Seduce Most Desirable Women On The Planet : Cliff’s List Convention

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Seduce Most Desirable Women On The Planet Review | Seduce Most Desirable Women On The Planet Download

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Seduce Most Desirable Women On The Planet

“Now, For The First Time…A Secret Underground Community Of The World’s Greatest Seducers, Pickup Artists, and Dating Experts
Break Their Years Of Silence To Teach You The Battle-Tested Techniques And Strategies They Use To Meet, Date, And
Seduce The Most Beautiful…Most Desirable Women On The Planet…”

In total, 21 of the world’s greatest seducers and pickup artists, and dating experts. Each one agreed to share their exact formula for success with women, and reveal the secrets they had spent YEARS to perfect.

The speakers are:

Cliff’s List Convention 2005 – 01 of 10.avi Brent – Sensei (Lance Masing) – Zan
Cliff’s List Convention 2005 – 02 of 10.avi Zan – David M – Doc
Cliff’s List Convention 2005 – 03 of 10.avi Doc – DJ – The One – Dr Alex
Cliff’s List Convention 2005 – 04 of 10.avi Dr Alex – Stephane – Steve P – Savoy
Cliff’s List Convention 2005 – 05 of 10.avi Savoy – David Shade – Tyler – Toecutter (Steve Celeste)
Cliff’s List Convention 2005 – 06 of 10.avi Toecutter (Steve Celeste) – Bishop – Will
Cliff’s List Convention 2005 – 07 of 10.avi Will – David Shade (3s) – Patty Contenta – Sin
Cliff’s List Convention 2005 – 08 of 10.avi Sin – 3s panel: David Shade, Toecutter, Steve P – Style
Cliff’s List Convention 2005 – 09 of 10.avi Mystery
Cliff’s List Convention 2005 – 10 of 10.avi David DeAngelo [ Seduce Most Desirable Women On The Planet ]

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