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Womens Infidelity I & II by Michelle Langley

Womens Infidelity I & II by Michelle Langley

Womens Infidelity – Living in limbo: What women really mean when they say “I’m not Happy”

Womens Infidelity II – Breaking out of limbo

This is a set of 2 books on the same Subject by the same author about married women cheating on their husbands.

I found these books to be absolutely fascinating. There are many great insights into human psychology for both men and women.

This book lays it out and may be a painful read for some who believe that women are all good and loyal. But then, hey… reality is a bitch.

Both books are laid out in the format of a conversation between a Female therapist and a client. Book one is with a man and book 2 is with a female. They are an easy read and the books are not too long.

Is infidelity women’s best kept secret? Given that women initiate 70 to 75% of all divorces, is this secret the catalyst that prompts them to pursue separations and divorces, many under the guise of “searching for self?” How many of these women were happily married prior to their affairs? Are men being divorced by their wives without ever knowing about their wives’ extramarital sexual relationships? Women’s Infidelity discusses these and other wide-ranging, but interrelated, topics that help explain the difficulty women have with marriage and long-term fidelity.

Women’s Infidelity is one of the most insightful books I have ever read. No stone has been left unturned. –Scott M.

I am no longer a clueless male after reading this book. It should be required reading for men! –Chris DeAngelo

I felt exposed but also relieved after reading Women’s Infidelity – it’s nice to know I’m not alone. –Joann (last name withheld)

About the Author Michelle Langley

Michelle Langley has been a professional public speaker, specializing in career development, for over 11 years. She began an independent inquiry into women’s sexuality after her interest was sparked by a series of unrelated incidents. The information in Women’s Infidelity was gathered and researched over a period of ten years.

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