March with Venus: 94 Creative Love Games to Heat Up Your Bedroom

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March with Venus: 94 Creative Love Games to Heat Up Your Bedroom PDF Download

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This book provides you unique inspiration on how to re-ignite passion in your couple through romantic games, the right mindset and a bit of audacity.

Experts say your brain generates more than 2 million thoughts a year – and nearly half of those thoughts revolve around romance, intimacy and fantasy. That means you develop more than 1 million love games in your head, in various forms, each year. The book shows you how to recalibrate your thinking and open the doorway to a better relationship, helping you invigorate your brain and imagination so you can safely and gradually take the necessary steps to spice up and improve your relationship.

>>> The book contains a helpful Discussion Guide and a sample chapter of sequel The Book of Online Dating – The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Love Online – and Enjoying It Offline. Through burning questions, the book gives extensive advice on how to use the discussion guide, how to inform decisions related to the topics at hand, and how to best read it – alone, in reading groups, with your partner, or as part of learning activities, among others.

>>> After reading this book, you will know how to:

  • Enliven your relationship with better chemistry and enhanced romance;
  • Romantic awareness to understand what your partner truly desires and needs;
  • Use love games and romantic plays to reignite passion in your relationship; and
  • Understand why nonverbal communication can be an effective way to stir fervor in your couple.

>>> Who will benefit from this book?

You and your lover.

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