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An Introduction to Mehow’s Method

This is the introduction ebook to Mehow’s methods to meet women.

Mehow is a former student of another famous coach (Mystery), and a lot of what he teaches is inspired by the ideas and techniques of Mystery Method.

Therefore, this is not a book about how to date better or understanding the theory of attraction. It is a very hands-on pick up book that will teach you how to cold approach and talk to women you have never met.

A Genuine Disadvantage In Looks

Mehow is a 35 years old, pale, skinny, balding guy. Yet he still gets results with young, beautiful women. This makes his advice all the more relevant because he is one of the few gurus who can claim to have a genuine disadvantage in terms of looks.

The book starts with a list of attractive qualities a man wants to have: living in your own world, being unreactive, displaying value, being pre-selected, etc etc.

If you have studied attraction for a while, this is nothing new. The good news is, this list is the only “theory” you get in the book. After that, it’s purely practical tips on how to talk to women and attract them.

What Mehow presents here is a system for learning how to display all those attractive qualities easily. You learn to create interest and emotional stimulation in the people you are talking to. Everything you do is a subcommunication technique – including what you do in opening, conversations, etc – to showcase how much of a valuable and interesting person you are.

A Structured Approach: Better For Beginners

When you try to meet people naturally, without a plan, it’s “hit or miss”, says Mehow. It is necessary for beginners to use a more structured approach when they get started.

I can only agree here – a structured, detailed approach is invaluable for newbies who are clueless about social dynamics – just telling them “be natural, “have fun”, “be in the moment” (see The Flawless Natural) is helpful but they’ll miss out on a lot of opportunities if they don’t further their understanding of the basics.

The bottom line is, beginners need to understand the subtleties of what is going on “below the radar”, before they can relax and forget about it.

And they get that here. There are literally hundreds of concrete tips you can use in this book, far too many for me to list here. Basically almost everything you need in terms of cold approaching is covered, from getting over the initial “hi” to creating attraction, from touching women in a comfortable way to vibing with their friends. It is very thorough when it comes to the practicalities of pick up, just like Mystery Method’s ebooks are (see our review of Mystery’s Revelation ebook).

The good thing about Mehow’s system is that it is structured, without being rigid. You get tons of concrete steps, but you can also adapt them to your needs. In a way, Mehow is fine-tuning Mystery Method and making more simple and easy to apply.

For example, Mehow solves the problem of “negging”, which is a technique in Mystery Method that many guys just do wrong. Mehow’s approach, based on push-pull or love-hate teases, is much easier to use and harder to misunderstand. Teasing, Mehow explains, is not about “dropping her value down” (like negging is) but about subcommunicating that you are having fun and don’t care too much about getting her.

Mehow’s break down of the phases of each interaction is also simply labeled – Attraction, Comfort, etc – with none of the over complexity you can encounter in Mystery’s books.

Story-telling & Handling Interrupts

On story-telling, the book particularly shines. In this system, stories are a way to ground yourself, introduce who you are to the women you meet, in a way that is smooth and attractive. Therefore, you learn to build stories with attractive quality embedded.

This allows you to demonstrate your accomplishments, ambitions and inner values through stories. Very useful for the guys who don’t know how to put their best foot forward, or for those who run out of things to say.

Another useful chapter is on how to handle interrupts – what to do when someone interrupts you as you talk to a woman you like.

All of this may sound complicated, but he emphasizes being in the moment and not thinking too much during interactions. With practice, you naturally integrate his tips into what you do.

Not Original, But Well Put Together

A lot of the material here is borrowed from other sources – mostly from Mystery, who is often credited. Mehow has done a great job at presenting it in a logical, linear progression, in a way that makes sense to the reader.

This ebook is very well put together, well illustrated. You can tell it was put together with care, including in the way the teaching is presented.

For example, each of the attractive qualities listed at the beginning is referenced throughout the book, every time it is used in a technique. This is useful and provides clarity for the student.

Another plus is the absence of fluff – the book jumps almost from the start into the details of opening women and seducing them. In fact it’s almost too quick – there is almost no theory here. Complete beginners probably should read this book together with another one more focused on the overall psychology of attraction (such as Double Your Dating).

The Bottom Line

Overall this is a solid introduction to the structured, indirect approach of pick up. It was released together with an excellent “in field” DVD set, presenting live, real pick ups where Mehow uses the techniques outlined in the ebook (see our review of the ”Get The Girl! Infield Exposed” DVD set).


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