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A Man In Demand Radio | The show for action takers.

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Episode #7 How To Build A Harem (Part 3)

In episode #7 of A Man In Demand Radio, I wrap up the Harem Series focusing on what the end game is and what a man’s best options are.

Show Notes:

  • Dread Game: how to use it and some of my most successful ‘lines’ to use
  • The End Game of Harem Game
  • Is Harem Game for you? I cover the Pros and Cons
  • How a Harem can become your support team of cheerleaders
  • Monogamy: can men pull this off? And what the right number of notches is before you settle down (if you choose to do so)
  • A very powerful technique in Harem Game is fulfilling a need in her life. I break it down what that need might be and how you can get her On-Lock
  • And much more! 

Episode #6 (VIDEO) Goldmund Unleashed Interview + Street Footage of Me Approaching

“This is like seeing Jordan and Pippen play together for the first time with the Chicago Bulls. Outstanding.” -Viewer’s reaction to video

Surprise motherfuckers! I decided to drop this VIDEO interview almost 3 days early in time for you to start your weekend strong. When I say this is the perfect pre-game video to watch, that’s an understatement.

This is a very special interview because Goldmund is ON CAMERA for the first time ever.

If you’re a fan, you know he interviews girls all the time, but for this interview I turned the tables and interview him on camera. We’re both on film and it’s a hilarious, yet informative interview.

PLUS…Street Footage with myself and a girl in Hollywood

Show Notes:

  • Goldmund’s exact thought process he uses to approach girls
  • Real footage of me approaching a girl in Hollywood (lots going on, don’t miss it)
  • Are American girls really the easiest in the world?
  • The story of a one-night stand Goldmund had in Hollywood, exactly what he said and how he took her home in 5 minutes. Yes, 5 minutes from approach to leaving with her. (the dude is a magician)
  • What is Goldmund doing THIS summer and how you can be a part of it for FREE
  • How Goldmund turned a club experience (not his forte) into a positive. This is truly incredible what he did!
  • Too many jokes to count and a surprise appearance by a very famous dude
  • Should I consider Goldmund to co-host A Man In Demand Radio? (Drop your comment here and let us know!)
  • And much, much more!

Episode #5 How To Build A Harem (Part 2)

In Episode #5 of A Man In Demand Radio, I dive into “How To Build A Harem (Part 2)”, continuing this three part series on the highest level of Game.

WARNING: Listener discretion advised due to the Deep Conversion techniques content.

Show Notes:

This entire (over an hour long) episode is about Deep Conversion of Harem Girls, but here’s some highlights:

  • How a random encounter with me got one ‘lucky’ guy a free membership to A Man In Demand Academy
  • How do you Deeply Convert a girl? (I break it down IN-DEPTH sharing information I never have before)
  • The #1 key to her being converted successfully
  • The 4 Cornerstones of Deep Conversion: I break it down exploring each aspect
  • How her addiction to you works and how you can create that addiction in her (this is for adults!)
  • How Push/Pull, Hot/Cold, Sweet/Sour works when dealing with your girls
  • The exact attitude to have if she wants to see other guys, because you’re seeing other girls (BONUS: I tell you exactly WHAT to say!)
  • Can you be ‘Beta’ and keep a girl around? (You might be surprised at my answer!)
  • And much, much more!

Episode #4: The Private Man Interview

In Episode #4 of A Man In Demand Radio, I interviewed Andrew from The Private Man blog. This episode is packed with insight and wisdom from an older cat who’s been there and done that and I found this to be an inspirational episode on many levels. Here’s what we covered in the 2 hour interview.

Show Notes:
  • How to develop charisma and the practical steps you can take to better your personality
  • What makes a good online dating profile and the one step you have to take to get results
  • How to jump back into the dating game after a divorce
  • Is it ever too late to learn Game and get girls? (we reveal the truth)
  • One special ‘line’ that Andrew uses to great success to get a date (it’s so good, I’m going to use it!)
  • What it really means to become a man and how you can get yourself on another level above the rest of your peers
  • The effeminization of American men, what it means for society and how you can still retain masculine traits
  • The best wingman a man can have and the optimum way to maximize the results
  • Andrew’s battle with cancer and how he has persevered despite his odds
  • And much, much more

Episode #3: How To Build A Harem (Part 1)

In Episode #3 of A Man In Demand Radio, I dive into “How To Build A Harem (Part 1)”, introducing you to the highest level of Game.

Show Notes:

  • The difference between Soft Harems and Hard Harems
  • The #1 essential aspect of harem management
  • What type of girls are best suited for harems (their personality and attitude is super important!)
  • The mindset that is essential for you to successfully have a real harem
  • Why you don’t need to lie or sneak around in order to have a harem
  • How honesty will actually help you long-term with your girls
  • The perfect number of girls for a harem, so you have steady sex and less headaches
  • How many times should you see a girl every week to keep her in your harem? (I tell you the perfect number)
  • Exactly what to say when she wants “The Talk” for exclusivity
  • The mistake I made years ago with a harem of 5 girls that collapsed overnight and how you can avoid the same mistake
  • And much, much more!

Episode #2 What Is Opportunity?

In Episode #2 of A Man In Demand Radio, I dive into “What Is Opportunity?” sharing my personal life stories.

Show Notes:
  • Why society has completely misled you on what opportunities actually are
  • What it takes to realize your vision in life
  • How I got a full-ride to Law School by talking to a stranger
  • The exact steps I took to open my own nightclub at the age of 24
  • Why I DON’T want you spending all your time on the Project Playboy Forum
  • The strategy behind real networking and meeting the power players you want to meet
  • The one key aspect that is necessary for you to be successful (and without you won’t reach your goals)
  • How I got actor Wesley Snipes to become a regular customer at my nightclub
  • The key difference between Losers and Winners
  • And much, much more

Episode #1 Rollo Tomassi Interview

In the inaugural episode of A Man In Demand Radio, I interview Rollo Tomassi, best-selling author, blogger and overall badass.

Show Notes:
  • Discussion about Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz
  • Wild Oat’s Project (Robin Rinaldi)
  • The Rational Male: Preventative Medicine 
  • Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House
  • Mayweather v. Pacquiao upcoming historical boxing match
  • The phases women go through in life (from his book)
  • The Yes Means Yes new law (College False Rape issues)
  • Reader’s Questions Answered (3-4)
  • And a TON more about Red Pill v. Game, the current dating landscape and much, much more.



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