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NSR (Natural Stress Relief Meditation) Review | NSR (Natural Stress Relief Meditation) Download

NSR (Natural Stress Relief Meditation) Download

NSR (Natural Stress Relief Meditation) is supposedly the same (or very similar) as TM (transcendental meditation).

How does it work?

NSR (Natural Stress Relief Meditation) is not a religion, a set of physical exercises, or a philosophy; it is an effortless mental technique that is compatible with any religion or lifestyle.

NSR makes use of the natural functioning of the mind: the mind is always thinking thoughts. In fact, it is almost impossible to stop the mind from thinking.

Instead of opposing this functioning, NSR© actually makes use of it. This is why NSR© is natural and effortless.

We can use a simple model of the mind to explain how thinking works and how NSR© makes use of this process.

The mind can be likened to a lake (see diagram at left). Thoughts, of whatever kind, arise like tiny bubbles from the quiet bottom of the lake. These thoughts become more concrete, like bubbles expanding in size as they ascend towards the surface.

Finally they enter our awareness, and can cause us to act, just as bubbles bursting on the surface of the lake may give rise to the surface activity of waves.

In NSR©, the attention of the mind starts from where it already is: from the surface or concrete level of thinking. From that level we begin the technique, in which our attention gets drawn naturally to more abstract and quieter levels of thinking, which are more charming to the mind (our thinking always aims at greater happiness and satisfaction, for ourselves and others).

This process is called transcending. Transcending is effortless, simple, natural, and innocent. No concentration or contemplation is needed, and anyone who can follow directions can learn how to transcend.

In NSR©, the mind picks up a mantra, or syllable, which is used for its sound value only. Both the mantra and the method of using the mantra are taught in NSR©. No matter what type of meditation, only this unique combination of suitable mantra and the method of using it can give rise to the process of efficient transcending.

This process of transcending is enjoyable and brings quietness to the entire nervous system. Since the body always follows the mind, the body becomes more quiet and rested. As the body quiets down, stress is released. The release of stress purifies the nervous system, leaving it more flexible, alert, and rested.

With repeated practice, this purification process brings self-actualization for the individual and the benefits of a peaceful, loving, and creative influence on his or her environment and society.

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