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Light Her Fire How to Ignite Passion Joy and Excitement in the Women You Love

Light Her Fire How to Ignite Passion Joy and Excitement in the Women You Love

  Light Her Fire How to Ignite Passion, Joy, and Excitement in the Women You Love PDF Download

Whether your marriage is in the doldrums, your relationship is on the skids, or you’re single and looking for love, Ellen Kreidman shows you how to become a world-class lover, the kind that plays for keeps. Here is a seven-step guide to real and lasting happiness that truly works! Discover:

What turns her on – and turns her off.

What a woman really wants – no matter what she says!

How to celebrate your differences.

Fifty -one ways to keep her fire on high.

How to express your love – and have a sexy, marvelous time doing it.

True intimacy in a relationship where the needs of both partners are met.

How to become the only man she’ll over want – or need.

Complete with Action Assignments and Confidential Advice on creating exotic adventures and an evening you’ll never forget!

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LifeLoaded – Abundance Program Module 6 : Leadership & Dominance Download

Leadership and dominance; the core qualities of a truly abundant man. Depending on how you were raised, you may have struggled with these behaviours in the past, but with Jonny Dupre’s guidance you will quickly discover the natural leader within you. Decide the characteristics of male leadership you want to embody, learn how to make others follow and then put it all into action with simple and complex commands. We won’t lie; this module gets tough. So follow the missions, fail with purpose and take it one success at a time. Soon, people will be bending to your intentions with a smile.

Leadership and Dominance is set into 5 videos along with Cheat Sheet and Installation Guide pdfs.

LifeLoaded – Abundance Program Module 7 : Leadership & Dominance Part 2 Download



LifeLoaded: The Abundance Program (Month 5) – Nightgame Superstar

Module 5 (Month 5) titled Nightgame Superstar. 

A blonde on your right arm, a brunette on your left arm. Sound good? With PUA veteran Beckster ready to teach you Nightgame, this is your new reality. In this module, he teaches it all. Merging sets, Capture-Recapture and bouncing to new venues. Even strip clubs. You will quickly come to understand Beckster’s ethos, ‘always presume a threesome’, because with these dating skills, you will become the Superstar. The man every woman in the club wants to know. Welcome, to Nightgame.

Time to get laid, tonight. Beckster, veteran of the PUA industry, is going to introduce you to his area of expertise; Nightgame. Get ready to put together what you’ve already learnt so far and apply it to clubs and bars. Multiple high quality women, building your own entourage and true Nightgame abundance. Excited?

Nightgame Superstar is set into 7 videos along with Cheat Sheet and Installation Guide pdfs.



LifeLoaded: The Abundance Program Download

The Abundance Programme

LifeLoaded – Abundance Program Module 4 The Art Of Deep Connection

LifeLoaded Abundance Program Module 3 Charisma Coaching

LifeLoaded Abundance Program Module 2 Online Autopilot

LifeLoaded Abundance Program  Module 1 – The Social Circle Matrix

Imagine if every single month, I gave you something like the “Sticky Note” hack — a brand new strategy or tactic you can implement immediately, and use to stuff your phone book full of hot girls’ numbers, schedule more dates that you could ever possibly have time for, and build an abundant dating life in no time flat, from scratch.

That’s the Abundance Programme.

It’s a comprehensive, step-by-step course that I’ve been working on for several months now — with Ross and several other “underground” experts just like him.

We’re now ready to roll it out to a small “test group” of guys.

This programme is not a product. Rather, it’s a journey. At the start of the first month, we’ll assume that you know zero hot girls, have absolutely zero confidence with women, and zero options. We’re going to build you an abundant dating life from the ground up, one step at a time.

You’ll start by laying the foundations. I and my handpicked panel of experts will show you how to reach for the absolute lowest-hanging fruit — the easiest ways to meet and attract women. Then, as we build more and more momentum each month, we’ll supplement your “inflow” of hot girls with new, more advanced methods for attracting higher-quality women.

Here’s what you get every month:

Abundance Extension Module:
This is the “meat” of the programme. Each video module will teach you a brand new method for meeting and attracting women, and all the strategies and tactics you’ll need to see results quickly. Some months we’ll introduce you to “passive” systems, and other months “active” ones.

These monthly video modules are practical in nature. They’re presented by different experts who I have personally chosen, because of their experience, expertise and, most importantly, the success they themselves have experienced using the methods they teach you.

Installation Guide:
Remember, this programme is about results. That’s why every monthly Abundance Extension Module comes with a comprehensive step-by-step installation guide. Each guide contains a sequence of “missions” and homework assignments put together with thought to fully integrate each new method for meeting and attracting women into your dating life as quickly as possible.

Do you know what the real magic of this programme is?

Every monthly module has been carefully designed to compound on the other modules that come before it, and multiply the effectiveness of everything you’ve implemented. Some are even “set and forget” systems that carry on bringing new hot girls into your life months after you set them up.

Now, before I tell you anything else, you need to know something.

WARNING: This Programme Will Probably
Create A Few ‘High Quality’ Problems In Your Life:

First, you need to have some “text game”. Rather quickly, you’re going to have a lot of numbers on the go and, to begin with, you’ll want to make sure you don’t blow any of them. After all, when you’re struggling to get your dating life started, you want to seize every opportunity you get.

That’s why I’m throwing in a free copy of my private Text Game Field Guide.

It’s a comprehensive collection of field-tested openers, routines, “ping” texts, “rescue” messages and accompanying strategies that I usually only give out to my private coaching students. I’ll email a copy over to you when you join, so you’re prepared ahead of time.

Second, you need to know how to lead girls through dates. This is a skill that you will inevitably get extremely good at. After all, you’re going to meet hundreds of girls through this program. If you use the material in my Text Game Field Guide exactly the way I show, you’ll get dozens of dates.

That said, I want you to have a head start. You’re in this program to see results and successfully date women as quickly as possible, not to rack up “learning experiences”. For this reason, I’m also giving you a copy of my Twelve-Step Date Formula.

This 27-page manual is the express version of my tried and tested formula. It’ll arm you with a solid game plan for taking girls on dates, building attraction, rapport, comfort, and bringing them back to your place.

You’re welcome. I’m not finished yet though.

There’s one final issue:

You must take action, work through the Installation Guides, and implement each monthly module the way we show you. There’s no “magic bullet” I can give you to force you to step up.

However, what I can do though is make sure you’re surrounded with other guys who are going through the exact same journey. That way, you have a solid support network, and — when you need it — friends who will encourage you and keep you moving forward towards the life you deserve.

When you join today, I’ll personally invite you to a private Google Group we set up just for this programme. It’s top-secret, has an obscure name and is open only to members.

That’s the Abundance Programme. It’s everything you need to finally get this part of your life sorted out, once and for all. It’s everything I wish I had when I first started.

Are Results Guaranteed?

No, of course not. There are no guarantees in life.

Anyone who tells you that their product, or course or book, or coaching is guaranteed to deliver a particular result is taking the piss out of you.

I cannot ethically guarantee any specific outcome that you’ll experience as a result of taking part in this programme. We will show you many ways — some of them ridiculously easy — to meet lots of new women fast. If you implement, you will meet lots of new women.

We will show you how to get a percentage of these girls on dates. If you follow along, you’ll get dates. We will show you how to bring many of these girls home. If you do what we say, you’ll wake up in the morning next to beautiful women who are very grateful.

The numbers themselves are up to you.

Here’s what I can guarantee though:

The Abundance Programme will be the best investment you’ve ever made — in yourself, in your life and in your right to create the future you’ve always dreamed about.

If, for any reason whatsoever, you do not agree, then all you need to do is send me an email anytime within your first month of membership. You can reply to your welcome email, any of my regular email broadcasts, or you can send a quick email to [email protected]

Just say: “Andy, thanks, but your Abundance Programme wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I appreciate the work you’re doing, but this time I’d like a refund.”

I’ll make sure you get your money back within a couple of days.

There’ll be no hard feelings, you won’t be “blacklisted”, and the “Sticky Note” hack special report is yours to keep forever, just for giving my new programme an honest look.

Does that sound fair to you?

I’ll send you a copy of our special report The “Sticky Note” Hack Revealed — absolutely free, with my compliments — if you accept my invitation and try the Abundance Programme for 30 days. There are no hidden clauses or conditions.

How Much Does This Programme Cost?

That’s the thing. I know there are many guys out there who would happily pay hundreds of dollars per month to be a part of this. After all, this programme will bring so many hot girls into their lives, they won’t be able to keep up with them all. That’s true abundance.

How can you put a price on that?

How can you put a price on knowing, any night of the week, that there’s always at least one girl who’s eager to go out on a date with you? How can you put a price on knowing that any girl you ever meet is always replaceable?

How can you put a price on finally being the chooser?

This programme is brand new. When we have real-life case studies to show, it will command a premium price. Right now though, as I mentioned earlier, we’re rolling it out for a small test group, at a dramatically discounted price.

This means, it’s not going to cost you hundreds of dollars per month. In fact, it’s not even going to cost you one hundred dollars. Not even fifty dollars.

You can join the Abundance Programme, today, for just $29.97 per month.

It gets even better. When we launch this programme for real in a few months’ time and ramp up the price, we’ll lock in your discounted rate forever.

You will never pay more than $29.97 a month.

There’s Just One Catch:

We’re opening this test group to only two hundred men. Nobody else on the planet, other than myself, the guys in this group and the module coaches, will have access to this material.

Let me put that into perspective for you:

This letter, the one you’re reading right now, went out to tens of thousands of guys who read my emails every day. We’re also showing ads on Facebook to dozens of blokes every second.

I want to give every member of our tribe a fair chance to join this test group. That’s why, I’m going to give you until midnight tomorrow to make up your mind. When the clock strikes twelve tomorrow night, if you’ve not jumped on board with this, I’ll pass the opportunity on to someone else.

Remember, when you take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, join our test group and sample everything the Abundance Programme has to offer without any risk or obligation, I’ll send you a copy of our special report, The “Sticky Note” Hack Revealed, absolutely free with my compliments.

What Our Members Say:
“The Abundance program is super awesome.. Within my first week.. I got a date through my social circle.. and things are going great so far.. Thanks to Andy,Daiyyan and team… The social circle approach.. mentioned in this program is a more conventional way.. for whom the idea of random approach is scary.. I learnt the mindset of abundance is the major takeaway from the program.. that you can apply in all aspects of your life.. Its not just a lesson in dating.. its a lesson for the life..”

“More than tricks.. Its about mindset.. that takes you the distance.”

— Akash

“This series is amazing. Makes everything really simple in terms of a step by step program for building a social circle. Going to try to hit up a meet up and a dance class this week, and start networking.”

“So far this program is great. The bar has been set really high for this program with this first module, so I’m really excited to see what’s next.”

— Alex

“I met some interesting girls. Before leaving the party, one girl came to me to say goodby and asked me if I have Facebook. We exchanged contact info and she left.”

“Another girl did the same later. Yes, I feel somehow powerful when I see the way they look at me, the way they validate themselves, they respond to my challenges…”

“The more I do this, the less scared I am. There is still a lot of progress to make though.”

— Manu

One Final Thought:

Do you remember where you were, right this moment, exactly one year ago today?

In all probability, things were pretty much the way they are now. You wanted your life to change. You wanted a breakthrough. But a year has passed, and nothing has happened.

You’re at a crossroad right now.

You could just continue straight ahead. Carry on doing what you’ve always done, and continue to see the same results that you’ve always seen. This time next year, your life will look the same as it does right now, only you’ll be one year older, and ever so more bitter and less hopeful.

Or you could “take a chance”, and secure a place on our Abundance Programme. I’ll send you that “Sticky Note” Hack special report right away, and you can be putting it to work tonight, raking in dates for the rest of this week. Pretty soon, you’ll have more girls than you can handle — that’s before you dive into the programme modules, which is where the real meat is.

This programme is the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. It will arm you with all the strategies and tactics you need to build an abundant dating life from scratch. However, once all the 200 places have been taken, this offer will be taken away.



LifeLoaded – Daygame Instructor Tapes Download

Because we’re going to be looking to recruit an army of new instructors over the coming year and beyond, I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I’m making our internal Daygame instructor resources available, to buy, privately to our newsletter subscribers. Specifically, the Daygame Instructor Tapes.

What’s that? A short while back, I sat down with Jon Matrix, and we defined a very specific “gold standard” of what the perfect, text-book Daygame interaction should look like — when you tick all the boxes.

It’s kind of like: Step one, do this… step two, do this… step three, do this… (Obviously, it’s more complex than that. I’m just making an analogy.)

After we defined this standard — and, by the way, we defined it based on our experience of teaching hundreds of bootcamps all around the world during the last five years, with every different type of guy you could possible dream up — I sent Jon out to record an infield video of him demonstrating this “gold standard” approach.

We then went a step further… I had Jon record a comprehensive audio recording of him breaking down the perfect approach, and then explaining how all the different steps work together and follow each other.

The way it’s presented is, it’s designed to be used out on the streets, so you can practice each part in sequence and build up your skills one step at a time (or have a student do it, and know exactly what to look for).

We then went ever further… I wrote a short manual — for instructors — detailing the different parts of our “gold standard” interaction, and how they should deal with all the most common sticking points we’ve seen from guys over the last few years.

Here’s the bottom line: These are the materials we’ll be giving to all our future bootcamp instructors, in order to make sure they’re practicing and teaching the current “version” of Daygame that we know works best.

Because here’s the thing: Since we filmed Daygame Blueprint (and even some of our other Daygame products) our Daygame model has evolved and become even more efficient, and even more easy to learn.

We wanted to created a “one-stop” resource that brings someone up-to-speed with this new version Daygame model ASAP.



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Tripp Advice – What Women Want Download

What Women Want

Get into the minds of 10 of the most beautiful women in the world to find out exactly that turns them on so you can start dating women just like them today.



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Adam Gilad – The Boldness Bundle Review | Adam Gilad – The Boldness Bundle Download

In this package, I’m going to give you:

  • Everything you need to know about approach…
  • Everything you need to know about how to attract her online…
  • Everything you need to know about how to be the best lover she ever had…

Being successful with women comes with your mastery of very specific skills. This “Boldness Bundle” package gives you these skills…

Here’s what you’re going to get…

Masters of Approach

Get my master class on approaching & connecting with beautiful women anytime, anywhere – and I’ll show you…

  • Exactly how to approach any woman, night and day
  • The first words to say to open her up and lead into a natural, fun, flirtatious conversation.
  • When to touch her and exactly how
  • How to “cold read” her signals – so that you have that ironclad ”green light” to escalate.
  • How to get her laughing
  • How to QUICKLY move out of any impeding “friend zone”
  • How to establish social value for yourself without coming off like a dork, or forcing it
  • How to get her number, her facebook, a firm time for a follow up drink, or to take her home on the spot – every time
  • How to not only be good at approaching women – but to be an APPROACH MASTER

Deep Erotic Mastery

Grab My ultimate guide to mindblowing, multi-orgasmic sex and I’ll show you…

  • Why Women Yearn To Surrender To You In The Bedroom – And How To Be The Trustable Man They’ve Been Waiting For
  • Women Don’t Want “Sex” – They Want To Be Claimed, Led, and Tenderly “Ravished”…And How To Create That Difference
  • What Society Has Told You And Her About What An Orgasm Is – This Is Just The “Gate Opening” – and Exactly How To Take Her Bliss Deeper – Way Deeper
  • The Exact Moment That Foreplay Begins – And How To Navigate It Through Play And “Afterplay” For An Unforgettable, Enduring Experience
  • The Secrets To Helping Her Achieve An Ejaculatory Orgasm
  • Why How You Penetrate The World Is How You Penetrate A Woman – And Bringing Those Two Together In Integrity And Potency

Deep Online Attraction

Grab my complete guide to mastering online dating and I’ll show you…

  • The Perfect Profile… In 30 Minutes Or less. I’ll show you how to create an immediately seductive profile that has your “type” of women flooding your inbox with excited emails…(again, no writing skills required — I will supply you both the structure and the words.)
  • Not Sure What To Say? I’ll show you how to identify and communicate each of your unique, personal strength attractors: emotional, physical, social, intellectual, familial – things that you might not even realize about yourself that trigger deep attraction responses from women.
  • 7 Ways How To Avoid “selling yourself” in your online profile – so you don’t come off like 98% of guys who “beg” for attention – follow these steps and women will come to YOU.
  • How To Create Irresistible “Electric Contrast” in Your Pictures – to assure you keep an “open loop” in her brain, so that she “has to know” more about you…
  • How To Identify Your 6 Essential Masculine Qualities – so women don’t dismiss you at the start!
  • The Art of the Unconscious Invitation: Where you show her “I have an alluring life and you are invited” (this is THE secret to getting her to email you first!)
  • IGNITE HER IMAGINATION…by creating mystery about you – so she doesn’t think she “owns” you — but feels “strangely compelled” to learn more about you…
  • PLUS, dozens of “online attraction skills” that put you LIGHT YEARS AHEAD of every other guy online — including:
  • Creating anticipation – so she “has to” meet you…
  • Cliff-hanging her – so she “has to” get the answers in person…
  • Puzzling her – so she writes you a playful email to get the answer…
  • Intriguing her sensually – so she, and the other real “live wires” seek you out.
  • Teach her – which gives you the instant attractiveness of authority with her, encouraging her to surrender to your lead…
  • How to tease her – getting her into a playful and receptive mode…
  • How to create instant rapport – so she feels mysteriously “close” to you as in “I feel like I’ve known you a long time”
  • How to make her laugh – proven ways to break the ice allowing any conversation you want to proceed naturally…
  • How to play with her tests – which shows that you are solid as a man, light and egoless – the perfect combination
  • I will even give you sample PROVEN DATING PROFILES you can model and adapt
  • And then – how to setup a dazzling first meeting that keeps you in the driver’s seat, and her wanting more of you.

The State of Dating Men’s Lifetime Premium Access Package

I have an EXTRA surprise for you! If you missed my State of Dating Ultimate Telesummit earlier this year and were not able to get the recordings – now is your chance. During this sale only, you can get the entire 19 training session set – audios & transcriptions – so you can go through the in-depth training at your leisure.
This training covers…

  • How to be absolutely unapologetic about your desire – and do it in such a way that her attraction and respect for you doubles! (More than anything, this accelerates your “speed to sex” quotient and gives you the option to sleep with her WAY before she’d hook up with any other guy!)
  • How to wake her up sensually by signaling with proven sensual words and imagery (just one simple change in how you describe things can turn a “boring” conversation into one that turns her on!)
  • The single fastest way to become comfortable with “bedroom dominance” (and then how to use this to make her almost dangerously addicted to you. Please use with caution…)
  • Why the advice to “just be yourself” is nonsense (and 7 proven ways to become the best possible version of yourself, making any other man she’s ever been with seem like a joke in comparison)
  • Masculine Attraction 101: How to quickly ramp up your “manliness” (especially in women’s eyes)…WITHOUT coming across like a macho douchebag.
  • How to meet a woman online at 10pm and be at her place by 11pm (or have her knocking on your door just as quickly!)
  • The 3 keys to getting the body you want – without wasting time or effort
  • How to “ignite” her romance novel imagination with a few deft words and actions


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Jay Julio – Cool Guy With Women Download

A Shocking Revelation Changed the Way I Approach Women

 (Cool Guy With Women)

Before I knew anything about the Dating Game or women’s highly sexual natures, I heard the strangest confession of a co-worker which, at the time, shocked me…

Literally, I was speechless. I mean, this story really blew my mind!

It was like nothing I’d ever heard before.

In fact, it did more than that — it completely defied and altered my entire concept of reality… and especially about women.

The world of sexuality was flat no longer.

See, it was my first revelation into how you can use eye contact to signal interest to women.

And I’m not just talking interest here — but much, much more!

I’m talking about how you can use eye contact to communicate your intentions and have a woman read them and respond to what you want just through your eye contact ALONE.

This is all 100% non-verbal.

So let’s rewind…

Twenty-Some Years Earlier

It was broad daylight on a regular week day. The sun was shining and the world was going about it’s regular business.

My co-worker, who we’ll call Mandy, was walking down a sidewalk.

As she approached an intersection, she happened to make eye contact with a man sitting in his car at the stoplight.

When their eyes connected, something was communicated and mutually understood or acknowledged between them.

He didn’t just use eye contact to signal interest. He used it to communicate something only about ten times more powerful.

We’ll call whatever that was a mystery for the moment.

But here’s the result of whatever it was that was communicated…

Mandy turned down the side-street of the intersection and continued walking.

When the light turned green, the man also turned down that same street.

He drove past her, then parked a few yards ahead of her.

Almost as if it was planned ahead of time, when she reached the car she opened the door and got in.

I don’t remember what was said — if anything. Perhaps a simple introduction. But I think they just got down to business as soon as possible…

Boinking each others brains out, that is.

And when they finished, she got out and continued on with her day.

The end.

No Tricks, No Gimmicks, No Pick-Up Lines

Just EYE CONTACT to signal interest!

Does that story sound unbelievable?

Could it be that simple?

I mean, doesn’t a guy have to be really smooth?

Doesn’t he need all the right techniques and all the right lines?

Is it really possible to use just eye contact to signal interest or anything else to women? Or anyone else for that matter?

I assure you, it is.

It’s just that few guys know how to use it. But by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll know exactly HOW TO do it.

Now, I’ve had some interesting similar eye contact experiences with women, though nowhere as “extreme” as the guy in my co-worker’s story.

But things like making eye contact with a woman a block a way, then holding it for about 30 seconds — until moving into earshot to finally say “Hi!”

I’ve found that leaves an infinitely better impression on a woman than any pick-up or seduction technique out there!

Just eye contact to signal interest in getting to know her.

No over-the-top routines or lines to impress her — just being genuinely open to her as another person, who you’re attracted to, and then saying whatever comes to your mind IN THE MOMENT.

So the question, my friend, then is:

How do you learn how to use only eye contact to signal interest?

And in such a way that not only does a woman expect you to talk to her, but would actually be slightly disappointed if you didn’t.

How does it work?

And more importantly, how do you develop this skill-set?

For most, it’s possible to develop it within a matter of weeks… perhaps even within days, if you surround yourself with a lot of people and work at it.

HOW TO: The Eye Contact to Signal Interest ARC

Okay. Here’s the good stuff:

There are 3 major phases when it comes to using eye contact to signal interest.

Together, these phases follow a natural process, which all us humans unconsciously act upon… or in other cases, unconsciously “short-circuit”.

In fact, once you know them, you’ll start seeing it happening everywhere.

And not only that, but it is my suspicion that using this kind of eye contact to signal interest to women is how women KNEW which men to mate with before we developed language.

And just because we have language today HASN’T changed that process.

Now, the ONLY reason I’ve broken them up is because I’ve found that it can be much more effective to concentrate on and master each individual phase one at a time rather than trying to perfect the entire process in one shot.

This allows you to pinpoint where you need the most practice.

And once you’ve mastered each individual phase, it becomes easy to put them altogether in one flowing, seamless “experience”.

So what are these phases to use eye contact to signal interest to women?

Here they are:

1) Spot her Acknowledgement

2) Look for Recognition

3) Establish a Connection

If you’re out on the street, it can make it easy to remind yourself using the acronym: ARC.




Got it?

Good. Now let’s move onto the specifics…

#1: Spot Her Acknowledgement

Unless you’re in a highly populated location, whenever you and a woman come into a proximity where you can visually see each other,there’s going to be a moment when she becomes aware of your presence.


And it can be anywhere from blocks away to a few meters, depending on the setting.

The point of the first phase is to notice the moment she acknowledges or becomes aware of your presence.


Because in that moment, she’s going to respond to you unconsciously. And when you train yourself to become aware of that moment, you can often get a decent gauge on how she’s receiving you by noticing how her body changes.

In that moment, what do you notice?

Watch her eyes.

How does she respond when she looks at you or in your direction?

In the past, have you even paid attention to this?

If you haven’t, here’s what you need to work on:

Start giving more attention to how YOU respond to her presence at the moment you see her!


Do you get nervous? Uncomfortable? Excited?

If you respond in any uncontrollable way, not only is she likely to notice this, it’s actually going to prevent you from being receptive to her.

And that will send her a subtle signal that you’re not a guy she’d be interested talking to.

So the key is to be aware of your attention, what you’re experiencing, and how you’re responding when you notice her. And ideally, you want to be unaffected by her presence.

For as long as you don’t unconsciously react in some strange way — for example, if you don’t quickly avert your eyes, start looking all over the place, or any other weird response to seeing an attractive woman — she’s going to see you as a regular guy, who may be a potential mate.

See, women notice guys who remain completely unaffected by their presence.

And the effect?

She’s going to immediately feel comfortable and safe with you.

In fact, unconsciously, she thinks:

“Most guys get all weird around because I’m a hot chick. But this guy is as cool and calm as a midsummer night. But I wonder… will he keep his cool if I make eye contact with him?”

So what does she do?

She looks directly at you.

#2: Look for Recognition

Now, this is the point where the actual eye contact to signal interest comes into play.

This is the point of RECOGNITION.

It’s that moment where your eyes connect for the first time and you both KNOW without a doubt that the other is aware of your presence.

And something very powerful is communicated here that can and does affect the direction that the REST or your interaction (and perhaps future relationship) will go with her.

This is the 2ND CRITICAL POINT… looking at her and making direct eye contact.

Before we go further, think back for a moment…

Recall the very last time you were in the presence of a smoking hot babe. How did you make eye contact?

Did you make eye contact?

At any rate, HOW did you respond to just the thought of connecting eyes with that hot chick?

Did you feel like avoiding it?

Did you look at her, but felt “shifty”?

Or did you stare?

If you did any of these or just felt uncomfortable with it, in the future and especially when you get to the point where you can remain unaffected by a beautiful woman’s presence, here’s EXACTLY what I want you to do:

FIRST, think about looking directly into HER left eye. Don’t look, just think about it for a brief moment BEFORE you actually do it. Imagine her left eye and picture the pupil.

SECOND, as soon as you’ve got a clear mental visualization of it, look at her and seek that eye like a homing torpedo. Go straight and directly for it, without “looking back”… literally.

Why do you want to visualize it first?

Because if you’ve found it difficult to make direct eye contact with a stranger who’s an attractive woman, guess what you’re unconsciously thinking?

You’re probably making a mental picture in your mind of avoiding eye contact!

And it really can be amazing how just a second of mental preparation can cause you to look her directly into her eye.

But don’t just take my word for it. Try it for yourself.

So there you are, looking a woman directly in her left eye and she’s looking right back at you.

Now what?

#3: Establish a Connection

Just continue looking… and looking… and looking.

It’s okay, she’s not going to bite you. And she’s not going to think you’re weird… unless of course you’re staring right through her.

So do your best to wipe every other thought from your mind and focus on that eye as clearly as you can and then think this thought, almost as if you were asking her directly:

“Well, you have my attention, so how are you going to respond?”

While you’re focusing on her left eye, leave that question in the forefront of your mind… and WAIT for her response.

That’s it for now.

Just remain in the moment and wait.

This is the moment of establishing a CONNECTION.

It also happens to the be 3RD CRITICAL POINT.

For if you look away now, it’s over. You will have just destroyed the beginning of that possible connection.

Now, I know there seems to be a strong tendency in most of us to feel like we HAVE TO say something.

But you don’t.

Instead think of it like a game and she understands the rules, which are simply this: the person who responds first loses and then has to give their chips to other person.

So just keeping looking.

I mean, what do you got to lose, anyway?

For the outcome is where you’ll use your eye contact to signal interest. In fact, by continuing to look her directly in the eye without breaking the silence, you’re saying, “Are you interested?”

And she’s thinking, “Hmmm… this guy’s interesting.”

So assuming you followed the other phases well (you remained unaffected by her presence and you calmly and surely looked her dead in the eye), the only thing you can do “wrong” now is look away.

Now, what she’ll do is one of a few things:

1) She’ll break the eye contact by looking down and away.

If she does that, continue looking at her.

Chances are, she’ll regain her focus and look back up again shortly afterwards. And then it’s time to finally break the silence by saying, “Hi.”

After all, she revealed her interest first by looking away and then back again. She’s probably more of a reserved or “shy girl”.

And her looking back means she’s welcoming you breaking the silence.

Then, once again, WAIT for her to respond.

2) She’ll continue looking at you and she’ll break the silence.

When she does this, she’s throwing her cards on the table by revealing she’s interested in you by volunteering to break the silence first.

After all, if she wasn’t interested, she would just look off to the side or somewhere else without losing her focus.

She doesn’t have to say anything. So if she does, she’s obviously open to a conversation.

And chances are, she’s your “normal”, friendly kind of chick.

3) She’ll continue looking at you expecting you to say something.

When she does this, she’s obviously open to a conversation, but she’s going to let you lead.

What often happens in these situations is that she’ll slow down and orient her body toward. It’s as if she asked you a question and she’s expecting you to reply, but you’re taking your time.

All you gotta do is say, “Hi.”

She says, “Hi.”

And away you go using some of the other conversation tools you can learn about in my other articles.

It really is THAT simple. In fact:

Mastering the Simple “Hi” is All You Really Need

You want to know the truth?

If you’re just focusing on learning how to meet women, you don’t need any techniques or routines.

In fact, you may even find that they distract you from ACTUALLY approaching or talking to women.

You may find they make you even more nervous… after all, now not only do you have to approach a woman, you have to perform for her.

You have to “get it right”.

That’s all nonsense.

As far as I’m concerned, pick-up lines, memorized routines, and other geeky pick-up gimmicks are generally garbage.

You want to meet women, right? And you want them to find you attractive, yes?

Well, listen:



It’s not rocket-science.

It’s more about first using your eye contact to signal interest and making a connection than anything else.

Any quality woman will find that TEN TIMES more attractive than any pre-planned, scripted approach you can find.

Think about it…

Here’s Why It’s So Important to Start by Developing Your Eye Contact to Signal Interest…

The reason may be obvious.

But the problem is that it seems to be SO obvious that some guys have a tendency to completely overlook it…

After all, if you don’t make eye contact and establish a connection, you won’t even get the opportunity to use any of the other stuff you’ve learned about attracting or dating women.

And on the other hand…

If you don’t make eye contact and establish a good connection before you open your mouth and speak one word, it’s been my observation from personal experience and watching other guys that she’ll be something like 75% less likely to reciprocate (with the exception of having a calming, controlled voice).

But with so much information, it can be easy to get ahead of
ourselves, can’t it?

I understand that. I’ve done it.

But now that we’re on the topic of using just eye contact to signal interest and since you’re still reading, I’m guessing you have some trouble in this area or, at least, you could use some work, so here’s what I recommend you do RIGHT NOW:

Drop everything you’ve been learning about attracting and dating women… and concentrate FULLY on getting to that connection phase, where a woman basically, though non-verbally, invites you to talk to her.

Start practicing my ARC phases until it becomes a seamless experience for you.

So whenever you spot a woman anywhere, think ARC.

Then do it!

In fact, practice it on EVERYONE who crosses your path.

And when you’ve mastered it, then — and ONLY THEN — get back to learning more about attracting and dating women.

Yet another way to get ahead even faster is to download yourself a copy of my eBook, Cool Guy with Women.

When you order it, you’ll also receive my bonus eBooklet that’s specifically geared at expanding this topic and breaking it down in more detail.

You know this is an area you want to master, so I strongly recommend you do yourself a favor and download the ebook right now. You can be reading it in just a couple of clicks.

“Cool Guy With Women” teaches you the FIVE key skills you need to take your eye contact to the next level with some simple exercises you can start practicing today.

And as always, you’re more than welcome to discuss this further in the Cool Guy Forums and get my personal input on applying these principles better in your real life situations.

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Dean Cortez – Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction Download

Strippers depend on customers to pay their rent and cover their bills…but they would never give these guys the time of the day if they saw them outside of the club.

Now imagine yourself walking into the strip club with bulletproof confidence…and using super-clever techniques and strategies to make the hottest dancers feel genuine curiosity and attraction towards you.

You don’t waste money on lap dances. When she tries to use her “sales routine” on you, you deflect it with a playful comment, and have her sit down with you and get real.

You get her smiling, giggling, telling you secrets about herself that no other customer knows…and you make her “tingle” with that funny feeling called ATTRACTION

And after her shift ends, you meet with her outside of the club, hang out for a little while, and bring her back to your place for as much mind-blowing sex as you can handle.

(Trust me, these girls are sex machines that will keep you up all night!)

I used to think that only rich jerks or “bad boys” could get these types of women.

Then I learned the Secrets of Strip Club Seduction and starting picking up hot strippers every time I was in Las Vegas, Miami, New York, or any “small towns” that have strip clubs (the girls in those places can be so easy when you use the right tactics)…

I was also banging for free whenever I traveled overseas to Europe, Asia or South America.

I’ve been enjoying the sex life of a rock star on tour…and I used to be the last guy you could ever imagine living this type of lifestyle.

The funny thing is, I used to be a regular guy who struggled to talk to girls.

After my girlfriend dumped me (and ran off with my ex-best friend), I tried going out to meet girls at the bars…but I was usually too nervous to approach women, and if I did, it usually felt like slow-motion humiliation because I had no idea what to say next…

So, I started spending a lot of time at the strip clubs in my city. At least there, the girls were easy to talk to. (As long as I was spending money to buy dances, of course.)

I would have given anything to know how to get one of these hotties into my bed, but at the time it seemed like an impossible fantasy.

Then one night…while I was hanging out at one of the clubs in Las Vegas…I witnessed something that completely blew my mind.

Sitting in the booth next to me was an average-looking guy (kind of ugly, actually). His hair was thinning and he had a gut. He didn’t look like he had much money — he was wearing a tee-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

He was sitting there alone, sipping a beer, and then he waved over two of the hottest strippers in the club. (One of the girls was Asian, and the other was a beautiful blonde bombshell with the most perfect tits money can buy…)

The blonde walked up to him and tried to get him to buy a lapdance. He gave her a funny look, made a hand gesture, and said something (I couldn’t hear what he said, because of the loud music)…and for a second, the strippers looked confused and a little bit offended. (Like, “who does THIS guy think he is?”)

But then he said something else (which was really damn funny), and the craziest thing happened…the two hot strippers sat down on either side of him, and relaxed with him, and he put his arms around them and started chatting…

I was extremely curious…so I leaned in closer to hear what he was saying…

He was saying weird, cocky stuff to “tease” them and mess with them…then he asked them a strange, shocking question that made the girls look at each other, laugh, and blush…

I could tell by the body language of the girls that this guy was breaking them out of “hustler mode” and making them “get real” with him.

This short, regular-looking dude CAPTIVATED their attention, and was totally in control of the situation.

As I sat there watching in awe, the blonde stripper started making out with him! Then he gently pushed her away, and kept talking, and the two hot strippers were hanging on his every word…and he smoothly slipped his cell phone out of his pocket and got both of their phone numbers.

(I’ll never forget the funny, clever line he used to get their digits…)

And then? He made a “parting comment” that was showed total rock star confidence, and then he got up and LEFT the club.

It was pretty darn impressive — but I didn’t think he had any chance of actually banging those two tunners…

Well, here comes the part that nearly knocked me off my barstool.

A few nights later I was at my local bar, having a beer, and guess who walked in.

It was him. And he was with the super-hot stripper blonde! She was hanging all over him…

When she excused herself to go to the ladies’ room, I said to him, “Hey man, I saw you at the strip club talking to that girl…and now you’re with her? Your next beer is on me, I just want to know your secret!

He smiled and said “bro, it’s no big deal. You just need to know how to play the game.”

He told me the night I saw him at the club, he wound up fucking BOTH of the girls he’d been talking to!

After their shift, they met him for drinks and he took them back to his place for a wild “threesome”…and he didn’t spend a friggin’ dime!

We became friends and he explained his “blueprint” for seducing strippers. It was weird, funny, shocking and totally freakin’ brilliant.

I shared this info with some friends of mine, and from then on, we’d hit the strip clubs and try out these methods. They worked!

I met a smoking-hot dancer the first time I used his tips (and had practically dry-humping me in the club, without me having to buy a dance)…and the next day she drove over to my apartment and rocked my world. (I could barely keep up — this chick was a sexual dynamo!)

And so, me and my pickup artist buddies started hitting the hot spots every night and tweaking these methods. We identified the different types of strippers, that work the different shifts, and how to modify the methods to guarantee success.

By spending a lot of time in the strip clubs, I started meeting other guys who had figured out the “strip club game” and were screwing numerous hot strippers.

One of these stripper pickup artists told me, “why should I waste my time at the ‘regular’ clubs talking to chicks with stuck-up attitudes, when I can walk into a gentlemans club… hang out with the hottest strippers…and I KNOW they’ve got rockin’ bodies and are going to be great in bed, because I can see them in their G-strings and watch the way they move?

With a stripper, you know the deal — and she knows the deal. It’s just a matter of you taking charge and reeling her in.”

For me, the next three years were a crash-course education in Strip Club Seduction. I learned mind-blowing tactics from guys who literally bang hot dancers every weekend.

I even studied the techniques of one “stripper seducer” who’s fucked “perfect 10s” in the VIP room — while the girls were on duty! (Crazy TRUE story…it’s in the book!)

I came to realize that strip clubs are actually incredible places to meet cool, beautiful and sexually liberated women.

Think about it. There’s no need to nervously approach them and try to “break the ice,” because their job is to approach YOU and start flirting!

Sure, she’s going to think of you as a customer at first. She’ll try to run her “sales routine” on you, to warm you up to buy lapdances…

But when you learn the Secrets of Strip Club Seduction, you are the one controlling the game. You know how to get her out of “work mode” and break through her facade, using cocky, playful techniques to “tease” her and make her view you as different from all the other guys …

… then, you’ll use special Tactics to make her feel comfort and sexual attraction with you. Getting her phone number and seeing her tomorrow, or even after her shift, is SO fun and easy … it feels “automatic,” like you’re playing an easy level on a video game that you’ve already mastered.

I don’t know how much longer I can offer this program, because I’ve already been contacted by a powerful Las Vegas strip club boss (this guy makes Tony Soprano look like a pussy)

And as I’m sure you can imagine, he’s not too pleased that I’m spilling the beans about how to seduce “his girls”…

Because every time you visit a strip club and use these methods…and charm the girls and bang them silly without paying one red cent…it’s like you’re snatching money out of the club’s cash register.

So I urge you to grab this $1 offer now — before it’s gone forever. Secrets of Strip Club Seduction was developed by picking up the hottest strippers in gentlemans clubs around the world – throughout the United States, Asia, Europe, Central America, South America, and beyond…

No matter where you live, what you look like, or what you do for a living, you’re about to learn rock-solid principles and laser-sharp techniques that YOU can use to connect with the hottest strippers on a new, sexual level.

For me, sometimes it wound up being a night of wild, steamy casual sex. Other times, I would meet a hot dancer who became my girlfriend for a while.

I once had one of the hottest strippers in Las Vegas living with me. She would work a shift on Saturday night and come home with $2,000, easy!

Celebrities and multi-millionaires would personally request dances from her. But at the end of the night, who was she going home to, and making passionate love to? Me.

(I’m not trying to brag — I just want you to know, this stuff works. If I could master these skills and learn how to dominate the strip club game, you can, too.)

My stripper ex-girlfriend gave me priceless information about the psychology of hot dancers and what really goes down in the locker room, where the girls share info and gossip about the customers (as well as the guys they’d like to f**k…)

Hanging out with her and her hot stripper friends gave me a TON of insight into how they think…their sexual wants and needs…their hidden insecurities…and how ANY guy can score one of these stunners, if he knows how how to connect with her on the right wavelength.

Every single tactic, technique & “bulletproof” strategy for seducing strippers is in this book

“Secrets Of Strip Club Seduction” Reveals:

Behind-the-scenes “insider secrets” on how strip clubs operate, how strippers really make their money, and the optimal times for you to visit — and the best places to meet up with the girls after their shift.

Why strip clubs can actually be better than bars and nightclubs when it comes to picking up hot single women.

A secret Internet forum you don’t know about where real-life strippers post thousands of messages about their jobs, their customers, their problems, and their biggest turn-offs … and turn ons

How to handle the crucial first three minutes of the interaction/conversation.

How to build connections with gentlemans club employees (other than the dancers), so that whenever you visit the club, you have massive social status.

The one word you must NEVER say when talking to a hot stripper (90% of guys use this word all the time, which totally kills the girl’s interest!)

The right way to respond when she asks you, “do you want a dance?” (Hint: it’s not “yes,” and it’s not “no.” I’ll give you several super-effective lines to use, so that you skip the dance and immediately engage her in a playful, penetrating conversation.)

How take her mind off of her job, and get her completely focused on you.

Closely-guarded secrets for controlling the conversation with strippers, so that you never play her game, and bring her into YOUR reality instead.

The five secret methods for “teasing” strippers and making them want to impress YOU, instead of the other way around.

How to identify the phony “signals of interest” that strippers use to manipulate men… and how to know when her interest in you is REAL (it will be, if you use the tips in this guide!)

The intimate details you must get a hot dancer to reveal, if you want her to feel a sexual connection with you.

How to use subconscious phrases to get her in a sexual, spontaneous, “loose” frame of mind — so that she’s up for anything later tonight.

Powerful “deal closers”: my favorite techniques for getting her phone number every time without fail, or arranging to meet her somewhere else after her shift…without spending money.

How to guarantee that she meets you after her shift. (Without using this tactic, there is a 90% chance she will flake out on you — you need to know how to lock down your plans with her and make her eager to be there…)

The unknown reality about the type of guy strippers are really looking to date (trust me, it has nothing to do with looks or money).

Insights from real-life stripper friends of mine, about how they approach their job and the qualities they go for in men. (Their answers are going to shock you — and all of these girls have dated regular customers before!)

How to immediately identify the different types of strippers (Including the “Pro,” the “Semi-Pro,” and the “Rookie” and others) and use laser-sharp tactics to penetrate their barriers.

Where strippers hang out when they’re not working, and how to use power techniques to pick them up in these other environments.

How to manage relationships with the strippers you date, and stay in control at all times.

You’ll also learn the step-by-step guide to pulling off threesomes. Bring two girls home, and have them going wild on each other…and on you.

And much, much more…

If you’re ready to start hooking up with the sexiest dancers at your local clubs… or when you visit other cities, or when you attend your next bachelor party… you cannot lose with this explosive “underground” manual.

Plus, if you act now, we’re going to give you SIX high-powered bonus products absolutely free of charge.

NOTE: We chose to include these bonuses because they are essential in your mission to seduce & date hot strippers, and because we want to give you the best value possible.

BONUS #1: “The Gambler Method: The U.K.’s #1 Pickup Artist and Founder Of PUA Training, “Gambler,” Reveals The Secrets Of International Stripper Game”

In this explosive new addition to the program, I sit down with one of the world’s most notorious pickup artists, “Gambler,” to exchange our personal “secret weapons” for getting hot strippers.

Gambler is the founder of PUA Training, one of the top international seminar companies for guys who want to master the seduction game. He also happens to love banging gorgeous strippers, whether he’s at home in London or tearing up the clubs in New York and Las Vegas.

In this never-before-heard “master class” interview, you’ll learn…

The secrets of “sexual re-framing” — critical for getting strippers (and other super hot women) to feel irresistibly attracted to you.

How to effectively control your conversations with strippers, so that you always know exactly what to say next.

How to get her to come home with you tonight …and if that’s not possible, how to set up a “next meet” that gives you the highest probability of getting laid.

The secret underground tactics that Gambler used to go “four-for-four” recently: four visits to different strip clubs, and sex with four strippers.

And that’s just “the tip of the iceberg.” This interview contains 60 full, uncensored minutes of lethally powerful information on mastering your strip club game. And just wait until you see the next free bonus…

BONUS #2: “Strip Club Game: Insider Secrets”

In this top secret video module, I go one-on-one with the infamous pickup artist Adonis. Most people don’t know that Adonis used to manage some of the hottest strip clubs in Las Vegas.

Yes, in this never-before-seen module, an actual Las Vegas strip club boss “pulls back the curtain” and reveals the insider secrets of how these clubs operate, how strippers think, and how they can be effectively seduced! In this exclusive session you will learn:

How to re-calibrate your confidence and attitude to make a powerful, attractive impression every time you walk into the strip club.

The funny (but totally effective) technique Dean Cortez uses to show a stripper dominant, “Alpha” behavior early in the conversation. (This really starts the interaction on the right track, and this routine is so cool you’ll want to use it tonight…)

Adonis reveals how to “flip the script” so that strippers never view you as a customer…but rather, as a guy they want to have fun with and screw silly…

The 3 Deadly Tactics you must master in order to “pull” strippers every time

BONUS #3: “Secrets of Sexual Mastery”

Yes, Secrets of Strip Seduction is going to help you attract the hottest strippers and get them into bed. But once you’ve got one of these girls ready for sex, it is absolutely essential that you know how to rock her world in the bedroom and guarantee that she comes back for more.

That’s why we turned to the master. The Secrets of Sexual Mastery audio coaching module, which is jam-packed with more than an hour of information, features an exclusive one-on-one “mastermind session” with Nico Simon Princely, the author and “sexpert” who has helped thousands of men worldwide to become better lovers.

In this no-holds-barred interview, Princely opens up and shares dozens of hard-core insights and techniques, including:

The number-one myth that is holding men back from getting more great sex — and how to conquer it

The masculine qualities that women are subconsciously searching for (you’ve already got these qualities …now you’ll know how to unleash them!)

The “weird” evolutionary reasons why women crave sex with Alpha Males — and how you can use your own “inner Alpha qualities” to get beautiful women sexually addicted to you!

The wild true story of how Nico, years ago, got his first stripper into bed … and the one critical mistake he made to screw it up! (Most guys make this same exact mistake, but after learning this lesson you’ll never “blow your chance” again…)

The #1 secret to having sexual power and unstoppable stamina at any age (you’ll be a sexual powerhouse once you master this technique)

Porn star sex tactics for giving women brain-melting multiple orgasms

Nico’s three indispensable rules for being the lover no woman will ever forget

BONUS #4: “Great Lover 101”

You’ll also receive the best-selling ebook Great Lover 101. Chapters include “What Women Wish You Knew”…”Inside the Mindset of a Great Lover”…”The Ten Great Lover Commandments”…and tips on turbo-charging your sexual performance through the use of exercises, herbal supplements, and knowing how to give women unforgettable, earth-shaking orgasms every time. This information is designed to give you amazing stamina and expert sexual technique!

Plus, I’m also going to give to give you an additional one-hour mp3 audio program featuring world-famous dating coach Carlos Xuma. Carlos is without question the #1 authority on how to transform yourself into a supremely confident, focused, sexually attractive Alpha Male.

BONUS #5: “How To Attract Younger Women”

This interview took forever to line up. (Carlos Xuma doesn’t grant many interviews…he’s busy appearing at seminars around the world and charges clients over $1,500 per day for one-on-one coaching.)

But I was finally able to sit down with Carlos and pump him for information on a very important topic, one that has never been covered before in this much depth: How To Attract Younger Women.

This interview covers a whole other aspect of the seduction game. Because let’s face it, most guys prefer women who are younger them themselves.

The problem is, they don’t know the right way to relate to these women and trigger their “attraction switches”…which murders their chances of hooking up.

(By the way, these “younger women” tactics totally apply to strip clubs, where the hottest girls will often be younger than you…)

Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s or beyond, if you want to hook up with younger women — including young, hard-bodied exotic dancers — this bonus module is going to SMASH your limiting beliefs and give you the blueprint for success.

Trust me, you’re going to want to listen to this one several times to soak up the incredible amount of information that Carlos delivers. He digs deep into his own experience to present dozens of tips and techniques, including:

The essential “Inner Game transformation” and mental adjustments you must make in order for younger women to feel a connection with you

How to “turn the tables” and make beautiful younger eager to impress YOU, instead of you trying to impress them

The secret to making younger women view you as a PRIZE, and how to frame yourself as a man of high VALUE (this has nothing to do with your net worth; it’s about communicating your passions, ambitions, and life experience.)

The environments (aside from strip clubs) that are optimal to meet single women and get lots of phone numbers and dates

Fashion, style and grooming tips that are guaranteed to make an awesome first impression

Simple but super-effective approach and conversation techniques that will feel completely natural to her – while YOU are executing a specific action plan

The mental attitude and perspective you must possess to remain sexually attractive to all women, regardless of your age…or theirs

How to pull off the perfect first date with a younger woman – and dazzle her while keeping your spending to a minimum. (Forget about buying gifts and taking her to a fancy restaurant! I’m going to show you a much easier, more effective method).

The critical mistake most men make when trying to flirt with younger women. (I bet you’ve been making this mistake, too — but you aren’t even realizing it.)

How to handle your relationships with younger women, and how to manage their emotional state

And just wait until you dig into this next juicy bonus…

BONUS #6: “The Art of Attraction” book

Your next bonus product is The Art of Attraction by Carlos Xuma. In this indispensable book, Xuma covers a wide range of topics relating to getting the women you want. You’ll learn how to generate interest and attraction with the women you meet. How to feel IN CONTROL of conversations instead of being nervous. How to date multiple women and manage your relationships, while staying in control of your feelings.

You’ll also get techniques for meeting girls in bars and nightclubs, as well as some high-powered tips for Closing the Deal.

BONUS #7: “The Deadly Seduction F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

And you’ll even receive a free copy of The Deadly Seduction F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions.)

Inside, you’ll discover dozens of questions submitted by our readers about their specific challenges with women and dating. Then, you’ll get the answers given by some of the world’s top seduction experts.

How to break out of the “friend zone” with a girl and turn her into your girlfriend…how to seduce extremely hot (or “high status”) women…how to amp up your confidenceadvanced conversation and flirting tips so that you always know the right thing to say next…

Every page of this manual is loaded with valuable information and it’s all based on questions about real-life situations you’ve probably gone through yourself (or, you might be stuck in one of these situations right now…and this book will reveal the solution!)

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Hypnotica Collection Download

Hypnotica Collection (2015) Download

Hypnotica Collection (2015)

  • Evening with Hypnotica – Volume 1 & Volume 2 Download : Hypnotica is known as the “Inner Game Guru” and one of the Godfathers of the Seduction Community. He is discussed in Neil Strauss’s best selling book The Game and is credited for a large part of Neil’s personal transformation. He is also a featured lecturer in David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating Advanced Series, Mastery Series, Power Sexuality, and Body Language programs.In this exciting DVD series Hypnotica brings to the table his vast knowledge of personal transformation and his 15+ years of experience working with and seducing exotic dancers to help you become a more attractive and confident man.This is the only program of its kind to be filmed live in a working strip club.Inside you’ll discover:
    • Hypnotica’s “Super-Sexual Salesman” principle
    • How to use language to design and program your own emotional states
    • Why being a man who can lead is so important when being with a woman
    • How to lead without being pushy
    • How to respond to a woman’s tests so you become more attractive in her eyes
    • How to develop an attractive voice tonality
    • How women size a man up and what to do in the first 30 seconds of meeting a woman so you don’t end up in the “friend zone”
    • What women really respond to when a man approaches her
    • How to flirt
    • What to say and when to quickly and easily turn a conversation with a woman sexual
    • How to immediately intrigue a woman with your sexual knowledge
    • And much more…Whether you’re a beginning seducer or a very experienced one, this program is guaranteed to help you improve your “game.”


  • Hypnotica Collection of Confidence Download
  • Hypnotica – Yoga Nidra ( Yoga Nidra meditation by hypnotica )
  • Hypnotica – Reinventing Yourself Volume 1:The collection of Confidence PDF & AUDIO : The Collection of Confidence MagicWelcome to the Reinventing Yourself program.I created The Collection of Confidence Series, and the information for the Reinventing Yourself program, based upon my own life experiences and over 15 years of helping men become more confident. I wanted to put together a program that helps men like you get what you want out of life.How did I come up with this program? I collected the tools and techniques that I wished I had when I was trying to become more successful with women. I began to study what made one man successful and another fail.Why do some men seem much more lucky in every aspect of their lives than others?
    I learned that ALL the men who won the prize and got the girl had the same thing in common…. Self Confidence.
    In the early days, I used trial and error to discover effective techniques that worked for confidence building. I started gaining skills and I developed field-proven methods to attract and meet women. My life began to positively change forever.
    I wanted to help others who were in the same boat that I had been in create more affluence and abundance in their own life. I created this program to help you find your magic and develop the power you need to begin creating the life you want and deserve.
    In this program we focus in on the important key issues that bother most guys. You will have access to effective mind-opening techniques and tools developed from years of field-proven research. I want you to have everything you need to create positive change so I have included extra bonus interviews and meditations to help you understand the scope of the concepts we will be exploring to further your level of learning.
    You will hear some vital ideas and concepts repeated within the program. This was done intentionally to help you focus on important concepts and to reinforce them into your character. Please refer to the bonus sections any time you want to reinforce your ideas.
  • Hypnotica – Transcript of Sphinx of Imagination
  • Steve Piccus and Hypnotica – Transcript – Trance for Expanding the Universe PDF 
  • Hypnotica – The Attractor Factor :  The Attractor FactorBuild Your individual magnetism for self-assurance, attraction and sex appeal.Have you noticed how some people radiate with calm self-assurance… how they project a presence that projects charisma?That is personal magnetism.Listen to this CD to discover on your own unique personality. As you listen on a regular basis, your newly discovered magnetism will develop. Soon your charisma will become automatic and compelling.

    Have you ever noticed how some people just seem to have a natural attractive quality and a strong presence about them?
    They are somehow directing their personal energies—their magnetic energies—in unique ways.
    This is what The Attractor Factor focuses on.

    Hypnotica is the “Inner Game Guru”.Hypnotica is known as the “Inner Game Guru”, and is considered one of the Godfathers of the Dating community.

    He has been featured in The New York Times where his brilliant CD the “The Sphinx of Imagination” was reviewed. He is discussed in Neil Strauss’s best selling book “The Game”. He was a keynote speaker for “The Annihilation Method” dating program. He is also a featured lecturer in the “Double Your Dating” Advanced Series, Mastery Series, Power Sexuality and Body Language programs.
    Hypnotica is also one of today’s most profound thinkers …blending his talents as a Hypnotist, Entertainer, Mind Scientist, Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Social Scientist, Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Storyteller, Seminar Leader, and Pioneer of Human Consciousness. Hypnotica has dedicated his life to the expansion and improvement of the human experience.

    “Hypnotica is one of the people who has personally helped me at the deepest level, the most fundamental level, helping me get my reality, identity, and belief levels together. He taught me some of the most powerful and useful concepts that I use today.”
    David DeAngelo CEO of “Double Your Dating”

    “Hypnotica is the Inner Game Guru. The concepts he teaches have been one of the influential factors in my own journey in regards to being more successful in The Game.”
    Neil Strauss Best-Selling author of “The Game

  • Hypnotica – Mind Mastery Moments : Hypnotica reveals the secrets in developing strong “Inner Game” and to:   – Develop long lasting stamina in the bedroom!
       – Create “Deep” relationships with women!
       – Give women unmatched pleasure!
       – How to develop a “referral” network of alluring women seeking you out!
       – The “Million Dollar” gift you can choose to share with women!
       – Develop A Bad Boy Mentality That Attracts Women!
       – The “Secret” that every women really wants!
       – How to pass the “test” that every woman gives!
       – Unleash freeing your hidden “Alpha Male!”
       – Attract women, magically… like a magnet!
       – Create your own reality… and your own rule in life!
       – Breakthrough the self inflicted limitation holding you back!
       – And more!
  • Hypnotica – Metamorphosis: The Neutralizer : The Ultimate Mind Releasing Experience
    Catalyst is the first installment of the Hypnotic-Trance Meditation series metamorphosis. The series focuses on releasing negative emotions, resolving lingering problems of the past, and creating a powerfully positive blueprint for moving forward. The Catalyst Pack provides you with four life-optimizing trance meditations, each individually engineered to neutralize hurtful and mind-damaging thoughts affecting your daily life.This new series marks the beginning of another compelling collaboration between brain entrainment composer Denver Clay, and Hypnotica. Catalyst breaks new ground in brain entrainment technology by utilizing unique synthesis to accurately target areas of the subconscious. Via a soundscape of audible and inaudible frequencies, the recordings penetrate accumulated pockets of negativity in the unconscious mind, literally cleansing the mind of unwanted thoughts, perceptions and feelings.About Denver Clay
    For over 25 years, Denver Clay has remained a prominent figure in the development of music capable of positively manipulating human behaviors. His work was first commercially recognized in the late 80s when he teamed up with Richard Bandler, co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Combining their respective fields of expertise, they created recordings capable of unconsciously changing self-limiting thoughts and communications. In 1997 Denver partnered with Hypnotica to produce a number of successful meditation-hypnosis based titles, including The Sphinx of Imagination, The Attractor Factor, The Collection of Confidence, and most recently, Ho’oponopono. Denver’s ability to positively manipulate the unconscious mind through sound has established him as a leading authority in the field of brain entrainment.About Eric Von Sydow (aka Hypnotica)
    Eric Von Sydow, aka Hypnotica, is labeled the “inner game guru” by peers and fans alike. Since the 90s he has, via seminars and audio products, and more recently, books, helped people cultivate high levels of confidence, self-esteem and success in both a personal and professional capacity. He is a renowned trainer in the male relationship and dating industry, first making his mark in the best-selling book “The Game”, written by New York Times bestselling author Neil Strauss. His application of alternative coaching methodologies derived from the study of hypnosis, psychology and human behavioral patterns has enabled him to empower people toward greater accomplishment.The Purpose of The Catalyst Recordings
    The Catalyst recordings are engineered to the highest degree of sound quality, and specifically designed in a manageable format to keep pace with today’s fast moving world. Each recording is targeted toward the release of negative emotions that stop you from living your life at optimum happiness and productivity. Each meditation is between 10 and 20 minutes long, and therefore ideal for using anytime, anywhere; whether it be in the morning before work to clear your mind ready for positive interaction and maximum productivity, or in the early evening to help you let go of negative attachments preventing you from relaxing and being fully present with your family and friends.

    How To Properly Use The Catalyst Recordings
    Start by choosing a particular situation from the past that is hindering your happiness and progression. Now sit comfortably in the lotus meditation position, or any other position you find comfortable and calming. If you are a regular practitioner of meditation you may choose to keep your eyes open, if not, keeping your eyes closed is ideal. Select any one of the four available recordings, and, depending on the suitability of the environment, listen through headphones or a stereo system. For optimum results, when you have time, listen to all the recordings in one sitting.

    As you listen, focus on releasing any thoughts and feelings associated with your chosen past situation. Visualize negative thoughts and emotions falling away as the music takes you to a higher realm of consciousness. Watch the baggage of the past slip away from your mind. Embrace the feeling that these thoughts no longer have any relevance or influence on the present or the future. Shed the dead skin of the past and calmly push away the black cloud hanging over your head. Breath slowly and deeply as the negativity pales into insignificance.

    It’s Time To Neutralize The Negativity In Your Life.
    All you need is just 10-20 minutes per day to achieve the following life-changing benefits:

    Quickly come to terms with and accept your past
    Eradicate nagging negative thoughts
    Release attachment to hurtful events
    Wipe out unwanted residue clogging the alleyways of your mind
    Appreciate and fully accept the present
    Anticipate and cultivate a brighter future
    Create bundles of new positive energy
    Deep cleanse your mind and feel fully alive again!

  • Hypnotica-Ho’oponopono : Are You Ready To Experience One of The Most Powerful Healing Techniques Known to Man?Ho’oponopono Is Helping Thousands of People Reclaim a Peaceful, Loving ExistenceThis is the first professionally recorded Ho’oponopono meditation, specifically focused on improving your relationships with others, healing your past, and righting all your wrongs.Are your personal relationships struggling?
    Is your past haunting your present? Do you lack energy and a zest for life? Have you given up hope?Then you have stumbled upon the right place…

    From the outset my aim with this program was maximum impact, maximum effect, and maximum results. As you can hear from the sample provided, the exercises within this program have been engineered to the highest quality, and to compliment this attention to detail, the program is accompanied by a unique sound design, compiled by Denver Clay, a leading authority on how sound effects affect the conscious and sub conscious mind. The entire program is specifically targeted to enhance your mood, and assist you in relaxing into your meditative zone.

  • Hypnotica – Metawhore : Metawhore is without a doubt the most controversial autobiography of 2012. The author cleverly fuses athoroughly enteraining life story with thought provoking philosophy. Buried within the pages is a mirror that consistently reflects the sub-conscious of the reader, asking questions of the self usually considered taboo. Humorous, morally challenging, honest, unapologetic and wholly addictive. Metawhore is not just a complelling read but arguably the most sexually inshightful book of the decade.
  • Hypnotica – The Attractivator
  • Hypnotica Master’s Circle Collection : “The truth can hurt you or it can set you free. It’s a choice.”  – Hypnotica
    Want to know why so many men aren’t being successful with women, even though they’re studying like crazy for hours on end?Many of you know I use NLP, neuro semantics, hypnosis, and psychology in my work. I have used these skills to attract intimate encounters, to further my career and to help men and women become happier and more successful in life. And I’ll be using these same skills to infiltrate the minds of these masters; to breakdown their defenses and extract the gems of knowledge they embody. I’ll weave around the banter and debate and collect the gold nuggets of information you need to become more successful with women.Very few people have the extensive and 100 percent necessary experience to carry this out successfully. And this forms a key distinguishing factor between this interview series and any other you might’ve heard before. I will “frame the Game” for you, translating the deeper meanings behind the masters’ words and actions. I will dissect their motivations, highlighting the crucial hidden knowledge, giving you front row access to the naked truth behind their success. I won’t leave you hanging with a bunch of rhetoric you’ll have to spend hours playing psychologist to understand. No. I’ll be there guiding you every step of the way, freeze-framing the tips, strategies and essential life lessons you need to effortlessly integrate optimum success into your game.It Took 20 Years To Create This Circle…And You’re Allowed In!That’s right, it took 20 years of searching for the true warriors of seduction to make these interviews possible. You can’t cultivate a list of masters like this by sending out a few emails. These guys don’t just talk to anyone. These guys value their anonymity, and they won’t share their lives with just any guy in a bar. You won’t catch these guys spouting nonsense on YouTube or writing blog posts with flimsy tips. No, they only share the hidden secrets with others in the circle. Those are the rules of the underground.

    These men aren’t trying to be dating gurus or get famous off the back of web notoriety. Hell, they’ll most likely have me edit out their names and anything that might link their identity to the recording. That is the depth of what we are dealing with here. Like many great warriors, these guys prefer to stay anonymous and remain underground.

    There are no gimmicks. You’ll get one interview each month, one PRICELESS, UNCUT recording that’s yours forever: one pocket-bible of brilliance to help you fine-tune your seduction game. This is 20 years broken down into a monthly education system by the best of the best.

    The monthly recording comes in mp3 format for you to download and listen to on your laptop, iPhone, Android phone, or Tablet. No two recordings will ever be the same. Every month you get a new master on a new recording, with me alongside breaking down the key principles, and highlighting the vital lessons, so that you can make notes as the masters unravel their secrets.

    All You Have To Do Is Listen > Learn > Take Action

    It really is that simple. Each month you’ll get access to an untapped pool of knowledge as I interview a new master. All you have to do is listen, manifest and begin taking action from what you learn.

    Don’t miss this opportunity. Stop wasting time with hearsay and hype and start learning from the real underground masters who’ve been successful with women day-in-day-out for more than 20 years. If you want to let this opportunity pass you by, that’s cool, but good luck finding 20 masters in your area when you do decide to get serious about attracting multiple hot women on a daily basis. It might take 20 years, but then again… it could take longer.

  • Hypnotica-Whitelight, Double Induction, Creative Wonderment, Stonecutter : A Collection of 5 trances, meditation music, and anything that has to do with stimulating or enhancing your mind from the great Hypnotica For best results make sure you have the time free needed, lie down and use good quality headphones making sure the left & right ear plugs are in the correct ears.
    Relax and take the phone off the hook.
    Track list & info…
    Hypnotica – Creative Wonderment 10:09
    An invitation to open up the doors to greater Creativity.Hypnotica – Stonecutter 3:56
    Performed by HypnoticaHypnotica – Whitelight 16:24
    Performed by Hypnotica, music by Denver Clay.
    Healing white light meditation.Hypnotica/Steve Piccus – Double Induction 37:53
    with Hypnotica and Steve Piccus, Music By Denver Clay.
    The Power of Trance.
    A special dual induction session recorded using binaural microphones, specifically engineered for maximum effect when played back using headphones.
    This trance is designed to initiate a person who is new to trance-like effects into the power of the subconscious mind.
  • Hypnotica – Yoga Nidra : Yoga Nidra by HypnoticaA 50-minute meditation, the Yoga Nidra helps in restoring mental, emotional, and physical health by way of relaxation.Yoga Nidra is a wonderful technique, not only for physical or mental relaxation but also for preparing the mind for spiritual discipline.Yoga Nidra helps in restoring mental, emotional, and physical health by way of relaxation. Such a practice helps harmonize two hemispheres of the brain and the two aspects of the autonomic nervous system viz. sympathetic and parasympathetic. The impressions in the subconscious are brought to surface, experienced and removed.Yoga Nidra (\”Yoga sleep\”), is an expression widely used to denote the highest state of consciousness. Although Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep, it is actually a wakeful state of deep introversion. Some contemporary Yoga authorities employ the phrase Yoga Nidra to designate a state of deep relaxation. In the initial stages, the process involves relaxing the body, part by part, and harmonizing the mind. Yoga Nidra, however, is an inner awareness, a movement of consciousness, rather than a deliberate auto-suggestion. You cannot relax by trying to relax. You need to feel relaxed. Yogis also believe that you cannot relax your body unless your mind is relaxed.
  • Hypnotica – Get Over Your Ex : GET OVER YOUR EX
    Heartbreak Reversal HypnosisThey say the first cut is the deepest, but in truth, no matter how old you are, getting over a broken heart is never easy.
    The heartache caused by losing the girl you love hurts like nothing else. It’s a gut-wrenching feeling that leaves you broken. You can’t eat, sleep, work or study.
    You don’t feel like talking, let alone going out with friends. You feel down, lethargic, emotional and empty. Your life has been turned upside down and you don’t know who to talk to or which way to turn. Life feels like it will never be the same again.
    But don’t despair. There is a way to reverse these feelings, find happiness and positively move on with your life.CONSIDER THIS….Think back to when you first met your ex-girlfriend and fell in love. You were so excited; you couldn’t eat, sleep and think about anyone else. Your life was consumed by her every word, movement and touch. All you wanted to do was forget the world and spend each waking moment together.
    Now, let’s take a step back and analyze these feelings for a second. These feelings didn’t come from outer space, and even though looking back it may have felt like a spell, it was actually a neurological process driving your emotions. Basically, a series of chemical reactions in the brain were responsible for making you feel that way. Your “love” chemicals were working overtime, so to speak.NOW CONSIDER THIS….

    Now that you have broken up, a new set of chemicals in the brain are making you feel a whole host of emotions ranging from loss, despair and sadness, to stress, anxiety and anger. So, although you may feel a million miles away from the happiness you once felt, the common factor at play here are chemical processes in the brain. Right now you are feeling the effects of the “breakup chemicals”.


    The Heartbreak Reversal recordings will take you into a state of hypnosis, at which point I communicate with your subconscious mind using subliminal messaging. The subconscious mind controls our emotions, our habits and our responses to the world, and is basically where all this negativity keeping you down in the dumps is coming from.
    By communicating with your subconscious mind I release the negative emotions and thought patterns surrounding your breakup. In a nutshell, I entrain your brain to get over the breakup by reversing the way you feel. I disperse the negative emotions and replace them with positive thoughts and intentions.
    In addition to the two hypnosis recordings, I provide you with a mind-altering exercise that will help eliminate negative thought patterns, bringing you out of the depressive state of mind that consumes your mind and body when you think about your ex-girlfriend.
    By listening to the hypnosis recordings and practicing the exercise on a daily basis, you will naturally release the attachment to your frustration, despair and negativity, and begin to settle back into state of normality.


    These hypnosis recordings won’t make you forget who your ex-girlfriend is; they won’t make you hate her or stop you missing her from time to time, but they will help you climb out of this slump and lift the darkness off of your shoulders.
    These powerful recordings will help relieve the pain, stop the constant flow of negative emotions and bring about a positive mind frame from which to move forward and take back ownership of your life.




Awakening Dominant Male Attitudes by Hypnotica & Steve P

Awakening Dominant Male Attitudes



(This is a Steve Piccus program However i am helping him teach it) Over and over again I see guys from all walks of life that aren’t having the success they want with women. They tell me about all the lengths they go to, the careful stories and lies they create, and all the other bullshit hoops they’ve created for themselves to simply go over and say, “Hi” to a chick with pretty eyes.

Let me tell you something, when women are fantasizing about a guy to write about in they’re sexual diary, they’re not describing a guy like me. They’re not going, “Okay well he needs be an ex-biker who’s a little over weight, with long graying hair, cusses a lot, tell me not to bitch regularly, and he needs to smell like patchouli.”

But I’m dating women half my age… and you know why? Because these days too many men act like a bunch of pussies. They’re afraid to awaken their powerful nature with the traits of a powerful man. You know, stuff like attitude, confidence, and enthusiasm for the things he likes to do.



Deep Phone Seduction by Hypnotica Download

Hypnotica – Deep Phone Seduction Review | Hypnotica – Deep Phone Seduction Download

Hypnotica - Deep Phone Seduction

How to emotionally and sexually stimulate a woman without ever coming into physical contact with her and without the risk of “creeping her out.”
* How to “flip” the usual phone scenario. Instead of the phone being the weakest link in your game, make the phone the most powerful tool in your game!
* The magic words to unlock her deepest sensual desires to make her reach orgasm right over the phone!……

* How to setup a date or “day2″ so that SEX is virtually GUARANTEED!

* How to blow away the time constraints of the “4-10 hour” seduction guideline and do it with virtually no LMR!

* How to frame your interactions with a woman as a you being a sexual teacher and as a result making sex a natural progression in the relationship.

* How to seduce any woman anywhere she can hear your voice!

* How to build a woman’s attraction to you through sexuality.

* How to speak in ways that trigger a woman’s inner imagination. And when you lead her imagination, her body will follow!

* How to get her to feel unsatisfied with her current ‘normal’ phone conversations.

* How to push past the sexual barrier early on so that it doesn’t become an awkward issue in the future.

* How to use advanced NLP concepts and Hypnotica?s exclusive techniques such as “Sexual Fractionation” to give her some of the most intense orgasms she?s ever had!

* How to keep the woman (or women) in your life WILDLY HAPPY!

DVD Disk 1:

* The full-screen version of the trailer.
* Introductions from Hypnotica and Mehow.
* An extended, indepth interview with Hypnotica where he reveals how to:
o Set up the interaction so it leads to sex.
o The intricacies of the sexual teacher frame.
o Hypnotica?s own Double Binds (if you don’t know what they are, you are missing the boat).
o And much, much MORE.

DVD Disk 2:

Go inside the head of a MASTER

* Hypnotica breaks down the entire phone seduction line by line.
* Interview #2 where Hypnotica shows you how to easily apply his game to yours, regardless of who you are.
* Plus TONS of other tips and techniques.

CD: Hear it for YOURSELF

* The live phone seduction, unedited and uncensored. The ONLY such REAL PHONE CALL ever recorded and made available to YOU.


Ultimate Inner Game by Hypnotica Download

Ultimate Inner Game by Hypnotica Review | Ultimate Inner Game by Hypnotica Download

How To Conquer Shyness, Eliminate Nervousness, Fear And Anxiety With Women To So You Can Be The Rock-Solid, Confident Man That Women Are Desperately Looking For…

  • Watch this video and discover how to remove the fears, nervousness, and self-doubt that may be holding you back from succeeding with women…
  • Learn how to overcome internal blockages immediately keeping you from meeting the women of your dreams…
  • What therapists don’t want you to know about how to get rock-solid confidence in days instead of months or years… (if more guys new about this, therapist would go broke)

Are you tired of settling for being less of an “alpha male” than you could be and settling for less success with women than you deserve? Do you often feel “stuck” in your love life, unable to make changes or break through past limiting beliefs? Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can perform at your best and still fall just short of your goal?

Would you like to learn to control you mind and emotions so that you can turn your everyday experiences with women into extraordinary ones? If so, then this may be the most important message you’ll ever read.

Here’s why Ultimate Inner Game wil help you

Most men struggle with their emotions when first learning to meet and date beautiful women. It’s only natural.

Listen, would you expect to run a 26-mile marathon if all your life you’ve never run more than a mile at any give time? Of course not. You have to condition your body to compete in such a demanding and rigorous event.

It’s the same with beautiful and sexy women. The difference is instead of conditioning your body, you have to condition your mind to think and behave in ways that will allow you access the most powerful and useful resources you’ll need be successful with these types of women.

Wouldn’t you love to say goodbye to feelings of unworthiness, shyness, and anxiety, and replace them with resourcefulness, confidence and power? Well, stop wishing and start living, because you are about to…Discover The Vital Tools That Will Help You Tap The Power Of Your Own Mind

For years Hypnotica has been one of the most sought after experts due to his reputation as the “Inner Game Guru.” He is known worldwide for helping men make positive and powerful changes in the way they deal with women and as a result achieve the kind of success they’ve always wanted.

Most dating “gurus” talk about inner game, but fall far short in actually providing you with practical solutions for solving your inner game issues. With his new program, “Ultimate Inner Game”, you can transform your mind and emotions in just days!

In the past this technology was only available to a select few hand picked by Hypnotica himself like Neil Strauss, David DeAngelo, and Mehow. A few lucky students Hypnotica took on in one-on-one $5,000 a weekend sessions. His friends and students convinced him that the knowledge he possesses is so beneficial to men that he just had to make it available to the maximum number of guys he could give support and encouragement to on his forum.

This technology is so powerful that Hypnotica only agreed to make it available under a Non- Disclosure Agreement.

You’ll Be Able To Maintain Your New And Improved Self For Months, Years, And Even Decades To Come

In Ultimate Inner Game by Hypnotica, you’ll learn:

What’s really stopping you and change it once and for all!
How to make negative emotions work in your favor.
Break through past limiting beliefs.
Condition yourself mentally to create staggering results!
How to have more confidence and self-esteem.
And much, much more!
Join Hypnotica as he helps you condition your mind and emotions for unstoppable success with women. He’ll show you how to implement proven strategies and tools for achieving the results you want and deserve – faster than you may have ever imagined!

Now is the time to improve the quality of your love life and experience more happiness and fulfillment with women than you’ve ever had. The kind you’ve watched other guys attain, but didn’t quite know how to achieve for yourself. Until now!

The life you deserve and would love to live can be yours at last!

The “Ultimate Inner Game” 3 DVD set:

Ultimate Inner Game by Hypnotica DVD Disk 1:

Limiting Belief Exercise – Understand what is really holding you back!

Positive Belief Exercise – Feel how ENLIGHTENED you can become.

Eye Scramble Exercise – Where Hypnotica reveals how to:

Virtually eliminate negative memories and the feelings associated with them in minutes.

Scramble phobias so they no longer affect you.

Ultimate Inner Game by Hypnotica DVD Disk 2:

Step outside your reality.

Spatial Anchors Exercise – ELIMINATE APPROACH ANXIETY for good!

Movie Exercise – Learn how to RESTRUCTURE your internal reality to a new, more powerful one.

Football Walk Exercise – Where you learn how to build an empowering future, and step away from a limiting past.

This is an EXTENDED version of the incredible CONFIDENCE BUILDER shown by Hypnotica in Neil’s Strauss’ “The Annihilation Method.”

Ultimate Inner Game by Hypnotica DVD Disk 3

Alignment and More!

Alignment Exercise – Align all the psychological LAYERS of your reality in the same direction. Students doing this exercise reported MAJOR POSITIVE SHIFTS in their thinking.

Bonus Lecture – Hypnotica goes into his FRAME in field, his incredibly powerful EYE CONTACT technique, how to put women in STATE instantly, and much much more.


Hypnotica – Collection of Confidence Download | Hypnotica – Collection of Confidence Review

The Ultimate Confidence Program For Men… Is Finally Here

The Collection of Confidence | Reinventing Yourself, by Hypnotica

“Super Charge Your Confidence & Increase Your Success With Women Overnight”

Discover The Hidden Secrets Behind Cultivating Unbreakable Confidence.
Become The Man Every Woman Wants To Be With.

By Hypnotica, Inner Game Guru, PUA Master & Author of Metawhore

Lacking confidence sucks, I know I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to be frustrated, locked inside a shell that prevents you from speaking with women, let alone securing dates and sexual encounters. It doesn’t stop there either. Lack of confidence affects your work life, your finances, your friendships and your overall happiness and enjoyment of life.

But forget all that. It’s time to put the old you where he belongs; in the past. By landing on this page you have taken one vital step toward a new life. You are going to go from “the average guy” to the guy that gets respect from not just women but also other men. You are going to build the confidence to finally unleash your full potential. There will be no more boring, mundane days. From today onwards your life will be filled with excitement and new encounters with women who find your character, charm, confidence, and aura simply irresistible.

If You Want To Know The Secrets To Developing Exponential Confidence Then Listen Up

Believe it or not, I was once a nerd. I was a nerdy teenager whose first encounters with women were epic failures. So how did I go from nerd to being featured as Rasputin, the pick up master in the bestselling book “The Game”? How did I go from 3rd string dater to internationally respected seminar leader on confidence, dating and relationships?

Let me explain…

There are little known secrets to confidence, yet even when discovered they must be cultivated and mastered. I will fast track you to this mastery using 20 years of trial and error and genuine, real-life experience.

Every successful man, be he successful with women, business, sport or any other life endeavor, has one thing in common. CONFIDENCE. They all have the ability to approach people without fearing the outcome; the ability to speak up at the right times; the ability to seize the moment instead of cowering in a corner and staying silent. People who succeed do so because they cultivate their potential and subsequently manifest success.

Right now you are missing the key ingredients, the ingredients that separate the stallions from the donkeys, the ingredients that separate the losers from the winners.

You’ve seen it; the guy who walks into a room and commands attention immediately. The guy all the girls comment on once he’s left the room. The guy everyone wants to get 5 minutes with and become friends with. That can be you.

  • It’s time to stop living your life in the background
  • It’s time to unleash your full potential
  • It’s time to be the guy people respect
  • It’s time to stop being ignored
  • It’s time to master the core secrets of MASSIVE inner confidence
  • It’s time to start being successful with women!


Once you discover the methods I have spent a lifetime cultivating you will open a new chapter in your life. A haze will be lifted from your head as the road unfolds before you and you seamlessly attract positive experiences into your life. Life will be BIGGER, BRIGHTER, BETTER. You will be amazed! Don’t believe me? Okay…

Ask yourself this. Why Do Those Popular, Successful Guys Seem To Get All The Luck, All The Girls, Make All The Money And Look So Radiant?

I’ll tell you why. Because once you plant the seeds of confidence everything else falls into place naturally. You won’t believe how doors open up with new opportunities, how women appear from nowhere into your life, how money lands effortlessly in your lap. This is the essence of the law of attraction:

Confidence = Positivity = Good Luck = Prosperity

Don’t spend your life waiting in the wings for a perfect moment to come your way, for a moment of clarity where everything makes sense, for a day when you finally get that bit of luck you’ve been waiting for, for that amazing woman to walk into your life and shower you with love. IT WON’T HAPPEN. UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION!


The Collection of Confidence

 – Volume 1 –


The Collection of Confidence is the ultimate personal reinvention kit. It’s time to take off your mask and release your inner man. Become the change today. The program contains 5 CDs (or digital downloads) , each one carefully crafted by myself and designed to propel you toward exponential levels of confidence with women and other key areas of your life.

I developed The Collection of Confidence from the ground up, based upon my own personal life experiences and 20 years of helping thousands of men around the globe master their inner selves. Some say I am the guru that teaches the gurus because I’ve worked with many of the biggest names in the game, guys like,

  • Neil Strauss
  • David DeAngelo
  • Steve Myles
  • Ross Jeffries
  • Mehow

And more….

 Here’s What The Gurus Say About Me:

“Hypnotica is one of the people who has personally helped me at the deepest level, the most fundamental level, helping me get my reality, identity, and belief levels together. He taught me some of the most powerful and useful concepts that I use today.”

~ David DeAngelo, CEO of “Double Your Dating”

“Hypnotica is the Inner Game Guru. The concepts he teaches have been one of the influential factors in my own journey in regards to being more successful in The Game.”

~ Neil Strauss, New York Times Best-Selling Author of “The Game”

But you don’t need to be a guru to master confidence! The techniques contained in The Collection of Confidence are accessible to all. Through this results-driven program you get the privilege of being fast tracked to an abundance of success.

In this powerful 5 CD training program you will learn the following:

  • How to cultivate huge confidence in all areas of your life
  • How to take control of challenging situations
  • How to master the mindset and behavior irresistible to women
  • How to master the traits of a true maverick and leader
  • How to unleash your inner potential and become successful fast
  • How to stop being ignored, rejected and misunderstood

I will take you through one CD at a time, step by step, ensuring you understand every aspect of this essential training. You will learn the purpose and importance of every exercise as we go along. As the training intensifies we will use powerful meditations that feature music from legendary brain entrainment/trance expert, Denver Clay. These meditations are designed to subconsciously reinforce the strategies and manifest your learning for optimum confidence. As the meditations rewire your brain you will start to feel immediate changes. You will feel compelled to act on your new-found confidence, taking your life in to your own hands and shaping your destiny.


CD #1

Step 1 is the foundation level. This is where we gather the building blocks for self-confidence through a process of self-reinvention. You will discover:

  • How to kick start confidence building and set the ball in motion immediately
  • How to understand real purpose and how to recognize your true self
  • A SUPER SEXY SECRET women find irresistible
  • The keys to real change and cultivating results fast
  • How to harness and bring about real change
  • How to embrace the unknown
  • How to let go of self limiting behaviors and thoughts processes
  • How to rewire the way you think, feel and react
  • How to plan and prepare for success
  • How to embrace change and manifest positive results
  • How to cultivate your unique, individual self
  • The Winning 5% Secret you can learn in 59 minutes

Step 1 is first base for building your confidence. Once you complete this step you’ll have a blueprint to use in every area of your life to attract success. From women to your career, this step will give you the mindset for success and prepare you for the secrets contained within STEP 2…


CD #2

Rejection sucks, and luckily you won’t need to deal with it anymore. Because in this step I will lead you through the most effective methods to completely eliminate all rejection from your life. Once free of the rejection that haunts the majority of men, you will begin to see the world in a whole new light, and see the amazing opportunities that are waiting to be realized.

Release your fear by discovering mind-blowing techniques to experience personal and mental freedom. Here’s just a small sample of what I will reveal to you during this life-changing/mind-altering audio training:

  • How to Avoid the “Laziness Trap” that kills 95% of your potential
  • The secret to relentless, compulsive focus
  • The straight up facts about rejection that will shatter everything you thought you knew
  • How to break through the wall holding you back from preventing rejection
  • How to cultivate the spirit of boldness and adventure
  • The ONE THING you need to be super successful with women
  • How to flip rejection on its head and use it to build ULTRA Confidence
  • How to exploit the flexibility of thought and manipulate the MATRIX
  • Learn the SECRET unwritten rule of the universe (unexposed until now)
  • Learn the “What Else” exercise that will force you to break through limiting thought processes in seconds
  • Learn a simple trick that makes approaching women easier than ever before

THERE’S ONE MORE EPIC THING….in this step you will learn a 30 minute exercise that will change your life, forever. This exercise alone is worth thousands of dollars and is available exclusively in The Collection of Confidence.


CD #3

In Step 3 you will take the next valuable pathway in becoming the man you always wanted to be. You will start getting exactly what you want out of life. I will reveal the secrets to getting everything you want by simply expanding your mind beyond the limits you’ve been bound by for so long.

All you have to do is listen and you will be empowered with the following:

  • Efficient decision making skills that will lead to optimum success
  • Master new levels of courage, bravery and fearlessness
  • Learn the 3 simple steps to positive change
  • Become the alpha male women can’t resist
  • Uncover tactics to exponential success cultivation
  • Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of indecision
  • Master the raw power of action
  • Learn how to destroy the “Average Guy Syndrome”
  • Learn how to create the life YOU want to live
  • And finally…learn the unspoken 3-second rule that dating gurus use but never reveal!

But that’s not it…there’s one more exercise in this step that will blow your mind. It’s more powerful than meditation and has a 100% success rate. I can’t talk about it here. All will be revealed inside…


CD #4

In this step I teach you the power of ASSERTIVENESS. Knowing when to assert yourself and how is imperative in taking control of your life. Once you master assertiveness you will become a powerful presence in social situations and command respect from those around you.

Step 4 will provide you with the following knowledge:

  • Learn the power of “NO” and how women find it irresistible
  • The Gift of Assertiveness… and how to maximize its potential
  • How to avoid the aggression holding the majority of men back from success
  • How to harness absolute self-control in every situation
  • Discover how to communicate effectively and stamp your authority on any situation
  • Learn how to command the attention of women and how to obtain the respect of other men.

At this point you will be noticing considerable transformation, both in your natural actions and the reaction of others to your newly developed confidence. You will begin seeing results in all areas of your life, particularly with women and the attraction of success and money. You will feel healthier, more energetic, more motivated and happier.

But wait… there is still one last step to take in your training, one that will allow you to move forward fully-loaded with confidence.


CD #5

In this last step I will share an exercise and a meditation that will allow you to take everything you have learned so far and keep building. Everything you will have learned in the program is the framework required for a prosperous, confident life. But you will need to keep building, practicing and manifesting confidence. The more you do this the more natural confidence will become and settle in your psyche as a natural part of your everyday practice.

During this step, you will discover:

  • The secret to manifesting even more confidence in your life going forward
  • How to build upon your personal vision and not upon the expectation of others
  • How to become fearless, make tough decisions and risks…and how to fully reap the rewards!
  • How to sidestep your old unconfident demons with ease
  • How to fix any broken aspect of your life using one powerful tool
  • How to turn mistakes into lucrative opportunities of abundance

WARNING: The last tool in this box is an exercise so powerful you will only be ready for it once you’ve progressed through the 5-step training. It’s so intense it is capable of breaking those who haven’t walked the path…But don’t worry, you’ll be ready, I assure you.

 All The Tools Required to Build A Strong Foundation Of Confidence
Are Right Here In This Program. Start Becoming The Man You Always
Wanted To Be Today…

Man, I wish I had these tools to tap into when I first started out. Think about it, you get to bypass 20 years of growth by taking on a 5-step training course that includes my tried and tested strategies; the same ones I charge hundreds of dollars in personal coaching sessions to reveal.

And don’t forget, this is just the beginning. These are the seeds, and once planted your life will begin to flourish. You will begin to see so many changes, like…

  • Regularly attracting new female encounters
  • Effortlessly achieving your goals
  • Connecting with new friends
  • Making more money and being more successful in business
  • Felling healthier with more energy and radiance
  • And most importantly…enjoying life and an abundance of prosperity in everything you do!

The Collection of Confidence is a lifelong tool, something you can tap into at any time to further grow your confidence. The more you practice these techniques the more you will get out of them and the more confident you will grow.



Hypnotica Collection (2015) Updates : Hypnotica Master’s Circle Month 20


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