Friend 2 Girlfriend Simon Heong Review | Friend 2 Girlfriend Simon Heong Download

Friend 2 Girlfriend Simon Heong Download
Friend 2 Girlfriend Simon Heong Download

Review : Simon Heong and David kwan say:Friend to Girlfriend Secrets – The Ultimate Guide To Turning A “Friend” Into A “Lover” – is just that. It reveals a simple blueprint for ‘converting’ your friend into a girlfriend. It was written by David Kwan and Simon Heong, who managed to create a step-by-step action plan that has been tested again and again and is proven to work.

Everybody knows that asking your friend out on a date can be an extremely delicate situation. She’s probably not thinking about you in such a way and if you don’t approach her correctly, you might end up destroying your friendship. The key to success, according to the authors of Friend to Girlfriend Secrets, is to make her start thinking about you in a different way before asking her out. This way she’ll be wanting to go out with you even before you ask her.

In order to make her start seeing you as a potential partner and not only as a friend, Friend to Girlfriend Secrets will give you a tested and proven plan of action. By reading the book you’ll learn exactly what to say and how to say it; you’ll learn how to act and how to say things without actually saying them. Eventually, you’ll reprogram her mind and she’ll start picturing the two of you together as a romantic couple. And then, you can go on and ask her out and you can be sure she’ll say “yes”.

In short, the “Friend to Girlfriend Secrets” will show you the path you need to take to turn your friend into your lover. It will show you what works and this way you won’t have to rely on trial and error – remember, you might only get one shot at this.

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