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Gabriel Morris – How to Make Sacred Love to a Woman Download

“How to Make Sacred Love to a Woman: An Intimate Exploration of Sacred Sexuality” is a collection of thought-provoking essays from both men and women, delving deep into the subjects of sacred sexuality, tantra and what women truly desire from men in the bedroom and beyond. Edited by Gabriel Morris, author of “The Mystery of Woman: A Book for Men” (Soul Rocks Books, 2012) and many other books. It includes essays by Morris, plus a wide range of essays by other authors, men and women, representing an impressive spectrum of knowledge and expertise.

Elaine Caban is the founder of Sasha Lessin is the founder of the School of Tantra on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Tantrica Maya is a professional tantrika. Martin Hannon is the founder of the Men’s Tantra Circle. And the book features an extended and very revealing interview with Maya Yonika, main character in the documentary movie “Sex Magic: Manifesting Maya”.

“How to Make Sacred Love to a Woman” is a riveting, informative, practical, balanced and highly sensual guide to sacred sexuality, and understanding the complex realm of the feminine. See the Table of Contents below, and “Look inside the book” for more info by clicking on the book cover image above.

-How to Make Sacred Love to a Woman by Gabriel Morris
-I Want Burning: Loving a Woman on the Spiritual Path by Kylie Devi
-Yin and Yang by Gabriel Morris
-To Be Loved By A Man, by Asttarte Deva Shakti Bliss
-Merger by Amanda Lyons
-Sacred Communion by Elaine Caban
-When I Get What I NEED Instead of What I WANT by Martin Hannon
-Using Sex Magic to Manifest Our Heart’s Desires by Barbara Yednak
-Feel Something, Man! by Gabriel Morris
-The Erotic Way: Heeding the Call by Tantrica Maya
-Exploring Tantra an interview with Maya Yonika
-Pussy Power! By Gabriel Morris
-On Being Worshipped by e.b. sarver
-How I Love My Wife by Sasha Lessin


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