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How To Find The Perfect Slave PDF Download

Want to know even more about how to find the perfect slave or submissive online?

Digg Digg Hi, I’m H.H., the mysterious genius behind Find Kink

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably taken my free course on improving your chances on kinky dating sites. (If not, you should definitely check it out.)

Which means you’ve been there. You’ve been in the trenches of the BDSM dating scene.

You know what it’s like to send out dozens of messages and get no responses. To check your “profile views” – and not have had any submissives looking.

I’ve been there too.

But eventually I figured out that it wasn’t me – just a lot of little, hard-to-spot, awkward things that were standing between me and the hot submissives I wanted to meet.

The lessons in the free course are taken from that experience. And apparently they’re working well – thanks for the nice messages, guys!

These tips work:

“Ive applied some of your suggestions, if you want an endorsement, I can vouch they worked.”

“Lobo Steel”, by email

Well, I’ve got good news. There’s more. A lot more.

If you want to supercharge your quest to find a submissive – or hey, a few submissives! – read on.

I’ve been meeting women from these sites for more than 10 years

A little while ago, I figured it all out. How to meet, date and play with beautiful submissive women, using BDSM dating sites like and

I’m not Brad Pitt or Marilyn Manson. In fact I’m kinda fat, and I wear glasses. I’m not in the “BDSM scene” as such. And I don’t have a great dress sense either, unless you count “anything goes with black” as a dress sense.

When I started trying to meet women to turn my domination fantasies into reality, I had no success at all, for – literally – years. (I’m a stubborn bastard.)

I kept trying different things, and trying to understand what I got wrong. I got one reply. Then several.

I started to understand why I wasn’t having success – and it was nothing to do with my looks, or my wallet, just how I understood what I was doing. And then I started having a LOT of success.

Since then I’ve had multiple slave girls at the same time, all from one kinky dating site. I’ve had relationships with hot newbies who dreamed of being walked in public on a leash and gorgeous, depraved, experienced slaves who’d let me do whatever I wanted.

TIP: all the conventional rubbish about “men contact women, not the other way around” isn’t true. Use these sites right and the slavegirl of your dreams will call you.
And then I met the girl of my dreams. (Yeah, she’s kinky.)

We’ve been together for two years now – so I don’t need to use any dating sites or the skills I developed any more.

And so I decided I wanted to give other people like you the information you need to actually meet submissive, sexy women who would never get in contact before.

The free Find Kink course was the first part of that. The project you’re reading about now – “How To Find Your Sex Slave” – is the next, bigger, better stage.

A Reader Says:

I didn’t think a course like this would be specific enough to be helpful.

But I found it full of detailed practical advice: I hadn’t thought of the ways it outlines to research and improve your profile, for example, or the ideas for specifically attracting “types” of subs.

It’s surprisingly well-written too! Recommended.

– John aka northernsou1 @

The good news is this: you can learn to use kinky dating sites right, no matter who you are. And with some work, you can get the result you want – a happy, horny, naked slavegirl curled up at your feet.

You can find a beautiful submissive girl no matter who you are

Anyone can fulfil their dominant fantasies, no matter if you’re experienced or not, young or not, rich or not. In fact, I talk a lot about the reasons why that is, and how you can make yourself attractive to submissive women whoever you are, in this course.

You don’t have to be an experienced Dominant guy, or smooth and witty. You don’t even need to be confident – plenty of Dom guys are shy in real life.

When I started having real success, I’d had almost no experience being a Dominant at all, and I was nervous as hell.

When I met my first (slim, 5’ 10”, blonde) slavegirl I found through, I was pretty much terrified – but I also fulfilled about six fantasies in the first night, and we kept playing for months.

I’ll teach you how to find the girls you’re interested in, how to find the ones who will be interested in you (there are more of them than you think!), and the greatest secret to turning what you might think of as weaknesses into the reason why people contact you.

Oh, and you don’t have to be an asshole either. I’ve got no time for that.

Everything I learned and everything I teach is based on the principle that you’re a person who wants to dominate hot girls, your eventual submissive is a person who wants a guy to dominate her, and that it’s perfectly natural that the two of you should get together.

Learn everything you’ll need to have the kinky experiences you’re dreaming of

This isn’t a small course.

“How To Meet Your Sex Slave” is over 100 pages of advice taken directly from my experience. (Although if you prefer to act rather than read, you can take it a section at a time!)

How to choose photos.
What the most important parts of your profile are.
How to write to submissive girls, even models and porn actresses (seriously – they’re people too!), and get an enthusiastic response.
All the things that may have tripped you up or stopped you from getting responses or interest before, explained and solved.

This course used to be one book, but as it’s become more and more information-packed, it was obvious I needed to split it up. More than 80 pages of dating info is a lot to digest in one chunk!

Jane’s Guide reviewed this course:

I’ll be honest with you, I clicked on this link and started the review prepared to be annoyed.

… I got to see the full Deluxe version in pdf format, and I have to say that I was pretty surprised. It actually seemed to offer up solid advice on this topic, and it gave helpful links to outside reading materials freely available online.

If you are feeling absolutely lost in the world of BDSM online dating and can’t seem to find helpful advice, I’d actually recommend this.

– Jane’s Adult Website Review Guide | Read full review

So I’ve split it into 4 easy-to-read comprehensive guides so that you can grab the advice you need, fast:

Learn the mindset that will give you success

The most important element of success with BDSM online dating is having the right mindset as to how it works. (And I do mean BDSM dating specifically – no generic vanilla dating tips here)

The 20-page “Principles” module lets you

Learn how you can confidently approach the beautiful slavegirls you see.

Make using BDSM sites fun and confidence-building rather than frustrating and scary.

Learn how to present yourself so submissives will find you intruiging – without changing who you are.

Learn how to soothe submissives’ fears so that they’ll enthusiastically reply to you.
Discover the hidden feature of your dating site that will put you way ahead of other men.
In addition, the “Principles” module also goes through every type of site you can potentially meet submissives on – from to NewbieNudes – and tells you which sites work and which ones will just waste your money.

I even have a suggestion for completely free dating that’ll still work for you.

If you hired a dating coach, they’d spend at least 2 hours going through this stuff – at $150 an hour or so – if they even knew it!

Have submissive women pleading for your attention

You’ll have heard that “Men message, women only respond”. Don’t know if it’s true in vanilla dating, but it’s certainly not true in the BDSM world – if you know how to write a great profile.

The 21-page “Profile” module teaches you to:

Write an irresistable Dominant profile, even if you’re not very confident.

Perfect the most vital sentence in your profile to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Attract more submissive women by specifying who you’re not interested in.

Be comfortable writing a profile where you sound sexy as hell!

Use what’s unique about you to meet women I wouldn’t stand a chance with.
Using this guide, you’ll be able to write a profile that will turn submissive women’s heads. There are companies out there on the ‘net that will charge you $350 or more for a simple profile rewrite.

This guide will let you write a better one – because you care more – for free.

Post pictures that potential submissives will find irresistable

Idiotic magazines say “Women aren’t visual”. Yeah, right. Once you have great photos, the number of women viewing your profile will skyrocket.

The 14-page “Photo” module lets you:

Chose the shots that are proven to work best – so you don’t have to worry.

Learn why you shouldn’t wear a hat, and other hidden blunders that might ruin your chances

Take great photos of yourself, even if you’re camera-shy.

Check for absolute certain whether your photos look sexy to your potential submissives.
In addition, the guide includes a special section on how to get yourself the most valuable type of photo for BDSM sites – one where you’re actually demonstrating your BDSM skills with a submissive. Sounds impossible if you haven’t already met a submissive girl?

It’s not – but you have to know how to do it. And once you’ve got photographic evidence you’re able to Dom for real, the number of women who want to meet you will skyrocket.

(I don’t even want to think what you’d get charged to get “action shots” any other way – but it’d be in the hundreds of dollars at least.)

Make contacting slavegirls fun – and successful!

Sending a message to a beautiful woman you’ve never met saying, in essence, “I want to tie you up and fuck you” can be pretty terrifying. And once you’ve spent time on a message, it’s depressing if you don’t get a response. If you’ve spent a lot of time contacting women who never got back to you, you’ll find this module particularly interesting – it’ll solves both those problems.

You’ll actually enjoy contacting people with this 23-page guide:

Learn why you should contact the most gorgeous girls – and expect a response.

Discover what signs show a woman won’t reply – so you only contact the ones who will.

Write introductions that’ll mean your messages almost never get ignored

Learn how NOT to write emails that’ll make girls think you’re creepy.

Learn how to read her profile and use her language to make a strong connection.

Learn how to keep the conversation going so that she wants to meet you in the flesh.
Contacting people is probably the hardest part of using BDSM dating sites. Believe it or not, there are companies out there that charge $700 per month to handle it for you! I think reading this module is a better option…

By understanding how to make it fun both for you and her, you’ll conquer the biggest stumbling block of online dating.

Get the course!

“How To Meet Your Sex Slave” comes in two different flavours: Standard and Deluxe:


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Vin Dicarlo – Dominant Sexual Power Review | Vin Dicarlo – Dominant Sexual Power Download

Dominant Sexual Power

I know just how PAINFUL it is by not getting the girls you want and seeing other guys get those beautiful girls RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.


So, let me help you out by giving you some of the ACTUAL techniques that comes STRAIGHT from the Dominant Sexual Power Program. You’ll know EXACTLY what you will be getting when you buy and how it’ll help you in attraction gorgeous women into your life.

I’m just going to let it ALL OUT and tell you what you are buying. Remember that this is an UNBIASED dominant sexual power review, so I’m going to cover both the GOOD things AND the bad things about the program. So if that’s something you don’t want to hear, you can hit your browser’s back button.

So let me share with you my experience with the program…

My Dominant Sexual Power System Story

Let me first share with you my story of how I stumbled upon dominant sexual power. If you want to skip the story and go straight to the review, you can always scroll down.

So my story began when I was a sophomore in college. I had a girlfriend to die for. She was beautiful, intelligent and a very down to earth girl. Until one day…

One day, my girlfriend and I had a serious talk and she told me she cheated on me while she was at a party. I couldn’t believe it!

I was in shock! At first I was so angry and frustrated that I went into a state of denial. It just wouldn’t register in my brain that a girl so loyal and devoted would cheat on me. I couldn’t believe that an intelligent girl who wouldn’t hurt a fly, would do such a thing as to cheat on me.

Well a week later, after I calmed down my angered emotions, I called her up and we had another serious talk. So, I asked her about the incident.

She started to explain that she didn’t know why, but she just couldn’t control her emotions, when this guys was talking to her. She said she didn’t even find his looks that attractive, but what he said and how he behaved just made her lose sense of her emotions and she couldn’t think logically. She said that she didn’t even drink.

Well, that was the end between me and her.

BUT, it had sparked something in me. It made me want to research exactly WHAT made her act the way she did and WHY she cheated on me. So I started gathering all the information on female psychology, attraction mechanisms, pick-up artistry, social dynamics, and even biology to understand why women act this way.

I wanted to know, why even the most intelligent women and girls with boyfriends become attracted to guys in a matter of minutes, no matter what they looked like.

I wanted to know why even the most logical girls and the most well-controlled women lose their ability to control their emotions and just give into becoming attracted and seduced by certain men.


I did what most guys would never do…

I met with the guy that my girlfriend cheated on. Not to beat him up, but to ask him some questions.

I wanted to know what he said and what he did that made my girlfriend cheat on me.Vin Dicarlo

And because I was so accepting, he let all of his secrets out. His secret attraction words, lines, routines, and behaviors, he poured out everything over the next couple of hours.

He said one course that really helped him to get any girl he wanted was the Vin Dicarlo dominant sexual power program.

He said there are some SECRET WORDS that will subconsciously turn women on! And that was how he was able to seduce my girlfriend. I will be going over some of these words in the later part of this review.

So I’ve picked up a new hobby. Or I would say, a new obsession. I studied and applied everything I could on seducing girls. And I soon started to get really good at attracting women, and the one course which I give a lot of credit to is the Dominant Sexual Power program by Vin DiCarlo and also the Pandora’s Box System.

Although I can’t give it all the credit, because I have read dozens of other books and have taken several other courses, it does deserve a lot of it.

Now, let me show you what you get with the DSP Program and give you some actual content from the course itself.

The Secrets of The Innocent Words

One of the courses inside the DSP program is the “innocent words” you can use to create attraction.

These are brilliant little phrases and words you can use that will escalate the attraction in a girl. It is VERY SNEAKY!

The science behind it can actually be quite confusing, but let me try to explain it as simply as possible.

So do you remember the movie Inception?

There is a part in there where one of the guy says “Don’t think about pink elephants.”

DSP Word Hypnosis

But what do you think about when he says that? Right, pink elephants.

Let me give you another example:

“You are such a dick.” In this context, the word “dick” is used to describe someone that’s a jerk or someone with bad behavior. BUT, the great thing about this word is that SUBCONSCIOUSLY it is sexually connected to the part of the male body we all know about.

So you are basically making her think about the private part, without actually telling her to think about it. Crazy stuff right? You are basically “incepting” her mind with these phrases and words that I’m about to reveal to you. This is an introductory NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) course for you beginners out there. As well as a

beginners course in hypnosis or hypnotic language.

You can essentially SLIP these words in to your conversation without sounding creepy or awkward, and you can actually blame HER for thinking about naught thoughts!

SNEAK PEAK of the Innocent Words inside DSP:

So I’ll give you one example of similar strategies that the DSP outlines in the program.

One example is the phrase: The sky is great.

It sounds like: THE SKY IS GREAT. BUT, what you’re really implying subconsciously and what it CAN sound like is:


Now, add this into one of your sentences and she’ll subconsciously feel like you are a GREAT GUY.


These words are extremely POWERFUL so make sure you use these powers for good and not for evil.

Remember that there is a WHOLE strategy to use these words inside the DSP program.

The Dominant Sexual Power Review

The main components of the DSP course are audio and video.

The information contained are not just from Vin DiCarlo, but from a few other great instructors as well.

You will learn A LOT of information on attraction and how to develop it from the core so that you NATURALLY attract women.

In my HONEST opinion, it is THE BEST COURSE that Vin DiCarlo has created. And it is one of the best courses, in the whole seduction community as well.

It just has a TON of great info and a step by step approach method that is easy to follow and easy to implement.

Inside the course:

The core program is divided into four sections: Vision, Compliance, Shaping, and Sexual Tension.

Vision: This is basically inner confidence and inner game and just becoming the person that girls are attracted to. This area goes on to emphasis the importance of your goals, your “vision” and how to create it so that it becomes an attractive quality to girls.

Compliance: Compliance can be anything from compliance tests, to framing (an NLP concept). A certain compliance test could be having her hold your drink for you, and then you can reward her by complimenting her. One that I really like is the “Us” frame, which emphasizes pair bonding and teamwork. This concept of the “Us” frame will be further elaborated in the dominant sexual power system.

You are basically making her invest more and more into you and as a result she can’t help but become more and more attracted to you.

Shaping: This area is basically making her into the girl that you want to have in your life. An example would be to encourage her to bring out her best self and to shape her into doing things that you like and stop her from doing things that you don’t like.

Sexual Tension: This is where the real fun begins. The instructors discuss ways in creating tension and pressure so that she becomes attracted sexually AND being able to arouse her without being needy.

I especially liked the part where one of the instructors encourages you to not look her “up and down” (her body), but to wander your eyes around her face and check out her face. This has a very sexual intent that creates massive attraction in women and it isn’t creepy such as checking out her body.

Dominant Sexual Power Review – Course Structure

The core concepts of the program are delivered to you in audio format, which can be accessed in the members area and which can also be downloaded so that you can listen to them in your car, or when you are walking somewhere.

The videos of the “coaching series” will be given to you over a 12 week period, in which you will get practical tips on how to implement what you have learned in the audio. You will also be given homework assignments so that you can go out and implement the things that you have learned.

And along with the CORE system, there is a mastery section. The mastery section is divided into Levels 1, 2 and 3 and is supplementary to the core system. These are more of the advanced stuff.

There is also a bonus week 13 and Dominant Sexual Mastery section for the graduates of the core course. It is a real complete course on attracting women.


Of course no course is complete without bonuses and I can honestly say that the bonuses themselves should be a separate course. There are some really great bonuses in here. Such as the INNOCENT WORDS and PHRASES as I have gone over before. The dominant sexual power program comes with about 6-7 bonuses along with some other hidden bonuses as well.

Pros and Cons of DSP

So like I’ve said I’m going to talk about some negatives about the program as well.


  • A very complete course on attracting women and it places a strong emphasis on relationships
  • TONS of info about not just attraction but A LOT of psychology, inner game, and the like.
  • TONS of bonuses as well!
  • Audio and VIDEO! It’s great if you don’t like reading.
  • Very in depth guide on and goes DEEPLY into the science of attraction.
  • Get insights and advice from MULTIPLE instructors, including Vin Dicarlo!


  • Some of the concepts are very advanced and may not be suitable for the absolutely beginner.
  • A LOT of information can be overwhelming, but it is very organized and divided up so you can take it a little at a time.
  • May take a while to complete (aka 12 week course), so you need some patience. But you will be rewarded greatly.

Dominant Sexual Power Review Conclusion

Like with every program on attraction and how to get girls out there, knowledge is nothing without ACTION. YOU MUST TAKE ACTION! and actually go out and try this stuff out, or else it is useless. So in my honest opinion, this program is ABSOLUTE GOLD, and if you are thinking about buying it or not, I would recommend that you JUST GO FOR IT! It is an amazing program and I have learned so much from it. I actually plan to go over the entire course a second time, because it is just that good. But remember, you still need to go out there and practice, practice, practice! If you do go through the course, and if you do take action, then you will have the ability to attract almost any girl you want. I promise :). Thank you so much for reading my review on the Vin Dicarlo Dominant Sexual Power Program and I wish you the best of success, not just in success with women, but with success in life.




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Maurice Tate – The Art of Dirty Talking Review | Maurice Tate – The Art of Dirty Talking Download

Maurice Tate - The Art of Dirty Talking Download

Maurice Tate – The Art of Dirty Talking Download

“Breakthrough! Discover The Secret script And The Words And Phrases That You Can Use To Make Any Woman Orgasm Without Touching At All!” — And The Best Part is That It is Quick And Easy To Learn. Anybody Can Use This Method Just By Simply Speaking These Words When Lovemaking And Continue What You Are Already Doing!

Dear friend,
If you are ready to make your lover respond to you sexually and have powerful, body shaking orgasms, then listen up.

There are certain words and phrases that really can ramp up the sexual energy.

Now, some men have never used dirty talking. Some men have tried to talk dirty but have not got a great response. The secret is that it’s all about the words and how they are used.

The amazing part about talking dirty is that it allows you to access the more lusty side that every women hides away because she doesn’t want to be called a slut.

But women really love sex, and in my experience, they love it much more than men. Have you ever talked to women about their orgasmic experiences and how they can be orgasmic for hours?

As a qualified sexologist, I get to talk to many women about sex. Women tell me they want to enter into deep, profound orgasms. They want to be with a man that will access their real sensual and sexual side. They want to be with a REAL MAN that is masculine and leads them into their energy and they want to feel really safe to totally let go.

Now, talking dirty is a real easy way for you to get into your real strength as a man and it also allows you to access her real sexual potential.

And Now It’s Your Turn to Learn To Talk Dirty!

Introducing…The Secrets Of Dirty Talkiing!

‘The Secrets Of Dirty Talking’ is a powerful new report where I reveal the exact words and phrases that I use to actually give women orgasms just from words.

I discovered the power of dirty talking when I started exploring online dating. I wanted to make my first phone call sexual and highly erotic. I wanted to do something that NO other man had ever done on a first phone call.

I put together a powerful script that allows any women to become very turned on and sexual, just from my words. When I asked my potential date on the first phone call, could I take her on a journey, she agreed. I then just read my script and I was a little shocked in that in the end she was having intense orgasms just from my words. And I had never met her!

She told me that later that she was having orgasms from no self touching at all. She is having orgasms just from my words.

Lining up a first date is pretty easy after this, I can tell you from personal experience!

This report literally gives the exact, complete script that I have been using when talking to a new date on the phone.

Now that makes me feel powerful that as a man that my words caused her to have orgasms. How would you feel if you learnt this skill?

I have tested and tested for years to come up with this script and I am finally going to reveal it to you!

Inside this new report I am going to tell you not only the exact words and phrases, but how and where I use them in my normal lovemaking.

But The Best Part Is…

You Don’t Need To Change How You Make Love! – These words work to really ramp up the sexual energy. Every women wants great foreplay.
You Don’t Need Much Time To Learn To Talk Dirty! – Just plug these words and phrases into your lovemaking and watch she respond, it really takes no time at all.
You Don’t Need A Supper Large Penis! – Talking dirty allows you to open the door to her lusty passion that she hides away.
You Don’t Need to Last For Ages.! – Following my report, you will have no problems even if you are a newbie. Just talk dirty before intercourse.
…It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are, How New (Or Advanced) You Are At Lovemaking!!

If you are looking for a way of becoming a real sexual stud, these methods will work and your lover will thank you!

When your lover turns to you and says ” honey, you are my best lover ever”, you will feel totally appreciated as a man, and smile inside, again and again.

If you want to date more women, and create sexual tension on the first date, you need this report..

You’re Going To Learn How To Make Your Lover Very Turned On In Any Situation Just by Using Dirty Talking!

You will learn the secret words that I have tested and used for 5 years to make my lovers orgasm, again and again.

I’ll let you in on all of those secrets and more inside ‘The Secret Dirty Taking’ report!

Here Are A Few More Things You Will Learn:

How To Get The Ball Rolling When Dirty Talking To Your Lover

Learn What To Say When Talking Dirty That Will Turn Her On.

2 Great Tricks To Stimulate Your Lovers Erotic Imagination

The Complete Erotic script that I Use to Give Women Orgasms By Words Alone

How To Become More Dominant When Talking Dirty

The Right Way And Time To Use Dirty Talking

How to Command Your Lover to Orgasm and Exactly When YOU Want

And More!
That’s just the tip of the iceberg! If you are struggling to make your lover orgasm, then you need to stop the feelings of being inadequate. Maybe you just want some easy tips for more orgasmic sex.

You need to get a copy of The Secret Dirty Talking Report.- But I’m Not Stopping There.. –

I wanted to give you some killer strategies that’ll help you give even more orgasms…So I am throwing in..Amazing Oral Sex Secrets for Men

This is a huge bonus and worth triple the price of the report itself. Here you will learn My Simple Foolproof Methods for expert Oral Sex. This combined with the Secret Dirty Talking Report will make your lover very orgasmic.

Sadly, 70% women do not orgasm from intercourse, so all men need to master the art of oral sex. Combine this with G Spot massage as taught in this bonus manual and also use dirty talking to ramp up the energy and it is likely she will have many orgasms from intercourse…AND I’m Throwing In..Overcome Premature Ejaculation in 7 Days!

Here is another huge bonus that sells more on it’s own then this whole package is going for. In this report you will learn how to last for ages and come when you want to, with easy-to-learn sex skills!”

Plus 2 More Reports First Time Anal Sex And How To Give An Erotic Massage | Sleep Better At Night Knowing You Now Know How To Make A Woman So Lusty That She Just Wants More Sex!
WARNING: You Might Get More Sex Than You can Handle It is really that simple. There is no need for some guru like knowledge or years of sexual experience to make women have massive orgasms. All you need is the Secret Dirty Talking packag!


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Wendi Friesen - Penis Enlargement

Wendi Friesen – Penis Enlargement (Complete) & Virtual Viagra

Review NEW CD set that will increase the length and girth of your penis. Yes it really works. This program is from the original creator of the hypnosis for penis enlargement program. You get the most up to date version with the newest breakthroughs in mind body communication. Some men notice results after just 30 days of daily listening. NO nasty surgery, NO scary pumps and weights, NO more wondering if size really matters! This is an all new set of CDs, better processes, new methods! Includes the “almost subliminal” CD track that you can play over and over and over. Find out more about how this program works by clicking on the link at the bottom. Do not consider using pumps and weights or pills until you have learned about how safely hypnosis can enlarge your penis. You will have a bigger penis without the side effects and dangers of penis pumps, weights and surgery.

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What Most Men Have Forgotten – By Brendan Corbett PDF Download

What Most Men Have Forgotten - By Brendan Corbett PDF Download

What Most Men Have Forgotten PDF Download

What Most Men Have Forgotten – Creating A New Identity “Here’s How To Become A Man Every Guy Wants To Be…And Every Woman Wants To Have”
Learn To Align Yourself With A Powerful Identity And Be The Man Nature Intended.

Are you a man? Or an even harder question… Do you FEEL like a man?
What springs to mind when you think about “being a real man”?
The truth is, I know guys think about this, but most of us are too proud to express it openly. We just get on with it and already assume we know what it takes to be a real man. But I believe that most of us do not fully take on this role and identity.
I believe that for most of us have an idea of what it means to be a real man…but we just don’t feel we are quite there yet.
So the real question is… How Do You Align Yourself With The Identity Of A Real Man?
Your identity is an INCREDIBLY important part of your inner mindset. It’s how you define who you are. But more importantly- OUR IDENTITY IS WHAT WE ALIGN OUR BEHAVIOURS AND ACTIONS WITH. Think of it this way…
What do you expect from somebody when they say, “I am a comedian”? They say that as part of their identity. So you probably expect them to be funny and witty. After all that is who they are.
If somebody says, “I am a mechanic”- you’d expect them to know how to fix your car.
If you hear somebody else say, “I am a doctor”- that too would give you an automatic expectation.
These are just labels to IDENTIFY a person, but they represent something more important- it gives them an identity to align with and it gives us an expectation about who they are.
We all have a need and desire to define ourselves. It’s a social behaviour and also one which creates our sense of self.
People have had nervous breakdowns when they have lost their sense of self and identity.
They define themselves by their jobs, they lose their job, now they FEEL they don’t know who they are.
I’m using jobs as an example because we usually say who we are in terms of our work…but jobs can come and go. They are not permanent. Once you lose your job, you may lose your sense of self.

I’m talking about an identity where you say, “I am a man”.
Why is this important?
Use the examples of the comedian, mechanic and doctor. These definitions spring certain ideas and beliefs in our mind. We associate them to specific behaviours and actions.
Just by saying the word “Doctor”, we believe he will be extremely intelligent and sophisticated. We can get an idea of his work ethic and how he probably studied for hours learning medical terms and being focussed on one career.
Now apply this principle to being a man MAN is also a label. And with that label comes certain expectations.
I’m assuming you have the appearance of a man. You have a deep voice, facial hair, tall-…but do you act and behave like one?
When we think of what it takes to be a man- we perceive him to be strong and “alpha”. He wades through life knowing he can handle anything. He stands tall and he oozes coolness.
What you don’t realise is that you already have this expectation put on you. Why? Because you LOOK like a man and you have a penis. But looking like one and knowing how to be one are two different things.
But most guys find it difficult to behave like a real man. They feel like something important is missing.
I believe that most guys FEEL THIS NIGGLING THAT SOMETHING IS MISSING. They never had that transition or initiation into defining their identity.
So here is another important question….
Just because you get the automatic appearance of a man, that doesn’t mean you automatically learn how to be one.
In most cultures nowadays, we have these high expectations of being men- but we have never been given the shift or shown what to do.
When you ask what a man is nowadays, most will give the media interpretation and reel off a list of “Alpha men” in movies.
Once again we focus on the EXTERNAL- and we miss out on the importance of THE INNER MINDSET OF A MAN.

So here is the problem…
– You have the expectation of being a man.
– This expectation is from both YOU and EVERYBODY AROUND YOU.
– You have never been shown how to be a man.
– You feel insecure within yourself when you don’t act and behave like a man.
– The expectation is something you didn’t choose.

WHAT YOU GET IN THE What Most Men Have Forgotten – By Brendan Corbett PDF

PART ONE identifies man in the beginning and the challenges he faced.
PART TWO illustrates the influences and how conditioning has seperated us from our nature.
PART THREE defines the identity of man. When you think of being a man, this is what you align with. It is a balanced man who is in touch with his nature in today’s world.
PART FOUR explains how to shift an identity. It is only your perception and the labels you attach to yourself. So this tells you the methods to make that mental shift and the important steps you must go through.

What Most Men Have Forgotten – By Brendan Corbett PDF  is not…

* About being macho and alpha, thus defining a list of traits to become such a thing.
* Learning how to be dominant and on some Machiavellian power trip.
* An assertian to define men above women.
* A guide to fighting and staring down those who dis-respect you and/or join the mafia.



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Moses Hungar – The Sexual Superhero System PDF Download


Customer Only Special!
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Akasha Rainbow – What Is Third Eye Chakra Orgasm PDF Download

What is third eye chakra orgasm: Opening and awakening human potential

Many books on third eye opening – only one on third eye orgasm.

Go on an amazing journey of self discovery to meet yourself at your highest, most blissful, ecstatic potential.Find easy to read techniques to align body, mind & spirit and awaken the pineal gland.

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Can orgasms really be so good they could make a woman give up chocolate?

Finally a way that makes spirituality as simple as getting naked with ourselves.
Did anyone ever tell you that to have an orgasm we don’t even need to touch ourselves? This book is all about incorporating the elusive energy orgasm into our self love and spiritual practice. Read the first hand account of a woman who has them, has lots of them, has received them, and would like you to have them too. How can it get better than that?

Read on to discover:

    • Awakening the pineal gland to converse with your inner divine self
    • Techniques for having orgasms in all 7 chakras of the body
    • Transforming the obstacles we face to feel even more orgasmic energy
    • How to totally relax to experience the healing fire of the generative life force
    • Aligning our beings to create a direct and open channel to hear our spirit’s call
    • Anchoring our higher selves in our bodies to be the utter joy and complete bliss that is our human destiny.

    Third eye orgasm – an orgasm that’s so good, it’s in your head
    Enlightenment has never been such a turn on!
    Go on an amazing adventure of discovering yourself at your highest, most blissful, ecstatic potential. Find easy to read instructional techniques on how to align body, mind and spirit, to create an open channel between you and the divine, to give you access to energy and awareness that you always knew you were born to and catapult you on the path to fulfilling the divine blueprint of your ultimate destiny.

    Amust have read for anyone interested in:

    Becoming multi-orgasmic and spontaneously orgasmic energetically everyday
    Transforming old wounds into profound new healing that will astound you
    The secrets to attracting a life more amazing than we imagine possible
    Raising the bar in tantra and tantric awakening, life coaching, and meditation.
    About the Author, Akasha Rainbow:
    An energy worker and writer on how to achieve higher states of consciousness and being by opening the third eye and awakening the pineal gland; how to know when we are following our Hero’s calling and embodying our soul purpose with somatic awareness and Hara line healing; and how to heal ourselves from an energetic, Core Essence, basis, to live from a place of ecstatic integrity and authenticity. Her other books are Lightworker Energy Healing, with Awaken the Flame and Supernatural Birth upcoming in 2015/16.



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    Captain Jack – Step By Step Sexualized Flirting Review | Captain Jack – Step By Step Sexualized Flirting Download

    Unhappy With Your Results With Women and Dating?

    Using ‘Sexual Framing’ I Went from 0 Lays to 26 (fully documented) in One Year… with even better results each year thereafter. What’s more… I rarely went on a ‘proper date’ and spent almost no money. Here’s one of the most powerful, easy to use and apply tactics from it…


    From: Captain Jack Location: The Pirate Pad, Somewhere in Texas

    Dear Friend,

    Are you sick of talking to women day in and day out and seeing little or no results?

    It doesn’t seem to matter to the girls that you are “a catch” or that you’re an all around good guy. They seem to go for the ‘other guys.’ The rich ones. Or, the bad boy types. Or, the jocks… or, whatever… it doesn’t matter because whoever it is it’s not you.

    Well, you’re not alone…

    I used to be in the same boat. Shortly after my divorce I found myself thrust back into the dating world. It was a world I had never really mastered because I got married young and didn’t have much experience.

    The beginning was ROUGH!

    By all measures I was considered a “catch” but I could scarcely get a woman interested.

    I tried being nice. That seemed to be the worst possible choice. The nicer I was the less progress I made.

    I tried being an asshole. That attracted SOME girls but not the right kind. And, frankly, it’s not me so I couldn’t keep up the charade long enough to ‘close the deal.’

    I tried all kinds of clever tricks and tactics but other than some mild interest, some numbers and dates it never got me far.

    Through all of that I was LOSING women and opportunities to other guys and I really had no idea why.

    I had almost gotten to the point where I thought women were just rude or superficial and only wanted idiots… but, then I stumbled onto something surprising.

    I still remember it clearly to this day. I was sitting in the bookstore and a stream of women of all ages were going to the ‘Romance’ section.

    It was non-stop. Old women, young women, hot women, not-so-hot women, professional women, blue-collar women… really every type you could imagine.

    The other thing I noticed? They weren’t just browsing, they were buying these books. Sometimes 4 or 5 at a time.

    I got curious. I thought, “Hmm… if that’s what they want maybe I should be more romantic.” But, my idea of romantic was to be all flowery and suave and kiss her ass. I didn’t like the idea but, damn it, if that’s what it took to get laid I was going to do it!

    Romance = X…

    So, I grabbed a few romance novels that I had seen the women purchase (including my very own GRANDMOTHER) and I rather sheepishly went to the checkout.

    Later that night, I got into bed to read and I was still thinking I’d just wasted money and this would all be about tall and handsome rich guys showering reluctant women with roses and expensive dinners… but, instead what I read absolutely floored me… this wasn’t romance as I thought of it.

    Not at all!

    Would you like to see what women of all ages and types are reading in their spare time?

    Here’s an excerpt from a recent romance novel titled ‘The Defiant Hero” by Suzanne Brockmann:

    She crawled forward, until she could lean even farther across him. Until she could reach the drawer and slide it open. Until she was straddling his chest instead of his hips. Until that white flash of satin was right there, nearly in his face.

    He couldn’t not do it. He couldn’t possibly resist. He shifted down and kissed her, breathing in the sweet muskiness of her perfume.

    Her thighs tightened around his face and she gasped. But she didn’t pull back. And that was all the invitation he needed.

    He reached up and tore her panties free, and then, oh yes, he was in heaven.

    The sounds she made were incredible—laughter mixed with pure, desperate pleasure. She wasn’t at all shy about letting him know how much she liked what he was doing.

    “This isn’t fair!”

    He didn’t bother to answer her. She had absolutely no idea how incredibly, wonderfully fair this was for him. It was stupendously fair. Amazingly fair. Deliciously fair. He held her tightly, so that unless she really tried, she couldn’t get away.

    She didn’t really try.

    Her breath came faster and the sounds she made were more frantic, until she gasped, “Sam, please, I want to come with you inside of me.”

    Yes, that is in the very books women of all ages and types consume hours at a sitting in their spare time! And, before you think it is just some small group of desperate old women let me show you this stunning graphic…


    Romance / Erotica ($1.44 billion!) – yes, that’s almost TWICE the numbers of #2. But, here’s something not reflected in those numbers. Romance novels are almost entirely small paperback which means they are about 60% of the cost of the other genres. If they cost the same the number would push $2 billion or more!

    In almost every romance book I read nearly every character had sex or at least FANTASIZED about sex with nearly every other character by the end of the book.

    And, some of the scenes were downright NAUGHTY!

    Had I perhaps the WRONG idea of what romance actually was?

    Yes… and I’ll tell you what I discovered in a second… but, to clear something up first, I’m not saying Romance = Sex. Yes, that’s what it inevitably leads to but that would be skipping an important step. This is where most guys mess up.

    They SKIP romance because they think it means “flowers, expensive dinners and kissing her ass” and they, understandably, don’t want anything to do with that.

    When they do this they are skipping a very easy, very simple and very ESSENTIAL step in the attraction process.

    What women call Romance most guys know better as Sexual Tension. It’s those moments when you’re talking to a woman and there’s this undeniable attraction and tension in the air around you, almost magically pulling you guys together.

    That’s when my definition of Romance got changed from “Candles, Expensive Dinners and Kissing Her Ass” to…

    Romance = Male-Female Sexual Tension!

    If I could somehow create that level of Sexual Tension in my own interactions with women it SHOULD lead to a sexual relationship.

    But, at this point, it was just a theory, right? I mean consuming some books full of sexual tension doesn’t mean these women will respond to it in real life does it?

    That’s what I had to find out.

    So, the next time I got in a conversation with a woman I decided I would try to create sexual tension. The only way I could think of to do that was to do something similar to what I had read in the books.

    I went out to a local bar that night. I was scared. Everyone seemed taller, richer, better looking than me but I managed to drink enough and muster some “liquid courage” to start a conversation with a cute girl.

    I can’t honestly say what the first part of that conversation started like but I do remember it was going like most of them. The girl was somewhat polite if not aloof and was sort of looking around for some way to make a clean exit from the conversation.

    I knew if I didn’t blurt out my ‘sexual tension’ statement soon the conversation would fizzle and I’d be back to square one.

    I asked her a question to keep her talking, waited until she got going, then I looked at her and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that last part. I was distracted by your lips. They’re very sexy. Ok, now, what were you saying?”

    I immediately started feeling cheesy and was about to tell her to have a good night and slink off… until I saw the look on her face.

    She had this intrigued look on her face, her mouth partially open, lips parted. Her breathing had seemed to stop for a second. Then, she snapped out of it and stammered a bit, smiled, blushed and said, “Oh, umm… ha.. yeah, I was talking about…”

    I had created real, live sexual tension using nothing but a simple phrase. And even though it was a very SMALL amount of sexual tension I knew I was on the right track.

    She didn’t get super horny and start tossing her clothes off… but, the effect was unmistakable.

    We had a normal conversation after that but the “vibe” had changed. She was paying more attention. She’d look at my lips every now and then. She would move closer and lean towards me more. She asked more questions.

    Then, something happened that I didn’t expect but shredded any doubt that it had all been a happy coincidence.

    She paused, leaned towards me until she was just a couple of inches away and seductively said, “You have really nice eyes. Bedroom eyes. I’m sure you get told that a lot by women.”

    Um… what?

    Women hardly know I exist! Let alone tell me I have ‘bedroom eyes!’

    I got her number that night and went home on a high. I knew I was onto something but there were quite a few unanswered questions in my mind.

    I spent the next few years figuring it out. I would go out at night, practice creating sexual tension and then write down my discoveries on forums and a blog I had created to document all of my “experiments.”

    I never wanted to be in the situation I found myself in after my divorce. Lonely, depressed and… NOT GETTING LAID!

    After I got real good, the successes started pouring in. I seemed to be able to create sexual relationships with women at will. I even had a stint where I had 4 women I was having sex with on a regular basis… and, they all knew about it.

    After I did that for awhile I kept one as my girlfriend and had a great relationship with her for about 2 years.

    But, I realized there were still a ton of guys out there in MY situation and I wanted to help them out. So, how do you create that sexual tension or sexual chemistry in a normal conversation?

    There’s definitely a right way and wrong way.

    Even after my initial success I made a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot of time. I even let some really amazing girls get away when I should’ve been able to get them.

    You don’t have to go through that.

    In addition to running thousands of my own “experiments” I’ve also coached hundreds and hundreds of guys in my method for creating sexual relationships at will.

    I’ve boiled it all down to an easy to read guide that can accelerate your results so it doesn’t take you years like it did me.

    Personally, this is the exact guide I wish I would’ve had when I started. It’s step-by-step, it’s not padded with a bunch of fluff to make it seem big and it gets straight to the point.

    For a limited time I’m going to let you have access to it for just $9.

    For that you get:

    • How to know when a woman wants to be ‘hit on’
    • Exact word-for-word ‘sexual tension acceleration statements’ you can use that have been PROVEN to work and don’t sound cheesy
    • Save time and avoid embarrassing mistakes when talking to women
    • Go from being unsure of yourself to being confident because you KNOW how to create sexual chemistry
    • How to tell if she wants to be kissed (this is SO important… if you miss the ‘kiss opportunity window’ a couple times it turns the woman off… she assumes you don’t know what you are doing, but it’s EASY to spot when you know what to look for.)
    • My method for getting a girl I just met to come over and hangout (and have sex) without even going on a date
    • I’ll even break down several of my ‘Lay Reports’ which are recollections of how I went out and actually started conversations with the girl, increased sexual tension like crazy and then ‘closed the deal.’ This way you get to see how it unfolds in real life.

    It’s constructed so that you can sit down, read through it and be ready to use it in your next interaction with a woman.



    More Seduction Materials  From Captain Jack

    Captain Jack – Conversational Blueprints | Captain Jack’s Definitive Guide to Get a Beautiful Girlfriend

    Captain Jack Collection (2015)

    Captain Jack Collection Seduction Materials

    Captain Jack – Sexual Framing System |Captain Jack – New Propulsion System |Captain Jack – Game Dynamics Mastery

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