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50 Shades of Submission – The Secret Secrets of Submission

Module 1 :: Intro To Soft Submission

       Besides learning about what Soft Submission is NOT, and you need to know, in Module 1, you will begin your journey to unlock a buffet of sexual possibilities.

Including 1 simple secret you can use within the next HOUR to turn you partner into an adoring pile of Jello in your hands. The amazing tricks you will learn in Module 1 is more than enough to ignite your bedroom experiences for years to come.

Module 2 :: “The Kink Compatibility Test”

       You will receive access to the NOW infamous “Kink Compatibility Test.” This is a simple step-by-step checklist that you fill out with your partner and when you find out that you are both interested in trying the same activity it will lead to that infamous “you too?” moment.

As you look in your partners eyes and you realize that you are both ready to experiment with something new and exciting you will throw the checklists aside and dissolve into a deep and pleasurable spontaneous “play” session in which boundaries of desire and sensuality are pushed to new heights.

Module 3 :: Tools of the Trade

       In addition to the wildly popular “Instant Dungeon Cheat Sheet” in which you will learn how to take regular household items that you already own and turn them into your “Pleasure Giving Devices” you will also discover some very practical and essential techniques to increase the bond created during sex.

Including the right and wrong way to whip, pinch and slap your partner so that you respect their physical and emotional boundaries while driving them into a sexual frenzy. The difference between pleasure and “uncomfortable” is a thin line and only in this module will you learn how to push it to the limits while you seduce and captivate your lover, turning them into your helpless love slave.

Module 4 :: Learning the Ropes

       You will get step-by-step instructions for setting up what we like to call a “play scene” in which the old (and totally boring) rules simply no longer apply. The key is in the secret patterns you will learn that have been used by generations of the world’s most powerful Dominatrix’s to increase intimacy and attraction.

You will also finally receive access to the long withheld “Attention Snap” technique to instantly captivate and control your lover (or anyone for that manner) in a manner of seconds. This will all lead to a deeper and more intense level of psychological bonding that that never even knew existed!

Module 5 :: Creating Your “Worship Ritual”

       Who doesn’t like to be worshiped? In Module 5 you will discover how and when to be worshiped (and with what intensity) both in and out of the bedroom. I will also show you how to instantly train your adoring devotee to fulfill your needs in any way that you desire.

In addition, I will reveal the REAL cause of infidelity, and the 3 somewhat odd tricks that you can use to be sure that it NEVER EVER happens in your relationship…this alone will put marriage counselors out of business.

Module 6 :: Safe & Fun Play

       Are you taking this too far? Learn the right way and the wrong way to use these ancient techniques to create deeper levels of pleasure and trust with your partner (or even someone new).

There is a complete section covering safe guidelines for hot wax play, bondage, and whipping. Plus, the ONE TOOL you should never, ever use under any circumstances or you risk injuring your partner…and in not a fun way.

Module 7 :: Communication & Aftercare

       Exploring new boundaries can be exhilarating both emotionally and physically, and just as important as the “play sessions” is learning how to decompress, process and understand these new zones of pleasure that you and your lover have just explored.

You will learn the all-important “Hands of Fate” technique that is crucial to coming back to the real world after intense fantasy sessions. Lastly, you will learn to overcome deeply embedded bits of social programming that are the final obstacle between you and your fullest sexual expression.

BONUS #1 How To Spank Your Partner to Orgasm

Did you know that it’s possible for you to spank your partner to orgasm? It sounds crazy, but it’s true and it’s amazing! Bonus #1 How To Spank Your Partner to Orgasm is the ultimate guide to the elusive, but oh so possible and intense “spanking orgasm” that has never before been made available to the public.

BONUS #2 Aural Sex Seduction

Learn how to seduce your partner and make them shiver by touching them in the most erotic, memorable, sexy ways possible with just sound of your voice.Talking dirty is the fastest way to inject your sex life with that hot lust you have been thirsting for, but many people find it hard to “let loose” and express how they feel with words.In my Aural Sex Seduction course I am going to give you a full helping of sexy tricks that will have your partner begging to hear more of your voice.

BONUS #3 7 Hot Sex Games

Does your sex life need a shot of excitement? You are in luck because I want to give you my 7 Sex Games to Keep Them Cuming Back for More Audio course.These games are going to quickly and easily turn your bedroom into the exciting love nest you have been dreaming of. I have packed 7 of my most tantalizing, passionate, and intense one-on-one games that are completely original so you won’t find the anywhere else.



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