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Micheal W – Dating Wizard – Become Sexually Attractive Guy Review | Micheal W – Dating Wizard – Become Sexually Attractive Guy Download

These mini-courses offer crucial new strategies for attracting women that you
won’t find in any of my other programs. Ensure you get the complete picture on attraction by downloading these courses immediately!

“Being The Selector”

Women want a man who is the “Selector”- the man who has CHOICES.
Here’s how to show a woman you are that man!

“Obliterating Approach Anxiety”

Here’s how to develop the confidence to approach women no matter how
attractive they are, no matter what they are doing, and no matter who you are!


“Chats From Scratch”

Effectively chatting with a woman you just met is a skill that can be LEARNED. This program will show you how to master this crucial skill!


“The Boomerang Effect”

Sexually attracting a woman requires that you send the right VIBES to a woman, as she will “boomerang” the same vibes back to you. An absolute MUST for success with women, this program will show you exactly how to do it!


“The Assertive Man”

The key trait that defines a MAN as opposed to a player or a “nice guy” is that a MAN is assertive, a “player” is manipulative, and a “nice guy” is submissive.  Women want the assertive MAN- this program shows you how to be that man.


“The Skill Of Confident Humor”

The primal “mating dance” begins with playful FLIRTING. Without a great sense of confident humor, flirting is impossible. This important program will show you crucial insights and strategies for developing this confident sense of humor.

“Attraction Accelerators”      

When you see a gorgeous woman, there’s only a small window of time for you to attract her before that window SHUTS. This program shows you how to “ACCELERATE” her attraction to you before anyone else can steal her away!


“The Charismatic Man”
The most powerful force in attracting a woman is CHARISMA.  This program will show you how to get INFINITE charisma, and how to CONVEY it to women.


“Acing The Approach”
Everyday, there are GOLDEN opportunities for meeting fantastic women, but
most men let them slip through their fingers!  This program will show you how to easily and successfully approach and attract women ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.

     Attracting The Ultra-Hotties
To attract the ULTRA-HOTTIES, you have to raise your “game” on every level. This important program shows you exactly how to do it, with my latest breakthroughs for making the most fantastic women MELT for you.


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