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Markeyus Franks – The Anatomy of a Player PDF Download

Markeyus Franks – The Anatomy of a Player (A Relationship book for men and women) PDF & Mobi Format

Dating and relationships are hard business nowadays. Based on our fast track society, nobody seems to stay fully committed to one another anymore. In this book, The Anatomy of a player, Markeyus Franks explains what a player is, who they target, and how they operate. We all have fallen victim to someone else desires at one point in time, and have wondered how we let that particular person take advantage over us; well this book will answer all questions associated with playing and being played by other people.

• Why men Cheat
• Why women cheat
• Two types of players
• Learn how to build lasting relationships
• The deception and power of sex
• How proper visualization can help your relationship
• How to be a real man in today’s society
• Why it’s important to have substance in your life

Need relationship advice? No Problem. The second half of this amazing book covers everything you need to know on how to have a successful relationship in this day in age that actually benefits both partners. So fasten your self-belt and get ready to experience a unique refreshing prospective on relationships.



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