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Dean Cortez – Get Asian Girls Review | Dean Cortez – Get Asian Girls Download

Look, if you’re like me and you’re “into” Asian women…and you’d like to know exactly how to talk to any beautiful Asian woman you encounter (in person, or on the internet)…if you want to charm them, stimulate their imagination, and make them absolutely tingle with anticipation when you ask them on a date…then I’m about to reveal some extremely powerful secrets about Asian women which took me more than a decade to figure out…

I can promise you, once you start using these tactics with Asian women you are going to fast-track and accelerate every approach, every interaction, every conversation (and even every Internet chat!) towards romance and seduction.

In other words, I’m here to get you laid — not to help you make “friends” with a bunch of women. Screw that. There is a proven, “bulletproof” system for attracting and seducing Asian women — and I’m about to explain it all.

Learn The Perfect Way To Approach Asian Women & Create Attraction (You May Not Have Enough Time To Date All The Girls You’re Going To Meet With These Methods!)

My name is Dean Cortez and I’m the creator of Mack Tactics, the legendary #1 program for guys who want to take their skills and confidence with women to a “rock star” level.

I’ve shown tens of thousands of men around the world the best ways to approach women…how to easily score phone numbers, dates, and “same night lays”…or how to land the ultimate girlfriend.

But personally, I’ve always had a preference for hot Asian girls…and so I spent the past two years putting together the ultimate program on meeting, attracting, picking up and dating Asian women.

If you prefer sexy Asian women (as I do), you don’t want to miss the “underground” tactics I am about to reveal to you.

Maybe you’ve been to a country like Thailand, the Philippines or Japan, and you were blown away by how many beautiful young women were available over there…hoping to fall in love with a Western guy…

If you’ve ever been to Asia, I’m sure you would love to be able to spend more time there. (What guy wouldn’t?) But it’s probably just not possible due your work schedule, family obligations, or the expense of making the trip.

And that’s OK — because I’m sure you’ve seen hot Asian girls in your area. But you need to know the best places to meet them (usually it’s not at bars or nightclubs), and how to “connect” with them in a way that makes them feel attraction and curiosity.

My friend, this is not about your looks…

It’s not about your money…

But it is about understanding how hot Asian girls think, and knowing how to stimulate their “attraction triggers”…so that they will feel a powerful, undeniable, subconscious attraction towards you.

Once you’ve learned these tactics, it’s going to mean:

No more “freezing up” when you see a beautiful Asian girl that you want to approach. You’ll know the exact steps for approaching Asian women in a smooth, confident, playful way that makes them smile, and feel instantly curious to know more about you…

No more winding up in the “Friend Zone” with the Asian girls you like. From now on, you’ll radiate Alpha Male energy and confidence that makes Asian women feel powerful sexual attraction and chemistry with you…

You can forget about wasting any more of your time and hard-earned money taking women out on expensive dates that don’t lead to sex…

And you won’t waste time chatting on the Internet with the wrong Asian girls. (A lot of the Asian women you meet online these days do not have honest intentions…and that’s why I rounded up the top experts on internet dating to show you how to cut through the B.S. and make real connections with the right women.

The reality is, millions of men from America, England, Canada, Australia and dozens of other countries are online right now trying to find a girlfriend in Asia. But rarely does it ever turn into a legitimate “real world” romance. (More often, the poor guy ends up getting played for a fool…)

But this program is also going to to show you how to navigate the tricky world of meeting Asian women online — and give you proven tactics that will ensure you don’t waste your time on the wrong girls, and instead focus on attracting the Asian girls who are honest, loving and right for YOU.

Hot Asian Girls Are Easy To Pick Up When You Use These Techniques…

This revolutionary program is brought to you by the seduction masters at Mack Tactics, the #1-rated system for guys who want to turbo-charge their “game” with women.

Every program created by Mack Tactics is the result of years of in-depth research, and gathering and testing hundreds of techniques from the world’s top dating coaches and pickup artists.

As the founder of Mack Tactics, I’ll tell you honestly that I’ve always loved hot Asian women. I’ve dated many Asian-American girls, and during the years I’ve spent living and working in Asia I’ve been with hundreds more — from models and actresses, to college students and strippers, to airline stewardesses and simple (but amazingly beautiful) women from the most remote provinces of China, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand…

Whatever your goals with Asian women are, you need to know this: the differences between the various Asian cultures is huge. That’s why this program contains specific techniques for approaching & talking to Japanese girls, Chinese girls, Thai girls, Filipinas, and many others…

(Trust me — whether you’re trying to score with a sexy Chinese girl or a hottie from the Philippines, their “turn ons” and “turn offs” are completely different from the way you would seduce a woman from your own culture…)

Whether your goal is to date a variety of Asian girls or find your perfect lifetime partner, you need to be properly prepared with the right knowledge and techniques. This is where “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” lays out the ultimate blueprint for your success.

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Ross Jeffries – LA99 Seminar Frame Control and Sexual Themes Download

Frame Control and Sexual Themes Description:
How about videos that teach you brand new, word for word seduction patterns, INCLUDING the “forbidden” Gemini and Dark Sun patterns that induce permanent behavioral change in the women you desire, allowing you to mold them to the exact erotic specifications you require, demand and dream of?

How about 4 different models of Speed Seduction®, explained NOT just by me, but by the actual students who have taken them out into the world and proven them time and again, by exacting, real world experience?

One of the things that makes these videos so unique, is they have an actual teaching structure. That is, unlike previous seminars, where I sort of tend to wander, I sat down, before this seminar, and thoughtfully outlined a metaphorical frame and structure in which to fit all the learning’s, presented by all the instructors and students, that makes all the material, and each of the parts, easily absorbed and useful as a whole.

This, more than any other presentation we’ve ever made, ties things up in a way that allows you to see how each individual tool can be applied in each situation; how it fits in with the overall attitudes, situations, and concepts presented. It is like a road-map that lets you know WHERE you are, where you want to be, and exactly what aspects you need to master to get there. (For those of you who are NLP junkies, you’ll see a masterful use of loops, metaphor and other techniques on the part of Mark and myself to make the learning process much more easy and rapid.)
What enabled me to do this is an understanding of the concept of “frames’; the overall guidelines through which you present everything else you do.

I truly believe that understanding how to fit all of your thoughts, actions, responses and ideas with women into the right frame…the frame of NEVER supplicating, begging or “asking”, but instead, offering challenges, structuring opportunities and eliciting/evoking processes is the single most important key to making every other tool and “trick” of Speed Seduction® at least three to four times more effective and powerful.

Sure…you can do Speed Seduction® without this understanding. If want to be a perfect “memorizer” of word for word patterns and still have less than fantastic results because you might still be using the patterns in a “supplicating” or “nice guy” structure, that’s no skin off of MY nose.

But wouldn’t you rather understand how to present it all in a way that makes it much more receivable to the feminine psyche and mind…receivable in a way that just lets it slide right in…deep, deep in…deep into the place where her wildest fantasies spring to life and action, with you?

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : The Four Different Models Of Speed Seduction®:
How And When To Use Each One And How To Know Which One Is Most Appropriate. Why tie yourself to the idea that patterns are simply there to be recited while she goes into trance? There are lots of other ways to make patterns work for you, and I spend hours showing you exactly how. Dynamite stuff you must learn for ultimate SS success and power.

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : Trance-Hi-Jacking By Brother Kamal:
over a full hour of Brother Kamal and I, as he presents and I break down, step by step, his amazing “trance hijacking” methods. Word for word, start to finish, from opening line to making love, exactly what he has done with woman after woman (Includes how he got two beautiful, blonde, British tourists in bed at the same time!)

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : How To Get Laid On AOL Using Speed Seduction®:
SS email list enforcer and my pal, Brother Riker, reveals his detailed, step by step system for picking up and seducing women on America’s most popular on-line service America On-Line. I used his methods to pick up an unbelievably, drop-dead bikini model. Don’t waste weeks or months making your own mistakes; AOL can be a mine-field of fatties, crazies as well as your own blunders, boners and bash-ups without this valuable advice!

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : How To Create Your Own Seduction Themes To Intrigue And Seduce Women:
I spend lots of time hammering on THEME creation; the overall ideas that allow you to easily flow, in natural conversation from one pattern to the next, with complete easy and flexibility. Master what I teach here and you’ll be able to bring up any pattern in any situation and flow to any other without a moment wasted. The ultimate in conversational flexibility, freedom and power.

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : Major Mark On The Psychology Of The Romantic Hero:
do you know what the three qualities of the romantic hero are, that drive women absolutely wild? Mark is sizzling in this presentation, as he not only describes in detail what they are, but assists you in manifesting them in your own unique ways in your life, so women view you as their tasty, wild, nasty indulgence…their “naughty” treat to take on an escape into their own private, erotic world…things that her “borefriend” or “husband” will never experience or know. Damn, the Major is really good…why won’t he let me promote him to General?

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : Word For Word Pickup Strategies And Tactics:
including my famous 30 second pick up designed for use when she’s with other women and in too much of a hurry to talk! Yep…this is the latest on how to pick up women even, and especially when they are with other women and they are hurried and do NOT have time! Now you can actually make these situations work better for you than when they are alone or time to talk is available. No generalizations here; word for word, specific, exact things to say.

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : The Phone Machine Intruder:
Getting Her To Call You Back Within An Hour Or Two 90% of The Time. My answering machine intruder is so damn good, I have to brag and say it is the single most reliable thing I’ve ever come up with or described. Here’s how to handle with triumphant success, those annoying situations where all you get is a pager, voice mail or answering machine, and can’t get to speak to her in person! Using the challenge, opportunity and process frames, this word for word pattern WILL get her calling you back, rapidly…swiftly…even apologizing for not getting back to your sooner! I AM PROUD OF THIS ONE!

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : Major Mark’s Resource Generator Induction:
Yet another powerful trance induction by Major Mark that’s so…so…damn good, this guy is getting so good, even I can’t describe or do him justice. Let’s just say he helps create structures deep inside that serve you as you need them, automatically and without conscious thought…so the same-self processes that at one time kept you stuck now keep you running…humming along…in exactly the direction you need to make your seduction dreams a reality. Honestly, if you can stay out of trance for more than 3 minutes when you watch this part, the bad news is: you ain’t human!

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : How To Use The Contrast Principle In New Pattern Creation:
here I am teaching even more advanced techniques in pattern construction and creation. Take a peek inside my brain and my thought processes, so you can learn to think like me and create new stuff that fits your own unique situation, personality and style. Learn my creativity strategy and move forward on your own with new stuff that you can show to me!

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : How To Create DEEP Rapport By Asking Structured, Focused Questions:
perhaps one of my favorite trance techniques; because it allows you to experience the joy and pleasure found only in deeply connecting with another human person. Learn to develop deep level understanding, intuition and insight that will lead to the deepest levels of rapport so you can then be as wild, blatant and UN-Sneaky as you like…because she’ll be prepared AND ready for it! One of my favorite of the 4 seduction models presented!

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : Ross’ “I’m A Hypnotist Model-” For Seduction:
O.k.-I like to use this one, because it is true: I AM a hypnotist. A perfect way to seduce adventurous, excitement-hungry, sizzling hot women who don’t want a delicate or “sneaky” approach. I LOVE THIS MODEL!

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : The Brand New, Super-Powerful, “Boyfriend Ignorer:”
…. Forget the Boyfriend “Destroyer”. What if you want to enjoy sex with her, but don’t WANT to be her “boyfriend”? Here’s how to have her keep him around to pay for dates, do her errands , buy her gifts while she comes to YOU for the deeply satisfying sexual relief she needs! The best of both possible worlds! I deserve a medal for this one!

Frame Control and Sexual Themes : New Exercises For Super-Charging Your State And Building New Feelings:
One of the cardinal rules of SS is, YOU HAVE TO GO FIRST. You can expect her to experience thoughts and feelings if you have never had them yourself. You can’t lead anyone where you first can’t go. These videos reveal different methods and exercises for building new states and feelings that let you lead by example and put the power into your words! Of special note is the famous Kinesthetic Squash, which m any of you have heard on audio but never been able to do, simply because to be duplicated it really has to be seen! You see me take a volunteer and then the entire room through this exercise, which allows you to control sexual excitement so you don’t radiate lust in the presence of a stunningly hot woman, but instead exude an even, calm energy that she just naturally seems to like! Vital, vital skill to have, especially if you are aiming at the “super-model” class of woman!

Frame Control and Sexual Themes My review:
Some old stuff but still very useful to understand the basis of speed seduction.
Interesting presentation by Mark Cunningham about the romance novels hero to get a picture of attractive men.
Other guests: Dave Riker, Kamal.
Illustration of change work on students through hypnosis or NLP.
Best thing on the last disc: the gemini pattern chunked down into pieces.

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Ross Jeffries – Nail Your Inner Game Download

Who Else Wants To Blast Past Stuck Points…Untangle Your Past… And Rocket Up The Learning Curve To Total Seduction Success And Mastery?
No Matter What You’ve Been Through, Experienced Or Encountered, At Last You Can Turn Around Even The Toughest Situations, Turn Confusion To Clarity And Losing To Learning, Within Half And Hour…Or You Pay Nothing Get Ready To Nail Your Inner Game!

“Announcing my first new product in 2 years, the result of 7 years of constant research, experiment, refinement and improvement”….Ross Jeffries

Dear Speed Seduction Student,

What if you had a way to take any and all confusion, frustration, and stuckness you’ve ever experienced with women, and immediately convert it to pure, immediately usable learning, so you could bounce right back, and automatically do things right the next time? What if you had such an effective, sure way to learn from every situation, that you could develop a “stealth charisma” that was subtly attractive, completely undetectable, and utterly independent of any external validation from anyone? What if you no longer needed an assurance or guarantee of success of any kind before you took bold(and fun) seduction steps, as you walked like a giant where other people fear to step? And what if you could get off your excuse-making, “I understand but don’t do it” ass, and get moving right now in the real world with the success you’ve always wanted?

Well, follow along as I explain to you how you’ll shortly be doing all these things, and a lot more. Whether you are a totally stuck newbie, a guy who is doing ok (but hasn’t really reached real seduction success), or an absolute monster student who wants to effortlessly and powerfully do better, I’ve got the best, most systematic, fool proof, breakthrough system for untangling the confusion and “re-infection” that keeps guys stuck entirely, or stuck at a very underachieving level, and I’ve created a way where anyone can use it.

Why I’ve Slaved Seven Years To Create This!

For seven years I’ve been hiding some deeply secret research from my fans, students, friends and clients-stuff I’ve let almost no one in on, although in fact I’ve been researching the fundamental elements of this since my 2000 Speed Life seminar. And truth to tell, I’ve been covertly testing some early versions in my teachings with you students, dropping hints along the trail as I’ve done so. But the simple reason I’ve been working so hard, so persistently is simply…

….I Never Give Up When I Want Something Done!

You see, for years, as a teacher(and I’ve been at this for 16 years!) I’d see those guys who would come to a seminar, immediately get it, and use the material in the real world to get hot and juicy results, right away.Sexy woman

But many guys who understood things intellectually-guys who had every word I’d ever said memorized-still couldn’t get their asses moving and do this stuff. Or what was far more common is they’d do a little bit, see some success, but when things didn’t go exactly as they wanted they’d give up for weeks or months or even permanently. Or they’d slide back down the learning curve, forgetting everything they did right, and then fight through months of confusion and fear just to get back to where they’d left off!

In other words, it seemed to me that somehow, even when guys wanted to learn and master this stuff…

It Was Like Another “Part” Or Process Inside Was Fighting Them..Like They Were Trying To Turn Right And Left At The Same Time, Ripping Their Insides Apart!

Now, maybe this is a bit dramatic to describe your situation. But hasn’t it ever seemed to you like the process of learning and personal change just feels exhausting? Like no matter how hard you want to progress some other part keeps cropping up to get in your way or the same old responses, beliefs, actions and patterns of behavior keep coming up, forcing you to fight through them, no matter how much you truly try?

(For those guys who are Speed Seduction® masters, have you ever wondered why, at times, even you lose your game, and either can do little or have to push to get what are usually easy results?)

I’ve Cracked The Code And Discovered How To Turn This “Re-infection” Mechanism OFF, And To Convert All The Power And Process Behind It Into Pure And Savagely Effective Learning, Unbreakable Motivation, And Consistent Excellence Rocketing You Up The Seduction Learning Curve!

Let me tell you a very short story to help you understand why your decision to get this Nail Your Inner Game Program is smarter than even you yet realize. Stick with me, because exploring this together will help you understand how powerful this is.

Recently, I was a guest speaker at someone else’s event. This guy is very famous in the seduction community, and in fact, I’ll be doing some business with him just a bit later on.

Anyway, ask I often do, I started my talk by asking a question, which was this:

“By a show hands, how many here find themselves dwelling over and over again on mistakes they make with women? Situations that just haven’t or don’t work out.”

Every single person-in a room of 150-raised their hand. Every one. So I picked a guy out of the audience.

“Let me ask you this,” I said. “How many times would you guess you’ve run these failures in your head over the past 6 months? Just a rough guess.”

Now, do you think it was less than a 100?

You would be wrong.

Do you think it was less that a 1,000?

You would still be wrong.

No, this otherwise seemingly together guy, who looked on the surface like he’d be a master of this stuff, in the past six months, had run these failure scenarios in his mind…

…Over 5,000 Times!

Now if this guy is repeating in his mind, over and over, visualizing what he did wrong, feeling all the bad feelings he felt at the time, seeing himself doing and responding the same things in the same way, is it any friggin’ wonder that his brain, given such repeated instructions…

…Repeated The Same Damn Reactions, Feelings And Behaviors The Next Time He Was In A Similar Situation?

Does any of this seem familiar to you?

Now let me ask you this:

Did this guy have “low self-esteem”? A bad “self-image”? A desire to “self-sabotage” or a “fear of success”?

No, this poor, stuck, honestly wanting to succeed, super smart guy…

…Just Had A Crappy Learning Strategy That Actually Guaranteed He’d Never Really Learn!

Is any of this sounding familiar?

Well, the news for this guy was even worse, and here’s why: when he thought about, he realized that this constant chewing on mistakes was going on in the backround, all the time, even when he wasn’t consciously dwelling on it.

So he not only got to keep rehearsing (and thus repeating) his errors, but he also got to carry around a constant, dull, background sadness and confusion that fogged up and fucked up every aspect of his life. And he projected a “loser” vibe that turned women off…

….. Before He Even Opened His Mouth!

Yuck. Yuck. And double yuck yuck.

“Oh My God…It’s Even Worse!”

One of the problems of having such a crappy learning process is how it slowly erodes the sense of possibility, requiring even more pushing and mental energy every time you want to pick yourself up and “try again”. And, as I’ve pointed out with the story of this poor guy, the vibe this creates around you pushes women away, who pick up on the internal pain and confusion and…

..Just Don’t Want To Be Around It!

Sexy womanThis is especially true with the high quality women most men really want. These gals have lots of choices, get hit on a lot, and are even more sensitive to the “can’t make my love life work” loser vibe, and are even more instantly repulsed and turned off by it!

How I Found The Answer Powerfully, Systematically…Right Here, Right Now, For Good, No Matter What You’re Skill Level Or Where You’re At!

Listen: after 7 years of figuring out how to solve this problem, I stumbled on the missing piece at a meditation retreat I was attending with an amazing teacher, who for now will have to remain nameless.

Anyway, this guy taught a simple, remarkable method, based on a 5,000 year old meditation practice, to get separate out the painful emotional energy from past old, stuck limiting beliefs, images, memories.

This method allows you to extract all the less than useful emotion out of these images, memories and beliefs, so that the emotion no longer feeds them.

Now, he was teaching this method merely for the purpose of attaining more “purification” and peace of mind.

But I immediately saw how you could use this method to review images, memories and beliefs contained in your seduction experiences, past and present, so you could instantly, efficiently learn from them without being sucked back into them. Separating out and removing the emotion would allow a cleaned up, updated, objective, clarity-based review for instant learning, because the emotion would no longer be clouding up one’s view and screwing up one’s learning.
No matter what your past, no matter what pain or confusion or frustration was in the experience, you could learn (with some special ways of thinking I’ll also show you) exactly what to do next time, so you were guaranteed..

…To Get It Exactly Right The Next Time!

Combining what I learned that day, in October 2006, with my years of study in magick, NLP and hypnosis, I came up with 6 other elements or modules to guarantee that anyone-from the most stuck guy to monster SS masters, could rocket up the learning curve and go from frustration and confusion to empowered learning, laser-like clarity, and effective in-field action in minutes!

Sexy woman

Using this incredible system-3 DVD’s and 3 CD’s, recorded from a live seminar, I will teach you:

*How quiet and clear your mind, for maximum learning and empowered perception

*How to develop incredible focus so you can choose and redirect your thoughts, in an instant, in the field, in even the most trying situations, choosing your power, over your past!

*How to train your mind to first and foremost spot everything and anything you’ve done right in every situation, so you develop an intelligent and informed motivation-not ignoring what needs to be fixed, but first and foremost seeing what you are doing well. (I call this the “extractor”)

*The 9 key beliefs for immediate emotional recovery so you move from confusion to clarity in moments, and keep right on effectively going no matter what!

*The key “diagnostic categories” that will allow you to immediately spot exactly where and exactly what you need to improve, at every level, small and large, obvious AND subtle (you could spend years and years on your own and never see all of these- seeing them is the key to true mastery.)

*The Power of Emotional “Transmutation”. Forget about stuffing negative emotions, buying back into them, or trying to push through them. And forget about “clearing” or even “healing” them!

(All that vast field of underlying “caca ”can actually rapidly be transformed, recycled, and refined into purified, raw, ready-to-use energy to power your progress, pleasure and success. And in this course, I’ll show you exactly how!)

*The Ultimate Sarge Review Process-here it is the simple 20 minute process you’ll use, at the end of every sarge, successful, screwed up, or those “in-between” ones that you really can’t quite figure out! This process will have you turning around even the most difficult sarges and, get you back in the field doing things right, with easy, effortless confidence!
Sexy woman“Ok Ross, You’ve Got Me Hot On It..So What’s The Deal/Scoop/Offer So I Can Get My Greedy, Horny Mitts On This Life Changing Product?”

Well, I’m glad you asked, Buckwheat. Because, by now I’m sure you realize that this program is the gold key for your seduction learning curve mastery. And if I could get away with it, I’d charge thousands for this program, because the life-changing and life-saving methods I’ve worked for years to perfect are worth it only in Nail Your Inner Game by Ross Jeffries

[oa_social_sharing_icons] Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Ultimate Inner Game by Hypnotica Review | Ultimate Inner Game by Hypnotica Download

How To Conquer Shyness, Eliminate Nervousness, Fear And Anxiety With Women To So You Can Be The Rock-Solid, Confident Man That Women Are Desperately Looking For…

  • Watch this video and discover how to remove the fears, nervousness, and self-doubt that may be holding you back from succeeding with women…
  • Learn how to overcome internal blockages immediately keeping you from meeting the women of your dreams…
  • What therapists don’t want you to know about how to get rock-solid confidence in days instead of months or years… (if more guys new about this, therapist would go broke)

Are you tired of settling for being less of an “alpha male” than you could be and settling for less success with women than you deserve? Do you often feel “stuck” in your love life, unable to make changes or break through past limiting beliefs? Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can perform at your best and still fall just short of your goal?

Would you like to learn to control you mind and emotions so that you can turn your everyday experiences with women into extraordinary ones? If so, then this may be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Here’s why Ultimate Inner Game wil help you

Most men struggle with their emotions when first learning to meet and date beautiful women. It’s only natural.

Listen, would you expect to run a 26-mile marathon if all your life you’ve never run more than a mile at any give time? Of course not. You have to condition your body to compete in such a demanding and rigorous event.

It’s the same with beautiful and sexy women. The difference is instead of conditioning your body, you have to condition your mind to think and behave in ways that will allow you access the most powerful and useful resources you’ll need be successful with these types of women.

Wouldn’t you love to say goodbye to feelings of unworthiness, shyness, and anxiety, and replace them with resourcefulness, confidence and power? Well, stop wishing and start living, because you are about to…Discover The Vital Tools That Will Help You Tap The Power Of Your Own Mind

For years Hypnotica has been one of the most sought after experts due to his reputation as the “Inner Game Guru.” He is known worldwide for helping men make positive and powerful changes in the way they deal with women and as a result achieve the kind of success they’ve always wanted.

Most dating “gurus” talk about inner game, but fall far short in actually providing you with practical solutions for solving your inner game issues. With his new program, “Ultimate Inner Game”, you can transform your mind and emotions in just days!

In the past this technology was only available to a select few hand picked by Hypnotica himself like Neil Strauss, David DeAngelo, and Mehow. A few lucky students Hypnotica took on in one-on-one $5,000 a weekend sessions. His friends and students convinced him that the knowledge he possesses is so beneficial to men that he just had to make it available to the maximum number of guys he could give support and encouragement to on his forum.

This technology is so powerful that Hypnotica only agreed to make it available under a Non- Disclosure Agreement.

You’ll Be Able To Maintain Your New And Improved Self For Months, Years, And Even Decades To Come

In Ultimate Inner Game by Hypnotica, you’ll learn:

What’s really stopping you and change it once and for all!
How to make negative emotions work in your favor.
Break through past limiting beliefs.
Condition yourself mentally to create staggering results!
How to have more confidence and self-esteem.
And much, much more!
Join Hypnotica as he helps you condition your mind and emotions for unstoppable success with women. He’ll show you how to implement proven strategies and tools for achieving the results you want and deserve – faster than you may have ever imagined!

Now is the time to improve the quality of your love life and experience more happiness and fulfillment with women than you’ve ever had. The kind you’ve watched other guys attain, but didn’t quite know how to achieve for yourself. Until now!

The life you deserve and would love to live can be yours at last!

The “Ultimate Inner Game” 3 DVD set:

Ultimate Inner Game by Hypnotica DVD Disk 1:

Limiting Belief Exercise – Understand what is really holding you back!

Positive Belief Exercise – Feel how ENLIGHTENED you can become.

Eye Scramble Exercise – Where Hypnotica reveals how to:

Virtually eliminate negative memories and the feelings associated with them in minutes.

Scramble phobias so they no longer affect you.

Ultimate Inner Game by Hypnotica DVD Disk 2:

Step outside your reality.

Spatial Anchors Exercise – ELIMINATE APPROACH ANXIETY for good!

Movie Exercise – Learn how to RESTRUCTURE your internal reality to a new, more powerful one.

Football Walk Exercise – Where you learn how to build an empowering future, and step away from a limiting past.

This is an EXTENDED version of the incredible CONFIDENCE BUILDER shown by Hypnotica in Neil’s Strauss’ “The Annihilation Method.”

Ultimate Inner Game by Hypnotica DVD Disk 3

Alignment and More!

Alignment Exercise – Align all the psychological LAYERS of your reality in the same direction. Students doing this exercise reported MAJOR POSITIVE SHIFTS in their thinking.

Bonus Lecture – Hypnotica goes into his FRAME in field, his incredibly powerful EYE CONTACT technique, how to put women in STATE instantly, and much much more.



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