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David De Las Morenas – The Book of Alpha PDF Download

All men face the same epic junction at some point in their lives.

On one hand, you can keep your head down and live a life marked by stagnation, fear, indecision, loneliness, and self-doubt. On the other hand, you can break free from the crowd and live a life marked by growth, abundance, courage, success, and happiness.

This book is about how I transformed my ordinary life and moved from the former option to the latter– the thirty rules I followed to quit my job, change careers, get laid, start writing books, build a superior body, and love myself.


What Amazon readers are saying:
It gives you a step by step blueprint to bring you the precipice of raw masculinity, a place where women will “eyehump” you and other men respect you by virtue of your very presence. 
– Henry Carty
It is broken down into concise and clear steps which one can immediately implement, rather than vague philosophical explorations… If you want to improve your life, I recommend that you read this book.
– Sobaka
Inspiring, real, and relatable… Really inspired me to look at my own life, and reflect. What am I doing right? What could I be doing better?
– Oliver Manning

The format of the book works extremely well. Every rule has a story followed by actionable advice… A must read for men in general. 

– Randy


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