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Nick Krauser – Daygame Mastery PDF Download

                                                               Hello, My Name is Nick Krauser and I Teach Men How to Approach and Date Beautiful Women.
I want to show you how it’s done. I want to show you how to confidently walk up to your ideal woman and within moments have her laughing and smiling, mesmerised by your charisma, then walk off with her number. And she’ll be thrilled to see you again.
… you’ll do this time after time, filling your life with beautiful women.
This is a precision-engineered system. After years bedding women, thousands of interactions on the streets from London to Istanbul to Rio De Janeiro, I have finally deconstructed the process. I can roll up into a new city anywhere in the world and by the end of the week have a hot local girl in my bed and dozens on my contacts list. This is what freedom looks like.
Mastery Front Cover Landing Page
Now I’ll show you how. Inside Daygame Mastery you’ll discover:
  • How to approach any woman you like with calm, charisma and conviction. No matter where you are, no matter how hot she is, you can strike up a conversation and put your best self forwards.
  • How to make an impression so strong, so exciting that she can’t get you out of her mind. She’ll tell her friends “you won’t BELIEVE what happened to me today!”
  • A precise moment-by-moment breakdown of every single step from first seeing the girl to getting her naked in your bed. There is no “black box” in my system. Every single variable is explained. You’ll always know the next step to take.
  • A full explanation of WHY it works. I uncover female psychology so you know what she’s thinking now, what she needs to move forwards, and what she’ll do next. Girls are simple  – once you know what makes them tick.
  • How to unlock natural charisma so girls like you for who you are. No money. No fancy restaurants. No sports cars. Girls will be attracted to your core personality.
A message from Nick Krauser, Pick Up Artist..
I’m going to tell you about a Secret Society. And right now, you’re not a member. Not only that, you don’t even believe that world exists.
Most men barely get laid. And when they do it’s hardly worth the trouble. It’s FRUSTRATING. Believe me, I’ve been there.
It used to drive me mad. I’d walk down the street and see beautiful leggy girls glide past me. Short skirts, heels, hair flowing like a shampoo commercial. It never even crossed my mind that I could fuck them. “They must be dating footballers, or rich businessmen” I’d think. I’d try to put it out of my mind because it was too painful to see such beauty and never get a piece of it. They were out of my league.
I felt like a hungry street urchin looking through the windows at a rich man’s banquet. They lived in a DIFFERENT WORLD to me.
But somebody was fucking them. She was sucking somebody’s dick. She was lying in bed with her head on the chest of somebody. I wanted to be that somebody.
Four years and 90 hot girls later I realised there’s a Secret Society of “somebodies”.
There’s only two types of men in the world, those who “know” (the members of the society) and those who don’t.  They might as well be two different species. What’s it like to be a man who knows?
  • You can pick up a girl from the street in the middle of the daytime and be fucking her in a hotel bathroom a few hours later.
  • You are the Adventure Sex for girls who are in long-term serious relationships with the Guys Who Don’t Know. You’re their “indiscretion” nobody finds out about.
  • Any country you travel to, you can pick up local girls and have sex with them.
  • Girls give you the REAL sex. Blowjobs, anal, threesomes. They give you all the stuff they deny to Guys Who Don’t Know because they are “not that type of girl”
And here’s the BIG SECRET – Girls immediately know which type of guy you are. Right now there are a thousand little “tells” you are emitting which show her you’re a Guy Who Doesn’t Know. It’s hardwired into them. They know you are the guy who gets led a merry dance until they’ve milked you of attention and resources.
It’s not nice but that’s reality. 99% of men have never been allowed into the Secret Society. They still believe the Disney fairytale. And those guys have a barren sexual future stretching out ahead of them.
So now for the GOOD NEWS.
You can become the Guy Who Knows. I’ve laid out the path for you. There are specific actionable foolproof steps you can take to become the naturally charismatic sexworthy man. There’s no Black Box. I’ve deconstructed it all.
  • How to think about yourself and women.
  • What to say to women at each stage of the interaction.
  • How to correct your body language and subcommunication so all your signals emit Guy Who Knows.
  • How to read women to fine-tune your next step forwards.
Venue Master Model
Why I Wrote This Book
I’m not a generous person. I was genuinely conflicted about whether to write this book. It gives away ALL of my secrets. Do I really want more men forcing their way into the Secret Society and competing for my women?
The fact is I wrote this book for my own benefit. I enjoyed writing it. I knew that the act of putting it all down on paper would force me to organise my ideas. Streamline them. Deconstruct everything down to the most precise do-this-say-that level. Writing this book has improved my own success with women.
And I’ll be honest. I’m offended by how pathetic most “pick up” advice is. There’s a horde of charlatans and idiots out there. Men who’ve never fucked a hot woman are writing ebooks and presenting themselves as Players. It offends me that honest well-meaning guys are being hoodwinked by fakers who try to empty their pockets and waste years of their lives sending them on wild goose chases.
I don’t have a credibility problem. For the last four years I’ve posted more evidence of my successes (and failures) than any other pick-up instructor. If you don’t believe me, ask around. I’m not young. I’m not good-looking. I don’t have a ripped or jacked physique. I don’t host VIP tables in clubs. I don’t DJ. I don’t spend a penny on girls. Every success I have is due to learnable personal charisma.
Let me give you a little tip on how to spot if a guy has Game:
He’s fucking girls younger and better-looking that he is. Regularly.
95% of instructors are eliminated by that simple rule. And the other 5% are probably friends of mine.
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