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Warning: We Do Not Condone The Use Of Bad Boy Unleashed To Manipulate Women…

What Do Russell Brand, George Clooney, And Robert Downey Jr All Have In Common…?

They all don’t give a Fvck.

Yup it’s true…

They all have this silent attitude that subtly says…

I Just Don’t Give A Fvck.

They do what they want and say what they want whenever they well feel like it.

Wanna know the crazy part…?

People just eat this type of behavior up,celebgirlscollage

Women fall in love with them.

Society puts them on a pedestal.

And Hollywood wants them in more and more movies.


Because they are Bad Boy’s

They dress with edginess.

They walk with swagger.

And they have more confidence than a rhino on steroids.

It’s fascinating actually.

So fascinating that I spent months studying the types of things and behaviors that let one pull this Bad boy persona off.

It’s true…

Women Can’t Help But Fall In Love With Bad Boys…

In a study conducted by Eharmony.com (yes the huge dating site) researchers discovered after sifting thru thousands of matches that there are specific traits that women find unbelievable attractive about men that have that Bad Boy Persona.

You see I have spent the last 3 years studying and dissecting the exact traits that make a man set off the Bad Boy vibe..

Lucky for you these traits are already buried deep inside you all we have to do is Unleash them.

That is why I want to offer you a 1 time special deal on my best selling product Bad Boy Unleashed…


What Exactly Is Bad Boy Unleashed?

Bad Boy Unleashed is your step by step system to take back your balls and unleash the Bad Boy that society has forced you to bury down deep inside of you.

In the past 3 years, I’ve learned some things.

And I put them all inside “Bad Boy Unleashed”.

Now, I’ve got to be honest with you. You may THINK being a bad boy is about changing your personality.

Like being an asshole or a  jerk.

I used to think that too. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here’s what you’re gonna do:

Starting Today, You’re Gonna UNLEARN Some Things…

Some things society has taught you and that you unknowingly took in and made the truth…

Yeah. That’s right. You’ve been programmed to be a PUSSY. It’s all crap.

And now inside Bad Boy Unleashed, we’re gonna shed all that crap, drop all that baggage…

And for the first time in your life, you’re gonna be yourself.

And it’s gonna feel absolutely fvcking amazing…

Just imagine, living life as you please…

Not sucking up to anyone…

Not kissing anyone’s ass…

Not having to be accountable to anyone but yourself…

Better yet, not having to please anyone but yourself…

It’s an incredible freeing feeling. Knowing that you rule your world.

You do what you want. You say what you want. The way you want to say it…

Now, are there limits? Honest answer? Yeah. The limits you set for yourself…

Can you imagine how that feels?

Can you imagine how that looks to others?

It’s extremely attractive. Especially to the hottest of women.

Because they now know a REAL man…

So Here’s What Your Gonna Get Today Inside The Bad Boy Unleashed Program…

cover1overviewVideo #1 is the Bad Boy Style Overview.

This video where I go into everything I’ve learned about the bad boy persona…

What makes him unique. What makes him so special. Why women find a bad boy irresistible…

Being a bad boy doesn’t require much, except that you live your life you, not anybody else, want…

It’s about the freedom to break out, break free and be who you really are…

For most guys, it’s a decision about the God-given right to live life on your terms…

And in the process where one of the major side benefits is you become ultra-attractive to the ladies…

And let me say something about that here…

Video #2 – Bad Boy Mindset and Charisma.

Being a bad boy is kinda paradoxical. Because being a bad boy, while there are outer ramifications, being a bad boy is an inner game…

In this illuminating video and report, I’m going to pull back the curtain and reveal what makes a bad boy tick…

What makes it work. How to make it work.

Remember, bad boys come in all shapes and sizes. But I will say there is a common theme. Which when you adopt the mindset, what you’ll discover is totally transforming…

For normal guys like us, it’s the closest thing to a natural 24/7 high there is…

Imagine, just being yourself. Not caring what the world thinks. Yet at the same time, the world embraces you and says:

“Right On, Brother! Go Get It!”

You’re going learn the qualities, attributes and characteristics that make you irresistible…

Some call it charisma. I don’t care what you call it, but just know ahead of time, when you’re a bad boy AND you’ve got it charisma?

The world can’t say “no” to you.

It’s impossible. That’s what I’ve discovered.

like I said, it’s not like they’re getting away with anything…

The world, the women, expect it and more importantly, appreciate it…

cover3summerVideo #3 – Bad Boy Summer Wear.

This is the video you’ve waited all your life to see. The title doesn’t do it justice.

What I wanted to name this video was “How to Change Your Life Watching One Video” because that’s what will happen when you do…

I submit, and I could be wrong about this, that for the majority of your life, you’ve been wearing the wrong clothes…

Clothes that either your mom picked out for you, or the clothes your girl thinks you look good in, or clothes society this you should wear for a man of your stature and age…

And by and large, because you’re guys and clothes generally mean less to us than what girls think, we oblige…

But buddy, I’m telling you, there’s a whole new world waiting for you, once you dress for yourself. Your inner bad boy.

You be not just surprised, but shocked at how great you feel wearing clothes that are meant to be worn by you…

It’s like homecoming, it’s that dramatic…

And you know something else? It immediately shifts your identity.

Instantaneously, just by wearing something as simple as the right kinda of boots… the world seems different. YOU seem different. You ARE different.

And the world nods in silent approval.

Do not underestimate the power clothes make on your life.

Allow me to reinforce this concept, with the next video on what to wear.

cover4formalVideo #4 is about Bad Boy Formalwear.

Yeah, formalwear. Bad boys wear formalwear. And they wear it amazingly well.

Remember I said you’d be irresistible in clothes that fit your bad boy personality?

Well, here’s what I want you to do. Accept the next invitation for the next formal event.

It could a graduation, a party or a wedding reception. And try out one of my suggestions you see.

Women won’t just find you irresistible, they won’t be able to keep their hands off you.

Now listen to me closely:


There’s just something about formal wear that’s a turn on for women. And combine that with a bad boy look, confidence, and charisma, and your mixing nitro, baby.

Think about it…

Think about all the movies where you’ve seen bad boys in formal wear…

Bond. Sinatra. Jay-Z. Bogart. Clooney. Christian Bale in Batman.

My favorite? Tony Stark aka Robert Downey Jr. in Ironman…

They all rock formal wear and do it ohhh so smoothly.

I used to teach being a Bad Boy in small… ok, relatively small settings. Like 50 to 100 guys at a time.

You should have seen the shift in the room by the end of the event. Amazing.

Special Bonus’s Available With Bad Boy Unleashed (Today Only)

book1As a major bonus, I interviewed the World’s #1 Bad Boy (although he calls himself a bad ass) Jason Capital…

Jason has nailed the bad boy persona. And he’s going to reveal all his tips for getting in the bad boy groove…

For instance, he’ll talk about simple stuff that’s had a profound impact on his life…

Like the time he discovered the boots he just had to wear that changed his life.

Again, being a bad boy is a life altering shift. No doubt about it.

But it’s accomplished through attention to detail. Getting the right look. Maintaining a confident, self-assured attitude…

Going for what you want. Listening to that inner voice that says “this is what *I* want.”

This doesn’t happen all in one day. It’s a process of self-discovery.

Bad Boy Unleashed opens the door.

It lays down the roadmap.

Now since the Bad Boy Persona is 90% mindset and confidence…

book2I brought in and interviewed Youtube’s #1 Bad Boy, the infamous Elliott Hulse…

Over 1 million guys right now follow Elliott to learn how to become the strongest version of themselves..

You don’t build that type of loyal following by being a pussy, so..

Inside Elliott’s hard hitting interview you will learn things like…

* Why your breathing may be diminishing your posture, bad boy magnetism and thus, causing you to accidentally repel hot women and success..

* 8 ways a very specific (and rare) type of strength training can unleash your inner badass and instantly boost your confidence.

* Plus, exercises to quickly master any social awkwardness you may have left from childhood, so you quickly become a social superstar too.

Elliott actually dropped a knowledge bomb about 20 minutes into the interview that blew my mind (and instantly made me feel more attractive to women)…

…my gut tells me it’ll do the same for you too.

But hold up….

book3I’ve got one more interview to share with you inside Bad Boy Unleashed..

His name is private for now, but my mystery guest in this interview is known all over the West Coast for helping normal guys absolutely unleash their inner beast mode..

But what’s different about him is he’s super LAID-BACK and chill…and he shows guys who are more laid-back how to take advantage and feature their inner bad boy to the world too.

In Bad Boy Unleashed, I also include the Bad Body Shopping Guide for you, because obviously clothes and accessories are about options.

It’s one size fits all. It’s one size fits none.

And while there are lots of bad boys out there, you must acknowledge your uniqueness…

So don’t wait to make a decision. Act now and you’ll discover something amazing…

When you make the decision, there will be a “click” in your mind. That sound is the sound of a door opening.

You’re giving permission for the bad boy to come out. It’s a decision that just changed your life…

There is no putting the bad boy back in his box. He won’t go.

He’s tasted the fresh air of freedom in his face.

He’s been cooped up far too long. And now for just a few bucks, you’re going to unleash him on the world.

And the world, YOUR WORLD, will never be the same again…

So go ahead and click the button below…

Unchain him, unleash him, and then throw away the key…


Bad Boy Unleashed is for any and every guy, who refuses to be bound by what others think of him. He rules his world. His life is his kingdom.

This is your chance, your opportunity to see what that feels like…

It’s different for every guy, but one thing is the same…

From here on out, YOU MAKE THE RULES.

So go ahead and click the button below to grab this one time special offer.


Ryan Magin – The Halo Effect

By Ryan Magin, Americas Handsome Guy Coach
On: Tuesday March 31st, 2015

If you’re a woman, STOP reading this now…

If you’re a man who likes being passed over or ignored, stop reading this now..

And if you’re under the age of 18, stop reading this now..

Because in the next 3 minutes, right here in this private article, you’re going to discover the same, little-known secret Harvard Doctor’s, Professors and Graduates have been using for almost 100 years to secure the highest-paying jobs, sleep with the most in-demand women and command the respect of every room they enter..

How Does It Feel?

Think about it for a second…

I know you have felt judged by someone solely based on your appearance?

It sucks doesn’t it.

Even worse…

Have you ever felt insanely pissed off because you lost out of a better paying job to a less intelligent coworker?

Do you think this is fair?

Absolutely not.

It absolutely sucks when you get denied by a hot chick only to watch her fall head over heals for the next guy that walks up to her.

It feels awful when you wake up everyday and go to a job you hate knowing that you are capable of so much more…

I Feel Your Pain…

It Sucks Being An “Average Guy”…

Average guys don’t have success with women and they never experience financial freedom and true wealth.

Truth is though…

You can change all this instantly starting today.

By learning Harvard’s Closely Guarded Secret…

you can shatter the “Average Guy” persona and set yourself up for success in all areas of your life

You see…

edwardPSM_V80_D211_Edward_Lee_ThorndikeBack in the early 1900’s a Harvard psychologist named Edward Thorndike discovered a theory he later coined the Halo Effect in 1920.

Thorndike. A quirky professor born in Williamsburg Massachusetts was fascinated by the law of effect.

He mainly worked in the field of comparative psychology and learning.

His findings would later conceptualize that our brains use cognitive shortcuts to paint our version of the world either good or bad. This is why “The Halo Effect” is apparent in society today.

This closely guarded secret which I am revealing today was kept hidden for many years…

What you are about to read is top secret information only disclosed to Elite Celebrities, Major Brands, High Level Fraternitys, and government officials.


What Exactly Is The Halo Effect?

According to Thorndike and Wikipedia…

The halo effect is a cognitive bias in which an observer’s overall impression of a person, company, brand, or product influences the observer’s feelings and thoughts about that entity’s character or properties. It was named in reference for the person having “A Halo” or perceived as angel like.

Do you think it is a coincidence that 85% of the Fortune 500 list is comprised of folks that graduated from a fraternity?

It is not.

They do know a secret that you don’t.

halobrainpicThey know that first impressions are everything.

If you make a wrong one then you can can kiss a high paying career and beautiful women good by.

In Edward Thorndike’s research he discovered that by altering ones appearance you could dramatically enhance their chances for success.

This was across the board when it came to sleeping with high quality women, getting higher starting salaries, and even major brands when it comes to positioning their products.

Your attractiveness is found to be the #1 thing involved when it comes to producing a Halo Effect.

In Thorndike’s studies he found that those with a higher level of “Perceived” attractiveness were more likely to be portrayed as a kinder more intelligent person. Recent research by universities also concluded the role of attractiveness has been tied to life success and personality.

This was further researched and concluded in a study by Dion, Berscheid & Walster in 1972. This particular study studied sixty students in their reaction to being shown 3 photos, 1 of an attractive person, one of average looks, and one that was unattractive.

The study participants were then asked to predict the overall level of happiness, and level of financial success the subjects in the pictures would have for the rest of their lives.


Due to the nature of the Halo Effect the subjects unanimously chose the more attractive individual to have higher levels of professional success (Make More money), to be more socially desirable (have more friends and beautiful women), and live happier lives in general.

Government Corruption And The Halo Effect?


Yes it’s true…

Even the US government is utilizing the Halo Effect to sway your votes subconsciously one way or the other.

In A study by Verhulst, Lodge & Lavine (2010) they conducted that 2 US Congressional candidates when placed in a side by side comparison…

The one with better looks was seen as more trustworthy and knowledgable. This later on would eventually lead to the better looking candidate being elected into office despite the other unattractive candidate being the more knowledgable and a better fit for the position.

Crazy isn’t it?

How does it feel now to know that so much is riding on your appearance?

It’s Sickening isn’t it?

It’s Time For You To Fight Back…

Now that you know the secret.

I want to help you dramatically enhance your Halo Effect in 4 Simple Steps.

You see despite countless cease and assist letters and angry Harvard authorities I have decided to reveal exactly how to manufacture “The Halo Effect” instantly using just 4 simple easy to implement steps.

Here’s The 4 Simple Steps…

Please, please, please do not use what I am about to reveal unethically.

By knowing how to enhance your Halo Effect it can be used to manipulate people to do things against their will, it can be done so stealthily…

That they won’t realize what’s happening until it’s too late.

So if you’re one of those guys stop reading now.

Step #1 – Having The Celebrity Effect.


Its no secret that society just so happens to fall in love with A-List celebrities.

They just seem to always look so damn good.

Every picture, in every magazine they just look so put together.

This is not by accident.

Celebrities understand and spend thousands of dollars on professional stylists to tell them exactly what clothes to wear and how to wear them.

Every item of clothing is picked out for them.

Do you think it is an accident that when you see a celebrity at a red carpet premier it looks as if their clothes were made specifically for them?

Here is a hint…

They were.

I will show you exactly how to do this this inside module #1 of my exclusive video series “The Halo Effect”

Step #2 – Taking The Extra Step (Average Guy Killer)

notomediocreWhen it comes to looking your best most guys don’t think twice before walking out the door.

It is sad really.

By just taking this one extra step when it comes to putting together your out fit you can stand miles above everyone in a room.

You will easily look 2 levels hotter when women glance your direction.

It’s actually quite simple.

Just combine the specific items I show you inside Module #2 of “The Halo effect” and you will effortlessly attract hotter women and more money into your life.

Step #3 – Standing Your Ground.

What if I told you that the shoes on your feet may actually be repelling attractive women and higher paying jobs away from you.

Well unless you are rocking one of the scientifically backed options I show you inside module 3 of “The Halo Effect” then you are losing out on a lot of attractive tail and possibly thousands of dollars.

Women do judge a man by the shoes on his feet and I am psyched to let you use their judgements against them

Step #4 – Always Looking Your Best

I will be honest…

It is not easy looking fresh and top notch 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

But this is no excuse not to.

You wont catch Tony Stark (AKA Robert Downey Jr) looking half ass when leaving his house…

Nor will you ever see people magazines sexiest man alive Ryan Gosling grabbing a gallon of milk looking like a scrub.

It takes skill and knowledge to always be put together…

But don’t stress.

Inside module 4 of “The Halo Effect” I will go into detail how to always appear well dressed and stylish no matter what time of day or night.

The key is in versatility…

Without purchasing the right items you are killing your chances of nailing that beautiful women or high paying job.

I Have Tested These Steps With Hundreds Of My Personal Clients And Customers World Wide…

They work miracles as long as you follow them exactly as I lay out.

That is why I created my brand new 4 module video series…

The Halo Effect – 4 Steps To Instantly Enhance Your Attraction

The Halo Effect is 4 videos that lay out step by step how to instantly enhance “your halo effect” to help you instantly attract women and have a magnetic first impression.

The videos are short (less the 15 min), instantly actionable, and work like crazy.

By the time you are done…

You will have the knowledge to easily and instantly bump you up 3-5 points on the attraction scale and guarantee you are always making the perfect first impression.



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