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Deep Online Attraction Download

Stanford writing teacher reveals how he “cracked the code” in attracting the HIGHEST QUALITY and MOST DESIRED women online, and now you can get those secrets, starting with…
The 3 Biggest Reasons Why 82 Out of 100 Guys FAIL With Online Dating!

You already know the bad news: when it comes to online dating… most guys NEVER get a response to their profile. Not from the most desirable women, anyway.
Now here’s the GOOD news: this page will explain to you why that happens to them, and how exactly YOU can finally start getting beautiful women to email you back… even show up at your front door.
Below, you’ll discover:

  • How to be “sensual” in the way she WANTS – that promises intense sexuality in a classy way – so that she’s already intrigued by you before your first conversation…
  • Use my “mini-vacation” secret…how to get women to crave an adventurous meeting with you so intensely, SHE will be the one to suggest you get together…
  • How “pre-approval” can be your biggest weapon… essentially getting women to fight and practically beg for the chance to see you
  • Plus dozens of other useful, effective and test-proven tips…

I’ll be blunt with you…

You’re reading this because you want to meet attractive women online… but so far, you haven’t gotten the results you’re looking for.

We both know the amazing promise of online dating. It’s the world’s biggest singles bar — a veritable infinity of beautiful women all in one place. And you never have to leave your house to contact an endless stream of the best single women in the world flowing into your life, and ideally, into your arms…

There is a proven formula that will bring you success…

Yet in a Recent Survey – 82% of All Guys Reported They Experienced Near ZERO SUCCESS with Online Dating

The problem they face is that really attractive women (the ones that every guy wants)… receive up to 100 emails per day…

And most of those letters are painfully bad. I have sat with models and beautiful actresses and watched those letters pour in: “what’s up?” “You’re pretty.” “What’s goin’ on?” – and other emptiness.

Average guys who want above average girls cannot afford to send sub-average letters or post even average profiles. They are MURDERING their chances of getting a response from first-class women.

On the flip side – the HAPPIER side – there are some guys who DO get results – incredible results – and I – against all odds – am LIVING PROOF…

My Strange Success Story…

I’m no corner bar pickup artist. No canned “routines.” No goggles. No clown-shoes. No fur hats. No gold chains.

I was, in fact, the world’s most UNPREPARED man for dating.

I got married at 23. Never flirted, very loyal, never cheated. Played by the rules. Good dad. Baseball coach. The whole deal.

For a bunch of reasons, I filed for divorce at 39, glad to be free from an unhappy situation, but suddenly, I was a lost wanderer in a strange new land…

I had zero game. The only “game” I had from marriage was to find a bare patch of skin on her leg at night and beg if I could rub against it.

Yeah, I know.

I was not in a good place. Hopeless. I literally thought no one would ever date me. I felt like a life failure. I was broke. I am not tall, though my mother, bless her heart, thinks I’m 5’11.” I was losing my hair. I had put on weight and…

I drove a minivan…


I had no idea how to meet women, where to do or what to say…

Then someone told me about online dating – I had never heard of it. I was skeptical at first, but when I went online and poked around, I could immediately identify 5 incredible advantages. They are…

  • Online dating is exceedingly time efficient – I had my kids half the week. With online dating, you can meet more women faster – 20 per night or more, if you want. You can experiment, try out different “voices,” see what works. Test. Refine. Play.
  • You can read women’s profiles and instantly know their likes, dislikes, vocabulary, confidence level, sophistication, their hunger for a guy. You can quote their favorite singers or make fun of their photos. They GIVE you all the raw material you need to pique their desire and open a fun and sexy conversation.
  • You can meet women cheaply – no expensive well drinks, no fancy shirts, no valet fees, no cover charges…
  • You can craft and re-craft profiles that would target exactly the kinds of women you want – and can even tweak them when you find a winner… (more on how to do this in a moment)
  • And the biggest advantage of all: Online, they are looking for you! No girls going out with friends, no secret boyfriends at home – they WANT to date, they want to be romanced, inspired, touched, surprised – and with the right profile, you can do it over and over — automated! — at home, in your sweats, knocking back a Sam Adams…

It was as if the clouds had parted and the gods smiled upon me….


It was the beginning of a decade of dating and wild adventure that has gotten me on TV, has ranked me higher than Neil Strauss of The Game in David De Angelo’s “Interview With Gurus” series…

But above all, what’s important to YOU – it has led me to teach over 30,000 men how to succeed with women online – even if everything had been failure before.

You See, I Had A Secret Weapon — And When I Give It To You, It Will Instantly Separate You From EVERY Guy Online…

The weapon is – I have highly trained writing skills.

(I’ll show you how to “steal” both my secrets and my skills in just a moment.)

Just to give you a quick background – I taught writing at Stanford University – poetry, prose, mythology, semiotics – how to make language have EMOTIONAL IMPACT.

I spent 12 years writing and producing movies in Hollywood… was even nominated for an Emmy – how to make language IGNITE IMAGINATIONS.

… mastering how to build mystery, dialogue, how to create cliff hangers, create humor. I learned the secrets of pacing, of creating character…

In short – how to understand all sides of people. When I was interviewed on the LA Morning News, they asked me what made me an expert on women – I said, “Hey, I’ve written enough Lifetime movies, I can ovulate on command.”

Online dating looked to me it looked like it was the golden ticket and I was right! It became my obsession…

I started experimenting. Testing. Writing. I noticed that women started commenting on particular lines of mine – particular WORDS and PHRASES – and I have prepared whole lists of these words for you…

For example, “You are reflexively kind” got a curious number of comments; it’s so much more provocative than mere “kind”

“Joy swims around you, you can’t help it” – brought me over a dozen letters of “yes, that’s me!”

“We will conjure wonders in the kitchen” – brought naughty suggestions.

I once described the perfect date as ending like this…

“…when we wake, our lips are already touching.”

And the emails started pouring in, asking if I were real, the last true romantic.

I discovered that there are hidden TRIGGERS that will UTTERLY CHANGE YOUR ONLINE DATING SUCCESS.

There I sat, in my sweats at home, with my snoring kids across the room, fielding love letters from nurses, doctors, schoolteachers, yoga teachers – YOGA TEACHERS! – and eventually, models and – I kid you not… a couple of Playboy bunnies.

At the risk of sounding crass, I learned how the right ‘bait’ brought the right ‘catch’… in other words, how precisely the right images brought forth exactly the exact desired type of girl.

There’s more I will show you…

I learned how to create “mental vacations” for them – like oases in their humdrum lives – and I’ll show you how to put them into fantasy states in your profile, how to take them on a vacation so that they feel – see, hear, sense, taste – what it feels like on their SKIN.

Your Formula For Victory: STOP Doing What Every Other Guy Does! Now.

Most guys write stuff like this:

“I work at ATT. I have a dog named Barky. I’ve been to 12 countries. I am chill. I am laid back. I like to play hard and work hard. I play Ultimate Frisbee!”

… and they are BORING women to DEATH.

Men’s emails usually aren’t much better:

“Subject: Hey Beautiful…

Wow, you’re gorgeous. I love your pics. I think we’d
be an amazing match.

Check out my profile and then let’s talk soon.”

Um… no, in fact they WON’T be talking any time soon. Or ever. Especially when he fires off 3-4 progressively empty emails when she doesn’t respond.

Bottom line: Women are waiting for you to stop boring them to death! And they are CRAVING for you to ignite their imaginations with a few choice words…

You Are About To Get My Discoveries That Make A HUGE Difference In Online Results

Using these discoveries and the 3 secrets I’m about to show you, soon I was going out with up to 5 girls a weekend. I didn’t have enough time to meet them all.

My friends asked me who were all these beautiful women they saw me with. I said, “There’s this thing called online dating! It’s amazing! You put up a profile and girls write to you and sleep with you! Consistently!”

They looked at me like I was crazy. It didn’t work for them. That’s when I learned it wasn’t true for everyone. Or ANYONE else, it turned out. So I started rewriting my friends’ profiles.

I bet a buddy I could date the 5 “Most Popular-by-Views” girls on one site — and I won the bet (I had traded in the minivan by then).

In fact, my online success changed my whole confidence

My whole life.

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I got a message from a beautiful, deep, exciting, edgy girl whose body a friend of mine described as “mathematically improbable.”

She was the star of an ABC dating show – she read my profile aloud – on air – and invited me to come meet her on the show – we did – and we ended up dating for 8 glorious, passionate months!


Remember – minivan man.

Overweight. Balding. Broke. Now with a gorgeous TV star – a woman who utterly changed my life, and I had thought no one would EVER date me ever.

Mastering online dating didn’t just change my dating life…

Mastering Online Dating Changes Your Entire Life…

When you use this system and have so many dates, you finally lose your scarcity mind, which only makes you more CONFIDENT, which THEN makes you even more attractive.

Because, if one date doesn’t work out, you’ll have a backlog of 20 women. If you do this right, it’s a new world.

Let me take you into this new world for a minute. I’m going to walk you through the 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES guys make – and secrets for flipping them around into strengths…

Mistake #1:
Seeking HER Approval Rather Than Getting Her To Seek Yours

This is arguably the biggest mistake men make… but it’s also the easiest and most powerful one to reverse, once you understand how.

Let me explain…

In every profile, guys lay out facts about themselves. That’s how men communicate – they transmit data.

What’s worse though, is that they do so in a “hey, look at me – I’m trying to impress you” kind of way. Which translates into just three words in a woman’s head:

Needy. Weak. Loser.

What’s really painful is that this kind of man is obviously seeking the woman’s approval. He wants her to find him to be “amazing” and validate his insecurities we her interest.

Unfortunately, THIS NEVER WORKS.

But you can reverse that common approach. Instead, you can get them to SEEK YOUR APPROVAL… by conjuring up an image of an awesome woman – who is EXACTLY what you want – build her and she will come.

The first benefit of conjuring up your ideal women is that the exact kind of woman you want will see herself in your words – before you even meet she will feel understood, visioned and appreciated – which is incredibly romantic to them.

… and you’re the magic man who did it.

The second benefit of this power flip is that it also serves as a FILTER to PREVENT the women you DON’T want from writing you.

In this case, if you write, “joy swims around you,” any women who thinks misery swims around her won’t write you!

If you say “positive and cheerful” – the cynical women won’t write. If you say “edgy, sexy and cool,” – the prim, uptight girls won’t write you.

You lead. They follow.

Let me show you. Here’s a profile I crafted to attract the most beautiful, young ambitious girls who would look up to me from Day 1. I had just come out of a relationship, and just wanted some happy younger women to hang out and travel with me:

“I am a man at the height of my powers, and you are a young beauty at the threshold of your possibilities. What turns me on are people whose hearts are deep and loving, and who dream big — and will work hard to see their visions come to life…
…Too many people are jaded or negative, but you aren’t and neither am I. We will dream together, but with me, you’ll get mentorship, creativity, strength and the wisdom of the battle won.”Would you date me? Probably not – but I received over 2000 emails in 5 months from that one on different sites…

… college girls, right up into wonderful, accomplished, professional women – there are so many women looking for a kind, guiding hand from men – and plenty of bright younger women, I learned, who don’t care anything about age.

Notice – in the profile, I have VALUED her before we’ve even met: “what turns me on…” But more importantly, I gave her something to strive and yearn for… rather than the boring laundry lists of qualities most guys use in their profiles.

This makes her want your approval and validation, and creates attraction, rather than you seeking hers and repelling her.

Mistake #2:
“Telling” Rather Than SHOWING

Aha! This one I already gave you a taste of. But let me go a bit deeper here.

Most guys just dryly list their favorite places or things to do. (“I’ve been to 27 countries” = “I’m a BIG boy!”) – which is inevitably flat, boring and unemotional.

Remember, a big reason she’s online is to imagine… dream… fantasize… and hope. She desperately wants to escape the otherwise boring tedium of life.

So the trick here is to draw them into your wonderful life with all the sensual sights, smells and sounds you can conjure. Before I give you some examples, I want to teach you the two principles at work…

Show don’t tell – there is no better writing principle than this in general. Create a movie scene. Think: what would you rather see, Scarlett Johanssen describing how she got seduced, or watching it happen. Okay, bad example – either would be awesome

…but you get the idea:

Women will get drawn into your profile through story, scene, sense-detail (smell, sound, visuals, textures) – not by dryly explaining things.

This Is Why My “Romance Novel” Principle Works So Well

Here’s a scene I used that has a bunch of little triggers hidden in plain sight…

“I like to explore foreign cities by day, poking in and out of little bakeries, tasting strange and scary new delicacies. Then go back to the hotel, rest up, cuddle up, dress up then hit the town for fun and laughs.”
Again – I connected food and sensuality. “Exploring, poking, tasting, delicacies” – semi-subtle. “Scary” suggest boldness and excitement, “cuddling up” is a polite way of saying romantic sex in a foreign city, “dress up” they love to dress up – and after all this – we are having fun and laughing.I can show you more how to be the scriptwriter of her fantasy – you have the power in your hands.

If Paris is out of your budget – I’ll show you how to describe a weekend by the lake with the same alluring detail of sensual pleasure and touching, enjoying each other in every enticing detail.

Mistake #3:
Being Sexual WITHOUT Any Real Sensuality

Remember, as guys – we don’t need a lot of warm up. A woman can come up to us and say, “Hey – want to have sex?” And we’ll immediately be good to go.

Yet women are totally different. They need lots of mental stimulation well before they consider getting sexual with a guy.

Unfortunately, most guys are utterly clueless about this – and how to do it. They try to take the conversation or email communication in a sexual direction…too quickly, too overtly, without any build up or anticipation.

The result? Getting labeled as a creep – with no chance at ever talking to her again.

The answer, of course, is one of the most crucial things you can ever learn: How to lead her erotically.

No guys out there know how to do this – because women are dying for great lovers.

That doesn’t mean you declare you’re a monumental, pounding cocksmith.

It means you know how to slowly romance a woman into erotic release and surrender – how to take her deeper and deeper into her body as you penetrate deeper and deeper into hers – not just genitally – but your mind your heart – into hers…. into a deep connection.

It’s All About Layering In Sensual — Rather Than Overtly Sexual — Suggestion Into Your Communication

It shows you are AWAKE to your senses. It is the opposite of the grotesque “sex” talk other guys lay into their profile. You could do this simply through food…

“I don’t go for loud clubs. Know what’s a great night to me? Sauteeing some wild pacific salmon in butter, and serving it up with a sexy burgundy with a few intimate friends out of my deck”
What do they hear – butter! Mmmm. But they also hear that you are the host. You have a deck. You have friends!!! The wine is what? Sexy. You’re creating a sexual, sensual environment for her to step into.Or, depending on where you live…

“I don’t go fer them fancy places with table cloths and such. Few things give me more pleasure than to grill up some fresh caught ‘possum in skunk sauce and ketchup and serving it up with a some ripple for a few a my boys.”
Okay, Arkansas, nothing personal – but you all get the idea. Adjust the details to your micro-culture. It’s not about being fancy, it’s about communicating the key details of sensual awaked-ness, good friends, homey warmth. Whether its salmon or a nice skunk tenderloin.One final example…

One of my clients wrote in his profile, “I love riding my bike”. Great. Sounds like a 5 year old.

Turned out he rides for charity bike-athons. And I asked him how he “feels” when he rides. We ended up with this…

“Nothing turns me on more than riding 100 miles for Charity rides – feeling that power in my legs, just relentless endurance, pushing myself beyond what my body has ever done before – and all for a great cause”
News alert! Women like strong thighs. And they like guys do things for charity. But they like strong thighs more. This man, by the way, is now happily married!

Here’s How You Can Hijack 10 Years of Research To Begin Attracting Women Online TONIGHT

I wish I had more time to show everything I do to attract women online… but hey, this letter is already running long…

So I’ve done the next best thing:

I’ve compiled EVERYTHING I know… from how to craft a PERFECT profile that attracts the EXACT type of woman to you – like a moth to the flame… to how to scribe irresistible emails so that she responds with curiosity and laughter… all the way to inviting her into your life, your bedroom, your future…

And I’ve laid it out in an easy, step-by-step process you can use to begin attracting women online as soon as tonight – EVEN if you suck at writing and can barely send out a decent text message right now.

I call it…The Deep Online Attraction System

All of the techniques I’ve shown you so far, above, are great, and WORK – and will likely give you a boost in your online dating ventures – but the truth is, if you only rely on these few techniques alone, it’ll be like canoeing with a hole in your boat – you’ve got to PATCH all the holes.

You’ll go online every day, you’ll get frustrated.

You’ll get in your cold bed alone, every night – without that dream girl that you desire – and you’ll wonder how your life could have been different if you just did online dating correctly. Like a superstar.

Constructing an effective profile, and guiding a woman through the initial email process into a sizzling first meeting– is like building a leak-proof boat.

If you miss any of ESSENTIAL STEPS I lay out below, you will sink.

That’s why I just gathered everything up into one the clean and easy to use system.

When you invest in this system, which you can download in 5 minutes, you’ll discover…

  • The Perfect Profile… In 30 Minutes Or less. I’ll show you how to create an immediately seductive profile that has your “type” of women flooding your inbox with excited emails…(again, no writing skills required — I will supply you both the structure and the words.)
  • Not Sure What To Say? I’ll show you how to identify and communicate each of your unique, personal strength attractors: emotional, physical, social, intellectual, familial – things that you might not even realize about yourself that trigger deep attraction responses from women.
  • 7 Ways How To Avoid “selling yourself” in your online profile – so you don’t come off like 98% of guys who “beg” for attention – follow these steps and women will come to YOU.
  • How To Create Irresistible “Electric Contrast” in Your Pictures – to assure you keep an “open loop” in her brain, so that she “has to know” more about you…
  • How To Identify Your 6 Essential Masculine Qualities – so women don’t dismiss you at the start!
  • The Art of the Unconscious Invitation: Where you show her “I have an alluring life and you are invited” (this is THE secret to getting her to email you first!)
  • IGNITE HER IMAGINATION…by creating mystery about you – so she doesn’t think she “owns” you — but feels “strangely compelled” to learn more about you…
  • PLUS, dozens of “online attraction skills” that put you LIGHT YEARS AHEAD of every other guy online — including:
  • Creating anticipation – so she “has to” meet you…
  • Cliff-hanging her – so she “has to” get the answers in person…
  • Puzzling her – so she writes you a playful email to get the answer…
  • Intriguing her sensually – so she, and the other real “live wires” seek you out.
  • Teach her – which gives you the instant attractiveness of  authority with her, encouraging her to surrender to your lead…
  • How to tease her –  getting her into a playful and receptive mode…
  • How to create instant rapport – so she feels mysteriously “close” to you as in “I feel like I’ve known you a long time”
  • How to make her laugh – proven ways to break the ice allowing any conversation you want to proceed naturally…
  • How to play with her tests – which shows that you are solid as a man, light and egoless – the perfect combination
  • I will even give you sample PROVEN DATING PROFILES you can model and adapt…
  • And then – how to setup a dazzling first meeting that keeps you in the driver’s seat, and her wanting more of you.

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