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Introverted Seduction – Introverted Playboy Review | Introverted Seduction – Introverted Playboy Download

Introverted Seduction - Introverted Playboy Download

Download Introverted Seduction – Introverted Playboy PDF If you are…

  • Quiet

  • Independent

  • Don’t follow the crowd

  • Don’t like a lot of chitchat

… download INTROVERTED SEDUCTION now to learn how to maximize your attractiveness as an introverted man and get the right girls for you.

Here’s what you get:

Part I: Environment-The background for seduction
  • 5 chapters explaining the setting and background that affects every seduction

  • A description of context and how it sets the stage for attraction

  • A list of male “archetypes” that women respond to, giving you a headstart in creating a cool new image that is perfect for you

  • Learn the big forces that affect how women see you, and how to use them to your advantage

  • Understand the female perspective on getting picked up by guys (and what it means for you)

  • Know the importance of goals and how to set the right ones before you begin

  • Part II: Framework-What seduction is


    • Learn the 2 big elements of seduction, and how to use them

    • Get a simple framework for understanding attraction

    • Know the role of “game” and the role of “status”

    • A super easy way to never run out of things to say

    • Recognize the unique strengths (and weaknesses) of introverted men in seduction

    • Part III: Action-What to do


    • Learn how to use your body language, eye contact and clothing to increase your attractiveness

      • Learn the main “milestones” that give you a roadmap for getting physical with women

      • Know how to engage with her female energy and calibrate to her reactions

      • Get in touch with your male instincts and use them to get more sexual

      • Understand the importance of nonverbal communication

      • Be aware of the “silent conversation” going on between you and her

      • Let your body and eyes do the talking for you

      • Feel more sexual (and get her to feel more sexual with you)

    • Part IV: Words-What to say

      • Speak less but say more: quality over quantity

      • Have interesting conversations by talking about things you enjoy

      • Learn how to connect with her on a deeper level

      • Get a convenient framework for developing sexually exciting conversation

      • Open up your thoughts and feelings in a strong and masculine way (without getting needy)

      • Understand how to be honest and genuine without acting fake

    • Part V: Situation-Where to go

      • Learn what “logistics” mean for seduction and how to use them

      • Be able to combine increasing privacy with greater emotional and physical closeness

      • Recognize opportunities to push things forward

      • Know whether or not to pay for a girl on a date

      • Be capable of leading the situation in the daytime and nighttime, no matter who you are with

    • Part VI: Perspective-How to think

      • Feel more confident around women

      • Learn to be aware and express your sexuality

      • Understand the importance of taking risks with your emotions

      • Get an attitude of abundance (even if you don’t have an abundance of women)

      • Learn how to be tougher and stronger emotionally

      • Know what it takes to be a leader with women

      • Be able to own your actions 100%

    • Part VII: Understanding-Conclusions

      • Learn the attitude that will give you peace of mind

      • Know how to interact with women in a healthy way

      • Appreciate what motivates your desire for sex and relationships

      • Understand where PUA strategies fit into the seduction process

      • Get a convenient summary of all the key concepts in the Introverted Seduction – Introverted Playboy


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