Mark Ryan – 18 Important Points of Seduction

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Mark Ryan – 18 Important Points of Seduction Download

image - Mark Ryan - 18 Important Points of Seduction

Here is a very conscious minded… NEW eBook and MP3 audio of the book in one. It is small in length ( 36 pages of packed small font information ) and yet… very powerful & very unique succinct points that will help you excel exponentially in your pursuits of Seduction….”18 IMPORTANT Points of Seduction” has 3 main parts to it…each consisting of 6 points each.

The first part is on some of the missed & overlooked “Basics” of Seduction. The second part deals with paying attention to what is going on inside of you while Seducing. The third Part Deals with how specifically to Pay Attention to her that will trigger her deepest attraction to you !!! 36pg information packed ebook + 3 hrs of clear MP3 Audio

This is a must !!! for your Seduction library



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