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Womanizers Bible #20 – Questions and Answers Roundup
Womanizers Bible #19 – An Audience With Goldmund 2-2
Womanizers Bible #18 – Play Or Be Played
Womanizers Bible #17 – An Audience With Goldmund 1-2
Womanizers Bible #16 – Breaking Gamma Habits
Womanizers Bible #15 – Regeneration.mp3
Womanizers Bible #14 – A Year in Euro Jaunt Daygame.mp3
Womanizers Bible #13 – The rK Wilderness.mp3
Womanizers Bible #12 – The Bookish Introvert Virgin Girl.mp3
Womanizers Bible #11 – How To Take Anal Virginity.mp3
Womanizers Bible #10 – The Euro Traveler Lifestyle.mp3
Womanizers Bible #9 – Minor Tweaks, Maximum Effect.mp3
Womanizers Bible #8 – Vibe Protection.mp3
Womanizers Bible #7 – How To Do Real Bouncebacks (infield).mp3
Womanizers Bible #6 – Feel Entitled To Younger, Hotter, Tighter.mp3
Womanizers Bible #5 – How To Catch The Teenage Virgin.mp3
Womanizers Bible #5 – How To Catch The Teenage Virgin.mp3
Womanizers Bible #3 – The Solo Daygame Mindset.mp3
Womanizers Bible #2 – The Balance Between Nice Guy And Bad Boy.mp3
Womanizers Bible #1 – From Intermediate To Advanced Game.mp3



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