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Pickup101 – Zero Drama Dating and 60 Minute Seductions Deluxe DVD Course

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too…

Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies, Date Without Drama, AND Settle Down With An Amazing Woman… On YOUR Terms 

…Don’t miss out on your only chance to steal over 20 years of my experience and use it for yourself!”

Dear Friend,

Statistics don’t lie:

Over 50% of marriages will end in divorce, and over 75% of people who remarry will divorce…

Plus, 55% of married women admit to cheating on their husbands at some point during their marriage…

What’s more, this is just the amount of people who admit to having been unfaithful, which means the percentages are really MUCH higher …

Clearly, one of the most important decisions you can make in your life is who you decide to spend it with… the mother of your children. In fact, it’s so important I call it the “50 year decision” because the consequences of that decision will affect your life for at least 50 years afterwards.

What’s more: even if you’re still “sowing wild oats” and you’re not yet ready to settle down with one woman… you desperately need to read this message. It goes without saying that managing 4-6 girlfriends at a time… keeping them all happy… and keeping it all drama free is at least as hard as raising children (probably even harder!)

That’s why I’m writing you this letter today, to offer you the information you absolutely NEED to have if you want your relationships with women to finally make sense… be more fun, passionate, and drama-free!

It was possibly the most secretive “Invitation Only” Event of its kind in the world… And YOU have Exclusive Access to the most JUICY bits-

No more “Missing Pieces”, All the information I know about creating the amazing relationships YOU want…

I hear from men around the world that the information they’re getting from other sources is only teaching them “half the puzzle” but leaving them frustrated in creating the relationships they really want.

There are “missing pieces” to their relationship skills they would desperately love to fill in… but they simply don’t know where to look or what to do to get that final missing connection.

I’m willing to bet you’ve experienced this too. After attending a workshop, you’ve found you now have more choice with women than ever before… however you have some sticking points in creating the relationships you really want with the women you’ve been meeting.

By the way, that’s exactly what I mean when I say “seduction”. It’s the process of seducing a woman into your personal little world where she is happier… more satisfied… and more fulfilled living by your rules—whatever rules you choose for the relationship.

The truth is: we’ve all been there… and that’s why I think this product contains some of the most valuable information I’ve ever shared!

Does this sound like hype? Does it sound TOO good to be true?

Listen to what Daniel Johnson, one of my head coaches, had to say about his results with women after attending just part of the live program:

“I’d worked with Lance for a long time and I thought I’d heard everything he had to say. But, I was amazed to find over the weekend that I had so much more to learn. I was inspired by the new possibilities that I saw before me. He showed me new ways of having profoundly satisfying relationships. I left the weekend feeling like a little kid with a bunch of new toys… I found the places where I’d been holding myself back and replaced them with a new sense of optimism, whether it was ways of getting more and hotter sex, or ways of keeping a woman happier and more satisfied. Since the workshop, not only have I enjoyed more fulfilling relationships, but the women in my life are happier too. And, now my relationships are easy and fun, the women never complain and are always eager to please me. “

-Daniel Johnson

The information I shared at this event will change your life forever. For example, have you ever been in a relationship with a woman where everything is great, she seems to be really happy, and you’re both totally comfortable with no underlying tension. Then one day, probably after you hadn’t seen her for a little while, you see her again and everything has totally changed. She has seemingly flipped out… become a totally different person… and in most cases the relationship ends soon after…

Most guys can relate to the previous situation, and the truth is it’s simple to fix… once you know the secret. And be best part is, knowing how to fix this situation before it happens is also the key that unlocks drama-free relationships with women forever.

Why am I Releasing this as a Product?

The truth is, I didn’t plan on releasing this to the general public. I mean, most people can NOT handle the information I revealed… no one REALLY wants to know the brutal truth of how women really think and work. It’s quite literally one of the scariest experiences for most men to see with vicious honesty how women operate… and what it takes to keep them happy.

Add to that, we’re a very “woman-friendly” company and want attendee’s girlfriends and the world-famous supergirls to attend our seminars… But without a solid foundation of our philosophy and respect towards women, many of these ‘Highest-Level’ ideas could be misunderstood.

I mean, we’re becoming too big of a company now for me to keep revealing this incredibly sensitive information. I’ve been in USA Today, CNBC, and other big publications and while we’re becoming more public of a company… some of this information is just too powerful.

Plus, the information about seducing multiple women… making crazy, kinky sexual fantasies come true… and having just the relationships YOU want is definitely so out of the realm of what is thought of as “normal” that it could ruin us as a company if it word got out I was teaching this stuff!

“I wish I could listen to this again and again!”

“Hey Lance,

I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed AOS. I also wanted to ask you a favor. I know you are not going to release this as a product and given the “sensitive” nature of some of the topics, I can understand why you would be reluctant to do so. I was wondering if you would be willing to release the audio of the first day and a half. The concepts were very strong, significant and I don’t recall anything from the first day and a half that wouldn’t be considered “integrity based”. (I don’t think the stuff about xxxxxxxxxx wasn’t integrity based, but my best guess is that some, who were not at the seminar might get the wrong idea… (smile).. It doesn’t matter how good of a speaker you are, (and you are) it’s impossible for anyone to absorb so much material over such a long time span. I really wish I had the opportunity to listen to the material again and again. Any thoughts?”

– Syd Gubin

Introducing, for the First and Last time Ever…Zero-Drama Dating,60-Minute Seductions, and the Art of Relationships

The Zero Drama Dating Limited Re-Release Edition

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll see when you watch Zero-Drama Dating…

DVD #1: How to Get What You Want

This DVD sets the stage of deciding what it is you want out of a relationship, whether that means Getting a Girlfriend, Getting a Wife, or various other ‘lifestyle choices’

The ONE thing you should NEVER do with a woman, no matter how long you’ve been dating her. (WARNING: the more you care about a woman the more you’ll want to do this… and the more it will damage your relationship!)

• Why traditional relationship advice is not only wrong… but will absolutely set you up to be miserable with your woman… and it will probably drive her away into another man’s arms as well!

The number one rule you must ALWAYS remember that will make you totally impervious to any “tests” any woman will throw at you… Plus, what to do if you ever get angry with something your woman does

• How to be in control with a woman in the way SHE wants (if you’re controlling, you’re woman will only feel smothered and want to get out of the relationship… but if you learn how to correctly control the relationship—she will absolutely crave time with you and only you)

• How to keep a girl on her toes because she feels like you could be gone at any moment… without putting pressure on the relationship, manipulating her, or making her feel bad (this will always frame you as the “prize” in the relationship that she has to work to keep happy—which surprisingly will make her feel more sexy, more feminine, and happier overall. If you want real “power” in your relationships, you absolutely need to know this secret!)

• How to identify and fix problems right away in nearly any relationship, BEFORE they cause trouble!

• An incredibly powerful way to “frame” (think about) your relationship that gives you absolute control and power in your relationship, plus, it automatically makes the woman you’re involved with happier as a result (if you’ve ever felt like there was nothing you could do in your past relationships to make them better, then you desperately NEED to know this secret!)

DVD #2: Dating Multiple Women (and have them OK with it!)

In DVD #2, we talk about how to set up the type of relationship you want, and why it is the most important thing you have to do. We also go over:

• How to get multiple girlfriends that all crave you and no one else?

You want to have crazy, freaky, passionate and care-free one night stands with the hottest “club girls”?

• Do you want to experience multiple women at the same time?

Or even if you want a committed, white-hot relationship… with one women… who totally turns you on—for the rest of your life…

And that’s not all, you’ll also discover…

• The number one thing from a woman’s life that will dictate her responses to EVERYTHING that is happening in the relationship (once you know this, easy to figure out how she will react to almost any situation in the future… plus, you’ll discover how you can “rewire” her to react the way you want her so you’re both happier in the future!)

The number one secret (not one in a thousand men know) that will make your woman say things like, “Just being around him makes me a better person” (this is one of the master keys to making nearly any relationship AWESOME!)

• How to give your woman the visceral experience of taming you… without… her actually doing it! (Romance novels are still the highest selling category of novels, because EVERY woman without fail dreams of the most popular theme of these books which is taming the wild, “alpha male” – you’ll discover how to give always keep your woman happy by using this)

The exact reason why NOTHING is impossible with relationships and you can have anything your REALLY want (It doesn’t matter if it’s two girls at the same time, all the time; multiple long term girlfriends; or even a committed relationship that stays “honeymoon white-hot” for the rest of both your lives—anything you want you can have it once you discover these secrets!)

• Why learning how to be promiscuous from Bill Clinton can actually be good for your relationship (Plus, why Howard Stern’s strict monogamy earned him a divorce)!

Why you absolutely should date multiple women—the answer might surprise you (this is even more true if you ever want to settle down with just one woman for the rest of your life!)

DVD #3: Creating Casual Relationships

It’s surprising, but true. The reason most long-term relationships fail is because the relationship wasn’t created right in the first place In this DVD, you’ll discover how you can keep yourself from falling into this trap.

• Why you should never, EVER, tell a woman you’re “seeing other people” or just in a “casual relationship phase” right now… if you want to keep seeing her (almost all the other ‘pickup community’ information is DEAD wrong about this!)

How eating an ice cream cone is the secret to getting a woman to do anything wild and sexy you can imagine… especially if she’s initially uncomfortable with it.(Trust me … you’ll understand when you see the video!)

• Why I never worry about girlfriends hearing about me dating other women, or seeing me out in public with other women… plus, why women don’t get mad at me for dating other women if they ever find out (this is simple to do, once you know the secret!)

How to tell her EXACTLY what you want without having to have the dreaded “Relationship Talk,” (and why having it will RUIN your relationship)

• How to guage Where your Relationship is, and how to destroy any potential problems before they even materialize…

DVD #4: Surefire Steps to Keep Her Faithful

Most men don’t realize that keeping her happy and making sure she never cheats on you is actually harder than finding the one perfect woman for YOU…

(BUT — You CAN Do This and I’ll Show You Exactly How!)

Dating multiple women is fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not something I’d want to do for the rest of my life. In fact, my recommendation for most guys is to date multiple women so you learn more about yourself, how women work and how to keep them happy.

Why? Because it’s actually easier to have crazy, kinky experiences with multiple women than it is to have a “perfect” relationship with just one woman. I can teach you how to attract the future mother of your children and keep her happy… keep the relationship white-hot and full of passion… with virtually no drama… and no fears of her ever cheating on you.

If you want to discover my secrets for keeping this type of perfect relationship strong… then you absolutely MUST join me at this seminar. It WILL change your life, especially if you’ve ever been in a long-term relationship or marriage that ended with her cheating on you… or just badly and you didn’t know how or why it happened.

The best part is: it’s so EASY to keep a woman happier with you than she ever has been in her life… once you know the secrets. Once you do—she’ll never want to be with another man… it’s that simple and that powerful. And I’ll show you everything I know when you watch Zero-Drama Dating.

And that’s not all, you’ll also discover…

• 3 strikes and you’re out! Save yourself YEARS of pain and disappointment when you discover my most powerful rule of disqualifying women—you’ll discover what the red flags are to look out for, and how to spot them right away. It used to take me 6 months… then one month… now I can spot them within 2 minutes of talking with a woman.

(For example, one of our head instructors wanted to get serious with a woman and I had chatted her up for about 20 seconds and told him it was a bad idea, that she was crazy. He didn’t believe me and dated her anyways… result? She turned out to be one of the worst relationships of his life and he wasted months with her!)

Why you should wait longer than you think to get married… even if… you’re tired of the dating game and want to settle down right away

• How to make a woman smile and be happy while telling her bad news that would normally make her flip out, get pissed or just sad and depressed (this secret is so simple, you’ll kick yourself for not figuring it out before!)

What to do so she’ll never get Jealous… and even help set you up with other women! (This alone is worth the total amount of the Product!)

• The Sneaky Little Relationship Killer that practically FORCES your woman to Cheat… and How to Avoid it Completely!

If all this Great information wasn’t enough,Check out what you’ll learn from 60-Minute Seductions…

Most men don’t realize that THEY are the ones who hold themselves back from experiencing the relationship fantasies they’ve always dreamed about…

For example, in the last seminar I asked the audience to raise their hand if they could think of a relationship or fantasy with a woman that they knew was absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to have.

Nearly half the room raised their hand. And each time a student gave their description of an impossible relationship or fantasy with a woman… almost without fail I had either experienced it or personally knew someone who had.

What surprised everyone even more was 9 times out of 10, after one student described an impossible situation I could find a person in that very audience who DID that very same thing!

This means, no matter how crazy… no matter how out of the realm of normal social boundaries, or what is considered “normal”, of a relationship you want with a woman (or women!) there is someone who has done it before you… even better – I’ve probably done it and I’m willing to teach you how to make it happen in your life!

Check out some of the tasty morsels that you’ll see on 60-Minute Seductions:

DVD #1: Escalation

Do you know exactly how to move things forward, or are you fumbling in the dark hoping you’re successful? DVD #1 tells you why what most guys do is secretly killing their chances with women…

Are you doing any of these:

Why doing what you’re “supposed to do” isn’t respectful – it’s making her frustrated!

• The most important giveaway that communicates that you’re not comfortable moving things forward, and the simple way to avoid it!

The Secret “It Just Happened…” technique… (Use this sparingly… It’s TOO Powerful for Everyday Use!)

• When you’re getting more intimate with a woman, often she’ll tell you “no” just to test you to see if you react this certain way… and… if you do – she won’t sleep with you. You need to know how to past this “test” if you want to get more intimate, more often!

How to turn the tables around & make HER ESCALATE (Most Dating Gurus have NO idea how this works!)

• The Most Important Thing that you Need to Know About Her… (By not knowing this, You’ll Fail 100% of the time!)

Why the advice you got in high school about getting to first base, second, then third and trying to steal home will set you up for MORE resistance when trying to sleep with a woman… and… the simple strategy you should adopt instead which makes her more comfortable and ready for action!

DVD #2: The Supergirls Tell ALL!

In DVD #2, I talk about the nitty-gritty details on turning off her Logical mind and taking her on a sensual, emotional journey…

The Supergirls join me for an In-Depth Talk about What Works for Them, and Show You how to Avoid the Biggest Mistakes Guys Make with Amazing Women!

You’ll also learn:

Why sex just isn’t an “act”… and the 7 deeper meanings sex could have for your woman (once you find out which one of these she connects with and you appeal to it throughout sex—HOLD ON!)

• The number one thing a woman desperately NEEDS to be able to tell her friends after she has had sex with you (if you try to get her to do something which would keep her from being able to tell her friends this afterwards, you’ll always get resistance!)

Your #1 Enemy – Do you know what it is? (Hint: It’s NOT Last Minute Resistance!)

• When it comes to seducing a woman… you can try ANYTHING once – as long as you follow this one simple rule!

DVD #3: Reading HER Signals

OK, you’ve got her at your place… She’s interested… At least you think she is… If you pay close enough attention, Women will Actually Tell you how to Seduce them… DVD #3 shows you what cues to look for, what pitfalls to avoid, and WHY it all works!

“When in Doubt—Whip It Out!” This is one of the most powerful (and ballsy) rules of seduction (it will save you time and time again!)… and… you’ll learn how to put it to work for you immediately!

How Equestrian Jumping relates to Seduction… (If you mess this up, You’ll end up in your bed Alone Every Time!)

• The Magic Phrases that allow you to Break All The Rules (no, it’s not “Nice Shoes, let’s F#^k!”)

When “No” Actually Means “Not Right Now”… And how to know EXACTLY which one it is…

DVD #4: Field-Tested Seduction Techniques

There she is… You’re walking the tightrope of success or failure… The only thing that can make you crash and burn is if you do something stupid…

Lance and his Crack-Team of Instructors SHOW YOU Their Favorite Seduction Techniques and WHY each one works!

• How to avoid the “dark side” of learning pickup and dating by keeping yourself focused on what you really want… and… not getting sidetracked by unhealthy goals.

How women can tell whether or not you’re the type of guy who actually gets women in his bed… Or if you’re ‘all talk.’ (and the Perfect way to Project Sexuality without being creepy or slimy.)

DVD #5: Know when to Say “No”

How many times have you gotten into a relationship with a woman, and something just felt ‘off’ …and you go there anyway, just to have it Crash and Burn in your face?

DVD #5 gives you my best stuff about why you should listen to that little voice inside your head and what ‘Red Flags’ to look out for when it comes to women…

You’ll also learn:

• Why most girls think of sex as “currency” and how this keeps you both from having mind-blowing, passionate experiences with each other. And how to reframe her view of sex with you so this is no longer an issue!

What a Parrot on a Girl’s shoulder says about a girl… (and no, she wasn’t a Pirate!)

• How to know if a woman is using you for your money… how to keep from training her to be a gold digger (for most guys even if the girl is really sweet they accidentally train her to be a gold digger – and no it goes much deeper than just spending money on her all the time)

“Will having sex with so many hot women, so often, ‘Ruin’ me for life?
Will I be able to have a normal, monogamous, marriage?”

The information I have on this DVD is so powerful, you’ll be asking yourself questions like this as well!

And it doesn’t matter if you can only have one-night flings with women now, but you can’t keep a steady girlfriend happy… or you have a steady girlfriend now and have never had a one-night stand before in your life… the information I’ll teach you will allow you to create the relationships in your life that YOU want – at will.

Even more important: there’s a LOT of misinformation out there about what it takes to have happy relationships. It’s not just traditional relationship advice that’s wrong either… it’s commonly held “pickup community” knowledge that’s leading men astray. The truth is: a lot of what is being taught is actually destructive to both your happiness… and… the happiness of the women you’re with.

If you follow what some of the other pickup artists are teaching out there, you might get to the point I did where I was under so much stress from trying to do what I was told was right—that I didn’t even want to meet anymore women. I NEVER want you to have to go through that!

I’m going to give you the “straight scoop” on what works and what doesn’t… even if… it flies in the face of all the other information being taught by other companies (I don’t care if they get mad at me). The information I’m sharing with you is NOT theory… it’s NOT what I think works… it’s what I have proven—in my OWN relationships—to keep me and the women I’m dating happier than ever with almost zero drama.

What I’m doing is divulging everything — I mean every last little secret I know about having incredible, happy, fulfilling relationships with women… for a night or a lifetime… including secrets I’ve never revealed before.

We’re not done yet, I also share…

• Why one of the most powerful frames you can adopt to keep a woman feeling comfortable, happy and attracted to you is: “I lie to girls”!

Why getting almost ANY question from a woman you’re dating is BAD!

• How to make a girl feel like it’s fate and happy that you’re dating her casually… without her feeling like she’s deciding it’s OK for you to sleep with other women (which makes her feel like a slut) or feeling manipulated (You’ll be blown away with how powerful this technique is!) Plus, you’ll discover why this is a great way to start ANY relationship especially if you think it might ramp up to something serious!

Why discovering EVERYTHING is your fault in a relationship actually makes it EASIER to keep your relationship fun, passionate, and romantic!

It sounds harsh, but this simple rule will actually give you more personal power, authority and choice with the woman you’re dating. Plus, you almost can’t help but to keep her happier as a result of adopting this powerful “frame” of mind!

And there’s more…

• How to instantly take a woman out of a pissed off, “drama queen” mood and into a happy, excited one with a technique you’re probably already using to pickup women in bars (just apply it to your relationship and you’ll be astonished at the results!)

• My bullet-proof six month rule to guarantee you’re going to be happy in a relationship or you walk.

Whenever a woman is asking you a hard relationship question, she’s really only asking this one question and if you know how to answer her (without actually directly answering her) your relationship will stay passionate and drama free!

The simple mistake that nearly all men dating women make… that actually encourages women to cheat on them (this is especially true of men in serious relationships!)

• Plus, much, MUCH more!

Here’s your chance…


Zero Drama Dating comes with 4 High Quality DVDs (with over 5 hours of footage!) with all the hidden secrets you need to structure ANY relationship you have that are fun, meaningful, and WITHOUT DRAMA.

60-MINUTE SEDUCTIONS has 5 High Quality DVDs which show you every step of the way to seduce that Hot, Sexy Girl of your Dreams!

THE COMMUTER QUICK-START AUDIO PACK has, Get This, 21 Audio CDs of ALL the information I present here… It’s the perfect size to keep in your car when you commute to work!

As you can see the value here is tremendous, but for this special ONE-TIME only release I’m pulling out ALL the stops…

I’m Pulling Out All the Stops for This  One-Time Only Release of ZERO DRAMA DATING AND 60 MINUTE SEDUCTIONS…

Underground Bonus #1:Art of Seduction Underground

Two years ago I had a closed-door, invitation-only sneak-peek of what later became the 60-Minute Seductions and Zero-Drama Dating Workshop.

We held it over at my house, the infamous “Project San Francisco.”

My living room was jam-packed with people, heck even my roommates had to sit on the stairs, there wasn’t enough room.

Heck, most of my most Senior Instructors were soaking up every word… We even had one student who took over 100 pages of notes, but you don’t have to – Just pop in the DVDs, and you’ll have access to my best stuff, right in the comfort of your own home.

A Total Brain-Dump of my Best Knowledge…

Lance at Art of Seduction: Underground

I talked until the wee hours of the morning on every kind of topic– and I used all kinds of examples from my own personal life.

Here are a just a few:

How to inject white-hot passion and romance into ANY relationship… even if… you’ve been together for YEARS and the relationship has already cooled off!

• Why I tell my girlfriend what she can wear in my apartment… give her career advice… how to clean my apartment… and generally order her around—And it makes her feel MORE sexy, feminine and happier with me than any other guy!

How to have a woman smile from ear to ear and jump up and down with excitement when you tell her you want to have an open relationship (you won’t be that blunt, Lance will tell you exactly what he says to make it work… and what he said that didn’t work)

• Exactly what Lance did to help his dorky, computer nerd roommate get his girlfriend back after she was dating a celebrity.

How to Train Your Woman to WANT to give you the most Raunchy, Dirty Sex you Want – Every Day! (And no, it doesn’t take Hypnosis, or any ‘Strange Stuff’ to get her to do it!

It won’t win an Oscar

I hadn’t planned on filming it, but two interns SLAVED AWAY to film the entire thing for our archives.

What else could be the perfect bonus for our launch to my best customers, but to give them my most Secret, “AoS Underground” Footage?

The information in the Art of Seduction Underground Seminar just by itself, would be an absolute STEAL at $997.00, but you get it FREE…

Bonus DVDs
Daniel Johnson – Three Minute Threesomes DVD
Dan Mangano and Joe Brody – Working the Room
He Said, She Said with Robbie and Raquel

3 Powerful Reasons Why You Absolutely NEED to Watch these DVDs:

• Powerful Reason #1: This is the last time we’ll reveal these “hardcore” secrets! We’ll probably never teach anything like this ever again… at least not in the full, uncensored, ultra-exclusive format you’ll experience with Zero-Drama Dating and 60-Minute Seductions.

We’re simply growing into too big of a company and the freaky, hardcore, sex secrets we share… the ultra-powerful seduction and “absolute power and choice” relationship management secrets I’ll share… are just too much for the general population to discover.

• Powerful Reason #2: One of the most helpful parts of the weekend was the interactive Question and Answer sessions.

After I had taught everything I had to teach in the first day and a half I opened it up for questions from the audience! I spent the rest of the night, answering every question the audience threw at me.

They grilled me for hours on end about everything I knew about seduction… making sex sizzle… keeping long-term relationships white-hot (which… by the way… is something I have done successfully, unlike a lot of pure “pickup artists” who can’t keep a relationship going who give men dating advice)… advanced pickup techniques… every problem the audience members were having – I gave the answer to.

Many said this part of the seminar alone was worth the entire price of admission… and I’d be inclined to agree. Especially when you consider…

• Powerful Reason #3: Learn the same information from me and pay a miniscule fraction of what the Art of Seduction attendees paid!

Lance Mason – Zero-Drama Dating and the Ten Greatest Mistakes Men Make with Women

Lance speaks in a powerpoint-style presentation and talks on the 10-greatest mistakes men make with women as covered in the Zero-Drama Dating.

Zero Drama Dating Dream Team Calls

Carlos Xuma with
Brent Smith with
John Alanis with
Eric Disco with PickUp 101
Daniel Johnson With PickUp 101
Sean Stephenson with Inner Game Magazine
Shelley McMurtry
2007 Art of Seduction “All Questions Answered” Calls



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