Supercharge Your State

Supercharge Your State

Matthew Hussey – Supercharge Your State Review | Matthew Hussey – Supercharge Your State Download

The first time I’ve heard of “State” being used in the PUA community was in Tyler Durden’s Real Social Dynamics product “The Blueprint Decoded” and it made sense. You can’t possibly reap positive rewards if you are a negative thinker. It’s one of those unwritten laws in life.

“State”… I find it hard to control, but that was my mistake in the past, probably. The thing is you don’t have to control your state, you have to feed it certain thoughts ( positive, of course ).

Matthew Hussey – Supercharge Your State, however, has a twist to it.

It actually re-programs your state, first by bombarding you with stuff that actually hurts to the point of tears ( like “Do you really want to go out tonight, just admire the woman of your dreams from afar and go home empty handed AGAIN???” and other stuff like that ), then re-channels that anger, frustration and what have you into a pleasant, highly motivating state.

The CD itself is about 45 minutes in length and has 8 audio tracks :

– 2 introductory tracks
– a track for the negative stuff
– a track for the positive stuff
– a recap of some sort
– a bonus introduction chapter for his speed motivators
– 2 tracks containing speed motivators ( both under one minute, good to store them in your phone )

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