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Pickup 101 – Surefire Attraction Secrets Download

Pickup 101 – Surefire Attraction Secrets Review | Pickup 101 – Surefire Attraction Secrets Download

“Instantly Attract The Kind Of Hot Sexy Women You’ve Always Dreamed About

Hi there…

My name is Lance Mason.

Today I want to share with you the same secret “system” I used to date as many as 5 to 6 women at a time (NEVER less than 2)… for over 8 years straight!

Not only that, but I met my current girlfriend now, using this exact same method… in the gym… and it only took 3 minutes to set up our first date.

It’s so powerful we’ve been dating for almost two years and we’ve not once had a single fight. Seriously.

And I did it all without…

• Going to night clubs, bars and parties…

• Using long, drawn out, scripted routines that someone else made up…

• And without being a great “pickup artist”… good looking… or trying to impress women with money!

In fact, this system will work for you, to create a world where you have an abundance of women and it doesn’t matter one bit if right now you’re…

• Totally clueless about what women really want, think or want in a man…

• Getting some results from the “pickup” information you’ve already studied…

• Just divorced or separated and want to get back into the game…

This system has been proven to work for nearly every “type” of man out there.

Here’s the HARD way to learn this stuff…

In fact, here’s my story: I wasn’t always this good with women. Not by a long shot!

All through high school, I was the classic “nerd”. I sat around and watched all the “jerks” and jocks get all the women I desperately wanted.

Oh I had plenty of women in my life alright… plenty of friends. Women who would cry to me about how they hated their “jerk” boyfriends—but couldn’t bare the thought of leaving them because the sex was just, “Sooooo gooood”.

I was always the nice guy who gave these girls, who I desperately wanted a shot at, a shoulder to cry on, then they’d go off and have sex with their “jerk” boyfriends again. If you’ve ever been in that situation you know how much it sucks. It’s revolting.

Then around the time I got into college I decided I wasn’t going to take it anymore. I was going to figure out how to meet women… get them attracted to me… and have fulfilling relationships with me even if it killed me!

So I started using the “trial and error” method…

I approached… and flirted… and tried every idea I could think of to meet women, get them attracted and date them. I was in college so this was all during the day time on campus… but… luckily I was a nerd and kept track of my progress—what was working and what was making me crash and burn.

It was HARD work. I didn’t even know there was a “how to pick up women community”. And I had no friends to back me up. I only had myself and the laws of cause and effect to back me up.

Trust me, you do NOT want to learn this stuff this way. Put plainly: it SUCKS.

Imagine trying to learn Kickboxing without taking any classes… without reading any books… but by just jumping in a ring with a prize fighting champ. That’s about how easy it is to learn by the “trial and error” method.

You get beat up. A LOT.

BUT… eventually… I got better. In fact, in 1994 I kept track of every woman I approached and found that 50% of the women I talked to would later meet me for a coffee or a first date.

Glowing Reviews from our Students:

I am unbiased, and have no agenda … for me its all about cost and results. Based on the results I am getting now, I would recommend PU101 to others like me. I’m 31, I was very new to the whole seduction process, I’m a professional guy who was moderately good with women coming into the program, and PU101 definitely opened my eyes and helped me get to the next level.”

-Russell, New York

I thought this program is A+, solid material.”

-John, Chicago

There was *so* much material in this presentation, it’s hard to convey.”

-D.W., San Francisco

It’s not about learning tips and tricks and trying to fit oneself into somebody else’s method. It’s about bringing out your natural attractors.”

-Steve T.

These guys go into specific details where others teach in generalities. This will increase my success at least 200% or more!

– Brian A.

That’s pretty darned good. That means out of every 2 girls I talked to, I knew, with mathematical (yes nerdy) certainty I would be going on a date later with at least one of them.

Of course, the fact that I was in a college campus environment helped a lot… but those are still pretty impressive odds– and it just got better.

Around this time I made a rule for myself: I wasn’t allowed to date one woman at a time. This kept me approaching and meeting new women daily… and learning from each (sometimes painful!) experience.

It didn’t stop after college…

Now, let’s take a closer look at what you’ll be learning. First up, nothing happens until you approach a woman and initiate a conversation with her. We call this ‘opening’, and in the first Surefire Attraction Secret Audio Download of the power pack you’ll learn exactly how to…

Surefire Attraction Secret #1: How To Easily Start A Conversation

Open conversations with hot women  like a hot knife through butter!

You’ll discover the methods of opening used by only the best pick-up artists! These foolproof methods have been field tested thousands of times and work every time when done correctly.

Most men think ‘opening’ is all about the first words to come out of your mouth. The reality is, nothing could be farther from the truth. I’ll teach you the secrets of making a powerful first impression as well as how to create opening statements to hook women faster than a live shiner hooks a fish.

Skyrocket your odds of getting women to pay attention to you immediately, without yelling at them, wearing outrageous outfits, or making a fool of yourself. You’ll learn what it takes to approach women, any where, any time. And absolutely no cheesy pick-up lines allowed. Ever!

More than theory, you’ll get a complete breakdown of each of the critical parts of starting a conversation so you’ll have more fun, more phone numbers, and more dates.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll get on Surefire Attraction Secret Audio Download

  • A simple psychological ‘hot button’ you can push within seconds of meeting a woman says to her, you are the kind of man who has an abundance of women in his life. (She’ll work like crazy to ‘steal’ you away from the competition) [Minute 21]
  • How to get a woman to feel like she’s totally alone with you, even if she’s standing right next to an army of friends, co-workers, and/or competing guys. (This solves the age-old problem of trying to get her to leave her friends) [Minute 25]
  • The 2 CLASSIC mistakes men make when approaching a woman, and how to make sure you always avoid them. [Minute 36]
  • The single biggest ‘deal killer’ 97% of all guys make, which DESTROYS attraction faster than a speeding bullet. (This is how most guys ‘train wreck’ their relationships too)
    [Minute 8]
  • How to easily interrupt any conversation and have people HAPPY you did. (Most women are bored and will THANK you for ‘rescuing’ them) [Minute 42]
  • The 4-step mental process ALL humans go through which allows you to TAP into their minds and get them focused on you (This one piece of knowledge can easily TRIPLE your success in opening) [Minute 33]
  • 3 steps you should ALWAYS do when approaching a woman (Leave just one out and you may blow it) [Minute 41]
  • The 2 different kinds of space around people, and which one is VITAL to your success when approaching an attractive woman. [Minute 15]

Okay, you’ve ‘opened’ a conversation. You’ve got her focused on you. Cool… you’re in!

Sometimes, it’s all you need to get a woman instantly attracted to you, but it’s rarely enough to get her to sleep with you. Unless she’s got a real self image problem, she’s going to need more from you to even consider you as a guy she wants to spend more time with.

But there’s an irony in all of this, you need to show her your personality and some things about you to throw some gasoline on the flames of attraction, but how do you convey your personality with out having to brag about yourself like some clown who is totally in love with himself.

There is only one FOOLPROOF and reliable way to do this, and you’ll learn it on the second Surefire Attraction Secret Audio Download as we tell you about the art of…

Surefire Attraction Secret #2: Storytelling
Simple Secrets To Telling Stories Women Love!

Once you’re able to walk up to any woman and get her focused on you, you’ll need something to say to set you apart from all the other guys, to keep you from being logical, and keeps you from using boring ‘interview’ type questions.

Someone once said, “comedians get laid more than rock stars”, how is this possible? The secret is in the stories they tell.

It’s a killer way to demonstrate your personality, and to highlight your most attractive qualities, all while you are making people laugh and have a great time. Even a short story, when done right, can’t help but get women attracted to you.

So what are the elements of a good story? You’ll find out exactly and more as you learn how to use the PickUp 101’s Story Generator techniques you’ll learn on this Surefire Attraction Secret Audio Download to create stories so compelling, so funny, women will forget about everything else and focus on you.

You’ll learn what a great story is made up of, PLUS… you’ll also hear actual stories PickUp 101 instructors and clients use with women, told by the guys who use them so you can hear how they do it.

  • A clever ‘Mechanics Guide’ to creating kick-ass stories women love. Get ready for an accelerated graduate level course in advanced storytelling. (What you learn will rock your world… and hers!) [Minute 20]
  • The downright SNEAKY way to say amazingly wonderful things about yourself inside a story (This is so powerful, I almost prevented it from being released) [Minute 9]
  • How to create a perfect opening line to make starting a conversation easy, and NEVER set off her ‘geek alarm’! [minute 27]
  • The 3 absolutely critical elements your story MUST have before you tell it to any woman. (Once you know these you can easily create kick-ass stories in no time flat any time you need to) [Minute 22]
  • Why it’s critical to use material out of YOUR own life, instead of using some lame ass story any guy can look up on the Internet. (You’ll never be embarrassed by a girl ‘googling’ your material and finding it on a seduction site) [Minute 41]
  • How to make your stories so fascinating women won’t even notice when the other guy arrives with drinks! [Minute 31]
  • How to use your story like a nuclear bomb to blow away your competition, and watch them skulk away dejected like a dog with it’s tail between his legs. (Yes a good story is THAT powerful) [Minute 35]
  • The 4 ways even an average story will immediately BOOST your success with women. – [Minute 14]
  • The secret method to making women INSANE with curiosity about what you’ll say next. (She’ll literally be begging you to tell your story) [Minute 18]
  • 5 essential things you must do when telling the story. (It’s not enough to just have a good story, you’ll also learn how to deliver it for maximum effect) [Minute 29]

Storytelling is an important skill to use for meeting women which goes way beyond ONLY meeting women. It’s an important part of being social, and is useful in networking, business, and making people feel comfortable around you.

Listen, the only way we could make this any easier would be to create the story for you (if you come to my Art of Attraction workshop, we actually DO create the story for you).

Now you’ve got storytelling down, in the next Surefire Attraction Secret Audio Download I’ll show you how to…

Surefire Attraction Secret #3: Banter Become The Playful Flirt Hot Women Adore

Next you’ll learn one of two most powerful attraction techniques we teach, the nuclear powered attraction generator known as ‘Banter’.

Banter is defined as “Good-humored, playful conversation” and “To speak to in a playful or teasing way.” Most guys are terrified to talk to women like this, and it’s a damn shame, since WOMEN LOVE IT!

You’ll discover why banter actually works better for building instant attraction than almost anything else we teach and how it’s not only easy… it’s FUN.

When done correctly women will become attracted to you so fast… you might not actually believe it when you see it happening. In fact, the single most common problem my clients have when I first teach them how to banter is, women will attracted and the guy doesn’t notice. He’ll keep on going oblivious to this woman who now wants his attention, and the woman will get frustrated and leave. It’s a much better problem than not knowing what to say (and an easy one to fix).

Believe me… you add banter to what you’ve already learned about successful opening, and your killer story, and you’ll be unstoppable. Your friends will wonder how you do it. They’ll stand around while you have all the women wanting to hang out with you because you’re FUN to be with.

Here’s a sampling of the tasty morsels on Surefire Attraction Secret Audio Download 3…

  • Discover how to make sure YOU’RE the guy who gives her the most fun she’s had in months. (Anyone can do this, whether you THINK your funny or not) – [Minute 6]
  • How to burst out of a dry-spell rut immediately… by tapping into a new fun playful way for meeting women like you’ve never had before. (when it’s fun – it’s easy, and when it’s easy… it’s a BLAST!) [Minute 28]
  • A Quick and easy way to start playful banter with a woman and works every time. (You’ll be able to do this right away) [Minute 12]
  • The “little secret” which acts like an instant aphrodisiac to women! (She’ll never realize your using her built in attraction mechanisms to get past her dork shields and dweeb defenses)
    [Minute 21]
  • How to use banter to KEEP attraction going when you are in a relationship. (Your woman will never even think about other guys when you know how to keep her hot for you.) [Minute 9]
  • You will never again be blind sided by negative reactions, blow outs, or other ‘girl tests’… even when they seem to come out of nowhere! (The best part is, women DREAM of finding a man who won’t take their crap) [Minute 43]
  • How to get her laughing like she’s known you for years in less than 15 seconds, and fire up her attraction for you in less than a minute… even if she’s in a crappy mood! [Minute 25]
  • The important difference between being playful and being a jerk. (Being a jerk doesn’t actually work, by the way. If you want to be a jerk, I’m NOT the guy to teach you) [Minute 34]

Listen, I could just stop right here, and you’d probably be totally satisfied. In fact once you get good with these methods, this material alone can get you dates as fast as you can meet new women.

But, why stop there, there’s more… lot’s more. In fact, the 4th Surefire Attraction Secret Audio Download of our Surefire Attraction Secrets goes even deeper into the concepts of opening and how to INSTANTLY generate attraction. Here’s where you’ll discover

Surefire Attraction Secret #4: Secrets of Direct & Indirect Approach | How To Approach A Woman and Get Instant Attraction!



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