John Cooper – Game Over: From Pick-Up Artist to Social Heartist PDF Download

There is a wealth of strength and power within us all, and the way to access it may be surprising. Only the weak and desperate are forced to take without giving, yet so many of us interact with others this way. You want approval. You want the girl to think you’re funny. You want your boss to be impressed. You’re told you need to ‘Game’ them. You feel like you constantly need something from others. But you’re wrong. They need something from you. Game Over is a roadmap out of a self­-made prison. When it comes to the social world, no one is naturally weak and desperate. We can all summon a vast reservoir of strength and value with a simple yet tragically elusive mindset – that of unconditional giving. Reconnect with the immense social intelligence you were born with. Throw out the toxic ideas of ‘Game’. Declare Game Over, and reclaim the life of social freedom and endless joy you’ve always had inside.

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