complete Guide Through Cunnilingus Review | Learn 2 Lick : The Complete Guide Through Cunnilingus Download

Learn 2 Lick : The Complete Guide Through Cunnilingus DownloadLearn 2 Lick : The Complete Guide Through Cunnilingus (updated) Links : Not knowing how to provide oral sex has a name: it is simply called “sucking at sex”.In short, to you, oral sex may not be important, but to girls it is extremely crucial. Case closed!

Things may look confusing down there.

Well, what if you had access to all the crucial information about all her hot spots, and how exactly you should approach them? What if you had all the answers to the questions that you have been asking yourself for years – how cunnilingus works and what makes women climax?

You got it! It`s called Learn2Lick and it contains the ultimate oral sex lessons, and much more. If you want to learn how to go down on a woman, then you should stick with me from now on!You better listen to someone from the sisterhood, someone who owns the same set of tools, and someone who knows that the only thing worse than not giving cunnilingus, is giving bad cunnilingus! 😉 Having said all that, I feel that it is time to introduce myself: My name is Jennifer Dobrowitz, and I will be your teacher and guide on your journey to becoming a master of women`s desires and pleasures. I am erotic artist and writer. For many years I have been working as a medical practitioner and adviser on areas of love, relationships, and sex, but recently I decided to dedicate more time to writing and enjoying life. I have combined my medical knowledge about physiology, anatomy, gynecology and psychology with my sexual experiences and the experiences of others that have crossed my path, into a transparent yet sophisticated guide to cunnilingus. Creation of this course has lasted for MANY YEARS! The course includes not only a set of ebooks, but also audio books and video lessons with in-detail explanations on everything about cunniligus, and is easy for anyone to master. I confess, the female body has always been the object of my most hidden desires and by doing this, I am living my dream.

Wanna have better sex life? You have a perfect chance to make it better!

This complete multimedia cunnilingus course can change your love life for good. To illustrate, here is just a sneak peak on what you`ll learn from this course:

Learn 2 Lick : The Complete Guide Through Cunnilingus MINDSET
Learn not only how to change that infamous “I’m not in a mood for that right now”, but to set her mind into craving for the same thing you do. You’ll learn a set of methods, tips and tricks on how to achieve this.
Learn 2 Lick : The Complete Guide Through Cunnilingus THE EROGENOUS ZONES
What turns on one woman could be a major turnoff for another; some girls like to have their hair touched and combed with your fingers, but chances are that you’ll get “Don’t touch my hair!”” reaction more often than not. When thing get confusing, “Learn2Lick” is there to help you.
Learn 2 Lick : The Complete Guide Through Cunnilingus FOREPLAY
When things get intimate, never, ever rush into her panties the minute you see she’s willing to have sex with you. Take it slow; the more the foreplay lasts, the more she’ll be interested in sexing you up.
Learn 2 Lick : The Complete Guide Through Cunnilingus POSITIONS
Cunnilingus positions are systematized and thoroughly explained, giving the reader the opportunity to memorize them and use the knowledge during oral sex: The Prayer, 69, Sit on My Face (And Tell Me that You Love Me), The Doggy Position, The Superman, The Mistress, The Spread-eagle, The Acrobat (Giving Her a Vagina Piggy-Back Ride Face First, A.K.A. The Mustache Tickle), and so on. If positions are changed while licking her out for pleasing her, you can stick it out to the end of the night simply by using just one technique, blowing her mind to orgasmic ecstasy over and over again!
Learn 2 Lick : The Complete Guide Through Cunnilingus  AFTER PLAY
After things got intimate, and after that, when the play is over, it sometimes might be a bit awkward if you don’t know what to say and what to do. Of course, the trick is to be as natural and as relaxed as possible, but if that does not come spontaneously, you’ll just have to learn from the book how to come to that.
Learn 2 Lick : The Complete Guide Through Cunnilingus PROBLEMS
Be ready and know what to do if certain problems occur. Learn what to do in case of vaginal dryness, or vaginal flatulence, and how to deal with girls that fake their orgasms.
Learn 2 Lick : The Complete Guide Through Cunnilingus  BIG ASS PROBLEMS
Would you know what to do if the girl you are dating tells you that she cannot achieve orgasm? In “Learn2Lick” course you’ll be given basic information on how to make steps in overcoming past sexual traumatic experiences.
Learn 2 Lick : The Complete Guide Through Cunnilingus ATMOSPHERE
Instructions on how to spend a few hours with her in relaxed and seductive way, and how to maintain the same atmosphere for a while after that and make her really want to be licked. Bunch of great ideas are given in the course on what to do, what to say and how to make her want it.
Learn 2 Lick : The Complete Guide Through Cunnilingus  LOCATIONS
“Bedroom things” are not reserved for bedroom only! “Learn2Lick” course will teach you how to make your love life more exciting on plenty of different locations.
Learn 2 Lick : The Complete Guide Through Cunnilingus HEALTH
Some medical problems might exist from time to time, or all of the time. “Learn2Lick” course will explain in detail how to deal with this situations and how to maintain your intimate moments with significant other.
Learn 2 Lick : The Complete Guide Through Cunnilingus HYGIENE
They say that above all, bad breath is an instant turn off (and I do not mean just turning one’s head), which his applies not only for dating and seduction, but for everyday life as well. In a relationship, oral hygiene is the first step towards oral sex; general hygiene by paying special attention to one’s genitals is the second.

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Peter Pandore – Fitness by Penis Review | Peter Pandore – Fitness by Penis Download

 Peter Pandore - Fitness by Penis PDF Download

Peter Pandore – Fitness by Penis Download

Fitness by Penis PDF Download is an original and a healthy method specifically designed to use your penis as an effective and elastic tool for both body workout and penis enlargement at the same time. Forty two innovative, easy and healthy exercises can help you build up your body muscles and enlarge your penis simultaneously. With over 200 pictures and easy to follow instructions, this manual gives you the opportunity to gain stronger muscles, to maintain great shape and to become healthier while also enjoying the enlargement of your penis. By practicing your favorite exercises in this manual for ten minutes a day you will witness the growth of your muscles and penis in a couple of weeks. Peter Pandore – Fitness by Penis   also offers many useful tips on nutritional factors, edible aphrodisiacs, vitamins and minerals, herbs, sex drive, erection factors, healthy prostate factors, the anatomy of penis, safety and preparation procedures.


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AMP – Sexual Energy Mastery Complete Review | AMP – Sexual Energy Mastery Complete Download

Sexual Energy Mastery Complete by AMP Download

Sexual Energy Mastery Complete by AMP

Sexual Energy Mastery:
A Step-By-Step, Easy-To-Follow 10-Week Program to Feeling Immense Pleasure, Having Complete Ejaculatory Control, Experiencing
Multiple Orgasms, and Even
Full-Body Orgasms

Discover new worlds of sensation, pleasure and fulfillment for you and your partner, and transform your relationship to your body and your sexuality, forever.

Bryan here –

Your sexuality is one of the most rewarding, dynamic, and EDGY aspects of being alive. FEW things are more confronting (and more fulfilling) than exploring our sexuality.

How much quality attention have you actually applied to exploring this aspect of who you are? There are WORLDS waiting to be discovered…

So, we’ve put together a powerful new program – and I’m doing this one with you. And whether you take on this program or not, I encourage you to give this part of your life some attention. My life is forever richer for this exploration, and I know yours will be, too.

Check it out, and I sincerely hope you jump in with us – it’s going to be a great ride!

That said…


Do you ever wish you could last longer during sex, and be able to give your partner orgasm after orgasm, without having to stop or hold back for fear of “going over the edge”?

It gets the most challenging in that clutch moment where she’s about to climax, and is saying, “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” and you know you’re going to ejaculate if you continue, but your only hope is to take her “over the edge” with you…

Except that you go past the point of no return first, before her orgasm has had a chance to peak, leaving her sexually frustrated and disappointed…

I’ve definitely faced that challenge myself (again and again), and looking back I would’ve loved to have stopped and taken the time to cultivate this practice years sooner than I did.

At it’s worst, I started to dread making love, because what should have been access to deep connection with her, was instead something that drove us APART

Because during sex, I was often distracted by my own worry about ejaculating too quickly to actually drop in and enjoy our connection together…

I remember the awkwardness of laying in bed next to her, and hearing another roommate and her partner having one explosive orgasm after another together, neither of us said anything, but we were both silently feeling the painful contrast between their sex life, and ours…

We eventually broke up, with one of the main reasons being the dissatisfaction in our sexual connection.

I wanted more than anything else in the world to be able to create that kind of experience with her, but for some reason, my body wasn’t cooperating!



I was able to control the OTHER aspects of my life, and of my body. Why the hell was I powerless in the face of my ejaculatory control, when it’s MY body, when it mattered the most?

Over time, to compensate for this, since I didn’t have full control over my own ejaculatory response, I focused on giving women pleasure in other ways –

This definitely had benefits – I became MASTERFUL at giving women orgasms with my hands.

But with this, a new challenge came up. While this might sound weird, I learned to “ride the wave” of HER sensations, rather than risk the volatility of feeling my own, and risking ejaculation.

As my sexuality evolved, I became clear that I wanted to be more than just an “orgasm-giving machine”. I wanted to share in that pleasure with her – and she wanted this, as well. It wasn’t as rewarding for her when she was the only one going on the ride.


I wasn’t interested in putting on “numbing creams” or anything that would desensitize my experience. While it was important to me to be able to last longer and give my partner a rewarding sexual experience, It was clear to me that numbing myself out was the OPPOSITE of the whole fucking point of sex.

In fact, I realized from my experience with my past girlfriend that the problem wasn’t about the amount of friction going on…it was about the ENERGY and pleasure build-up, that would have nowhere to go but…OUT, in the form of ejaculation. And if I could learn to master my sexual energy, I would have more of everything I’d been wanting…

The Taoist and Tantric eastern traditions discussed “Sexual Energy”, and I had heard about “multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms” and “full-body orgasms” to know that it was probably possible, but trying to decipher these mystical diagrams, then apply them in my life just didn’t work for me.

I knew that I wanted –

  • to have more control, and to last as long as I wanted…
  • to be able to feel more sensations, to “let go” and be on a co-created ride with my lover, and
  • to have multiple, non-ejaculatory, full-body orgasms that I’d read about in books…

But I wasn’t sure where to look.

Then, last year, I had my biggest breakthrough in all 3 of these arenas…


AMP’s Resident Sexual Energy Expert, and a close personal friend, I credit Jim with delivering the killer blow to a challenge I ‘d been tackling for years.

He’s been successfully teaching men how to open up their sexual energy and experience full-body orgasms for over a decade, bringing the “best-practices” from a number of disciplines (both East and West).

He’s helped guys in their 20s all the way to guys in their 60s, to have more ejaculatory control, feel more pleasure, and to have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms.


This was last fall, and me, Garrison and several other local guys participated.

During that process, several powerful things happened:

  • I learned practices to master my ejaculatory control, and now have way more choice about when to ejaculate, even when my partner’s about to have an orgasm…(which was my biggest challenge in the past)
  • I now feel intensely more sensation in my body, in places I’d never imagined (and enjoy sex more now than ever, and because of what I am feeling, not just what she’s feeling…)
  • I’m more capable of bringing my HEART to my sexual interactions, and I feel more pleasure and sensations in my body, rather than simply watching HER be the one feeling sensations for both of us.
  • Perhaps most powerfully, I cultivated a new relationship to my body and my sexuality. I feel more appreciation and centeredness in my body, and wholeness and inspiration about my sexuality. This translates to everything I do, especially any interactions I’m having with women I’m attracted to.
“After Jim’s program, I now typically have 5 or more orgasms, including full-body orgasms – beyond what I ever expected.”

Before this program, I had run-of-the-mill sex: one orgasm, and tired afterwards.

Now, after doing Jim’s Sexual Energy Mastery program, it’s beyond what I could have expected. I typically have about 5 orgasms, instead of the usual single orgasm…and I can experience orgasms in different parts of my body, including full-body orgasms…and then when I’m done with those, I can enjoy the usual male ejaculation, so I get the best of both worlds.”

And, I could sense that this was just the beginning. I still wanted to explore rechanneling that sexual energy into multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms, including full-body orgasms… to allow this sexual energy to nourish other areas of my life, to help me give my gifts to the world, and open to new depths of connection with my lover, both sexually and emotionally… so…


In response, he’s put together a comprehensive, 10-week, 10-module product to guide you (and me!) to true Sexual Energy Mastery.

In this program, you’ll learn, step-by-step, how to:

  • Feel intensely more pleasure in your body-and not just in your genitals.
  • Have complete ejaculatory control (even for guys who have premature ejaculation challenges).
  • Experience multiple, non-ejaculatory orgasms…including full-body orgasms…
  • Be more connected with your partner, sexually and emotionally (often a tough combo to balance)
  • How to eliminate shame around sex, so that you can be more unapologetically empowered about your sexuality, in EVERY interaction (not just the bedroom)…

…and that’s just the beginning..


Module 1 – Base Camp Training

This first module is packed with foundational info and practices. Buckle up!

  • The 6 principles to mastering your sexual energy. These are the foundations for the entire program. Fully understanding and embodying just one of them will dramatically change your sex life forever.
  • The 9 types of orgasm for men (yes, 9!)
  • The 4 keys for separating orgasm from ejaculation
  • The 4 types of touch you can use to activate pleasure throughout your entire body. (When I tried this, I learned that the sides of my body could bring almost as much pleasure as my genitals-for real.)


Module 2 – PC Pump & The Pelvic Rock: The “Bread & Butter”

It’s no secret that the PC muscle is key for moving sexual energy, but Jim’s thorough breakdown of this topic will help you understand this on a deeper level, and why it’s so important, including…

  • A 2-step process for isolating the PC muscle in a new way. This is important, because if you’re squeezing other muscles along with the PC, it can actually block the upward movement of the energy.
  • The 3 ways the PC pump exercise will support you in having non-ejaculatory and full-body orgasms… Jim describes this in further detail than I’ve ever heard before…and when you know HOW things work, it makes a big difference in sticking with the practices.
  • A moving yoga pose that will open up your pelvis, even if you tend to have closed hips (like me).
  • Jim gets super-activated in this one, and his energy is contagious -when you see the effect it’s having on Jim as he demonstrates it, you’ll be inspired to continue the practices.


Module 3 – Sexual Breathing: Charging The Body

  • * Ever had a woman say she wanted to feel your heart more? The sexual breathing practice in Module 3 will “charge your heart” so that you can expand your access to your heart, and actually be able to “make love” during sex, rather than just “fucking”.
  • How to “pass your sexual energy” to your partner – this enables you to bring a whole new level of play and deep connection into the bedroom.
  • How to use your hands to move and encourage energy up your body. This is especially powerful for being able to last longer without ejaculating.


Module 4 – “Streaming” Practice: Tricking the Body into Full-Body Orgasms

The Streaming practice is awesome, and was the key to several men having breakthroughs during the first workshop I was in with Jim last fall. This module covers…

  • The 3 types of movements that will “trick” your brain into thinking that you’re already having an orgasm, which will connect the neural pathways to “flip the switch” to having you become multiorgasmic.
  • How to open the neural pathways to spread and move energy throughout the body, rather than having it locked down under pressure (paving the way for full ejaculatory control and multiple & full-body orgasms)
  • The 2 places on your body you need to keep your awareness focused on while doing the Streaming practice to ensure that you’re moving the energy up your body
  • Why micro-movements are actually more effective than larger movements for becoming multi-orgasmic, and how to make your movements as micro as possible.


Module 5 – “The ‘Me Breath’: From Dial-Up to Broadband

We talk about “moving energy” a lot, and opening up the channels in your body, because both of these are key to being able to master non-ejaculation and full-body orgasms. In this module, you’ll:

  • Transform the main channel in your body from being like a pinched hose, where all the energy has no choice but to go down and out…[aka ejaculation], to becoming a wide-open pipeline, so you can handle more volume and flow of pleasure, energy and sensation
  • Know when it’s important to time your movement with your breath, and when it’s not (most of this will be intuitive once you get the hang of it, but this is the “training wheels” to get you there)


Module 6 – The Heartgasm: Combining Heart and Genitals

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • A deeper experience of the “ME Breath” and widening the channel from your genitals to your heart.
  • The drawback of the Taoist “microcosmic orbit” practices that actually DETRACT from the heart-genital connection, and why you don’t want to bypass it the way they suggest
  • How to have a heart-gasm…bringing sexual energy into your heart, combining feelings of love with your turn-on… Heart-open, crying, sobbing uncontrollably, broken-open lovemaking like this allows for bonding with your partner at the deepest levels…


Module 7 – Crazy-Throat: The “Key Sound” & Vocalization

Sound and expression are an important part of moving the energy, and in doing these practices you’ll discover places where you can open up your OWN self-expression even more. In this module, Jim covers:

  • The 2-part “Crazy Throat” practice – a method to “ejaculate” from your throat instead of your genitals, using a very specific SOUND to move the energy.
  • Ever had trouble expressing emotions, or been at a loss of words to express yourself? This practice will help you “let it fly” without having to go up in your head to “figure out how to say” what you’re feeling. Obviously, this is super-useful even beyond the bedroom…
  • How to draw the energy up your body with the “Key Sound”, and roll it down through the body
  • What to tell your neighbors about the vocal practices you’ll be doing


Module 8 – Brain Orgasm: Ringing the Bell

Once you have control over the sexual energy in your body, you can move to Jedi-level practices – direct it through your partner, or run it along a circuit through the top of your body. In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The 2 basic kinds of “brain orgasms” – the “ring the carnival bell” orgasm, and the shoot the moon/shower brain orgasm…
  • The practice to ensure you don’t get the energy trapped in your brain (very important, could be seriously dangerous if you don’t do this)


Module 9 – The “You” Breath: Longer, Stronger Erections

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • How to “charge the genitals” with an unconventional form of breathing, to create stronger erections, overcome impotence, and bring intense sexual energy into your genitals.
  • How to collect chi (energy) in your pelvic bowl, and use it to build stronger erections, become more grounded, or channel it towards your “life purpose” in the world


Module 10 – Putting it all Together

Now that you’ve begun to get the hang of these sexual techniques, how will you use them on the playing field? Jim gets into real-world sex play in this final module, helping you combine everything you’ve learned so far with the Bonus Modules. You’ll learn:

  • How to use different breathing patterns as “game changers” during sex
  • Real-world ejaculation control (managing, then mastering the “bucking bronco”)
  • How to ride and really enjoy your own multi-orgasmic wave
  • Ways of using extra sexual energy for your highest good

Each week you’ll get an entertaining, practical training video of Jim illustrating the practices in each of these modules, and on the weekly group call Jim will answer your questions and help you fine-tune each practice to your needs.


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The Language Of Lust Review | The Language Of Lust Download


Finally revealed, for the first time ever…

How To Make Any Woman Sexually Obsessed With You (And Only You) Without Even Touching Her…

Even Better: She’ll Have No Idea What You’re Doing… Why She’s Suddenly Repulsed By Other Guys… Or Why She’s Suddenly So Desperate To Give YOU Everything You Crave.

You must read this right now or miss out on the greatest sexual opportunity for average, regular men in over 1,000 years.

Hi, I’m Lawrence Lanoff…

But by the time you’re done reading this letter you’ll join thousands of other men and women who call me “The Darth Vader Of Dirty Talk”

And right here, right now I’m going to let you in on a blistering secret about female lust that man-hating feminists and sleazy pickup artist are terrified you’ll find out…

A secret that will immediately open a sexual buffet to you filled with variety, lust and sweaty, amazing intensity you thought women only faked in porn movies…

And will give you the power to make even the nicest, most conservative and most innocent girl cum like a freight train on command… and without even touching her…

Oh, and just so you don’t make any excuses…

This secret I’m revealing in about 15 seconds will have gorgeous women clawing at your pants and ripping open your fly with their teeth (often 2 or 3 at a time)…

Even if you’re short, broke, fat, or old

Even if your cock is so small it looks like it belongs on an action figure.

It literally does not matter how repulsive to women you are, how much money you make or even how often you take a bath…

If you just read what I have to say (like a growing army of guys have already) you’ll be spreading women’s thighs on command…


Because the feminist nightmare has finally come true… And it’s incredible, fantastic, amazing news for anybody with a dick and the desire to use it…

In fact, if you’re a guy between 20 and 73 and you aren’t sleeping with at least 3 different women a week…

You’re not just letting yourself down…

You’re disappointing every one of your male ancestors for thousands of years who would KILL to have the sexual opportunity you’ve just had dropped in your lap…

Who the hell am I to make such huge promises and such crazy claims? And why is the “Feminist Nightmare” going to lead to you getting laid on autopilot?

Like I said, my name is Lawrence Lanoff…
I’m 50 years old… skinny… bald… and I’ve got a completely average cock.

And in order to tell you how you’re going to open the door to abundant, incredible sex with a ton of eager women…

I have to tell you about the most humiliating moment of my entire life…

And how the feminists “winning” the battle of the sexes is the best damned thing to happen to your cock since you first learned to masturbate.


If you’ve ever been rejected by a girl, what I’m about to tell you may trigger feelings of embarrassment and rage in you…

But whatever you do it’s incredibly important that you don’t stop reading until you have the whole story…

“Get away from me you creep!” she screamed in disgust…

Suddenly, I felt my testicles crawl back up into my body and a flood of nausea and panic pulse through me as every head in Trader Joe’s whipped in our direction…

She was hot.

Gorgeous, actually…

A 28-year-old brunette in tight yoga pants with the most beautiful pair of gravity-defying all-natural D-cup tits I’d ever seen…

5 minutes ago…

I’d seen her giving the broccoli a hard-on in the vegetable department…

She smiled at me in a way that sent an electric tingle right to my crotch… licked her lips… tossed her hair…

And when she walked away I caught the scent of her and felt something hungry rise up in me as I imagined her naked and writhing and moaning my name.

For 5 agonizing minutes I dug through every “line,” every “open,” every way of “approaching” a girl this hot I’d ever heard…

But I knew the clock was ticking (it always is)…

I knew I HAD to talk to her before she left the store, before it was too late, or I’d regret it for the rest of my sexual life…

She was in the bread aisle when I found her again…

Bent over at the waist, so I could get lost in her ass and thighs and delicious, toned calves

Her hands were caressing a loaf of gluten-free-fair-trade-organic-BS-whatever in a way that made my heart pound and my mouth go dry…

I took a deep breath and gathered my confidence…

I walked up to her smiling and friendly and with no hint at all of the pornography she’d inspired in my mind.

Suddenly her eyes flashed to mine like a deer in the woods…

She parted her wet lips…

I watched her incredible breasts rise and fall like waves I wanted to surf on as she took a long, deep breath of her own…

I felt electricity and fire and anticipation for the sweaty, passionate, connected night I knew we were going to share together…

And that’s when she screamed and destroyed my world

(It wasn’t until months later that I could appreciate the incredible favor she’d done for me…)

My neck spasmed and my jaw went tight like a bear trap…

I was just going to tell her how beautiful she looked…

How it was women like her who made me so happy to be a man, so happy to be ALIVE, when…


She screamed even louder this time, like a heavy metal guitar solo blasting in my ear…

I stumbled back confused… away from the scent of her clouding my mind…

And that’s when I noticed the pack of scantily-clad sorority girls staring at me like I was some kind of monster…

The roided-up muscle-head in the shredded tank-top flexing his pecs like he couldn’t wait to prove his “masculinity” and kick my ass…

The fat security guard fingering his radio like it was Dirty Harry’s revolver and reporting an “assault” for who-knows-who to hear…

And then I almost cried as I felt the handcuffs snap closed around my wrists…

Strong hands dragged me by the arm like some 12-year-old boy caught throwing rocks at recess.

I had hours to kill before things got “sorted out”…

Hours to think…

To torture myself for being so “stupid” as to walk up to a pretty girl in public in “Emasculated America”…

To feel ashamed

To make a decision that would change everything, not just for me but for thousands of guys around the world just like you…

I was so ANGRY…

Not at her…

Not even at our PC society that treats men like dogs just for being guys…

But at myself…

There I was, a fully grown man who loves women…

Who was raised by women and who was taught to always respect women…

Who would rather kill myself than ever hurt a woman…

And in 3 terrible seconds the girl in the yoga pants made me feel like a… rapist.

When they released me (no charges after they saw the security tape), I went home and stared at myself in the mirror…

And I saw what I always saw…

A nice guy…

A good guy…

So why did she look at me that way?

Why did she smile at me if she wasn’t flirting with me?

And why did she SCREAM when I just wanted to say hello?

Why was it so WRONG for me to want to talk to her?

To want to make love to her?

Why did I suddenly feel so disgusting?

I spent hours lying awake in bed that night… rubbing my wrists where the handcuffs had dug into them… tasting bile in my throat when I thought about what had happened not just to me, but to men everywhere.

I thought about the never-ending torrent of news stories about “creepy” guys who DARED to look at a woman with lust…

Militant feminists celebrating The Death of Men…

How more and more guys are flunking out of college…

How all the powerful jobs are going to women…

How having a dick is becoming a societal handicap…

I thought about guys in Japan and around the world giving up… deciding they’d rather be celibate for life than become the emasculated lap-dogs the world is trying to turn them into…

And then I thought of all the women I knew…

Women who are lonely and horny and scared

Women who wake up every morning wondering why they can’t find REAL MEN anymore…  who settle for Metrosexual shadows of masculinity – while us REAL guys get treated like dogs…

Laying there, I realized something shocking and terrible and wonderful too…

I realized the feminist nightmare had come true… that men and women had been brainwashed into sexual misery… And I knew I was at a crossroads when it came to me and women and sex…

I knew when I got out of bed in the morning I could do one of three things that would change how women looked at me and treated me forever.

1. I could blame her.

I could call her a “crazy bitch.”

I could become one of those guys who uses rejection as an excuse to become a woman-hater and an asshole. Who harasses girls online just to feel OK. . .

I could see the rising power of women as a CURSE

I could bitch and moan and become the monster I was already being treated like.

2. I could blame myself…

I could learn to hate myself for being born with a cock…

I could become one of those “sensitive” guys who thinks “respecting” women means treating women like they “hate” sex… who thinks his totally natural masculine urges are disgusting and wrong… who lines up to be emasculated, hoping to be “lucky” enough to get a blow job once every couple years.


3. I could see The Feminist Nightmare as the incredible opportunity it is…

I could open my eyes to the terrible lie that you, and I, and every woman in the world had been tricked into believing

I could choose to learn the truth about women and sex…

What women really want from men but refuse to tell us…

Why they say one thing but mean another…

WHY nice guys like me got rejected and abused again and again while douchebags get laid as easily as going to the ATM…

I know this sounds wrong…

But I could choose to get revenge…

Not on her… but on the world that had transformed desire and sex into something dirty and shameful.

The next day I woke up early, my heart pounding… recovering from a nightmare of a world without testosterone…  my mission pulsing through my veins.

I cracked open my laptop and I got to work searching for the truth…

But quickly I got frustrated… and then angry

All over the internet I found books and articles and videos from sleazy pickup-artist type guys saying they’d figured out how to trick drunk girls into screwing them…

And violent screeds by so-called “feminists” talking about so-called “male privilege”… and the “evils” of the penis and how MEN as we know them were dying off and that was a GOOD thing.

But I didn’t want to learn how to manipulate women…

And I didn’t want to learn to hate myself…

To cut off my own balls and put them in some girl’s purse.

I didn’t want to learn how to change myself into something I hated…

I wanted to learn how to make women want me…

To look at me the way I looked at them…

To fantasize about me

To connect with me.

To screw the living hell out of the REAL me, giggle when I slapped them on the ass, come back for seconds and bring their gorgeous friends and thank me for being a MAN…

Only when THAT happened would I feel like I’d gotten my “revenge” on our messed up society…

Only then would I feel like I was a MAN again, in a world where MEN are an endangered species… where men are treated like we’re BAD and WRONG.

The next few months were a rush of mind-bending revelations as everything I’d been tricked into believing about women and sex was shredded like a sacred cow in a wood chipper…

The idea that women don’t like sex …that a woman is doing you a “favor” when she sleeps with you…

I saw one simple statistic that blew that one out of the water…

In 1963 the population of the WORLD was 3,201,178,277

Today? It’s over 7 BILLION (and it’s headed for 10 Billion by 2050)… .

So, ask yourself, if women don’t like sex, how the heck did the population of the world DOUBLE in just 50 years?

Why did “50 Shades Of Grey” soak the panties of hundreds of millions of women around the world?

Why is the vibrator industry a $15,000,000 business?

Why is every “number one best seller” on the Amazon Kindle ANOTHER story about an “innocent” woman being “taken” and “ravished” by a strong man, again and again and again?

I’ll tell you right now, the answer is pretty easy

It’s because, despite everything you’ve been told, women don’t “like” sex…

They LOVE it…

The truth is that most women walk around every day horny as hell…

Fantasizing about sex even more than us guys do… WAITING with baited breath for the right guy to come along and fulfill her dirty, delicious fantasies…

To open her to the connected, erotic pleasure she only dreams her body is capable of…

Only to go home every night to snuggle up to her vibrating “Rabbit” wondering if she’ll have a strong, respectful guy in her bed (and in her) ever again…

And I know what you’re wondering right now, because I used to wonder too…

If women are really THAT horny
(and trust me, they are)…

Why aren’t YOU knee-deep in eager, thrusting female flesh every single night?

And the answer is psychologically WEIRD and very important, so I need you to read closely…

It’s because no matter how dissatisfied a woman is with the devastating emasculation of men…

No matter how much she desperately wants to be seduced, romanced, ravishedmade love to

No matter how much she craves your strong hands on her… your teeth nibbling her throat… your weight on top of her

She can never, ever admit it – not to you or any other man…

Three “confusing” but powerful reasons:

1. Women are terrified of rejection… even more than us guys are

(In fact, since most women never make the first move even ONE rejection could leave her catatonic and “giving up on great sex” for weeks or months.)

2. Women have been taught that only SLUTS want sweaty, passionate, animalistic sex with men.

And admitting what every cell in her body yearns for could destroy her reputation and could even ruin her life… if word gets around or it gets out on social media.

Fear of rejection and shame alone are enough to keep most women’s legs sealed closed with emotional super-glue.

And to make hot girls VERY careful about how they choose the men they sexually surrender themselves to…

Which brings us to the third reason (the most important of them all)…

3. To avoid rejection… to avoid being JUDGED… When it comes to sex and lust and connection and pure physical pleasure

Women speak in a Secret CODE most men are biologically incapable of understanding…

A code where a certain tilt of the head means “I want you to take me”…

And where whispering the right “coded” words instantly lets her know she can share her deep sexuality with you…

And spread her legs almost like magic, with her smiling the whole time like it’s her idea (because it is and she’s so glad you figured it out.)

The fact is, knowing this “Secret Sexual Language” lets you tune in to a woman’s “Sexual Broadcast” and follow the signal back to carnal delights beyond even the most pornographic imagination.

Now, I didn’t discover this Language Of Lust by accident…

It was the Holy Grail at the end of a personal mission that took me years to complete as I learned and tested and tried again and again with dozens and dozens of amazing girls…

All while watching more and more guys who didn’t know this secret bathe in an endless stream of rejection and anger and shame

Accomplishing my mission to learn the secrets of female lust was difficult and even painful

After weeks of digging, I found a romance novel millionaire on a forum, called her up, and discovered the incredible “Primal Ravishment Fantasy” secretly carried around by “good girls” all over the world.

I went to Las Vegas and interviewed a straight professional male prostitute…

I was shocked at how out-of-shape and normal-looking he was…

But this fat little gigolo taught me the “Fort Knox Phrase” that had women ripping open their purses and PAYING to have sex with him while so many other guys can’t get laid to save their lives

I got five of my best female friends drunk and listened like my life depended on it…

As they went into EXQUISITE DETAIL about the many times they “dropped the good girl act”…

And gave a random dude the ride of his life (while forcing the “nice” guys they were dating to WAIT for weeks and weeks just to get half a hand job.)

What shocked me even more was when they told me about all the times they WANTED to go home with a guy…

And were devastated when he didn’t know the “Passion Password” which wouldlet her finally drop the act, cut loose and give in to her urgent sexual need.

I interviewed psychology professors, sat in on a women’s studies course, read SMUT written by women, learned “Linguistic Triggers” women refuse to ignore…

And then, with all of this “sexual magic” buzzing around in my brain I sat down at my laptop and boiled EVERYTHING I’d learned and discovered into…

33 powerful tricks, techniques & phrases

Which wake up the animal in a woman, make her feel safe and open with you (and only you) and fixes her sexual hunger on you… right where it belongs.

Sitting exhausted at my desk I looked at what I’d created…

It wasn’t a “book” or a “course” or anything like that…

It was a survival guide for regular guys to live, get laid and get a girlfriend (if you want) in the devastated ruins of the sexual revolution…

I’d created an “Owner’s Manual” for a woman’s most important erogenous zone

Her Mind & Her Imagination

It took me a few weeks to put my “Manual” to the test…

A few weeks to run into her again…

The beautiful brunette in the tight yoga pants…

The girl I thought had been flirting with me but who had SCREAMED to protect her reputation when I stupidly made the wrong move…

I was smarter this time…

I saw her in a park near where I live in tight pants and an industrial-strength sports bra creating an epic canyon of cleavage…

She had her mat laid out… her fantastic ass in the air as she held Downward Facing Dog.

I made sure not to get too close… not to approach her and say something stupid like some pickup artist…

I sat down on a bench 10-feet away and admired her astonishing body…

I imagined my tongue on that little spot where her hip and leg connected…

She was glistening with sweat when she finished what she was doing and looked my way…

There was a moment of recognition… a moment where she wasn’t sure what to do… a moment of… apology?

A moment when things could go very right or very, very wrong…

I took a deep breath.

I felt dizzy, scared like I was jumping off a bridge and I wasn’t sure if the bungie cord was tight… but in a totally casual tone, I said it…

The Lust Mirror phrase I’d discovered.

My wrists itched suddenly, flashing back to the feeling of handcuffs

But I knew it worked…

When her pupils dilated

When her nipples hardened

When her hips tilted towards me…

When she smiled

She wiggled over to me… sat down on the bench to put her shoes on…

Inches away so I could feel her heat… inhale that intoxicating smell of her.

She forgot to tie her shoes as we talked for almost an hour, in low voices like lovers… Me whispering the little tricks and techniques I’d created, her inching closer and closer until her foot hooked around mine like a hug or an invitation…

And then she made the move…

Her hand on my thigh… her lips against mine… her tongue snaking its way into my mouth, her body writhing against me desperate to have me inside.

In the hours we spent together I took control of her fantasies…

Whispered naughty words in her ear that made goosebumps rise on her back…

Stroked her ego, teased her, made her feel feminine and open and vulnerable and safe to unleash her passion with no fear of being judged or rejected …

And in return she surrendered everything to me…

She tore down all her walls… opened herself to me… begged to fulfill my fantasies (and me to fulfill hers)…

Gave me intense pleasure again and again that lit every cell of my body on fire and left me exhausted and satisfied and happy and feeling like a man in a way I never thought I could feel.

At one point she gasped “I love you” as she came… I knew she didn’t mean it. I knew she meant she loved how I was making her feel… she loved that she could completely be a woman with me.

The next morning we woke up in a tangle of damp sheets and smiles…

“I don’t know what came over me,” she sighed as she stretched contentedly

“I’m not a slut or anything, you know. I don’t usually do that sort of thing. There was just something irresistible about you. I couldn’t help myself.”

I smiled wolfishly at her excuse. Grabbed her ass. Thought about when I’d let her get it again.

I told my best friend Rob everything at lunch in Santa Monica that day…

Rob wasn’t exactly good with the ladies. His ex had dumped him a year before and he hadn’t been with a girl since…

He looked at me like a starving man finding a truckload of donuts and said…

“Give. Me. The. Damned. Words. Right. Now.”

I laughed until I saw how serious he was.

His fingers were clenching the table, his knuckles white.

I wasn’t sure at first. I’d worked my ass off to create this… THING… was it really something I wanted to share, especially when there were so many women I wanted to share it with myself?

He’s my best friend. How could I say no?

At midnight I got a picture and a text from Rob…

The picture was a woman with a smile across her face like she’d won the orgasm lottery…

The text was in ALL CAPS with a HUGE smiley emoticon saying…


I guess I should have known better than to trust him with this.

Rob never could keep a secret…

Or maybe people could just see the glint in his eye… the spring in his step… the incredibly hot girls under his flabby arm…

Because suddenly things got crazy.

Guys started to call me up…

Email me…


Without even thinking about it I doled out just a few of my techniques to guys I knew – some barely 20, some in their 70’s

And again and again they raved about how it was like flipping the sex switch in their wives’… or girlfriends’… or a complete stranger’s brain.

And how a whole new sexual universe just OPENED UP once they learned these simple words…

Words which obliterate all the BS the media spoon-feeds women and gives her PERMISSION to treat you as her personal sex toy with no shame, no holding back and absolutely no regret.

And, of course, I got to enjoy the fruits of my “labors” too… an army of incredible women bending over backwards (literally) to experience what I’d discovered.

More than a few times I held a beautiful woman while she post-orgasmically sobbed… astonished at the depths of sexuality she suddenly discovered in herself.

Somewhere along the way, the guys who got a hold of this information started calling it The Language of Lust with a wink and a smile…

And it stuck because that’s what this is:

The Secret Erotic Language of The Feminine Mind

The secret language that lets her know you’re a real man in a sea of douchebags, wimps, and defeated “little boys”…

Which brings us to now

And brings us to you

And whether you’re going to be allowed to learn The Language Of Lust too…

But before we go any further and you find out if this is for you, you need to understand

This isn’t just a power, it’s a responsibility

Once you learn to tease and turn on and torment any woman this secret way…

You’ll be able to give her a more intense, pleasurable, connected and erotic experience just sitting at a table at a restaurant – acting completely innocent as far as everyone around you is concerned – than her ex-boyfriend could in a whole sweaty, naked weekend.

I know this sounds almost supernatural

But this isn’t magic, it’s science

It’s chemistry.

Because the dirty, astonishing words and phrases you’re about to learn have been psychologically designed to hit the feminine mind like a drug…

Listen: Imagine if we took a brain scan of the woman you want at the moment you look her in the eye, smile and whisper these very special words…

If you compared it to a brain scan of a heroin addict at the moment she injected into her vein…

Would you be able to tell the difference?

Not really. In both cases you’d see an explosion of dopamine flooding her brain…

If you don’t know what dopamine is, it’s the pleasure chemical…

The same chemical released when you share a passionate kiss with someone you’ve lusted after…

Or gorge on a delicious steak

Or win millions in the lottery…

And that hit of dopamine is what motivates every woman on this planet whether she wants to admit it or not…

And without even knowing why she’s going to come to you again and again because you’re the only guy who knows how to give her her fix.


Are you ready to feel what it’s like to be her sexual drug dealer?

Are you ready for astonishingly attractive women to CHASE you… beg for your attention… ignore their boyfriends, bite their lips, and drag you off into a corner?

Are you ready to have women fighting over you…  pleading to go home with you and bringing their sexiest friends along too?

Silly question, right?

Because if you’re still here, we both know the answer is a pretty obvious YES.

So here’s the deal (And it’s just for you)…

The Language of Lust


The result of over 5 years of non-stop, intensive research, glorious in-person testing and work…

Work I did to give women the ecstasy so many idiots in the world tell them they’re not “allowed” to have…

See, the Language of Lust isn’t a “course” or an “educational program” where I tell you to change who you are to attract women…

Instead, it’s a collection of almost-magical done-for-you techniques which automatically bore deeply into the mind of any woman you use them on and activate her pure, unbridled LUST on command and just by saying a few words.

The men who have used The Language of Lust so far say thatit’s like a Nuclear Bomb in the battle of the sexes…

A completely unfair weapon which gives you incredible sexual power over women even if they completely ignore you now.

And positions you to be the one guy in your city who truly knows how to turn her on and give her permission to give in to her secret desires.

Here’s just a tiny sample of the secrets you’re going to learn and the amazing results you’re going to almost-automatically get when you discover The Language of Lust today…

The Pavlov’s Panty Drencher Technique…

Use this to condition a woman to become unreasonably turned on and quiver with desire for you every time you whisper a seemingly innocent phrase of your choice in her ear…

Warning: Using this in public has been known to draw stares from other men in the room as she immediately soaks her panties, ruins her chair, and gasps like she’s just run a sexual marathon.

Next you’ll learn…

How to tickle her Emotional G-Spot

so she BEGS to be your personal slut while turning other guys down and insisting she’s “not that kind of girl” to everyone but you.

Doing this turns all her distaste and shame around the word “slut” into white-hot lust aimed directly at you.

You’ll feel like you have sexual super-powers when you learn this next one…

I call it The Lust Mirror Technique…

This method is so easy to do to a woman, but so powerful

It allows you to create a feedback loop of ravenous lust between you and a girl…

Where the more turned on you are, the more turned on she gets…

Until she’s aching for you with sexual desperation, pulling you by the belt to the bedroom and staring at you like a hungry lioness who just stumbled upon a porterhouse steak.

Ever wish you just had a Remote Control for her sex drive?

You’ll discover the secret power of Pleasure Resistance

And exactly what to say and do when she’s “not in the mood” to have her gushing, spreading her legs and breathing heavy in seconds.

The Kink Exposure Method

Allows you to discover her deepest, most hidden fantasies as easily as taking a picture on your cell phone…

IMPORTANT: Use this method and you’ll know things about her sexual desires she might be SCARED to admit herself… which is why I’m also going to teach you how to awaken a woman to her hidden sexuality without even a hint of guilt or shame.

And that’s just the tip of the erotic iceberg.

You’ll also discover…

The Orgasm Chemical…

and how to soak her mind in this potent “pleasure drug” so she quakes with orgasm at a passing breeze.

The Dirty From A Distance method…

and how to give her more pleasure with your thumbs than any other guy could with his whole body and an industrial strength vibrator.

The Erotic Porn Script Technique

I‘ll show you how to use texts, Skype or the phone to create a vivid emotional PORN MOVIE in her mind where she’s the “innocent” girl and you’re the SEX GOD she’d do anything for.

Moment by moment, scene by scene you’ll learn how to use masculine sensuality to activate her feminine need to be taken, ravished, and pleasured in the way only her “dream man” can.

The Oral Intensifier…

A simple phrase which makes her feel like you’re doing HER a favor by “letting” her go down on you…

The Emotional Revenge Method

It instantly triggers a vicious flood of emotions in a woman

You’ll see a slightly cruel smile cross her lips… a glint in her eye… and you lean back and enjoy the ride as she “gets back” at her ex by giving you the dirty, sweaty time of your life

How to tear down

The Slut Barrier

and get even the nicest “good girl” to be very, very bad

The Just Coffee Mind Lay

Do this and she’ll feel like you had deep, connected, rafter-shaking sex without taking off a single item of clothing and without even touching.

The 4 Minute Eye Gaze

… and how to create feelings of closeness and even love almost instantly.

WARNING: Do NOT use this with a girl you just want to have casual sex with as it could backfire spectacularly.

The Sexual Singularity

An incredibly powerful word that hammers her attention to you and makes her feel more desired, lusted after, wanted and appreciated than any man has ever made her feel before (or ever will again.)

Just whisper this one word in here ear… watch as a naughty smile crosses her lips… her eyes glaze over…

And she pounces on you… begs for your praise and then thanks you again and again as she finally understands what sex and pleasure are truly supposed to be about.

And so much more



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Dear friend,

If you’re ready to discover a systematic, yet “natural” looking, way to blow far beyond all existing attraction models – and ACTUALLY start scoring with women each and every night of the week… then this will be the most important message you’ll ever read!

Here’s Why

As you know, I’m Mehow – one of the most sought after “seduction” coaches in the world.

Just about two years ago today, I released the infamous Get The Girl! manual, and then quickly followed up that manual with my powerful “Infield Exposed” set. This revolutionary training tool astonished the entire seduction community… by going beyond “book theory”, going into the field, and revealing how to actually use my methods in REAL world venues and with REAL women – and get REAL results!

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what guys are saying about Infield Exposed behind my back:

Great product, Candid, and Informative – with no fluff!

“Mehow is the FIRST with the f*ucking guts to show himself in-field. All the others just go bla bla bla. I got more than I bargained for with this product. He shows how he does it, he dissects the interactions with great detail, he’s candid, honest, and looks you in the eye without appearing ‘guruish’ and patronizing. He also gets results. Many sets hook and he also pulled all the way. This product helped me a lot both by giving me methods and demonstrations and also by making me trust the material and the person that teaches it because he’s showing himself in full in the videos. In action, not on the stage lecturing like most other PUA’s. I wish I would get as much results as he did in these videos, and I’m working on myself so to get there. Good luck to all!”

– Mike, USA

Infield Exposed rocks!

“Mehow rocks! Finally someone is showing you how it is done, for real, then only then talks about it. I benefited from this more than any other. I recommend it!”

-Henson, Norway

It Just “Clicks” in Your Head!

“I finished watching it yesterday and didn’t’ have a chance to field test it, but i loved it anyway. The great thing about this product is, that it can replace a life workshop. You finally see everything in action and it just “clicks” in your head. Usually when you just read/hear something you know intellectually what you are supposed to do, but just cant imagine doing it all at once. With this infield footage you can finally get some life action to backup all the talk and put it into your brain once and for all. The material isn’t as advanced as some other stuff out there, but the good thing about is, that you can apply all of it, no matter how far along you are.

-LDome, Germany

Infield Demonstrations with Feedback – Just Made It Sink In!

The theories finally make sense when you see them in the field. One of my biggest problems with PUA material is that I read and read, but once I get in the field it all gets mixed up in my head and I end up just freezing out, or approaching and not implementing anything I read. These field demonstrations with the feedback later just made it click for me. It’s like all the material I learned up until now sunk into the right corner in my head. Finally, I can use it better for real.

-Nightride, Detroit

He Knows Game VERY, Very Well.

“I bought this and just finished watching it all. There are a lot of hidden camera in-field videos and then Mehow reviews them with his DVD player, pauses and explains what’s going on. Mehow is cool in the field. He’s very vibrant and playful. He knows game VERY very well. But he doesn’t appear so mechanical and cold and weird like Mystery. In the explanations section where he explains the in-field videos he shows some good analysis of the details of the interaction. He knows the stages of the game, how to handle each stage, and so on. He addresses his good and bad sets and the same night pull set! Overall I liked it!


You see, up until now, my “Infield Exposed” training set stood alone as the premier training tool to quickly and effortlessly master the art of attraction and seduction.

Today It ALL Changes

Today, I am raising the benchmark… and once again combined the power of the real, uncensored, unscripted, infield video with my new, smooth as silk, extremely powerful “10 Second Attraction” tactics!

That’s right, I’m combining state of the art video technology… AND my latest breakthrough attraction system – and delivering to you a simple, yet powerful, A to Z blueprint – to get the most extreme massive results in the field.

Introducing…”Infield Exposed – 10SSA”

Never Before, In The History Of Seduction Has It Been THIS Simple, Or THIS Easy… To Same Night Pull On Any Night Of The Week Of Your Choice… Without Stacks, Routines, Or Acting Like A “Pick-Up Robot!”

Here’s the story:

After releasing my “10 Second Attraction” system, I decided it was time to take my “ninja-like” camera crew, and capture these new techniques in real-world settings.

Once again the rules were simple…No Scripts, No Models, No Second Chances – and No Excuses.Oh, and I gave myself just 3 nights, to capture as much footage as possible.

Meaning, this isn’t a “highlight reel” comprised of the best sets over the course of weeks, or months. On the contrary, I wanted to deliver this to you as raw as possible. I wanted to demonstrate everything I have learned… and condense it into one simple, easy to follow system – that would allow any guy, at any age or skill level, to achieve the most life altering results. Results that go beyond just scoring the women of your dreams, but results that trickle throughout your entire life.

During this 3-nights of filming, we captured 2 Full DVDs worth of footage – hardcore footage that shocked even me… and will literally blow your mind.

Here’s Just A Small Sample Of What You’ll Discover

  • All The “10SSA” Methods Revealed On Video!
  • Solo Sarging – The Way To Dominate Any Set Without A Wing!
  • High-Octane, Value Velocity Tactics You Can Add To ANY Gaming Style!
  • How To Body Language To Create High-Impact Sexual Tension!
  • The Easy Way To Get A Hottie In Your Lap In Seconds!
  • Techniques That Will Force Women To Think About You… And Even Crave You – In A Deep Sexual Way!
  • How To Escalate To A Physical Level, And Pull Women Within Just Moments Of Meeting!
  • Tight Mid-Game Tactics That Will Elevate Your Game Overnight!
  • Sexual Game Techniques That Will Deliver Results – On The Same Night!
  • How To Flawlessly Use Social Proof!
  • Plus, Much More!

Including…A Sneaky, Little “Concept” – That Practically Forces You To Get Laid… Tonight!

Inside this downloadable training set, you’ll discover DJ Fuji’s breakthrough “Conversion Threshold” – breakdowns the attraction and seduction process – and explains what it takes to cross the point of no return in the mind of a women… the point where your interaction transitions from innocent flirting – to a guaranteed pull.

In other words… once you fully understand the “Conversion Threshold”, you’ll be able to fearlessly approach any women… and quickly go from the guy she fully expects will blow it – to the guy she secrets hopes will take her home!

Once you master this simple principle…Women Will Literally Chase You Down – Begging For Sex! Just imagine… NEVER Going Home Without A Beautiful Woman In Your Arms… Ever!

Well, that’s just the beginning… READ ON!

After all, “Infield Exposed – 10SSA” is a lot more than just rock-solid pick-up captured on video, as I spend four DVDs explaining each and every detail of every set, and every interaction… blow by blow – so you’ll know EXACTLY what methods, tactics, or strategies I used, why I used it – and how you can too!

More importantly, you’ll see me tear apart my own game – treating myself like a “step-child” student… so you can learn from my mistakes – things most guys would never notice.

I bring your attention to every detail – good and bad – so you can learn from my strengths AND mistakes.

The result is Sizzling DOWNLOADs… where I practically give you the keys to the entire seduction kingdom.

Watch this footage once, and your game will improve – overnight.

Watch them repeatedly, and you’ll consistently wake up each morning with a gorgeous woman laying next to you – AND the confidence and ability to go out and attract the next one.

In fact, the only uncertainty in your life will be which woman you will choose next.

This Is Your Chance To Thrive As A Male

All of this and more can be yours… the girls of your dreams, the thrilling lifestyle, and the ability to turn up the heat in your love life – like turning on a light switch! I Cracked The Game – And Reveal All The Secrets!

All you have to do is get your hands on this material… and follow my step-by-step methods. I’ve made it so simple… a complete virgin could score within just hours of reviewing this material.

Best of all, I’ve removed all the limitation of the past, including stacks, lines, and routine – so there’s nothing to memorize.

You’ll have the ability to conquer any venue – like a true natural player, who has never heard “No” in his lifetime.

I have cracked open the game for you, revealing all the secrets – and delivering them to you on a silver plater.

With this information at your finger tips, you’ll effortless attract women, captivate them – and then watch as they wait, hoping, and praying you’ll make the next move.

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The only question is… will you join me in the revolution, and capture the life of your dreams?Look at it this way:

To get this level of information, and clarity… you would have to attend at least one of my FULL boot camps and FULL Infield weekend training… and be able to absorb everything I do and say like a sponge!

And, that’s not taking into consideration your traveling, lodging, and dining expenses.But relax, I’m not about to charge you anything close to that amount – far from it!

The “Infield Exposed – 10SSA” downloadable set also includes all of the narrative portions of this training system… so you can revisit this material in your car, on your Ipod, or anywhere you choose!

It contains the most systematic way to easily and “naturally” approach, attract, seduce… and even same night pull – the most alluring women.

It’s Like Magic!

Forget “book theory” non-sense, long-winded lines, and hard to remember stacks and routines.

This is the simple, yet powerful way to effortlessly generate genuine attraction and allowing you to effortlessly sweep women off their feet – and leave them begging for more.

The Choice Is Yours

And keep in mind, whether you choose to live your life as the lifelong player, or decide to simply hold out for that “perfect” woman – “Infield Exposed – 10SSA” will provide you with the tools, tricks, and tactics to score each step of the way… creating relationships and experiences that will last a lifetime.

And, for that reason alone… this information is worth any price. In fact, the tactics and techniques disclosed to you in this downloadable set are so powerful… you must agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement swearing never to reveal my methods to anyone, under any circumstance.

That’s Just How Powerful This Training System Is!

With that said, allow me to say I want to help as many guys as I can – which is why I’m making this incredible system available for the low price of just $247 $197.

And, considering the information contained within this set, it is a bargain!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Right now, for a Limited Time you can get…

The Entire “Infield Exposed – 10SSA” Set Downloaded At A Special Introductory Price!


“How to Talk to Hot Women: The 9 Secrets to Getting and Keeping the Woman (Women) of Your Dreams”

When I first learned the secret to getting all the hot, gorgeous women of my dreams, I went a little wild picking up different types of women. Friends of mine who knew me when I was still a computer geek asked me for my help in getting them results with women too. It dawned on me that I could get ANY GUY the RESULTS he wanted By reading my book you will discover:

  • The 9 Secrets To Be With Any Woman You Want.
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  • The Secrets of Girls Who Like Assholes and How To Be the Nice Asshole That She Craves

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Men from all over the world have flown to Hollywood and paid THOUSANDS of dollars for private instruction with me. Lucky for you, I’ve enclosed some of those valuable and PROVEN secrets in this book to get you results! Whether you’re brand new to the game or a veteran, this book has something for you.

Remember, This is the Fast Track to Success with Women that Allows your to:

  • Never Again Run Out Of Things To Say
  • Get Her Hot And Horny In The Right Way
  • Have Her Addicted To You And The Way You Make Her Feel!
  • Have Her Want To Get To Know You And Then Take You Home So You Can Get To Know Here

The Official, “10 Second Sexual Attraction” Companion Guide – FOR FREE!

Inside this guide you’ll get a complete “crash course” on my latest “10 Second Sexual Attraction” system – which will allow you to get the most out of your “Infield Exposed – 10SSA” experience.


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Liam McRae – How to Get Her Sexually Invested in Seduction Download

Workshop on how to get her sexually invested and chasing you into the bedroom by unleashing her inner sexuality with your own sexual archetype by Liam McRae



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