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Liam McRae – How to Get Her Sexually Invested in Seduction Download

Workshop on how to get her sexually invested and chasing you into the bedroom by unleashing her inner sexuality with your own sexual archetype by Liam McRae



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Wendi Friesen - Penis Enlargement

Wendi Friesen – Penis Enlargement (Complete) & Virtual Viagra

Review NEW CD set that will increase the length and girth of your penis. Yes it really works. This program is from the original creator of the hypnosis for penis enlargement program. You get the most up to date version with the newest breakthroughs in mind body communication. Some men notice results after just 30 days of daily listening. NO nasty surgery, NO scary pumps and weights, NO more wondering if size really matters! This is an all new set of CDs, better processes, new methods! Includes the “almost subliminal” CD track that you can play over and over and over. Find out more about how this program works by clicking on the link at the bottom. Do not consider using pumps and weights or pills until you have learned about how safely hypnosis can enlarge your penis. You will have a bigger penis without the side effects and dangers of penis pumps, weights and surgery.

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Sinn Teleconference

Sinn Teleconference Collection Download

Sinn – All time favorite attraction technique
Sinn – Text Game
Sinn – Dating Multiple Women At The Same Time
Advanced Strategies for Sexualized Comfort by Sinn : “Discover The Sexual Secrets That Will Make All Your Interactions End Up In Your Bed – And NOT In The Dreaded ‘Friend Zone’”
Sinn – What it REALLY takes to attract beautiful women
Sinn – Inner Circle – Transitioning
Sinn – Flake Elimination Toolkit
Sinn and Vin Dicarlo on Same day lays

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Ultimate MMA Fighter Champion Hypnosis Mp3 Download

Clive Westwood - Ultimate MMA Fighter Champion Hypnosis

Champion Hypnosis  Want to be like the guys in the UFC?
Champion Hypnosis  Do you feel unmotivated to train?
Do you feel you need to change your mind set?
Do you feel like the hardest thing is to feel motivated?
Champion Hypnosis  Do you not yet feel like a champion?
Do you feel now is the time to raise up to your challenges?
Champion Hypnosis  To become a champion?
Champion Hypnosis  want greatest endurance?
Champion Hypnosis  to have motivation to train harder?
Champion Hypnosis  to have more confidence?
to be stronger?
to have the best mind set?
to be in the present moment?

Champion Hypnosis  : For best results listen at least once or twice a day

This is an Extremely Powerful Hypnosis Mp3 and should not be used when driving or doing any activities, should be used when resting alone and undisturbed

About the Hypnotist Specialist Ultimate MMA Fighter Champion Hypnosis by Clive Westwood
Clive Westwood has been in self-development and using Hypnosis for over 10 years he first started it because he was suffering from high social anxiety when he was younger and being scared of everyone and everything which led him on the self-help path to discover how he could make the change, during that time he found hypnosis to be the most powerful method to improve his inner self, so he quickly found the best teachers and learned to become an expert hypnotist, He was born and raised in the south east of England, United Kingdom and moved to Australia when he was 22 and now currently lives in Adelaide, Australia where he is now married and runs and owns the company and practice Australian Hypnotherapy, he has helped thousands of people from all over the world and hypnotised people from all walks of life from celebrities to young children.

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RSD Todd – The Game After The Game Review | RSD Todd – The Game After The Game Download

Discover The Sneaky Little System I Found That Took Me From Shy Inexperienced Virgin To Setting Up 3 Dates A Day On Hot Online Dating Sites

Learn How To Secure More Dates, Sleep With More Women, And Find A Girlfriend Online Even If You’re Not ‘Traditionally Good looking’, Super Charming, Or You’ve Had No ‘Luck’ At All For Years

From The Desk Of Todd Valentine, Online Dating Expert

The Shy Undatable Guy that no girl could see the potential of, and every other excuse in the book

I’ve been there, and probably had it worse that the average guy, seriously

Then it occurred to me to run from all the rejection, and use the anonymity and safety of Online Dating, and I loved it

So when I started with online dating

I used to log onto my computer every single day

and check all my dating accounts like a cracked out Facebook addict

But everyday I’d feel the sharp drop of disappointment in my stomach when I saw this:


Honestly it sucked. And I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong no matter what I tried

I was literally sending out dozens of messages every day

I’d only get a few responses every so often

But even then, the messages I got were always pretty short and aloof

None of it led anywhere. Let alone sex


I remember feeling this when I almost threw in the towel at one point

I wasn’t getting the results I heard about and I was sick and frustrated

“I blamed my lack of success on my height, my looks, my lack of skills with women…”

I convinced myself that online dating only worked for guys who were lean and good looking, or at least exceptionally funny, or had the fabled “IT” factor with women


A Shocking Discovery That Changed My Dating Life

Then one day, as I was browsing the web, I discovered a unique internet forum of pickup artists and ‘so called’ ladies men, who were sharing all different kinds of tips and techniques on getting in between the legs of the opposite sex

The techniques these guys were preaching were MUCH different from what I heard before

In fact, they went COMPLETELY against conventional thinking and popular dating books

I immediately used one of the conversation starters on a pretty brunette girl I found on (a dating site back in the early 2000s), delivered a few funny jokes, and boom, landed my first date

I knew that I was onto something BIG

I started compiling everything I could find on the forum. Conversation starters, funny routines, jokes, witty lines, and attractive stories

One week later, I got my second date

And this time. I fuc*** her. The second girl I’d ever had sex with!

From that moment on I was HOOKED forever

I wanted to see just how far this rabbit hole went

I started studying “game” like a mad fanatic and applying it to both in the ‘real world’ and on girls I met online

I read hundreds of books, went through a few dozen courses, and even attended a live dating workshop (called a Bootcamp) to learn about female attraction

In fact, (and you might not even believe this),

I dropped everything to move halfway across the country to learn from top ‘pickup masters’ in the world about attraction and female psychology

Yea I know, pretty fuc**** extreme

But my results just kept getting better and better, especially online

Everything that I learned to meet girls in ‘real life’, seemed to work DOUBLE online

Like it was amplified to the max!

I was setting up an average of 3 Dates a DAY, and bringing the girl home 95% of the time

Huge f*cking rabbit hole :-p

What Happened Next,
Was Unbelievable To Me…

Eventually people began hearing about my ‘adventures’, and started asking me IF and HOW they could get the same results as well.

It was especially satisfying when the old friends who used to laugh at me for not getting girls started asking me as well and expressing their disbelief in my unusual results

I was also pretty curious to see if the system I was using could be duplicated for other guys

So I started making a few changes to their profiles and giving them a few quick pointers on messaging and attraction and wouldn’t you believe it, they instantly saw a double boost in responses

Other Guys Were Getting The Same Results As Me, It Was Insane…

I kept testing it on more and more guys and every single one of them started getting more dates and bringing more girls home almost overnight…

But what surprised me the most was that most of these guys didn’t even have to learn “great game” to start seeing results

I literally gave them a few basics principles on attraction and provided them with some pre-tested lines and they started getting girls to respond back and get attracted immediately

And not from troll looking girls either, some serious cuties!

Pretty young girls. Stunning older women. Girl Next Door types. The bombshell

These techniques worked for my guy friends in all shapes and sizes, it was unbelievable…

So I Blew Up The Dating Lives For Literally Thousands Of Guys Ever Since…

As someone who teaches guys how to get girls for a living, I knew I had to get these tips out to more guys

I spent the last 6 months painstakingly compiling dozens of online techniques that I used to consistently meet stunners on the web

And streamlining it all together into an easily replicable step by step system

I call it:


[oa_social_sharing_icons] Note About Extraction :None of the seduction material archives has password . You just have to use PowerArchiver for the older archives with zip extension , keeping all the archives in the same folder and hit extract only on the archive without a number ( for example , not on for the newer archives you can use any extractor like winzip , winrar , but PowerArchives works for the older one and new ones.Enjoy !

Brad P – 10 Minute Seduction Review | Brad P – 10 Minute Seduction Download

WARNING: The following message contains content that may be controversial, indecent and offensive to some viewers. If you disagree with the idea of having sex with a girl within ten minutes of meeting her, please leave now.

The Filthy Truth Women Never Tell Men…

“How To Get A Girl So Horny… She Wants To Fuck You In The Next Ten Minutes”…

What’s More, This Works Even If You Just Met Her…


Pay very close attention…

I’m about to show you how you can seduce and have sex with hot, beautiful, “7-or-above” girls you’ve just metin ten minutes or less

And how you can do this simply by uttering a few scientifically-proven, under-the-radar “trigger” words to her.

Words so sneaky and powerful, it works event if you’re at a cafe, laundromat or grocery store.

Words That Literally Skip Past All Her Rejection Mechanisms…

Trigger deep (real deep) psychological urges so she starts playing the most dirty, filthy, “fuck-me-now” sexual fantasies in her mind…

Leading to some of the wildest, dirtiest sex you’ll ever experience — in the most unimaginable places…

This is NOT something you’ve already heard. In fact you won’t find this anywhere else on the internet but right here.

And You Know What’s Crazy About All This?

This freakishly effective method works even if you’re not the most attractive guy in the room.

I’ve personally trained shy software programmers, 37 year-old virgins and older divorcees who didn’t know the first thing about “dating”.

Men of all ages, ethnicity and sexual experience have used this “black-hat” method…

And gotten away with it successfully!

Personally — I didn’t think meeting a hot woman and having sex with her 10 minutes later was possible myself either…

I’ve always thought “speed seduction” was a scam.

I always thought those “dirty quickies” happened in movies or only to really good looking men. Not an average Joe like me.

But years ago, I found myself in a strange situation (I’ll tell you more later), where I couldn’t get laid for months-on-end…

And I was literally forced to figure this out…

Or else get stuck in the “friend zone”, getting rejected and shut down…

Frankly, I got so freaked out and depressed at one point…

I Thought I Would Never Touch A Woman Again In My Life!

Now let me be blunt…

What you’re about to discover here is highly controversial.

It’s the kind of knowledge “dating gurus” simply DO NOT share.

And there are good reasons for this.

First, most “gurus” simply don’t know how to do this.

If you’ve been around the “dating advice” world long enough…

You know most gurus say it takes four to ten hours of “contact” with a woman — spread out over several days — before she’ll sleep with you.

This method completely shatters and DESTROYS that myth.

You’ll Be Able Talk Women Into Doing Unimaginable Things With You… Within Minutes Of Meeting Them …

And the second reason is – the teachers who REALLY know how to do this — point-blank REFUSE to share it with their students.

Why? Believe it or not — some keep it secret because they think “it’s for your own good”!

They think “you’re not ready”, so they never talk about it.

A good number of them believe this is simply too dangerous to make public — and they’re right!

This Is Dangerous…

You are about to discover a “hack” into the female brain that could be misused in the wrong hands. It’s dangerous for women because puts them in an out-of-control sexual mindset.

(That’s why this this page is not for public viewing. You’re among a small group of men invited here by my close friends and a few members of my inner-circle).

Now, personally, I’m reluctant to be so open about this technique myself, for other reasons.

You see, I did this once in front of a small group of students.

We were at a club. I saw a cute 5’6″ blonde at the bar. I walked up to her.

And within 5 minutes, we went away to the bathroom to fuck.

Now — when I came back, my students were all freaked out. It was so far beyond their realm of possibility… they couldn’t hold it together.

One of my students had tears streaming down his face and said to me:

That was amazing! “I’ll never be able to do that”.

It was more than he could handle and he quit the very next day.

I take my role as a mentor seriously. Causing my students to quit is NOT the result I want.

So let me be clear here…

If you think it’s “wrong” for a woman to be going down on you within ten minutes of meeting you… if you’re the kind of guy to give up before you even start… if what you’ve read so far has made you really uncomfortable…

You may as well leave this page. Right now.

But if you’re ready to enter a whole new world of sex very few men EVER discover…

Where you have hot, nasty sex with girls you just met — in under ten minutes or less… read on.

One last note:

Because what I’m sharing is so controversial (and offensive)…

There’s a very good chance this website may be taken down at any time.

Now, I’m not saying I would willingly take it down.

But there are a lot of sexually-repressed, conservative fanatics out there with a lot of time on their hands.

I’m just sayin…

So if learning how to pull 9’s and 10’s away from their friends and get them having sex with you in 10 minutes or less is something you’re curious about about – then shut down your Facebook, put your phone on “airplane” mode and play close attention for the next few minutes.

Let’s begin. The first thing you need to understand is this…

Women Are Just As Dirty As Men!

It’s interesting why most men will NEVER, EVER get laid within 10 minutes of meeting a hot chick…

Or get into a threesome…

Or experience the kind of dirty fantasies reserved for porno flicks…

You know why?

It’s simple. There are three “sex myths” floating around out there you need to bust.

Number one, most guys think women aren’t very sexual.

They think women aren’t that horny and they don’t have sexual thoughts.

They think women need “romance” every time they want sex.

(You know, with a bed of roses, candles everywhere… hours of wining, dining and foreplay…)

While this may true with some girls sometimes…

It’s completely wrong in most cases…

In fact, the majority of women are just as horny as men — and have dirty thoughts (like fucking a complete stranger)… as they go about their everyday lives!

Still in doubt?

Know what the best-selling book in the world is right now?

It’s called 50 Shades of Grey.

It’s The Story Of A College Girl Who Enters Into A World Of Kinky Bondage Sex With A Billionaire

How popular is this book?

Millions Of Women Are Reading This Dirty Sex BookIt’s the bestselling book of all time in the UK. It has sold more copies than Harry fucking Potter.

More than 20 million copies.

And who’s buying all these books?

Women. Of all ages.

Teenage girls, stay at home moms, college co-eds. They’re all soaking their panties turning the pages of this book.

Walk through an airport and half the women you see will have a copy.

It’s crazy.

And this book is not a “romance novel”.

It’s filled with graphic descriptions of dirty, kinky bondage and domination sex. The press calls it “mommy porn”.

And women around the world are falling over themselves to read it.

So what does this mean for you? You need to really understand this:

Women Are Horny Too…

Women are horny tooThey fantasize about dirty sex with strangers.

Never doubt it for a second.

But the trick that has us guys all fooled is – they don’t DARE admit it to ANYONE — except to the closest of their girlfriends. They put on this”proper” and “innocent” outward appearance, but in their minds they are are watching porn.

Why do they hide their sexual nature?

Well, it directly relates to the second “sex myth”…

When most people hear about girls who have sex with random strangers, get into threesomes or try new things in bed…

(Or even talk about wanting to do it)…

They immediately label that girl as a “slut”!

Now, think about that for a second.

If you’re a woman, and you risk ruining your reputation — for even just mentioning you want to fuck a guy on the nearest bathroom stall or secretly giving a blow job in a public place.

And once a woman picks up a “slut” nametag, it’s VERY hard to get rid of.

If you were under that kind of social pressure, wouldn’t you shut the hell up… And keep your fantasies under lock and key?

The truth is, both men and women are just as horny.

She just can’t talk about it.

But you know what that means?

It means, walking all around you — every single day — are women with bottled-up urges — desperate, horny urges they can’t release!

And if you’re the right guy and the right place and the right time

You’d Get Pounced On For Some Wild, Dirty Sex!

But wait (I can hear you saying)…

Women only have fast, nasty sex with rock stars… Or incredibly good looking, well hung guys with six pack abs, right?


That’s Our Third and Final “Sex Myth”…

Most men have this false belief that hot, “7-and-above” girls will only throw themselves at a guy and do dirty, kinky stuff…

If he’s someone that looks like a male model or is filthy rich.

Most men think these types of stories only happen at wild Hollywood parties, expensive VIP rooms and the Playboy mansion.

It’s completely untrue.

(By the way, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to get inside the Playboy mansion – I’ll show you how to get in there and get laid at the end of this webpage, if you want.)

The truth is, anyone can do this, in any city, in any county … once you understand the secret “10 minute seduction process” that unlocks the “Inner Slut” in even the most conservative women.

What Is the “10 Minute Seduction Process”?

It’s something I had never heard of until I learned it from a guy nicknamed The Pheromone Kid.

He was an average looking guy who — for one reason or another — just “knows” when a girl is horny and wants wild, dirty sex…

He can walk into just about any room and “spot them”…

He knows how to push their exact buttons to get them uncontrollably aroused…

And quickly lead them somewhere for a hot, nasty fuck…

And make it all happen in ten minutes or less.

Here’s the best part…

The Pheromone Kid was not born this way.

Getting Girls Hot And Naked And Willing To Follow You Somewhere For A Quickie Is Something Anyone Can Learn…

In fact he taught me, and I’ve taught many others.

And you’ve already taken the first step.

You now know women are as dirty as men. You also know that society forces them to bottle it up.

And over the next few minutes…

I’m going to show you how to spot girls when they’re “in heat”, how to arouse and trigger them… and get them to act on these filthy fantasies.

I’ve already shown a select group of men from all around the world how to do this. These are guys from all walks of life. Bald guys, older divorced dudes with love handles.

  • Within two weeks of learning this method… Scott F. had two girls pull him out of a club and into his car.
  • RR from Pennsylvania told me, “You’re not gonna believe this, but it worked for me the very first night I tried it out.”
  • Jeff from Chicago raved, “[Everything] changed when I got my first one night stand. I never thought that stuff was possible before.”

Now before I begin, I have a confession to share with you.

It begins with a strange journey.

My name is Brad P.

All through my life, I’ve been socially awkward.

And I don’t mean just “shy”. I mean desperately lost type of awkward.

I had a rough childhood. I grew up in a house full of Irish alcoholics. And I don’t know if you know this, but kids from alcoholic families are seriously messed up in every way.

But more than anything, it made me anti-social.

And because of this, I couldn’t talk to girls. I’m serious. In high school, I shut down in front of women. I hated myself for this.

I Didn’t Date A Single Girl Through All Of High School

So afterwards, I thought I could “cheat the system”. I went to a college where it was 70% women. I figured that would fix it.

It didn’t work. I ended up dating maybe 3 girls in 4 years.

So I tried something else after college. I worked for a company where I had to do a LOT of travel, and talk in front of a lot of people to get over my shyness.

I’m talking about being on the road 300+ days a year.

It was cool. I got to see a lot of America. Nearly every major city, and some of Canada too. It was an adventure.

By this time, I was at least approaching girls and asking them out. Some weeks, I even got lucky. But it was by complete accident.

I had no idea what was happening.

Most Of The Time, I Ended Up In Their “Friend Zone”

They’d want me to call and chat so they can tell me about their boyfriend problems! Screw that.

But all that ended on a Tuesday morning.

The company made an announcement. They had to cut back on expenses. And all “on-the-road” employees were asked to “do more, with less”.

Now instead of staying for a few nights at every city…

We had to get into a city by day, work, and leave by the end of the evening. We had a “graveyard driver”.

Whatever luck I had with women was completely destroyed with these “new rules”.

With only a few hours in any place… I was stuck with being a celibate on the road, watching porn and masturbating a lot.

It was so frustrating. I went for a few months without getting laid. I was about ready to quit my job.


One day at lunch, one of my colleagues pulled me aside.

He says to me,

“Kid, I feel your pain. Not getting laid sucks.”

He then looks over his shoulder.

“See that hot redhead by the corner?”

“Yeah”, I say.

My colleague, who I later find out is nicknamed “The Pheromone Kid” walks up to the redhead. He says a few words I can’t overhear. The redhead giggles.

And then…

The two of them get up very discretely and head to the bathroom.


Ten minutes later, The Pheromone Kid comes back to my table. He sits down. And he says,

“Want a few tips?”

I couldn’t believe what just happened. It was surreal.

The Pheromone Kid is a “Natural”

That’s someone who can just “spot” when a girl is having dirty thoughts, and wants filthy sex in the next most convenient location.

I thought they were urban legends. Myths. Lies.

Let me tell you. Naturals are very real people. The Pheromone Kid is one of them.

He gave me three tips that day.

I’ll share them with you.

First, whenever you’re around women in a public place — whether it’s a bar, club, restaurant, lounge or whatever…

Look at her eyes when men walk into the room.

Where is she looking?

Most women do a quick glance to “rate” the guy faster than you can blink.

Women will rate a guy as someone to sleep with, date or ignore in 1 or 2 seconds.

Now, pay attention, because you’ll start seeing something else.

Some Women, At Certain Times, Will Sneak A Quick Look Directly At A Guy’s Crotch As He Walks In…

Watch for girls who look at a guys crotch

It happens in a millisecond. You won’t see it unless you knew to look for it.

When this happens, you know this woman is a live one. She’s horny. And she wants quick, dirty sex. Right now.

But here’s the trick…

How do you call her out on it and get her focused on you instead?

Tip #2 is to “test”.

This is the fun part.

If you walk up to one of these “warmed up” women, there are certain trigger words you can say…

To move her from being “turned on” into “uncontrollably aroused”… for you!

These words have been battle-tested and proven on the road for over a decade now.

They work.

I’ll show you how you can get a list of these words at the end of this webpage.

But let’s talk about tip number three now.

Believe it or not…

After doing these 10 minute seductions for over ten years —

The Pheromone Kid Has Developed A “10 Minute Seduction Pattern”…

It has a few easy, proven steps that almost anyone can learn in a day. In fact, you could try it out tonight, if you want.

Understanding eye contact at a deep level is step one.

After you know you have a “live one”, you have to do a few simple but precise “eye contact” checks.

I’m talking about knowing exactly how long to stare, when to look away, what kind of expression to have on your face to trigger attraction and when to approach her.

Do This Right And You’re Pretty Much Guaranteed To Not Get Rejected

The “trigger words” I mentioned are step two. These words are powerful. They will get her uncontrollably horny the moment you utter them.

Now — unfortunately, I can’t go through the rest of the steps here.

But I’ll show you how you can get your hands on the entire seduction pattern in a moment.

First — a quick, important warning about this though.

There’s a slight “glitch” with this 10-minute seduction pattern.

Once you know how to read these “female fuck-me-now signals”… you CANNOT turn it off. In fact, you will never be able to turn it off.

You Will Always Know When A Woman Is Horny And Ready To Go

This is something you need to be OK with before you go any further.

If you ARE OK with always knowing– the moment you walk into a room– who is thinking dirty thoughts…

Then let’s move on.

The 5-step seduction pattern is based on a couple of interviews I had with The Pheromone Kid.

In just over three hours of intense “interrogation” from me, The Pheromone Kid revealed all his secrets.

What to do, how to do it, what to do first and what to do next — and exactly what to say… in order to get women to have dirty sex with you after just meeting them 10 minutes ago.

Now, let’s get something straight here.

Men like The Pheromone Kid are very, very reluctant to share their secrets like this.

In fact, I had to beg him for two years before he agreed to be publicly recorded.

Even then, we had to keep his real name secret.

What’s more, the only reason he’s talking now is he’s found “the one” and settled down. In a way, he’s “retired.”

These secrets are very powerful — and surprisingly easy to use when it’s organized into a 5-step pattern anyone can understand and put to use almost immediately.

I think you can now see why I keep these secrets within inner-circle friends only…

But for reasons I’ll mention later, you have been personally invited to this page to learn more about this proven and field tested method for…

Getting Women Hot and Horny  In 10 Minutes or Less

I’ve organized the Pheromone Kid interviews, along with some additional materials – into a package I’m calling 10 Minute Seduction.

Let me tell you in detail what you’ll discover in these interviews…

  • Why it doesn’t matter if you’re overweight, have no car, no money, or no place to bring a girl…. you can still pull this 10-minute seduction pattern off. In fact, The Pheromone Kid was “chubby” when he first started doing this!
  • How to completely skip past the “friend zone” — this seduction pattern isn’t just for quick, dirty sex with girls you just met. It’s also a guaranteed way you never get stuck in the friend zone with a girl you want to sleep with.
  • One weird trick that makes you sexually invincible. Some men reading this page may be thinking they’d never be able to do this. But this trick will overcome that in seconds flat.
  • The real reason why women have dirty fantasies. Once you know this, it’s like an “insider” secret you have over women. They will know that “you know”… and be much more willing to act out their “inner slut” around you.
  • How to scan a room and identify the horny women… just like how super spy Jason Bourne can walk into any room and notice what everyone is up to in 30 seconds… you’ll be able to see which girls are down to fuck, right now.
  • The exact words and phrases to use when picking up a woman for a quickie and what to say to move her from public place to secluded location where she’ll pull off her panties.
  • Introducing sex in a way that won’t get you slapped. Some sneaky questions that let you know right away if a girl is into sex, without making you sound like a pervert.
  • How to escalate the situation from conversation to sex. A few of the right questions and she’ll push past her social reluctance and join you for fast, hot sex.
  • What to do if she’s with a group of friends (or even with another man)! Yes, you can pull a girl away for quick, dirty sex even if she’s with other people. In fact, you can get her away, have your way with her and none of her friends would even know.
  • How to make 100% sure a girl is hot and horny before you even approach her using The Pheromone Kid’s proven and tested “eye contact” check. Don’t risk rejection, do this before you approach. It’s easy to learn, but must be done exactly… or you risk getting slapped in the face!
  • Pass all her “shit tests” with flying colors. Every woman on earth (even the ones in heat and want to fuck right away) have “shit tests”. These are little tests to see if you’re man enough to have her. The Pheromone Kid has discovered a loophole to bypass all that. You’ve gotta hear this…
  • How you can pull this off even if you’re a “nice guy”. You don’t have to be an asshole Alpha Male to get women into kinky situations. Let me tell you something — The Pheromone Kid is actually one of the nicest guys I’ve ever been friends with. Yet he can still pull pussy like a magnet anywhere he goes.
  • And much, much, much more.

Too Shocking For Public Consumption…

To be honest I’ve been reluctant to release the Pheromone Kid recordings to the public in this way. I’ve never openly promoted or talked about them because they are so controversial.

The only people who normally get access to the recordings are my advanced students. And they pay between $640 – $3,500 in coaching fees before I share this information with them.

But I’m releasing this for a limited time because there’s a lot of bullshit information out there on “speed seduction” from “guru’s” who have never pulled a 10 away from her friends and banged her in the bathroom 5 minutes later.

This is the real deal and there’s no other place to get this information.

A lot of guys think this kind of zero-to-sex-in-10-minutes action is impossible because they’ve tried other approaches that were flawed or require you to be a “stud” to pull it off.

So I’ve decided to release it for a limited time just to set the record straight.

When you hear these recordings and discover…

The Astonishingly Easy Step-By-Step Method The Pheromone Kid Uses To Get Women To Have Sex With Him…

You’ll understand why this material is so controversial and why I can’t leave it on the market for very long.

(He doesn’t do anything illegal or evil. He’s 100% respectful of the women he’s with. He just knows a few secret words and easy tricks to get them horny so fast they can’t help but ask him to have sex with them, even if they’re in a public place).

Now…I could stop here, let you listen to this interview with the Pheromone Kid and your mind would be blown.

Your sex life will never be the same. You’d be showering me with “Thank You!” emails for sharing this with you.

But I don’t do anything half-assed.

So I’m also going to give you not one — but TWO other impossible-to-find interviews packed with secret techniques that will take your ability to seduce women to a point you will never have another lonely weekend again.

Mind-Bending Seduction Skills

When I was first learning seduction I had an incredible stroke of luck. I ran into two guys who had phenomenal powers of seduction and they agreed to show me how it’s done.

One of them was a guy they called “Joe Natural.” Joe was notorious for his mind bending seduction skills.

He could make out with a girl instantly, without even saying one word to her!

He’d have the hottest girls in the place chasing HIM. It was uncanny!

The Most Legendary Demonstration Of Joe’s Power Over Women Happened In The Mötley Crüe Dressing Room…

Joe somehow managed to get backstage after the show, and within 10 minutes, all the girls who were surrounding Tommy Lee…had gravitated over to Joe.

Tommy was out-gunned and he knew it, so he had Joe and his wingman thrown out of the venue.

From that point on, Joe was a legend.

Here’s a preview of the seduction secrets you’ll gain from listening to my interview with Joe Natural

  • Joe Natural is the guy who first gave me a “style makeover”. My success with women increased by tenfold overnight. Hear Joe’s simple (and cheap) clothing secrets and how it can get girls to give you second looks when you walk in the room…
  • Want to know how to get women hanging on to your every word, addicted to everything you have to say (while fantasizing what’d they do with you once they got you home)? You gotta learn how to tell “stories” the way Joe does…
  • Imprint Joe’s “seduction blueprint” into your brain using a little used feature in your iPhone or iPod. It’s like learning by osmosis when you listen to these interviews in this way.
  • How to test a woman during the first 30 seconds of your approach and find out what kind of person she is. You’ll make her show her “true colors” right away. Whether she’s cool, or sexually frigid… or a total bitch!
  • How to get a woman away from her friends even if she’s just out to “party with them”. You’ll hear about his “scumbag stories”, “drive by stories” and even how to get a girl to make out with you without saying a single word!
  • And much more…

This interview with Joe runs 66 minutes and is packed with one gold nugget of seduction mastery after another. Crazy, powerful stuff you won’t hear anywhere else.

No doubt about it — you cannot afford to miss Joe Natural’s interview.

But that’s not all.

There’s one more natural who you need to listen to. (Especially if you like the idea of being in bed with two naked women at the same time)

You Will NEVER Find This Anywhere Else


Because the Pheromone Kid is the only person I’ve met in 10 years who uses this unique approach for getting women naked in 10 minutes or less. Joe Natural is the only guy I know who can steal groupies from a rock star.

And most important of all —

I’m the only person these guys have ever allowed to record an interview with them.

I have a deep friendship with these guys — and even then, I had to beg and bargain with one of them for up to two years… before he agreed to be publicly interviewed.

This is rare and valuable material you’ll never get in some eBook on meeting women.

So here’s the deal…

You are on this webpage because you were personally invited here by one of my friends. Nobody outside of “our circle” will see this page.

Here’s Everything You Get In
The 10 Minute Seduction Package:

Pheromone Kid

10 Minute Seduction: Secrets of the Pheromone Kid

MP3 Audio – 3+ Hours

The heart of this package is the complete, uncensored recordings of my interview with The Pheromone Kid.

Three and a half hours of detailed, in depth instruction on the Kid’s astonishing method for meeting, seducing and have sex with hot women in 10 minutes or less.

This is a shocking, clever, ballsy technique that changed my game forever. I guarantee you’ve never heard of this before.

Now it’s your turn to become a master of 10 Minute Seductions. And it’s actually EASY once you know the secret.

Written Transcripts

10 Minute Seduction

Written Transcripts (PDF)

You get complete written transcripts of the interviews.

This huge PDF contains every word of the interview, including all the word-for-word language the Kid uses to work his magic.

Print this out so you can mark it up and take notes. These transcripts will be come your “bible” for getting more sex.

10 Minute Seduction Cheat Sheet10 Minute Seduction Cheat Sheet

You also get a fast-action “primer” document that summarizes all the key points of this seduction technique.

Think of this as your “getting laid” cheat sheet. You can print it out and carry it in your pocket for inspiration and guidance when you’re out on the town.

Joe Natural

Interviews With Naturals: Joe Natural Uncensored

MP3 Audio – 1 Hour

You get my interview with Joe Natural – 60 minutes of solid, easy to follow tips and advice on how to meet women, avoid the friend zone, and be the one guy in the room every girl wants to sleep with.

Even if you’re a shy geek like I was, an older guy who’s been out of the dating scene for a while, bald head, hairy back – it doesn’t matter!

You’ll be able to pull 9’s and 10’s and be shocked at how easy it is once you have this information at your fingertips.



More From Brad P

Brad P – Black Book Method

How To Talk To Women and Get Laid by Brad P

Brad P Seduction Materials

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Daniel Rose – Sex God Method [DeluxeBundle] SiteRip

Daniel Rose – Sex God Method DeluxeBundle SiteRip (Size: 5.62 GB)
     sex tips

Daniel Rose is a professional sex coach who has helped thousands of men worldwide.

It’s an age old question…what do women really want in bed?

Most men have no idea. But by devoting my life to becoming better in bed for YEARS, I’m proud to say I’ve finally cracked the code. There are four things a woman wants in bed – learn how to give her these four things, and you be able to give ANY woman multiple orgasms effortlessly.

Now for the first time, I’m making these four secret needs of women available online.

* The Four Elements of the Sex God Method – The four secret sexual needs of women that you must satisfy in order to give her orgasm. If you know these things, you’ll be able to truly blow her mind in bed
* The Twin Secrets Of Sexual Stamina – I used to struggle with my stamina, until I discovered these two powerful techniques that allowed me to last for hours in bed. I reveal them both inside…
* Bulletproof Orgasm Techniques – Learn how to give women multiple orgasms effortlessly…every time! WARNING – these techniques may cause women to become sexually addicted to you

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Jack Johnson-Kill Your Porn & Masturbation Habit PDF Download

Approach anxiety? Low energy levels? Little to no motivation to go out and talk to women?

Excessive pornography use can lead to depression, social anxiety, low energy levels, procrastination, and unrealistic expectations towards women! Learn how to gain an edge in dating by harnessing your sexual energy!

Steve watches porn every day after he gets back from work. He rarely ever goes out on weekends because he would rather watch porn at home than meet women. After all, he can’t get rejected at home! He also has an infinite selection of women to choose from. However, Steve has noticed that most of the time he’s tired, and that he can barely look at someone in the eye, especially after a long porn session. Steve mumbles and stutters when talking to people after these sessions.

Steve has fallen into the trap of excessive porn use, where he has replaced social interaction with a computer monitor. He does not know that watching porn is considered by some prominent psychologists to be “visual heroin”!

My name is Jack Johnson, and I’m going to suggest to you that eliminating porn and excessive masturbation from your life can EXPLODE your dating life!

How so? Think about how you feel after watching porn and masturbating. Do you feel energized, ready to go out and meet real women? How do you interact with women after looking at pornography? Are you sharper, or duller in your interactions?

After struggling with porn and excessive masturbation for YEARS, I decided that enough was enough, and that I would solve my “problem” at ALL COSTS. I’ve developed a few techniques that I would like to share with you, absolutely FREE!

DELETE your porn collection. Completely. Or, if you can’t bear to do that, back it up to some kind of portable media device and put it somewhere difficult to get to. Install software that BLOCKS pornography sites. I prefer K9 Web Protection, it also keeps me off time wasting sites like and

MY CHALLENGE TO YOU: Go without porn for SEVEN DAYS!

Seven days. Can you do that? How about longer? Imagine what you can do with your time in seven days if you stopped looking at porn. How would you feel? Do you think you would be MOTIVATED to get OUT and meet some women? I sure hope so.

After I did my seven day challenge, I could not believe how easy it was for me to approach women. Hell, after onle FIVE days I was motivated to meet women!

So, why should you stop masturbating to porn?

Your body is under enormous stress when it creates sperm. The process of creating sperm, called spermatogenesis, takes about 64 days! This whole time, your body is collecting the raw materials and protiens required to create sperm, and your testes manufacture the “final product”. So if you constantly release sperm, your body will have to take nutrients away from your other organs in order to maintain equilibrium! This is why you feel tired in the days following ejaculation: your body is calling for and transporting the nutrients that are needed to create sperm.

Remember in science class when you saw the shape of a sperm cell? There is a high RPM biological motor in every sperm cell, and every sperm cell also contains a set of DNA for transferring genes with the female egg. The point of this is that it takes quite a few nutrients to assemble sperm!

So what does this have to do with quitting porn? If you quit porn, the temptation to masturbate will go down a few degrees. You see, our brains were not wired for the constant stimulation that internet porn provides. Quitting pornography also will free up your time to do something way more productive.

How much time have you wasted watching porn this month? This YEAR? What could you do if you had a few extra hours every month?

If you want to get this area of your life finally handled and start living your life to its full potential, download the “Kill Your Porn & Masturbation Habit” eBook to get all of the latest tips, tricks, and techniques to gain an edge in dating, and bypass a habit that limits MOST other guys out there!


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Road to Rediscovery – Donna Hill Review | Road to Rediscovery – Donna Hill Download


Road to Rediscovery - Donna Hill Download

Learn Amazing Ways to Leave Your Past Behind and Create Your Future

You deserve to find the inner peace and freedom that comes from understanding what’s holding you back and keeping you stuck in life!

Twenty-four AMAZING experts share with you their most powerful techniques, strategies and advice on how to finally let go of the past and begin to consciously create the future.

Let go of your past… Create your future

We are so excited that you have decided to join our virtual event, Road to Rediscovery: Learn Amazing Ways to Let Go of Your Past and Create Your Future! You deserve to find the peace and freedom that comes from understanding what’s holding you back and keeping you stuck. Learn how to heal and release the past once and for all. Listen and absorb all of the information during our event, take action, and watch positive changes occur!

We have an amazing group of experts (24!) who will reveal their most powerful techniques, strategies and advice on how to let go of the past and begin to consciously create the future.

During our week together, you’ll be inspired as our speakers share their own rock bottom, defining moment when they KNEW that change had to occur and how they rose to meet the challenge and went on to create the life of their dreams. You’ll hear about the science behind our physical and mental well-being and learn the importance of learning to truly accept and love ourselves. There are some extremely powerful and touching personal stories of great triumph, courage, strength and determination that I know will encourage and uplift you.

I’m so honored to share this event with you! As a thank you for joining us, please open and peruse your first free gift, a digital copy of 20 Key Tips to Build Your Self Esteem.

Self-esteem is the level of confidence that one has in their own value and abilities. Many of us sell ourselves short every day in this area, believing that we aren’t good enough or are flawed in some way. Having a healthy self-esteem allows us to accurately judge our strengths and weaknesses while maintaining a deep level of acceptance for who we truly are.

Having a strong and healthy level of self-esteem allows you to weather the bumps in life without dramatically and negatively affecting the way you see yourself. It’s the cornerstone on which all lasting self-improvements are built upon. Please ENJOY this gift with my compliments!!!!

We have a week jam packed with messages full of inspiration, hope, re-invention, and information! The best part is…you can listen to the interviews on your own schedule! We know how busy life can get, so we’ve set up the event with pre-recorded interviews that will always be available to you. Fit it in during a time that works best for you each day.

You give so much to those in your life. Now YOU need to take some well-deserved “ME” time. Make time to listen in on the powerful words of our experts as they share ways for you to get reacquainted with that creative, passionate, beautiful, amazing person that has always been there, but whose light was temporarily dimmed by difficult times. This will be a week filled with HOPE and STRATEGY. I cannot wait for your journey with us to begin!

Much love,

Donna Hill
Founder, Road to Rediscovery

Welcome to the Road to Rediscovery Speaker Sessons

How Childhood Abuse Disrupts and Distorts Our Self Image and What We Can Do About It
Today we are kicking things off with Matthew Anderson who is a successful life coach and motivational speaker who helps his clients move past life’s challenges. Dr. Anderson will explain the effects of abuse on the development of self-image and what can be done to rebuild it.

How to Live a Joyful Life
Today I speak with Amy Carroll, author and the founder of Next Step Speaker Services, a coaching service for Christian speakers. Amy exemplifies what a joyful person is and she’ll discuss with us how we can let go of the past and mindfully move into a joyful experience of life.

Express Yourself – Writing as a Healing Tool
Sasha Allenby joins us today and she is an author, as well as a teacher and trainer for aspiring writers. Sasha will discuss how expressing yourself through the act of writing and journaling can be a source of healing and self-discovery.

Triumph over Tragedy: You Are in Charge
Today I interview Sandra Miniere. Sandra is a coach, EFT consultant, trainer, speaker and author. Sandra is a breast cancer survivor and she shares her journey towards physical healing and how we can learn to listen to our intuitive voice and find love and acceptance for ourselves.

Unique Self-Dharma – Waking up and Growing Up
Today I am with Barbara Alexander who will discuss how we can discover our ‘true-self’ and the concept of the Unique Self Dharma. She will lead us into a wonderful meditation at the end – don’t miss it!

Resiliency – The Science Behind Bouncing Back
Do you find it hard to bounce back after a disappointment? Linda Graham, a psychotherapist and author of “Bouncing Back”, will explain how we can develop a strong inner resilience that will help us bounce back from life’s setbacks.

Discover the Freedom of Forgiveness
Suzie Eller will talk about the importance and power of forgiveness in order to heal and become truly free from the past. She shares a powerful testimony about her own personal struggle with forgiveness.

Relationships 101
Do you sometimes feel clueless when it comes to love relationships? Tim Weichman takes us on a journey to uncover what makes a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Self-Care Strategies to Transform Your Life
Today Mary Pritchard and I had discussion about the importance of self-care. If you feel you are always taking care of everyone else and you are last on your list, don’t miss this!

Eat to Live – The Importance of Diet for Vibrant Health and Well Being
Lisa Marie Rosati, author and coach, will share some of her Sugar Free Goddess Lifestyle tips! She’ll discuss how we can begin to feel healthier and more vibrant by making some tweaks to our diet. And healthy doesn’t mean boring when the Sugar Free Goddess is involved!

Change Your Mind and Change Your Life
What if you could learn how to stop listening to those negative, self-destructive thoughts in your mind? Gina Hussar, life and business strategist and author, is a mind mastery expert and she will show us how to challenge and silence those negative thoughts to create positive change in our lives.

The Science Behind Fear, Stress and Anxiety
Has stress become a daily way of life for you? Janet Nestor, professional counselor and author, will explain to us the science behind how fear, stress and anxiety develop in the body/mind and what we can do about it.

Assessing What is TRULY Important in Life
Erica Tucci, author, will share with us her personal journey back from her stroke in 2011. Erica’s story of recovery will inspire you to assess what is truly important in life and release the insignificant things. Erica is a radiant survivor!

Tools for Healing Negative Emotions
Aileen Nobles is an Intuitive EFT energy healer, speaker and author. She will discuss tools for healing negative emotions and take us through an actual EFT session that will leave you feeling peaceful and relaxed. A perfect way to end the day!

Get Back into the Driver’s Seat of Your Life
Natasha Black is a speaker, author, workshop and retreat leader who specializes in helping women on their journey to personal and spiritual growth. Natasha will share her personal moment of transformation and triumph which will inspire us to get back into the driver’s seat of our lives!

Conquering Anxiety with One Better Decisionat a Time
Cassandra Herbert is a holistic nurse, psychotherapist, author and speaker. She will explain the physical changes that occur in our bodies when we experience anxiety, fear and stress. She’ll also offer us some great tips on how to manage this through nutritional wellness. Cassandra’s passion is contagious!

Addicted to Love
Ethlie Ann Vare is an author, award winning historian, rock journalist and she has wrote and produced many popular television shows (CSI and Silk Stalkings to name just two!). Ethlie Ann will talk about sex addiction- explaining what it is and how to move forward from it.

Learn to Fall in Love with YOURSELF
Mia Saenz is a self-love teacher, media host in radio and an inspirational speaker. Mia courageously shares a very personal story from her own life in the hope of helping others. She will help us learn to fall in love with ourselves and to truly appreciate who we authentically are through eyes of love and compassion.

Open Up to the Love YOU Desire and Deserve
Sandra Fidelis is a dating coach and speaker, empowering women to shift how they view themselves, how they view men, and to redefine what they believe they deserve in every area of life. Open up to the love YOU DESERVE!

The Reawakened Woman: Learning to Activate Your Intuition and Remember
Who You Really Are
Today, we welcome Amber Kuileimailani Bonnicci, artist, poet, healer and mentor. Amber courageously shares her own journey towards healing from trauma. You will be touched, inspired, and filled with hope when you listen to Amber’s story of triumph.

Let Go of Those False Beliefs About Yourself
Christine Callahan-Oke is a personal empowerment coach and writer. Her mission is to help other women see the beauty in themselves and in every day moments. Today, she will show us how important it is to let go of the false beliefs that we hold about ourselves.

Keys to Self-Acceptance – Embrace Your Uniqueness
Next up we have Adriana Rizzolo and Taryn Longo (or the dynamic duo as I like to think of them!). Taryn and Adriana have found transformation through the practice of meditation and yoga, and both believe in supporting other women in finding their inner beauty.

How Take 24/7 Responsibility for Your Life
And our telesummit is beautifully and completely rounded out by Cyndi Krupp. Cyndi has struggled in the past with a debilitating panic disorder that brought her life to a standstill. Cyndi shares how she bravely stepped out of a life of panic and anxiety and now uses her life experience and all the tools she has learned to help others.

About your Road to Rediscovery host – Donna Hill
On paper, I’ve been in the corporate world for 30 years. In my heart, I’ve always been right here. I have spent the majority of my life feeling a little out of step with everyone else. I’ve spent way too much time dwelling in fear and depression, and far too little time living in joy. And when the joyous moments came, I couldn’t fully embrace and enjoy them for fear of the other shoe dropping. In an odd way, the thought of lasting joy felt a bit odd and uncomfortable to me.
I grew up in a chaotic home and at various times in my life I’ve experienced emotional, verbal and physical abuse. Through a series of events in my life that literally brought me to my knees, I realized with every fiber of my being that I deserved better. I realized that although the events of my past had long passed, I was still living in a prison of emotions that I had created for myself. I was sitting in a prison cell that was created by my experiences, yet all the while I was holding the key.
Then I woke up. I began the work of self-discovery. I credit my faith in God for opening up my heart and my mind to the possibilities that surround me. I also credit Him for sending me my ‘prince’ of a husband to whom I have been married for 10 amazing years. I never knew love and marriage could be this wonderful and I’m reminded every day when I look at him that it’s never too late to find true love.




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Roosh V – Poosy Paradise PDF Download

Roosh V - Poosy Paradise PDF Download

Roosh V – Poosy Paradise PDF Download

Roosh V – Poosy Paradise PDF Description

My search for poosy paradise led me to a grisly city in Eastern Romania that had a plentiful supply of beautiful girls. It’s a place that no sane man would voluntarily live in had it not contained the best fruit of what the human female species can offer.

After blanketing Romanian television and newspapers as the “famous American sex writer” and a “world Don Juan,” I was determined to leverage the temporary fame with my existing game to experience nonstop fornication with the world’s most beautiful women. The result was not exactly what I expected.

In Roosh V – Poosy Paradise PDF you’ll find:

Dozens of first-hand accounts of what it’s like to pursue girls in Romania
My latest moves and techniques for getting laid
Commentary on how big of a role finding poosy paradise is for the lives of modern Western men

Poosy Paradise is the true story of my two month adventure in Eastern Romania, a place where I believed all my sexual dreams would come true.

Roosh V – Poosy Paradise Review

“L’Etranger” of our times. That’s what the inescapable conclusion is after reading “Poosy Paradise”, a book that details Roosh’s foray into Romania and his struggles with fame. Roosh takes us on a wild ride through the truths often left-unsaid, sparing neither the lively characters he encounters nor his own playboy persona during his adventures in the deliberately-unnamed Romanian city.

Depending on their experiences in life, I feel that people will be either in awe or disgusted upon reading through the tremendous analytic process that deals with Roosh’s skill at game, his overall strategy in selecting cities and countries, and of course his overall evaluation of the spoils he reaps there. Yet to get either all teary-eyed or angry at this book is to miss the point. The point of the book is honesty – no more, no less. Its utterly sincere core is what makes the book so interesting to read, as well as and so unusual in today’s world.

Dialogues might be the best part of the book simply because of the hilarious consequences that Roosh’s honesty produces. When he stopped to ask a woman who was trying to give him dating advice “How many women have you had sex with?”, I nearly spit out my drink. There are dozens of such entertaining conversations, both with men and women. The writing style always kept me in suspense, even when it was obvious what would happen.

The book is strewn with little bits of insight that the observant reader will find helpful, no matter his level of game. From techniques at maneuvering girls into his apartment to making “sex potions”, they are universally refreshing. I particularly enjoyed the observations about fame and how smartphones affect the nature of texting.

The same honesty that makes Poosy Paradise so intriguing is also what gives the book an ultimately depressing undertone. He describes how men are struggling more and more, enduring increasing disrespect and flaking despite achieving ever higher levels of attractiveness. I was especially struck by the scene in which he reconnects with an old prospect who blatantly ignores her own date. Poor guy.

Roosh’s struggle with long-lasting happiness permeates the book. When things are not going well, he is unhappy over the tiniest details. When things are going well, it’s the same. While it drives him to success, this tormented existence also seems to snuff out joy and pride.

This painful combination is what ultimately makes Poosy Paradise so special – a philosophical book rather than a travel guide, game guide or memoir. Such honesty and insight about the world might be depressing (for me at least), but they are hard to find nowadays.

An excellent read.

20 Tips To Help You Get Laid While Traveling (pdf)





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